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MLQC Headcanon - Best Gift from MC

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- Less “given on purpose”
- Finds a doodle she made during a meeting and left behind
- It’s obviously MC eying Victor while he talks
- Blush spreads over his cheeks and he tucks it away in his suit pocket
- Frames it and hides it in his desk at home
- Looks at it to cheer himself up on bad days


- MC went to the Loveland-equivalent of Build-a-Bear for his birthday present
- She happily hands him a giftbag and hints that the surprise has a surprise before running off
- It’s a Shiba Inu in an approximation of her usual outfit
- When he hugs it, music plays -
- Ai yi yi, I’m your little butterfly…
- He records it on his phone because he knows he’ll listen to it until the battery dies
- Sets Butterfly as MC’s ringtone
- Low-key mental noting it for your eventual wedding reception playlist
- Sleeps with it every night


- Gavin is so hard to get gifts for
- “If it’s from you, I’ll like it”
- Gavin pls
- You end up drawing him flying through the air surrounded by ginkgo leaves
- His ears turn bright red
- Tries to leave right away to get it laminated
- During his birthday dinner


- For Christmas you get Kiro a shirt that says “I’m all that and a bag of chips” with a bag of chips in the background
- Kiro instantly takes his shirt off, throws it in a random direction and puts The Chips shirt on
- Will not take it off for days
- #KiroIsAllThatAndABagOfChips trends on Twitter for a week
- He’s planning to get you a Miss Chips shirt ASAP
- And maybe some chips too. Snacks make everything better