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Shinichi stumbled, leaning against a tree.

KID stopped running as soon as he noticed, doubling back. "Are you alright, detective?" KID asked, hand on Shinichi's shoulder, worry in his eyes.

"I'm fine," Shinichi lied with a hoarse laugh, pressing his face into KID’s hand. He shouldn't, but the heat radiating off of it felt so good in the cool autumn night. Bright moonlight shone above through the dense canopy of the forest. "You're the one that should be worried. You're still bleeding." Blood ran down KID's shoulder, soaking the sleeve of his white suit. A stark contrast, Shinichi thought.

"You're close now, I smell it," KID said, trailing his hand up Shinichi's shoulder before cupping his face. He didn't look so good. Sickly and pale, noticeable even under the light of the full moon. Blood flowing from the gunshot wound in his shoulder. They both were in a bad way, and the frantic run from the heist hadn’t helped matters.

"Yeah, it's how they keep finding us," Shinichi said. "Sorry about that." Shinichi was useless right now, caught in the beginning throes of heat, using all his concentration to keep himself from begging KID to bend him over and fuck him silly.

Sweating too heavily, and he was rock hard, his cock uncomfortable between his legs. He was already wet with slick, desire surging through him, almost uncontrollable.

Didn't help KID smelled delicious under stress, that Shinichi really, really liked his scent now that he'd sweated through whatever scent blocking deodorant he wore. It was more than Shinichi could stand, the smell of his arousal. More than once, he'd caught himself glancing at the evidence of KID's attraction as they fled, but now was definitely not a good time, and here was really, really not a good place.

Monsters. Hitting Shinichi with some kind of dart in order to drive him into estrus. But it could have been worse. KID was a wildcard, and a thief, but Shinichi could always trust his interests were more than self-serving. And now Shinichi was the reason KID hadn’t escaped already.

Oh, Shinichi was in so much trouble. Would it really be so bad if he just pinned him down and had his way with him? He could smell how much KID wanted it.

Yes, Shinichi decided for the twentieth time. It would. And in his ever decreasing moments of lucidity, Shinichi was grateful KID hadn't let him make too much of a fool out of himself.

"Or they're following the blood scent," KID mused.

Shinichi shifted, and his cock rubbed against the seam of his trousers. The friction was nice but it wasn't enough.

KID's smell…

Shinichi couldn't help himself. He slammed KID against a nearby tree, burying his face in his neck and inhaling his alpha scent. "It's too much," he panted, rubbing himself against KID's leg. Fuck, the sensation was too good.

"Shh, I know, my dear detective," KID said, pushing him off, wrapping his good arm around his waist. It didn't do much good; an omega in heat could overpower an alpha easily. But it did somehow help him hang on to the last thread of his control.

"Please, I need you," Shinichi begged.

"You've got me," KID said. "I'm going to get you out of here, okay?"

"Us," Shinichi mumbled. "You too."

"Of course," KID murmured.

"How touching," a deep voice said, startling them both.

It was the man in black, the one who’d shot him.

"Snake," KID growled, letting go of Shinichi and stepping in front of him, arm out and cape outstretched as if to hide him. But it was of little use. Several of his men surrounded them on all sides.

"I knew I'd get you if I threatened your little omega," Snake said.

"Stay away from him," KID snarled, baring his teeth.

Shinichi growled, too. Who did he think he was, coming so close to his alpha?

"If I knew that this was all that it took, I would have done this much earlier," Snake said, leveling his gun right at Shinichi. "Time to die."

The full moon shone high overhead.

Bones cracked as KID’s arms twisted spontaneously to an unnatural angle, chilling Shinichi to the core. Then howls of pain as bones jutted out of his skin, loosing spurts of blood, shredding KID’s suit as his body grew too long for it, as something dark rippled all over his body and his back arched. He fell to his hands and knees, muscles bulging grotesquely, snarling as his mouth ripped open too widely and his teeth sharpened.

Snake fired at him. The bullet ripped through KID, but it didn't stop his transformation, nor did he acknowledge he'd even been hit.

White fur sprouted until his entire body was covered in it. Shinichi could only watch helpless; struck by the similarity of the transformation to his own.

But this was no shrinking into a child. KID was a colossal furred beast, standing human tall even on all fours.

He charged at Snake, leaping for his throat.

Low growling. Screaming. Shinichi wanted to turn away but grotesque curiosity kept his eyes forward.

The sound of multiple gunshots before KID bit clean through his hand and crushed his throat in one aggressive movement, the air suddenly quiet. Shinichi watched, half-dazed, as KID devoured him alive, teeth rending apart flesh. He ripped him limb from limb, eating him. Frenzied. Messy. It was like a dream. No, a nightmare more than a dream. Nothing was left, not even his bones, and it had taken less than a minute.

The others ran, but KID chased them down too, their screams echoing through the forest before cutting off sharply.

Shinichi was paralyzed in terror. It couldn't be real. No way. He sat there stupidly, just blinking at the direction KID had gone, horny and terrified. He needed to run, but his legs wouldn't move.

Then a white shape ghosting through the forest. Shining blue eyes gleamed red in the full moonlight, and zeroed in on Shinichi. He bared sharp fangs, growling before letting out a triumphant howl, blood dripping down from his muzzle.

Alpha prima.


They couldn't actually exist. It was just a tale told to comfort the desperate.

Nothing was comforting about this frightening visage.

Shinichi couldn’t help it; he bolted, mindless fear cutting through the mindless desire.

He ran. But he didn’t make it far.

KID pounced, catching him in one smooth leap and knocking Shinichi to the ground. Shinichi desperately clawed at the ground to get away, but the massive wolf yanked him back by his shirt, ripping it.

Shinichi rolled over and punched him in the snout with enough force to lay any alpha flat, but it didn't even make KID flinch. Shinichi closed his eyes and flattened himself as small as possible underneath him.

"Alpha please," Shinichi begged, tilting his head back and showing him his throat, hoping the submission would make him spare him.

KID stood over him. Nosed his throat as Shinichi fought to keep still. Blue eyes so human, yet set in a monstrous, wolfish face. Red, staining his maw. Fresh blood. Shinichi waited to be eaten. KID licked his throat, tongue wide and wet with saliva.

With another howl, the newly transformed KID batted Shinichi between his massive paws before flipping him over, pinning him to the ground with a paw on his back.

Shinichi struggled, but he couldn’t get away from the firm weight. A cold wet nose under his shirt, licking the small of his back; then teeth in his trousers, pulling them down his thighs with a yank, the fabric ripping and the button popping. Shinichi beat at his nearby leg, frantic now, only for KID to growl and mouth the back of his neck, putting pressure on it with his teeth. Shinichi got the message and stilled.

And then a nose went down between his cheeks, cold and wet, sniffing him. Shinichi couldn’t help but blush despite his terror as KID nosed him in a very intimate place. Shinichi was an omega on the cusp of heat, already producing slick. It was obvious that was what was interesting him.

A tongue, hot and wet, sliding between his cheeks, licking him. No, not just scenting. Licking. Shinichi was a bit embarrassed, even as he shivered at the sensation.

This was KID. KID was—with him—oh hell. This was KID. KID. Rimming him.

His rim was sensitive, and the licks sent heat to his groin as KID kept it up, much to Shinichi's continuing mortification. A whine, and then another lick, this time lower, hitting his balls, massaging them with his tongue. Shinichi bit his lip to stifle the moan that threatened to escape from him. Because it felt good. Too good. And it shouldn't have. Not like this. KID was paying very close attention to them, slathering them in saliva.

Shinichi tried to move away again, but a resounding growl sounded from KID's chest, so Shinichi remained very still as he continued to lap at his rim. Shinichi could deal with the licking, even if it was in such a place. He took a shuddering breath to steady himself.

(He was ignoring the little voice inside him ecstatic it was KID who was enjoying him, that his alpha was finally interested back.)

KID's wolfish maw was intent on his rim, though, his tongue incessant in his touch. Shinichi's ass was covered in drool, his thighs were wet with the stuff. And still KID licked him. It was better than teeth, he supposed, though not by much. Even through the haze of his heat, he had enough presence of mind to understand where this was leading.

KID was going to fuck him.

And Shinichi couldn't stop it.

Shinichi pushed to his knees and arched his back, pressing into his tongue despite his better judgment, hoping maybe that might help him live through this, if KID thought he liked it. He wasn't sure how much mind KID had like this, and the memories of him ripping that man apart, those teeth pressed against his neck, were fresh in his mind.

Then KID moved, stepping over him.

Oh, but he was big—his forelegs were over his shoulders. Thick, soft fur rubbing against his back, before the pointed tip of his dick prodded at his ass. KID's hips worked against him, thrusting, sliding between his ass.

Shinichi's wet rim took him in.

KID completely covered him as he settled down on him, pushing, pushing, pushing. Thick. Throbbing. He was so large the stretch hurt even with the slick, and KID wasn't even hard yet.

Shinichi curled his fingers into the earth as KID pushed in further, stretching him with a terrible sweet burn. The shape of it was unusual; Shinichi closed his eyes, tried to pretend it was human, but everything told him this was a wolf. His scent, his hot breath, his fur rubbing against his back. Forcing his hot dick down in him until Shinichi could feel the thinner fur of his stomach pressed against him.

The fur on his stomach was warm against Shinichi's back. The way KID’s body completely enveloped him, the musky wild scent of the wolf as he mounted him. Alpha. Furred balls against his cheeks as he forced his dick deeper inside Shinichi's ass. All the way in, past his knot. At least that was the same. Tears involuntarily formed at the corner of his eyes from the exertion.

Shinichi couldn’t pretend KID was anything other than full wolf.

It was wrong, so wrong on the worst kind of level as KID finished settling over him. Shinichi wasn’t sure what the worst part was. The fact he was a wolf, or the fact he didn’t want it. (He might have wanted it, had he been human, but this...this was another thing entirely)

But Shinichi’s body betrayed him there, too. He was hard. He didn’t want to be, but he was, so much so that he was aching, even as the wolf filled him. Rocked his hips slowly.

KID let out a pleased sound, somewhere between a huff and a whine, and started working his hips faster. Shinichi couldn’t do anything but take it. KID had already proved how futile running or fighting was.

Every one of his thrusts forced Shinichi forward they had so much power behind them. He was so hot, thick, and throbbing, and every one of his thrusts rocked through Shinichi, would have brought him to his knees if he wasn’t there already.

Shinichi would be lying if he said it didn’t feel incredible, the way the soft fur slid across his skin. He would be lying if he said the thought of being filled with KID was completely abhorrent. He wanted KID for a long time. Wanted his alpha covering him. Filling him. Claiming him.

But not like this. Not as a wolf.

KID was one of her line. The alpha prima. The legends spoke of her descendants, those of the unbroken line of the first of their kind. Those who could transform fully into their ancestors primordial, and once changed, would stop at nothing to defend those they considered under their protection.

The wolf had saved him, yes, but at what cost?

(And did Shinichi want to pay it?)

KID let out another soft woof, shifted his position on the next thrust, the soft fur of his leg brushing against Shinichi's, and Shinichi lost it as the wolf was at the right angle to press just so against his inner wall.

Something sparked deep inside Shinichi, and he saw stars. And the wolf did it again, making Shinichi rock forward with the strength of his thrust again. Fuck, it felt good, the wolf's dick inside him, massaging him from the inside.

That deliberate precision. KID knew exactly what he was doing.

And he was...KID was human, right? Just in the form of a wolf right now. So did it really matter which he was? And he'd still prepped him with his saliva, licking at his rim, adding to his slick, so would it really be so bad to just...let go? Give in to him? Because he wanted to.

Shinichi wanted to just let KID take him.

Maybe this was who KID was without restraints.

Shinichi was so full with his thick cock, the way the wolf hit that spot inside him felt so good. The fur tickling his back was nice, and if he had to be honest, so was the rich wild smell of primal alpha. It was dangerous. It felt good. It felt too good.

No, it shouldn’t feel this good, it was wrong, too wrong. Human or not, he was a wolf right now, the huffing whines as KID thrust into him couldn’t be anything else, and it was wrong, KID overwhelmed by his bestial nature.

But he had no choice in submitting to him like this, so he might as well get something out of it, right? And he definitely would have accepted the human form of KID...

...Why did he want Shinichi? Shinichi remembered the chills running up his spine, the feeling of sharp eyes watching him with great focus and turning to find KID's eyes on him, a look that faded when Shinichi caught him staring into something less predatory.

And still the wolf fucked him hard, the large, pointed cock splitting him apart as he grew hard inside him. Shinichi couldn't help but cry out as he thrust into him again, and again, and again, unceasing, animal in its intensity.

As the KID thrust into him again, Shinichi couldn't help but press back into it, but cry out like an animal himself as KID milked himself with him, going deeper, deeper, deeper with each thrust, deep enough his fur-covered sack slapped against his ass. Shinichi didn't even know how he fit, he was so big, so hard, so thick now.

Fuck, he was really doing this, panting like a bitch in heat as KID continued to fuck him apart. And suddenly it didn't matter that he was in the form of a wolf. It only mattered that he didn't stop. And he didn't let up, not once.

Not until Shinichi arched his back once again and came hard from the wolf fucking him alone. KID howled in what sounded like triumph.

KID pulled out, leaving Shinichi feeling cold and empty from the absence of his dick from deep inside him, then batted him lightly with a paw until Shinichi got the hint and rolled over on his side. Then a cold nose against his softening cock, and a hot tongue, licking him clean from the spilled come, pulling the shredded remains of his trousers off before going back to his cock, nudging his thighs aside, licking the sensitive skin of his perineum.

Shinichi, still high off his orgasm, could only let him.

KID grabbed Shinichi's shirt, tugging at it with his teeth, and Shinichi unbuttoned it and shrugged it off before KID got a chance to rip it off him, leaving him naked.

He let out a pleased huff before licking Shinichi's nipple. Not getting much of a reaction, KID moved to his face, licking his cheek, his lips. His maw was still stained with blood.

He let out an irritated growling wuff when Shinichi kept his mouth closed, sounding like a stubborn puppy, and so Shinichi yielded there too. He parted his lips, letting KID lick into his mouth with his oversized tongue.

Their first kiss.

Shinichi's face and mouth were covered in slobber. But something was erotic in this taboo, in letting him lick the inside of his mouth. Something was tender about it. Shinichi didn’t know if it was because he had gotten used to this, or the orgasm had made him blissful, or because his heat was now hitting him full force, but he reached up.

KID growled, curling back his lip, showing sharp fangs with drool dripping from them, but Shinichi ignored it. Maybe KID fucking him instead of eating him had made him too brave, but he placed his hand on his muzzle, scratching the soft fur on his nose. KID snuffed, then turned his head away from Shinichi and sneezed. He leaned into it, letting Shinichi scratch his chin, and wagged his tail so hard his whole hind end was shaking.

Shinichi stroked the soft fur of his face, and KID leaned into it. "You're not dangerous at all, are you? Not to me," Shinichi murmured, as KID pressed his furry face against his own.

KID licked Shinichi's face again, still wagging his tail. Shinichi slipped his tongue into KID's mouth, running it over one of his fangs, and never felt filthier.

KID let the kiss linger, pressed his own tongue back against him softly.

Then KID's mouth clamped over his throat, and a sharp spike of fear shot through Shinichi. KID whined soft and high pitched as Shinichi trembled. Maybe he was wrong. Maybe he'd wanted to fuck him, then eat him. Shinichi closed his eyes.

But KID only whined again, then bit down on his throat just enough for Shinichi to bleed a little, more like scraping it with his teeth, licking the wounds after he was done.

Oh. Oh. It hurt only a little, but the skin around it burned, and that burn began to spread until he was pleasantly warm and tingling all over.

The alpha prima claim. The stories spoke of some kind of transformation, but Shinichi didn't feel any different. He didn't even have any lingering aches, other than the soreness of his wet rim. The bite just tingled under the light of the full moon. He'd thought maybe he might change like KID had.

Moving back to Shinichi's face, he licked Shinichi's lips again. Then KID whined, licking at his stomach.

“I-I don't understand,” Shinichi said, voice weak.

KID nosed at him, licking at his cock (it felt so nice) his thighs, then nudged him with his paws until Shinichi figured out he wanted him back on his knees.

...and maybe Shinichi wanted to, now. The thought of being filled again by his alpha, of experiencing that intense pleasure, had him rolling to his knees, arching his spine before sticking his ass in the air, resting on his arms. A delicate sweep of his tongue between his ass, soothing the soreness there, then fur brushing across Shinichi's back again. The tip of his dick, sliding across his rim, then with a sharp thrust, KID filled his greedy, aching hole with his hard wolf cock again.

The slide in was easier, like his body had changed, grown more accommodating.

It still hurt, the stretch as KID parted him, but the thrust in was much more intense, felt better than before.

Shinichi panted, tongue out, feeling his face turn red. Oh god, it was too good, the way KID was filling him, and he craved more, wanted him deeper. It wasn't enough.

The wolf was fucking him again, and Shinichi didn't care. Not anymore. He wanted to be fucked. To be filled with KID's wolf cock.

Thrust. KID wasn't playing around anymore either, pistoning deep into Shinichi, rocking forward again and again and again and again, hitting that spot with each thrust.

Shinichi had to have gone mad. That had to be it. The bite had driven him crazy. Either that or the moonlight. What normal human wanted to be fucked by a wolf? What human craved it? Shinichi, apparently. Thrust.

Hot and hard and thick, KID drove his dick into Shinichi so deliciously, a sweet wet slick slide. Nothing Shinichi had ever felt compared, not KID's tongue, not even the way KID had fucked him the first time. Thrust.

Suddenly it didn't matter if KID killed him. As long as he fucked him like this before, Shinichi would be happy to go out this way. Fuck. The stretch felt unholy, insane. Shinichi couldn’t help but rock back into it.

Thrust. If it made him the worst kind of person, so be it. He’d willingly be one so long as KID didn’t stop fucking into him.

The fur brushing across his bare back actually felt kind of nice. So soft....Shinichi was totally fucked up. But it was too good to deny himself. And Shinichi didn’t know what had changed, but KID’s sweet wild smell had somehow become comforting. He smelled like home. Like mate.

The bite had changed him.

Shinichi didn’t care. Not anymore. KID’s cock thrusting into him meant it didn’t matter.

He was so deep inside him. Each thrust threatened to melt Shinichi into a puddle as heat spread from the point of contact, sending fire surging through his body.

Shinichi was incredibly horny, more worked up than he’d ever been in his entire life. KID thrust again, the deepest he'd managed to get so far. Shinichi never wanted this to end, wanted the wolf to fill him forever, wanted his slick cock in his tight heat.

And then the slide was tight. Shinichi could feel it on the last thrust, the throbbing, the pulsing, and the even more impossible stretch as KID's knot swelled large, pushing inside his rim, locking him inside Shinichi. He almost couldn't take it. It was too much as it applied a constant pressure against his inner wall. It was too big, swelling an already massive cock into something that was going to break him.

Oh, how Shinichi loved it.

His fingers dug furrows into the ground as KID pushed forward with a growl. Shinichi’s balls tightened at the sensation of being overfilled, and he came again without being touched, come dripping down from his cock to the ground.

He wasn't the only one. KID came too, filling him to the brim with come. But with the knot swelled so large, just inside his rim, the come didn't have anywhere to go.

And KID was still releasing. Panting above him, furred balls tight against him. KID didn’t care that Shinichi was too full, that each twitch of his dick sent impossibly more come inside him, he was just relieving his lust inside Shinichi.

Shinichi was going to pop. It ached, but the way it flooded through him felt amazing. Every time he thought he couldn’t get any more full, KID would prove him wrong.

It was too much. Shinichi was too full, stretched too wide. He needed relief, release from the KID’s come. And still more trickled out of his cock. Shinichi wasn’t going to make it. It had nowhere to go.

Maybe the idea had not been to fuck him and then eat him, but to fuck him to death.

Another surge of come, and Shinichi felt a slight twinge deep inside him, something he’d never felt before. It was almost like a clench, and then the sensation of too much lessened a little.

Like the release off a pressure valve. Something was happening to him, Shinichi wasn’t sure what, but whatever it was helped him little by little, even as KID continued to fill him. It was nice, the feeling of bursting offset by the slow feeling of relief, and the relief was beginning to overpower being topped off.

The full moon shone high overhead, KID’s fur warm against his back, his knot large, his cock still hot and deep within him, still releasing. He was glad KID had caught him, hadn’t let him escape. Sometimes late at night he’d thought about the thief, about what it might be like to return those hungry gazes. He’d wanted him. Maybe not quite in this fashion, but he’d wanted him. Desperately. He just hadn’t let himself believe it until now.

Then a swooping sensation, a twitch of his dick and a tightening of his balls. No, not quite there, but a tingling above, underneath his navel, radiating down. Shinichi reached up with his hand, touching his stomach. He had a little bump between his hips, small but noticeable by touch.

Shinichi shuddered as he felt that tingling swoop again, still holding his hand against the span between his hips. He could feel himself swell, the small bump grow into a bulge as KID continued to release in him.

Bodies didn't work like that. He had changed.

Being so full felt amazing despite all of it. Maybe the bite had not only changed him, but made him more receptive. Or maybe Shinichi was searching for an excuse because he was afraid to admit how much he loved being fucked and filled in the most transgressive way.

Everyone had heard the stories of people gone feral to protect their mates. The alpha prima—like KID had turned out to be—mated for life. Shinichi had thought the form was only a legend, but he would have said shrinking into the form of a child was impossible too, once.

KID had turned to protect him. Claim him.

He could feel his stomach rounding slowly with KID's seed. Shinichi couldn't help it. He moaned, again pressed back against KID's larger, wolfish form as KID let out a whine, one hand rubbing his round stomach, feeling it grow.

So much come, filling him up. Shinichi took it all. He trailed his hand from his navel up to his chest, frowning when he felt small raised bumps along a line. He shivered as he brushed them, so sensitive they were to the touch.

They started below his nipples, trailed down and ended just below his navel, just above the crest of his hips. Six of them in neat lines, three on each side.

No, four. Shinichi swallowed as he came to a realization. They were nipples. For KID's pups. He touched his full, round stomach. KID was breeding him. And with so much in him, he was guaranteed to become pregnant. That had been the purpose of biting him before knotting him. He'd already fucked him until Shinichi had gotten off, he could have done it then. Instead, KID had waited until Shinichi had changed to knot him.

KID was breeding him. Shinichi shivered. He was KID's bitch, literally. The claim had changed his form to be more compatible with that of the alpha prima.

Shinichi had become omega ultima. A matched pair. Mated for life.

God, even knowing that, KID’s wolf dick still felt too good stretching him, filling him. Shinichi moaned again as KID shifted his hips, rocking into him, causing the large swell of his knot to put pressure on his inner wall.

He dragged his hand roughly down his line of nipples, picking a lower one and rolling the hardened bud between his finger and thumb. Sweet roundness, his come filled belly. KID was breeding him good, still more come spilling from his dick.

His perfect wolf dick. Shinichi licked his lips. He wanted to taste it, suck on it, draw it out of its sheath and into his mouth, soft and sweet and pointed and red.

...He really was fully gone. Shinichi didn't care anymore. He'd be KID's little slut, breeding him a litter. Maybe more than one. Shinichi would be happy to do it if it meant more fucking, more knotting, more warm fur pressed against his back. Shinichi didn't want this to end.

Shinichi stuck two fingers in his mouth and sucked hard on them before he moved to another nipple, circling and wetting it, tugging at it, imagining the human KID sucking on it. He loved the wolf fucking him, but that was one of the downsides.

Maybe KID could fuck Shinichi on his back next time. Maybe Shinichi could ride KID's dick. He frowned... He'd have to ask if he could transform at will, not just when the moon was full.

His hand drifted down to the last nipple on the swell of his belly. They'd be heavy, filled with milk soon, all of them.

Shinichi was swollen now, his belly heavy and full with KID's come. He rubbed his stomach, marvelling at the roundness of it, at how much KID had given him. Ahh, the swell of the knot was receding, he could feel it.

Shinichi felt an abrupt sense of loss as KID moved his hips and finally pulled out. He didn't have much time to mourn it before KID nudged him to his back. His inflated stomach shifted, and Shinichi's hands came to settle on it, still playing with his lowest nipple on his stomach, the other one playing with the highest one on his chest. His abused hole leaked come.

KID stood over him as Shinichi looked up at him, dazed. KID bent his head down to lick his chin, and Shinichi grabbed his muzzle with both hands.

He growled again, ears back, but Shinichi was not afraid. KID wouldn't hurt his mate. Shinichi pressed a soft kiss to his nose, then licked at his black lips. KID opened his mouth, and Shinichi licked into it, running his tongue over the sharp fang before taking KID's massive tongue into his mouth as he kissed back best he could. It was an awkward kiss, but Shinichi couldn't help but love it.

KID was wagging his tail again.

Too cute.

He nosed the second nipple down, his cold nose causing Shinichi to jump. Then he whuffed softly in Shinichi's face, licking it once more, and then he ducked his head down further and started licking Shinichi's dick clean where some of his come had dripped down. He nosed Shinichi's thighs apart, exposing him, and then he licked his rim, come dribbling out of it.

Shinichi raised his knees and parted his legs even farther, giving the wolf more room. KID lapped at his ass, his tongue soft and wet and slick, his tail still wagging. Shinichi was still too wrung out for it to arouse him, but there was something endearing about him taking the time to clean him.

Shinichi's hand returned to his stomach, and he rubbed circles against it, wondering what KID's children would look like, how many of them there would be. KID kept up his rhythmic licking as the come continued to trickle out of Shinichi. His stomach was shrinking, but it wouldn't be flat for long. Not with the way KID had filled him.

KID tongued his hole, the noises he was making obscene and wet. Shinichi wondered if he was planning on cleaning it all up. Shinichi wouldn’t mind if he did. He felt warm, cared for. Wanted. Loved by his alpha.

Not to mention the way the tongue parted him was lovely. Shinichi just lay there, enjoying his licking. It took long enough to finish that Shinichi was beginning to feel warm again from his soft tongue, a slow curling heat that spread upwards, sending blood not only to his cock but sparking something deep in the span of his hips.

He trailed his hand over his stomach, a small bump now, before finding one of his nipples again, a lower one. Such a strange feeling to have one there. Shinichi stroked his stomach with one hand, tugging at a nipple with the other one as his arousal grew, as his body warmed. He already wanted to be bred again.

But KID, it seemed, was finished, prowling around their area of the forest before coming back to Shinichi, circling, then laying his head on Shinichi’s chest. The night air was cool, what with Shinichi still naked, but KID was warm. Shinichi couldn’t help himself though; he reached up and started scratching behind KID’s ears.

KID loved it, wagging his tail furiously. He tilted his head so he leaned into Shinichi’s hand, let his tongue loll out to the side and let out a soft noise. As Shinichi scratched a certain part under his ear, KID pulled back, nosed under his hand, directing Shinichi to where he most wanted to be scratched. Then Shinichi dug his fingers into his thick chest fur as KID rolled over onto his back, whining, baring his throat to him. Submission.

Shinichi scratched that too, rising to his feet so he could scratch his throat better, paying no mind to the come running down his thigh. He ran his fingers down his chest, carding them through the thick, soft fur, down to the barrel of his chest, past his rib cage where his waist tapered.

KID was lying on his back, content, belly up, hind legs stretched out and forelegs folded as Shinichi worked his nails through his fur. When Shinichi reached a spot on his stomach, KID started kicking. “You’re not so frightening after all, are you?” Shinichi said. KID tilted his head, cocking his ear like he understood him, then he wiggled, his tail thumping on the ground.


“You’re not cute,” Shinichi said. “Don’t act like it.” KID whined. “You’re not!” Even though he was long gone from inside him, Shinichi still felt the ache deep inside from the wolf’s dick. Definitely not an innocent puppy. Shinichi let his eyes wander down. He'd already disappeared deep inside his sheath. But Shinichi was fully hard again, thinking about it. He licked his lips, scratched the base of his sheath where it met his stomach.

He wasn't seriously contemplating it, was he? Shinichi swallowed. He totally was. He licked his lips again, ran his hands over him, down to his large, furry balls. He squeezed them gently, rolling them in his hand. KID looked up at him in understanding, soft human eyes set in an animal face, tail still wagging.

Then Shinichi leaned over and took the tip of sheath in his mouth.

Thin fur, warm skin. Shinichi's tongue slipped in easily and licked the head while it was still inside, coaxing it out little by little, sucking on the pointed tip softly as it emerged, tonguing it.

This, more than anything else that had happened tonight, felt the filthiest, the most obscene. Shinichi massaged the sheath under his hand, kept up pressure with his mouth, and little by little, KID's red dick exposed itself.

Such a beautiful shade of reddish-pink. So pretty. KID was beautiful, even like this. Feral, wild, strong.

Once it was out, Shinichi pulled away and admired it for a moment, the way the red stood out against the white of his fur, then he licked from tip to sheath, squeezing the soft knot at the base. KID let out a whine as Shinichi did it again, and again. He was hungry for wolf dick, he couldn't help it. He liked the little animal noises KID was making, the taste of his dick, too.

Shinichi took him into his mouth as KID panted. He sucked, trapping him between his tongue and the roof of his mouth, keeping tight pressure on it. KID was an enormous wolf, and so was his dick, stretching and filling Shinichi's mouth so beautifully. Hard to believe it had even fit inside him at all.

He was doing it. He really had a wolf’s dick in his mouth, sucking on it willingly. He was the lowest of the low.

...He didn't care. He mouthed it, sucking on it, hungry for it.

Shinichi loved sucking his wolf's cock. Because it was KID's, and he wanted to give him the same pleasure as he'd given Shinichi. Shinichi wanted to do it to the human version of his lover too, though he loved the animal version. That's what they were now, lovers. No take backs.

Because at this point, there was no turning back.

Maybe he should be more freaked out. Maybe he should be more ashamed. But Shinichi had wanted KID even before his heat, he had just been lying to himself. Maybe not this way, but now that it had happened, he couldn't say he hated it.

And wasn't it just evidence of KID's love in return? His transformation into the alpha prima form meant he loved him, that he'd already thought they were mates.

And a wolf mounting him, breeding him successfully, filling him with come...was it so horrible Shinichi felt a thrill from the perversion of the laws of the natural order that made it work? That he liked his changed anatomy, the new sensitivity in his nipples?

KID felt so good in his mouth. Warm and sweet and soft and good and hard.

KID moved, pulling his angled tip out of Shinichi's mouth, and stood. Shinichi shifted, hard cock bouncing, and pressed a soft kiss to his bright red dick before licking the tip softly, taking him into his mouth again, working him with his tongue.

He'd wanted to suck him off for a long time. Thought about it as they bantered back and forth, watched his mouth as he spoke and imagined what it would be like to kiss him, to do other things, what his face would look like as Shinichi dropped to his knees and pinned him to the wall.

Shinichi took it greedily, sucking, taking it in as deep as KID wanted to go. Fuck it felt nice. Well, nice wasn't the word, maybe, but good? So thick, so hot.

KID fucked into his mouth again. Again. He couldn't fit all the way, even as he forced himself down Shinichi's throat, but how he tried, pleasuring himself so intensely with Shinichi's mouth. It ached, but felt too damn good. He pushed his huge red cock into Shinichi's mouth, deeper, deeper. Shinichi was a receptacle for his pleasure as KID pulled almost all the way out, forced himself deep in again.

He could feel it when it happened this time, and intense shudder that rocked KID's body. The wolf fucked in, deep as he could go, and came down Shinichi's throat.

Hot and wild and earthy, it flooded his mouth, too much for his throat to take. The thin liquid spilled out of his mouth too, running down his cheeks, knot swelling against his lips, outside his mouth but still there, present and overwhelming. Shinichi breathed through his nose.

KID's taste was wonderful.

He pulled out of his mouth sooner than Shinichi would have liked though, crawling over him, rubbing his dick all over him, humping him, getting come everywhere. A way to mark him, to claim him as his own Shinichi was sure, and so he embraced it. Revelled in it, completely gone for his wolf. Thin and hot and sticky. Shinichi was filthy. Shinichi didn't care.

Once he was spent, Shinichi wet and covered, KID let out a huff, satisfied, and circled Shinichi, tail wagging.

Then a tongue against his balls, licking him, assaulting his cock.

His cock was covered in saliva, so wet, cool in the night air, but hot wherever KID's tongue touched him. That beautiful big head of his, nestled between his legs, licking away. Shinichi couldn't help but let his hands fall to his head, scratching behind his ears, leaning down and pressing soft kisses to the arch of his skull as he licked him.

"I love you," Shinichi whispered, lost to the wind.

KID's ears twitched, and he paused. Only a moment before continuing to lick.

Shinichi was close, now, and it didn't take long before he was coming, clinging to KID, shaking in the aftermath. He felt sated, content. Warm and loved. Protected.

KID bumped his head against Shinichi's chest in a wolfish sort of hug, then lay down on top of him. It felt nice, a good weight. He was heavy, and warm, his fur soft, and his scent was familiar, smelled like home, smelled like mate and mine. Shinichi was a little bit in heaven, surrounded by his scent, covered by his warmth.

Heat taken care of, it didn't take long for Shinichi to slip into sleep.

He woke slowly, like a dream, to teeth worrying his uppermost right nipple.

Human KID. Fuck. His dick was hot and throbbing, rocking against Shinichi's own, KID's mouth was everywhere, sucking hard kisses on his neck, his collarbones, his nipples. Shinichi felt warmth pooling in his belly, sparks in his groin, dual arousal he loved.

KID spread his thighs, sank into him with ease in a sharp thrust, and Shinichi couldn’t help but moan, dick slapping against his stomach as KID thrust in rough. It was too much. Shinichi's body ached from all the sex, but he didn't care. He was being fucked again by his mate. Human this time, but no less amazing. It was exactly what he wanted.

KID, filling him again. KID, rocking into him with ease, sucking on his nipples.

Just KID.

Just this.

KID thrust inside him again and again and again, took him over and over and over, and it was perfect. His hand falling to stroke Shinichi’s cock, beautiful friction building and building and building.

Shinichi could feel him deep inside, he was so close...Shinichi’s hips jerked up, and his eyes flew open, finding a dark messy head of hair. KID worrying his nipple between his teeth. He thrust in him again, and Shinichi lifted his legs, wrapped them around his hips for a better angle, locking his ankles together around the small of his back. “KID!” Shinichi cried out in pleasure, unable to help himself, and KID’s head snapped up, looking at him with wide eyes.

“D-Detective?” he said, panic in his voice of which Shinichi had never heard the like. He didn’t sound like himself. His hand came up from Shinichi's dick, felt for his monocle which had fallen off when he transformed, found it missing. He was just as handsome in his human form as Shinichi thought he would be, blue eyes wide with alarm. Though it was hard to see in the dim light of...dawn? Dusk?

“No—I couldn't have, I didn't, I—no, not like this—” KID said with self loathing. He braced himself against the ground and attempted to pull out, and Shinichi couldn't have that, no.

Shinichi surged up, pinned KID to the ground by the shoulders and hips, sinking down so KID's cock was all the way in. “Pulling out without coming in me or getting me off first?” Shinichi said. “That's incredibly rude.” he straightened, lifted himself up, and slammed himself back down on KID's dick.

KID grabbed hold of Shinichi's hips and let out a cry. “Detective!”

Yes, that was good too, so Shinichi did it again, circling his hips.

“I—” KID tried to speak again, holding to Shinichi's hips more tightly as Shinichi bounced again.

“And?” Shinichi said disdainfully, doing it again. “That just means you should take responsibility for your actions and fuck me properly instead of trying to run away.”

“But I—”

“You did more than that, too,” Shinichi said, settling down and resting for a moment. He grabbed KID's hand from his hip, placing it against his claim. “You bit me.”

Fuck,” KID said, rubbing his thumb over the wound. “Fuck. I made you—”

“—Made me yours,” Shinichi says, putting his hand on KID's. “Just like you're mine. Don't think you're getting away this time, KID.”

Shinichi could feel KID's body tremble underneath him. So nice. “I claimed you."

“You did,” Shinichi agreed, beginning to work his hips again, slowly. “Changed me. Bred me.” He moved KID's hand to the base of his stomach, just above his groin. “Let me tell you something else:” He leaned down, whispered in KID's ear. “I fucking loved it, alpha."

Detective,” KID groaned, and kissed him. Oh, this was perfect too, the way he kissed, the way his tongue slipped in and worked with Shinichi's own, the way he sucked on it.

Shinichi didn't want to stop. But he rose up again, bouncing his hips, circling them, riding KID for all that he was worth. KID's hands fell to his hips again at the onslaught, tightening, digging into the flesh, bucking into Shinichi as best he could.

Maybe there would be bruises later. The thought was delicious.

“You know what else?” Shinichi said. “I want you to do it again, and again, and again.”

“Detective,” KID asked. “You don’t understand—”

Shinichi twisted his hips, rocked faster, riding him hard, arching his spine and raising his arms above his head. “You don’t think I know what it means? Oh, I do.” Bounce. Bounce.

His hands trailed down both sides of his nipples slowly. “So breed me. Fuck me. Make me your bitch."

“My dear detective,” KID breathed.

"I'm yours,” Shinichi said.

Then KID shook his head. “No, this isn't you. You wouldn't do this.”

He made to force Shinichi off but Shinichi placed his hands on top of his and picked up his pace, still bouncing. “Do you think I didn't notice you were always watching me with your hungry wolf eyes?” Shinichi asked. “That I didn't feel them every time they caressed my skin?” he panted.

“You knew?” KID said.

“Do you think I didn't watch you back? That I didn't want you to slam me against the nearest available surface and fuck me until I saw stars?” Shinichi was riding him hard, now, working himself frantically.

KID's hands tightened on his hips.

“So no, I may not have wanted to be fucked by a wolf at first. But the wolf was you. Do you know how it felt, knowing it was you?”

“Probably the same way it feels right now for me,” KID says with a breathy laugh, rocking into Shinichi as much as Shinichi rode him. “I’m sure I'm still dreaming.”

“It's because it was you. It's always been you,” Shinichi said, punctuating each word by slamming himself down on KID.

Shinichi drove himself down one last time as KID thrust up, pushing his knot through, and then KID was swelling again with another cry, locking them together. The knot was glorious; the stretch hot and tight, pressing against him.

"KID!" Shinichi cried out, back arching.

KID's sharp nails dug into his hips. Now that they were tied together, and he wouldn't run, Shinichi took the opportunity to memorize his features. Dark messy hair, blue eyes, handsome face, the kind that took his breath away.

“Breed me, KID,” Shinichi said. "Make me yours."

“My sweet, perfect detective,” KID said, rubbing Shinichi's stomach below his navel. “Of course. How could I say no?”

“Mmmm, good to see you've finally come to your senses, then,” Shinichi said as KID's other came up to play with one of his low nipples.

“Fuck, you're beautiful,” KID said, continuing to stroke Shinichi.

They just lay there together for a while, KID releasing into him in hot surges.

Shinichi rested on top of him, enjoying the stretch before KID bucked up, shifted, pulled Shinichi close so he was sitting in his lap, still tied to him. Legs on either side of his hips. He wrapped his arms around Shinichi, pulled him into a kiss, rocking gently.

The kiss was nice. Soft and warm and sweet. KID was surprisingly gentle as he pulled him even closer. KID ended the kiss, resting his face against Shinichi's, one hand on his shoulder. “You feel so good here,” Shinichi said, grabbing his wrist and pulling it back on his womb. He was feeling the pressure from his release again, the knot keeping him plugged so none of his come would leak out and it was travelling up and inside him with every warm surge, every thrust.

Expanding him. KID rocking into him, his release filling him... Shinichi put his arms around his neck and kissed him again, slow, daring to nibble at his bottom lip.

KID nipped back at his lip playfully, slipped his tongue into Shinichi's mouth, pressing softly against his tongue. Shinichi kissed back eagerly, let his mouth be invaded before KID pulled away, pressing soft kisses to the side of Shinichi's neck. Once he reached his collarbone, he began nibbling out from there to the top of his shoulder. Then he let out a breathy, “Oh,” and pulled Shinichi even closer to him, rubbing the crest of his hips, across the lines of his body, spanning the low bump of his belly. KID had finally noticed.

Mmhmm,” Shinichi said. “You're here. After chasing you for so long…”

“You liked it, didn't you? The thrill of the chase?” KID says.

Another surge; Shinichi breathed in sharply, feeling himself expand a little more as KID's come pumped inside.

“Last night, you were the one chasing me,” Shinichi said.

KID rubbed the swell of Shinichi's belly, worrying a nipple there. "I never thought it would be like this."

"Me either, but I can't say I'm disappointed," Shinichi said. He leaned over, kissed him again, long and sweet and slow.

KID thumbed Shinichi’s lip. "Are you mine, omega?" he asked.

Shinichi shivered. "Yours forever," he said.

Shinichi felt KID's cock twitch deep inside him at his words, and KID shivered too, touched Shinichi's neck again where he'd bitten him.

"That's right," KID said. "Mine."

KID rocked forward, forcing Shinichi back on the ground, his knot shifting inside him and threatening to split him apart.

Shinichi lifted his legs, wrapped them around KID's slim hips as he continued to release in him.

KID growled, deep and low and it sent rumbles through Shinichi as KID started moving his hips again.

So good.

Finally, Shinichi couldn't take it any longer, and he came against KID's stomach, crying out. Shinichi bit his neck, establishing a mutual claim.

The bond surged between them, and Shinichi could now feel KID’s need, his desire, his love, but also strong fear. Hesitation. Worry. Then it changed to awe as he felt the resulting flood of Shinichi's emotions.

KID stared down at him in something like wonder. “You really mean it," he said, touching the fang imprints on either side of his neck.

"Of course I do." Shinichi grabbed him by the nape of the neck and pulled him down into a hard kiss. "Mate," he growled against his jaw before nosing his neck "Mine."

"Yours, omega," KID murmured against the side of his face, before dipping down and sinking teeth into the claim.

Shinichi cried out as it sent a wave of heat flooding through him. "KID," Shinichi gasped.

"Kaito," KID said.

"Kaito," Shinichi repeated, tasting the name. It suited him.

"I promised myself I wouldn't touch you, my dear detective," he said, cupping Shinichi's cheek.

"I know. You couldn't help it," Shinichi said, leaning into his hand.

Kaito rubbed his cheek with his thumb. "That's no excuse."

"Then I forgive you," Shinichi said.

"So easily," Kaito said. "You shouldn't. I was frightening." He looked away, face drawn.

So Shinichi said, "You protected me," grabbing him by the chin and turning his head to face him. He pulled him into another kiss, mouthing his lip. "You turned for me. I can't think of a greater confession," he murmured in the space of their breath.

Kaito blushed, and Shinichi pressed his lips softly against his. Tickled the smooth skin of his lip with the tip of his tongue before slipping it inside as Kaito gasped, and then they were kissing again, kiss gradually growing deeper as Shinichi thrust his way inside, took Kaito’s tongue into his own mouth.

"We slept all day," Kaito said when he pulled away to breathe. The sky had been growing darker as they spoke, and it was now well past twilight. "We should get back," Kaito said.

Shinichi lazily pulled him close. "Mhmm." They really should, Shinichi could feel the dull ache of hunger in the back of his throat, but he was content to lie there, tangled together and filled with him. He pulled Kaito even closer, against his chest, wrapped his legs tighter around him, pushed him deeper. Shinichi was running hot, almost feverish; the touch of Kaito's bare chest against his swept heat through him like a wildfire.

Something in the distant horizon made the bite on his throat tingle, some kind of innate awareness coming from the direction of the rising moon. It added to his dizzy, heady feeling, his hunger that was more than hunger.

It bubbled close to the surface, sizzled through the link like some kind of living thing, delicious and dark. Shinichi closed his eyes, reveling in it as it surged until both of them hummed with it.

Shinichi burned.

Kaito kissed him again, harder, more intense, nipping at his lower lip, rocking into him as one hand reached for his cock before he nuzzled into his throat, fucking into him, fierce animalistic rutting.


The back of Shinichi's throat itched, grew tight as his hips surged forward. Something was building in him, something hard and fierce and violent. Kaito's hot hand stroking him, his knot still buried deep inside him, driving him wild; he was so close, his release tore through him wracking his frame and he opened his mouth—

And howled.

Human throats could not make that sound.

His back arched and cracked; an itch began at the base of his spine and raced up, branching out to cover his body as fur covered his bare skin. Shinichi beat his fists on the ground, writhing and tossing. Bones ground together as they shifted and Shinichi howled again, this time in pain instead of pleasure.

Yet almost as soon as it began, it was over. Shinichi sighed in relief, and tilted his head down. His vision had blurred a bit, the colors duller, but his sharp sense of smell had grown even sharper. Kaito was still lying against him, pale and eyes wide, his fingers buried in Shinichi's fur. He'd somehow managed to stay on top of him. Shinichi's skin itched, the fur feeling oddly heavy. Shinichi opened his mouth to speak, but it came out as a rough sound, a vocalization not even coherent as a word.

Kaito laughed, sliding out and up and pressing kisses to his fur. Shinichi's tail thumped against the ground involuntarily. "Don't you look over the moon," he murmured.

Shinichi's reply was another series of unintelligible whuffing noises, but Kaito seemed to understand. He pressed a kiss to his muzzle, and Shinichi licked his face. He tasted nice so Shinichi did it again. Kept doing it so much so that Kaito laughed again, trying to push his head away but Shinichi wouldn't have it, so Kaito buried his face against Shinichi's throat instead, still laughing.

Shinichi froze, his whole body trembling. Kaito dug his fingers deeper into Shinichi's obsidian fur, lifted his head again, and kissed him on the muzzle before running his tongue along a fang, caressing it. Shinichi let out a sigh. It was good from this end too—maybe even better because all the silly little worries he had about this before had crumbled away completely. Kaito was his alpha, his mate, and that was all that mattered. Their tongues touched, and Shinichi relaxed into the kiss, returned it the best he could with his wide, sloppy tongue.

Then Kaito raised his head and howled, the mournful sound echoing under the moon, and Shinichi howled with him, lifting their voices together.

Clouds uncovered the rising moon, and the light it cast down seemed almost tangible as it wove through the trees and bathed them both in its light.

Kaito collapsed against Shinichi, arching his back and howling again as fur raced down his spine, tail growing and limbs twisting until he stood over Shinichi in all his four legged glory, ears alert and forward. He nosed Shinichi’s face, licking him.

Shinichi tilted his head back, wagging his tail, and Kaito nipped at the loose skin around his neck, tugging at it playfully with teeth that didn’t even break skin. Shinichi whined and surged up, pouncing on Kaito and knocking him to the forest floor. He feinted back and forth as Kaito squared himself, then Shinichi turned his back on him and leaned forward, chest on the ground, presenting to him, tail to the side. Kaito licked him, lapping at his slick, and Shinichi pressed into it.

Kaito mounted him, thrusting, but Shinichi leapt away before Kaito managed to make it inside, racing through the trees. An ear swiveled back as he heard Kaito on his tail. He howled again, and Kaito howled with him.

And they ran through the forest together under the full harvest moon.

Shinichi had never felt so free.

Blood rushing through his ears, heart pounding, nerves tingling, his alpha, his mate pursuing him on a frantic chase through the forest. Shinichi couldn’t wait until he caught him, but he wouldn’t make it easy. That was the whole point.

They'd run maybe half a kilometer before Shinichi scented prey. His tongue lolled out of his mouth, and he started salivating. He licked his lips, reminded that he hadn’t had anything to eat since before the heist. A brief moment of curiosity flickering at the back of his mind before Kaito caught the scent as well. Kaito changed direction in the middle of his stride, and Shinichi followed.

The hunt was on.

They ran side by side, shoulders bumping, weaving through the dense trees in the forest as if they were running across open land. Shinichi turned as the scent changed and Kaito followed. He knew to keep away from the direction of the wind even like this.


A small herd of deer, probably less than a dozen head, most of them hinds. Shinichi licked his lips again, hunger gnawing at his stomach. A small part of him, deep inside, wondered at himself as the memories of Kaito consuming the man named Snake played behind his eyes.

But they were only animals and the hunger won over, so Shinichi ignored them and leapt forward, Kaito breaking off to the right to head them off. A juvenile, little older than a fawn, let out a terrified bugle as the hinds circled the youngest fawns, and the solitary hart turned, lowering his head, rack pointed in Shinichi’s direction. Kaito had stopped them from fleeing, so his only choice was to fight.

The hinds would be easier, but Shinichi never backed away from a challenge.

Shinichi dodged the charge. Kaito leapt over him and sank his teeth deep into his flank. It let out a deep call, sounding eerily like a scream, stumbling, and Shinichi bit through his leg. The deer staggered; he hadn't even fallen before Shinichi tore into his stomach in one swift motion, hot blood flooding into his mouth, the strong taste of venison sharp on his tongue.

It was still alive but fading fast, calling faintly as he devoured it alive, but Shinichi didn't care. It tasted so good. It surprised Shinichi to learn how little he cared. It only mattered that he satisfy the hunger. So he ate, and Kaito joined in, taking a few small mouthfuls as the rest of the herd fled.

The corpse disappeared quickly as Shinichi and Kaito ate even the bones in short order, leaving nothing but the antlers. He licked his chops, disappointed at the meagre offering but somewhat sated.

And with one hunger sated, the other one returned full force. The empty ache sharp. Shinichi needed him. Wanted Kaito filling him.

He licked at his mate's blood-drenched white fur, though it paled in comparison to the amount matting his own black fur. He rubbed his face against his, Kaito closing his eyes and leaning into it. Then Shinichi turned, ass in the air and tail to the side, and looked back at him.

Kaito was on him in an instant, rutting against him as if he'd never left. And as he slid home, tying them together as if they were truly one, Shinichi lifted his head and howled, Kaito joining in the animalistic symphony. They harmonized, the sound carrying through the moonlit night. And Shinichi knew they were where right they belonged.

Howling together, together forever.