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He has no idea how he got himself into this mess. One moment he was searching for some data for his Literature class research and in the next instant, after clicking one of the links that he found might be useful, a pop-up came into view on his screen redirecting him to a page he would have never looked for on his own will.  

Yet, here he is; completely and utterly frozen in place, unable to close the new, cursed tab that has suddenly changed his entire life as he observes the young man on the other side of the screen touch himself. 

Yes, Lan Wangji's predicament right now is very complicated, and that actually is an understatement for him, since he never thought he would find himself to be holding his hands in a fist so hard nails are digging into his skin as he watches , unable to look away, at the beautiful man on the screen grazing with careful yet precise movements a very… hard… erection. 

One that Lan Wangji finds extremely… enticing and that thought only has him closing his eyes with the deepest of frowns crowning his brow. 

The room is coated in shadows; the only light source being the desk lamp and the laptop’s bright screen. Lan Wangji feels himself in the spotlight- observed as he stares and stares at the way a faint, rosy blush begins to spread over… the lines of defined collarbones that shift with the sudden fast, urgent movements of hands. 

Lan Wangji almost- almost - curses under his breath but he only heaves a labored exhalation as the heat begins to grow in his stomach; already pulsating in his veins and between his legs.

The shame that is wearing over him right at this moment like the weight of a thousand sins is suddenly almost imperceptible as a sweet sound reaches his ears. His eyes snap open and he regrets it immediately as said eyes find themselves admiring how a slim thumb skims over… the leaking head of the visibly throbbing cock of the young man; who once again lets out the same sound as before- almost like a sob Lan Wangji can feel traveling all over his body to settle between his thighs.

"Ah, ah y-yes! It feels so… good! So... fucking... good," the man on the screen says; eyes heavy-lidded making long, dark lashes tremble against his flushed cheeks- almost as if pressing gentle kisses as his hand moves desperately from base to tip and over the slit; beginning to gradually decrease in its motion, leisurely pounding a few more times as the length strains along with an almost pained, long moan. Lan Wangji watches helplessly as the young man throws his head back, lips parted in a silent groan while his spent dick releases all over his chest- smearing the sweat-drenched skin. 

Lan Wangji unconsciously licks his lips, frown deepening and hands going white at the strong grip of fists at his sides. He can no longer deny the twitching bulge inside his pants and how it pulses with the need of… being… touched

He needs a cold bath. Right now.

He leans forward to turn the computer off when suddenly he stops short as the heavy pants and small sated whimpers coming from the speakers- definitely having a painful response from his cock- turn into a chuckle. Lan Wangji’s hands tremble as he is inches from the screen, looking at how the young man touches his cum-smeared fingers to his lips; smiling almost wickedly as he throws a wink. 

The room’s temperature suddenly turns too hot, almost unbearable; and Lan Wangji considers for a short second if he should open the windows to let in fresh air, ignoring the fact that it is very much the middle of autumn. 

Will he die if he turns off the calefaction and takes a cold bath?

His thoughts are pushed to the furthermost part of his mind as the camboy says in a hoarse voice, “So, did you enjoy it? Hm?” he licks his faintly white liquid covered lips and Lan Wangji chokes with air with how arousing that is; his dick twitching under his pants, smearing the cloth with drops of unrestrained precum.  

Grabbing his expended cock, hand moving lazily along its length, the camboy continues saying, “Did you came all over yourself because of how good I was tonight?” He pouts, then, blinking and changing his teasing expression into one full of fake sheepishness that has Lan Wangji almost going on his knees.

How can one person be so undividedly provocative yet so… charming; it is driving Lan Wangji out if his mind.

He should turn off the computer. Right now-

“Was I a good boy?” the camboy asks in a small voice; looking up from under his dark lashes with his stormy grey eyes.

Lan Wangji cannot help but let the thought slip into his mind as he scolds himself for keeping this whole mess of a situation for so long.


Yes. Too good. 


Without him noticing, his hand had unconsciously come to rest on the bulge of his pants and he pulls away as if it scorched; breath suddenly uneven- ignoring the pang in his gut beckoning him to touch it just once ...

He wills himself to stand up and just head over to his bed, sleep off everything and pretend it didn't happen, but all is just too real at the moment; and he can't take his eyes away from the video screen showing the boy standing up from his bed, back facing the camera- allowing into view his very stout, fine ass.  If Lan Wangji thought things couldn't get any worse he was wrong.

With a pained expression he looks away, hands still balled in tight fists. 

To make the situation even more distressing, his white t-shirt is drenched with sweat, his mind is troubled with thoughts of fingers gripping and pounding tightly around sensitive skin and moans that still linger like an echo inside his head, and everything is just a blurry turmoil. 

There’s also the enthusiastic and flirty voice of the camboy, responding to random comments that compliment his livestream; making Lan Wangji’s ears blush and dick twitch with the dirty words leaving his very alluring lips. 

“Ah, you all want for me to fuck myself into oblivion, huh? Haha! Okay, okay! I promise, on the next stream, I’ll use the biggest dildo I can find and wreck my ass open. How about that? Good idea, right?” 

Lan Wangji freezes. 

A bunch of enthusiastic, obscene comments, pop in the screen agreeing with the camboy’s words, and Lan Wangji swallows, feeling his throat dry as he tries to obstinately ignore how his heart is beating slightly too fast at the thought of that or how he almost instinctively said yes.

This only adds to his self-hatred at this point. 

The camboy chuckles and sighs, “Well, that's all for tonight. I will see you all next Friday at eight, okay? Be ready, it will be one you won't want to miss!”

And with a wink, he smiles and waves goodbye. A moment later the video screen has gone black. 

Lan Wangji is left there in the darkness of his room, the light coming from his desk lamp leaving him exposed with his turbulent thoughts. 

But worse than that, and how very hard he is inside his pants, is how completely bewitched he feels at the sight of that smile- one that somewhat shifted the whole scenario, replacing the heat with sudden warmth and boyish playfulness. 

It was there for less than two seconds but it was enough to take Lan Wangji’s breath away. 

He has never seen a smile as beautiful as the one he just witnessed before, much less one that has left him speechless. One that has unexpectedly made a small part of him want to know more about the young man. 

An uncomfortable feeling settles in his gut.

The sound of a notification popping up on his computer screen takes him out of his reverie and he frowns as he reads:


Do you want to subscribe and support @camboywwx?


Log In to subscribe or click on Sign Up to create a new account. 


He stares at the screen for what feels like hours; blood pounding in his ears- hand hovering over the mousepad. 

He closes his eyes with a small grimace. 

Lan Wangji has the awful feeling he is doing something stupid, something he will regret and definitely something he shouldn't do, but then again, it plays once more behind his closed eyes; the vivid image of the man licking his own cum off his lips, and the sunshine smile he offered before saying his farewell for the night and Lan Wangji’s fingers are already moving on before he has even decided completely.


He clicks on Sign Up

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Never before has Lan Wangji slept in after five in the morning. Yet here he is, lying on his back in his bed; staring up to the ceiling at eight in the morning. He is grateful it is the weekend or he would have already been late for class. At least the problem inside his pants has disappeared, which is why he desperately avoids at all costs even looking at his laptop just to not summon thoughts that would definitely change that .  

But thinking about avoiding looking at his computer reminds him of what he ended up doing last night and he grimaces faintly as the sound of the click of the mouse plays inside his mind- the tapping of the keyboard as he wrote down @bunnyclouds and a password suddenly haunting him like a shadow.

The change from Subscribe to Subscribed… 

He exhales, long and stuttering. He should delete that account. What good could it bring him?

The vivid image of cum smeared fingers caressing soft, pink lips and a wink comes to his mind along with a small, teasing voice that he all but knows resembles trouble.


“Was I a good boy?”


Lan Wangji covers his face with a pillow. 

A knock on his door startles him out of his own self-reprimand, and he sits up quickly. A kind voice says from the other side, "Wangji? Is everything alright? You have not come down for breakfast..."

Sighing, Lan Wangji walks over and opens the door; revealing his older brother standing with a small worried frown on his brow yet smiling always so warmly, "Brother. Good morning." 

"Good morning…," his brother scrutinizes him, frown deepening. "Wangji, you don't usually wake up so late. Is something the matter?"

He knows his brother is asking, not only because he is sincerely worried- for Lan Wangji can see it in his eyes and in the way he tries to keep his smile as genuine as possible- but because he is simply letting Lan Wangji choose if he wants to tell him or not about whatever it is occurring to him. It is an open invitation to trust him; his way of indirectly saying he is there to listen. And Lan Wangji is aware Lan Xichen knows something is the matter; yet he shakes his head, his face expressionless, "It is nothing. I just… woke up with a headache."

His brother squints his eyes, obviously not believing a word yet smiles gently as he says, "Alright. Well, you know you can tell me if you need anything. I'll be out for a couple of hours but will be back before lunch. We can decide what to cook then, it's that alright?”

Lan Wangji nods, face calm but mind restless, "Mn. Have a good day." 

Lan Xichen gives him a last glance before nodding and waving his hand- walking away and out down the short hallway

Lan Xichen gives him a last glance before nodding and with a wave of his hand, he is walking down the short hallway.

Sighing, Lan Wangji turns back to his room, eyes helplessly landing on his computer.

It does little to no help, trying to make himself believe he is not anxious or even a little bit… eager about what the end of the week will bring. It also does not help to keep denying to himself what pretty much his dick said for itself last night. 

He really enjoyed it. The way the camboy touched himself, the way he smiled teasingly and how in the end he turned out to be even more irresistible with his playfulness and cute persona. He knows he shouldn't, but he also knows it cannot be helped it seems.

Already counting the days, that is. 

Friday cannot come fast enough. 




The week is utter torture for Lan Wangji. While the days pass unbelievably slow, his consciousness eats at him as he finds himself unable to stop thinking about the sensual, yet adorable, camboy that has dragged him to the point of resignation. 

He wants to watch him again. And again, if it's possible. 

Even if that makes him want to punch himself. 

During the days, he was able to go about his usual obligations- attending his classes and fulfilling his assignments with no other issues besides that of having sudden visits in his mind about a boy of dark hair, grey eyes, and teasing smiles.

Whenever this happened, a small accident would follow such as… a pencil snapped in half or the crown of his head hit a top shelf as he searched for books to read and distract himself from his distraction .

This did not stop him from holding back and not researching the camboy's name. Then again, having needed a way to call his invading torture, he checked over his profile one night and having found it, stared at it for a full-long minute.

Something warm had settled on his stomach as he traced the name with his eyes one last time.


Wei Wuxian 


Something told Lan Wangji this name would forever be scorched in his mind.

The rest of the days pass as usual, more or so, the only difference being Lan Wangji's restlessness and the confused, worried glances his brother threw at him. 

Yet, he never asked again.

When Friday finally arrived, Lan Wangji was barely his usual composed self. He goes through his classes almost spaced out, his mind too busy wondering and debating whether he should or not watch the show at night. He bathes, lets the water drown his thoughts in cold and shivering drops of nothing but it doesn’t help much.

It didn’t help at all, actually, as he finds himself now sitting before his computer and logging into his account and clicking on @camboywwx to wait for the live stream to start.

A black video box greets him along with already excited, indecent comments showing on the comments section. Lan Wangji takes a deep breath.

The clock hits eight. 

He waits, hands curled on fists resting on his knees. 

Then the screen lits up, a green dot indicating the live stream has begun and Lan Wangji holds his breath as a dashing smile full of playful mirk appears; sending all his thoughts into a halt. 

Said smile shifts into a gasp all of a sudden, and Lan Wangji notices then that the camboy is already stroking his length attentively- waking it into full hardness. The camboy's rosy lips stay slightly parted as he pants lightly; a deliberate movement of his wrist making him bite down to keep a small moan from escaping- brow furrowed deeply as his eyes closed for a second. 

The next moment they open, they're dark and hazy, and Lan Wangji suddenly hears a tearing sound coming from his shirt's hem. He does not look to check out the damage- if it's simply just disjointed or completely ripped...

He can't , not when the young man lets himself fall back on his elbows, exposing the soft skin of his neck as his thumb runs slow circles over the fully aroused cock's head. A low groan sounds in the still silence of his room, yet Lan Wangji cannot decipher whether it came from the camboy or from himself. He watches as the camboy sits up again and stares back to the web camera, saying in a drunk-alike voice, "Hey there. Ah, I'm sorry I started with the show before I even turned on the live stream, but I had to get myself prepared to give you all what I promised," he smirks, twirling between his fingers a small bottle.

"So…," he takes the lid off and smears three of his fingers with the liquid. He winks, turning around with knees and hands on the sheets- the lube-soiled hand reaching behind him, "Are you ready to see me rip myself open for you all?"

It takes a whole five seconds for Lan Wangji to come to himself and realize he has completely doomed himself when he decided to sit here and watch the man again as he observes the way the camboy arches his body, ass propped up on the air, revealing the plumpness of his cheeks and the tight hole in between. He swallows, his body growing hot at the indecent yet thirsting sight, his heart pounding as a finger teasingly fondles the rim before sinking almost effortlessly inside.

The moan the camboy heaves out should be a sin. 

Lan Wangji doesn't even have a moment to process it before the camboy puts another finger in, the edges of the entrance clenching around them as he bucks his hips back attempting- and succeeding- in sinking them further. 

Looking over his shoulder, the camboy smiles "You like that? How it opens willingly to take in my fingers? Imagine if instead of fingers it was a cock." The camboy pulls his fingers out and pushes them back in swiftly, the movement causing him to whimper a small curse, seemingly having not been able to touch somewhere deep and sensitive inside him.

Lan Wangji winces, wishing to let himself be eaten by the earth as an unwilled thought whispers inside his mind how he would have been able to reach where Wei Wuxian wanted it most.  

He feels disgusted at himself, the thoughts being completely foreign to who he has been taught to be- feeling disappointed at how he is disrespecting him . And yet...

He is hard. Again. And painfully so- his eyes hungrily observe how Wei Wuxian fucks himself on his fingers. The camboy lets out a chuckle that sounds more like a huff of breath as he takes them out completely and rearranges himself onto his back again- legs spread apart and letting his stiff, leaking dick, as well as the already worked-out entrance on sight. He gives a lopsided smile as a hand reaches down the pillow behind him, taking out a-

Lan Wangji feels himself sink further into condemnation. 

Especially as his cock twitches with the taunting smile the camboy gives, his lips pressing a kiss to the heft of the… unexpectedly big dildo he holds between his hands- its form pretty accurate to a real cock. He lets out the tip of his rosy tongue, touching and licking a stride up to the top, smirking as he swallows it and takes it out again with a plop.

This is the crest of insanity; sitting here watching all of this unfold... irresistibly so- feeling his groin achingly grow with heat and want and making his body tremble all over with the force of his craving need and not doing anything about it. 

And it's definitely the peak-end of any hint of reasonable thoughts left, of his composure, as he watches Wei Wuxian slowly reach between his legs and with no further ado, pushes the dildo inside, filling himself to the brim, provoking the most enticing moan to leave his lips.

He does not know when it had begun to happen, but suddenly the heat of it all has Lan Wangji unbuttoning his pajama shirt with trembling fingers- sweat sticking to his skin as a faint wave of cold envelops him when he takes it completely off. He keeps his pants on, yet he can already see a wet smear where a bulge forms under the cloth- pulsating with a chant for him to just give in

It's too much yet not enough, not even  when Wei Wuxian begins to arch his body up, hips bucking forward to meet with the unsteady yet restless thrusts he gives to his insides with the sex toy- legs trembling with the effort of holding himself half-up from the bed as his other hand stays busy pumping his pre-cum dripping length. 

Said hand works himself expertly, giving shallow strokes on the head, pinching and thumbing on its edges- running deft fingers all the way down to grip at his base. Then a breathless scream leaves him, followed by short, barely audible sobs as his pace quickens- the push and pull of the invading object becoming more desperate.

Another moan makes Lan Wangji shiver on his seat, hands clenched on his side to keep himself from doing something he would regret. At some point, Lan Wangji had taken the pillow from his bed and now is clutching it to his body; listening how the camboy says between pants, "Ah, it hit just right, fuck yes!"

Suddenly shifting his body, he holds himself up on his knees, holding the dildo with one hand positioned underneath him. He smiles hazily then, lowering himself to the awaiting sex toy- eyes rolling to the back of his head as he takes it in slowly; sinking himself full. He wiggles his ass slightly, finding a comfortable posture and then begins to ride himself- heaving himself up until simply the top is left and sitting back down; letting out dirty moans that fill Lan Wangji's room with a spark of lust. 

Holding the pillow tighter to himself, Lan Wangji clenches his jaw as his eyes eat over the restless rhythm the camboy has settled in pushing himself up and down the length of the dildo- his lube dripping hole swallowing the vein-resembling creases. Lan Wangji's hips jerk involuntarily, grinding lightly against the pillow and sending a spark of pleasure up his spine. Clenching his fists tighter as he admonishes himself mentally, Lan Wangji puts it away to keep himself from succumbing to temptation. His cock strains distressingly hot between his thighs, his pants' front already a mess. 

It isn't long before Wei Wuxian is desperately calling for release to embrace him, for a cock to fuck him deeper into oblivion as his fingers squeeze around his own hard erection, pounding a few more times before cum lashes out and onto his trembling limbs. He groans, taking the dildo out of him as he falls back- letting his climax take over him. 

Lan Wangji cannot hold back the small sound leaving his chest, nor the desperate bite he gives to his own lower lip as he longs not only to also reach that sort of peak, of relief, but to help the camboy come from his high- letting himself pampering him in any way he asks him to.

And he does not let himself linger on why does he have that sort of desire. 

Instead, he stands up and goes to the bathroom, watching himself in the mirror; at his red-rimmed, dark-gold eyes and furrowed brow staring back at him. A fist-clenched hand rests on his stomach, putting pressure in an attempt to push the curling heat away. He washes his face and doesn't even bother to dry it, instead of going back to his room and see that the camboy is already sitting before the web camera, a bathrobe covering his sweat-drenched body.

He is smiling, answering some of the comments his viewers have sent him- winking and flirting, and being so incredibly adorable, Lan Wangji believes for a moment his heart has forgotten how to beat properly. The playfulness of his features along with the way he scratches his hair with his fingers, and how his eyes crinkle on the side when he beams have Lan Wangji utterly and stupidly thinking he would sit here every day just to listen to him say nonsense. 

He also believes for half a second he would do anything for that smile to be offered to him only. 

Wei Wuxian exhales lazily, suddenly snapping and sitting straight as his eyes widen in remembrance, "Ah, I almost forgot! For those of you who subscribed recently, you can support me by becoming my patron and donating some money. Any kind of amount is very welcome. That is," he leans closer to the camera, hand pulling part of his robe aside to reveal skin; letting his fingers pinch at an already abused nipple as he licks his lips and bites down saying, "if you enjoy what you see." 

Ah, yes. Lan Wangji enjoys what he sees.

He enjoys it quite a lot, sadly and frustratingly so- and it's taking him furthermore into trouble. 

So much trouble and more so, he thinks more to it, when he is sure he more than enjoys he is enamored with that smile. And that it is indeed troublesome. 

Wei Wuxian reads some other comments before saying he is done for the night. He winks and smiles saying, "See you all next Friday!" and turns off the live chat. 

Lan Wangji, still with his very hard cock straining and smearing his pants, decides he should take a cold bath and maybe read something to help ease his mind.

Yet, it must be said, even if he wishes it were not so, that he cannot keep from his dreams a boyish smile calling his name as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

The next day Lan Wangji goes to the bank and creates his own account. 

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"Ngh a-ah! Oh, yes, just… j-just like that, ahngh," Lan Wangji watches how Wei Wuxian collapses on the sheets after his elbows buckle just as the vibrator plug nestled between his flushed, plumped cheeks sends a current of pleasure up from below. The fingers grasping the vibrator's controller tremble as they press yet again, heaving another moan from the camboy as he bites his lip down; a free hand playing and pinching with one of his pink nipples.

In the midst of his daze, Wei Wuxian let's go of the vibrator controller to grip at his dick, pumping it leisurely.

It is such a magnificent view Lan Wangji can vaguely acknowledge his own mouth hanging slightly open as his eyes trail the fast, uncontrolled movements of the fingers wrapped around the camboy's cock who's jaw is slacked in silent whines as his climax seems to be near the edge. 

He is salivating for the drops of sweat sliding down the other man's torso, from the red patches of blush covering his neck and cheeks.

He also has his arms crossed over his chest to keep himself from even thinking of jerking off.

It is a very, very hard task. 

Lan Wangji winces as his cock twitches the moment Wei Wuxian comes, the white liquid smearing his stomach; making it glisten under the light as it mixes with his sweat.  

The camboy reaches down with a lopsided smile to take out the vibrating plug; his hole immediately clenching at the sudden emptiness. Lan Wangji wonders why he makes himself go through this torture as a fist comes to rest on his lap, ever so close to the beaconing hard-on as he watches the camboy offer a clear view of his leaking, slicked entrance.

"Ah, that was fun! Hahaha," a playful finger runs alongside the still-throbbing, reddish entrance's rim. Lan Wangji swallows as Wei Wuxian brings it up to his lips, smirking all coquettish, "It was a really… good fucking ride, don't you all think?" 

An avalanche of comments surge up on the screen and Lan Wangji shakes with the sudden urge of sending one as well if only to tell him something more accurate to the emotions watching him make Lan Wangji feel, not like the nasty ones he receives from the rest of the audience.

Wei Wuxian is more than a "good show", he is a complete wonder with his hands touching his own skin and the needy sounds coming from his lips, and he makes Lan Wangji feel clumsy and stupid just like now that he is smiling again- such gentleness and boyishness to his eyes as he replies to the messages, Lan Wangji cannot help but feel his heart clench at it.

A sudden longing of wanting to have more than just this and not in the matters of lust but instead…

Of knowing more of him.

"Wei Wuxian..." he mutters under his breath. 

Startled, not having wanted to say his name aloud for it now made the situation feel more real, Lan Wangji shuts down his computer heads over to his bed and covers himself under his sheets.

He can feel the pulse throbbing from where his cock is — as hard as ever — between his legs but he ignores it, trying to summon sleep and skip forward to the next day where he will go on with his usual life until Friday comes again.

And it makes him want to slap himself.

He just finished watching the camboy less than five minutes ago and he is already wanting to see him again? This is absolutely ridiculous-

A popping notification on his phone screen startles him out of his thoughts and he reaches over to his bedside table to check. His heart starts pounding in his chest as a Twitter notification lights up on the screen showing a new tweet from none other than Wei Wuxian.

Lan Wangji quicky taps to open and read, feeling a little guilty (and like a stalker) at having activated notifications for Wei Wuxian's posts. Actually, even having decided to follow him on his social media made Lan Wangji restless and feel as if he should absolutely not be doing anything of what he is doing, but again, he could not help it.

And it is beginning to be treacherous as he feels the corners of his lips quirk up as he reads Wei Wuxian's tweet, showing a photo of a plate of spicy congee and a hilarious caption about how spicy congee is a great vaccine to protect oneself of the nearing zombie apocalypse. 

Lan Wangji thinks what he is saying is complete nonsense.

And he also thinks the one who is being completely nonsensical is himself as he finds the words also endearing and stupid and singular. 

He likes the tweet and locks his phone. 

A week ago, after having made his new bank account on his name, Lan Wangji decided he would try to find a way to make money so as to not use the money he had saved alongside his brother. If Lan Xichen saw Lan Wangji's amount decrease in small or… not so small amounts, he would begin to suspect and Lan Wangji, honestly, had no face to even see his own self in the mirror, much less confront his older brother about this situation.

On Monday, Lan Wangji overheard some students talking about needing to find someone to help them write an essay so they could be able and pass the course. He also heard they were willing to pay and pay well . Thus, even if he was aware of how incredibly wrong what he was going to do was, he stood up from his seat and offered his help. 

As a pay beforehand, he received enough money to patron Wei Wuxian for two more weeks.

He truly wanted to hide somewhere as he realized he wasn't going to stop streaming his live-shows anytime soon. 

That same night, even as he reprimanded himself, Lan Wangji looked at the camboy's profile for more information about his other social media just to… see more of him in other aspects that didn't involve him touching his… cock… and-

Lan Wangji had stopped himself from thinking further, not wanting to provoke another kind of problem he was sincerely getting tired of not giving in to resolve and sighed as he ended up creating a Twitter account just to follow the camboy. 

He also was struck surprised and… curious, reading the random things Wei Wuxian posted and the nice photos he shared of landscapes, food and… bunnies?

This had made Lan Wangji smile and his heart flutter, similar to the increasing life-heart bar in a videogame and he was even more interested in the camboy yet again.

And now, as he closes his eyes to try and sleep his still-erected cock off, Lan Wangji knows he has probably made a mistake at getting closer to Wei Wuxian even if it was through tweets and photos and videos, and obviously one-sided.

For he knew this kind of "looking forward to" and "losing sleep for" situation is not… normal. 

It is trouble, not for Wei Wuxian nor for his brother or even for himself in some way.

It is trouble for his heart. 




Another Friday came and Lan Wangji found himself mesmerized yet again at the camboy's beauty, at the way his slim, saliva-smeared fingers disappeared inside his clenching hole; moans drowning Lan Wangji's entire senses, his crotch throbbing and insistent.

It was painful and despairing and so good - his eyes never able to move away from the tantalizing man as Wei Wuxian came all over himself once more. 

In the end, Lan Wangji sent with no hesitation a considerate amount of money, not for the entertainment as others would mention in their comments on the screen, but because… Lan Wangji just wanted to do it. Wei Wuxian could do whatever he wanted with the money, as long as it made him happy in whatever way.  

He also did it with a bit of concern as he remembered vaguely having read one of Wei Wuxian's tweets mention something about "stupid college loans." Lan Wangji hoped, either way, that he had misunderstood that tweet. 

Before he knew it, a month had passed by. 

And he had watched three more streaming videos of Wei Wuxian.

Not only that but he had also unwillingly developed a crush on said camboy, making things even more difficult for his self-control. It was enough with the heat and desire that crawled up his veins whenever he thought of the camboy to add feelings to the increasing trouble. 

But learning a little more of him from his tweets and food photos and creative, ridiculous captions did nothing to help his feelings to stop growing.

As stupid as that was for he would never meet Wei Wuxian in his life, and even if he did , a boy like him- all smiles and teasing and trouble- would never look at Lan Wangji the same way.

Thus, Lan Wangji could only support him from the shadows, wanting and wanting but never giving in.

No, Lan Wangji had not touched himself in any of the live shows.

Not even once, though that did not mean he did not… want to.

Because he did . And too much.

That was the problem.




One night at the end of his streaming month, as they were having dinner, his older brother commented out of the blue, “Oh, Wangji, did you know there’s someone moving in a few doors down from us?” 

But Lan Wangji was too distracted to give a second thought to the news, only offering a simple “Mn,” as an answer, oddly playing with the food on his plate. 

His mind was only filled with thoughts of Wei Wuxian and how many other essays he might have to work on to have extra money to give him. Even though he was not lacking it, he also did not want his brother to suspect.

Lan Wangji held back from grimacing, knowing how wrong what he was doing was. 

But then again, it was hopeless for him now. 




Tonight is his eighth streaming of the camboy's shows, not that Lan Wangji is counting or anything. 

He knows he is done for, completely and utterly destroyed by now and that he should stop before he does something he is going to regret or probably like too much which will make him hate himself more than he already does.

He should really, really just… support Wei Wuxian in other ways or just simply patron him without watching his videos for it is wrong - so improper and more now when he is actually having feelings for him.

But there he is on the other side of the screen, exposing ever so slowly the delicate yet defined curves of his thin waist; pulling down with deft fingers his already pre-cum stained red panties- the fine lines of his pelvis revealing an already hard, exquisite cock. There he is, Wei Wuxian, sliding his hand down his flushed chest, finger swirling around his navel as it travels further down, gripping gently the leaking erection; heaving a soft moan, and Lan Wangji has completely forgotten what it means to breathe.

It is becoming hard to resist the need to reach into his pants and touch himself at the rapturous sight. 

The grip on the sheets tightens under Lan Wangji's hands as he holds back a groan of desire and frustration.

He asks himself yet again why does he make himself suffer this way when he wants so much but cannot have nor take.

Wei Wuxian moans again, finger entering his ever so inviting entrance as his other hand pounds his hard length in fast movements. 

And Lan Wangji is about to lose his mind.

His own cock is straining painfully against his pants and it takes every amount of self-control he has in himself not to reach with his fingers and create the slightest of friction to calm down the rush of unrestrained need and offer relief .

Sighing, he presses his thighs slightly together and that alone has him letting out a small moan. 

It syncs with Wei Wuxian's own scream as he reaches the edge, cum spilling all over and down his hand; the still pushed-in fingers in his hole fucking him as he comes down from the high. 

Lan Wangji tastes blood on his lip and he realizes he had bitten down on it too harsh while he watched the camboy shake as his orgasm embraced him. 

Trying to calm himself down, Lan Wangji stands up and paces around the room. 

He is really going to lose his mind.

A few minutes later, Wei Wuxian says he has a small announcement to make and this has Lan Wangji's attention back again at the screen. He sits down on his desk and waits.

"So, I had this sudden great idea last night and I thought it would be fun to do as a thank you for all the support you guys give me," he winks and lets out a barely audible chuckle. "Anyways, next Friday it will be a little bit different than usual." 

He reaches behind him and picks up a red hoodie, putting it on in a swift movement and having the sweaty waves of his hair all disheveled in the process. Lan Wangji feels his heart go all soft at the sight and wonders how would it be for Wei Wuxian to wear one of Lan Wangji's own sweaters.

Lan Wangji blushes at the thought and shakes his head.

It is not a good idea to think about.

Wei Wuxian claps his hands, "Here's the thing. After I sign-off tonight, I will leave the comment box open so you can all leave a request of something you want me to do, wear, say or play with on my next stream. During the week I will read through them and I will choose my favorite request of all of the received ones." 

He smirks, teasing and beautiful before blowing a huff of breath to push away a strand of fringe from his face, "On Friday night you will know what request was the chosen one and I will also mention who was the user who prompted it, okay? Be creative! Hahaha, okay, bye now I have to get up early tomorrow! Finish up moving in and all. Did I tell you guys I recently moved? No? Then now you know, haha! Okay, okay, bye now!"

When the screen goes black, Lan Wangji tells himself he will take a cold bath, drink some milk-

Scratch that, milk is not a good idea.

He will take a bath and sleep. 

He will not send a request, not even as a too vivid image invades his mind of something he would die to see.

Signing off from the site, he walks over to his bed and sits down to take a breath. 

Yes, hard as ever again but no, he will not do anything about it. 

Then again.

It only takes a few seconds for Lan Wangji to do a stupid thing.

Lan Wangji pushes himself off the bed, signs in again to the streaming site and exhales as his fingers type with utter shame hovering all around him, his request.


Comment Box:


@bunnyclouds 2 seconds ago

You were wonderful tonight, just like every other night before. If it is possible, and alright with you, could you… wear something related to bunnies? Thank you.


This is a bad idea, and the image his mind is conjuring is the perfect evidence of how bad of an idea it is:


Hello, Lan Zhan. Do you like my bunny ears, hm? Would you like to feel their fluffy touch caressing your thighs as I put my lips close to-


Never has he gotten into the shower as fast as he did tonight.He sure is close to walking into the paths of hell.

Chapter Text

It is needless to say that the week went by unbearably slow. 

Lan Wangji tried to distract himself with everything that could busy his mind enough to push aside thoughts of Wei Wuxian, his adorable lopsided smile and the… request Lan Wangji undoubtedly regretted sending. He even tried to delete the comment the next morning but it was to no avail. He had sighed, hoping the camboy would ignore his ridiculous idea, though, deep inside he knew he hoped Wei Wuxian would choose his request. 

And the thought of Wei Wuxian with bunny ears, pouting as he asked to be touched…

Yes, Lan Wangji needed to occupy his mind to exhaustion to avoid those sorts of fantasies- ones that came more often than not and it was dangerously affecting his sanity- and he did so by working on his assigned research from his Literature class, finishing the essays he has on queue to deliver them to the students before Friday night and any other mind-draining task he could muster. 

It hadn't helped at all .

Wei Wuxian was someone who was very active on his social media, and Lan Wangji was someone who could not help but see everything Wei Wuxian wanted to share. This had made Lan Wangji acknowledge that Wei Wuxian was becoming more and more someone he wanted in his life, and he was also aware of how treacherous that was.

His heart was absurdly on the line and he knew he really had to do something before it got worse when one night he let his thumb touch Wei Wuxian's smile on one of his old photos shared on his social page lightly. 

He was starting to wonder if it is actually good that he will never meet him, for if he does… Will he be able to be strong enough to walk away? To let these strange, feelings of despair stay inside his heart without being able to profess them?

Maybe. Perhaps just being… his admirer would be enough.

He came to the conclusion that it will be much better if they never cross paths. It is already complicated as it is. Still, he knew he was lying to himself.

He would do anything just to stumble with him once.




Friday comes along and Lan Wangji cannot keep still as he rummages through the books from the university’s library, searching with no goal in mind just… a distraction to lose track of time. He sighs as he observes the disorganization and begins to reorder the books by volumes and genre. 

It is better than going back home and stare at his computer as if it would magically transport Wei Wuxian into his bedroom. 

As he reads the labels sectioning the books, he faintly hears hushed whispers close to him. 

"Just go talk to him before I break one of your legs," one of them says.

" Shhh!" the other person responds before letting out a small gasp. 

Looking up to see who are the ones disrupting his tranquility (more or less for his mind is a complete turmoil), Lan Wangji sees a blur of a short ponytail and hurried steps that fade away as the two leave. 

Lan Wangji frowns, shaking his head. "Ridiculous," he mutters and continues to organize the last of the books left on the floor from where he had placed them before. 

After he finishes his task, he checks out a clue-solving mystery book and starts to read it as he makes his way back to his apartment. The sun is already setting down by the time he gets off the train and he cannot stop his stomach from feeling all tight and nauseous as night begins to settle in the sky- minute after minute closer to what he had been waiting all week for. 

He cannot deny he is quite… excited.  

When he arrives at his apartment building, Lan Wangji walks with unhurried steps, eyes glued to the pages of the book in his hands as the chapter reaches a very intriguing part. As he passes by on his way to the elevator, he faintly hears someone apologizing to the security guard at the front desk of the lobby.

"I'm sorry, I just recently moved in and because of all the mess I have up there I probably left the keys on top of a box or something. Can you please hand me a spare key until I find it?" 

Lan Wangji frowns, having a sort of similar feeling to déjà vu and he is about to turn around when the sound of the elevator doors opening brings his attention back. He keeps reading and enters inside. 

He taps on the button of his floor, doors beginning to close in front of him when a shout startles him, "Hey, wait! Hold the doors ope-"

Lan Wangji looks up from his book and quickly tries to keep the elevator's doors from closing but he cannot reach them in time hence he sighs afterwards. He feels a bit bad for not having been able to do so but his mind is too preoccupied with what could happen tonight to give much thought to it.

Or at how the person's voice seemed somewhat… familiar.




While he waits impatiently- and also nervously- for the live-stream to start, Lan Wangji makes himself a small dinner to pass the time. He is not very hungry as his stomach feels all constricted but he eats nonetheless. He also considers taking a bath but… knowing from past experiences, he is sure he will need another one after Wei Wuxian's streaming thus he decides to go up to his room and continue reading the book until the clock hits 8 PM. 

Sometime later, he receives a message from his brother reminding him that he will not be coming home this weekend due to an art convention he will be attending. Lan Wangji replies, wishing him a good time and to take care when his eyes wander over to the time and he almost trips as he stands up and goes to sit down in front of his computer; quickly turning it on and signing into Wei Wuxian's streaming.

He is right on time for a few seconds later the camboy appears in front of the camera, all sweet smiles and amused eyes, "Hello there, are you all ready to have some fun?" he winks, fingers teasingly pushing aside a bit of his red bathrobe, revealing a faint glimpse of collarbone and shoulders. Lan Wangji swallows, hands curling into fists. "Well, the day has come! As I said last week, I'm going to be doing something special today as per-requested by one of you. And as promised, whatever the requester wanted me to do, I would comply." 

He smiles then, wide and playful; twirling the ribbon of his bathrobe in the air. Lan Wangji finds himself expectantly waiting. He does not mind if his… request isn't the one chosen, he would love anything Wei Wuxian does- anything he wears, or where he touches himself. How he touches himself.

If Lan Wangji is being honest with himself, he would go crazy over Wei Wuxian no matter what he did and that thought scares him. This is a side of him he did not know existed. The need, the want, the longing ; for he feels himself falling for a boy who does not even know of his existence. 

And that thought stings in his chest. 

Wei Wuxian gets on top of the bed, kneeling slowly and sitting on his heels- his back straight, thighs slightly parted and hands resting on them. He puts a serious face then, and a few seconds later chuckles, biting down on his lips as he caresses his exposed upper-thighs, "But before I start with the special show, I have to say whose request was the chosen one, right?" 

Lan Wangji's blood is almost boiling with anticipation as Wei Wuxian clears his throat before saying, "So… my favorite request was..." he lowers his voice and whispers, "drum rolls please." 

Lan Wangji cannot help groaning in frustration at how terribly adorable he is . May the gods have mercy on his heart for he is completely whipped. 

Wei Wuxian smiles, "My favorite request goes like this: You were wonderful tonight, just like every other night before. If it is possible, and alright with you, could you wear something related to bunnies. Thank you," Wei Wuxian looks directly at the camera then, eyes twinkling with mischief. "User bunnyclouds , you had me at ‘wonderful’ and completely won me over at ‘bunnies’ thus your very cute request was my favorite one, haha!" 

Lan Wangji’s heart stops for a second as his ears grow embarrassingly warm. He thinks they are playing a joke to him, unable to believe the words he had just heard. Never before was his heart beating as quickly as it is beating now, especially as Wei Wuxian begins to untie his bathrobe with a playful wink and the prettiest of smirks Lan Wangji has ever seen; pulling it slowly down his shoulders, revealing thin, light blue straps that guide Lan Wangji’s eyes down a sky blue, lace lingerie-covered body. 

"Oh, God..." he whispers as he takes in the way Wei Wuxian takes the robes off completely, throwing it to the side before picking up something behind him and placing it on his hair. Lan Wangji stops himself from growling and swooning at the same time as Wei Wuxian pinches the white bunny ears now crowning his head. His lips are pursed in the cutest, most tempting, pout Lan Wangji has ever seen and a glance to where the camboy's other hand plays with the hem of his blue thong is all it takes for Lan Wangji's cock to stand completely hard inside his jeans. 

Wei Wuxian rests a finger on his lower lip, pulling it slightly down as he stares up through his long, dark lashes, "Do you like what you see, bunnyclouds ? Hm? If you want, you can tell me how you want me to call you. I can touch myself with your name on my lips. You can also ask anything and I will do it." 

Lan Wangji lets out a small whine at the thought of Wei Wuxian moaning his name as he stretches himself open. But he cannot ask that from him. He has already saved his entire life by indulging him with his request. 

Pushing himself up, Wei Wuxian gets on all fours and shifts to show his body's profile. Lan Wangji's eyes quickly dart to his plushy, thick ass, and he is almost sure a curse escapes his lips as he takes in the snuggly bunny tail pressed between the rosy, plump cheeks.

Scratch that, Lan Wangji is completely doomed. 

Body arched perfectly so he can wiggle his ass playfully, Wei Wuxian says in a small voice, "Or… Is it that you… don't like what I chose for you?"

"No," Lan Wangji quickly types without thinking and sends his comment in a rush of despair. 


@bunnyclouds 1 second ago


I do. You look perfect. You are perfect.


The camboy reads the message and smiles, "Why, thank you, I'm glad you do. But this is just the beginning. Sit down and relax, dear bunnyclouds , and enjoy the show." 



"Fuck, fuck, fuck! Ahgh, bunnyclouds, it feels so good, so tight- ah!" Wei Wuxian slips the masturbation sleeve down to the base of his length. He starts to pump the toy along his throbbing dick, moaning at how the ridges inside rub in all the right places of the sensitive skin. He pushes his hips, twisting the sleeve to make it brush where he most needs it. Then one of his hands, that had been playing with his nipples, travels down his sweaty, glistening body to rub circles on the fluffy bunny tail before taking it in his grip and pulling the plug out. He cries out as his thumb grazes the head of his leaking cock and the plug leaves him all stretched open, his rosy gaping hole clenching and making Lan Wangji breathe harshly, loudly- small sounds similar to gowls leaving his chest as his own erection continues to grow harder. 

" Bunnyclouds? Am I being a good boy?" 

Lan Wangji can barely believe he has the strength- or the boldness- to move, but he does and types down:


@bunnyclouds  2 seconds ago


You are the best boy. So good to me. 


And also so bad, driving Lan Wangji out of his mind. 

Wei Wuxian moans as he reads his comment, slowly pushing the bunny tail plug back inside his waiting entrance, quickly beginning to push in and out in a hasty rhythm- closing his eyes and throwing his head back as his hand keeps working on the sleeve around his cock. 

The bunny ears are askew on his head, his cheeks are stained red with flush and his lips heave gaspy breaths as he chases his release. Lan Wangji risks a faint touch with his thumb over the drenched bulge beneath his pants and hisses, his head falling back at the strike of relief that travels through him. But he clenches his hand in a tight fist and bites down his lips.

He will not do it. He will-

"Ah! Ah-ah, yes ! There, right there, ngh!" the plug disappears and reappears over and over as Wei Wuxian fucks himself with it and, as if it weren't enough, he throws the bunny tail away and picks a random dildo from the ones scattered on the bed and penetrates it to the hilt- eyes going wide as it seems to hit just the right place. 

It doesn't take long for Wei Wuxian to reach his climax. He arches his back beautifully, hand limply stroking the spent cock, bucking his hips to push the dildo deeper as he rides his orgasm and comes in a messy sound of whimpers. 

After a moment of silence where only the sounds of endless comments popping on the screen can be heard, Wei Wuxian smiles drowsily to the camera and says, "Well, bunnyclouds ," he chuckles, eyes still a bit hazy. "I hope this bunny was sexy enough for you."

Lan Wangji's hands are trembling.

As soon as the screen goes dark- the word offline in white contrast with the now-black, video window- Lan Wangji stands up abruptly from his desk chair; pushing it with such frustrating force it slides over to the other side of the room. He keeps himself from looking down at his pants but it is unavoidable; he can feel the slight stickiness pressing against the skin of his thighs- the almost unbearable throb pressing with urgency as vivid images of Wei Wuxian keep replaying in his mind.

A mind he is very close to losing.

Hands come to clutch at his short, dark strands of hair as he closes his eyes trying to calm his agitated breathing. He walks to his bed and sits down, hands covering his face as he lets his body slump downward in exhaustion. For he is exhausted- from having not yielded at the fierce temptation boiling his blood all this time. He almost shoved his reading glasses angrily by one of the pillows and then, resting his elbows on his knees, he hides his face, pressing his palms against his closed eyes- hands trembling, sweat crowning his forehead.

And the strained hardness pressing further only helps to make him succumb and seek the pleasure he has been yearning for so long.

He has never felt as aroused as he is feeling right now; almost driving him mad- and having his eyes pressed closed does not help in the most minimum for all he sees is Wei Wuxian, wearing that fantastic sky blue, lace lingerie; holding himself up in all fours as he stretched himself open with the bunny tail plug-

Sitting up straight in an abrupt movement, Lan Wangji does not- cannot - think anymore- fingers frantically unbuckling his pre-cum drenched pants and sliding them down along with his underwear; freeing his pained cock into the cold yet welcoming air that sends shivers right into making him let out a faint sob. His hand grabs the twitching erection and the warmth of his hand has him parting his lips unconsciously. He begins to move, stroking his leaking length slowly from the base all the way to the head. From the powerful stimulation Wei Wuxian's spectacle caused to him, Lan Wangji's hand thrusts smoothly along his dick- the sensitive skin already lubricated with the pre-cum spilling from it since Wei Wuxian revealed himself dressed like Lan Wangji had requested of him. 

The memory of the camboy interlacing his fingers to the hem of the back of his very thin-laced panties, pulling them down to reveal the perfect roundness of his ass- leaving only his bare cheeks and the white bunny tail plucked in inside his entrance makes Lan Wangji hold back from moaning as his hand begins to pound faster, eyes heavy-lidded behind his glasses as he visualizes himself nuzzling said tail- hands exploring with gentle caresses the soft skin of Wei Wuxian's butt. He thinks of himself squeezing, heaving a moan from Wei Wuxian's lips as he begins to take the tail between his teeth and pull it out. Then, he imagines himself kissing the sweat-drenched skin of Wei Wuxian's arched lower back, licking and biting while positioning himself close enough for his hard erection is grazing Wei Wuxian's already-stretched hole. 

A restrained whimper escapes Lan Wangji's throat, brow furrowed deep, as his hands pound restlessly- almost desperately. He rubs the slit in circles, biting his lower lip at the fantastic sensation. He shifts his fantasy to Wei Wuxian being on his knees in front of him, delicate hands grabbing his cock as a teasing smile forms on his lips before his tongue presses gently on the slit- licking along the edges of the head before taking it into his mouth. The image is so vivid in his mind Lan Wangji falls back onto the bed, overwhelmed by the rush of pleasure rushing all over his body to the tip of his cock; which strains almost painfully signaling his climax approaching. He rubs in frenetic motions- his grip so hard, he throws his head back almost imperceptible and closes his eyes for two seconds before he is looking between his legs- at his hands working him into completion. 

But all he sees is Wei Wuxian. Wei Wuxian pushing his fingers inside him, moaning and shuddering. Wei Wuxian stroking his dick; letting it leak all over his stomach. Wei Wuxian smiling at the camera, all flushed and sated- playing lazily with his spent cock and saying shameless things. 

Drops of sweat trail down the sides of Lan Wangji's face. His mouth is partly open- heavy breaths coming out of his dry lips. His eyebrows are almost touching as he frowns in what could be considered frustration at his relief not reaching him soon and his suffering being drawn out longer because of it. There's a sudden pressure in his belly- heat traveling all the way down to his fingers caressing at the flushed head. The rhythm of his hand begins to decrease to shallow and imprecise movements as the heat begins to coil and gather on his taut dick. His breaths become uneven, eyes closing on their own- hand leisurely caressing as he comes all over his brand new shirt, groaning Wei Wuxian's name like a prayer.

He rides his orgasm until the last drop of cum slides down the back of his hand. His mind is in a blurry daze with only one clear thought present.


Wei Wuxian. 


And the world goes blank. 



Lan Wangji almost doesn't want to wake up the next morning.

He wishes he could regret it, yet he doesn't. It feels as if a huge weight has been taken off his shoulders and yet there's guilt hovering all over him. 

But it had felt so incredibly good that he wonders how he had made it this far without doing it even once.

He had been taught to avoid carnal temptations but… Wei Wuxian had somehow become more than just someone he lusted for. He cared for him, somehow. Wanted to not only… well, do what he had fantasized the night before, but also to spoil him endlessly, to give him whatever he wanted as long as he gave him a smile back. It was enough.

And it was also ridiculous, yes, but true. 

As he makes himself some french toast, he feels a faint tug pull at the ends of his pajama pants. He looks down and finds a ball of fur, one of his bunnies, nipping at the hem. He lets himself smile a little even though he feels completely humorless. Today even more so than usual. Then he suddenly remembers he has to buy a bag of carrots. 

He waves off the way how the knot on his stomach grows ever tighter and uncomfortable the more he stares at the bunny's ears and goes to get ready to head out. 




It's early in the afternoon when Lan Wangji arrives at the grocery store. He quickly makes his way to the vegetable section, sternly looking for healthy-looking carrots. After choosing the ones with the better quality, he walks over to the waiting line to pay.

His mind is still a mess.

Someone stumbles against his back then, making him lose the balance of the vegetables gathered in his arms and having them fall to the floor. Lan Wangji sighs- for he really has no energy to even look at who had accidentally pushed him- kneeling to collect them again.

The other person speaks up, "Ah, sorry! I didn't see you there. Here, let me help you pick them up."

The stranger kneels to his side, picking the carrots scattered on the floor. Lan Wangji shoots him a glance and almost falls back on his ass, choking at his words of gratitude as his brain processes what his eyes are seeing. 




Lan Wangji feels his face grow pale as his blood goes cold and his heart stops beating for sure. 

The stranger looks up- his soft grey, twinkling eyes staring back at him- and Lan Wangji's last functioning brain cell stops working.

Chapter Text

Lan Wangji's brain cannot reason why they both have been staring, gaping at each other for almost a full thirty seconds without saying anything. 

Actually, Lan Wangji cannot reason anything beyond the pounding of his heart on his ears and the repetitive mantra inside his head going like yes, no, yes, no, yes, yes no no no… 


This cannot be happening.


His unblinking eyes follow the way the already-gathered carrots in the stranger's arms- in Wei Wuxian's arms- scatter on the floor again as said man opens and closes his mouth as if to say something but decides otherwise. Instead. he smiles sheepishly, gasping lowly as he realizes the carrots are all over the floor again and begins to pick them back up. Lan Wangji swallows and looks away, trying to keep his face as composed as he can. 

"You like carrots a lot?"

He almost breaks his neck to look back to where the voice comes from and regrets it almost immediately as he sees the playful glint in Wei Wuxian's eyes. He is holding up a carrot in one hand, shaking it to make a point of his question and he is smiling . His short side-ponytail touches a little lower on his chin and his soft dark bangs are a little messy, a disobedient strand standing up like a small antenna. 

Lan Wangji would be lying if he said that is not the cutest thing he has ever seen.

Lost in his reverie, Lan Wangji almost nods before he remembers Wei Wuxian's question and stops himself, and instead replies. "I do like carrots, but… these are to feed my bunnies."

Wei Wuxian's eyes grow wide, almost letting the carrots fall on the floor again, "You have bunnies for pets!?"

How he is able to find his voice, Lan Wangji has no idea, but he is grateful for it as he answers, standing up, "Mn. I have two." 

Wei Wuxian copies his action, holding the carrots closer to his chest and Lan Wangji tries to distract himself from looking at the slightly-exposed collarbones of the other boy. He almost loses his step when Wei Wuxian chirps, "Can I meet them? Do you live close by? Pretty please, I love bunnies so much!" 

It all comes out in a babble of words and Lan Wangji's eyes widen at the sudden, and more than unexpected, request, as well at the too adorable way his grey eyes are staring at him. Lan Wangji feels his heart stop. There's a bright gleam of genuine glee in the camboy's face and a small rosy blush on his cheeks and it's simply too much to take. 

Lan Wangji swallows.

Watching Wei Wuxian through a screen is one thing. To see him in real life, especially being this irresistibly endearing, it’s another It is also very, very dangerous, Lan Wangji realizes, as he feels the surging need to reach out and cradle his face in both of his hands and… kiss.

Wherever he can reach, just kiss and tell him that he is a complete wonder. 

Then again, the thought alone of Wei Wuxian standing in the middle of his living room, lest to think in his bedroom is… 

Not a good idea to think about if he wants to stay… calm.

Lan Wangji feels his chest pang with regret as he leans to take the carrots off Wei Wuxian's arms. Denying Wei Wuxian's petition is almost as hard as not touching himself for that long amount of time, maybe even worse as he takes in the slight shift in the other boy's expression when he stands up and takes a step back.

He doesn't linger in wondering why the camboy's face suddenly crumbled for a second before recovering its usual light. 

Instead, he inclines his head and says, "My apologies but I have to go. Thank you for your help, "and starts walking out of the store. Wei Wuxian calls after him but Lan Wangji is too overwhelmed at the moment, too taken aback by the unexpected turn of events to even listen to what the boy is saying. 

That is until he is just outside the door and a hand grabs him by the elbow, pulling him to a stop. 

Lan Wangji looks behind him, at Wei Wuxian panting a little and biting his lip down as if holding back from cracking up in laughter. Lan Wangji feels himself fall a little harder and almost begs him to stop doing that, but is able to hold back from saying so and says instead, "What..."

Pointing with a nod of his head, Wei Wuxian whispers as if in a conspiracy, "I think you have to pay for those before you leave." 

Lan Wangji frowns, looking down at the carrots in his arms and almost chokes on air. 

He left... the store… without paying.

Such a thing had never happened to him before. He has never been more embarrassed, more so when said embarrassing thing happened in front of Wei Wuxian.

Feeling his ears grow red, he starts to move but Wei Wuxian stops him short, "Don't worry, I already paid for them!" 


"Yeah! The security guard was about to tackle you so I gave him the money and came after you. Here," he offers him a brown bag. "Put the carrots in this. It must be uncomfortable to carry them just like that."

Even before Wei Wuxian had finished speaking, Lan Wangji had already taken out some money from his wallet, offering it at the same time Wei Wuxian offers the bag. 

Wei Wuxian makes a small 'oh' sound and laughs, "Aiyo! Hahaha, you're so cute," Lan Wangji blushes as his eyes grow a little wide and his heart begins to singsong at the sound of Wei Wuxian's laughter. Yes, he has heard the camboy laugh before but… not like this - so natural, and warm, and full of sincere glee, as if it is the most wonderful thing that has occurred to him. 

It is right then that Lan Wangji knows more than ever that he is completely done for. 

Wei Wuxian continues with a shake of his head, "No no. Keep it. It's okay. Maybe you can buy me some boba tea sometime, hm?" he smiles, before muttering a low "aiya" and taking the carrots from Lan Wangji's arms and putting them inside the brown bag. 

Handing it over to Lan Wangji, he leaves his hand hanging up in the air, right between the small space separating them. Seeing as Lan Wangji hesitates, Wei Wuxian speaks again, "I'm Wei Ying, by the way!" 

It is almost… hard to believe, only ever thought in daydreams, that Lan Wangji is given the opportunity of holding Wei Wuxian's hand even if it's for only a second. His heart is pounding fast inside his chest as he reaches over and clasps his hand gently around Wei Wuxian's

Then, he feels his restless heart melting at the warm, soft tingling sensation that travels through him when their skin touches. He grips the stretched hand lightly, carefully, and shakes it- holding back from tracing his thumb on the back of the camboy's hand.


From pressing a small peck on his knuckles.


He simply nods and introduces himself, "Mn. Lan Zhan,"

"Yeah I know- I mean, I… guessed right? You look like a Lan Zhan, so I thought ‘Hey, maybe his name is Lan Zhan!’ Hahaha haha..."

Wei Wuxian scratches the back of his neck, looking at his feet as they kick at a few lost pebbles. Lan Wangji frowns but is not given a chance to ask what the other boy means before he is interrupted by a gasp, "Ah! I'm running late! Fuck," he shouts, eyes checking the watch at his wrist. Lan Wangji stops the line of thoughts that word alone begins to conjure in his mind.

"My brother is visiting my new apartment so, yeah, I have to go." 

Lan Wangji thinks for a second that there is a small glint of frustration and disappointment in his voice but brushes it off with a sigh, pushing down his rising disappointment as well. "It is alright. I also have to go." 

Smiling sadly, Wei Wuxian nods, "Alright. I guess I'll… see you around?"

Swallowing, for he believes that he won't be that fortunate twice, Lan Wangji nods. "Mn." 

And he makes his way back to the apartment building. It is a few seconds later, when he hears steps running behind him, that he notices Wei Wuxian is trying to catch up to him.

"Lan Zhan, wait!"

Lan WangJi stops and frowns, "Why are you..."

Wei Wuxian cocks his head before understanding Lan Wangji's inquiry, "Oh, I live here!" he smiles, seemingly happy about that fact.




Lan Wangji almost trips at the statement, a hand around his arm holding him steady, "Lan Zhan, are you okay?"

He takes a deep breath, "En." No. His brother's words from a few days ago suddenly replay in his head and he holds back from wincing at not having paid the attention it required.


"Oh, Wangji, did you know there’s someone moving in a few doors down from us?"


Lan Wangji cannot believe his luck.

He doesn't know whether to laugh or cry at this rate.

Wei Wuxian begins chattering about having moved in recently, making Lan Wangji reckon that the camboy had mentioned about having moved once in his live streams.

He cannot believe he wasn't able to connect the dots. Though it could also have been a coincidence, if he had been more aware, he would have noticed how strangely coincidental it was and would have investigated further about this new neighbor of his.

He would have probably evaded the situation that happened at the store as well, probably even try to never encounter (or at least delay it) the camboy especially after watching him every single Friday night for more than a month.

Oh, he really had to meet him the day after he…

After he...

Swallowing his rising guilt as he listened to Wei Wuxian speak, Lan Wangji thinks his luck cannot get any worse.




It gets worse.

When they arrive, Lan Wangji makes his way to the elevator quickly; Wei Wuxian following suit, talking about how he still has things to unpack, a lot of overdue assignments and how he wishes he could sleep for twelve hours straight. Lan Wangji listens but he would be lying if he said he is not distracted. 

His hands are clammy, his heart is throbbing, and his eyes can't stop staring at the soft curve of Wei Wuxian's lips when he chuckles, at the way he expresses himself so lively, and how his messy ponytail makes him look ever more entrancing. 

Lan Wangji wants to bite down on it and nuzzle his nose at the nape of his neck…

He also wishes he could relax enough to listen to him talk all day. He feels his own lips shifting atthe hint of a smile as he observes the other boy fondle in his backpack, searching for the keys. He is biting on his tongue, one eye closed as he concentrates and with a triumphant 'aha!' he wiggles the keys to Lan Wangji.

Lan Wangji sighs, this is dangerous. 

Once they are inside the elevator, Lan Wangji asks, "What floor?"

Playing with his keys, Wei Wuxian asks distracted, "Ah? Ah, floor six. Thanks!"



No. This… is not possible.


Wei Wuxian asks back, "What's your floor?"

It almost pains Lan Wangji as he replies, "Same." 

Wei Wuxian frowns, "Same... Oh! You and I are on the same floor?"


Unfortunately for my saneness.


Lan Wangji wonders how he will be able to live by knowing Wei Wuxian is just a few doors down his own home. Much worse than that is how will he be able to sleep knowing that Wei Wuxian might be… there, playing with his… toys … and so close

Friday nights will become a torture for him from now on. He will not be able to watch another streaming again, he knows it. He knows and feels awful at how that thought saddens him.

He faintly hears his name being called which causes him to get out of his thoughts, "Lan Zhan? Want me to hold your carrot-"

The words make him almost choke on his own air, "W-What!?" Lan Wangji almost shouts.

Wei Wuxian looks back at him, confusion written all over his face, "Your carrot bag. Want me to help you carry it?" 


Lan Wangji is sure he is losing hold of his sanity by now, "No need." 

The elevator doors open at their floor and they both step out and walk down the hallway. When he reaches his apartment's door, Lan Wangji turns and his heart skips a beat when he finds Wei Wuxian grinning teasingly.

"Ah, this is your apartment? Mine is just two doors down!"

Lan Wangji swallows and nods, "Mn. You… are welcome whenever you want to visit."

At this, Wei Wuxian seems to blush a little but his grin widens, "Okay, I would really like to meet your bunnies so… I will definitely visit!"

Nodding, Lan Wangji begins to unlock the door, "En. I… will see you around."

He opens the door and is about to step in when Wei Wuxian grabs his arm again.

Really, if he keeps touching him so naturally like this, Lan Wangji might actually disappear into a bundle of nerves. 

"Wait," and he takes the carrot bag off from Lan Wangji's hand. Taking a black marker out of nowhere, he takes the cap off with his teeth and begins to scribble something on the brown skin of the bag. After a satisfying hum, he closes the cap on the marker again and smiles at Lan Wangji; handing over the bag again. 

"There you go, Lan Zhan!" 

Lan Wangji looks at the number written down on the bag, "What's this?" he asks stupidly because he knows it is a phone number, it is just that… his mind seems unable to keep up with all the events of the day.

Wei Wuxian doesn't seem bothered by the ridiculous question, however, "That's my number! Call me if you need anything, okay?"

Lan Wangji starts at the words, keeping hold of his calm face, There is no double meaning behind it, you are simply going crazy, Lan Wangji.

With a smile and a wave of his hand, Wei Wuxian makes his way down the hallway and to his apartment.




After that day, for the rest of the week, Lan Wangji sees Wei Wuxian everywhere.

Quite literally.

And that only makes Lan Wangji's life more miserably beautiful.

The next morning, Lan Wangji wakes up early to eat some breakfast at a café close by before going to classes and he meets with Wei Wuxian also coming out of his apartment. The moment his eyes meet with his and see the smile growing warmly on his lips, Lan Wangji thinks that the sun is rising right at that instant and its light is curling its way into his heart to cuddle and settle and stay.

Panicking at how his heart begins to beat out of control, he nods in greeting and decides to take the stairs.

Later in the afternoon, he sees Wei Wuxian walking back to the apartment building- drinking something from a cup, sipping from the straw and Lan Wangji feels his cheeks heat up a little. Wei Wuxian sees him then and lets go of the straw with a pop and a gasp as he smiles and shouts, "Lan Zhan! Wait up!"

Lan Wangji heaves out a shaky breath, his stomach fluttering with what he can only compare to butterflies as Wei Wuxian runs over to him. Once he is standing in front of him, Lan Wangji thinks he is so pretty it is almost unfair to his heart.

Chuckling and sending warmth into Lan Wangji's skin, Wei Wuxian says, "Lan Zhan, I saw you this morning but you left too quickly and I wasn't able to even say good morning to you," he pouts, sipping from the cup again. "Hey, how was your day? Mine was quite busy. Had to catch up with the assignments I told you about yesterday and also attend classes..."

He keeps talking all the way to the elevator, the ride up to the sixth floor and even when Lan Wangji begins to open his apartment's door to escape the growing need to pull him inside and kiss him, hug him, do whatever he begs him to do. 

Wei Wuxian notices Lan Wangji's restlessness, his discomfort, and with an apologetic smile says his farewell and walks away.

Lan Wangji almost reaches out to take his hand and make him understand that he is not being this… awkward because he doesn't enjoy his company but because…

He enjoys it too much and wants more of it.

In the next two days, Lan Wangji tries as best as he can to avoid encountering the camboy. If not for his own self-restraint then for the guilt crushing upon him whenever he almost crosses paths with him and remembers what he did last Friday night.

Even still trying with the utmost effort, as he is about to head out to the library to bring some books with him for his Literature research, he finds himself face to face with Wei Wuxian. The latter grins at him and starts walking over. Lan Wangji turns around and makes his way to the elevator as fast as he can without making it too obvious.

Nevertheless, before he can get close enough to press the 'down' button Wei Wuxian calls out, “Aiyo, aiyo, aiyo Lan,” Lan Wangji stops short in his tracks and his eyes grow wide as Wei Wuxian lands his leg against the wall and right in front of his face; blocking his way. “Zhan! Why do you avoid me so much? Do you dislike me?” 

Lan Wangji commands his face to stay as impassive as ever, even as he feels his eyes darting unconsciously to take in the sight of the denim shorts pull up, revealing Wei Wuxian's thigh. A glance at Wei Wuxian's face and he feels himself growing weak at the annoyed pout growing on his lips, the slight downward curve of his brows and the way his eyes stare up at him questioning. 


He swallows, thinking, It is the total opposite, Wei Ying. I want you, like you, so bad is driving me mad.


Summoning strength from God knows where, Lan Wangji manages to shake his head, “No.” 

Wei Wuxian frown grows concerned, "Then why you treat me like this, hm? I just want to be your friend." 

Strike. Ah, yes. Friend.

Sighing, Lan Wangji says, "I am just in a hurry. Nothing against you."

"Oh," Wei Wuxian says and laughs. "You should've just said so, Lan Zhan!" He smiles, leg still raised and very close to Lan Wangji's peripheral vision.

Too much of a temptation.

He really tries to keep himself from looking at the leg stretched against the wall. He doesn’t even bother wondering how is it even physically possible to be that flexible. 

He simply clears his throat with all the composure he can manage and says, "Are… Are you not tired?"

Wei Wuxian frowns and then his eyes widen in realization, looking at his leg and he chuckles, pushing it down and standing straight, "Hahaha, sorry about that! I just… have lots of practice in… um.. positions, so I am already used to it." 

He grins, a bit sheepishly, and Lan Wangji nods because he is also very aware of what positions Wei Wuxian is referring to.

Though, obviously- even as guilt eats at his gut- he will never let him know.




That night, Lan Wangji can’t stop his mind from conjuring fantasies of Wei Wuxian hooking his leg, just like he did against the wall, over his shoulder as Lan Wangji fucks the life out of him right in that standing position; ignoring every plea and delight in the whiny sounds of his name coming from Wei Wuxian’s lips.

Seriously, Lan Wangji will die under the weight of his guilt and shame.

And maybe… from a broken heart too for the next day, as he checks the mailbox down on the apartment building's lobby, he hears the elevator doors open and sees Wei Wuxian step out- messy ponytail, drowsy eyes, and a lopsided smile as he calls, "Lan Zhan!" 

A skip. And two and three before warmth cuddles inside his chest.

Yes, Lan Wangji is unmistakably in love with him.

Chapter Text

Unmistakably in love with him.


That realization changes everything.

Lan Wangji stares, bewildered and unblinking at Wei Wuxian making his way towards him- the letters in his hand falling to the floor as the undeniable thought hits him like a slap to the face. With every step Wei Wuxian takes closer to him, Lan Wangji's heart skips a beat taking a twisting turn inside his chest that squeezes tightly like a fist. It's warm yet cold, and the world has suddenly just centered into one person alone. Lan Wangji clenches his jaw as he takes in a sharp breath, anchoring himself into calmness.

This is bad , Lan Wangji thinks as Wei Wuxian approaches him- yawning and scratching his messy locks. He scrubs a fist to his sleepy eyes and Lan Wangji quickly kneels to pick up the letters to hide away the blush that is spreading all over his face or how his chest aches with how annoyingly adorable the other man looks.

Lan Wangji almost can't hear what Wei Wuxian says over the pounding in his ears, "Lan Zhan, what are you up to today? I'm on my way to the library to get some studying done or else I'll procrastinate all day again, hahaha!" 

Getting back to his feet, Lan Wangji is about to reply despite the nervous beats of his heart when he suddenly goes silent, words dying in his throat. He keeps his face from crumbling into a desperate pout as he takes in Wei Wuxian adjusting his coat. It's one too big for him yet it makes him look incredibly chubby in the most enticing, cute way. He’s zipping the front up and when he looks up to smile ever so brightly at Lan Wangji, the latter has to take hold of every single bit of his self-control to not pull Wei Wuxian into his arms and hide his face on the crook of his neck as he tries to compose himself from the heartwarming image.

Wei Wuxian giggles and Lan Wangji almost slips and lets himself indulge in his longing, "Lan Zhan, do you like it? The bunny ears on the hood make me look cute, right?"

Lan Wangji is nodding eagerly before he can stop himself, eyes still glued on Wei Wuxian's face. He looks so… ugh and aaaah! all Lan Wangji wants is to eat his cheeks, kiss his face flush-red, hug him and hug him and keep hugging him. 

Not expecting this response from Lan Wangji, Wei Wuxian's eyes widen in surprise and he gulps down, looking away as a faint blush paints his cheeks, "Ah, aiyo Lan Zhan… You can't… do that with a straight face…  that’s… dangerous." 

Lan Wangji frowns, confused at his words and Wei Wuxian brushes it off with a wave of his hand and a small roll of his eyes, "Nothing, nothing. It's just me talking nonsense. You didn't answer me, though! What are you doing today?" 

What day is today even? Lan Wangji wonders, still a bit overwhelmed at the fact that… hey, he is pretty much in love with the man standing in front of him, wearing a coat with adorable bunny ears on the hood, and a sweet smile on his lips, and that Lan Wangji has pretty much dreamt of fucking him every night, and that this man is probably the most wonderful being Lan Wangji has ever laid eyes on.

And who will probably never look at him the same way, so there is no reason to bother.

Yeah, everything is fine. Cool. Must stay calm and not say anything stupid that might show how much he wants to be with him, how much he likes him-

"I am also on my way to the library." Shoot. Lan Wangji clears his throat, "I… have to return some books."

Wei Wuxian grins, eyes bright and warm as if Lan Wangji had given him the best news he has ever heard, "Perfect! Let's go together!"

And he takes Lan Wangji's wrist in his soft hand, pulling him along and out of the building and further into falling, falling, falling in love with him.




The time they spent in the library is practically magical for Lan Wangji, and torture as well. It takes every single bit of his control not to guide Wei Wuxian to one of the most hidden aisles, push him against a bookshelf and kiss him breathless until he moans Lan Wangji's name and begs for more. This is all because Wei Wuxian is a very oblivious flirt and every wink, every smirk, and gleam in his eyes, every teasing word, all of them leave a burning heat growing all over Lan Wangji's skin. It all seems like a game, for Wei Wuxian laughs everything off and keeps talking as if he hadn't licked his lips enticingly just a second ago. And worse of all is the way the camboy makes his heart race with impossible speed and not in… a sexual way but in one of complete and unending affection that keeps growing with every passing second, and Lan Wangji doesn't know what to do, where to put the untamed tide of emotions hurling him further into the pit of his doom for he has already been hauled into the abyss of the grey in Wei Wuxian's eyes and down the curve of his cheeky smile, the appealing mole under his bottom lip and he would be lying to himself if he said he doesn't like the way the wind feels on his face as he keeps falling more. 

No momentum, just a free-fall, and he knows he will get bruises when he finally hits the ground, that his heart might very well shatter but…

"Lan Zhan, look! I made a bunny origami, haha! You like it?" he plays with the paper bunny in jumpy movements towards Lan Wangji's fingers where they rest on the table. 




Lan Wangji holds back the smile peaking on his lips, "Shouldn't you be studying?"

Wei Wuxian stops the bunny right on top of the back of Lan Wangji's hand and lets out an awkward giggle, "Eh… I am studying! This is… I'm… concentrating, yes! Did you know origami can help with mental concentration and coordination? Well, you need all that to study so I'm just… stretching my brain before exercising... it? Hehe!"

Shaking his head, Lan Wangji stares at the bunny for a moment- his chest warm and tight and feeling so... nice . When he looks back at Wei Wuxian he almost curses at himself at the slight crestfallen look on the camboy's face. He quickly takes the paper bunny between his fingers and, in a rush of insane courage, reaches and nuzzles its tiny nose on Wei Wuxian's cheek who startles back at him. Lan Wangji tries to convey in his eyes all the fondness he feels and whispers, "I do."

Wei Wuxian stutters, eyes trying to avoid staring back at Lan Wangji no matter the cost, "Y-You do what?"

"I do like," I do like you . "the bunny. I do like it."

The smile Wei Wuxian gives him back could light up an entire country.

Yes. His heart might end up in pieces in the end but to be able and witness this , to be able and make Wei Wuxian smile at him as if he had offered him the entirety of the stars with no idea he has all of a sudden become the sun of Lan Wangji's life...

For just a glance, Lan Wangji wouldn't mind a broken heart at all.

A moment passes in silence and Wei Wuxian goes back into creating yet another origami bunny. He sticks his tongue out in concentration, eyes squinting adorably as he works and all Lan Wangji can think is I think I'm in love with you. No, I actually love you. Please let me love you. 

His fingers unconsciously reach to brush away a strand of hair touching Wei Wuxian's nose, making him scrunch it cutely as it itches him. Just before he can make a decision whether to touch the hair away or not, Wei Wuxian shifts with a loud  "Oh!" as if he had suddenly realized something and Lan Wangji backs away quickly before he gets caught.

Wei Wuxian turns to him with a small frown, "Oi, Lan Zhan. Where are the books you have to return?"

Ah… The books. Right, Lan Wangji. Where are the books, huh? 

Lan Wangji swallows, panicking as a faint blush creeps at his earlobes, "I forgot them at home. Remembered them when we… were already here."


Liar liar, pants on fire.


"Oh," Wei Wuxian says before smiling, "Then it's really sweet of you to have stayed here to keep me company. I'm sorry if it… was a waste of time, I know I can be a little bit of a hassle-"

"Not a waste of time. I like being with you," Lan Wangji says in a low but determined voice. Wei Wuxian looks at him as if he couldn't believe his ears, smiling sheepishly before looking down at the open textbook on the table whispering a small, "Okay". 

They spend the rest of the time in welcoming silence: Wei Wuxian reading in low whispers as short strands of hair kiss his cheeks and Lan Wangji breathing in everything that is Wei Ying.

And even if Lan Wangji finds himself with faint stings in his heart whenever Wei Wuxian bites down on his lip or looks at him sheepishly to quickly avert his gaze, if every single thing Wei Wuxian makes him feel is a mix of utter bliss and annoying fear, nevertheless, it has been- despite all- the best day of Lan Wangji's life.




That night, before they bid each other goodbye, Lan Wangji takes out his phone as they stand at the front of his apartment's door and writes something down. He can feel Wei Wuxian's curious gaze pinned on him but he doesn't say a word. His stomach is tight with small fluttering nervousness but he still hits ‘send.’


Wei Ying

last seen today 10:13 a.m. 


Lan Zhan: Wei Ying. This is my number. 

I had a great time today. Thank you.


Wei Wuxian's phone pings where it's safely tucked in his pocket. He furrows his eyebrows, hand digging to take it out of his so adorable coat and when he unlocks it to see the newly received message, the expression he makes almost causes Lan Wangji's heart to grow wings. His soft grey eyes grow big in surprise and the smallest of smiles forms on his rosy lips. He looks back at Lan Wangji, back at his phone, and back at Lan Wangji again, and laughs.

It's music for Lan Wangji's heart.

"Lan Zhan! Hahahaha, I'm right here you know. You can say this to my face," he shakes his head, a grin spreading wider on his face as he reads the message yet again. "I also had a great time, thank you for keeping me company." 

"Anytime," Lan Wangji is only capable of answering as he drinks up the way Wei Wuxian stares back at him- flushed, chubby cheeks from smiling too much and squinted eyes with small wrinkles at the sides. Lan Wangji almost asks if he can kiss those away, too. 

Heaving out a long sigh, Wei Wuxian says, "Well, um, I should head back. I'm craving a long bath and then maybe just hit the sack, hahaha! Goodnight, Lan Zhan." 

Ignoring the popping image in his mind about a Wei Wuxian bathing, Lan Wangji nods and replies gently, "Goodnight, Wei Ying." 

The moment he closes the door behind him, Lan Wnagji leans his back against it and lets himself smile.




Lan Wangji is coming out from a bath- drying his hair with a small towel as he uses another one around his hips to cover himself- when his phone lights up with a new message. He puts on some pajama pants and brushes his wet hair back with his fingers as he walks over to his bedside table to pick up his phone.

Needless to say, he almost drops it as he reads from whom the message is from. He is slightly afraid of his stomach getting sick at the amount of butterflies he has felt throughout the entirety of the day yet he cannot keep his lips from forming a faint smile as he unlocks his phone to reply.

He stills his heart, wondering what Wei Wuxian could… need from him after parting ways less than two hours ago. He does not let his mind linger on it or wander to other non-related thoughts that surely will make his stomach sting with guilt.

When he reads the message, he frowns and begins to type his reply back- heart racing with anticipation. 

Because, well, as much as he wants to keep his composure as the grown-up man he is, he... cannot keep at bay the feels of giddiness, such as wanting to jump on the bed, curl onto his side and bite down his lip to keep himself from smiling as he glues his gaze at the screen and waits for every message to arrive while not missing a single beat into answering back.

Of course, he doesn't do that , but he lies on the bed right after sending his reply.


Wei Ying 



Wei Ying: lan zhan, r u asleep?

sent: 8:50 p.m.

Lan Zhan: Not yet.

sent: 8:50 p.m.


Wei Ying: good, bc i want to ask u something...

Wei Ying: i like talking to u. and i was wondering if 

u would like to go on a date with me this friday night? (。・・。)

sent: 8:52 p.m. 


Lan Zhan forgets to breathe out the intake of air he had just seized. His heart skips a beat as he tries to make his brain believe what his eyes are seeing. After one minute of having made sure that corroborating the message won't make it magically fade away as some fantasy of his, he types down his reply with utter disbelief in every word:


Lan Zhan: You want to go on a date with me?

sent: 8:53 p.m.  

Wei Ying: dont want it with anyone else.

sent: 8:53 p.m. 


Lan Wangji stares dumbfounded at his phone's screen, rereading the words thrice. A whole entire two minutes pass and he forgets he has to reply back when another message pops up:


Wei Ying: say yes? 

sent: 8:55 p.m.


Lan Wangji almost drops his phone on his face, his hands trembling as a soft wave of shock and happiness rushes through him- curls in his heart making it beat an impossible rate. He manages to control his trembles enough to write back:


Lan Zhan: Okay. I would love to.

sent: 8:55 p.m.


Wei Wuxian replies almost instantly, the cute emoji and the unexpected excitement radiating from the message making a small smile bloom on Lan Wangji's lips: 


Wei Ying: ( ˃̶ω˂̶ ૃ) LAN ZHAN! okay i'll pick u up at ur place at six.

sent: 8:55 p.m. 

Lan Zhan: Mn. Good night, Wei Ying.

sent: 8:56 p.m.

Wei Ying: good night, lan zhan!

sent: 8:58 p.m. 


This time Lan Wangji is not just smiling but laughing. He laughs, cheeks raised chubbily and his eyes almost closing as they wrinkle with the force of his laugh. He curls to the side and curses away how ridiculous being like a teenage boy, all dumb and lovesick is because he is dumb and so very much lovesick, and hides his face onto the pillow, letting out a small sigh of joy. 

He has never felt like this. He never wants to let this feeling go. 

What Lan Wangji does not know, as he accommodates himself to sleep with a dumb smile on his lips and his heart full of content warmth is that- a few doors down from his apartment, Wei Wuxian is still holding onto his phone. He stares, biting down on his lips, and debates- fingers tapping with a nervous stance. With a sigh, he begins to type hastily:


Lan Zhan

last seen today at 8:58 p.m.

             Wei Ying: i really like u.

             Wei Ying: i really li| 

             Wei Ying: i rea|

             Wei Ying: i |

             Wei Ying:


Shaking his head, he groans into his pillow; locking his phone and throwing it to the side.