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Coffee Jumps and Subtle Bumps

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Visual Arts class has got to be Castiels' favourite class. He's the teachers' favourite student, he enjoys the projects and his classmates, and it's right next to his favourite coffee shop. The only thing he doesn't like is that his next class is on the other end of campus, the class that's 15 minutes after his first one and it takes roughly 20 minutes to get to. It's not that bad though, running back and forth all the time keeps him in shape at least. Even though this may be his favourite class, he's never wanted to leave it more than he does at this moment. Professor Ketch has never made a class so boring, he was just droning on about gradients or something along those lines.

As Castiel was droning everything out and waiting for class to be dismissed, Professor Ketch called on him to answer a question he did not hear. "Sorry, could you repeat the question?" He winced out.

Professor ketch sighed and moved on to a different student to answer. He tried not to dwell on that fact for long.

Castiels phone dinged, and despite the dirty look he got from his professor he took it out to check who texted him anyway. Huh, Cas thought to himself, weird. He didn't recognize the number, again. He just deleted it as class was dismissed and he prepared himself to run to his next class. That happens way too often.

Running to his next class isn't as bad as most people would make it out to be. Cas would say that he enjoys it, running for 15 minutes 4 days a week twice a day helps him stay in shape so teres no need for him to go to the gym or anything else he can't afford. The wind in his hair and his feet pounding on the ground feels almost therapeutic. even though every day he runs into Dean Winchester, the boy he's had a crush on for the last month. Charlie routinely picks at him for it since the only words he's ever spoken to the man were along the lines of 'I'm sorry' since he bumps into him 3 out of the 4 days he runs to and from classes. He should probably feel more embarrassed but he runs into so many people even when he's just walking that he really couldn't care less.

He runs into him later than expected, and this time he's running too, which ends in their routine collision being much more painful than it had to be. It happened so quickly that he just blinked then all of a sudden he was on the ground with a flaring pain shooting up his leg. Definitely bruised badly. Definitely could not care less. Running into people happens so often that he's grown used to having his arms and legs covered in scrapes and bruises.

"Shit dude, I'm so sorry I didn't mean to run into you, I'm just running extra late for class. You okay?"

Castiel blinks up at Dean who's already on his feet and preparing to run again, obviously unscathed after this whole ordeal, unlike Castiel, who will be limping for the next week. "Yeah, yeah I'm okay. Go ahead and run to class I can get up," Cas said, picking himself up off the ground.

With one last small sympathetic smile, Dean ran off. Castiel surveyed his surroundings and saw that he was only a couple hundred feet from his English LA building, so at least he didn't have to worry about running on his new injury until after class when he had to run back to the coffee shop before Charlie got off shift so she could make him his coffee, since she's the only person he's ever met who could make it taste that great. He limps the rest of the way to class, it doesn't hurt as much as he thought it would but he's always had a high pain tolerance so it's probably worse than it feels.

His class goes by in a blur, and before he knows it he's running on his new injured leg all for the promise of caffeine. As if clockwork, he runs into dean again. Not as violent or painful as last time, just a bump of the shoulder but it doesn't go unnoticed by either of them. He mumbles a sorry and continues running the best he can with his leg, and unbeknownst to Cas, Dean was watching him, wondering just who that cute boy with the messy hair was. ~~~~~

The small bell above the door jingles as Castiel enters the coffee shop sweaty and out of breath. Charlie notices him and waves him down to come and collect the coffee she had pre-made for him. "Hi Charlie, good to see you again. Well, as good as seeing you can get at least," he chuckled out the last part as he reached her at the counter, earning a half-hearted wack on the back of the head.

"Yeah yeah, you love me," she leans across the counter and looks down at his legs and his very obvious pain. "So what happened this time? Run into a vending machine again?"

He rolls his eyes, "That was ONE time, are you ever going to let me live that down?" he continues after she shakes her head no repeatedly. "I ran into someone who just so happened to also be running on the way to my English LA class, I haven't even looked at it yet but it just feels bruised."

Charlie grinned, "Was it perhaps a transfer student, brown hair, green eyes, roughly 6'1? Name rhymes with seam, perhaps?"

He didn't know why he didn't expect her to do this, it's like she's their biggest fan even though she's never even met the guy. But, to be fair, Castiel has technically never officially met him. He only ever bumps into him and shares barely even 3 words with him whenever they do interact. Sometimes he regrets telling Charlie about Dean, but she's his best friend if he didn't tell her she would've found out anyway. She knows everything, it's kind of creepy. "Yes, Charlie. It was Dean that I ran into. Now that you know the cause of my physical pain, can we talk about something else to prevent you from giving me mental pain?"

"pssh you love me and the pain I bring"

Castiel sips his coffee, "Yeah you're right, you do make pretty good coffee."

"Hey what time is it? My phone's in the back and none of these damn clocks work," she scowls at the clock above his shoulder.

"You should seriously get your boss to fix those, or even just do it yourself," He reaches for his phone in his pocket and notices it's empty. Odd, maybe he left it in his backpack. Nope, not there either. "Shit," he mumbles while sifting through his bag he placed on the counter. "Goddamnit, I forgot my phone in class. Okay sorry, Charlie but I have to go get that before the class starts or else Professor Mills won't let me in the classroom," he starts making his way to the door, slinging his backpack over his shoulder. "Thanks for the coffee! I'll text you later," he calls the last part through the door as he runs and makes his way to the other end of campus within the next 25 minutes. ~~~~~

He makes it to the building 10 minutes before the lesson starts. He ran past Dean (thankfully without hitting him this time), who now had a coffee cup in his hand as opposed to when he bumped into him on the way to the coffee shop. As he enters the classroom, his friend Gabriel spots him and calls him over and waves his missing phone in the air frantically to the point he was worried he might drop it. He heaves a sigh of relief. He was a broke university student, he really couldn't afford to buy a new phone.

"Heya Cassie got your phone," Gabriel says with humour in his voice once Castiel gets close enough to hear him as he grabs his phone from him. "Convenient that we sit in the same spot right after one another," the amount of humour in his voice makes Castiel both want to slap him and laugh with him, but he's just too relieved that he has his phone back.

"You don't know how much I love you right now, I could practically kiss you."

Gabriel chuckles, "I mean that's all up to you, but I don't think Samsquanch will like that very much. Plus you're my brother, and incest is frowned upon by the majority of the population, but hey I won't judge whatever you're into," he put his hands up in feign defence.

Cas glares at him. He doesn't understand him sometimes. Count on Gabriel to bring up his boyfriend in any situation possible, it's almost sickening how much they love each other.

After about 5 minutes of baseless conversation about random stuff like the Kardashians and the weather, someone sits next to Gabriel. Castiel looks at who sat next to Gabriel and- oh. Oh, that's Dean Winchester. Castiel chokes on whatever words he was about to say as he makes eye contact with the man he's been crushing on for the last month and a half. They hold ee contact for a solid 10 seconds before Gabriel clears his throat and both of their heads snap towards him. "I don't know id you two have met each other yet, but Dean, this is my brother Castiel. Cas, this is my boyfriends' brother, Dean Winchester."

Dean looks at Castiel as he speaks up first, "Yeah I know who you are, you bump into me every day. Good to finally put a name to the face," he smiles- god that's got to be the prettiest thing Castiel has ever seen. "How's the leg by the way? I saw you hurt it when you fell."

"It-it's fine. Yeah, fine. Just bruised a bit. I have a high pain tolerance so it doesn't hurt that much," Castiel was stopped from saying any more when the professor calls his name and asks him to leave so he can start the lesson. He smiles and mumbles goodbye's to them both before swiftly exiting the classroom and trying not to fall over anything on his way out.

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After putting a name to the boy that’s constantly bumping into him almost every day, Dean can’t seem to get him off his mind. Of course, he’s thought of him before, what with wondering how someone can manage to run into him every day he has classes, but after testing how his name rolls off his tongue it’s almost like he never leaves his mind now. His baby blue eyes, hair that looks like someone's hands have been in it for an hour and that dumb trench coat that he wears over jeans and a t-shirt. For the longest time, Dean found it stupid and strange, but at this point, he finds it cute. Endearing, almost.

After he left the classroom, the only thing that took his attention away from the door he just left through was Gabriel poking him in the cheek. He wouldn't say he likes him or anything, he's just interested in getting to know him better. Especially after Dean kind of fucked the boys leg up.

He ran into Castiel again the day after, he asked how his leg was doing but he just stammered a bunch of words out and then starting running off again. Odd, but he's not one to judge.

It's during one of the walks he does with his back set and muscles tense in preparation of being collided into by a clumsy boy with a trench coat, that he's met with the now-familiar baby blue eyes, but the unfamiliar sense of not being collided into by the owner of those eyes.

”Hello, Dean.”

"Hey Cas, kinda surprising to see you instead of feeling you,” Dean chuckled and shook his head.

"R-right yeah, sorry about that. I'm kinda a clumsy person with no sense of self-preservation,” Castiel looked over his shoulder at someone in the crowd behind them, Dean couldn't tell who. ”So, do you have a class right now? My friend Charlie wanted to meet the guy I run into all the time. You don't have to come if you don't want to!” He defended. ”But-like- if you wanted to, it would get her off my back for a while at least.”

Dean found amusement in his ramblings, ”I’m free, where we headed?”

Castiels' eyes widened and his mouth dropped into an ”O” shape, ”O-oh. I honestly didn't expect you to agree. Uh, there's a-a coffee shop just next to the art building? Charlie works there and she offered to give us free coffee if we agreed.”

"You had me at free coffee," he raised his arm in an opening gesture. “Lead the way.”

Huh, that just happened. “Okay. Okay yeah, coffee, yeah.”


To say Castiel was freaking out would be an understatement. If you were to ask him right now what the date was he wouldn't even be able to formulate a proper response let alone remember the actual date. He only meant to go ask him to humour Charlie and the bizarre image she has of him in her head. He never actually expected him to accept. And now he was having coffee with Dean Winchester. With Charlie too, but coffee with him nonetheless. It almost felt like a dream, like at any second he would wake up to his alarm yelling at him to get to class. But this isn't a dream, this is real and is happening. Castiel just has to get his bearings together before Dean tries to talk to him-

"So, this friend of yours, she's heard a lot about me?" Too late.

"U-uh, y-yeah she's always asking about where I got all of the bruises from, and she probably knows a lot more about you than you would expect her to," Castiel cringes at the thought of his first meeting with Charlie. "Like- It's truly quite scary how easily she can get information on someone. When I first met her she started asking questions about parts of my life I hadn't even mentioned around any of our mutual friends. One question was actually which of the two places she suggested was the one I lost my virginity at, I told her to guess," that earned a chuckle from Dean.

"Well? Did she guess correctly?" he was smiling.

"Yep. It was the scariest moment of my life if I'm being honest," Dean opens the door for him as they go into the coffee shop and he tries to stop the familiar flutter of his heart but fails miserably. he mutters out a small thank you before continuing. "So, don't be surprised if she springs some weird questions like that on you." they head up to the counter where charlie is mindlessly droning on about a subject neither of them catches before she notices them and cuts the conversation short. Sometimes you'd think she had no friends with how carelessly she treats most people, but it's only to the observer that she seems rude.

"Cas! Hey! You got him to come," she smiles at Dean. "Hi, Dean I'm Charlie, Castiels one, and only, best friend. Nice to meet you." Dean smiles at her and goes to introduce himself but decides against it since she already knows his name, and probably a lot more considering what Castiel told him. "So, how'd he convince ya? was it those baby blues and charm or did he bribe you?" she chuckles at Castiels look of betrayal.

Dean shakes his head as he laughs, "A bit of both I guess. I was just gonna go home and do nothing all evening, so he saved me from my boredom," he smiles at Cas then turns back to Charlie. "Plus I was promised free coffee."

"Fair enough, I can't argue with that logic. Free is free. So, how do ya like your coffee?"

"Black, please," he glances at Castiel before looking back at charlie, now busy away at making their coffees plus her own. "So, I heard from a reliable source that you know a lot about everyone. Me included."

"Your source is correct," she finishes up the coffees and leads them over to an empty seat over by the window. "I know a lot about you, Dean Winchester, like how you dated this girl back in high school named Lisa who you broke up with for a guy named... Ben? Benny?"

Dean leans back in his chair and throws an arm over the back, "Wow, I'm impressed. What else do you know?"


After several hours of Charlie wowing Dean with her expertise and knowledge, they decided to call it a night and go their separate ways after the promise of doing this again and exchanging phone numbers. The walk home isn't that bad, plus its only 8 pm, so at least there will be people around to help out if something were to go wrong. It's irrational and he knows it but Cas hates walking home alone late at night. He never had a bad experience or anything but he's not exactly a big guy, and he never learned how to defend himself so he's always been on the more careful side. Plus, it's like creeps in the night can tell defenceless gay guys out from everyone else. It's quite creepy.

Although it's not his favourite hobby, walking home after dark on nights like these make him feel lighter. Leaves on the ground browning more and more with each passing day with the promise of winter, the wind nipping at his nose, it's therapeutic, almost. Plus the quiet, the quiet is his favourite part. The only sounds the last of people coming home after work or getting ready to go out.

His phone dings in his pocket signalling a text, Dean was sending him a confirmation text to make sure he didn't get the number wrong and stop him on Monday when he bumps into him to get the right one. He types out a response to reassure that this was, in fact, Castiel and not some rando. He's almost home, and the promise of warmth and a hot shower urges him to move slightly faster through the cold night air that numbed his fingers just from that one text. He seriously needs to get a pair of gloves.

Once his apartment door is in sight and he walks through, the tiredness hits him full force as the adrenaline from speed walking all the way here to remain some sense of warmth wears off and all he wants to do is collapse on his bed and sleep until noon. It's just as he's about to go get a shower and change so he can do just that when he gets a text from Gabriel announcing there's going to be a party at his place announced in typical Gabriel fashion with too many emojis and a lot of exclamation marks. 2 weeks, right after midterms. Well, at least he had the decency to make it after midterms this time. he sends a quick confirmation text and tosses his phone on his bed then gets into the shower, all about ready to pass out where he stands, showers then flops onto his bed and doesn't move for the next 9 hours.