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Corruption Tastes Like Heaven On Your Lips

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Ten years ago to the day, Yoongi made a deal with the devil. 

Well, not the devil really. More like a demon. Yoongi didn’t know the bright eyed kid his own age that settled on the bench beside him at the local basketball court was a demon. Truthfully, Yoongi thought the kid was a little crazy and creeped him out. But the kid knew things. Too many things. He knew about Yoongi’s parents and he knew what his father did to him. 

“You can’t hide the bruises on the soul, Yoongi.”

Yoongi had been angry. He was on the crisp of turning fourteen, fresh out of puberty and he was angry . He was angry at school for never taking him seriously. He was angry at his friends for never believing him. He was angry at his mother for letting this happen. For sitting there and letting her eyes go glossy as if she couldn’t hear or see her husband beat the ever living shit out of her son. 

And fuck did Yoongi hate his father. He hated that horrible man with a burning passion that would never be snuffed out. 

When that kid with the red eyes sat down next to Yoongi on a particularly hard day, one he was struggling to hide the bruises on his throat, he didn’t have the energy to fight anymore. He was tired and he was angry and he just wanted to get out. He wanted to be free. He wanted a single day to go by where his dick of a father didn’t deem it necessary to beat Yoongi for things that were completely out of his control. 

“I can make them go away. I can make them go away forever and he’ll never touch you again. He’ll suffer in hell for the rest of eternity for what he did to you, Yoongi. I’ll make sure of it. But in ten years, I’ll need something from you in return.”

And Yoongi…

Yoongi was nearly fourteen, on the verge of ending his own life and completely hopeless. He was angry and for the first time ever, someone actually believed him. Someone was on his side. Even if it was some strange kid with eyes that looked red when he turned his head just right.

Yoongi said yes. He said yes and the very next day both of his parents were killed in a house fire while Yoongi was at school. It was an accident, so everyone said. A faulty electric line that burst and caught the entire house on fire. His parents never managed to escape and went down with the walls and the horrible memories carved within them. 

For a while, Yoongi refused to believe that the kid he made a deal with on that park bench had anything to do with the accident. It was crazy to think that he could have made some deal that led to his parents' demise. Of course Yoongi was pleased with the outcome but that didn’t mean he thought he could have caused it. 

But when Yoongi went to college at the age of eighteen thanks to a bundle of scholarships, he started to rethink everything he ever thought. He started doing research. He started asking questions and looking in places that were supposed to be too dark to trench in.  

Yoongi discovered demons were real. Yoongi discovered that every evil dark disgusting thing that snuck in the dark was real

Yoongi learned he made a deal with a crossroads demon that had been in town after being summoned by a thirty-six year old man who just wanted his wife to survive her cancer. 

Yoongi sold his soul for his parents death without even realizing what he had done. 

Over the course of the next few years, Yoongi sought revenge. Not for his parents, he could care less about what happened to them, but for himself. He sold his soul to hell without even knowing it and because of that, Yoongi became a hunter. 

He tracked down every demon he could find looking for answers; looking for the demon that held his contract but to no avail. They all had answers but never the ones he wanted. They liked to toy with and twist his emotions and Yoongi grew hard to them after a while. He had no patience for their lies and their twisted words and Yoongi was known in the hunting community as the top of the top demon hunters. 

He didn’t care for the other low life scum of the earth monsters. 

No, Yoongi pooled his anger into demons. 

Not that it helped him in the end. 

Now, a month away from turning twenty-four, Yoongi is locked up tight in a dingy motel room just outside of Westover, Maryland and counting down the seconds until the old alarm clock on his side table ticks to midnight. 

As hard as Yoongi tried to wiggle his way out of his contract, he couldn’t. It is too late. The devil is coming to collect his dues and there is nothing Yoongi can do about it. 

But that doesn't mean he plans on going down without a fight. It’s not in Yoongi’s blood to just lay down and take it. He’ll fight till his last dying breath no matter how much it amuses the demons. 

Hunting has taught Yoongi plenty of things but right now, all he cares about is keeping the hellhounds at bay. Nasty, ferocious creatures ready to sink their claws and teeth into Yoongi’s flesh and drag his soul to the pits of hell. He’s salted the one window the room has, loaded up his shotguns with rock salt and has his favorite silver colt tucked tightly in the palm of his hand, filled with special little bullets with demon traps carved into the head. He’s not sure how the bullets will fair against a hellhound but he’s ready to fucking find out. 

Yoongi had started hearing the howls three days ago and he knew his time was up. He left what little he had long behind and ran for as long as his funds could take him. He didn’t want to be anywhere near people he knew when the hounds finally took him. 

Now, Yoongi hears the howling loud and clear in the distance, even when he’s locked up tight in a motel room. They’re coming for him. He quickly glances at the clock and watches in slight horror as the numbers tick over from 11:59 to 12:00.

A loud and sudden bang against the door makes Yoongi jump to his feet from where he had been sitting tense on the bed. The howling and barking is loud now, filled with snarls and growls that make his skin crawl. Yoongi’s heart throbs in his throat and he can feel the prickle of tears in the corners of his eyes because he’s not ready to die. He doesn’t want to die. He cocks his gun and aims it at the door, biting hard into his lower lip as he waits for something to happen. 

The black dust that lines the floor just in front of the door starts to shift slightly from the heavy breathing on the other side. He can hear the shuffling and snarling. It crawls over his skin like prickling fingers and Yoongi knows he’s shaking because for the first time in a very, very long time, he’s afraid. 

What Yoongi doesn’t expect is for the door to suddenly burst open. At first all he sees is black fur and snarling, dripping teeth and he thinks, this is it. He’s going to die. 

But death doesn’t come. The snarling and growling continues but when Yoongi finally peeks his eyes open again, he’s stunned to find that the hellhounds are not alone. There’s a man with them, eyeing up the black dust on the floor with an aloof look before he puts his foot down and breaks the line. The hellhounds jump forward then, making Yoongi scramble back against the end of the bed with his colt still raised. He doesn't know where to aim, however. 

The hellhounds stop just short of ripping him to shreds, almost like some invisible wall keeps them from digging into Yoongi’s skin. He can feel the heat of their breath against his legs but they stay a foot away on the floor and continue to growl, digging their claws into the wood floor to leave marks. Yoongi’s eyes jump from the hellhounds to the man stepping through the doorway. He frowns slightly at the black dust before kicking the door shut with his boot and finally facing Yoongi fully. 

He’s gorgeous, is Yoongi’s first thought. 

He’s on the shorter side but his body is stocky and built with toned arms, thick thighs and calves and a lithe waist. He’s dressed in too tight leather pants that show off the heavy bulge between his legs along with a loose ripped black band tee covered by a black leather jacket with chains and buttons all over it. His skin is a perfectly sunkissed tan and his perfectly styled hair is bubblegum pink. 

And his face, fuck his face . Rounded cheeks, sharp jaw, angled nose, small droopy honey-brown eyes, arched brows and the most perfect plump pink set of lips currently wrapped around the stick of a lollipop that bulges his slightly chubby cheek. He’s covered in jewelry from the assortment of rings on his short fingers to the necklaces dangling from a sharp collar to the twinkling dangling earrings. 

He’s downright gorgeous and right away Yoongi’s entire body goes tense because he’s a fucking demon . All of his instincts go on high alert and Yoongi finds himself pinned to the spot, shifting only slightly to angle the barrel of his gun at the Demon’s chest. 

An amused look crosses those pretty features and the demon shifts the ball of candy around in his mouth as he comes to a stop just a step behind the two hellhounds that flank him. He shoves his hands in the pockets of his jacket and eyes Yoongi up like he’s a fucking feast to be devoured. It leaves the back of Yoongi’s neck flushed and hot. 

“Hey sweetcheeks.” The demon slurs, his voice husky and warm as he pops the lollipop from his mouth, pursing his plump lips in a way much too deliberate to be anything but sexual. “You grew up to be so pretty, didn’t you?”

And it occurs to Yoongi then as he slowly starts to get steady on his feet that he recognizes this demon. They crossed paths a few months back when Yoongi was hunting down a vampire nest to help a friend. He slipped through Yoongi’s fingers before he had the chance to trap him and now he’s… here? Why?

Yoongi’s eyes narrow and a snarl forms on his lips. “The fuck do you want? Come to see a show?” The hellhounds at his feet snarl and Yoongi tries not to flinch. He realizes the demon is the only thing keeping them from ripping him to pieces right now. 

The demon’s eyes twinkle with delight and he pops the candy back into his mouth, making his cheek bulge obscenely. “Oh, Yoongi, You gonna dance for me, baby?” The curl of his mouth is a teasing smirk but Yoongi can see the evil in his eyes. “I’d just love to see that.”

Yoongi cocks his colt and lifts it further, his skin prickling from being so close to so many dangerous things at once. “What do you want?!” He snaps. 

The demon blinks a few times before he tilts his head. It would be cute, the way his eyes flutter and his hair falls over his brow, if his eyes didn’t suddenly turn a familiar red that stops Yoongi’s heart in his chest. “Oh, baby, you don’t remember me?”

It’s him. 

Yoongi’s finger pulls the trigger before he has a chance to even think about it. The hellhounds snarl, the demon hisses and the next thing Yoongi knows, his back is shoved hard against the floor and there’s something solid pinning his body down and something hard against his throat. 

His colt is gone, knocked to the floor during the sudden movement and one of his hands is pinned to the floor by a large paw, claws digging painfully into the soft flesh of his palm while the other is pinned by a human hand, metal sharp against his skin. 

Yoongi can’t move. There are strong thighs pinning his legs down against the floor and the demon’s body is too heavy and strong for him to buck off. He can’t even wiggle against the tight hold he’s in but most of all, he can hardly breathe thanks to the arm the demon has pinned against his throat. 

“Now, that’s not very nice, Baby.” The demon coos, anger flickering in his eyes as he peers down at Yoongi, so close their faces are only inches apart. Yoongi can see every eyelash, every curve of his skin and every flicker of anger in those now brown eyes. The lollipop is nowhere to be seen. “I just came here to talk.”

Sure he fucking did. Yoongi groans and struggles against the hold but he finds he truly can’t move. He can feel hot breath near one of his legs and goes tense from how close the damn hellhounds are to his body. Screw the demon on top of him, he has no chance fighting the hounds like this. He’s fucking trapped. Yoongi’s blood rushes through his ears and he curls his hands into fists the best he can. 

“Since when do you pricks come collect for yourselves?” Yoongi spits, his lips curled over his teeth in a snarl that has a sly smile curling over the demon’s lips. 

“So you do remember me.” He sounds pleased by this and has the nerve to bump their noses together. Yoongi strains against the hold but doesn’t move a single inch. “Oh, baby, I knew you would.”

“Been looking for you.” Yoongi hisses through clenched teeth. 

The demon looks pleased by this. “I heard. Went all over trying to track me down, didn’t you baby? And what did you find out?”

“No one would deal.” His voice is strained and breathless from how tight the demon has his arm pressed against his throat. He’s not choking him but just a little more pressure and he would be. It’s a threat Yoongi can clearly see. 

The demon hums, looking even more pleased. “Can’t interfere with someone else’s contract, baby. Those the rules.”

Yoongi scoffs, or at least tries to. “Since when do demons give a fuck about rules?”

“Maybe not all demons.” He shrugs one shoulder but Yoongi can see his muscles are drawn tight with the effort to keep him pinned down. “But crossroad demons? Baby, we have rules to abide by and contracts to fulfill.”

“What do you want ?” 

“That’s just the question of the day, ain’t it?” An amused smirk curls over those plump lips and his eyes turn blood red once more, sending chills down Yoongi’s spine. “I came to make another deal.”


“I’m the only one who can alter the contracts in my hold.” The demon informs him. “So, if you’ve been looking to make a new deal, you’ve been looking in the wrong places, sweetcheeks.”

Yoongi wants to snarl. He wants to rip that smug smirk right off his pretty fucking face but he can’t move . “The fuck do you think I’ve been doing?”

“Looking in all the wrong places.” He repeats, almost sing-song and clearly he’s getting a kick out of Yoongi’s struggles. 

Yoongi inhales as much as he can before he asks his next question. “What do you want?”

Something like heat flickers through his now brown eyes and his plump lips curl into a sinful smirk. “Oh, baby, I want you .” He presses close enough to brush the tip of his nose over the curve of Yoongi’s cheek, making Yoongi’s stomach swirl with bile. 

“I’ve already fucking sold my soul.” Yoongi hisses. 

“Not your soul, baby.” The demon shifts to trail his plump wet lips over the curve of Yoongi’s cheek until he’s close to the corner of his mouth and Yongi’s body suddenly flushes with horror when he realizes what the demon is implying. “All this time, baby, ten years of time and you didn’t do a single thing with it.” That stabs through Yoongi’s gut like a knife. “A pretty little thing like you, hm?” He hums, breath hot against Yoongi’s skin as he finally releases the pressure on his throat so he can trail his hand down the arch of Yoongi’s body. Yoongi squirms the best he can, twists his head away from that mouth and feels like screaming. “So fucking pure , it’s delicious.”

“No.” Yoongi grits his teeth but can’t fight when the demon presses his lips to the underside of his jaw. He wants to throw up all over again. This wasn’t part of the deal. Yoongi sold his soul , not his body. “That’s not the deal.”

“It isn’t.” The demon agrees and leans back just enough that Yoongi can see his twinkling eyes. “But it can be.”

“Stop toying with me and tell me what you fucking want!” Yoongi snaps, his throat sore from being nearly crushed. 

A smirk curls over his face and the demon leans back just enough that the pressure on Yoongi’s chest lightens. He’s still trapped but he can breathe a little easier now. 

“I want you , baby. Do you have any idea how delicious a virgin like you can be?” His words are purred and his eyes flicker with so much heat and want that Yoongi has never seen directed at him before. It makes his heart stutter in his chest. “So pure, so,” He moans, pressing his lips to the arch of Yoongi’s throat, “so perfect to twist and play and defile. Never even been kissed.”

Yoongi can’t help the heat that flushes to his cheeks in embarrassment. He never had the time for such things. Dating, kissing, sex. They weren’t important to him. Finding the very demon that has him pinned to the floor and making him pay for tricking Yoongi was the only thing he cared about. 

“So what? You wanna fuck me?” Yoongi growls, eyes narrowed with a fire blazing in them. “Why would I ever let you fucking do that?”

“Because I’ll give you your soul back.”

That stops Yoongi in his tracks. He barely feels the way the demon’s free hands start soothing over his chest and gripping the firm muscles that hunting has earned him. He barely even feels the wet press of plump lips against the corner of his mouth because…

“You’re lying.” Yoongi gasps and doesn’t sound at all sure in his words. 

He feels the curl of a smile against his skin. “Crossroads demon, baby. Can’t lie. You know that.”

And he does . After years and years of research and hunting the only key information Yoongi has learned is that crossroads demons are the only demons that can’t lie. They’re physically incapable of it. It’s in their fucking DNA or something. Every crossroads demon he ran into, every single one he tortured and pried for information never gave this demon up but they also never lied to him. They would tell Yoongi they knew the demon that held his contract, knew his name and where he was, but they outright refused to tell him. 

“I see those little gears turning in your pretty head.” The demon murmurs against his mouth, his breath hot and sticky against Yoongi’s skin. He smells sweet, like candy and Yoongi can practically taste the watermelon lollipop on his lips. “Let me turn you into a filthy little whore and I’ll call these hounds off, baby. Promise.”

Yoongi doesn’t know what to do. Part of him doesn’t believe this demon but the other part knows that once a deal is made, the demon has to abide by it. He has to let Yoongi keep his soul. Is Yoongi’s virginity really worth all of that? He finds it very hard to believe. 

“Why?” It comes out as a whisper, filled with deep dark self-hatred that Yoongi rarely let anyone else see. 

“Oh, Baby.” The demon purrs, almost tenderly, and cups Yoongi’s face with his free hand to brush their lips together in a kiss that makes sparks break out over Yoongi’s skin. “There’s nothing more fun than twisting someone as sweet and pure as you. It’ll be a grand old time.”

Yoongi sets his jaw and turns his head away from that sinful mouth to stare at the heavy paw still pinning his hand to the floor. The claws are sharp, stained with blood and he can see his colt just behind the hellhounds back legs. He can’t reach it and he knows the hounds will bite his hand off before he even tries to go for it. 

He’s fucking trapped and the demon knows it. 

“Two days.” The demon suddenly says, finally leaning off Yoongi until he’s sitting up on his stomach, straddling him and releasing his hand. The hellhound backs off too, leaving Yoongi’s hands finally free. He could easily toss the demon off of him now, he has the leverage, but he finds himself still pinned to the floor by his own thoughts. 


The demon looks amused once more. “I’ll give you two more days to think about it. I’ll call off my hounds until then. But when I come back, I’ll need an answer or my hounds will sink their claws in and drag you to hell.” He giggles, something bright and pretty and sinister but Yoongi goes cold from the sound. “You’ll be just as pretty up on the rack, baby. But I don’t get to see the racks and what a shame that would be.”

The demon is giving Yoongi the chance to think about it and that’s a hell of a lot more than he expects. When he woke up that morning, Yoongi was convinced he was going to die but now he’s being given a second option. One that he doesn't even know that to do with. 

“Don’t bother looking for me.” The demon says as he finally stands to move off Yoongi’s body. “I’ll find you when the time comes.” He clicks his tongue against his teeth and the hellhounds follow him, still snarling in Yoongi’s direction but seemingly more calm then they were before. 

Yoongi has the chance to get to his feet, snatch up his colt and shoot the demon, trapping it. But before he can even scramble to his feet, he finds himself still pinned to the floor by the power that radiates from the demon’s body. 

“Think about it, baby. It’s a good offer.” He pulls another lollipop from the pocket of his jacket, tosses the wrapper to the floor and pops the candy into his mouth, practically moaning from the taste. “I’ll see you in two days.” He moves to the door but Yoongi still can’t move. There’s a hundred things he wants to say, wants to shout and scream but he’s too stunned to do much other than watch the demon open the door and let his hellhounds out first. 

Before he leaves, he twists around to give Yoongi a smile, something soft and pretty and bright. “Call me Jimin, by the way.” And then he’s gone, door slamming shut and the invisible ropes on Yoongi’s body are gone. 

He’s on his feet in an instant, colt clutched in his hand but when Yoongi rips open the motel room door, there’s nothing outside but cars, the moonlight and a drizzle of rain. Jimin is long gone and Yoongi hisses, slams the door shut and kicks the closest thing which happens to be a small table that clatters over and shatters the vase on top of it to the floor. Yoongi curses, buries his head in his hands and prays to whatever god there might be to help him figure out what to do.

Yoongi needs answers. He has so many questions he never got to ask Jimin and needs answers to them before he can really make a choice. And maybe that’s the fucked thing about it all. Yoongi’s actually considering this. 

What does he have to lose, really? He’s going to die eventually but if he can choose how he’s going to die, if he can avoid being dragged to hell by vicious hounds, then he should at least consider his options. He has nothing to lose by asking Jimin the questions that have been swirling around in his head the last few days. 

Yoongi has no ties that keep him grounded to this world. He has people he might call friends but he never let anyone even get close enough to realize how cursed he actually was. He never took a lover or even dated a single person because he was too obsessed with breaking his deal. So much time wasted and now Yoongi has been given a second chance. 

The idea of sleeping with a demon makes his skin crawl. Sure, Jimin is exceptionally attractive but that skin isn’t the demon’s. That attractive young man is some poor pitiful human this demon decided to walk around in. Though, seeing as Yoongi saw that very same man months ago, he thinks the demon has been using him for a while now. It certainly wasn’t the same meat suit the demon used when Yoongi made the first deal with him but he thinks Jimin has been using this new one for a while. 

Truthfully, Yoongi has nothing to lose and that is why he’s here now, in a rented cabin just within the limits of a national park in Michigan. He figured the more privacy the better because if he agreed to Jimin’s deal, things might get messy. And if he doesn’t agree, things are still going to get messy. 

He’s been struggling with this new deal for the past few days and a real conclusion has yet to be made. Yoongi has questions and he can only wait till Jimin decides to show up again to get his answers. Once he has those answers, he’ll be able to make a solid decision. 

The Yoongi of five years ago wouldn’t have even considered this new deal. He would have told Jimin to go straight back to hell and end up on the meat rack for the rest of eternity. 

But this Yoongi? This Yoongi is tired. He’s so tired he could barely keep his eyes open or think properly. He just wants it to be over. He doesn't want to die but he’s so sick and tired of fighting. If Jimin is giving him a chance out, a new deal, Yoongi can’t find it within himself to not even consider this. He owes it to himself to consider this. He’s worked so hard to get here, survived longer than he expected, and he owes it to himself to consider the possibility of accepting Jimin’s deal. 

Yoongi doesn’t know the details of the deal. Jimin had left before he had the chance to get his wits about him and ask all the questions he now has. What he does know is that Jimin wants to ruin him. Jimin wants to fuck him six days to Sunday and defile every tiny pure thing about him. The details as to how, when, what and how long are things he still needs answers to. 

And Yoongi knows demons like to corrupt. They thrive on it but he finds it hard to believe a demon like Jimin would want to corrupt him instead of claiming his soul. Sounds too good to be true, to be honest. There’s nothing great about Yoongi aside from his smarts and his hunting skills. His body, on the other hand, is just a body. Yoongi doesn’t see anything particularly special about it. 

He’s short for a man his age and though that plays into his advantage when hunting, it doesn’t exactly help his ego when every single person he’s hunted with are significantly taller than him. But though he’s short, Yoongi isn’t exactly small. Hunting has helped him cultivate muscles he didn’t bother with before. His limbs are coiled with tight lithe muscles and Yoongi quite likes the strength in his arms, shoulders and chest. 

His skin is pretty pale, seeing as he does most of his work during the night and his face is just… It’s a face. Yoongi never considered much about the way he looked. His face is round and soft and he keeps it cleanly shaven when he has the chance. His eyes are triangular in shape and small for his face but he’s managed to perfect a bone chilling glare with them. His lips are a little nice, perhaps, if he took care of them the way he should. They’re pink and plump but typically chapped from spending nights in the cold. His nose is button shaped and there’s a scatter of freckles along his nose and cheeks that darken the more time he spends in the sun; which is none. His hair is permanently dyed blond thanks to a witch hunt nearly gone wrong and Yoongi never felt the need to reverse the spell. The platinum color looks good against his skin, he thinks, and the strands are long enough now to curl past his ears. 

Yoongi doesn’t think he’s unattractive. He just can’t imagine himself being attractive enough for a demon like Jimin to want.  

And maybe it’s not about the way he looks but what he has to offer. Jimin said he wants to take every pure thing about him and twist and corrupt it. The only purity Yoongi has is his sexuality. He’s killed things and has too much blood on his hands to be considered pure by most standards but…

Jimin was right. Yoongi’s never been kissed. The only touches he’s shared with people were in passing or a handshake or a shoulder pat from a temporary hunting partner. And it’s not like Yoongi doesn't like to be touched. He would very much enjoy being touched but he never found the time to pursue that. 

Yoongi knows, deep down, he might be a little touch starved and that alters his decision on this deal. Touching Jimin, being touched by Jimin, is so very appealing and it terrifies him. Even if Jimin wants to ruin and wreck him, Yoongi almost feels a tingle of pleasure at the thought in the dip of his spine. 

What would Jimin do to him? How would he ruin him? What are his plans and will they hurt? Yoongi doesn’t want to be hurt, not really. Maybe a little bit but not enough to bleed. Would Jimin accept that? He’s a demon for fucks sake, Yoongi wouldn’t be surprised if Jimin wanted to bleed him dry while he fucked him. 

But these are all questions he’ll never have the answer to if Jimin doesn’t fucking show up. 

It’s nearing midnight two days from when Yoongi was supposed to be dragged to hell and he can’t seem to sit still. He’s been bouncing around the cabin since he arrived there four hours ago. He checked the ins and outs of the entire cabin to assure that they would be safe and secure and private. The cabin sits at least two miles from any other signs of civilization and that gives them all the privacy they might end up needing. 

In the last four hours he has rearranged his assortment of weapons three times, shuffled around the furniture and changed his clothes twice. The cabin is small, only one room, but it’s rather nice and well put together. It’s been cleaned from the last people who used it and even the sheets on the queen sized bed are freshly washed. The bed is pressed into the corner of the room near a curtain covered window and on the other side of the bed is the only other wall in the cabin that breaks off into a small bathroom with everything someone needs. Near the door of the cabin is a decent sized TV and a large couch that is actually pretty comfortable and then on one side of the couch is a small kitchenette. The other side holds a nice fireplace in the wall which currently has a roaring fire inside of it, warming the cabin comfortably from the snow outside. 

Anxiety floods through Yoongi the more time that passes and at this point, he honestly doesn’t know what to do with himself. He’s too anxious to sit still for too long, even if the couch and the bed are more than comfortable enough to relax on. He’s stomach is too much of a swirling mess for him to even eat and his nerves are so far on edge that drinking isn’t going to help him at all. Drinking before a demon is supposed to show up probably isn’t the best idea either. 

All Yoongi can do is wait and he hates it. 

For a while, he had considered trapping Jimin but Jimin promised to make his life in hell ten times worse if he even tried and Yoongi knew he was being serious. Fucking with a demon who held the contract of his soul isn’t something Yoongi is keen on so he knew it best to be upfront, honest and clear with Jimin. There are a handful of things he could do to trap Jimin and perhaps weasel out a different deal from him but Yoongi doesn’t see much of a point in that. 

Yoongi doesn’t want to die and he certainly doesn’t want to go to hell but what does he have to live for anymore other than himself? He likes hunting. He focused mainly on demons but he could shift to other things if he didn’t have to worry about his ticking clock of demise. He knows how to hunt vampires and werewolves and all types of monsters so he could focus on that if he wanted to. 

Yoongi doesn’t want to die but he doesn’t have much to live for either. He’s tired of running and chasing things just out of his reach. He’s just ready for it all to be over. 

When the clock on Yoongi’s phone finally ticks over to midnight, Yoongi is expertly twirling his butterfly knife in one hand while he sits on the edge of the couch, his knee bouncing with nerves. It’s something he’s done for years now to pass the time while he thinks about whatever is plaguing his mind. It gives his hands something to do while thoughts run through his mind. 

Yoongi expects to hear the howling of hellhounds when the clock hits midnight so he’s surprised when all he hears is the howling of the wind through the trees. It spikes nervousness through him more than the sounds of hellhounds would. What if Jimin is toying with him? What if Jimin doesn’t even intend to follow through with this new deal and only decided to play with Yoongi by giving him some glimmer of hope that he could escape his deal? Yoongi wouldn’t put it past the demon. 

In fact the more minutes that tick by, the more Yoongi starts to think that’s the case until a sudden series of knocks come to the cabin door. Yoongi nearly knicks himself with his knife as he jumps to his feet. He quickly swings it closed and shoves it in his pocket out of habit. His heart throbs in his throat as he hurries to the door while he pulls out his colt from his belt and checks it to make sure it’s properly loaded. Yoongi’s willing to listen to what Jimin has to say but that doesn’t mean he’s fucking stupid and going into this unarmed. 

When Yoongi opens the door, he’s almost relieved to see Jimin standing on the other side, shoulders hunched, hands shoved in the pockets of his leather jacket and smile bright on his face. 

“Hey there, sweetcheeks.” He greets, sounding pleased to see him again and Yoongi can only narrow his eyes at him in distrust. “Gonna invite me in from this cold?”

Yoongi doesn’t say anything, just steps away from the door and leaves it open for Jimin to walk through. He moves to stand by the back of the couch, colt loose in his hand while Jimin slowly steps inside. His honey-brown eyes are flickering all over the inside, as if checking for any traps and before he even steps inside, he notices the welcome rug on the floor and kicks at it with his boot to check underneath for a demon trap. Smart, really. Seems Jimin trusts him as much as he trusts Jimin which is probably a good thing. 

“Don’t trust me, Jimin?” Yoongi can’t help but ask, a curl of a smirk in the corner of his mouth. 

“Gotta be careful with you, baby.” Jimin purrs, his eyes twinkling as he finally steps inside and kicks the door shut, locking out the cold winter air. “You’ve got sharp teeth.” He sniffs the air and tilts his head to the side as his eyes continue to roam the cabin. “Hounds checked the whole area before I showed up.”

Yoongi goes tense at that. He didn’t hear a single thing since he arrived aside from the random bird and the wind. He had no idea hellhounds were sniffing around the cabin and he doesn't know how he feels about that. Probably a good thing he didn’t know. 

“Where are they now?” Yoongi asks, flicking his tongue over his teeth. 

“Nearby.” Jimin throws at him and finally steps closer, eyes focusing on him with that same amused expression. “Just in case.”

Yoongi’s entire body is tense but for some reason, his nerves calm slightly with that knowledge. It’s almost like Jimin is offering him a branch of trust. He left the hounds outside and Yoongi thinks he can try to meet him halfway. With a sigh, he places his colt down on the table beside the couch, within reach but far enough that the tense line in Jimin’s shoulders does slack a little. 

“Okay.” Yoongi sighs again and brings a hand up to run through his thick hair, his nerves still on edge from being in the same room as a demon. 

“You look tense, baby.” Jimin’s husky voice has an implied curl to it but he makes no move to get closer. Instead, he shifts to relax back against the small round kitchen table, sitting on the edge and folding his arms over his chest. “Does that mean good news for me?”

“I have questions.” Yoongi twists to face him, leaning against the back of the couch and mirroring Jimin’s position. 

Jimin seems surprised by that if his arched brow means anything but the curl of a smirk on his plump lips doesn’t fade. “Alright, I’ll humor you. Ask away.”

“You can’t lie to me.” Yoongi says to remind the both of them. “As part of this deal, you can’t.”

“Agreed.” Jimin hums and drops his hands to curl over the edge of the table. His smirk is gone now and he just looks curious as to what Yoongi has to ask. “I’ll tell you whatever I’m capable of. I might not have all the answers.”

“Who is he?” Yoongi asks first, glancing down the body Jimin has claimed as his own. 

Jimin blinks in surprise before glancing down his body. He lifts a hand to pluck at the thin white t-shirt beneath his leather jacket. He looks exactly the same as the last time Yoongi saw him but Yoongi’s almost certain Jimin has eyeliner on now, and maybe a brush of pink eye shadow on his lids. “This? It’s Gucci, baby.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes. “You know what I fucking meant.”

Jimin huffs a breath through his nose and rolls his eyes, annoyed Yoongi won’t play along and he drops his shirt to curl his hand around the table edge again. “I don’t know what his real name was. He was a John Doe.”

And that strikes Yoongi’s interest. “What?”

Jimin purses his lips like he doesn’t want to talk about this but has already agreed to answer these questions. “John Doe? You know random ass human found somewhere nearly dead with no one to claim him? Yeah, that.”

“Is that supposed to make me feel better?”

Jimin’s eyes snap with fire and his lips curl into a snarl. “I didn’t do this for you . Taking over a body with a soul already in it is exhausting .” He grits his teeth and crosses his arms over his chest again. “Doing it this way? Just me in here, baby. All me, no one else.” There’s that flirtatious smirk again. “Whoever was in here vacated the area just before I staked claim.”

For some reason, that makes Yoongi feel better. Jimin can’t lie to him right now so he has no choice but to believe him. He can’t imagine why Jimin would go through the effort of tracking down a body he liked on the brink of death with no name and no family but it’s not his business, he supposes. 

“This deal you’re offering…” Jimin’s eyes snap up at him in interest. “What does it mean? What do you want from me?”

“Oh,” Jimin’s eyes twinkle and his tongue flicks against his plump bottom lip. “Baby, I thought I made that pretty damn clear. I wanna fucking ruin you.” And Yoongi can see that in his eyes that grow darker with hunger and want. The way they drip down Yoongi’s body like he’s undressing him, sending thrills of warmth through Yoongi’s body because no one has ever looked at him like that before. 

Yoongi grits his teeth. “Okay, so you fuck me. Then what? Just once or until you get your full? How long am I going to have to bend to your desires?”

Jimin seems surprised by this line of questioning and he hums softly, taps a finger against his chin as he thinks. It takes him a solid minute of silence before he answers. “I guess until I get bored of you.” His hot gaze follows the curve of Yoongi’s face. “I don’t see that happening for a while though. There’s a lot to twist and ruin inside of you, baby.”

“What the fuck happens to me when you get bored?” Yoongi’s tense again, even with Jimin looking at him with so much amusement and heat. “You drag me to hell?”

Jimin snorts, shaking his head. “Taking your soul out of contract is part of the deal. It’s not on the table anymore and never will be unless you want to strike a new deal.”

“Why are you so willing to give up my soul?” Yoongi needs to know.

“Souls are a dime a dozen.” Jimin says matter-of-factly, waving a hand in the air as he gets more comfortable on the edge of the table. “There’s billions of humans out there ready and willing to sell their souls for fame and fortune and other materialistic things. Every soul is precious but there’s more to you, baby, than your soul.”

Yoongi narrows his eyes. “Like my virginity.”

Jimin practically moans at the mention. “It’s delicious, baby, you don’t even know. Someone as untouched and pure as you? With blood on their hands the way you do?” Yoongi can see the full body shiver that rocks through him while Jimin drops his head back, exposing the long arch of his neck with another moan so sinful it sounds like it should be in porn and makes heat pool between Yoongi’s legs. He’s almost ashamed by that reaction and squeezes his thighs together in hopes of making it go away. “Fucking orgasmic. I want to pull you apart strip by strip until there’s nothing left but want and heat and lust .”

Fucking hell, Jimin is the epitome of lust. 

Yoongi has to swallow hard to make sure his voice sounds even when he speaks. “You want me to be your lust pet.”

Jimin’s laughter is bright and pretty and when he tilts his head to meet Yoongi’s eyes, he’s clearly amused. “Something like that. You can do whatever the fuck you want, baby. But when I want you, you make yourself available. You can keep hunting demons for all I care. But you even try to break out of this deal and I will sick my hounds on you. It’s a win-win baby.” He pushes off the table to get to his feet and Yoongi watches with guarded eyes as Jimin slips out of his leather jacket and drops it to the table, revealing strong toned sun-kissed arms. “I get to ruin something so pure and pretty ,” His eyes sparkle when he glances over Yoongi’s body, “and you keep your soul. Probably go to heaven and all of that like the good little boy you are.”

Yoongi scoffs. “I doubt fucking a demon is a gate to heaven.”

“You’d be surprised, baby.” Jimin giggles, amused and slowly saunters toward Yoongi, his hips swaying and his heated gaze locked on him. He almost looks like a predator approaching prey but Yoongi doesn’t feel fear. He does feel a prickle of arousal and a pinch of anxiety but he doesn’t move and allows Jimin to approach him. “Pretty, pure little thing like you has a one way ticket to heaven, I’m sure.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes. “Thought you wanted to ruin that pure thing.”

Jimin’s chuckle is deep and dark as he saddles up close to Yoongi. They’re not touching but they’re damn close to it and with how Yoongi is leaning, Jimin is just a little taller than him. He’s almost looming over Yoongi but he’s in no way threatening. “Oh baby, you have no idea what I want to do to you.”

Yoongi’s throat goes tight as he tilts his head back. “Tell me.”

The curl of Jimin’s smirk sinks something hot in Yoongi’s stomach. “I’d rather show you.”

“Will it hurt?” Yoongi hates himself for asking. He’s been hurt plenty of times during hunting but truthfully, pain is not Yoongi’s favorite thing in the world. 

Jimin’s face goes a little soft and when he reaches out, Yoongi flinches but it doesn’t stop Jimin from brushing his warm fingers over Yoongi’s flushed cheek and then cupping his face in his palm. “Not unless you want it to.”

“I don’t.” Yoongi bites his lower lip and feels a strange thrill in the way Jimin’s dark eyes drop to his mouth. 

“Then it won’t.” Jimin mumbles, distracted by the way Yoongi’s small pink tongue flicks at the corner of his mouth, nervously. 

“What are the terms of the deal?” Yoongi needs him to say it. 

“You make yourself available for me whenever I call on you, for sex, only sex, nothing else. I won’t ask you to do anything else, or have sex with anyone else but me. You do this for the rest of your life and I break the contract on your soul, setting it free. You do anything to try and break out of this new deal and I revoke my promises.”

The rest of his life . Fuck that’s a big deal. But, the lifespan of a hunter isn’t typically that long compared to an average human being so perhaps it’s not all that bad. Plus, Jimin is bound to get bored at some point and when he does, Yoongi can just keep living his life in a normal way. Something surges through Yoongi then, a spark of bravery he’s never felt before. 

What does he have to lose?

“Deal.” Yoongi breathes, heart squeezing tightly in his throat as he offers his hand out for a shake to seal the deal. 

Jimin’s eyes drop to his hand and something wicked curls in the corner of his mouth. “Oh you’re a big boy now, baby.” He shifts on his feet to straddle Yoongi’s legs and dips down to bring their mouths a thin hair apart. “I seal my deals with a kiss.”

Shit, shit, shit . If Yoongi does this there’s no turning back. As soon as his lips touch Jimin’s, the deal is sealed and Yoongi can’t back out without losing his soul which would make everything he’s done all these years completely pointless. 

Yoongi grabs the open lapels of Jimin’s jacket, grips the smooth fabric tightly and pulls him forward to close the small distance between their lips; officially sealing the deal. Sparks break across Yoongi’s skin from where they touch and he can’t help but close his eyes into the feeling of soft plush lips against his own. Jimin makes a soft surprised but pleased noise through his nose and brings his other hand up to cradle Yoongi’s head between both hands.

The kiss isn’t at all what Yoongi expected, not that he expected much. He thought, maybe, Jimin would devour his mouth whole right from the get go. But instead Jimin presses insistent little kisses to his mouth repeatedly like he can’t get enough of his taste. They’re not chaste by any means but they’re far more gentle than Yoongi expected.

For a moment, it’s almost like Jimin is treasuring him; savoring him. He’s holding Yoongi’s head like it’s precious and the way their lips slide together are more than enough to have heat coil through Yoongi’s entire body. Part of him expects the kiss to end after a few minutes but Jimin has other ideas. 

Jimin lets out a soft pleased hum and shuffles closer, straddling Yoongi’s legs and forcing the human to drop his head farther back to keep their mouths together. Kissing Jimin is like trying to keep up with a hurricane without anything to hold on to. All Yoongi has to hold on to is the tight grip of Jimin’s jacket but otherwise, he’s just along for the ride. 

Jimin kisses like he needs the air from Yoongi’s lungs, all consuming and wet and hot. Yoongi’s never been kissed and he sure as hell didn’t expect it to feel like this. His mind quickly grows foggy with the desire to have Jimin continue kissing him. He doesn’t even know where to begin with how this makes him feel, kissing a demon , but all thoughts drift away until everything is centered around the way Jimin’s plush lips, teeth and sinful tongue memorize every curve and dip of Yoongi’s mouth. 

By the time Yoongi gains his wits back, Jimin is nearly sitting in his lap. He has a tight grip on the hair at the back of Yoongi’s head, forcing his head to tip as far backwards as it can while he basically tongue fucks Yoongi’s mouth. It’s overwhelming and everything feels hazy at the edges and Yoongi would think Jimin put a spell on him if he didn’t know the demon wasn’t capable of that. 

Lust, apparently, is a strong drug. It’s not something Yoongi has felt often in his short life time and the way Jimin’s fingers trail over the arch of his cheeks and the slope of his throat made his entire body tremble. Maybe he’s more starved to be touched like this than he ever thought. 

“Oh, kitten.” Jimin purrs against his mouth, making Yoongi swallow to hide the groan that crawls up his throat. His vision is a little blurry and all he can see is Jimin’s twinkling eyes so very close to his own. “You want this.” He sounds pleased, if not a little in awe. “You want me to devour you.” His giggles feel light and airy against Yoongi’s mouth. “Oh, baby, that’s adorable.”

“Fuck off.” Yoongi manages to growl, licking at his own lips and tasting something tooth-achingly sweet. 

Jimin hums, nearly a moan, and trails his lips from Yoongi’s mouth to the slope of his jaw, grip tightening on Yoongi’s hair to pull his entire body farther backwards so he can start trailing wet kisses down the arch of his throat. Yoongi’s heart pounds so hard in his chest, he’s certain Jimin can feel it. 

“Oh, we’ll get there eventually, kitten.” Jimin’s voice drips with sex and Yoongi tries to keep his body from shivering in pleasure because fuck he likes how that sounds. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. He knew giving himself over to the demon might end up being something he would regret but he didn’t think he would… enjoy it. 

Jimin’s gorgeous but he’s still a fucking demon .

“Kitten.” Yoongi snorts at the nickname to hide the way his voice shakes from Jimin’s mouth on his pulse. 

“You’re cute, like a kitten.” Jimin purrs before flattening his tongue against Yoongi’s throbbing pulse. “You can call me ‘baby’.” Something about that must be very amusing because Jimin starts giggling against his throat. “But when I’m through with you, you’ll be calling me all sorts of filthy things.”

“Doubt that.” Yoongi rolls his eyes at the confidence in Jimin’s voice but winces when the demon tugs at his hair sharply. 

“Oh, kitten, when I’m through with you,” Jimin trails his mouth back up to Yoongi’s as he speaks and by the time their eyes meet, Yoongi finds himself pinned from the burning heat in those eyes, “You’ll be calling me daddy like a good little boy.”

Yoongi grits his teeth and tightens his hands on Jimin’s hips. When had they dropped there? “You fucking wish.”

Jimin’s giggling again, nuzzling his nose over Yoongi’s cheek and then over the curve of his jaw. “Mm, Just you wait, Kitten.” He rolls his hips forward slightly, making Yoongi choke on his own spit because he didn’t even realize how close Jimin was to his dick and he certainly didn’t realize he’s nearly half hard in his own fucking jeans. “You’re going to be as much fun as I knew you would be.”

“Then fucking do something already.” Yoongi hates asking for it but he just wants to get this over with. If Jimin’s going to fuck him, he’d like for that to happen so he can try to forget about it until Jimin calls on him again. 

Jimin’s entire body trembles with his laughter and Yoongi’s eyes narrow as Jimin finally releases the tight grip on his hair. Yoongi’s neck aches from being forced in that position for so long but he can finally tip his head forward so it’s resting properly. Jimin has settled back on his feet properly but they’re still close enough to feel the warmth of each other’s breath. Jimin’s lips are swollen and pink from all the kissing and Yoongi hates the prick of desire below his belt from that sight. 

“Mm, Kitten.” Jimin licks over his lips suggestively and his dark eyes almost seem to glow in the fireside light of the cabin. “No need to rush now. No, No.” He hums, almost like he’s talking to himself and trails a finger over Yoongi’s cheek, down his throat, over his chest and stomach and then stops right at the buckle of his belt. It takes way too much effort for Yoongi to not buck his hips into the demon's hands. Jimin leans forward to whisper huskily in his ear, “I’m going to tear you apart slowly, piece by piece, until you’re a writhing mess begging for me to come back.”

The shot of desire that floods through him at those words is almost concerning. “If you’re not going to fuck me,” Yoong hisses through grit teeth, “then what are you going to do?”

Jimin hums, almost in thought and presses a soft kiss to Yoongi’s ear before pulling away. His eyes are sparkling when they drop to Yoongi’s plump mouth. “I’ve been thinking about that sweet pretty mouth all day, kitten.”

Yoongi narrows his eyes, one corner of his mouth curling up in smirk. He sees the way Jimin’s eyes darken with lust and tries to not feel too much pleasure from that. “What? You want to make out like teenagers all night?”

Jimin’s eyes jump back up to his and he almost looks innocent for a moment, eyes wide, lips parted and head tilted cutely to the side. “No, kitten, I’m gonna fuck your mouth.”

There should be laws against a face as innocent and pure as Jimin’s saying such dirty shit like that. Yoongi can’t even control the grunt that slips from his throat because of the throb of pleasure in his gut. Jimin’s innocent look is gone instantly, replaced by something Yoongi better associates with the demon, sinful and dirty. 

“One purity at a time.” Jimin sings softly as he slips away from Yoongi and nearly twirls happily in the middle of the room before he plops down on the edge of the bed. The mattress creaks beneath his weight and Yoongi can’t bring himself to move. 

He made this deal. He willingly tossed himself at a fucking demon who plans to use him for pleasure and here Yoongi is hesitating because, what? He’s never had a cock in his mouth? He’s never even seen another man’s dick outside of passing in the bathroom. Jimin can’t expect him to even be good at sucking his cock but maybe that doesn’t matter. Jimin knew what he was getting into and seems more than pleased to have Yoongi exactly the way he is. 

Yoongi made this deal. He pulled Jimin into the kiss that sealed it. Sure his entire fucking soul was on the line but still. Yoongi made the deal. What point is there in fighting it? Jimin promised to not hurt him and Yoongi trusts in the deal. If he were to throw himself head first into this game Jimin wants to play, would that be so wrong? 

“I see those gears turning in your pretty little head again, kitten.” Jimin muses, adjusting on the bed to get comfortable. “Can’t back out now.”

“I’m not backing out.” Yoongi finally pushes off the back of the couch to stand up straight. With shaking hands, he slips off his coat and tosses it onto the couch and sees Jimin watching in slight fascination. “Just thinking there’s no point in fighting this.”

Jimin tilts his head to the side cutely, bubble gum pink strands of hair bouncing with the movement. The smile that spreads over his lips is nearly stunning and so happy it makes Yoongi’s heart throb in his chest. “There’s less fun if you don’t struggle a little bit, baby.” He giggles softly and spreads his thick thighs before patting them in invitation. “I like that fire in you.”

Yoongi snorts and crosses the room to stop just in front of Jimin. “What do you want?”

Jimin hums, licking his lips and trailing his heated gaze up and down Yoongi’s body, making him feel almost violated. “On your knees.”

Yoongi doesn’t immediately drop at the demand but he does get on his knees after a moment of intense staring with the demon. Jimin spreads his thighs more so Yoongi can settle between them better. His thighs are thick and warm in Yoongi’s hands as he spreads his palms over them. The fabric of his pants is stretched tightly over the muscle and it makes Yoongi wonder who this body used to belong to and what the fuck they did to keep it as toned as it is. 

“Good boy.” Jimin purrs, dropping a hand into Yoongi’s hair. For a moment, he just pets through Yoongi’s blond strands, brushing them away from his brow and tucking them behind his ear. It’s almost… loving and it makes something sick bubble in Yoongi’s stomach. Even the look on Jimin’s face is tender but the moment Yoongi’s eyes make contact with his, that look vanishes into the desire he’s used to seeing. 

Jimin’s hand twists into the longer strands at the back of Yoongi’s head, grips tightly and then shoves Yoongi’s face forward until he makes contact with Jimin’s groin. Yoongi groans and growls from being shoved and his hands dig tightly into Jimin’s thighs. 

“Go on Kitten.” Jimin’s voice drops an octave, the deep rumble making Yoongi’s shoulders twitch. “Work for it.”

Yoongi wants to snarl and snap at him but he knows there’s not much of a point in that. He does glare up at the demon though, earning a cocky smile in return. Yoongi grits his teeth and tries to move his head but finds it firmly stuck against the front of Jimin’s pants. He can feel the heat of his groin against his face, can even pick out where Jimin’s cock is resting in them. 

Well, if this is how Jimin wants to play, Yoongi can play that game. 

Yoongi opens his mouth, swallowing down every ounce of pride he has and latches his lips over the bulge of Jimin’s cock trapped in his pants. The noise Jimin lets out is absolutely lewd and punches through Yoongi’s stomach. His body feels like it’s on fire, burning with arousal in a way it never has before and Yoongi hates to think he might enjoy this more than he expected. 

He presses the flat of his tongue against the bulge but the pants are too tight and thick to feel much of anything. He can feel the heat, smell the musky scent of Jimin’s want, but he can’t feel out what part of Jimin’s dick he’s feeling against his tongue. It feels like part of the length but he doesn't have a clue. 

It’s hard as a fucking rock though and for some reason that pleases Yoongi. At least Jimin is as turned on as Yoongi feels. He can feel his own cock starting to twitch to attention against the zipper of his jeans but he’d like to pretend that’s a thing that isn’t happening. 

Besides, this isn’t about him. 

“Oh, you look fucking filthy like that.” Jimin praises, tipping his head back slightly when Yoongi gives whatever part of Jimin’s dick he has against his mouth a hard solid suck. “I knew you would. So pretty. Going to be so pretty with those lips wrapped around my cock.” Jimin still sounds cocky but he’s a little more breathless now, his eyes lidded from pleasure. Yoongi hates how much he likes that. He hates how much he likes the praise and he hates how much he wants

“Do you ever shut up?” He grumbles, ignoring the heated flush on his cheeks as he pulls back as much as he can and reaches for Jimin’s belt. 

“I’m a demon, kitten. Of course not.”

He rolls his eyes but he’s relieved when Jimin releases his grip and just rests his hand on Yoongi’s head. He pulls back further now that he has the option and fumbles with Jimin’s belt before finally getting it undone. Jimin’s not smiling now, just watching him intensely to see what he does next. Yoongi swallows through a thick dry throat and pops open the button then pulls down the zipper. He’s not even surprised to see flushed skin immediately. Jimin seems like the type to not wear underwear. How could he, anyway, with pants that tight?

Jimin hisses through his teeth when Yoongi opens the flaps of his jeans and tugs them down over his hips enough to release his cock. It doesn't exactly spring free but it does pop up with a hard twitch before resting back along the curve of his waist. 

For a moment, Yoongi finds himself glued to Jimin’s cock. It’s pretty, like everything else about the demon but Yoongi didn’t expect his cock to be pretty. It’s a decent average length but it’s thick . So thick that Yoongi’s not sure he can fit his whole mouth around it. It’s flushed dark pink along the shaft and then even darker at the mushroom tip and nestled in a light thatch of dark hair. Jimin obviously likes to stay groomed but not to the same level as Yoongi. It’s almost a relief really and he doesn’t want to think about what the demon will have to say when he sees how smooth Yoongi keeps himself. 

A worry for another day. 

“Are you going to keep staring at it like you’ve seen heaven or are you going to suck it?” Jimin sounds thoroughly amused and when Yoongi glances up, he looks it, smile wide and eyes twinkling. There’s a light flush on his cheeks now, probably from arousal. 

Yoongi crinkles his nose at the demon and has a strong desire to snatch that smug look off his face. Yoongi might be a virgin and he might be ‘pure’ but that doesn’t mean he’s completely blind. He knows what sex is, knows the mechanics of it and even has a few tricks up his sleeve because Yoongi is only human and even if he only had his hand to get through the years, he still knew some things. 

“Shut up .” Yoongi presses a flat palm against Jimin’s firm stomach, pushes the hem of his shirt up with the movement, and lurches forward to latch his lips against the length of Jimin’s cock. The surprised grunt Jimin releases makes Yoongi smirk against his cock. He wastes no time then.

His nails dig into muscles of Jimin’s stomach while he grips the base of his cock with his other hand and shoves the tip against his mouth. Jimin’s hands dig into his hair again but don’t grip, just hold on. Yoongi makes a pleased noise in his throat, knowing the vibrations will throb through Jimin’s cock.

He’s hot and heavy against Yoongi’s mouth and the idea of taking him inside almost makes his mouth water. He wants to taste and he’s almost startled from how badly he wants this. Heat throbs through his body, urging him forward and Yoongi throws caution to the wind because if he has to do this, he might as well try and enjoy it while he does. 

“I knew you’d be pretty.” Jimin groans, his voice thick and heavy with pleasure and Yoongi isn’t even surprised he can’t shut up. Truthfully, deep down, Yoongi wants him to keep talking. He wants Jimin to keep calling him pretty. “Look at you.” His breath hitches when Yoongi flicks his tongue out to taste and feel the curves of the tip. “Oh, kitten, I’m going to ruin that pretty mouth of yours.”

Yoongi moans, closing his eyes against Jimin’s intense stare and suckles the tip of his cock into his mouth. Jimin tastes just like skin but there’s something hot and coiling about having a cock in his mouth that makes Yoongi groan. It feels good, it feels nice. He likes how Jimin’s cock sits on his tongue and he likes the way it twitches when he hollows his cheeks. He likes the way Jimin starts petting through his hair again, nails on his scalp leaving tingles of pleasure in their wake. 

“Look at me.” Jimin demands, his voice breathless but firm and his hand gives a warning tug to Yoongi’s hair. 

Yoongi manages to snap his eyes open and he can’t imagine what he looks like. On his knees in front of demon, cock shoved half in his mouth, lips tight around the girth and cheeks flushed darkly from the shame. Whatever he looks like, Jimin must like because he moans headily and arches his hips into Yoongi’s mouth, forcing another inch of his cock past Yoongi’s lips. 

The stretch is almost burning and his jaw aches but Yoongi takes what he can, lathering his tongue against the throbbing length and sucking what he can. It’s probably the worst blow job in the world because Yoongi barely knows what he’s doing but Jimin isn’t complaining. In fact, he looks like he’s enjoying it quite a lot and he’s captured Yoongi’s gaze and refuses to let go. 

After a moment of getting a feel for Jimin’s cock, Yoongi finally starts bobbing his head. His fist squeezes the base tightly to steady the length and then he starts bobbing. The noises Jimin make are loud, filthy and Yoongi’s glad he picked a cabin in the middle of the woods for this where no one could hear them. 

Jimin’s stomach shutters and shakes beneath Yoongi’s palm, the muscles twitching with each suck Yoongi gives when he pulls off to the tip every time. Jimin’s eyes are glazed with heat and pleasure, lost to whatever Yoongi is doing to him and Yoongi’s body trembles from how good that gaze feels on his skin. 

Yoongi thinks he could get Jimin off like this if he tries hard enough but it seems Jimin has other plans. 

“You can take more than that, kitten.” Jimin’s voice is still steady while breathless and he cups the back of Yoongi’s head in his palm. 

There’s no warning. One second Yoongi is suckling the tip of Jimin’s cock and the next, there’s a cock shoved down his throat and warm skin against his face. Yoongi’s breath catches in surprise, his eyes pop open wide and he glances up to see Jimin’s smirk melt away into something almost awestruck.

Yoongi squeezes his throat and has to breathe through his nose or he’ll choke because Jimin’s cock is thoroughly settled down his throat. He can feel the tickle of hair against his nose and lips but he doesn't mind it nearly as much as he thought he might. Jimin’s hand at the back of his head is trembling but holding him in place. Then Yoongi swallows and Jimin’s moan is loud enough to rock Yoongi to his core. 

“You don’t have a gag reflex.” Jimin states this like he’s still in awe, eyes wide and lips glistening. He’s looking at Yoongi like he’s seeing him for the first time. “ Kitten .” He moans the nickname like a prayer and the next thing Yoongi knows is he’s being forced to crawl backwards while Jimin gets to his feet with his cock still buried in his throat. “Kitten, I’m going to fucking ruin you.”

Yoongi’s never seen Jimin look like this. The heat and desire are all familiar but the primal look in Jimin’s eyes makes him almost whimper. Jimin looks hungry and ready to devour him piece by piece and Yoongi thinks he’s going to do just that.  

“Tilt your head back.” There’s no room for argument in his voice so Yoongi does just that. He tilts his head back until he’s at the right angle for Jimin, the demon stopping him with the hand on the back of his head. Yoongi has no choice but to look up at Jimin from this angle and heat bubbles like fire in his stomach from the way Jimin looks at him. “Open your throat.” Yoongi does his best to oblige, eyes wide, jaw sore and lips tight. “Flatten your tongue, hollow your cheeks.” Jimin’s eyes are starting to glow red around the pupil and Yoongi vaguely wonders if that’s normal or not. “Don’t fucking move.”

Yoongi goes tense and curls his hands into fists against his own thighs. He knows what Jimin is about to do and he’s not sure he can handle it. His mouth is already aching from the stretch of Jimin’s thick cock and his own cock is straining against his pants and begging to be touched. Yoongi doesn’t dare touch himself. Not with Jimin watching him like a hawk. 

Jimin grabs either side of Yoongi’s head to hold him in place and then slowly drags his cock out of Yoongi’s mouth until just the tip is buried between his lips. Yoongi takes that time to quickly swallow excess saliva but he keeps himself open for Jimin because he expects him to slide back in. 

What he doesn’t expect is for Jimin to slam his hips forward, shoving his cock deep in Yoongi’s throat and making Yoongi see stars from the force. His hands quickly come up to grapple at Jimin’s hips and thighs for purchase because holy fucking shit . Then Jimin does it again and again and again .

The force is brutal but the roll of his hips is almost fluid and elegant. Yoongi’s eyes start watering and Jimin’s intense face blurs from the tears. It doesn’t hurt but it’s still too much for him to handle. Jimin wasn’t lying when he said he was going to ruin Yoongi because Yoongi’s certain he won’t even be able to talk for a while by the time they’re done. 

But Yoongi likes this. He enjoys it. He finds himself closing his eyes and moaning into the feeling of being thoroughly fucked by Jimin’s cock. He loses himself in the solid rhythm, the feeling of a cock sliding down his throat and Jimin’s skin warm against his nose, chin and cheeks. At some point, Jimin releases Yoongi’s head to grab the hem of his shirt and pull it off over his head. 

Jimin’s body is gorgeous, Yoongi notices when he peeks his eyes open to see why Jimin released him. His hips don’t stop and Yoongi struggles to hold himself still while his eyes take in very dip and curve of Jimin’s torso. His mouth waters at the idea of pressing against that skin and drool starts to dribble down the corners of his mouth. Jimin groans at the profane look. 

Jimin doesn’t hold back his noises; each thrust of his hips punctuated with a tight moan in his throat. What skin Yoongi can see is flushed with heat and desire and his plump pink lips are parted with each panted breath. His muscles twitch each time Yoongi swallows and he can see Jimin starting to lose himself to the pleasure. 

“Pretty baby boy.” Jimin moans, his voice soft and a little higher pitched as his hands came back to cradle Yoongi’s head like something precious. His eyes are practically glowing red in the dim light and Yoongi finds himself trapped to be used by this demon. “Look at you. Look how dirty you are.” His thumb brushes over the strained corner of Yoongi’s mouth to spread excess drool down his chin. If Yoongi didn’t know any better, he would say the look on Jimin’s face is reverence. “Taking my cock down your throat like you were born for it.”

Yoongi whimpers at the punch of pleasure to his cock from those words. He’s gripping Jimin’s thighs tightly now, wishing the fabric wasn't in the way so he could dig his nails into the skin.  

“You were born for it.” Jimin’s lips curl up into a smile that’s less cocky and more adoration. “Born begging for a cock in your mouth, huh Kitten?”

Yoongi can’t even be surprised that Jimin can still talk like that through his pleasure. If anything, he should just get used to it. He tilts his head just slightly, making the slide down his throat even better and Jimin moans . Yoongi’s fingers twitch to touch his own cock, to press his palm against the bulge in his pants to relieve the pressure but he can’t find it within himself to move. 

There is no warning. Jimin doesn’t give him a warning and Yoongi almost wishes he had. Jimin slams his cock deep down Yoongi’s throat, as far as it will go and then Yoongi feels his release. He feels the cock in his mouth throb and twitch and shoot liquid heat down his throat. Yoongi almost chokes on it, eyes watering till tears slip down his cheeks. Jimin, to his credit, is fucking stunning when he comes. His head tilts back, exposing his throat and his body twitches with each wave. He keeps his cock buried in Yoongi’s throat to the point that he has no choice but to swallow. And once he swallows, Yoongi finds himself greedily sucking down every bit Jimin offers him. 

He feels excess drip from his mouth and down his chin, dirty and filthy but he doesn’t care because fuck this feels amazing. Jimin’s cock pulsing in his mouth feels like fucking heaven and Yoongi almost doesn’t want it to stop.

“Shit, shit .” Jimin moans and groans, fingers digging into Yoongi’s hair and gripping blond strands tightly. He struggles to pull Yoongi off his cock but after a few sharp tugs, Yoongi takes the hint and finally leans back on his feet, his knees aching from sitting like this for so long. 

He doesn't expect Jimin to drop to his knees with him, nearly in his lap, arms around his shoulders and mouth plastered to his. Yoongi can only moan and grip the skin of Jimin’s back, nails digging in for purchase as Jimin devours his mouth. He licks the mess from the roof of Yoongi’s mouth and the corners of his lips. He mumbles praises as he drops his mouth to clean the mess from Yoongi’s chin and throat and Yoongi can only sit there, dazed on pleasure and slight pain. 

Jimin’s cock has gone limp against Yoongi’s stomach but he’s practically sitting on Yoongi’s dick and it takes a lot of strength for Yoongi to not grind up into him. This isn’t about him, was never about him, and Yoongi half expects Jimin to just leave him like this. 

“You swallowed it all like such a good boy, kitten.” Jimin praises, bringing his lips back to Yoongi’s to kiss him deeply. Yoongi struggles to keep up. “I knew you’d be perfect. I just knew it.” He breathes happily against Yoongi’s cheek and licks his own lips. “Corruption tastes like heaven on your lips, baby.”

Yoongi groans, tipping his head back. “Since when-” He chokes on his own words, startled from how wrecked his own voice is and he feels the smirk Jimin presses into his cheek. He swallows hard and tries to speak again. “Since when do demons care about heaven?” The words come out strained and broken and husky but they come out. 

“When Heaven tastes like you baby, I might convert.” Jimin muses, eyes twinkling with mischief and he leans back enough to brush his thumb over Yoongi’s abused bottom lip. 

Yoongi twists his head away, breaking Jimin’s touch. “Are you done now?”

Jimin tilts his head in that cute way of his. “Not quite.” The palm against the bulge in his pants makes a moan punch out of Yoongi’s throat and his hips arch into the touch automatically. “If you’re lips taste like heaven, what’s your cock taste like, hm?”

Yoongi swallows hard, glancing at Jimin with uncertainty in his gaze. “Thought you just wanted to ruin me.”

“This is part of it.” Jimin’s lips curl up into a knowing, sly smirk. “What? Did you think I was just gonna leave you hanging, baby? What kind of demon do you take me for?”

Yoongi rolls his eyes at the amused twinkle in Jimin’s eyes. “I don’t know. In my experience, demons could care less about how I feel.” 

“Aw, kitten.” Jimin presses his mouth to Yoongi’s cheek and squeezes Yoongi’s bulge tightly, making him choke on air. “Making you come is part of the fun.” He practically purrs. “We’ll have more fun next time but for now, you’re gonna come for me, kitten and you’re gonna let me taste it.”

Yoongi scrambles for purchase when Jimin suddenly shoves him backwards. His legs protest the bend and it takes a minute for him to get them out from under him while Jimin moves to straddle his thighs better. The demon wastes no time and that’s probably best because there’s no way Yoongi is going to last long. 

Jimin grabs his pants, rips open the button and zipper and digs his hands inside to grasp a tight hold of Yoongi’s cock. Pleasure shocks through him at the touch and it’s almost too much for Yoongi to handle. Jimin pulls his cock free and Yoongi’s head thunks hard against the wood floor. He sees stars and doesn’t even have the chance to look at Jimin before there’s something hot and wet against the tip of his cock. 

Yoongi didn’t stand a chance. The pleasure that has coiled so tightly in the pit of his stomach this entire time finally snaps and he grips Jimin’s hair tightly with both hands, unable to stop himself as he comes, pleasure crashing through him in waves. Jimin moans erotically and Yoongi can feel him lapping at the tip of his cock over and over again until Yoongi’s shoving him away from the over-stimulation. 

Jimin moans and starts lapping at the skin around Yoongi’s stomach where he made most of the mess. He cleans it right up, mumbling how delicious he tastes and Yoongi covers his face with both hands from the embarrassment. 

“Oh, baby, you’re just perfect, aren’t you?” Jimin purrs as he crawls up Yoongi’s body and presses soft kisses to the hands hiding his beat red face. “This is going to be so much fun.”

Ten years ago, Yoongi made a deal with the devil. Ten years later, Yoongi made another deal with the same devil and he never thought he would end up here, on the floor with both of their softening cocks out and that same devil kissing over his cheeks softly with giggles and amusement. 

What the fuck has Yoongi gotten himself into?

Yoongi is exhausted. His eyes feel heavy and he has to twist the knob on the radio to turn the music up a little louder in hopes that it will keep him awake a little while longer. He’s been up for about twenty-four hours now and it’s starting to wear on him. He’s stayed up without sleep for much longer but after a stressful hunt, Yoongi wants nothing more than to sleep.

The clock on the Mustang’s radio tells Yoongi it’s nearly two in the morning and he’s another twenty minutes from his motel. It’s been a rough night. What should have been a normal ghost hunt turned into Yoongi having to save three stupid teenagers from getting their hearts ripped out. Honestly, why were kids so fucking stupid? Ah, but as if he had any right to talk. He was pretty stupid when he was a teenager too. Some would say he’s still stupid. 

Yoongi tightens his grip on the wheel and blinks the tiredness from his eyes. The windshield is speckled with rain drops and he wonders if it’s going to get worse by the time he reaches his hotel. He has the room for another two days that he doesn’t even need but he’ll take an extra day just to catch up on sleep before heading out again. 

For the past two months, ever since Yoongi made that new deal with Jimin, he’s shifted from hunting demons to hunting other monsters. It was a slight surprise to anyone that knew him but no one said a word to him about it. There’s not a single hunter that knows him well enough to know the details about his original deal and Yoongi would like to keep it that way. 

There’s Namjoon, who keeps trying to drag Yoongi into more hunts with him, but that’s about it and Namjoon doesn’t know the details of Yoongi’s deal. Namjoon is just a fellow hunter with his own fucked up past who prefers to work with a partner than alone. Yoongi prefers to work alone but he’s worked with Namjoon a total of three times since they first met six months ago at one of the hunter bars scattered around the country and Yoongi has a feeling he’ll work with Namjoon again. 

Namjoon was the only one to perk a brow when Yoongi offhandedly said he wasn’t looking for demons anymore. He just wanted to hunt. But Namjoon still didn’t question him. If anything, he looked pleased that Yoongi had finally given up his demon death wish. Yoongi hadn’t told him about Jimin and plans to keep it that way. 

Jimin, to give him credit, hasn’t bothered Yoongi nearly as much as Yoongi thought he would. He assumed giving his body over to the demon meant he’d be locked up for days on end without the ability to actually do anything for himself. But he was wrong.

Yoongi has seen Jimin a handful of times since the deal was made and usually that was late at night when Jimin felt like showing up. When Jimin said he wanted to pick Yoongi apart piece by piece, slowly, he sure wasn’t lying. They haven’t gone farther than Jimin’s cock down Yoongi’s throat but they’ve done plenty . Yoongi never knew there were so many different ways to suck a dick but Jimin taught him every single one. 

His body flushes with heat at the thought. He can’t even feel ashamed by the way his body reacts to the thought of Jimin these days. Jimin never lets him down. No matter what he makes Yoongi do to him, Yoongi always ends up gasping for breath through his own intense orgasm by the end. How could he complain about that? There’s not much to complain about, really.

He thought this deal would be worse. He thought Jimin would completely consume him until there was nothing left but if anything, Jimin has stuck true to his desire to pull Yoongi apart bit by bit. He hasn’t decided if that’s better or not but Yoongi gets to live his life as he pleases and he considers that a plus. He only has to put his life on pause when Jimin comes calling. 

Yoongi doesn’t know what Jimin does during their days, sometimes weeks, apart. Jimin’s a demon after all. He’s probably out there making all kinds of deals and Yoongi tries not to think about that. Maybe it’s selfish, but Yoongi can’t bring himself to care. He’s sacrificed a lot during his life and he thinks it’s about time he does something for himself. Letting Jimin live and keeping his soul free is something selfish Yoongi can’t stop himself from doing. 

He could easily trap Jimin now. They’ve grown close enough that Jimin trusts him not to turn on him. He doesn’t check for traps the way he used to but he’s still wary of Yoongi’s colt. It’s best for him to stay wary of Yoongi, just as Yoongi stays wary of him, but there’s some silent agreement of trust between them. Yoongi could take advantage of that but doing so would sacrifice his soul and he’s too fucking selfish for that. 

If people are dumb enough to make a deal with a demon, then they’ll have to deal with the consequences the same as him. It’s not Yoongi’s problem even if he would have said differently a few years ago. Yoongi’s too tired to care anymore. He just wants to keep hunting, killing monsters and living his life. 

Jimin is just a hiccup from time to time that brings him immense pleasure that he’s not ready to admit to liking. He doesn’t crave Jimin the way the demon wants him to but he does think about him and Yoongi figures that’s progress for the demon. At some point, Jimin expects Yoongi to be the one crawling toward him but Yoongi never sees that happening. 

Especially with this snail's pace of theirs. 

Kissing Jimin is all kinds of great. Touching his skin and memorizing the dips of his muscles is fantastic. The touch of his hand or plump lips on Yoongi’s skin and cock are mesmerizing. The heavy throb of Jimin’s cock in his throat is mouthwatering. But Yoongi doesn’t crave him. 

Sometimes, he does. Sometimes when Jimin drops his mouth to mold over Yoongi’s cock, he wishes he would drop lower and touch him in places no one has ever touched. But he doesn’t and it’s maddening. And maybe that’s the point. Jimin wants Yoongi to crave being touched before he actually does it. 

Yoongi finds it hard to believe that Jimin’s never going to fuck him. Wasn’t tainting him the entire point to begin with? Taking each virginity from him until there was nothing left untouched? That’s what Yoongi thought. 

With a heavy sigh, Yoongi pulls his car into the motel parking lot and finds a spot right in front of his room door. The rain has picked up to a steady fall so Yoongi adjusts himself in the car, checking his weapons and grabbing his bag, before getting out. He hurries under the overhang that surrounds the one floor motel and once he’s out of the rain, he twists back around to lock up his car with the button on his keys. 

Exhaustion drags his body down so Yoongi takes his time in shoving the key into the lock and pushing the door open into the dimly lit room. There’s only a side table light on and he gives the room a customary glance before he slips inside and shuts the door, locking it back up.

Something cold crawls up the back of his spine and Yoongi whips back around to see Jimin sitting casually on the edge of the single king size bed in the middle of the room. There’s a smile hanging from his lips and he lifts a hand in greeting. 

“Hey sweetcheeks.”

Yoongi blinks at him, his heart hammering in his throat for a minute before it realizes there’s no threat. Yoongi sighs heavily and stomps over to the small table under the window to drop off his bag. “Stop doing that.”

“Doing what, baby?” Jimin tilts his head to the side cutely and Yoongi glances over to get a good look at him while he busies his hands with unloading every lockpick, knife and gun hidden in his three layers of clothing. 

Jimin looks just like he always does; tight black pants, loose band t-shirt and decorated leather jacket. His pink hair is a little damp from the rain, his sun-kissed skin glistening from it as well, and there’s a lollipop rolling around in his mouth as he eyes up Yoongi’s backside. He’s gorgeous, as always, and Yoongi swallows down the acute wave of arousal just from the heated look in Jimin’s eyes.

“Popping up anytime you want.” Yoongi grumbles, putting his colt down on the table. “I’m going to end up shooting you by accident one of these days.”

Jimin’s lips smack when he pulls the lollipop from his mouth. “What am I supposed to do? Give you a ring for a booty call?” He giggles, amused by his own words while Yoongi rolls his eyes at him and steps away from the table to start removing his coat and flannel over his loose t-shirt. “Demons don’t use phones, darling.”

“You could.” Yoongi counters as he moves into the bathroom, flicks the light on and leaves the door open as he pries his shirt from his chest and tosses it back into the main room. “What if I’m fucking busy when you show up?”

“I know when you’re not busy.” Jimin’s voice is much closer than Yoongi expected and he flinches, glancing in the bathroom mirror he’s facing as he runs a washcloth under the tap to see Jimin in the doorway, leaning against the frame with that damn lollipop still in his mouth. “Gotta keep an eye on an ass that tight, after all.” Jimin has the nerve to wink at him and Yoongi just shakes his head in disbelief. 

“You follow me?” He asks and then starts rubbing the washcloth over his skin. He could shower but he’s not really in the mood for it. He’d showered that morning and the hunt didn’t get him that dirty. He just wants to refresh before going to bed. 

“Not always.” Jimin hums and drops his eyes to Yoongi’s exposed back. “I’m a busy demon after all. Deals to make and all that.”

“Right.” Yoongi says flatly and tries not to think about the way Jimin’s heated gaze follows the cloth over Yoongi’s pale skin. “I’m fucking exhausted, Jimin. Do we have to do this tonight?” Yoongi’s never turned him away yet and Jimin’s brows perk at the question, clearly surprised. 

“Rough night?” He asks, sounding interested as he pushes off the wall and comes up behind Yoongi. His gaze is heated over Yoongi’s shoulder in the mirror and he shifts the ball of candy in his mouth to tuck against his cheek before he pulls the cloth from Yoongi’s fingers so he can start brushing it over the parts of his back that Yoongi can’t reach. 

The touch feels nice against his skin and Yoongi tilts his head back ever so slightly, letting his eyes slip shut as Jimin focuses on cleaning the light dried sweat from his skin. “Nearly got three kids killed so, yeah, rough night.”

Jimin hums, his voice soft when he speaks. “Thought you were hunting ghosts?”

“I was. Damn kids got in the way.” He snorts. “That’s the new thing, you know. Ghost hunting and trying to get a ghost on film to see who can go the most viral.”

“Bet those kids got an eye full.” Jimin sounds amused. “Did you bitch them out?”

“Something like that.” Yoongi wouldn’t call it bitching. More like lecturing. At least he knows those stupid kids won’t do something like that again. They learned their lesson. “They made the job more difficult than it needed to be and I’ve been up pushing twenty-five hours now and I’m fucking tired .”

He feels Jimin’s breath on the arch of his shoulder before he feels the press of his lips. The kiss is almost sweet and makes Yoongi flutter his eyes open to see Jimin’s reflection in the mirror. The heat is still in his gaze, the curl of a smirk in the corner of his mouth but he looks a little more subdued than normal. 

“Guess I gotta do all the work then.” He shrugs as he says this and his smirk spreads across his lips at the incredulous look Yoongi throws him. “I got something new planned for tonight and everything.”

Yoongi narrows his eyes at the demon. “Do I even want to know?”

“Get naked and lay down and you’ll find out.” Jimin gives him a wink and then slaps his ass, making Yoongi flinch. Before he can even retaliate, the demon is gone, slipping back into the main room with a fit of giggles.

Yoongi grumbles to himself because he knows there’s no point in trying to fight Jimin. He’s going to get what he wants no matter what and it’s easier if Yoongi just goes along with it. Plus the prospect of something new has re-sparked Yoongi’s interest. He’s curious what Jimin means. Is he finally going to fuck Yoongi tonight? Because if that’s the case, Yoongi really should take a shower and clean himself up properly. 

But Jimin already told him what to do and Yoongi, he doesn't fight Jimin’s demands as much as he used to. He’s come to find that Jimin knows what he’s doing and as long as Yoongi follow his instructions, it’ll feel good in the end. 

So Yoongi strips himself out of his pants and boxers and tosses them to the floor to worry about later. He does take the cloth and clean himself up a bit downstairs but that only takes a minute or two and by the time he shuffles back into the main room, Jimin has abandoned his coat, pants, and boots leaving him in nothing but his jewelry and t-shirt. The shirt is long enough to cover his groin and the rounded curve of his ass but when he leans over the table to close the thick curtains on the window, the shirt slips up and Yoongi’s throat goes tight at the sight of that perfect plump ass. 

Yoongi’s still standing there when Jimin turns around and he smiles brightly, lollipop long gone. “Come on, baby.” He crawls onto the bed and settles on his knees then pats the mattress for Yoongi to join him. His eyes travel all over Yoongi’s exposed body and if Yoongi cared more, he might feel embarrassed but Jimin’s seen every inch of his body so there’s nothing to feel conscious about.  

He joins Jimin on the bed, sitting on his ass beside the demon. Before he can move to lay down, Jimin cups the side of his head and brings him in for a kiss that’s a lot softer than Yoongi expects. For a few seconds, it’s just the solid press of lips and then Jimin opens his mouth and it’s everything Yoongi was expecting. Hot, wet, and delicious. Jimin tastes like the sugary strawberry of his lollipop and Yoongi lets the demon lick into his mouth and tilt his head backwards to fully devour his mouth. 

The sheets are cool against Yoongi’s back when Jimin pushes him down and crawls on top of him and just being horizontal makes the exhaustion more clear in Yoongi’s body. He practically melts into the mattress and lets Jimin do as he pleases. He puts forth his best effort to kiss the demon back but quickly loses himself while Jimin’s warm hands roam the bare skin of his sides. 

Jimin’s hands smooth over his sides and chest, pausing to thumb over a pebbling nipple or two that have Yoongi gasping in his mouth. One of his hands comes to a stop over the tattoo on the left side of Yoongi’s ribs and he flattens his palm over it so it almost disappears. The anti-possession tattoo was something Yoongi got years ago, back when he learned about it and Jimin had laughed the first time he noticed it. Now, for some reason, it seems to turn him on every time he sees it. 

When Yoongi’s mouth is thoroughly tongue fucked, Jimin finally leans back and settles his ass with in Yoongi’s lap. The press of skin is enough to punch a groan out of Yoongi’s throat and he grabs Jimin’s strong thighs tightly, nails digging into the skin. His still soft cock is cradled perfectly between Jimin’s cheeks and that’s enough to make him twitch a little to life. 

In one fluid motion, Jimin tugs off his shirt and tosses it to the floor. He looks pleased with himself as he spreads his hands out over Yoongi’s stomach and settles down to straddle him properly. He’s fucking gorgeous like this, Yoongi thinks. He’s completely naked now, just like Yoongi, and there’s a flush of arousal curling over his cheeks and down his chest. Yoongi’s eyes eat up the curve of his chest, the flat of his stomach and the twitching to life cock between his thighs. 

Yoongi hadn’t noticed that first night but there’s a tattoo on Jimin’s ribs as well. There’s a word written in slanted lettering, almost like a carving, just below his dusky puffy nipple. Nevermind. When Yoongi had asked, Jimin just shrugged, saying it came with the suit and Yoongi figures he’ll never know what it means. It likes it though. It looks good against Jimin’s skin and his mouth waters to trace the letters with his tongue. 

“Are you sleepy, kitten?” Jimin purrs, voice dripping with arousal as he starts to roll his hips in subtle circles using his hands on Yoongi’s stomach as leverage. “Do you want to sleep? What a shame that would be. How much fun you would miss out on.” His smile is playful. 

Yoongi groans through his tight throat and claws his nails down Jimin’s thighs just like he knows the demon likes. He enjoys the flicker of heat in Jimin’s eyes it causes. “You gonna fuck my face again?”

Jimin’s cock twitches at the thought but he shakes his head and bounces slightly in Yoongi’s lap. Pleasure burns from the touch and all Yoongi can focus on is how his cock is getting hard, pressed against Jimin’s scrotum and perineum. It’s nice in a weird way. He kind of likes the scrap of pleasure as their skin rubs together with the way Jimin circles his hips. It’s too dry for enough pleasure but, it’s nice. 

“Mouth virginity?” Jimin holds up a single finger and grins at Yoongi. “Debouched.” Yoongi shivers and Jimin holds up another finger. “Cock virginity? Still up for debate.” 

Yoongi tosses his head back against the pillow when Jimin rolls his hips just right and there’s no questioning his intentions. Oh, yes. Fuck yes. Yoongi is more than here for this. He might be exhausted but Yoongi always kind of thought Jimin would be the one doing the fucking here. Seems he was wrong. 

“You’re going to lay here and let me use your cock.” Jimin tells him, leaning forward till their chests are pressed together and he can mouth at Yoongi’s lips. “I’m going to fuck myself with your cock and you’re just going to lay there and take it, aren’t you Kitten?” Christ. Yoongi swallows hard and curls his hands around Jimin’s still grinding hips. His cock was at full attention now, much to Jimin’s pleasure. “I’m going to use you and you’re not going to come until I let you.”

The whimper Yoongi lets out should almost be embarrassing but then Jimin shifts off Yoongi and the warmth he leaves behind makes Yoongi shiver. He lifts his head to watch as Jimin saunters around the room, collecting something from a small bag Yoongi hadn't noticed before, tucked under the table. Jimin returns with a bottle of lube in one hand and something metal and glistening in the other. 

“Fucking ass isn’t that different from fucking pussy.” Jimin tells him like he’s talking about the weather as he crawls back onto the bed and straddles Yoongi’s thighs. The look on his face is wicked as he rests the metal ring on Yoongi’s stomach and then pops open the bottle of lube, pouring some on his fingers. “Not that you’d know the difference. Virgin baby like you is bound to come once you’re buried so tight and I want to play for a while.” Yoongi watches with wide, curious eyes as Jimin drops his hand to his cock. The touch spikes pleasure and Yoongi lifts his hips into the touch. 

Jimin doesn’t touch him long. He only takes the time to slick up Yoongi’s cock and then he’s sliding the metal ring over his cock until it rests right at the base. Yoongi chokes from how tight it is on his base, cutting off blood flow and he suddenly realizes what Jimin is doing to him. Jimin’s smirk grows as he sees the realization dawn on Yoongi’s face. 

“Now be a good baby boy for me,” Jimin pushes the lube bottle into Yoongi’s hands, “And make me wet.” Before Yoongi can piece together what Jimin wants from him, the demon moves. He twists around until he’s straddling Yoongi’s chest instead and drops to mouth at his twitching cock. The pleasure makes Yoongi see stars for a moment before there’s an ass and balls pressed into his face. 

Jimin smells clean, like some type of soap and Yoongi imagines he cleaned up nice and well since he was planning on doing this anyway. Yoongi brings his hands up to feel over Jimin’s tensed thighs and then over his back until he can grip two plump cheeks and stretch them apart. Jimin groans against his cock and Yoongi grits his teeth at how that feels. His mouth waters and he’s tempted to just taste . Jimin told him to make him wet but he didn’t say how . The lube bottle he dropped on the bed and is now resting against his side was implied but it wasn’t a true demand. 

Feeling mischievous himself, Yoongi lifts his head and licks a firm strip over Jimin’s dusky pink hole. Jimin’s entire body goes tense for a moment, so tense that Yoongi starts to worry he did something wrong. And then a moan so loud the neighbors can probably hear it rips from Jimin’s throat and he abruptly takes Yoongi’s cock all the way down to the hilt. 

The hands on his hips keep Yoongi from thrusting up into that wet heat but fuck does he want to. Instead, he focuses his pleasure into making Jimin moan around his cock. He starts with quick wet licks to Jimin’s fluttering hole and then moves into sucking kisses against the skin when Jimin’s breathing too hard to keep his cock in his mouth. He’s got a fist tight around Yoongi’s cock and sloppily jerking him off but he’s not putting much effort and Yoongi doesn’t mind. He’s enjoying eating Jimin out too much to care about his cock. 

“I knew that pretty mouth did filthy things.” Jimin purrs into the side of his cock, mouth hot and wet. “And I didn’t even have to ask .”

“You never ask.” Yoongi reminds him. Jimin ‘asking’ is more ‘demanding’ but Yoongi doesn’t mind. 

“Wasn’t-” Yoongi doesn’t know what Jimin was going to say because his words tumble into a garbled mess when Yoongi shoves the tip of his tongue against the puckered skin, easily breaking through. The skin is slick from his spit but it won’t stay slick so Yoongi blindly reaches for the lube bottle. He finds it after a moment and it takes some maneuvering for him to get some on his fingers. 

Jimin is mumbling against his dick about how perfect he is while Yoongi replaces his tongue with a slick finger. The press is more blunt this time and Jimin’s entire body twitches on top of him. Yoongi thinks he should be surprised how easily Jimin sucks in two of his slick fingers but he’s not. He assumes Jimin already prepared himself for this but Yoongi’s glad he gets the chance to make Jimin wet. 

After a few minutes of rubbing his slick fingers against Jimin’s inner walls, the demon finally has enough. “Put your hands on my thighs.” He demands and Yoongi does just that before Jimin abruptly sits on his fucking face. Yoongi gasps for breath, nails digging into the firm skin of his thighs as his open mouth lathers over Jimin’s twitching hole. 

Yoongi has a great view of the curve of Jimin’s ass, the arch of his back and the way his head is tilted back from the pleasure. He sure didn’t think his rough night would end with the demon sitting on his face but Yoongi doesn’t have it in him to complain. He’s quite pleased with this turn of events and he’ll be even more pleased when Jimin is finally sat on his cock. 

Said cock is almost painfully hard, the metal ring digging into his flesh but Yoongi sort of likes it. He’s not going to come any time soon and that’s almost a relief because he knows Jimin is right. He won’t last long buried deep in Jimin’s ass. He’s a fucking virgin no matter how much Jimin has been trying to drag out his stamina. He doesn’t come as fast as he used to but it’s still not up to Jimin’s liking. The cock ring is their best option right now. 

“Mmm,” Jimin moans, thighs trembling in Yoongi’s grip, “I could sit here all night and have you tongue fuck me.” He rolls his hips slightly and Yoongi presses his tongue against his rim just like Jimin wants. “I might just do that.”

Yoongi has no complaints. He presses his tongue past the rim and moans from the way Jimin twitches around him. Imagine if it were his cock. Yoongi’s entire body jolts from the pleasure that thought brings him. Yoongi trails one of his hands up Jimin’s thigh until he can spread his palm over his heaving stomach. Jimin likes being touched there. He likes when Yoongi drags his nails over the sensitive skin just above his cock, which Yoongi can feel bumping against his knuckles and fuck is it hard. 

Yoongi thinks Jimin is gonna stay true to his word. He sits on Yoongi’s face for a good solid while, rolling his hips against Yoongi’s tongue until his jaw starts to ache. It’s almost too much for his mouth. Throat fucking was less strain on him then this and that’s saying something. Perhaps Jimin catches onto that because finally, after who knows how long, he finally pulls off Yoongi’s face. 

Yoongi gasps for breath he didn’t realize he was missing. His chest is tight from the lack of it. He had been breathing mostly through his nose but that had been strained. Now he takes big gulps of breath while Jimin twists and adjusts himself so he’s facing Yoongi once again and straddling his waist. Now Yoongi has a good look at what a debauched Jimin looks like. 

His pink hair is a bit of mess from running his fingers through it, his lips are wet and plump from suckling his own fingers and his cheeks and chest are flushed pink. His nipples are puffy and pink and Yoongi’s mouth waters to latch on. His gaze is blazing, borderline glowing red and Yoongi knows his patience has run thin. He’s ready to fuck. He’s ready to come. 

“You’re not going to move.” Jimin tells him, voice firm but breathless. It seems to take a lot of control for him to hold himself together as he grabs Yoongi’s cock behind himself and lines it up between his cheeks. “You’re going to fucking lay there and take it.”

Yoongi nods numbly, going tense from the hot press of Jimin’s rim against the tip of his cock. He can feel it fluttering, ready to open for him. “Yeah, yeah, okay.”

Jimin seems pleased with his answer but not pleased enough. His hands abandon Yoongi’s dick and he leans forward, digging fingers in Yoongi’s hair and grasping a handful tightly. “Yeah?”

Yoongi swallows hard and arches his neck slightly. “Yeah, baby.”

Jimin’s body shivers with the nickname and he releases Yoongi’s hair to lean back properly and grasps his cock again. His own cock is heavy between his legs, curled up toward his stomach, leaking pre-come down the flushed shaft. 

“Close enough.” Jimin purrs, licking his lips and wiggling his hips as he settles Yoongi’s cock back into the crease of his ass. Yoongi will never call Jimin ‘daddy’. That’s the one thing he won’t budge on but he does like the pleased flush that curls over Jimin’s nose when he calls him ‘baby’. Jimin throws terms of endearment all over the place but Yoongi doesn’t. When he does, it’s a little special and Jimin loves it. 

In one solid push, the tip of Yoongi’s cock presses past the initial tight ring of muscle and then Jimin sinks all the way down until the globes of his ass are flush against Yoongi’s pelvis. Yoongi sees stars and Jimin chokes on a moan. His hands curl into fists against Yoongi’s lower stomach, nails catching on the skin and Yoongi’s hands dig into Jimin’s twitching thighs. 

It’s too hot and too wet and too tight and Yoongi’s cock twitches with the ghost of a climax he’s unable to have. It’s almost painful but he’s grateful for it because he for sure would have come right then and there and ruined the whole fucking thing. 

For a minute, Jimin just sits there, his head tilted back, his back arched and his face full of bliss. Yoongi’s enamored with him in that moment. He looks up at Jimin like he’s the most gorgeous thing he’s ever seen (he is) and starts to pet his hands over Jimin’s thighs, stomach and lower back. He’s not supposed to move but Jimin doesn’t stop his touching so Yoongi assumes it’s fine. Jimin didn’t want him to move his hips and Yoongi has to feel Jimin’s skin beneath his hands to preoccupy himself from how badly he wants to thrust up into that tight wet heat.  

Finally, Jimin breathes out a long sigh that morphs into a moan by the end. His eyes flutter open and when he meets Yoongi’s eyes, the world stops spinning for a moment. The desire and heat in those burning red eyes are nothing compared to the affection. He didn’t expect that. It makes his chest so tight he can barely breathe. Jimin isn’t supposed to look at him like that. He’s a fucking demon .

Jimin grabs Yoongi’s wandering hands, clamps them between his own for a second and then moves them to his thighs, silently telling Yoongi to grab hold, which he does. Then, Jimin moves. 

Pleasure throbs through Yoongi like bolts of lightning and he truthfully has no choice but to hang along for the ride. Jimin moves his hips expertly, in tight little circles that drive Yoongi a little mad. He thought Jimin might bounce in his lap but Jimin’s just grinding, finding the special spots inside of himself that feel the best. It’s almost better than fucking because he can see the expressions on Jimin’s pretty face so clearly.

Jimin gets easily lost in his own pleasure and Yoongi can only watch with his bottom lip trapped beneath his teeth as Jimin rides him for all he’s worth. At some point, his hips do start moving on their own but that’s quickly cut short with Jimin forcing his hips still with his demonic powers. It’s alarming and startling at first to find he can’t fucking move but then Jimin’s lust filled gaze is locked on him and Yoongi finds he doesn’t care.

He’ll let Jimin ride him all night if he keeps looking at him like that. 

Soon, Jimin shifts from just grinding to actually lifting himself up and slamming back down. The pleasure that punches through Yoongi makes him choke each time and he has to claw into Jimin’s trembling thighs for some kind for purchase since he can’t lift his hips to meet Jimin’s bounces. He wishes he could. He wishes he could fuck up into the demon and make him moan loud enough to startle whatever neighbors Yoongi might have. The motel was mostly empty when he checked in four days ago and that hasn’t changed.  

“Oh, kitten, your cock is fucking perfect .” There’s that filthy mouth Yoongi’s come to like. “Hits me in all the right ways.” His tongue lolls out of his mouth as his head tips back and he grinds his hips hard against Yoongi’s cock, dragging a groan from his throat. “You’re so good, being so good .”

Yoongi grits his teeth against a whine because he wants more. Exhaustion is a thing of the past and he wants to throw Jimin onto his back and fuck into him until he’s a writhing mess. He wonders if Jimin would let him do that and he easily finds the answer to be no, probably not. 

But then it seems Jimin grows frustrated. He rolls and grinds and bounces his hips but forcing Yoongi to stay still seems to hinder him more than help him. He's a panting, slightly sweaty mess by the time Yoongi finally feels the forced pressure in his limbs elevate. His thighs are actually throbbing now and though Yoongi knows Jimin could keep doing, he has to imagine the position is starting to wear on him. 

Jimin smooths his hands up Yoongi’s heaving chest, exploring but never stopping and his burning, lust heavy gaze makes Yoongi’s heart throb in his chest. “You’re gonna fuck me, baby. You’re gonna fuck me like you were made for it.”

Yoongi doesn’t need to be told twice. He’s sure Jimin doesn’t expect him to grab Jimin by the arms and twist them over but Jimin doesn’t fight him. He just moans loudly when his back hits the mattress and he spreads his thighs open as far as they’ll go. Yoongi’s cock escaped in the flip but slams right back in easily and they both choke on moans. 

“Yes, Yes, yes .” Jimin hisses, burying both hands in Yoongi’s hair and tugging him in close so their mouths can meet. The angle is a strain on Yoongi’s back but he doesn’t complain. He hooks his hands under Jimin’s knees, forces them up and out and then starts to fuck the demon like he’s begging for. Hard, rough and deep.

“Ah, fuck.” Jimin moans into his panting mouth, hands clutching his hair tight enough to burn and holding his head in place. His body shakes with each hard thrust Yoongi gives but he takes it so well and Yoongi groans from how good that feels. “You fuck me so well, kitten. Just right, just, ah lucifer , fucking perfect .” Yoongi tries not to smirk, tries to not let Jimin know how good that feels. “Oh, I’m going to ruin you later.” He promises, eyes twinkling red in the dim light and his smirk is filled with all kinds of naughty things. “If you fuck like this, I can’t wait to see how you take cock.”

“You’re taking my cock pretty fucking well right now, Jimin.” Yoongi can’t help himself, dropping his head to mouth along Jimin’s jaw. “I thought you were going to ruin me . Not the other way around.”

The sharp tug on his hair makes Yoongi wince but he doesn’t let up his slamming thrusts. The slap of their bodies is almost sinful and Yoongi’s pretty sure that thumping noise is the headboard hitting the wall. He’d actually give a fuck if it weren’t for Jimin’s heels digging into the small of his back and encouraging him. 

“Watch your tongue, baby, I’ll rip it out.” Jimin threatens but there’s little heat behind it.

Yoongi gives a particularly hard thrust that makes Jimin arch his back and moan out his name. “What was that?”

“You’re a fucking brat, that’s what.” Jimin hisses into his mouth, red eyes flashing dangerously and Yoongi knows he’s pushing it but he’s never seen this side of Jimin before and he kind of likes it. 

“Wonder who’s fault that is?” Yoongi throws out and he almost likes the prideful smirk that curls over Jimin’s mouth. 

“Mine.” Jimin purrs and reaches for one of Yoongi’s hands which he gives willingly. “All mine.” He sucks two fingers into his mouth and Yoongi rolls his head back from the feeling. Keeping up this brutal pace is hard on his thighs and back but he’s going to make Jimin come like this if it’s the last thing he does. “Put pressure.” He says after pulling Yoongi’s fingers from his mouth and putting Yoongi’s hand around his throat. “Make it hurt, baby, It like it when it hurts.”

And who is Yoongi to question that? He clenches his fingers around Jimin’s throat, just barely cutting off his air supply and the way Jimin’s eyes roll into the back of his head is downright gorgeous . His noises come out strained now, softer and high pitched but they come out and with how hard Yoongi chokes him, he can’t even speak much more than his name over and over like a mantra with each slam of Yoongi’s cock tight in his ass. 

That’s all it takes. A particularly hard squeeze around his throat and a hard slam of Yoongi’s cock and Jimin is gone . Yoongi has a front row seat to how gorgeous Jimin is when he comes and he soaks up every moan and whimper and tremble of his body. It doesn’t even occur to Yoongi that Jimin comes untouched until he glances down at his red swollen cock and notices the spurts of come all over his stomach. 

Yoongi keeps fucking into Jimin until the demon is whimpering and clawing at his hand. He tears his hand away quickly and watches as Jimin takes in deep breathes. He slows his hips to a stop, much to his dripping cock’s displeasure and waits for Jimin to move, taking the time to catch his breath.

Fuck .” The word is punch out of Jimin’s worn throat, husky and abused and when his eyes flutter open, there’s pleasure and amusement twinkling in the back to honey brown orbs. “So good.” He purrs and shuffles to sit up, grabbing Yoongi by the back of the neck and pulling him into a deep wet kiss. 

Yoongi whimpers when Jimin’s hand drops to his cock and he rolls his hips into the touch, desperate for some relief. Jimin could just leave him like this. He has no obligation to let Yoongi come but Jimin hasn’t let him down yet and he doesn’t expect him to now. He sucks Jimin’s tongue into his mouth while the demon fumbles with his trembling, orgasm loose fingers to get the damn metal cock ring off him. 

Once his cock is free, Yoongi moans needingly in Jimin’s mouth and starts rolling into his fist. But Jimin just chuckles against his mouth and lays back down, opening his thighs and making grabby hands at him that would be cute if his eyes weren’t outlined in red. 

“Fuck me, kitten. Fuck me to your heart’s content.”

And that’s not something Yoongi expected. He really didn’t but who the fuck is he to complain about it? 

Yoongi lines himself back up with Jimin’s hole, slams his hips in to the hilt and drops his head into the arch of Jimin’s throat. Jimin wraps both arms around him and starts petting his hair and soothing the muscles in his back. Jimin is so tight and wet around him and Yoongi knows he’s not going to last long like this. He’s already tipping over the edge but he starts up the same brutal pace that has Jimin gasping in his hair. 

“Perfect baby, just like that, fuck me just like that, wanna feel you come inside me, kitten.” Jimin sounds breathless and almost affectionate and Yoongi’s heart squeezes from the tone of his voice. “Mine, all mine, perfect baby boy, all mine.”

Yoongi moans deeply into Jimin’s throat and loses control of his thrusts until they become sloppy. He’s not here to please Jimin anymore, this is about him and he doesn't care. He chases his pleasure until it boils over and snaps. He buries his cock balls deep in Jimin’s ass and trembles against his sweat slicked body as his climax rushes over him in solid waves of pleasure that he loses himself in. 

When he comes back down, Jimin is murmuring in his hair all the other filthy things he wants to do to Yoongi and petting his back in soothing circles. His soft cock has slipped out of Jimin, making a mess of his own come all over the top blankets but Yoongi could care less. 

Now, he wants to sleep. 

Jimin rolls them over before he can do that and pulls away from Yoongi to get to his feet. Yoongi would complain but it’s not his place. Jimin got what he wanted and now, typically, is when he cleans up and leaves. Yoongi is a little too boneless to move but he’s surprised when a still very naked Jimin comes back moments later and rolls Yoongi onto his back so he can clean the mess that his soft cock as become. 

Yoongi hisses from the touch of the cloth and Jimin shushes him with a smirk. Once that is done, he urges Yoongi under the blankets and tosses the soiled top cover to the floor without a care. Yoongi expects Jimin to leave then but he doesn’t. He crawls under the blankets with Yoongi, presses up against his chest and makes Yoongi wrap an arm around his waist. 

“What are you doing?” Yoongi murmurs, too tired to stop Jimin from doing what he wants. 

“Shut up and go to sleep, baby.” Jimin murmurs against his mouth before giving him a deep, warm kiss. 

Yoongi’s too tired to argue. He’ll wonder what the fuck this all means in the bright light in the morning when he wakes up alone and Jimin long gone but for now, he nuzzles into Jimin’s hair and feels comforted by his arms wrapped tightly around his body. He falls asleep with Jimin murmuring how perfect he is into his hair. 

A successful hunt always makes Yoongi feel a little giddy but killing an old pagan god who kept taking human sacrifices and saving two people put Yoongi on a high that was hard to match. He saved two lives and who knows how many more by putting that bastard down. So, yeah, Yoongi feels pretty good right now. 

In fact, he’s felt pretty good for awhile now. Happy is a word he doesn’t like to consider because happiness is usually ripped out from under him when he lets himself fall into it for too long. But he’s doing well. Hunting is going well and this thing with Jimin is going even better. The demon shows up whenever he feels like it so Yoongi never knows when to expect him but he typically sees him at least once a week. 

They’ve done numerous things over the course of the past three months and Yoongi has lost count how many times he’s fucked into the tight heat of Jimin’s ass. Most of the time they don’t even make it to the bed before Jimin’s on him, grabbing his cock in his pants and demanding to be fucked. 

Yoongi’s pretty good with the whole thing. Jimin’s not bad . He’s a demon but Yoongi’s come to like him in some way. He enjoys the demon’s company and enjoys the sex even more and Yoongi wonders if the deal he made wasn’t as bad as he thought it was. Sure, Jimin has yet to bring up fucking Yoongi and that’s bound to come up but Yoongi’s not opposed to it as much as he might have been in the beginning. 

In fact, he likes the idea now. Jimin’s fingers brush over his rim sometimes when he’s sucking him off and the way Yoongi gasps makes Jimin’s eyes flash with a special type of heat that coils tight in Yoongi’s stomach. Jimin wants him, Jimin always wants him and Yoongi’s just waiting for him to take . Until then, he’s more than okay with how things are going. 

Yoongi has even made a friend. He finds it difficult to admit that Namjoon is a friend now because he’s afraid of losing that but there’s no denying what they’ve become. The hunt together more often than not and right now, Yoongi’s curled against the door of Namjoon’s passenger seat with a smile curled on his lips from a successful hunt. 

They’re a good team. Namjoon is quick as a whip and smart enough to have some high degree in a high paying job but instead is out here in the dark hunting monsters most the world think aren’t real. Yoongi learned late one night, after too many glasses of whiskey, that Namjoon lost his older sister to a werewolf and he had to put her down after she slaughtered their parents and before she slaughtered him. Namjoon’s been in the business ever since. 

He’s a good man, Yoongi thinks. He’s kind and understanding and thoughtful. But he can also be bone deep cold and ruthless. He’s a good hunter and he’s good for Yoongi. He’s someone to talk to outside of Jimin and someone to watch his back so he doesn't get himself killed on a hunt. 

And Yoongi does his best to not notice the heated looks Namjoon sends him sometimes, after a particularly good hunt where they’re both high on the win and giddy with it. Namjoon is handsome, gorgeous even. He’s tall and fit and has dimples Yoongi sometimes wants to dive in. 

But Yoongi knows better. 

Yoongi’s thinking about what he might want to eat for dinner when Namjoon pulls into the old biker bar they had met up at earlier that day. The sun has long since set and it’s nearing midnight on a Thursday. The bar isn’t all that busy but it’s open and Yoongi can spot his black mustang exactly where he left it. Namjoon rolls his car to a stop beside it and cuts the engine. 

They crawl out together and Yoongi collects his bag from Namjoon’s back seat to then shuffle over to his own car, pop the trunk with his keys and toss his bag into the back. Namjoon lingers at his side as he does so, hands shoved into the pockets of his coat. Winter is spreading through Northern Montana and Yoongi thinks the air smells of snow. 

“How about a drink?” Namjoon offers, his smile crooked but kind in the fluorescent lights outside of the bar.  

Yoongi hums, intending to take his friend up on that offer when something interrupts them. 

“Hey sweetcheeks.” Yoongi’s heart leaps in his throat at the familiar voice and he whips around to see Jimin standing there a few steps away from them, harmless grin on his lips but something dark in his eyes when he glances at Namjoon. Yoongi doesn’t like that look. He doesn’t like it at all. 

Namjoon just looks surprised and glances between the two of them. “Sorry? Can we help you?”

Jimin snorts and shuffles toward Yoongi’s side and his eyes are so dangerous Yoongi feels his stomach drop out of his ass. He’s so stunned by Jimin’s appearance that he doesn’t know what to do. Jimin’s never approached him in public like this and then it dawns on Yoongi. 

He’s doing this on purpose.

“Who's your friend, kitten?” His lips curl into a faint snarl as he eyes up Namjoon and his eyes flash red long enough for Namjoon to hiss, whip out his pistol and aim it right at Jimin. 

Yoongi jumps between them before he can even think about it. “W-Wait.” He holds out a hand to Namjoon who looks stunned, and maybe a little hurt. 

“Yoongi, He’s a fucking demon, what are you doing?” Namjoon is tense in the way he always is when he’s ready to strike and Yoongi puts his body firmly in front of Jimin. He can feel the demon saddle up against his back, arms around his waist and face against the back of his neck. A possessive hold and Yoongi realizes what Jimin is doing. 

He’s staking claim. 

“I know.” Yoongi gasps, his body shaking because this was never supposed to happen. No one was supposed to know and he wants to hate Jimin for doing this. He hates himself more for not being able to. “I know, Joon, I know. It’s okay. Please.”

Namjoon’s finger twitches off the trigger but he doesn’t lower his gun. His gaze is confused but he schools his face into that stoic cold he usually gets during a hunt. It hurts Yoongi to see from his friend, directed at him. “What are you doing, Yoongi?”

“He won’t hurt you.” Yoongi tries to assure him and looks over his shoulder to see the smoldering fire of Jimin’s eyes. They strike him to his core. “Right, Jimin? You won’t hurt him.” His words are shaky, unsure and he hates everything about this.  

Jimin doesn’t take being told what to do very well typically but he melts against Yoongi’s back and shrugs a shoulder. “Long as he doesn't shoot first.”

“Joon, please, put the gun away.” Yoongi almost begs and that seems to bother Namjoon even further. He does drop his gun though and Yoongi breathes a heavy sigh of relief. 

“I’d rather keep it out, if you don’t mind.” His narrowed eyes land on Jimin who’s glaring at him in a way Yoongi has never seen from the demon. This isn’t Jimin, this is the demon who took his soul and it’s a sobering reminder. 

“Okay.” Yoongi agrees because he has no right to make a hunter put his gun away with a demon nearby. Yoongi would have felt the same way Namjoon does months ago. 

“Yoongi, what’s going on? Why are you protecting a demon from me?” Namjoon questions, uncertainty in his voice. “I thought you despised them.”

Jimin’s snort echoes across the empty parking lot and Yoongi feels his hands slip over his body as Jimin comes around to his side. Jimin’s gravity isn’t something he can deny himself and he turns toward the demon who cups hands over his cheeks and brings him down for a burning kiss that leaves Yoongi breathless. 

Yoongi hears Namjoon’s shocked gasp but more than that, he feels that possessive way Jimin growls into his mouth and grips his face much too tightly. He’s angry. Yoongi doesn’t know why he’s angry. He hasn’t done anything wrong. At least, he doesn’t think he has. 

“What the fuck .” Namjoon doesn’t sound disgusted, just confused and a little angry. 

“Hi, baby.” Jimin breathes into his mouth and when he pulls away his eyes are still dangerous. “Miss me?”

Yoongi swallows hard and when he glances at Namjoon, Jimin’s hand snaps to his chin and forces him to look at him again. “Y-Yeah. What are you doing here? Why didn’t you wait for me at the hotel?” They’re not questions he should be asking but Yoongi can’t help himself. 

“I wanted to meet your friend .” He nearly growls the word and finally glances away from Yoongi to glare at Namjoon who goes tense and clutches his pistol tighter at the look. 

“Jimin, this is Namjoon. Namjoon,” He swallows hard and gives Namjoon a look that begs him not to be angry with him, “This is Jimin.”

“Pleasure.” Jimin purrs, wrapping his arms around Yoongi’s waist and pulling his side close to his front. He even hooks his chin on Yoongi’s shoulder and if that’s not staking claim, Yoongi doesn’t know what is. 

“Wish I could say the same.” Namjoon clicks his tongue and meets Yoongi’s pleading eyes. Whatever he sees in Yoongi’s expression makes the coldness melt away slightly. 

“Jimin.” Yoongi’s mouth feels too dry as he turns to Jimin and wraps one arm around him to sedate him slightly. “Do you mind if… Namjoon and I talk for a bit? You can wait for me back at the hotel.” Yoongi knows he’s pushing it. He can see the dangerous flicker in Jimin’s eyes but he rarely asks Jimin for anything and this is one thing that’s important to him. 

He never wanted to tell Namjoon but now he has no fucking choice thanks to Jimin. 

Jimin hums, pursing his lips as he glances from Namjoon back to Yoongi and then to Namjoon again. He gives Namjoon a good once over that makes the hunter tense before meeting Yoongi’s eyes with something softer in his gaze. 

“Fine. Don’t take too long.” He leans forward to capture Yoongi’s mouth once more. “Don’t keep me waiting, kitten.” There’s a warning in his words that Yoongi hears loud and clear. 

“I won’t, baby.” He hopes the nickname soothes some of Jimin’s anger and it appears to, his expression going softer. This time when he kisses Yoongi, it’s soft and a little tender and makes his knees weak. 

“Touch him and I’ll rip the flesh and muscle from your bones.” Jimin throws at Namjoon, his eyes burning red and then he’s fucking gone . Disappearing in the blink of an eye.

For a moment, Namjoon and Yoongi just stand there in tense silence before the pistol slips from Namjoon’s numb fingers and clatters to the gravel. 

Yoongi winces. “So, how about that drink now?”

It’s tense and quiet and Yoongi hates it. Namjoon had agreed to the drink but he has not said a word since then. They’ve settled in the corner of the mostly empty bar with their drinks for a bit of privacy and have been sitting here for a good five minutes without a word shared between them. Yoongi knows Namjoon is waiting for him to speak up, for him to explain himself because Namjoon doesn’t like pushing but Yoongi doesn’t know where to begin. 

Yoongi wishes he could bring himself to be furious with Jimin for showing up like that, staking claim and threatening Namjoon. Okay, he’s a little pissed Jimin threatened his friend but everything else is just… He’s not angry. He’s upset Jimin put him in this tense awkward situation with the one person he considers a friend but Yoongi figures this was going to happen at some point if he stayed friends with Namjoon. If they even stay friends after this. 

But Namjoon agreed to this drink with him which means he’s willing to listen and that gives Yoongi a little hope. 

“I made a deal.” Yoongi finally breaks the silence and it must surprise Namjoon because he flinches and glances up at him with wide eyes. “What have you heard about that?” Yoongi knows hunters talk. 

Namjoon swallows a mouthful of his whiskey before putting his drink down and sitting up straighter. He’s folded his coat on the booth beside him and he looks even more handsome in his grey sweater that fits him much too well. 

In another life, maybe they would have been more than friends. If Yoongi never made those deals…

“Just heard you made a demon deal when you were young and that got you in the business. There’s all kinds of rumors but you know how hunters gossip.” Namjoon’s throat bobs when he swallows and he tries for a smile that’s too tight. “Can’t believe everything they say.”

Yoongi hums in agreement and sink slightly in his booth. He drops his eyes to his mostly empty glass because he’s not sure he can look Namjoon in the eyes when he tells him this information. 

“When I was thirteen I, unknowingly, made a deal with a demon to kill my parents.” Namjoon inhales sharply. “My father was an abusive son of a bitch and my mother was too numb to care and I just wanted out.” Yoongi knows he still sounds bitter. “Wasn’t till years later I realized I sold my fucking soul. Ten year demon deal.”

“How the hell did you make a crossroads deal without summoning it?”

“He was around.” Yoongi says offhandedly. “Some guy summoned him to save his cancer ridden wife and the demon stuck around to make more deals. Guess I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Namjoon makes a soft noise of sympathy. “No kidding.”

“My time came up five months ago.” Namjoon’s glass clatters when his hand twitches into it. 

“Yoongi.” Namjoon tries, tense. “How are you still alive?”

“I made a new deal.”

“I thought no demon would deal with you.” Namjoon murmurs. “At least, that was the rumor.”

“It wasn’t just a rumor. I tried for years to make a new deal or hunt down the son of a bitch who did this to me.” Yoongi grits his teeth when he thinks about what has become of his relationship with the very same demon who tricked him into a deal. “The only demon willing to deal was the one who made it in the first place.”

“You found him?” Namjoon whispers.

“He found me. We made a new deal.” Slowly, Yoongi lifts his eyes to meet Namjoon’s wide eyed gaze. “Jimin’s the demon.” He watches the horror fall over Namjoon’s face as he realizes what type of deal Yoongi has made. It’s fairly obvious to figure out with how Jimin treats him and Namjoon’s too fucking smart for his own good. 

“Christ, Yoongi.” Namjoon picks up his glass and downs the rest of his whiskey in one go. Yoongi doesn’t blame him. The glass makes a solid thud when he places it back down and his eyes look guarded now. “What was the deal?”

Yoongi hisses and rubs at his own wrists, glancing away. “The fuck do you think it was? You saw how he is with me. I’m not fucking proud of it, okay?” He snaps, ashamed at himself for a deal he has grown accustomed to. A deal he has even come to enjoy. “But I wasn’t ready to die and no one else would deal and this was my only option.”

“How long?” Namjoon asks, voice tense. “How long did he give you?”

Yoongi glances up at him in confusion. “What do you mean?”

Namjoon curls his lips in a frustrated snarl. “How long before he collects ?” He runs a hand through his usually perfectly styled black hair and Yoongi can feel the frustration roll off him in waves. “Fucking demons.”

“He’s… already collecting?” Yoongi crinkles his nose in confusion and Namjoon grits his teeth at that answer. 

“Your soul, Yoongi. When does he take your soul?”

“He doesn’t.” Yoongi breathes out and Namjoon goes tense before snapping his eyes at him. “That was part of deal. He gave me my soul back.” The look of surprise on Namjoon’s face is almost relieving. “He wanted…” Yoongi glances away, heat curling over his cheeks as he drops his voice into a whisper. “He wants to corrupt me bit by bit all on his own.”

“Fucking hell, Yoongi.” Namjoon drops his head in his hand and rubs two fingers over his brow like he’s trying to relieve a headache. “You sold your body in exchange for your soul?” 

“I know how it sounds.” Yoongi folds his arms over his chest almost defensively. “Believe me, I know. I was as disgusted as you when he offered the deal. But I’m-” His voice catches on the emotion crawling up his throat. “What other choice did I have? Let his hounds drag me to hell and hang on the rack for the rest of eternity?”

“There has to be another way.”

“You think I haven’t tried?!” He snaps suddenly, so loud that the bartender a good way from them glances over in surprise. Yoongi sinks back down his booth and lowers his voice. “If I try anything to get out of this deal, he takes my soul. There’s no getting out of this without losing my soul. I’ve spent half my life trying to keep it, Namjoon. All of that time would be pointless.”

Namjoon’s face crumbles in understanding and he reaches across the table, offering both of his hands palms up. Jimin’s threat rings in Yoongi’s head but he slides his hands through Namjoon’s and let’s the man grip hold. “He’s a demon , Yoongi. What makes you think he won’t break the deal himself?”

Yoongi shakes his head. “He can’t. Crossroads demon, remember? Contracts sealed with blood. He suffers if he breaks it. He could care less about my soul at this point.”

Namjoon’s face twists and he glances away. “I’m sorry Yoongi, but I hate this for you. I hate that he’s forcing you to do sordid things. He’s not hurting you, is he?”

Yoongi shakes his head and though it’s embarrassing, it’s nice to have someone worry over him like this. “He doesn’t hurt me.” Namjoon’s shoulders slump slightly in relief. “And I agreed to this. He’s not… making me do things. Not really.”

Namjoon’s lips purse. “Are you sure , Yoongi? The equality balance is severely tipped here. Can consent be given when you’re in a contract to do these things with him?”

“He’s never forced me.” Yoongi states firmly because he’s sure of that. Jimin’s pushed him very far out of his comfort zone but he’s never forced Yoongi to do something he didn’t want to do. Okay, maybe he didn’t want to give Jimin that first blowjob but, since then, everything’s been okay. “He’s… Listen, I know Jimin’s a demon . I know demons better than almost anyone else. But he’s… I don’t know. He’s not horrible to me. He comes when he wants something from me and then he’s gone for days, sometimes weeks, and I can just live my life, go hunting and then he comes back, takes what he wants and leaves again.”

“You’re really okay with this.” Namjoon states, almost in disbelief. “You’re okay with what he’s doing to you.”

Yoongi bites his lip and squeezes Namjoon’s hands, urging him to understand. “It’s not bad. He’s not bad to me. I’m not suffering and honestly… I think this is the closest to happy I’ve ever been in my entire life.”

“Happy?” Namjoon stutters on the world. “With a demon ?”

Yoongi shakes his head. “With my life . It’s not ideal and it will never be ideal and maybe the way Jimin treats me now will change with time but for right now… It’s okay. I’m okay.” 

Namjoon breathes out a heavy sigh. “Okay. Okay Yoongi, I believe you.” Yoongi almost wants to cry from the honesty in Namjoon’s eyes. 

“I’m so sorry, Namjoon.”

“No, don’t be.” That soft kind smile is back in the corner of his mouth, dimpling his cheek. “This isn’t your fault. It’s a horrible situation but you’re making the best of it and as your friend, I’m not sure what else I could want.”

“I meant about us .” He squeezes Namjoon’s hands for emphasis.

“Oh.” The apples of Namjoon’s cheeks flush a pretty pink color and he glances away, embarrassed. “Oh that’s… Don’t worry about that.”

“I would.” Yoongi lunges forward and clutches both of Namjoon's hands within his own, his gaze desperate when he meets Namjoon’s soft sad eyes. “If I could-Joon, I would. I’ve thought about it.”

Namjoon winces and glances away, tugging one of his hands free from Yoongi’s tight grasp to rub the back of his neck. “Is that supposed to make me feel better?”

“Does it not?” Yoongi drops his head to press his nose against their joined hands. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry I can’t.”

“He’ll kill me, won’t he?” Namjoon doesn’t even sound upset about it and his large palm is warm when it rests on the back of Yoongi’s head. 

“I won’t let him. I’ll talk to him, clear this up. It’ll be okay.” Truthfully, Yoongi doesn’t know if Jimin will listen to him. He’s a fucking demon. He may have said he wouldn’t hurt Namjoon unless he shot first but Yoongi has a strong feeling Jimin really wants to rip him limb from limb just for being close to Yoongi and that’s fucked up . Yoongi can’t let that happen but what say does he have in it? He can try at least. “I’m allowed to have friends. My body belongs to him, that was part of the deal, but the rest of me? That wasn’t part of the deal.”

“You’re playing with fire, Yoongi.” Namjoon sounds worried and sad for him and he feels the other hunter press a kiss to the crown of his head. Christ, Jimin really is going to kill him. 

“So are you.” They rip apart so quickly Yoongi knocks his head back against the wood above the booth and Namjoon has a hand on his pistol under the table before Jimin can so much as quirk a smirk. 

“How long have you been here?” Yoongi gasps, eyes wide as Jimin slips into the booth beside him, stealing his drink and downing the rest of it. 

“Long enough.”

“I thought you were going to wait at the hotel.”

Jimin glances at him from the corner of his eyes with a dangerous look. “I decided I don’t need to fucking do that.” The glass makes a snap sound when it hits the table and both Yoongi and Namjoon flinch. “Put your gun away, hunter, no one wants to see that.”

Namjoon goes tense like a wire ready to snap and Jimin just rolls his eyes at him as he waves down the pretty little waitress who is clearly charmed by Jimin’s smile. He orders them another round of drinks and some nachos to share because Yoongi needs his strength for later, so Jimin whispered hotly into his ear. 

Once she’s gone, Jimin’s gaze is back on Namjoon and the danger is more faded. “Seriously, put it away. I didn’t come here to get a hole blown in me.” He shifts on the booth to remove his jacket and Namjoon is so tense Yoongi thinks he’s going to snap. 

“Why did you come here?” Namjoon’s voice is cold, steady and Yoongi commends him for that. 

Jimin reaches across Yoongi to stuff his jacket in the corner of this side of the booth along with Yoongi’s and then settles back down beside him, pressed firmly against his side. He’s wearing a black band t-shirt this time and the metal of his rings, necklaces and earrings sparkle in the dim bar lighting. 

“To make sure you keep your hands to yourself.” He nearly snarls it, dropping a hand to curl over Yoongi’s thigh possessively. He bends the elbow of his other arm to rest on the table and then rests his chin in his hand. “I’m kind of impressed you ignored my threats.”

Namjoon grits his teeth so hard his jaw pops. “I’m here for Yoongi, not you.”

“Good.” Jimin’s plump lips lift into a soft smile. “So am I.”

Yoongi glances between them nervously and for a solid minute, he thinks neither of them is going to break the intense stare down. Finally, Namjoon breaks it. Yoongi hears the click of his gun going back into default and then he shifts to put it away. Jimin’s smile brightens. 

“Lovely. Truce then?” 

Namjoon narrows his eyes, still distrusting of the demon. “For now. Until you hurt Yoongi, at least.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t hurt my pretty little kitten.” Jimin purrs and nuzzles against Yoongi’s cheek, giving him soft kisses. “Unless he wants me to.” Yoongi’s shoulders go up in embarrassment and Jimin just giggles happily against his skin. 

The waitress returns then with their drinks and Jimin picks up his fruity looking red one and downs half of it in one gulp. Namjoon picks up his own to sip at and Yoongi can’t bring himself to move. 

“Are you serious?” Yoongi asks the demon once the waitress has stepped away. “Jimin.” He curls his hand over Jimin’s gripping his thigh to gain the demon’s attention. “You’re not going to hurt him?”

Jimin sighs, heavily, as if put upon as he places his drink back down. “Yes, baby, I’ll keep my little hands to my little ol’ self.” He presses his wet lips to Yoongi’s cheek. “As long as he does the same.”

The relief that fills Yoongi is tangible and when he glances at Namjoon, he looks a little pained but relieved as well. “Thank you.” He catches Jimin’s chin with his finger and pulls him into a soft kiss that makes Jimin purr into his mouth. 

“Oh, I should do more sweet things for you if you’re gonna kiss me like that.” He wiggles his eyebrows with a giggle as he pulls away and settles his attention on Namjoon. “So, how’d the hunt go?”

Namjoon glances at Yoongi like he’s not sure what to do but with an encouraging smile from Yoongi, he dives into the story of how they rescued  two people and killed a pagan god. Jimin is absolutely fascinated. 

Yoongi is apprehensive when they return to his hotel room. Jimin has been touchy and affectionate all night and for the most part, Yoongi knows that’s because Jimin is staking his claim further but another part of Yoongi can’t help but enjoy it. He likes being touched. He likes having Jimin run his soft fingers under his chin or over the back of his neck. He likes feeling the weight of his palm on his thigh and he likes the soft kisses Jimin presses to his cheek or jaw when he’s feeling extra affectionate. 

But Yoongi has not forgotten the danger that lingers beneath Jimin’s gentle touch. He might have, for a little while, but when he saw the way Jimin looked at Namjoon, it washed over him like a bucket of ice. Jimin is a demon and he’s not to be trusted completely, in the end. Jimin hasn’t done anything to make Yoongi distrust him but Yoongi’s been around demons far too long to let his guard down the way he has been. 

He’s almost disappointed in himself. Maybe that was all part of Jimin’s plan. To get Yoongi’s guard down, tear him piece by piece and corrupt more than just his body. Yoongi figures that is Jimin’s goal in the long run. Twist Yoongi’s soul so he still ends up in hell. Yoongi knows that. Namjoon knows that. Jimin knows that. And yet, here they are. 

They bid goodnight to Namjoon at the bar and Yoongi had done his best to avoid the worried look Namjoon sent him. He never wanted someone like Namjoon to know the truth but thanks to Jimin showing up out of nowhere, he had no choice. It still doesn’t sit right with him. 

“Why did you show up?” Yoongi asks softly once they’re inside the hotel room, door locked shut and Jimin slipping off his leather coat to toss over the back of a chair. 

Jimin perks a brow at him as he plops down in the chair to start removing his boots. “You mean the first or second time?”

“Both.” Yoongi’s shoulders sag as he plops down on the edge of the single king sized bed and kicks off his own dirty boots. 

Jimin makes a soft noise, something contemplative as he tucks his boots away, nice and neat, beneath the small desk. “I missed you.” There’s a curl of a sly smirk in the corner of his mouth as he relaxes in the chair. 

“Bullshit.” Yoongi scowls and stands back up so he can walk into the attached bathroom, removing his coat and flannel as he does so. “I never wanted him to know, Jimin.”

“I’m not sorry.” Yoongi knows Jimin follows him but he chooses to ignore his presence as he takes a piss and then washes his hands in the sink. “You had to know this was going to happen at some point.”

Yoongi curls his lips over his teeth. “Yeah and I wanted it to be on my terms.”

Jimin’s sigh is heavy and then warm hands smooth over Yoongi’s sides and then over the flat of his stomach before a chin hooks over his shoulder. Yoongi glances up to see them in the mirror reflection and the heat in Jimin’s eyes doesn’t feel as dangerous as it did before. He doesn’t look regretful by any means but he does look like he doesn't want to have this conversation. 

“He was gonna try to fuck you tonight.” Jimin states flatly, the flicker of anger in his eyes making Yoongi’s skin prickle. “But you knew that already, didn’t you?”

“He’s been hinting at it.” Yoongi admits because he sees no point in lying if Jimin already knows.  

“You were going to let him.” There’s a growl slurring Jimin’s words, his glare blazing as he eyes up the side of Yoongi’s neck. Yoongi can feel the heat on his skin and he curls his hands around Jimin’s arms on his waist. 

“The fuck do you take me for?” Yoongi hisses, digging his nails in Jimin’s arms and tugging in an attempt to release himself. Jimin’s grip is too firm and he’s too strong compared to Yoongi so trying to pull out of his hold is rather useless. “Namjoon’s my friend .”

“I heard what you said, Yoongi.” Jimin never calls him by his name. In fact, at this moment, Yoongi can’t remember a time when Jimin ever actually used his name like that and it makes his heart skip around in his chest like a jumping bean. It also makes fear crawl up the back of his neck like cold dead fingers and he can only watch the way Jimin’s expression shifts into something hopeless before the fury is there. “You said you would.”

“If I could.” Yoongi corrects, digging his nails into Jimin’s skin hard enough to break through and he’s not even surprised by the prickle of warm blood against his fingers. Jimin’s grip on him is too tight, too possessive and it freaks Yoongi out just a little bit. He didn’t expect this from the demon but at the same time, he shouldn’t be surprised. “How stupid do you think I am, Jimin?” Yoongi hisses, dropping his head so his chin presses against his collar and he can see the way his nails break through Jimin’s tanned skin. “I agreed to this deal and I intend to keep my end of the bargain. I’m not going to fucking risk Namjoon’s life like that.”

Jimin’s grip around him tightens a fraction. “You belong to me .”

“Yeah, I fucking know that.” Yoongi snaps, twisting his head so he can meet Jimin’s blazing gaze head on. His eyes are red now, glowing in the light of the bathroom but they don’t cause fear in Yoongi. If anything, they just make him click his tongue and roll his eyes. “Chill the fuck out, Jimin. I’ve no desire to be with anyone else.”

Maybe it’s something about his words or the way he says them but the fire in Jimin dies out in a puff of smoke. He blinks in surprise a few times and if Yoongi didn’t know any better, he’d think the demon was relieved. “But if you could.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes. “Why are we talking about this? Why do you even care ?”

Jimin’s face goes immensely hard but Yoongi’s almost certain he saw… No. No, no, no. There’s no fucking way. 

“Right.” Jimin’s voice is a snarl now and he rips away from Yoongi so quickly it almost hurts. “Why would I care? Demon and all that.” He’s out of the bathroom before Yoongi even has the chance to process what is happening. 

“What is happening?” Yoongi murmurs and twists around to follow Jimin into the main room of the hotel. Jimin is tossing his jacket back on and shoving his socked feet into his boots without caring about the laces. He looks pissed off but not in a demon pissed off kind of way. More so in a… hurt kind of way and that slaps Yoongi upside the head like a fucking truck. “Where are you going?”

“Away from you.” Jimin snaps, the anger clear in his gaze as he adjusts the jacket on his shoulders. “You’re being an asshole and I don’t have the patience for it.”

I’m being an asshole?” Yoongi can’t help but laugh in disbelief. “You threatened my best friend because he’s close to me and I’m the asshole?”

Jimin crinkles his nose in disgust and the next thing Yoongi knows, his back hits the wall hard and Jimin has a hand tight around his neck. It’s almost hard to breathe and instinct kicks Yoongi in the stomach. Demon , Jimin is a demon, he needs to stop forgetting that. 

Jimin’s eyes flash red, his plump lips curl in a snarl and Yoongi’s abruptly reminded how dangerous this man is. “You fucking brat .” He hisses, mouth so close to Yoongi’s that he can feel his warm breath but Yoongi’s clawing at the hand around his neck as it cuts off his air supply. Jimin’s never hurt him, not once, and Yoongi’s completely thrown off kilter by this reaction. “I should thank you, maybe.” The smirk that curls on his lips is threatening. “Lost myself for a bit there.” He squeezes Yoongi’s throat enough to bruise and Yoongi chokes on air. “Thanks for reminding me I shouldn’t care .”

Yoongi’s so lost and so confused but survival instinct has kicked in and he knows his colt is still tucked into the belt of his jeans. But he can’t bring himself to reach for it. He doesn’t understand the second emotion swirling around in Jimin’s eyes beneath all that fury and anger. 

Before Yoongi can choke, Jimin drops him in a quick movement and steps back like he expects Yoongi to retaliate. Yoongi doesn’t. He just grabs at his own throat and takes in deep breaths of air, looking at Jimin like he’s grown a second head. 

“Mood’s ruined.” Jimin rolls his shoulders, so tense he looks ready to snap. “See you around, Yoongi.”

And then he’s gone in the blink of an eye and Yoongi is left standing there wondering what the ever loving fuck just happened.

Yoongi doesn’t see Jimin for three months. He starts to think he pissed the demon off so badly to the point that Jimin just doesn’t want him anymore. Even Namjoon is confused by the demon’s actions when Yoongi relays what happened that night to him. 

“If I didn’t know any better Yoongi, I’d say he was… upset you think he doesn’t care about you.”

But Jimin’s a demon . They care about nothing but themselves and sure, Yoongi has felt closer to Jimin than anyone in his life these past months and maybe he allowed himself to get too comfortable but he’s a fucking demon

A demon he might be in love with but that’s not something Yoongi is willing to admit to anyone, including himself. 

As the days go by without Jimin’s face, Yoongi starts to wonder how deep this hole he dug himself for is. He can’t admit that he misses Jimin, he can’t. But he does worry. He worries he fucked up whatever nice thing they sort of had. He worries that Jimin might back out of their deal and he worries what the consequences for that would be. Mostly, he worries that he won’t get the chance to apologize. 

And Yoongi knows he needs to apologize. Jimin had been a dick but so had Yoongi. Jimin was possessive for a reason and even if Yoongi hated it, he understood it. Jimin had even agreed to leave Namjoon alone for his sake when typically, a demon in that situation would just take out the problem without a care in the world. Jimin listened to Yoongi. He left when Yoongi asked him to and even if he didn’t stay away, he tried. He tried to respect what Yoongi wanted and Yoongi should have seen that. 

Jimin has always tried to make Yoongi comfortable. Their deal is blunt and to the point but Jimin never took advantage of that. Not really. He could pin Yoongi down and take whatever he wanted, which was what Yoongi expected, but no. He preferred to play with Yoongi. He wanted Yoongi to enjoy it and it worked. Yoongi did enjoy it. He enjoyed being with Jimin and he never told the demon he craved him but after three months without even a glimpse of the demon, Yoongi has to admit that he might. 

He might crave Jimin and that’s a hard thing for him to admit. 

Namjoon, sweet wonderful smart Namjoon, told Yoongi maybe it’s time he stops looking at Jimin as just a demon and remember that at some point in time, Jimin was human too. It’s a weird thing to think about and even weirder coming from Namjoon of all people but as Yoongi tells him more and more about the way Jimin treated him, Namjoon starts to believe Jimin remembers being human. He believes Jimin remembers what it feels like to feel and maybe he was feeling with Yoongi. 

And if that’s the case, Yoongi screwed up. 

So, after three months too long, Yoongi decides to take a chance. Maybe it’s stupid and it’s certainly dangerous but Yoongi needs to talk to Jimin and he’s tired of waiting for the demon to show up. So he gathers the ingredients for a summoning spell which are easy to come by and he rents a cabin in the deep woods of Oregon to seclude himself within. Namjoon is against the idea of him being so far off the grid. His cell doesn’t even get service but Yoongi has to do this right. If he and Jimin are going to talk, he needs to give Jimin the trust he has earned. 

The spell is simple enough and Yoongi knows the incantation by heart. He used it countless times to track down demons who might know something about his deal and trap them long enough to get information out of them. The only difference this time is he knows the name of the demon who holds the contract of his deal and though there is a demon trap, Yoongi doesn’t intend on using it long. 

The slide of a blade against his palm is sharp, slicing through the tender skin easily and Yoongi winces, squeezing his hand into a fist to hover over the bowl and drop his own blood into it. He chants the words easily enough from memory while he wraps a bandage around his palm to ease the cut. He watches as the bowl bursts with a purple flame and his body goes tense while he waits. 

He doesn’t have to wait long. 

“Hey sweetcheeks.” Yoongi whips around to see Jimin standing in the middle of the cabin, hands in the pockets of his leather jacket, bubblegum pink hair styled perfectly and lips pursed in a soft smile. “Long time no see.” He sounds tired, his voice soft and without any heat to it as he glances around the cabin. “Must say, didn’t expect this from you.”

“Where have you been?” Yoongi asks because he finds his throat too tight to ask anything else. He doesn’t even know where to begin this conversation so it’s best to start with the basics. 

Jimin tilts his head to the side in that cute way of his. “Making deals and all that. Kind of busy what with the apocalypse looming over our heads and everything.”

“'Cuse me?”

“Oh, you didn’t hear?” Jimin hums, looking surprised and flicks his tongue over his plump upper lip. “Lucy’s out of his cage and walking the earth. Didn’t you notice the increase in demons?”

He had. Both he and Namjoon have been hunting demons more than anything else lately but Yoongi didn’t think there was much of a reason for that. “Great.”

Jimin hums. “Should be over soon. Winchester’s are gonna lock him up again, or something. I don’t know. Above my pay-grade.” He shrugs casually and shifts to move toward the couch, maybe to lean on the back of it while they talk but he finds himself unable to move more than a foot. The line of his shoulders go stiff and he twists to narrow his eyes at Yoongi. “What did you do?”

Yoongi glances up and Jimin follows his gaze to the demon trap painted into the ceiling. Jimin hisses and when their eyes meet again, Yoongi can see the betrayal in them now. “Is this really necessary?”

“Sorry.” Yoongi says and sounds, offering Jimin a sad smile. “I didn’t want you running off before we could talk.”

Jimin narrows his eyes further and adjusts his hands in his pockets. “And what are we talking about? Another deal? Cause I’m not in the dealing mood, Yoongi.”

“No.” Yoongi relaxes back against the wooden kitchen table where he had done the summoning spell and puts pressure on his cut in hopes of making it stop bleeding. “I don’t want to deal, Jimin. I want to apologize.”

Now that gets Jimin’s attention. Distrust flickers in his gaze as he eyes Yoongi up. “You? Apologize? And to what do I owe the pleasure?”

“I’ll let you out if you promise not to run off.” Yoongi pulls his butterfly knife from his pocket and twirls it out in one hand. “We need to talk.”

Jimin’s lips purse into a pout but he nods his head. “Fine. Just get me out of this fucking thing.”

All it takes is a flick of a wrist and Yoongi tosses the knife into the ceiling, right into the outer circle of the trap. Jimin breathes out a sigh of relief and rolls his shoulders as he steps out from underneath the trap. 

“I didn’t expect you to go through such extreme measures to talk to me.” Jimin muses as he eyes the summoning spell and joins Yoongi at the table to lean a hip against it. 

“Yeah well it’s been three months and I got tired of waiting.” Yoongi admits, moving to his feet and twisting to face Jimin. 

Jimin’s mouth curls into a coy smirk as he reaches for Yoongi’s wounded hand and brings it up beneath them. Yoongi shivers at the touch of those warm fingers on his skin and he watches as Jimin unravels the cloth, drops it to the floor and then brings Yoongi’s palm to his mouth to run his tongue over the cut, licking the blood away and healing it at the same time, making strong pulses of heat shoot through Yoongi’s body. 

“I’m here, baby.” Jimin’s voice is deeper now and when he glances up at Yoongi through his lashes, there’s heat there that makes Yoongi’s heart putter in his throat. “What do you want to talk about?”

“Do you remember being human?”

Judging by the expression on Jimin’s face, he was not expecting that question. He carefully drops Yoongi’s hand and Yoongi misses his touch already. He crosses his arms over his chest and perks a brow at Yoongi, his eyes wide. “Asking a demon about their human life is like asking a woman her age. It’s rude, baby.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes. “Just answer the question.”

Jimin clicks his tongue. “Demanding today, aren’t you?” He watches Yoongi from the corner of his eyes before his shoulders droop slightly and he lets out a sigh. “And if I do? What does it matter?”

“Namjoon has this theory.” Yoongi ignores the way Jimin’s lips curl at the mention of the hunter. “That if a demon remembers being human, they remember what it feels like.”

Jimin squints his eyes. “And? The point?”

Yoongi nibbles on his bottom lip as he thinks of the best way to phrase this. He has to look away from Jimin’s intense glare or he’ll lose the courage to say what he needs to say. He focuses on the broken demon trap instead. 

“I’m sorry I didn’t realize what this meant to you.” Yoongi speaks softly. “I’m sorry I assumed you didn’t care about me or what we were doing. The way you act about Namjoon isn’t okay but I get it.” He lets out a soft laugh. “I guess I’d be pretty dickish too if you said you’d rather be with someone else.”

Jimin inhales sharply. “I don’t care. Demon, remember?”

Yoongi crinkles his nose and cuts his eyes at Jimin. “Don’t degrade yourself like that.” Jimin blinks in surprise, the anger in his gaze fading. “Cause, you know, I did think it was interesting how you were treating me. You respected me on some level when you could have just taken advantage of the deal we made. You took it slow and sure, you wanted to corrupt me bit by bit but that’s not the whole story, is it Jimin?”

The more he talks, the more Jimin’s expression drips into disbelief and fear and the more Yoongi grows confident that he’s right. 

“You took it slow for me . You still pushed and dragged me out of my comfort zone but you never hurt me. You never forced me and you could have. You could have used the deal as an excuse but you didn’t . You might be a demon, Jimin, but you’re not like any demon I've ever dealt with.”

“So what?” Jimin snaps and Yoongi knows the anger is in defense. “Corrupting you slowly is delicious. Your pleasure is more delicious when you want it. Don’t try and make this something it’s not, Yoongi.”

Yoongi hums. “See, under normal circumstances, I would agree with you. If not for the fact that the last time we saw each other, you ran off all upset like we broke up or something because you thought I didn’t feel the same way as you.” His expression softens and when he reaches for Jimin, the demon flinches slightly but doesn’t pull away from the way Yoongi brushes his fingers over the curve of his cheek. If anything, Jimin leans into the touch and Yoongi wonders if the demon craves him as much as Yoongi does. “News flash, Jimin. I do.”

Jimin’s stunned gaze snaps up at him and there’s disbelief there. “Yeah? And what type of feelings are we talking about here?”

“I’m not sure, honestly.” Yoongi shrugs one shoulder and drops his hand from Jimin’s cheek. “I don’t know what I’m feeling or what we’re doing. I just know I like whatever it is we are doing and I’d like to keep doing it. I’ll be more careful from now on with what I say. You’re a demon, Jimin, and I won’t forget that but I need to stop acting like you’re the same type of demon I’ve dealt with my entire life because you’re not.”

Jimin still looks unsure and a little suspicious. “Why are you being like this?”

“Because you’ve been gone for three months and I had a lot of time to think.”

“Yeah, so did I.” Jimin stands up a little straighter and steadies his gaze. “You wanna treat me like a demon, then I’ll be a fucking demon, Yoongi.”

“That’s not what I want.”

“And you think what you want matters?” Okay, that hurts a little bit. 

“It has up until now.” Yoongi points out, ignoring the sharp pain in the center of his chest. “Come on, Jimin.” He reaches out to curl his fingers around Jimin’s. The demon’s fingers twitch for a second before they link with his almost out of instinct. “Can we move past this? Hell, we can pretend this never happened if that’s what you want. But I don’t want you to go around acting all demon on me when what we have works better than that.”

Jimin glances away for a moment as he thinks, his teeth digging into his plush lower lip as he does so. “You’re too trusting.” When he glances back, Yoongi curls his lips up into a soft smile. Yeah, maybe he is. And maybe he’s stupid for this but he likes being with Jimin and he likes the freedom they share together and he wants things to go back to normal. “I’ll never love you. You know that right?”

Yoongi breathes a heavy sigh through his nose and swallows hard. “Yeah, I know that.”

“And I’m always going to hate Namjoon. I’ve spent the last three months, thinking of all the ways I can peel his skin from his bones.” The hatred is in his burning gaze but it doesn’t look nearly as dangerous as it did the first time. “He wants to touch you in ways only I can.”

“I know. I know that, Jimin.” He gives his hand a reassuring squeeze. “But you didn’t kill him. You didn’t even touch him when you could have. He’s not a threat to you, or to us or our deal. You’ve kept up your end of the bargain and so will I.” He takes a step forward, closing the small distance between them and softly presses his lips to the arch of Jimin’s cheek. He feels the way the demon gasps against him and Yoongi feels a surge of something strong and powerful shoot through him. He’s never really initiated touch like this between them before. It was always Jimin. “I don’t want anyone else, Jimin, don’t you know that?”

“You’re fucking crazy.” Jimin breaths out and lifts his free hand to cup Yoongi’s neck in his palm. He can feel Yoongi’s pulse against his thumb and Yoongi closes his eyes at the warm touch. It’s been so long since he’s felt Jimin and he wants . “But I knew that already.”

“Are we okay?”

“Yeah, maybe. I guess.” He feels the press of Jimin’s smirk against his mouth. “You could make it up to me though.” 

Yoongi’s heart swells in his chest and when he reaches down to grasp Jimin’s solid thighs and lift him onto the table, their mouths molding together like they always belonged, Yoongi can’t help but think maybe selling his soul wasn’t the worst idea he ever had in his life. 

Nothing changes. Yoongi would say he’s surprised but if anything he’s just relieved. Things with Jimin go back to exactly how they were. He shows up at random intervals between Yoongi’s hunts, they lose themselves in each other and then Jimin’s gone so Yoongi can continue on his merry way.

The only difference, and it’s very subtle, is the way Jimin looks at him sometimes. Usually after sex, usually late into the night when Yoongi is pretty useless for anything aside from soft sleepy kisses. Maybe Jimin thinks he doesn’t notice but Yoongi sees it. He sees the fond way Jimin watches him fall asleep and though Yoongi allows himself to hope, he doesn’t bring it up. 

Jimin is a demon, will always be a demon and he’ll never love Yoongi. The most he’s capable of is caring that Yoongi belongs to him and him alone and if that’s all Yoongi can get out of him, he’ll take it. It’s better than nothing. 

Yoongi doesn’t give Jimin all of his trust either because he’s not that fucking stupid but he gives Jimin a lot more leverage than he would any other demon. Yoongi’s just along for whatever the hell they are doing and enjoying it. Thinking about it too hard ruins what they have and Yoongi learned his lesson. 

He’s just going to go with the flow, keep hunting, keep being friends with Namjoon and keep fucking Jimin until the demon decides he’s bored with him or stops caring about their connection as much. It’s bound to happen, Yoongi knows that, but until then he’s going to enjoy himself because as far as he’s concerned, he fucking deserves it after all the shit he’s been through. 

Yoongi always feels the most amorous after a successful hunt and Jimin has picked up on that. He always seems to show up in whatever random ass motel room Yoongi is staying in after a hunt gone well and it doesn’t take much to get Yoongi’s mouth on his and Yoongi’s hands on his skin. 

Tonight is no different. For four days Yoongi has been hunting a wraith terrorizing a local college campus and killing students under the guise of suicide. Namjoon had sent him on the case but had been unable to join due to his own case. Usually, they hunted together but Namjoon was off in Maine visiting a friend when this case came up and it just made sense for Yoongi to go for it since he was closer. 

Hunting alone isn’t really Yoongi’s ideal anymore but he’s capable. He managed to kill the damn wraith before it took anymore lives and Yoongi was on a pleased high when he came home to his hotel room. Jimin sitting in the middle of his bed, jacket and pants abandoned wasn’t even a surprise to him. He just locked up the door, tossed off his own jacket, kicked off his shoes and fell into Jimin’s open arms. 

That was about twenty minutes ago and currently, Yoongi is doing his best to squint at the ceiling through the haze in his gaze while Jimin trails his hot mouth down Yoongi’s stomach. They’d kissed for so long Yoongi’s mouth feels swollen and sore but so good . The heat in his blood is a familiar friend, pooling in the pit of his stomach ready to be poked and pulled at Jimin’s will. 

The desire in Jimin’s gaze always makes his heart rate pick up and sometimes, Yoongi still can’t believe the demon wants him this much. He knows how much pleasure Jimin gains from twisting Yoongi’s desires to his will, tainting him and Yoongi can’t find it within himself to care. He enjoys it too much to care how twisted his soul might be becoming.

“You taste like sweat.” Jimin purrs against the skin above his belly button, his eyes flashing when Yoongi glances down. He’s stripped Yoongi down to just his underwear while Jimin is still wearing only his white t-shirt. His pink hair is a mess from Yoongi’s fingers and want coils tight in Yoongi’s stomach from how attractive he looks like that, hovering just above Yoongi’s swelling cock. 

“Yeah well, I ran for, ah fuck ,” He gasps and arches his back when Jimin presses wet kisses to his skin again, “fuck, I chased that bitch halfway across campus.”

Jimin hums, pleased, and curls the tips of his fingers in the hem of Yoongi’s boxers to pull them down just slightly so he can kiss the soft pudge of skin just above the base of Yoongi’s cock. The touch is almost ticklish but too hot and makes Yoongi itch to wiggle beneath Jimin. “Wish I could have seen it. Bet you looked so sexy when you ganked that bitch, kitten.”

Yoongi’s breath catches as he rolls his head back and lifts his hips in hopes Jimin will tug his cock free from the fabric it’s trapped in. “Only you would find me sexy covered in blood.”

Jimin’s lips curl up in a sinful smirk and he runs his tongue over his teeth. “Do you always get covered in blood when you hunt?” He drops his mouth over the bulge of Yoongi’s cock in his boxers. The fabric tents slightly from the half-hard length and his warm breath just makes it twitch in response. “Cause if so, I might have to join you sometime.”

Yoongi snorts and drops a hand to dig through soft pink strands. “Not always. But you’re welcome to join me sometime.” His heart swells at the idea. He bets Jimin would be a fantastic hunter and he has no doubt they would make an even more fantastic team. Maybe better than him and Namjoon. 

Jimin hums like he’s actually considering it before molding his mouth over Yoongi’s length through the fabric. It’s hot and a little wet and Yoongi groans, gripping Jimin’s hair between his fingers. “I’ll think about it.” It almost sounds like a promise and Yoongi groans from how that makes him feel. “But first,” Jimin pulls away from him and Yoongi almost whines from the lack of heat, “Go clean up in the shower cause I’m not fucking you when you smell like wraith blood and sweat.”

Yoongi sits up on his elbows and crinkles his nose. “Seriously?”

Jimin smiles at him coyly and slips off the edge of the bed to get to his feet. When he stretches his arms above his head, his shirt lifts enough for Yoongi to get a nice view of his perfect ass and fuck Yoongi wants. He grumbles but he gets to his feet as well and kicks off his boxers because they’re pointless. 

“Good boy.” Jimin praises and gives his bare ass a good slap that makes Yoongi nearly squeak. He covers his ass in defense, throwing a playful glare over his shoulder at Jimin who just twinkles the fingers of his assaulting hand at him. “Clean up real nice for me, baby.” He wiggles his eyebrows and Yoongi would laugh at the way that makes him look if not for the intense heat in his gaze. “You deserve something good after a hunt like that.” He wiggles two fingers and Yoongi gets what he means without asking. 

Want rushes through him and Yoongi trembles against the intensity of it. “Yeah, okay, I’ll be back.” He hurries into the bathroom and doesn’t bother shutting the door as he starts the shower and waits for it to get hot enough to step under. 

Jimin hasn’t fucked him yet and that still surprises Yoongi. Jimin wants to, Yoongi knows he wants to but that’s a line they haven't crossed yet. But lately, Jimin has been more inclined to play with Yoongi’s ass than usual and that makes Yoongi think he’s getting ready to pull the last purity from Yoongi that he has. 

More often than not, when Jimin goes down on him, Yoongi ends up with two fingers pressed firm against his prostate and he comes down Jimin’s throat after way too minutes of torture. Yoongi assumes Jimin is getting him ready for his, admittedly, thick cock and Yoongi kind of appreciates that. He’d rather it not hurt, thanks. 

And Yoongi does want it. Shit, he’s been thinking about it ever since Jimin replaced his fingers with his tongue that one time a few weeks ago. That felt incredible and was maybe the most intense orgasm Yoongi’s ever had but ever since, he’s been thinking about it being Jimin’s cock instead. 

Hopefully tonight is the night. 

Yoongi takes his time in the shower even if his cock hates him for it. Giving himself blue balls isn’t the best idea in the world but he does stroke his cock a few times just to keep the interest. Plus, shoving his fingers in his own ass to clean himself as nice as possible is good stimulation as well. By the time he leaves the shower, Yoongi is flushed all the way down his chest and panting slightly from how much he wants

Jimin is sitting in the center of the bed, completely naked, when Yoongi enters the room again, dried off and ready to go. The smile Jimin gives him is both soft and a little nervous but the heat in his eyes holds promises Yoongi hopes he keeps. 

“Pretty baby, come here.” Jimin offers his hand and Yoongi takes it, allowing the demon to pull him on the bed and drag him over his body. Jimin rests back in the pillows and pulls Yoongi against him, their bare skin sliding warm together until their lips meet in a firm kiss. “That’s better.” He whispers against Yoongi’s mouth as he runs his hands up and down the muscles of his back. “You smell like me now.”

Yoongi groans into Jimin’s mouth, his body trembling and aching to be touched and Jimin delivers with firm presses over his sides, back and shoulders. Jimin kisses him until he’s breathless, until it’s more tongue than lips and so wet Yoongi can feel it dripping from the corner of his mouth only to be wiped away with Jimin’s tongue. 

Jimin doesn't demand nearly as much as he used to. Not verbally, anyway. Instead, his hands move Yoongi where and how he wants him. He rolls them over so Yoongi’s on his back again and then pulls away so he can shift from straddling Yoongi so fitting himself between his thighs. Yoongi opens his legs willingly, even if he’s a little shy about it, turning his head to the side as Jimin spreads his palms over the fat of his thighs. 

“So pretty.” Jimin purrs and leans down to drop kisses all over Yoongi’s stomach, picking up right where they left off, only this time they’re both naked. “You wanna play, kitten?” He murmurs against Yoongi’s skin as he trails down toward his twitching cock. “I wanna play with you.” He mouths over Yoongi’s hardening cock but doesn’t waste his time there. He cups under Yoongi’s knees and pushes them up, spreading Yoongi’s thighs further as he trails his mouth over his smooth, waxed hairless balls and then over his perineum. 

Yoongi can’t help but gasp and moan at the touches, Jimin’s mouth so warm and wet it makes his skin tickle. No one but Jimin has ever touched him in these intimate places and Yoongi wants to keep it that way. The way Jimin touches him is almost as if he’s unraveling the most desired gift and Yoongi’s never felt so wanted in his entire life. 

He spent most of his life feeling unwanted but Jimin has banished that feeling to the dark depths of his heart. 

“So pure I can smell it.” Jimin almost groans against the curve of Yoongi’s ass and when he flicks his tongue between the cheeks, Yoongi chokes on air. “Hold your legs for me, kitten.” Yoongi replaces Jimin’s hold under his knees with his own hands and drops his head back on the pillow in anticipation of what Jimin’s going to do to him next. “Smells like want.” Jimin giggles softly and drops to his stomach so he can palm apart Yoongi’s cheeks and bury his tongue between them. 

It’s wet and warm and Yoongi’s entire body trembles. They’ve done this before but Yoongi’s not sure he’ll ever get used to it. The way Jimin’s expert tongue flicks over his puckered hole is almost too much and Yoongi has to grind his teeth to keep himself in check. His stamina has greatly increased over his time with Jimin and for the most part he’s learned to control his orgasms but sometimes Jimin throws him for a loop and control slips through his fingers. 

For now, Yoongi has control. 

“I’m gonna eat you apart.” Jimin breathes against his skin, his grip on Yoongi’s cheeks hard enough to dimple the soft flesh. “I’m going to ruin you.”

Yoongi’s heart skips in his throat and he breathes out, “ please .”

“Never knew someone so eager to be corrupted.” Jimin giggles into his skin before he pulls back enough to start mouthing at Yoongi’s sensitive perineum. It makes Yoongi’s thighs tremble from the pleasure. “Tastes like heaven, baby. You gonna be a good boy and lie still for me?”

Yoongi nods his head and lets out a hiss when Jimin bites his skin in warning. “Yes, yes , fuck, I will.”

Jimin lets out a pleased hum and pulls a bottle of lube from somewhere . Yoongi hadn’t been paying attention. Little too preoccupied with Jimin’s lips on his skin to care where the bottle came from. “Mm, yeah you will.” He almost sounds drunk on Yoongi’s taste but when Yoongi’s grip on his legs go a little slack, he’s quick to react with a firm, “Hold still, Kitten.” Yoongi tightens his grip on his legs and spreads them to give Jimin better access. 

He hears the pop of a cap and waits with bated breath before he feels the warm slick press of Jimin’s fingers against his puckered rim. They’ve done this enough that there’s little resistance or pain on the first finger. Jimin twists his finger to coat Yoongi’s walls with the slick before pulling back out to pour more on two fingers. Both of those fingers are shoved inside without much finesse and Yoongi groans long and hard in the back of his throat. 

“Shh, Kitten, I’ve got you.” Jimin presses kisses to the back of his thighs as he starts to twist his fingers. Yoongi hisses from the feeling but knows to relax his body the best he can. The more tense he is, the more it’ll hurt. Jimin’s amazing with his fingers but his fingers are nothing compared the girth of his cock. That’s what scares Yoongi sometimes but at the same time makes him wet for it. He wants to be stretched to his limits around the girth of Jimin’s cock, the same way his lips do and maybe Yoongi really is being corrupted but he can’t bring himself to care. 

He just wants .

Jimin presses his open mouth to the base of Yoongi’s hard cock and curls his fingers to press against that spongy gland and Yoongi sees stars. The grip on his thighs goes tense and his head drops with his eyes rolling into the back of his head. It feels so good his entire body shakes with it and he can feel the way Jimin chuckles against his skin. 

For awhile, all Yoongi can do is lie there and take it while Jimin mouths over his cock and slowly drags his fingers over his prostate. Jimin likes to drag out his pleasure so when Yoongi gets too worked up, he goes back to feeling Yoongi’s inner walls and kissing over the skin of his thighs and ass. It’s enough to bring Yoongi back down but then he’s right back up again with plush lips against his cock and fingers curling in his ass. It’s almost too much and Yoongi struggles to keep a grip on his control. 

Yoongi doesn't know how long Jimin drags him out like that. All he knows is how much he’s struggling to catch his breath and how hard his body is trembling. He wants but he’s not getting what he wants and he’s starting to grow frustrated from it. Jimin says he can be a brat when he doesn’t get what he wants during sex and Yoongi’s starting to understand what he means. 

“Min, please .” Yoongi gasps loudly, suddenly, his eyes popping open when Jimin grinds his fingers over Yoongi’s prostate in that special way that can make him come. 

Jimin moans, a deep guttural sound and Yoongi knows how affected he is by this. He can feel the bed shifting slightly from how Jimin’s rutting his hips against the mattress. Yoongi almost whines from how badly he wants to be the thing Jimin is rutting against instead. 

“You’re so pretty like this, kitten.” Jimin’s voice is that deep husky slur it always gets when he’s lost in his desire and pleasure and Yoongi tingles from it. “So close to begging.” He drags his teeth over Yoongi’s weeping length gently. “I’ll have you begging one of these days.”

Today might be that day because Yoongi can’t take it

“Min.” He gasps out, losing grip on his legs and instead reaching for Jimin’s hair. The demon moans against his cock, the vibrations bolting right through him and Yoongi struggles to grasp hold of something. “ Fuck .”

“Are you close, baby?” Jimin’s smirking, Yoongi knows he’s smirking from the mirth in his eyes when he glances up at him but his mouth is hidden so Yoongi can’t see for sure. “You wanna come down my throat again?” He flicks his tongue around the stretched rim of Yoongi’s hole around his fingers. “I’m gonna fuck your face so hard when you’re done.”

“No.” Yoongi chokes on the word and almost smiles at the way Jimin goes tense against him. His eyes flick up to meet him, a question there and Yoongi does smile this time and probably looks like he’s fucking high or something from how hazy he feels. 


Yoongi grits his teeth, swallows what little pride he has left and asks for what he so desperately wants. “Fuck me.”

Jimin blinks numbly for a moment before he finally lifts up on his knees and Yoongi can see how slick his mouth and chin are from eating him out. He keeps three fingers buried in Yoongi’s ass but he doesn’t move them, just stares down at Yoongi like he’s a puzzle piece to figure out. “Is that how you ask for what you want?”

Yoongi groans and tosses his head to the side, embarrassment curling over his already flushed cheeks. Now that Jimin’s sat up, Yoongi’s hands have curled over his own stomach while his thighs sit spread open on the mattress. “Fuck me, please .”

Jimin snorts softly, amused and twists his fingers hard enough to make Yoongi scramble at his own cock, forming a tight ring at the base to prevent himself from coming. Jimin’s eyes flicker at that, something deep and hot and fucking delicious. The heavy gaze trails up Yoongi’s body and he licks his lips sensually. 

“Damnit, Jimin.” He won’t whine, he won’t . “Do you want me to say shove your cock in my ass?”

Yes .” Jimin almost whispers, his eyes going wide and something primal flickering in those borderline red orbs. 

Oh . Heat throbs through Yoongi in waves and he swallows hard against the way his heart is pounding. He reaches for Jimin and the demon comes willingly, keeping his fingers buried in Yoongi’s ass but pressing his hand into the mattress under Yoongi’s armpit for leverage. 

Yoongi slides his palms over Jimin’s pretty face and pulls him close enough to slot their mouths together. The kiss is hot and wet and more tongues than lips but Yoongi moans into it anyway because he loves the way Jimin makes him feel. Once Jimin pulls away to let Yoongi catch his breath and starts mouthing over Yoongi’s jaw, Yoongi finally whispers what he wants; pride be damned. 

“I want you.” It comes out almost like a moan and he wraps his arms tightly around Jimin’s shoulders and arches up into him. “I want you inside me. I want to feel the way my hole stretches around the girth of your cock. I want you to fuck me until I can’t think anymore.” Yoongi groans when Jimin thrusts his fingers inside of him, growling harshly against the side of his neck. “You said you would ruin me and I want you to fucking prove it.

The growl that rips from Jimin is in no way human but Yoongi doesn’t care. If anything, it makes his want deeper because demon or not, Yoongi is fucking in love with this asshole and he wants him. He wants every tiny little piece of him that Jimin is willing to offer and he’ll suck it down like the greedy little bitch that he is. 

“Oh, kitten ,” Jimin truly purrs in his ear now, his chest almost rumbling with it as his fingers slide out from inside of him and both hands grip his thighs so tight they’ll bruise, “Be careful what you ask for.”

“I know what I’m asking.” Yoongi counters, clawing his nails into Jimin’s tense shoulder blades. “Are you going to fucking do it or not?” Yoongi knows he’s pushing his luck but he also knows Jimin won’t hurt him. There’s something warm in that realization but that’s something to deal with later. 

Jimin just starts laughing at him, a deep rough chuckle that makes his skin prickle. It sounds dark and maybe a little demonic but Yoongi loves it. He soaks it in and barely hisses when Jimin’s teeth sink painfully into his shoulder. Jimin’s entire body is rumbling with his laughter and Yoongi thinks the demon is pleased. He’s finally getting what he wanted all along. He’s getting Yoongi to beg for him, crave him , and it seems Jimin is so pleased with himself that he doesn’t know what to do. 

“Oh,” Jimin rumbles when he pulls back, tongue flicking over the blood left behind from the bite, “I’ll ruin you, kitten. I’m just getting started.” He trails his mouth to Yoongi’s and Yoongi can taste his own blood on Jimin’s tongue. “If you thought all this time I was working you up to ruin you with this, you were wrong.” Jimin’s smirk against his mouth is tangible. “This is just the beginning.”

“Are you going to keep bragging or are you going to fuck me?”

“Brat.” Jimin hisses, biting Yoongi’s lower lip in warning but it just makes him arch and gasp for more. “Look at you.” He pulls Yoongi’s thighs apart so he can settle between them, slotting their cocks together and making Yoongi choke on his spit from the heat. “You’re so ready for it, aren’t you? You’re just trembling at the thought of taking my cock.” He drags his hands over Yoongi’s thighs and to his knees where he makes them hook around his waist. “I always knew you’d turn into a little cock slut.”

Yoongi groans into Jimin’s mouth and buries his hands into that soft pink hair for something to grab hold of. “Yeah, and who’s fault is that?”

He can practically feel Jimin vibrate from pleasure and the smile he presses against his lips is well worth any pride Yoongi has lost. “ Mine.

Yoongi swallows hard. “Yeah, yours.” Fuck this is kind of a big thing, isn’t it? Yoongi admitting this aloud. “I’m yours.”

Jimin’s growl is so pleased it makes Yoongi’s entire body tremble with pleasure. “Oh, Kitten . I’ve waited ages to hear you say that.” He presses their lips together in a firm, passionate kiss. “Mine.”

“Prove it.”

Yoongi doesn’t expect a warning and he certainly doesn’t expect the warning to come in a soft tender kiss to his cheek before the blunt head of Jimin’s cock is squeezing past the tight ring of muscle around his hole. Yoongi nearly chokes on his tongue from the stretch and he holds tightly to Jimin as the demon slides his hips forward until he’s buried to the hilt. 

Jimin breathes out what feels like centuries of relief into Yoongi’s mouth but doesn’t move farther than that. “You’re fucking perfect, you know that?” He starts to ramble against Yoongi’s mouth while he waits for Yoongi’s virgin body to adjust to his thick throbbing cock. The stretch is immense but it doesn't hurt. It feels strange and a little uncomfortable but it doesn't hurt much to Yoongi’s relief. “Perfect and Mine, you’ll always be mine, kitten. I’m never letting you go. Not when you give me this. Not when you’re so willing and open for me. Oh, you’re just perfectly tainted.

Yoongi takes that as Jimin equivalent to saying he loves him. “Yeah, I love you too.” 

Jimin snorts a laugh into his mouth but doesn’t question or fight the confession. Just kisses him a little deeper and finally starts moving. 

At first, it’s just bizarre. Jimin’s fingers are much different from his cock which is double the girth and triple the length but Yoongi’s stretched and wet enough to not care about the discomfort. He’s more focused on the way Jimin elegantly rolls his hips, pulling out to the tip only to slide back in a little firmly. They’re not hard or brutal thrusts. In fact, they’re almost gentle as he allows Yoongi to get used to the feeling. It’s thoughtful and Yoongi feels so full from his feelings for this demon that he can’t help himself. 

“More.” He begs against Jimin’s mouth and the demon is more than happy to oblige. 

Jimin lifts up enough to press both elbows into the mattress on either side of Yoongi’s body for leverage, keeps his face buried in his neck and starts to roll his hips properly. Yoongi has to scramble for a grip on Jimin’s back from how good it feels to be fucked like this by Jimin. It’s better than he ever dreamed because Jimin’s cock is hard and throbbing and thick inside of him and Yoongi can feel every gasp, every hitch and every tremble of the demon’s body. 

It’s consuming. He gets lost in the way Jimin breathes against his skin and the way his hips roll them together. Yoongi does his best to start lifting his hips to meet Jimin’s thrusts at some point and earns a pleased bite to his skin for that one. Jimin has the perfect angle to thrust, the tip of his cock grinding over Yoongi’s prostate with each thrust and Yoongi’s never felt consuming pleasure like this. He’s felt all kinds of new things because of Jimin but this is maybe the best thing yet. There’s no describing how good it feels. 

Maybe it’s how intense things are between them, or how long Jimin has waited for this, but it’s not long before Yoongi feels the tell tale signs that Jimin’s climax is fast approaching. The snap of his hips grows harder, deeper, more intense and all Yoongi can do is hold on. Jimin keeps mumbling into his skin how perfect he is, how beautiful and pretty and for a demon, he sure has so many golden words to spill against Yoongi’s skin. 

“Come in me.” Yoongi’s voice is so wrecked from moaning it’s almost a gasped whisper but the words make Jimin tremble against him and his hips quick up to an almost brutal pace that has Yoongi whining and moaning into Jimin’s hair. 

It’s good, it’s too good and maybe Jimin knows that because he angles his hips to really pound into that spot that makes pleasure consume him. Yoongi sees nothing but white stars and hears nothing but the sound of their skin slapping together and Jimin’s breathless moans in his ear and then he’s gone .

Yoongi doesn’t know who comes first but he thinks it might be him. It washes over him in waves of pulsing heat that nearly makes him blind to everything else. He clenches so hard and so tight around Jimin that it must cause the demon to come as well because he feels the way Jimin’s hips stutter, teeth sinking into his throat and warm liquid coating his insides. 

Jimin’s kissing all over his face and neck when Yoongi finally comes back down enough to blink his eyes open. He can feel Jimin’s growing soft cock still buried inside, trapping the proof of their pleasure and Yoongi groans from how gross he suddenly feels. And he just took a shower too. Jimin giggles into his hair at his displeased whine and pulls back enough to meet his eyes. Yoongi’s heart stops in his chest because he’s damn certain that’s happiness twinkling through Jimin’s honey-brown eyes. 

“You know, that bathroom has a tub, right?” Jimin’s smile is bright and beautiful as it presses against Yoongi’s mouth. “I’ll take care of you, kitten.”

Yoongi groans, wraps his arms around Jimin’s head and pulls him into a deeper kiss that leaves the demon moaning into his mouth. Want still curls through Yoongi on a bone deep level and he thinks maybe one round wasn’t enough. It certainly doesn’t take much coxing from Jimin to fuck him all over again, two more times actually. Once with Yoongi’s stomach pressed into the mattress, ass in the air and Jimin’s hands all over him and once more in the bathtub, Yoongi settled in Jimin’s lap under the water, grinding his hips down against his cock until they’re both gasping and whining for more. 

When Yoongi is too tired to keep his eyes open, Jimin is there, tucking him under the sheets and pulling him against his chest, kissing his hair and whispering to him sweet little nothings that don’t fit the tongue of a demon but Yoongi’s buried too deep to care. 

At the age of thirty-one, Yoongi is killed during a ghoul hunt gone horribly wrong. It’s expected for a hunter to die on the job but it doesn’t make it any easier for Namjoon to have to give his best friend a hunter’s burning. Namjoon regrets not being there to help. He regrets many things but most of all, he regrets letting Yoongi go on that stupid hunt all alone. 

Yoongi remembers the feeling of the blood being slowly drained from his body and the feeling of claws in his stomach and he wakes up with a gasp, sitting up so quickly his head spins. The pain lingers but when he lifts his black shirt to look at his stomach, there’s not a scar from the claws he remembers. For a minute, Yoongi wonders if he was dreaming that hunt but when he finally takes in his surroundings, he thinks he’s dreaming now. 

Yoongi is settled in the middle of a large four post king sized bed, dripping with red and black sheer curtains and covered in black sheets. He furrows his brow in confusion as he glances around to see the bed is settled in the middle of a decent sized bedroom with elegant black walls and silver metal trimmings. 

Is this heaven? Yoongi vaguely thinks as he shifts to the edge of the bed and gets to his feet. His body feels strange, light almost and he shuffles around the room to see a black dresser against the wall and a full length mirror on the other side of the room. Other than that, there’s not much else going on. There are no windows and no doors and Yoongi wonders where the hell he is. 

The heat is what gives it away. Oh, and the screams. He can hear them in the distance when he stops moving and starts listening. They’re distance, like thunder miles and miles away but they’re there and Yoongi drops his eyes to his own hands as horror dawns on him. 

He’s in hell. That fucking ghoul killed him. 

Now, Yoongi’s not shocked to be in hell. Sure, Jimin always said he’d probably end up in heaven for all the people he helped but Yoongi’s not surprised to see his relationship with a demon didn’t trump all of the good he did. Yoongi always kind of assumed falling in love with a demon and doing all the shit they did was a hell sentence and he was okay with that. 

What shocks him is the fact that he’s in some bedroom and not on the meat rack like he expected. Those screams? That should be him. Why isn’t it him? He’s not a demon is he? He shuffles over to the mirror to check his eyes but he looks exactly the same. Blond hair, pale skin, tired but brown eyes. He’s dressed in the clothes he died in but they’re not torn or bloody. Just a normal pair of jeans, a black t-shirt and a leather jacket he borrowed from Jimin. 

Jimin . Yoongi gasps and twists around the room for any sign of the demon. There isn’t a single one and Yoongi stars to grow more confused. He can’t be a demon, not yet. His soul isn’t twisted enough for that but it could become that if he’s not up on the rack. Hell, even being on the rack would be enough to twist him but Yoongi can’t begin to fathom what’s going on. 

And then there’s the sound of shuffling clothing and he twists around, breath caught in his throat and heart skipping at the figure that has appeared directly in front of the mirror; plump lips curled into a fond smirk around the stick of a lollipop, glowing red eyes twinkling in amusement and affection and hands shoved into the pockets of his leather jacket. 

“Hey sweetcheeks.”