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Stolen Goods

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If Jack wanted something, he got it. Another kid's lollipop? Already his. Ten thousand dollars whiskey? His. A table at the most expensive Helios' restaurant right now? He could just walk in and sit, tell anyone to fuck off. He could have anything.

Right now Jack wanted two things—to crush Maliwan and to have Katagawa's pet for himself.

He knew he wanted it as soon as he saw it drooling on Katagawa's thighs during the private meeting. They were at Katagawa's home, discussing transferring a part of former Atlas to Hyperion, as a thank you gift for not killing them when Jack rose from the dead. The young man was probably trying to impress him, or threaten him, showing off what became of the former CEO of Atlas after Maliwan took over. He didn't know he had brought his doom upon himself.

Katagawa was keeping the pet in what was basically a gilded cage. Well, Jack would get it a better gilded cage.

Six rooms were prepared for the pet in his penthouse, including a huge bathroom, a study full of books and a kitchen. They were filled with luxurious, expensive furniture. No sharp knifes or scissors, and no strings or belts would be accessible to the pet for the first few weeks, so it couldn't hurt itself, accidentally or intentionally, but other than that, it would give the impression of a normal house, so the pet could feel at home, there.

The pet had a limited access to the echonet with Katagawa. With Jack it will have limited access to the echonet, and all of the movies, series, albums and songs ever published, and its own computer with every game ever released. Also every book, either already in the study, or in a digital form.

Jack made sure all of the doors in the pet's rooms could be closed, but none could be locked or blocked by furniture. For the fake sense of privacy. Fake, because there were hidden cameras everywhere, so Jack could keep an eye on his pet anywhere, any time.

When all the preparations were finished, Jack launched his war against Maliwan. It took not even a day of moon-shooting the rival company's bases and sending loader bots, and then they were gone. Soon, he received a message from the search team that was sent to Katagawa's private housing, which he made sure wasn't bombed. They found no pet, however.

Could he escape? Rhys was smart, but this wouldn't be possible. No.

A rage filled hour later, Jack received another message. The search teams going through the Maliwan's HQ's rubble have found the crushed, unrecognisable body of the peacock, and next to him a broken man confusedly crying his eyes out. It was a Take-Your-Pet-To-Work Day, and therefor he saw his master die. Given how much Katagawa has messed with the kid's brain, it must have been hard, feeling relief and grief at the same time.

Jack had the pet checked by doctors and patched up. Fortunately, it was only bruised. Then, it was brought to its new home. Right now the new pet was in its bed, only slowly waking from the drug-induced sleep. It would have a nice morning, in a new home, with a new, better master.

After two hours, Jack was getting impatient. The pet was not getting up and discovering its new home, just laying there looking confused and pathetic. Bandages on its ribs peaked through its unbuttoned black silk pajama top. Its bruises were still glistening with the healing creme. Hair messy. Jack decided to pay it a visit to help it rise and shine.

When he entered the room, the kid's confused face was immediately filled with terror. Its left hand shot up to check on the ECHOport—which indeed was irritated, though for a different reason. Jack noticed a small pink scar in the middle of the organic hand. It wasn't new, but it wasn't completely healed yet. Maybe a few weeks old.

"No, no, no. No hologram," he correct. "Handsome Jack in all his glory, right in front of you, kiddo." He flashed his trademark grin.

"Wh- Where is- Kat?" Rhys stammered.

"Dead. I killed him." Jack relished in the way the kid looked crushed and relieved at the same time, the emotions fighting inside him. "I also cleaned your brain of his program. It will take some time, but you will get him out of your head."

"Katagawa was pathetic," Jack stated as he stalked towards the man on the bed. "I don't need to hack your cybernetics to make you obey me, love me and desire me. Am I right, cupcake?" he asked, his face inches from the younger man's.

Rhys seemed to be too scared to answer, and that was alright, it will learn to speak up when asked. "Did Katagawa train you?" Jack asked, running a finger over Rhys' lips.

The younger man nodded and hesitantly let the finger in its mouth, sucking gently. That was truly a beautiful reflex and Jack intended to find all of the nice tricks the former owner taught his pet.

"Gonna be a good boy for me, baby?" Jack asked, almost childishly excited.

"Please, let me–"

"Wrong answer," the CEO growled, his mood changing so suddenly. He pulled the pet down by its shoulders, positioning it horizontally on the bed so its head was hanging over the edge. Rhys whimpered in pain and tried to fight the sudden movement, but Jack's new body was so much stronger; he had no problem manhandling the lanky boy.

Jack figured this position would be the best for Rhys' bruised ribs, and he pulled his cock out with one hand, while he supported the kid's head with the other. He was already half hard from the beautiful sounds Rhys was making. When the pet opened its mouth obediently and stuck out its tongue, he cursed and pushed in, unable to hold back.

Rhys was gagging violently, gasping for air, but Jack didn't relent in his pace for a long time, hitting the back of his pet's mouth with every hard thrust. He grunted and cursed, it felt so good. If crushing Maliwan wasn't really satisfying, this made up for it.

He pulled out to let it calm its breathing.

"Am I bigger than him?" Jack asked smugly.

"Y-yes," Rhys answered, voice shaky and strained. Lovely.

Jack smirked and thrust in again, this time slowly. He didn't stop when the younger man gaged, pushing all the way to his throat. "Good boy," he praised it with a groan. He placed his free hand on the pet's neck, feeling himself deep inside it.

Jack fucked the pet's throat, pulling out occasionally to let it take a few shaky breaths, until he came. He spilled deep in its throat and watched with hooded eyes as the kid's neck bobbed as it swallowed.

"Good boy," he praised again, and watched Rhys shiver. "Now let daddy take care of you."

Jack paid no mind to the way Rhys' body was trembling, its head shaking from side to side in denial, eyes closed. He pushed the pet back on the bed, helping it to lay on its side. He pulled its pants down enough to expose its ass, two beautiful globes of white. He reached into the bed nightstand for a bottle of lube (edible, in case the dumbass thought it possible to poison itself with it).

"Please, no," Rhys whimpered when it saw Jack coating his hands in the lube.

"She, shh. Daddy will take care of you," he soothe, and positioned one finger at Rhys' entrance.

Something seemed to snap in the boy, giving him courage, and it moved away, yelling: "Leave me alone, asshole! You can't do that!"

Jack just chuckled. Had it not been for the post-orgasmic bliss, he would probably spank the kid, or maybe strangle it, but not this time. He did punish it, though. Instead of one finger he pushed two almost all the way in at once. It tried to escape the movement, but Jack already had an arm around its waist, pulling it back onto his fingers.

He grinned and praised when the pet went limp, just taking whatever Jack had for it. He curled his fingers to search for the sweet spot and played with it until Rhys moaned. Then he started stroking his cock firmly.

Whimpers and half-sobs turned to moans and biting its lips. Jack set an even pace, fucking and stroking Rhys at the same time. Soon, the young man arched and came, shooting release onto the silky blankets.

Jack let go of it and watched it curl into a tight ball, shivering and sobbing silently. It didn't dare to cover itself and the pants were left pushed down, exposing the abused ass glistening with lube.

"Welcome home, kitten," he chuckled, petted its head for the last time, soiling his hair with lube.


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Some days, the old Rhys was just gone...



"Harder, kitten."

Rhys obeyed instantly, setting up a pace that left them both moaning. It clutched at Jack's shoulders, and he let it do that, because he loved the way it turned to him for comfort, even though he was the one causing the harm. He leaned back in his yellow chair to take in the sight. His beautiful pet clad only in the golden collar he gave it, bouncing on his cock, blushing and closing its eyes in shame.

"Harder," he growled.

Rhys whimpered, but halted for a moment to shift in the chair. When it gained enough leverage, it started moving again, rising almost all the way up to thrust down with force each time.

Jack had learned early that Rhys hates pain, and it's not fun at all when the pet is sobbing, trembling and overall uncooperative. If Jack wanted the pet to come too, he needed to make sure it's not hurting. No fun after a good spanking or rough sex. For the pet, so to say. Jack always had fun.

This time he had prepared his pet generously and very carefully, so the hard pace shouldn't cause any trouble. If the hard, leaking cock of the pet was anything to go by, it was enjoying itself pretty well.

With a curse Jack started thrusting up, meeting the forceful thrusts of slim hips. When he felt he was close, he pulled Rhys down and came deep inside of him.

He took a minute coming down from the post-orgasmic height. All the while Rhys was squirming and softly whimpering on top of him. "What's up, kitten?" he asked, already knowing that Rhys' problem was currently trapped between their bodies, flushed and desperate for attention.

"P-please. Please, daddy?" it begged, pathetically looking up at him.

"Oh, don't worry. Jack will take care of you." He manoeuvred the pet off himself, making it sit on the edge of his desk. He didn't care about the mess it might make; he'll make it clean it up later. Right now, there are urgent matters that need to be taken care of.

To make the fun last longer he firmly gripped the base of the pet's cock. It wouldn't hurt enough for the pet to shut itself in, but it would ensure it doesn't come right away. Because what Jack had ready for it would be bordering unbearable.

A fearful whimper left the pet's mouth, and Jack wondered back to the days on Pandora. Has Rhys always been such a wuss? He was sure that actually no; not that much, at least. The stupid Maliwan peacock had to do something to Rhys that caused him to hate pain. But what could it be? Disliking pain is a normal human reaction. But this much panic over a simple slap or a pinch? He needs to find out.

Jack realised he had unintentionally tormented his pet, leaving it waiting and begging, leaking precum. He smirked, took in the sight again. Beautiful.

Finally, he lowered his head and took its cock in his mouth. He licked and sucked, aware of how skilled he was, and soon the pet came. He hummed, listening to the beautiful moans and sobs of the pet. They would need to do this again soon. Too precious.

Rhys was wrecked, ready to just fall asleep or pass out. But Jack was not finished with it, yet. He didn't swallow. Instead, Jack stood up, with a firm grip in its hair forced the pet to open its mouth and he spat the cum there. He grunted and his cock twitched when he saw no hesitance in the pet's eyes as it swallowed its own release.

"Good boy," he smiled and kissed its nose. "I trained you well."

Then he urged the pet off the table. Sure enough, there was a mess. Cum and lube glistened where Rhys previously sat.

"Lick it clean and then leave. You will be escorted home." Satisfied, he got back to work, only watching the pet obediently lick his cum off the desk out of the corners of his eyes. When it was done, it put on the fluffy robe (Jack found out that the pet likes warm, thick and fluffy much more than thin silk and satin, and as always, he didn't hesitate to spoil it, updating its whole wardrobe) and left his office.



Other days, however, he could be a real brat. And Jack loved these days too, because what fun would it be without Rhys' cockiness?



"Get out of the bed," Jack ordered, dissatisfied upon finding the pet sleeping way past the alarm.

"No," Rhys grunted and pulled the sheets and pillows closer.

Jack knew that trying to pry the blankets from the pet is hard, bordering impossible. Although Rhys was overal weak and tiny, when it came to his pillows, it was able to produce unbelievable strength. And Jack was in no mood for a fight this morning, so he changed his tactic, instead of pulling the sheets from Rhys' grasp he took the bottom corner and tossed it up, letting it fall on the pet's head.

Goosebumps appeared on its skin when the cold air touched, and the pet groaned, barely swallowing curses. It let go of the blanket to pull it down, but Jack was quicker, pulling it away completely. "Kitchen in two minutes, or the belt. Make your choice," he said in a threatening voice and left.

Rhys appeared in the doorway exactly 119 seconds later. Jack was sure he set a timer on his ECHOeye for the purpose of abusing Jack's command. Rhys was glaring at him, but as always, it came out like more of a pout.

"Eat," Jack pushed a bowl of cereal forward and got back to his breakfast.

"I want coffee," Rhys said with his mouth stuffed with cereal, a few pieces falling out.

"Excuse me?" Jack tipped an eyebrow at him.

Rhys groaned and rolled its eyes. "Can I have a coffee, please?" he asked, fake sweetness in his voice. "Please, daddy?" he added when he got no reaction from Jack.

"No," he simply answered and sipped his own black coffee. He looked up briefly to chuckle at the death stare the pet was giving him. He looked back down to his comm, however a rustling sound made his head jerk up again. Rhys disappeared under the table. "What are ya plottin' this time?" Jack asked, giving away no sign of inconvenience. Like he still controlled the situation.

And he might as well, because Rhys crawled under the table to sit between Jack's legs, hands immediately resting on his thighs, moving up. He had never seen Rhys do this without prompting before, though the "unwillingness" was sometimes debatable.

"Rhysie, what are you up to?" he asks as the hands don't stop until they find his belt buckle. Deft fingers open it, then the button and zipper, and in less then a minute Rhys goes from glaring daggers at Jack to sucking his cock.

Jack let Rhys take control for another two minutes, pretending to be working, because he feels the lack of reaction spikes the pet. Then he dropps his comm on the table, the loud sound startling the man under the table. Jack takes advantage of that and starts thrusting forward.

Rhys obediently holds still through the whole ordeal, even when Jack pushes his chair back to reach down and hold the pet's head in place while his thrust grow more and more violent. Rhys gags, but manages to occasionally swallow around the cock, sending shivers up Jack's spine. When Jack comes, Rhys swallowes it all.

Jack was still panting with his head fallen back, his softening cock out, when Rhys appeared on its chair again. He quickly came to, tucking himself in, straightening the clothes and getting back to his work.

"Care to tell me what the hell was that, kitten? Not that I would mind a good morning blow job, but what the hell." He was sure he managed to appear unphased, but that didn't stop the smug smirk on the young man's face.

"I want my coffee," he all but ordered, looking straight to Jack's eyes.

Jack was left gaping at the brat.

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"Rise and shine, kitten! I've got a gift for ya!"

Rhys perks up immediately, not even angry that it is being woken up so early. "A gift?" it makes sure, a wide smile on its face already.

"Well, you heard me," Jack rolls his eyes at the enthusiasm, but at the same time, he can't get enough of it. When he first brought a gift for the pet, it panicked and tried to barricade itself in the bathroom, and then almost fainted in relief when Jack explained that it's just ice-cream, and there are no strings attached to it. But Rhys is smart, learning quickly that the new master knows the difference between a gift and a punishment.

"Take a shower and come to my home office," Jack gives instructions. He discreetly sets a timer on his wristwatch, because Rhys usually takes forever to shower. When the pet peeks to his office later, he stops the timer and laughs. About four minutes; that must be a record.

"Come here, kitten," he pats his lap, and Rhys immediately obeys, still excited for whatever Jack got him.

The gift lays on Jack's desk, wrapped in a yellow paper. Upon Jack's approval, Rhys starts unpacking. Soon, the toothy grin on its face is so wide it threatens to split its head in two. "Are those...? Are they really...?!" the pet can't even form one sentence.

"Yep, all we could find," Jack confirms, involuntarily cringing as he looks at the god-awful socks Rhys likes so much. His men managed to find the young man's collection in the rubble of some building on Promethea – probably one of Katagawa's houses.

"Thank you!" Jack is rewarded by a happy squeal and a bear hug. And for some, probably fucked up, reason, it warms his heart. That's why he does little things like this - for the smile and childish excitement.

The pet knows it has fucked up bad, but it's too late to take the offending words back. Puppy eyes and a shy smile won't make do, this time. "S-sir, you, you know that I-"

The stuttering is cut short by a snort. "What? You din't mean it? Then why say it?" The CEO is clearly more amused than annoyed, but that doesn't mean Rhys will avoid being punished. "So, you claim, that I only care about my pleasure, and that I should rather get a sex toy? Hmm? Tell me, kitten," he takes a step closer, successfully intimidating Rhys who is still bound helplessly on the bed, "did I ever leave you unsatisfied unless you deserved it?" he asks.

Rhys is sure that no answer is right, and reaches for the truth. "No, sir."

"No?" Jack asks, as if surprised. "But you said something else a minute ago. Well, I guess I've been doing a piss poor job, then. That's what you're sayin'?" The pet shakes its head, but Jack ignores it and goes on: "My apologies. I'll show you pleasure, then."

The pet can only mutter a panicked sir before it learns what the punishment is. Jack starts stroking its cock, still soft and exhausted after an orgasm ten minutes ago. "Quiet!" he orders with a sharper tug to finally stop the stream of begging and apologies. He strokes the pet to full hardness and then starts also caressing its balls. About five minutes later, Rhys comes with a shout.

Jack keeps going. To avoid causing pain as much as possible, he leaves the exhausted cock for a minute and reaches to the bed nightstand for a vibrator. He uses the cum on the pet's belly as a lube and pushes the toy into Rhys' ass. He sets it on a low frequency. When Rhys' cock starts filling, he begins stroking him again, all the time playing with its balls. Rhys screams with the next orgasm.

Jack is not satisfied with the punishment yet, so he sets the highest frequency on the toy, getting more screams and silent pleas from the pet.

"Relax, baby," he coos. "You wanted to get something from our playing, right? So, let me take care of you."