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Save Tonight

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Save Tonight

Chapter one:

That night


After being tasked with the killing of the headmaster at Hogwarts by the Dark Lord. Draco wants to fight his fate if just for a single night. So waiting for the perfect moment he takes a chance that maybe Harry wants to fight his fate too. 


Authors Notes


I do not own the song nor the characters those are property of the respective artist. I love the songs here in and the world of Harry Potter.

This does have m/m or yaoi if you don't like don't read. Now that that is over with and without any further ado here is Save Tonight.

Hogwarts: year 6


Draco’s silver eyes watched as the lithe figure of Harry Potter looked out the astronomy tower window. He watched as ‘The boy who lived’ stared out over the grounds of Hogwarts. The male seemed troubled as if there was something on his mind. There were few moments either of them had to escape their fate enough to be just boys. To be able to feel fear or despair, to feel desire or infatuation. Both of their lives had been planned from birth to be what they were. 


So with that thought in mind and with the thought that he may never get another genuine chance to be free to talk to Potter. Not without outside influence he took a deep breath and walked towards the smaller boy, no he was a man now. “Hello Pott-Harry.” He corrected himself. “Wonderful night for stargazing isn't it?” He asked the other and looked into those emerald pools that were hypnotizing.


“Yeah it is but why are you here Malfoy?” He asked caught off guard by the first name usage that the other had used. “I love to come up here to think, to remove myself from the equation for a bit and just be Harry. Not ‘The boy who lived’ intended ‘saviour’ of the wizarding world. Just me.” He said which was all the boy had ever wanted.Both of them knew that. Both of them had wanted that for a very long time not just for themselves but for each other in their heart of hearts. Harry began to hum a song, one Draco did not recognize because he had nothing to do with the muggle world. Draco walked over and smiled to himself. 


“You know Harry it is just us, pretense doesn't need to be used when it is just the two of us. I know I can be a bit of a prat most of the time, and I am sorry for that. I just never really learned how to properly show emotion.” He said and sighed gently placing his hand on Harry’s. “So before all hell breaks loose and things beyond our control force us apart forever I wanted to say something.” He took a deep breath and finding the right words. 


“Yeah and just what might that be?” He asked still not sure he can falter in front of the Slytherine. “What nice thing could you my rival since first year have to say to me?” He asked. “I mean I am pretty sure your a bloody death eater after all.” He said as he looked at him but curiously never removed his hand.


“Listen Harry I am trying to be real with you. Before the winds of change whisk us both away in this war. He said and gently took the hand under his, and slipped his fingers between them. “I have been in love with you since first year.” He said as he looked at Harry. “However fate has always had different plans for you and I.” He murmured to the other slowly as he made eye contact. “For instance I have been tasked to do something terrible that I can't refuse and have a gag order not to divulge. I wish I didn't have to, I don't even think I have the nerve to do it.” He said letting a few tears fall from his silver eyes.


“What are you talking about Draco?” He asked and then he heard that the other man had been in love with him since first year. Before he could even say that he felt the same Draco mentioned something he was being forced to do. Harry sighed as he pulled the other into his arms holding him there with all of his strength. He petted soft circles into his back and whispered gently to him. “I have always felt the same way you just came on so damn strong. I did not want to be mean to my new friends. I hadn't ever had anyone before. Just snakes in my aunt’s garden to keep me company when I wasn't waiting on the dursley’s hand and foot. Or when my uncle Vernon wasn't beating me senseless.” He said the last part a little bit louder in a normal talking tone. He sat down on the blanket he had brought up there to keep warm. 


Draco shivered at the sheer fact the other felt the same. He sat with Harry and cupped his cheek. “So for tonight this moment away from everyone else’s opinions and everyone else’s prying eyes.I want to be with the man I love. For one night say fuck the rules I make them.
For one night to be vulnerable before we can never be this way again.” He said and held him close to himself kissing the other deeply and needily.

Harry leaned back laying on the blanket with the other on top of him. He took off his glasses and laid them to the side. His free hand running through Draco’s golden locks. “For tonight we aren't rivals for tonight we are normal teens that love each other.” He said and kissed Draco again begging entrance to his mouth.


The two soon enough were naked laying there stealing sweet kisses from each other. They hands exploring what was theirs by right. “Harry you are beautiful you know that?” He asked as Harry nodded his head furiously. “I am the most beautiful girl at the ball.” He joked.


Then Draco began to prep Harry not wanting to hurt his treasure. He wanted to worship the jewel beneath him. He smiled and slowly once the other was prepped and entered him slowly. “So tight.” He whispered and as he sheathed himself.

Harry moaned out in pleasure despite the fact he was a virgin. Pain was a thing he liked it helped him remember he was alive that he had a right to live his life. To remind himself that after the war he had the right to be happy with whomever the hell he pleased. He began to move his hips with the other. He moaned to the other and kissed his neck. “More Draco more.” He moaned as he thrust back on him.


Draco went deeper finding the sweet spot and moving in time with Harry. He moaned as the two of them made sweet passionate love. He kissed the column of Harry’s neck as he continued to thrust faster. He loved the feel of this moment of the moment when they were not enemies anymore but together as one.


Harry moaned as he neared his completion. He then felt the other hit his sweet spot and saw stars. “There right there do that again.” He moaned as he through his head back. Not long after that a few more thrusts and he was over the edge. Draco not far after him called out his name for the world to hear him. He loved this moment more than he would ever love any moment else.


Draco held Harry close as he began to hum that song again. “What is that by the way you were humming it before. I don't recognize it.” He said as he looked into the others eyes. “He gave the other a kiss as they lay there.


“It is a muggle song. It just came out and I love it. I actually came up here musing about the what ifs myself and thought this song was perfect for us.” He giggled. He ran a hand through the now mused up from their activities. “It is called ‘Save Tonight’.” He said and began to sing it for the other. 


Draco laughed at how perfect the song really was. “Well then let’s save tonight and fight the break of dawn shall we?” He asked rolling over for round two.


This isn't a one shot. I am planning each chapter to have a song title. I got to listening to music and decided to write this. It may have been just what the doctor ordered too because I was having serious artist block. Let me know what you think if you would like a longer chapter next time. Any questions leave in the comments.