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beneath the moon

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Tonight, Wei Wuxian realizes, anticipation curling insistently at the base of his stomach, Lan Wangji goes easily. Wei Wuxian finds himself grinning, hands wrapping around the lovely, slim curve of Lan Wangji’s waist, their mouths moving clumsily, his grip tightening as he nudges Lan Wangji back and towards the cot, pushing himself up slightly so he can lick into the wet, velvety warmth of Lan Wangji’s mouth.

“Wei Ying.” Lan Wangji’s voice is even and really, if Wei Wuxian did not know him as intimately as he does, he would have easily mistaken Lan Wangji’s tone as being unaffected.

But he does, so he catches the slight quiver that follows Lan Wangji’s words, relishing the effect their slick kisses have on Lan Wangji. He hums, feels his grin widen even more, one hand regretfully leaving Lan Wangji’s hip so he can reach into his robe, slipping a talisman out, aiming it towards the door of their shared quarters.

“There,” he murmurs, “no one will bother us tonight, Lan Zhan.”

“Wei Ying,” Lan Wangji breathes, arms curled tightly around Wei Wuxian’s neck, letting himself be pushed back into the cot, “no games.”

Realistically, this is one of the few times they are together, alone and free from outside concerns to simply be and Wei Wuxian wants nothing more than to disrobe Lan Wangji and worship him, worship the hard, pale planes of his body, the pink, smooth curve of his mouth, the strangled, soft noises that spill from them. But he takes one look at Lan Wangji, at the sweet, rosy flush that’s crawled up his throat and the heavy, dark look in his eyes and dazedly, he realizes that it can wait.

He is, after all, only a man and for now, he is more than happy to give Lan Wangji what he needs.

So, he sighs, carefully prying Lan Wangji’s thighs apart, settling between them before he reaches for the immaculate, neat strands of Lan Wangji’s hair, loosening the ribbons that hold his head piece together. Purposefully, he leaves his headband in place.

“No games, my love.” He repeats softly, dipping down to kiss Lan Wangji again.

It’s deeper this time, a little hotter than it was before. Lan Wangji is pliant beneath him, the movements of his mouth slow, the strokes of his fingertips against the nape of Wei Wuxian’s neck gentle. They pull away after several moments, Lan Wangji’s fingers nimble against Wei Wuxian’s robes, impatience bleeding into his movements as he finally manages to get them untied. With a sly grin, Wei Wuxian slips out of them, hands gliding over Lan Wangji’s Adam’s Apple, fingertips pressing into the sharp curve of his jaw.

“Are you so eager, Lan Zhan, to undress?” He asks, voice dripping with mischief.

Beneath him, Lan Wangji exhales sharply, though he makes no move to pause as he slips his outer robes off.

“Do not bore me, Wei Ying,” Lan Zhan utters under his breath.

He’s picturesque like this, dark strands of hair framing his angular face, cheekbones illuminated by the moonlight that spills from the window, snow white robes slipping off the broad curve of his shoulders. For a moment, Wei Wuxian loses himself in the bright flush of Lan Wangji’s skin, in his pink, swollen pout, the glazed, lidded look of his eyes. Out of a dream, Wei Wuxian thinks dizzily, Lan Wangji looks like something out of a dream.

Wei Wuxian lets his hands rest on the curve of Lan Wangji’s shoulders, pushing his inner robes down, making no move to take them off entirely. There is something about the thought of Lan Wangji beneath him, robes slipping off his body as he struggles against Wei Wuxian’s grip, that makes sheer want swell in Wei Wuxian’s chest. He dips, mouthing hot, lazy kisses against his clavicle, delighted in the slight, strangled breath that escapes Lan Wangji’s mouth.

“Never, Lan Zhan,” he whispers into the unmarred skin of his throat, nose gliding easily down towards his chest, “oh, how I would hate to bore you.”

He resists biting too hard, despite the urge to mark and claim the column of Lan Wangji’s throat, to leave deep bruises in his wake, careful not to draw blood as he nibbles on the smooth, pale skin of Lan Wangji’s chest, tongue flattening over one pink nipple, fingertips rubbing unforgivingly over the other. Beneath him, he can feel Lan Wangji’s abdomen tighten, the hard muscles quivering slightly against Wei Wuxian’s skin.

“Wei Ying.” Lan Wangji warns, one hand coming to tangle in Wei Wuxian’s hair, pulling just barely.

“There are no rewards for impatience, Lan Zhan.” He teases lowly, hand skimming over the length of Lan Wangji’s cock, thumb swiping over the slit. Precome spurts against his fingertip and Lan Wangji sighs shakily.

Despite his words, Wei Wuxian settles in the crook of Lan Wangji’s legs comfortably, making quick, easy work of opening him up, his own cock painfully hard and aching against his stomach. One finger first, slick with the sandalwood oil that was hidden carefully beneath the pillow, and then another, and Wei Wuxian marvels at how Lan Wangji swallows his fingers, the soft heat of his walls still impossibly tight despite just how many times Wei Wuxian has taken him apart.

Above him, Lan Wangji makes no noise, nothing except the occasional quick inhale, the only indication of his pleasure the rise and fall of his chest and the grip he has on Wei Wuxian’s hair.

But it’s more than enough for Wei Wuxian, the simple hitch of Lan Wangji’s breathing travelling straight to his cock, spurring him to slide another finger in, slowly this time. Wei Wuxian sighs, curling his middle finger up, relishing the tremble of Lan Wangji’s thighs around his head when it brushes against the sensitive nerves of his prostate.

“Oh,” Lan Wangji breathes, “Wei Ying…”

Wei Wuxian presses absent kisses to the soft, tender skin of Lan Wangji’s inner thighs, slowly scissoring his fingers, careful as he opens Lan Wangji. Every so often, he curls his finger, massaging gently against Lan Wangji’s prostate, if only to see Lan Wangji’s thigh muscles twitch beautifully, his cock dribbling against his hip, if only to hear the strangled whimper that spills from Lan Wangji’s lips.

“I think I have toyed with you enough tonight, Lan Zhan.” Wei Wuxian remarks, sliding his fingers out. His stomach clenches when Lan Wangji’s hole, pink and slick, quivers from the loss.

Lan Wangji exhales, his gaze heavy as Wei Wuxian sits up, palms firm as he pushes Lan Wangji’s legs apart again, sliding them over the expanse of his thighs before they dip beneath the soft silk of Lan Wangji’s inner robes, coming to rest on his trim waist. It’s always his favourite part of their time together, when Lan Wangji is so open and pliant beneath him, the sheer trust visible in his eyes, completely and utterly relaxed beneath Wei Wuxian’s touch. Pride swells in his chest when he remembers how he is the only one privy to such intimacy, the only one Lan Wangji would ever go limp beneath.

It’s Lan Wangji’s hoarse whisper that shifts his focus back to reality, “Wei Ying,” he pauses, “...please.”

Wei Wuxian nods, nudging their mouths together, taking the plush of Lan Wangji’s bottom lip between his teeth in an attempt to distract him from the initial pain. He’s so hard that he aches, and when he pushes into Lan Wangji’s tight, molten heat, he suppresses the urge to pin him down completely and push in all the way. Wei Wuxian forces himself to slow down, mindful of even the most miniscule shift in Lan Wangji’s facial expression, the grip he has on Lan Wangji’s hips tightening.

He stills for a moment, groaning lowly into the curve of Lan Wangji’s neck, waiting until he’s sure Lan Wangji will be able to handle the movements. Their quarters are hotter now, hotter than Wei Wuxian remembers them being, the air around them thick and heavy, Lan Wangji’s skin damp against his.

“Move.” Lan Wangji murmurs and Wei Wuxian sighs, glad to comply.

He keeps his movements slow, trying his best not to drift into the hot, wet feeling of Lan Wangji clenching around his aching cock.

“Lan Zhan…” he manages to say, “always so tight...”

Lan Wangji’s arms wrap loosely around his neck, his thighs wrapped tightly around Wei Wuxian’s hips. He gasps shakily when Wei Wuxian finally begins to move, keeping his thrusts measured and slow.

For a few minutes, Wei Wuxian keeps his thrusts gentle, revelling in the way Lan Wangji does not object, fingers carding carefully through Wei Wuxian’s hair.

And then, Lan Wangji’s gaze finds his, “I will not break, Wei Ying.” He says evenly.

Wei Wuxian finds himself smiling at that, slowing his thrusts, hands slipping beneath Lan Wangji’s waist, finding the small of his back. And then, in one swift motion, Wei Wuxian hauls Lan Wangji into his lap, careful not to accidentally slip out.

The effect is instantaneous; Lan Wangji lets out a surprised noise, silk robes slipping even further down his arms as he scrambles to steady himself, arms locked around Wei Wuxian’s neck. Wei Wuxian does not wait, his grip iron strong on Lan Wangji’s pretty hips, holding him in place as he bucks forward, thrusting hard. With the way Lan Wangji’s mouth goes slack, Wei Wuxian figures he hit his prostate.

“So beautiful…” Wei Wuxian murmurs, keeping his pace steady, hips snapping ruthlessly, pushing his cock even deeper inside that soft, delicious heat.

Lan Wangji jostles in his lap, head falling back as Wei Wuxian thrusts into him, over and over again, relentless. His white robes slip, pristine against his flushed skin, and when Wei Wuxian thrusts particularly hard, keeping Lan Wangji in place with a strong hold on his hips, the head of his cock grinding against his prostate, Lan Wangji whimpers, a lovely, choked noise.

“All mine,” Wei Wuxian growls, teeth scraping over Lan Wangji’s clavicle, drawing a hiss from him as pain blooms over the thin skin.

Lan Wangji is tall, broader than Wei Wuxian but they are a match in strength. He fits perfectly against Wei Wuxian’s body, the heels of his feet digging harshly into the small of Wei Wuxian’s back, his spine taut as a bow string, bent into a perfect arch as Wei Wuxian thrusts unforgivingly into him, slamming Lan Wangji’s prostate over and over again.

It becomes too much, then, Wei Wuxian can see it in the furrow of Lan Wangji’s brow, his soft gasps becoming more erratic, the fabric of his robes bunching against his elbows with every thrust. The angle gives Lan Wangji the advantage of height, dark strands of hair fall into his eyes as he dips, sloppily pressing their mouths together. He won’t last long, Wei Wuxian realizes, his weeping cock trapped between their stomachs, the friction of their frantic movements more than enough to stimulate it.

“Wei Ying, I— ” Lan Wangji’s voice trembles, his thighs tensing around Wei Wuxian’s hips, hole clenching tightly around Wei Wuxian’s cock.

At this, Wei Wuxian picks up his pace, arms locked around Lan Wangji’s waist, holding him in place as he thrusts up, a low moan catching in his throat, mind cloudy, unable to concentrate on anything other than Lan Wangji, his heat around Wei Wuxian’s cock, the sweet, strangled noises he makes, the pale column of his throat, the way he pulls Wei Wuxian’s hair hard—

Wei Wuxian slams his hips against Lan Wangji’s ass, fingernails digging into his skin, forcing Lan Wangji to stay still, unable to move as he pulls Lan Wangji down onto his cock, rubbing his prostate with the head until Lan Wangji cries out.

“Wei Ying—” he sobs, his cracked whimpers muffled as he buries his head in the crook of Wei Wuxian’s neck, spurting hot, white between them.

Wei Wuxian doesn’t slow down, chasing the feeling of release as Lan Wangji goes limp in his grasp, sucking in shaky breaths from the overstimulation. He thrusts, once, twice and then, when Lan Wangji’s walls contract around his cock, he spills into the velvety heat, thrusts sloppy and slow as he rides out waves of powerful, dizzying pleasure with a sharp cry.

For a moment, they’re still, Lan Wangji’s come drying over their stomachs, his lips warm against Wei Wuxian’s throat, his grip on Wei Wuxian’s hair loosening.

Carefully, Wei Wuxian lays Lan Wangji down, cock twitching from overstimulation as he pulls out. Lan Wangji’s mouth morphs into a slight grimace but other than that, he doesn’t say anything, pulling his inner robes back onto his shoulders.

“You are wonderful, Lan Zhan.” Wei Wuxian whispers, pressing a soft kiss against the corner of Lan Wangji’s mouth.

He stands, taking several shaky steps towards the bucket of water, returning to Lan Wangji with a damp cloth. Lan Wangji is quiet as Wei Wuxian cleans them both off, careful not to irritate the tender skin of his hole, tossing the cloth onto the floor before crawling into bed.

He plasters himself against Lan Wangji’s side, pressing an idle kiss to the ball of his shoulder.

“Good?” He asks with a lopsided smile.

Lan Wangji turns to him, his slight, curt nod more than enough to satisfy Wei Wuxian. He looks serene like this, like he’s made of porcelain, the moonlight dripping like silver against his skin. His eyes flutter shut but Wei Wuxian feels his warm hand find his. He takes it gladly, shifting even closer to Lan Wangji, squeezing his hand slightly.

Lan Wangji is still for a second and then, he squeezes Wei Wuxian’s hand. Warmth blooms in Wei Wuxian’s chest. He shuts his eyes, his limbs loose from pleasure, his heart content.