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Not a trace to be found of the way we feel

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Bucky grinned into his glass as Clint scored another bullseye on the dart board and then turned to smirk at Bucky over his shoulder.

This was killing him.

Watching Clint show off and not being able to kiss that stupid smirk off his face the way he wanted to.

It was a good job Bucky wasn't drinking tonight as he may not be able to control himself.

He was on Steve wrangling duty and needed to keep a clear head.

Steve was currently off again with his on/off boyfriend Tony over some stupid shit that Bucky hadn't yet been able to work out.

When he and Clint had first stumbled into being more than friends nearly three months ago, they had decided to keep it just between them whilst they figured things out.

Bucky hadn't really needed to figure things out but he hadn't wanted to scare Clint by applying too much pressure, as Clint was a little commitment shy.

Bucky had started to fall for Clint pretty much the day they met.

When Tony and Steve had decided to introduce their respective friends to each other, they had all met up in a low key bar in Bucky and Steve's neighbourhood.

Tony had brought his friends Rhodey, Pepper Natasha and Clint and Steve had brought Sam and Bucky.

When they had been introduced, Bucky had immediately been struck by how gorgeous Clint was, even though he had been sporting a plaster across the bridge of his nose.

He had shaken Bucky's prosthetic hand without hesitation and then tripped over his own feet on the way to the bar.

Bucky had been a little smitten.

Bucky and Clint had then bonded over their shared service history as snipers and a love of pranks.


It had been one of the most epic nights of drinking in the whole of Bucky's life.

The group had been permanently banned from the bar that night but it had ensured lasting friendships between the groups.

Clint had quickly become one of Bucky's closest friends even as he harboured his burgeoning crush.

As they became closer they shared the problems they had both experienced after medical discharge, Bucky with his arm and Clint with his hearing loss.

Clint shared with Bucky his difficult family past and the rocky relationship he had with his brother.

Bucky made Clint laugh at the way he and his sister Becca had tortured each other growing up.


What had made Bucky really fall for Clint though was the fact that Clint had no idea how special he was and what an amazing heart he had.

A few months after they had first met Clint had rescued his dog Lucky from being mistreated by some mafioso dudes, earning a black eye in the process.

A few days later he had won the title deeds to the apartment building he lived in poker game, against the same guys, to stop his neighbor's being made homeless.

He had just shrugged it off, saying anyone would do the same.

Clint was the missing piece, something that Bucky hadn't realised he needed until it was right in front of him.

He could see himself sitting onto the couch with Clint watching reruns of Dog Cops and eating pizza for the next 50 years.

Clint, however, had never given any indication that he was interested in being anything other than friends with Bucky.

Then three months ago, nearly two years after they had first met, things had changed.

They had come to the end of an epic Mario Kart tournament, and Bucky had been laughing at Clint when he had tripped over Lucky after attempting a victory dance.

Something must have shown on his face because Clint had suddenly turned his full gaze on Bucky and moved closer to Bucky's end of the couch.

Clint had whispered," Don't kill me if I'm wrong,” and then given Bucky the most spectacular kiss of his life.


Just two days ago, when they had been discussing how best to tell people, Steve and Tony had broken up again, in their usual spectacular fashion.

Steve had stormed into Bucky's room whilst he had been on the phone to Clint trying to decide what to do.

Bucky had taken one look and Steve face and known what had happened, he hastily said goodbye to Clint and pulled Steve into a hug.


When Bucky had called Clint back later that night, Clint had suggested waiting to tell people until things had calmed down a little for Steve and Tony.

Bucky had felt his heart sink and the sudden urge to punch Steve as the words left Clint's mouth. But he had agreed. Something he was now severely regretting.

Steve had dragged Bucky out to a local bar straight after work as it was Friday and their weekend off, determined to drown his sorrows. Bucky had called Clint and Sam to come and meet them for back up.

Bucky knew that right now, Tony was somewhere with Rhodey and Nat being discouraged from drinking his body weight in whiskey.


So far tonight Steve hadn't caused any trouble and was just sitting morosely in their booth, downing beer after beer and eating his weight in bar snacks, resolutely refusing to talk about what had happened.

Bucky had spent most of the evening so far admiring Clint's ass and shouting encouragement every time he beat Sam at darts or pool.

But as much as he did not want to hurt Steve,

Bucky was sick of hiding.

He wanted to hold Clint's hand when they were out with the others and kiss his stupid face all the time.

"Steve, I'm going to get another drink, do you want another? "

Steve nodded at Bucky and went back to staring into the distance.

Bucky passed the dart board on his way to the bar.

" When are you going to give up Sam ?"

" You know you can't match Clint's superior sniper skills."

"You just watch, Barnes, I get him one of these days."

Bucky laughed at the look of dogged determination on Sam's face as it reminded him so much of the way Steve looked when he was determined to beat something.

As he passed Clin,t he signed at him to meet him outside in 10 minutes, something that was lost on Sam as he didn't know more than a few basics of ASL.

Bucky ordered a coke for himself and a beer for Steve and took them back to the booth.

After placing the beer in front of Steve, he turned towards the side door of the bar.

He indicated to Steve that he was going outside and Steve pulled a disapproving face.

Bucky didn't smoke much anymore but whenhe did Steve made no effort to hide his displeasure.

It was just the excuse he needed to get a few minutes alone with Clint.

When he reached the alleyway, Clint was waiting for him, leaning casually against the outside wall of the bar, a smirk rising on his lips as he spotted Bucky coming through the door.

Bucky immediately crowded Clint up against the wall, his arms bracketing either side of Clint's shoulders.

"You were deliberately showing off in there,weren't you."

Bucky spoke slowly and clearly as he looked up at Clint, making sure Clint could catch every word.

"Were you impressed ?"

A teasing smile spread over Clint's face but Bucky's heart broke at the underlying hint of doubt in Clint's voice.

Bucky moved closer.

"You were so gorgeous, I wanted so much to come and kiss you every time you scored a perfect bullseye."

The look of pleasure at Bucky's words made him want to pull Clint into a tight hug and never let go, but he also really wanted to fucking kiss him.

So he did.


Everything else disappeared and he had no idea how long they were there until, he heard an exaggerated cough, close by.


It was Sam, arms folded across his chest and smirking at Clint and Bucky as they turned towards him.

"I just wanted to let you know that Steve just rushed off to see Tony and that I'm gonna head home."

Bucky stared at Sam for and before he could find the right words, Sam turned to head back inside.

Before he stepped through the door he turned back to them and said, " If you could wait three more days before you tell the others, I would really appreciate it. I have Monday down and the pool is up to $500. " Then he disappeared through the door.

Bucky stared at the door for a while longer and then rested his head on Clint's shoulder.

"Fucking Sam."

Bucky could feel Clint silently convulsing with laughter.

He turned and grinned at Bucky.

"So much for being stealthy, huh ?"

Bucky grinned back.

"Our friends are assholes."

Clint nodded and then pulled Bucky into a hug.

"If we find out which date Nat has I can try and get her to split the pool with us."

Bucky gave Clint a disbelieving look. Clint just shrugged.

"Let's just never say anything and that way none of them win and we can claim the pool by default."

Bucky stepped back out of Clint arms and held his hand.

"I like the way you think, Barton.

"Let's go back to yours and order pizza. I want to avoid Steve and Tony's make up after last time and I haven't seen last weeks Dog Cops yet."

Clint stepped forward and tangled his fingers with Bucky's, grinning he pulled Bucky back though the bar and out onto the street.