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I didn't just come here to dance

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“You can’t just keep asking me about my sex life Unnie.” Jimin says, stealing one of her fries as Yoonji tries (and fails) to swat her hand away.

Yesterday’s semi-hardened fries aren’t the healthiest breakfast but Yoonji's always been counter-culture like that.

“It’s worked before, it can work again.” Yoonji says, huffing.

“That’s cuz you’ve always been hidden behind a pseudonym,” Jimin says, sitting across from Yoonji on their kitchen counter to steal more fries, which Yoonji grumbles about while shoving the box nearer her friend.

Yoonji groans into the box of fries, when she realizes that Jimin is right. Min Yoonji, up and coming erotic writer of her generation, writer of the rivetting piece The Women who Play with Wolves whose short story was taken up to be developed into a full-length erotic anthology, is, has, and might always be, a sad and horny virgin.

It’s not that there weren’t any offers. Yoonji had gone through enough soft boys and frat boys and fuck boys (wait, is there a difference?) to know that she was desirable. Hell, her body was desirable. Even if she was tiny and titless, her pale skin and cat-like eyes had all the boys swooning.

That and her reputation as the campus’ resident angry feminist (redundant! Hoseok had scoffed. All feminists are angry. You’d be too, if you weren’t benefitting from the patriarchy Yoonji had spit right back), ready to be tamed and conquered by the lucky dick that would make her scream oppa in the sheets.

Long story short, no dick has ever conquered mount Yoonji. And no dick will, because Yoonji isn’t a loser.

That doesn't make for good research, though.

“How are you going to describe the feeling? The emotions? Hell, THE SOUNDS?” Jimin squawks, breaking her out of her daydream.

“Sounds?” Yoonji squeaks.

“Don’t tell me you’ve never heard me and Tae go at it. We’re pretty loud.” Jimin says, using a fry to point at Yoonji. The fry is tempting and Yoonji leans forward to try to take a bite out of the offending piece but Jimin draws her hand back quickly and pops the fry in her mouth.

“But that’s an invasion of privacy.” Yoonji says looking down at the notepad where shes been scribbling her notes own, her face heating up.

“Trust me I think Tae would like it if you listened in. We know we sound hot.” Yoonji crosses out Ask Jimin <3 aggressively. And she's left with.... nothing.  

“That’s pervy!” Yoonji rebuts. To which Jimin replies “We do not kink shame in this house, ye who wrote ‘his massive ship caresses the cavern of my folds.’ I can’t believe miss ‘I promote women’s pleasure and emancipation through my writing’ is embarrassed by the mention of sex sounds.”

Yoonji groans again.

“Like that!” Jimin squeals in glee. “See you’re already halfway there. All you need is someone to make you feel good.”

“My pleasure isn’t dependent on someone else’s cock” Yoonji says huffing.

“Or pussy, or fingers, or tentacles, because sexuality is fluid." Jimin says, as she leans over to pinch Yoonji's cheek with her semi-greasy fingers. "And yet here we are.”

“Why can’t you just tell me about your first time and I'll go from there.” Yoonji huffs at Jimin.

Jimin doesn’t even bother with a reply, as she grabs more fries, dance diet be damned.

"Or do you not remember, cuz it's been so long" Yoonji asks, challenging.

Jimin looks at her evenly, before she replies.  “Your bluff will be called when you’re face-to-face with an actual human being.” 

“Fine I'll get info from my BL and smut collection.” Yoonji says, opening her phone to peruse her collection of manga and erotic stories.

“Or what, like porn? Like Uh-uh oppa right there, I’m so horny, slam your giant dick into me even if I’m obviously not wet enough and there wasn’t any foreplay and … ugh!” Jimin moans. It’s lewd and filthy and…

“Fake.” Yoonji says with a matching eyeball that would put Cher from Clueless to shame.

“Everything in porn is fake. You of all people should know that!”  Jimin says. “And we’re too broke to buy that” Jimin takes a dramatic pause and her tiny hands wave around to form air-quotes “feminist porn so like, we watch normal gross porn for guys and experiment from there.”

“Great now find me a hot guy whose not gonna prioritize my needs in bed and then we’ll talk.” Yoonji replies.

Jimin looks at her evenly, with that look that only Jimin can get. That eye-smile that makes her cheeks puff up and her eyes turn into half-moons, paired with a smirk that’s borderline evil. It’s scary and secretly erotic and if Yoonji wasn’t so into dick (hypothetically), she’d totally have fallen for that cherub-grin-with-a-devil’s-body-thing Jimin had going on.

“ Challenge. Fucking. Accepted” Jimin says. “In the words of our queen and saviour Carly Rae Jepsen, We’ll make it feel like the first time, First time” Jimin croons.

I’m sure that’s not what the lyrics meant. Yoonji wants to say, but saying that would admit that she listens to their queen add savior Carle Rae Jepsen, and Jimin has had enough wins today.

The fries are almost gone, and Jimin daintily licks the tips of her fingers clean, obviously pleased with how the conversation is going.

“I need to go meet the love of my life and soulmate, Taehyungie. We’re trying to seduce her cute classmate who works at the corner store."  Jimin leaves a greasy kiss on Yoonji’s cheek. "We like to feed each other popsicles while wearing low-cut tops.” 

That kid doesn’t stand a chance Yoonji thinks, shaking her head.

“And don’t worry, I’ll make it my mission to find you good dick, preferably attached a hot guy who is woke but not broke, or fauxwoke, in the bad way” Jimin adds before skipping to the door.

Hot guy with big dicks. Well, she did have two weeks until the podcast.

“And don’t forget to take the trash out! Yoonji hears Jimin scream as she exits their apartment.

Whoever said girls were the cleaner gender was definitely wrong.


Yoonji goes out to take her trash, effectively hauling their bundle into the shoot, half of her wishing she could just throw herself in there with it. And all that's left to throw is the box of recyclables by her door. She hears a door open. Just her luck, it’s mister tall, broad, and handsome, leaving his apartment. He’s always in a preppy outfit, cardigans with stripes at the side. Her secret crush. Hoseok’s new roommate whose masculine eyes and feminine lips rest on a small face, which in turn is framed by his runway-length shoulders. She doesn't mean to gawk and gets embarrassed when he turns to her and gives her a smile. And instead of returning the smile like a normal human being, she grabs her recyclables and speedwalks away, her flip-flops making squeaky sounds on their hallway floor.

Oh god she thinks, I’m such a dork.

And just at that moment, the bottom of box she’s carrying decides to break.

And all her sins come spilling out...

In the form of empty Soju bottles and energy drink cans that litter the hallway of her apartment complex.

Yoonji swears and drops to her knees. As if this day couldn’t get any worse.

She scrambles to pick up the bottles in her arms, struggling because who knew soju bottles could be so slippery? She’s doing a good job, when suddenly her hands collide with someone else’s. They’re large firm hands that lift the bottle she’s holding, effectively lifting her own hands up as well.

She jolts, dropping the bottles in her arms back on the floor, rolling away from arm’s reach as if to mock her.

“Oh gosh I’m sorry to have startled you.” Tall broad and handsome says. He goes down to squat next to hear, sheepishly putting a hand behind his head and bowing his head in embarrassment.  Yoonji takes this opportunity to look back at him. Really LOOK at him. God how could someone so cute look so devilishly handsome? It was like he was made to make her sin.

“S’ok, thanks for the help.” Yoonji mumbles shyly. Their eyes meet and Yoonji stares.

And stares.

And stares maybe a bit too long because suddenly his face turns stoic and he looks up and away from her. Well, that’s a mood-killer Yoonji thinks, blushing. She looks down at what she’s wearing, a ratty loose tank top, sleep shorts and house slippers. Was he offended by what she was wearing? She wants to cover herself, but instead, she gets down on all fours and tries to gather as many bottles as she can.

“Here let me get that,” The man says, gathering the rest of the fallen cans in his arms. At least he’s nice, right?

“You’ll dirty your shirt.” Yoonji half-whispers, but he’s already got an armful, more than her definitely. He gets up and offers his arm to her as she reaches out to grasp his forearm, gingerly pick herself up from the floor, hugging the remaining bottles to her chest. She notices how firm his arm feels in her finger and it makes her blush. The contact makes her brazen and she peeks, wondering if she should drop the rest of the bottles and try the bend and snap move Jimin keeps going on about. But he still isn’t looking at her and her heart drops to her stomach.

“Thank you.” She whispers instead, trying to end this interaction as soon as possible, so she can slink back to her hiding place under the bridge like the watertroll she is.

“Seokjin.” The man replies, his voice melodic, a contrast to his large form. “My name’s Seokjin. Or Jin for short”

Yoonji already knew that but he doesn’t need to know that she knows.

“I’m Yoonji” she replies. “From 4-L.” Nice to meet you. She'd move to shake his hand but her arms are full and she tries to smile at him instead. Seokjin smiles but he’s looking above her head. Fiddling with the bottles in his arms. He moves to walk beside her.

Her introvert self tries her best to make conversation, after all, when will a chance like this come, right?

And like the embarrassing mess that she is, she babbles.

“We don’t normally drink this much.” Yoonji says. “But my roommate Jimin and I ended up stockpiling these things and we keep forgetting to throw them out... It was too much for the box” She laughs awkwardly, catching Seokjin’s eye before he quickly looks away, the tips of his ears red.

“I get that.’ Seokjin says, voice filled with sympathy. “But my roommate Hoseok is too much of a neat freak to let these things slide.”

Ah yes, Yoonji's opening. “Hoseok is my roommate’s dance partner,” Yoonji says, keeping her tone light. Hoseok. The same Hoseok that was privy to spilling details about the older man because he just LOVED seeing how flustered the butch-y Yoonji would get at the mention of how Seokjin looked in the morning in nothing but his boxers when he cooked breakfast. Or how hot Seokjin was when he would get back from the gym all sweaty, his dri-fit shirts outlining his dorito-man body. Yoonji knew that Seokjin was a model, and that he was modeling for the issue of TEAM magazine where her next erotic story would be published. Not that she could divulge this information Seokjin without outing her own odd obsession. Maybe the amount of information Yoonji had on Seokjin was semi-stalkerish. But it wasn't her fault Hoseok didn't know when to shut up. Or ignore her when she asked. 

“You know Hoseok?” Seokjin asks. Yoonji mumbles a shy yes which he seems to catch.

“Then we should have dinner once. I haven’t had a chance to make that many friends since moving here, so it would be good to have you over for dinner." Seokjin pause.They’re finally by the recycling room at the end of their hallway, where Yoonji bends down to leave the bottles in the bin.

"Only if you want to..." Seokjin says. Yoonji can feel his eyes on her form but when she looks up, he's inspecting the paint that's chipping on the wall.

"Sure." She replies. But her heart is doing a 360, excited and eager at the prospect of having Seokjin over, despite the internal panic she's swallowing down.  

“Thank you again for… Y’know” She’s motions towards the bottles, arms flapping, obviously blushing and squirming now that she has nothing to hide behind.

“No problem. I’ll be your Jinnie in a bottle, any day.” Seokjin says, giving her a wink. And before Yoonji can process whether the guy was flirting or just being plain awkward, he’s already halfway down the hall.

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Yoonji was running out of time. She needed get ready for the Young Writers Literary Awards Ceremony. And this wasn’t just any awards ceremony.  It was one where she would be awarded the grand prize for her short story collection. And rightly so. She knew she was a good writer, and that she deserved the recognition. She was doing womankind a service, bringing the themes of Anne Rice and Angela Carter to her generation, if she did say so herself.

But one thing that Yoonji hated about these awards was that she was made to dress up. Yoonji hates dressing up, hates the concept with the passion. She had enough of people telling her how to act, hates that other people kept telling that she would be taken more seriously if she looked pretty, acted more feminine, kept her hair or style a certain way. Her own relatives in Daegu kept scoffing at her baggy black clothing and bucket caps that often covered her raven-black (though for that one summer it was blonde) hair. They're the same relatives that told her that she couldn't play basketball because she was a girl, and too short. That didn't stop her from taking the Daegu MVP title for basketball when she was in middle school.

Yoonji hates dressing up but that didn’t mean she didn’t want to look good. She just hated it when people told her she HAD to look good. Specifically for THE MAN, as her editor Sejin had joked. Yoonji would be meeting possible investors and publishers who could possibly pick her future projects up. She didn’t need pander to ‘societal norms’ to attract investors. She would do that by talent and talent alone. Even past date looks had always been her in her school hoodie or band shirts. And look how that turned out.

Yoonji never dressed up. Dressing up went against all her principles. Society was already fucked up with lookism.

But that didn’t mean she didn’t want to look good. And if she wanted to look good for a certain hot person next door, that was her own choice. But she puts that thought aside because there’s no way in hell Seokjin will be seeing her tonight, anyway.

At this point all she's sifting through all the clothes, tossing random items on the bed because the car is picking her up in - like two hours? It could be a Mari Condo feast, but like, the funeral parlor version. All her clothes are black. Black hoodies, black tanks, some gag shirts and band shirts, and her winter wear which consists of…. Black. Maybe looking good wasn't an option given her choice of wardrobe.

“Why am I such a goth chick.” she groans. Even her graduation dress is black, a long somber piece. Paired with her body type, it makes her look more like the pre-pubescent Wednesday Adams, Queen of 90’s kids everywhere, instead of the Christina Ricci she deserves to be.

Yoonji sighs.

“Tsk tsk tsk.” Yoonji hears two voices in unison go, the formidable twins suddenly appearing by her door. Taehyung and Jimin are looking into her room from their apartment’s hallway,  more tsk-tsks coming for the mess of fabric on her bed, while shaking their heads in sync.

“Darling you know I love you and your Children of the Corn persona, but won’t be able to impress anyone like that.” Taehyung scoffs, walking in to leafing through Yoonji’s clothes and folding the clothes she had thrown on her bed. “And half of these have holes, Yoonji. Holes!” Tae lifts a shirt up and inspects the tears.

“It’s punk.” Yoonji huffs dramatically.

“Punk can be stylish, but this is dead.” Taehyung says, wriggling her fingers through the hole at the bottom of one of her favorite band shirts.

 “Gimme that!” Yoonji says, cradling her Epik High shirt like a baby. Ok maybe she wore her clothes to death but who cares, they covered the important bits anyway right? 

But Tae is right. The realization looms in Yoonji’s stomach as she looks at the pile on her bed in disdain. Forget looking good for someone, Yoonji didn’t have clothes that didn’t have HOLES.

“Looks like we don’t have time to go shopping, so let’s look at Jimin’s closet ok?” Tae says, taking the shirt gently from Yoonji’s clenched hands and drawing her to her best friend’s room.

“Jimin has an ass." Yoonji says, filled with disdain “And so do you, Tae.”

“Fear not, I have just the thing.” Tae pulls out a piece of underwear from behind her. But it’s not underwear. It looks more like shorts and holy- are those pads in the back?

"So you’re me a fake ass?” Yoonji says, mockingly.

“Well, let’s put it this way. These enhance your.. assets.” Tae says with a wink, gently caressing Yoonji’s behind.

"You know there's this whole debate about shapewear." Yoonji says. "Like why scrunch my insides or change my butt shape just so I can look good in a dress?"

"Because it makes you feel fancy." Tae says with a wink, as she grabs Yoonji's globes, causing the older girl to jump.

“And here’s our little secret weapon for you!” Jimin winks. And she procures beautiful black dress with gold chains for straps and lace that criss-crosses at the chest, making it look just the proper mix of erotic and class that a writer of Yoonji’s stature should exude.

“Damn .” Tae whistles. “Is that this season’s Greca Hardware Dress from Versace?”

“Hell yes.” Jimin replies. “And Ii’s your size Unnie.” Jimin is smiling at Yoonji. “Tae and I thought to get you congratulations gift for winning your award.”

 “You shouldn’t have.” Yoonji says, touched at her friends’ efforts. Trauma over the buttpats aside, the fact that the two went out of their way to give her a dress this stunning... that actually fit her aesthetic? She doesn’t often get soft, but the lengths her friends went to help her really did make her all mush.

 “It’s the least we can do!” Jimin replies, leaning in closer to squish her cheeks.

“And it might get you dick.” Tae says, dreamily, effectively ruining the moment. 

“Finally!” Jimin exclaims, and Yoonji swats at Jimin, playfully.

And so Yoonji puts on the offending piece of underwear (fine, SPANX. As Jimin had vehemently defended) and slips on the dress. It fits like magic. 

“Is that our Yoonji?” says Tae, eyes growing large.

“That’s our girl.” Jimin says, wiping away an imaginary tear and slapping Yoonji’s butt playfully. Why did they keep slapping her non-existent butt?

 “Ok can I go now?” Yoonji says, suddenly self-conscious. “The company car will be here in like, a few minutes.”

 “But wait,” Jimin says, bringing out what looks like a heavy-duty tool kit drenched in sparkly unicorn vomit “We’re only halfway done with this princess diaries transformation sequence.”

 “Wait, girls the dress is more than enough” Yoonji says, backing away slowly. And she would have made it too, if it wasn’t for that meddling piece of fabric she had left on the floor, which caused her to trip.

Thank the gay gods for her butt padding.

Before she can get up and escape, Tae grips her wrist and uses her noodle arms to haul her up.

“We’ll make you the prettiest girl at the ball.” Jimin says, an evil gleam in her eyes.  “Not that other girls aren’t pretty too but y’know… “

“If you don’t do this, we’ll bring Jungkook over when you're writing and do stuff to him. He’s loud. Very loud.” Tae threatens, referring to the convenience store clerk the two had finally managed to bed.

Yoonji yelps.

 “Let the games begin.” Tae says clapping gleefully as Yoonji is manhandled in front of Jimin’s large dresser mirror, helping Jimin bring out her numerous palettes and setting up enough products on the counter to rival their local Sephora.

“Years of doing my own stage makeup has prepared me for this moment.” Jimin says, wiping yet another imaginary tear from her face.

“Makeup is the capitalist ploy to make women feel bad about how they look.” Yoonji huffs.

“And it feeds into the beauty myth that there is one standard achievable form of beauty that women should and must adhere to lest they be seen as morally unjust into blah blah“ Tae spouts in a Yoonji-esq manner. Had Yoonji known her words would be used against her, she would have kept her damn mouth shut.

“And there’s no reason to buy into it, just for tonight.” Jimin reasons, tutting. “Not if it makes you feel special. Now hush so I can start."

Jimin ends up doing a subtle smoky eye on Yoonji, paired with a dark red lip that both sharpens and softens her feline features. Tae braids her shoulder-length black hair into an intricate braid.

The effect is like magic. Yoonji looks like a Disney princess. Well, more like Wednesday Adams post-puberty starring in a Disney movie. She’s in awe at her transformation, as she gapes at her reflection.

“Is that really me?” She asks.

“Duh who else?” Tae retorts, leaning over to sniff her nape and spray a gratuitous amount of some expensive-smelling cologne around her.

“You know make-up isn’t just about looking good for someone Unnie.” Jimin says. “It can help with confidence too, or be a form of self-care. So you should be open to trying it out. It’s fun!”

“And you still look intimidating and hot.” Tae replies giving her an air kiss, avoiding the rouge and foundation on Yoonji. “You’re lovely inside and out, and if this doesn’t get you your boy, he’s probably gay and we should ship him with Jungkook.”

“Tae!” Jimin squeaks, as Tae grabs Jimin’s tits because why not.

“Wait, what boy?” Yoonji says, looking at the two like they were the twins from the Shining.

“Tae shush!” Jimin says. “She’ll find out soon enough!”

“What?” Yoonji says, her stomach twisting in a ball of nervousness. These two were definitely up to something and she was not ready to get tag-teamed by the two.

“The piece de resistance.” Tae says, pointedly ignoring Yoonji as she pulls out a pair of heels with a signature splash of red at the sole.“It’s a classic pair of Louboutin shoes in your size.”

“Where’d you find that?: Yoonji says in awe at how Tae had procured so many items on her Ulta retail-girl salary.

“Black Friday Sale.” Tae says winking, while Jimin shudders.

“Black Friday Sale.” Yoonji says, half in awe, half in fear.

A phone rings in the distance which causes the three to yelp.

“Now on to it, your ride is waiting downstairs.” Jimin screeches, excitedly hauling Yoonji up and shoving what looks like a designer bag into her arms. “I put your phone and card in there, plus some condoms. DON’T COME HOME BEFORE MIDNIGHT!”

 “Ok mom!” Yoonji says, as she walks to the door and slips on her heels. If only her hot neighbor could see her now.

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Yoonji opens door of her car and steps out. She’s staring at the entrance, she didn’t realize how hard it would be walking in heels. She takes a cautious step looking for railing to hold on to, and hobbles forward, almost falling down on her face.

“Need a hand, m’lady?” A soft voice says. As luck would have it, Seokjin is right outside the venue, and he saw her as she almost kissed the pavement.

“Uhm no I’m fine she huffs,” turning away from him. Yoonji tries to walk away but falls, only to have Seokjin grabbing at her waist and drawing her towards his torso like it’s a fucking Valentine's day romcom special.

“Thanks.” She says.

And at this point Yoonji’s ankles hurt so she’s gratefully clasping his arm, doing her best not to swoon at the hard muscle she feels under her grip. He’s firm and warm and stable and Yoonji just wants to lean into him

“What are you even doing here?” She asks, before she can stop to think. She mentally smacks herself at how rude she sounds.

“I’m hosting!” Seokjin says, politely ignoring her tone. “My cousin got me a gig, and maybe even a modeling deal.” He smiles, finally, FINALLY looking at her.

So he was willing to look at her when she was all dolled up but not when she was a ratty mess? Yoonji’s a bit ticked.

But as much as she hates it, her thousand-dollar heels are walking death traps that she needs help navigating, and she does need to use him like a hot human walking stick.

They’re finally at the foot of the stairs and Yoonji looks up at the stairs. It has railings. She can manage. But she’s torn. Does she really want to let go of her arm candy? Her pride gets in the way of her heart and she lets go of Seokjin. She tries her best to waddle towards the top, almost tripping because whoever invented stilettos really didn’t take awkward pixie girls with mobility problems into their equation. How did supermodels DO IT?

And like that Seokjin is gripping her elbow firmly. She’s about to protest but Seokjin goes first -

“Ok listen” Seokjin says. “I’m too shy to go in without a date and maybe you’d like to pretend to be mine, at least until we get seated? “

“You know that we don’t NEED dates, right?” Yoonji says before she can stop her big mouth from running off because Seokjin said date and she REALLY wanted to go on a date with him, and hold his hand, and maybe see what he was hiding under his loose silk polo whose neck-line framed his collarbones oh so well. But she was so used to being snarky that she couldn't turn it off.  “We’re perfectly fine living in single blessedness and all that crap.” She continues, to her dismay. But her words die in her mouth when Seokjin gives her a look that should be chastizing but instead is more one of awe.

“Hey that sounds like something by Augusta D.” Seokjin says.

“Agusta..” Yoonji says, her mouth hanging open. Did he just say Agusta? Her pseudonym. Her sexy writer persona? And she wants to process it more but every step she takes has a thousand pins and needles shooting up her soles.  Is this how the Hans Christian Anderson little mermaid felt when she turned into a person? 

“Yeah, she wrote this article for TEAM’s last issue where she was like, talking about how we have all these norms we have to subscribe to.." Seokjin continues, ignorant of the small girl's pain. "Like stereotypes that end up harming people because they don’t live up to certain expectations. I do love the color pink and soft things, which are weird for a guy. But I was never really made fun of like my other friends. I never really thought about it too much but maybe I didn't need to because I was privileged? I guess I can look intimidating? Plus I was on the team's winter sports team...”

He’s blushing at this point. Yoonji realizes that Seokjin is really cute when he blushes. The apples of his cheeks turn pink and the tips of his ears go all red. And he seems to be doing that a lot. 

But now he smiles at her and she's blushing back.

“The author is like, my favorite. And her erotic stories? I didn’t think I’d be so into non-visual erotica, but Namjoon really sold it to me and now I’m hooked.” Seokjin says. “I really hope she’s there. I’d love to like, get her autograph.” Seokjin babbles on, unaware of how Yoonji is palpitating at his praise. “But don’t mind rambling like a fanboy with a crush,” Seokjin says, sheepishly.

Fanboy with a crush, huh? So he liked her writer self, and her made-up self. Maybe Seokjin would put two and two together and eventually like the gremlin-next-door that was Yoonji's everyday persona too. “I’m sure you can meet her if you want.” Yoonji says.

“Maybe you’ve met her already.” She says, gathering her courage to wink at him, which makes Seokjin’s mouth open and close like a goldfish. It’s adorable. Yoonji hates how disgustingly endeared she is.

“Don’t tell me.” Seokjin says. “You’re Agusta D?” He asks in surprise.

Yoonji doesn’t reply.

“Now you HAVE to take my arm until we’re in!” Seokjin squeals, grabbing her waist and drawing her closer until he’s walked her to the entrance.

But all too soon her editor finds her and she’s whisked away to meet the rest of the staff. Yoonji's been hiding too long, and everyone wants to meet the face behind the short story that shook TEAM mag.

Before Yoonji can turn to thank Seokjin, she finds that he's been spirited away by the events team to prep for the ceremony. 


Yoonji finds herself seated next to a leggy girl with silver hair and a huge rack. She must be a model. Yoonji thinks, giving her a subtle once-over and turning to look away. And while she’s content to fiddle with her phone until the ceremony is done, the leggy girl taps her shoulder and gives her a dimpled smile that has her semi-gay heart swooning. “I hope you don’t mind,” the girl says in a deep and rich voice, “but I couldn’t help but overhear that you’re Agusta D?”

“That’s right.” Yoonji replies cautiously.

“Well I’m Kim Namjoon.” The silver-haired replies. “Also known as RM.”

And now Yoonji’s gaping. It was RM’s expose on the College Pickup Culture that made her start reading TEAM mag in the first place, and which gave her the courage to start submitting her work to what she thought was just another girly mag that catered to vapid sorority girls. She had a respect for the up and coming journalist who was able to bring relevant issues to the attention of young people like her. It was just a plus that she was also a damn hottie.

God really had her favorites, didn’t she.

“I’m really glad we’re able to meet before our podcast!” Namjoon says excitedly, flashing her more of those gorgeous dimples. “I even asked Seokjin to pull some strings so we could sit together. These ceremonies are such a drag.”

Yoonji wouldn’t know. This was her first. But she’s grateful for the company and Kim Namjoon seems like someone on her wavelength, albeit wrapped in one super gorgeous package.

“Wait, podcast?” Yoonji says, suspiciously.

“Yeah, I’m the guest host for the TEAM mag podcast - “Things We Do in The Shadows” Namjoon says excitedly. “And to get to ask you about your first time, in the context of how our society frames the cult of virginity. I’m really excited.”

Namjoon really does look excited. Painfully so. But Yoonji feels an anxious knot growing in her stomach.

“Like where do you get your inspiration for your erotica?” Namjoon says, her hands flailing excitedly, making her boobs jiggle as she barely catches a glass of water that she almost knocks down. “

“I read a lot.” Yoonji deadpans, hoping that the quick reply is enough to deter Namjoon from asking more personal questions.

She’s wrong, of course. The gods really aren’t on her side tonight

“What you write is so detailed though!” Namjoon quips. “You must have tons of experience. The sex you had must have been great.” Namjoon sighs, wistfully.”

“Shouldn’t we save that for the show?” Yoonji asks, laughing awkwardly.

“The show, right!” Namjoon says. “I’m sure the listeners would love to hear more of your answers. Wouldn’t wanna remove the spontaneity of our interview.“

Yoonji is safe. For now. But gosh, sex toys could only give her so much experience, if Namjoon was gonna ask her more probing questions. And from what she’s read of Namjoon’s work, the girl is like a bloodhound with a bone when asking questions she wants to be answered.

“Do you think I could get your questions before I go on?” Yoonji says, squirming and trying to navigate awkward terrain. Namjoon may be smart but she doesn’t seem very adept at reading the room. "So I can have an idea about what we'll be talking about?"

“Aside from your sex life?" Namjoon laughs. "Sure, I can e-mail you the questions.” She whips out her phone and hands it to Yoonji.

“Just give me your e-mail and I’ll send you the outline of the show.”

Yoonji is typing as slow as she possibly can, to delay the inevitable, which involves Namjoon continuing their conversation. But the lights dim and all of a sudden, a familiar voice surrounds her. “Ladies and gentlemen” It’s Seokjin. He’s in a tux. When did he change into a tuxedo? A WHITE tux at that? With his hair now gelled to show his forehead? God his hair looks sexy pushed back. Yoonji almost drops the phone she’s holding.

“We’d like to start our ceremony by calling our awardees to the front.”

“That’s you.” Namjoon says, nudging Yoonji up. She makes it to the front of the stage without face planting (ok maybe luck was on her side, for once).

The rest of the night is a blur. She had been called to the stage to accept her award, but her editor Sejin’s harsh glare had somehow magicked the “fuck the patriarchy” part of her speech away. At least she was able to thank the people that mattered.

It didn't help that Seokjin was beaming at her during her speech, making her heart go all pit-a-pat.

The end of the night was nearing. Many hands were shaken and pictures were taken. Yoonji’s cheeks felt like they were frozen in a perpetual grimace with how many times she had to pose for the camera. And her dress. Damn dressing up was a double-edged sword. Skeezy old guys (They're established writers, Sejin remarked. You can bite their heads off in your stories. But while we're hear, you need to BE NICE.) kept giving her the up-and-down, with how the lace part of her dress seemed a bit see-through in the light. It didn’t help that she wrote erotica. It probably came with the territory. But these guys could be potential funders, and her editor Sejin’s firm grasp on her elbow was a grounding reminder that she should act pretty and keep her mouth shut.

And with all the questions directed towards Yoonji and with the people her editor had made her meet had exhausted the poor writer. And at the end of the day, she was just ready to be carried home. Preferably in a stretcher, so she wouldn't have to move.

So with a smile an a wave, she was able to wave goodbye to Namjoon and was shuttled by Sejin to the entrance of the venue.

“Hey Yoonji!” She hears. It’s Seokjin, still in a tux. But his hair is a bit disheveled and his cheeks are red from the heat of the stage lights. She’s alone now, waiting for the company driver to pull up from the valet.

“I just wanted to say congrats on winning. I’m excited to shoot with you!” That’s right. Not only did Yoonji win an award, it was revealed that night that TEAM mag had given her a full spread for their next issue, complete with a photoshoot and in-depth article about her writte by THE Kim Namjoon. And did she mention that the winner of their modeling contest, Kim Seokjin was going to model with her? She’s not sure how she feels about modeling, but she’s seen how the magazine styles it’s male models and let’s just say she’s excited to see Seokjin model, preferably with minimal clothing and a harness.

But the real Seokjin was standing in front of her, looking at her expectantly. “Sorry what” Yoonji says, eyes growing large at Seokjin’s form. “I  was wondering, would you grab a bite to eat? I never eat enough at these events. And since we’re going the same way, you can hitch with me going home.

Yoonji looks up at the car that’s driving to the entrance, and back at Seokjin’s eager face. “I know a place with a place with killer Kebabs.”

Meat. And Seokjin. And Seokjin's pout. All of those things are Yoonji's weakness.  And who can say no to a pouty Seokjin?

“Sure.” Yoonji says, leaning over to tell the car to go on without her. And so Seokjin, for the nth time that night, extends his arm, which Yoonji willingly takes. Is this how gentlemen treat ladies? Cuz Yoonji could get used to being treated like a lady, gender norms be damned.


Chapter Text

“Hey, I just met you and this is crazy, But here's my number, so call me, maybe?”

Seokjin sings loudly to the song playing out of the restaurant’s speakers. He’s spewing lyrics between bites of Kebab, looking equal parts dashing and dorky. He and Yoonji are horribly out of place, her in her dark dress, but toasty and warm under the tux jacket Seokjin had lent her, to fend off the diner’s AC. He’s still in his silk shirt, the one he had worn under his white tux. Yoonji couldn’t believe her luck, eating with Seokjin in a restaurant, trying her best not to make heart eyes at the older and taller man despite how he’s wrapping his mouth around meat and tearing into the pieces like it’s his last meal.

She tries desperately to chase out thoughts of what else he can wrap his thick lips around.

You want some? “Seokjin says, looking at the pieces of meat still on his plate. Yoonji hadn’t really touched her food, still a bit shell-shocked by the fact that she was alone in a restaurant with THE Kim Seokjin. But their conversation was light, Seokjin was easy to get along with. He would talk about his modelling gigs and how he had to keep working out if he needed to be able to eat like this, how hard it was to be thrust in an industry obsessed with looks, an industry that kept expecting him to like manly stuff and act tough even if he was more interested in video games than sports, even if he was better at the latter than the former. Yoonji would respond, explaining framing Seokjin was feeling using what she learned in her theory classes and her lit classes. And Seokjin would just eat it up, staring at her with his eyes all wide and her brow furrowed, just staring intently like he cared about what he was saying. When was the last time anyone really listened to her about what she said.But

Seokjin had notices that Yoonji barely touched her food. So Yoonji finds a piece of kebab on a stick pointed in her direction.

“Yoonji barely touched your food. You can’t miss out on this holy grill” Seokjin says, a squeaky laugh coming out of his perfect lips. Yoonji groans, trying to hide a smile behind her hand.

“Ok maybe meat isn’t your thing? But I demand you try this.” Seokjin says. “This cow’s reputation is at steak.” Seokjin laughs again, and this time, Yoonji laughs at his dumb pun, her mood elated and light.

Yoonji isn’t really thinking when she leans forward across the table to take a bite out of the kebab, her small lips wrapping around the meat and pulling it off the stick.

“You’re right, it’s yummy.” Yoonji says, chewing happily. Seokjin is just staring at her, an indiscernible look on his face.

"What." Yoonji asks, starting to panic. “Oh, do you want to try some of mine too Oppa?” She hopes she isn’t being too forward when she calls him Oppa, or when she holds out her own kebab stick out towards him.

He’s still looking at her strangely, but he does take a bite of the stick. It’s not cute anymore the way he wraps his lips around the stick. In all honestly it’s a little bit terrifying and a little bit sexy? Because she didn’t realize what being under Seokjin’s intense gaze would feel this hot.

“Oh, you have some…” She says, gesturing to his lips. Her movement is almost automatic, with the way she’s so used to Tae spilling on herself when she eats. She doesn’t stop to think and she finds herself leaning further out across the table, thumb swiping at Seokjin’s lips to wipe the sauce off his face, the thumb that she licks clean because who uses napkins right? She wants to coo at him for being so messy, but she finds his eyes practically boring a hole into hers, suddenly making her feel hot all over.

“Yoonji.” Seokjin says, voice low. Her blood runs cold. Why is her blood running cold? He’s looking at her chest now, and she finds that she, too, has kebab sauce on her chest. Thankfully it didn’t stain her dress, falling somewhere between her (non-existent) cleavage. “Here.” Seokjinis handing her a napkin, which she grabs quickly and thanks him for. She’s dabbing profusely at her chest making sure to get it before it drips down to the shirt and she knew Jimin would talk her ear off since she obviously wouldn’t be getting dick tonight with how dorky she was AND she almost nearly stained a very expensive designer dress (she’d never tell but for she reason Tae had clothing-related telepathy and could tell just by looking at her if Yoonji had any food-to-clothes related incidents).

She still feels Seokjin’s eyes on her but she’s too embarrassed to look at his face, because of how klutzy she’s been acting all night. Yoonji is such a mess, and not even Mari Kondo could fix her.

Things are awkward now, god she’s so awkward, Seokjin still fixing his gaze at her like she was prey. Not that it made her uncomfortable. Usually, if a guy was staring at her too much, she’d just call him out and he’d run away, with his tail tucked between his legs. But Yoonji couldn’t do that to Seokjin. So Yoonji tries to steer the conversation to safer waters like Hoseok and his upcoming dance showcase with Jimin, or even his food recommendations (and that wasn’t because she had found out form Hoseok what a foodie Seokjin was, nope not at all). But Seokjin seems distracted and he’s looking hungrily at her, even if he just ate.

“Hey, it’s getting late. Maybe we should go.” She says, feeling too hot under the tux jacket (and maybe his gaze), signaling for the bill.

That shocks Seokjin out of his stupor. He grabs the bill when it comes and pays using what looks like a very shiny credit card.

“Hey if this is a chivalry thing I’d be more comfortable if we split the bill.” Yoonji says. Which causes Seokjin’s smile returns (if Yoonji takes a secret sigh of relief).

“It’s ok Yoonji, you can get the bill next time.”

Another cheesy wink and Yoonji is gone.

The ride back to their building is a blur. Seokjin has lo-fi hiphop playing, which Yoonji appreciates. It’s comfortable, but something is prickling under Yoonji’s skin, as though there was a fire under her skin. Seokjin was warm again, throwing out dorky puns and upping his banter, erasing the weird tension in the restaurant.

He is the perfect gentleman. Yoonji both loves and hates it, how he walks her to her door (even if they live on the same floor)

“Thanks for dinner.” Yoonji says. Her breath must smell like Kebab but she tries not to care because Seokjin’s probably does too, even if he gave her all his grilled garlic. “I had fun tonight.” She says.

“Yeah, I’m glad we got to spend this time getting to know each other.” Seokjin says. “And I still want to have you over for dinner, if that’s ok.” He’s bringing out his phone, eyes large and hopeful. Yoonji smiles. For the second time that night, she types in her number and adds a cat emoji next to her contact name.

“I’ll get the bill next time.” She says, looking up at him.

And she’s looking UP. Because Seokjin is TALL. And when did Seokjin get so close? He gets his phone from her hand, but not before brushing his fingers against hers lightly, sending a shiver down her spine.

And before she can think, Seokjin is giving her a soft peck on her cheek.

“Good night, Yoonji.”Seokjin says, before walking away to his flat.





It’s a few days before the fated podcast. Still no dick, but Yoonji and Seokjin had levelled up from small talk to slight banter to texting every day. They text about random things too, the photoshoot, Yoonji’s recommended readings and music she likes, Seokjin’s food recommendations, or his rants about his gaming, the movies he was watching, random things. Seokjin sending her lots of cat pics, saying that they reminded him of her. That meant Seokjin was thinking of her, right?

Seokjin had asked Yoonji if she wanted to come over to watch a movie after dinner, to which Yoonji had excitedly agreed to. She was free anyway, and told the terrible twins and their new boytoy that they could have the apartment for a few hours. “But don’t be too loud I don’t want another noise complaint from the lady in 4-G.” She says, wagging her finger at Jungkook, the only one of the trio who still listened to her. “Yes noona.” Jungkook says obediently. She wonders how long he’ll stay sweet and innocent before her two succubi friends corrupted his sweet soul.

Speaking of devil, she-devil one is slipping a condom into the back pocket of her shorts while she-devil two is rubbing her tiny hands all over Yonji’s body, as though to smoothen out her edges (it’s a lost cause but Yoonji appreciates the effort). “Jimin stop that I’m ok.” Yoonji says.

“It’s a rub for good luck.” Jimin says, winking lightly, before shoving Yoonji (not-so-lightly) out the door.

“Now off with your clothes, hoes!” She can hear Tae scream at the two.

She had texted Seokjin asking him what time she expected him to come over. It’s a bit past six but he hasn’t replied. He must be home, so it should be ok to pass by. Yoonji thinks to herself, as she stands outside her door. She knows this is around the time Seokjin comes back from his part-time job at the bakery.

Will he smell like bread when he gets back. Yoonji thinks to herself, already fantasising about curling up by Seokjin’s large chest and basking in his warmth, thinking back to the chaste kiss he had given her a few days prior. Maybe this time his hands would be less than polite, and explore her body, touching her in places where only she had touched herself. Maybe he would make her moan...


Wait, Yoonji looks around, her face red. She didn’t moan out loud, did she?

“Ah, so good” Another moan is heard, deeper, male. No, the definitely wasn’t her. In fact… Wait, the moans are coming from behind the door of Seokjin’s apartment. Was that... “Namjoon…” A gruff voice is shouting from inside the apartment. Wait, Kim Namjoon? In Seokjin’s apartment? Kim Seokjin’s apartment… With Seokjin?

“Oppa!” Another scream. “Oppa faster, I’m gonna…” She knew those sounds, even if she herself had never uttered those under the hands of another.

Her heart clenches. It feels like her insides are breaking.

And she turns and storms right back to her apartment.




“You have two seconds to put your clothes on and I don’t care if Jungkook gets blue balls, I need cuddles!” Yoonji screams as she bangs open their apartment door. A few seconds later, a very dishevele Jimin is by her, covered by a robe, long hair sweaty and pasted to her forehead. She doesn’t say anything, but grabs Yoonji and hugs her very tightly.

Tae, in what looks like a large shirt and panties, walks in moments later, dragging a very confused Jungkook whose shirt is on backward. She takes one look at Yoonji, and walks towards the kitchen to make tea.

“Noona?” Jungkook says, before Tae and Jimin can silence him, aware that in this state, the best thing to do is give Yoonji cuddles and a listening ear.

“Shut up you stupid man.” Yoonji spits. She hates men. But Jungkook just gives her the look, that look you give someone who just maybe kicked a puppy. She hates it. She hates herself. But most of all, she hates Kim Seokjin.

Chapter Text

“So you’re telling me” Jimin says, after Yoonji had calmed down, “that you heard Kim Seokjin having sex in his apartment.”

“When he invited you over to watch a movie.” Tae chimes in.

“Yes!” Yoonji huffs out.

“And you think he’s doing it with that writer whose podcast you’re appearing on.” Jimin continues

“YES”! Yoonji says, louder, angrier.

“But are you sure it was Seokjin?” Jimin asks. What if it was the TV?”

“He said Namjoon.” Yoonji says. “And she mentioned Seokjin before.” She’s everything I’m not. Yoonji wants to say, the ugly sting of jealousy giving her tunnel vision.

“Listen Yoonie” Jimin says, calling her that endearing nickname that she uses when she knows she has to de-escalate a situation. "You’re smart, gorgeous, and being rouch around the edges is your charm."

Jungkook and Tae nod in agreement.

“Don’t you think it’d be better to confront Seokjin about this rather than making assumptions?”

Yoonji knows Jimin is right. She’s headstrong and vicious. She hates ambiguity and that push and pull seesaw game relationships get.

She takes a deep breath. Just then her phone lights up with a notification. It’s Seokjin -

Sorry just got back! Are you still good come over?

That lying piece of…

“Are you calm enough to give him a rational piece of your very beautiful, sexy, im-above-tearing-him-a-new-one mind?” Jimin asks.

Yoonji nods, and gets up, ready to face Seokjin.

Who she wasn’t ready to face was Kim Namjoon, who she finds is right by the elevator.

“Yoonji! Namjoon squeals, looking every bit delighted and only slightly like she got her brains fucked up just an hour ago. 

She grits her teeth and smiles at the taller woman. Maybe Namjoon did look better with Kim Seokjin. She was smart, witty and had legs for days. Yoonji was just witty, on a good day. Her legs were twigs and she was definitely not as gorgeous or put-together as Kim Namjoon.

“I just went back to Oppa’s apartment. Forgot my bag.” She says, her face red. Yoonji just looks at her, without saying anything.

“See you next week?” Namjoon says, smiling, oblivious to the tension. Yoonji’s face is stuck in a grimace, as the elevator dings and Namjoon gets on.

Time to face Kim Seokjin.

The problem with facing Kim Seokjin is that you actually have to face him, as Yoonji finds out.

Kim Seokjin, adorable and sleepy-looking in a pair of loose sweats and hoodie two sizes too large on his huge frame, dwarfing him despite his figure looming over Min Yoonji.

And seeing him like this makes Yoonji’s anger dissipate just a bit.

“Hi Seokjin, we need to talk.” Yoonji says, getting right to the chase, before she loses her momentum. Seokjin looks confused, his mouth doing the guppy thing where it opens and closes in confusion. But Yoonji’s on a roll.

“I saw Namjoon outside.” She says casually. Maybe too casually, because Seokjin looks undeterred. “Looks like she had a good time." She adds, lifting her eyebrows up and down.

“Oh.” Seokjin says. “Yeah that klutz forgot something so she went back up.”

Yoonji notices that there’s a box of cupcakes, the tops have 3-D icing designs on them. They’re adorable, and her heart would have melted if she wasn’t so pissed.

“Cupcakes?” Seokjin says, handing her one. “I was asked to design our Halloween cupcakes. Gave this one a black fringe like yours!” He says smiling. They're cute cats and maybe the one with the sleepy eyes and black fringe does kinda look like her. 

Damn why is Kim Seokjin so cute.

“Seokjin you need to stop acting cute I have something very serious to ask.” Yoonji says, as Seokjin puts the cupcake box down.

“So you’re calling me cute?” He smiles at her, but the smile soon disappears when he sees her frown.

“Ok then.” He says plopping down on the sofa and patting the space next to him. She sits down with a huff. He’s still smiling and she hates it. She wants him to feel bad, god damn it!

“Are you dating Kim Namjoon?” She spits out, and Seokjin, spews out a very large piece of cupcake he had just inhaled, coughing and hacking to clear his throat.

“Dating Namjoon?” He asks, incredulously. He makes to take a sip of water, but he’s laughing and coughing, which makes Yoonji’s anger grow because this is a very serious matter. Why is he laughing?

“Yes, legs-for-days Namjoon! She was just in your apartment!” Yoonji says.

“Why would you think that?” Seokjin says, laughing still.

At this point Yoonji’s ears are red. She can't out herself, eavesdropping on him. But she needs to know if he’s available, because like it or not, she’s falling fast and hard for Seokjin. And it isn’t just his looks either. He’s warm and funny and he makes her feel things. Weird and fuzzy things.

Plus you don’t just kiss someone out of the blue, right? Even if it is just on the cheek.

“Ok, ok.” Seokjin says. “First of all, Namjoon is my cousin.”

“Yeah right.” Yoonji says. Because Namjoon is a Kim and all Kims were related. And all Kims had cute dimples and long legs. The more she thinks about it, the more she realizes there IS a resemblance. She’s a bit embarrassed and feeling awkward, but that seems to be on-brand for her when it comes to Seokjin.

“And besides, she’s dating Hobi.” He replies cooly, picking up the crumbs from the sofa and taking another bite out of his cupcake.

“Hosoek is gay.” Yoonji deadpans.

And this time it’s Seokjin looking at Yoonji like she grew a second head. “You’re the one who wrote about sexuality being fluid, miss ‘I don’t care if you’re a girl or a guy I’ll send you to Hong Kong with my Tongue Technology.'” Yoonji is groaning and Seokjin's eyes are teasing. Why do people keep using what she wrote against her?

“And besides, Hobi likes to get pegged.” Seokjin says, mischievous now,  poking Yoonji’s cheeks with his fingers. Ok Yoonji did NOT need to know that. Or maybe she does. She files that away for future writing material.

“Besides, you’re the one I like.” A beat, a pause. A super pregnant pause. And Seokjin like the dumdum he is, keeps eating the cupcake like he didn’t just drop an atomic bomb on her.

“Wait.” she says, looking up at Seokjin whose cheeks are puffing up with cupcake mush.

“Jin, you LIKE me? “

Seokjin looks at her, really looks at her and she notices how his ears turn red. He tries to look away now, leaning to the coffee table to grab a glass and take a sip.

“Then why do you keep looking away!”

She’s leaning forward, grabbing his cheeks in her hands before he can get away fully, glass back on the table and effectively blocking his attempts at a diversion.

“Yoonji.” Seokjin says through smushed cheeks. “You can’t expect me to keep looking at you when you’re looking like that!” Seokjin says, blushing and looking away from where she’s leaning.

“What do you mean? Sloppy?!” Yoonji says, already outraged, at the cusp of her rant-mode. She’s getting worked up, her grip on Seokjin’s face getting tighter until she feels large hands on her wrists, gently tugging her hands away from his money-maker.

But she’s too worked up now. Who would have expected sweet Seokjin to be so obsessed with looks.

“I’ll have you know that part of what’s wrong with society is the expectation that women need to look good for men! Hell the make-up industry is built on women's insecurities!" She says, riled up and ready to go.

“My god you really don’t get it do you!” Seokjin’s practically screaming at her now. “Ok let me just." Seokjin takes a deep breath. "Do I really need to..."

Yoonji keeps looking at Seokjin evenly. And Seokjin looks back, face as red as a tomato.

"You keep walking around in your short shorts, ass hanging out with your low-cut tank tops. I can barely look away!” Seokjin says, voice getting louder. “And you don’t wear a bra. YOU NEVER WEAR A BRA!”

“A bra is the modern-day chastity belt and my boobs deserve freedom!” She shouts back at him, shocked at his outburst. “Besides MY BOOKS ARE SMALL THEY DO NOT NEED A BRA SO DON’T RUB IT IN.”

Did he really need to point out her insecurity? Guys really are all about the tits. Yoonji thinks bitterly. 

“I see your nips when you lean over.” Seokjin says, almost too quiet for Yoonji to catch. He’s looking down, a pillow now on his lap. The tips of his ears are rudolf-red now.

Only then does Yoonji realize that yes, she is leaning forward into Seokjin’s space. And yes, she looks down at her chest and realizes that her tank top is loose enough that if someone were to look, they would definitely see her nipples because no, she, in fact, is not wearing a bra right now.

Her pretty pink nips which are practically out right now, in the open, her normally soft buds hardened with how much blood is rushing to her face when she backs away quickly and uses her arm to cover her chest, squeaking in indignation or embarrassment, either of the two.

“Now do you get why I keep needing to look away?” Seokjin screams. “I don’t want to be like those other guys who take advantage of girls. I want to respect you and your body and your choices. But my brain can only do so much before biology takes over, Yoonji.” Seokjin groans into the pillow. “Do you know how much mental energy it takes to look away and will my half-chub to go down? So please let me keep taking you out on nice dates. Yes I’ll let you pay for me even if I was taught by my parents to foot the bill because I'm a guy. Please let me look away and keep a respectful distance when your clothes are too loose because I want to remind you that I am NOT one of those creeps who just wants to get into your pants." Seokjin takes a deep breath. "Because you’re cute and I really really really really really really like you.”

Seokjin likes her.

“Wait, you like me?” Yoonji asks again, dumbfounded as though he didn’t just say it twice before.

"Yes, that’s what I’ve been trying to tell you this whole time!" Seokjin says, his lips forming a pout like a petulant child.

“You… Like ME?” Yoonji asks. And she doesn’t know where she gets the bravery (maybe from Carly Rae her lord and savior, don’t tell Jimin) but she starts crawling towards Seokjin, who is currently huddled on the other side of the couch, looking at her with his doe-like eyes.

“Seokjin, do you LIKE this?” Yoonji says, putting a tentative hand on his thigh. She leans down just a bit to make sure that the collar of her tank dips low.

“YES WHY DO YOU KEEP ASKING ME.” Seokjin says, putting his hand on Yoonji’s and looking deep into her eyes. But she notices his eyes making glancing down quickly before moving back up to her face. The action is so minute that anyone else wouldn’t notice, but she’s been looking. And she goes in for the kill.

“Oppa” She says, her normally deep voice higher, a bit breathy. Her lips forming a little pout. “Prove it. Kiss me.”

She barely takes a breath before she finds his pillow lips on her own, the kiss is sweet, but soon turns hungry. Ravenous even. Seokjin tastes like he smells, sweet and sugary with a hint of the vanilla icing from the cupcake he had just eaten. Her chapstick is getting smushed against his lips with how hard he's kissing her, and when his tongue prods her lips open, she swings her legs over his so she’s straddling his thighs.

“Can I” Seokjin says, his fingers ghosting over the edge of her shorts, tickling the space between the fabric and her skin, light touches by the fabric that's riding up the swell of her ass because of how wide she's spreading her legs.

Yoonji grabs his hand and places it firmly around her buttocks, making him squeeze her. And squeeze her he does Seokjin now taking that as permission to grab and kneed her globes.

“Oppa” She moans as she leans forward. She starts feeling a bump right by her crotch, and it twitches as she mouths those words.

“Why are you moving?” She asks him, staring at him innocently. Damn she should thank the twins because those flirting lessons from Jimin and Tae are WORKING.

“ You really don’t know?” Seokjin says, groaning.

“Do you like it when I call you Oppa?”

Seokjin looks at her, mouth agape.

“YOU DO!” Yoonji squeals, moving forward until her mound is right on that bulge in Seokjin pants. “Oppa your phone’s in the way” she says, grabbing at the lump, and it twitches.

"Yoonji that’s not my phone” Seokjin says, his voice tight.



O H.

“Yoonji why’re you acting so coy? Stop teasing.” Seokjin says taking her lips in his as he starts squeezing and groping her ass once more.

“Seokjin” She mouths into his neck. His hands are groping her ass while the other is teasing her nipple through her shirt until he tugs the collar down and exposes her breasts. She doesn’t even care that she’s exposed in his living room. She’s getting that dick and nothing will stop her.

“Hot.” Seokjin says before he blows on her now- exposed peaks. They're already at full hardness and tingling at the sensation.

She had always written about this but she never realized how good it would feel to have someone’s mouth on her chest. The way Seokjin is moving his lips up and down around her areola, plush and warm yet hard, sending sparks of electricity through her body. His tongue is flicking at her bud. His other hand has moved to thumb at her nipple, as she pants Ah-ah-ah’s into his mouth. 

And she’s leaking. Oh god, she can feel that uncomfortable dampness between her lips now, building up because who knew her chest was this sensitive. She shuffles down and the bulge in Seokjin’s pants hits her just the right way to make her jolt, causing Seokjin’s mouth to detach from her breasts.

“Yoonji, do you want to take this to the bedroom?” He asks. And no his hands have not left her ass.

“Wait, Seokjin-oppa, I have a co…”. Yoonji looks at him, her normally small eyes going large. He looks at her patiently. “I have a confession.”

“What is it?” He asks gently, kissing her forehead in a sickeningly sweet gesture.

“Promise you won’t laugh?” She asks. Her is voice suddenly serious.

“Wait, do you have a dick?” Seokjin asks, his eyes growing large.

“What? No what the fuck." Yoonji says. “I mean nothing wrong with that I guess some people do, but…”

“WAIT SEOKJIN SERIOUSLY LISTEN TO ME.” She bonks Seokjin’s head when she feels his eyes start to wader back to her exposed chest. He looks up sheepishly. “Now that I have permission to stare I don’t think I can look anywhere else.” He says.

“Yeah well maybe be gentle because I’m a virgin and stuff so-” Yoonji says quietly under her breath.

"A virgin?” Seokjin asks, his eyes growing large and his hands leaving her ass and chest (finally) to grab her hands. “Yoonji are you sure you want this to be your first time? Wouldn’t you rather it be special?

“You want to make me feel special?” Yoonji whispers, as though in a daze.

“Of course.” Seokjin replies. “Princess.” He adds and Yoonji shifts, the liquid that had been coating her lips now starts to drip down and stain her underwear. She's squirming against Seokjin and he gives a low moan, giving her ass a sharp smack.

“ Bedroom. Now!” Yoonji screeches as she hops off Seokjin’s lap and drags him to what she hopes is his bedroom.

She has no time to admire the neatness of Seokjin’s room when he unceremoniously lifts her up princess style(wow), and carries her onto the bed.

The way he towers over Yoonji has her licking his lips.

“Are you sure you want to do this? Seokjin says, looking worriedly at Yoonji. I mean, you’re tough but…”

But Yoonji is already pawing at his sweatshirt and lifting it off, letting her hands roaming at what is now free real-estate. He's broad and toned in all the right places, abs forming deep ridges and she's counting them, one-two-three- wait, eight? He had an eight-pack? Weren't they supposed to stop at 6? Was he even real?

“Is there anything you want?” He asks, breaking her out of her trance and making her look up at his smirking face, 

"I’m new to all of this. Come be my teacher." Yoonji teases, as Seokjin lays pushes her down on the bed. She tries her best to strike a sexy pose. Which causes Seokjin to laugh.

“Ok ok you don’t have to force it. I like how you are.”

Yoonji huffs, about to pull her tank up in protest.

But Seokjin is right there grabbing the straps of her tank and pulling them down to her waist.  Yoonji obliges, wriggles out of her tank and takes her shorts down with her too, leaving her in her panties. Her cute Hot Topic panties with the strawberry print.

“Are these strawberries.” Seokjin asks, staring blatantly at her bottoms.

"Yeah, so?" She says, her tough demeanor back.

“Lemme taste.” He’s kissing everywhere his mouth can reach, another lick on her left nipple, then her right, nipping at her collarbones, her stomach, her hipbone. He's crawling down and mouthing at every part of her he can get, until suddenly she feels him lick at her clit through the panties she still has on.

She’s moaning and groaning at how simultaneously rough and soft he’s going through the fabric of her underwear.

“Damn Oppa.” She says, biting her first worried about how loud she’s being.

“Don’t hold back. We’re the only ones here.” Seokjin says, yanking the fabric to the side and finally getting to her clit. “I need to prepare you if it’s your first time.” He says, using his fingers to gently rub at her lips.

“Can I put a finger in?” He asks sweetly against her mound, his lips vibrating against her making her feel oh-so-good.

“Yeah.” She huffs, and Seokjin inserts a finger in her.

Ok maybe she isn’t ready yet.  The burn is rough. Even with his spit it’s rough, and she feels the rough pads of Seokjin’s finger. He’s barely in but she’s already squirming at the intrusion. It's not even her first time fingering herself, or getting fingered by someone else, but his fingers are long, reaching and pressing down unlike the toys she had taken before.

"Are you sure you’re ok?" Seokjin asks Yoonji, looking up worriedly at how much she’s squirming.

“I’m good keep going…” she squirms down into Seokjin’s hand. He procures a bottle of lube from somewhere, pulls out his fingers and adds the viscous liquid to his digits.

“This might help,” he says, adding one more. The slide is easier the second time, and soon he’s adding a third finger in, going maddeningly slow.

“Seokjin I think I’m ready.” She says trying to keep her voice light.

Seokjin pulls out and puts a condom out from god knows where, and uses the excess lube to wet his dick. Yoonji is a vision, back hair messy on the pillow, knees bent up and hands covering her mouth. But so is Seokjin, his broad shoulders cinching at his tiny waist, shoulders defined, his muscles bulging even if he isn't flexing.

“None of that.” Seokjin says, pulling her hands away from her face. "I need to hear you."

With that, he aligns his large member to Yoonji's entrance, and starts pushing in slowly. Yoonji is whimpering. She know she acts tough, and that she has a high pain tolerance. But she must have been out of her mind if she thought Seokjin would just magically slide inside her. She whimpers. It hurts at first, but she doesn’t say anything because it hurts but she doesn't want him to stop. But Seokjin is right there, peppering her face with light kisses and rubbing at her clit, causing her to jolt forward. 

Causing him to be sheathed fully inside her. The stretch lights a fire in her, and she’s still whimpering, squirming at the intrusion.

“Don’t move.” Seokjin says through gritted teeth.

“Should’t I be the one saying that?” Yoonji asks, adjusting to the size of Seokjin’s massive dick. It's not just the size she needs to get used to, it's the shape. She didn't realize that the slight upcurve of his dick would press on her insides so much. 

"Well, I –“ Seokjin says. But when he pulls out a bit, he sees blood on the sheets. “Yoonji?” He asks, holding a bloody hand up to her face!

“Eek!” She screams at him, swatting his hand away.

“It’s your blood!” Seokjin screams back. He’s about to pull out fully but Yoonji’s legs suddenly lock around his waist.

“Don’t you dare pull out.” Yoonji says through gritted teeth. “We’re going to do this, and we’ll get through this until it feels good.”

“Oh- ok” Seokjin says grunting as he starts moving slowly.

The burn is present, and it hurts the first few thrusts, but Seokjin puts his thumb to Yoonji’s clit and starts rubbing faster he thrusts. “Better?” He asks, kissing the tears away.

“Yes." Yoonji says, rocking her hips in time with his thrusts. "Oh!" She says squirming when Seokjin rubs against that spot inside of her.

“Oh?” Seokjin says, smirking, as his thrusts speed up.

"Oh, o-oppa!" Yoonji stutters out, grasping his broad shoulders and soon he’s hoisting her up on his lap and thrusting in her harshly from below.

Now Yoonji’s not an active person. If possible she’d be lying down all day with her manga and Anne Rice. But now, even as she tries to match her hips with Seokjin’s thrusts, she gives up, the burn on her thighs present, and how he’s rocking into her almost violent as her body goes limp with pleasure. Seokjin’s hand, the bloody one, is on her nipple, fingernail still caked with a bit of red but she doesn’t mind. She like the image, it’s almost gruesome. Maybe material a vampire story next she thinks but then her mind empties and it’s all she can do to hold on for dear life when her insides start to feel like lava and her pussy starts spasming around Seokijn’s huge dick

“Seokjin, god, please keep going.” She pants her chest on his, nipples rubbing against his broad chest as Seokjin keeps thrusting. Soon she’s coming and clenching around his dick, with Seokjin thrusting and thrusting until he’s coming inside her.

He gently lays her down on the bed, peppering her face with hisses, rubbing her cheek gently. “How was that for your first time?” He asks her. But her eyes are droopy and all she can do is give him a gentle smile, and already gooey from her first non-self induced orgasm.

“I can’t wait to do that again.” She whispers as her consciousness slips away from her.

"We can do it as many times as you want." Seokjin says as he gently embraces her, his body still a bit sticky and warm from their tryst. Her brain is all gooey and fuzzy and Yoonji's on cloud nine. 

Chapter Text

The podcast is a success, and Yoonji has only Namjoon to thank. While the topic was about Yoonji’s first time, Yoonji soon realized that this was merely a jumping point, with Namjoon asking poignant questions about Yoonji’s own inspiration for writing, her literary pegs, from the poet Fiona Benson, to the dystopian novelist Margaret Atwood. Yoonji was grateful for the chance to discuss specific scenes and imagery from her work as well, showing that Namjoon did her research and was taking her seriously as a writer. Namjoon acknowledged how she evolved as a writer, how her erotic work was more than just smut for horny teen girls, as some other literary critics had dubbed her work. 

It was hardly the Seventeen-magazine-esq questions she was expecting, and she couldn’t be more grateful to the younger girl for being unabashed with her line of questioning, even when Yoonji had admitted that her first time was with her current boyfriend.

When Namjoon put two and two together, her pretty eyes grew large, realizing that Yoonji was referring to her cousin, Kim Seokjin. Yes Yoonji had been writing for most of her college life, but had only lost her virginity this year. It felt good admitting it, though she felt bad with all the post-editing Namjoon had to do, with all her groans, when she realized just how raunchy her baby-faced Oppa was in bed. 

That being said, the interview went well, and so did the podcast. Now Yoonji just had the photoshoot to get over, before she could take a break and get back to writing.

But that was easier said than done. Yoonji hates having her photograph taken. She already knows she looks like the Asian version of Edna Mode (wait, wasn’t Edna Mode Asian?) with her sharp bangs, small stature and her resting bitch face. When Jimin and Taehyung begged and pleaded to have Yoonji put in a good word for her in her TEAM magazine Photoshoot, she couldn’t say no. After all, Jimin and Tae were practically her fairy god hoes, with the magic they worked for her during her awards ceremony, her magic girl transformation which had captivated the heart of her hot neighbor, Kim Seokjin.

Seokjin, of course, had vehemently objected this version of the story, stating that he had always found Yoonji pretty and interesting, but had only worked up the courage to talk to her after her awarding. 

Yoonji likes her version better. It makes for a better Hollywood-slash-Disney approach. Not that she’d ever admit that out loud. 

She had convinced the artistic director for the shoot to hire Taehyung as her stylist and Jimin as her hair and make-up artist, citing that they knew how to make her look good. The Anna Wintour wannabe took one look at Yoonji in her black shirt and ripped jeans and decided, perhaps working with someone who knew how to handle the hot mess that was Yoonji would be best for the magazine.

Yoonji’s face is itchy form the amount of make-up Jimin slathered on. Jimin had placed moisturizer then foundation, the concealer, then some powder which she said was for baking ( I may look like a dumpling but to bake me? That’s a bit rude. Yoonji had told Jimin. Shush, dear it’s part of the process. Jimin replied, painting on more product on her face.) 

That meant Tae and Jimin would be styling Kim Seokjin too, the George Clooney to her Amal, her resident arm candy and current partner for the shoot. And while Yoonji was grateful that her best friends knew how to play up her strengths, she was not ready for what they had in store for her boy.

Upon the discussion with the magazine’s artistic director and Namjoon, the writer for her cover piece, it was decided that the shoot’s theme would play up the Woman on Top angle, dressing Yoonji in a masculine two-piece suit tailored to fit her petite proportions, with only a black leather bralette inside the suit jacket. ( Prada. Jimin had whispered. So make us proud-a. God Jimin was spending too much time with Seokjin ) Her hair was slicked back, exposing her forehead and giving her a look of a very professional no-funny-business dom. All she needed was a whip to complete the look.

Her own partner was dressed in matching suit, crisp black with a bedazzled lapel and red inner lining, which showed when the suit opened as he moved. They had placed a binder clip on the back to cinch Seokjin’s suit at his waist, having no time to tailor the outfit to fit both his broad shoulders and tiny waist. The suit was buttoned up, which was both great and horrible. Great because she was not completely stunned by the expanse of skin beneath the suit. Taehyung had asked that Seokjin remove his undershirt completely. However the outfit was horrible, oh so horrible. Instead of an undershirt, Seokjin was wearing a leather harness, one rung each framing his nipple, the leather accentuating the subtle muscles of his chest and his well-defined v-line, as his slacks hung low on his wide hips. When Yoonji first saw Seokjin, Jimin had to tut and use her finger to gently lift Yoonji’s chin, effectively closing mouth, lest her drool ruin her foundation. Jimin giggled at the sight of her very flustered-looking Unnie. Not that anyone could tell under the layers of foundation. Not unless they looked to her ears, which had turned a bright red. 

So instead of the whip, she got leather leash. One that was attached to a collar. A collar that was attached to the neck of one Mister Kim Seokijn. Oh the litanies she could write about Kim Seokjin’s neck. How long it is, how his defined Addams Apple bobs up and down when he swallows, how his jugular stretches in that most delicious way when he looks up, perfect for marking, how –

“Yoonji!” Seokjin whined, effectively breaking her out of her daze. “Yoonji look at what they’re making me wear!”

“Oh she’s looking alright.” Jimin says, using her pinky to nudge Yoonji’s mouth closed once more.

“And she likey, she likey likey likey.” Tae says, coming up behind Seokjin and giving her Unnie a smirk. 

“Is the ring really supposed to directly ON my nipple?” Seokjin whined, big puppy eyes and pouty lips now directed to Taehyung.

“Of course Oppa.” Taehyung replied in all seriousness. “In fact, it’s supposed to accentuate your nips.”

“But it’s cold.” He continues, mouth forming a pout.

“That’s fine.” Tae says as she lifts her finger and flicks at his pebbled nub.

Seokjin lets out one of his characteristic squeaks and covers his chest with his arms.

“Yoonji, do something!” But Yoonji’s eyes are glazed over, head empty, save for the image of her boyfriend in nothing but the harness, arms tied up and writing on his bed, bare for her taking.

“Earth to Yoonji.” Jimin says, snapping her fingers. “They want you on set. 

“Right.” Yoonji says, taking a deep breath. She has to get it together. 

She can hardly keep it together. She tries her best to look fierce, but the boy-next-door look of Seokjin is replaced by his model aura. It practically freezes her and makes her want to bare her neck. And SHE was supposed to be the dom! It’s true, he’s on all his knees on some Persian rug the shoot’s director had procured, lifting his head and giving the camera a cool stare. His usual coconut head haircut is styled in such a way that his bangs are pushed back down up and away, exposing his forehead. But whenever Yoonji looks down, that’s all she can see. Bare chest, Seokjin’s bulge exposed by the slim-fitting slacks, and his forehead. Who knew a forehead could look sexy?

“Yoonji, can you look less…” The cameraman says, as he stops the shoot. “Can you look less, out of it?” 

Yoonji wants to scream. No she can’t. There’s a hot guy just there for her taking and she’s supposed to look cool when she’s so obviously a dork. She’s totally out of her element. After a few more attempts, the photographer calls for a five minute break, and throws up his arms. Yoonji wants to smack him.

“Let me talk to her.” Seokjin says to the very exasperated-looking photographer. Seokjin takes her aside and looks her squarely in the eye.

“What’s wrong babe?” He asks, giving her a kind smile, cheeks puffing cutely up. Yoonji lets out a breath she didn’t know she was holding in, and rolls her shoulders back.

“How do you DO this?” Yoonji says. She’s tired and exasperated. They’ve been on set for less than ten minutes, but her makeup and hair took SO LONG, even with Jimin’s magic fingers, and she feels like her face is melting under the lights. Which she’s sure is totally not the look they’re going for. She’s tired and sleepy. Screw the shoot, she wants to go home screw Seokjin (or get him to screw her, preferably in the harness).

“Do what?” Seokjin asks.

“All this… pompous parading of beauty and stuff… It’s just… This isn’t me you know?” Yoonji says, her voice small and unsure. “I don’t want to do this anymore. This whole thing was a bad idea. I’m so bad at pictures and I just…” She’s holding back tears. “I’m not a model like you so I’ll know I’ll look horrible.” She’s trying to keep it together lest she ruin her make-up but a tear slips out anyway. 

Seokjin uses his pinky to gently wipe her tear away. “Aww honey.” Seokjin gives her a bear hug, careful not to get her makeup on his suit. “You’re amazing and wonderful, and you’re the most beautiful person I know.” He says, cupping her face gently. “Now look.” He grabs her hand and leads her to the monitor where the artistic director and photographer are looking at their pictures. “You already look great, but you’re thinking too much.” He whispers to her. “Now you’re supposed to exude angry and sexy here. So, what makes you angry?”

“The patriarchy.” Yoonji says, without batting an eye.

“Right. Let’s go with that. Men are trash and all that.” Seokjin says, giving her a light tap on the nose. “Now I know Yoonji. And an angry Yoonji is a sexy Yoonji, the perfect dom. So how about you think about that while on set.” Seokjin says, giving her bottom a light tap. 

“But I’m already thinking too much about how this is all fake and- “ Seokjin gently places a finger on her lip and effectively shuts her up.

“Ok so maybe something else then?” Seokjin pauses, tapping his finger against his chin. “Aha! This will rile you up.” His mouth contorting into an evil smirk. “Rupi Kaur just beat Kate Tempest as the most influential poet of the decade.” 

Oh no. Seokjin did not…

Yoonji sees red, and she grabs Seokjin’s leash and tugs him towards the set

“She’s ready!” Seokjin shouts between gasps. “Please hurry before I pass out!” And the photographer and lights crew quickly go back on set. 

The shoot is finally over, and Yoonji is back in her hoodie and sweats, happily munching on her congratulations cupcake that Seokjin had brought her for their shoot. She’s watching Jimin pack up her numerous pallets, while Tae helps clean her brushes. 

“Well that was an adventure. Let’s never do it again.” Yoonji says to Seokjin who is, sadly, fully clothed once more. 

“I don’t know…” Jimin says. “We made a pretty good team.” 

“And you and Seokjin DO make a pretty hot powercouple.” Tae says, shoving her phone in her face and showing her the pictures she got of the two of them from the set.

“Well I hate being dolled up, but I guess this wasn’t so bad. Thanks for showing up girls.” Yoonji says, as the two girls pounce on her and give her wet smooches.

“Aish stop!” She squeals as she bats her two best friends off. She hears Seokjin’s squeaky laughter in the background.

“I guess it’s time to go home.” Seokjin says, untangling the two girls from their Unnie and taking Yoonji’s hand.

“But before we go, here.” Taehyung hands a paper bag to Yoonji. “The director said I could keep it.”

Yoonji pears into the bag and sees leather.

Black leather.

“No.” Seokjin whimpers, eyes large and ears red.

“Hell yes!” Yoonji says, grabbing her boyfriend’s hand. “Bitches you better sleep somewhere else tonight because we’re gonna be LOUD!”

“Get that dick girl!” Jimin screams, laughing as Yoonji stomps offset, with a scared-looking Seokjin in tow.




“Babe.” Seokjin whines. “How much longer do I need to be here?” 

“Oh you want up?” Yoonji says, giggling. She’s straddling Seokjin, whose hands are all tied up on her bedpost, care of her winter scarf. He’s in that black harness, covered by one of his white button-down, work shirts. It’s open though, flaps at the side, exposing his torso to the cool air. His nipples are pebbled, a deep pink. Oh how she’s teased him, ectatic with how responsive he’s been due to the cool sensation of metal on his sensitive buds.

He looks like a model straight out of vogue. Ok he IS a model, but that’s beside the point. She’s in that black leather bralette and a lacy thong Seokjin had given her as a gag gift, after he discovered all her underwear all had cutesy print. He never expected her to WEAR it, but when she did, his eyes popped out of his head and his boner out of his pants.

“But you’re so wet!” He says, looking down at where his length is enveloped in her folds, as she rocks up and down trying to hit that perfect angle.

“Seriously, I can feel you dripping down my balls.” He moans, as Yoonji hoists herself up, until only his tip is breeching her entrance, and falls back down, a loud squelch resounding in the room.

“Not until you beg.” She says, her voice low, gyrating her hips to hit that spot inside her. It’s frustrating because Seokjin finds it so easily and she just can’t. She should be better at this. 

She leans back, and starts thumbing at her clit, relishing at the heated gaze her boyfriend gives her. “God you’re better than porn.” He says as she groans, more slick seeping out of her and onto his balls. 

“Babe, can I please move?” He grunts. She knows he’s trying his best to keep stip, respecting her demand when she said she wanted to give him pleasure, despite how much she knows he wants to fuck into her. 

“Yoonji!” Seokjin moans. “Let me up.” He bucks his hip out causing her to gasp. THAT hit the spot.

“Do that again!” Yoonji pants, leaning forward and resting on Seokjin’s chest.

Now that he’s given permission, the previously immobile Seokjin cants his hips up with abandon, thrusting up and up. It’s all Yoonji can do to hold on, using all her measly leg power to hold on, in case she gets thrown off. She grasps at his broad shoulders feeling the buildup of her orgasm quickly.

She leans forward, capturing Seokjin’s mouth in a kiss, which is more her lips sliding over his because of how hard he’s jostling her. Despite how in-charge she is in her real life, Yoonji loves these moments, moments where she can just let go and be taken care of. And oh boy does Seokjin take care of her.

She practically screams when her orgasm hits her, her eyes rolling to the back of her head. She moves her hips even more, riding out her orgasm, meeting Seokjin’s thrusts and sending him over the edge a few moments after her.

She collapses on him, grimacing at how her sensitive nipples feel against the leather.

“That was great.” Seokjin says. “Chefs kiss, now can you let me out so we can cuddle?” 

“Nah, I kinda like you tied up.” Yoonji drawls from her place on his chest, grimacing as she lefts her hips and lets Seokjin’s dick out of her. 

“But my arms are getting tired.” Seokjin says, writing from under her.

“Fine” Yoonji relents, as she moves to straddle Seokjin’s stomach, reaching up to untie the scarf from Seokjin’s wrists. But that leaves open and vulnerable, with Seokjin mouth finding one of her nipples and giving her a sharp suck. She squeals and slaps his shoulder. 

“Stop your shenanigans!” She squeals, but Seokjin bucks up, causing the leather to rub at her folds and oh, Yoonji goes still, sitting down on Seokjin’s chest.

“How about I try tying you up and YOU see how you like it.” Yoonji’s pussy pulses with the thought, as a gush of slick leaves her folds. Seokjin notices the new patch of wet on his torso. 

“Oh, you like that idea baby girl?” Seokjin smirks when Yoonji gives him another slap on his broad-ass shoulders. 

“Then I hope you’re ready for round two.” Seokjin says. “Because I need my revenge.” 




“Are you gonna write this in one of your stories?” Seokjin murmurs into her hair, sleepily. Post-cuddle sessions were the best and Yoonji loved how she could just flop on her boyfriend’s much larger form, like he was a real-life Snorlax.

“Maybe.” She mumbles into his chest as she gives him a light kiss on his broad shoulder. “Is that ok? That I’m kinda maybe using what we’re doing as inspiration” She looks up at Seokjin.

“Only if I get to be worldwide handsome in them.” He says, giving her a sleepy smile. 

“Hmm, maybe not worldwide. Too unbelievable, with Keanu Reeves running around looking like that.” Yoonji says, causing her boyfriend to boop her nose. 

“Aish, the disrespect!” He says.

“It’s ok Oppa, I have other things on my list to try.” Yoonji whispers, eyes half-open as sleep slowly envelops her. The list is long. And Seokjin is a very willing test subject.