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Sparkling Green Gems

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***Real Quick Note before you continue reading***

****Izuku stutters throughout this story; it depends on how emotional he is or how overwhelmed he is that will make him stutter more or less.  If something is too difficult to read, please let me know and I will do something to make it easier to read****

*****I might end up making this a story at some point.  I don't know.  That's why there's so much backstory and stuff that leaves you wanting more.  We'll see.  If I don't end up making this a story, I'll post something with the answers to said backstory so that you know what's going on!*****

***now to enjoy the story***


“Are you ready for tonight, Katsuki?” Todoroki asks, glancing at his husband.

Bakugo grins.  “Of course I am!  Tonight we pop the question!”

“That means you’re going to be good, right?”  Suddenly, Todoroki is right up in his face, leveling him with a look.

He scoffs.  “Of course I will!  Who do you think I am?  I can’t have Deku thinking he can get away with anything!”  He jumps as Todoroki lands a slap to his ass. “Hey!”

“That’s right.  Izuku has to learn that he can’t just misbehave.  However, if he starts following your example because you decide to be naughty, then it’s you who’ll get most of the punishment.”  He grins down at the angry look Bakugo is sending his way.

“I know, I know.  Now, let’s go!” He tries to pull his husband to the front door but is stopped by a firm hand in his hair.

“Katsuki, what did I just say about your behavior?” Todoroki asks sternly, fixing him with a firm look. 

"Sorry," Bakugo mumbles, casting his eyes to the ground submissively and relaxing his body. 

"As long as you've learned," Todoroki says, releasing his grip on Bakugo's hair.  He seems pleased with his husband's submission. "Let's go. We don't want to be late." 


They make it to the restaurant with ten minutes to spare.  They head inside and glance around. Todoroki smirks when he sees a familiar head of green hair sitting at a booth in the corner. 

"It looks like he can at least follow directions," Todoroki murmurs, leaning close to Bakugo and whispering in his ear. 

The blond looks in the direction that Todoroki is looking in and chuckles.  "Well, he at least grabbed a corner booth. We'll see if he can follow directions on what you said to wear." 

"Hello, Sirs.  Table for two?"  A waitress hurries over when she sees them. 

"No.  We're meeting someone." 

"A table for three then?" 

"No.  He's here already.  We'll just head to his table."

"A-ah.  Okay. Here are two menus, then."  She holds them out. 

"That's okay, he's ordered for us already." 

The waitress blinks.  "O-okay. Enjoy your meal." 

Bakugo and Todoroki walk over to the booth in the corner and their breath gets taken away when they see him. 

"Hello, Bunny," Todoroki rumbles, feeling pleased. 

The greenette looks up, startled.  "O-oh, hello," he stutters. "You're early.  I wasn't expecting you for a little bit yet." 

Bakugo smirks.  "We couldn't possibly be late for such an important date." 

"R-right.  W-well, I ordered for us already and it should be out in about twenty or thirty minutes." 

"You did good, Izuku.  And I see that you wore the outfit I sent to you." 

Izuku blushes bright red.  "W-well, you told me to w-wear it t-tonight, s-so I listened."  He looks down at his outfit which consists of an emerald green skirt, cream leggings, red sneakers, a cream corset, and an emerald green half-jacket.

"Good boy," Todoroki praises.  "You listen better than somebody I know." 

Bakugo rolls his eyes.  "He knows he likes me better bratty.  But that's beside the point." He slides into the booth across from Izuku.  "It's a good thing you listened, though. That's something Shouto requires." 

“I-yeah.  I know. This isn’t my first relationship like this; plus, we’ve been going out for a while.  I know,” Izuku answers shyly, his face scrunching up in displeasure at the memories from his previous relationship.

Todoroki frowns.  “Just remember, Izuku, that if at any time you’re uncomfortable with anything, you can use your safeword.  Or, you can just say you’ve had enough of this arrangement we have. We don’t want to force you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with.”


The awkward moment is broken when their food arrives.  Todoroki and Bakugo are pleased when they see Izuku ordered them their favorite food and wine.

“Thank you for ordering this for us, Bunny,” Todoroki says after taking a bite.

He smiles slightly.  “You’re welcome.”

They eat in relative silence, sometimes breaking it to comment on the meal or ask about each other’s day.  By the time dessert rolls around, Izuku is back to his bubbly self and they’re laughing about something that happened to Bakugo at work earlier that day.

“...and then the bastard had the gall to try and blame me when everyone could clearly see that it was his fault!  He was just angry that I called him out for his harassment to me and the other servers. The bouncers kicked him out and we all watched him scream and rave outside the doors.  Eventually, the police had to come and drag him away.”

“Wow, Kacchan, is your job dangerous?”

Bakugo shrugs.  “Not really. We just sometimes have shitty, perverted customers who think they can touch and do whatever when they really can’t.  They learn the hard way. Most of our clients respect our boundaries and listen to the rules, so it’s an enjoyable job.” He thinks back to how he met Todoroki there.  “What about you, Deku? Anything interesting happen today?”

Izuku’s smile dims slightly, making both Todoroki and Bakugo worried.  “W-well, when I mentioned that I had a date, there was someone who made fun of me.”  He brightens up. “But then one of my friends smashed a pie in their face, so that was good.”

“Izuku, I forget, did you say you work at a bakery?”

He nods.  “I did. I work at Might’s Bakery on Main Street.  Technically, I’m a patissier but working in a bakery is fine with me.”

“Is this guy a customer?” Bakugo asks, ready to come and smash the guy’s face in.

“No, he’s part of our cleaning staff.  He’s a little pervert who tries to peep on the girls.  He makes fun of me because I’m gay and because my last relationship failed.  He keeps trying to prove a point that gay relationships don’t work out. That’s why my friend smashed a pie in his face.  She also made him pay for the pie.” Izuku shrugs and nibbles on his lower lips. “It’s nothing serious.”

“Hmm, it sounds like I will be making a trip to the bakery sometime this week,” Todoroki hums, already feeling murderous.  “But enough with that. Once we eat dessert, we’ll be on our way. Katsuki and I have a surprise for you.”



 “That was so good!” Bakugo groans, rubbing his stomach as they walk out of the restaurant.  “I’m so full!”

“It was good,” Todoroki agrees.  He looks over at Izuku. “What did you think, Bunny?”

“It was good.”  Izuku smiles over at them.  “Maybe I’m a bit partial because I was trained in this, but there were a few things I would’ve done differently had I been the one making those.”

“Hmm, well you’ll have to give us a demonstration at another time.  Did you bring your car or did you walk?”

“My coworker dropped me off.  I told her that I would be going home with you guys and didn’t want to leave my car, so she dropped me off.  She’s nice like that.” Izuku smiles shyly.

“Good boy.”  Todoroki reaches out and pulls Izuku to him.  “My car is just over here. You and Katsuki will sit in the back and behave .”

Bakugo whines.  “You mean I can’t touch him?”



They reach the car and Todoroki releases Izuku in favor of grabbing Bakugo and roughly kissing him.  “If you be good, I’ll let you give Izuku his surprise tonight. If you can’t listen, then I’ll give it to him while you’re tied up and just watching.  Understand?”

“Y-yes, Sir,” Bakugo replies breathlessly.

Todoroki gestures for him to slide in the car before turning to Izuku.  “Come here, Bunny.”

Easily, Izuku walks over and slides into Todoroki’s embrace.  “Yes?”

“Be good tonight, okay?  If you’re really good, I’ll give you a pretty reward.”

“O-okay.”  Izuku’s eyes sparkle.

“Good boy.”  Todoroki leans down and connects their lips in a devastating kiss.  He very easily dominates the kiss and makes Izuku melt. Just as Izuku starts to want more, Todoroki pulls away.  "Go get in the car, Bunny." 

The greenette whimpers, but moves to obey.  He sits next to Bakugo and smiles at him. "Hi, Kacchan," he whispers. 

Bakugo stares at him until Todoroki slides into the driver's seat.  "Can I kiss him?" He asks, keeping his eyes on Izuku. 

"You can, but nothing more than that.  We have a fifteen drive. I want no touching or clothes off until we get home."  His voice is firm, demanding obedience. 

"Yes, Sir." 

Izuku stays quiet, watching the two interact.  He jumps when he's called. 



"You will only kiss.  No touching or clothes off, understand?" 

"Y-yes, Sir." 

"Good boy."  Todoroki starts the car.  "You have fifteen minutes to enjoy yourselves.  Once we arrive and get inside, you can't do anything without me." 

"Yes, Sir." 

Like a rubber band snapped, Bakugo is on Izuku.  Their lips connect in a hungry kiss. Their hands latch in each other's hair, not able to touch anywhere else.  Their kiss is hot and heavy, each of them trying to devour the other. Bakugo easily gains control of the kiss, his tongue delving into Izuku’s mouth and exploring.  Their moans and sighs fill the car, making Todoroki’s pants uncomfortably tight. He’s relieved to see their apartment building and quickly pulls into the garage.

“Off, you two.”

Parting the kiss reluctantly, Bakugo sucks on Izuku’s tongue as he pulls away.  “We here?” He asks gruffly, wiping his chin and running a hand through his hair.

“We are.  Out.” Todoroki practically jumps out of the car and waits for Izuku and Bakugo.

Izuku lays against the door, trying to get his bearings.  “I-I don’t think I c-can walk,” he whines, squirming at the uncomfortable tightness in his panties. 

"You're a big boy, Bunny.  Show me you can listen," Todoroki murmurs. 

Frowning, he struggles to his feet.  He bites his lip to suppress a moan as his lacy panties rub against his cock in just the right way.  Todoroki quickly pulls Izuku to his side to help support him. 

"Good boy," he praises, smirking as a shiver runs down the greenette's spine.  "Run ahead and unlock the door. I want you in your spot and waiting when Bunny and I get up there." 

Quickly grabbing the keys from Todoroki's outstretched hand, Bakugo scrambles to the stairs and darts up them.  Once the door to the stairwell slams shut, Todoroki begins moving to the elevator.  

“Nghn!”  Izuku stumbles along, leaning heavily against Todoroki and trying to suppress his moans.  “P-please!”

“Not yet, Bunny.  We still have much planned for tonight.”

They make it to the elevator where Todoroki swipes his card and punches in the number to his and Bakugo’s penthouse.  As the elevator begins moving, Izuku takes a moment to try and calm down. He knows that before he can cum or do anything tonight, he has to be given the okay by Todoroki.  That’s how this relationship works. Todoroki and Bakugo are the dominants, with Todoroki being the main decision-maker. Izuku is their sub who listens to their instructions and follows their words.  As a reward, they each gain mind-numbing pleasure and joy in interacting with each other.

“Are you...calming yourself down?” Todoroki asks, pausing in the middle of his sentence when he notices how still Izuku has gotten.  “That’s smart. We have barely even begun.”

Nodding his head, he closes his eyes and takes a deep breath.  “Yes, Sir.”

“Good boy.”

The elevator dings, signaling that the two of them have reached their destination.  As the door slides open, Izuku notices the door to the penthouse is cracked open.

“Ah, it seems Katsuki can follow orders,” Todoroki murmurs, smirking when he notices the door.  “It looks like you’ll get a look at how I run things here at our home.”

He nods, allowing Todoroki to support most of his weight again as they move into the penthouse.  Once the door is closed, Izuku sinks to his knees and looks up at Todoroki.

“We’re doing things a bit differently tonight, Izuku.  Stand up, please.” Todoroki extends his hand to help him up.


They walk into the bedroom where they find Bakugo seated on the edge of the bed with a small box in his lap.

“Thank you for listening tonight, Katsuki,” Todoroki says as he leads Izuku to sit on the bed next to him.

“Tonight’s special,” he replies gruffly.  “Decided I could listen.”

“You should listen all the time, but I’ll let that pass tonight.  Izuku, tonight is a very special night; do you know why?”

Izuku’s expression turns into the one that he gets when he’s puzzled.  Todoroki and Bakugo think it’s the cutest thing. “Uhm, well, we’ve been in this kind of relationship for six months now, so I guess it’s kind of like an anniversary.  Other than that, I’m not sure. Am I missing something? Someone’s birthday?” He now has a panicked expression on his face.

“No, no.  you got it right.  Don’t panic,” Todoroki says, reaching out and placing a hand on Izuku’s knee.  “We’ve been together for six months now; it’s our six month anniversary.” He pulls over the small recliner that’s in the room so it’s closer to the bed and sits down.  “That’s why tonight is so special. Because we wanted to ask you something.”

“Ask me something?”  The puzzled look is back.  “What about our six month anniversary requires you to ask me something.”

“We wanted to ask you something important, Deku, so listen closely.”  Bakugo clears his throat and turns so he’s looking at Izuku more. “We’ve been together for six months.  We’ve helped each other in ways that no one could. You’ve helped me with my anger problems and authority issues.”

“You’ve helped me get over my problems with my father.”

“You’ve done so much for us, despite us being married and you being the one unattached.  You’ve given us your all and that means a lot. As people who’ve had their families give up on them, you being there through thick and thin is huge.”  Bakugo swallows hard as his emotions begin to get the better of him. “We know you have hangups over something like we’re about to ask you, so please don’t feel obligated to say yes just because we ask you.  But, Izuku Midoriya, would you do us the honor of becoming our submissive?” He opens the box and shows Izuku the sparkling green gems on the beautiful collar Todoroki had made for tonight.

Izuku, who had been fighting tears ever since Bakugo started talking, gasps and stares at the collar.  “Y-you w-want m-me?”

“We do, Bunny.  You’re the only one for us.”  Todoroki smiles gently at him.  He can’t help but feel nervous.  

Izuku just gapes, switching his gaze between the two of them.

“We understand if you don’t want to,” Bakugo says, mistaking his hesitation for fear of being collared.  “You’ve told us of your past relationship and we don’t want it to be the reason for you to leave us. If you don’t want to be collared and officially our submissive, you don’t have to.  We can just keep the arrangement we have now.”

“NO!”  Izuku’s voice is loud, startling even himself.  “No,” he says, much more quietly. “I a-am s-so h-honored th-that y-you w-would ch-choose s-someone l-like m-me t-to b-be yo-your su-submissive.  Y-you he-helped p-put m-me b-back to-together a-after th-the dis-disaster I c-called m-my l-last re-relationship, m-my l-last M-Master. Y-you lo-loved m-me e-even th-though yo-you kn-knew th-that th-there w-was a po-possibility th-that I w-wouldn’t l-love y-you b-back.”  He pauses and takes a deep breath to steady himself. “S-sorry f-for ho-how m-much I-I’m stut-tering.”

“Take your time, Izuku,” Todoroki says, reaching over and placing his hand on Izuku’s knee again.  “We’re listening.”

Bakugo nods and laces his and Izuku’s fingers together.  “Go on.”

Izuku takes another deep breath and squeezes Bakugo’s hand.  “Wh-what I g-guess I-I’m tr-trying to s-say i-s th-that I l-love y-you gu-guys s-o m-much.”  He hiccups. “Sh-Shouto To-Todoroki, Ka-Katsuki Ba-Bakugo, I wou-would be h-honored t-o be-become y-your sub-submissive.”

Beaming, Bakugo turns to Todoroki with a hopeful look on his face.  “Please, Shouto?”

Unable to hide his own smile, Todoroki stands up.  “We’ll do it together.”

Together, he and Bakugo pick up the collar and gently place it around Izuku’s slender neck.  They fasten it closed, making sure it’s locked, before pulling away. Todoroki holds up the key that’s on a chain before slipping it around his neck next to the one that unlocks Bakugo’s collar.  Then, they pull Izuku into a tight hug that seems to last a lifetime.

“Thank you so much, Izuku,” Bakugo whispers.  “You mean so much to me.”

“O-of c-course, Ka-achan.  L-love y-you.”

“Love you too, Deku.”

“I promise that I will not become like that bastard that called himself your Master.  I will be better!” Todoroki vows. “If I end up doing something like he did, you have full permission to punch me in the face.”

Izuku chuckles.  “A-about th-that.  I w-was th-thinking th-that in-instead of M-Master, I c-could c-call y-ou D-Daddy?”

“Daddy?”  Todoroki is puzzled.

He blushes a bright red.  “W-well, yo-you t-take ca-care o-of me li-like a pa-parent wou-ld wi-with a f-few obvi-ous di-differences.  I-it j-just s-seems fi-fitting.”

“He has a point.  You like to tell him he’s being a good boy or that he’s a big boy or a baby boy,” Bakugo says, smirking at how red Izuku is.  “Why not?”

Todoroki shrugs.  “I’m not opposed to it.”  That’s actually kinda hot.

Bakugo scoffs at his husband.  “Don’t pretend that you don’t like the thought of being called Daddy.”

Izuku yawns and rubs his eyes.  “S-so, c-can I ca-call you D-Daddy, Sh-Shouchan?”

“Yes, Bunny.  You can call me Daddy.”

“Call me Papa,” the blond suddenly exclaims.  “I want something different too, so call me Papa.”

“O-okay.”  Another yawn.  “D-Daddy, P-Papa, I kn-know to-tonight i-s a ce-celebration, b-but c-can I g-o to slee-p?  W-work wa-was har-d to-today.”

“Yes, Bunny, we can go to sleep.”

“You deserve a good night’s rest.”

They quickly strip down to their underwear before climbing under the covers.  They snuggle close, never feeling like they’re close enough, before giving each other kisses.

“Th-thank you again.”  Izuku hums for a moment.  “D-do yo-you th-think we-we’ll b-be abl-e to get ma-married?  Al-l o-f us?”

Todoroki and Bakugo freeze.  “What?”

Izuku sits up.  “I w-won’t be ups-set if we ca-can’t, bu-but I ju-just really wa-ant to get ma-married to you gu-ys.”

“Bunny, are you proposing to us right now?”  Todoroki sits up, followed closely by Bakugo.

“Eh?”  Izuku swings his gaze over to look at him with wide eyes.  I gu-guess I a-am.”

“We do,” Bakugo murmurs, wrapping his arms around Izuku’s waist and resting his chin against his shoulder.  “I know someone who could help us with that. After we celebrate your collaring. Maybe in a week or two we can start looking into that?”

“O-okay.”  Izuku yawns.  “M-my br-brain ju-just tur-turned o-off.”

Todoroki chuckles.  “Well then, I guess it’s bedtime for a bunny.”

“N-night, Daddy.  N-night, Papa.” Izuku lays back down and snuggles close.

“Goodnight, Bunny.”

“Goodnight, Deku.”