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I wish love was perfect as love itself

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Sanemi was brimming with anger all day. He saw Genya again and it seemed that his little brother was still trying to rise in the ranks of the Demon Slaying Corps despite their encounter a few days ago. What’s worse, he had help from Sanemi’s fellow Pillars. His hands clenched at the mere thought that someone was supporting Genya’s plan to become stronger by eating demons. Not only was it plainly disgusting, it also had to have some serious consequences for one’s health. The only thing that Sanemi wanted was for Genya to stay as far away from demons as possible and to be able to live a happy life with his family. This was the least they could do for their dead siblings, who never had a chance to grow up. Wind Pillar couldn’t really carry their bloodline considering how dangerous his job was and the fact that he wasn’t into women.

This was pretty much the reason for his lashing out at Oyakata-sama for the first time since the day he became a Pillar. 

“What do you mean he doesn’t have to be at today’s meeting? Not only does this guy think he’s better than any of us but now he actually gets special treatment? The least he could do is to fucking show up once in a while!” Sanemi was half-standing up before Oyakata-sama could even react.

“Sanemi-san, please sit down and let us continue with the briefing. Giyuu-san wanted to be here, but bearing in mind today's anniversary, I ordered him to stay at the Water Estate.”

Oyakata-sama’s voice calmed the Wind Pillar a little, although he still felt distracted and his body felt too small for him. Instead of focusing on the briefing, his mind decided to remind him of the first time he met Tomioka. 


Sanemi and Masachika decided to visit the hot springs since repairing the nichirin blade was a hard job and they would probably be stuck at the swordsmiths’ village for a few days. It felt nice to finally be able to relax after constant fighting with demons.

“I heard one of the Pillars is staying here as well,” Masachika seemed excited. “Do you think they would train us or maybe give some advice on how to advance faster in the ranks?”

“Yeah, like they would talk to some lackeys,” Sanemi rolled his eyes. He knew not every Pillar was an arrogant asshole, but still… They were kind of like celebrities among the demon slayers.

“Seriously, could you at least try to be less pessimistic sometimes?” Masachika said in an exasperated but fond tone, so Sanemi didn’t take it as an offence.

“Whatever, let’s just enjoy the calm for now, before they sent us on the next mission” 

They could already feel the air getting hotter and damper. They got out of the woods and saw an enormous clearing with a lot of small ponds. Some of them were already taken, so they went to the one that was the most outlying.

“Oh, this is so nice… My muscles are already relaxing,” Masachika went in first.

“Yeah, I can also see my cuts closing themselves,” Sanemi said when he joined right after.

They sat down next to each other and closed their eyes to take in the serene atmosphere.

After a moment, Sanemi decided to scrub himself of the grim he collected while travelling. He stopped upon hearing a strange noise. He looked up to inspect it but he got instantly distracted. Wow. Am I dreaming? A guy at the nearby pond looked too beautiful to be real. He had the most striking blue eyes Sanemi has ever seen. Nicely toned chest and arms. Huh… so he’s probably a demon slayer like me .  What made him a goner were fluffy black strands of hair that started to curl even more due to the damp air.

“Yo, I’m done. I will grab us some food for dinner. Join me when you stop drooling at the beauty over there,” if Sanemi had paid attention, he would have seen Masachika rolling his eyes.

“Yeah, okay,” he was still too mesmerized by the stranger.

This continued until the object of his fascination noticed Sanemi’s stare. When their eyes met, both of them immediately looked away. Great job. Now he thinks I’m a creep.

Sanemi was getting gradually more flustered, so he came out of the pond and hastily put on his clothes. It’s not running. You are not running away. Somehow, he couldn’t convince himself of that.

Sanemi was wandering around the village when suddenly he felt a gentle tug at his sleeve. He turned around and standing behind him was the demon slayer that caught his eye earlier.

“Um, hi. I’ve seen you at the hot springs?” This beautiful guy was shy and he was blushing just from talking to Sanemi. “I probably won't be here for much longer and I didn’t want to miss a chance to get to know you better. My name is Giyuu.”

“Oh,” it was Sanemi’s turn to blush lightly. He never thought that someone would like to ask him out after seeing the scars on his face, especially after seeing all of his scars.

Giyuu invited him to eat something together and Sanemi couldn’t refuse. They found a place to sit and order food and spent half an hour just talking. Sanemi didn’t even know what Giyuu’s rank was but he didn’t need to. It wasn’t like Giyuu was a Pillar. A Pillar wouldn’t even talk to him, let alone ask him out. 

Some time later it started to get crowded. On one hand, it meant that they had to sit closer to talk freely, on the other, they couldn’t help but overhear other people.

Behind Giyuu’s back, a few demon slayers were gossiping.

“I heard that not only did he become a Water Pillar at such a young age but he also created a new technique!”
Sanemi glanced towards their table when that sentence reached them.

“Allegedly, Tomioka-sama immediately took over Uzui-sama’s spot as the most beautiful male Pillar.”

Suddenly, Giyuu sputtered out some of his drink. Sanemi looked back to him with a slight concern.

“Are you alright?” He passed him a napkin to wipe the wet table.

“Yeah, it just went into the wrong pipe,” Giyuu was so red that Sanemi wasn’t exactly convinced, but he dropped it and tuned in into the conversation at the neighbouring table again to learn more about Water Pillar.

“No way! It can’t be true!”

“Ehhh… It’s such a shame that lower ranks can rarely see any of the Pillars.”

Sanemi felt a light touch on his hand.

“Can we go? It’s getting late and I don’t know when my sword will be ready.” They didn’t even spend that much time together but Sanemi thought that already there was little he could deny to Giyuu.

“Okay but I’m paying.” Before Giyuu could protest, Sanemi was already talking with the waitress. 

“Come on, we can still go for a walk around the village,” Sanemi took Giyuu’s wrist and pulled him toward the exit.

They started heading in the direction of the place where Sanemi was staying the night. Upon realizing that they were still holding onto each other, almost holding hands, Sanemi quickly dropped Giyuu’s wrist. God, I can feel my ears turning red. What am I, a teenager going through puberty?

“Sanemi,” hearing his name, he turned to Giyuu only to be met by hands raising towards his face. Sanemi probably should have expected this, but he was still taken by surprise when he felt the hands were calloused. He didn’t mind it though, it only meant that Giyuu was an experienced swordsman.

Sanemi could hear his heart hammering. He couldn’t look away from Giyuu’s face getting closer and closer. His beauty isn't doing my health any favours. I can feel his breath on my face.

“Tomioka-sama, I’m sorry to interrupt, but there are some details about your sword that we need to discuss.”

Giyuu froze in place, centimetres before Sanemi’s shocked face. He turned his head to the masked man. “Of course, I will be in your shop in a few minutes,” Giyuu reluctantly started to pull his hands off of Sanemi. “I’m really sorry. Can we–”

Before he could finish, Sanemi pushed him away. “What the fuck ? You are the Pillar ? Am I some kind of a joke to you?” His eyes were filled with hurt and anger. “You wanted to prank a low rank? Or is it my face? How could I think someone like you would really be interested in me ?!” Sanemi’s voice was getting louder with his growing distress.

“Wait, it’s not like–” Gi- Tomioka tried to grab him but Sanemi just slapped his hand away.

“Don’t speak to me ever again,” Sanemi growled and walked away to find Masachika.


Sanemi shook his head. Fuck, I haven’t thought about this in a very long time. Maybe I really need some training to take everything out of my mind.

After the meeting, he thought about finding someone to unwind with or accompany him to the training grounds. That’s when he heard a noise coming from the Water Estate. Upon closer inspection, he found Tomioka training his Breaths. From the looks of it, he must have been doing it the entire day. Huh… So he won’t show up at the Pillars’ meeting but he has time to train?! Somehow, it only pissed the Wind Pillar more.

“Oi, Tomioka! Need a partner?” The Water Pillar’s answering dull gaze was triggering something ugly inside of Sanemi, something that wanted to burst out of him and destroy everything in the vicinity.

“Why,” a simple word, barely even a question, although with so many hidden meanings... Why are you here? Why do you want to spar with me? Why do you think I would waste my time on you? Ever since Sanemi became a Pillar, Tomioka was acting as if he was better than everyone else. Always by himself. Always with that irritating empty stare. Always ignoring all the other Pillars. Every time Tomioka was near, a seed of self-doubt was sprouting inside of Sanemi and he despised that fact. He could never forget that Tomioka became a Pillar before him and that he created a new Water Breath, even though they were nearly the same age. And he couldn’t forget that afternoon at swordsmiths’ village… He had a perfect face without any scars. He didn’t have to murder his own demon mother. He didn’t have to watch his siblings die and then push away his only living brother. 

Sanemi had to relax his hands that subconsciously started moving towards his katana.

“If you had come to the meeting, you would have known that from today onwards every Pillar has to undergo a special training to improve our cooperation during fights.”

“Oh...” Tomioka looked less wary as he took off his ridiculous haori and went into a fighting stance. Sanemi didn’t need to wait for any other affirmation. He went straight ahead aiming for Tomioka’s neck. Their swords clashed, both of them trying to overpower the other. They kept on jumping away, their blades striking again and again. Usually, they were evenly matched, but Tomioka has been training for fuck knows how long today. There was also something off about him that Sanemi couldn't put his finger on. 

It was just a matter of time before Sanemi found a weak spot in the Water Pillar’s defence and went for it. Tomioka was so surprised by that strike that he lost his footing. While trying to break the fall, he grasped for anything in his reach to hold on to. Unfortunately the only such thing were Sanemi’s clothes. 

Tomioka’s grip caused Sanemi to fall on top of him. The first thing Sanemi felt was a firm chest under his hands. Then he looked up and saw a slight panic in the Water Pillar’s blue eyes. That stirred something inside Sanemi, he was curious if there were some emotions to be brought out of Tomioka afterall. He didn’t want to do anything stupid, so he moved to start getting up but a hand on his neck stopped him. 

Suddenly Tomioka was in his face, kissing him. Sanemi froze for a moment, thinking back to their first meeting again, and Tomioka used his hesitation to reverse their positions so that he was on top now. 

It wasn’t that he didn’t want this, Sanemi was just too surprised to reciprocate until he realized that it was reality and not one of his wet dreams. Their kiss was sloppy and rushed. His lips stopped for a moment and in response blue eyes looked at him with confusion.“I thought I read your intentions well,” Tomioka said with slight disappointment and moved to remove himself off of Sanemi but the Wind Pillar tightened his grip on the other man’s waist. 

“I just wanted to check that you’re sure about this and then suggest that we go somewhere more comfortable.” Tomioka seemed genuinely surprised. He brushed the dust off of his clothes and offered his hand to Sanemi, who took it without hesitation. 

Even though the Water Pillar was leading them into his bedroom, it was Sanemi who pinned him to the wall when they got there. Sanemi remembered that he wanted to do this since the first time he saw Tomioka. Make him beg for more.  

Seeing Tomioka’s demeanor, Sanemi’s desire turned into anger. I want to break through this blank face and cold eyes. Anger turned into hatred when he found out that despite everything, his attraction to Tomioka still didn’t die out. They kissed again and Sanemi licked Giyuu’s lower lip before entering his mouth and gently sucking his tongue. Giyuu must have liked it as he tugged at Sanemi’s hair to bring him even closer. 

He felt his pants being lowered while their bodies brushed against each other. Sanemi braced himself against the wall and hid his face in Giyuu’s neck. What the fuck. He’s so perfect that he doesn’t even smell that bad after sparring. It only seems to bring out his natural scent. He inhaled and checked if it tasted just as good. He left a small kiss there and when Giyuu shuddered against him, he saved that information for later. Good to know how I can make him weak.

When their bare cocks lined up together in Water Pillar’s hand, Sanemi looked down and saw that Giyuu’s dick was smaller but more… It was pretty. I shouldn’t be surprised. Every part of Giyuu must be pretty. 

They both were leaking precome so it was easier to move and stroke. It wasn’t exactly the pace Sanemi would dictate himself, but it was pleasurable nonetheless. He never used lube when he jerked off, occasionally only a little bit of saliva, so he didn’t need nor want it to be slicker. He wouldn’t refuse a blowjob later, but right now it was pretty much perfect. 

Giyuu somewhat changed his grip on them and provided more attention to Sanemi’s tip which made him moan slightly. Giyuu chuckled at that and Sanemi detested that the other man had that much power over him. Recallring what he learned earlier, Sanemi moved his hand up, grasped Giyuu’s hair and pulled, so Giyuu had to bare his throat to him. Then Sanemi bit him. Hard . This caused Giyuu to hiss through his teeth and move his hand and hips with renewed vigor. Sanemi wasn’t sure if it was all brought by the bite or maybe also the hair pulling but he didn’t take any chances. He kissed, licked, and bit every part of Giyuu’s neck he could reach while maintaining a strong grip on the Water Pillar’s hair. That’s better, Sanemi thought. Now both of them were in the same position, pleasuring each other and losing themselves..

It wasn’t long before both of them were nearing climax, Sanemi from the hand stroking his cock and Giyuu from constant kissing and biting on his sensitive neck. It was silent. Sanemi wondered if Giyuu felt the same need to moan but bit his lip to stifle the sound, like Sanemi did himself. He pressed his face to Giyuu’s neck and almost let out a hiss when Giyuu squeezed his hip hard. Sanemi had to grip his hand into a fist in order not to give in to the urge to cup Giyuu’s face. Damn, he thought. Don’t be stupid. It isn’t like that.

After the blissful moment had passed, they moved to the futon, panting with their chests dirty from come. Eventually, Sanemi returned to reality and stood up to go look for something that could be used to wipe both of them. He saw that Giyuu was on the verge of falling asleep when he returned to the room. After a quick clean-up, he fell next to the Water Pillar. Everything that happened between them today made him way too tired to make the journey home, and since Giyuu was already asleep, it wouldn’t make much of a difference. 

He had no intention of cuddling while sleeping or anything sappy like that. Especially now, when both of them were still hot like charcoals from their encounter . Not only that, the said encounter happened only because both of them just wanted to unwind – he could see that something was on Giyuu’s mind as much as there was on his. Before turning his back to the sleeping Pillar and getting some rest himself, Sanemi used the sheets to cover their legs

Sanemi woke up to a sob. He immediately went for his sword but quickly realized that no one was actually in danger. The noise was coming from sleeping Giyuu. It was the first time Sanemi saw him so distressed. Usually, fighting an urge  to punch the Water Pillar in his stupid, blank face was the norm for Sanemi, but this time he was far from having that on his mind. He was actually worried. He wanted to wake Giyuu up but after touching his shoulder, a crying black-haired mess suddenly clung to him and started muttering through the sobs

“Sa-sabito, I’m so sorry… I can’t be the Water Pillar… I don’t deserve it.” Sanemi felt tears running from Giyuu’s face tucked into his neck. He couldn't bear this. He gave in and tried to reassure the Water Pillar by running his hand down the other man’s back. Sanemi instinctively did his best to calm Giyuu, just as he would to calm one of his younger siblings. “I should have died in your place…” Giyuu continued muttering.

Caressing Giyuu seemed to have an effect and after a while, the sobbing could no longer be heard. Sanemi was simply staring at the ceiling, his face full of soft black hair, arms embracing a slim waist, and wondering what the fuck just happened and how could he have been so badly mistaken about the Water Pillar. The only answer he got were soft breaths coming from a stuffy nose.