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It's okay.

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He was fine. Really, everything was great. Except he was tired and wished to disappear.

It's not like they're bad, but they always laugh and laugh and laugh and he can't do anything.
He became a class clown without really trying and now everyone can't see anything other than a joke.

A joke.

Yes, that is him. He is fine with it, he would say. He likes seeing others laugh. He is an outgoing guy after all.

But it all is a lie. Sure, he likes when others are happy but not with his own suffering. He wants to hide in the blanket and disappear forever.
He knows, that no one will understand why he is like that. He doesn't either. It's just the world is so dull. He doesn't feel anything except for sadness. Sometimes he even thinks that the world would be better off without him. But he tries, he really tries to find reasons to live and smile.
And he succeeds....

Until someone calls him stupid again, until someone laughs, until someone asks why he is even at UA.

And everything he has reached crushes down under the weight of self-hatred and doubts. He only cries more at night and with the help of his quirk his sleep reduces to one or two hours.

Mornings are the same. He wakes up, makes sure he looks okay enough to pass as a happy-go-lucky guy and goes to the main building. There he chats with people and make them laugh, and then proceeds to go to the classroom, where he fails miserably and makes a joke of himself.

It's harder in the dorms. He doesn't want to talk to anyone but he can't avoid his classmates and someone will surely come to his room.

"We're watching this", they say.
"We're playing that", they say.

But he finds an excuse to miss a few days.

His class has a hero training today and he's fine, but Aizawa made everyone give their best. He wants to scream, and hide and never be here, never exist and never bother anyone with his presence.

So, he overuses his quirk. He hears someone yell in the distance but he doesn't care. He is free.

He finally is okay