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go without, 'til the need seeps in

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Yagi couldn’t remember the last time he had been this intoxicated.

Even sober, he probably would have had a hard time recalling the fact, it had been that long.

It wasn’t good for his health, but then, it hadn’t been good for his health before, either. So he brushed past the concern of his coworkers and his own conscious to indulge. And indulge he had.

Yagi felt good, with heat simmering under his skin and a flush spread up his cheeks. It had a bit to do with the tanqueray and tonic he was sipping, but more to do with the laughter of the two men who sat across from him.

Yamada’s hair was down and his voice unusually soft as he pressed further into Aizawa’s side, who didn’t look put out in the least. The other teachers had long since returned to the dorms or their families, leaving just Yagi there to watch the two bicker and flirt.

He didn’t really mind. There was something about watching the two of them…

“Yagi, are you drunk?” This from Aizawa, face cradled in his palm and eyes shining as he gazed directly into Yagi’s face without censure. Yamada looked at Yagi, his interest piqued as well.

Yagi thought about the question for a moment, tipping his head sideways, enjoying the sway of his long bangs. “I think so.”

Aizawa grinned, a maniacal thing. “If you have to think, then you aren’t quite there yet.” He held up his hand and gestured to the bartender, who had been watching their table somewhat indiscreetly all night. Yagi supposed seeing a table full of heroes get rip-roaringly drunk was probably pretty entertaining.

She bowed frantically when Aizawa circled his finger in the air, gesturing for refills.

“Finish that first,” Aizawa said, grabbing Yagi’s glass, and by extension his hand, pushing them both towards Yagi’s sunken chest.

“Oh, this is exciting!” Yamada crowed, leaning even closer to Aizawa until his head rested on his shoulder, blonde hair dipping into Aizawa’s own glass. “I’ve always wondered what kind of drunk you’d be, Yagi!”

This was peer pressure, Yagi knew, but that acknowledgment didn’t stop him from downing the remaining liquid in his glass. It didn’t even burn anymore; his taste buds numb and buzzing. Yagi barely caught the corner of Aizawa’s mouth perking up, the bartender distracting them all as she dropped off their drinks.

“And your gin and tonic, All Might, sir!” She spoke reverently, holding out the glass so that he had no choice but to take it from her, their fingers brushing. Her face lit up in a nervous blush, but she pushed through to continue. “I’m such a big fan! I just—what you did at Kamino Ward, it was really amazing!”

Yagi smiled sweetly at her, his practically patented polite-fan-praise-smile. In this form, it was almost a grimace, but the bartender didn’t seem put off in the least.

“If there’s anything else I can get you, anything, just wave me over, or—or, call my name. It’s Yumena!”

Taking a sip of his drink to suppress a sigh, Yagi smiled once more. “That’s a beautiful name.”

He noticed Yamada cover a grin with his hand as her eyes lit up. “Oh! Thank you, oh my gosh. I, um, get off in an hour, if uh, you need anything!”

“I appreciate that.” He smiled once more, but turned his body back towards his friends – friends? they were friends, right? – in clear dismissal. He didn’t watch for her reaction, merely sighing in relief once she was gone.

“That was a work of art,” Aizawa purred, tipping back his own gin and tonic.

It had been so long since he’d had a drink. Yagi had been unsure of what he’d enjoy. So before ordering that night every teacher had given him a sip from the own glass in an effort to help him find something he’d like. Kayama’s martini had been far too strong, Yamada’s whiskey sour too, well, sour. He’d enjoyed Kan’s cider, but it was Aizawa’s glass that had won out.

It probably had nothing to do with the fact that he imagined it was what Aizawa’s mouth tasted like right now.

“What was?”

“That!” Yamada interjected. “That chick would have stripped down then and there if you asked and you blew her off so smoothly, she wasn’t even upset!”

“Teach me your ways,” Aizawa followed with an amused snort.

“Oh,” Yagi shrugged, somewhat embarrassed. “That was just...hero worship. It’s easy to ignore.”

“She was cute though,” Yamada pointed out. He was still holding his glass in one hand, the other underneath the table – on Aizawa’s knee, Yagi was pretty sure. “You coulda hit that.”

Aizawa hummed in agreement, which surprised Yagi.

“She was a fan…” Yagi tried to explain.

Yamada shrugged, his hand under the table moving higher. It had to be near Aizawa’s crotch. Yagi wondered if it was warm.

“Everyone is a fan, in your case.” Aizawa’s voice was even, as if Yamada’s hand was merely nothing.

“Yeah, if you don’t sleep with fans then you’d never sleep with anybody!” Yamada laughed, but Yagi’s silence was telling. He bit at his bottom lip without answering. “Wait, are you telling me you never sleep with anyone?”

Yagi cringed, tilting his face to hide behind his bangs.

“When was the last time you had sex?” Now Aizawa was chiming in.

Exhaling nervously, Yagi pulled at his hair. “Ah, well…”

Yamada and Aizawa were both waiting, look to him with differing levels of disbelief. Yagi squirmed nervously. He didn’t want to tell them, he didn’t want to tell anybody but they were both watching him so intently, and his stomach was blooming with heat – from the alcohol or their focused attention, Yagi didn’t know. And was Yamada’s hand still in Aizawa’s lap? What was it doing there! Was he really feeling up his best friend right in front of Yagi?

“Are you two together?” Yagi blurted, changing the subject.

Yamada’s eyebrows shot up but Aizawa looked unsurprised.


Yamada smiled, big and bright, and Yagi’s heart clenched as he watched him turn to Aizawa and press a kiss to the side of his head. Yagi pointedly did not look down.

“Depends on the season.” Yamada laughed, leaning closer to Aizawa, forcing him to put an arm around Yamada’s waist or risk falling from the bench seat. Aizawa did not look put out.

As Yagi watched, Yamada laid his mouth softly against Aizawa’s throat, lips curved into a smile before his tongue flicked out, swiping at clear, exposed skin.

Aizawa barely seemed to notice Yamada’s ministrations, but he did notice the way Yagi looked away nervously, burying his comments into his cup.

“You’re making Yagi uncomfortable,” he admonished lightly.

Yamada tsked, pouting as he turned to look at Yagi, face still tucked under Aizawa’s chin. “Am I?”

Blue eyes widened, and Yagi shook his head. “No—no! I’m just…”

“Don’t mind him, he’s an exhibitionist.” Yamada didn’t deny the words, merely smiling at Yagi. His hand slid from Aizawa lap, up his stomach and chest then back down again in a graceful arc. Aizawa continued. “Tell me Yagi, are you a virgin?”

Yamada’s eyes were dizzying as they shot from Aizawa to Yagi in disbelief.

Part of Yagi wished someone with a seismic quirk would open up the floor and swallow them all, but a bigger part – a drunker part – want to fess up. Aizawa was watching him so calmly, no judgment in his eyes. Like either answer would be acceptable.

“Um, I suppose, yes I am.” He very pointedly looked away, not brave enough to watch their reactions. The bartender was still watching. She smiled.

“May I ask why?”

Yagi wasn’t sure what he’d been expecting, but the unruffled tone from Aizawa still surprised him.

“Well, um,” he looked to them again and was surprised to find them both looking at him as they always did, as if his confession had not changed their opinion of him. “I just…didn’t have a lot of time for romance. And then, um, when I did… I found that people had these sort of—expectations, of me—of All Might.”

“They didn’t expect All Might to be a virgin?” Aizawa questioned, and Yamada bit his lip at the words, his tongue ring flashing alluringly.

“Right, and I—I didn’t want to…disappoint them.” Yagi could feel his face burning, and this time he knew it wasn’t from the alcohol, but hot embarrassment.

“Do you watch porn?” Yamada cut in. Yagi appreciated how low he was keeping his voice. “Like, to see how it’s done?”

Aizawa’s eyebrow raised in curiosity and Yagi huffed. “I mean yeah but, porn isn’t exactly real, is it?”

Yamada snorted. “Depends on the porn. Sho only watches amateur couples—he says it’s better when you can tell they like each other.”

Aizawa shrugged, not denying it. “Sorry I’m not into anonymous public sex.”

Yamada squealed, sitting up. “Oh my god Sho, don’t tell Yagi that, he’s gonna think you’re serious!”

“Oh, I don’t—” Yagi tried to assure – although now he did kind of think that.

“I just like watching it, okay, I don’t fuck strangers in bathrooms.”

Yagi didn’t know what to say, so he took a drink instead.

“What do you like?” Aizawa asked casually, pulling from his own glass.

Yamada cooed with excitement, turning to look at Yagi. “Ooh, yeah! What gets you going Toshinori?”

His casual use of Yagi’s first name always warmed something inside, but right now it was like dropping a match to gasoline.

“Oh, uh…I’m not sure—”

“Men? Women? Both? Neither? Oh! Are you asexual?”

Yagi had wondered that himself, but he’d never come to a conclusive answer. Yamada was speaking so fast, it was hard not to blurt out the truth. “I don’t know.”

Aizawa hummed, low and deep, and the bloom of heat that left Yagi squirming spoke to something other than asexuality but he still wasn’t sure.

“You could join us, if you’d like.”

Yagi spluttered, nearly dropping the glass he was holding, saved by Yamada’s quick hands.

“Hey, relax Toshinori, you don’t have to say yes.”

Aizawa continued to watch him coolly. He seemed completely unaffected. Yagi floundered for something to say.

“Now who’s making him uncomfortable?”

“He’s not uncomfortable,” Aizawa countered. “He’s considering it.”

Yagi didn’t know what his face gave away, but Aizawa wasn’t completely wrong.

Yamada huffed, leaning across the table towards Yagi. He set his head in his hand and his hair spilled over his wrist and onto the table like a curtain. “Sho put me on blast for my kinks but didn’t feel the need to mention his serious control issues and how they manifest in the bedroom. Don’t feel pressured into anything.”

Yamada sighed then and his green eyes skated down Yagi’s chest slowly before coming back up. “But you should know that this offer comes from both of us, and this isn’t the first time we’ve discussed it.”

He winked, before finishing his whiskey sour in one swallow and popping the cherry into his mouth.

Yagi released a shuddery breath. His pants felt tight, but with the alcohol swimming through his system, he wasn’t sure if he was actually sitting at their little bar table with an erection. He fought the urge to reach down and check.

Appealing offer or no, it didn’t change the fact that Yagi had no idea what he was doing and the further this went the more likely he was to embarrass himself.

As if reading his mind, Aizawa leaned forward and offered: “You could watch.”

Yamada gasped, turning to his friend – his co-conspirator – with excitement. “Yes!”

Watching… That idea had merit. It left very little room for him to humiliate himself.

“Just watch?” Yagi wondered, still a little shy at the idea of their original offer.

Aizawa understood. “Just watch. I’ll walk you through it all if you’d like. It’ll just be like porn, but with feedback.”

“Almost like…a lesson?”

This got a grin from Aizawa. “Sure, like a lesson.”

Yagi was really considering it. He was actually thinking of following them back somewhere to watch them be intimate. Watch them…fuck.

He was hesitating, but neither man tried to push him. Yamada seemed ansty, and he moved back into Aizawa’s space, placing his hand back under the table. Leaned back as they were, and without Yagi trying to avoid being seen looking, it was obvious where Yamada’s hand was. Above the clothes but kneading at Aizawa’s crotch like a cat.

With his other hand, he tugged on Aizawa’s hair, pulling his face closer. “Even if Yagi says no, I still need to you fuck me, Shota.” Their mouths met with zero hesitation, and Yagi could see the flash of Yamada’s tongue before he pulled back with a wet pop and turned towards Yagi. “I hope he doesn’t say no, though.”

“He won’t.” Aizawa still sounded so calm. Yagi wondered if he ever got worked up, if his breathing got heavy or if he moaned even a little when he fucked someone. He wanted to find out.

“I’ll watch,” he finally replied and this time Aizawa’s smile was less threatening, more genuine.

“Good. Let’s go.”


Conveniently, they all lived in the same place now. Less conveniently, so did most of their coworkers. This meant that when Yagi stumbled into the wall, someone whose opinion he respected and valued lived on the other side.

“Oh my gosh, Toshinori, don’t wake the whole building,” Yamada giggled into his palm, pressing Yagi firmly into the wall with a hand at his chest. He leaned in secretively and whispered: “That’s the first time I’ve ever had to hush somebody and not the other way around.”

Yagi heard Aizawa snort behind them as he dug through his messenger bag for keys.

Yamada was one of the taller teachers, but he still stood a full head shorter than Yagi. He was thin like Yagi, too. He wondered what they looked like to an outsider.

“May I kiss you?”

Yagi was startled from his reverie by Yamada’s words, and he gazed down into stunningly green eyes. He hadn’t known kissing would be a part of this, but he wasn’t about to turn down the man lying prostrate against him. Yagi nodded and before he could even blink, Yamada’s lips were against his own.

Hands moved into his hair, pulling gently at the strands to direct his face lower.

Yamada’s mouth was soft, and when his tongue pushed inside, the metal jewelry of his piercing clicked against Yagi’s teeth. Yamada smiled against his lips at the sound, diving back in with a sigh. Yagi kept his eyes open, watching every minute change on his partner’s face. He could see Yamada’s eyes moving below the lids.

A strong hand touched his hip, not Yamada’s, which were still buried in his hair.

They pulled apart, saliva connecting their mouths for a single moment before snapping.

Aizawa was watching them both intently.

“Inside, before we attract a crowd.”

Yamada cooed at the idea and Aizawa rolled his eyes, pushing him through the open door. Yagi’s face was still burning, his steps just slightly unsteady. An arm around his waist only barely stopped him from stumbling.

“You okay?” Aizawa’s voice rumbled in his chest, pressed against Yagi’s back. Yagi nodded, swallowing at the feeling of Aizawa’s hard dick resting against his ass.

“Words, please.”

“Oh, um, yes. I’m okay.”

“Sho’s big on communication in bed. Just give him a yes, sir or no, sir and you’re good to go.”

Aizawa rolled his eyes, looking at Yagi. “That’s not necessary.”

“Oh, are we in the mood for yes, daddy tonight?”

With a crack that startled Yagi, Aizawa’s hand connected with Yamada’s ass. He knew without a doubt that Yamada could have gotten away in time, but his mouth seemed to curve even more.

“Tone it down a little bit, will you?”

“I will not!” Yamada turned with a flourish, pulling his shirt over his head as he skipped towards the bedroom.

Aizawa sighed, but Yagi could tell it was fond. He recalled Yamada’s words about Aizawa liking porn of real couples.

“You guys have been together for a long time?” Yagi posed it as a question, but he knew the answer. It was obvious to everyone.

“On and off. He drives me crazy sometimes but…” Aizawa shrugged. “I guess I have a thing for loud blondes.”

Yagi nodded before realizing what those words implied. “Oh?”

Aizawa grabbed his hand, pulling him closer. He was about the same height at Yamada but bigger all over, thick in the thighs and chest.

“Read into that what you will, but don’t think I invited you here tonight on a whim. I don’t want you to feel pressured to join in but if you do change your mind, we would both welcome that.” He was watching Yagi very seriously. “Though after that display in the hallway, now I have to ask. Can I kiss you, Toshinori?”

Yagi exhaled slowly and nodded, but Aizawa didn’t move. It took him a second to remember. “Oh, uh yes. Yes, please.”

Aizawa’s hand curled around the back on his neck and pulled him close. His mouth was firmer than Yamada’s and his lips fuller. His stubbly skin scrapped at Yagi in a way that he thought should have been off-putting but instead just made his body burn brighter.

When his tongue dipped inside, he did taste like gin but also something else. Something sharp and enticing.

Yagi moaned against his mouth, flushing in embarrassment as he pulled away. Aizawa let him retreat only for a second before pulling him back in. He was strong, and it was obvious as he held Yagi against him.

“Hizashi was actually being serious earlier when he said I have a control kink. I like to be in charge, and I like to check-in. Tell me if anything makes you uncomfortable, okay?”

“I will,” Yagi assured.

Aizawa’s eye traveled over Yagi’s face, lingering on his swollen, wet lips. “I’m starting to realize I might have a virginity kink too. Or maybe just a you kink—”

“Are you two ever coming or should we do this on the living room floor?” Yagi turned to find Yamada leaning against the wall, completely naked and fully hard. A tiny nightlight in the kitchen illuminated the area and Yagi saw the glint of metal at his nipples.

He sucked in a breath at the sight, and Aizawa tugged at his hand. “Exhibitionist, remember?”

As if to prove his point, Yamada skimmed a hand over his stomach, reaching down to wrap around his cock. He stroked from base to tip, lifting it just enough that Yagi caught another glimmer of metal under the shaft.

Yagi’s eyes snapped up and Yamada smiled, slow and dangerous.

“It’s what you think it is.”

Yagi swallowed. “Did it hurt?”

Shrugging, Yamada reached down with his other hand, tugging at the gold hoop resting against his testicles. “No more than the others.”

“He couldn’t have sex for six weeks, I’m pretty sure he cried.”

“Rude, Sho!”

Yagi couldn’t help a smile. They were fun to watch together, even just like this, bickering back and forth.

A strong hand at the small of his back reminded him of exactly what he was there to watch.

He let himself be herded into the bedroom, which was mostly empty except for a large bed, big enough for three.

“Would you like to keep your clothes on?”

Yagi looked at Aizawa in surprise, who was dressed as well. He realized then that he was still wearing his shoes and stepped out of them hastily.

“Um, if that’s okay?”

“It’s okay.”

“Cool with me, man!” Yamada threw himself down into the bed, wasting no time before grabbing himself again, pulling lazily. Yagi couldn’t manage to look away and Yamada seemed to flourish under the attention, like a plant soaking up sunlight.

“Do you want to be on the bed with us or would you like me to pull a chair in here?”

God, this was beginning to feel overwhelming. There was so much more to consider than Yagi had realized, and he was already so nervous about coming across like an idiot, plus Aizawa was being so considerate—

“Toshinori, relax. Take a deep breath.” His hand was at Yagi’s back again. “Now let it out. Again.”

Yagi did as he was told, and almost immediately felt better. Some part of him definitely enjoyed being told what to do by someone so competent and in control.


“Okay. And um, on the bed is good. As long as you two have room…”

“We don’t need much space,” Yamada chimed in. “You should see some of the tight places we’ve squeezed into over the years.”

“Take a seat, Toshinori.” He pushed Yagi towards the head of the bed and Yagi went without protest. He settled against the headboard just in time to see Aizawa strip his shirt off. Yamada’s hands were at his fly with practiced ease, opening the buttons and zipper to reach inside and pull his dick out.

Like this, Yagi could see them both at once.

Yamada was neatly trimmed, almost hairless, with a long cut shaft and dusky balls. Sitting on the bed as he was, Yagi couldn’t see the piercing but just knowing it was there was like a delicious secret he was shocked to be in on.

Aizawa was thick and heavy, uncut and already dripping. His chest lightly furred, it trailed over his belly button and down to his groin.

Yagi palmed at his own cock, hard and straining in his trousers. He bit his lip and tried not to look away in embarrassment when Aizawa and Yamada noticed his movements. Neither said anything, but Yamada smiled sweetly at him before lowering his mouth to Aizawa’s dick.

Aizawa grunted, lifting Yamada’s hair from around his face and wrapping it around his fist like a rope. Yamada’s eyes were closed and his cheeks slightly hollowed as he dropped all the way down, not resting until his nose touched Aizawa’s groin.

“Surprising absolutely no one, Hizashi is very good with his mouth.” Yamada hummed a little at the praise and opened his eyes to look up at Aizawa as he pulled up slowly. “His quirk makes it so his gag reflex is practically nonexistent.”

Somehow Yamada smiled around Aizawa’s dick, stopping when he reached the top, stroking the entire length with his hand as he lapped at the tip.

Yagi’s pants felt so tight, he was beginning to wish he’d gotten undressed, despite how embarrassed he would have been to be sitting there completely naked, watching them. Aizawa wasn’t even fully undressed, his pants and underwear still hanging off his hips, pushed down only as far as Yamada needed.

With obvious skill and confidence, Yamada plunged down Aizawa’s dick and back up again, drawing back to open his mouth wide and reveal copious amounts of mucusy saliva. It looked so slick and hot and Yagi wondered what it felt like.

“Wet,” Aizawa answered, and Yagi’s eyes snapped up to him. Had he said that out loud? “Hot, tight. Hizashi likes to use his teeth a little, so a bit of sting.”

“That doesn’t hurt?” Yagi’s mouth was so dry; he licked his lips.

“Sometimes that’s part of the appeal.”

Yagi knew that some people liked pain, but he didn’t think he would be one of them. He’d known too much already.

Aizawa reached down with his free hand and traced the seal of Yamada’s mouth around his cock, pushing his thumb inside to pull at Yamada’s cheek. Drool poured out messily. Yagi’s heart beat even harder at the sight.

Yamada’s eyes were closed, and he looked euphoric. Both of his hands gripped Aizawa’s thighs through his jeans, his own dick untouched.

“What would you like to see?”

Yagi looked to Aizawa in surprise. He hadn’t expected to have a say in this.

“Will you, um, kiss? Please?”

Nodding, with no obvious judgment at Yagi’s tame request, Aizawa used the rope of blonde hair in his fist to gently pull Yamada’s mouth away, pushing at his shoulders until he rolled onto his back.

“Finish undressing Sho, I wanna touch you.”

Yamada watched Aizawa with obvious devotion, like he was the only man in the room. It should have been isolating, but instead, Yagi felt like he was being allowed to glimpse something special.

Aizawa stepped out of his clothes, following Yamada onto the bed, grasping him behind his neck just like he’d done to Yagi. Yamada’s legs slid open to give him room when they finally kissed.

It was different from the kiss in the bar. Before, Yamada had been kissing Aizawa, sneak attacks that Aizawa didn’t seem inclined to avoid but didn’t actively participate in.

Now, Aizawa was kissing Yamada, plunging his tongue in Yamadas’s slack mouth, pulling away with his bottom lip trapped between his teeth before diving back in.

Yamada pressed his hands to Aizawa’s back, pulling his body down until their groins met. Aizawa rolled his hips smoothly, eliciting a shiver from the man underneath him.

“I want you to fuck me,” Yamada pulled away to gasp. “Want Toshinori to watch you fuck me.”

Yagi startled at the sound of his own name, looking away from where Aizawa was now biting at Yamada’s neck to see dizzying green eyes watching him with the exact same devotion he’d shown Aizawa.

His heart was pounding.

Aizawa dropped kisses down Yamada’s throat, all the way to his belly button before climbing off the bed. Yagi turned to watch him, wondered what he was doing, but he was quickly distracted by a slim hand around his wrist.

“Kiss me again?”

Eyes widening in surprise, Yagi’s gaze flicked down to Yamada’s mouth, which was swollen and wet. His lips were slightly pink from being stretched around Aizawa’s cock.

He nodded in acquiesce, moving onto his hands and knees to crawl across the bed. Yamada smiled so brightly that Yagi’s heart ached, and he screwed his eyes shut when their mouths met.

He tasted different this time, and Yagi shivered at the knowledge of why that was.

Yamada’s fingers moved into his hair once again, scraping blunt nails along his scalp before tugging lightly at the messy strands. He licked lazily at Yagi’s mouth, and Yagi found himself chasing the jewelry he couldn’t quite feel but knew was there. When he felt it click against his teeth, he bit down, crowing triumphantly when it was trapped between his teeth.

Yagi opened his eyes to see Yamada’s wide in surprise before he broke into giggles.

With a blush, Yagi released the jewelry, apologies and explanations for his weirdness on his lips.

“You’re so fucking cute,” Yamada cooed, pushing Yagi’s hair away from his face.

“How many piercings do you have?”

Yamada looked thoughtful, and Yagi could hear the clicking of the jewelry in his mouth against the backs of his teeth.

“I’ve had a bunch that I’ve gotten and taken out, but right now, besides my ears, I have four. My tongue I got because I thought it would look hot, but I’ve kept it because it’s a nice distraction for my oral fixation.” He grinned. “My nipples were ‘cause I’ve never been very sensitive there and I thought that might change—which it did.

Yagi glanced down to see the little gold bars that passed through his nipples, two balls hugging them on both sides.

“My frenum piercing—that’s the one on my dick—was on a passing whim and it’s turned out to be pretty fun.”

“He just wants to look cool,” Aizawa cut in, rejoining them on the bed. There was a plastic bottle in his hand and Yagi’s face burned with realization. He scrambled back to his spot at the head of the bed.

Yamada was pouting when he turned back but was quickly distracted by Aizawa’s biting at his nipples, pulling roughly on the jewelry.

“Turn over,” Aizawa instructed, so firmly that Yagi almost felt inclined to obey as well.

Yamada did so without question, and the smooth rapport between their movements was erotic all of its own. Yagi looked down at himself to find a large wet spot on the front of his grey trousers, right over the tip of his straining erection. Watching the two of them, his own arousal was easily forgotten but seeing the evidence of his excitement seemed to shock him back into feeling.

His body was still buzzing with alcohol, but it was barely noticeable with the roaring of his blood and the pounding of heart.

“I’m going to tell you what I’m doing as I do it,” Aizawa informed him.

Yagi looked up, nodding as he bit his lip. Aizawa didn’t seem bothered by his lack of verbal response, busy clicking open the cap on the bottle in his hand.

“I’m using silicone lubricant that’s made specifically for anal sex.”

Yagi swallowed, watching as he poured the liquid over his fingers. There were both in front of him, head-on. He could see the tip of Aizawa’s erection bobbing just behind Yamada, who was on his knees and elbows, elegantly bowed with his chest touching the mattress and ass held high. For the first time, Yagi could see his back, and noticed the trail of musical notes tattooed along his spine.

“Hizashi doesn’t need a lot of prep since we do this pretty regularly, but for the sake of the lesson, I’ll be thorough.”

Yamada winked at Yagi, swaying his hips back and forth provocatively, only pausing when Aizawa’s fingers touched his tail bone, trailing downward.

Yagi sat up a little straighter to see Aizawa’s forefinger sink into the tight furl of muscle with no resistance. Yamada barely reacted, merely sighing quietly, flipping his long hair over one shoulder to get more comfortable on the bed.

Aizawa drew his finger out to sink back in with two. This got a little more of a response, as Yamada hummed contentedly, pushing his hips back into the movement.

Yagi had seen this before in porn, but it was usually quick and rough, if it ever happened at all. He imagined most porn actors took care of this part before, so they could skip directly to the sexier parts.

This was absolutely sexy though, Yagi decided quickly. Aizawa’s hands were glistening in the low light of the bedroom and the way Yamada’s hole was stretched around his fingers was gorgeous in a way Yagi couldn’t describe. He pressed deeper and Yamada moaned, just a little.

“What does it feel like?” The words tumbled from Yagi’s mouth before he could stop them.

Both men looked at him in surprise.

“Which one of us are you askin’?” Yamada cracked a big smile, which fell into an open-mouthed groan as Aizawa pressed deeper once more.

“Either. Both.”

“So fucking good.” Yamada moaned, pressing his face into the sheets, as Aizawa plunged his fingers in and out, while his other hand gripped one globe of his ass cheeks tightly.

“Have you ever done this to yourself?” Aizawa questioned, never losing rhythm of his movements.

Yagi shook his head slowly. “No.”

Aizawa tilted his head thoughtfully. “Put your fingers in your mouth.”

Without hesitation, Yagi did so. Aizawa smiled.

“Touch the inside of your cheek. It feels sort of like that.”

Wet and spongy, Yagi decided.

“Would you like to feel?”

Yagi’s eye snapped to Aizawa, even as Yamada moaned a soft “yes” under his breath. He pulled his fingers from his mouth. “Um…I don’t—”

“You don’t have to, but you can if you want.”

With a deep breath, Yagi gathered his courage, fighting down a bright wave of embarrassment to move closer.

Once he was within touching distance, he faltered. “I don’t know what to do.”

“Like this,” Aizawa pulled his fingers away from Yamada, grasping Yagi’s hand firmly. His cheeks blazed at the slick feeling against his skin. “Watch your nails.”

He pressed Yagi’s fingertips to the rim of Yamada’s asshole, and his stomach flipped at the sensation.

“Does the, um, direction matter?” The pads of his fingers were already wet with lubricant.

“Down towards the testicles provides the most stimulation—the prostate. But it all feels good.”

Yamada hummed in agreement.

From Yagi’s position at Yamada’s head, there wasn’t a lot of option on how to touch him, so he trusted in Aizawa’s words that it didn’t really matter. Releasing a shuddery breath, he sank his first and middle fingers into Yamada’s body.

Past the tight ring of muscles it was softer than his mouth, but similar. Like hot, wet velvet. He pressed deep, as far as his fingers could go, spreading them experimentally.

Yamada moaned below him, and Yagi watched goosebumps blossom across his skin.

“Fuck, you have long fingers.”

Yagi pulled his hand away. “I’m sorry, is that—”

Aizawa caught his hand. “It’s good. Don’t worry.”

Without warning, Aizawa’s other hand touched gently at the back of Yagi’s head, pulling him into a chaste kiss.

Yagi tried to move back after, but Yamada’s hands on the front of his slacks held him in place.

“Stay, please.”

Swallowing, Yagi yielded, sitting down. Yamada’s face was practically in his lap, and he caught Yagi’s hand, drawing the two fingers that had just been fingering him into his mouth.

Yagi gasped, too shocked to pull away, and reflexively pressed down against Yamada’s tongue. Drool pooled around his fingers.

“Don’t teach Yagi your bad habits.” Aizawa smacked Yamada’s ass lightly, who laughed around the fingers in his mouth.

The sound of the lubricant bottle snapping open once more caught Yagi’s attention, and he watched in fascination as Aizawa poured a small amount into his palm. He then wrapped it around himself, spreading lube down his shaft, cupping his balls once and squeezing. Precum leaked from the tip.

Aizawa caught him staring. “I have a lot of pre.”

Yamada hummed around Yagi’s fingers before letting them go. “Sho’s always so wet. Looks like you might be alike in that way.”

Yagi looked down nervously to see the spot on the front of his trousers was even bigger.

“Hush Hizashi.” Aizawa said, before he placed the head of his cock against Yamada’s hole and without warning, pushed inside.

Yamada moaned, long and low, and his head dropped down, landing directly in Yagi’s lap. Heat shot up his spine at the sensation.

He held his breath as Aizawa sank inside agonizingly slow, Yamada’s body accepting him without any resistance.

“Shota, fuck, fuck,” Yamada moaned and Yagi could feel the heat of his breath against his cock.

“Don’t be impatient,” Aizawa admonished, and for the first time, his voice was slightly strained. The sound of it had Yagi panting, and when Aizawa drew his hips back and sank in once more, he moaned out loud.

Yamada turned his head and his cheek brushed against Yagi’s dick.

“Fuck,” Yamada breath. “I think Toshinori is big all over, Sho.”

Yagi was too turned on to be embarrassed, and Aizawa didn’t bother with a response as he began to fuck Yamada in earnest.

This was the part of sex he was most familiar with, but the way Aizawa ran his hands lovingly over Yamada’s hips and back was completely different from the porn he knew.

Every thrust from Aizawa shoved Yamada forward, his hair swaying in Yagi’s lap, his face pressing deliciously against his fly. Yagi could see the rim of Yamada’s hole, rosy and stretched and without thought, he reached out, sliding his fingers along the place where he and Aizawa were connected.

Unexpectedly, Aizawa moaned, and Yamada pressed his face harder against Yagi’s dick. On instinct alone, Yagi ground his cock into the warm weight of him and stars burst in front of his eyes as something snapped.

Moaning and shuddering, Yagi squeezed his eyes shut tight as he came, spilling into his underwear helplessly.

He was panting, too exhausted to even comprehend what he’d just done as he sank back down against the mattress. It was Yamada’s voice that brought him crashing back to reality and embarrassment splashed over him like cold water.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, that was so hot.

Yagi opened his eyes to find both men had stilled, watching him in similar states of awe. He blushed furiously, opening his mouth to try to apologize, but they gave him no chance.

Yamada was on him like a shot, kissing him roughly, gripping at his button-down. “Toshinori, how are you this fucking hot, oh my god. Let us fuck you, please, we’ll take such good care of you, please, please.”

Aizawa hauled him away and Yagi looked at him gratefully.

“You’re overwhelming him Hizashi, you need to calm down.”

I’m overwhelmed! Did you see how hot that was?”

Aizawa hummed in agreement, and Yagi thought he might have been stroking himself.

“Do you want to continue, Toshinori? Or would you like to stop?”

Yagi looked at them both, kneeling naked in front of him shamelessly. Yamada’s dick was standing at attention, and Yagi had the most incredible urge to touch.

Like he’d read Yagi’s mind, Yamada held his hand out, taking Yagi’s in his own and pulling him closer, wrapping his finger’s around Yamada’s cock.

He wrapped his own fingers around Yagi’s and guided his hand up and down. It was hard but soft, slightly sticky.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to freak you out. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want.” Yamada finished this statement with a soft kiss to Yagi’s cheek.

“I want.” Blue eyes met green. “I just…don’t know, ah, what to ask for.”

Yamada smiled and tightened his grip of Yagi’s hand almost painfully. His eyelids fluttered, and he sighed against Yagi’s mouth.

“You could fuck me,” Yamada offered casually. “Or I could fuck you. Or—”

Aizawa’s pulled sharply at his hair.

“Or—both.” Yamada moaned. “If you want.”

Yagi looked at Aizawa, who was watching him intently.


“I’ll penetrate you, while you penetrate Hizashi.”

“That’s possible?” Yagi felt dizzy at the idea.

Aizawa grinned, sharp and predatory. “It’s possible.”

Yagi didn’t know what to say. He let go of Yamada and sat back against the bed.

This morning, he had started his day as he had every day, quiet and alone. His life was full of regret, and never being close enough to someone to become intimate was one of those regrets.

He wasn’t in such denial that he didn’t recognize he had a crush on the two men before him, but up until this evening, he’d believed them to be in a committed, monogamous relationship, and thus, had never considered the situation he found himself in now.

Hell, even if he’d known about this, he’d never have considered it a possibility for himself.

Yet here he was, in rumpled clothes, wet in places that made him squirm in embarrassment, spread out on Aizawa’s bed like it was normal.

They were both watching him, waiting for an answer, and Yagi opened his mouth to reply.

Nothing came out.

He closed his mouth with a click of his teeth.

It was stupid. It wasn’t like Yagi believed virginity held any real societal value. And it wasn’t like he’d held on to his own for so long from his own moral beliefs.

But he had kind of thought that if he ever did have sex, it would be with someone who cared for him. Loved him, even.

Aizawa released his hold of Yamada’s hair, and suddenly both men were on either side of him.

“Toshinori,” Yamada breathed into his mouth, kissing him thoroughly. Aizawa’s hands were on his shoulders, winding into his hair to steal him away before he took Yagi’s mouth in his own. “This doesn’t have to be a one-time thing.”

Aizawa brushed his thumb underneath Yagi’s eye, tipping his face towards him. “You’re welcome to join us whenever you’d like. In bed or out of it.”

Surprised pinged in Yagi. Out of bed?

“Yeah, baby, you and me can go on dates—Sho is the worst at going out.”

“Just ‘cause I don’t want to do karaoke—

“And you can sleep over whenever you want. Sho’s bed is super comfy, but my apartment is way cooler.”

Yagi’s mouth perked up in a smile.

“You can be involved as much or as little as you want,” Aizawa assured, fingers combing through Yagi’s hair.

Yagi had to ask. “Why would you…?”

“For the world’s greatest hero, you can be pretty clueless sometimes.”

Yagi looked at Yamada questioningly.

“We like you, Toshinori. Like, a lot.”

Aizawa nodded his agreement.

“So this is…” Yagi looked at them both, then down to himself.

“Our chance to wow you so you fall madly in love with us? Pretty much.”

That was completely unexpected. Yagi tried not to look as shocked as he felt.

Ever the perceptive one, Aizawa drew his attention. “It can also just be a one-time thing. Whatever you’re most comfortable with.”

“No, I…I would like to do this, um, again.”

Yamada’s smile was huge, and he looked like he was about to whoop loudly, but Aizawa’s hand over his mouth stopped him. His eyes narrowed, and Aizawa scoffed.

“Lick me all you want, I’ve had worse.”

Yamada squirmed away with a laugh, pulling Aizawa into a sloppy kiss.

Yagi’s stomach stirred and there was an answering tightness in his groin. He didn’t think he made a noise, but the men across from each other pulled apart at once, turning to him with matching looks of interest.

“Let’s get you undressed.”

Two sets of hands were on him, smoothly undoing buttons and zippers, pulling fabrics up and off. Yagi’s head was spinning from how quickly he was naked in front of them.

His dick was half-hard, wet and sticky from his previous release. He waited for the burn of embarrassment, but nothing came, only a warm sense of excitement as Yamada and Aizawa manhandled him into a comfortable position.

Yamada lay on his back, legs spread wide to accommodate both men before him. Aizawa’s hands at Yagi’s shoulders had him kneeling over Yamada, elbows on either side of him, their chests pressed together. He let himself be drawn into a kiss as Aizawa spread Yagi’s knees to where he wanted them.

Slick fingers at the small of his back startled him.

Aizawa pet him soothingly. “I’m going to finger you, so that you’re relaxed and open. It won’t hurt.”

Yamada’s hands were on either side of his face, and he pulled Yagi’s gaze to his own. “Take a deep breath and let it out.” Yagi did so, biting his bottom lip at the sensation of Aizawa’s fingers brushing over his asshole. “It helps if you push against him.”

Yagi couldn’t hide his surprise. Really? But wouldn’t that—what if— His face burned hot and Yamada kissed him again.

“It’s fine, your body knows what it’s doing. And so does Sho.”

When his tongue pushed into Yagi’s mouth, Aizawa’s finger pushed into his ass.

It wasn’t painful at all.

“See?” Yamada grinned.

Aizawa drew out and Yagi felt slightly nervous at the sensation. It was easily overridden by the feeling of Aizawa pushing two fingers back inside.

“Ah!” Yagi gasped, closing his eyes. He could feel Yamada’s dick twitch against his stomach.

“Bear down,” Yamada reminded him.

It didn’t hurt, but it felt odd, in a pleasant sort of way. Aizawa thrust his fingers in and out slowly, spreading lube as Yagi relaxed around him. He crooked his fingers and Yagi’s bit his tongue as heat shot up his spine.

Yamada’s hands pet at his back and thighs soothingly.

“You’re doing so well, baby. So fucking good.”

His words were doing something to Yagi, and precum dribbled from his cock and down his thighs.

“You’re okay, Toshinori?” Aizawa’s voice was calm and collected once more, even as he skimmed the tips of his fingers along the rim of Yagi’s wet hole.

“Mmhmm,” Yagi offered, afraid to open his mouth and give away his desperation. Yagi wasn’t sure if Aizawa was chastising him for the lack of clear communication or if he just wanted to, but he sank two fingers back in, pressing against his prostate mercilessly.

“Oh fuck,” Yagi moaned, dropping his head to Yamada’s chest.

“Jesus christ,” Yamada returned. “You do that to him again and I’m gonna come.”

Aizawa’s hand slapped at his thigh. “You better not.”

His fingers were still pressing inside, and Yagi heard the click of the lube before he felt it drizzle over his hole. He shivered at the cool feeling and Yamada rolled his hips up, grinding his cock into Yagi.

“Fuck, I wanna come,” he whined, tugging at Yagi’s hair. “Want you inside me, so fucking bad.”

“Do you want that, Toshinori?” Aizawa pulled his hands away and leaned over, long hair trailing over Yagi’s skin as he kissed his shoulder.

“Yes,” Yagi choked out. “Please.”

“Anything you want.” Aizawa’s hands at his hips drew him back, and Yamada spread his legs impossibly wider, tilting his hips up as he pulled his knees towards his chest. Aizawa reached around and stroked Yagi’s cock, spreading lube along the length before pressing the tip to Yamada’s hole.

“Breath, Toshinori,” Aizawa spoke softly, easing Yagi’s hips forward.

He sank into Yamada in one smooth motion. Yamada moaned, tossing his head back as his legs wrapped around Yagi’s waist.

“Fuck, you’re big,” he panted.

And just like that, Yagi Toshinori was no longer a virgin.

“Okay?” Aizawa asked.

Yagi nodded, hair spilling over Yamada’s chest and throat. “Yeah, I’m good.”

Yamada purred, rolling his hips. “I should hope so!”

Yagi groaned at the feeling and thrust deeper, reveling in the tight squeeze of the man below him.

“Are you okay?” Yagi asked, drawing his hips back only to sink in once more.

“So good, baby.” Yamada tipped his head to look at Yagi fully, and his pupils were blown wide. “So fucking good.”

Yagi rolled his hips again, and the tightness in his stomach from before returned with a vengeance.

“Fuck,” he groaned.

Aizawa was once more at his back, his cock sliding along the crease of Yagi’s ass, leaving sticky trails. His hands slid up Yagi’s stomach to his chest, petting over the prominent bones of his ribs and twisted scar tissue like it was simply just another part of Yagi to touch.

“You ready?” He pulled gently at Yagi’s hair.

“Yes,” Yagi told him, his voice steadier than he expected. He was ready. He wanted nothing more.

“Good,” Aizawa sat back, positioned his dick at Yagi’s asshole and pressed inside.

Yagi stiffened, nerves tightening up his muscles, but Yamada’s hands were in his hair. “Breath, Toshinori.”

With a deep exhale, his body relaxed and Aizawa sank inside.

“Shit,” Aizawa grit out, and Yagi could feel a tremor shake his body.

“He tight?” Yamada asked, still holding Yagi’s face in his hands.


Yagi, on the other hand, was floating. The sensation of penetrating and being penetrated was intense, and Aizawa’s cock felt huge inside of him. While it wasn’t like being fingered, which was more direct and targeted, the feeling was still good, a fullness that could only be described as enjoyable.

He squirmed and Aizawa’s hands were at his hips, holding him tight.

“Give me—” he groaned. “Give me a second.”

Yagi nodded, still feeling a little bit like he was having an out of body experience.

“If one of you doesn’t move, I’m literally going to explode.”

Yagi looked at him and his vision swam.

“Oh, baby,” Yamada cooed, kissing him sweetly before his thumbs brushed the rim of his eyelids, spilling tears he hadn’t even realized were there. “You’re such a sweetheart, Toshinori, I’m so happy you’re here right now.”

Aizawa hummed and it sounded like agreement, before he shifted his hips backward, sliding his cock almost all the way out. When he pushed back in, Yagi’s mouth dropped open in a moan, which was almost perfectly matched by Yamada.

Without pause, he did it again and again and Yagi found that he couldn’t close his mouth, not even when Yamada pulled him into a sloppy kiss.

“He feels good, yeah?” Yamada panted into his ear. “Sho’s so good at this.”

Yagi tried to agree but his mouth couldn’t form words.

“You feel good too, Toshinori.” Yamada tilted his head backward. “So big, I’m so full. Oh fuck.

This time, Yagi could feel his orgasm building. His moans grew steadily louder, and Aizawa seemed to thrive on the sound, driving his hips harder and faster. The wet, squelching noises were obscene and for some reason it just stoked the heat inside of Yagi higher.

“Come in me baby, I wanna feel you.” Yamada was moaning, eye closed, almost like he was talking to himself. “I want you dripping out of me, Toshinori, I want to feel you for days.

“Hizashi,” Yagi moaned helplessly, and Yamada clenched down around his cock, his spine rigid as he orgasmed, cum spilling hotly between their stomachs.

It set off a chain reaction. Yamada grew even tighter, rhythmically squeezing Yagi’s cock, triggering his orgasm. Despite his earlier release, Yagi could feel the copious amounts of cum spurting into Yamada, over and over. It felt like his orgasm would never end.

Aizawa pulled out suddenly, and Yagi felt his hot release spatter against the small of his back, pooling against his spine.

For a few moments, the only sounds in the room were their heavy breathes, almost perfectly in sync.

Then Yamada threw an arm over his eyes and moaned. “Toshinori, oh my god, you can’t just moan my name like that!”

Yagi was still braced on his elbows over Yamada, panting like a racehorse. “I’m sorry—”

“Don’t be,” Aizawa told him.

Yagi wasn’t sure if he should move, the cum puddled on his back was growing cool but if he sat up, it would spill everywhere.

Sensing his concerns, Aizawa’s hands were at his chest, hauling him up anyway. “Want to see something hot?”

What else could possibly be hot? Yagi was pretty sure they’d maxed that out already. He nodded anyway.

“Yeah,” he breathed, letting his head rest against Aizawa’s shoulder.

“Look,” Aizawa said, directing his attention down again. He gently pulled at Yagi’s hips, sliding Yagi’s spent cock out of Yamada’s grasping hole.

Yamada shivered, but he seemed to know what Aizawa wanted, as he tilted his hips up and grasped both cheeks of his ass, pulling them apart.

Yagi watched in fascination as his asshole gaped just enough for Yagi’s cum to spill out, a big, white glob that tapered off into a trickle. Aizawa reached around Yagi and gathered it up on his fingertips, pushing it back inside.

“Fuck,” Yagi moaned, and Aizawa’s spent cock twitched against him.

Yamada watched them shamelessly, and the way he bit his lip told Yagi he could probably have gone for another round.

Yagi, on the other hand, felt like he was about to pass out. He was covered in body fluids, but he’d never felt less inclined to stand up and shower.

Aizawa climbed out of bed, but Yamada made no move to follow, only pulling Yagi closer. His hands combed through Yagi’s hair, and he was unusually calm.

Yagi released a heavy breath and relaxed against Yamada’s chest.

When Aizawa returned, he brought a warm, wet cloth that he slid down Yagi’s back, cleaning up the mess there. After he cleaned Yamada, who pulled him into a deep kiss.

Yagi watched them, and his stomach clenched. He looked over towards his clothes, considering how disgusting it would feel to pull them back on. Aizawa’s washcloth had barely scratched the surface of cleanliness.

“Are you a morning person?” Yamada’s voice called him back to the now.

“What?” Yagi watched as Aizawa tossed the washcloth to the floor, collapsing against the bed with a gusty exhale.

“Sho likes to sleep in and I’m always so bored waiting for him to wake up.”

It seemed like Aizawa was already asleep, arm thrown over his head, soft little kitten snores escaping his barely open mouth.

“Oh, um—” Was Yagi supposed to stay? “I guess I could be described as a morning person.”

Yamada smiled. “Excellent.” He scooted over on the bed, leaving enough room for Yagi in between them both when he laid down.

Yagi looked at the spot. He’d never shared a bed with anyone else. Yamada sensed his hesitation.

“Would you rather have the outside?”

“Um, I don’t know. I’ve never…”

“Cuddled?” Yamada took his hand, pulling him down against the mattress.

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Well then this is a night of a lot of firsts for you. Sho is like a koala bear though, so if you don’t want to be squeezed all night, just let me know.”

Yagi didn’t know what that would be like, but it didn’t sound bad. In fact, it sounded sort of nice.

“No, this is good.” He laid down, and as if on cue, Aizawa rolled over, wrapping his arm around Yagi’s waist while his knee levered his way between Yagi’s thighs. He was still snoring.

“See?” Yamada smiled, but it was softer. Sort of sleepy. He was on his side, close to Yagi, their mouths almost touching. He wound his fingers into Yagi’s hair, but they were relaxed.

“Goodnight, Toshinori.”

“Goodnight,” Yagi returned, feeling the pull of sleep as well.

Aizawa’s arm around his waist tightened reflexively, and Toshinori’s heart clenched at the sensation.

Yagi wondered at himself, trying to figure out if he felt different. His body ached, but for once it wasn’t bad. He was overly warm, Aizawa like a furnace at his back. He still felt sticky and sweaty.

It was easy to decide that if he did feel different, it was only in the best ways.