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MLQC Headcanon - Fantasies (SFW/NSFW)

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SFW: He wants to take you on your dream vacation. Travel the world, see all the sights, eat all the food. It’d be worth every penny to see you smile.
NSFW: Taking you on his desk. He imagines it every time you’re sassy. Nothing turns him on like you using your backbone.


SFW: His biggest dream is marrying you. He’s utterly convinced you’re soulmates and he wants to see you shining in a white dress.
NSFW: While impractical, he wishes he could just stay inside you for ages. Cooking with your legs around his waist and arms around his neck, one of his arms supporting you and stirring with the other; feeding you while you’re straddling him, etc.


SFW: Starting a family. The idea of you pregnant with his child makes him so happy he actually starts floating by accident. Eli has had to physically pull him down more than once.
NSFW: He’d love to just come in you over and over again. The idea of you dripping him while panting after is enough to get him hard again.


SFW: He 1000% wants to start a chip company named Mr. And Miss Chips with both of you on it. Savin has had to stop him thrice this week. Today is Monday.
NSFW: Claiming you on stage, in front of the world. He knows it’ll never happen of course but hey, he wants the world to know you’re his.