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Night of the Living Mummy

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“What d’you mean ‘I’m not wearing anything under these bandages’?”

With that simple question, Chuuya suddenly found he had plans for the evening.

He hadn’t really been thinking about Halloween. Why would he? It wasn’t like it had formed an integral part of his childhood and he was way too old for trick or treating. Sure, he’d clipped a pair of fluffy wolf ears onto his hat for the day to show willing, and thrown some sweets his subordinates way, but that was far as it went. His only real plans involved getting home late, maybe putting on a horror movie if he felt the urge, and then sleep. Simple, but effective.

Why didn’t he know by now that simple just wasn’t a feature of his life? Just as he was about to settle down, remote in hand, there was a knock at the door.

Chuuya immediately went on alert. Wasn’t it too late for trick or treaters? Even if that was all it was, wouldn’t it be better to not open the door? He didn’t have anything for them, and the thought of sending away a crowd of disappointed children wasn’t a pleasant one. Maybe he could just hide and pretend he wasn’t in?

Whoever it was hammered on the door again. And kept hammering.

Not seeing any other option, Chuuya stomped over to the door and threw it open. There was a mummy standing at the door. A very tall, lanky mummy, brown hair awkwardly sticking through its wrappings, who shoved a tacky plastic pumpkin in Chuuya’s face. “Trick or treat?”

The door was slammed in their face. After the last time Dazai randomly showed up at his doorstep, Chuuya had told himself he needed to move. Maybe burn the place down and salt the ground, once he was sure his precious wine collection was safely out of the way, just for good measure. Why hadn’t he listened to his own advice?

The banging at the door started up again, accompanied by an awful whining that vaguely sounded like his name. The temptation to put on some really loud music to drown Dazai out was strong, but… Dazai was likely to go on hammering at his door all night if he didn’t find out what the bastard wanted, wasn’t he?

He opened the door again, Dazai’s hand mid-knock. Chuuya hissed under his breath at Dazai, trying not to start yelling and wake up the whole building. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“Trick or treating, isn’t it obvious?” Dazai held up the pumpkin again, showing Chuuya its sweet contents. “Pretty good haul so far. Look, I’ve got lots of chocolate, KitKats, some squishy jelly things, a toothbrush, don’t know what that’s doing in there... A little old lady even gave me this!”

Dazai pulled out an apple. It was a little battered, skin already bruising from where it had been rolling around in the bucket. “She was probably a witch. I’m betting good money that it’s poisoned. One taste and you’ll faint clean away until a handsome prince comes and wakes you up… Want to take a bite and find out?”

The apple was held under Chuuya’s nose. He pushed it aside and rolled his eyes. “I’ll pass. If you want chocolate, you’re in the wrong place. I don’t have any.”

“Then you get a trick.”

“A what?”

“A trick. Basic rule of trick or treating: if you don’t give a treat, you get tricked. Don’t you know anything? I believe some form of vandalism with either eggs or toilet paper is traditional.”

This was getting ridiculous. Chuuya slammed the door in Dazai’s face again. The knocking didn’t start up again, but Chuuya didn’t start to relax. If anything, silence from Dazai was a bad sign. He could just picture Dazai standing there, bucket in hand, all night…

So much for a quiet evening.

As expected, Dazai was simply standing there waiting when Chuuya opened the door for the final time. “Ok, ok, no eggs or toilet paper, I get it. Will you hurry up and let me in? I’m not wearing anything under these bandages and it’s a little cold.”

Not anything under… Chuuya paused and looked at Dazai more closely. He was so used to seeing Dazai bandaged up that he’d barely given it a second thought. But there was a certain smoothness to the lines of Dazai’s body that wouldn’t be there if there’d been clothes to wrap over. Not to mention a certain… definition on his chest that suggested hardened nipples under the bandages. That was pretty normal though, right? You wouldn’t wear a shirt if you were dressing up as a mummy. Then he looked down.

Yeah. There definitely wasn’t anything under those bandages.

It was then that Chuuya asked the fatal question and the rest of his evening was set.


They’d made their way to Chuuya’s bed pretty quickly after that. It wasn’t easy, Chuuya grabbing Dazai and marching him backwards through the apartment as they pawed at each other until he stumbled and practically fell on the bed. While Dazai managed to get a few buttons on Chuuya’s shirt open, Chuuya found himself clawing fruitlessly at the bandages wrapping Dazai’s chest. How the hell was he meant to take them off? They wouldn’t exactly get very far if he couldn’t get Dazai naked…

Perhaps sensing the problem, Dazai managed to get a question out between kisses. “Want your trick?”

“You showing up wasn’t enough?”

“I’m your treat. This is the trick.” Dazai pulled away and fumbled with the edge of his so-called costume, eventually holding up the end of a bandage. The look on his face was far too smug. “It’s no fun if I don’t make you work for it.”

“Please, you always make me work.” Still, Chuuya took the end between his fingers and slowly started to unwrap Dazai.

Dazai had apparently used a lot of bandages. Just when Chuuya thought he’d succeeded in revealing a layer, he’d reach the end of the length he’d been unravelling and then have to hunt for the end of the next bandage. At least Dazai was being cooperative, quite happily flopping in whatever direction Chuuya moved him in as he pulled the damn costume to bits. He was lying back, leg dangled over Chuuya’s shoulder, when enough bandages finally gave way to reveal skin, a spot on his inner thigh. Chuuya couldn’t resist reaching out and giving it a quick pinch.


“Couldn’t you have picked something easier to take off? Like a sexy vampire or something?”

“Too cliché. Plus Kunikida would just think I was copying him.”

Gradually, more and more glimpses of skin were revealed beneath the bandages. He could tell Dazai was enjoying himself, letting out little breathy moans every time Chuuya’s hand went over a sensitive spot. Not that Chuuya himself was unaffected, pulse speeding up as he got closer to his goal. Chuuya made a point of running his fingers over each new section of skin as they were exposed, taking it slow and letting Dazai really feel the contrast between the smoothness of his skin and the rough bandages he’d swathed himself in. Once most of Dazai’s thighs were revealed, Chuuya leaned down and left a long, curling lick along each of them. The sound Dazai made was definitely worth it.

Eventually, the last of the bandages was thrown on the pile. Chuuya sat back and admired the view in front of him, from Dazai’s mussed hair, to the hard nipples, a little red from where the bandages had rubbed against them, to the erect cock, standing tall and leaking precome. Perhaps the hard work had been worth it after all. He shuffled forward, taking Dazai’s cock between his lips and sucking lightly, wanting a taste. Chuuya couldn’t help but moan himself at the sudden rush as salty precome hit his tongue, he sucked a little harder, let his tongue linger as it lapped against Dazai’s cock…

A tug at Chuuya’s hair made him look up. “Aren’t you wearing a little too much?”

Dazai was right – he’d been so focused on removing Dazai’s costume (and then on his cock) that he’d forgotten he was still almost fully clothed. Chuuya quickly stripped off, tossing his clothes on the pile of bandages that had accumulated in the corner. Then he stopped. A grin forming on his face, Chuuya slipped off the bed and grabbed a bundle of the discarded bandages. When he returned he straddled Dazai’s waist, then took the bandages and looped them around Dazai’s wrists until they were firmly bound together.

“My turn for a trick.”

“No treat?”

“Just watch, asshole.”

Dazai never was very good at doing what he was told, and Chuuya still had to bat his bound hands away a few times as he searched for the lube. Luckily, it didn’t take too long and Chuuya was soon slicking up his fingers with a generous amount. Chuuya’s eyes never left Dazai’s face as he moved his hand between his legs and then carefully slipped a finger inside himself. Judging by the sharp little intake of breath Dazai took, it had the desired effect. He took his time, really working himself open with one then two fingers, and keeping his eyes on Dazai’s face the whole while. The sight of Dazai’s fingers curling in frustration as he watched felt almost as good as his own fingers – he’d definitely need to tie Dazai up again in future. For a number of reasons.

Still, he had needs too. He coated Dazai’s cock in a little lube, unable to help smirking a bit as Dazai shivered at the sensation. Then he carefully lowered himself on to it, sucking in a breath at the feeling of being filled. Dazai watched him with hooded eyes as lifted himself off and sat back down again, gradually building a steady pace. This was why he always ended up giving in to Dazai, after all – he always found a way to make it worth it. Dazai’s hands found his cock, wrapping themselves around it and awkwardly trying to stroke in the same rhythm. This time, Chuuya didn’t try and stop him.

Chuuya’s breath started to come in harsh pants and he shifted position a little, just enough to hit that sweet spot over and over with each new thrust. Luckily, Dazai seemed to understand what he wanted and started to lift his hips a little higher and move them faster to match Chuuya’s movements, as much as he could manage anyway. It was enough to send Chuuya over the edge and his vision went white as he came over Dazai’s hands.


The plastic pumpkin was shoved under Chuuya’s nose again. Where the hell Dazai had pulled it from, Chuuya had no idea.


“No thanks.”

Dazai shrugged and pulled the apple out of the pumpkin then started munching away. Sadly, it seemed like it wasn’t poisoned after all. Mouth full, he started talking. “I’ve thought of a problem.”

That was never a good sign. “What?”

Dazai pointed at the pile of clothing and bandages lurking next to the bed. “That’s all I have to wear.”

Maybe that was kind of a problem. It was, however, Dazai’s, not his. “So what? Wrap yourself up again in the morning and kids can laugh at you on the way to work.”

“But they’re all dirty now! You don’t expect me to wear them again, do you?” Chuuya was about to point out that Dazai wore the same dirty bandages all the damn time, but there was no stopping Dazai when he was mid-flow. The hand holding the apple was flung to his forehead dramatically. “I’d borrow some clothes, but I can’t wear child sizes.”

Dazai continued to ramble on, completely ignoring Chuuya’s growing irritation. The urge to throw him out of bed was rising. Hell, maybe he should just tie Dazai up in a bow with his own damn bandages and dump him on the Agency’s doorstep. Would that count as trick or treating? At the very least, they’d get a good scare…