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Vanilla Baby

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Jimin was tired. But his shift was almost over, the restaurant was closing soon, and that made him happy as he loaded plates up on a big tray and headed out to deliver an order to one of his tables. The table was the worst kind of clientele that he had to deal with in his job as a waiter. Drunk frat guys… ugh. He put his customer service face on and smiled as he weaved through the tables and stopped at the table of 6 big Alphas that were laughing and throwing packets of sugar and making a mess.

He suppressed the urge to roll his eyes. These guys were all the same, and he was the one who would have to clean up after their bullshit. He just smiled at them as he sat their plates of food in front of them. As he reached for the last plate on the tray, he jumped and almost dropped the tray and food as he felt someone pinch his ass. He turned a look at the Alpha closest to him and scowled at the smirk on the asshole’s face. He sat the last plate down with a loud ‘thunk’ in front of him.

“Please keep your hands to yourself sir, or I will have to ask you to leave.” Jimin said coldly to the Alpha who had pinched his butt before turning to the rest of the table. “Is there anything else I can get you?”

“A blowjob?” One of the guys at the end said, causing a round of guffaws from his fellows and breaking down Jimin’s determination not to roll his eyes.

“I’m gonna take that as a no.” He turned and fled back into the kitchen.

“Tough crowd?” One of the other waiters, Jackson asked as Jimin leaned against the counter and sighed

“These frat boy idiots think they can do whatever they want with any Omega because all the Sororities are all over them at their stupid weekend parties. But if one more of them pinch my ass, I swear to god someone’s getting a cup of scalding coffee in their lap.”

Jackson was biting his lips trying not to laugh but failing miserably. His laughter brought out Jimin’s own and they cracked up together.

“I would pay good money to see that!”

Jimin pushed him and scoffed, trying to get his own laughter under control.

“You don’t get it because you’re an Alpha. But these frat guys are the worst.” Jimin whined, pouting.

“Do you want me to take that table, we can switch one?” Jackson offered.

“And let them win? Hell no.”

Jackson laughed and gave him a pat on the back before they both headed back out onto the floor to work. Jimin liked his job okay, outside of his late-night weekend shifts. It was just a job, but he liked the nice old lady who owned the place, and it was close to his apartment and to campus, which was about as good as it was going to get. As a broke college student, he was happy with a steady job and the ability to live independently, if maybe a little closer to the poverty line than he would like. His parents had offered to help pay for his bills, but he’d stupidly refused both because he knew his parents weren’t wealthy and would be dipping into their retirement fund, but also because he wanted to be ‘independent’. It hadn’t taken long to realize that independence blows and he would actually love some help with his bills. But he would never ask his parents for help unless it was a dire emergency.

The table of frat guys left a giant mess when they left and a tip of $3.25. He sighed as he started to clean the table, gathering the plates in the bussing tub and carrying it to the back before going back out to finish up. However, as he was about to start cleaning again, the owner stopped him and took over, patting his cheek.

“Why don’t you cash out and head home early? I know you’re tired, I can tell.”

He began to try and protest, but she shooed him away. He turned around and gave her a tight hug and a kiss on the cheek before dashing off to count up his tips and cash out for the night.

“Thanks! You’re the best.”

Jimin gathered his inadequate winter coat around him as he walked to the bus stop. It was freezing and his hands were like ice as he blew on them and stomped his feet, trying to warm up. Winter was in full swing, Christmas just a month away. Jimin loved this time of year, even if it meant that he froze his butt off every day on his way to and from school and work. There was something so nostalgic about wintertime.

His family always spent the holidays together, and some of his best memories were from those times. He wondered if he’d have enough money to go home for the holidays this year. He definitely wouldn’t have enough to buy gifts for everyone. He sighed and watched a little puff of mist cloud in front of him as his warm breath hit the icy air. Maybe he would skip it this year. He had bills to pay and with the way tips at work had been rolling in lately; he was going to be short on rent… again.

He immediately hopped on the bus when it stopped in front of him, jumping up the steps into the warm air and taking a seat. He was the only person on the bus at 2:00 AM, so he waved at the driver with a smile and received one in turn. It took about fifteen minutes to get to the stop closest to his apartment, but was still a ten minute walk from there to his shabby apartment complex where his tiny studio apartment was located.

He had to do his best not to fall asleep as he waited for his stop; the bus was so warm compared to his little apartment, where he dared not run the heater in fear of running up his electric bill. It made getting up in the morning very difficult when he had to crawl out of his warm little ball that he curled into at night and out of his tiny, ramshackle little nest and into the cold dawn light. He died a little inside every time he had to put his warm foot on the freezing tile floor.

However, he loved his tiny apartment. It was the first place that was really his and the first place he’d found independence. Of course, he’d love to live in a big fancy apartment that was warm and didn’t have ancient peeling wallpaper and cracked floors, and he hoped that once he graduated and found work as a chef he’d be able to find something better. But for now, the place worked well enough.

He waved goodbye as he exited the bus and stepped back out into the freezing night air. He jogged the four blocks to his apartment and dashed up the stairs and into his little place. It was just as cold in his apartment as it was outside, but he still felt good to be home. He wished he could shower before bed, but he never did during the winter. Going to sleep with wet hair when his apartment was so cold was a recipe for getting sick, plus it helped to have a hot shower to look forward to in the morning when he had to exit the warm safety of his bed and venture into the cold.

He pulled out his winter pajamas of thick sweatpants and an oversized hoodie and double socks, stripping down and quickly changing, shivering as what little warmth he’d had was leached away from his skin. He brushed his teeth and plugged in his cracked old iPhone, making sure his alarm was set before crawling into his little nest and wrapping himself up in several layers of blankets before curling into a little ball and shivering as he slowly warmed up and was able to drift into a restless sleep.

Jimin woke with a groan as his alarm started a very annoying and unappreciated sound in his ear. He hissed as he reached a hand outside the warm confines of his blanket burrito and into the cold to feel around for his cell phone and turn off the alarm. He pulled the phone to him and squinted at the screen to see it was 8:30 AM and he had to get up and go back to work. It was Saturday, which meant that he was opening at the restaurant and if he wanted to take a shower and be on time, he needed to get up soon.

He allowed himself one snooze cycle of five minutes to pout and throw a little fit before getting up and whining as his feet hit the tile and even through his two pairs of socks, the heat was pulled from his body at once, sending a shiver up his spine all the way to his scalp. He walked into the bathroom and started up the shower, the old pipes groaning in the walls like always as the water slowly heated. Jimin brushed his teeth quickly and stripped out of his warm pajamas, stepping into the shower.

He had to wash himself quickly; he knew he had about five minutes of hot water before it would run out. So, he washed his hair and body quickly, and then stood under the warm spray until he felt a slight change in temperature, and he turned it off at once. His shower would go from hot to stone cold in the span of about 45 seconds, and he didn’t want to waste the warmth in his skin.

He reached outside the shower curtain and grabbed his towel, drying himself off quickly before the water could chill too much on his skin. At least the tiny bathroom was warm from the steam as he grabbed his outfit for the day and pulled it on. He blow dried his hair quickly, not wanting to go outside with wet hair in the cold. He hesitated at the bathroom door, not wanting to open it and let all his warmth out, but he sighed and shivered at the cold air as he grabbed his coat, wallet, phone and keys and rushed out into the cool morning.

Jimin looked up with a big smile as he saw delicate little snowflakes falling around him. He loved the snow. He smiled all the way to the bus stop as the white flakes swirled around him. Even if he was shivering with his hands pressed deep into his pockets to protect them from the cold, he was still happy. Nothing made winter like snow. His favorite view was that of the world covered in glittering white ice, untouched and perfect the morning after a heavy snowfall.

His bus arrived just as he got to the stop and he hopped on gladly, taking a seat and rubbing his hands together for warmth, blowing into his cupped palms to try and warm his frozen fingers. His stop came too soon and he jumped out and headed into the restaurant to help get everything set up for the lunch rush. The little bell above the door jingled as he walked in to find everyone gathered in a little crowd around the owner, who was crying.

Jimin rushed over and joined the group, reaching forward and taking her hands in his and giving them a squeeze of reassurance. Everyone seemed downtrodden and Jimin wondered what had happened.

“What’s going on? Is everyone okay?” Jimin asked, looking around at his coworkers.

“No. I just got notice that the bank is foreclosing on the restaurant. I have two weeks to vacate the premises.”

Jimin felt his heart fall for two different reasons. He felt pity for his boss, the woman had always been extraordinarily kind to him, and also because that meant he was losing his job. He felt hot panic rise in his chest. He couldn’t afford to miss out on work for however long it would take to find a new job. He was totally screwed.

Everyone stayed for a while to commiserate with each other, but before too long they all left. There would be no work for them, the owner had to pack her things up and leave. Jimin felt the tightness in his chest increase as he and Jackson walked to the bus stop together. His friend must have sensed his distress because he pulled him to a stop.

“Let me buy you a cup of coffee. I think we both could use the company, because I think you’re freaking out just as much as I am.”

Honestly that sounded great, because if he was left alone, he was going to start panicking worse.

“Yeah, okay.”

They walked to a little coffee shop half a block away and ordered two plain coffees and doctored them up with sugar and cream before taking a seat at a little table and sighing in unison.

“What the hell am I going to do?” Jimin asked, rubbing his tired eyes.

“If I were you, and I had an ass like yours… I’d find me a sugar daddy.” Jackson said and wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

“Okay… first of all… NO. And second of all, does Mark know you are looking at my ass?”

“Minnie. Mark might be an Omega, but even HE looks at your ass. It’s a really nice ass.”

“Shut up. You’re so embarrassing.” Jimin hissed, blushing and trying not to laugh.

“If I were single I’d find me a rich old Omega and let them pay my tuition and bills. I’m just saying, you have the goods… why not use them? Let some rich guy grope you and jerk him off, and all your bills are paid.” Jackson shrugged and took a drink of his coffee.

“You’re gross. I’m not doing that.”

Jackson just shrugged and they changed the subject. Of course there was absolutely no way he was ever ever ever going to get a sugar daddy.


Jungkook was tired. And horny. Which made for one extremely hard to deal with Alpha. All of his employees had already been gone for hours, and yet he was still at his desk, going over the end of year financial statements. It was a job he probably could have foisted off on someone else, but he’d always had a problem with needing to personally make sure things were done right. It was something his business partner Yoongi was always harping on him about.

He knew that working 16-hour days 7 days a week was neither healthy nor sustainable, but he was a bit of a workaholic. He reached over and grabbed his coffee, taking a sip and grimacing at the stone-cold temperature. He looked at the time and saw that it was almost 10:00 PM already and sighed. It was Saturday night and he should be out at a bar, finding an Omega to help relieve some of his stress. But honestly, he hated the whole rigmarole of going to a bar and hitting on someone, convincing them to let you take them home for the night. Ten out of ten times when he brought someone to his apartment, what is supposed to be a one-night stand turns into reverse courting when they find out he has money.

He sighed and leaned back in his chair, rubbing his tired eyes and trying to decide if he should just give it up for the day and head home. He looked at the half-finished stack of reports on his desk and felt his eyes burning from focusing on the tiny numbers for hours and hours. What ended up convincing him to go home was not his tiredness, but the fact that if he kept working in this state, he was going to start messing up his numbers. On top of being a workaholic, he was also a perfectionist, and he couldn’t allow himself to start screwing up these reports.

He rapped his knuckles against the desk and stood, leaving his neat stacks of papers where they sat and grabbed his coat, scarf and gloves on his way out. He walked through the dark office, which was a familiar sight for him. He very rarely left work when the sun was still up, and even more rarely arrived after it had risen. He knew that he was getting too bogged down in the everyday running of the company. He’d started the business because he was passionate about technology and innovations in computer science. He missed working with the engineers and coding for new products. These days he felt like a glorified accountant with a big fancy office.

The elevator dinged and opened, he stepped inside, pressing the button for the garage and leaned against the back wall as he waited and felt himself descend to the lowest level. Now that his mind wasn’t focused so much on work, the hot shifting under his skin was the main center of his attention. He really needed to get laid, but the mere idea of going out to a bar tonight filled him with a bone-deep fatigue. He’d considered trying to find a boyfriend or girlfriend for the sole purpose of having someone to fuck when he needed to, but he knew he didn’t have the time or proper motivation to start up a relationship. That would just end badly.

It looked like tonight he was going it alone. He exited the elevator and made his way to his black Audi, hopping in and groaning at the idea of going home alone again. Masturbation had lost its appeal quite some time ago. His inner Alpha longed for an Omega or a Beta to ease him and wasn’t impressed by his own half- hearted handjobs. At this point, it was about the equivalent of throwing a bucket of water on a forest fire. Not very effective.

Jungkook drove home through the dark city, it was starting to snow in earnest now. The winter storm that the skies had been promising finally releasing the snow on them. He used to love the snow when he was younger, but now it was more of an inconvenience. When he was small, he’d spent his holidays with his family, but over the years they’d grown apart. He hadn’t talked to his parents in almost 3 years now. The thought made him think about calling and seeing if they were okay, if they needed anything, but he’d learned the hard way that he and his money weren’t welcome there.

When he’d refused to take over the family business after college, his father had taken it hard, but they’d still stayed close until Jeon Paint and Body went under. By that time Jungkook already had a handful of tech patents and was making good money. He’d gone home and tried to give his father the money he needed to bail out his business. His offer had led to the worst family fight that they’d ever had.

His father was a proud Alpha, and refused to take his son’s money. The entire blowout had ended with his father telling him that he was ungrateful for not taking over the family business and Jungkook telling his father that at least he was capable of keeping a business afloat. It was the one and only time his father had ever struck him, and it had been a shock. His mother had tried to stop him as he’d stormed out of the house, but he’d been too angry, too wound up to listen. He hadn’t spoken to either of them since.

He pulled into the garage under his apartment building and mentally slapped himself for his wandering thoughts. Why was he thinking about that? He usually kept his mind away from the past, but something about the holidays always brought it out of him. He specifically turned his thoughts away from the unwelcome old feelings that still twisted his gut when he remembered shrugging off his mother’s hand, and the look of surprise that had overtaken his father’s face after he’d hit him. He made his way to the elevator and thought about his pet coding project he’d been working on the side.

Sleep was an elusive thing for him over the past months. No matter how tired he was, he was always too keyed up to get proper sleep. He usually worked out before bed, to try and curb his restlessness, but he knew it was the lack of a sex life that made him so agitated. He was an Alpha after all, and he was in his prime. His sex drive was high, and his natural instinct to find a mate was strong. Biology could be a real bitch sometimes, he thought as he hit the button for his penthouse and felt his stomach dip as the elevator zoomed upward.

As soon as he was inside his apartment, he started to undress, leaving a trail of clothes in his wake as he headed for his bedroom and slipped on sweats. He hadn’t eaten since early morning and he was starving. He knew good and well his kitchen was empty, not having gone to the grocery store anytime in recent memory. So, he pulled his phone out and ordered take-out to be delivered to his place as he made his way into his office and started up his PC, opening up all the various programs he used to code and experiment with his simulations.

He’d spent all his rare free time over the last year trying to make an idea he’d had come to fruition. He’d been trying to engineer a smaller and more powerful processor that would skyrocket their company to the forefront of the tech world if he could manage it. He was sure he would have figured it out by now if he could spend more than a few hours on it at a time when he was already dead tired. He studied his work and tried to remember where he’d left off, working through the complex lines of code and finding a good place to start working.

It felt like no time at all until his doorbell was ringing, signaling that his food had arrived. He jumped up and grabbed his wallet as he headed to the door, opening it to see a small and pretty-ish Omega holding a bag from the restaurant he’d ordered from. There was a moment of pause where the Omega’s eyes slid from his face, down his shirtless torso, then her eyes snapped back up to Jungkook’s face as if realizing that he’d been eyeing the Alpha up.

“Good evening, sir. I’ve got your food here. Your total is $20.70.” The Omega said with a small, tight smile.

Jungkook pulled a fifty out of his wallet and handed it over.

“Keep the change.”

Just as he was about to close the door, the Omega’s voice called out again.

“Um… hey… Are you… looking for a sugar baby or anything?”

The question came straight out of left field and had his eyebrows rising in surprise. What the hell kind of question was that? Him? Need a sugar baby? No. There was no way he was ever ever ever going to have a sugar baby.

“Uh… No thanks.”

He closed the door right in the Omega’s face.


Jimin had his computer in his lap as he was curled up in his nest, glad for the warmth radiating from the thing. The laptop had been his graduation gift from his parents, and he was so grateful to have it at the moment. He was connected to his neighbor’s Wi-Fi, the old couple didn’t have a password on their network, so he was able to use their internet to browse for a job. He wasn’t coming up with anything, however. All the jobs that were good for college students were already taken at this point in the semester. He had no idea what he was going to do. Was he really going to have to call and ask his parents for money?

Just as he thought that, he saw a job posting for a barista in a café, but the posting said to apply in person. He eyed it curiously, noting that it had been posted over a week ago. He hoped that they hadn’t already filled the position but feared that they had. Students would snatch up an opportunity like that quickly. It was the only promising lead that he could find however that would work with his school schedule. So, he got up and dressed in his nicest outfit, which was basically the only pair of jeans he owned without holes in them and a white button up, throwing his coat on top and heading out.

There was a thin layer of snow on the ground now, and Jimin was happy to see it starting to stick. The weather had said that they were supposed to get a lot more snow over the next week. He shoved his cold hands in his pockets and jogged to the bus stop. His cheeks and nose were raw from cold and he knew they must be red. He tucked the lower half of his face into his coat and shivered as the wind cut right through his meager layers, freezing him. He smiled as he squinted through the snow and saw his bus coming, jumping up the steps immediately when it stopped in front of him.

The coffee shop was right next to the bus stop he usually used to go to work at the restaurant, and he felt a little sad as he got off and looked down the way to where his old job was. He hoped that the owner would be alright. But he didn’t spend too much time thinking about it, because the wind was still blowing and he was freezing cold. He quickly walked forward and into the small coffee shop, that was pleasantly warm inside and smelled lovely like chocolate and coffee beans. He took a deep breath and smiled at the lovely scent.

He waited in line until he got to the front, and asked about the job posting. He was directed to a manager, who sadly informed him that the position was already filled. He just nodded and left his number with her in case something else opened up. He felt despondence overtake him as he made his way out of the shop and to the bus stop, happy at least that his bus arrived just as he reached the stop and he didn’t have to wait in the cold. He chewed his thumbnail as he rode back toward his apartment, worrying what to do.

Which was how he found himself back in his nest with his laptop back open searching for a job again. He thought back on his conversation with Jackson. He knew that the Alpha had mostly been kidding about him getting a sugar daddy, but his rent was due in two days and he didn’t have even half of it. He didn’t want to get evicted, and he didn’t want to have to call his parents for money. He worried his lip with his teeth as he thought about it, then looked back at the glowing computer screen in his lap. He opened up Google and typed in a search.

Search: How do you get a sugar daddy

He was flooded with results, from articles about sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships to websites that would help hook you up. He paused at one link that caught his eye.

“Magic Shop- Looking for a discrete financially beneficial relationship in Seoul? Our team will help match you with the best possible Alpha, Beta or Omega to suit your needs and interests. Please call to schedule an appointment.” There was a number listed below it.

Jimin clicked the link and it opened a surprisingly professional looking website. He clicked through the tabs and info to see that it was an actual legitimate service. He read through all the information available on the website, and realized that they were in fact exactly what they claimed. A matchmaking service. They simply got paid to help people find a match for sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships.

He picked up his phone and looked down at the cracked screen, chewing his lip again as he contemplated calling the number. He considered all the pros and cons of calling the number and going through with this ludicrous plan. On one hand, he might end up with some old creep, or worse not be chosen at all. On the other hand, he really needed to get laid, and there was a possibility that they might hook him up with someone he at least was a little attracted to.

He unlocked his phone and dialed the number. Was he really about to try and get a sugar daddy?


The coffee shop was way too busy for a Sunday morning, Jungkook thought as he stood at the back of the little café and waited on his order. He needed to get to work, and he was already running behind schedule. He should have been there an hour ago, which just meant he’d be staying an hour later tonight. He was leaning against the wall and looking at his phone, reading work emails and mentally drafting responses for when he got back to his computer, hating to type long work emails on the phone. It left too much leeway for typos and embarrassing errors.

Occasionally the door would open and a gust of cold winter wind would breeze over his side, but he ignored it in favor of reading his business correspondence. At least he did until a particular blast of air carried a lovely vanilla bean scent to him that made goosebumps erupt over his skin. He felt his cock stir slightly at the perfect, sweet scent of an Omega. He eyed the crowd, trying to spot out who the scent belonged to, but he couldn’t tell. There were too many people in the confined space, and too many scents clogging the air to be able to differentiate between scents.

He took several deep breaths, trying to catch the scent again, but to no avail. Whoever it belonged to was lost in the crush of people. When his order was finally called, he made his way to the front just in time to see the prettiest Omega he’d ever seen. Blond hair, lovely face with full lips and sultry eyes whose color he couldn’t determine from this far away. He grabbed his coffee from the barista and as he turned back to see where the pretty boy was, he was leaving.

Jungkook watched as he pushed out the door, and the winter air carried the vanilla bean scent to him again. That was the boy whose scent he had noticed. He pushed his way toward the exit, wanting to talk to the Omega, maybe try to get him to go home with him… But as he reached the door the blond was getting on a bus and he watched it pull away. His eyes traced the profile of the pretty Omega through the window as the bus pulled away from the curb and headed off. He felt a little defeated as the bus pulled away, he hadn’t felt attraction like that in years.

Sighing, he headed for his car, damning his bad luck for losing out on the pretty boy. He unlocked the car and slid inside, heading to his office. As he removed his coat and took his seat at his desk, beginning to work through more of the financial statements, the usual heated shifting under his skin refused to calm down the way it normally did when he was focused on work. His mind kept playing the few moments that he’d seen the lovely blond Omega over and over on an endless loop.

He pressed his knuckles into his closed eyes, trying to wipe the image from his visual memory. He was well aware that the blond had been hot, and he was also well aware of the fact that he was extremely sexually starved at the moment, but he had work to do. So he took a few deep breaths and forced his mind to focus on the reports in front of him. There was no time in his life for a relationship, even with a beautiful Omega. He didn’t want a boyfriend anyway, he just needed to get laid.

After a few hours of working, Jungkook was interrupted by his business partner Yoongi walking into his office and taking a seat in one of the chairs on the other side of his desk. The other Alpha sat back and crossed his legs at the knee, giving him a knowing look. He hated that look because it was always followed by harsh truths that he didn’t want to hear. He’d known Yoongi since elementary school, and there was no one in the world who knew him better, but that meant that when he started in on him, he had more ammo than most.

“What?” Jungkook said, looking back down at his papers and trying to give off a harsh ‘fuck off’ vibe. It was ineffective, Yoongi was impervious to his moods.

“Somehow I knew I’d find you here… on a Sunday. What are you doing here? There is no reason for you to be here right now. You need to take a break.”

“I’ve got work to do.” Jungkook scoffed, indicating toward the stacks of papers neatly arranged on his desk.

Yoongi leaned forward and rested his elbows on his knees, leveling Jungkook with an unimpressed stare.

“Get a fucking secretary or an assistant. Fuck… Hire a new damn CEO. We both know you want to be downstairs in the lab working on the new products and designs. You’re killing yourself trying to do everything at once. We started this company together because of your engineering, coding and computer science abilities and my business sense.”

Jungkook rubbed a hand over his face, trying hard not to show how stressed and tired he was and trying to keep from getting angry at his best friend, who he knew was right. He was taking on too much, but he couldn’t help it. He was a control freak and he needed things to be just so, and trusting other people to take care of them was a big source of anxiety for him.

“You think I don’t know that? You think I want to be doing this?” Jungkook snapped, sounding harsher than he’d meant.

Yoongi didn’t back down.

“Yes, I do think that you want to be doing this. Otherwise you would find someone else to do it. You are isolating yourself in work, it’s your SOP. You think that if you keep yourself busy you can keep from thinking about what happened with your parents, and you can avoid trying to build a life and find a mate.”

Jungkook felt his unwanted anger rise up in him. How dare Yoongi bring his parents into this? That had nothing to do with this and was a really low blow.

“First of all, fuck you. And second of all, I don’t want a mate, I don’t want a boyfriend. I’m fine.”

“Shit, I don’t even care if you find a mate, but you need something in your life other than work. Even if it’s just sex. Find a pretty Omega and get some of this stress out so you can think clearly for once. You’re not fine, Jungkook and we both know it.”

Jungkook pressed his tongue against the inside of his cheek and sat back in his chair, trying not to lose his temper. He wanted to throw Yoongi from his office, he wanted to hit him. It wouldn’t be the first time their friendship had come to blows, and probably not the last. They were the most stubborn people in the world. Their parents said they were too much alike, which was why they were both best friends and worst enemies at times. It was hard to fight against yourself.

“I don’t have time in my life for a boyfriend. The last thing I need is a clingy, needy Omega all over me when I’m trying to work or someone constantly interrupting my life.”

“Kook. You’re rich as hell. Get a fucking sugar baby for all I care. Pay someone to come around and suck your dick a few times a week. Just do… something. Because your attitude isn’t going unnoticed around here, and it’s not helpful for the boss to be an asshole to his employees because he hasn’t popped a knot in too long.”

This was the second time in less than 24 hours that someone suggested a sugar baby to him. What the hell? But as he thought about it… it might not be such a bad thing. All the benefits of a relationship with none of the neediness and obligations. A novel idea.

Jungkook sighed and rubbed a hand over his face again, trying to let his anger bleed away. That was the most infuriating thing about being best friends with Yoongi, you could never win an argument. He was way too insightful, and he knew exactly what to say and do to make you feel like an asshole.

“Look, I know you’re right. But do you have to be such a dick about it?”

The humor helped dispel some of the tension, and let them both relax again. Jungkook was still annoyed but trying not to show it. He was after all a grown man and didn’t need his friend telling him how to live his life. But that was wrong. Yoongi just wanted what was best for him. He imagined if the situation were reversed and knew that he’d be a thousand times worse and probably would have made the whole thing harder for them both.

He knew he was closed off from people. He wished he could blame it on what happened with his parents, but he’d kind of always been that way. He projected a lot of confidence and surety, but inside he was afraid of getting hurt, just like everyone. His arrogance and aloofness were just the mask he used with the world to keep them at arm’s length. It was the reason that his few attempts at relationships over the years had failed. He couldn’t let people in, and after a while, everyone got tired of bashing their head against the brick wall that was Jeon Jungkook’s heart.

“Yes I do have to be a dick about it or you’d never listen to me. Stop your whole ‘I am an island’ routine and get laid, get your head out of your ass and let me see my best friend again.”

“Alright. I’ll try.”

“Good. Now, let’s both get the fuck out of here. I don’t want you to work anymore today. Just go home and relax for once. Can you do that?”

Jungkook ran his hands over the smooth glass top of his desk, back and forth for a few minutes. It was hard for him to leave when he knew that there was work that needed to be done, but he had to start somewhere, and he guessed this was as good a place as any to begin. So he stood and put his coat on, smiling as Yoongi wrapped an arm around his shoulders and gave him a shake. They headed for the elevator together and parted ways when they got to their cars.

It felt a little scandalous to be leaving work during the day. Jungkook couldn’t remember the last time he hadn’t worked until after dark. He had so much time on his hands and he wasn’t sure what to do with it. He had nowhere in particular he wanted to go, so he headed home. As he drove he considered Yoongi’s words. Should he actually consider getting a sugar baby? It was an odd thing to think about, paying someone for sex. He’d never thought about it before, but as he considered it, it felt like the perfect scenario for him.

He wasn’t open to love, he just wanted someone who would come over occasionally and let him fuck them. It would be nice to feel a warm body under him once in a while, and Yoongi was right, he had the money. As a workaholic, he very rarely spent his money on anything that wasn’t strictly necessary for everyday life, and had amassed quite a fortune. He had been in this year’s issue of Forbes ‘Richest CEOs Under 30’ and he had more money rolling in all the time.

The real question was… how did one go about procuring a sugar baby? He had no idea. He’d never considered it as a possibility in his life, so he’d never thought much about it. So, like any tech nerd worth his salt, he did what came naturally. He turned to the internet for information.

He made his way into his apartment, picking up yesterday’s trail of clothes and changing into sweats before plopping down at his desk and turning on his computer. He pulled up Google and typed into the search bar.

Search: How do you get a sugar baby

He looked through the options at his fingertips and paused at one that looked promising.

“Magic Shop- Looking for a discrete financially beneficial relationship in Seoul? Our team will help match you with the best possible Alpha, Beta or Omega to suit your needs and interests. Please call to schedule an appointment.”

He opened the website and browsed through, noting that the webpage design was actually not bad. It seemed professional and that actually made him feel a little less like a fucking creep for doing this. Using a matchmaking service to help him find someone to sleep with was not his proudest moment. He looked at their hours and saw that they took calls even on Sunday.

He picked up his phone and unlocked it, dialing the number and hesitating. Was he really about to try and get a sugar baby?

Chapter Text

Jimin held the phone to his ear and listened as it rang a few times, then the click of the call being connected and a smooth female voice.

“Thank you for calling Magic Shop where we help you find that someone you’re looking for. How can I help you today?”

“Uh… Hi. I found your website and I was um… wondering about signing up with your matchmaking service.”

“Yes sir, I would be happy to assist you with that. Are you looking to be a provider or a recipient?”

“Recipient.” Jimin liked that, it sounded more casual than sugar baby.

“Can I get your full name?”

“Park Jimin.”

“Okay, and what is your gender and status?”

“Male Omega.”



“Okay, well we would be happy to schedule you an appointment to come in and interview, fill out some paperwork, take some tests and portfolio shots. I’ve got an appointment tomorrow afternoon at 3:30, will you be able to make it?”

“Yes. I can make it.” That was perfect, his classes only went until 2:30 tomorrow so he’d have time to get there.

“Great I will put you on the schedule.”

“Okay. Is there anything I need to bring? Or anything I need to do before I come?”

“Just a valid form of ID and we’ll take care of everything else.”

“Well then, thank you.”

“Thank you, sir.”

Jimin hung up the phone and felt a little weird about the whole situation. He wasn’t sure he was totally comfortable with the idea of money for sex, but he had no other choice. It wasn’t like it was a permanent situation. He just needed to pay his bills and find another legitimate job, then he could call off this arrangement and that would be that. It was a one-time thing, and maybe it would even be a little fun. The idea of someone taking him shopping, and out to fancy restaurants seemed kind of nice. He wasn’t sure exactly what sort of arrangement he and his potential benefactor would have, so he wouldn’t worry until worry was necessary. It was something that a lot of people must do, if someone had made an entire business based on it.

He spent the afternoon in his nest, working on his homework for his business classes. Cooking was his passion, and what he wanted to do most, but if he wanted to own his own restaurant, he needed to know how to run a business. His week was split between culinary courses and business courses. He hated the business courses so much. They were primarily math based and he hated math with a burning passion. He was the type who was better with his hands than with numbers and calculations. He had always been impressed by people who were good at math.

Of course, he wasn’t stupid, he just didn’t have that internal calculator that some people were born with and thus had to figure things out the old fashioned way. His homework took up most of his day, but around dinnertime he was finally done with everything. He’d let it pile up because of work, but it felt nice to be totally done and not have any stress about trying to finish it last minute. Maybe if the whole sugar baby thing worked out, he’d have more time for his homework. That would be nice.

As an aspiring chef and culinary student he was a little appalled at how often he ate ramen for dinner. Really it was because it was what he could afford. He used to cook for a lot of the staff after hours at the restaurant for practice, and he would miss that. His tiny apartment had a little stove but it was not fitted out for any real cooking. He didn’t have the counter space for any type of real food prep, or the storage space for many ingredients. So it was ramen. At least it was warm and fast. Because getting out of his cozy warm spot in his nest was terrible, but getting back in with his warm soup made up for it.

He watched YouTube on his computer as he ate his ramen, rather comfortable all tucked up in his blankets and pillows, getting warmth from both his computer and food. He wrapped his hands around the ramen cup and let them leach all the warmth that they could, and sighing at the feeling. He ate his dinner, then called his mother to give his weekly checkup. He didn’t tell her about losing his job because he didn’t want to worry her. He just assured her that he was okay and that he was doing well in the city, asked about everyone back in Busan.

He listened to his mother’s long descriptions of what everyone was up to and occasionally adding in a ‘uh-huh’ or a ‘That’s great’ whenever it was appropriate while he picked at his cuticles and listened with half attention until the conversation finally wound its way back around to him, like always. He suppressed a sigh at the question he knew was coming.

“So, how’s your love life? Meet any nice Alphas or Betas that you like?”

“Eomma! How many times do I have to tell you, I’m not looking for a boyfriend right now. I’m focusing on school.”

“Well don’t focus too hard, you’ll go cross eyed.” She said with a laugh. “But really, Jimin. I just hate to think of you all alone there in the city, without any love and support. You don’t even have anyone to scent you before bed at night. I hate it. I just don’t want you to be lonely. It’s bad for Omegas to be alone. You know I just love you and want what’s best for you.”

“I know Eomma, and I’m doing fine. If I meet the Alpha of my dreams, I promise you’ll be the first to know, okay?”

“Alright, alright.” She conceded. “I won’t harp on about it. But think about finding someone, okay? Find someone to love. I know you have a lot of love in that heart of yours, share it with someone.”

“I’ll think about it. I’ve got to go. I’ve got school tomorrow. I’ll call you next week. I love you.”

“Love you too, Baby. Don’t forget to call your brother, he misses you too.”

Jimin hung up the phone and dropped it on the bed next to him with a sigh. His mom was always trying to encourage him to find a boyfriend, but he wasn’t looking for a serious relationship right now. He was young and still in school. He didn’t need the distraction of love to derail his future plans. Which was why the arrangement with the matchmaking service was ideal. Maybe he’d get more than one thing he needed from this setup.

There was one point on which his mother was totally right, though he’d never admit that to her. He was starved for physical intimacy and touch. He had friends, even a few close ones, but none that were comfortable holding him or scenting him. He tried to remember the last time someone had scented him, and he was pretty sure it was last Christmas when he’d visited home and his parents had hugged and scented him to within an inch of his life. He wished that his mom weren’t so right about everything all the time. It made being a rebellious child hard, when she was so full of logic and facts.

He picked the phone up and called his brother. He was sure his mom would be on the warpath if she found out he hadn’t called Jin. The phone rang and he heard the soft, lilting voice of his brother on the other end. The sound filled him with a longing so deep he was surprised by the depth of it. He and Jin had always been close, and being so far apart for such long periods of time, was hard.

“Hey Minnie! Did Eomma make you call?” Jin’s voice was amused and laughing.

“She didn’t make me. I wanted to call! I miss you, you know?”

“Of course I know! I miss you too baby brother. So, how are you doing? Are you sleeping well, eating right?”

“Yes, Eomma!” Jimin mocked, but eyed his empty ramen cup and freezing apartment, knowing he was lying.

“I’m just checking. I want to make sure you’re doing okay. I’m worried about you. You’re all alone there in Seoul and I can’t stop by every other day to make sure you’re healthy.”

“You sound more and more like Eomma every day.” Jimin laughed. “But thank you, I’m doing fine. How about you?”

Jin sighed. “I’m getting tired of this job. They treat the teachers here terribly. Of course I still love my students, but I’ve been thinking of moving after this school year. Maybe I’ll come to Seoul. There are always schools hiring teachers there. Plus half the single Alphas here are guys I went to high school with. No way am I mating one of them.”

“I’m sorry to hear that your job isn’t doing well, but it would be nice to have you closer. I really miss you, Jinnie. I can’t vouch for the dating scene, because I am the eternally single Omega, but I’m sure you would find someone you didn’t go to high school with at least.”

The idea of having Jin so close, of being able to see him anytime he wanted made his heart swell. He loved his brother and missed him every day.

“Poor Eomma and her two single Omega sons.” Jin said wryly. “No wonder she harps on us so much. She probably expected grandbabies by now.”

“Yeah, I imagine that she did. But she’s not getting them from me. I think you’ll have to take one for the team here.” Jimin joked.

“I would be honored. Let me just find an Alpha who treats me well and isn’t a dud in bed and I will be a baby factory. You know I want lots of pups.”

“Good luck with that. Let me know how your search goes.”

“Will do. But, I’ll let you go. I know you need to sleep. Love you lil’ bro.”

“Love you too. Talk to you soon.”

Jimin scrambled out of his nest to throw away his ramen cup and quickly brush his teeth before rushing back into his nest and snuggling into the blankets deeply, trying to get back his little pool of warmth. As he lay in bed he pictured what kind of person he would be paired with at the agency. He pictured his dream Alpha and had to laugh at himself. There was no way in the world he would ever be paired with his ideal type. But he still pictured the mental image that he’d built in his head over the years. Tall, strong, dark hair and eyes, a strong jaw line and big, warm hands, a kind smile and eyes that sparkled with humor. He scoffed and rolled over, dismissing his own thoughts. He was never going to meet his dream guy through a sugar daddy service.

Morning always came too soon and too cold for his liking, and as his alarm went off, he groaned. But as he remembered that today was the day he was going to the matchmaker, he convinced himself to get out of bed on his first alarm. He hoped to spend a little extra time on his appearance today so that he would look pretty in his pictures. He showered quickly and did his usual morning routine of dressing. He wore his nice jeans and a button up shirt, blow-drying his hair and trying to style it a little bit with the dryer. He even pulled out his little stash of makeup and dabbed concealer under his eyes, adding a bit of brown eyeliner and cherry chapstick.

When he was done, he smiled at his reflection. He was pretty today, and hopefully that would help him to find a good match. He skipped breakfast, grabbing his coat, keys, wallet and backpack before rushing out the door and jogging to the bus stop. There was a decent amount of snow on the ground now, enough that the streets had been salted. He almost slipped on the snow several times, the worn soles of his ancient white converse offering no friction to the slick ground. And also no warmth to his freezing toes.

School was boring, Mondays were all business classes. But at least he got to feel semi accomplished by having all his homework done early for once. He sat through his classes, trying hard to pay attention and not let his thoughts wander to his unusual interview he had scheduled for the afternoon. He was unsuccessful at his attempts to keep the appointment out of his head, but made it through the day. He had to take the subway to get all the way across Seoul, then take a bus from near the station and walk another four blocks to get to the building.

He looked up at the expensive looking office building. It was the kind of place that wasn’t all one company, but a big tower where many businesses rented space. He headed inside. The building was NICE, like… really nice. He looked around as he walked through, admiring the marble floors and high ceilings in the lobby as he waited for the elevator. This place must cost a fortune to rent in, and he felt bad as he left wet footprints across the pristine floors. He boarded the elevator and headed up to the 18th floor. This entire floor apparently belonged to Magic Shop, and he was greeted immediately by the receptionist at the counter.

“Good afternoon, welcome to Magic Shop. How can I help you?” The pretty female Alpha said, looking at Jimin with a smile.

“I’ve got an appointment today. My name is Park Jimin.”

She consulted her computer for a moment, clicking and scrolling then turning back and offering him another smile. She stood from the desk and walked around to him.

“Please follow me this way.”

Jimin followed her down a hallway and into an office where he was greeted by another female Alpha. The plaque on her desk read Son Wendy- Matchmaker. So he guessed this was the person conducting his interview. The receptionist left them alone and Jimin took a seat as directed. The woman across the desk was beautiful and a little intimidating, but when she smiled Jimin felt more at ease.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Park. I’m so glad you’ve decided to join our agency to find a match. I need to start out by asking you a few questions to make sure you’re suited to our services.”

“Uh… sure. Go ahead.”

“Great. First question, when was your last heat?”

Jimin was surprised that question one was such a personal one, but he knew that this would come up, so he just answered honestly.

“About a month ago.”

“Is there any chance you could be pregnant currently?”


“Would you be willing to take a pregnancy test and an STD screening?”

“Of course. No problem.” Jimin knew he was clean.

“What kind of financial support are you looking for?”

“Um… just like…help with rent and bills. Maybe tuition. I’m a college student enrolled at Seoul Culinary Institute and Seoul Business College.”

This answer seemed to surprise her, and she cocked a brow as she made notes on a pad in her lap.

“Okay. How many sexual partners have you had?”

Jimin cleared his throat and adjusted in his seat, face going pink.

“Just one.”

“I see. Would a sexual component to the relationship we set you up with be amenable to you?”

“Yes, of course. I would be… fine with that.”


The questioning went on and on, and eventually he was handed a list of kinks and sex acts and asked to check off which ones he would be willing to participate in. The list was LONG, way longer than he would have guessed. He didn’t know some of the words, and had to ask the matchmaker for explanations on a few, but ended up no checking any of those because they sounded gross or scary. He wasn’t exactly lily white. He’d had sex before, and he was a 21 year old who lived alone and had access to a laptop. He’d watched plenty of porn and had an idea of what he wanted in bed. So he checked off the boxes for the things that he’d be okay with participating in, feeling his face go red as he handed it back to the matchmaker and watched her read over it.

Anal Sex
Oral Sex
Phone Sex/Sexting
Masturbating (with partner)
Dry Humping/Grinding
Intercrural Sex
Face Sitting/Rimming (recipient)
Semi-Public Sex
Dirty Talk/Humiliation
Blindfolds/Sensory Depravation
Light Bondage
Hair Pulling
Orgasm Denial
Daddy Kink
Praise Kink

After a few moments, the matchmaker slipped the sheet of paper into the stack that she was filling out before looking up at him and folding her hands on her desk.

“I think you are a perfect candidate for our services. So, our next steps are to get your pregnancy and STD tests done. We have a team in-house who can do it on site, and once that’s cleared we just need to get your contract signed and take your portfolio photos and you’re good to go.”


Jimin was led to another part of the office, which looked like a little medical center. He was sat down and had blood drawn. He waited about thirty minutes and he guessed his tests had cleared because he was brought back to Ms. Son’s office to read and sign his contract and fill out his personal information documentation. He read and filled out everything carefully and made sure that there was nothing suspicious in it before signing his name at the bottom and handing it back.

Jimin felt ridiculous as he was led to a little photo studio and sat in different spots as a photographer took a bunch of pictures of him from every angle. He’d never modeled before and it was kind of embarrassing. He did his best, trying to smooth his face into his usual ‘selfie face’. He was given several changes of clothes and moved around from location to location in the little studio to get him in different lighting and backdrops. He didn’t really understand why they needed all this. If the person was attracted to him, then that was enough, right? But they were the experts, so he kept quiet and did as he was told, posing and moving as directed.

He dressed back in his own clothes and was led back to the elevator by the photographer. As they walked through, he caught an intoxicating scent in the air, like coffee and the dark bitter chocolate he always craved when he was in heat, mixed with a darker scent of earthy male. An Alpha scent. He took several deep breaths, looking around for the source, but finding none. Some part of him wanted to seek out the owner of the dark, rich scent, but he controlled himself and bid the photographer farewell.

He checked his phone to see that it was already 6:30 PM. He’d been there for three hours, but he was glad it was done. Now that he’d taken the first step, it was bound to get easier. He stepped into the elevator and rode back down to the lobby, noting that the Alpha’s scent was here in the elevator too. He had never felt so attracted to a smell before, but he was sad when the doors opened and he had to leave it behind.


Jungkook pressed dial and waited until the call was picked up. A female voice answered.

“Thank you for calling Magic Shop where we help you find that someone you’re looking for. How can I help you today?”

“Yes, I’m calling to set up an appointment with your service.”

“Yes sir, I would be happy to assist you with that. Are you looking to be a provider or a recipient?”


“Can I get your full name?”

“Jeon Jungkook.”

“Okay, and what is your gender and status?”

“Male Alpha.”



“I would be happy to schedule you an appointment to come in and interview, run some tests and browse our portfolios. I have an appointment at 5:30 PM tomorrow, will that time work for you?”

That was much earlier than Jungkook would usually leave work, but he doubted they would stick around until 10:00 PM for him to come by.

“That will be fine.”

“Great I will put you on the schedule.”

“Thank you.”

“Thank you, sir.”

Jungkook hung up the phone and sat back in his desk chair. He was getting a sugar baby. What an unexpected turn of events. But, honestly he was a little excited. It had been so long since he’d had sex that he felt like he was going to combust. He just needed to get laid. Badly.

Shoving those thoughts aside, he turned back to his computer and opened up his programs and data on his side project. He was actually looking forward to working on it when his mind wasn’t slow and logy from tiredness. Things were actually progressing after a few hours of complicated calculations and coding, entering new parameters into this testing program and running simulations. He missed doing this. He missed the complex math, the trial and error that was a natural part of any computer science. He felt himself relaxing into his project and before he knew it, it was dark outside and his stomach was protesting loudly that he hadn’t eaten all day.

He ordered food again, but from a different place. He didn’t want another run in with the Omega from the day before. He ate in front of the TV, kind of wishing he had someone with him. He had always hated eating alone, but over the years had gotten used to it. He thought of his college days when all the guys in his department would go out for chicken and beer on the weekends. He missed the camaraderie of a group of friends who all shared his interests. He missed the debates about math and coding and the stupid inside jokes.

A lot of those guys actually worked at his company now. He’d recruited them after the business started to take off, stealing a few from his much larger competitors. He sometimes thought about trying to get the old gang back together for drinks, but thought it probably would be awkward to go out drinking with the boss. Yoongi’s words from earlier ran through his head, ‘We both know you want to be downstairs in the lab working on the new products and designs.’

His friend was right, he did want to be in the lab. He wanted to be creating the innovations for his company, but he also wanted his company to be successful. He didn’t trust anyone else to do his job. If he hired someone and they turned out to be a failure, it would be a mess that he would never be able to clean up. Who else would work themselves to the bone like he did? No one. The company was his baby and he was loath to entrust its management to a stranger.

He did his nightly work out and took a shower, actually going to bed at a decent hour for once. But even though he was tired, his mind wouldn’t shut up. So many things circled the drain of sleep, clogging it and not letting him rest. His project, his company, his parents, his friends, his potential sugar baby. He pressed the heels of his palms into his eyes and sighed deeply, wishing he could shut his brain off. Sex had always been the best thing he’d known to clear his mind, but he was alone.

Once he’d thought of sex, his mind naturally veered down that path. His body responded at once, warming as his cock lengthened and hardened in his boxers. He worked a hand under the covers and palmed himself through his boxers, trying to get some relief. His mind played through its usual images as he stroked over himself, a nameless faceless Omega on all fours or on their knees, or any number of other positions. However as he closed his eyes and let his mind wander over the idea of sex, his faceless Omega became someone with a very distinct and memorable face. The blond Omega from the coffee shop. The one with the pretty, vanilla bean scent.

His cock pulsed in his hand, and he felt a small wet patch of pre-cum on his boxers as his temperature skyrocketed. He threw his covers off and pushed his boxers down, kicking them off before reaching into his nightstand for the bottle of lube he kept there. He dribbled the cool liquid over his heated tip and stroked himself with a firm hand, closing his eyes and letting the picture of his lovely blond stranger wash over him again. His lips had been so full and lush, he would look perfect on his knees with his mouth stretched around his cock. He’d been so pale that Jungkook bet he got all pink and blushy when he was aroused. It made his entire body burn to picture that lovely face all red and splotchy with exertion, or even better covered in his cum.

That image had him moving his hand faster. The little Omega would smell like him for days after that, he would be covered so strongly in his scent that his light, sweet one would be completely overshadowed by Jungkook’s own. He ground his teeth as he pictured fucking into his mouth, down his throat as he gripped his lovely blond hair and used his mouth like a fleshlight. He bet that he took cock like a dream. Imagined him loving to get fucked hard and deep until he couldn’t remember his own fucking name.

His orgasm hit him like a freight train, slamming into his body and carrying him miles from his worries and as he came down from his high, he was actually relaxed. That had been the best orgasm he’d had in years, and as he glanced down his body he saw that he was covered in ropes of his own cum from belly to neck. Usually masturbating didn’t produce much cum for him and was generally unsatisfying, but he’d just had the most mind-blowing release in recent memory.

Jungkook grabbed his boxers with his toes and flipped them up, catching them in his hand and using them to clean the cum and lube off. He’d have to take another shower in the morning, but he was too tired, too sated at the moment to get out of bed. He pulled the covers up over himself and dozed almost at once, falling into a deep and dreamless sleep, and when he woke to his alarm, he actually felt rested for once.

Everyone seemed a little scared of him, almost gawking as he made his way into work and to his office. He realized as he saw his reflection in the glass panes of the windows that he was smiling and that’s why people were looking at him weird. He smoothed his expression into his usual impervious mask as he took his spot behind his desk and started back in on his reports. He made his way through the rest by lunchtime and accepted Yoongi’s offer to go out to lunch.

As they left, people were again staring with interest and curiosity. Most people never saw Jungkook leave his office unless headed for a conference room. Jungkook just looked at his business partner and scoffed.

“Am I such an oddity that everyone needs to stare?” Jungkook said as they waited for the elevator.

“This is the first time most of them have seen you without a scowl on your face. They’re probably wondering what poor Omega took the brunt of your frustrations to put you in such a good mood.”

Jungkook just laughed and shoved Yoongi. “Fuck off.”

As they stepped into the elevator Yoongi hit the button for the garage, laughing too.

“But seriously, who was it? Did you get laid finally?”

“You’re so interested in my sex life. I’m starting to think you’re gonna make me an offer.” Jungkook put a dramatic hand to his forehead and turned to his friend. “I’m sorry Yoongi, but I just don’t love you like that. I hope we can still be friends.”

The Alpha flipped him off. “You’re an asshole. But I’m glad you seem to be feeling better.”

They took Yoongi’s red Porsche to lunch, and as they ate, he realized that his friend really thought he’d gotten laid. His friend had always had the most interesting views on life, and his blasé attitude and deadpan delivery never failed to make him laugh.

“I told you, you just needed to get laid. You get your dick a little wet and suddenly you’re shooting rainbows out of your ass. I’m telling you. All an Alpha needs in this life are two things.” Yoongi said, turning meat on the little grill at their table.

“And what are those two things? I’m fascinated.” Jungkook rested his chin on his hands in mock-interest, but Yoongi answered anyway as if not knowing or caring that he was being sarcastic.

“Full bellies and empty balls. That’s it.”

Jungkook burst into laughter, unable to hold in his amusement at his unusual friend. Why was he even surprised?

“You are truly a romantic at heart.”

“I’m a realist. Hunger and horniness are the enemies of logical thinking. These are facts.”

“You should write a book. Go on tour and give self-help speeches. You’re so inspiring. Your book can be called ‘Jizz: The Enemy of Alpha Clarity’. I’d buy it.”

Yoongi just flipped him off again and they started eating, changing the subject back to work until it was time to go. The rest of Jungkook’s day was one of the most productive he’d had in a while. He guessed that there was some wisdom in letting yourself rest, though he’d never admit to Yoongi how right he’d been. Honestly though… he actually thought it might have been more thanks to his mystery coffee shop boy. He hadn’t had a decent orgasm in so long, and finally getting off had helped a ton in relaxing him and allowing him to sleep.

He was almost late to his appointment at Magic Shop, as he’d been on a long conference call all afternoon. He arrived only a few minutes late, but as soon as he exited the elevator, he smelled a familiar scent that had his body warming and his cock twitching in interest. Vanilla bean… lovely. He wasn’t sure where it was coming from, it seemed to just fill the space in general. He dismissed it, thinking maybe someone had a candle or something. But still couldn’t help but breathe through his nose, enjoying the pretty smell that reminded him of his mystery Omega.

He walked up to the reception desk and looked at the tall female Alpha at the desk. He caught her scent, wondering if she was the one making the vanilla smell, but she smelled like pine. It wasn’t her.

“Good afternoon, welcome to Magic Shop. How can I help you?”

“Hi, I’ve got an appointment. Name’s Jeon Jungkook.”

She consulted her computer briefly before giving him a smile and walking around the desk.

“If you’ll follow me sir.” She swept a hand to indicate the direction they were headed.

Jungkook followed her down a hallway and into an office that was occupied by another female Alpha, who stood and shook his hand with a surprisingly strong grip.

“I’m Kang Seulgi. It’s nice to meet you Mr. Jeon. Please have a seat.”

Jungkook sat in one of the chairs across the desk and saw the receptionist leave and close the door behind her from the corner of his eye. He turned his focus to the matchmaker across the desk, who was looking at him with professional composure.

“Let’s get started, shall we?”

“Of course.”

“Are you currently in a relationship?”

“No. Why would I be here if I was in a relationship?”

She gave him a wry smile. “You’d be surprised how often we get that.” Jungkook just cocked a brow at her, and she continued. “Are you currently sexually active?”


“Would you be willing to submit yourself for an STD screening?”


“What would the parameters of the kind of financial support you would be offering?”

Jungkook thought about that for a moment. “I don’t really have set parameters. I’m pretty negotiable depending on what the recipient would need in terms of finance.”

“Would you be willing to see someone who was seeing more Alphas than just you?”

“No. I’m looking for something exclusive. Someone who would be available to me when I need them.”

“I see. Can you tell me what kind of partner you are looking for? Gender and status and any other specifics.”

“I’m looking for an Omega, preferably male…” Jungkook hesitated for a moment, but threw caution to the wind. “Blond.”

Maybe he could at least fuck them from behind and pretend it was his pretty stranger. Which was a shitty thing to do, but it wasn’t like he’d ever tell them.

“Okay. I will get some of our profiles together for you while you have your STD screening, then we will need to process your payment and we can proceed from there.”

Jungkook was led to another part of the floor to have blood drawn and wait as the sample was processed and he was cleared and led back to the matchmaker’s office. As they walked through the hallway, the vanilla bean scent was so strong that it made him even more curious to where it was coming from. He looked all around as he went but saw no sign of what was causing it. He took his seat across from the same female Alpha and waited for her to start.

“Okay. So, everything came up clear and we’re ready to proceed. I’m sure you read our website, but to review, we run on an annual fee. You will need to pay the $15,000 before we proceed any further. You will also need to sign a contract for confidentiality and agreement to our terms and conditions. We are in effect a matchmaking service as you know, and once you and one of our recipients are connected the way your relationship progresses is entirely up to you. However, if any ill behavior is reported, you will be banned and reported to the authorities.”

“No problem. How do you want your payment? Would a check suffice?” Jungkook asked, reaching into his jacket and pulling out his checkbook.

“That’s perfect. Please take a look at these documents, fill them out and sign, then we can move on to the fun part.” She handed him a contract and personal information documentation to fill out, that he read carefully, completed and signed.

He filled out the check and handed it to her, in return receiving a stack of portfolios. He took the top one from the stack and opened it, browsing the contents. He looked at the pictures. The Omega was pretty, soft and sweet looking, but he wasn’t right. He closed it and set it aside, grabbing another and flipping through, feeling similarly unsatisfied. He repeated this process until he reached the bottom of the stack. All the profiles were just… wrong. It wasn’t what he was looking for. He unfairly compared them with his pretty coffee shop boy and none of them had a chance.

Just as he was getting ready to set the last one aside and call this a failure, there was a quiet knock at the door, and Mrs. Kang called for them to enter. Another female came in, but what caught Jungkook’s attention was the vanilla scent that she brought with her. As she walked over, she offered her hand to him and he took it, shaking firmly and discreetly taking a deep breath of her scent. The vanilla scent was on her, but not her scent. Her scent was rose.

“Mr. Jeon, this is Son Wendy. She is another one of our matchmakers. Wendy, this is Jeon Jungkook, a new client.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Mr. Jeon.”


Mrs. Son turned to Jungkook’s matchmaker and handed her the portfolio. “We just got a new recruit. I heard you were looking for blonds. He just came in today and got his paperwork done. Thought you might want this one too. He’s very sweet.”

Mrs. Kang opened the portfolio and glanced over it for a moment before closing it and offering it to Jungkook. The Alpha took it and flipped it open. As soon as he looked down at the picture he felt his heart jump into his throat. No fucking way. It was his pretty coffee shop boy. He read the name, Park Jimin. It was the perfect name for the lovely Omega. He flipped through the pages absorbing every fact that he could find, scanning the photos with hungry eyes, and when he came to the list of approved sex acts and kinks he felt his cock spring to life. Beautiful, and sexually adventurous, the perfect Omega. There was no way he was this lucky.

He wondered how Park Jimin had come to be a sugar baby. The matchmaker had said he was brand new. He was the most beautiful Omega he’d ever seen. He turned to Mrs. Son with an intensity that he usually saved for the boardroom, but he couldn’t help it. This was a serious matter.

“Park Jimin. Tell me about him.”

She seemed slightly taken aback by his severity, but answered.

“He’s a college student, young, pretty, very soft and sweet. I think he must have fallen on hard times, because he wasn’t dressed for the weather. His cheeks and nose were pink from cold when he first arrived. He said he’s just looking for help paying his bills and tuition, which is a first for me. Most of the time, the demands are for expensive gifts and cash. He’s quite a little catch.”

“Perfect. I’ll take him.” He held up the portfolio. “Can I keep this?”

“We have backups of everything on the cloud, so if you are accepted, we can send you a digital copy. We insist that first contact be made through us to allow the recipient the option of declining the proposition.”

Jungkook nodded and handed the file back to her. “Alright. Tell me the moment you hear back from him.”

“Sir, would you mind us taking your photo to send along with your offer? It usually helps to make Omegas more comfortable to associate a face with an offer.”

“I don’t mind at all.”

Jungkook allowed himself to be led to yet another part of the floor. Jimin’s scent was strong here, he must have just had his photo taken here very recently, and the smell of vanilla bean was lingering on the objects he had touched. He sat in a leather chair and let their photographer take a myriad of pictures of him. It wrapped up quickly and when they were done, he left with assurances that as soon as they had an answer they would contact him.

As he drove home he was rock hard, the idea of actually fucking the pretty coffee shop boy had him completely amped up. His body was thrumming with energy and desire. He wished that he didn’t have to wait, and worried slightly that he might actually be refused. He thought it was unlikely however, he knew he was good looking, and if Jimin was looking for money, he was happy to give him anything he wanted as long as he got to have him in his bed.

That night he dreamt of the lovely vanilla scented Omega sprawled on his bed wearing a long string of pearls and nothing else. He woke gasping, with cooling cum in his boxers. He hadn’t had a wet dream since he was a teenager, but something about Park Jimin had him amped up bad.

Chapter Text

Jimin woke with an itchy nose, and as he was roused by the annoying chime of his alarm, he rubbed at it with one hand while the other reached for his phone to shut off the noise. The old wives tale his mother always told him about “if your nose itches, someone’s thinking about you” went through his head and he scoffed. In reality he thought he was probably getting a cold since he spent about 80% of his life freezing during the winter. But as he rolled out of bed, he didn’t feel sick. Maybe someone was really thinking about him.

His shower was his favorite part of his day. It was the one time he felt truly warm, as the hot water rained down on him and defrosted his whole body. One day, he promised himself that he’d have a house with a huge bathtub where he could take hour long scalding hot baths just to warm him all the way down to his bones. The mental image made a little half smile come to his lips as he reluctantly turned off his own hot water and was instantly shivering, reaching for his towel and drying off quickly.

He was on the bus when he received a call from Magic Shop, and his heart thumped in his chest. He glanced around before answering, not wanting anyone on the bus to overhear his call. He swiped the little green phone icon and put the cell to his ear as the call connected.


“Good morning, is this Park Jimin?”

“Yes, that’s me.”

“Excellent. My name is Kang Seulgi. I am one of the matchmakers here at Magic Shop. We have a client, a male Alpha who is interested in you.”

Jimin felt his heart beats speed up more, face going pink as he struggled for what to say.

“Oh… Okay. So, what do I need to do now?”

“Well, if you are interested I can send you a little information on him, to give you an idea if he’s someone you would like to meet with. You can review it and give us a call back and we will set up the first meeting. We usually suggest meeting in a public place the first time so that both parties feel safe and it gives you an opportunity to evaluate your opinion and decide whether you want to pursue the transaction.”

“Yes, please send me his information. I will take a look at it and call you back later today.”

“Yes sir. I will send it over shortly. Have a great day.”

“You as well.”

Jimin hung up and was sorely tempted to look through his emails, but he wasn’t connected to Wi-Fi and he had precious little data to use for anything that wasn’t strictly necessary, so he waited until he got to school and was able to connect to the internet in his wing of the university. He slipped into an unused classroom that had been empty all semester and pulled his phone out, opening his email and finding 1 unread. He tapped it and scrolled down to read the body.

FROM: K.Seulgi(@)MagicShop(.)com

Mr. Park,

Per our phone conversation please see attached file containing information about the Alpha who has expressed interest in partnering with you. If you have any questions or need any further assistance, please feel free to contact me by phone or email.

Thank you,

Kang Seulgi
Magic Shop, Inc.

Jimin opened the attachment and just as he was about to scroll down and read the available information he saw the time in the corner of his phone. It was less than five minutes until his class started, he reluctantly blanked his phone and slipped it into the pocket of his torn jeans before bolting down the hallway and making it into the classroom with just enough time to spare. He was a little winded as he slung his backpack up onto his workstation and greeted Jackson, who sat next to him and was his usual partner.

Baking 101 was one of his favorite classes, and their teacher, an eccentric older Omega named Heechul was easily Jimin’s favorite professor. The class was always full of laughter and smiles, which Jimin attributed to his teacher’s influence, but which Heechul said was the smell of chocolate chip cookies, which makes people think of childhood and mother’s love.

Jimin was distracted all throughout class, and came very close to burning his pastel-colored macarons, pulling them out just in time to make them salvageable. The little cookies were devilishly hard to cook and get right, but he was glad to see that his had come out just right. As he’d baked them, Jackson had whipped up the frosting so that when they were cool, they would be ready to make the little sandwiches.

“Alright. Spill. What’s going on? You’re never this airheaded, especially not in class.” Jackson said, hands on hips as he stared the Omega down while Jimin rested the cookie sheet on a rack to cool.

“It’s nothing. I just didn’t sleep well.” Jimin replied defensively.

“Bullshit. Look me in the eye and tell me it’s just because you slept badly.”

“I… alright fine! I slept fine. It’s none of your business. It’s personal.” Jimin could feel himself blushing and wished he had better mastery over himself.

“You’re blushing!” Jackson accused. “Did you meet someone?” His smile was knowing and a little smug.

“It’s none of your business.” Jimin repeated, looking away.

“You’re so cold Minnie! I told you all about Mark when we met.”

“There’s nothing to tell. I haven’t met anyone.”

That much at least was true. He had yet to meet anyone, even if he had a very tempting email to read as soon as class was over. He was never admitting to being a sugar baby. He would take the information to his grave. No one would ever know about this, even the one who had given him the idea. There were some things that were best just kept to yourself, and being paid for sex was definitely one of them.

“Alright, alright. But, you know you can talk to me right? And Mark, we’re here for you.”

Jimin patted his friend on the shoulder. “Of course. Don’t worry about me. I’m fine. Promise.”

They made their little macarons and placed them gently in little boxes, divvying them up between the one for their professor and the ones they would take home for themselves. Jimin let Jackson have two of the three boxes, since Mark loved sweets. He slipped his little box into his backpack and headed out when the class was dismissed. He parted ways from Jackson at the bathrooms and slipped into one of the stalls, pulling his phone out of his pocket and opening the attachment quickly.

Provider Profile

Name: Jeon Jungkook
Age: 29
Sex: Male
Status: Alpha
Occupation: CEO/Co-Owner
Compensation: Flexible/TBD
Relationship Parameters: Exclusive

All of what he read were simple facts, he didn’t know what he’d expected. It wasn’t a Tinder Profile, it was just the bare facts about the Alpha. He scrolled down further and saw the attached picture. He froze as he took in the face of Jeon Jungkook. Could this be right? This male was so handsome, so strong and powerful looking. His dark gaze was intense and dominant, his face elegant with a strong jaw and cheekbones carved by the gods themselves. Why on earth would this Alpha go to a matchmaking service? He had to have Omegas lined up around the block to be with him.

As he studied the picture, he was assaulted by a mental image of this gorgeous Alpha on top of him, pushing deep inside him as his elegant features morphed into a mix of concentration and pleasure. His dark gaze was an erotic promise, it spoke of decadent dominance and wicked midnight delights and had Jimin squirming even from a single image. How was he supposed to be composed under this male’s scrutiny? Jimin would probably make a huge fool of himself to even try. But he knew he had to try.

He was already wet just from the thought of being near this Alpha. He had to curb his thoughts, because the last thing he wanted was to walk through campus smelling like slick. He closed the profile to get the image off the screen, but it didn’t matter. His mind remembered every detail of his handsome face, every line and curve and dip that made up the gorgeous man who not only wanted to sleep with him, but wanted to pay him to do it. It was a dream.

Jimin would have slept with Jeon Jungkook for free, honestly. He was so devastatingly attractive that he felt his Omega half longing for his cock already, and they hadn’t even met. It had been so long since he’d had an orgasm, and his body was now in revolt since the option was again on the table. He never masturbated in the deep winter months unless he was in heat, he didn’t want to have to get out of his warm nest and venture into the cold to clean up the slick and cum from his body and sheets, his shower didn’t provide enough hot water to give him time for both washing and masturbating either, so he was basically celibate in the winter.

Jimin took deep breaths, trying to calm his racing heart and mounting arousal. This was not the time nor the place for it. He focused on breathing, trying to remember the recipe for the cookies he had just made in class, focusing on trying to remember the exact measurements of ingredients. The distraction was helpful and brought the fever that had started to rise in him back down to a manageable level. He looked down at the phone clutched in his hand. He needed to call Magic Shop and tell them he accepted the offer, and to go ahead and set up the meeting, but he was nervous.

His hands were shaking as he tried to unlock his phone, several times before finally succeeding. Jimin listened to the sounds of the bathroom to make sure he was still alone. He found his recent calls and tapped the number, putting the cell phone to his ear and waiting as it rang. His stomach was full of anxious butterflies and his knees felt watery and unstable as his legs went weak. He heard the call connect.

“Thank you for calling Magic Shop where we help you find that someone you’re looking for. How can I help you today?”

He kept his voice quiet as he spoke. “Hello, this is Park Jimin. Can I please speak to Kang Seulgi?”

“One moment please.”

The line went quiet, then the sound of the advertisement that played while you were put on hold started to play.

“Here at Magic Shop, we are dedicated to matching you with the perfect Alpha, Beta or Omega to suit your needs and desires. Our matchmakers are all trained and licens-“ The speech cut off as the phone was picked up.

“This is Kang Seulgi, how can I help you?”

“Hello, this is Park Jimin. You called me earlier about the match.”

“Ah, yes sir. Have you made a decision?”

“Yes. Um… I would like to say yes. Please set it up.”

“That’s great. I would be happy to set it up for you. What is a good time in your schedule?”

“My classes never run later than 5 o’clock. So anytime after 5 is good, and weekends are free too.”

“Perfect. Would you prefer that I call or email the meeting time and place?”

“Email please. I will be in class for the rest of the day.”

“Absolutely. I will get everything arranged and email you the details.”

“Thank you.”

“No, thank you. Have a great day.”

Jimin hung up the phone and felt himself fill with nervous excitement as he imagined meeting the Alpha. But he glanced down at his phone and realized he had to get going to his next class or he’d be late. He pushed his jeans down and cleaned the gathered slick with toilet paper as best he could before dashing off to his next class, Chemistry in Cooking.

He could still feel the slight wetness of slick between his legs as he jogged to his next class, he needed a shower, or a decent orgasm. Either one would suffice at this point. But since he had classes until 5:00 on Mondays, there was no chance for that happening. He made it to class just in time and took his usual seat close to the front of the class. Before long he was joined by Mark, Jackson’s boyfriend. He was tall for an Omega, almost equivalent in height with his Alpha, but where Jackson was thick and muscular, Mark was lean and waiflike. Jimin secretly thought he looked like a fairy or an elf from some medieval fantasy novel, with his small delicate features and honey-tinted brown hair that contrasted perfectly with Jackson’s black hair and sharp, masculine features. They were really the dream couple, both majoring in culinary arts and planning to open a restaurant together after graduation. They’d met their first year of school and after about six months of thinking they hated each other’s guts, they realized that they were actually in love, and been together ever since.

“Hey Jimin. Are you getting sick, you look a little flushed?” Mark asked, pressing a hand to his forehead.

Jimin knew perfectly well why he was flushed. It was because he was still horny as hell and the mental image of the Alpha he was supposed to meet soon wouldn’t get out of his thoughts.

“I’m fine. I just had to make a call after class, so I ran here.”

“Oh. Is everything alright?”

“Yeah, just a family thing. How about you?”

“I’m good, just exhausted. Have you found another job yet?”

“Um… maybe. I’m kind of waiting to hear back on something.”

“Well, I hope it works out. I’ve been working extra shifts to make up for Jackson losing the job at the restaurant. He feels really bad about it, but I know he’ll find something soon. And… to be honest… well this might be TMI, but I really like the treatment I’ve been getting to make up for it. I think I limped to class today.” Mark laughed, and Jimin joined in.

“I thought he seemed in a good mood earlier.”

Jimin thought they were the cutest pair to ever exist. They often fought jokingly, bickering and squabbling like an old mated couple over little things, but making up just as quickly. He had to admit that he wanted a mate like that someday, someone who made him laugh and never stopped looking at him with the kind of devotion that poured off Jackson when he looked at his Omega. It was something to behold, and to aspire to. Unlike his friends however, Jimin wasn’t looking to get mated right now. He had goals and dreams to accomplish. All he wanted a good orgasm and enough money to pay his bills, and he hoped that he may have found the answer to both in one Jeon Jungkook.

He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and knew he’d just received an email. The temptation to look at his phone was strong, but just as he reached for it, the teacher called their attention to the front of the class. He tried not to pout as he pushed his cell back in his pocket and turned his focus on the teacher. This class required his full focus, as a lot of the concepts and science behind the theories were complicated. He took notes, trying to ignore the petulant urges of his inner Omega to pull out his phone and look at the email.

By the time class was dismissed it was already past lunchtime and Jimin was starving. He walked with Mark to the little café on campus and bought a coffee and muffin with his limited funds that he really shouldn’t be spending at the moment. Rent had been due on Friday, and he’d hoped to earn what he needed on his weekend shifts to cover the remainder, but at the moment he only had about half of it. Mark took his lunch and had to head off for his next class, but Jimin had a little longer before he had to go, so he sat at one of the little tables and pulled his phone out opening his email. He couldn’t wait any longer.

FROM: K.Seulgi(@)MagicShop(.)com

Mr. Park,

Per your request I have set up the meeting between you and our client Jeon Jungkook. He would like to meet with you tonight at 6:00 PM at the restaurant Persona. I have included the address and a link to their website in the attached document. If you are going to have any schedule conflicts, please contact me as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Kang Seulgi
Magic Shop, Inc.

Tonight. He was meeting with Jeon Jungkook tonight. At Persona. Holy shit. How had the Alpha gotten a table there with such short notice? Jimin didn’t have to look at the attachment to know about the restaurant. The place was, justly famous. As a culinary student, he knew all the high-end restaurants around Seoul. He was hoping to own one himself one day, and studied them all as a matter of course. He couldn’t believe he was going to Persona. He’d wanted to go there since they had opened last year and had yet to have a chance.

Although, as he looked down at himself he realized that he wasn’t really dressed for dinner at a high end restaurant. His torn jeans, oversized black and white flannel shirt, converse and faded grey coat were not exactly posh. He didn’t really have any clothes that were appropriate for the occasion, and even so he wouldn’t have time to go home and change if he were to make it there by 6:00. His last class ended at 5:00 and by the time he took the subway and several busses it would take to get there, he’d be lucky to be on time at all. He guessed he had no choice but to go as he was and hope that Jeon Jungkook didn’t take one look at him and laugh in his face.


Jungkook was irritated all morning as he showered, dressed and headed for the office. Not having an answer about the Jimin situation was like an itch under his skin that he was dying to scratch. For a man used to getting what he wanted, when he wanted it, whether through cleverness, hard work or money, it was endlessly frustrating to have to wait when he was so unaccustomed to it. Everyone at work was staring at him again, probably because of the 180 degree turn in attitude back to his usual stoic and slightly off-putting self.

He was only in his office for a total of about two hours before Yoongi found his way into one of the chairs across from him. Jungkook just rolled his eyes, not wanting to deal with anything other than finding out if Park Jimin was going to accept meeting with him or not. His lack of attention to his friend didn’t put him off his mission however.

“And he’s back. The good old Jeon Jungkook who likes to scare the shit out of interns and makes everyone think he hates them. What’s up? Did whatever Omega you finally managed to bang decide that they don’t want anything to do with you?”

The question was joking, but it hit a little closer to the truth than he was totally comfortable with.

“There is no Omega, and if there were it still wouldn’t be your business. Don’t you have work to do?”

“I do have work to do, but unlike you I have a secretary, an administrative assistant and a personal assistant, so I’m not chained to my desk all day like someone I know. Did you forget we have the conference call with the manufacturing plant this morning?”

Honestly, he had totally forgotten. He turned back to his computer and started to type quickly.

“Hold on, just let me send this email, then we can…” Jungkook faded off as the chirruping ring of his cell phone cut through the office.

His head whipped toward it instantly and he snatched it up off his desk, looking at the number and recognizing it as the number for Magic Shop. He was filled with simultaneous hope and dread as he looked at the call screen.

“This is a personal call, so can you?” Jungkook made a shooing motion with his hand to indicate for Yoongi to leave.

The other Alpha gave him a look of suspicion but stood and started to walk toward the door. Jungkook was sure this wasn’t the last he’d hear from Yoongi about this odd behavior. He didn’t have many secrets from his friend, and the fact that he was asking him to leave for a call was a big red flag.

“Okay, but don’t be too long. The call starts in 15 minutes.”

Jungkook nodded absently and swiped the screen to answer the call, putting the phone to his ear as the door swung closed behind Yoongi.

“This is Jeon Jungkook.”

“Good morning, Mr. Jeon. I spoke with Park Jimin this morning and he has agreed to meet with you.”

Jungkook felt the knot in his stomach unclench. He hadn’t realized how queasy he’d felt until that very moment when the stress disappeared and was replaced with excitement.

“Great. So what’s the next step?”

“For the safety and comfort of both parties, we always recommend meeting the first time in a public place. I’ve asked Mr. Park about his schedule and he’s available after 5:00 PM on weekdays and all day on weekends. If you want to schedule a reservation at a restaurant I will pass the information on to Mr. Park and he will meet you at the scheduled time.”

“Yes. I’ll make a reservation somewhere now and call you right back with the details.”

“Yes sir. Would you still like me to email you his profile?”

“Absolutely. Send it over and I’ll call back shortly.”

Jungkook hung up and thought for a few moments, trying to think of a good place to take Jimin for their first meeting. Somewhere public, but preferably with secluded tables so that strangers couldn’t overhear their discussions. Because this meeting was not just for them to meet each other, but also to discuss what kind of payment would be appropriate, and talking about limits, boundaries and schedules. He did a quick search on his phone and called the number for Persona. It was quick work to get a private table after he dropped his name and title, and he accepted a slot for 6:00 PM, agreeing to the exorbitant fee they attached to the reservation without question.

He looked at the time and realized he had less than five minutes before his meeting, but he still risked it, dialing Magic Shop.

“Thank you for calling Magic Shop where we help you find that someone you’re looking for. How can I help you today?”

“This is Jeon Jungkook, can I speak to Kang Seulgi?”

“Yes sir, one moment please.” The call went to hold and the advertisement started to play.

“Here at Magic Shop, we are dedicated to matching you with the perfect Alpha, Beta or Omega to suit your needs and desires. Our matchmakers are all trained and licensed to the highest possible stand-“ The ad cut off.

“Mr. Jeon, good to hear from you. Have you scheduled a meeting place and time?”

“Yes. Tonight at 6:00 PM at Persona.” There was a knock at his door and he knew it was Yoongi telling him it was time for their conference call. “I’m sorry, I have a meeting. I have to go. But you’ll let him know?”

“Of course, have a great day.”

Jungkook hung up the phone and stood from his desk. He would never ever admit to the little happy dance he did, pumping both fists into the air before clearing his throat and straightening his tie. He grabbed his phone and put it in his jacket pocket and headed out of the office, not quite able to suppress the smile tugging at his lips. He was so ready for it to be 6 o’clock and wished he didn’t have so much work to do.

The conference call that was supposed to take one to two hours tops ended up lasting a whopping three hours and fifteen minutes. It was all extremely frustrating to deal with the manufacturing plant trying to cut their own costs by using lower quality materials, but he and Yoongi were both in complete agreement that they would not sacrifice quality just to save a buck. Their parts were not known for being the cheapest, and Jungkook didn’t want them to be known for that. Their business had succeeded because their products were of higher quality than their competitors, and that was the number one thing that was never to be sacrificed.

Of course the heads of all the departments were there, and offering opinions to the co-owners, both for and against the use of cheaper materials. Jungkook and Yoongi stayed firm however, because they were never going to improve on products if they started declining in quality. Their computer parts had grown quite the following among the serious elites in the field and that was the clientele to which they were culpable.

Jungkook was thoroughly annoyed by the time the meeting was over. Having to make the same point over and over for three hours would do that. He collapsed into his desk chair and rubbed his eyes, trying to get himself back into regular work mode after such a frustrating call. He glanced at his computer monitor to see that it was lunchtime. He needed to get out of his office or he was going to start throwing things.

Just as he was about to go in search of Yoongi, he pulled his phone out to check if he had any missed calls, but saw the email from Magic Shop. He smiled as he opened it, frustration bleeding away instantly as he opened the attachment and looked over the profile.

Name: Park Jimin
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Status: Omega
Occupation: Student/Unemployed
Compensation: $1500.00 monthly minimum

Jungkook frowned at the compensation amount. Hell no. Jimin was so exquisitely beautiful; he would never insult him by offering so little. He set the thought aside and moved on, feeling himself get hot around the collar as he looked at the list of approved sex acts and kinks again, reading the items one by one and imagining doing each and every one with the pretty boy. He was already hard by the time he got to the pictures. There were more now than he’d seen in the profile and he was wearing different outfits in some of them.

Jungkook studied them carefully, devouring the images with his eyes. He noticed that they were like, glamour shots. He wished there was a full body shot of him. He wondered if he had a nice ass. He hoped so, because Jungkook loved nothing more than a perfect, round…

“Hey! We going to lunch today or what?” Yoongi snapped from the doorway. He hadn’t even heard the door open.

“Uh… yeah.” Jungkook slipped the phone in his pocket and discreetly adjusted himself under the desk before standing and grabbing his coat and gloves, following Yoongi out toward the elevators.

As they stepped into the elevator, Yoongi finally exploded. Jungkook could tell he had been holding in all his frustration. Jungkook was equally frustrated, but currently a little distracted by imagining Jimin’s pale skin against his black sheets.

“Those fucking assholes are going to drive me crazy. I am so close to telling them to fuck off and finding a new manufacturing plant, or building one.”

“Do it, ask around and get some bids. There are so many companies who would love our business. We could always find one with a good reputation and see if we could absorb it into our company. Then we don’t have to deal with bullshit like this. Things will be easier if we don’t have to fight the manufacturer at every turn.”

Their conversation centered on this topic for most of the drive and meal, but after a while they ran out of steam to complain about stupid manufacturers and their useless management. The conversation turned back to the personal.

“So, what was up with the secret personal call? After you finished you were back to smiling and looking all happy. Don’t bullshit me Jungkook. I know you too well for it. Are you seeing someone?”

“I’m not seeing anyone.” Technically true. “Look, it’s personal. I know that you’re just worried about me, and that’s very nice of you. But I’m an adult. I’m fine. I promise that if I need to talk or anything, you’ll be the first to know.”

Yoongi gave him a long, hard look and sighed.

“Alright, fine. What choice do I have?”

Jungkook felt a small fondness for his friend who was like a big brother to him. Yoongi had always looked out for him since they were kids, and still tried to this very day. It was nice to have a loyal friend who was always there for him, even if he was a nosy bastard sometimes. Their usual banter returned as they ate the rest of their lunch and headed back to the office. Jungkook was already getting behind on work, and he knew that staying late tonight was a no, since he had his meeting with Jimin. He would likely have to stay late for the next couple of nights.

The rest of the day felt like it lasted an eternity, the way that a day always felt when you were looking forward to something. But eventually 5 o’clock rolled around and he left with a smile on his face, looking forward to finally meeting his pretty boy in person, as well as the possibility of more happening tonight. He was sure that he could provide what Jimin wanted financially. But he was more interested in the list of kinks and what other things he might be able to provide the Omega in the way of orgasms, and items to check off his bucket list.

Chapter Text

Jimin was so nervous he felt like his stomach was going to fall out of his mouth as he boarded the subway, headed for a much posher part of Seoul. As he got off one train and waited for another one, he already noticed how underdressed he was. The people surrounding him were all men and women in business suits or expensive designer brands, all in thick, warm coats that kept the winter chill at bay. Jimin shivered, wrapping his arms more tightly around himself as a gust of cold wind announced the arrival of the next train. He looked down at the torn knees of his jeans that he’d owned since high school, noticing how pink his skin was from the cold.

His muscles were quivering from the chill, teeth chattering as his second train arrived and he gratefully stepped onto the packed train, setting his heavy backpack by his feet and grabbing a handhold as the train began to move again. The car was packed, and he was pressed in on all sides, but after a few minutes, he felt a hand brush his ass. He scooted forward a little assuming it was just an accident, but after a few moments it happened again, more insistently, then the hand groped him. Jimin turned and looked up into the face of a youngish Alpha, not terribly handsome, very bland and unassuming features. Jimin didn’t bother to keep his voice low as he addressed the asshole.

“Keep your fucking hands to yourself.”

The people around them all turned to watch the confrontation. The Alpha who’d grabbed his ass looked angry.

“Whatever, bitch. I didn’t touch you.”

“Uh-huh. Let’s keep it that way.”

He turned back around and grabbed his handhold, one hand going down to his backpack and grabbing the handle on top, getting ready to disembark at his stop. Just as they were approaching the next station where Jimin would need to get off, he felt the hand return and grab his ass again. He didn’t bother addressing the Alpha again, he just turned, let go of his handhold and hit the groper right in the nose as hard as he could. He felt a shock of pain ring up his arm at the force of the impact, his hand immediately starting to throb, and he knew his knuckles would be bruised.

“I said, keep your hands to yourself, asshole.” Jimin barked, slipping through the crowd and off the train as everyone else was still in uproar.

He jogged through the station and up the stairs, out onto the street and to the bus stop, throwing his backpack over his shoulders as he ran. He couldn’t stop smiling, even as he shook out his hand, turning his wrist to test the joint and make sure he hadn’t hurt it. That wasn’t the first time and probably wouldn’t be the last time he had to confront someone on the train that didn’t know how to keep their hands to themselves. A lot of Alphas liked to think that Omegas were all meek and helpless, but Jimin didn’t take shit from anyone, especially not idiots who thought that having a nice ass was invitation to grope him. It had felt good to hit him, and he’d deserved it.

His knuckles were already purpling and swelling a little. He knew he’d be fine, but he’d hit the Alpha really hard. He pressed his bruised hand to the cold metal of the bus stop shelter, letting the cold soothe the ache in his hand for a few minutes until his bus arrived and he had to hop on. He had to take two connections before he finally arrived at the stop closest to his destination. As he stepped off the bus and onto the curb, he looked around at all the fancy shops, bars and clubs, and the equally extravagant people, dressed to the nines as they walked down the streets, headed for unknown destinations. Jimin checked his phone, and saw that he was already five minutes late. He took off at a run, sprinting the two blocks to the doors of Persona.

Jimin paused for a few moments, outside the restaurant. He caught his breath and smoothed his hair back, trying to bolster himself up with courage. He knew there was a good chance that the Alpha he was meeting might turn him down, and he tried to prepare himself for that possibility. He soothed himself with the knowledge that the Alpha had picked him, and that was something. He’d felt such an unusually strong attraction to the male after he’d seen his photo that being rejected by him would probably make his inner Omega wither with shame.

He set those thoughts aside and straightened his shoulders, trying to look more confident than he felt. It was one thing to confront an asshole on the subway, but quite a different matter to face down an Alpha he was actually attracted to and who he hoped would want to be his sugar daddy. He was more accustomed to trying to shut Alphas down and turn them away than to invite them closer. Hopefully he would be able to pull this off. He took one last deep breath, then stepped forward and opened the door.

He stepped inside and was met by a maître d in a suit nicer than anything he owned. Jesus, even the waitstaff were dressed better than him. But he simply looked up at the male and smiled slightly.

“How may I help you sir?” The host asked with a slight incline of his head.

Jimin had to suppress an urge to laugh at the pompous way he was addressed. He wasn’t used to being treated like an actual adult, as most college students invariably were.

“I’m here to meet someone. Jeon Jungkook.”

He consulted his list and gave a short bow before holding out an arm to indicate the direction.

“Yes sir, right this way please.”

Jimin felt like a child as he looked around eyeing the beautiful décor, the restaurant was all purples and blacks, classy and a little intimidating. But it smelled incredible, the scents of well-prepared food reminded him of his classes and actually soothed him a little. He was led through a maze of tables and to a private parlor. He felt the butterflies in his stomach riot as his nerves kicked back up. The partition was pushed aside to reveal the man from the picture sitting at a table for two, holding a glass of wine and looking every inch the powerful Alpha CEO. Jimin felt all the breath whoosh from his lungs at the sight.

He’d expected Jeon Jungkook to be handsome and sexy. He hadn’t expected him to be… beautiful, or so big. He was tall, broad and obviously well-muscled, Jimin could see that even though he wore an expensive suit. As he breathed in again, he felt his scent go through him like an electric shock. It was the same scent he’d noted at Magic Shop, coffee and dark chocolate. He was mesmerized as his dark eyes turned on him and he felt rooted in place by the intensity of his stare.

“Sir, would you like me to take your bag and coat?” The maître d asked, breaking the moment.

Jimin came back to himself all at once and turned to look at the male who’d addressed him.

“Oh… yeah. Here you go.”

Jimin slipped his backpack off and handed it to him, doing the same with his coat. The look that he gave him made Jimin realize he’d done something wrong. An old memory of a movie with a scene in a fancy restaurant. He felt the blood rush to his face as he realized that he should have let the maître d take his jacket off for him. Fuck. He was already embarrassing himself in front of this gorgeous Alpha.

“That will be all for now.”

The sound of the Alpha’s voice shivered down his spine, warming his skin as goosebumps bloomed all over his body. The maître d gave a small bow and left, pulling the partition closed behind him. Jimin wasn’t sure what to do, he’d never felt so awkward and unsure of himself. His inner Omega was pushing him to just climb into the Alpha’s lap and lick over his scent gland until he was drunk on the coffee and chocolate scent, but his reasonable half told him that was not a good idea. Maybe later.

Jungkook had never been so hard in his life as he watched Park Jimin walk into the little private parlor and he smelled his lovely vanilla bean scent and saw him up close for the first time. He was even more beautiful than he remembered. His nose and cheeks were pink from cold, lips a little chapped probably also from the cold, they were red and lush and inviting. And when he’d shrugged out of his coat and turned to hand it off, Jungkook couldn’t help but glance down, then do a double take on the most perfect ass that had ever been graced by denim. Holy shit. He drank him in as he moved, and watched the way his clothes shifted on him, hinting at what he assumed was a small waist hiding under his oversized flannel shirt. Perfect.

“Have a seat.”

Jimin did as he was told, moving forward and sitting in the chair across from the Alpha. He had a hard time meeting his intense dark stare, but he wanted to look, which resulted in him continually glancing up at the Alpha as he squirmed in his seat. He was all too aware at that moment of the slight wetness between his legs, left over from his earlier arousal. He felt his blush increase as he remembered getting wet from just this Alpha’s picture. He had to take several steadying breaths before looking up and meeting his gaze, forcing himself not to look away.

“Sorry about my clothes. I know I’m underdressed, but I came straight from university.” Jimin said, surprised by how breathy his voice sounded.

“Don’t worry pretty boy. You look lovely.”

Oh gods, what a time to have a praise kink. Jimin looked down and tangled his hands in his lap, trying to convince his body that he was not aroused, and he didn’t need to be leaking slick in a public place for the second time that day.

“Thank you, you’re really handsome… I wasn’t really expecting… I mean, I just thought that the Alpha I’d get paired with would be, you know…”

“Old, fat and creepy?” Jungkook finished for him, with a little smile.

Jimin bit his lip and gave a little nod. He needed to get his shit together, he was supposed to be seducing him, but all he could do was stare and squirm as he felt himself starting to get wet again. Fuck. He focused his attention on his still throbbing hand, and the focus on pain helped alleviate some of his nervousness. He was a badass who had just punched an Alpha in the face less than thirty minutes ago. He didn’t need to be intimidated by Jeon Jungkook, even if he was devastatingly gorgeous.

“So, I don’t know if this is rude, but why? I mean, you’re handsome and obviously rich. I’m sure you have a lot of dating options. Why are you looking for a sugar baby?”

“Well, I’m a busy man. I have a company to run and I don’t have time to foster a relationship. I’m really just looking for someone to help relieve some stress. I also get invited to a lot of events that require a date, and being harassed by either Omegas who want to mate with me for my money, or parents of Omegas who want to set up weird marital business alliances get’s old fast. I was hoping to have someone to take with me to ward off the social vampires. And a pretty boy Omega is just the thing to do it.”

Jimin felt a wave of pleasure at being called pretty again. He giggled at the term ‘social vampires’, but stopped quickly. He was supposed to be sexy and he was kind of ruining it.

“Well, honestly I’d be happy to help you relieve some stress.” Jimin smiled as he saw the Alpha’s jaw flex, as if he were grinding his teeth. “I’ve never been to the kind of parties you’re talking about, but I’m guessing my main function would be to look pretty and laugh at your jokes?”

“Something like that.”

This Omega had no idea the line he was toeing as he teased him with his words and enchanted him with his pretty, tinkling little laugh. Jungkook was taking him home tonight, that much he knew. He was going to fuck him so hard he forgot his own name. He’d been self-contained for too long, and he wanted Jimin too much to be gentle once he unleashed himself. The soft vanilla scent was driving him wild. He was rock hard, throbbing in the confines of his dark slacks. He wished that their relationship was further along in familiarity, because he’d have Jimin under the table sucking him off… but such fantasies would have to wait. For now, he needed to convince him that he wanted Jungkook to be his sugar daddy.

“So pretty boy, what convinced you to look for a sugar daddy? I’m sure you also have plenty of offers. With an ass like yours, you must have Alphas lined up around the block. So, it’s probably not about sex, but more about money.”

Jimin guessed he wasn’t entirely wrong. He did get offers a lot, and had been asked out by a number of Alphas at school or at work, but he wasn’t looking for a relationship. He’d had one boyfriend during his first year in college, but they hadn’t lasted long. They hadn’t even had sex yet when the Alpha had started talking about getting mated and having pups, and about how Jimin would stay home with their babies. Yeah… not fucking happening. He had goals, and no Alpha was getting in the way of them. Jungkook probably thought he was pretty promiscuous since he had signed up to be a sugar baby, but honestly he hadn’t had sex since high school and that had been… more of an experiment with a friend than actual real sex.

Before Jimin could answer a waiter pushed the partition aside and strode in with a glass of water for Jimin, and menus for them both. Jimin accepted his menu and the waiter gave him a polite smile.

“Good evening, what can I get you to drink sir?”

Jimin looked at Jungkook who gave him a little tilt of his chin, as if telling him to order whatever he liked.

“Could I see your wine list?”

The waiter pulled a small booklet out of his apron pocket and handed it to him. Jimin opened the little booklet and browsed the selection. He smiled as he saw one of his favorite wines among the list. It was expensive, but Jungkook was supposed to be a sugar daddy right? A good glass of wine was something to be savored and enjoyed, and he hadn’t had a glass of decent wine in months.

“I’ll have the 2008 Domaine Leflaive Puligny-Montrachet Les Folatières 1er Cru.”

Jungkook’s brows rose at the perfect French pronunciation. It was honestly kind of sexy. Although that might have more to do with the fact that he found everything Jimin did to be sexy. He watched as the waiter’s face showed a little surprise that the casually dressed young man was able to not only pick a good wine, but pronounce the name with little to no difficulty.

“We’ll take the bottle for the table please.” Jungkook added, drawing the attention of the waiter.

“Of course sir, I will get your wine and be back to take your orders.” He turned and disappeared, closing the partition behind him.

“You speak French?” The Alpha asked, turning his attention back to Jimin.

“Not really. I speak wine, I guess.” Jimin laughed at his own little joke, making Jungkook smile. “I’m in culinary school, so you learn a lot of French there, and you learn a lot about wine.”

“Oh, you want to be a chef?”

“Yes. I love cooking. I want to open a restaurant like this someday.” Jimin said, indicating the general splendor of the place. “It’s been my dream as long as I can remember.”

Jungkook was enthralled by the way the Omega lit up as he talked about his dream and love for cooking. He smiled so wide that his perfect, white teeth showed and his eyes curved into little crescents. He was stunningly beautiful, even with a bare face and loose, faded clothes, he was the most attractive Omega he’d ever laid eyes on.

“Do you want to order for us both? To be honest, I don’t know that much about food. You’re the expert here.” The question seemed to be the right one, as the Omega’s smile widened and his eyes disappeared more into the little crescent moons.

“I would love to.”

Jimin was a little excited about picking their food, he was determined to find something that Jungkook would like. He’d read several articles about this restaurant and had an idea of what their specialties were, and what the best dishes were. He opened his menu and read through the choices with a discerning eye, looking for something special. He decided to go with the saffron risotto and the langoustine ravioli. There was something weirdly erotic about picking their food, and he wondered if Jungkook would let Jimin cook for him sometime. The idea of watching the Alpha eat something he made himself had him feeling warm. He clenched his thighs together as a mental image of Jungkook’s strong jaw flexing as he chewed cut through him, bringing back his earlier arousal.

The waiter returned with two glasses and the bottle of wine that they had ordered, pouring two portions and setting the bottle on the table between them. Jimin ordered their food easily and the waiter disappeared with the menus and Jungkook’s first wine glass, leaving them alone again.

Jimin wasn’t sure what to say to Jungkook as the Alpha looked back at him, as if still waiting for an answer to his earlier question. Jimin considered lying about his reasons for becoming a sugar baby, but he didn’t really want to lie. Jungkook had been honest, and he should have the courtesy to do the same. If it didn’t work out, at least he’d get an amazing meal and a good bottle of wine out of the deal. That was something.

He didn’t want the Alpha to think he had all this experience and expect him to know a lot about sex, because he was pretty sure that as soon as things started to get hot and heavy, it was going to be glaringly obvious that he was inexperienced. He took a deep breath to calm his nerves before starting to speak. Honesty was the best policy, especially in this situation, where the truth would be so easily discoverable.

“Look, I’m just gonna be honest here… I have no idea what I’m doing. I don’t really have that much experience with sex and I signed up with Magic Shop because I lost my job and couldn’t find another one. I’m just a broke college student with bills and tuition to pay. I will admit that it’s about money, but at the same time… well, it’s a little bit about sex too.”

“Oh? Tell me more.” Jungkook leaned an elbow on the table and rested his chin in his hand, looking at him with rapt attention.

Jimin felt his face go hot again, and he reached for his wine glass. He took a fortifying sip of wine and sat his glass back on the table. He opened his mouth to speak, but Jungkook interrupted him before he could speak.

“What happened to your hand?”

The Alpha stared at the purpling knuckles that looked extremely painful, and recent, judging by the redness of the skin around them. Jimin pulled his hand back and cradled it protectively against his chest. Jungkook’s eyes narrowed. It was clear that Jimin had hit someone or something, the question was why? Had he been in a fight?

“Oh… that.” He watched as Jimin’s expression got a little smug. “Some jerk Alpha on the train thought it would be fun to grope my ass on the way here. I thought it would be fun to knock him unconscious.”

Jungkook’s brows rose in surprise again. His pretty boy was a little firecracker and full of surprises. This knowledge only made his attraction stronger. Though, the thought of someone touching him, and especially touching him against his will had his inner Alpha snarling with anger. He told himself that it was just because he was an Omega, and he would feel the same about anyone. If he repeated that to himself enough, he might even start to believe it.

“Are you okay?” Jungkook asked, giving him a once-over looking for injuries.

“Totally fine. It’s not the first time or the last time I’ve had to deal with a groper on the train or bus. It’s not a big deal.” Jimin waved off the concern with a flippant hand.

It sounded like a big deal to Jungkook, but it wasn’t really his place to comment on Jimin’s life. He wasn’t his boyfriend, hell, they weren’t even friends. They were acquaintances at best, and he wasn’t going to push his opinions on the Omega who seemed to have handled the situation well enough on his own.

“Well, I hope you broke his damn nose.”

Jimin giggled, making Jungkook’s stomach dip at the pretty sound and smiling face of the Omega.

“I think I did actually.” Jimin leaned forward and rested his elbow on the table, putting his chin in his hand and mirroring Jungkook’s posture. “So… we were talking about sex.”

Jungkook watched as Jimin licked over his bottom lip and grey eyes met his with an expression that was questioning and a little teasing. Jungkook could smell the sweetening in the air between them and had to hold in a growl as he caught the scent of Jimin’s slick. His cock jerked at the knowledge that the Omega was aroused, was already wet for him. Fuck he wanted to skip dinner and go straight home with him.

“We were… you were telling me why you wanted to be a sugar baby?” Jungkook prompted.

“Ah yes. Well I’m not looking for a mate. Alphas my age get attached too quickly and want to jump straight to committing themselves for life. I just want to have a little fun, and I don’t want to have to deal with all the petty, clingy, possessiveness that comes with dating an Alpha my age.” There was a short pause where they stared eye to eye, studying each other. “I just want someone who will give me a decent orgasm.”

“I can definitely help with that.”

Jimin quirked his lips and gave him a penetrating look. “Can you?”

The challenge was there, and it had Jungkook’s Alpha fraught with tension as he fought the urge to bend the Omega over the table and make him scream so loud the entire restaurant would hear him beg for Jungkook’s knot. He satisfied himself by reaching his hand forward and swiping a thumb over Jimin’s pretty bottom lip, then pressing it inside his mouth. His thumb was surrounded by delicious warm wetness as the Omega gently sucked on the intruding digit. He pressed his thumb down, trapping the Omega’s tongue under it for a moment as he leaned forward and spoke lowly to him.

“I most definitely can, pretty boy. I’m gonna have so much fun with you, making you beg for my cock.”

Jimin was hard and he was wet, too wet for a public place. He felt an urge that he’d never felt before. He wanted to submit, to turn his eyes down and whine in obedience. He was shocked by his own desire to let himself be reigned over by this Alpha. It was unfamiliar, but it had him aching between his legs as his body dewed with arousal.

Jungkook was going to cum. He was so totally about to blow a fucking load right in the middle of this restaurant as Jimin’s eyes closed and he let out a little whimpering noise. He could smell his slick so strongly he knew his underwear must be soaked. Jimin was not only wet for him, but he was submitting to him, accepting Jungkook’s control and allowing it freely. Fuck. He slid the thumb in his mouth out and pushed back in slowly, repeating the motion a few times, fucking his finger into the warm, slick softness of the Omega’s mouth. He heard footsteps outside their little room, and remembered where they were. He pulled his finger free with a little ‘pop’ sound and a tiny gasp from Jimin.

The Omega’s eyes opened and looked at him. The grey orbs were glazed with lust and his bottom lip was wet and shining in the soft light. Gods, this had to be the most beautiful male to ever exist. His chest was rising and falling rapidly, pupils blown and cheeks flushed. He looked ready to be fucked. But before he could do anything about the look, the partition was pushed aside and he watched as Jimin came back to himself. His eyes cleared and he sat back, pushing his hair back from his face and taking a deep breath.

“Excuse me. I need to use the restroom.”

Before Jungkook could say anything, Jimin was up and walking out of the parlor. He wanted to follow after him, but knew it wasn’t a good idea. He wouldn’t be able to stop himself once he got started. He sighed and sat back in his chair as the blushing waiter put bread on the table and excused himself. Jungkook knew why he was blushing. The room smelled like slick and probably a little like cum, given the amount of pre-cum he was producing.

He used the opportunity to get himself back together a little. At least, as best as he could manage with a raging erection. He took his suit jacket off and let it drape over the back of his chair, loosening his tie and unbuttoning the top button of his shirt, suddenly sweltering in the small room that still smelled like vanilla bean scented slick. He took a few deep breaths, trying to ignore the scent that filled the air and clear his head. He needed to calm down. There were still things he needed to discuss with Jimin.

Jimin walked quickly to the restroom, eyes on the floor as he rushed past tables. He tried to ignore the warm squish of slick between his legs with every step, but knew that he must smell like arousal to a point that others noticed. He pushed into the bathroom and locked himself in the first stall, leaning back against the door and trying to even his breaths. He was pretty sure he’d never been this turned on in his life. He was so hard that it was starting to hurt, and they hadn’t even done anything yet. He needed to chill out and stop being so horny in the middle of dinner.

Jimin took deep breaths to clear his head, running his hands through his hair and giving the blond strands a little tug. He quickly pulled his pants and underwear down and tried to clean up the copious amounts of slick that had gathered in his boxers. It was a losing battle, but he wasn’t about to throw his slick soaked underwear away in a public bathroom. Especially not a restaurant this nice. He needed the extra layer of protection anyway, since he doubted Jungkook was done turning him on.

He did his best to clean up, then went to the sinks to wash his hands. He studied his face in the mirror, noticing how red his cheeks were from blushing. He dried his hands and pressed them to his cheeks, trying to cool the skin, but it didn’t actually help much. He ran his hands through his hair, fixing it back to normal. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He needed to talk to Jungkook about his payment, this wasn’t a date. It was a business deal, and he needed to get his head in the game. There was time for sex later… hopefully.

As Jimin pushed the partition aside and re-entered the parlor, he almost turned right around and walked out. Jungkook’s jacket was off, his tie loose and sleeves rolled to his elbows. Jimin’s eyes raked over every bulge of hard muscle that he could see under the white cotton. His eyes trailed down to the bared forearms, biting his lips at the tawny skin and visible veins that threaded under his skin. He tried to ignore the shot of arousal that slid down his spine as he closed the partition and walked to his chair.

“Hi.” Jimin said as he sat in his seat, grabbing his wine and draining the glass, hoping that the drink would help bolster him up.

“Hi.” Jungkook smiled as he watched Jimin drain his glass. “So… before we get distracted again, we need to discuss the financial side of this arrangement.”

“Agreed.” Jimin gave a nod and a little smile as Jungkook refilled Jimin’s wine glass and topped off his own.

“Would an allowance of $10,000 a month be acceptable to you? Obviously that wouldn’t include gifts and trips and things like that.”

Jimin felt his mouth drop open. There was no way he’d heard that right. He closed his mouth and swallowed reflexively.

“I-I’m sorry… did you just say ten thousand dollars a month?”

“Yeah. Is that not enough? I would be willing to go up to fifteen.”

“Jesus Christ, Jungkook. That’s a fortune! I mean… there’s no way that sex with me is gonna be good enough to pay that kind of money. I assure you, that I’m not worth that much.”

Jimin was twisting his hands in his lap, face a map of open, honest confusion as he looked at Jungkook. The Alpha felt himself rankle at the idea of Jimin thinking he was worth so little. He had no idea how much Jungkook would give for a single night with him. He felt like ten thousand a month was honestly probably too low.

“I have a feeling you’re going to be worth every penny of it, pretty boy. So, what do you say?”

Jungkook held his hand out over the table and Jimin stared at it in shock. He reached forward and grasped the large, warm palm and shook it.



Somehow it kind of felt like making a deal with the devil as he looked into those dark, hungry eyes. But Jimin couldn’t bring himself to regret taking the Alpha’s offer.

“Now that the money is out of the way, let’s talk about some other aspects of our little deal.”

“Like what?” Jimin looked up at him with his pretty grey eyes.

“Well, like what I’m going to need from you, and what you’re okay with.”

“Okay. I filled out a list of sex things at Magic Shop… did they not show you that?”

Jungkook ran through the list of delicious ideas that Jimin had checked off on his paperwork and gave a small, pained smile. He was pretty sure it wasn’t good to hard for this long, his balls were starting to ache from the prolonged arousal.

“They did show me it sweetheart, and I can’t wait to do all those filthy things with you. But I’m more talking about your schedule and mine. When we will meet, where we will meet, that kind of thing.”

“Oh. Of course.”

Jimin flushed with embarrassment again. Of course that was what he was talking about. He needed to get his head out of the gutter for a single minute and focus on the conversation.

“My schedule is a bit hectic, so I will probably mostly call for you at night, generally after at least 7 o’clock. I also work a lot of weekends, so those times will be scattered as well. Basically, what I’m asking is, are you willing to come when called?”

That question had such delicious double meaning, but either way the answer was yes.

“Yes, of course. I’ll get you a copy of my schedule, but basically I have classes Monday thru Friday. Monday ends at 5:00, Tuesday at 2:00, Wednesday at 3:00, Thursday at 5:00 and Friday only goes til’ noon. I’m totally free on the weekends.”

The Alpha let the idea of spending an entire weekend in bed with Jimin cut through him. He needed to get a secretary or an assistant or something. He was going to need more free time, that was for sure.

“How would you feel about meeting me at my office after hours on occasion?” Jungkook asked wryly, raising a brow and eyeing him with dark interest.

Jimin felt a surge of warmth coalesce between his legs again. He had no idea how he still was producing slick. His body had to run out at some point he thought, and he’d been half-wet all day. But the image of fucking Jungkook in a big fancy office, probably with a lot of windows was the most tantalizing taboo image.

“I think I could manage that.”

“You really are perfect. Such a pretty boy with such adventurous tastes.”

Jimin felt his face get hot again and cursed himself for being such an uncontrollable blusher. He looked down and bit his lip to try to hold his smile back. He really didn’t need Jungkook knowing how much his praise was affecting him. He reached forward and took a little roll from the basket that the waiter had brought, tearing a little piece off and putting it in his mouth. He tried to focus on chewing, on figuring out what was in the bread by taste. He needed a distraction.

Jungkook watched the Omega as he got shy again. He wondered exactly how inexperienced he was. Jimin had said he didn’t have a lot of experience, but he was only realizing that he probably wasn’t downplaying it. The list of kinks he’d seen in the file had been quite extensive, but they way he reacted to the slightest praise, the smallest amount of dirty talk had Jungkook wondering if most of his experience wasn’t with porn or books. He watched him pick at the roll he’d taken from the basket and wanted to coo at how cute he was, tearing little bites off and nibbling on them.

He was far more innocent than Jungkook had originally thought, and that knowledge was excruciatingly delicious. He was going to show his pretty boy all those dirty things he wanted to see and experience. He wanted very much to corrupt him, to wreck him so thoroughly that he’d feel him for days afterward. Jungkook picked up his wine and sipped at it, watching Jimin across the table, enraptured by him.

“How many Alphas have you had?”

Jimin almost choked on his bread, coughing and finally swallowing before taking a sip of his water. That question had been unexpected, but he guessed it was a fair question. He wondered if that information had been in his portfolio. Probably not. He hadn’t gone into specifics anyway, so they wouldn’t know the whole story.

“Um… none, actually.” Jimin rubbed the back of his blond hair awkwardly.



“Are you a virgin?”

“No. I’ve had sex. He was an Omega like me.”

“An Omega?”

This had to be a joke. Because if the only sexual partner he’d ever had was another Omega, he might as well be a virgin. Good god, what had he gotten himself into? Could he actually do this? With an Omega who was basically untouched? The idea of him being the first Alpha ever to take Jimin shot straight to his gut and down to his cock. He was the luckiest Alpha in the world, he was completely certain.

“Yeah, he was a friend from high school. We agreed to be each other’s first times…” Jimin paused and Jungkook watched as he looked down, suddenly looking a little upset. “I know I’m not… probably what you were expecting. I understand if you want someone with more experience, who knows what they are doing.”

“My little pretty boy, so sweet. I don’t want someone else. I want you.”

Before Jimin could respond, they were interrupted by the waiter delivering their food. He set their plates on the table and left after a making sure they didn’t need anything else. Jungkook looked across the table to see Jimin peeking up at him through his lashes with a soft little smile pulling at his lips.

“I want you too.” The words were so quietly spoken that Jungkook almost missed them, but as he heard them his inner Alpha howled in triumph.

Jimin thought Jungkook was much less intimidating when he smiled. It made him look much younger and made him seem more approachable. Jimin felt himself relax slightly. Jungkook still wanted to go through with their arrangement. He told himself that his excitement was just about the money and not about wanting to please the Alpha. Because that would be ridiculous They had only just met and they were basically friends with benefits. There was nothing more to it than that.

They ate their dinner quietly, both thinking over what had been said and agreed upon, and about the possibility of this night ending with amazing sex. Jungkook had to admit that Jimin knew how to pick an excellent meal. The food was exquisite, and he wondered what kind of food the Omega specialized in. They occasionally stole glances at each other between bites of food, sometimes catching each other in the act and smiling a little.

Even though the meal was quiet, it wasn’t awkward or stilted. It felt strangely comfortable. They were two near strangers, but somehow felt at ease. Maybe it was because there wasn’t any deception between them. It wasn’t like the usual date where both parties tried to pretend that sex wasn’t the first thing on their mind, and that you really cared about your date’s three cats and all the people at their job. Exhausting.

They both knew where this night was headed, so the atmosphere wasn’t one of polite interest and discretion, but of desperate anticipation. Because they were going to fuck, that much was clear between them without needing to be said. After their meal, Jungkook was taking Jimin back to his apartment. He was going to get him so wet and pliant under his hands and mouth that he would be able to take his cock without pain, and then he was going to fuck him. Hard.

When the waiter brought the check, Jungkook handed over his card, then left an extravagantly large tip. He thought it was the least he could do since the poor waiter had had to deal with them smelling like sex all night and had been a consummate professional. He had earned it. Once Jungkook signed the receipt he looked to the Omega across the table with a little half grin that was full of mischief. He stood and slipped his jacket back on and offered Jimin his hand.

Chapter Text

Jimin took the offered hand and felt a small shiver go through him at how warm Jungkook’s hand was compared to his. As he was pulled along toward the front, he could feel how warm the Alpha’s whole body was. He radiated heat and it made the impulse to curl up in his lap return. Jimin’s family often told him he was like a kitten because he liked to nap in warm places, curled up in anything he could find to make a nest out of. He knew his mother had a whole collection of pictures of that very thing. They all teased him about it, but that didn’t stop him from doing it. He liked to be warm. Sue him.

They got their coats at the door, and Jungkook took Jimin’s backpack, despite his protests. They walked out to the valet and waited for the Alpha’s car to be brought around. It was already getting dark, and the cold was getting almost unbearable. Jimin started inching toward Jungkook as they waited, drawn by the warmth rolling off the Alpha. He moved closer and closer until he was pressed to his side, shivering, arms wrapped around himself, trying to conserve heat. Jungkook seemed to realize what he was doing, and pulled the Omega in front of him, opening his coat and drawing Jimin inside, holding it closed around him and letting Jimin share his body heat.

A full body shudder wracked the Omega as he was instantly warmed. He pressed his nose into Jungkook’s chest and took a deep inhale of his scent. He nuzzled in closer stepping forward until they were pressed together. He could feel Jungkook’s arousal against his abdomen and it had him weak in the knees. He was so fucking ready for this. He wanted Jungkook inside him so badly he was out of control. His Omega half wanted to whimper and beg to be knotted, to be filled, to drop to his knees and plead with the Alpha to please fuck him right now, no matter who was watching. He just pressed his forehead against the Alpha’s strong chest and let out a small involuntary whine.

“Don’t worry, pretty boy. I’m gonna take care of you.”

The reassurance was much more comforting than it probably ought to have been, all things considered, but he wasn’t going to start picking apart every word and action. This might be about sex, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t be friends too. Friends comforted each other, and hugged. He was reading too much into things. Jungkook was just being nice. They were going to have sex regularly after all, so it made sense that the Alpha would want to be on good terms with him and would want him to trust him.

When he heard a car behind him, Jimin turned to see a big, black SUV. He didn’t know anything about cars at all, but it looked really nice and expensive. As soon as he was released from the confines of Jungkook’s coat, he was instantly shivering again. The Alpha opened the door for him and ushered him into the rapidly warming interior. Jimin climbed up into the passenger seat and put on his seatbelt as Jungkook got into the driver seat and did the same.

“Here, this should warm you up.” Jungkook turned the heater up a few notches and pressed another button that made the seat under him start to warm.

Jimin let out a quiet moan at being surrounded by heat. “Thank you… gods I feel like I haven’t been properly warm since August.”

Jungkook was still stuck on the moan, wanting to hear it again. He pulled himself back to present.

“Probably because your jeans have no knees and your jacket is way too thin for the dead of winter.” The Alpha said, pulling away from the curb and starting the drive to his apartment.

Jimin looked down at his torn kneed jeans, feeling a little embarrassed. Honestly it was the best he had at the moment. He didn’t have much money to spare on clothes. Most of his wardrobe consisted of shirts and jeans he’d owned since he was in high school. His tuition and bills always came first, which left very little in the way of funds for self care.

“Sorry. It’s just… kinda all I have right now.” Jimin said quietly, looking out the window.

“Hey. None of that. You’ve got a proper sugar daddy now.” Jungkook’s voice was smiling and a bit teasing. “I’ll take you shopping sometime and get you some decent winter clothes, maybe a nice suit for events I’m gonna drag you to as my ‘date’ and maybe some pretty things for you to wear just for me.”

“What kind of pretty things?”

Jungkook kept one hand on the wheel, but the other reached over and rested on his thigh, squeezing gently.

“I want to see you in some pretty, lacy panties for me sweetheart. Or in some silky lingerie. I bet you’ll look stunning in red silk.”

The idea made him have to bite his lip to hold in a sound. He wanted to wear pretty things for Jungkook. Wanted the Alpha to think he looked beautiful and soft and sexy.

“I want to look pretty for you Alpha.” The hand that was on his thigh, gripped harder at the words.

Jimin had no idea the effect he was having on Jungkook’s body. He was so close to pulling over and just letting Jimin jerk him off to help ease the constant throbbing of his cock. Calling him Alpha… Fuck. He was so weak for this pretty boy, and he was certain that after he stripped him out of his old, baggy clothes he was only going to be more addicted. He’d gotten a little preview of him when he’d held him inside his coat. He’d felt his slender, light-boned figure against him and known that what was hidden under the clothes was something to be savored.

“You’re already pretty, sweetheart.”

Jimin bit his lip as a little smile overtook his face. He really had it bad for getting praised by Jungkook. He could feel himself getting wetter and wetter as he was surrounded by the Alpha’s scent, and the warm hand on his leg massaged the muscle. The heat of the seat under him wasn’t really helping matters either. Everything was so overwhelming, but he wanted to be overwhelmed. He wanted to be completely lost to Jungkook. His inner Omega was dying to submit to him entirely and let the Alpha use him however he saw fit. He knew Jungkook would make him feel good.

“Jungkook… it hurts.” Jimin whined, hips shifting slightly as it trying to alleviate the pain.

“I know, pretty boy. We’re almost there.” Jungkook’s voice was strained. “Fuck, I can smell your slick. You’re already wet for me, aren’t you Baby?”

Being called Baby by this Alpha had his control slipping further out of his hold as his Omega half struggled to the forefront. He had never had to fight against his nature like this outside his heat, during which he always remained completely secluded. An Omega in heat was likely to accept any Alpha around, just for relief, so he had to be careful during his fertile days. Right now though, it wasn’t the instinctive desire to be impregnated that took over when he was in heat, but a different kind of need. He just wanted Jungkook to take him for no reason other than that he wanted it.

“Ngh… yes. I’m so wet for you Alpha. Just for you.”

Jungkook was so fucking close to his apartment, and he was dying to get there already. Jimin’s words, the scent of him in the confined space, the scent of his slick so strong that Jungkook’s mouth was salivating for a taste. He pulled into the underground garage and found his parking space quickly, turning the engine off. He hopped out and quickly grabbed the backpack from the backseat before walking around and helping a shaky Jimin out of the car.

As soon as they were in the elevator, Jungkook pushed the button for the top floor where his apartment was located. The Alpha sat the backpack by his feet as the doors slid closed. One moment they were standing side by side in the elevator as it began to move, and the next Jungkook had Jimin pressed against the wall. He wrapped a hand around the back of his neck and pulled him in for a hard kiss that turned feral almost instantly, teeth and tongues meeting in a clash of need and heat. Jungkook’s deep growl mixed with Jimin’s high-pitched whimpering moans. It felt like only a single moment that the kiss lasted before the elevator dinged, announcing their arrival on the correct floor.

Jungkook didn’t want to pull back from the kiss, but he knew they needed to get inside his apartment. As he broke the kiss, Jimin chased after his lips with a little whine. He was completely lost to his inner Omega, and Jungkook had never seen anything so hot as Jimin opening his glazed eyes and looking up at him, mouth slightly parted as he panted heavy breaths, lips red and kiss swollen. He stepped back and grabbed the backpack from the floor, pulling Jimin along with him out of the elevator and to his apartment door.

He fumbled with his keys for a moment, finally getting his door unlocked and swinging it open. He pulled the Omega inside with him and swung the door shut. As soon as the door clicked closed, Jimin leapt into his arms, wrapping his legs around his middle and arms around his neck. Jungkook caught him under the thighs and slammed his back against the closed door, finding Jimin’s mouth and resuming their kiss. The heat hadn’t subsided, and they kissed like the breath from the other’s mouth was the very oxygen that was keeping them alive. Jimin’s hands tangled in Jungkook’s black hair, tugging on the strands and pulling him closer, wanting Jungkook as close as physically possible.

Jimin was the one who pulled back from the kiss first, trailing hot kisses down over his jaw and to his scent gland, where he licked at the spot with his warm, soft tongue, causing a surge in Jungkook’s scent that had Jimin making a noise almost like a sob as he continued. If he kept that up, he would be completely covered in Jungkook’s scent for days. The Alpha was in pain from the prolonged arousal, needing to get Jimin naked and get his damnable slacks off, to at least relieve some of the ache.

Jungkook pulled Jimin away from the wall and started toward his bedroom, not bothering to take his shoes off. He made his way through the dark apartment by memory, not turning on any lights until he got to his room. He quickly flipped the light on because he wanted to see Jimin. He didn’t want to miss a single detail of his face and body. He turned his face and nuzzled against the side of Jimin’s head which was all he could reach with the Omega still tonguing and softly sucking over his scent gland.

“Let’s get you out of these clothes, Baby.”

Jimin was drunk on the scent of coffee and dark chocolate, head hazy and body buzzing with sharp-edged desire and sensation. He was completely at Jungkook’s mercy at the moment, and he allowed himself to be sat down, somewhat reluctantly. He looked up at the Alpha and felt a fresh wave of slick gush from him as he took in his shining, swollen lips, dark hair mussed by his own hands, and eyes so dark with desire they were almost completely black. A shiver of awareness bloomed over his skin at the hungry, penetrating look that Jungkook gave him.

The Omega watched in awe as Jungkook shrugged his coat and suit jacket off, revealing the white shirt again. Jimin reached up and pulled at the necktie, wanting it off, wanting everything off. He wanted the Alpha completely bare, he wanted to see every inch of his tawny, golden skin. He gently extracted the necktie and dropped it to the floor. His fingers fumbled at the buttons of his dress shirt, half tempted to just rip the thing open when Jungkook’s warm hands wrapped around his shaking ones, stilling him and making him look up into the dark gaze.

“Off… off.” Jimin whined.

“It’s okay, pretty boy. Let me.”

Jimin pulled his hands back and watched as the Alpha made quick work of the buttons on his shirt, before pulling it open and letting it drift to the floor too. Jimin was stunned by how muscular Jungkook was. His arms were corded with muscle, his torso a rigid expanse of rippling abs. Jimin wanted to feel him skin to skin, and started pulling on his own clothes without success. He was so overwhelmed by his Omega half that he was having trouble functioning normally, but thankfully Jungkook was in better control and helped him get his coat and shirt off, leaving them both bare from the waist up.

Jungkook was about to pass out as all the blood in his body surged through his head. Jimin was so damn sexy, his skin was pale and velvety smooth, the line of his body was unbelievably perfect with a tiny waist giving way to wider hips and thighs. He was completely flawless, a perfect delicate beauty. He was frozen in place for a few moments, just looking at him. He could feel the blood rushing through his veins as his heart pounded inside his chest like it wanted to escape his ribcage.

Jimin felt shy as he watched Jungkook look at him. The Alpha’s expression was one of desperate hunger as he eyed Jimin’s slender form. The Omega bit his lip and slid his trembling hands to the waistband of his jeans, popping the button and pushing the zipper down. He was so nervous, but he wanted the Alpha to see him, all of him. He pushed his jeans and boxers down together bending to shuffle them down his legs until they dropped in a pile at his feet. He stood and kicked them to the side, taking a deep breath before looking back up at Jungkook, stomach twisting with a mix of anticipation and hesitance. He was met with a look that seared him, it went through his body like a shockwave and left him bereft of anything but his desperate desire to have the Alpha’s hands on him.

Jimin was so fucking pretty. Jungkook felt like he could look at him for hours and hours and never grow tired of seeing his beauty. His fully naked form standing in front of him was almost too much. It had every cell in his body vibrating like a just-struck tuning fork that was attuned to the frequency of one Park Jimin. He took a deep breath to try and get his head back on his shoulders and out of the clouds. He reached for his belt and opened it with a quiet clicking sound and opening his slacks. Jimin’s grey eyes were fixed on his hands as they hooked in the waist of his pants and pushed them down, letting them fall to the floor with a gentle clatter of his belt buckle.

Jimin felt his mouth water at the sight of Jungkook’s hard cock, it was enormous compared to his, even compared to his toys that he used during his heat. It was the same color as his tanned skin, with an angry red tip that was glistening with pre-cum. Jimin fell to his knees, wanting to taste, to feel the hard, hot organ in his mouth. He wanted to make Jungkook feel good. He looked up at the Alpha for permission, hands slowly sliding up the hard, muscular thighs toward his hips. Jungkook gave him a little nod and Jimin used his hands to gently angle his cock downward so he could press his lips to the head before opening and sucking the tip into his mouth with a soft moan. The salty taste of pre-cum burst on his tongue and made him ache for more of it as he started a slow advance and retreat, head bobbing back and forth as he took as much of the Alpha in his mouth as possible, using his hands to stroke the base in time with his mouth.

Jungkook was absolutely certain he’d never felt something so amazing in his entire life. Jimin’s mouth was so soft and wet, so warm and perfect. Add the feeling to the visual of the blond Omega on his knees for him and he was already close to cumming. He could see the full lips stretched around his cock as he sucked him.

“Fuck, Baby… you’re doing so good. Such a good boy for me.” Jungkook said as he buried one hand in the soft blond hair, gripping it in his fist and using it to guide Jimin’s movements.

He felt Jimin shiver at the praise, and whimper around his mouthful.

“You like that pretty boy? You like me telling you how well you take my cock?”

This got another whimper, and Jimin’s grey eyes opened and looked up at him pleadingly. He saw a sheen of tears on his lashes and felt a powerful surge of heat coalesce in his gut. His pretty boy was so perfect, so submissive and pliant for him. He felt his balls starting to draw up as his body prepared to orgasm, ready to explode.

“I’m gonna cum, Baby. So close… fuck. You feel so good. You gonna swallow it all, sweetheart? You gonna be a good boy for me?”

Jimin wanted to nod, but he couldn’t. His head was being guided by the hard fist tangled in his hair, the Alpha fucking into his mouth. It was everything Jimin had ever imagined it would be, finding an Alpha who could properly dominate him and make him feel small, who could pull all of Jimin’s desires to the surface and allow him to just feel. In that moment he had let go of all his responsibilities, all the stress in his everyday life with bills and school and work and family. He was just heat, need and obedient, docile submission. All he had to do was what Jungkook told him to, it was so freeing to feel all his tension bleed from him and be replaced by desire.

His jaw was starting to ache from holding his mouth open so far for so long, but he didn’t care. The hot length that was invading his mouth was starting to twitch and throb, close to orgasm. Jimin did what he could, using his tongue against the underside and sealing his lips on every outward stroke, pulling his cheeks in to create suction.

“That’s it… so good… ah, ah, ah… fuck. I’m cumming, Baby.”

Jimin felt the hot bursts of the Alpha’s release hit the back of his throat, and he choked a little, some of the cum leaking from the seal of his lips around the Alpha’s cock. He felt his eyes watering as he tried not to cough, to hold it in his mouth. He wanted to be good, he wanted Jungkook to be pleased with him and praise him again. Jimin used his hands to help milk the last of the Alpha’s cum from him, into his mouth. He let his hands explore the knot at the base of his cock as he felt the hand in his hair release and he pulled back.

He kept everything in his mouth as he let Jungkook slide from between his lips. His cheeks were slightly puffed out at the mouthful, throat still tickling with the need to cough, but he suppressed it. His eyes met Jungkook’s dark ones as the Alpha looked down at him. The Alpha took Jimin’s chin between his fingers, tilting his head up. He used his thumb to encourage Jimin to open his mouth so he could see.

“Look at what a good boy you are… Holding all my cum in your mouth. Such a pretty baby.”

Jungkook dipped his thumb down into Jimin’s mouth, then pulled it back, swiping the finger coated in his seed over Jimin’s lips, making a circle all the way around.

“Swallow for me, pretty boy.”

Jimin was shaking uncontrollably as he closed his mouth and swallowed. The first swallow went okay, but he couldn’t suppress the tickle in his throat anymore and he turned his face down as the cough worked up from his chest, the cum left in his mouth pouring down over his chin as he sputtered. He felt tears pool in his eyes. He’d failed.

“I’m sorry… Alpha, I’m sorry.” Jimin whimpered, turning his face down farther as he felt the tears leak over and run down his cheeks.

Jungkook crouched in front of him and tilted his face up to look at him. Jimin wouldn’t meet his eyes, but he had crystalline tears tracing down his cheeks, wetting and tangling his thick lashes. His lips and chin were shining with pearly cum. The Alpha used his thumb to wipe it away as he gave Jimin a soft smile. Just as Jungook reached over to wipe his thumb on his slacks, Jimin caught his wrist, pulling his hand back toward him. He licked the cum off the Alpha’s finger and sucked it into his mouth, looking at him with pleading eyes. Asking for forgiveness. Jungkook just brushed his blond hair back with his other hand and pressed a soft kiss to his slightly sweaty forehead.

“It’s okay, Baby. You did good. I’m so proud of you.”

Jimin’s whole body lit up at the words, it was exactly what he wanted to hear. He felt the tears in his eyes tip over leave scalding tracks down his cheeks. Jungkook was proud of him. He pulled the thumb out of his mouth and looked up at the Alpha with wide, watery eyes.

“Please Alpha… It hurts. Please…”

Jungkook glanced down to see Jimin’s thighs shining with copious amounts of slick, a little pool had formed under him. The Omega’s thighs were quivering and his cock was flushed purple at the tip. It did look extremely painful.

“I’ve got you, pretty boy. I’m gonna make it feel better.”

Jungkook stood, helping Jimin up too. The Omega’s legs were shaking and weak, but he was able to stand and take the few steps back toward the bed. He didn’t crawl up onto it however, he just paused and looked up at him.

“I… I’m gonna get your bed dirty…” Jimin whispered, shifting his stance so his thighs slid against each other wetly.

Jungkook could literally not care less. Fuck the bed. He wanted Jimin so fucking wet that he’d need a new mattress.

“I don’t care, Baby. Go on. Get up there.”

Jimin nodded and turned, trying to climb up onto the bed, but failing with his muscles still weak and quivering from arousal. The Alpha was distracted by the perfect, round ass before him for a few moments, letting his brain wander into thinking about watching his cock disappear between those lush, pale cheeks. He was drawn back, by Jimin’s struggle, Jungkook smiled and helped him along, grabbing his hips and helping lift him up onto the black bedding. He watched as Jimin crawled to the center of the bed and let his body collapse, rolling onto his back, bending his knees and letting his legs fall open. He could see Jimin’s soft, pink hole shimmering with wetness as the Omega’s legs opened.

Jimin watched as the Alpha crawled up onto the bed, prowling toward him like some fierce, virile beast, muscles bunching and releasing as his arms accepted his weight and moved him. Jimin was so aroused it hurt, it was almost like being in heat, his need was so great in that moment. He unconsciously spread his legs wider as Jungkook crawled over him, wanting to accommodate him in the cradle of his body. The Alpha still radiated the same heat as he hovered over him, and it made Jimin’s skin erupt in goosebumps as he felt the warmth reaching out to him in the small distance between their bodies.

Jungkook kissed him again, this time a little slower, a little more controlled, but still full of that same fiery passion and desire. Jimin was surprised he wanted to kiss him after he’d gone down on him, but it didn’t seem to bother him as he licked into his mouth, dominating him completely. Jungkook broke the kiss to trail his mouth down over Jimin’s jaw and neck, pausing to mouth over his scent gland with tongue and teeth, making Jimin’s vanilla bean scent bloom so strongly that he could almost taste it on his skin. He was careful not to mark his neck, even though he wanted to badly. It wasn’t right to make Jimin walk around with a hickey that he’d have to explain to his friends and classmates.

Everything was so hot, so overwhelming as Jungkook licked and teased at his scent gland. Jimin couldn’t remember the last time it had even been touched by anyone but himself. It had always been a sensitive spot for him, sometimes when he was touching himself, he’d press on it and caress it with his fingers. But that was nothing compared to the feeling of Jungkook sucking over it, hot mouth burning his cool skin. He felt a tension in his lower belly start to gather at the feeling, arousal building up higher as he began to seize up all over his body. Was he about to cum just from Jungkook’s mouth on his scent gland? He guessed so as he felt the fluttering of his release tease at him from within.

“I-I’m gonna cum… Alpha… I’m gonna cum… please don’t stop… please…”

Jungkook was surprised by how sensitive Jimin was if he was about to cum just from having his scent gland teased. He thought about stopping, making Jimin wait to cum until he was inside him, but he also knew Jimin was hurting and needing a release. It would be easier to get him to relax enough to take his cock if he wasn’t so tense. He scraped his teeth over the spot he had been teasing and gave one more suck before the Omega went rigid underneath him, back arching and head tipping back as a hot rush of slick sprayed between them. He hadn’t known Jimin was a squirter, the knowledge made him smirk against the skin under his mouth. What a delight his pretty boy was turning out to be. He pulled back as the body under him went lax.

“You made a mess, sweetheart.” Jungkook growled softly, watching with pleasure as Jimin went pink again.

“S-sorry. I didn’t know I could… I mean, I’ve never… you know.”

“Was that the first time you squirted, pretty boy?” Jimin nodded. “You want my cock that badly, Baby?”

“Yes…” Jimin whimpered. “Please Alpha…”

“Such a good boy. You’re gonna take me so well, Baby.”

Jungkook sat back a little so he could reach a hand between Jimin’s legs. The Omega gasped as soon as the tip of his finger brushed over his hole. He drew a little circle around the tight, pink bloom and was rewarded with a flutter and a small rivulet of slick that he caught on his finger. He coated three of his fingers in Jimin’s slick before gently pressing the first one inside and groaning at the tight heat that surrounded the tip of his finger. He gently worked the finger inside, until he was knuckle deep before slowly starting to move it until he was sure that Jimin was relaxed enough for a second, then a third.

Jimin was burning as the Alpha slowly fucked him with three fingers, stretching him open and preparing him for his cock. He was ready, he wanted Jungkook inside him. He wanted it so badly he was ready to do anything. He arched his back and pressed down on the fingers inside him, wanting something deeper, bigger, more. The Alpha pulled his hand back and out of him. Jimin whined at the feeling of emptiness, but gasped and purred at the feeling of Jungkook leaning over him again, the tip of his cock pressing against his hole. Yes. Hell yes. This was exactly what he wanted.

“You ready, pretty boy?”

“Yes! Fuck… yes, Alpha.”

The Alpha had to keep an iron grip on his control as he pushed forward and slid inside just enough for the tip to breach the tight ring of muscle. His instinct was to bury himself to the hilt, but he knew that this first time, he needed to go slow. Jimin wasn’t used to accommodating an Alpha’s size, and he didn’t want to hurt him. But god he was so tight and warm and wet.

Jimin gasped as he felt Jungkook slowly working himself deeper and deeper inside him. The stretch burned a little bit, but the pleasure was greater. He felt completely overwhelmed. Conquered by the Alpha as he pushed forward more and more. Jungkook was so huge inside him as he finally slid in that final inch and their bodies met, Jungkook’s hips against his ass. By the time he was fully seated Jimin was panting, and flushed, out of control as his Omega half took over again. He didn’t know what to do, he needed the Alpha to tell him what to do.

“God… it’s so big. Fuck, Alpha… tell me what to do… what do I do?” Jimin panted out between heaving breaths.

“Shh… It’s okay. Just breathe. You’re doing so well. You feel so good, sweetheart. So tight and wet for me. I’m gonna fuck you so good, Baby. Gonna make you cum again. Gonna fill you up.”

Jungkook started by moving shallowly, just a little at a time letting Jimin get used to the feeling. But he was too starved for this Omega to be slow and gentle for too long. Soon he was pulling out to the tip and slamming back in, bodies meeting in a slap on each hard thrust. The only sounds in the room were their moans and gasps mixed with the obscene sound of Jimin’s hole making wet noises as Jungkook fucked him hard and deep, pushing in as far as he could on each downstroke and grinding his hips against him, shifting the cock inside him at its deepest point.

“Look at you, pretty boy. Taking my cock so well in your wet little hole. You’re drenched for me, Baby… making such a mess.”

Jimin’s whole body felt like it was thrumming with his rapid pulse, his only attention for the feel of the cock pounding into him and the filthy words the Alpha was growling in his ear. He was throbbing between his legs, cock hard again. He was so close, so, so close when Jungkook pulled out of him.

“No, no, no…” Jimin whined, hands scrabbling at the Alpha’s shoulders, nails scratching at the skin, panicking because he thought the Alpha was stopping.

“I’m not stopping, Baby.” Jungkook soothed, brushing his hair back from his face for a moment, letting him calm down. “Get on your hands and knees.”

Jimin did as he was told, rolling over and raising himself up with Jungkook’s help so he was on all fours. He felt Jungkook’s hands on his ass, kneading the soft flesh in his warm hands and pulling his cheeks apart, exposing his hole to the cool air of the room and making him whine, both from the cold air on his heated entrance and embarrassment as Jungkook looked at his most private flesh. One of the Alpha’s hands let go, but the other stayed in place, still keeping him exposed. He felt the tip of Jungkook’s cock brush over his entrance and he looked over his shoulder to see the Alpha holding his length in his hand, positioning himself at his hole.

There was no slow entry this time, no gentle buildup. Jungkook slid all the way in with one thrust, hands going to his hips and gripping hard before he started up a brutal pace that had Jimin crying out, arms shaking as he tried to hold himself up. The Alpha pulled him back to meet every thrust, fingers digging into his hips with bruising force. Jimin had never felt so much pleasure as he was relentlessly fucked with abandon, it was the most intense sensation he had ever felt, and it had his arms going weak. He dropped down to his elbows, leaning his head down and pressing his forehead against the mattress as he let himself be overwhelmed by bliss. He moaned on every thrust, little squeaking, noises that he couldn’t control spilling from his lips as he was brought back to the edge of climax.

“That’s it… that’s it, Alpha. Right there… fuck… I’m gonna cum.”

Jungkook had never seen anything like his cock pounding in and out of Jimin’s tight, pink hole. It was dirty and raunchy and perfect. The Omega’s ass was truly the best he’d ever seen, round and soft, it jiggled slightly with every inward thrust. He could feel Jimin’s channel clenching and seizing as he approached his climax, and it had him ready to cum as well, base of his cock tingling as his knot began to form.

“You just take it, don’t you Baby? You take my cock like you were made for it. You gonna cum for me, pretty boy? Come on… cum on my cock. You gonna take my knot? My good boy.”

That was all it took for Jimin to rocket off the edge of release, vision going white and coming back slowly with little pops of black, head swimming as he felt Jungkook bury himself to the hilt and heard his deep moan as his knot formed and locked them together. Jimin whined in satisfaction as he felt the hot bursts of cum filling him up. The Alpha had cum inside him, knotted him and stretched him open almost painfully around his swollen base, but it was perfect. It had the docile, submissive part of him back in control and he couldn’t stop the words that spilled from his lips.

“Was I good for you, Daddy?”

Jungkook felt his cock throb again inside the Omega at the question. Gods, he had really found the perfect little sugar baby. Beautiful, filthy and submissive. Though he got the impression that no one else had ever seen this lovely part of him before. That filled him with more satisfaction than it probably should. Jungkook leaned down and peppered kisses over Jimin’s neck and shoulders.

“You did so good. You took me so well, Baby. Daddy is so proud of you for taking his knot.”

Jimin felt himself start to purr, at the words. He was so sated, sleepy and happy. The Alpha was pleased with him, proud of him. It made all the tension in his body ease and he just focused on the feeling of the knot stretching him open slowly relaxing until Jungkook was finally able to pull out. It left him feeling horribly empty, and he whined at the feeling of the warm cum sliding out of his fluttering entrance.

He finally let himself collapse on the bed, muscles giving out entirely. He lay still, just breathing as he felt Jungkook fall to the side of him. Jimin turned his head to look at the Alpha, who was looking back at him with a little smile that Jimin returned. He wanted to curl up against the Alpha’s warm body and sleep, but as he came back to himself, he realized that wasn’t part of this. It was time for him to go. He’d done his part.

“Can I take a shower before I leave?” Jimin asked, trying not to show the disappointment he felt at having to leave.

“Oh… yeah. It’s through that door.” Jungkook pointed to a door off the bedroom.


Jimin rolled over and got out of bed on shaky legs, taking in the room for the first time. It looked like something out of a magazine, decorated in a dark grey and black with one wall all windows, it was chic and modern to the extreme. He focused on the door ahead of him and resisted the urge to look over his shoulder as he stepped into the bathroom and closed the door, hand searching the wall until he found a lightswitch and flipping it on. The bathroom was just as nice, and just a modern. His eyes were drawn to a huge bathtub that he wanted to get in and never come out of. Maybe next time he’d ask if he could take a bath.

He walked to the shower and opened the glass door, reaching in and turning on the water, waiting a few moments for it to warm up and then stepping in. He couldn’t hold back a small moan at the feel of the scalding hot water cascading down over him. His shower never got this hot, it felt like he was being defrosted all the way down to his bones as he stood under the spray for a few moments. He looked around and spotted the soaps and shampoos on a little shelf, he reached for the shampoo first, washing his hair quickly and rinsing. Before he washed his body however, he had to spread his legs a little and reach down between them. He used gentle fingers to coax the Alpha’s seed from him. It was more upsetting than it had any right to be, but he tamped down on that impulse right away. He grabbed the bodywash and lathered up before rinsing off and reluctantly turning off the water.

He stepped out and grabbed a towel off of a nearby rack, it was heavenly soft and soaked up the water from his hair and body far better than his own, raggedy old towels. Once dry, he wrapped the towel around his hips and walked back into the bedroom. Jungkook wasn’t on the bed anymore, Jimin walked toward the door to the bedroom, but the Alpha appeared before he reached it. Jungkook was wearing a pair of black sweatpants now. The moment was a bit awkward, but there was nothing for it. Jungkook reached out his hand, and in it was a check. Jimin took it with shaking hands, looking at it and realizing that this was real. The Alpha had just handed him a check for fifteen thousand dollars.

Jimin looked up at Jungkook with something akin to awe on his face. He knew that the Omega was struggling financially, and it felt good to help him out. He’d been magnificent in bed, and honestly was worth every penny. He was looking forward to taking him lingerie shopping and shopping for some decent winter clothes. He knew they weren’t a couple and that was probably not ever going to happen, since neither of them were looking for that kind of connection, but it would be nice to at least be friends. Jimin was a sweet Omega and he wanted to make sure he was taken care of and had all the things he needed.

Jimin was struggling for words. This was a lot of money, and it was going to change his life so much. He felt lighter as some of the weight of his worries was lifted from his shoulders. He was so grateful, but he didn’t know how to express it in the right words. Thanks for paying me to have amazing sex with you? His inner Omega was still riled up by being in the Alpha’s presence. It wanted to cuddle, it wanted post sex spooning and naps, followed by more scenting and possibly another round of sex. But Jimin’s reasonable half knew it was just sexual attraction and intimacy. Being scented and properly fucked was making him clingy, he wasn’t in love. Hell, he wasn’t even in ‘like’. If anything he was in lust. He and Jungkook were just two people with amazing sexual chemistry coming to a mutually beneficial arrangement.

“Thank you. I’m not sure what else there is to say… but, thank you so much.”

Jungkook gave him his little half smile and ruffled Jimin’s wet hair.

“You’re welcome, and thank you. I’m actually going to get a decent night’s sleep for once.”

Jimin smiled back before bending down and picking up his clothes off the floor. Everything smelled so much like his slick that he wasn’t sure what to do. There was no way he could take the bus in these clothes, especially not this late at night. That was asking for trouble. He probably shouldn’t even take a cab if he was going to be reeking of arousal.

“Do you need something clean to wear? I’m sure I’ve got some sweats that might fit if you tighten the drawstring.”

“Yeah, actually. That would be great.”

Jungkook headed to his closet and rifled around for a few moments before producing a pair of sweats, a white t-shirt and a big, thick hoodie that would be enormous on Jimin, but it looked so warm he couldn’t refuse. Everything was hopelessly oversized. He had the pants rolled up at the waist three times and the sleeves of the hoodie pushed up so he could use his hands. But it was warm and soft and that was all he cared about at the moment.

Jungkook brought him a plastic bag to tie his dirty clothes up in, to block the scent from spreading. Jimin followed him out into the living room, looking around as they passed through. It was very nice, with high ceilings and another wall of windows that looked out on the view of the city. As they passed the kitchen Jimin froze. It was a fucking dream kitchen with counterspace galore and a gas range with 6 burners, a double oven off to the side and a giant two door fridge. He was in love with this kitchen. Though he had to admit it looked like it rarely got used.

“Jimin? What’s up?”

Jimin snapped back to attention, realizing he’d been lost in admiring the kitchen for way too long.

“Sorry, I was just looking at your kitchen. It’s so nice. Ugh… the things I could cook here.”

Jungkook laughed at the starstruck look on the Omega’s face as he continued to eye his kitchen.

“Maybe you can use it sometime. I don’t get a lot of home cooked food, so if you wanted to make dinner some night, I wouldn’t mind.”

“Really?” Jimin turned to him with an expression of pure excitement.

“Yeah. We’ll figure something out.”

As they reached the entryway, Jimin grabbed his backpack and stuffed the bag with his dirty clothes into it and slipped the check in the front cover of one of his textbooks. He turned back to Jungkook and pulled his cell phone out of the hoodie pocket.

“We should exchange numbers so we can keep in touch.” Jimin said, unlocking his phone and opening the option to add a new contact before handing it over to Jungkook. “Here put in your number.”

The cell phone was ancient and cracked. Jungkook was surprised that it worked at all. He added cell phone to the list of things he needed to buy for Jimin, but he just typed in his number and handed the phone back. Jimin typed his name in and sent a text, they heard a little chime from the other room, as the message went through. Perfect.

“You’re not taking the bus are you? It’s kinda late for that. Do you need a ride?”

“No. I was just gonna grab a cab outside.”

Jimin shrugged his backpack on and turned to him with a smile. He held his hand out and Jungkook laughed and grasped it, shaking hands. It seemed a weirdly formal way to end a night of sex, but he kind of liked it.

“Goodnight, Jungkook. I’ll text you my schedule so you have it.”

“Goodnight, Jimin. I’ll call you when I have more free time.”

They let go of each other and Jungkook opened the door to let Jimin out. He watched as the Omega walked to the elevator and hit the button before closing the door and leaning back on it. That had been the best sex of his life and now he was exhausted. He locked the door and headed back to his bedroom. As soon as he entered, he slammed into a wall of vanilla bean scent mixed with sex. He quickly changed the bedding, tossing the used ones in the hamper for the housekeeper to wash before taking a quick shower. He plugged in his phone, made sure his alarm was set and flopped into bed, asleep almost before he hit the pillow.

Jimin rode the elevator down and got out at the lobby, walking quickly outside and into the cold, pulling the hood of his sweater up. The thick hoodie was actually warmer than his usual coat, and helped block most of the chill. He jogged to the curb and flagged down a taxi, hopping in and giving his address. The cab ride was almost 30 minutes, and cost him 45 bucks, but it was worth it as he stepped out in front of his complex and rushed up the stairs to his little apartment, turning on the heater as soon as he entered. With the money Jungkook had given him, he could allow this one luxury of his heater.

The apartment smelled like burning dust as the neglected heater kicked to life, but it warmed the small space quickly as Jimin went into the bathroom to brush his teeth and by the time he came out the place was less of an icebox. He took the sweats off and threw them over the back of his tiny, sagging, olive-colored couch, but left the warm sweater on as he crawled up into his nest. He plugged in his cell phone and set his alarm for the next day before curling up into a little ball under the piles of blankets on his bed and fell asleep, warm and cozy for once.

Chapter Text

Jungkook woke well rested and smiling as the first thing he smelled was the pretty vanilla bean scent of Jimin, reminding him of the night before. He hadn’t realized how much sex affected his mood, but he felt much more like himself than he usually did as he got up and got ready for work. It was like the cloud that constantly hung over him was gone and he was all the better for it. He was smiling as walked into the office, a real smile with teeth and everything. People were looking at him with puzzlement again, but some of them smiled back and gave small waves or nods, even a few, ‘Good morning, Mr. Jeon’ here and there.

He took off his coat and hung it up, sitting down at his desk and going through emails, counting the minutes until Yoongi would appear. The other Alpha always seemed to know when something was going on with him. It was his weird superpower, and he was right when no less than fifteen minutes later he appeared in his office and sat in his usual seat across the desk, looking like his usual serious self.

“You got laid.” It was a statement. Not a question.

“Yoongi… seriously.” Jungkook rolled his eyes, but his friend ignored it like he knew he would.

“I thought that maybe you had the other day, but no. You definitely got laid this time. You reek of vanilla and you haven’t stopped smiling.”

“Okay, you caught me. I got laid. Can I work in peace now?”

“Who was it? Did you find a boyfriend?”

Jungkook sighed. “No, I don’t have a boyfriend. It’s none of your business. Didn’t we just have this conversation?”

“Yeah we did. I didn’t believe you then, and I don’t believe you now. I think you’re hiding something from me.”

“I’m an adult. If I don’t want to tell you every detail of my life, you know it’s okay, right? The world isn’t going to end if I have a few secrets from you.”

Yoongi just looked at him with narrowed eyes and pursed lips for a few moments before seeming to give up.

“Alright, fine. Don’t tell me. I’m gonna figure it out at some point anyway. I always do.”

“Good for you.” Jungkook said absentmindedly as he turned his focus back onto work, reading the email that had just come through.

Jungkook had been at work for a total of two hours when he realized that he was going to have to stay late for the next few days. Very late. Which meant that he wasn’t going to get to fuck Jimin again until at least Friday or Saturday. He was sitting under piles and piles of paperwork that he really shouldn’t be dealing with personally. He picked up his phone and dialed the HR department. He was answered by the head of HR, Kim Myungjun.

“Mr. Jeon, how can I help you today?”

“Could I get you in my office this morning when you’re available?”

“Of course. I’ve got a meeting in an hour, but I’m free until then if now is a good time?”

“Perfect, come on up.”

Jungkook went back to his work while he waited on the HR Director to arrive. Hearing a knock after a few minutes and calling for them to enter, it was Kim Myungjun.

“Mr. Kim. Please have a seat.”

“Thank you sir. What can I do for you today?”

“I need an assistant.”

Mr. Kim’s eyebrows rose slightly, but otherwise his face was stoic.

“I would be happy to find you an assistant. What are you looking for precisely? Just someone to do admin work and data entry, or are you looking for someone to take on more responsibility?”

“Ideally, I’m looking for someone who will eventually take over most of my accounting and finance duties so I can start to focus more on engineering and development. That won’t be for a while though. I want the best of the best, I’m not giving anything up to someone who can’t handle it.”

“I see. I will see what I can find for you. I’m sure I will find just the right person. You know… I heard that Kim Namjoon over at Gaon Technologies was looking around. If we could snatch him up that would be a huge blow to one of our biggest competitors.”

Jungkook knew of Kim Namjoon the Alpha was a force to be reckoned with in the boardroom. He had a reputation for being the best, and for good reason. He’d been hired by Gaon Tech when the company was on the verge of bankruptcy and had managed to steer them clear of the disaster that seemed inevitable. He wondered what could have caused a rift big enough to have their CEO looking to leave.

“Do you know what happened?”

“Their board of directors has been shutting him out of a lot of the financial planning decisions now that the company is on the upswing. A lot of people say that they hired him originally so that they’d have a scapegoat for the company’s failure, but now they’re trying to claim credit for his success.”

Jungkook wasn’t really surprised by that news. It was one of the reasons he and Yoongi had never allowed any donors to have stock or say in the running of Cypher Technologies. They didn’t have a board of directors. They had a board of two, and that was Jungkook and Yoongi. That was one of the reasons their company had been so difficult to start up, but also the reason that they continued to have success. A board of directors would have approved the use of cheaper, lower quality parts without hesitation, because all people like that ever saw was the bottom line, not the whole picture.

He thought for a moment about Kim Namjoon. He was the perfect candidate for taking over Jungkook’s responsibilities. He felt a little bubble of hope swell in his chest at the idea of actually getting back to R&D and leaving the accounting and strategizing mostly to someone else. Of course, he’d still be involved in it to some point, but that was okay with him. He liked helping to run the company, he just didn’t like getting muddled down in the details and losing sight of his original vision. He’d started this company to make amazing technology, but he’d gotten caught up in the spiderweb of corporate dealings. It was time to get back to basics.

“Do it. Call him and see if he’ll meet with me.”

After Mr. Kim left, Jungkook sat back in his seat and thought about the future of his company. He knew that if they were going to break into the forefront of the tech world, he needed to be involved in the development. He wasn’t vain about it, but he knew he was one of the best in the world. He had always had an affinity for technology, and as he’d gotten older he’d realized that it was actually a rare gift. He wasn’t using his gift anymore in his current role.

As he thought about his decision to finally look for a successor, he realized what had finally reached through to him. It was Jimin. The way the Omega had talked about his dream of becoming a chef and owning his own restaurant had reminded Jungkook of his own college days when he’d been so full of hope and optimism at the amazing future of technology and how he would help shape it with his own hands. That dream had gotten lost somewhere along the way. He guessed Jimin had turned out to be a treat in more ways than one.

Thinking about Jimin was making him horny. Flashes of the previous night ran through his mind, making his body warm. The Omega was so sexy. He’d felt so good under him, he’d been better than Jungkook had hoped. He’d let Jungkook have control without question and he’d been so eager to please. The Alpha had been able to tell that it wasn’t just him playing it up for the money. Jimin legitimately had enjoyed their sexual encounter, and that was the best part. Sure, he was paying him to be his sugar baby, but Jimin wanted him too. That was undeniable.

He wished his pretty boy was here now, he’d sneak them off to his private bathroom and fuck his mouth again. Or bend him over the counter and fuck him hard while the Omega tried to muffle his sounds. What a lovely idea. Opened his phone and looked at the schedule that Jimin had sent him. He had classes until 2 o’clock today. He opened the texting app and typed up a quick message with a smile.

Jungkook: Good morning, pretty boy. I’m missing your mouth already. Why don’t you send me a picture of those pretty lips of yours?

Jungkook watched the screen for a moment. Three little dots at the bottom showed that Jimin was texting back.


Jimin woke when his alarm went off, turning over and feeling the soreness in his ass and lower back, but that didn’t even register past the fact that he was amazingly, blissfully warm. There was no cold leaking into his covers from outside. His whole apartment was warm from his heater, and it made getting out of bed a thousand times easier. He rushed through his morning routine, knowing he had to stop at the bank to deposit his check before he went to his first class. He pulled the bag with his clothes from yesterday out of his backpack to get his coat, but everything in the bag had taken on the scent of his slick. He couldn’t wear his normal coat until after he washed it.

Jimin threw on an old black t-shirt and pulled on the thick, warm hoodie that Jungkook had let him borrow. The sweater was warm and soft and immediately had him feeling sleepy. It was so oversized and thick it was like wearing a blanket. Jimin zipped up his backpack and headed out, locking his door and jogging down the stairs and down the street to his bus stop. He tucked his hands inside the long sleeves and waited, shivering. The hoodie was warm, but his jeans were another pair full of holes. He ignored the chill and focused on the fact that he was about to deposit fifteen thousand dollars into his bank account. He couldn’t stop smiling as his bus arrived and he jumped on.

The bank was busy for such an early morning, but he filled out his deposit slip and waited his turn in the long line of people most of whom were in business suits. The suits and ties had him thinking of Jungkook. Would the Alpha be at work already? He thought he probably was. He imagined how the Alpha must look in his fancy high-rise office. He was certain that Jungkook would be sexy when he was being all big boss and commanding. He remembered him asking if Jimin would come see him at his office after hours. Maybe he’d get a chance to find out for himself.

He let his mind drift through fantasies of what Jungkook might do with him at his office and he felt his cheeks get warm. He turned his thoughts away from the possibility of hiding under the Alpha’s desk and sucking him off and toward school. That was always a safe bet. He thought about his first class of the morning, which was all about knife techniques. He’d been amused when he’d seen the option on the class sheets, but it was actually one of the most helpful classes he had. He’d learned so much about the proper way to prepare ingredients in that class that it was insane how much he’d been doing wrong.

When it was finally his turn, Jimin made his deposit, then withdrew enough cash to pay his rent. He tucked the money into his backpack and left the bank feeling light as air. It was gently snowing again as he exited the bank and he looked up at the sky with a smile, opening his mouth and catching a snowflake on his tongue with a giggle. He practically skipped to his bus stop and waited, watching the snow fall and his breaths puff out little white clouds. As he waited the snowfall got heavier and heavier until it was a flurry of white outside the little shelter where he waited for the bus.

He put his hood up before he dashed forward and onto the bus when it stopped in front of him, shaking the snow off as he entered the warm confines of the bus and took a seat. He rode to the stop that was closest to his school and hopped out, running down the sidewalk the two blocks to campus, and rushing into the building. His wet shoes skidded on the already slippery floor and he almost fell but was caught before he completely lost it. He looked up to thank whoever had helped him and gave a weak smile when he saw his ex-boyfriend Kang Daniel.

“Woah there! You okay?” Daniel asked as Jimin righted himself.

“Yeah. I’m fine. Thanks.”

Jimin shook the snow off himself, brushing at the hoodie where the ice had started to melt and soak into the cotton.

“How have you been?”

Jimin looked up to see Daniel looking at him with a little half smile, a little hopeful. Jimin felt bad that he’d hurt the Alpha. He was a good guy, very sweet and gentle. He just wasn’t what Jimin was looking for. He knew that half the Omegas on campus would trade their left arm for a chance with the handsome Alpha.

“Fine. You?”

“Good. I was gonna ask…” Daniel paused and Jimin could see in his face that he’d caught the scent of another Alpha on Jimin by the way his brows lifted quizzically. “Are you seeing anyone right now?”

Jimin felt awkward. He wasn’t really ‘seeing’ Jungkook the way Daniel meant, but he thought that maybe a clean break would convince the Alpha to give up on his crush. There was no such firm goodbye as saying hello to someone else. So he lied.

“Yeah, I am. How about you? Anyone special in your life?”

“No… I guess not.”

Jimin gave him a sad smile and patted his back consolingly.

“That’s too bad. I’m sure you’ll find someone. Anyway… I gotta go. Time for class. Later, Daniel.”


Jimin headed off to class quickly, keeping his head down and turning at the first corner. He really did feel bad for shutting the Alpha down. He knew that Daniel had had real feelings for him, and that was really sweet, but Jimin would only be hurting him more by letting him think that they had a chance. If he was being totally honest with himself, the reason they’d never had sex was because Jimin hadn’t felt attraction to him like that. He had unrealistically high expectations about sex and how he wanted an Alpha to act and to treat him.

Daniel was very kind and sweet, but that was kind of the problem. Even on the few occasions that they had made out, the Alpha was always trying to slow things down. He wanted to make love and romance someone, and that was beautiful and very touching. But Jimin hadn’t even gotten aroused by it. He didn’t want romance. He didn’t want to make love. He wanted someone to hold him down by the hair and fuck him until he saw stars. He wanted someone to dirty talk him until he was wet and aching and so turned on that he’d cry and beg to be knotted. Was that so much to ask?

Maybe it was, but it wasn’t like he could change himself to suit someone else’s tastes. He’d gotten his first look at hard and dirty sex with Jungkook and he didn’t think he’d ever be able to accept the soft and sweet lips and hands of someone like Daniel now. He smiled a little to himself as he thought about the fact that he’d get to fuck Jungkook again soon. He had to admit the sex was amazing between them, and Jimin was already ready for round two, even if his lower back and ass were still sore. He didn’t care, he’d let the Alpha do whatever he wanted to him. He knew now that Jungkook was made for sex, and he wanted another taste of the dark need that the Alpha had awoken inside him. The need to be dominated and to submit. The deep and abiding need to please.

Jimin made his way into the classroom and pulled his hoodie off, hanging it over the back of his chair to dry the hood and shoulders. He sat down at his usual work station next to Jackson who shared most of his classes with him. He only had one class that wasn’t shared with either Jackson or Mark, the couple had become his closest friends in Seoul. His childhood best friend Taehyung still lived back in Busan, and Jimin only got to see him at holidays. He should probably call him before the other Omega drove to Seoul and showed up on his doorstep with a chip on his shoulder. Tae seemed to forget that the phone worked both ways, and always got angry when Jimin didn’t call him regularly. He always thought it was funny to point this out when the Omega got huffy with him about his lack of phone calls and texts.

“Morning, Jackson.” Jimin said as he sat down.

“Morning… Why do you smell like an Alpha?” Jackson was giving him the biggest smile like he’d just won the lottery. “Did you finally get laid?”

Jimin slapped him in the back of the head as he practically shouted that question, making everyone in the class snicker.

“Say it a little louder, why don’t you?” Jimin hissed through his teeth.

“Okay. DID YOU FINAL-“ Jimin covered his mouth with his hand to shut him up, but the Alpha just licked his palm and Jimin pulled his hand back with a grimace.

“Ew. Don’t lick me. I’m telling Mark.” Jimin wiped his hand on the Alpha’s shirt.

“I’ll tell Mark you had your hands all over me.” Jackson defended.

“You think he’d believe that?” Jimin quirked a brow at the Alpha, who’s face went a little pale.

“Please don’t tell him.” Jackson begged, and Jimin laughed.


“So… who’s the lucky Alpha?”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s no one you know.”

“A mystery! Yes. I’m on the case.” Jackson leaned close to him as if studying him intensely. “Was it a one-night-stand?”

“Jackson. Stop.”

“No? Maybe an old flame came to town for a visit?”

“Jackson.” Jimin deadpanned.

“That’s a no. Friend with benefits?”

“I’m telling Mark you licked me.”

“Come on… Just tell me.” The Alpha begged, giving him the big puppy dog eyes.

“Okay fine. I’ll tell you… come here.” Jimin crooked a finger to get the Alpha to come closer, his face lit up with anticipation. Jimin lowered his voice and whispered into Jackson’s ear. “It’s none of your business.”

“Aww…. Jimin…”

“Class is starting.”

They both turned toward the teacher and listened as he started to speak. Jimin could feel Jackson giving him the pleading stare from his peripheral, but he kept his attention solely on the teacher, ignoring his pouting.

Just as class was starting to wind down, Jimin felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He looked around and saw Jackson across the room talking to the teacher. He pulled it out and unlocked it, opening the text message and feeling a hot wave of arousal slam straight into his gut as he read the message from Jungkook. Typing back quickly.

Jungkook: Good morning, pretty boy. I’m missing your mouth already. Why don’t you send me a picture of those pretty lips of yours?

Jimin: I’m in class, but we’re about to be dismissed. Give me five minutes.

Jungkook: I’ll be waiting.

Jimin finished cleaning up their workstation quickly and gathered up his things, grabbing the hoodie and throwing it over his arm, ready to go. When the professor dismissed them Jimin was the first out the door. He quickly made his way down the hall and into the same unused classroom he’d used to check his email the day before. He pulled up his camera and took a few pictures of himself, just lips and neck and picked the best one.

Jimin: (pic attached)

Jungkook: Look at my pretty baby and his soft lips. I can almost feel them stretched around my cock.

Jimin leaned against the wall and tipped his head back in a few short soft thuds against it as he tried to get himself under control. It was a damn text message, but he could almost hear the Alpha’s voice in his head and how he would sound saying it to him. He looked back at his phone and typed his response.

Jimin: You could feel them for real if I come over tonight

Jungkook: You missing my cock already? You want Daddy to fuck your mouth again?

“Fuck…” Jimin was hard and he was starting to get wet. He pressed the heel of his hand against his erection, trying to do something to alleviate the pain as it was trapped in his tight jeans.

Jimin: Yes

Jungkook: Are you getting wet for me right now?

Jimin: Yes

Jungkook: Good boy

Jimin whined at the message, feeling slick slide down his crack and under his balls. He shouldn’t be getting this turned on by text messages.

Jimin: Alpha please let me come see you tonight

Jungkook: I’m gonna be working late tonight sweetheart

He whimpered as disappointment swelled in him. He wanted Jungkook to fuck him again. He was about to blank the screen and put it away when he heard the little swish of a new message arriving and looked down.

Jungkook: You want to come see me at my office after hours? We’ll be all alone

Jimin: Give me a time and place. I’ll be there

Jungkook: 7 PM, Cypher Technologies building. Text me when you get here. I’ll have to come let you in

Jimin: Ok. I have to get cleaned up and get to class. I’ll see you tonight.

Jungkook: See you later pretty boy

Jimin was so horny he felt like he was going to combust from the amount of desire swelling inside him. He just took a few deep breaths and gathered his things before slipping out of the classroom and making his way quickly to the nearest bathroom, where he locked himself in a stall and cleaned himself up again. He had a feeling this was going to become a regular occurrence. He washed his hands and ran to his next class, Business Management.

The class was boring, but he took notes and listened attentively, mind only wandering a little bit. This was the only class he didn’t share with Jackson or Mark. They both had it as well, but at different time slots. He was relieved when class was dismissed. He had one last class before he was free for the day, and it was one of his least favorite. Basics in Accounting. The class was all math, and he was terrible at it. But if he wanted to own a business, then he needed to know something about accounting. He suffered through the class, and sighed when they were given a mountain of homework.

He didn’t worry too much, he had a week to get those things done. He left campus and headed to grab a quick lunch, stopping in a little café and sitting alone at a table in the far corner. He used the opportunity to look up the address of the Cypher Technologies building. It was close to Jungkook’s apartment, no shock there. He’d have to take the train to get there. He’d probably catch a cab home again though. No problem.

He ate quickly after his food arrived, and headed out. He needed to do laundry this afternoon, and pay rent. He was walking to the bus stop when something in one of the storefronts caught his eye. It was a mannequin wearing red silk and lace panties. He remembered Jungkook saying he’d be stunning in red silk. He hesitated for a moment, but bit his lip and walked forward, pushing the door open and entering the small shop.

He’d never been in a lingerie shop before, but he’d browsed online a lot. He knew what size he was and everything. He’d wanted to buy some panties for a while, but hadn’t wanted to spare the funds on something that it was likely no one was ever going to see. But now he had more money in his bank account than he’d ever had and someone to show them off to. He browsed the selection and picked out a handful of different colors and styles, including the red silk ones. He paid for them with his debit card and tucked the hot pink bag in his backpack before going back out onto the street. He smiled all the way home and through doing his laundry and even working on his accounting homework.

When the time was drawing near, Jimin went into his bathroom and changed into the silky red panties. They were so soft against his skin and he studied himself in the mirror. They were so pretty and they made him feel sexy. He put on a little bit of makeup, just enough to highlight his features and added a layer of strawberry lip gloss that made his lips shiny and pink looking. He put his jeans and shoes on, pulling on the big hoodie that Jungkook had given him, since it was warmer than his coat and it was still snowing. He emptied his backpack and put spare underwear and a pair of jeans inside, wrapped in a plastic bag, knowing he was probably going to need them.

He skipped out of his apartment and to the bus stop, catching the bus that took him to the nearest subway stop. The train was fairly busy, but the 5 o’clock rush had already come and gone. He made his way across town without incident and before long he was standing at the base of a giant steel and glass monstrosity of a building. His eyes went wide as he looked up at it, he couldn’t even see the top from this angle.

He pulled out his phone and sent a text to Jungkook.

Jimin: I’m here

Jungkook: I’ll be right there.

Jimin waited at the doors, looking in through the glass at the dimly lit lobby. It was obviously after hours, only the barest lights were left on. Jimin watched as an elevator opened in the distance and Jungkook appeared, walking toward him through the lobby. His inner Omega was already panting as he watched the sure, confident stride of the Alpha coming closer and closer. He watched as the Alpha swiped a card somewhere on the other side of the glass and the doors slid open. Jimin walked in and watched Jungkook type a series of numbers into a keypad. The doors closed and the light on the keypad went from green to red. He turned and walked up to Jimin, wrapping a warm hand around the back of his neck and sending shivers down his body.

“Hey there, pretty boy.”

“Hi.” Jimin said, smiling up at him as his heart pounded in his chest in anticipation.

“Let’s go.”

Chapter Text

Jungkook released his hold on the back of Jimin’s neck and turned, walking toward the elevators. Jimin followed him to the banks of elevators and into one of them, watching as the Alpha hit the button for the top floor. The elevator zoomed upward and Jimin watched the little lights above the doors count upward until it finally stopped and they stepped out. Most of the lights were off, but other than that the place looked exactly like the offices he had seen in TV shows and movies as they wended their way through halls and finally entered a large, elegantly decorated office that must be Jungkook’s because his scent was strong here, like he’d spent a lot of hours in this place.

Jimin shrugged out of his backpack and set it aside. He looked up at Jungkook and the Alpha gave him his cocky half-smile before turning and walking behind his desk. He sat in his big, leather chair and looked at Jimin expectantly, crooking a finger.

“Come here sweetheart.”

Jimin did as he was told walking around the desk to stand in front of Jungkook. The Alpha was just as sexy as Jimin had pictured sitting at this desk in his dark suit. Jimin felt the soft silk of his panties shift against his skin and it caused a jolt of arousal to shiver down his spine and coil into a hot, needful tension in his belly. He wanted the Alpha to see the panties. He wanted to show him his gift.

“I… I got you something Alpha.” Jimin’s face went warm as he watched the pleasant surprise light up Jungkook’s face.

“And what is it?” He held a hand out as if waiting for Jimin to put something in it.

“I have to show you.”

“Okay, Baby. Show me.”

Jimin reached for the edge of the hoodie and pulled it off, dropping it to the floor, quickly followed by his t-shirt. He toed of his socks and shoes and hesitated at the button of his jeans.

“Close your eyes.” Jimin whispered softly and Jungkook did as requested.

Jimin pushed his jeans down and kicked them aside. He felt horribly and perfectly exposed in just his red silk panties, the big wall of windows on one side. He pushed his blond hair back and took a few steps back to give the Alpha a full view of him.

“Okay. Open them.”

Jungkook blinked his eyes open and looked at the Omega standing a few feet away from him in nothing but red silk panties. His cock pulsed and his balls ached like he was about to cum. His pretty boy was so obedient.

“Oh, Baby… look at you. You’re so pretty for me. Turn around, let me see the back.”

Jimin did as he was told at once and Jungkook groaned at the sight of his perfect, ass in red silk and delicate lace.

“Come here, pretty boy. Come sit in Daddy’s lap.”

Jimin’s knees were weak, his stomach in knots as he turned back around and rushed forward to the Alpha almost losing his balance and catching himself on Jungkook’s shoulders. He climbed up into his lap, straddling him. He felt himself getting pulled back into his submissive headspace, where all he knew were the Alpha’s commands, and his need to please him to be good for him.

“Do you like them?” Jimin asked, hands moving down to run fingertips over the soft silk.

“I love them, Baby.”

Jungkook carded his fingers through Jimin’s hair to the back and grabbed a handful of it, not gripping hard enough to hurt, just enough to control his movements. He leaned forward and gently bit the Omega’s bottom lip, tugging on it with his teeth for a moment before pulling back.

“You’re such a good boy. Looking so pretty just for me. Wearing silk panties for Daddy. I think you deserve a reward sweetheart. You want me to give you a reward, Baby?”

“Yes… please. I’ve been good…. I’ll be good for you. I promise.”

Jimin didn’t even know what he was saying, he was just rambling whatever nonsense came to his head. He wanted Jungkook to kiss him, to touch him, anything. He felt himself leaking slick and tears came to his eyes as he realized he was ruining the panties. He couldn’t help getting wet when the Alpha was talking so dirty to him. He swayed forward wanting to kiss Jungkook, but the hand in his hair stopped him. He hiccupped a little sob as he was overwhelmed by his need for affection for attention.

Jungkook was sure that there was no Omega on earth as sexy as this one in his lap. He was so beautiful like this with red cheeks and teary eyes, lips shiny and parted. He was such a needy little thing, and it made Jungkook want to wreck him completely until he was nothing but a shaking, crying mess, covered in sweat and cum and slick, so wrung out and sensitive from being fucked that he’d be begging him to knot and end it. He knew that would have to be for another day when they were somewhere with a real bed and more time to spend. For now he wanted to reward him for being so obedient.

He used his grip on the Omega’s hair to pull him in for a hard kiss. Jimin moved his mouth with him, rolling their tongues together. Jungkook tightened his grip in Jimin’s blond hair and held him in place harder as he pushed forward, kissing him with bruising force. The Omega was whimpering and moaning into his mouth, and he could feel the slight body on top of him shaking and trembling with need. He ripped Jimin back from him with a hard yank on his hair.

“You ready for your reward?” Jimin tried to nod, but the hand in his hair prevented it. “Use your words, sweetheart.”

“Yes Daddy… I’m ready.”

“Good boy. Now, get up and bend over the desk.”

Jimin nodded and slid backward off of the Alpha’s lap to stand up again on his shaking legs. He turned and put his hands on the surface of the desk, and bending down until his front met the polished wood of the desktop. He gasped at how cold it was and whimpered as goosebumps raced along his skin. He heard Jungkook stand behind him and felt the Alpha take his wrists and lead his hands over his head, wrapping his fingers around the opposite edge.

“Keep your hands here, Baby.” Jungkook husked right in his ear. “Be a good boy for me while I give you your reward.”


Jungkook straightened up and then sat back in his chair. He spent a few moments just admiring the view of Jimin’s round ass encased in red silk. Gripped the Omega’s ass in both hands and kneaded the soft flesh, causing a tremble to go through Jimin’s body. He released the grip to trace fingers over the wet silk, feeling the slick-soaked material with soft fingers.

“You got your new panties all wet.”

These words caused a little hiccup from the Omega. His voice sounded teary when he spoke.

“I’m sorry Daddy. I didn’t mean to ruin them.”

Jungkook slid his hands up over the Omega’s hips and back, rubbing the skin reassuringly.

“It’s okay, Baby. I’ll buy you some new ones. I’m gonna get you so many pretty panties to wear for me. Don’t worry. I want you all wet and slick for me. You’re just perfect right now, so needy and soaked. Beautiful.”

Jungkook’s words helped Jimin to calm down. Jungkook thought he was beautiful like this, and that made everything okay. He was still shaking as he felt the warm hands hook in the waistband of his panties and pull them down just under his ass before he was being spread open and the cool air met his fluttering entrance. The cool air didn’t last long, because it was quickly replaced by a warm, wet tongue. Jimin jolted and felt the muscles of his thighs quiver and spasm as the Alpha licked over his entrance.

Jungkook pulled back just enough to talk.

“You taste so sweet, Baby. Gonna eat you up…”

Jimin’s hands were white knuckled as they gripped the far edge of the desk. Jungkook’s mouth was back on him, licking over his hole then gently sucking at him. He was in heaven at how warm the mouth on him was. The Alpha’s mouth was burning hot against his sensitive entrance and it had him crying out and shaking. He could already feel the tightness in his lower belly as he listened to the obscene wet sounds of the Alpha’s lips on him mixed with the deep purring growl.

Jungkook felt absolutely feral as he worked Jimin with his mouth, tasting his sweet vanilla flavor as he lapped up the slick that was sliding from the Omega’s clenching, pink entrance. The sounds Jimin was making were lovely. His quick whimpering breaths almost like sobs. When he finally pushed forward and slid his tongue inside, his mouth was flooded with slick. He heard Jimin moan, high and thready a shivering, needful sound. He swallowed and pushed his tongue back inside Jimin, going deeper, then retreating and repeating over and over, fucking him with the slick muscle.

Jimin was going crazy, hands dying to let go of the edge of the desk to reach back and hold the Alpha by the hair and work himself back against his mouth. But he was good, and he resisted the urge, letting the Alpha have control. He could feel his orgasm coming, the tension in his belly had him clenching up, toes curling as he approached his end. His back arched involuntarily, as if to present himself better for the Alpha, and that got a deeper growl and the tongue that was fucking him increased speed. He could feel the Alpha’s jaw working as he tongue-fucked him. He came hard and fast, it slammed into him, and he felt slick gush from him, but the Alpha sealed his lips around Jimin’s hole and sucked the liquid into his mouth, keeping his lips pressed to him until the last twitches of his orgasm fluttered away.

Jungkook pulled back, mouth full of Jimin’s sweet vanilla bean flavored slick. He was as sweet in taste as he was in disposition. Jungkook reached forward and pulled the silk panties back up into place before wrapping his hands around the Omega’s hips and pulling him back from his place on the desk. Jimin was pliant and moved willingly at the lightest touch, still hazy from his orgasm. He let himself be positioned in front of the Alpha on his knees, right between Jungkook’s open legs. Jungkook looked down into the grey eyes who’s pupils were blown so wide the grey was just a rim around the edge. His pretty boy was already so fucked out. What a treasure.

He used two fingers to tilt Jimin’s head up and open his mouth before leaning forward and letting the mouthful of slick trickle slowly down into the Omegas mouth. Jimin didn’t resist, he just looked up into his eyes as his mouth was filled with a mix of his own slick and Jungkook’s saliva. Jungkook pulled back once he had finished and looked down at the pleading eyes that were still focused on him. He used his grip on Jimin’s chin to push his mouth closed.

“Such a good boy…” Jungkook said quietly, brushing a fingertip over the Omega’s slick lips. “You just let me do whatever I want to you, don’t you? So eager to please Daddy.”

Jimin wanted to answer, but his mouth was still full of his own slick, so he just nodded and tried to convey his feelings to Jungkook with his eyes. He would let the Alpha do anything to him. He would do anything to make his Daddy proud of him. He was different with Jungkook than he’d ever been with anyone else. The Alpha brought his inner Omega out and let him express his deepest and most secret inner need for submission. His need to be dominated and controlled by someone who would know how to make him feel small and safe. Jungkook was the first Alpha he’d met who had made him feel that way. It was nice to have someone to share this with. They weren’t courting, they were fucking and that let Jimin allow himself to show this side to him. He didn’t need Jungkook to feel like Jimin was the kind of Omega you take home to your parents, and that was the most freeing thing. He was just himself, bare and raw and uninhibited. It was a powerful thing.

Jungkook wrapped a hand gently around the Omega’s throat, he didn’t squeeze or press on his neck, just held it softly. He wanted to feel his throat work as he swallowed. He looked down into the grey eyes that were full of desire and attention. The Omega was waiting for his command.

“Swallow it for me, Baby.”

Jimin warmed at the command. He remembered how he had failed the day before and was determined to do it right this time. He took a deep breath through his nose and swallowed twice in quick succession. He looked up at Jungkook and opened his mouth, sticking out his tongue to show he’d done it. The pleasure on the Alpha’s face was all the reward he could ever want, but as he thought that he remembered their texts from earlier. Maybe he wanted one more thing…

“You promised Alpha.” Jimin said, voice a little thick from swallowing the mouthful of syrupy slick.

“What did I promise, sweetheart?”

“To fuck my mouth.” Jimin looked down, biting his lip as if ashamed for wanting it.

“My sweet boy. Always remembering my words. You’re so good for me, Baby.”

Jungkook leaned forward and carded his fingers through Jimin’s hair softly. The gesture was strangely gentle, but Jimin loved it. He let out a little purr and turned his face into the hand as it tucked a strand of hair behind his ear. It made him think of how his family told him he was like a kitten, but for once it made him happy instead of annoyed because Jungkook laughed and he looked up to see a smile stretching the Alpha’s lips. The hand petted the side of his face gently, fingertips running over the skin of his cheek and jaw. Jimin’s purr increased at the affection and attention from the Alpha.

Jungkook sat back in his chair and Jimin watched with bated breath as he unbuckled his belt, the click of metal making his heart race, then re-double as the button was popped and the sound of a zipper being dragged down set his teeth on edge. Jungkook pushed his pants and underwear down just enough to expose himself. Jimin whined in the back of his throat as he watched the Alpha take his cock in hand and give a few slow strokes. He wanted to be the one touching him, making him feel good. His small hands went to the Alpha’s thighs, curling into little fists as he waited to be allowed to touch, to taste.

Jungkook watched Jimin’s face as he looked at his cock with such desperate want, lips parting in unconscious invitation, pink tongue peeking out just a little. He’d never met an Omega who loved cock so much, and he was enthralled by Jimin’s desire for him. The small, trembling fists resting on his thighs showed him how hard Jimin was trying to hold back. It was adorable. Jungkook used the hand that wasn’t stroking himself to reach forward and wrap around the back of the Omega’s head, pulling him forward to his lap.

Jimin came willingly, making a small, pleased noise. Jungkook held Jimin’s head in place with his palm as the other hand wrapped around the base of his cock and directed it toward the waiting mouth. He tapped the tip of his erection against the Omega’s lush lips a few times. Jimin opened his mouth and stuck his tongue out, an offer. Jungkook repeated the tapping against his tongue, enjoying the wet little smack sounds it made. The Alpha finally angled his cock downward and pulled Jimin by the back of the head. The Omega’s lips parted and he opened as Jungkook pushed him down on his cock.

Jimin whimpered as Jungkook’s hand gripped his hair and slowly started to move him up and down his shaft. The weight of the Alpha’s cock in his mouth was perfect. The salty taste of pre-cum increasing his fervor as he let his mouth be used to the Alpha’s liking. He gagged when the tip of Jungkook’s cock hit the back of his throat, coughing slightly as Jungkook pulled him back off of his length and let him gasp a few breaths. He could see a string of thick saliva still connected him with the Alpha’s erection. Jungkook’s hard length was glistening and shiny with his spit and it made Jimin ache to have it back in his mouth.

“Do you know how to deepthroat, Baby?” Jungkook asked, tracing the tip of his cock over Jimin’s lips.

Jimin shook his head, and felt disappointment swell in him as he saw the Alpha’s small nod. Jungkook didn’t look upset by the fact, but Jimin felt bad that he couldn’t do something the Alpha wanted.

“I’m sorry.” Jimin said, voice hoarse and a little raspy. “I’ve never… really done this to anyone but you.”

“That’s alright, sweetheart. Don’t worry about it.”

But Jungkook could see that Jimin was worried. He whined softly and looked up at him, tears in his eyes again. The Alpha released the grip he had on his hair and slid the hand around to his chin, tilting his face up and swiping a thumb over his bottom lip. He slid the digit inside his mouth and smiled as the Omega sealed his lips around it and sucked softly in little pulses like a baby did with their thumb. It made him so fond of the Omega in that moment, he was truly precious.

“You’re still my good boy, right?” Jimin nodded vigorously. “That’s right. Now come back here, Baby. I’m not done yet.”

Jungkook pulled his thumb out of the Omega’s mouth with a little ‘pop’. Jimin didn’t wait to be guided this time, he just leaned forward and enveloped him with his mouth. He started with a slow pace for a few moments, but quickly hastened his speed. He took as much as he could on each downward stroke, accidentally gagging himself a few times when he pushed down too far and the tip hit the back of his throat, but powering through. He had strings of saliva dripping from his chin, and tears leaking from his eyes, but he didn’t stop. He wanted the Alpha to cum in his mouth again, and he knew he was close. Jimin’s nails dug into the Alpha’s clothed thighs as he felt the length in his mouth starting to twitch and pulse on the upstroke. Just as Jungkook buried his hand in his hair again, and he heard his panting breaths begin to hitch… they both heard the distant ding of the elevator arriving on their floor and froze.

Their eyes met, both wide with panic, Jimin was still halfway down his cock and his balls were drawn up tight, ready to cum. They unfroze at the same moment, Jimin pulling back and looking up at him as he released the grip on his hair. The Omega scrambled across the floor, grabbing up his clothes as they heard footsteps approaching down the hallway quickly. Meanwhile, Jungkook grabbed a wad of tissues from the box on his desk and wiped the slick off of his mouth and chin. There was a bathroom attached, but Jungkook knew there was no time to get Jimin inside it.

“Under the desk.” The Alpha hissed and Jimin did as he was told, crawling under the desk just as the door to the office banged open and Yoongi appeared in the doorframe.

“Jeon Jungkook! What the hell is going on?” Yoongi growled.

Jungkook froze for a second, thinking Yoongi knew about Jimin.

“I can explain.”

“You damned well better explain why I had to hear from Mr. Kim in HR about you making an offer to Kim Namjoon! I thought we were business partners. Why am I only hearing about this now?”

“Oh, that.” Jungkook let out a breath he hadn’t realized he was holding. This was about him finding a replacement for his job. He could deal with this.

“Yeah. That.”

Jungkook was trying to focus on the conversation, but he was painfully aware of Jimin so close to his still hard cock. The only position he’d been able to manage put him mere inches from the Alpha’s length and he could feel the Omega’s hot puffs of breath against his exposed length.

“I met with him earlier today, and he suggested that if I’m looking for someone that Kim Namjoon has been looking around, trying to leave Gaon Tech. I haven’t made anyone an offer yet because we haven’t even met. If you recall, you were only in the office for a few hours this morning, then gone the rest of the day. I was going to talk to you about it tomorrow.”

“Oh.” Yoongi seemed to realize that he was angry over nothing. “Well, you still should have come to me first.”

“Alright. I probably should have come to you first, but let me remind you it was your suggestion to find someone to take on my role so I could get back to R&D.”

Yoongi took a deep breath rubbing a hand over his face as he tried to calm down. Jimin watched as his eyes narrowed and head tilted, nose turning up as he sniffed at the air.

“Why does your office reek of sex?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Jungkook met the other Alpha’s eyes with a deadpan expression, not revealing anything.

“I’m talking about the fact that this room smells like vanilla and slick and cum. Did you sneak your secret boyfriend in here and fuck him?” Yoongi took a step forward and sat in his usual chair across the desk from him.

Jungkook wanted him to leave, his balls were aching from having his orgasm so abruptly cut off. Yoongi was being extremely rude right now, and as long as people were being rude, Jungkook decided that he might as well join in. He casually slipped one hand under the desk and used it to tilt his cock down toward Jimin. The Omega obviously understood what he was asking for because he felt his tip get surrounded by the wet heat of Jimin’s mouth almost at once. Jungkook bit the inside of his cheek to keep from showing anything with his face.

“I don’t have a secret boyfriend.” Technically true, Jimin wasn’t his boyfriend.

“Uh-huh. See… somehow I don’t believe that. Because you smelled like vanilla this morning when you got to work and now your office smells like vanilla and sex. Put two and two together… and voila. Secret boyfriend.”

“Your powers of deduction are astounding.” Jungkook said distractedly, shuffling through papers on his desk with no real purpose, just giving himself an excuse to look down because Jimin was slowly moving his head up and down his cock with perfect, wet suction that had him close to blowing already. But he wasn’t going to cum with Yoongi sitting only feet from him.

“I’m not saying I’m Sherlock-fucking-Holmes. I’m saying that you’re hiding something and I’m supposed to be your best friend. So spit it out. What’s going on?”

“Yoongi… can we talk about this later? I’m trying to get some work done so I can be home by midnight.”

The other Alpha made a grumpy noise but stood and turned toward the door.

“Fine. We’ll talk about this tomorrow.” Jungkook could hear him grumbling under his breath as he walked toward the door. “You’d be home earlier if you weren’t fucking in your office after hours… but what do I know? I’m just your best friend who’s known you since kindergarten, but don’t mind me…” The words cut off as the door was slammed behind him and his footsteps retreated back down the hallway.

As soon as the footsteps had faded far enough and he heard the distant ding of the elevator, Jungkook reached under the desk and pulled the Omega off his cock, pushing back from the desk a little to give him more room to work Jimin scrambled forward at once and took him back in his mouth. There was no buildup, they both knew he was close and Jimin was bobbing his head in fast little jerks, hands working the part that wouldn’t fit in his mouth. Jungkook’s hands gripped the arms of his chair as his hips stuttered upward, pushing himself into Jimin’s mouth as his orgasm overtook him. He threw his head back against the back of his chair as he exploded into Jimin’s waiting mouth.

Jimin was ready this time, and didn’t choke when Jungkook shot his cum into his mouth. He just kept moving his mouth and hands until the Alpha was done. He pulled back and looked up at Jungkook, mouth still full. He grabbed the Alpha’s hand and brought it back to his neck, just like it had been earlier. He looked deeply into Jungkook’s eyes as he swallowed, knowing the Alpha could feel the movement of his throat under his hand. Jimin felt himself go weak now that his task was done, he let himself fall backwards lightly to sit on his butt, hands going to his knees and rubbing the tender skin lightly. He’d been on his knees on the hard floor for a while and the skin was red.

Jungkook watched this with a little half smile. His pretty boy must have been hurting for a while, kneeling on the marble floor, but he’d done it without complaint. The Alpha reached down and fixed his pants, pulling them back up and fastening them. He was still mostly hard, and could definitely go for another round, but he actually did have work to do. He leaned forward and helped Jimin up, pulling the Omega into his lap. He knew he was getting slick on his slacks, but he didn’t care. He already smelled so much like slick from eating Jimin out, a little more wasn’t going to hurt anything. He pushed the sweaty blond hair out of the Omega’s face and pressed a kiss to his cheek.

“You did amazing, Baby. You’re so good for me. My good boy. Pretty boy.”

Jimin couldn’t stop himself as he started to purr, so pleased with the praise that the Alpha was giving him. He turned and nuzzled against Jungkook’s neck, right over his scent gland. The dark scent of coffee and chocolate swelling as he rubbed against his skin with his nose and lips. His breaths were short and clipped as he gave tiny, kittenish licks to the spot, feeling needy and shaky as he tried to surface from his submissive headspace. Jungkook’s hands were still petting his blond hair softly, soothing him.

“You okay, sweetheart?”

“Yeah… I just need a minute.” Jimin whispered against his neck.

Jungkook wanted to take Jimin home and fuck him again. He was completely hard again, the feel of the slight, warm body in his lap, gently vibrating with his soft purr mixed with the little licks on his scent gland were working him back up. He knew that wasn’t an option though. He really did have work to do, and he needed to get back to it. But he waited patiently for Jimin to calm down, his purr lessening slowly until he was quiet and still and he finally pulled back from Jungkook’s neck, where he had retreated. The Alpha pushed the blond hair back out of his face and gave him a soft smile, which Jimin returned with a shy one.

“Where’s the bathroom? I need to clean up.” Jimin said, breaking the quiet.

“I have a private bathroom, right through there.” Jungkook pointed to a small door situated between two large bookshelves full of a mix of books, decorative items and what looked like awards made of different colored glass.


Jimin stood from Jungkook’s lap and crouched down on shaking legs to get his clothes from under the desk, gathering them up and walking around the desk to grab his backpack and head into the bathroom. Jungkook watched him go, clenching his teeth at how his ass moved when he walked, still encased in damp red silk. Gods, that had to be the finest ass anyone had ever had. It made the Alpha want to follow him into the bathroom and fuck him, but there was no time.

Jimin closed the door to the bathroom and leaned against it for a moment. He was already hard again, balls aching and close to cumming for a second time that night. The things that Jungkook said and did to him made every cell of his body sing with desire. He closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths, calming himself down and clearing his head. It was easier in the confines of the bathroom, without the smell of the Alpha so strong in his nose. His erection began to flag, mostly due to the cooling slick that was making goosebumps rise on his skin.

He pushed his panties down and let them fall to the floor before walking to the sink and looking at himself in the mirror. He looked like a mess. His hair was mussed and tangled, slightly damp from sweat. His lips were swollen and red from use, his eyeliner was smudged and tracked down his cheeks from his tears. He looked completely wrecked, and he kind of loved it. A small part of him wanted to leave himself like this and walk down the street so everyone could see how well fucked out he was. He would obviously never do that, but the thought had a little ball of desire pooling in his stomach again.

He pushed his dirty thoughts aside and grabbed a few paper towels from the dispenser, wetting them in the sink and wiping at his face, erasing the ruined makeup as best he could and cleaning the mix of cum, slick and saliva off his chin, neck and chest. He tossed those away and grabbed more, starting on his stomach and moving down between his legs to his thighs and ass. He cleaned himself as best he could, mostly erasing the scent of arousal from his body, and the rest would be suppressed by his clothes. He pulled the clean boxers out of his backpack and slipped them on before pulling on the rest of the outfit he’d been wearing earlier. His hair was still a mess from the Alpha’s rough hands and his own sweat, he didn’t have a brush, so he fingered through it as best he could, pushing it back from his face.

When he was finally presentable, he wrapped his wet panties in several layers of papertowels, tied them up in the plastic bag he’d brought and shoved it back into his backpack. He gave himself one final review in the mirror, shrugging when he realized that was about as good as it was going to get. He grabbed up his backpack and headed back out into the office. Jungkook’s head turned to him as soon as he came out, his dark eyes moving up and down his body as if still picturing him naked. The Alpha stood and walked to him, stopping right in front of him.

Jungkook turned the Omega’s face upward with a finger under the chin. All the makeup was gone, the evidence of how Jungkook had wrecked him. It made the Alpha sad to see it gone, but he did think Jimin was prettiest with a bare face. He thought that one weekend he’d have to invite Jimin over for the day and get him all messy, eyeliner running and smudged and just keep him that way for the rest of the day, just so he could admire his work. He could still see a small smudge of eyeliner at the corner of Jimin’s eye. He licked his thumb and wiped the little smudge away, getting a brilliant smile from the Omega.

“Let me wash my face real quick, then I’ll take you downstairs and let you out.”

“Sure. Take your time.”

Jungkook turned and disappeared into the bathroom. Jimin walked along the shelves and looked at the various glass and metal awards, reading the engravings on them and whispering them to himself as he studied them.

“Technology Vendor of the Year… Excellence in Software Innovation… IT Acheivement of the Year – Information Technology and Software… Startup of the Year… Shaping Information Technology… Supporting Omegas in Information Technology… Most Innovative IT Hardware…” There were more up on higher shelves that he couldn’t read. “Jesus… how many awards do they have?” Jimin mumbled to himself as he made the circuit around the office, looking at all of Jungkook’s achievements.

Jimin was actually very impressed by how much Jungkook had achieved at such a young age. He must be very intelligent to have created this business and grown it so much. Jimin only hoped that he could make his dreams come true the way that the Alpha had done. He let his mind wander to the conversation he had overheard between Jungkook and his business partner. The way they bickered reminded him of himself and Taehyung. It was a playful kind of fighting full of an underlying friendship and understanding. It was kind of nice to know that Jungkook at least had some good friends in his life. Maybe he wasn’t in love with the Alpha, but he did like him as a person and wanted good things for him.

When he heard the bathroom door open, Jimin turned and saw Jungkook coming out with his jacket and tie in his hand, top few buttons of his shirt undone. The white shirt clung to his chest where he’d obviously splashed water a little too vigorously. The front part of his hair was wet and dangling into his face. Jimin was stunned by how fucking hot he was, feeling himself start to get turned on again. He looked away and focused on the title of one of the books on the shelf, trying to distract himself. ‘Innovation Policy: A Practical Introduction’ He had no idea what that was about but it sounded boring as hell. He focused on that and let his arousal bleed away. Something about Jungkook just made him desperate for him. He’d never been the type who couldn’t control himself like that, but the Alpha broke those boundaries so easily.

“You ready?” Jungkook asked.

“Yep. Let’s go.”

Jimin followed Jungkook down the hallway to the elevators and into one. They rode all the way down in silence, occasionally glancing at each other and looking away, not sure what to say. When they reached the glass doors, Jimin paused and looked up at the Alpha when he didn’t move to unlock the doors. Opened his mouth to ask what was wrong when Jungkook wrapped a hard hand around the back of his neck and pulled him in for a kiss. Jimin let out a small, soft noise of surprise, but went willingly as he was drawn in. He curled his hands into the damp front of the Alpha’s shirt and returned the kiss with fervor, opening and letting Jungkook plunder his mouth.

The kiss ended as abruptly as it had started, with the Alpha pulling away without warning. Jimin swayed toward him like his body was chasing the kiss, but he steadied himself. Jungkook pressed one more kiss to his lips and smiled at him in a way that had Jimin’s stomach filling with butterflies. He had to force his hands to release the Alpha’s shirt from his grip and back down to his sides. He watched as Jungkook pulled a card out of his pocket and swiped it through the little reader by the door. The glass doors parted and Jimin was hit by a sobering gust of freezing cold air. He came back to himself all at once as the icy wind blew through his clothes and he turned to Jungkook, raising a hand in farewell.

“Goodnight, Jungkook.”

Jungkook pulled his wallet out and handed Jimin a wad of cash. When the Omega looked up at him in confusion, he just smiled.

“For the cab fare.”

“I’m pretty sure there isn’t a cab in this city that costs five hundred dollars.”

The Alpha just reached forward and ruffled his already messy hair with a laugh.

“Goodnight, pretty boy. See you next time.”

Jimin could feel the Alpha watching him as he hurried outside and flagged down a cab, quickly slipping into the backseat. He turned and watched as Jungkook typed the code into the little box and turned back toward the elevators. His attention was called by the cabbie, who wanted an address. The Omega gave him the address for his apartments, and when he turned back to look, the Alpha was gone.

Chapter Text

Jimin was exhausted when he got back to his apartment, but happy as he walked in and the place was warm still. He thought about showering before bed, but ended up just brushing his teeth and slipping into his nest in nothing but his boxers. He told himself that he wasn’t showering because he was tired and didn’t want to sleep with wet hair. It had nothing to do with the fact that Jungkook’s Alpha scent was all over him making him feel small and safe and soft. He was just sleepy.

He plugged in his phone and set his alarm, setting the device back on his nightstand. He lay in the darkness for a few minutes, mind replaying the scene at Jungkook’s office. Jimin had no idea how Jungkook was able to know what he wanted and needed without him having to tell him. It was like the Alpha reached right down into the core of him and pulled the most desperate desires to the surface and brought them to life. Honestly, Jimin had worried that he’d never find someone who would make him feel so pretty and filthy. He knew that what he had with the Alpha was temporary, but that didn’t stop it from being amazing and more fun than he’d had in his life.

He thought about the Alpha asking him if he could deepthroat, and his negative answer. He wanted to please Jungkook, to give him something back in return for all that the Alpha was doing for him. He reached over to his nightstand in the dark, fingers scrambling across the rough wood surface until he found his phone. He unlocked it and held it close to his face, squinting at the bright screen in the darkness. He opened the browser app and did a Google search.

Search: How to deepthroat

He sifted through the results, half of which were just porn, and found a few actually helpful articles. He read through them carefully, logging the information and tips for later. One website said that practicing with a toy first was best because it would help you get used to the sensation and learn to control your natural response of gagging. Jimin had a few toys in a little box under his bed that he used mostly for heat or when he was particularly needy and jerking off wasn’t enough. He sat his phone down and leaned over the edge of his bed, rifling around until he found the small shoe box. He grabbed it and pulled it up, taking the lid off and using the light of his phone to pick out a toy.

He selected a long baby pink one that was smoother than the others. He thought that it would be better not to have any texture to create resistance. He grabbed it and tossed the box down to the end of the bed. He felt kind of dirty doing this in the middle of the night, it reminded him of being a teenager and trying to masturbate without his parents hearing or finding out. He slid the toy into his mouth, the slight taste of rubber a little off-putting but he let his saliva coat it as he worked it in and out of his mouth a few times.

When he felt he was ready, he pushed it back farther to the back of his throat. He gagged immediately and pulled the toy out, gasping for a moment before opening back up and doing it again. He breathed deeply through his nose and prepared himself for the sensation, focusing on controlling his throat. This time he didn’t gag. He still felt the urge to gag, but he suppressed it. He held the toy there for a few moments then pulled it back a little. He worked in small degrees, first just letting the tip barely brush the back of his throat, then relaxing and letting it slip down his throat just a little. That caused him to gag again immediately. He kept trying little by little until he could get about an inch of the thing in without immediately gagging.

He pulled it out of his mouth and coughed, throat a bit sore. He grabbed his phone and saw that he’d been trying to deepthroat for almost an hour. He was going to be exhausted the next day. He climbed out of bed and went to the bathroom, washing the toy and drying it before returning and putting it back in the box and sliding the box back under his bed. There was more time to work on learning to deepthroat later. He was going to be a total zombie at uni tomorrow.


Unsurprisingly, Jimin woke up with a sore throat. His voice was raspy and it sounded like he was getting sick. He knew he was not in fact getting sick, but was hoarse from his late night experimentations. Maybe he had overdone it for his first time trying. Probably. He had a tendency to overdo things, and it wasn’t that surprising. He’d been right about being dead tired today, and he had to drag himself out of bed and into a shower. He dressed in his usual comfortable clothes, throwing Jungkook’s big sweater over the top of everything to keep himself warm.

Snow had come in the night, and was still falling. Everything was covered in a thick layer of white. The streets had all already been cleared in the early morning, the curbs piled high with dirty grey snow. Jimin waited at his bus stop, shivering and thinking that he needed to go shopping this weekend. He needed some warmer clothes, and now that he had a little money, he would be able to go home for Christmas and buy gifts for everyone. The thought had him smiling. He missed his parents and brother, as well as his best friend. Being able to see them at the holidays was one of the things he looked forward to the most.

He took his usual bus to school and stopped by the little café to buy a coffee to help him wake up and to soothe his sore throat. When he arrived to his marketing class, Jackson and Mark were both there already and he took his seat next to them with a smile, pulling out his textbook and notepad, ready to take notes on the class.

“Good morning, Jimin. Did you sleep well?” Mark greeted, leaning around his Alpha to look at Jimin.

“Well enough, I guess.” Jimin rasped through his sore throat.

Jackson leaned away from him hissing like a cat and putting his fingers up in a cross like he was warding off a demon.

“Are you getting sick?” The Alpha asked, pulling his shirt up over his nose and mouth.

Mark smacked his Alpha in the chest and leaned around him, reaching to put a hand on Jimin’s forehead.

“You don’t feel like you have a fever.”

“I’m fine. I must have just slept with my mouth open or something.”

Jackson seemed to relax, but now he was looking at Jimin with a different suspicion, the corner of his mouth pulling up.

“Slept with your mouth open? Is that what we’re calling it now? Cause you sound a lot like Mark after he su- Ow.” Jackson was cut off by a smack to the back of his head from his Omega.

“Finish that sentence, and you’ll be sleeping on the couch for a month.”

Jimin was giggling at their antics as the Alpha turned to his Omega and his haughty expression melted instantly at the no-nonsense look his Omega was giving him. Jimin’s phone vibrated in his pocket and he reached for it automatically, pulling it out and seeing that he’d just gotten a message from Jungkook. He felt the little smile tug at the corners of his mouth and bit his lip.

“Ooooh… Who is it?” Jackson asked, wiggling in his seat like a child. “You’ve got that good dick smile on.”

Jimin burst into laughter. “What in the hell did you just say?”

“Actually I kind of have to agree. That’s a good dick smile if I ever saw one.” Mark said, eyeing Jimin suspiciously.

“Babe!” Jackson said, looking touched and putting a hand on his chest. “You are truly my soulmate. But if we’re talking about good dick, then after class we can go- Ow.”

“Would you stop for one minute? We’re talking about Jimin here.”

“Oh. Right.” Jackson turned back to Jimin with a big smile. “So… who is it?”

“No one.” Jimin said, hiding the screen against his chest. Jackson plucked the phone from his hands and handed it to Mark then moved to block Jimin as he squawked and tried to get it back. “HEY! Give that back.”

Jimin was trying to reach around Jackson to get the phone from Mark, but was unsuccessful. Thankfully his phone was locked, but he hadn’t opened the message from Jungkook, so Mark could still read the new one on the lock screen. He needed to change his settings.

“Good morning, pretty boy. Last night was fun, but I’ll be out of town for a couple days, so we won’t be able to get together until Friday night. I’ll let you know a time later.” Mark read aloud.

Jimin felt his face burning, but was secretly thanking the gods that there was nothing in the message worse than that. Jungkook had a filthy mouth, and he was lucky that the message was fairly innocent. Jimin wrested one of his arms free from Jackson, snatching his phone back and shoving it in his pocket. He glared at the pair of them while they turned twin smiles on him. Jimin just looked toward the front of the class and prayed that class would start before they started in on him.

“Minnie… do you have a boyfriend?” Jackson sing-songed, poking Jimin’s cheek trying to get him to look at them.

“No. Shut up.”

“Aw… Minnie has a boyfriend!” The Alpha practically yelled and Jimin shushed him.

“Shut the fuck up, Jackson.” Jimin hissed.

There were a lot of Omegas at the university who were still mad at Jimin for breaking Daniel’s heart. Though Jimin didn’t understand why. When they’d been together those same people were just as quick to say that they were a bad couple and wanted them to break up. Now they were angry that they’d broken up. Jimin thought secretly that they all needed to get over it, including Daniel. It had been almost a year ago, and the Alpha still seemed to be holding out hope that Jimin would change his mind. He thought that what Daniel really needed was to move on and find a new boyfriend or girlfriend. He had all the options in the world, and of course he focused on Jimin… the one Omega on campus who wasn’t romantically interested in him.

Before the couple could start in on him again, their class started and Jimin shushed them both. After class released, Mark and Jimin both headed toward their next class, Jackson giving his boyfriend a kiss that was almost too lewd for public. They finally parted when Jimin started dragging the other Omega away by the arm. Jackson kept pace with them for a few moments, but finally let them break away as they turned a corner.

“Bye, Babe! Love you. Let me know if you wanna skip out on class and get your ass ate in my car.” Jackson called after them, making several people around him burst into laughter. The Alpha didn’t react at all, he was really shameless.

“Love you too. And don’t yell things like that in the hallway!” Mark called back.

“What am I supposed to do, pretend I don’t wanna eat your ass? Never gonna happen, Babe.”

“You guys are disgusting.” Jimin said as he pulled Mark along to their next class, Advanced Culinary Techniques.

“Your boyfriend doesn’t eat you out? That’s sad. With an ass like yours… a true crime against humanity.” Mark teased.

“I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“So… what is he just like a fuck-buddy slash friends with benefits kind of thing? Cause we all know you’re getting dicked down by somebody.”

Jimin knew he would only make his friend more suspicious if he kept denying it, so he told a half-truth to get his friend off his back.

“You and Jackson are both the damn same. Fine, yeah. We just… both have needs and we click pretty well in bed together. So, we’re helping each other out. It’s just for fun. Neither of us are looking for anything serious, so it’s perfect.”

“I see.”

“You’re totally judging me right now.” Jimin accused.

“I’m not! I’m just worried that you’ll get hurt.”

“I’m fine. I promise. I’m not going to fall in love with him, and he’s not going to fall in love with me. We’re just friends having casual sex. It’s not a big deal.”

“If you say so.”

“I do say so. Don’t worry about me. Go on to class and save a seat. I need to use the restroom.”

“Alright. See you in a few.”

Jimin turned into the bathroom and locked himself in a stall, pulling out his phone and texting Jungkook back quickly, smiling and biting his lip.

Jimin: I’m gonna miss your cock Daddy… but we can have fun when you get back. Hope your trip goes well.

Jimin waited for a few moments to see if Jungkook was going to text him back, and smiled when he saw the three dots at the bottom showing that the Alpha was messaging him.

Jungkook woke up exhausted and still hard as fucking diamonds when his alarm blared at him. He’d ended up staying at the office until almost midnight. He should have just fucked Jimin while he was there and stayed an extra hour. At least then he wouldn’t be suffering from blue balls. He kind of wished the Omega was in bed with him, then he could pull him closer and slide back inside him while he was all pliant and sleepy. He bet Jimin was a sight to behold in the morning when he was messy-haired, warm and soft. He’d have to get him to stay over one weekend and find out for himself.

He reached over and picked up his phone to check the time. He sighed when he realized he didn’t have time to lay in bed and fantasize about his pretty boy. He needed to get up and head to the office. He’d stayed late the night before and gotten enough work done that he’d be able to leave close to on time today. He felt a little smile tug at his lips as he thought of getting Jimin over to his house tonight and spending hours in his bed, making the Omega fall apart under his hands and mouth until he was a sobbing, whimpering mess, begging for his knot. Perfect.

He’d only met up with him twice, but he was already addicted how Jimin got so desperate to be touched and taken, the way his whole body trembled when he was out of control. He’d never met an Omega who turned over power to him like that. Jungkook was very dominant in bed, and some Omegas got overwhelmed by him, needing him to reign himself in from being so controlling. It always soured his experience when he had to water himself down to be palatable to a bedmate. He’d known from the moment Jimin had sat across from him at that table at Persona that he was different.

Jimin hadn’t shied away from his little testing shows of dominance. When he’d slid his thumb into his mouth and trapped his tongue under it and the Omega had immediately closed his eyes and whimpered, he’d known he was just what he needed. Jimin was so naturally submissive, but he got the impression that that was only in the bedroom. He recalled the bruised knuckles that the Omega had said were from punching an Alpha on the train. Outside of sex, he doubted that Jimin let himself be told what to do in any matter. Maybe that was why he needed the release of being dominated. Jungkook was glad to provide that service, he had no qualms about helping the pretty Omega escape from his responsibilities and stresses for a few hours.

The Alpha was very satisfied with his plan to leave work on time and get Jimin back in his bed that evening as he dressed and headed to work, planning to text Jimin in the course of the morning and invite him over to his place after work. However, all his carefully laid plans were ruined by the arrival of an extremely irate and angry Yoongi barging into his office almost as soon as he’d settled at his desk. His friend and business partner settled at the desk across from him with a scowl.

“The fucking manufacturing plant is acting up again. I’m so sick of dealing with their shit. I got word this morning from the QA team, and they’re telling me that the plant has gone ahead and begun to lessen quality on materials regardless of our numerous meetings, calls and emails telling them not to. So, I’m fucking done. They’re out. I’m not warring with them anymore.”

Jungkook wasn’t really surprised, he’d been expecting something like this to happen for a while. The facility that manufactured for them, OTR Manufacturing had been in business for over fifty years, but when the original owner had passed away and left the management to his sons, the quality of service had quickly gone downhill. The sons did not understand the premise that the customer comes first, and the quality of their production had hit a steep decline.

“Agreed. So, what’s the next move?”

“We need to find a new manufacturing plant. I’ve been prepared for this for a while, and we’re going to tour three plants that have the capabilities we’re looking for, or at least close. Our flight leaves today at 1:00 PM, so you need to go pack a bag we’ll be gone until Friday afternoon.”

“Alright. Send me all the info you have on the places we’re visiting. I want to do some research before we show up, so I’ll be able to tell when they’re blowing smoke up our asses about what they can do. I don’t want to be back in this situation again.” Jungkook said, trying not to frown as his plans to get Jimin naked in his bed were smashed to pieces.

“No problem. I’ll have my secretary email it all to you.”

After Yoongi left, Jungkook organized all the stacks of paperwork on his desk and made notes on them, planning to hand them off to various employees to finish up. He hated to do it, but it was the kind of thing he needed to start letting go of. He had over 500 employees and there was no reason he should be working until midnight. He needed to learn to delegate or he’d never get free from the chains of his workaholic/perfectionist nature. It was for the best.

He handed off his stacks of work and took the elevator down to the garage, pulling out his phone as he got in. He was so disappointed that he was going to miss out on so much amazing sex while he was out of town. But work was still priority number one, and he was beyond tired of dealing with the problems OTR Manufacturing had been causing them. At the end of the day, Cypher Tech was the customer and it shouldn’t be up to them to make their vendors do their jobs. That was the beauty of a free market, there was plenty of competition, and he was pretty sure that their current manufacturer had no idea how big of a hit they were about to take. Jungkook had no pity for them. They’d been given chance after chance to clean up their act and had failed to take action.

Jungkook opened Jimin’s contact and typed a message to him as he rode the elevator down.

Jungkook: Good morning, pretty boy. Last night was fun, but I’ll be out of town for a couple days, so we won’t be able to get together until Friday night. I’ll let you know a time later.

The Alpha didn’t receive any immediate response, so he assumed Jimin was in class. He slipped the phone back in his jacket pocket and headed to his car. The Audi SUV was one of four cars he owned, but probably his favorite currently. It was bigger and roomier than the others, and at the moment still held traces of Jimin’s sweet vanilla bean scent inside. The smell of the Omega never failed to have his cock stirring in interest; there was just something so sexy about him. He smelled and looked so sweet and innocent, literally a little vanilla baby. But Jungkook knew what hid under the cute exterior was a needy, cock-hungry boy that wanted to be praised and dominated, fucked hard.

He drove home and started packing a bag. He took several of his more casual business appropriate outfits as well as his steel toed boots. Manufacturing plants weren’t the place for neck ties and fancy suits. He threw minimal toiletries into a bag, pulling out cash from his safe as well as his passport and travel documents. He had everything ready in under an hour. Just as he was about to leave and head back to the office, his phone dinged in his jacket. He pulled it out and saw a new text from Jimin. He smirked as he sat on his couch to text back.

Jimin: I’m gonna miss your cock Daddy… but we can have fun when you get back. Hope your trip goes well.

Jungkook could picture Jimin blushing and biting his lip, getting all pink and shy. It made him wonder where the Omega was. He tried to tell himself that he didn’t care if other Alphas saw his pretty boy getting all blushy for him. It wasn’t his business.

Jungkook: Have you been missing my cock Baby? You wish I would have fucked you last night?

Jimin: Yes. But I know you’re busy.

What a treasure the little Omega was. He was going to have to increase his allowance for being such a little treat. He decided that getting a sugar baby had turned out to be an amazing idea. All the best parts of a relationship without all the nonsense and clinging, interference in his life. That was the main reason he’d avoided finding a boyfriend or girlfriend. He’d learned his lesson time after time that he wasn’t the type of Alpha that Omegas were looking for long term. His last relationship had ended because his boyfriend wanted to be dominated in every aspect of his life, except sexually. He’d wanted Jungkook to approve of every outfit he wore and little thing he did, but in bed expected to be pampered and romanced. He wanted Jungkook to make love to him. His ex would get all fussy when he’d pull his hair too hard or get too rough.

However, Jimin just took what he was given and was grateful for it. It was probably Jungkook’s favorite thing about him. He let Jungkook be rough and controlling and the Alpha knew he got off on it. He liked it. That was no secret. He got so wet and needy, whimpering and purring, as the Alpha took complete control of him. The way he moaned like he was in desperate pleasure as his mouth was fucked. He liked Jungkook using him and treating him dirty and he liked being told he was pretty, that he was a good boy for letting Jungkook do as he pleased with him. He could feel his cock hardening in his slacks as he typed back.

Jungkook: Were you happy with what I gave you?

Jimin: Yes

Jungkook: But you could take more?

Jimin: I’ll take whatever you want to give me Alpha. I’ll be a good boy for you.

Fuck. He so didn’t want to go out of town. He wanted to tell Jimin to blow off all his classes for the rest of the day and come over so he could fuck him. He thought about Jimin’s jeans full of holes and thin coat. He wanted to get him some nice things, a new wardrobe, a new cell phone, a whole dresser full of silky, lacy lingerie… Because if any Omega deserved it, then it was Jimin.

Jungkook: I know you will sweetheart. You’re always such a good boy. When I get back I’m gonna take such good care of you. You wanna go shopping, Baby? I’ll buy you whatever you want.

Jimin: Really? Whatever I want?

Jungkook: Yep. You name it. It’s yours.

The three dots on the bottom of the screen kept appearing and disappearing like Jimin was typing and then changing his mind. It made him desperately curious.

Jungkook: What is it Baby? What do you want? Tell me. I won’t judge you.

Jimin: It’s something really expensive and it would just be for me, and maybe you if you wanted… It’s so impractical.

Jungkook smiled at his phone, Jimin really had no idea how much money he had. How much money he would spend on him. Jungkook didn’t really need anything other than the things he already owned. He was a billionaire for christsakes, if Jimin asked for a car he’d take him and let him pick one out. Actually… that wasn’t a bad idea. It would keep him from riding the train and bus late at night. He’d be able to come and go safely from his apartment at all hours. He’d have to think about it.

Jungkook: Tell me. I promise I’ll buy it for you. You want a car? A house? Lifetime supply of chocolate? What?

Jimin: Alpha… stop making fun of me.

Jungkook could picture his petulant expression, lips pouted and nose turned up. He could imagine him getting all red and his hands balling into fists. Cute.

Jungkook: I’m totally serious.

Jimin: I was going to ask for a pair of Christian Louboutins… just for me to wear in private and feel pretty. I’ve always wanted a pair. But they’re really expensive.

The Alpha had no idea what the hell that was. He did a quick online search… high heels. Jimin wanted a pair of high heels to wear in private. Jungkook felt his cock throb at the mental image of Jimin in the black patent leather heels in the picture he was looking at. He glanced at the price and laughed. Jimin was definitely getting those, and probably several other pairs. He wanted to watch him walk around in just panties and heels. He noticed that the shoes in the pictures all had red soles. It must be a brand thing. He was already achingly hard from imagining Jimin in them, bent over the edge of his bed or sitting in his lap while he worked on his side project.

Jungkook: Oh hell yes. I’ll buy you as many pairs as you want as long as you wear them for me, pretty boy.

Jimin: I think I’ll look pretty for you Daddy

Jungkook: I know you will.

Jimin: I have to go or I’m gonna be late for my next class :((

Jungkook: Go on, sweetheart. I’ll call you tonight. I want to hear what sounds you make while you touch yourself for me, Baby.

Jimin: I’ll be waiting

Jungkook groaned and leaned his head against the back of the couch. Jimin was such a little tease, and the image of the Omega in high heels had him dying inside. Fuck. He was gonna lose his damn mind if Jimin kept this up. He wished he had time to jerk off, but he really didn’t. He still had to go back to the office for a meeting, then he and Yoongi had to get to the airport in time to get through security. He just sighed and adjusted himself. He’d thought that getting a sugar baby would mean less sexual frustration, not more. But he’d been half-hard since the first time he’d fucked Jimin and he didn’t see that changing anytime soon.

Chapter Text

Jimin really had to stop getting wet in public. He was going to start attracting Alphas like flies if he constantly smelled like an Omega in heat. He cleaned up quickly, washed his hands and jogged off to class, arriving just in time. He smiled as he thought about Jungkook buying him a pair of Louboutins. He’d wanted a pair since he was a teenager. He’d seen an Omega on TV wearing them and he could still remember watching as she’d walked away, how her red soles had flashed with every step. He thought she’d seemed so powerful and sexy. It had placed a vision of himself wearing them deep in his brain. He almost couldn’t believe his own daring at asking the Alpha for them, but Jungkook said whatever he wanted… and that was what he wanted.

He actually did own one pair of heels, they were bright red and buried deep in the back of his closet. They were cheap knock offs he’d bought for ten dollars at a small vendor downtown a few weeks after he’d moved to Seoul. Sometimes he would take them out and put them on and just lay in his nest, looking down his legs and studying them. He’d hold his foot up and roll his ankle, admiring how pretty his feet looked in the shoes. Of course, they were half a size too small, because he’d been too embarrassed to admit they were for him, and try them on, so he just bought them by what he thought would fit him. He’d been close enough. He could still get them on and admire them, which was all he really wanted them for anyway.

He turned his attention to the teacher as class began, putting aside thoughts of Jungkook and high heels and tried to pay attention as they were given their instructions for the day. Jimin and Mark always had a good time together in this class. It was one of Jimin’s favorite, because it really tested the limits of his skills, and he was always learning new things. He had to admit that the other reason was that he just loved to eat all the things they prepared, tasting and testing each dish. Today they were learning how to properly cook lamb, one of the hardest dishes to perfect.

Mark didn’t bring up Jimin’s love life again, for which the Omega was grateful. They focused on class and more interesting subjects as they worked, finally letting Jimin get comfortable again. He didn’t want to talk about Jungkook. His relationship with the Alpha was private, and he wanted it to stay that way. It wasn’t anyone else’s business. He was a young, single Omega who was having a good time with an Alpha. There was nothing more to it. He had found an Alpha who made him feel good, who was a lot of fun in bed and that was all there was to it. He knew this wasn’t the end of it, but it was at least a ceasefire, so he was okay with that for now.

“So Jimin, have you found a new job yet?” Mark asked as they prepared ingredients for their meal.

Yeah, he’d found quite a few jobs. Blowjobs, handjobs, rimjobs… but he wasn’t going to tell his friend about that. So he lied. Again. He was lying a lot lately, and probably needed to take a look at himself in the mirror and ask why he had to hide so many things from the people he loved.

“Yeah actually. I got a job as a housekeeper.” Jimin picked a boring job on purpose, knowing it wouldn’t cause too much in the way of followup.

“Oh? That’s cool. Have you started yet?”

“A couple days ago. It’s pretty boring.”

“I imagine. I hate doing my own chores. I can’t imagine doing someone else’s.”

Jimin just smiled and laughed with his friend, changing the subject.

As soon as his final class dismissed, Jimin caught the bus back to his apartment. He stumbled into his little place, kicked off his shoes and collapsed into his nest utterly exhausted. He’d been up far too late the previous night and hadn’t gotten enough sleep. He dozed off almost at once, not even bothering to take his jeans off, he rolled up in his thick, comforter like a burrito and fell asleep instantly.

He wasn’t sure how long he’d been sleeping when his cell phone woke him up, but as he blinked his heavy eyelids open, he saw that the orange light of twilight was streaming in through his window. His mind instantly went to Jungkook. The Alpha had said he would call tonight. Jimin smiled, still on the edge of sleep as he worked a hand down into his jeans pocket inside his tight, blanket burrito pulling it out and answering without checking the screen.

“Jungkook?” Jimin mumbled, groggily.

“Who the hell is Jungkook?”

It was Taehyung. Jimin mentally slapped himself as he yawned and started working his way out of his blanket trap.

“Oh. Hey TaeTae, what’s up?”

“Don’t even try it. Who’s Jungkook?”

Jimin facepalmed himself as he realized what he’d just done. Tae was even worse than Jackson and Mark. He’d never let this go without an answer, and Jimin wouldn’t put it past the other Omega to take a train from Busan to come check on him.

“He’s my new boss.” Jimin said, flopping onto his side as he was freed from this covers.

“New boss? What happened to your old boss?”

“The restaurant closed. I got a new job as a housekeeper for some rich Alpha.”

“How come this is the first I’m hearing of this? Are you okay? Do you need money? You want me to come stay with you for a few days?” Taehyung sounded deeply worried, on the edge of packing a bag and heading for Seoul.

“Tae! Relax. I’m fine. I’ve already got a new job. Everything is fine.”

“I don’t like the sound of this new job. What kind of Alpha has a single Omega as a housekeeper? Is he harassing you?”

“He’s safe. He’s not gonna hurt me. You worry too much, Tae. I’m an adult and I can take care of myself.”

“Hm… I still don’t like it. What if he tries to ravish you or something?”

“Ravish me? What is this one of those regency romance novels you love?” Jimin teased. He put on a fancy voice, mocking those old timey romance movies Tae had always made him watch. “My lord? Are you here to ravish me? But I’m just an innocent chamber maid… Your father would never approve!”

“Hey! It’s not my fault that Alphas these days don’t know how to treat an Omega. Is it so much to ask for someone to romance me and kiss the back of my hand and open doors for me, but then behind closed doors pull me into his arms and just…”

“Ravish you?” Jimin added helpfully with a laugh.


“I don’t know. Maybe if you weren’t stuck in our hometown you’d have a bigger dating pool. There’s got to be someone out there for you. You’re hot and smart and kind. You’re a catch.”

“Aww… thanks Minnie. But don’t think I’ve forgotten about you and your mysterious boss. Why would he be calling you at 7 o’clock on a Wednesday? I’m gonna talk to your parents, there’s no way they’ll allow this.”

“He had a conference call this evening that he was taking from home. I don’t usually go over this late. He just didn’t want interruptions on his call. It’s fine.” Jimin was lying wildly at this point, just trying to diffuse the situation. “I was waiting on him to call me and let me know if I should even come tonight. He said if it got too late, I could just skip today.”

“Oh. Well, alright. But you better tell me if he steps even one toe out of line. I’ll kill him.”

“I know, I know. You think I forgot how you kicked Kim Jiwoo in the balls in high school when that asshole wouldn’t take no for an answer? He had to have testicle retrieval surgery.”

“Truly my crowning life achievement.” They both lapsed into giggles for a few minutes at the old memory.

“So, what’s going on Tae? Did you need something.”

“I was just calling to make sure you’re coming home for Christmas? We all miss you. I never get to see you anymore. I don’t even remember your scent.”

“I am coming home for Christmas. I’m not sure exactly what days yet, but I’ll let you know as soon as I have it scheduled.”

“YES! I’m so excited! I can’t wait. Are you coming alone, or have you finally found a boyfriend?”

“I’m coming alone, nosy. Don’t put any ideas in my Eomma’s head. I’ll never hear the end of it.”

“I’m not promising anything. She’s relentless.”

Jimin heard his line start to beep and he pulled the phone away from his ear to look at the screen. Jungkook was calling. Jimin felt his cheeks get hot at how clandestine their secret relationship felt.

“My boss is calling. I have to let you go. I’ll call you later.”

“Okay. Fine. Don’t forget to call me though!”

“I won’t! Love you.”

“Love you too. Later.”

Jimin took a deep breath, then switched lines.


“Hey, pretty boy.”

The deep voice made a shiver go through his whole body, lighting up every nerve ending and causing waves of goosebumps to tighten his skin.

“Hey…” Jimin hadn’t meant for his voice to be so breathy.

“Where are you?”

“In my nest.”

“Oh? What color is your nest, Baby?”

Jimin eyed the ancient assorted bedsheets that made up the canopy of his nest and the mishmash of different colored pillows and blankets that were piled around him. There was no one dominant color to latch onto everything was just a mix of things he’d owned forever. He was pretty sure there were some things in his nest that he’d owned since he was just a pup and his mother had set up his first ever nest.

“Uh… a mix of colors, I guess.”

“I bet you’re pretty in your nest.”

Jimin felt his stomach fill with butterflies, arousal slowly building in him the more the Alpha talked.

“It’s my special place. I like it here cause it’s warm and soft and everything smells familiar. But… I like to nest anywhere. Especially warm places.”

Jimin snapped his mouth closed. Why was he telling Jungkook this? It had no bearing on their relationship. Jungkook wasn’t his boyfriend. But the Alpha’s next words made some of his self-indignation wash away.

“You’re cute. Are you warm right now?”

“Yeah. I just woke up from a nap.”

“I wish I was there. I want to see how sweet you look when you just wake up. I bet you’re so warm and soft. You would be so relaxed and sleepy, I bet you’d take my cock really well.”

Jimin bit his lip and slid a hand down to cup himself through his jeans, feeling himself getting hard and wet at the mental image of waking up with Jungkook moving inside him slowly.

“I would, Alpha. I would take you so well.”

“Tell me sweetheart, are you touching yourself right now?”


“What are you doing? Are you playing with your wet little hole while I talk dirty to you?”

“N-no. I’m just touching myself through my jeans.”

“Take everything off for me. I want you naked.”

“Just a sec.” Jimin set his phone aside and sat up far enough to pull his shirt off and toss it down toward the end of the bed before lifting his hips and shimmying out of his jeans and boxers. He picked his phone back up. “Okay, I’m done.”

“Good boy.”

“What now?” Jimin asked, pulling his blankets back over him, not liking the feel of the air moving over his skin.

“Now… I want you to tell me what you think about when you touch yourself. What’s your fantasy?”

Jimin felt a mix of embarrassment and arousal slam through his body, making his heart race and his face warm. He’d never really told anyone about his secret fantasies, his deepest desires. But Jungkook had already seen his list of kinks and participated in a few of them. It felt odd to think of saying them out loud.

“I want… um…” Jimin hesitated, wondering if he should try to focus more on trying to be sexy than trying to be honest.

“Tell me, Baby. Don’t hold back. I want to know.”

Jimin probably shouldn’t let himself be so easily manipulated by this Alpha, but all it took was for him to ask and his inner Omega was irresistibly subservient to his commands. He wanted to please the Alpha, he wanted to do what he was told and in return he wanted to be praised and petted, told he was good and pretty and perfect. So he began to talk, voice quiet and a little too breathy for his taste, just a shade too close to a moan.

“I think about how it would feel to be bent over and held down by the hair. I think about getting used for someone’s pleasure, like a sex doll. I want to be called pretty and told how well I can take cock, but I also want to be talked dirty to. I want to feel small and defenseless, I want it hard and rough… that’s my fantasy.” Jimin was hiding under his blanket as he spoke, even though he was alone.

“Mmm… I could do that for you, Baby. When I get home, I could fuck you until you cry. Do you want that? You want me to make you feel so much that you cry for me and beg for my cum?”

Jimin was burning. He hadn’t touched himself since he took off his clothes, he didn’t want to do it without permission, but he was wet. He was soaked, and he could feel the sheets under him dampen with his slick as it gushed from him. This was better than any porn he’d ever watched. Being talked to by Jungkook, being promised things that he was more than sure the Alpha could deliver on. It had his Omega half fighting for control, making him a little too honest, a little too needy.

“Yes… gods yes. I want it. I want it so bad… want you so bad.”

“Are you touching yourself now, sweetheart?”

“No. I want you to tell me what to do… please… help me, Alpha.”

“Touch yourself, Baby. Get your hand wet with your slick and wrap it around your pretty cock. I want to hear your little noises. I haven’t gotten to hear them nearly enough.”

Jimin did as he was told, sliding his hand between his thighs to gather slick on it and wrapped it around his cock. He whined softly as he started to move his hand, the knowledge that Jungkook could hear every noise he made had him arching and gasping as he pictured the Alpha listening to him, getting hard from his sounds.

“Mmm… does it feel that good, Baby?” Jungkook asked, voice deep and smooth.

“Yes… oh god… Alpha… nngh… Are you hard, Alpha?”

“Oh yeah, Baby. I’m so hard, you’re doing so well for me. Making such pretty sounds.”

The speed of Jimin’s hand was increasing as he felt his pleasure building slowly, masturbating had never felt so intense before. Knowing Jungkook was listening and that the Alpha was enjoying it had him so hard and so wet he knew he’d have to change the sheets after this.

“M-more… I need more.” Jimin gasped.

“Do you have any toys?”

Jimin’s mind was totally scrambled and it took a few seconds to process the question.

“Uh… yeah. I do.”

“Get whichever of your toys is your favorite. I want to listen to you fuck yourself for me.”

Jimin bit his lip and forced his hand to stop moving, which was immensely difficult when he was so aroused. But the Alpha’s words had him doing it anyway. He was a good boy. He would follow his orders.

“Okay… Hold on. I need to get them out.”

Jimin set his phone aside and rolled over to reach under his bed and grab his box of toys. He didn’t really have much of a selection. He had the pink toy he’d practiced deepthroating with, a lovely glass one that was gently ribbed with a heart shaped pink base that was probably his favorite because it was so pretty. He’d bought it a few years ago online and it was his standard one that he used for heats. It was slightly wider than the pink one, but not as long. He grabbed it and left the box on the floor next to his bed, rolling over into his spot and grabbing his phone.

“Got it.”

“Good boy. Now I want you to open yourself up with your fingers, Baby. Don’t hold back your sounds, I want to hear how it feels.”

Jimin set the toy aside and bent his knees up, opened his legs and reached the hand that wasn’t holding his phone down between them and gently slid one finger inside himself with a little sound of relief. He was already breathing hard and his voice was still a bit raspy as he moaned quietly, moving the finger in and out of himself a few times before adding another. His fingers were smaller and shorter than Jungkook’s, and he could feel the difference immediately. He wanted the Alpha’s longer, thicker fingers. They reached places deep inside him that his just couldn’t.

His early relief quickly turned to frustration as his moans turned to needy whines. He knew he was being a brat, but he wanted Jungkook. His small, short fingers were no match for the way the Alpha had made him feel. Even as he added a third finger he felt upset that he couldn’t reach that special spot deep inside him that Jungkook’s fingers had easily reached.

“What’s wrong, pretty boy? You don’t sound like you’re enjoying yourself.”

Jungkook’s voice was calm and quiet and the gentleness only made Jimin’s inner Omega more upset, more needful.

“It’s not enough… I want you. Alpha, I need you.”

“I know, Baby. I know. But you’re doing so well. You’re gonna be good for me, right?”

“Y-yes. I’ll be good.”

Jimin felt like he was going to cry. He wanted Jungkook so badly, but he also wanted to be good and do what he was told. So he just tried to calm his breathing and focus on moving his fingers, preparing himself. He bolstered himself with the thought that Jungkook was listening, was hard from hearing him. He was doing well, and the Alpha would be proud of him as long as he focused and listened.

“Are you ready for the toy, Baby?”

“Yes, I’m ready.”

“That’s good, Baby. Now I want you to put your phone on speaker. Just do it like you normally would. Let me hear your pleasure, pretty boy.”


Jimin pulled the phone away from his ear and put it on speaker, setting it on the pillow next to him.

“Can you hear me okay, Daddy?”

“I can hear you perfectly. Now, fuck yourself for me.”

Jimin reached down next to his hip where the glass dildo was resting against him, slightly warmed from his skin. He opened his legs a little wider as he reached down with the toy and slowly slid it inside himself, gasping quietly and letting out a moan as he felt the familiar sensation of being stretched around the smooth glass. He gently worked the toy in and out, trying a few angles to hit his prostate, finally letting out a little gasp when the tip of the toy brushed it.

Once he found the right angle he moved with more purpose, sliding the glass toy in and out at a quicker pace, each time pressing into his pleasure spot. He forgot that Jungkook was listening as he got caught up in his pleasure, moving faster, pushing deeper until he had to roll over and rise up on his knees. He saw the glowing screen of the phone, showing that Jungkook was still listening. That knowledge had every cell of his body singing with pleasure and a ball of tension gathering low in his belly as his orgasm began to build.

He rested his forehead on the pillow next to the phone, one hand bracing his weight as best he could as the other continued to fuck himself, now harder, faster. He was able to get more leverage in this position and shifted back as he pushed the toy inside. The heart-shaped handle was getting slippery as slick ran down over his hand, down his thighs and dripped onto the sheets below him. He didn’t usually get this wet from just masturbating, but he was picturing Jungkook in his mind, imagining the Alpha touching himself. He let out hiccupping sobs of pleasure as his imagination was dominated with images of Jungkook’s elegant hand wrapped around his cock, working himself to the sounds he was making.

“I’m close, Daddy… are you close?”

“Yeah, Baby… I’m almost there… Keep going… wanna hear you cum, sweetheart.”

Jungkook’s voice was slightly muffled, and a little grainy through the speaker, but he could still hear him clearly as he responded, could still make out the deep strain in the Alpha’s voice. Jimin felt his own pleasure spike at the obvious arousal in the Alpha’s voice. Jimin’s forearm was starting to cramp from the continual use, but he ignored it as he felt the beginning stirrings of his orgasm taking hold, slowly tightening his inner muscles and making it harder to push the toy inside each time. He was letting out a string of garbled nonsense mixed with moans and whimpering, keening sounds as his orgasm built and finally he felt the dam of his pleasure break.

“I’m cumming… ah, fuck… I’m cumming…” Jimin whimpered softly.

Jimin’s body seized up for a moment before going into the fluttering pulses of his orgasm. His hole seized and clenched as slick poured from him, over his hand and the toy, making everything slippery. His cock jerked as he shot ropes of pearly white cum onto both his belly and the sheets below him. As his orgasm wound down he was panting and shaking, he slowly let himself roll to the side and collapse onto the bed, pulling in great shaky breaths as he attempted to calm his racing heart. He glanced up when he heard Jungkook’s voice coming from the crackling speaker of the phone, he also sounded out of breath.

“You did so good for me, Baby. Such a good boy.”

Jimin was still shaking and his voice came out in a thin, quavering note as he spoke.

“Say my name… please?”

“Jimin. You were so good, Jimin. Such an obedient, needy boy for me. My precious little Minnie.”

Jimin felt happiness swell inside him at the words, he’d done well.

“Thank you…” Jimin’s voice was a whisper.

“You okay, Baby?”

“Yeah. I feel really good right now.”

“Perfect. Well, I’m sorry to leave you off so suddenly but I’ve only got a few hours before I have to catch a flight to Hong Kong and I need to get some sleep.”

“That’s okay. I’ll talk to you later then?”

“Yeah, sweetheart. I’ll try to call tomorrow if I can.”



He wished Jungkook were here to brush his hair back and pet him with his big, warm hands. He made Jimin feel small and beautiful, things that he rarely allowed himself to feel. His entire life was made up of school and family and work, but since he’d met Jungkook he’d felt lighter, like some of his burden was lifting, or at least that he’d had a chance to rest before saddling all his worries again. Jimin was a happy person, and he enjoyed life’s little gifts, but he still had some anxieties and worries.

He worried about disappointing his parents, who had been hard-pressed to accept his decision to move to Seoul and study culinary arts. He worried about his future and whether he’d be able to really make his dream of owning his own restaurant come true. He worried that he’d die alone. He got anxiety about a lot of things too. He knew he let the opinions of others cloud his perception of himself too much, and he tried too hard to get others to like him. One perfect example was his inability to be honest with Daniel. He already got so much animosity directed at him because of their relationship and he didn’t think he could handle more by breaking the kind Alpha’s heart even more. Plus, Jimin was a very empathetic person. He felt the pain of others more sharply than even his own and he found it hard to make someone else sad.

Jungkook made him feel… better. He made all of Jimin’s overthinking quiet down and allowed him to have that perfect, uninterrupted internal silence for a short time. It was something he’d never had. Taehyung had tried to get him to try meditating a few times, but maybe he wasn’t suited to it, because the entire time they were “meditating” all Jimin could think about was how this position pressed his ankle bone into the floor and how his a lower back was itching and the little clicking noise the ceiling fan was making was really annoying. Maybe that zen place wasn’t something he could reach on his own. He needed someone else to guide him there. He needed Jungkook to guide him there.

Chapter Text

Jungkook hated traveling at the best of times, and this was far from the best of times. He was horny, and actually had something he could do about it, but was being cockblocked by his own fucking company. He was starving, since he hadn’t eaten and tired from staying up so late the previous night, and he was all around feeling less than forgiving. Yoongi seemed to sense this and left him alone to read over the documents he’d been given on the capabilities of the factories they were touring as well as using his laptop to search for more information.

This entire situation was a monumental pain in his ass, and he was actually looking forward to giving their current manufacturer the boot. He’d put up with their garbage long enough, and now they were taking time away from him that he could be spending firmly planted between Jimin’s creamy thighs, licking him open and getting his pretty boy ready to take his cock. Gods, he wanted nothing more than to have Jimin with him right that moment, to push him into the first class bathrooms and fuck into his mouth and watch the lovely Omega swallow everything down. He wanted him to walk back to his seat, knees red and lips puffy and swollen from use… but no. He was here dealing with this bullshit instead of finding new things his little vanilla baby liked in bed.

So overall, Jungkook wasn’t in a great mood.

They arrived in Japan at 3 o’clock and taken a cab first to their hotel to check in and drop off their belongings, then on to the factory they were touring. They had been met by one of the owners, an obnoxious and somewhat oily-seeming Alpha who showed them around the facility. All the bowing and scraping was already giving him a headache as he was told what kinds of equipment they had and what all types of manufacturing their facility was capable of. It had been apparent from the research he had been provided as well as what he’d done himself on the phone, that the owner who was giving them the tour was lying wildly about the capabilities of their factory. Not a very promising start.

When Jungkook had called him on his claims, the male had backpedaled so fast he was stumbling over his words and trying to justify his blatant lies. It was clear he was used to dealing with people who knew very little about manufacturing and was probably able to get away with these kinds of lies generally. However, Jungkook designed and engineered most of the products they sold. He was no novice when it came to the manufacturing side of their business, and he knew exactly what they needed to make their products up to their specifications. There was no doubt in his mind that this place would be just as bad or worse than their current manufacturer. No point in making a change if it wasn’t to better the company. So, Jungkook had finished the tour and he and Yoongi had taken another cab to a business dinner Yoongi had arranged with one of their biggest vendors.

“Why can’t these people just be honest?” Jungkook sighed heavily as he and Yoongi were driven to their business dinner. “I would be willing to put money into a factory and help update their facilities to meet our needs if I could just find someone honest.”

“I know, Kook. You’re preaching to the choir here. I’m wondering if we might actually have to build a whole new factory, but that would be such a logistical nightmare. While I know that you know a lot about manufacturing on a purely knowledge level, neither of us are experts. Let’s hope one of these other places turn out to be what we’re looking for.” Yoongi replied just as they stopped outside the restaurant.

Jungkook handed the cab fare over to the driver and he and Yoongi walked into the restaurant that smelled excellent. Jungkook was still starving and he hoped that he’d be able to satisfy at least one of his needs. He and Yoongi were both surprised to find that the Alpha they were supposed to meet was already there, and he wasn’t alone. He had two young Omegas with him, one male and one female. They were clearly his children, the resemblance was uncanny. Jungkook had to consciously keep himself from rolling his eyes. This wasn’t the first time that a business meeting had turned into attempted matchmaking.

He and Yoongi were both rich, successful, handsome, single Alphas. It made sense why Omegas sought after them, and Jungkook didn’t really hold any grudge against that, even if he didn’t particularly like it either. At least that was better than the weird parents of vendors and contractors who seemed to want to forge lasting business arrangements by basically selling their children for profit. He and Yoongi shared a glance that spoke volumes. His business partner obviously wasn’t happy about this situation either.

“Jungkook, Yoongi! Let me introduce you to my children. This is my daughter Yeona and my son Hajoon.”

Jungkook and Yoongi shook hands and tried not to grimace when the realized that the only way for them to sit, was one of them each next to one of the Omegas, since their father was at the head of the table. They took their seats and made polite conversation, trying to keep the topic on that of business, but generally failing as their attempts were waved off by their host. It was becoming increasingly frustrating to try and ignore the less than subtle ‘hints’ the father was dropping about his children being single. Well, two can play at that game.

“I know that the Seoul Arts Gala is coming up at the beginning of next month. I know you both get invitations every year.” Their host said, joyfully. “Neither of my children have dates yet. Maybe you should consider going together.”

“I’m sorry, sir. I actually already have a date. It’s an Omega I just started seeing recently. He’s going with me.” Jungkook said, trying to look disappointed when he was actually ecstatic.

“Ah, well… I suppose it can’t be helped. What about you Yoongi? Are you taking anyone?”

“No sir, I don’t mix business and personal life.” Yoongi’s words and tone cut off that avenue immediately.

“What’s the name of this lucky Omega you’re seeing? Would I know him?” Yeona asked from beside Jungkook, turning and giving him a smile he thought was probably supposed to be alluring, but he thought was a shade too disingenuous.

“I don’t believe you’d know him.” Jungkook said, hesitating for just a moment. “His name is Jimin.”

He guessed there was no point in hiding it. Jimin was going to be attending events with him and business dinners in the future. He knew that he’d be getting the third degree from Yoongi as soon as they were out of this restaurant. Now that he thought about it, there hadn’t really been any point in hiding this from his friend. As long as Yoongi didn’t know the real nature of their relationship, everything would be fine. He’d talk to Jimin about it after he got back home. They would just pretend to the wider world that they were actually dating, that way no one would suspect the actual relationship. Then, when they inevitably parted ways they could just say they broke up. He wondered why he hadn’t thought about it before. Probably because Yoongi was right, and he’d been too horny and interested in just getting Jimin in bed to worry about anything else. Jizz might actually be the enemy of Alpha clarity after all.

Yoongi could be strangely wise sometimes.

As they rode in the cab back to their hotel, Jungkook could feel Yoongi looking at him smugly. He refused to give in and acknowledge the look. It took a total of twelve blocks for Yoongi to finally speak, and his voice was entirely too full of laughter for Jungkook’s liking. He’d been trying to keep Jimin as his little secret, but he guessed that there was no real way to keep it from his best friend. They were far too involved in each other’s lives, what with working together and being friends outside of that. This was inevitable.

“So… Jimin, huh? That’s a pretty name.”

“It is.” Jungkook deadpanned.

“Oh, come on. Don’t be a spoiled brat because I found out about your little boyfriend. It was bound to happen eventually. So tell me about him. How did you meet? What’s he like?”

Yoongi prodded him in the side and couldn’t help but smile a little as he looked at his friend and the Alpha was smiling one of his rare gummy smiles. But as he thought of what to tell Yoongi, he didn’t know what say about them meeting. He decided to go with a half truth.

“We met in a coffee shop. We hit it off and I asked him out. He’s got a busy schedule too, so we’re pretty compatible. He’s in culinary school, and he’s very sweet.”

“He’s still in school? How old is he?”

“He’s 21.”

“Wow… You’re dating a little baby Omega. How cute. I bet he’s cute.”

Jungkook’s mind wandered to thoughts of his little vanilla baby. He was very cute, but he was also so sexy. Such a tender, pliant little thing. He wondered how Jimin would look in something baby pink and lacy. He’d be so pretty in pink.

“He is pretty cute.”

“Am I going to get to meet him at any point?” Yoongi asked with a smirk at the dumbstruck look on his friend’s face.

“Maybe, but it’s still pretty new. I’ll talk to him about it after we get back.”

This seemed to be enough to quench Yoongi’s curiosity for now. They finished the ride in silence and split in the hallway to go into their separate rooms. Jungkook had his phone out of his pocket and was dialing Jimin before he even had his shoes off. He’d been thinking about the Omega all day, and now he was looking forward to hearing his lovely boy touching himself. He just knew that the sounds he’d make while doing it would be enough to get him off. He was half hard already just from the thought.

He turned out to be right, as he talked Jimin through his orgasm he made the softest quiet whimpers that turned to louder, shivering moans. He could tell when Jimin was lost to the pleasure and forgot he was listening, and it was amazingly hot. He’d cum when Jimin did, with his hand wrapped around his cock, Jimin’s desperate sounds in his ear. He could almost feel the hot, wetness wrapped around him. The Omega had been so tight when he’d fucked him, he’d never been with anyone that tight. But he’d taken Jungkook’s cock like he was made for it, he’d had lovers who couldn’t take all of him when he knotted, forcing him to thrust shallowly into them. It was hard to hold back from the instinct to pound in as hard and deep as he could. Jimin had taken him, and he’d cried for more, he let Jungkook use him just as he wanted without complaint, because he liked it too.

He thought that Jimin might actually be the perfect boy toy for him. Their sexual preferences were so in line with each other, and the Omega was okay with his schedule. Sure, he was paying him, but that didn’t really change the facts. He’d never had anyone who truly let go of themselves the way Jimin did. It had been a little shocking how easily the Omega had ceded control of his body over to him, like he needed Jungkook to be charge for a while, and he didn’t mind in the slightest. Reigning over the Omega in his pleasure was what had given him pleasure. And when Jimin had told him his fantasy… being held down and fucked, Jungkook had almost cum right on the spot. It was one of his own personal fantasies that he’d never been able to indulge. It appeared that was about to change.

He hated getting off the phone but he really did have an early flight the next day. They were flying to Hong Kong to view another plant that he hoped would be more promising. The facility was supposed to be top of the line, but he’d seen some of the pictures in their brochure, and he was wondering if they weren’t already overbooking themselves with their other customers. The warehouse photos he’d seen were all organized and neat, but he had a suspicion that this wouldn’t end well either. He’d noticed the logos on the boxes for at least twelve different companies, and though their facilities were vast, he knew how many workers they employed and how many machines they could run at any given time. He decided to give them a chance and let the tour speak for itself.

Waking up at 3:30 AM to get dressed for a long day of work followed by another flight back to Korea already had Jungkook feeling agitated. Talking to Jimin last night and getting off had taken the slightest edge off, but now his body was back in revolt. He knew he would need more than just that to be satisfied. He needed the real thing. His inner Alpha was so riled up at the lack of Jimin in his bed since the first time, he was basically a bundle of raw nerves. Not exactly the best state to be in while making major billion-dollar decisions, but he’d dealt with worse than this. He was a workaholic for many years, and he could work in basically any condition, whether sick, horny or tired he always made it through somehow.

The flight was on time and Jungkook slept the few hours they were in the air, feeling slightly less irritable when he woke. By the time they were out of the airport and through the city to the manufacturing plant, it was nearly noon and he was starving. He just sighed and walked with Yoongi into the facility. His business partner was in about as good a mood as he was, but they both knew this was more important than their personal comfort, so they stayed focused.

Jungkook could see problems almost from the moment he stepped foot inside the facility. There were stacks of boxes everywhere, manufacturer names mixed between the stacks and the lack of organization was an immediate red flag. He listened to the whole spiel that the manager of the facility gave out, and he had to admit the man was a gifted salesman. If Jungkook didn’t know what he was doing, then he would probably have been fooled by him. However, Jungkook was no novice at this and he knew that they were overstating their capabilities. So he decided to do a test. If he got an honest answer, he would consider them.

“Will our business not affect your current client list? I know you have several major companies here, and I don’t want to be put on the back burner for someone else whose account is bigger.” Jungkook said, watching the other Alpha for signs of dishonesty. He didn’t see any, he was clearly a good liar.

“No sir! We’re completely prepared to handle all your orders.”

So, that was a no. Jungkook didn’t deal with liars. Not in business and not in his personal life. He had no time for dishonesty, and he was already annoyed by his current physical state. He kept his mouth closed until the end of the tour and as soon as they walked out to get in the cab that had been called, he turned to Yoongi.

“Absolutely not.” Jungkook said flatly.

“Obviously. Even I could tell that the place was a fucking circus. No way in hell are we using them.”


They had just enough time to stop and eat before they had to get back to the airport to fly back to Korea. Unfortunately, they weren’t headed to Seoul where Jungkook could have Jimin over at his place. They were going to Busan, his hometown. The flight was turbulent, but Jungkook wouldn’t have been able to sleep either way. He hadn’t been back home since his falling out with his parents. It felt odd to be going back there. He knew he wasn’t going to see his parents, and that there was absolutely no way he’d run into them in the few hours he’d be in town, but his mind still clung to the idea.

By the time they arrived it was evening already, his body exhausted and jet lagged from the multiple flights and odd hours. They went directly to their hotel and into their own rooms to crash, equally exhausted from stress and travel. He kicked off his shoes, dropped his suitcase onto the sofa and went to the bed to collapse. He wanted to just fall asleep at once, but he pulled his phone out and found Jimin’s contact, typing a message to him.

Jungkook: Hey pretty boy. How was your day?

He waited a few moments, the quiet of the room making his heavy eyelids droop until the heard the little ‘ding’ of an arriving message.

Jimin: Good. Tiring. Honestly I fell asleep as soon as I got home just woke up when you texted.

Jungkook smiled at the phone but felt a little bad that he’d woken the Omega up from his probably much-needed sleep.

Jungkook: Sorry I woke you. I’m actually about to crash myself. Just wanted to check in on you.

Jimin: Its okay I need to get up and eat something anyway

Jungkook: Have you eaten at all today?

Jimin: Yeah, all my classes today were cooking so I got to snack a little bit

Jungkook: What are you going to have for dinner?

Jimin: IDK… Ramen probably.

Jungkook scowled at his phone. Jimin needed to eat better. Ramen was not a decent thing to eat as his only meal. Of course, Jungkook had eaten ramen as a meal countless times over the last years, so he was being a hypocrite, but he didn’t really care.

Jungkook: What’s your address?

Jimin: Its [insert contact]
Jimin: Why?

Jungkook: I’m gonna order you some food, Baby.

Jimin: That’s totally not necessary. You really don’t have to I’m fine

He smiled at the mental image he had of Jimin reading his texts, lips pouting as he huffed and got shy and a little irritated. Cute. He was so cute.

Jungkook: Do what Daddy says. Or I’m gonna punish you when I get back tomorrow.

The Alpha knew he’d pulled the winning card in the hand when the three little dots appeared and disappeared over and over for about forty-five seconds until his phone dinged with a new message.

Jimin: Ok Daddy

Jungkook: Good boy. I’ll call it in now. Any allergies or anything to worry about?

Jimin: No

Jungkook: Okay. I’ll order your food, then I’ve got to sleep. I’ll be home tomorrow I’ll text you with a time to meet me at my place.

Jimin: Ok Daddy

Jungkook: See you then Baby. I can’t wait.

Jungkook closed the text app and made a call to his favorite delivery place. He ordered enough food to feed probably five or six people, but he didn’t really care. He wanted Jimin to eat a decent meal and get a good night’s sleep. Two things he wasn’t going to get himself. He hung up and sent one last text before getting up to go shower before he fell asleep.

Jungkook: Your food should be there in about 20. Goodnight, pretty boy.

He got up and got his toiletries out of his little bag, taking a quick shower and brushing his teeth before pulling on boxers and plugging in his phone. He fell into bed and saw that he had a new text.

Jimin: Thank you. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow

Jungkook smiled at the screen and laid back in the uncomfortable hotel bed, wishing he was at home on his pillow soft mattress and Egyptian cotton sheets with Jimin. He told himself that it was just the bed that was making him too uncomfortable to sleep. He wasn’t focusing on his parents and how close they were. He didn’t care. Maybe he hadn’t reached out to them, but they never reached out to him either. So, they probably had given him up as a lost cause. He took a deep breath and shut his mind off. He thought about his side project, letting the complex coding and math ease his brain away from emotion and into cold, unfeeling numbers. It helped and he managed to fall into a fitful sleep.

When he woke up, to the tinkling song of his alarm coming from his cell phone it felt like he’d just blinked, and the night was gone. His back was hurting, and he was still exhausted. His eyelids felt like sandpaper as he blinked and rubbed at them. God, he just wanted to be home. He allowed himself a few minutes to sulk in bed, but as he thought that he’d be getting to see Jimin that evening, he finally forced his tired body into motion. He dressed and packed up his meager belongings before grabbing his bag and texting Yoongi to meet him downstairs at the hotel café.

He ordered breakfast and drank several cups of complementary coffee to try and invigorate himself. When Yoongi appeared, he looked just as tired, eyes drooping and hair a little out of sorts, which was a big departure from his usual perfect appearance. Yoongi was always completely put together, from his perfectly styled hair to his crisp, fitted suits. He was never seen looking messy or casual, except by those few, like Jungkook that he considered friends. He might give Jungkook a hard time about being a workaholic and perfectionist, but he was just as bad if not worse. He was just better at hiding it.

“You look as bad as I feel.” Yoongi growled, plopping into the seat across from him and grabbing the empty coffee cup and filling it from the carafe.

“I’m hoping this one works out… because I don’t want to do this again.” Jungkook said, pushing his hair back roughly and rubbing his eyes again. “But if past experience is any indicator, we’re about to get fucked. Again.”

“Ugh… Let’s not even get into it. If this guy we’re meeting turns out to be a liar like the rest, I’m going to lose it.”


They eat their mediocre breakfast and drink their cheap coffee that was at the very least, semi-effective in waking them both from their zombie state into something more fit for public consumption. The conversation turned back to work as they went to call a taxi. Jungkook gave Yoongi the rundown on what this new facility was reportedly lacking for their needs. He estimated that they could be brought up to scratch for about ten to fifteen million dollars investment, which for them was at least an acceptable amount if the place turned out to be the right one.

They were greeted by the president of the company Mr. Park Jinhwan. He was older than them, maybe close to their parents age, and he greeted them formally when they arrived. Jungkook immediately took a liking to him and his professionalism. He had to admit that the facility was clean and organized, clearly well managed if somewhat out of date. The equipment could be updated, but the important part was that the management was up to scratch. So, he performed a little test to see how honest the president was.

“So, we produce a lot of very advanced and high-end computer parts. Do you think your facility has the capacity to manufacture the parts our company is needing?”

Jungkook half expected another set of lies. Either they would say yes and try to update the facility with whatever downpayment Cypher Tech paid to them, or they would try and get another manufacturer to make the parts they couldn’t secretly. He looked at the president and the Alpha just sighed and ran a hand through his dark hair, setting the other one on his hip.

“I’m gonna shoot straight with you. We don’t have the equipment to produce most of the parts you are going to need. I think that if your company wanted to invest the time and money into our place here, we could get up to snuff, but if we’re going to stay as-is… I know that there is no way. I’d love to have your business, it would be a huge contract for us, but I’m not going to start a negotiation based on a lie.”

Jungkook immediately felt respect for the man. He’d answered honestly even though it could lead to them losing Cypher Tech’s interest in their facilities and services. Finally, he’d found an honest person in charge of one of these places. He felt a tension leave his shoulders and for the first time gave the Alpha a genuine smile.

“That is exactly what I wanted to hear. Honestly, I was thinking we could invest some capital in this place in return for shares in your company. It’s going to be a long, drawn out process, especially if we need to build new parts of the facilities, but I think this could definitely work out. I’d really like to manufacture in Korea, it makes it easier for all parties involved.”

Yoongi took over at that point to talk to him about their finances and investors, going into accounting and tax laws and how they would affect a relationship such as theirs. Jungkook trusted Yoongi to figure out the rest. He’d done his part, he found the right facility, and though it was going to need a ton of work to get ready, it was a start. Compared to the hurdles of getting their company off the ground, updating an existing facility for their needs was a piece of cake. They went into the president’s office and talked to him for a few more hours about the various machinery they would need and supplemental staff. It was going to be a lot of research and getting quotes on various things for their accounting departments, but by the time they left, there was laid a shaky groundwork of a future collaboration.

As soon as he and Yoongi were in their cab on the way to the train station, Jungkook pulled his phone out to text Jimin. He was suddenly in a much better mood as he realized that in only a few hours time, he would be home and Jimin would be at his house, where he could finally get his hands on him again. He’d been dying to touch him for days, and the time was drawing nearer. It would only be about four hours, and he’d be back in Seoul. He was so fucking ready.

Jungkook: Hey, pretty boy. It’s Friday and I’m headed home. I should be back at my place at 7ish. Can you stay the weekend? I want to take you shopping as a reward for being such a good boy for me while I was away.

Chapter Text

Thursday was probably the most exhausting and fulfilling of Jimin's school days because it lasted until 5 o’clock and was all various cooking classes, which had him on his feet most of the day. Even though he went home tired, he was always happy to have spent the day cooking rather than doing math. Cooking was what he loved, it was his dream job. He had Jackson in all his classes on Thursdays and he knew that it was going to be a long day of interrogations. He was probably going to just have to tell Jackson the same lie he’d told Mark. That was, if Mark hadn’t already told his boyfriend. Which he probably had. Those two had no secrets. Sometimes it was scary how much they knew about each other.

Jimin had spent the previous evening after getting off the phone with Jungkook trying to practice deepthroating again, and he’d been much more successful. He’d learned a lot from the first night of experimentation and realized that what he was doing wrong was trying to force his throat to open, rather than to relax his throat. Once he realized that, it was much easier. It had taken a little bit of experimenting and adjusting to the sensation, but he’d finally managed it. He could push the toy all the way in to the hilt, though it still gagged him a little. He was sure that was just part of it. He’d even watched a few porn videos to see how other people did it, and it seemed like gagging a little was normal. He wanted to try it on Jungkook now that he’d figured it out. He imagined that it would be better with the real thing, than with the rubber toy. The plasticy taste of the toy was half of what made him gag, but he liked the way Jungkook tasted, so it might help to keep him from gagging so much.

He was unbelievably horny. Masturbating last night with Jungkook had been amazing, but he wanted the real thing. He wanted the Alpha to take him apart down to his most exposed and vulnerable state again. He’d been craving it ever since he’d walked away from the Cypher Tech building and gotten into that taxi. There was something about Jungkook that made Jimin needy and desperate. He would do anything the Alpha wanted as long as he praised him and called him a good boy afterward. Even if it was embarrassing or painful, he would do it. Because Jungkook made him feel all the things he’d always secretly wished for. He gave him all the sensations he’d desperately wanted for years. The feeling of vulnerability, to feel small and helpless, but also desirable and safe.

Jimin took his regular bus to school, the snow had still not melted, and his converse still slipped and slid on the icy pavement as he walked onto campus. He kept his balance mostly, only coming close to falling once. By the time he got into the building he felt like his nose and ears were about to freeze off, his unprotected fingers aching with the cold. Walking inside felt both amazing and also painful as the hot air reached his frozen parts and thawed him out. He made his way to his first class, Traditional Korean Cooking, and took his usual seat. Jackson arrived only a few minutes after him, waving and rushing to their table, calling out to him.

“Jimin! Morning!”

“Morning, Jackson. You’re in a good mood.” Jimin said with a laugh, observing his friend’s wide grin.

“Mark told me about your secret bootycall.” Jackson said, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

“Of course he did. He has no loyalty.”

Jackson looked like Jimin had just offended every single part of him, mouth falling open and hand going to his chest.

“How dare you talk about my baby like that? Those are fighting words!”

“Fight me then. I’m not scared of you.” Jimin deadpanned.

“Aish! Minnie… why are you so scary?” Jackson whined. “I feel bad for your boyfriend.”

“He’s not my boyfriend.”

“I know, I know. He’s your… what? Boytoy? Friend with benefits? Sex pal? Fuck buddy? Take your pick.”

Jimin rolled his eyes, but honestly didn’t know what Jackson should refer to Jungkook as, seeing as sugar daddy was out of the question.

“I guess just call him my boyfriend. I don’t want to start a bunch of rumors and I know how damn loud you are.” Jimin sighed.

“I’m not loud!” Jackson screeched, making several people around them laugh and Jimin to give him another deadpan stare.

“You so fucking are. Now, shut up before people start rumors about us dating… again.”

“Ew. No offense Jimin, but I could never. Mark is my true love. He’s my forever hoe.”

Jimin tried not to laugh, but failed as he burst into giggles. Jackson was such an idiot, but that was what Jimin loved about him. He and Mark were really the perfect couple, because Mark was the only one who could keep Jackson under control, but he still shared the Alpha’s ridiculous sense of humor. Jimin buried his face in his hands that were covered by the long sleeves of Jungkook’s sweater to try and muffle his laughter.

“You are the most ridiculous couple in the fucking world.”

Jimin was using the sleeves of his sweater to wipe at the tears gathered in his eyes from his laughter as the teacher entered and called the class to order. They were too busy for the rest of class to talk much more about anything except their dishes and work. Jackson still bombarded him with questions that Jimin mostly ignored as they walked to their next class, finding Mark waiting outside the classroom.

“Mark, if you value your Alpha’s balls at all, I would get him away from me.” Jimin said to the other Omega as they walked up to him.

“Jackson, stop bothering Jimin. He has plenty of time to figure out his relationship. Stop pestering him.”

“Okay. Fine. I’ll stop asking questions about your boyfriend. But, you know you can talk to us, right?” Jackson asked, sincerely.

Jimin smiled at his friends and nodded. They really were good friends, even if they were incredibly embarrassing idiots most of the time. He honestly thought that they had the kind of relationship that he wanted. They were so honest with each other, and they accepted all the other person’s weird qualities without question. They supported each other no matter what, even when they were mad. Jimin recalled when they’d had a bad fight a few months ago and Mark had ended up staying over at Jimin’s place. Jackson had appeared in the middle of the night banging on the door and when they’d finally opened, the Alpha had pulled Mark into his arms and cried, begging for forgiveness.

It had been a very touching scene to witness, and part of the reason why Jimin really respected Jackson as an Alpha even if he was a moron most of the time. He cared about his Omega so deeply. Mark was just as devoted as Jackson, but just a bit quieter about it. He was the secretly jealous type. Anytime someone seemed to be checking out his Alpha, he always got super touchy. Jimin always laughed when Mark would end up in Jackson’s lap when they were in at a coffee shop or something and other Omegas were getting too interested in Jackson. It was adorable. Jackson was so clueless, he didn’t usually understand the reasoning, but he got excited whenever his Omega wanted to give him attention.

Conversation went back to their usual topics as they waited for their class to start. Jimin was happily sitting with his two friends chatting when the teacher entered and called their attention to the front. When he announced that they’d be working in pairs of two, Jimin groaned. He preferred to work with Mark and Jackson, but as he looked around, someone appeared at his elbow. He turned his face and looked up into the eagerly smiling face of none other than his ex.

“Hey, Daniel.”

“Hey, Jimin. You wanna partner up?


Jimin couldn’t think of a polite way to say no, so he just gave him a slightly pained smile.

“Sure. That would be great.”

Jimin shared a glance with Mark who looked sympathetic to Jimin’s plight as he gathered up his backpack and left to go sit with Daniel at his table. Advanced Pastries and Cakes class was also about baking. Unlike his baking 101 class it was more specialized and a lot harder because it was judged at a much higher level. They took not only composition and presentation into account, but also nutrition. It made the course much more difficult because the teacher was not the type to forgive those who slacked off in his class. Jimin did at least know that Daniel was a good student, and he would do his part of the work and make sure it was done properly. Jimin felt his stomach sink as the teacher spoke his next words.

“Take a good look at your partner, because you’ll be working with them on a big project that will take up most of this class through the next few weeks as well as some outside research and homework.”

Jimin tried not to show the discomfort on his face as he was included to scowl at this news. He could practically feel Daniel’s excitement beside him, like a happy puppy whose tail was wagging. The very last thing he wanted was to spend more time with his ex, especially outside of class, but he didn’t have a choice. He cared more about his studies than the Alpha’s crush. Nothing was more important to him than school and if Daniel interfered with that, he was going to get a taste of the real Jimin. The one who would kick the Alpha’s ass if he was trying to stop Jimin from achieving his dream.

“I am assigning you to create a completely new recipe from scratch. I want you to add some surprise element to it, and write up all nutritional information as well as your reasoning for your ingredient choices. This assignment will be due the first week of December, so you have three weeks to complete it.”

Jimin wanted to groan. This assignment was going to suck. Not because he didn’t want to do it, but because it was going to require him to spend an extraordinary amount of time with Daniel. Maybe they could just take on separate parts and come together at the end with a final result… probably not. It was going to require a lot of collaboration. Jimin actually thought the assignment itself sounded really fun, and would normally have loved to work on something like this. But working with Daniel… was going to make things weird. At least Daniel thought that Jimin was seeing someone, so if he started to get too flirty, Jimin could always bring up the subject of his “boyfriend” to cool the Alpha down.

“This project seems interesting.” Daniel said as the teacher finished up his speech.


“So… do you have any ideas about what you’d like to do?”

Jimin would ‘like’ to not do this at all, or to do this alone. He felt irritation build up in him as he thought of having to spend hours cooped up with the Alpha whose heart he had broken, and who still foolishly seemed to be holding out hope for him. But when he looked at the Alpha, he really was like a big puppy with his sandy hair and brown eyes. He reminded Jimin of a golden retriever and he wasn’t the kind of person you could stay mad at.

“Um… maybe something with lavender? We’ll have to try some things out and see what works, but I did have this one idea for a while. How about an earl-grey, lavender and lemon tart. It’s unusual, but those flavor profiles are complementary. We’ll have to book one of the campus kitchens to work on it after classes.” Jimin gave him a soft smile as the Alpha looked so pleased with the suggestion.

“That sounds great! We’ll have to check the schedule and see when there are available timeslots.”

Daniel was smiling that very charming smile that made all the other Omegas swoon. Jimin wondered if there was something odd about him that he felt nothing for that look. He much preferred Jungkook’s dark, penetrating gaze that made him shiver as it ran up and down his body. He had to shake his head to get his thoughts back on track.

“Sure. We’ll have to do some other research to see what the best way to incorporate these ingredients together. But, I think I have the basics of the recipe written up already.” Jimin said, pulling one of his notebooks out of his bag.

Jimin flipped quickly through the book where he kept all his original recipe notes for future reference until the found the page with the basics of the pastry he’d talked about. He turned the notebook around and let Daniel look at the page that was written out neatly with a little drawing at the bottom of how the final product should look. The Alpha’s eyebrows shot up as he read over the recipe and realized how much Jimin had already done in figuring out the proper measurements. He reached down and flipped a couple of pages, seeing similar neatly written recipes and tiny illustrations before Jimin reached over and took it back. He didn’t usually let people look through his recipes. He liked to keep them private.

“Sorry. I was being nosy, wasn’t I?” Daniel asked, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll copy this recipe down for you to review on your own and we can make our own notes and meet up once we know when we can get in at the campus kitchens.”

“You’re really talented, Jimin. You know, I always thought you were probably the best chef in our year.”

Jimin wasn’t really sure what to say to that, so he just tried to keep it generic.

“Thanks, Daniel. That’s very kind.”

Jimin pulled out a second notebook and copied the entirety of the incomplete recipe page onto another sheet before tearing it out and giving it to Daniel. They spent the rest of the lesson talking about the project. As the class was coming to a close, they made plans to meet at the library the next day at noon, both having only morning classes on Fridays. Jimin had to get the Alpha’s number, and he seemed a little upset that Jimin didn’t have his contact saved anymore, but Jimin pretended not to notice. The entire situation was so awkward.

Jimin worried over the project as he walked with Mark and Jackson to their next class but knew there was nothing to do about it. He tried to put his worries to the side but wasn’t very successful. He made it through his last class and walked to the bus stop, wanting to head home and fall asleep. The stress of the day had given him a headache and he just wanted to lay in his bed until the pain was gone. He really didn’t want to work with Daniel on this project, but he had no choice. He knew the professor was not the type to be lenient and so he would have to suffer through for the sake of his grade point average.

As soon as he locked the door to his tiny apartment, Jimin dropped his backpack and stripped down to just the oversized hoodie and boxers before climbing into his bed and huddling up in his blankets in a little ball, massaging his temples as he attempted to stop the headache. The quiet and warmth soothed him and leached some of his stress away and with it his headache. He let the familiarity and comfortable scent inside his nest lull him to sleep.

He woke to the sound and feel of his phone receiving a message. He cracked his lids to see that it was already dark inside his apartment, but his phone was glowing next to him so he reached out and grabbed it, smiling when he saw that it was Jungkook texting him. All the stress and thoughts of Daniel fled straight out of his mind as soon as he saw the contact name on his screen.

Jungkook: Hey pretty boy. How was your day?

Jimin read the message and felt a little thrill of excitement rush up his spine. He could almost hear the way the Alpha’s voice would sound saying it. He typed back, an honest answer, too tired to try and be sexy or cool.

Jimin: Good. Tiring. Honestly I fell asleep as soon as I got home just woke up when you texted.

Jungkook: Sorry I woke you. I’m actually about to crash myself. Just wanted to check in on you.

Jimin wondered if Jungkook was okay. He was probably also having a really stressful time with all the traveling and work that he was having to do. Jimin wished he was there. He wouldn’t mind helping the Alpha to relieve some of his stress, but he didn’t want to bring that up in case Jungkook didn’t want to talk about it, so he went with the honest answer again.

Jimin: Its okay I need to get up and eat something anyway

Jungkook: Have you eaten at all today?

Jimin felt something foreign and warm bloom in his belly at the caring question. Jungkook was such a good Alpha.

Jimin: Yeah, all my classes today were cooking so I got to snack a little bit

Jungkook: What are you going to have for dinner?

He peeked his head up and looked over to his kitchen. He knew he had nothing to cook, and even if he did, his stove always gave off a weird smell that made Jimin afraid it would catch on fire if he used it too much.

Jimin: IDK… Ramen probably.

Jungkook: What’s your address?

That seemed like an odd question, but Jimin answered anyway. He trusted Jungkook, the Alpha wouldn’t do anything weird with the information. But he was curious.

Jimin: Its [insert contact]
Jimin: Why?

Jungkook: I’m gonna order you some food, Baby.

Jimin felt his stomach dip as he read the word ‘Baby’ but was still embarrassed by the gesture. Did Jungkook think that he couldn’t take care of himself? He typed back quickly, feeling the pout on his face.

Jimin: That’s totally not necessary. You really don’t have to I’m fine

Jungkook: Do what Daddy says. Or I’m gonna punish you when I get back tomorrow.

His whole body flushed with heat as he read those words. Fuck. Jungkook always knew exactly what to say to get Jimin to be so pliant and give in. He almost wanted to be punished, just out of curiosity of what the Alpha would do, but he also wanted to be good. He typed out several responses, pausing and re-doing it several times before he settled on a simple answer.

Jimin: Ok Daddy

Jungkook: Good boy. I’ll call it in now. Any allergies or anything to worry about?

Jimin: No

Jungkook: Okay. I’ll order your food, then I’ve got to sleep. I’ll be home tomorrow I’ll text you with a time to meet me at my place.

Excitement flooded Jimin’s whole body as he read that. Tomorrow. He’d get to see Jungkook again tomorrow and feel the Alpha’s hands on him again. He was so excited, he felt himself getting slightly wet at the mere thought of what the Alpha was going to do to him when they were alone again. He’d had a stressful few days, and Jimin wanted him to release all that tension upon him and let him be his outlet.

Jimin: Ok Daddy

Jungkook: See you then Baby. I can’t wait.

Jimin couldn’t wait either. He wanted it to be tomorrow night already, he was so ready for this. He’d wanted Jungkook since the first moment he’d seen his picture, and that want had only increased with every encounter. Caught up in his thoughts, he jumped when his phone dinged again, but looked down to see another message from Jungkook.

Jungkook: Your food should be there in about 20. Goodnight, pretty boy.

Jimin: Thank you. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow

Jimin giggled and rolled around in his bed for a few minutes before finally getting up and pulling on sweats so he’d be ready when the food arrived. He set up his laptop on his coffee table that was missing a leg and currently had one corner propped up on a stack of books. By the time he was done, he heard a knock on his door and when he answered there was a tall Beta on the other side holding several bags that he held out to Jimin.

“Good evening sir. Here’s the food you ordered.”

“Oh. Thank you.” Jimin said, taking the three bags that were full of more food than he’d be able to eat in the next three days.

“You’re welcome. Have a great night.”

“You too.”

Jimin closed his door and locked it with difficulty, trying not to drop any of the food. He took it all to his coffee table and set out the numerous containers. It was a fucking feast. There was no way he could eat even a quarter of the food in front of him. He didn’t want all this food to go to waste, so he pulled out his phone and took a picture of the loaded table that looked like it was about to collapse under the weight of all the food and texted it to Mark and Jackson.

Jimin: Hey… I’ve got too much food. You guys wanna come over for dinner?

Jimin waited a few seconds and saw the three dots appearing at the bottom of the screen.


Jimin laughed and pulled three sets of chopsticks out of the bag, setting them out and waiting for his friends. They lived in the apartment complex down the block, so it was a short walk. He felt a little bad to share Jungkook’s gift with others, but at the same time, he’d feel worse for all this food going to waste. It wasn’t like Jungkook was courting him. The Alpha was his sugar daddy. This wasn’t a romantic gesture. He was just being nice. There was no rule that said they couldn’t be friends as well as fuck buddies. Jimin was actually glad they were on friendly terms, because it made the whole situation a lot less awkward.

But… friends didn’t really feel like the right word either. He didn’t have a name for what they were. Something more than friends but less than boyfriends. Lovers? He guessed that was as close as it was going to get. Jungkook was his lover. The thought made him blush. It sounded so scandalous. Like he was a lonely Omega housewife who was having an affair with the sexy poolboy. Or a Jane Austen style heroine who was disobeying her controlling Alpha father to be in a secret passionate relationship. Jimin snorted at the thought. It sounded like something from one of Taehyung’s stupid romance novels.

He was pulled out of his own silly thoughts as he heard knocking at his door. He answered and invited Jackson and Mark inside. As soon as Jackson saw all the food on the table, the Alpha pulled Jimin into a crushing hug. He knew that though Jackson and Mark weren’t destitute, they were still broke college students, and a treat like this wasn’t something they got often.

“Oh my god, Jimin. You are an angel! If I’m ever rude to you again…”

“I’ll know you’re back to normal.” Jimin joked, punching Jackson’s arm as he pulled back.

“Thanks for inviting us over for dinner, Jimin.” Mark added, elbowing his Alpha out of the way to give his friend a hug too.

“No problem! I can’t eat all this by myself.”

“Where did you get all this?” Jackson asked, sitting on the floor in front of the sagging olive green couch.

“My uh… guy I’ve been seeing ordered it for me.”

“That’s kinda… romantic. Do you think he’s trying to get you to be his boyfriend?” Mark asked.

“He probably likes big asses and is trying to make you gain weight without saying it. Or he just knows he’s gonna be wearing down that ass this weekend and wants you to have plenty of energy.” Jackson interjected, as Jimin and Mark took seats around the table on the floor.

Jimin punched Jackson’s arm again. The Alpha was such an idiot, but he was still laughing as he put his laptop away and they all broke their wooden chopsticks apart and started to pick at the food. They talked with their mouths full and laughed and joked as they ate as much as their bodies could hold. Even with Jackson’s bottomless pit of a stomach, they didn’t even eat half of it and were sitting back massaging their bellies and groaning.

“Ugh… I’m actually properly full for the first time since I went home for my birthday.” Jackson said as he leaned back against the couch.

“I think my stomach is going to burst.” Mark added. “Just leave me here to die happy on your floor.”

“I would, but we all have classes in the morning. So, I should clean this up and you guys should get home so you can rest up.” Jimin said, standing and stretching his arms over his head with a yawn.

“I don’t think I can walk that far.” Jackson whined, making Jimin laugh.

“Well, the couch folds out into a very uncomfortable bed if you guys wanna sleep here.” Jimin offered as he started closing up the containers of food and stacking them to put in the fridge.

“That is the most tempting offer I’ve ever heard, but I want to get out of these jeans and into my pajamas.” Mark said as he helped Jimin to put all the food away and wipe up the table.

Once everything was cleared up, Jimin forced some of the food off on his friends before he bid them farewell and got ready for bed. Now that he was full and warm he was tired again. He made sure to set his alarm and fell asleep in minutes and slept better than he had in months. He actually managed to get deep rest, and when his alarm went off in the morning, he woke with a smile. He was going to see Jungkook today.

That thought had him jumping out of bed and rushing to the shower. He took extra care to get ready, scrubbing his skin in the shower to leave it nice and soft, and then putting on lotion just to make sure he was as soft as possible and his skin would be velvety smooth. He even pulled out his makeup and did a little bit, just to make him look pretty. He didn’t know when Jungkook would be home, but he wanted to be ready just in case. He felt naughty as he pulled on a pair of teal cotton panties with lace around the top, before pulling on the rest of his clothes. He put on a soft, long sleeve grey shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans that were ripped at the knees like most of his other pants. He still covered everything with the oversized sweater. Before leaving, he slung on his backpack, grabbed his phone, wallet and keys and left in a rush.

Jimin only had two classes on Fridays, first was French Cuisine and second was Wines in Culinary arts. He had both classes with Mark, and the two Omegas sat together still talking about the amazing food last night and Mark dropping hints that Jimin must have really made an impression to receive such attention from someone who was just a friend with benefits. Jimin just laughed his friend off, but near the end of his second lesson, he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He pulled out his phone and saw a new text from Jungkook that made his heart hammer in his ribs and made his cheeks flush.

Jungkook: Hey, pretty boy. It’s Friday and I’m headed home. I should be back at my place at 7ish. Can you stay the weekend? I want to take you shopping as a reward for being such a good boy for me while I was away.

Stay the weekend? Jimin felt his stomach fill with butterflies as arousal slammed straight into him. An entire weekend of being fucked by Jungkook… holy shit he was getting hard. He tried to curb his body’s reaction before he started to leak slick. Jungkook was going to take him shopping. He was excited. He remembered the Alpha telling him that he was going to buy him lingerie and new winter clothes. He hadn’t really thought much about it since then, more distracted by Jungkook himself rather than the gifts he’d promised. Jimin was excited. It would be nice to have a few things to wear that were warmer, as he was always cold.

Jimin: Of course! I’m so excited to see you

Jungkook: I’m excited to see you too Baby. I’m gonna fuck you so good pretty boy. Gonna make you cry.

Jimin: Fuck… Daddy I’m in class. I can’t do this right now or I’m gonna get wet.

Jimin really wanted nothing more than to sext Jungkook, but the last thing he needed was to smell like arousal when he went to meet Daniel at the library. He wished he could blow it off and tell him they’d meet up next week, but he was too dedicated of a student to slack off on schoolwork.

Jungkook: Okay sweetheart. I’ll see you this evening.

Jimin: See you then

Mark was giving him a knowing look as he sent the message and slipped his phone back in his pocket. He tried to ignore the smirk on his friend’s face, but it was impossible as it grew wider and wider until it was a full blown smile.

“What?” Jimin asked finally, annoyed.

“I’m guessing that was your mystery Alpha. You’re blushing like crazy and I don’t think I’ve ever seen you look so soft as when you were looking at his messages.”

“So what?”

“So… I think you like him. It’s cute. I didn’t know you could be so cute and sweet. You can say whatever you want about your relationship, but I know that Alphas who don’t care about you, don’t send over enough food to feed an army without having feelings.” Mark teased.

“He was just being nice.”

“Okay. Sure. Whatever you say.” Mark’s tone made it clear he didn’t believe Jimin.

As class was dismissed, Jimin and Mark split ways outside the classroom. Jimin headed to the on campus café and grabbed a sandwich and water, eating quickly as he headed to the library to meet Daniel. The Alpha had beaten him there, and was sitting at a table in the far corner alone. Jimin suppressed a sigh as Daniel waved enthusiastically to get his attention. It wasn’t Daniel’s fault that Jimin was distracted by the prospect of meeting Jungkook again later.

“Hey, Jimin. Are you ready to get started?”

“Hey, Daniel. Yeah, I’m ready.”

“I made some notes on the recipe, and a list of reference books we should consult to see what ingredients will work best.”

Daniel turned his notebook around to show Jimin all his notes and list of books for reference. Jimin felt a little bad that he hadn’t done anything the previous night, but he guessed that he’d already done a lot of the work since they were using his personal recipe. He read the list of notes quickly and was impressed at how insightful and well worded they all were.

“Great! Let’s pull these reference books and then we can get started.”

They each took two books off the list and went to find them in the massive library, meeting back at the table and starting to search through for the information they needed. They worked in relative silence for a little over an hour, making separate notes and reading from the reference books about different processes and ingredient combinations. After making notes for a while, they started to share their ideas and thoughts, winding up with three different variations of the recipe in the end. The next step would be to try them out in a real life kitchen and see what worked the best. Trial and error, the scientific method for cooking.

“So, I looked at the schedule on my way over here. There are several timeslots open at the campus kitchens for this weekend. Do you want to maybe work on the recipe Saturday afternoon, then maybe we can go out to dinner or something?” Daniel asked after a few hours of working.

Jimin felt bad for what he was about to do, but it was all for the best. He had to crush the Alpha’s hopes entirely, and it was going to sting. He tried to keep his face politely smiling.

“Sorry, Daniel. I can’t this weekend. I’m staying over at my boyfriend’s place all weekend. I’m actually going over there after we finish up here. Sorry. I’ll check the schedule after this and see if we can get an afternoon timeslot for one day next week.”

“You’re… staying over for the weekend?” Daniel asked, looking shocked at this news.

There, he’d done it. The implication was there. He was staying at his boyfriend’s place was basic code for, ‘We’re gonna fuck’. Hopefully that would sink in and the Alpha would finally let go of his dreams of Jimin and him getting back together. Because it was never going to happen, no matter how sweet and nice he was, he just wasn’t the right Alpha for Jimin.

“Yep. He’s been out of town for a few days, so we’re making up by spending the weekend together. What about you? Any big plans for the weekend?” Jimin asked with a smile that he hoped didn’t look as forced as it felt.

“One of the frats is having a party. I might go to that.” Daniel shrugged, looking like he was trying hard to be nonchalant.

“Cool. That’ll be fun.”

Now that they had their rough draft recipes, there wasn’t much more for them to do. They packed up all their supplies, returned the books and parted ways outside the library. Jimin went to the campus kitchens and found an availability for Tuesday at 3:30 PM. He confirmed with Daniel that that time was okay and added their names to the list before walking off campus to the nearest bus stop. He had to get home. He’d spent four hours in the library with Daniel, and it was almost five o’clock. Jimin still had to get home, pack a bag and get all the way across Seoul during the busiest time of the day on a Friday.

He took his usual bus route home and sprinted up the stairs to his apartment. He shuffled around in his closet for a little bit, figuring out what clothes to wear, though he only had a few options. He shuffled things around in his backpack and made room to fit the clothes in along with his notebooks and textbooks, he still had homework he had to work on at some point this weekend. He put his extra clothes inside, added panties, socks and toiletries. It took a total of about fifteen minutes to get ready, and just as he was about to leave he had a thought.

He paused with his hand on the door handle and looked back at his nest. He wondered for a few moments if it was a good plan, but now that he’d had it, he couldn’t let it go. His mind wandered to the box of toys under his bed, in which was his turquoise glass plug. He really only used it when he was in heat, it made doing things like showering, cooking and eating easier if you felt full. But… if he wore it over to Jungkook’s place, then the Alpha wouldn’t have to stop to stretch him, they could get started as soon as they were in Jungkook’s apartment. Jimin was so desperate, he doubted he would have much patience for it, plus he wouldn’t smell like slick on the train. He was already so excited to see Jungkook that he could feel the wetness dewing between his legs, and a plug would keep it from leaking slick into his teal panties. The last thing he needed was another incident of punching an Alpha on the train for being a handsy bastard.

Jimin slipped the backpack off his shoulders and unfastened his pants as he walked over to his bed.

Chapter Text

Jungkook was late by about thirty minutes. It was all thanks to the godawful fucking traffic. He’d been so busy trying not to get hit on the busy Seoul streets he hadn’t been able to text Jimin to let him know, but he was sure the Omega was probably waiting in the lobby. He finally made the final turn onto his street, which was thankfully dead of traffic since there were no clubs or bars down this road, just apartments. However, as he was about to pass in front of his building, he saw a familiar slight figure standing outside. He recognized the large gray sweater that the tiny, huddled boy was wearing and he could see him shaking. He stopped at the curb and pulled his cell out, noticing it was still in airplane mode. Shit.

He turned off airplane mode and all his messages flooded through. He felt like such a jackass.

5 Missed Calls
2 Voice Messages
6 New Text Messages


He immediately dialed Jimin and watched as the boy waiting in front of his building pulled out his cell. He felt a little thrill when he saw the Omega smile and answer.


“Hey, Baby. Look up.” Jimin’s head turned up and Jungkook rolled his window down. “Come get in.”

Jimin immediately started walking forward, ending the call and jogging over to the car. Jungkook unlocked the doors and smiled as Jimin got in. Now that he was close however, he could see how red his ears, nose and cheeks were. Even his tiny hands were red and raw from the cold. Jungkook immediately reached forward and set the heater on full blast, turning on Jimin’s seat warmer. He reached up and brushed Jimin’s blond hair back from his face. Even his hair was cold.

“Baby… why were you waiting outside? It’s freezing.” Jungkook said, using the back of his hand to try and warm Jimin’s cold cheek.

The Omega was shivering and he couldn’t help but notice that he still wasn’t wearing a proper amount of clothes. His black jeans were ripped at the knees and he was just wearing the sweater Jungkook had given him. He angled all the vents to blow at Jimin, ignoring his own body getting too hot from the constant dry, warm air.

“I w-was but they kicked me out. They said I couldn’t wait there.”

Oh hell no. Somebody was losing their fucking job. This wasn’t gonna fly on his watch. He brushed his hand over Jimin’s cheek again. He felt horrible. He should have given him a key after their first meeting, then he could have been waiting up in his apartment, nice and warm.

“Sorry, Baby. Traffic was just really bad.”

Jimin just smiled at him and turned his face into the hand on his cheek, closing his eyes and letting out a soft purr.

“It’s okay. You’re here now. Let’s go upstairs, Alpha.”

Jungkook still felt angry that Jimin had been made to wait out in the cold, and he would still be speaking with management, but for now he would just focus on Jimin. The Omega wasn’t shivering anymore, in fact he seemed to be warming up nicely as his body relaxed into the warm seat. The Alpha pulled away from the curb and drove down into the underground parking garage, finding his spot close to the elevator and parking. He let the car run for a few more minutes to warm Jimin back up.

Jimin looked over at Jungkook, who was staring at him from the driver’s seat with mild concern. He was fine. He’d been battling winters without heating for almost two years. He wasn’t going to die from standing in the cold for twenty minutes, but the concern was still touching. Jimin couldn’t help but feel himself clench around the plug that was still resting inside him as Jungkook’s dark scent wrapped around him in the confined space. He knew the Alpha was sweating because of the intense heat, and it only made his scent stronger. He was glad for the plug at the moment because without it, he was sure he’d be leaking slick through his jeans by the violence of his body’s response to Jungkook’s nearness.

“I’m okay, Jungkook. I walk to school everyday in this weather. I’m fine.”

“Somehow, that doesn’t make me feel better. Do you know how to drive?” Jungkook asked.

“Yeah, of course. I got my license before I moved to Seoul, but I don’t have a car.” Jimin answered. “It doesn’t matter. I just wanna go upstairs with you… Let’s go, Daddy.”

Jimin unbuckled his seatbelt and shifted around so he could lean across and press a soft kiss to Jungkook’s neck, then nose softly down over his scent gland. The Alpha’s scent surged forward as his nose grazed his neck lightly and pressed another kiss there. He felt the Alpha stiffen, like he was trying to hold himself back. Jimin didn’t want that. He wanted Jungkook to let go of himself.

“Please… I need you.”

Jungkook was confused. Jimin’s scent was strong, the sweet vanilla smell that he associated with the Omega filled his nose, mixing with his own but he couldn’t smell his slick. He wondered if Jimin was putting it on by acting so aroused. He took in another deep inhale but caught no scent of slick again. He turned his face and caught Jimin’s lips with his own, the Omega immediately pushed forward and opened to his tongue. Jimin whined into the kiss and as he wrapped his hand around the back of his neck, fingers digging softly into the skin there, he felt the Omega shudder under his hand as a little whimper escaped into their joined mouths. His body was telling him different things. Jimin was clearly aroused, but he still couldn’t smell his slick. What was wrong?

Jungkook broke the kiss and pulled back, looking down at the Omega whose lips were red and slick with spit, pupils blown wide and chest heaving. He was most definitely turned on. There was no denying the way that the Omega’s eyes slid back down to his mouth as he licked over his own plush bottom lip. He reached forward and turned off the car, as the noise of the engine and heater cut off, all that could be heard was their harsh breaths.

“Let’s go, Baby.”

Jungkook took both his bag and Jimin’s in one hand as they walked to the elevator, the other finding Jimin’s smaller one to bring him along. Just like the last time, Jungkook set the bags down and pushed his floor number. As soon as the door was closed, he moved. He crowded Jimin up against the wall as his desperation broke through. He’d wanted nothing more than this for the last three days, and now he had the Omega all to himself again. He caught the slender wrists and held them easily over Jimin’s head with one hand while the other wrapped around the back of his neck and he slotted one thigh between the Omega’s legs.

He could feel Jimin’s erection against him as he held the Omega in place, unable to move. Jimin made a sound close to agony but still mixed with pleasure as he held him there and slowly moved his thigh against the underside of Jimin’s hard cock. The Omega was shaking and letting out a breathy sound on every exhale. His back arched, trying to bring his body closer to Jungkook. The Alpha leaned down to growl in his ear.

“Been thinking about this for days, pretty boy. Thinking about how I’m gonna wreck you so good. I bet you’ll be so pretty when you’re all fucked out for me begging me to knot you. Gonna fill you up so good, Baby. Til you can hardly walk.”

“Please… Alpha… please.”

Jungkook slid the hand around from the back of his neck to his jaw, he let his fingers dig slightly into the tender joints there until Jimin gasped at the small pain.

“It’s Daddy for right now, Baby.”

“Yes… Daddy.”

Jimin’s knees felt like water as Jungkook held him against the wall of the elevator, his thigh moving between Jimin’s legs. As he squirmed, he felt the plug inside him shift and press right into his prostate and he gasped at the unexpected stimulation. He was already so close to cumming. His whole body was quivering and the tip of his cock was throbbing as if he were about to orgasm. He undulated against the thigh between his legs, mouth falling open and eyes sliding shut as he let sensation wash over him.

When the elevator dinged and Jungkook released him, Jimin almost collapsed onto the floor, his body weak from arousal. He managed to catch himself against Jungkook’s chest, the Alpha’s arms going around his back to steady him before pulling back and taking his hand, grabbing their bags and pulling him out into the hallway. Jimin allowed himself to led to Jungkook’s apartment door and waited as the Alpha unlocked it. He was pulled inside and he heard Jungkook drop their bags before he was pulled against his chest again and the door slammed shut behind him. Jungkook leaned down and pressed his nose to Jimin’s neck, breathing him in and making the Omega shudder as his sensitive scent glad was brushed.

“Baby… what’s wrong? Why aren’t you wet for me?” Jungkook whispered against his neck, lips brushing over his scent gland.

“I-I am… but I’ve got a plug in.” Jimin stammered, embarrassed to reveal how much he’d wanted this, how desperate he was.

“Oh fuck… Baby. You in such a hurry? You didn’t want to wait for me to stretch you before I fill you up?” Jungkook was speaking against his neck, the vibrations right against Jimin’s scent gland making the Omega clench around the plug inside him again.

“Yes. Fuck yes, Daddy. Please fuck me. I need you to fuck me. I know you’re stressed… use me. Let me take everything away.” Jimin moaned as Jungkook latched his lips over his neck and started to suck softly.

Jungkook felt a hot rush of arousal. Again he thanked whatever gods there were that he’d managed to find the lovely boy in his arms. He was so perfect. The Alpha was thrilled at how attentive and sweet his little vanilla baby was. He was a good boy, asking for Jungkook to relieve his stress upon him. He was still stressed. He could feel it in the knots in his neck and shoulder muscles. Even if they’d found a manufacturer, there was still so much work to do. He knew he should go into the office this weekend, but he wasn’t going to. It could wait until Monday. Just this once, he wanted to be irresponsible and let his dick run the show, just for a little while.

Jungkook dragged his lips up Jimin’s neck to breathe the next words directly into the Omega’s ear, knowing how much Jimin got off on the praise he showered him with.

“You’re such a perfect little baby. So sweet and pretty. So needy for my cock. My good boy.”

The words had the desired effect and Jungkook felt Jimin’s entire body go taut like he was trying to hold back an orgasm. Fuck, that was so sexy. Jungkook reached down and picked Jimin up under the thighs, the lean legs going around him automatically as he carried him off to his bedroom, he let go of one leg long enough to flip on the lights. He let Jimin down to stand in front of him, his body seeming to unconsciously sway toward him.

“Turn around. Bend over the edge of the bed.”

Jimin’s legs were weak as he turned around and took a few steps forward until he could do as he was told, laying his top half against the soft comforter. Jungkook hadn’t told him to take his clothes off, so he was still fully clothed. He waited, listening to the sound of Jungkook’s steps walking up behind him. There was something erotic about not being able to see what the Alpha was doing. He felt hands push his sweater up to his mid-back, before they moved down and gripped his ass, kneading the globes with rough hands. Jimin whined against the bed and pushed back into the hands that were fondling him over his jeans. He was startled by a hard smack against his right asscheek that stung even through the fabric of his jeans, but it only made him burn hotter, hole clenching around the plug inside him.

“Stay still.”

Jimin did his best to remain still as the hands on his ass moved up to his hips and gripped them, then he felt Jungkook push his hips against his ass. He could feel the hard length of the Alpha’s cock rubbing against him. The Alpha spent a few moments grinding his hips against Jimin’s ass, making the Omega shudder and grip the bedspread in an attempt to stay still and not push back against Jungkook. It was almost impossible, but he wanted to be good, so he gritted his teeth and whined into the bed under him.

Jungkook was very much enjoying Jimin’s struggle to control his body. It was cute how hard he was trying, and it made Jungkook want to see how far he could push him, how hard he would work to do as he was told. But at the moment, Jungkook himself was struggling with his control. He could feel the ridge of something solid where he was pressed against Jimin’s ass and he knew it was the base of the plug the Omega was wearing. The thought had his balls aching as he pictured what must lay under the jeans. He leaned forward and laid some of his weight against Jimin’s back, hearing the whoosh of air as his weight forced Jimin’s breaths to shallow.

He nipped at the back of Jimin’s neck as a show of dominance and he felt the body under him go lax as he let out a deep purr that rumbled against Jimin’s back. His words came out a little shaky from the vibration of his purr as he mouthed his words against the hot skin of Jimin’s neck.

“Look how good you’re being, Baby. You ready for me to fuck you now? You ready to get filled up?”

Jimin was gasping breaths as Jungkook’s weight pressed into his back, but he loved it. It was like being trapped under the Alpha, and it made him feel so helpless. It was exactly what he wanted.

“Yes… Daddy please fuck me. Fuck me.” Jimin felt tears come to his eyes as he fell into incoherent begging pleas.

Jungkook pushed himself up off of Jimin’s back and reached for his hips again, reaching around the front and unbuttoning and unzipping the Omega’s jeans before pulling them down to mid-thigh. He took a few moments to admire Jimin’s ass encased in soft teal cotton, giving one cheek a playful smack just to watch it jiggle and bounce at the contact. Fuck, Jimin had the best ass he’d ever seen. So round and lush, he could just massage it with his hands for hours like the best stress ball in the world. At the moment though, he was desperate to get inside his pretty boy, so he slid the panties down to join the jeans.

He could see the base of the plug between Jimin’s cheeks, it was a light turquoise color and made of a translucent glass or plastic, he couldn’t tell. He used one hand to spread Jimin open as the other hand reached for the base, twisting experimentally to see how the Omega would react. Jimin jerked and gripped the blanket in his fists harder as he whimpered and moaned. He gently pulled the plug from the Omega’s hole, enjoying watching the way his entrance widened to accommodate the widest part of the plug. Jimin’s entrance was so pretty, soft and pink and contrasting perfectly with the pale skin of his ass. Lovely.

As the plug came free, the slick that had been held inside him, rushed out, sliding down his thighs, down into his jeans and underwear. Jungkook was slammed with the scent of Jimin’s slick, sweet vanilla bean sugar. He felt a soft growl emanate from his chest as he was hit with the erotic scent and sight. Jimin was gasping and whining at the feeling of hot slick quickly cooling on his skin. Jungkook didn’t waste any more time, he unbuttoned his own pants and pushed them down enough to free his cock and lined himself up with Jimin’s fluttering hole and pushed inside, groaning as he was welcomed by an overwhelming velvety wet heat. Fuck. He’d forgotten how fucking good the Omega felt around him.

Jimin moaned deep in his throat as Jungkook pushed inside him. He wanted to cry with how perfectly stretched he was. Jungkook’s cock was so big, and it hurt a little to take it all, but he was so wet, that the burn was minimal. Jimin bit the comforter as Jungkook pulled out to the tip and slid back inside in a smooth thrust. He ground his teeth into the cotton in his mouth and squeezed his eyes shut as he felt more slick sliding down his thighs as Jungkook moved inside him. He felt a hand slide up his back and grip his hair, tugging his head back hard as Jungkook thrust in with more force.

“Uh-uh, Baby. I wanna hear your sounds. I wanna hear you scream for me.”

Jungkook didn’t release the grip on his hair or the position he was holding his head in, bent so that his back arched against the bed. Jimin tried to nod, but his hair was being gripped too tightly.

“Use your words.” Jungkook growled, swiveling his hips as he was at the deepest point and making Jimin gasp.

“Y-yes Daddy.” Jimin stammered through his moans.

“Good boy.”

Jungkook started to move in earnest, pulling out and thrusting back in harder and faster, making Jimin scream as his prostate was abused over and over. He could hear how lewd his moans were, but he couldn’t hold them back. He was begging and whining for Jungkook to knot him. Every nerve ending in his body was alight as he was fucked hard and deep. He came without warning, his body just seized up and he felt himself cum between the comforter and his stomach. He heard Jungkook grunt as he clenched up and a shiver wracked his entire body. The Alpha didn’t stop moving, he kept thrusting in as Jimin’s sensitive entrance throbbed and spasmed around him.

“Fuck, Baby… you’re so fucking tight… Ngh… god… You’re so wet for me. Such a good boy who loves Daddy’s cock.”

“Ah… god… I love it, Daddy…”

Jimin was so sensitive after his first orgasm, but he loved the feeling of Jungkook still moving inside him, even if it hurt a little he didn’t want it to stop. The hand in his hair released, and moved down to press down between his shoulder blades with near-bruising force as Jungkook’s thrusts got harder and more brutal. Jimin’s whole body was shifting forward with the force of the thrusts, and he was completely lost to the pleasure/pain. There was drool leaking from the side of his mouth and he was almost screaming with how amazing it felt. This was exactly his fantasy, and having Jungkook be the one to make it happen was making him hard again.

He was aware that he was still fully dressed because he was sweating, he could feel the beads of sweat gathering on his forehead and making his blond hair stick to his face. The rest of his body was similarly hot, but he didn’t want to stop for even a moment to get undressed. Everything felt too good, he was nothing but sensation as the Alpha pounded into him over and over. He could feel his tears running down, joining the beads of sweat that were dripping down his flushed face. He knew his makeup was probably running down his cheeks in tracks and he was probably a total mess. He adored it. He loved that Jungkook could do this to him, and he wanted more.

Jungkook loved the way that Jimin just took him, let him be in control and play rough with him. In the past, he’d been told that he was too much to handle, that his roughness in the bedroom was uncontrollable. One of his exes had said he was like a fire, he burned anything he got too near, which was a dig at him for his history of bad relationships. But if he was a flame, then Jimin was too, because they were burning together without destroying each other. Jimin was the only one who seemed to be able to stand the intensity of him for very long, and he knew that the Omega loved what he was doing. He was crying and whimpering but he was still moaning and begging for more. He loved this just as much as Jungkook.

He could feel that his own orgasm was approaching, and he knew Jimin was getting close to his second by the way his muscles were shaking and his entrance tightening up around him. He removed his hand from Jimin’s back and leaned down and put his weight on top of Jimin again, the position pushing him in deeper than he’d been, making Jimin moan and whine in his throat at the new angle of penetration. Jungkook’s thrusts were still hard and fast, but they were shorter, he wanted to buried into Jimin to the hilt as he came, and he could already feel his knot forming. He leaned down to growl to the Omega, so that he would feel the heat of his words against the shell of his ear.

“I’m gonna knot you, Baby… I want you to cum for me. Mmn… Can you do that? Can you be a good boy and cum for Daddy one more time?”

Jungkook spoke the words right against his ear, then bit the lobe and tugged gently, flicking his tongue over the little steel hoop Jimin always wore. His thrusts were getting erratic, but he was staving off his orgasm as long as possible, wanting Jimin to orgasm with him as his knot formed.

“Yes! Oh god… yes… I’m almost there… fuck… agh…”

Jimin’s cock was being pressed against the bedspread below him on every thrust, the soft damp cotton feeling almost too rough for his sensitive cock, but he was so close. Jungkook’s words, his heat against his back and feel of being completely helpless at his mercy were taking him higher and higher on the crest of his release. Jungkook released his earlobe and attached his lips to Jimin’s sweaty neck, giving a hard suck right over his scent gland and Jimin shattered apart. He came again on the bedspread, adding to the wet spot he’d created with his first orgasm and he felt Jungkook thrust twice more and then his knot formed and stretched Jimin open almost painfully with its girth. The Alpha went rigid over him and groaned deep into Jimin’s neck. He could feel the jerking, kicking spasms of the cock that was locked inside him, the bursts of searing cum against his insides was so intense that Jimin felt his cock give one last little twitch before he went soft.

He lay still and let Jungkook spend himself into him. It would be nice if he wasn’t swelteringly hot and dripping sweat, but he disregarded his discomfort and focused on the feel of Jungkook’s heaving chest still pressed into his back, the hot bursts of air against his neck as the Alpha came down from his high. He didn’t know how long it was before he felt the knot stretching him open start to decrease in size until Jungkook could pull out. He whined at the feeling of emptiness as Jungkook slid out of him. It was almost shocking how much it made him want to cry. He tried to focus on standing up, and managed to push himself up onto shaking legs.

“You alright, Baby?” Jungkook asked, wrapping an arm around Jimin from behind and pressing a soft kiss to his neck.

“Alright?” Jimin scoffed and Jungkook’s stomach sank.

He’d done it again. Scared off another Omega by being too intense and rough. He’d thought that Jimin was liking what he was doing, but maybe he’d misread the situation. He tried to formulate words to apologize, to keep Jimin from leaving. But just as he opened his mouth to say something, Jimin spoke first.

“I’ve never been better.”

That eased the tightness in his chest, and he felt like he could breathe again. He hadn’t misread it. Jimin had liked what they had done. He’d liked being with him. He pressed another kiss over his neck.

“Let’s get you out of these clothes, sweetheart.” Jungkook said.

Jimin raised his arms up and Jungkook reached down to grab the hem of the oversized sweater and the shirt underneath, pulling them up and off, tossing them aside. He knelt down and helped Jimin out of the tangle of his pants and shoes, leaving him bare. Jimin was so pretty. He could already feel himself getting hard again at the sight of all that pale flesh revealed. The shine of slick and cum on his thighs was obscene in comparison to how sweet and innocent he looked. But Jungkook could see all the signs of him being wrecked just starting to take shape. The tear tracks down his cheeks, the hair matted to his sweaty forehead. He was quite the sight as he looked up at him, his lips were puffy and red and eyes still slightly glassy.

“Thank you.” Jimin said with a little smile.

“For what, sweetheart?”

“You kept your word. Thank you for letting me live out my fantasy.”

“It was my pleasure, Baby. You don’t need to thank me.”

“Do you want to go again?” Jimin asked, tilting his head and looking at him curiously.

What a perfect question. It was clear that his pretty little baby was ready for him. Jimin wanted more and he was more than happy to provide it. He reached up and brushed the sweaty blond hair out of Jimin’s face, looking down at him with a smirk.

“Oh, Baby. We’re nowhere close to done.”

Jimin’s face broke into a smile and he looked up at him with such a genuine happiness that he felt his heart thump in his chest. Wow. Sometimes he forgot just how beautiful his little vanilla boy was, and he got a shock of it when he smiled or looked at him just right. He was so sweetly lovely that Jungkook knew he’d never get tired of him. He felt the small hands come up and start unbuttoning his shirt. He looked down to see Jimin’s hands making quick work of it and pushing it off his shoulders. The Alpha stepped out of his pants and shoes so that they were both bare. Jimin turned and climbed up onto the bed and Jungkook watched.

Jimin sat himself in the middle of the huge bed and looked at him expectantly, hand smoothing over the bed next to him in invitation. The sight of the small, pale Omega in his bed had Jungkook’s cock stirring again, lengthening and hardening as it curved up against his belly. He could see that Jimin was watching the progress of his erection. The gray eyes were locked on him, his lips slightly parted, tongue darting out to lick over his bottom lip.

“You like my cock that much, pretty boy?” Jungkook asked with a smirk in his voice.

“Yes… I love it.”

Jungkook was surprised by the lack of embarrassment or hesitation. There was no coy denial, no blushing, giggling evasions. Just an honest answer. How very… refreshing.

“You’re such a good boy for me. So honest and needy. Wait right there. I have an idea.”

“Okay, Daddy.”

Jungkook turned and walked into his closet, leaving Jimin alone in his bedroom. He looked over his selection of ties. He didn’t have any proper restraints, something he’d have to fix very soon, but for now this would work. He took his time selecting one, making Jimin wait in anticipation. He finally pulled one out of the back, a soft pink tie that he’d worn exactly once for one of those stupid parties that rich people liked to have a few times a year where they patted themselves on the back for being so important. The event had been pink and black theme and he’d been forced to wear the stupid tie. At the moment however, he was happy that he had it. It was close to the same color as Jimin’s soft pink nipples, and would look exquisite against his pale skin.

He walked out with the pink silk tie in his hand, and he saw that Jimin hadn’t moved an inch. He was still sitting in his same spot, looking as pretty as ever. When the Omega’s eyes went to the strip of fabric in his hand he saw his gray eyes widen slightly and a hot flush rise in his cheeks. His plush bottom lip was pulled between his teeth as he looked at the pink tie.

“Hold out your hands, wrists together.”

Jimin complied at once and Jungkook climbed up on the bed, kneeling in front of Jimin and carefully wrapping the pink silk around his wrists and tying it, not tight enough to cut off circulation, but enough to restrict his movements and bind his hands together. When he was finished, he gave the tie a few experimental tugs to make sure it was secure, then sat back. The Omega was looking down at his bound hands, mouth slightly parted and breaths coming fast.

“Do you like it, Baby?”

Jimin started at the sound of Jungkook’s voice and looked up at him, mouth still a little slack and he could feel his cheeks warm with a deep blush. He didn’t know what to say, so he just nodded slowly before looking back down at the pink silk around his wrists. He’d never been tied up before and he hadn’t expected it to feel so… intense. He was completely helpless right now, and that thought made his stomach clench in anticipation. He wriggled his wrists, trying to pull free of the tie, but found he couldn’t. A little noise escaped his mouth as a hot rush of arousal shot through his body, making his heart race like a bird’s.

“J-Jungkook…” Jimin whispered, looking up at the Alpha with wide eyes.

As soon as the word left his lips he knew he’d messed up. He watched as Jungkook’s expression darkened slightly, and one of the Alpha’s hands came up to his jaw, gripping it again, fingertips digging into the joints again. Jimin let out a little whimper of pain as he felt the places where Jungkook gripped him begin to throb dully. He felt tears gather in his eyes as he looked up at the face of the Alpha whose approval he wanted more than anything he’d ever wanted before, but he knew he’d made a mistake.

“What did I tell you to call me?” Jungkook asked, leaning forward so their faces were close together.

“D-Daddy… I’m sorry.”

“Are you sorry, Baby? Are you gonna prove it to me?”

Jungkook leaned forward and nipped at Jimin’s lips, causing a slight sting of pain as one tear fell and rolled down his cheek. Jimin nodded vehemently, but whined as the grip on his jaw only tightened further.

“Use your words, sweetheart. Tell me how sorry you are. Tell me you’ll be a good boy.” Jungkook growled, leaning forward and licking the tear off Jimin’s cheek with the tip of his tongue.

“I’m so sorry, Daddy. I didn’t mean to. I’ll be good… I promise. I’ll be good for you.”

Jimin felt more tears escape as his body swayed forward, but that only made the ache in his jaw hurt more. He wanted Jungkook to touch him again, and tell him he was a good boy and praise him. He almost sobbed when he felt the grip on his jaw release and a gentle hand card through his sweaty blond hair.

“Okay, pretty boy. I believe you. I know you didn’t mean to mess up. But you’re still my good boy, right?”

“Yes Daddy… all yours.”

“Hmm… good.”

Jungkook was so fascinated by the Omega when he was like this. He’d never been with anyone so submissive, so desperate for his praise and touch or who reacted so intensely at his every word. Jimin was truly better than he could ever have hoped. He’d felt attraction to him at the coffee shop, and he’d thought he was beautiful when he’d seen him in his profile pictures. But that was nothing to how he looked down, face wet with tears, cheeks red and eyes full of a desperation that had Jungkook aching to wreck him more, make him beg to be allowed to cum.

“Lay back, Baby. Hands over your head.”

Jimin complied at once, laying back and stretching his arms up over his head, bound wrists resting on the pillows. Jungkook reached down and positioned Jimin’s legs open, bent at the knee so he was completely exposed. The Alpha sat between his open legs and looked down at him, slowly moving his gaze over every inch of Jimin’s body, enjoying the pink flush that spread over the pale skin his soft nipples going taut as goosebumps erupted over the soft skin. Beautiful.

Jungkook started slowly, running his fingertips over Jimin’s inner thighs, almost light enough to tickle, but just enough pressure to tease. He watched as Jimin’s muscles spasmed in reaction to his touch. The skin under his hands was wet and slightly cold as the slick that had run down was cooling in the exposed air. He ran his hands over the skin gently, taking his time, and watching Jimin’s reaction to him. The Omega’s eyes were half-lidded and focused on him where he sat between his legs. He moved his hands upward, purposefully ignoring Jimin’s hard cock and tracing wet fingertips up over the hips and abdomen. He let out a little ‘tsk-ing’ noise when Jimin canted his hips up, looking for contact.

“Don’t move, sweetheart. Stay still and let Daddy play with you.”

“Yes Daddy.”

Jungkook gave Jimin a soft smile and saw the cock resting against Jimin’s belly give a little twitch. Adorable. He ran his hand through the copious slick on Jimin’s thighs, then wrapped it around the Omega’s erection loosely. Jimin immediately moaned at the contact, but as the Alpha started to slowly move his hand, he kept his grip slack, not giving enough pressure to bring him to orgasm, just enough to keep him hard and needy as the pleasure built up slowly.

He could see that Jimin wanted so badly to thrust up into his hand, he watched as his muscles twitched and he fought his natural instinct to seek more friction. His eyes had fallen closed and his mouth open, little sounds of pleasured frustration falling from him as Jungkook continued his slow, easy touch. He kept going until the Omega seemed to get used to the pressure, and then without warning, tightened his grip and moved his hand in hard, fast strokes that had Jimin’s eyes shooting open and a cry breaking from his mouth. Jungkook could tell the moment he was close to orgasm, but as quickly as he’d started, he stopped, loosening his grip and returning to his slow, gentle barely-there handjob. Jungkook smirked as Jimin’s entire body seemed to be revolting against the denied orgasm, muscles fluttering and spasming, his legs jerking weakly where they were bent up and open.

“Daddy… uhn… please… please… ah… fuck…”

“Please, what? Tell me what you want.”

He could see that Jimin’s bound hands were gripped tightly onto a pillow in an attempt to keep them above his head as instructed. It was clear that the Omega was struggling for coherent thought as Jungkook’s hand continued to work him slowly.

“I want… I want…”


“I-I don’t know! I just need… more… please Daddy…”

Jimin felt like his entire body was throbbing, the only sensation that he could focus on was the too soft hand on his cock. He needed Jungkook to make him cum. He couldn’t think as his entire focus was dominated by only his need for the Alpha, and his need to cum. He felt the shudders wrack his body as he was edged, denied his orgasm and edged farther. Jimin had almost no control over what his body was doing. He was too sensitive, too keyed up. All he knew was to keep his hands clenched on the pillow and try to be still. It was so hard, when all he wanted was to reach for Jungkook, but he also wanted to be a good boy, so he fought every instinct that told him to move and tried to keep still.

“I need you to tell me, pretty boy. You want me to make you cum with my hand? My mouth? Maybe you want me to fuck you again? You want my cock back in this slutty little hole?”

Jungkook used the hand that wasn’t jerking him off to slide a fingertip into Jimin’s clenching entrance. Jimin’s reaction was almost violent as his entire body surged at once, but his muscles were weak, so it came out as more of a loose flopping of limbs. Jungkook watched as his cum from earlier leaked out as Jimin clenched again at the feeling of the finger inside him.

"Look how needy you are. Your little hole is clenching up, letting all my cum out. Do you need something in here? Are you feeling empty, Baby?"

Jungkook slid two fingers inside Jimin’s fluttering entrance. He felt as Jimin immediately tightened around the invading digits, a low sob escaping his mouth. But after Jungkook slid the fingers inside, he didn’t move them, he just let the feeling of fullness remain as he continued to slowly move his loose fist over the Omega’s cock. He slowed his hand and stopped, feeling Jimin twitch in his hand as he whined lowly in his throat. Jungkook was giving him a chance to catch his breath and clear his head a little. This was after all, the first time he was doing this, and Jimin wasn’t very experienced. He must be overwhelmed.

“Just tell me what you want, Baby. I’ll give it to you. Tell Daddy what you need, pretty boy.”

Jimin was breathing hard, he could still feel Jungkook’s hand wrapped around his erection and the two fingers inside him, but now that he wasn’t moving his hand, he was able to form a coherent thought. He opened his eyes and looked down his body to see the Alpha there, looking at him with that dark, intense gaze that seemed to go right through him. His mind was still whirling, but he was able to finally voice what he wanted.

“F-fuck me, Daddy. Please… I want you inside me. Fill me up…”

“All you had to do was ask.” Jungkook said with a smile that made Jimin’s insides feel warm.

The Omega couldn’t suppress the whine that escaped him when Jungkook’s fingers were withdrawn and the hand on his cock let go. He knew that something better was coming, but he was so sensitive that he felt empty and cold, body shivering at the lack of Jungkook’s heat against him. His already streaming eyes filled with more hot tears that leaked from the sides of his eyes as he looked up at Jungkook pleadingly, wanting his warmth back, wanting him to say kind, soft things to him until he felt better.

Jimin moaned as he felt Jungkook’s hard cock push back inside him, and the big warm body settle over him, radiating his heat down onto Jimin. It was exactly what he wanted. He felt instantly better as he was filled again by Jungkook’s cock, he was perfectly stretched, exquisitely full again. He let out a soft noise of approval at the feeling, and when the Alpha leaned down and kissed him, his whole body lit up like a firework. Jimin moaned deep in his throat as Jungkook slid his tongue inside his mouth as he started to move, fucking into Jimin with hard, deep strokes that matched the pace of the frantic kiss.

Jungkook broke the kiss as his thrusts got faster and pushed in deeper. They were gasping against each other’s lips as they both rode the wave of their pleasure higher and higher. Jungkook nipped at Jimin’s lips again, growling softly at the high pitched keening noises that were breaking from the Omega’s throat as Jungkook pounded into him with increasing force.

“Fuck… Baby you feel good… ahn… you’re so pretty for me. Such a good boy.” Jungkook rasped against Jimin’s lips, tongue slipping between Jimin’s lips in a filthy slide, he ran his tongue against the roof of the Omega’s mouth before retreating again.

“D-Daddy! I’m gonna cum… I’m so close… please… don’t stop. Please…”

Jimin had to brace his hands against the wall to keep from sliding up the bed as Jungkook slammed into him over and over, their skin slapping and moans all that could be heard. Jimin could feel Jungkook’s knot catching on his rim as it started to swell, stretching him open near painfully again and it’s exactly what he needs to take him over the edge again. When he cums it’s almost painful from the buildup and eroticism of the moment, he went completely rigid, muscles tensed to the point of quivering as the first wave hit him, then he spasmed and jerked as the release overtook him.

Jimin clenching up was exactly what Jungkook needed to take him over the edge as well, and his knot formed as Jimin was still pulsing around him. The feeling was so intense, the hot, velvety channel of Jimin’s entrance seizing and releasing as Jungkook’s orgasm rocked through him and he spilled himself deep inside the Omega once again. He was certain he’d never get tired of the feeling of losing himself in the tight warmth of Jimin’s body. He’d only been with him twice, and he was already addicted. He knew that as soon as he pulled out, he’d be jonesing for another fix.

Jimin’s breaths were harsh as he tried to catch his breath from getting fucked into the mattress. His whole body was sensitive, and every tiny movement of Jungkook above him made him whimper. Jungkook seemed to be able to sense his state. He was completely overwhelmed, but as the Alpha leaned down and kissed him softly, nosing over his cheeks and neck to scent him, it made Jimin calm somewhat even if he was still hypersensitive.

“That’s it, Baby. Just relax. Everything’s okay. You did so well. You were such a good boy for me, sweetheart. Daddy is proud of you for taking his knot. Minnie… my pretty little Minnie. So sweet and beautiful.” Jungkook mouthed praises over Jimin’s neck and shoulder as he waited for his knot to relax.

Jimin wanted to cry from the praise. It was so perfect. Exactly what he wanted to hear. He’d been craving this after he and Jungkook had had phone sex. He’d wanted the Alpha to comfort him and tell him he was good. It was more fulfilling than the act itself, this small private moment of sweet words and gentle reassurances. Jimin started to purr softly as contentment rose in him. He’d done well. His Daddy was proud of him. That made him unbelievably happy.

The Omega was so cute, purring at the easy praise. Jimin was a sight under him, slightly shimmering with sweat, blond hair a mess and face streaked with tear tracks. He was still lightly flushed, but his face was content, eyes closed and mouth curved in a tiny smile. Jungkook’s knot took a long time to relax, and he just scented Jimin and looked at him, mumbled quiet praises to him. He could feel the happiness raditating off of him as he continued to purr.

Once Jungkook was able to pull out, he did so tenderly, trying not to hurt Jimin, who he knew was likely tender from his roughness. He hadn’t been able to go easy on him, not that he thought Jimin wanted that anyway. The Omega liked this. Jungkook knew that Jimin loved the hard, rough sex just as much as he did. They really had the perfect sexual chemistry. Now Jungkook was getting the opportunity to do something else he’d always wanted to. Aftercare. He’d never been able to get any of his other lovers to go as hard as he wanted or as many times as he wanted, and so aftercare had not been a necessary part of sex. But with Jimin… it was clear that he probably couldn’t even stand, as his legs fell open, his whole body loose and weak.

Jungkook sat back and ran a gentle hand up Jimin’s side, watching as his gray eyes peeked open and turned to look at him, unfocused and bleary. He felt a little pride swell his chest as a slow smile spread across the Omega’s face. Jimin looked at him with complete trust and happiness, even though Jungkook knew he was probably aching in quite a few places by now. He continued to pet over his soft skin as he spoke.

“Hey, pretty boy. I need to get you cleaned up. You wanna take a shower? Or I can run you a bath if you want?”

Jimin smiled more at the mention of the bath, and Jungkook wanted to coo at him. He was so cute when he was all sleepy and fucked out. It made him want to keep him in this state as much as humanly possible.

“A bath?” Jungkook asked with a soft smile.

“Yes… if that’s okay.”

“Of course it is, Baby. Let me go run it for you and I’ll come back, okay?”


Jungkook stood and went into the bathroom, immediately going to the tub that he’d never used and turning the tap, starting to warm the water up, then putting the stopper in. He tested the temperature with his hand to make sure it didn’t get too hot, then went to fetch towels, washcloths and soap. By the time he returned the bath was full enough and he turned off the water. He tested it one more time to make sure it was the right temperature. He thought maybe it was a little too warm, but he remembered how cold Jimin always was and decided that was probably a good thing.

When he walked back to the bed, Jimin was dozing lightly, but he roused easily at the gentle call of his name, turning his face to Jungkook and smiling that sleepy, sex-drunk smile again that made his stomach flip. He reached forward and pushed his blond hair back from his face, feeling so tender toward the smaller male as he turned his face into his hand and nuzzled at it. He was so pretty and soft, such a little treasure.

“You ready for a bath, Baby?” Jungkook asked softly, caressing his cheek with his thumb.

“Mm-hm.” Jimin nodded and tried to sit up, but Jungkook stopped him with a hand on his chest.

“Let me, sweetheart. You’re tired, so let Daddy spoil you a little, okay?”


Jungkook slid an arm under Jimin’s shoulders and one under his knees, lifting his slight weight up into his arms easily and carrying him into the bathroom. Jimin giggled as Jungkook leaned down and let him dip a foot into the water to test the temperature, and lowering him into the water when Jimin nodded. Jungkook helped Jimin settle into place, soaking in the hot water before leaning down to press a soft kiss to his forehead.

“You need anything?” Jungkook asked, looking down at the Omega who was already dozing in the hot water, arms over the sides keeping him held up.

“No… I’m perfect.”

Jimin was perfect at the moment. The water was warm, hot even and it warmed him all the way down to his bones. He loved it. It was like napping in the summer sun, warm and pleasant and it made him so sleepy and comfortable as he settled down into the warm water. He had never felt so fulfilled as he did just then. He was warm, sleepy and he’d just had the best sex of his life. He was a very complacent Omega.

“That’s good, Baby. I’m gonna take a quick shower, then remake the bed. Will you be okay here by yourself?”

“Mm-hm.” Jimin nodded and rested his head back against the edge of the tub.

“Good boy.” Jungkook ran the back of his hands down the side of Jimin’s face as he said it, and he smiled as the Omega nuzzled his fingers.

Jungkook stood and turned to the shower, turning the water on and letting it warm up for a moment before stepping inside. He quickly washed his hair and body, constantly glancing over to make sure Jimin was okay. The Omega didn’t move from his place at all, other than to occasionally dip his arms down into the warm water when they got cold. Jungkook stepped out of the shower and dried himself quickly, wrapping a towel around his waist before going into his room and pulling on a pair of boxers. He stripped the bedding and re-made it with clean blankets and sheets, then fetched Jimin’s backpack from the foyer.

He opened the backpack and looked through the jumble of books, notebooks and clothes to find his pajamas. He didn’t see anything that looked like pajamas, so he just pulled out a pair of soft, pink cotton panties and fetched one of his own shirts from his closet, setting the items out on the bed before going back into the bathroom to find Jimin still resting in the tub peacefully. It gave him huge satisfaction to see him looking so tranquil.

Jimin stirred as Jungkook knelt down next to him. He looked over at the Alpha and felt joy at his nearness. He was handsome with wet hair and no shirt. It made Jimin proud that this hot Alpha wanted him, thought he was pretty and liked his body. Jungkook made him feel so desirable in a way that no one else ever had. Even Daniel, who had wanted to court Jimin and spend sweet, tender hours together hadn’t made Jimin feel like this. He didn’t feel any hesitation to let Jungkook see him naked, there was no shame with him. How could there by when he looked at him like that?

“Let’s get you cleaned up and we’ll go to bed, okay? We’ve got a long day tomorrow.”

“Okay, Daddy.” Jimin mumbled sleepily.

Jungkook washed and conditioned Jimin’s blond hair, holding his nose as he dipped down under the water to rinse his hair, then Jungkook washed his body with a soft washcloth. He was happy that none of the soaps had a scent, he didn’t like to smell like perfume, it made his head hurt. Jimin whined as the Alpha slid a hand between his legs and used his long fingers to coax his cum out of his puffy, tender hole. Jungkook helped him up and out of the bath, letting Jimin stand as he toweled him off, drying his hair and body before the air could make him too cold. Jungkook wrapped him in the towel and they brushed their teeth side by side in the mirror, Jimin moving sluggishly.

The Alpha picked him up and carried him out to the bedroom, sitting him on the edge of the bed and kneeling down to help him put on his pink panties. He slid them up his legs and helped him stand to pull them up the last bit. Gods… he was so pretty and soft. Jungkook felt his cock stirring in interest, but he turned his mind away from that avenue. Jimin was already worn out, and honestly so was he. He was seriously jetlagged and exhausted from all the travel, he needed sleep. He had two full days ahead of him to get back inside his pretty boy. Jungkook helped him into the oversized white t-shirt, that hung adorably to his mid-thigh.

He folded down the covers and helped Jimin climb up and into the sheets, covering him up before turning off the lights and slipping into the other side of the bed. As soon as he was in the bed, he reached over and pulled Jimin against him so he could spoon the Omega. Jimin seemed to like it, and Jungkook wrapped an arm around his waist, nuzzling into the back of his neck and placing a soft kiss there. It was nice to hold someone while falling asleep. Jimin was small and slight, and he fit so perfectly against Jungkook’s taller frame. It was very relaxing, and they both fell asleep within minutes.

Chapter Text

Jimin woke up with something hard pressing into his hip, and as he blinked his eyes open, he realized that it was morning. The sky outside the floor to ceiling windows was a dusky orange as the sun was rising. He looked at the view for a moment uncomprehending, then remembered that he wasn’t at home. He was at Jungkook’s apartment, and the hard thing pressing into his hip was the Alpha’s erection. The Alpha was obviously still asleep, breath even and slow even though he was sporting a case of morning wood. Jimin shifted slightly and realized that he was actually in the same boat, his cock hard in his pink panties.

He lay there for a while, letting himself wake up, and appreciating being surrounded by Jungkook’s scent. He watched as the orange sky turned to pink, then a light purpley-blue. The Alpha spooned up behind him was still sleeping peacefully though his cock was still hard and pushing against the swell of his hip. Jimin wondered what to do for a few minutes, then remembered his practice with the toy, his attempts to learn to deepthroat and he smiled a mischievous little grin to himself. It would be a nice way to wake his Daddy up, with a nice blowjob, showing off his recently acquired skills.

Jimin shifted around slowly, trying not to wake Jungkook, but the Alpha seemed to be a heavy sleeper and didn’t rouse even as Jimin wiggled out from under his arm and gently pushed him onto his back, pulling the covers down to expose the Alpha’s half-naked body. The bulge in the front of his boxers was impressive, tenting the navy fabric. Jimin hooked his fingers in the waistband of the underwear and slowly eased the front of them down, just far enough to expose the Alpha’s hard length.

Jimin glanced up at Jungkook to see that he was still sleeping. He leaned down and used one hand to wrap around the base and tilt the cock up into position. Jimin started slow, just licking kittenishly at the head, enjoying the sigh of pleasure he received in response to this as Jungkook shifted in his sleep. He placed open mouthed kisses over the head and down the side of the shaft, just experimenting, playing. He finally parted his lips over the tip and slid down, taking him into his mouth. Jimin enjoyed doing this so much. He’d never given a lot of thought to giving head before, but he loved doing it to Jungkook. The Alpha’s scent was so strong at that juncture of his hips, a musk that you could almost taste in the salty tang of his pre-cum.

Jimin slowly bobbed his head a few times, wetting him with his saliva to make things easier. Once he felt confident that he was slicked up enough with spit, he took a deep breath through his nose and relaxed his throat, sliding down and letting the tip of Jungkook’s cock breach past his tonsils and down into his throat. He gagged a little bit as the cock wasn’t quite slick enough, but his gagging produced a thicker, slicker spit that made it easier to slide back off, then push forward again. He knew the moment that Jungkook woke, because he let out a soft gasp. Jimin turned his eyes up to meet the Alpha’s dark ones that were blinking open sleepily and looking down at him with a mix of pleasure and surprise. Jimin maintained the eye contact as he took another deep breath through his nose and relaxed his throat, sliding down and going as far as he could before he gagged again.

Jungkook woke to the most delicious feeling of hot, tight, wetness around his cock and for a moment thought he was just having an amazing dream until he blinked his eyes open and looked down to see Jimin’s gray eyes looking up at him through his lashes seductively. He watched in fascination as he took a deep breath and slid down and down until Jungkook’s cock breached the tight vise of his throat. He almost came on the spot as Jimin gagged slightly and his eyes slid closed as he pulled back and took a deep, shuddering breath. Strings of thick saliva and pre-cum connected his cock with Jimin’s perfect, full lips. It was beautiful and obscene, and he couldn’t think of a better way to wake up in the morning.

“Good morning, Daddy.” Jimin said, voice raspy and thick.

“Morning, Baby…. Where did you learn this? I thought you couldn’t deepthroat.” Jungkook panted, looking down at Jimin who was still lovely and filthy as he leaned back down to gently suckle on the head of his cock before pulling back to answer.

“I’ve been practicing Daddy. I wanted to make you feel good.”

Jungkook felt a shot of possessiveness slam into his gut, and though he wanted to deny it, he couldn’t. He was jealous. He hated the idea of Jimin doing this to someone else. His voice sounded colder than he meant, and he could see that it affected Jimin because the Omega frowned and pulled back farther to look up at him.

“Who were you practicing with?”

“No one, Daddy. I was practicing with a toy. I looked up online how to… do it. I was practicing alone. Not with anyone else.”

That eased Jungkook more than it probably should have, but he just told himself that he and Jimin might not be “together” or “dating” but they were still exclusive. It was normal to be bothered by the idea of the person you were sleeping with having sex with others, right? But the idea of Jimin alone, practicing this on a toy just to please him made Jungkook feel a softness for the boy. He reached down and tucked the blond hair behind his ear.

“That’s good, sweetheart. You’re such a good boy. I don’t want you to do this with anyone else, okay? It’s just for us, Baby.”

“Of course, Daddy. I wouldn’t… I don’t want to do this with anyone but you. I just want to make you feel good.” Jimin said, leaning back down to mouth over him wetly.

“Good boy… Keep going, pretty baby. I want to see what you learned.” Jungkook said, looking down and meeting Jimin’s eyes again.

Jimin nodded and moved up to take him back inside his mouth. He focused on relaxing and not tensing his throat as he slid back down. There was something so erotic about this, using his mouth and throat to get Jungkook off. He felt powerful as he heard Jungkook moan and he felt his hand card through his hair. He wanted Jungkook to grip his hair and fuck hard and deep into his mouth, but he didn’t think his skills were quite on that level yet. The Alpha seemed to think the same, because Jimin could tell that he wanted to do it, but was trying hard to refrain. To make up for it, the Omega did his best to deepthroat as much as possible, but after a little while it started to hurt, so he slid back and used his hands on the part of the shaft that wouldn’t fit into his mouth.

He moved faster now, squeezing gently with this hands. Jungkook was letting out low, pleasured sounds from deep in his chest, and Jimin could tell that he was close. He felt his hands moving over the rapidly forming knot at the base of the Alpha’s cock. He didn’t relent, and as he got closer, Jimin relaxed his throat again and slid down almost all the way, as far as he could without trying to stretch his mouth over the knot, one last time before Jungkook arched and Jimin retreated enough that the cum shot into his mouth, instead of his throat. He knew he’d choke if Jungkook released into his throat. Jimin continued to move, working Jungkook until his orgasm was completely finished and he wilted back into the mattress.

Jimin held Jungkook’s cum in his mouth, looking up the Alpha’s body as he sat back and met his dark eyes questioningly Jungkook gave a nod and Jimin swallowed, the sound loud in the quiet room. Jimin gagged a little as he swallowed, his throat still a little raw but he managed to do it after a moment. He opened his eyes and looked at Jungkook who was giving him a pleased smile. The Omega felt his face go hot at the look, suddenly feeling shy as he wondered what Jungkook thought of his surprise.

“Was it good, Daddy?” Jimin asked, looking at him expectantly.

“That was amazing, Baby. But I can see that you’re all wet and messy for me now… you want Daddy to help you too?” Jungkook asked, indicating the dark, wetness of Jimin’s panties and the rivulets of slick sliding down his thighs.

“Please…” Jimin begged, his cock was aching and throbbing, his hole leaking slick steadily and clenching around nothing it was going to take shamefully little to make him cum, he was so aroused.

“What do you want me to do, Baby?” Jungkook asked, propping himself up on his elbows.

“I’m so close already… please just touch me.” Jimin said quietly.

“Come here, Baby. Let Daddy help you.”

Jungkook sat up and scooted back to lean against the wall, waving Jimin forward. He scrambled forward onto Jungkook’s lap, straddling him. Jungkook pushed the front of Jimin’s wet panties down to expose his cock. It was as pretty as ever, pale like his skin with a glistening pink tip. The Alpha wrapped a warm hand around Jimin’s cock and gave a few strokes, making Jimin shiver and keen at the minute contact. Jungkook smirked as he realized how hot and bothered his pretty vanilla baby had gotten while sucking him off.

“Oh… Baby, did you like sucking my cock that much? Did it get you all hot and bothered to have my cock fucking your throat?”

Jungkook brought the hand that wasn’t stroking Jimin up and wrapped it around the Omega’s throat lightly. Jimin nodded and canted his hips up, pushing his cock into Jungkook’s tight fist that was wrapped around him.

“Use your words, Baby.”

“Y-Yes… I loved it.” Jimin stammered, still trying to increase the speed of the friction on his length.

“Yeah? Would you like it if I grabbed you by the hair and fucked into your throat? You want me to fuck your pretty face, Baby?”

“Ngh… YES… Fuck… yes…I want it!”

Jimin was so close, Jungkook hand on him and his filthy words in his ear were making Jimin so hot and shivery. He could feel the surge of his orgasm culminating in his lower belly, ready to explode.

“I know you want it, sweetheart. I know you want me to gag you a little bit… get you all messy for me. You’ll be so pretty all covered in spit and cum.”

That was all it took, Jimin’s hips stuttered as he was thrusting into Jungkook’s grip. The Alpha took control and kept working him as he shot his cum upward onto Jungkook’s abs. The Omega looked at the streaks of white against the tan skin and had to bite his lip to keep from making a sound. He liked seeing the Alpha covered in his cum… there was something oddly satisfying about it.

“We already need another shower, Baby.” Jungkook whispered, carding the fingers of his clean hand through Jimin’s hair. “As much as I’d like to stay right here in bed all day, I need to take you shopping. You need some new clothes and things. So, let’s get up and get ready.”

The pair took a quick shower, just washing off the evidence of their morning activities, brushed their teeth and got dressed. Jungkook enjoyed watching Jimin apply his light makeup, the little movements were strangely delicate. It was interesting to watch. That and he just liked looking at Jimin. He was so pretty, Jungkook thought he would never get tired of just… looking at him.

Jimin was wearing another pair of ripped up jeans, and the flannel shirt that he’d worn to their first meeting. Jungkook watched as he pulled his thin coat over the top and slipped on the same converse that he’d noticed Jimin always wore. He didn’t like the lack of layers and the thinness of Jimin’s clothes and shoes, but knew he was about to fix it. He wanted Jimin to have all sorts of nice things to wear. He was determined to give the Omega a whole new wardrobe of things that were fitting of his beauty. He remembered the request that Jungkook buy him a pair of high heels and he felt his temperature rise. He couldn’t wait.

They made their way into the mall while it was still early, it wasn’t crowded yet, but Jungkook still held Jimin’s hand as they walked. The Alpha took him into store after store, pushing him into dressing rooms with armfuls of things to try on. Jimin tried to protest several times as Jungkook selected things that he liked and bought them. The Alpha didn’t even check price tags, as he took piles of things up to registers and swiped his card without hestitation.

On their third trip to to the car to drop off more bags, Jimin pulled Jungkook to a halt and looked up at him.

“Jungkook! Isn’t this enough? You’ve spent a fortune so far. You’ve bought me more clothes than I’ve ever had in my life already.”

Jungkook laughed at Jimin’s little pout. His pretty boy was so cute.

“Baby… we’re just getting started. We haven’t even gotten to shoes, or the designer stores yet. I just want you to have some nice things to wear. I also need to take you to get measured for a suit. There’s a party in a couple of weeks I want you to attend with me, and you’ll need one.” He leaned closer so Jimin could hear his whisper. “Plus… I also promised to buy you some pretty things to wear for me, and some high heels. Don’t you want to look pretty for me, Baby?”

“Yes…” Jimin gulped audibly, trying to keep himself from getting aroused in public… again.

“Then be a good boy and let Daddy spoil you… you can make it up to me when we get back to my place.”

How could Jimin say no to that? Jungkook knew exactly where his weaknesses were, and how to push him to do exactly what he wanted. Jimin gave in with a small nod, and smiled when Jungkook leaned down and gave him a soft kiss. He led them back out to his car and added the shopping bags he was carrying to the already ridiculous amount that were taking up the back of Jungkook’s SUV.

The shopping continued, and Jimin didn’t protest again until Jungkook tried to take him into the Gucci store. Jimin stopped, and Jungkook did too, when the hand in his jerked him to a halt. Jimin was looking at the fancy place with wide eyes and parted lips. Jimin didn’t know that much about fashion, not like Tae did, but he knew enough to know that Gucci was expensive… like hundreds of dollars for a single item kind of expensive. There was no way he could let Jungkook spend that kind of money on him.

“Why did you stop, Baby?” Jungkook asked, turning to him.

“This… is a Gucci store.”

Jungkook laughed. “I know. I can read.”

“It’s really expensive.” Jimin whispered, looking at him pleadingly.

“You’re worth it, sweetheart.” Jungkook answered, reaching up to tuck a strand of blond hair behind Jimin’s ear.


Jungkook’s hand slid around the back of Jimin’s neck and pulled him in close so he could growl lowly into his ear, fingertips digging into the soft skin of his neck.

“Are you talking back to me? I thought you said you were going to be a good boy? Do I need to punish you?”

Jimin felt a lick of simultaneous fear and arousal burn him from the inside, making him shiver. His whole body felt too light and a little numb as his heart raced and he felt the blood rush to his face.

“N-no… sorry.”

“That’s what I thought.”

Jimin allowed himself to be led into the store and he tried on item after item of clothing with price tags that made his head hurt to even think about. When they checked out, Jimin saw the total and cringed internally at the amount of money Jungkook was spending on him. He’d bought him an assortment of clothes and shoes, and a new backpack that if Jimin was right, cost close to two thousand dollars. How much money exactly did Jungkook have? Jimin realized that it must be a lot, because he’d already paid him fifteen thousand dollars, and he was dropping cash on him like it was going out of style. They cycled through several more designer stores, each one carrying a price tag that had Jimin’s stomach clenching in sympathy for the Alpha’s bank account, making another trip back to the car, which was piled high with bags and boxes.

Jimin was tired of shopping. They had been at it for hours, but as Jungkook led him back inside, they stepped into an upscale department store, headed for the shoe section and Jimin was much more interested all of the sudden. Jungkook led them through the store to a display of high heels, all of which were Christian Louboutin. Jimin rushed forward and ran soft fingertips over the pretty shoes, looking at them with a desperate kind of longing, picking them up and studying the perfect red soles. He shivered as Jungkook stepped up and wrapped his arms around him from behind, leaning down to whisper into his ear.

“Pick out whatever you want, Baby. And if I think you’re holding back, I’m going to spank you when we get home. Understood?”

Jimin made a soft sound. He hadn’t meant to let it escape, but it had traitorously slipped past his lips. He immediately bit his lips to stop further betraying noises. He felt the Alpha’s warm breath against his neck as he chuckled darkly, arms wrapping around him tighter.

“Oh… does my Baby want to get spanked? Does that turn you on, pretty boy?” Jungkook asked quietly, lips dragging over his neck.


Jimin didn’t know why he was lying, all he knew was that he was feeling the warm tide of heat gather in his belly as his body reacted to the mix of Jungkook’s words, his voice and the feel of his lips on his neck. He didn’t want to get wet right now. He was in public and they weren’t planning to do anything sexual at the moment. He just wanted to finish shopping and go back to Jungkook’s apartment where they could actually do something about it… possibly while he wore his new high heels.

“I think you’re lying to me, sweetheart.” Jungkook said, stepping forward a little closer so that his hips pressed into Jimin from behind and he could feel that the Alpha was hard. “It turns me on too, Baby. It doesn’t have to be a punishment… I could just give you some light smacks that wouldn’t hurt you too badly. I bet your ass looks divine when it’s all red and flushed from getting spanked. So… tell me the truth. I just want to know.”

Jimin felt a slight wetness gathering at his entrance; he needed to derail this situation as soon as possible, before he was properly wet and smelling like slick for the entire mall to witness. He set the shoe back on the rack and turned in Jungkook’s arms to look up at him. He knew his cheeks were flushed and his pupils probably dialated, but he knew how to get Jungkook to stop. The Alpha had given himself away last night. He did have a weakness, one that only Jimin could exploit.

“Okay… yes, it turns me on.” He hissed quietly under his breath, squirming in place at the look of arrogant satisfaction that looked way too good on Jungkook. “But if you don’t stop, I’m going to get wet and all the Alphas in the mall are going to be able to smell my slick…”

When Jungkook’s face fell slightly, Jimin knew he’d won. Jungkook might not be in love with him, or think of him as a boyfriend, but it was an Alpha’s nature to be possessive of what they saw as theirs. Jungkook was as susceptible to jealousy as any Alpha. Jimin had seen that when he’d suspected Jimin of practicing his deepthroating on someone else.

“Hmm… Well, we wouldn’t want that now, would we?” Jungkook said, looking down at him still with that heated gaze. “Alright, go ahead and pick out your shoes. We have more places to go after this.”

Jungkook turned Jimin around with hands on his shoulders and gave him a gentle push toward the shoe display. The Omega glanced back at him over his shoulder and gave him a smile so bright that Jungkook was briefly stunned by his beauty again. He didn’t care about the money he was spending. Gods knew he had plenty of the stuff lying around, and if he could use it to make this pretty Omega look at him like that… well, any price was worth it.

Jimin was in heaven as he found his size and pulled pair after pair of shoes down to try on. He selected as many styles and colors as he could find, including one pair of black suede thigh high boots that had made his heart race the moment he’d set eyes on them. An associate came over to help them, and was quickly dispatched by the Alpha to go into the back and bring any more shoes they had in his size. Jimin sat on a little bench, surrounded by boxes of beautiful high heels. He took a few deep breaths and felt like he wanted to cry but suppressed it, focusing on kicking off his worn out old converse and thin, socks that had a tiny hole in the bottom of the sone on the right side.

He picked up the nearest box and set it in his lap, looking down at the pretty patent leather shiny black stilettos and feeling his heart race. He felt shy as he glanced around to see if anyone was watching him. He was still embarrassed to try these on in public, but when he looked up at Jungkook, he saw the Alpha watching him with that dark, hungry gaze. The look seared him and did wonders to erase the familiar feeling of shame that clung to him whenever he wanted to do something traditionally considered feminine, like wear high heels.

He set the shoes on the floor in front of him, setting the box aside and slipped into them. They fit like they were made for him, and as he lifted his feet up to stick them out and admire the effect he fell in love. They were so beautiful, and he felt beautiful in them. Against his will, he felt a sheen of tears fill his eyes, but he blinked them away quickly. He put his feet back down on the floor and stood. He was well balanced in the heels, and walked a few feet forward then back to test the way they felt while standing. They weren’t the most comfortable shoes in the world. They were still high heels after all, but they fit him well and he could walk in them without difficulty.

Jungkook had to bite the inside of his cheek as he watched Jimin walk around the the shiny, black high heels. He was absolutely stunning, and the way the heels held him made his legs look longer, his ass fuller and perkier if that was even possible. He hadn’t ever thought much about shoes, outside of the usual purchasing for himself. He hadn’t realized how fucking sexy high heeled shoes could be, but he was getting a firsthand lesson as he watched Jimin sit back down and remove the shoes, placing them back in the box and reaching for the next pair. They were bright red and looked like they were suede on the outside, Jimin put them on and somehow they were even better than the first pair. The red was eye catching and as Jimin stood again and walked, he wanted nothing more than to push him up against the nearest available surface and fuck him, the feeling only increasing when those were swapped with a pair of thigh-high black suede boots.

Before Jungkook could act on those impulses however, he was distracted by the salesman returning with another stack of boxes, adding them to the ones sitting around the Omega who had sat back down on the bench. Jungkook waved him off after he left the boxes and continued to watch as Jimin tried on pair after pair and made two stacks. He knew which stack was yes and which one was no. He could see it in Jimin’s face when he didn’t like one of the pairs he tried. Those all went into the no stack. He leaned against the shelves as the Omega worked his way through every pair of shoes he’d collected, leaving a collection of nine pairs of shoes in the yes pile.

Jimin looked at his stack, planning to try to pick out one or two favorites to take home with him. He didn’t need this many pairs of heels that he would likely only wear either during sex or around the Alpha’s apartment. He wished he had the confidence to wear heels all the time. He loved the way they made him feel, but still felt nervous to imagine wearing them in public. He leaned down to put his socks and shoes back on, but before he could reach for the stack beside him to start sorting them out, Jungkook picked up most of the stacks in his arms before inclining his head toward the three remaining boxes.

“Can you get those ones? Let’s go check out and take these to the car, then it’s just one more place before we can leave the mall and finish up the rest of our shopping elsewhere.”

“Jungkook, I really don’t need…” Jimin began, but trailed off as Jungkook gave him that hard stare again and Jimin clapped his mouth shut.

He knew he was pushing it by protesting and talking back so much, but it was impossible to see Jungkook spend so much on him without trying to stop him. Jimin’s parents had rasied him to be humble and this shopping trip was the farthest thing from humble he’d ever seen. But it was Jungkook’s money, and if the mercurial male wanted to spend his money on him, he shouldn’t complain. He just stood and grabbed the three remaining boxes and followed Jungkook to the register, where they were checked out and he paid. The total for the shoes was another mind-boggling number that he had to force himself to forget as they delivered the purchases to the car.


Their last stop at the mall was a lingerie store. The Alpha pulled him inside, and Jimin felt himself get shy again as they walked inside the shop filled with an assortment of silky, lacy undergarments. Jungkook asked for his sizes, and Jimin watched as he turned to look around. The Omega didn’t really look at the lingerie, he watched Jungkook as the Alpha looked at it. Jungkook skimmed his fingers over various items, glancing at Jimin regularly as if picturing him in it before flipping through for his size and pulling things off the racks.

Jimin noticed that it wasn’t all just lingerie, mixed in with the strappy, lacy and see-through items were pretty pajama sets and soft silk nighties. Jimin smiled as Jungkook seemed to have gathered as much as he could hold, watching as the Alpha took it all up to the front and gave it to the cashier to hold onto until he was done shopping. Jimin followed along, allowing Jungkook to select the things he wanted to see him in. The Omega wasn’t all that picky, but he occasionally stopped to admire something, running a hand over something he thought was pretty, and the Alpha would immediately add it to his collection. He was certain that he was going to end up with one of anything in the store that didn’t require breasts.

The lingerie store didn’t allow you to try things on, for obvious reasons, but everything that Jungkook collected looked like it would fit him more or less. Jimin was surprised by how businesslike Jungkook seemed while they were in the store, no lewd comments or attempts to touch him. Jimin wondered why, but after Jungkook took his second armful of items up to the registers and returned to Jimin who was looking at the neat folded stacks of panties, something they had not reached yet, Jungkook bumped into him and Jimin felt that he was still hard, his cock trapped up against his body by his slacks. Jungkook made a soft grunt at the contact, and Jimin understood. He was trying to remain in control by putting on his controlled, businessman exterior.

Jimin was sorely tempted to tease him, but he knew that Jungkook was much better at it than he was, and he would come to regret it if he tried it in such a public place. He stepped forward to give the Alpha room, and could sense the approval from Jungkook for behaving himself. Jungkook brushed a hand over his neck, just over his scent gland and he heard a whisper of, “Good boy.”

Jungkook knew that Jimin wanted to tease him. He could sense the playfulness in his lovely vanilla baby, but saw as Jimin restrained himself, just giving him room. It was for the best, because he was perilously close to snapping at this point. After seeing Jimin in all the high heels, and now picturing him in all the lingerie he’d selected… he was on edge. He gave Jimin a soft praise and saw the pleasure on his face at being called a good boy. He really was too cute for words.

He looked through the panty selection that Jimin was standing in front of, and quickly gathered anything he could find in Jimin’s size. From briefs to boyshorts to thongs and everything in between. He did grab duplicates of some of his favorites, specifically the plain white cotton ones, which he grabbed all he could find in Jimin’s size. He had a small mountain of panties collected, and as he turned toward Jimin to tell him to follow him up to the register, the Omega reached forward and added one more pair to the top. They were high-waisted and made of lace that was completely see through. Jungkook imagined him in them, with his tall suede boots and felt a little pre-cum leak from his tip. Fuck… he was so horny he was about to combust.

He turned to carry his last load up to the front, but got distracted by a display of thigh high stockings and socks. He’d already selected quite a few garter belts, and they would need stockings to go with them as well. He felt a soft hand on his arm and looked down to see Jimin next to him, looking up at him with a shy expression, face still a little pink.

“Here, I’ll grab them. Which ones do you want?” Jimin said, indicating the wall of stockings and socks.

Jungkook gave him a smile and started instructing him. The Omega blushed harder as Jungkook told him which ones to grab, which was basically one of everything. Pantyhose and thigh high socks in every color available in his size now piled in his arms, Jimin headed with Jungkook to the register and laid the haul on top of the counter with Jungkook. The female Alpha that was working the register looked at them with something between judgement and awe. Jimin could feel himself getting shy again, as embarrassment washed over him, but a gentle hand on his lower back steadied and reassured him.

It took a long time for the cashier to remove all the security tags and ring everything up, filling four large, brightly colored bags that displayed the name of the store in bold letters. Jimin wished that they were a little less conspicuous, but Jungkook didn’t seem to mind at all as he paid and took the four bulging bags of lingerie. Jimin was sure that there was more lingerie here than he could wear in several months, even if he wore it everyday, which was unlikely as he and Jungkook probably wouldn’t meet every day, and lingerie wouldn’t likely be involved a lot of the time. It felt downright frivolous, but Jimin didn’t say anything as they left.

Jungkook’s hands were full of the bags, so he couldn’t hold Jimin’s hand to keep them together in the now busy crush of the crowd, but he smiled when he felt a small hand grip into the side of his shirt. He glanced down to see Jimin scooting closer to him as the crowd got denser as they neared some of the more popular stores. Jungkook wanted to coo at how adorable his little vanilla baby was as he clung to him like a child trying not to get lost. He knew that Jimin must be used to crowds, as his main form of transport were buses and trains. Hell, he’d even told him that he punched an Alpha on the train the day they first met. But it seemed that he brought out a needier side of the Omega. It made him feel a little giddy as he realized this fact.

As they were walking, he felt a small tug of the hand on his shirt and glanced to Jimin who had slowed his steps as he seemed to be distracted by something in one of the shops. Jungkook followed his line of sight to a small, brightly colored store that seemed to sell makeup. He smirked and turned their steps toward the place, completely ignoring Jimin’s apologies and exaltations that he didn’t need to go in there as the Alpha led them into the store. Jimin let out a little huff and Jungkook glanced down to see him glaring at him with exasperation.

Jimin felt bad enough already for Jungkook buying him things that the Alpha wanted him to have, but now it felt like he was begging for him to spend money on him. He looked at the Alpha with big, pleading eyes. He hated feeling like a mooch. He felt like he was just feeding off of Jungkook like some kind of parasite. Of course, he knew that their relationship was based around money, he wasn’t an idiot. The fifteen thousand dollars in his account was a testament to that. He stared up at Jungkook who just gave him a look and a nod toward the merchandise that clearly said, ‘Go on. I know you want to.’

Jimin tamped down his first impulse which was to try and convince Jungkook to leave. He’d been losing that argument all day, and he knew that the Alpha was as stubborn as a mule. He wouldn’t put it past him to actually punish him for not letting himself be spoiled. Jungkook was such an odd Alpha, but that was what Jimin liked about him. He was different than anyone he’d ever met. He was still very much a mystery, but Jimin thought that he was kind and generous. Some people might look at their sexual encounters and think that Jungkook was being mean or domineering. But what they did together was pleasurable for both of them, and afterward when Jungkook had bathed and dressed him, cared for him and made sure he was okay… that had been the very best part.

Jimin sighed and gave Jungkook a sarcastic salute before grabbing a little basket and turning toward the shelves, starting to look through the makeup. Most of the makeup that Jimin currently had was out of date and mostly empty. He’d been scraping the bottom of his concealer for weeks, and his eyeliner was on its last legs, ready to give out. Jimin tried to be quick, selecting a few necessities. He hesitated over a tube of mascara for a few moments, but as he glanced over his shoulder, he saw Jungkook incline his head. Again, Jimin could read his meaning without words. ‘Get it, I saw you looking.’

Jimin grabbed the mascara and a small eyeshadow pan with some pretty neutral colors, never having been one for colorful makeup. He was about to head to the register and paused as a display of lipsticks caught his eye… specifically a bright red one that looked just the right side of too bright. It was almost a velvety color, rich and vibrant. He reached forward and took one from the selection, bringing it up to eye level to inspect it. It was such a pretty color… but was lipstick too much?

“It would be pretty on you.”

Jungkook’s voice spoke just next to his ear and Jimin jumped. He hadn’t heard the Alpha come up behind him, and as he was startled the tube fell from his hand and clattered to the floor. Jimin quickly crouched and snatched it back up, turning around to look up at Jungkook the little tube held securely to his chest.

“You don’t think it’s… too much?”

Jungkook raised an eyebrow at that, looking confused. He leaned to the side and read the tag.

“It’s sixteen dollars. I think I can afford it.” Jungkook said with a chuckle.

“Not price, I mean the high heels, the lingerie, the lipstick… It’s not… too girly?”

“You’re not a girl. So, if you wear high heels or lingerie or lipstick, it doesn’t matter. You’re still a boy, and a very sexy, smart and talented one. I don’t see anything wrong with you liking to wear anything you want whenever and wherever you want.”

It was like a dam somewhere deep inside him had been released, one that had been blocking him from allowing himself to enjoy the things he liked that might be considered too feminine. It had always been a worry of his, that there was something wrong with him. Of course, he’d seen many other male Omegas embrace their feminine side, and he had loved the things they wore, the way they looked. But it had always seemed like a pipe dream for him. He wasn’t cool or fashionable or rich, and he’d felt a little lacking to do something so bold. Suddenly he was filled with an unfamiliar bravery.

He bit his lip and dropped the little tube into his handheld basket as joy raced through his veins. He was going to look so pretty for Jungkook tonight. He smiled up at Jungkook, and giggled a little when the Alpha reached forward and grabbed a soft baby pink lipstick, a dark matte wine colored one and a clear gloss with flecks of glitter and dropped them into the basket as well. Jungkook returned his smile and Jimin felt a little thrill at the sign of support.

“Is that all you wanted?” Jungkook asked, looking at the few things in his little basket.

Jimin nodded. “I think so.”

“Okay, let’s check out then.”

Jungkook tossed a few more items into the basket as they walked, grabbing things that Jimin seemed to be eyeing and adding them to the purchases, ignoring Jimin’s little protests. They checked out and left the crowded mall, adding their purchases into the jumble in the back of the SUV. Jungkook and Jimin sighed simultaneously as they rested back against their seats. Shopping was exhausting. Plain and simple.

Chapter Text

Jungkook asked him if he was hungry, and Jimin really was. He was starving, and when Jungkook asked what he wanted, Jimin gave in and told him the truth. One of his vices and something he was ashamed of loving as a culinary student. Fast food. Jungkook took him through a little burger place, getting Jimin a cheeseburger, fries and a strawberry shake. The Alpha grimaced at him as he dipped his fries in his shake, but Jimin just popped them in his mouth before doing it again and offering it to Jungkook, who shrugged and leaned over, licking Jimin’s fingers as he pulled back and made a thinking face.


“Did you say we still have more places to go?” Jimin asked, turning his head toward the Alpha.

“Yes. I need to take you to get measured for a suit, and then I need to take you to get this activated.”

Jungkook leaned over and opened the glovebox, pulling out a brand new cell phone box and handing it to Jimin. The Omega took it into his hands and studied it. It looked like a new model, cutting edge technology.

“Before you protest or say I didn’t have to, I’ll have you know that phone is made by my company. I got it for free. I can’t have you walking around with an IPhone, much less one that’s five years out of date.” Jungkook said quickly as Jimin opened his mouth to do exactly that. He paused for a moment before answering.

“Oh, okay. Thank you. That’s very kind.”

“I also wanted to stop by a local sex shop. There are a few things I’d like to get.”

Jimin’s interest was piqued.

“Like what?”

“You’ll see when we get there.”

Jimin wanted to question further, but kept quiet. He needed to be patient, even though he felt like pestering him. But some sixth sense told him not to mess with Jungkook right now. The Alpha was on edge. Jimin knew he was close to breaking, something in the set of his shoulders told him everything he needed to know about Jungkook’s current state. Jungkook’s scent was strong in the confined space of the SUV and Jimin knew he was still hard, his eyes fell to the Alpha’s lap and he could see the bulge of his erection straining against the confinement of his slacks. He wanted to lean across and open his trousers and suck him off again, but he knew it wasn’t really the right time.

Jimin did still want to make him feel better, so he leaned over and stretched up to press a soft kiss to his cheek, nosing against him softly to share his scent. The Alpha turned his face slightly and rubbed their cheeks together, scenting him and being scented in return.

“Thank you, Jungkook.”

“You’re welcome, Minnie.”

Jimin had been tempted to call him Daddy, but thought it was best not to rile him up any more than he already was. He really was thankful, if a little overwhelmed by the sheer amount of money the Alpha had just spent on him, and he knew it wasn’t quite done. He got a brilliant idea on how he could repay the kindness in some small way.

“Can we also stop by the grocery store on the way back to your place? I’ll cook dinner tonight as a thank you.”

“You don’t have to do that.” Jungkook replied, voice low and husky in the confined space of the car.

Jimin giggled and pressed another soft kiss to his cheek.

“Now you sound like me.” Jimin teased. “I want to. I want to cook for you, and honestly I’m in love with your giant kitchen. It’s a shame that it doesn’t get used more.”

“Alright then. Let’s get all this done so I can get you back home. I’m dying to get inside you again.”

“Let’s go.” Jimin said, sitting back in his seat and putting on his seatbelt.

Jimin had never been measured for clothes before. Of course, he’d never had anything custom made for him either. Jungkook had led him into the posh little boutique/tailor and introduced him to an elderly male Omega named Yesung. The male had greeted Jungkook like a close friend and complemented Jimin profusely on his beauty and telling Jungkook that he was lucky to have found such a lovely Omega. It left Jimin stuttering out thanks and feeling shy and awkward.

Jimin stood in front of Yesung who measured various parts of his body. First his waist, then his hips, then around the largest part of his ass. He’d watched as the white eyebrows rose and felt a flush rise in his cheeks as the old man seemed to talk to himself as he worked.

“Great proportions… Probably will need to use a women’s pattern for such a small waist… unless we want a more male sillouette… It would be a shame though, to hide it…”

Jungkook was standing a bit behind the old man, watching as Jimin was measured. The Alpha spoke to the old man like they had been friends for a long time, answering his mumbled words.

“You might want to use a cut for women’s slacks on the bottom as well so they will look natural with high heels. Actually, make both types. Maybe one of each cut in navy blue and one of each cut in black… and one of the women’s cut in red.” Jungkook paused again, putting a finger to his lips in thought. “And one in emerald green.”

Jungkook couldn’t help but feel a little smug as Yesung complemented his pretty baby. Of course, Jungkook knew how beautiful Jimin was, but he got the feeling that the Omega didn’t realize it himself. Whenever he was complemented he got shy and stuttered out a thanks with red cheeks. So cute. He compared his reaction to Yesung’s compliments to the reaction he had when Jungkook did it. It was very different. He seemed to clam up and get awkward when the other Omega had complimented him. But when Jungkook complimented him, he softened and then bloomed, preening at the praise. He made a mental note to compliment him more often, shower him in praise until he was more comfortable with it. Because he deserved it, and he truly was a beauty.

“Six suits?” Jimin asked incredulously. “How many parties are we going to?”

Jungkook just chuckled.

“I tend to have a lot of events for work, so I thought we could just get you a few for some formal occasions.”

Jimin supposed that made sense, if they were going to be seen together, it would probably seem weird if he was constantly wearing the same outfit. He smiled a little at the idea of being seen with Jungkook publicly, of people knowing that the Alpha had chosen him. It made him feel warm and fuzzy to think about it. It didn’t matter if they weren’t really together, Jimin would still be his date. Jungkook had picked him out of all the people in the world, he’d chosen him, Park Jimin.

Yesung cut in before Jimin could formulate a response, for which the Omega was grateful.

“You want the wool and cashmere blend I use for your suits?” He addressed Jungkook.

“Whatever you think.I’ll leave it to you to pick the styling and fabric, same with the button ups. I trust your judgement.” Jungkook replied with a small smile.

“You had better! It’s my handywork that’s kept you up with all those hoity-toity society types all these years.”

“I’m well aware of that, Yesung and I’ve given you credit, haven’t I?”

“True enough. I’ve got a whole waiting list of clients now, but you’re always first on the list.”

Jimin listened to this conversation with interest. It would seem that Jungkook had known Yesung for a while, and must be a good client to have such steadfast loyalty and willingness to fit them in when he’d said he had a waiting list. It sounded like Jungkook wearing his suits had allowed him to build a larger client base. It made sense. Jungkook was famous in certain circles, and his fashion choices would draw attention from others. He must be a very valuable client to have.

Jimin let the older Omega measure him, posing and turning as he was instructed, as Jungkook watched and the tailor wrote his measurements down in his book. It still was a little unnerving to feel Jungkook’s eyes on him sometimes, though he knew that was ridiculous. The Alpha had seen him in ways his closest friends couldn’t even imagine. He’d seen him at his most vulnerable, when all his bravado was stripped away and he was left as the basest form of himself. Maybe that was why he seemed to have such an intense awareness of Jungkook’s eyes on him, because unlike others, he saw the mask for what it was… a disguise.

“All done.” Yesung said after a while, moving to stand with difficulty.

Jimin immediately reached down and helped him to stand, the older man giving him a grateful smile, reaching a hand up and patting Jimin’s cheek once he was righted.

“You’re a sweet boy.” Yesung said as he patted his cheek, turning to address the Alpha. “Jungkook, you’ve found a real little treasure here.”

“I know.” Jungkook’s eyes were still on Jimin when he addressed the tailor. “So, you want a check now, or do you want to send me an invoice?”

“I’ll just take the check. I’ve got to go to the bank later anyway.”

The tailor turned away from Jimin and picked up his book, snapping it shut as he walked over to the elegantly carved counter that held a computer and an old-fashioned 10-key calculator. He paused and typed into the calculator, the long roll of white tape paper streaming out of the end as he typed, muttering to himself.

“Two men’s cut suits… four women’s cut… cashmere blend with shirts… plus labor… and tax…” Yesung was obviously deep in thought as he was calculating the cost, and after a moment, looked up as Jungkook pulled out his checkbook from the inside of his coat pocket. “That will be… $32,025.55.”

“What?” Jimin gasped, eyes going wide and mouth falling open.

Yesung looked at him with a smirk, one that Jungkook seemed to mirror as he looked down at Jimin and laughed at the shocked expression.

“He’s such a little darling…” Yesung cooed, making motions like he wanted to pinch Jimin’s cheeks.

Jungkook just wrapped a hand around the back of his neck and leaned down to press a kiss to his temple. His pretty baby was so cute.

Jungkook borrowed a pen from Yesung and wrote out the check quickly, tearing it from his checkbook and handing it over. Jimin wanted to stop him, but he didn’t want to insult Yesung, or insinuate his creations weren’t worth what he was charging. He was stuck between a rock and a hard place, squirming as he played with the edge of his faded old shirt, biting his lip. He didn’t find a way to protest before Jungkook was wrapping an arm around him and he was bidding Yesung farewell. As soon as they were outside, he turned to Jungkook and pulled him to a stop.

“Jungkook! That was… thirty thousand dollars…”

“I know.”

“You realize that would pay my rent for the next four years. That’s… obscene.”

Jimin could tell that Jungkook was trying hard not to laugh at him, the Alpha biting his lips, shoulders shaking.

“You’re cute.”

Jimin just huffed and turned away, pouting, which incidentally made him cuter still.

“I’m not cute.”

Jungkook stepped forward and wrapped his arms around Jimin from behind, leaning down to speak closer to his ear.

“You are cute.” Jungkook said, smiling when Jimin huffed again. “And sexy, and beautiful. My pretty little vanilla baby, so perfect. Come on, sweetheart… don’t be mad. Turn around and look at me.”

Jimin wasn’t really mad. He was mortified at the way the Alpha seemed to just toss money out like it was nothing. Jimin didn’t feel like he deserved all of this, but he didn’t know how to express that without humiliating himself. Jungkook’s compliments made him feel pretty and appreciated, but he really couldn’t accept anything more or he was going to die of shame at some point. He couldn’t resist the Alpha’s voice, his words. He turned around in his embrace and looked up at him, still pouting.

“Why are you pouting?” Jungkook asked, unlooping one arm from Jimin’s waist to tilt his face up.

“I’m not.”

“And now you’re lying.”

Jimin refused to meet his eyes.

“Jungkook… I don’t think you understand. The money you’ve spent on me today could pay off my student loans and pay my rent for the next year of school. I’m just… really overwhelmed. We’re just having sex… amazing, perfect sex… but even then, I feel like you’re still taking care of me. What could I possibly do to pay you back for all of this?”

Jungkook wanted to coo at Jimin as his face got all red with embarrassment and a slight sheen of tears gathered in his eyes. He was so adorable, but he didn’t want him to cry. He only wanted to make him cry from pleasure.

“Baby… I don’t mind spending money on you. I like it. And I like taking care of you in the bedroom as well. That’s what makes me feel good.” Jungkook cupped Jimin’s face in his palm and looked down at him. “I don’t think you understand what you do for me.”

“What do you mean? I don’t do anything.” Jimin said, finally meeting his eyes.

“Yes you do. I’ve had other lovers in the past, but none like you. I never thought I’d find someone who let me be myself, who would submit and let me take control. You’re special, and you deserve everything I’ve given you and more. Don’t think I’m done spending money on you. I’m far from being done. But don’t ever feel like you’re in my debt. I’m doing this because I want to.”

It was the first time that they’d talked like this, and Jimin didn’t know what to do. Usually their talks were more just about sex and teasing. He guessed that he should have realized that it probably been as hard for Jungkook to find someone who fulfilled his sexual desires as it was for him. Jimin’s mind went to those soft, slow, unbearably boring makeout sessions with Daniel and he cringed internally. Jungkook was probably dealing with the same thing in reverse. It did ease his guilt for all the money spent, now that he at least understand better where the Alpha was coming from.

“Okay.” Jimin said, turning his face into the palm cupping his cheek and pressing a kiss there. “I’m sorry I was being a brat.”

“It’s okay, Baby. I was a broke college student once too, you know.”

Jimin giggled and it made Jungkook smile to see his mood lifted again.

“Such a pretty boy. Let’s get in the car, we have more places to go.”

Jimin gave a cute nod and let himself be pulled along to the place his car was parked. As they walked, they passed the other fancy, high-end boutiques, some for clothes and other things, but as they passed a jewelry store, Jimin’s eyes fell on a long string of pearls. The necklace was beautiful, the white pearls had a soft satiny glow that caught the light and made them unbelievably beautiful. He measured them with his eyes and knew that on him they could wrap once around his neck and still hang a few inches above his belly button. He turned his face forward again, but was pulled to a stop.

“What were you looking at?” Jungkook asked, glancing back at the window to the jewelry store.

“What? Oh… nothing. I was just looking in the windows.”

Jungkook gave him a look that said he clearly didn’t believe a word of that. He pulled Jimin back to the jewelry store window and stood Jimin there, wrapping his arms around him from behind and leaning down to speak lowly into his ear.

“Come on… tell me what you were looking at so longingly. I’ll buy it for you.” Jimin hesitated and Jungkook continued. “Was it the diamond earrings? No? The ruby bracelet? No? Hmm… oh… Was it the pearl necklace?”

Jungkook felt Jimin give an almost imperceptible little movement. He would have missed it completely if he hadn’t had his arms wrapped securely around his waist. He studied the long string of pearls that hung on a faceless mannequin in the window. He hummed softly as he pictured Jimin wearing only the string of pearls… and nothing else, just like the dream he’d had the night after he’d seen him the first time. It was a lovely picture.

“Oh, sweetheart… you’d look so pretty in pearls. How about you let me buy you that pearl necklace, and when we get back home I’ll give you one of my own?” Jungkook heard Jimin’s little intake of breath at the statement. “Just say the word and it’s yours.” Jungkook whispered into Jimin’s ear lowly before biting his earlobe and gently tugging on it with his teeth.

Jimin felt himself flame up from the inside at the words and the mental picture it created in his head. Him on his knees before Jungkook as the Alpha stroked himself to completion, the way his cum would feel landing on his skin, hot at first but quickly cooling to the ambient temperature of the room. He let out an involuntary shiver and felt wetness gather between his legs. He did want that… and he’d agreed to stop being a brat.

“I want it.”

Jungkook let out a soft approving sound. “Good boy.” Jungkook whispered the words right against his ear and Jimin felt his hot breath, the soft brush of his lips and felt his own breath quicken.

Ten mintues later they were walking out with a small bag that contained within it a velvet jewelry box containing the long string of pearls. Jimin had been surprised by their weight as he’d held the necklace. He’d never held real pearls before, only cheap knockoffs made of plastic. But real pearls were heavy, and he thought the weight around his neck would feel unbearably erotic as the smooth, solid pearls slid against his skin.

Jimin looked down at the little bag in his hands and then up at Jungkook with a smile. He’d decided to just go along with the Alpha for today. He still wasn’t totally comfortable with the idea of someone spending money on him like this, but it seemed to make Jungkook happy to spend money on him and he wanted the Alpha to be happy. So he went along with his desire to spend more money on him, at least for now. He assumed that maybe after this first splurge, he would get it out of his system.

Getting the new phone activated was easy enough, though Jungkook insisted on increasing his data plan and setting it up to bill directly to his account. Jimin didn’t protest, though he wanted to, and he could see that Jungkook was expecting it, but also pleased when Jimin kept quiet. The small approving smile sent the Omega’s stomach swooping with happiness. He was probably too easy to fall into wanting Jungkook to be proud of him. All it took was a look or a smile and Jimin melted completely and became putty in Jungkook’s hands.

The sex shop that Jungkook took him to was larger and more high-end than the ones Jimin had been in. The exterior was discreet and classy, and the inside looked like what Jimin thought a vampire’s house would look like in a soap opera. Everything was black and red, the windows draped with heavy bloodred velvet and the floors black marble. The walls were a dark brocade patterned wallpaper. Jimin thought the place was pretentious. Something of his thoughts seemed to show on his face as the Alpha led him inside because Jungkook leaned down to whisper to him.

“Not to your taste, Baby?”

“Maybe if I wanted to have sex with the Vampire Armand, but otherwise not really.” Jimin said, eyeing the black chandelier.

Jungkook chuckled and pressed a kiss to Jimin’s temple.

“I’m not going to argue there, but they have a good selection, so we’ll just deal with the obnoxious décor.”

Jimin wondered how many Omegas Jungkook had brought here and felt an uncomfortable weight in his gut at the thought, so he turned his mind away from that. They were greeted by a tall, stern looking woman in an elegant pantsuit who asked if they needed any assistance, but Jungkook declined and they walked farther into the store. Jimin had to admit that the place was swanky and the items he saw on the shelves were all expensive looking, unlike the normal stores he’d been inside, but the items themselves looked familiar. They were just the same as anywhere else, but he guessed these must be the rich man’s version of them.


The place seemed to be separated into a couple of different sections. One section was all lingerie and sexy roleplay outfits, one section seemed to be your basic sextoys and other necessities, and the last section was all leather and chains and shining metal. Jungkook got a basket and Jimin followed along dutifully behind him, fingers curled into the fabric of his shirt as he let himself be led along. However, unlike in the other stores, Jungkook seemed more intent here. Instead of simply grabbing anything that struck his fancy and tossing it into the basket, he seemed to deliberate on his choices longer.

Jimin watched as Jungkook selected a variety of plugs, in various colors and shapes a few various sex toys like vibrators, dildos, anal beads, a whole assortment of things that had Jimin’s heart pitter-pattering inside his chest like a scared bunny. But it wasn’t fear, it was excitement. Fuck… he was getting wet as he watched Jungkook’s hands pick up various items and turn them studying them like some connoisseur. Which was completely ridiculous. No one should look sexy while studying a string of anal beads. It wasn’t fair. Though, as Jungkook’s eyes slid over to him and he gave him his signature, ‘I-can-see-right-through-you’ smirk, Jimin realized that he KNEW. He knew what he was doing. He was being a tease.

‘Well… two can play at that game.’ Jimin thought, if this was enough to get him hot and bothered… it would totally work on Jungkook as well. Right?

He turned his attention away from the Alpha purposely and toward the shelf in front of him. He let his gaze wander over the items, looking for anything that caught his interest. He decided that true interest would be more tempting. He had to do to Jungkook what he’d been doing to him. Make him imagine what it would be like to use these items on him. He could do that. He reached forward and picked up a baby pink plug made of glass that had a base that was much wider than any that Jungkook had picked out. Jimin picked it up and turned it over and over in his hands, studying it from every angle. It looked like it was maybe a little smaller than Jungkook’s knot in diameter. It wasn’t the kind of plug you would wear out of the house, that was for certain.

Jimin, so intent on the object in his hands jumped and almost dropped it when he felt the Alpha’s large hands slide around his hips from behind and a warm gush of breath next to his ear.

“Oh, sweetheart… I might have been underestimating you. I didn’t realize you wanted to be stretched open so far.” The Alpha’s hands slid up his sides to his elbows and down to Jimin’s hands, taking the plug from him and examining it himself. “Is that what you want Baby? You wanna feel like you’re walking around with my knot stretching you open? You want it to hurt a little? I promise I’ll kiss it all better if it hurts you.”

Jimin’s plan had just backfired in a very unexpected way. He’d been trying to rile Jungkook up, and it seemed he had succeeded if the hard ridge of the Alpha’s cock that was pressed against his ass was any indication. But now that sexual desire was turned toward him, making his original predicament worse as he felt a small rush of slick inside the confines of his panties.

“Stop…” Jimin whispered with less authority than he’d wanted.

“Are you getting wet? Are you all slick for me, even here, in a public place?” Jungkook asked, taking a deep breath as if to answer his own question. Jimin knew the Alpha could smell his arousal.


“Hmm… what a needy little baby I’ve got here. No self control… no discipline. Whatever should I do with such a hungry little boy?”

“F-fuck…” Jimin stuttered out as a shiver went up his spine and he felt himself get even wetter.

“That is one option… but let’s save it for when we get home. Now. Be a good boy and let me finish up my shopping and I’ll eat you out when we get home? How does that sound?”

Jimin was shaking as he started to sink into that submissive place that only Jungkook could take him to. The Alpha’s words hit him like a bullet train, right in the gut. ‘Be a good boy.’ He could do that. He could be good. He nodded his head, but felt Jungkook’s big hand come up and turn his face so they were only inches apart where he was leaning down.

“Words, Baby. What do you say? Can you be a good boy for Daddy?”

“Yes Daddy.”

Jungkook leaned forward and gave him a small, chaste peck on the lips. That only sunk him further into that submissive space in his own head where Jungkook’s word was law and all he had to do was what he was told.

“Sweet boy. So obedient. I want you to put anything you like into the cart, okay? I’m gonna buy it for you.”

“Okay Daddy, I will.”

For once, Jimin complied with the Alpha spending money on him without any complaint. He picked up a few things here and there and added them to the cart, feeling a swooping rush in his gut as the Alpha gave him approving looks. He didn’t pick too many things, but he did grab a few pairs of soft, thick thigh high socks that seemed extremely warm and comfortable. He honestly didn’t want them for sex, but just to wear generally because they seemed warm. He did pick out several more pairs of panties that he thought were pretty and even blushingly added a pair of handcuffs made of supple white leather and lined with soft fur and a collar that matched it with big gold block letters on the front spelling out the word ‘Baby’.

Jungkook had quite a time picking out things he liked as Jimin followed along behind him, quietly setting things into the basket every once in a while. He could tell that Jimin was deep in his submissive headspace already, just by the lack of protest as the Alpha selected a myriad of expensive leather cuffs and other restraints and a variety of collars and other things that he thought might be fun. He wasn’t extremely into the whole BDSM scene, the most he really wanted was to restrain Jimin, maybe spank him and do a little dirty talk. His little vanilla baby was still a soft thing, pliant and sweet. He didn’t require much in the way of punishment, and in that regard he’d prefer to use his hand or at most, his belt.

He hadn’t had to punish Jimin at all yet, but they were just getting started on their arrangement. He was sure that a time would come for it, and he was a little excited to see how Jimin would react to it, but he wouldn’t punish for no reason. He wasn’t a sadist, he just liked… control. The Omega didn’t seem to mind handing his control over to him, and he didn’t need any extra motivation to do so. In fact, it often seemed that he was eager to give up his power and Jungkook was more than happy to take the reins for a while. He knew that he needed to get Jimin out of his subspace, because they still needed to go to the grocery store. He guessed it would have to be once they got in the car.

Jungkook led Jimin to the front of the store and paid for their purchases as Jimin just curled his hands into the fabric of Jungkook’s shirt and slightly hid behind his body, only peeking out around his arm shyly. The cashier didn’t comment on it, and Jungkook guessed that a little shyness was a far cry from the weirdest thing that she had seen in her time working in a sex shop. Jungkook took the bags in one hand and wrapped the other arm around Jimin’s shoulders, guiding him out of the store and to the car. He could feel the Omega looking up at him as they walked and as he opened the car door for Jimin he looked down at the curious grey eyes that were staring up at him with shining admiration.

“What is it, pretty boy?” Jungkook asked, reaching the hand that wasn’t holding the bags up and turning the blond’s chin up a little more so he could admire the soft planes of his lovely face.

“You’re really handsome, Daddy.” Jimin whispered as he stared up at him with those sparkling grey eyes that were open and honest.

Jungkook let out a soft chuckle and leaned down to press a light kiss to Jimin’s full lips, pulling a soft pleading sound from his pretty mouth.

“Thank you, Baby. You’re very beautiful, too.” Jungkook watched with pleasure as the Omega flushed at the praise, eyes turning down as he got shy. The Alpha just leaned down and gave him another soft kiss. “Now, get in the car and put on your seatbelt. I’m gonna put these bags in the back and then we can go to the grocery store.”

Jimin turned away at once and climbed up into the car, closing his door and putting on his seatbelt. He looked so content as he settled in his seat with happy expectation at doing what he was told. So adorable. Jungkook stored the bags in the back with the rest of their haul and got into the driver’s seat, turning on the car and getting the heater going, reaching forward to turn the heated seat up all the way on Jimin’s side. He looked over to see the pretty blond staring at him again. He could tell that Jimin was still in his subspace. He reached over and petted a soft hand over his jaw, the Omega immediately turning his face into his palm and nuzzling at him.

“Are you alright, Baby?”


“Do you want to skip going to the store? You don’t have to cook tonight if you don’t want to.” Jungkook offered.

Jimin sat back and shook his head vehemently. “No! I want to go. I want to cook for you.”

“Okay, pretty boy. I need you to focus for just a little longer on being Park Jimin. Once we get home then you can let go, okay?”


“Good boy.”

Chapter Text

Jungkook sat back in his seat and put on his own seatbelt before pulling off and driving to the grocery store that was nearest to his house. He could tell that Jimin was focusing on getting back into the right frame of mind to be in public. It was honestly kind of interesting to watch the Omega in short covert glances, trying to keep his eyes on the road. It was like he was watching him put himself back together again, zipping himself away back into the costume of his usual self, hiding the soft, needy boy that Jungkook knew was hiding underneath the surface. By the time they reached the store, it was clear that Jimin was back to his normal frame of mind, though small things seemed to show through, like the way that his pretty boy clung to his hand with his smaller one, just a little too tight.

Grocery shopping with Jimin turned out to be a fun experience. The Omega got so excited talking about this and that recipe and selecting various ingredients, asking what kinds of foods Jungkook liked and what his favorite meals were. It was all very adorable as he darted hither and yon collecting things and piling them in the cart, including several bottles of wine. Jungkook just followed along in his wake and listened attentively as the Omega talked about his passion for food and cooking and all his favorite things to make. He’d never seen Jimin so animated before, and it was strangely sexy and adorable all at once.

As they were leaving, Jungkook’s cell phone started to ding with emails. He knew it was from his work account, due to the tone, so he pulled it out and found a series of emails from one of his vendors who was needing to talk to him. He sighed and sent a quick reply that he’d call back as soon as possible, but he was away from his computer at the moment. He felt all the stress of his work slide back onto his shoulders as he began to worry about supply lines and vendor dealings. It was all complicated and so boring. He couldn’t wait to find a new CEO so he could go back to doing what he loved, coding and engineering new products (and fucking one very pretty and sweet little vanilla boy).

They barely managed to get all their purchases into the apartment in two trips, though Jungkook carried the bulk of it and both their hands were sore from the weight of the bags as they settled everything into a big pile in the middle of the living room floor, groceries in the kitchen. Jungkook pressed a quick kiss to Jimin’s forehead, apologizing that he had to take a work call. The Omega just waved him off with a smile and began to put things away in the kitchen, discovering that almost all the cabinets were empty. The Alpha apparently never cooked because though he had top of the line pots and pans, they didn’t appear to have ever been used.

Jimin just shook his head as he put things away and then moved on to the living room, sorting out the clothes into different piles for pants, shirts, shoes, etc. When he got to the lingerie and sex toys he couldn’t help but think about Jungkook seeing him wearing these things, and having the various toys and restraints used on him. It started to return his earlier arousal and neediness back into his system. Jimin ran soft fingertips over the silk, velvet, lace and cotton of the lingerie, fingering the sheer mesh of pantyhose and the soft wool of thigh high socks. He wanted to wear these things now.

Jimin felt himself softening, letting go of his guarded mask now that he was back in Jungkook’s apartment, surrounded by the Alpha’s scent and secure in the knowledge that no one would see him except Jungkook. He wanted Jungkook to see him, he wanted the Alpha to see his body clad in the silky, delicate gifts that he’d bought for him. He wanted to please him and pleasure him more than was probably normal, but he was sure that when it came to Jungkook, nothing about his desire was average.

He sifted through the pile of lingerie, looking at the absurd amount of it as he weighed his options, finally settling on a silky jade green set of boyshorts and a bralette trimmed in delicate black lace. He searched through the shoe boxes and came up with the pair of black patent leather heels, a pair of thigh high stockings also trimmed in lace and topped the little pile with the black velvet box containing his new pearl necklace. Just as he was getting up, he saw the bags from the sex shop and remembered the plug that he’d chosen, the pink one that Jungkook had commented on. He searched through the bags and found it, adding it to his little pile of things in his arms. He clutched the choices to his chest and raced off into Jungkook’s bathroom.

Jimin pulled his clothes off, biting his lip as he grabbed the pink glass plug, washing it thoroughly in the sink and drying it before propping one knee up on the counter and reaching between his legs to stretch himself enough to get the plug inside. It took a few minutes of work, but he was able to get the plug settled inside himself. It was much bigger than an average plug, the base stretched him open like a knot would and made his knees weak and his cock hard as he braced himself on the marble countertop while trying to get used to the sensation. He took deep breaths until he felt a little calmer so he could gently wash the slick from his thighs and between his legs, not wanting it to get on the pretty silk of his lingerie.

The Omega shivered as he stepped into the silky panties, the cool material slid over his skin in a whisper soft caress as goosebumps erupted all over him and his nipples tightened into taut, tender peaks. He bit his lip as he put on the silken bralette top and it skimmed his nipples making his whole body tingle and ache, longing for Jungkook’s warm touch, the heat of his body pressed against him. Jimin was already hard, the ridge of his arousal clearly visible through the silk short panties. It was both erotic and humiliating to be so aroused so quickly, but it only made Jimin’s need greater. He felt that submissive, neediness come out in him as he looked at himself in the bathroom mirror and looped his long string of pearls around his neck twice. The necklace was deceptively heavy and with the first loop tight around his throat, the longer hanging loop just reached his navel, the smooth, velvety pearls sliding over his skin. He stepped first into his thigh high stockings sliding them up his legs and smoothing them with his palms before toeing into his black high heels and he felt so beautiful as he gazed at his reflection. He slid his hands over his exposed pale skin, delighting in how wonderfully sensual he felt as he gazed at his reflection.

He needed Jungkook. His whole body was alive with longing for the Alpha who seemed to break down all his barriers at once. Even just the thought of showing him, letting him see Jimin in all his wonderful lewdness had him aching more, his stretched hole clenching and pressing the bulb of the plug against his tender inner places and eliciting a soft gasp. Jimin walked out of the bathroom, through the bedroom and out into the living room. He paused for a moment, listening for Jungkook’s voice and he heard it coming from another room whose door was open. He carefully stepped toward the room, feeling the way the high heels made his hips swing more, made his gait more prowling. When he stepped into the doorframe, he took in the room briefly. It was an office of some kind, the walls lined with shelves, the center dominated by a desk with three monitors atop it. Jungkook was in his desk chair, body angled away from the door and cell phone held to his ear.

Jungkook was getting annoyed at the male on the other end of the line. It was a Saturday, and normally Jungkook wouldn’t care about getting work calls, but he had other much more interesting things to be doing. The issue he was asking about was not something so pertinent that it needed immediate attention anyway. But the vendor was a chatterbox, continually going off on tangents and talking and talking far beyond the point of the conversation. All he wanted was for this to end so he could get back to his pretty boy and all the things he wanted to do to him. As he casually glanced over at the doorway, he had to do a double take at the vision standing between the jambs. Jimin was exquisite in teal lingerie, black thigh highs and shiny black high heels. Jungkook bit his lip as the words on the line he should have been listening to were drowned out by a rushing in his ears.

He couldn’t look away, but when the voice on the other end started to call his attention, he snapped back to reality. He didn’t look away from Jimin, but he did start to give a small piece of his attention to his phone call, answering with non-committal answers as he crooked a finger at his Omega, summoning him. The Omega moved like a cat when he was wearing heels, his steps smooth and his hips swaying, but when he stopped in front of him, the Omega still blushed and put both hands over the front of his silk panties, covering the evidence of his arousal. He didn’t know how his pretty boy could be simultaneously filthy and innocent. It was a mystery of the universe. Jungkook gently pulled Jimin’s hands away from covering his cock, replacing them with a slow groping hand of his own.

Jimin let out a soft moan as Jungkook started to rub him through the silk of his bottoms, but the Alpha pulled his hand away, looking up at Jimin and putting a finger to his lips in ‘shh-ing’ gesture. Jimin bit his lip as Jungkook’s free hand continued gently groping and rubbing his hard cock and as the Alpha resumed his conversation, Jimin felt so dirty. But his body was reacting without a doubt. There was something so taboo about having to be quiet. The Alpha’s hand taking indecent liberties with him was making him needy and when he whined out loud, knees shaking and watery making him unstable on his high heels, Jungkook pulled the phone away from his ear and Jimin watched as he hit mute so the person on the other end couldn’t hear their side.

“Come here, Baby.” Jungkook said, pulling Jimin forward and letting him straddle him in the desk chair while he petted his hair and vaguely listened to the phonecall that was mainly one-sided. “You had a big day today, huh? I bet you’re feeling pretty overwhelmed right now, aren’t you sweetheart?”

Jimin was shivering as he looked at Jungkook from his lap and nodded.

“You’ve been such a good boy all day. Just relax in my lap while I finish this phone call, and then I’ll make you feel all better, okay?”

“O-Okay, Daddy.”

Jimin leaned forward and rested his head against Jungkook’s shoulder. He let the sound of Jungkook’s voice soothe him, even if he wasn’t paying attention to what was being said. It didn’t matter. He felt better now that he was in Jungkook’s lap. The Alpha was warm against his cool skin and his body was big and muscled in a way that made him feel small. He could feel Jungkook’s arousal between his legs, it had his hole clenching again, and he had to set his jaw to keep from making a noise as the plug inside him shifted rubbing against his sensitive inner walls. He took deep breaths and relaxed against Jungkook’s body, just as he was told and waited for the Alpha’s phone call to be over.

Jungkook was very much enjoying the feeling of Jimin relaxed in his lap, resting against his body. He was such a sweet little thing. So obedient, and spoiling him all day had felt good. It was nice to spend his money on him. Gods knew he wasn’t using it for anything but filling up his account. He decided that getting a sugar baby was actually the best choice he’d ever made. He hadn’t even realized how stressed he was until he’d met up with Jimin the first time. Having these meetings with the pretty Omega to look forward to was such a pleasure.

He unmuted his call and refocused on his conversation, doing what he could to shorten the call and finally agreeing to meet up with him and his mate for a business dinner on Tuesday evening just to get off the phone. He agreed to bring a date along as well so that he could get off the call and focus on the slender body that was pressed intimately against his hard cock and diverting his attention from the male on the other end of the line. He finally hung up the call and tossed his phone carelessly onto the desk with a soft clatter that made the Omega in his lap jump at the unexpected noise and sit back to look at him. When he saw that his call was over he smiled.

“You’re done?”

Jungkook reached up cupped Jimin’s jaw in his hands, gently brushing his cheekbones with his thumbs.

“All done, Baby. Now stand up, I wanna get a good look at you.”

Jimin slid back off Jungkook’s lap and stood in front of him, the Alpha scooted his desk chair back to take in the exquisite sight. Jimin’s pale skin was glowing, the teal silk and black lace of the lingerie he was wearing set off his coloring perfectly. The lace-topped thigh highs emphasized his legs, the heels changing his stance and emphasizing his perfect body line, from his small waist to his wider hips and deliciously thick thighs. His gaze found the long string of pearls and he decided he liked Jimin in the expensive finery and resolved to buy him more jewelry as soon as possible.

“Oh, sweetheart… you look so pretty for me. Are you wearing a plug right now? I can’t smell your slick, Baby.”

Jimin’s cheeks went pink and he nodded, looking down at the toes of his black heels.

“Show me.”

Jimin felt that submissive side of himself move back to the forefront as he went bright red and turned around, doing exactly as he was told. He hooked his fingers in the waistband of his panties and pulled them down, just below his ass before bending forward and bracing his hands on the desk to give the Alpha a view of his hole stretched around the pink glass plug. It was that same erotic humiliation that Jungkook always made him feel. Knowing the Alpha was looking at him and both wanting him to look, and not wanting him to look pulling him in two directions at once. He heard the desk chair scooting forward, and felt the air behind him stir. The familiar warmth that Jungkook’s body always exuded when he was near soaked into Jimin’s skin.

Jungkook was just fascinated by Jimin. He was so fucking pretty and he let Jungkook take control with sex, and it made him harder and more aching than he’d ever felt before. Every time he had the pretty boy at his mercy, he couldn’t stop himself. He loved watching him get so shy, but at the same time, love what was being said and done to him. It was the best juxtaposition of sexual traits he could imagine, and he watched as Jimin trembled and goosebumps erupted all over him. His eyes could make them out in the bright light of his office. He reached forward and grabbed the Omega’s perfect ass in his hands, pulling him open to study the perfect, pink hole that was stretched around the glass plug for a few moments. He kneaded the soft flesh in his hands roughly for a few moments before letting go and watching the soft flesh bounce and jiggle a little bit.

“Lean forward and rest on the desk and hold yourself open for me.” Jungkook instructed while running his hands up and down Jimin’s quivering thighs.

Jimin did as he was told, gasping slightly when his skin met the cool wood of the desk. He moved his hands behind himself and pulled his cheeks apart to show Jungkook the plug resting in his stretched entrance. He slightly regretted using the large plug. It felt too much like being knotted and it was making his arousal rise to an uncontrollable level. His cock was rock hard, the tip wet with pre-cum from the feel of being so stretched and the knowledge that Jungkook was looking at him so intimately while he was stretched around the plug.

“Like this?” Jimin asked, trying to look over his shoulder, but not able to see the Alpha at his current angle.

“Just like that, Baby.”

Jimin gasped as Jungkook spoke, his hot breath fanned over his stretched hole. He was so close to him. Jimin whined in his throat, automatically arching his back to bring himself closer to the Alpha’s mouth, wanting contact of any kind.

“Please… please, Daddy.”

“What do you want, sweetheart? You want this plug out?” Jungkook asked, pushing on the base of the plug gently with a thumb and making Jimin cry out.

“Y-yes… I want it out.” Jimin whined as Jungkook pushed on the base again gently.

“What if I want to play with you a little bit first? Huh, Baby? Would you let Daddy play with you for a little while before I take it out?”

Jimin wanted to say no. He wanted to tell the Alpha to pull it out, but he also wanted to be good. He wanted the Alpha to praise him and comfort him. So he was torn and he hesitated a moment, but knew that there was really only one answer to give.

“Yes Daddy… You can do whatever you want.”

Jimin moaned as he felt Jungkook lean forward and his lips met the skin of his ass. The Alpha opened and bit the soft skin gently, nipping at him and pulling softly on the tender flesh before pulling away.

“Good boy.”

Jungkook’s fingertips gripped around the base of the plug resting inside Jimin and slowly swiveled it so it slid and rubbed against the Omega’s inner walls. Jungkook smirked as he watched Jimin’s back arch to present himself better. It was both adorable and erotic how sensitive he was. He kept slowly swiveling the plug inside the Omega as he used his own knees to push Jimin’s legs apart so he was standing in a wide stance with his top half resting against the wood of the desk. The Alpha used the other hand to push his panties down to around his knees before sliding it back up his creamy thigh to his pretty little cock and gently wrapping his hand around it, starting to slowly jerk him off while the other hand swiveled the plug inside him, making the Omega cry out in a moan that turned into a whimper.

“Oh… god, Daddy… ahn…. please please please…. mmn… Fuck. I’m gonna cum…”

Jimin’s whole body was throbbing with his heartbeat, all feeling concentrated on the Alpha’s hands. One turning the plug inside him and the other loosely stroking over his erection. He could feel himself coming apart so easily as moans and pleas fell from his lips unchecked. He knew he was speaking, but he had no idea what he was saying as his eyes teared up and his throat ached with the effort to suppress sobs. The plug was too big to be simply teasing, it was almost painful as Jungkook played with it and rotated it slowly, and yet it felt amazing. Just as he felt his orgasm building, ready to break him apart, the Alpha’s hands stopped their slow ministrations.

“No, no, no… don’t stop… I’m so close. Alpha… please…” Jimin whined, tears spilling over as his body trembled and shook from the force of his suddenly cut-off orgasm.

Jungkook knew he’d never get tired of this. He’d never get tired of Jimin falling apart under his hands. The Omega was so easy to take apart. His little vanilla baby… so needy for attention and affection, so desperate for his pleasuring hands. He ran his hands over the perfect ass and thighs in front of him, gripping the globes of his ass in his hands and kneading it harsly, just to feel it overspill his fingers.

“Shh… just relax, Baby. I’m just playing with you for now.” The only response he received was a quiet whimper. “You have such a perfect ass, sweetheart. Have I told you how much I like your ass, pretty boy? How much I like to watch it bouce and jiggle while I fuck you? How pretty it is when I watch my cock disappear into your soft pink hole?”

Jungkook let one finger trace whisper soft around the stretched rim that was darkened to a deeper pink by the continual stretch. When he not no response again but another soft whine, he pulled one hand back and gave a quick, stinging smack to the right cheek, watching as his round cheeks jiggled at the contact and listening with pleasure as the Omega gasped and let out a little sob.

“Answer me when I ask you a question, Baby.”

Jimin’s hands were clawing ineffectually against the wood of the desk underneath him as he was completely overwhelmed with a mix of pleasure and desperate need. Jungkook’s teasing was making it impossible to form a coherent thought, much less to speak in full words. The Alpha’s hands felt so warm against his skin, and as he gave his ass a second stinging swat, he felt the abused skin heat and throb with his rapid pulse. Tears were leaking steadily now from the corners of his eyes, and he was biting his lips to keep from sobbing at the horrendously perfect pain and pleasure.

“I-I don’t know… I… what..? P-p-please Alpha…”

“I asked you… If I have ever told you how much I like your perfect ass, Baby? Go on, answer the question.”

“I… n-no, I don’t think so…” Jimin managed to stammer out, voice hoarse with tears as he tried to focus on the Alpha’s words.

“Hmm… that’s a damn shame. Because I love it, Baby. You’re so pretty like this, when you’re so desperate.” Jungkook paused and gave a little tug on the base of the plug that was settled inside Jimin, making the Omega, gasp. “I bet when I pull this out, you’re gonna make such a mess… What do you think, Baby?”

“M-maybe…” Jimin’s breaths were coming hard and fast. “I don’t know.”

Jungkook hummed softly in acknowledgement and wrapped his hand loosely around Jimin’s cock again, giving a few slow strokes before releasing him and using a single finger to rub tiny circles right on the tip, tracing little o’s around the slit where he would be the most sensitive. Jimin jerked and let out a soft cry of sound, but Jungkook continued his gentle teasing.

“Even your pretty cock is wet for me.” Jungkook growled lowly. “Look how easily my finger slides over your tip, you’re ready for me aren’t you, Baby? Are you ready for Daddy to make you cum?”

“Yes. Please… please, I wanna cum.”

“Are you sure, Baby? Because I’m not done with you. You’re only gonna get more sensitive if I make you cum right now.”

The pad of Jungkook’s finger was still gently teasing Jimin’s tip, gathering the precum there and using it to ease the little rubbing circles as the Omega’s back arched and he shivered out a needful moan. Jimin couldn’t comprehend some future sensitivity, he was hurting and so hard and he wanted relief, he wanted release.

“Yes! God yes. Make me cum…hah... I need it Alpha.”

Jungkook smirked. He was going to enjoy fucking him while he was so raw and sensitive from his orgasm. He wanted to watch him cry and fall apart underneath him as he fucked him, first with his tongue, and then as he knotted him over and over to his heart’s content. He wanted Jimin to be sore and sleepy. He wanted him to be so fucked out that he’d fall asleep before his knot even relaxed the final time. He wanted his pale skin all red and blotchy from exertion and crying. He wanted to see how far he could push him before he fell apart completely.

Jungkook pulled his hand away from rubbing the little circles around his tip and Jimin whimpered at the loss of contact, but moaned when Jungkook’s hand wrapped around his cock again. The Alpha’s hands were always so warm and the heat of his palm had Jimin already so close to cumming that he felt the warmth building low in his belly as the pressure on the base of his spine increased to a low tingle. There was no slow slide or gentle movements this time. The Alpha was clearly trying to make him cum. His hand was tight and his strokes steady and fast, the glide helped by the copious amount of precum he was producing.

“Oh, just look at you, Baby. You’re so needy like this. You gonna cum for me? Gonna cum like this? Bent over my desk with your panties around your knees… such a naughty boy.”

Jimin’s hands scrambled to find anything to grasp onto for purchase, and he found the edges of the desk as his orgasm built inside him. The knowledge that Jungkook’s large hand could almost completely envelop his cock had him gasping and moaning as his back arched and he rested his forehead against the desk. It felt almost like being ‘milked’, and that thought had his heart thudding harder as the hand that was stroking him quickened again. Jimin felt Jungkook’s other hand slide up the back of his thigh, to his ass, and as soon as he felt the small push on the plug inside him, his entire body went tight and he clamped down around the plug painfully. It was pain and pleasure all at once, tugging him in two directions and making it impossible to know which was greater. He screamed as his body jerked and his hands gripped the edges of the desk so hard it made his knuckles ache with the force of it.

As his release washed through him and he started to come down from his high, it was all too overwhelming. The hard desk under his body, the Alpha’s warm hand gently working him through the last of his release, but most of all the plug inside him that was stretching him open too far for comfort. He felt a sob shake up his body, trembling up from his chest and bursting out his mouth.

“P-please… get it out… Alpha… get it out… It hurts… please….” Jimin begged between wet gasps, his whole body shaking and quivering forcefully.

Jungkook’s hand released his softening member and both his hands soothingly slid up his hips and back, petting him and trying to relax him.

“Okay, Baby… Let me take you to bed and I’ll get it out. You’re too tense right now. If I pull it out, it’s gonna hurt you. Okay? Let me carry you now.”

Jimin nodded in acknowledgement and let Jungkook help him to stand and pull him into his arms, lifting him up bridal-style. Jimin buried his face against the Alpha’s neck and licked over his scent gland, making the chocolate and coffee scent bloom over his skin. The scent of the Alpha helped to relax him, as he was carried out of the office and into the bedroom, where Jungkook laid him gently on the bed. Jungkook pulled his heels off and set them on the floor before pulling the panties down where they were around his shins and off, dropping them next to the bed on the floor.

Jimin’s string of pearls were off center and caught in his lacy bralette. His makeup was smudged and tracked down his cheeks from his tears. His cheeks were red and splotchy from crying, and his lashes were wet with tears. The Omega whimpered and opened his legs that were still clad in the lacy thigh high stockings, a request. The Alpha thought he’d never seen anyone look more beautiful than his pretty boy did in that moment. He was so perfect, exactly what he’d always fantasized about, an Omega who liked the things he wanted to do to his body, even if they were overwhelming and a little painful. Jimin matched his intensity and took what he was given. So lovely.

Jungkook climbed up onto the bed and positioned himself sitting between Jimin’s open thighs, reaching down and grabbing the base of the plug with his fingertips. As soon as he gave a gentle pull, Jimin tightened up and whined deep in his throat.

“I need you to relax, Baby. You’re too tense.”

Jimin’s mind was too hazy, too fuzzy to understand him. He just wanted the plug out. He wanted Jungkook to hold him and maybe fuck him, he wasn’t sure exactly what he wanted outside of getting the plug out. His hands were bunched in the comforter underneath him and he felt fresh tears leaking from the corners of his eyes.

“Out… out…” Jimin whined, looking down his body to see Jungkook between his legs, still fully dressed.

Jungkook tried again, but as Jimin tensed, he didn’t stop pulling, he just paused until he relaxed and he was able to slowly and gently pull it free until it slid out, followed by a gush of slick that dampened the bed underneath the Omega and the scent slammed into Jungkook, sweet vanilla bean. The release of pressure had Jimin’s back arching and toes curling as pain turned to relief and oddly, pleasure.

“F-fuck… yes.”

Jungkook set the plug aside and gently ran his hands over Jimin’s thighs tenderly, trying to soothe him.



“You wanna rest for awhile? It’s okay if you need a break.” Jungkook offered, continuing his soothing massage of Jimin’s thighs, even as his own cock was aching in the confines of his pants.

Jimin looked at the Alpha between his legs and felt a wave of tenderness wash over him. He really was a good Alpha. But Jimin didn’t want to stop. Now that the plug was out, he felt too empty. He wanted to be full again, he wanted Jungkook inside of him. He wanted the Alpha to keep playing with him. He liked being touched and kissed and toyed with by Jungkook. He wanted to be his good boy.

“No. Don’t stop, Daddy. Keep going, I like it. I like everything you do to me.” Jimin said quietly, raising his hands up over his head and stretching out to show his body to its best advantage.

“Fuck, Baby you’re so perfect. Such a good boy for me. Aren’t you?”

“Mm-hm. Just for you.”

Jungkook growled softly at these words, possessiveness growing inside him as he thought about Jimin being just for him. He leaned down and braced his weight on his hands so he could give him a hungry kiss, plundering his mouth with his tongue briefly before pulling back and biting Jimin’s full lower lip, sucking on it and tugging it with his teeth before releasing him.

“I made you some promises while we were out, Baby. I think it’s time to make good on them. Do you remember what I promised you?” Jungkook asked, hovering over Jimin as he held his weight up off the Omega.

Jimin’s mind was whirling, trying desperately to remember what he’d been promised.

“You promised to eat me out…” Jimin said, biting his lip shyly.

Jungkook smiled and reached down, hooking two fingers in the long pearl necklace and wrapping it around his hand, feeling the smooth pearls click and shift against each other.

“That’s right, Baby. And what else?”

“To… give me a pearl necklace to match this one.” Jimin whispered, voice husky as he looked up at him with eyes full of desperate want.

“That’s right, sweetheart. Look how good you are, remembering all Daddy’s words. You ready to get started, pretty boy?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Good boy.”

Jungkook moved down Jimin’s body, stopping to suck gently on his pretty, pink nipples and smirking against his skin as the Omega gasped and arched under him, his little hands finding their way into Jungkook’s hair to hold him against his chest. Jungkook loved the way that the Omega moaned and trembled under him. He was so sensitive, the Alpha felt like he could spend all day just gently teasing him and working him up. He’d never had a lover so patient with his teasing and edging. He loved to watch Jimin get so exciteable under him until he was teary and shaking.

He bit and pulled on the taut little bud in his mouth, drawing out a soft sobbing moan from the Omega, and he looked up to see Jimin’s head tossed back against the pillows, full bottom lip between his teeth and eyes screwed shut. He was a perfect vision of pleasure as Jungkook sucked at him and bit his sensitive nipples, licking at them to soothe the pain. He released the nipple from his mouth and gave the other side the same treatment, teasing and pulling at him until both nipples were no longer the soft pink, but a darker, reddish magenta from the stimulation before moving on dragging his lips down Jimin’s abdomen and nipping him here and there just to hear the soft sounds of surprise.

Jimin’s whole body was singing with pleasure. Jungkook knew exactly how to touch him to get him worked up. He loved the way that the Alpha mixed pain and pleasure perfectly to make him feel more than he’d ever felt in his life. No amount of masturbating, no heat, no experience compared to the feeling of the Alpha’s warm hands and mouth exploring his body and mapping each sensitive spot. The mix of shameful embarrassment and deliciously wicked desire that he felt when the Alpha looked at him, spoke his filthy words to him was so amazingly hot that Jimin felt himself burn up under him.

Jimin moaned, a high pitched thready sound as he felt Jungkook’s warm mouth slide down over his cock and start to work him with gentle suction. He was so sensitive that it was both pleasure and pain mixed together as the Alpha swirled his tongue around the tip before sliding back down. Jungkook moved back up and released him from his mouth before licking lewdly down the shaft toward his aching balls, pulling one into his mouth and massaging it with his tongue for a few moments before pulling back.

“How many times do you think you can cum for me, Baby?” Jungkook asked, voice deep and husky.

“I don’t know…”

“How about three? Do you think you could cum for me three more times, Baby?”

Jimin tried to focus his mind, but all he could think about was the Alpha’s hands and mouth and all the sound of his voice. He looked down his body to see Jungkook looking up at him, his mouth only inches from Jimin’s hard cock and he just knew that he’d do whatever the Alpha wanted as long as he kept touching him.


“Such a good boy. You’re gonna be so pretty for me when you’re all fucked out. I can’t wait to get you so sensitive and tender that you’ll take my knot easily. I’m gonna get you all wet and messy, sweetheart.”

Jungkook leaned back down and took Jimin’s cock into his mouth again, looking up at him, fascinated as he watched him fall apart under him. He was so beautiful like this, being pleasured. The Alpha couldn’t wait to see how pretty he’d be after he was overstimulated and shaking with a mixture of need and desperation, both wanting it to stop and keep going. Jungkook felt so fond when he realized that he didn’t even need to deepthroat. He could push all the way down on Jimin’s cock and it barely reached the back of his mouth. His sex was so little and pretty and here, his soft vanilla scent was so strong it was almost a taste as he took his whole length in his mouth and started to give soft, pulsing sucks, moving his head just slightly as he worked him.

It took almost no time for Jimin to cum from the constant heat and suction of Jungkook’s hot mouth. The pleasure was so intense that he couldn’t form words, just random squeaks and moans of bliss as he was suckled at in those little rhythmic pulls that had his hands finding their way into Jungkook’s hair as his legs wrapped around the Alpha’s head and his back arched. He cried out as his second orgasm hit him and he came into Jungkook’s mouth with a cry as his whole body tightened up and as the throbbing waves of his orgasm rushed through him, he felt more slick, gushing from his hole as his pleasure mounted and his body prepared to take Jungkook inside, getting wet and pliant. The Alpha pulled back and Jimin shivered as he heard him swallow as he looked up at him.

“That’s one down, Baby. You’re doing so well. Fuck… my cock is so hard right now. You ready to get one of your promises, pretty boy? You ready to get all messy for me?” Jungkook asked, fingers reaching up and tugging on the long string of pearls.

Jimin felt a searing jolt of pure arousal rocket down his spine as he thought of the Alpha cumming on him. Gods knew he wanted it. He felt tears come to his eyes as his aching cock started to fill again where it had gone soft against belly. It hurt to get hard again so quickly, but the burning tingle was worth it, he needed this.

“Oh… god yes, Daddy. Cum on me.”

Jungkook’s balls were actually starting to genuinely hurt. He’d been holding himself back all day, and his pretty boy begging him to cum on him was more than he could take. He could feel the wet patch in his boxers where his pre-cum had damped the material. He crawled up Jimin’s body, stopping to give him one hard kiss, sliding his tongue into Jimin’s mouth briefly to share his taste with him before pulling back and moving up farther until he was straddling the Omega’s belly, though he didn’t put his weight down on him. Jimin shifted up onto his elbows, so he was face level with the Alpha’s groin. Jungkook felt himself twitch as the pretty gray eyes looked up at him and the Omega bit his full bottom lip.

Jungkook unfastened his belt, pulling it out and tossing it to the side before unbuttoning and unzipping his pants, pushing both them and his boxers down just far enough to free his throbbing erection. He sighed in relief as he was freed from the confines of his trousers. Jungkook leaned back, reaching behind him and sliding a hand between Jimin’s legs to get his palm wet with the Omega’s slick, Jimin gasping when his pinky dragged over his fluttering entrance. Straightening back up, he wrapped his hand around his cock and gave a few strokes, letting his head fall back and letting out a short moan of relief at the little pleasure after all the constant hardness and aching as he’d held himself in check.

He heard Jimin make a soft sound, like a little tinny whine and he glanced down to see the Omega’s eyes fixed on his cock, mouth slightly parted, and pink tongue licking slowly over his lips in what was clearly an unconscious gesture. Jungkook felt a smirk pull at one side of his mouth as he watched Jimin’s brows draw down, mouth opening wider as if in invitation. He adored how much Jimin loved his cock. He’d never met an Omega who wanted to suck him off so much. Other lovers had done it for him, but it had always felt to him like they were doing it as some kind of chore and usually expected something in return, in the way of gifts, money or other favors. Jungkook leaned forward a little, letting the tip of his cock brush over Jimin’s full, swollen lips, tracing the tip around them and making them shiny with his pre-cum.

“I wanna fuck your mouth, Baby.” Jungkook growled, moving his tip back and forth over Jimin’s lips, the Omega’s tongue sweeping out to lick at him. “You want that, sweetheart? Want me to fuck your pretty little mouth then cum all over you?”

Jimin whined and nodded a little, opening his mouth in offering. Normally Jungkook would tell him to use his words, but at the moment, the offer of the soft, wet mouth was too good to pass up even for a few moments. He angled his cock down and slowly slid into Jimin’s warm mouth, moaning at the gentle moist heat around his length. He slid one hand into the Omega’s soft blond hair and gripped the strands in his fist as he started to thrust shallowly into the velvet heat of Jimin’s mouth, watching his full lips stretch around his cock. Jungkook just enjoyed the feeling of his pretty boy’s mouth on him for a little bit, slowly fucking into his mouth, though after a few minutes, he couldn’t hold back anymore. He needed more stimulation. Jungkook pulled out of Jimin’s mouth with a wet ‘pop’ and a quiet whimper as the gray eyes opened and looked up at him questioningly.

“Can you relax your throat for me, Baby? Huh? Can you be a good boy and take all of Daddy’s cock?”

“I can, Daddy. I can do it for you.” Jimin said, voice thick from his mouth being used.

Jungkook looked down and observed Jimin close his eyes, take a deep breath and open his mouth. The Alpha slid back inside, pushing forward slowly until he met with the back of Jimin’s throat. The Omega gagged a bit and he pulled back, but pushed forward again until he slid into the tightness of Jimin’s throat. His hand in the Omega’s hair tightened and he let out a groan of pleasure at the feeling. He pushed forward until Jimin gagged again and he pulled out, letting the Omega get a few deep breaths before he opened up again and he could slide back into his throat.

“That’s it, Baby… uhn… god you feel so good. Fuck, you’re gonna make me cum, pretty boy. Gonna cum all over that pretty face of yours. Mmmn....”

Jungkook thrust himself into Jimin’s mouth with a little more force, pulling back when the Omega gagged or pushed at his hips with his small hands, but Jimin was taking him so well, letting him fuck his throat and use his mouth how he wanted. Jungkook could feel his balls drawing up as the pressure built on the base of his spine, and when Jimin gagged again, the throbbing little massage had him perilously close to cumming down his throat. He pulled back and took himself in hand again. Stroking his cock in fast jerks, focusing on the head as he felt his orgasm building, getting him ready to blow.

“Fuck… I’m about to cum, Baby… Open your mouth for me, sweetheart… That’s it… Fuck…”

Jimin opened his mouth eagerly, and closed his eyes somewhat reluctantly, wanting to see the Alpha cum, but after a moment he felt the hot stripes of Jungkook’s seed land on his face and chest. After the first few pulses, he felt the tip of Jungkook’s cock rest on his tongue and Jimin opened his eyes and looked up to meet dark, pleasured ones as more cum shot straight into his mouth, onto his tongue. He didn’t seal his lips, letting the cum spill out over his tongue and chin to run down his neck. Jimin kept the eye contact until the Alpha finished and pulled back, panting and chest heaving. Jimin could feel the streaks of cum cooling on his skin. His face and chest were covered, his chin and neck too from the release that had spilled from his mouth. He closed his lips and swallowed the little left in his mouth as he looked up at Jungkook.

“Damn, Baby… you’re so pretty right now. Such a good boy. My good boy.”

Jungkook reached down and wiped the cum off Jimin’s chin with a thumb before pressing the digit into the Omega’s mouth and enjoying the way he sucked it clean, swirling his tongue around and around it until Jungkook pulled it free. Gods, his little vanilla baby was so precious and filthy. The Alpha pulled his pants and boxers back up, leaving them unfastened as he moved back down the bed until he could settle down between Jimin’s legs again. The Omega was fully hard once more and had a few little pearls of precum on his lower belly where he’d dripped from his soft pink tip. He looked up at the Omega who was still covered in his seed and felt so much dark possession grow inside him that he was almost ravenous with it.

“You’re so hard again already, sweetheart… oh, look at your pretty little cock, so wet you’re dripping onto your belly. Did you like me fucking your throat that much, pretty boy? You like when Daddy uses you to get off?”

Jimin felt heat rush under his skin at the words, and he looked down to see Jungkook sitting back between his legs, looking down at him while he was still fully clothed, just his trousers being undone. He had liked Jungkook fucking his throat, alot. Probably more than was normal, because he was completely hard again, and he knew his slick was soaking through the bedding underneath him, he was so wet.

“Yes… fuck, I loved it.” Jimin’s voice was thick and raspy.

“Mmm… That’s good pretty boy. Now… I think it’s my turn to get a little messy, huh? You ready for the next part of your prom-” Jungkook cut off when Jimin’s phone started ringing somewhere on the bed where he’d tossed it before going into the bathroom to change into his lingerie. The Alpha reached for it to silence it, but looked at the screen and felt curiosity build in him. “Who is Daniel, Baby?”

He watched as Jimin’s brows drew down and his lips twisted into a frown. He could see that Jimin was being pulled out of his arousal because the hard length against his belly flagged slightly.

“Ugh… don’t answer it. Let it go to voicemail.” Jimin said.

“Who is Daniel?” Jungkook repeated, now more curious because of the reaction.

“He’s my ex. We’re assigned together on a stupid school project.”

Jungkook could see Jimin surfacing from his subspace and didn’t want to let the phone call ruin their fun. Though he would have denied it, he was jealous. He was feeling very possessive of his pretty boy at the moment and didn’t like the idea of anyone else touching him. He silenced the call and tossed the phone away to the other side of the bed before focusing back down on Jimin, sliding his hands up his thighs and pushing his legs farther open.

“Let’s not worry about him. Let’s focus on us right now.” Jungkook said as he hooked his hands behind Jimin’s knees and pushed them up and apart so that his glistening pink hole was exposed by the position. “I’ve got a promise to keep. So, hold your legs up like this, Baby so I can lick you open.”

Jimin’s hands came up and hooked around his knees, holding his legs in the position Jungkook had requested, and the Alpha let go, scooting down the bed so he was laying on his stomach, propped on his forearms and face level with Jimin’s entrance. The Omega felt so lewd like this, holding his legs up to give Jungkook access to his most private flesh, and yet it was perfection. He felt the Alpha’s warm hands on his ass, pulling him open and expected the feel of a lick over his entrance, and gasped, body spasming as Jungkook’s tongue immediately pushed inside him in a single velvety penetration. Jimin cried out at the unexpected intrusion and felt his hole flutter around the tongue inside him.

“F-fuck... “ Jimin moaned as his toes curled and his hands slipped a little on the silken stockings, forcing him to readjust his grip. “Oh god… that feels… uhn… fuck…”

The Alpha started a slow slide and retreat, fucking him with his tongue as he growled lowly, the vibrations of it making Jimin shiver all the way up his body. The Alpha ate him out with a desperate kind of fervor that had his whole body flushing with heat as he pulled his tongue out to lick and suck greedily at his hole, swallowing his slick with gulps that sounded loud and lewd in the silence of the bedroom. He felt the Alpha pull back and drag his lips up Jimin’s ass and to his inner thigh where he latched onto the skin and sucked a dark hickey right on his innermost thigh, just at the edge of the lace trim of his stockings. Jimin felt his heart pound at the knowledge that Jungkook was marking him up, and he felt his belly flood with warmth as he started to approach his orgasm. The possessive gesture keyed him up, making his inner Omega completely pliant to the Alpha.

Jungkook knew he shouldn’t give Jimin hickeys without his permission, but he could tell that the Omega liked it. He could feel him shaking, and the pitch and volume of his moans increased. His pretty boy wanted to be marked up, and that made Jungkook’s cock twitch with erotic satisfaction. He wanted to suck a dark hickey right over Jimin’s scent gland so this ‘Daniel’ would know to stay the fuck away from his little vanilla baby. He released the skin from his mouth and was pleased with how dark the mark was, giving the tender skin one last lick before he moved back down between his cheeks and resumed eating him out. He would never get tired of the sweet flavor of Jimin’s vanilla slick, he licked and sucked at him like a man possessed and when he thrust his tongue back inside, he was rewarded with a mouthful of slick. He could tell the Omega was close, and he buried himself between his cheeks, holding his breath and tongue fucking him with an almost feral kind of intensity until he felt the Omega’s body jerk and a rush of slick overflowed his entire mouth. He lost the grip on his knees and he felt the stocking clad heels digging into his shoulders, as Jimin surged under his mouth, trying to work himself down against him as he came.

Jungkook worked him through his second orgasm until he was whimpering and moaning for him to stop and he finally pulled back, and propped himself up between his legs to look up the Omega’s body as he licked his lips.

“That’s two, Baby. Still got one more to go.” Jungkook said, pushing himself up to kneel between Jimin’s open thighs.

Jungkook pulled off his shirt and used it to wipe the slick off his face, and stared down at Jimin to see that the Omega was so fucked out already, his whole body shaking, his skin red and flushed, his face still covered in Jungkook’s drying cum. The Alpha leaned down over him and used his shirt to gently wipe his seed off the Omega’s face and neck, knowing it was probably getting sticky and uncomfortable. Once he was done, he tossed the shirt aside and leaned down to kiss him, sliding his tongue into Jimin’s mouth and pressing his still-clothed erection between his legs and feeling the wetness of the Omega’s slick soak through his boxers. He grinded against him a few times, until Jimin whimpered and broke the kiss.

“Ah… the fabric is too rough… fuck... “ He hissed through his teeth.

“Sorry, Baby.” Jungkook said, pulling his hips back and shifting back up and shuffling backwards until he could step off the bed and push his bottoms down to pool on the floor before crawling back up the bed. “You ready for Daddy’s cock, now pretty boy?”

Jungkook let the tip of his cock slide between Jimin’s cheeks, catching on his rim, and making the Omega arch and squirm as he was so sensitive. But he watched as those gray eyes looked at him with his blown pupils and he nodded. Jungkook slid both his hands up Jimin’s parted thighs and gripped at the soft skin, digging in his fingertips.

“Use your words, Baby. Ask for Daddy to fuck you. Tell me how much you want my cock.”

“Please… please fuck me, Daddy. I’ve been so good. I need your knot… I’m so empty.” Jimin whimpered, tears filling his eyes. He was so far past any sense of decorum or shame. He wanted Jungkook to fuck him and he didn’t mind begging for it. He wanted it despite the fact that he knew it was probably going to be more pain than pleasure, but he still needed it with a desperation bordering on insanity. He wanted to make Jungkook feel good, wanted the Alpha to lose himself to the pleasure of Jimin’s body.

“Shh… It’s alright, little one. I’m gonna fill you up so well.”

Jungkook didn’t hesitate before lining his cock up with his hole and sliding all the way in with one smooth thrust, bottoming out with a groan. Jimin was already well stretched from the plug, ready to accept him inside, and Jungkook wondered how he could still be so tight. His hole was drenched and he could hear the wet squelches as he moved inside him, feeling the soft walls of his ass clench and massage around him.

Jimin felt so full, but he was still so sensitive from the relentless onslaught of orgasms, he was sure that there was no way he could cum again. His cock was mostly soft, laying against his belly as Jungkook’s hands wrapped around his hips and lifted them up off the bed slightly with an ease of strength that made Jimin’s spent cock give a tiny twitch at how amazingly hot it was. The Alpha started to thrust into him almost at once, the tip of his cock brushing over Jimin’s prostate on every inward shift of his hips.

“F-Fuck… Alpha… it’s too much… mnn…” Jimin moaned eyes squeezed shut and mouth open as he gasped in harsh breaths between his whimpering cries.

Jungkook released Jimin’s hips and moved up, resting his hands on either side of Jimin’s slender shoulders and lowering himself down claim the Omega’s mouth in hard kiss, plundering his sweet mouth with his tongue as he continued to fuck him at the same steady pace, the new angle pressing more direcly into his prostate, making Jimin moan helplessly into their liplock. Jungkook ravished his mouth, only breaking the kiss to move down over his jaw to his neck where he could lick and suck over his scent gland. He growled against his neck, as Jimin’s hands found their way into his hair, pushing him closer as he sucked on the sensitive place as he cried out. Jungkook dragged his teeth over Jimin’s scent gland, nipping at the tender skin before speaking in a low rasping voice.

“No one else makes you feel like this, do they Baby? No one fucks you like Daddy does, huh pretty boy?” Jungkook growled between bites and sucks on the Omega’s neck, feeling jealous and possessive of the smaller body under him.

“N-no, Daddy… no one.” Jimin whined, tilting his head to give the Alpha more access as his hands tangled in the dark strands of his hair and his legs wrapped around the hips that were pistoning into him.

“That’s right, Baby. I don’t want you letting other Alphas touch you… especially not your ex. Only I can touch you.”

The jealousy shouldn’t turn him on, but Jimin felt heat coalesce in his gut at the knowledge that Jungkook didn’t want other Alphas touching him. The words made him throb and in his current submissive and overwhelmed state, he was completely lost to anything but the Alpha’s whims and wishes. He’d agree to just about anything at the moment.

“Only you… ngh… only you, Daddy.”

Jungkook had been holding back for too long, after the whole day of lusting after his pretty boy, and all the foreplay, watching him fall apart under him over and over, had Jungkook’s cock rock hard and his balls aching, ready to spill himself into Jimin’s tight heat. He loved the way the Omega’s body accepted him inside so naturally, so easily, like he was made to take his cock. Even as Jimin clawed at his back and whimpered, tears spilling from the sides of his eyes, he let Jungkook fuck into his overstimulated body. Jungkook pushed up on one arm and reached between them and ran his hand through the cum on the Omega’s belly before wrapping it around his half hard cock, squeezing and massaging the semi-flaccid length and making Jimin sob as pleasure and pain mixed.

“Come on, Baby.” Jungkook panted, trying to stave off his own orgasm as long as he could. “You can do it… cum for me one more time… Fuck… you feel so good, sweetheart. Wanna feel you cum on my cock.”

Jimin’s cock was so sensitive that the Alpha’s slick hand working him was too much, it was a burning kind of pain mixed with the most intense pleasure he’d ever felt. He felt the Alpha fuck into him over and over, and though he never achieved full hardness again, the moment that the Alpha started rolling his semi-soft tip between his fingers and thumb, Jimin’s entire body have one last hard throb and he came for the fourth time with a scream that hurt his throat, as his cock dribbled a few little drops of cum. His mind went completely blank, vision blacking out. When he came to, Jungkook was locked inside him by his knot.

Jungkook had never seen anything so hot as Jimin cumming that fourth time, hearing his scream of blissful agony and watching his eyes roll back, body spasming as his entrance clenched down on him. The Omega was completely pliant under him as he thrust the final few times and finally knotted the fucked out boy under him, shards of pure pleasure slicing through his control as his release pounded through him, leaving him breathless. His cock jerked and spurted his cum deep in him as he was held inside by his knot. His entire body was tingling from the most powerful orgasm he’d ever had in his life.

Jimin let out a quiet groan underneath him as he started to come back to himself, gray eyes blinking and rolling around, finding Jungkook holding himself above him on shaking arms, sweat running down his brow. As his eyes, found the intense dark gaze of the Alpha, Jimin’s mouth pulled into a goofy, sex-drunk smile that had his stomach filling with butterflies. Gods… he had no idea how he found his perfect little vanilla boy, but he was so thankful. It was a revelation to have someone so accepting of his overbearing dominance in bed, not even just accepting, but encouraging. Jimin liked what he did, the Omega wanted to be overwhelmed and pushed just across that line of pain and pleasure.

Underneath him he was flawless in Jungkook’s eyes, with his messy, cum and tearstained face, his ravished hair and red cheeks, his puffy swollen lips and glazed fucked out eyes, he was a vision. Jungkook shifted so he could wrap his arms around Jimin’s back and rolled them over so that he was on his back with the Omega on top of him, his knot still firmly settled inside the wet sheath of his body. He reached up and petted Jimin’s back in long, smooth strokes.

“You alright, Baby?” Jungkook asked.

Jimin made a noncommittal sound of ascent from where his head rested on Jungkook’s chest. The Omega was currently floating somewhere between waking and sleep, completely exhausted by the day of shopping followed by the most intense sex he could imagine. He was completely spent, and had no mind for anything other than resting against the Alpha’s chest. He felt content as the big warm hands stroked over his back.

“You did so well for me, Baby. My little Minnie. You were so perfect for Daddy. Such a good boy for me, sweetheart.” Jungkook whispered against the crown of his head, pressing little kisses between words.

Jimin purred, just a quiet little vibrating rumble in his chest as he was petted and praised. It felt good to be held and cared for after sex. This was probably as good as the sex itself had been, the feeling of being so vulnerable and pliant but being able to trust the person with him, knowing he was safe in his arms. His mind was in that quiet place where everything else fell away and he could relax without any worries about school, money, friends, family and all the other things that seemed to take up space in his head. He dozed and surfaced over and over, as he came down from his high and his mind slowly returned to his body. He felt the Alpha’s knot relax and Jungkook went soft inside him, but he liked that too, just feeling the physical connection without the sexual component was soothing.

After a while, Jungkook knew he had to get up and get them both cleaned up before he could let Jimin fall asleep properly. He didn’t want him to wake up covered in dried cum and slick. So he gently shook him, causing the purr to cut off. The Omega’s head lifted and he looked up at him with heavy, sleep-tired eyes. His blond hair was an absolute mess, and Jungkook could see several small spots of drying cum that he’d missed with his shirt. He was so pretty like this, completely wrecked and fucked out. It actually had his cock stirring in interest again, which was quite a surprise to him. He hadn’t thought he could even get hard again, but he had been extremely stressed over the last few weeks, with all the problems with their manufacturing plant, then traveling and all the stress of his trip. He was tense, and Jimin was such a pressure release for him. Though, he’d already done so much, that he thought he should try and give him a little break.

“Baby, we need to take a shower. After that you can take a nap, okay?”

Jimin made a little noise of complaint, but nodded. Jungkook moved his hands to Jimin’s hips and gently as possible pulled his half-hard cock out of him. Jimin’s little fingers scratched at his chest and he made a sound that was a little pained, but surprisingly close to a moan. It shot straight down Jungkook’s spine, making his cock inflate a little more. Jungkook used his hands to roll Jimin to the side, off of him and got up first before picking the sleepy Omega up in his arms and carrying him to the bathroom.

He set Jimin gently on the counter before moving to turn on the shower and get the water heating up. He tested the temperature with his hand and found it to be a little hotter than he usually preferred but thought it would be perfect for Jimin, so he let it be. He stepped back over to the Omega who was leaning against the wall, eyes unfocused and blinking slowly as he tried to stay awake. He was so sweet like this, sleepy and completely wrecked. Jungkook was still hard, but he knew it would go away in a while. He had to help him out of his lacy bralette and string of pearls, setting both aside to deal with later before slipping off this pantyhose.

“Alright, sweetheart. Can you stand? We need to shower.”

Jimin nodded and Jungkook helped him off the counter, to stand on shaking legs and let him step into the shower first. He felt good as Jimin’s chest and face were hit by the water and he let out a small sigh, tilting his head back and letting the water wet it and plaster it back from his face. Jungkook stepped in behind him and slid his hands up the Omega’s waist to run his hands over Jimin’s soft wet skin. The Omega leaned back against him and he felt him stiffen for a single instant as he came in contact with his hard cock, the length pressing against his ass and lower back. Jimin looked up over his shoulder at him as he leaned against his chest.

“You’re still hard.”

“It’s okay, Baby. I know you’re tired. We don’t have to do anything else.”

Jimin gave him a soft, sleepy smile and reached up a single finger to boop the tip of his nose.

“Don’t be silly, Alpha.” Jimin said, stepping forward in the big shower and bracing his hands against the glass wall, arching his back and shifting his feet apart before looking over his shoulder again. “I don’t think I can cum again, but it’s okay. Fuck me. I know you need it… take me, Daddy. Let me help you.”

Fuck. Jungkook bit his lip as he stepped forward and slid his hands over Jimin’s perfect hips. Jimin really was so perfect for him. He was going to get him something truly extravagant for this. He deserved it for being so good for him.

“Baby, you’re such a good boy. Letting Daddy fuck you like this… gods, you’re so perfect.”

Jungkook positioned himself at Jimin’s entrance as the water cascaded down over them, and pushed inside, the Omega letting out a soft whimper, fingers curling against the steaming glass. Jungkook’s hands gripped Jimin’s hips as he started to piston himself in and out in smooth strokes, slow at first. Just enjoying the feeling of Jimin’s tightness around him as the Omega let out small whimpers of sensitivity and quiet moans.

Jungkook leaned down and kissed over Jimin’s neck as his pace increased, biting and licking at his neck in turns as his fingertips dug into the soft skin of his hips and pulled him back against every thrust to get as deep as possible. Jimin’s moans increased in volume and pitch as his thrusts came harder and faster, the Alpha growling lowly against his neck as his pleasure mounted. As his orgasm started to crest, Jungkook instinctively latched his mouth over the Omega’s scent gland and sucked hard, marking his little vanilla baby possessively, pulling at the skin with the suction of his lips as his knot formed and he emptied himself into Jimin again, twitching and jerking inside the Omega’s body as Jimin sobbed out long, harsh moans.

Jungkook groaned into Jimin’s neck under his mouth as he rode out his orgasm, swiveling his hips a little to stimulate them both from the inside until he was too sensitive and finally stopping. As he came down, he peppered soft kisses over Jimin’s neck and shoulders, his knot firmly settled inside the Omega who was whining quietly at the intensity of the stretch and the tenderness of his abused entrance. Jungkook ran soothing hands over his wet skin, nuzzling at him while he whispered soft praises.

“Good boy, so pretty, so soft. You feel so good, sweetheart. My little Minnie.” Jungkook remembered Jimin asking him to say his name after their phone sex, and he tries to make sure to use it when Jimin needs aftercare.

It took shorter than normal for his knot to relax, since he was on his third orgasm, but when it did, he slid out as gently as possible, though Jimin still winced and let out a soft hiss of pain. The Alpha helped Jimin to stand, and he was clearly completely out of it. His cock semi hard, but quickly flagging without the stimulation of being filled. Jungkook pulled him into a kiss, not the harsh, needful ones of earlier, but a softer kiss more about appreciation and soothing than anything sexual. It was comforting and gentle, surprisingly tender after the last few hours of rough, dirty sex. Jungkook pulled back and pressed one last kiss to his lips.

“Thank you, Jimin.”

The fact that he used his name, makes Jimin’s whole stomach fill with butterflies. He smiled up at the Alpha even though he was tired and sore, he felt so good. He loved the feeling he had at that moment of quiet, pliant, submission that eased all his tension and left him sleepy and replete.

“Anytime, Jungkook. I really don’t mind it… You can do whatever you want with me. I trust you.”

Jungkook felt those last three words slam straight into his chest and fill him with a possessive feeling that wanted him to hide Jimin away from the whole world so only he could see his pretty boy. No one else deserved to look at him. Though he knew that was never going to happen, but it made him swell with pride that Jimin trusted him. He definitely was going to get something very special and expensive. He had no idea what, but he would figure it out.

He got the shampoo and started to wash them both. First Jimin, then himself. He shampooed and conditioned his hair before gently washing his body with soap, setting aside the washcloth when Jimin’s skin proved too tender and just using his hands. Finally, Jungkook led him to brace his hands against the shower wall again as the Alpha, took the removeable portion of the showerhead and knelt behind him, pulling his cheeks apart to observe his puffy pink bloom. His entrance was swollen and looked painful, the usually petal-pink rim darker with use. He gently slid two fingers inside and coaxed out his cum as carefully as he could. He grabbed the dangling showerhead attachment and turned the little dial to the soft massage setting before using two fingers of one hand to hold Jimin’s hole open, and the other to aim the little stream of water inside him, to let the water wash out all the rest of what was left inside him.

The moment the water massaged against his sensitive hole, Jimin whined, so sensitive as his most private flesh was washed by hot water. His hands clawed at the glass under them and his legs trembled almost giving out. Jimin reached behind him and grabbed Jungkook’s wrist, pushing the massaging showerhead away with a hiss.

“Ah, ah, ah… too sensitive… please…”

“Okay, Baby. That’s good enough. Let’s get you out of here so you can sleep, okay.”


Jungkook stood and turned off the water, pulling Jimin out of the shower and seeing him immediately shivering. He grabbed a towel and immediately started gently drying the Omega, who whined at the tenderness of his skin against the terrycloth of the towel. But he allowed Jungkook to thoroughly dry him. Jungkook dried himself quickly, tossing the damp towel toward the hamper and picking Jimin back up. He carried him out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, only then remembering the absolute mess of the bed that was covered in slick and cum. He hesitated a moment and turned into his closet, setting Jimin down on weak legs for just a moment before rifling through his clothes and finding a loose fitting soft maroon hoodie. He helped Jimin to slip into it, the thing hopelessly overlarge on him and hanging down almost to his knees, his hands lost in the voluminous thing, but Jimin was purring as he brought his little sweater paws up to his mouth to stifle a yawn. So cute.

Jungkook threw on a pair of boxers and sweats, leaving off a shirt since he was so overheated from the shower. He carried Jimin out to the living room and laid him on the sofa and turned to see the organized little piles of clothes, grabbing a pair of the white cotton panties that were whisper soft, ripping the tag off and helping the sleepy Omega slip into them. Also taking a pair of the fuzzy thigh-high socks from the stack, he put those on him too, wanting him to be warm. As he went to turn away, he paused and turned back, pulling the soft, black throw blanket off the back of the sofa and tucking him up in it firmly.

He left Jimin there and went to change the bedding, tossing everything into the hamper and changing the sheets and blankets out, adding an extra layer of blankets for Jimin. When he returned to the living room, he found the Omega curled up in a little ball with his tiny hands tucked up under his chin. He was so adorable that Jungkook felt himself soften as he watched him breathing slow and even. It was hard to believe that his was the same Omega who had walked into his office in lingerie and high heels and let him fuck his throat and cum on his face. He was so entirely innocent looking that Jungkook felt a bit bad for doing such dirty things with him, but he knew that Jimin was just as into it as he was. He might, look, smell and taste like his little vanilla baby, but he was naughty little sex kitten underneath that sweet exterior.

Jimin woke a little as he was lifted, but relaxed as he smelled chocolate and coffee. It was Jungkook. His Daddy was safe. He was okay to sleep, and he let himself drift as he was laid on the soft mattress of Jungkook’s bed and tucked in nice and tight in the thick blankets. He felt the Alpha pulling away and his eyes popped open. He reached out and grabbed Jungkook’s wrist to pull him to a stop.

“Where are you going?”

“I was going to go do some work for a little while, Baby.” Jungkook said, reaching down and brushing Jimin’s hair out of his face.

“Oh…” Jimin’s face fell, and he glanced away, looking disappointed.

“Do you want me to stay with you until you fall asleep, little one?”

Jimin nodded and Jungkook walked around to his side of the bed and slid into the sheets. Jimin was plastered to his side in seconds, shivering against his body he absorbed the Alpha’s heat. Jungkook wasn’t really tired. If anything the sex felt like it had invigorated him. His mind was clear and he was actually relaxed. It felt like he could get actual progress done on his side project, but Jimin deserved to be pampered after he’d been so good, so Jungkook laid in bed with him, drawing little patterns on his back as Jimin fell asleep. It didn’t take long for the Omega’s quiet purrs to stop and his breathing to even out and deepen into the slower breaths of sleep. Jungkook stayed a little longer, just enjoying the feeling of Jimin’s smaller body against him, but after a while, he slipped out from under the Omega’s hold and got up, pausing to tuck Jimin in before going off to his office.

Chapter Text

Jimin woke up warm and sore. His ass and lower back were throbbing with his heartbeat, but he smiled into the pillow he was cuddling as the events of the day replayed in his mind. Jungkook taking him shopping, then bringing him back home and… gods… he hadn’t imagined that sex could ever feel like that. So overwhelming and almost painful, but also the most intense pleasure he’d ever felt. He’d loved everything Jungkook did to him, even when he was so sensitive that he sobbed, he hadn’t wanted him to stop. That last round in the shower had been his favorite, just on the wrong side of painful with a tiny pinch of pleasure. Jungkook using his body to get off, sucking on his neck so possessively as he’d knotted him had been one of Jimin’s ultimate fantasies that he’d never thought he would live out. Somehow Jungkook seemed to know exactly what he wanted, or maybe they really were just that sexually compatible that their kinks lined up so well. Either way, he was in heaven each time they were together, even when it felt like hell.

It took a few minutes to get himself to roll out of bed but when he did, he looked down to find himself wearing a big maroon sweater and thigh-high fuzzy white socks, he lifted the edge of the hoodie to see that he was wearing soft white panties. Honestly, he didn’t remember getting dressed. The last thing he remembered was Jungkook knotting him that last time… and then nothing… he woke up in Jungkook’s bed. The Alpha had clearly taken care of him when he’d been completely out of it. The sky outside was the orange of twilight, and Jimin grabbed his phone to see that it was already 7 o’clock, which explained why he was starving, and was reminded that Daniel had called. He tapped to make the message play.

“Hey, Min. So, I was looking through the list of items available at the kitchens and they don’t have a few of our ingredients. I wanted to see if you wanted me to bring them, or if you were planning on bringing them. So, just give me a call back and we’ll figure it out.” There was a short pause and Jimin thought it was over, but he added a little. “Uh, hope your weekend is going well. See you Monday.”

Jimin sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, knowing his annoyance wasn’t helping. He opened his texting app and sent Daniel a message. He didn’t know why the Alpha had called anyway, were they not millenials? Who actually makes phonecalls anymore?

Jimin: Hey send me the list I’ll bring whatever we need

He waited a moment and received no response, so he slipped the phone into his hoodie pocket and hoped Daniel was getting his dick wet, so he might leave Jimin alone and find a new hobby. He walked out of the bedroom (well, more like limped) to the office where he’d found Jungkook earlier. The Alpha was sitting at his desk, engrossed in whatever he was doing, brows drawn down, one hand on his chin in thinking mode. Jimin knew he was deep in thought because he didn’t even notice his presence until he stepped inside. He watched the Alpha’s face transform from the hawkish, drawn face of deep thought to a softer expression as he looked at him, his signature half smile pulling at his mouth.

“Hey, pretty boy. Did you sleep well?”

“Yeah.” Jimin said with a yawn and a stretch that pulled the hoodie up almost high enough to show his panties. “Were you working this whole time?”

“I sure was. Come here, Baby. Let Daddy hold you.” Jimin limped over to him and sat in his lap gingerly, trying not to hurt his ass any more than it already did. “Ooh, sweetheart… are you sore?”

Jimin was sat across the Alpha’s thighs, with his side pressed to Jungkook’s front and he nodded.

“Just a little. But that’s okay. I liked…” Jimin cut off as his cellphone rang and he pulled it out to see it was Daniel and let out a little growl of frustration before grumbling under his breath. “I texted you for a fucking reason… cause I don’t want to talk to you… fucking hell.”

“It’s alright, Baby. Go ahead and answer.”

Jimin hit the little green icon to answer and put it to his ear, quickly pulling it away at the explosion of noise from the other end of the line. It sounded like a party, the throbbing bass of music could be heard, and loud people. Jimin wondered for a moment if he’d been butt-dialed.

“Hello? Daniel?” Jimin said loudly into the phone.

“Minnie!” Daniel shouted into the receiver. “What’re you doin’? You should come ta tha party!”

Daniel was slurring and loud, clearly drunk and Jimin sighed.

“Are you drunk?”

“Jus’ a lil’. Don’t be mad. You can’t be mad for my drinking cause you’re not my Omega anymore.”

Jimin ground his teeth as anger rose up in him and he finally let a little of his anger out and answered back snappishly.

“You’re right, I’m not your Omega. So I need you to stop this. You’re being inappropriate and it’s making me uncomfortable.”

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry, Minnie. I know you’re at your boyfriend’s place… I just miss you. We were so good together. I can’t stop thinking about kissin’ you again.”

“Daniel! Stop. You’re drunk. Don’t call me again until you’re sober.”

Jimin hung up the phone and was so tempted to throw it across the room. He clutched it in his hand and wound up as if to throw it against the wall, but he didn’t. Jungkook had given it to him as a gift. He set it on the desktop with a shaking hand and rubbed his temples, sighing out a huge breath.

“So… he seems charming.” Jungkook said, voice tight.

Jimin glanced over at Jungkook and saw the Alpha’s brows raised in question. Jimin felt like a complete idiot. The Alpha had heard the entire thing, and he was so fucking embarrassed. He guessed that some explanation was probably in order.

“Yeah… to be honest, he’s not usually like that. But, we dated a little over a year ago. It only lasted about a month, and it just… wasn’t right. He’s a nice guy and a good Alpha, but we just didn’t click. Or I guess the proper way to say it is that ‘I’ didn’t click with him.” Jimin sighed. “I gave him a chance because he’s a nice guy and he’s handsome and popular, so I thought he would be a good choice, but it’s caused me nothing but hassle. He’s like a stray dog, he just keeps following me around and trying to get us back together, but I’m not interested.”

“Have you told him all this?”

“Not in such plain language, but I think it’s going to have to happen sooner rather than later. I told him that I was staying with my boyfriend this weekend as a hint to get him to back off. He’s just gotten to a point where he’s annoying me… and I know that I shouldn’t be so mad about it.. but I just-”

“Why shouldn’t you be mad?” Jungkook cut him off. “He’s making you uncomfortable. You said you broke up a year ago, and said you’re at your boyfriend’s house. It’s past a point where it’s appropriate behavior. You aren’t obligated to be nice to anyone, especially not when they make you uncomfortable.”

Jungkook was running a hand over his back and clearly trying to soothe him. Jimin knew his scent must be distressed, but what Jungkook said was making him feel alot better. Because Jungkook was right. Jimin didn’t owe Daniel anything. He leaned his head on Jungkook’s shoulder and sighed again.

“Thanks Jungkook. I think I really needed to hear that.”

“No problem, Baby. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

Jimin rested there for a few moments until his stomach gave a growl and he grimaced down at his belly, then looked up at Jungkook.

“I’m starving. Are you ready for dinner?”

“Yeah, but are you sure you want to cook? If you’re sore, maybe you should rest.”

“No! I want to cook!” Jimin said sitting up and looking at him sincerely.

“Alright, then. Let’s go cook.” Jungkook said, gripping Jimin’s waist and helping him to stand.

As it turned out, cooking was another thing that Jimin did that was sexy. The Omega pulled out all the ingredients for chicken marsala along with a bunch of things that he’d had in his kitchen forever and never used. The cutting board, knives, pots and pans. Jungkook leaned against the counter and watched as Jimin started to prepare ingredients. Something about him doing that really fast chopping thing that chefs always do, had the Alpha biting his lip as he observed him cut mushrooms, shallots and what he thought was parsley and soon the kitchen was full of the smells of delicious cooking food. When Jungkook tried to steal a mushroom off the cutting board, Jimin slapped his hand with a spoon and glared at him, looking adorable.

“Uh-uh. You might be the boss in the bedroom, but the kitchen is my domain.” Jimin said, pointing at him with the spoon in his hand.

Jungkook realized he was seeing the sassy Jimin for the first time. The Omega who had punched an Alpha on the train on his way to their first date. The one who wanted to open a restaurant and run it. It was fascinating and strangely hot. Of course he loved it when Jimin was so submissive for him, and he didn’t want that to change… but realizing that this was how he was with everyone else, made him realize that Jimin really let go with him. He also liked the idea of his little baby giving him sass and talking back and being a little demanding.

“Oh… you wanna boss me around, Baby? Wanna be in charge for a while?” Jungkook asked, stepping behind Jimin where he was stirring things on the stove and sliding his hands around his hips to feel the slender body under the loose sweater.

“Maybe later.” Jimin said distractedly, adding a pinch of salt to what he was cooking.

Jungkook laughed and pressed a kiss right over the dark hickey he’d left on Jimin’s neck before stepping back and giving the Omega room to work.

As Jungkook watched Jimin move around the kitchen in his big sweater and tall socks, his messy halo of blond hair all over the place, he felt so fond of his little sugar baby. Jimin really was so cute and sweet, clearly talented in the kitchen, and the things that the Omega let him do in the bedroom… well those things were something to be savored and enjoyed to the fullest. His eyes fell to the huge dark hickey on Jimin’s neck, and he felt a little guilty for marking him like that. He wasn’t Jimin’s Alpha, he wasn’t even his boyfriend. But he still felt possessive over him. The thought of anyone touching him made Jungkook’s inner Alpha shift uncomfortably. Especially when he thought of the Alpha who had called. Daniel. Jimin’s ex clearly wasn’t over their relationship, though he could tell that Jimin just wanted to be left alone by him. It bothered him that someone was making Jimin so uncomfortable, especially at school. He knew that Jimin took his studies seriously, and it wasn’t fair that he had to deal with the pressures of studying and compound that with the discomfort of a past relationship.

They ate on the sofa, with some random program on low. Neither of them were big on TV. Jimin didn’t have access and Jungkook never had time, so they weren’t really watching it, rather they were talking between bites of amazingly delicious food. Jungkook couldn’t remember ever eating anything as good as Jimin’s cooking, which was saying something, since he ate at alot of fine restaurants with clients and vendors. The flavors in the meal were perfectly balanced and the wine that Jimin had chosen paired perfectly. He had an excellent palate.

“This is amazing, Baby. You’re so talented.” Jungkook said as he swallowed his first bite and glanced over to see Jimin’s cheeks flushing with pleasure as he smiled.

“Thank you.”

Jungkook reached over and stroked the back of his fingers over the large purple hickey on Jimin’s neck, feeling more pleasure at seeing it there than he ought to have, but still feeling bad.

“Sorry about the hickey, sweetheart. I didn’t ask if it was okay to mark you, and I shouldn’t have done it without permission.”

Jimin’s smaller hand came up and gently stroked over the Alpha’s wrist as he looked at him.

“It’s okay. I don’t mind. It will solidify my story about having a boyfriend anyway… and, to be honest, I kind of liked it.”

The Omega glanced down shyly, teeth worrying at his bottom lip, like he was ashamed of what he’d just revealed. Jungkook used his thumb to pull Jimin’s lip from between his teeth and stroked it over it gently.

“I liked it too, Baby. But on that note, I was going to bring up, that it might be best if we just pretend to really be boyfriends, at least for the wider world. I’m sure you and I neither one want the real nature of our arrangement being aired out.”

“Yes, that actually would be great and make things easier. Though, I told my friends and family that I got a job as a housekeeper… so they think I work for you. I didn’t know what else to tell them.”

“I told Yoongi that I met you at a coffee shop… which is not entirely a lie. Because I had seen you once before we met.”

Jimin was surprised at this news. He couldn’t remember ever seeing Jungkook before.

“Did you really? When was this?” Jimin asked, brows going up in question.

“Just before I signed up with Magic Shop. To be honest, you were what motivated me to get a sugar baby. I couldn’t stop fantasizing about you. It was distracting me from work.”

“Oh… and you thought… I was pretty?”

“I thought you were the most beautiful Omega I’d ever seen. I couldn’t believe when they handed me your portfolio. I thought there was no way I could be so lucky. But here you are, and you’re better than any fantasy I had about you.”

Jimin was happy as they finished their food, feeling a giddiness inside him that Jungkook had wanted him even before their meetup through Magic Shop had a smugness warming inside his chest. He noticed as they ate, that Jungkook was rolling his neck and shoulders alot, occasionally bringing one hand up to rub as his nape. Jimin realized he must still be tense and sore from all the flights and nights in uncomfortable hotel beds, and got an idea, letting it brew in the back of his mind as they cleaned up the kitchen and returned to the couch. Jimin had his wine glass in his hand, freshly refilled as he sat with his body turned toward the Alpha.

“You’re really tense. Is your neck hurting?” Jimin asked, watching Jungkook roll his shoulders again.

“Yeah, just traveling. It’s fine.”

Jimin set his wineglass aside and stood, grabbing Jungkook’s hand and pulling at him.

“Up. Up. Come on.”

Jimin pulled at Jungkook’s arm and the Alpha couldn’t resist doing as he was bid. The Omega was so cute, pulling on him like a petulant child, lips pouting.

“What? Where are we going?” Jungkook asked as he stood up and Jimin kept pulling him.

“To the bedroom.”

“Baby… I appreciate the can-do attitude, but I think you might need a break.”

Jimin released a little quack of laughter and looked back at him, smiling and giggling.

“Not for that. Come on.” Jimin pulled him into the bedroom, flipping on the light. “Lay on the bed.”

Jungkook cocked a brow at him, but did as he was told, getting on the bed and laying in the center.

“Are you sure this isn’t what I thought? Cause I know I asked if you want to be in charge, and this is honestly kinda hot.”

Jimin swatted his thigh playfully and giggled at him, rolling his eyes.

“Roll over onto your stomach.”


Jungkook turned over and felt the bed dip as Jimin climbed up. The Omega crawled over to him and straddled his lower back, sitting his slight weight on his butt, and then small hands started kneading the muscles of his shoulders, and Jungkook let out a groan of bliss at the feeling.

“Fuck… Baby, that feels amazing.”

“Just relax. Let me help you.”

Jimin started at his shoulders, gripping the tense muscles in his hands and working at them until they loosened up, he ran his thumbs up Alpha’s neck on either side of his spine, massaging at the tense places before moving down. Jungkook’s back was a strong expanse of hard muscle, and Jimin couldn’t help but appreciate how well defined his body was. When he found knots, he gently worked them with his small fingers until they loosened, taking his time on each so he wouldn’t hurt him. The Omega worked out all the tense, wound up places in Jungkook’s back and left him feeling loose and warm, a deep, rumbling purr vibrating up from his chest, and when Jimin was finally done, the Omega laid his body on top of his back and let his smaller purr join in with Jungkook’s as he pressed a whisper soft kiss to the Alpha’s nape.


“So much better.”

“Am I squishing you?” Jimin asked from his back, where his head rested between his shoulder blades.

“No, it feels good.”


They lay like that for a long time, both quietly purring in the quiet still of the room, letting themselves relax and enjoy each other’s presence, Jimin’s soft fingers drew little patterns in the skin of Jungkook’s arms and side. It was an oddly intimate moment between two people whose relationship was based on purely sex, and yet, they had formed a kind of alliance and bond. Whether or not they were in a real relationship, this was as close a proxy as either was willing to risk for the moment, so they allowed it to calm and soothe some part of them deep down that they usually repressed. It was nice to have company. It was a relief to have someone who knew all your deepest, darkest desires and not judge or condemn. In many ways, they were perfect for each other, because this was exactly what they needed. The sex, the intimacy, the acceptance, yet free of social, societal or personal obligation. It was wonderfully freeing.

Eventually they got up, brushed their teeth and went to bed properly. Jungkook curled himself around Jimin’s smaller body, surrounding him with warmth that had the Omega purring and dozing almost at once, head rested on one of Jungkook’s strong biceps as he was spooned from behind. Jimin was thoroughly scented from their afternoon of sex, after cumming on him, Jimin would smell like him for a solid week. He’d forgotten how good it felt to be scented, to be able to smell the solid evidence of someone else caring about you. It was really nice to feel cared for. Jimin was a strong Omega, one who prided himself on not needing anyone’s help to make it in the world, and yet he’d let Jungkook inside his guarded world.

Jungkook woke up feeling so relaxed and rested that it was almost mindblowing to realize how much he’d been dealing with stress and its side effects over the past months. The tension in his neck and back was gone, his mind felt clear and the ever-present desperate sexual hunger that simmered under his skin was banked to a low tingle, mostly ignited by the small body against him. Jungkook blinked his eyes open to the early morning light coming through the floor-to-ceiling windows. His eyes immediately went to the mop of messy blond hair that was against his chest and he smiled. He slid one of his hands over Jimin’s hip, sneaking under the hoodie he was still wearing and over his smooth belly, just enjoying the feel of his skin.

Jimin shifted back against him with a soft groan, before settling again. Jungkook watched as he made little noises in his sleep, he was so cute and soft and Jungkook’s mind immediately went to the previous morning when Jimin had woken him up with such a sweet surprise. He skimmed his fingers over Jimin’s belly, testingly and the Omega made a soft sound of pleasure as his hand moved lower, down to the v of his hips and traced over the edge of his white cotton panties. He kept going, tenderly rubbing over the front of the panties, feeling the soft, cock encased within start to react to his touch as the sleeping boy in his arms made more quiet, resting noises as he was softly groped.

The Alpha moved his body away from Jimin’s slowly, the Omega rolling onto his back with a quiet groan, arms raising up, one curling over the top of his head, the other covering his eyes, hands engulfed by the long sleeves of the sweater. Jungkook waited a few moments for him to settle before pulling the blankets off to reveal a sight that had Jungkook’s half-hard cock filling the rest of the way and tenting the front of his sweats. Jimin’s sweater was pushed up, revealing his panties and the lower half of his stomach, his perfect legs were still encased in the socks, but they had shifted down in the night, making little wrinkes and folds that somehow made the Omega look even smaller than usual. But the best part were his slightly open legs, one bent up and to the side, and the white panties that showed the hard length encased inside and the little wet patch he could see forming on the thin cotton between his legs. Perfection.

Jungkook used patient hands to get the panties down off Jimin’s legs, leaving the socks in place. He could tell that Jimin was just beginning to surface from sleep as he pushed his legs up and open with hands behind the knees and slid down the bed to put his face at level with Jimin’s entrance. It was still a little puffy from use, but he was glistening with slick, the vanilla scent strong and irresistible. He let Jimin’s thighs rest on his shoulders and release the hold on his knees to reach down and use his hands to pull Jimin farther open before licking a long stripe up his crack, lapping up the slick that had gathered and heard Jimin come awake with a gasp.

Jimin woke to the feeling of wet pressure against his entrance, which had his back arching and toes curling at the unexpected pleasure. His sleepy body gave a small jolt and he went to close his thighs only to find something between them. He cracked his lids to look down the length of his body and see dark eyes looking up at him. Jungkook’s head was gripped between his shaking thighs.

“A-Alpha? What’re you doing?” Jimin mumbled sleepy and confused.

Jungkook turned his face up to free his mouth from the place he’d been buried between his legs.

“I’m just returning the favor, Baby. You woke me up so nicely yesterday, I thought I’d do the same for you. You alright, sweetheart? Want me to stop?”

“No… god no. Keep going, Daddy.”

“That’s my good boy.”

Jungkook turned his face back down to his task, and started to eat him out with abandon, licking at him with his tongue and sliding the slick muscle inside his tender hole and bringing Jimin up to the heights of his pleasure as his small hands clenched in the pillows over his head, thighs trembling and tightening around Jungkook’s head as his orgasm began to approach. One of the Alpha’s hands came up and started to gently palm his cock as he ate him out with apparent relish. His thighs clamped down on the Alpha’s head as Jimin curled forward, his hands going to the mop of black hair and gripping into the strands with his little fists, sobbing out a cry of pleasure. His whole body was tight and shaking as waves of pulsing pleasure raced up and down his body, coalescing at the places Jungkook touched, and then all at once he collapsed back onto the bed, body going loose, hands relaxing and thighs falling open.

“You okay, Baby?” Jungkook asked smugly as he surfaced from between Jimin’s legs with the lower half of his face shining with slick.

“Yeah. That’s a good way to wake up.” Jimin panted, breaths coming harshly as his chest rose and fell.

“Mm… agreed. You think you can take me again, Baby?” Jungkook asked, his hand sliding up Jimin’s thigh and one finger pressing at his entrance.


Chapter Text

After another round of sex, they washed up and found their way into the kitchen where Jimin made omelettes with consummate skill, all the while Jungkook crowded him and slid his hands over any exposed flesh he could find. Jimin knew he should be annoyed at the Alpha’s antics in the kitchen, but it was kind of endearing and he liked being touched by Jungkook, so he allowed it, and after eating, Jungkook pulled him into his lap again. The Alpha was scenting him over his face and neck as Jimin carded his hands through Jungkook’s black hair.

“So, what do you want to do today, pretty boy?”

Jimin sighed as his mind turned to the piles of homework in his backpack. He really did need to get it done. Some of it was due the next day and he wasn’t the kind of student who turned his work in late. He was dedicated to a fault.

“Honestly, I really need to work on my homework for a few hours. I have quite a pile of it and it’s due soon.”

“Okay. I have a project I’m working on, which I’d really like to work on today while I have the time, so that’s perfect.”

They separated, Jimin set out all his homework on the coffee table and dragged all the blankets and pillows off the bed and couch to make a little nest on the floor between the table and sofa. He always focused best when he was warm and comfortable. He started with all his math homework. They were learning about sales tax, what items were taxable and how to figure it into your accounting. Jimin hated it, but he worked his way through stack after stack of papers, doing calculations and finding himself increasingly frustrated at how tedious it all was. But after a few long hours he was finally done with the math and accounting portions of his homework and started to work on making notes and an outline for the essay he had to write to go along with he and Daniel’s project. Almost as if thinking about him had summoned his presence, Jimin’s phone dinged with a new text. He grabbed it from the table and read the text just as another one came through.

Daniel: Hey Jimin… sorry about last night. I was really drunk.

“As if that excuses your behavior…” Jimin mumbled under his breath. “Acting like a child.”

Daniel: Anyway… the ingredients we need are earl grey tea leaves, dried edible lavender and marscapone cheese. If you want me to get them I will.

Jimin let out a long breath from his nose and closed his eyes giving himself a moment to compose his temper before replying.

Jimin: I will bring them

He didn’t respond beyond that and set his phone aside. His mind was whirling now that he was angry and he couldn’t focus on the outline he was trying to draw up. He was getting really tired of Daniel’s entitled attitude. He seemed to think that being a nice guy would get him out of any trouble. Of course, Jimin didn’t hate him. He wanted the best for the Alpha, but he also didn’t want to have to deal with someone constantly chasing after him. He didn’t want to have to be mean in order to get some peace at school. He wanted to focus on his studies and anything that interfered with that needed to be cut off. Jimin wasn’t going to school to find a mate. He was going to get an education so that he could make his dream come true. As if he sensed Jimin’s distress, he heard footsteps padding down the hall.

Jungkook had caught the slight hint of smoke in the air, mixing with the vanilla scent that seemed to permeate his entire house. It was a scent of distress. Jimin was stressing over something. He wondered if it was his homework that was making him distressed, but he doubted it. Jimin didn’t seem like the type to let work affect him so much. His mind turned to that phone call from last night, and he wondered if Daniel had reached out to him again. He stood from his desk and left the room, walking down the hall and as he got closer to the living room, the scent of distress increased.

He came upon a scene that was completely adorable, though marred by the distressed scent. Jimin had made a little nest from the blankets and pillows from his bed and sofas. He was ensconced in a little mountain of soft things and the coffee table was spread out with books, papers and notebooks, a little laptop to one side. Jimin turned his head and looked at him as he walked into the room and Jungkook could see that his lips were frowning and his brows furrowed. He looked grumpy. The Alpha walked over and sat on the sofa next to Jimin’s hastily made nest on the floor and reached over to pet over his silken hair and skin, trying to soothe him.

“You alright, little one?”

Jimin let out a small annoyed sounding huff, and waved his hand through the air in dismissal.

“Yeah, just Daniel.”

“Mmm…” Jungkook hummed thoughtfully but he could still sense Jimin’s distress. “I don’t like that Alpha. I don’t want him near you.” Jungkook said, his hand cupping the side of Jimin’s neck and his thumb guiding Jimin to look up into his face.

The distressed scent lessened just slightly and Jungkook realized what Jimin needed from him. He didn’t need Jungkook. He needed his Daddy.

“I know… but we still have the project to finish.”

“I understand, Baby. Don’t worry. But listen up now. Listen closely to Daddy.”

Jungkook watched as these words washed over Jimin, his grey eyes dilating and the pupil getting bigger, reacting to his commanding tone. The Omega’s face went lax, the frown and drawn brows disappearing as his mouth fell open slightly as if to draw in deeper breaths.

“Yes, Daddy.” Jimin whispered, voice husky.

“I don’t want him touching you. I know you have to work with him, and you have to see him outside of school and I get that. Your education is important to you. But don’t let him touch you. Do you understand?” Jimin nodded and Jungkook slid his hand around to the Omega’s jaw, letting his fingers press back into those little tender places as he looked down at him. “Words, Baby. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

The scent of distress was gone, replaced by Jimin’s usual sweet scent and the slightly more heavy scent of his slick. Jungkook’s thoughts wandered to the little piles of their purchases that were organized on the opposite couch and he glanced over to the tangles of leather cuffs, collars and other restraints.

“You’re such a good boy. Daddy’s good boy. Stay right here.”

Jungkook released Jimin’s jaw and stood, walking over to the pile of restraints, quickly picking out the white collar and cuffs that Jimin had selected. He admired the collar with the word ‘Baby’ on it. The metal parts were all gold, and Jungkook knew it would look perfect against Jimin’s pale skin and golden hair. He stepped back over to Jimin’s little nest and crouched down next to him. Jimin’s body turned toward him automatically and as he held up the little white collar and cuffs he watched the Omega’s cheeks go pink as he pulled his bottom lip between his teeth.

“You need Daddy to take control for a little while, sweetheart?” Jungkook asked quietly.

“...Yes…” The word was just a quiet whisper, it floated in the air between them.

Jungkook set the collar and cuffs on the sofa and pushed the coffee table away to make space before looking at Jimin who was still and unmoving where he knelt in his tiny nest of blankets and pillows.

“Can I come in your little nest?” Jungkook asked, getting a quick nod as Jimin started moving his things around to make a space big enough for Jungkook.

The Alpha stood and reached down for Jimin, the Omega immediately put his hand into Jungkook’s and allowed himself to be pulled up to his feet. He pulled off Jimin’s sweater, which was another of his oversized hoodies that he’d put Jimin in that morning after their bout of sex in the early hours of the day. He tossed it aside and hooked his fingers in the band of Jimin’s panties, kneeling and pulling them down, helping the Omega to step out of them, leaving him completely naked. He pushed his own sweats and boxers down, joining Jimin in his nudeness.

Jungkook took the collar from the sofa and brought it to Jimin’s neck, hands sliding around to the back and buckling it. He didn’t make it particularly tight. This wasn’t a punishment. This was reassurance and relief, a reward to his Baby for being so good and a relief to his need to have Jungkook take over. The moment that the collar was in place, Jimin’s small hands reached up to it and explored it with soft fingers as his breaths got heavier and he looked up at Jungkook’s face with a kind of ardent desperation, begging with his eyes. Jungkook leaned down and grabbed the leather cuffs that were lined in soft white faux fur.

“Turn around, hands behind your back.”

Jimin followed the command at once, turning around and putting his hands behind his back. Jungkook wrapped one wrist, buckling the straps, then the other, binding Jimin’s hands. He didn’t tighten them too far, Jimin still had wiggle room, and he was sure that if he was really determined, he could probably get them off. But it was more the symbolism of the power play than the actual binding that mattered at that moment. Jimin just wanted Jungkook to take control of him and let his stress go. Jungkook was more than happy to oblige.

The Alpha stepped into Jimin’s little nest and sat, reaching up and guiding Jimin by the hips so he was straddling Jungkook, their faces close. Jungkook started slowly, petting over soft skin and silken hair, praising him with compliments and soft words. The last of Jimin’s tension bled out of him, and he relaxed into Jungkook’s control. He turned his face into the hands as they petted his cheeks, a little purr starting up as the Alpha whispered soft words to him in his deep, melodic voice.

“So pretty. Look how pretty you are right now, Baby. Don’t worry about anything now, Daddy’s got you. I’m here, little one. I’m gonna make it all better. Just let it go, let it all go. It’s just you and me.”

Jimin thought that being praised and reigned over by Jungkook was almost like being hypnotized. It made everything else seem so distant, so unimportant. All that mattered were the Alpha’s words, his commands and gentle appreciation. He let his stress over the situation with Daniel fall away as arousal built in him. He whimpered as the pads of Jungkook’s thumbs brushed over his nipples, the simple touch tightening them into taut little peaks. He slowly started to rub the tender buds in little circles as Jimin’s whole body shivered and throbbed, heat rushing in waves under his skin and gathering low in his belly.

“That’s it, Baby. Focus on me. You like this? You like Daddy playing with your pretty pink nipples?”

“Yes, Daddy I love it.” Jimin whimpered.

Jimin’s body arched into the touch, his bound hands tugging at their restraints, wanting to grip into Jungkook’s hair, or maybe claw at his strong back. Being restrained was doing funny things to him. He’d known that he wanted this. It was one of his best fantasies, but being trapped in such a vulnerable position was making his heart race with simultaneous excitement and a little fear. He wasn’t afraid of Jungkook. Of course not. But it was an instinctual fear, one that had him burning all the hotter for its presence. When Jungkook had tied his hands with the tie, they had at least been in front of his body where he could use them and defend himself if needed, but now he was completely helpless. And it was everything.

Jungkook slowly transitioned from rubbing his nipples to softly pinching and tugging at the little peaks, making Jimin whine and shudder. The pain brought tears to his eyes, but it also had him leaking slick down onto Jungkook’s thighs. The Alpha played with his nipples until they were so tender that he started to pull away from his touch, whining at being too sensitive. Jimin looked down to see that his nipples were dark pink, swollen and peaked, and he saw as Jungkook leaned down and licked over one with the flat of his soft tongue. Jimin hissed and pushed his chest forward into Jungkook’s warm mouth as the Alpha sealed his lips around the little bud and started to suck at it, pulling on the over-sensitive flesh. He gave his nipples attention, one and then the other, sucking on them until they were wet and shiny, the skin around them reddened at the constant suction.

Jungkook was never going to get tired of riling Jimin up and watching as his sensitive little baby completely fell apart at his ministrations. He sat back, leaning against the couch and just looked at the Omega in his lap for a few moments. He was so perfect like this, so submissive. He was sure Jimin would do anything he told him to in this state, not that he’d ever misuse that power, but it was heady to have that kind of control. Jimin’s cheeks were red, his eyes full of tears that clung to his long lashes and tangled them and made him look like a little doll. Jungkook’s eyes fell to his lips, soft pink at the moment, but he wanted them red and puffy. He loved how full and lush Jimin’s lips were, but when they were all raw from use was his favorite. His eyes moved down, lingering on the dark hickey on his neck, the way his nipples were puffy and swollen from his attentions, down to his pretty cock, with its rosy tip shimmering with pre-cum. He liked the way his bound hands made his back arch slightly, pushing his chest out, the position emphasized his small waist and wide hips. He could feel the warm wetness of the slick Jimin was leaking on his thighs as it gathered there, soaking into the blankets below him.

“Look at my needy boy. You’re already so wet, making a mess everywhere.”

Jungkook slid one of his hands down between Jimin’s legs, sliding his middle and pointer finger between Jimin’s cheeks to gather slick on them, pulling them free and bringing them up to show Jimin the thick, syrupy slick that was dripping from the digits. He pressed the two fingers to the Omega’s lips.

“Open up.”

Jimin opened his mouth immediately and the Alpha slid his long fingers all the way into Jimin’s mouth, touching the back of his throat and making him gag at the unexpected stimulation.

“Clean me up, Baby. Lick your honey off my fingers.”

Jimin moaned around the digits and started to swirl his tongue around them, sucking all the slick off of his fingers, head bobbing back and forth as he licked over the digits in his mouth. He pulled back off them, and pressed his tongue between them, making sure to get every last drop of his slick off, until he was just licking and sucking on them for his own pleasure, tasting the saltiness of the Alpha’s skin mixed with the sweet taste of his own slick that was heavy in his mouth. Jungkook pulled his hand away and Jimin automatically chased it, wanting the fingers back in his mouth. He let out a quiet whine in his throat as he sat back and looked at the Alpha’s face.

Jungkook leaned forward and kissed him hard, sliding his tongue into his mouth and tasting the vanilla flavor of Jimin’s slick on the Omega’s tongue. He pulled back to nip and suck at Jimin’s lips, teasing them until he pulled back and felt satisfied at the state of them. Jimin’s pretty lips were puffy and red, Jungkook loved it. He slid his hand up to Jimin’s neck to the collar and slid a finger underneath it, pressing into the soft skin of Jimin’s throat as he pulled him forward for another soft kiss against the Omega’s kiss-swollen lips.

Jimin’s mouth was tingling and puffy from Jungkook’s hard kisses and biting sucks, and it made them tender to the soft brushes of Jungkook’s mouth against him. His bound hands that were pulled behind his back made him feel vulnerable in a way that he never had before and as he sunk further into that submissive headspace, he felt all the stress melt away until he was nothing but a bundle of nerves and pliant, docile obedience. He was trembling as Jungkook’s lips slid over his own, over and over again, and when the Alpha touched his tender, swollen nipples Jimin arched into the touch that was a mix of pain and pleasure. Jungkook moved back as his fingers gently teased and toyed with the soft pink buds of his nipples.

“Look at my pretty boy. So sensitive. Do you like Daddy playing with your nipples, Baby?”

“Yes, I love it Daddy… Love everything you do to me.”

Jungkook slid one hand up to hold Jimin’s jaw in a grip that was strong, but not painful. He turned the Omega’s face toward him, watching as his closed gray eyes slid open and he focused on the Alpha. He reveled in the power he held over the tender boy in his lap, it was the most intoxicatingly erotic thing to reign over him with complete dominance and know he would be obeyed.

“I want you to ride me, Baby. Want to watch you bounce on my cock like the desperate, needy boy that you are.” Jungkook leaned forward and kissed Jimin with an intensity that had the Omega gasping as the Alpha’s tongue slid over the roof of his mouth in a filthy slide. “You ready to ride my cock, sweetness? Do you need me to stretch you again, or do you think you can take me?”

Jimin nodded then shook his head fervently. “No, Daddy I don’t need to be stretched. I’m ready.” He was wet and he knew that he’d be able to take Jungkook, it had only been a few hours since their early morning romp in the Alpha’s bed.

Jimin rose up on his knees and Jungkook helped him to scoot forward, lining his cock up with Jimin’s entrance. The Omega sank down on him with a little whimper. He was so sore. They had been having so much constant, rough sex that his entrance was tender and throbbing, but he still adored the way it felt. He liked the edge of pain mixed with the pleasure, but at the same time, he was certain that this would be the last time he would be up for sex this weekend. He was going to limping for days after this, and he didn’t even care. This was the best weekend of his life and he wasn’t going to regret a single moment of it.

Jimin moaned as he started to move his hips, lifting up and dropping back down as best he could with his hands bound behind his back. He wished he could grip onto Jungkook’s shoulders and use them for leverage, but he just kept moving, rolling and bouncing as best he could, impaling himself on the Alpha’s cock over and over again. In this position, Jungkook’s cock went deeper than he’d felt before, pushing up and abusing his prostate on every little bounce. He closed his eyes as his mouth went slack and he gave himself over to seeking out that perfect moment of bliss, chasing his orgasm with each movement as whimpers and moans fell from his lips unchecked along with whimpering pleas of nonsense.

“Uhn… Daddy… fuck… so good… ah… so deep… love it… love your cock, Daddy.”

Jungkook’s hands were gripping his hips with bruising force, and Jimin was sure that he would have bruises where his fingertips were pushing against his pale skin, leaving little spots of pain in their wake. The Alpha guided his movements, determining the pace, and when Jungkook lifted him up and guided him in shallow little movements to just ride the head of his cock, Jimin whined. The Alpha led him as he just teased at his entrance with the blunt tip, slowly letting Jimin pull almost all the way off, then open himself up again over the tip of his length as he was guided back down by Jungkook’s harsh grip.

“Fuck, Baby… that’s it. Just let Daddy do what he wants with you. You like that, huh? You like just riding the head of my dick, sweetheart? Or do you want more?”

Jimin’s eyes were leaking tears and his lips felt chapped and tender, his nipples were raw and taut and his cock was throbbing with the need to cum. But it wasn’t enough stimulation. He needed more.

“P-please… Daddy, please.. uhn… ah…”

“What is it, baby boy? What do you need? You have to ask when you want something.” Jungkook growled lowly, keeping up the slow easy pace of Jimin riding his head, just slipping in and out of his tight entrance.

“Please… more, I need more.” Jimin whimpered, thighs quivering.

Jungkook smirked, he bent his knees up to get a little leverage and thrust up into Jimin in a series of hard, deep thrusts that had the Omega’s mouth falling open and startled cries falling from his throat. But just as quickly as he started, he stopped and returned to the slow shallow penetrations. Jimin made a noise of protest at the intense pleasure being cut short. His grey eyes popped open and he was pretty. So fucking pretty with his blown pupils, swollen lips and tear-stained cheeks. Jungkook loved his long lashes all wet and tangled and making him look unbelievably small and vulnerable.

“If you want something Baby, you have to be specific. Use your words and tell Daddy exactly what you want. I want to hear you say it.”

Jimin wanted to cry. He was both embarrassed and incredibly aroused. He felt more tears leak from his eyes and leave scalding salty trails down his cheeks. He opened his mouth to answer, but each time he felt his hole part over Jungkook’s probing tip, it seemed to reset his brain. Jimin forced himself to take a deep breath, he clenched his hands into fists behind his back and opened his eyes and looked at Jungkook. He knew he must be quite a pathetic sight with the tears leaking down his face and the hot blush he could feel all over his skin, but Jungkook was looking at him like he was the most fascinating creature he’d ever seen. Looking into Jungkook’s eyes made Jimin calm just the tiniest bit, just enough to stutter out a real response.

“F-f-fuck me… fuck me hard, Daddy.”

“That’s my good boy.” Jungkook said with a smile that made Jimin’s stomach clench.

Jungkook pulled out of Jimin and the Omega whimpered at the sudden emptiness, but before he could complain he was being maneuvered off of Jungkook and bent over the edge of the sofa on his knees, the Alpha positioning himself behind him. Jimin felt the heat radiating off of Jungkook against the back of his thighs and ass, and it made him shiver. He gasped as Jungkook entered him in a single hard thrust, hips slapping against Jimin’s ass and jolting him against the sofa, making his hard cock rub against the supple leather underneath him. Jungkook started up a harsh pace immediately, pulling out almost all the way before slamming back in. One of the Alpha’s hands grabbed the chain on Jimin’s handcuffs and the other reached up and grasped the back of his neck, pushing him down into the sofa, knowing how much Jimin liked being held down.

“Fuck… ahhh… YES! Fuck! Daddy so good… ah-I’m gonna cum!”

Jimin was making jolting little moans with every hard thrust, slightly muffled against the couch. Jungkook didn’t like that, so he moved his hand up from his nape to grip his hair and pull his head back, arching his neck and letting the full volume of Jimin’s cries echo around the empty apartment as he increased the speed, fucking into him with wild abandon as the Omega started to clench and flutter around his cock.

“That’s it, Baby. Fuck, you feel so good. I’m gonna knot you pretty boy. Gonna fill you up… God… you just take it, don’t you? You love getting fucked hard and deep, such a needy, hungry boy.” Jungkook released the hand holding the chain on the cuffs to brace his weight on the sofa so he could lean down and growl into Jimin’s ear. “Tell me how much you want my knot, Baby. Beg for it.”

Jimin didn’t hesitate, he was so close to cumming. He had no pride or shame at that point. He was nothing but need. Jungkook wanted him to beg, so he begged. He was a good boy who listened to his Daddy’s orders. He was good and pretty and obedient.

“Need it, Daddy. Need it so...uhn… fucking bad… fuck… Please cum in me… Give your… ah... knot!”

“That’s it, sweeheart. Goddamn, you’re still so tight… Fuck. I’m gonna knot you. You gonna take it like a good boy? Gonna be my pretty baby and let me fill you up?”

“YES! Fuck yes! Knot me… please…”

Jimin could feel Jungkook’s knot swelling as he increased in size and caught on his rim with every thrust. That, added to the constant feeling of the soft leather sofa rubbing against his cock and tender nipples threw Jimin over the edge and into a freefall of bliss as he completely came apart underneath the Alpha. Again, he was stripped down to his very basest nature and lain bare, and Jungkook knew exactly what to do with him, how to make him feel small and protected and completely vulnerable. As Jungkook knotted him and he felt the hot spurts of cum deep inside, he sobbed at the perfection of the feeling, part pain, part pleasure and wholly perfect as his rim was stretched wide around Jungkook’s pulsing knot.

Jimin was hiccuping little breaths and pulling at his handcuffs, whimpering to Jungkook. “Off… off… Daddy…”

“Shh… it’s okay Baby. I’ll get them off.” Jungkook soothed, reaching for the leather cuffs and unbuckling them.

Jimin relaxed a little once his hands were free, but Jungkook was still knotting him and the Alpha knew his baby must be in pain. He wrapped his hands up underneath Jimin’s belly and torso and lifted him, so he was upright on his knees. Jungkook wrapped him up solidly in his warm embrace, pressing soft kisses to the Omega’s temple and cheek, then further down over his neck to soothe him before he put his lips to Jimin’s ear and whispered soft praises and reassurances. Jimin’s small hands curled around his forearms, gripping softly as if he needed something solid to hold onto.

“You did so good, Baby. You were such a good boy for Daddy. I promise that’s it, okay? You can have a break now. No more sex this weekend. I know you’re hurting, little one. Just relax, I’ve got you.”

Jimin’s breaths eased and his little hiccuping sobs quieted as the Alpha soothed him and held him tight against his body. There was something so reassuring about Jungkook in those moments when Jimin was overwhelmed by sex and the Alpha soothed him with kind words, gentle pets and kisses. It was like Jungkook could read his mind sometimes, knowing that just because he was crying, didn’t mean he was upset or didn’t like what was happening. Because he did like it. He loved it.

“Th-thank you, Daddy… I really needed that.” Jimin whispered softly, turning his face to look up at the Alpha and receiving a soft kiss.

“Anytime, pretty boy.”

Jungkook held him as his knot slowly relaxed and he was able to gently pull out. Jimin hissed at the stinging burn. His entrance was so tender he could feel his heartbeat in the throbbing rim of his hole.

“You want to take another bath, Baby? It might help with the soreness.” Jungkook offered.

“Yeah. That would be nice.” Jimin sighed.

Jungkook settled Jimin back among the little piles of blankets and pillows he’d been nesting in and stood, walking to the bathroom and running the Omega a hot bath. He decided that he really liked aftercare alot. There was something so satisfying about getting Jimin so worked up and fucked out that he needed Jungkook to take care of him. He loved babying his pretty boy as much as possible. The shopping, the sex, the aftercare… fuck he was so whipped for him already. The Omega had no idea the amount of influence that he held over Jungkook. The Alpha would literally give him anything he asked for, and Jimin really didn’t understand how much money and influence he held in his small, soft hands. But perhaps if he were the kind of person to misuse that power, then Jungkook’s guard wouldn’t be so low and he’d be less interested. Maybe. But the details were unimportant. Jimin wasn’t that person, he was his sweet vanilla baby.

When he stepped back into the living room, Jimin was curled on his side, hugging a pillow and looking so sweet and innocent that it made Jungkook want to coo at him. He was still naked, wearing only the white leather collar and Jungkook could hear his soft, contented purr. The Alpha crouched down next to him and brushed his hair back from his face and smiling as Jimin turned into his hand, nosing at him and breathing in his scent.

“Mm… Alpha.”

Jungkook felt his stomach dip at the quiet words.

“Hey, Baby. Let me pick you up. You need a bath.”


Jimin rolled onto his back and Jungkook slid his arms, one under Jimin’s knees and one under his back, lifting his small weight easily and headed for the bathroom. Jungkook felt fond as Jimin turned himself toward his chest, pressing his nose against his pec and letting one small hand curl there as well. He was so small in these moments, when he was soft and vulnerable after sex or whenever he went into his sub space and Jungkook liked both this tiny boy in his arms as well as his feistier personality that he’d seen only a glimpse of so far. He thought that Jimin would probably be fabulous at the dinners and parties he had coming up, and he was looking forward to seeing him wow the guests at the grand parties. He was so beautiful and eye-catching that Jungkook felt a little of that possessive jealousy peek through but he pushed it aside. Right now he had Jimin in his arms, pliant and perfect.

Jungkook stopped in front of the bathroom counter, and set Jimin there, looking down at the Omega whose eyes were tired and heavy. Jungkook slid his hands up his waist and over his chest to reach his neck where he unbuckled the collar and pulled it away, setting it off to the side. Jimine’s eyes followed the movement and as Jungkook set the collar on the countertop, his smaller, pale hand reached over and touched it. The grazed tender fingertips over it as if fascinated by the little thing.

“Did you like that, Baby? Did you like wearing a collar for me?”

Jimin’s eyes turned away from the collar he’d been studying to look up at Jungkook’s face and he nodded.

“I liked it.”

“Did it make you feel small and safe?”


Jungkook’s hands cupped either side of the Omega’s neck and he used his thumbs to turn his face up even more so he could lean down and kiss him on the lips. Jimin was so receptive to his touch, and as he pressed his lips to his, Jimin made a small sound of contented happiness before he pulled back and brushed his thumbs back and forth over the Omega’s jaw.

“That’s good, sweetheart. That’s really good.”

Jungkook picked Jimin back up and turned around, stepping toward the bath and lowering the Omega into the steaming water. Jimin made a small sound as his lower half was eased into the water, and Jungkook knew the heat would probably sting against his tender entrance, but soon it would soothe him, so he put him gently into the tub. Jungkook knelt next to the bath and helped Jimin to dip down under the surface to wet his hair and face. He pushed the dripping blond strands back and pressed a kiss to his wet forehead.

“You okay, Baby?”


“I’m gonna take a quick shower. I’ll wash you up afterwards okay?”

Jimin’s eyes slid open and he looked up at him.

“I can do it.” Jimin said.

Jungkook leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to his forehead.

“I know you can, but I want to do it. Just relax for now.”

Jimin hummed and nodded, closing his eyes and resting his head against the back of the tub. Jungkook grabbed a folded towel and slipped it under Jimin’s head so he was resting on something soft before he hopped in the shower and washed up quickly. Jungkook dried himself and dressed, grabbing clothes for Jimin before heading to the tub and crouching next to it. He could see through the water where small bruises were coming up on Jimin’s hips right where his fingertips had been digging into his pale flesh and he felt a little bit bad. He reached forward and brushed a soft hand over Jimin’s cheek, making the Omega’s eyes open and look at him. The slow smile that spread over his face made Jungkook’s stomach swoop.

“Hey sweetheart. You ready?”

Jimin just nodded and Jungkook reached for a washcloth. He gently washed Jimin’s whole body in the routine that he thought it would be easy to get used to. Jimin whimpered when he used his fingers to coax his cum out of his tender entrance, but didn’t protest beyond that. When he was finished, he helped him out of the tub and dried him before dressing him back in warm clothes and picking him up in his arms.

“Alright, Baby. Where to?”

Jimin giggled as he looked up at him and answered, “I wish I could sleep for a few hours, but I do actually need to finish my homework.”

“Back to the nest it is.”

Jungkook carried Jimin out to the living room, sitting him on the couch as he pulled out the blanket that had gotten dirty, tossing it aside and disappearing down the hallway to the linen closet, grabbing a few more blankets and taking them out into the living room, settling them into the little mountain of soft things. He picked Jimin up and set him back in his little spot and pulled the coffee table back toward him.

“Okay. You need anything else?”

Jimin realized in that moment that he was getting too honest with Jungkook, as he blurted out, “I’m hungry.”

Jungkook crouched down and gave him a soft smile, happy about the burst of honesty that he knew was unusual for him. He liked that Jimin was starting to get used to asking for things he wanted. He leaned down and pressed a kiss to his forehead.

“Your wish is my command.”

Jungkook ordered food for them. Once it arrived they ate and separated for a few more hours. Jimin finished his homework and Jungkook made incremental progress on his project, but before they knew it, it was getting into the evening and it was time for Jimin to pack his things and head home. Their weekend together had come to an end.

They worked together to put all the purchases back into the shopping bags, sorting out what things would stay at Jungkook’s place and what things would go to Jimin’s. He ended up leaving a few outfits, some underwear and things which Jungkook took off to hang in his own closet. There would definitely be times in the future where he would need a fresh change of clothes if the past was anything to go by. As Jungkook disappeared through his door, Jimin’s phone started to ring from the coffee table and he grabbed it, seeing that it was his Eomma. His eyes flicked to the time in the corner of the screen and he realized that it was at least an hour past his usual time that he would call to check in. He answered quickly.

“Hey, Eomma.”

“Hey, Kitten. You hadn’t called, so I was getting worried. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, just busy at the moment. Can I call you-” But before Jimin could finish his sentence, Jungkook walked back in from his room, carrying a small pile of dirty clothes.

“Hey, Baby do you want… oh, you’re on the phone.” Jungkook said.

“BABY! BABY?” Jimin’s Eomma shrieked from the other end of the line.

Jimin pulled the phone away from his ear as sound exploded from the other end of the line.

“Eomma! Stop!”

“Park Jimin! Did you find a boyfriend and not tell me? You promised that you’d tell me when you found an Alpha! What is he like? What’s his name? How did you meet?”

“I can’t really talk right now. Can I call you later?”

His mother completely ignored the statement and prattled on, loud enough that he was sure Jungkook could hear from the other side of the silent living room.

“Tae said you’re coming home for Christmas. You have to bring your boyfriend. Your Appa and I would love to meet him! Your Appa just got a big account at work and a raise, so we’re doing it up BIG this year! Go ahead and ask your boyfriend now if he can come with you. I’ll wait.”

“Eomma… we just started seeing each other.” Jimin hedged, trying to get his Eomma to stop being so embarrassing.

“What does that matter? Now go on and do as you’re told and ask him!”

Jimin looked up at Jungkook helplessly to see that the Alpha was trying hard to hold back laughter, though he looked a little sheepish as he rubbed the back of his neck.

“Uh… Jungkook, do you want to come with me back to Busan for Christmas? My Eomma invited you.”

“When are you going home, and for how long?” Jungkook asked.

“I was thinking of going for two weeks, probably the week before Christmas and the week of.”

Jungkook thought for a few moments and was unsure what to do. He thought it would be a bit awkward to go home with Jimin to meet his parents… but the idea of going without him for two weeks made the Alpha feel itchy in his own skin. He’d barely made it the three days of his business trip. But, going back to Busan for Christmas… he thought of his parents and how they must be celebrating the holidays without him, and felt his heart sink.

“Jimin! Give him the phone! Let me talk to him!”



Jimin stepped over to Jungkook and mouthed silently ‘I’m sorry’ as he handed the Alpha the phone and he looked at him with surprise for a moment, bringing it up to his ear.

“Hello?” Jungkook said.

“Hello! It’s so nice to talk to you. I’m Dahee, Jimin’s Eomma. Please consider coming to our house for Christmas, at least for a few days, I’m sure you will want to celebrate with your own family too, but we’d be so happy to have you here! I’m so glad that Jimin found an Alpha, but you know I still worry about him and want to make sure he’s in good hands. We’d love to get to know you and of course you can stay at the house, it won’t be an issue. What do you say?”

Jungkook didn’t know how to respond. It had been so long since he’d had someone talk to him like this. Like… a parent. Even if he was almost thirty, that didn’t stop him from having that void in his chest where his parents used to be. It made him long to go find his Eomma and Appa and apologize. If they had appeared in front of him in that moment, he would have done exactly that, pride be damned. He glanced at Jimin, and the Omega was looking at him with wide eyes, bottom lip pulled between his teeth.

“Uh… I… sure, I mean if there isn’t anything, I’ve forgotten…”

“Great! We’ll be glad to meet you! Could you give the phone back to my son for a moment?”


Jungkook handed the phone off to Jimin and the Omega took it, putting it back up to his ear.

“Alright, I know you’re busy so I’ll let you go for now. But I expect a call later with all the details about this new boyfriend.”

Jimin wanted to facepalm at how shameless his parent was.

“Okay, Eomma. I’ll call you later. Love you.”

“Love you too, Baby.”

Jimin hung up the phone and looked up at Jungkook apologetically.

“I’m so sorry about her.” Jimin said, pausing for a moment. “Are you really going to come home with me for Christmas?”

Jimin looked up at Jungkook with eyes full of hope and something a little more wary, unsure if this was too much to ask of someone who wasn’t his boyfriend. They were basically pretending to date, but at the same time, he really wanted Jungkook to come home with him. He didn’t want to miss out on two weeks with him. He knew he was getting too attached, but he wanted Jungkook to come with him. Because he was genuinely starting to care about him. They were friends, regardless of what else they were.

“Is that what you want? I don’t want to infringe on your Christmas with your family. I kind of just agreed… your Eomma is very convincing.”

“She could guilt the devil himself. But, I really do want you to come with me. Unless you have other plans? Aren’t you going to see your parents?” Jimin asked.

“My parents and I… we had a falling out a few years back. We don’t really talk anymore.”

Jimin felt bad for Jungkook as he looked up at the Alpha and saw the pain he was trying to conceal. Jimin couldn’t imagine not talking to his parents. He loved them so much, he would die if he couldn’t talk to his family. He pictured Jungkook all alone on Christmas, probably working and vowed that he would not that that happen. Jungkook had done so much for him, the least he could do was bring him along for the holiday so he wouldn’t spend it alone.

“Well then, come with me. We’ll have a good time! We’re friends right? Friends spend the holidays together. We’ll just keep up the charade of boyfriends and we can see each other for those two weeks. No problem.”

Jimin tried to hide the discomfort he felt at saying they were “friends”. It felt weird to think that, but that was really all they were, and as fun as the fantasy of the weekend had been, it was time to get back to real life where he was Park Jimin with all the stresses and realities that came with it. It had been a nice change of pace to just be Jungkook’s ‘little one’ for a while, but that wasn’t real life. His real life was waiting back in his tiny, rundown apartment with its janky water heater and broken stove and ancient, peeling wallpaper.

“If you’re sure, then I guess I’ll come.”

The pair of them loaded up most of the purchases in Jungkook’s car, along with the few things Jimin had brought with him. Jimin left the less practical of the lingerie that the Alpha had bought him as well as the high heels since he really only planned on wearing them for Jungkook and had no use for them in his daily life. The cuffs, collars and other sexual items were left, as well, Jungkook only sending him with a few of the plugs for him to wear “when instructed”, a prospect that had his belly filled with butterflies.

Jungkook drove Jimin home, and as he pulled up outside the rundown old complex, he felt an immediate sense that he didn’t want to leave Jimin there, but he had no authority to take him away. He parked in the small lot and looked over at Jimin who was gazing at him with a small, shy smile, pretty in the diffuse light of streetlamps outside. He reached up and petted over the side of his face, and he watched as Jimin bloomed at this touch, like perfect spring flower he softened as his petal-pink lips parted on a breath.

“You ready, pretty boy?”


“Let’s get all your things upstairs to your apartment then.”

Jimin nodded and reached down to unbuckle his seatbelt before turning away, his soft face leaving Jungkook’s palm and the lack of his soft warmth was more upsetting than it ought to have been. Jungkook shook those thoughts away and got out, walking around back and helping Jimin gather up all the bags and carry them up the stairs. Jungkook eyed the rusting railing and cracked concrete, eyes skirting past doors as they walked toward Jimin’s place, and when they stopped outside a small corner unit, the Omega pulled out his keys and unlocked the door. Jungkook eyed the single lock and the flimsy wood of the door that opened straight out to the balcony, and as he stepped inside he was again struck with that sense of not wanting to leave Jimin here.

“Here we are.” Jimin said as he led them inside.

The apartment was just one small room, half given over to a twin sized bed hung with a canopy of mixed bedsheets and filled with a mish-mash of old pillows and blankets and the other half to a sagging olive green velvet couch that looked like it had been old when his parents had been in college. The space was neat and clean, but there was no disguising the fact that it was tiny and rundown. Jimin set all his bags on the couch and Jungkook did the same as he looked around the small space that smelled so much like Jimin. He would bet that his nest smelled like heaven, but as the Omega turned and walked to the wall to flip on a switch, he heard a shuddering old heater kick to life and the place took on the smell of burning dirt, clouding over the pretty vanilla scent of the Omega.

Jimin stepped back in front of him and looked up at the Alpha with his wide grey eyes and smiled a little shy as one hand came up to lay against Jungkook’s chest. He wasn’t sure what to say to the Alpha who seemed so large inside his tiny apartment. How did he thank someone for giving him the best weekend of his life?

“Thank you, Jungkook. This weekend was… amazing.”

Jungkook looked down into Jimin’s pretty face and gave him a soft smile. He reached up and cupped his jaw between his hands and kissed him, pressing his lips to Jimin’s fuller ones several times before pulling back.

“You were amazing, sweetheart.”

“I guess this is goodbye for now?”

“Yes. I might not be able to see you tomorrow, but send me an address and I’ll pick you up after school on Tuesday for that dinner, okay?”


Jimin walked with Jungkook the few steps to the door, and as the Alpha opened it and stepped out, he turned to look at Jimin, it was heartbreaking to leave the Omega there. A perfect glittering jewel among rubble. He wanted to kiss him again. He wanted to push him back inside that apartment and take him in his nest, among all his soft pillows and blankets that would drown him with the sweet scent of vanilla until he was drunk on it. But he just stepped back with a little wave.

“See you later, pretty boy.”


Chapter Text

As Jungkook walked back into his apartment, he couldn’t help but notice how much it smelled like Jimin. The whole space was filled with the scent of sweet vanilla bean. The little nest in front of his sofa was still there with all it’s neatly arranged pillows and blankets, his hamper was full with dirty sheets and blankets and a mix of their clothes, and the drying rack on the kitchen counter was full of dishes. He sighed as he left to shower and get ready for bed. He laid there, looking up at his ceiling as he struggled to go back to sleep. His mind still picturing Jimin framed in the doorway of his tiny apartment, so small and fragile and vulnerable. He rolled over and forced his mind to quiet and eventually drifted off.

Morning came too soon, and as he dressed and readied himself for work, he slid back into his usual persona, the cold, sharp CEO that sent interns running for cover. But he couldn’t quite wipe the smirk off of his face, and he knew that he still smelled strongly of Jimin’s vanilla scent. He was rested and relaxed, and he felt clearer and sharper than he had in years as he walked through the office. Again he felt that awareness of people watching him, probably because he was smiling and smelling like an Omega’s scent. But what was he supposed to do? He’d just had what was probably the best weekend of his life and he was feeling great.

He settled back behind his desk and smirked as he heard the signature sound of wingtip loafers on polished marble floors. He opened his email and started sifting through to see if anything was needing his immediate attention, but it was all little things. His friend settled in his usual seat across the desk and looked at him with his characteristic assessing gaze.

“I see that you had a good weekend.” Yoongi said flatly.

“I had a great weekend, thank you.” Jungkook said, sitting back in his chair and looking at the other Alpha.

“I would ask if you spent it with your little baby Omega, but the answer is obvious. You reek of vanilla and you’re strutting like you got your dick sucked, so I can put two and two together.” Jungkook didn’t give any response beyond a quirk of his eyebrow as his smirk remained intact and so Yoongi continued. “When do I get to meet him?”

“Well, he’s coming with me to the Seoul Arts Gala, so I guess you’ll meet him then.”

“I forgot about the stupid Gala… dammit. When is that again?”

“December 6th. So, we have two weeks.”

“At least I’ll have something to look forward to. I have to admit I’m curious about this Jimin of yours.”

Jungkook opened his mouth to say that Jimin wasn’t his. But he couldn’t make the words leave his throat, so he just cleared it and went on.

“I think you’ll like him.”

“If he’s got you this whipped already, I’m expecting something amazing.”

“I’m not whipped.”

Yoongi leveled him with a droll stare that clearly read, ‘I don’t believe you’.


Before Jungkook could retort, his desk line beeped and he looked at the little screen to see it was Myungjun from HR calling him. He hit the button to put the call on speaker, sure that this was probably about Kim Namjoon and that Yoongi would want to hear the call.

“Mr. Kim, you’ve got me and Yoongi here.” Jungkook said as the call connected.

“Good morning. I just heard back from Kim Namjoon and he’s definitely interested. He obviously doesn’t want Gaon Tech to know he’s meeting you, so could you meet him tonight after hours? He said he could be here around 7:30 if that’s good for you.”

Jungkook looked across the desk to Yoongi who nodded.

“Sounds good. Set it up. Give him my cell number and tell him to call me when he gets here. I’ll have to let him in.”

“Yes sir.”

Jungkook ended the call and looked across the desk at Yoongi.

“I guess we’ve got an interview tonight. Hope you didn’t have any plans.” Jungkook said to his friend.

“Me? You’re the one with the little boyfriend.”

Jungkook felt a little regret at the knowledge that he definitely wouldn’t see Jimin that night. Though he’d already been pretty sure. He’d been on a business trip and then skipped out on work the entire weekend to spend it with Jimin. He was majorly behind on his paperwork, but if this interview went well, that might be a burden he could escape from at least for the most part. That idea cheered him as he thought of getting back to basics and letting go of some of the mountain of responsibility that he’d been shouldering for the last few years as he’d been drawn more and more into accounting and more and more away from development. He was in anticipation of the day soon when he’d be able to finally leave off the accounting and focus back on the things that were important to him, the things he wanted to do.

“I think he’ll be fine with not seeing me for a single day.”

“Oh, it’s not him I’m worried about.” Yoongi retorted with a little laugh that had Jungkook rolling his eyes.

“Get out of my office. I’ll see you later.”

“I wish I didn’t have work to do so I could just sit in here and gloat, but I’ve got a conference call in fifteen minutes, so you got lucky this time.”

Yoongi stood and left Jungkook’s office. The Alpha immediately pulled out his phone and texted Jimin.

Jungkook: Good morning pretty boy. I’ve got a late meeting so I won’t be able to see you tonight.

He waited a few moments and saw the three dots appear at the bottom of the screen.

Jimin: That’s okay. I’m way too sore to do anything anyway. I’m limping to campus right now

Jungkook smiled, feeling a little too smug at the fact that his little one was limping from their weekend together.

Jungkook: Sorry Baby. You want me to schedule you a massage?

Jimin: No. I’ll be fine. I just need to warm up and move around. The hot water heater is on the fritz again so I had to take a cold shower this morning :(( So I’m just really stiff

Jungkook looked outside at the city blanketed in snow and thought of Jimin having to go out right out of a cold shower and into the freezing weather. Jimin was already so cold-natured that he imagined him to be freezing just then. Poor baby.

Jungkook: Is there anything I can do?

Jimin: No, the landlord will send someone around in a few days. Don’t worry about it

A few days? Jungkook curled his lip as he imagined Jimin being forced to take cold showers for days.

Jungkook: Why don’t you stop by my place after school and take a shower? Just so you don’t have to be cold. I probably won’t be home, but you’re welcome to use my bath in the meantime

Jimin: Really? That would be great but I don’t have a key

Jungkook wanted to smack himself as he realized he’d never given Jimin a key. He’d been intending to, but he’d never gotten around to it over their long weekend, and that reminded him that he needed to call his apartments and let them have it for making Jimin wait out in the cold.

Jungkook: Could you stop by sometime today and pick one up? I’ve got an extra I was meaning to give you but we got… distracted and it slipped my mind.

Jimin: I have an hour and a half gap between 12 and 1:30. I could take a cab over but are you sure you want me showing up during the day?

Jungkook: Of course. I’ll be here. I’ve got mountains of work to do so just text me when you’re headed over and I’ll inform reception to be expecting you.

Jimin: Okay. See you then

Jungkook: See you then, sweetheart

As soon as he closed the texting app he called up his apartment building and quickly got the manager on the phone.

“This is Doyun how can I help you Mr. Jeon?”

“Yes, I’m calling about a guest I had on Friday evening. I instructed a friend of mine to wait for me in the lobby and he was made to wait outside in the snow.” Jungkook’s voice was harsh and snappish, the same tone he used to scold employees.

“I’m very upset to hear about this news.”

“I’m sure you are, but that doesn’t offer me any solutions.”

“My apologies sir, I will see that the employee who was working that night is soundly scolded, at once.”

“You do that, because if this happens again I’m not going to call with a simple warning. It will be your head on the line. I’m not a forgiving man, and I don’t like to deal with incompetent people. For what I pay you in rent each month, you should at least be able to hire someone who can do their damned job.”

“Yes sir, of course sir.”

Jungkook ended the call without a farewell and set aside his phone, taking a few calming breaths before he got to work, starting by sorting through all his emails and responding as necessary before he pulled up several spreadsheets he’d been working on and got down to business. His day was spent doing busy work and it was only Yoongi coming into his office that made him realize it was almost noon.

“Hey, you wanna go to lunch?” Yoongi asked from his doorway.

“I’m not going to lunch today. But if you wait a little bit, Jimin is going to stop by. I know you wanted to meet him.”

Yoongi’s face split into a real smile and he rubbed his hands together.

“Oh hell yes. I’m dying to meet the Omega who’s got you by the balls.”

Jungkook just scoffed and rolled his eyes again.

“I shouldn’t have told you”

Yoongi sat in his usual seat and spent the next ten minutes gloating silently while Jungkook ignored him. His cell phone dinged and he got a text.

Jimin: I’m headed your way

Jungkook: Ok

The Alpha picked up his desk line and dialed zero for reception, which was picked up quickly.

“Reception, how can I help you?”

“This is Mr. Jeon. I have a guest stopping by within the next half hour or so named Park Jimin. When he arrives, give him a guest badge and send him up to my office. No need to have him escorted, he knows the way.”

“Yes sir. Would you like me to page you when he arrives?”

“Please do.”

“Of course.”

Jungkook hung up the line and looked across the desk at Yoongi who was smirking again.

“So, he already knows his way to your office? I wonder when he could have learned that?” Yoongi taunted, smirking at Jungkook.

Jungkook ignored him and got back to work as his friend sat in amused silence waiting for the arrival of this mysterious Omega who had so captivated his best friend. Jungkook was not an easy man, Yoongi knew that well. He’d always been incredibly serious about school and work and he’d seen him with various boyfriends and girlfriends over the years, but he’d never seemed very serious about them. But something about this one made Yoongi think it might be different. Jungkook had never secreted knowledge of his past relationships, and he’d never seen Jungkook so affected by anyone’s presence. It was intriguing to say the least. He wondered if his boyfriend was someone very serious, like Jungkook? Someone who matched his intensity, and he pictured a lanky, statuesque Omega with elegant clothes and fine features. But something about that didn’t match with the soft vanilla scent.


“Mr. Jeon, your guest has arrived. I just sent him up.”

“Thank you.”


After Jungkook left, Jimin spent a while organizing all the clothes and things Jungkook had bought for him, hanging the clothes in his tiny closet and putting the underwear and other things in the little drawers of the plastic chest where he stored is socks and underwear. He added the plugs that Jungkook had given him into his little shoebox along with his turquoise one. He moved all his school things from his worn out old backpack to his new Gucci backpack so it would be ready to go in the morning before he brushed his teeth, undressed and set his alarm on his new phone before falling asleep.

Morning dawned too soon and too cold for Jimin’s liking. Even with his heater running, it felt like the very walls of his apartment leached the warmth away from the space, and as he got up, the muscles in his lower half were stiff and aching. Walking hurt, and as he limped to his bathroom, he was making little hissing noises as his muscles protested moving. But the longer he was up and moving the more it seemed to help, and he was looking forward to a warm shower to soothe his aching muscles. However, when he turned on the water to heat up while he brushed his teeth, he was surprised to find it ice cold when he went to get in.

“Fuck.” He hissed under his breath as he stood outside the shower wondering what to do.

Not really having any other choice, he turned hopped inside and gasped as the icy water washed down his body, making every muscle clench and quiver as his skin erupted all over with goosebumps. His already sore muscles locked up worse at the treatment and he whimpered at the pain. He quickly wet his body and turned the water off, shivering as he lathered shampoo into his hair and soaped up his body up before turning the water back on. It was just as horrible and shocking the second time that it hit him and he danced around under the spray, teeth chattering as he hurried to rinse the soap from his hair and body before turning the shower off and getting out.

He felt incredibly stiff as he dried himself and dressed. Each movement was protested by his aching back, thighs and ass, and since he was alone, he allowed himself to whimper like a baby about it as he got ready and blowdried his hair and put on light makeup. He was warming up again a little now that he was out of the shower and into the somewhat warm air of his apartment. He went to his closet and eyed his now packed closet to find clothes to wear. He picked out a pair of light wash skinny jeans and a long-sleeve white shirt with a navy tank top to wear under it. He pulled out a pair of pink cotton panties and slipped those on before putting on all his clothes and topping it with a thick navy wool coat that accentuated his figure along with a scarf and hat. He pulled on socks and giggled as he shoved his feet into the warm black boots lined with faux fur.

He gathered his backpack, keys, wallet and phone and as he left his apartment, the cold didn’t immediately cut through his clothing. It was a relief. Even though the cold weather wasn’t affecting him like it usually did, he was still cold. He was cold from his icy shower and he knew that he was probably going to be cold all day. It felt like his very bones were iced over and even though he was warmer than usual against the icy winter weather, his muscles were cramped and locked up, and he was limping. He felt the blood rush to his face as he imagined what Jackson would say when he saw him limping with a huge hickey on his neck. The Alpha was going to be completely unbearable.

Jimin texted his landlord to tell him about the water heater as he walked to his bus stop and waited as usual, and when it arrived he hobbled up the steps into the warmth of the vehicle and took a seat. He watched the streets pass through the dewy windows as the early light of morning was glancing off the snow, and as they approached his stop and he got off the bus, his phone dinged in his pocket. He pulled it out to see a message from Jungkook and smiled as he opened it.

Jungkook: Good morning pretty boy. I’ve got a late meeting so I won’t be able to see you tonight.

Jimin’s lips twisted into a frown, but he thought it was probably for the best. His entire lower half was stiff and sore, and he was already moving like an arthritic old man, so he texted back.

Jimin: That’s okay. I’m way too sore to do anything anyway. I’m limping to campus right now

Jungkook: Sorry Baby. You want me to schedule you a massage?

Jimin laughed at that. Of course his solution would be to spend more money on him. The Alpha really was so shameless. But Jimin knew he’d be fine in a day or two, he was a quick healer and he wouldn’t even be in this condition if his damned water heater wasn’t a POS.

Jimin: No. I’ll be fine. I just need to warm up and move around. The hot water heater is on the fritz again so I had to take a cold shower this morning :(( So I’m just really stiff

Jungkook: Is there anything I can do?

He would’ve denied that his belly filled with butterflies at that moment as he read the message and bit his lip to try and suppress his smile as he walked onto campus.

Jimin: No, the landlord will send someone around in a few days. Don’t worry about it

Jungkook: Why don’t you stop by my place after school and take a shower? Just so you don’t have to be cold. I probably won’t be home, but you’re welcome to use my bath in the meantime

Jimin wanted to moan as he thought of Jungkook’s bathtub. He’d now taken two baths in it and was so in love with it that he would probably have married it if that were legally possible. But the idea of soaking in a tub of warm water and letting it loosen up all his rigid muscles was irresistibly tempting.

Jimin: Really? That would be great but I don’t have a key

Jungkook: Could you stop by sometime today and pick one up? I’ve got an extra I was meaning to give you but we got… distracted and it slipped my mind.

His mind went off on that tangent of how they’d gotten distracted and he felt his body bloom with warmth. Gods, the things that Alpha could do to his body were downright sinful, but he turned his mind back to reality. He worried slightly that Jungkook might not want his employees to see him.

Jimin: I have an hour and a half gap between 12 and 1:30. I could take a cab over but are you sure you want me showing up during the day?

Jungkook: Of course. I’ll be here. I’ve got mountains of work to do so just text me when you’re headed over and I’ll inform reception to be expecting you.

Jimin smiled as he replied.

Jimin: Okay. See you then

Jungkook: See you then, sweetheart

The Omega looked around and realized he’d been standing in the middle of the sidewalk texting for the last five minutes. He cleared his throat and put his phone away, hurrying into the building.

Jackson was already at their usual table when Jimin walked into the classroom and as he limped toward him the Alpha’s smirk got wider and wider until Jimin set his new backpack down and gingerly took his seat. Jimin decided that the best course of action was to pretend that he didn’t notice Jackson’s mirth and act completely normal. He pulled off his hat, scarf and coat, laying them all on top of his backpack before turning to his friend.

“Good morning, Jackson.”

“Oh my god, you’re limping!” Jackson screeched, gathering the attention of everyone in the class. “And… IS THAT A HIC-?”

Jimin reached over and slapped a hand over the Alpha’s mouth and glared at him.

“Shut the fuck up Jackson. I don’t want everyone in a one mile radius to know about my sex life, thank you.” Jimin hissed lowly as he gripped his stubby fingers into the Alpha’s cheeks in warning.

Jackson shook out of his hold and hunched his shoulders down as he scooted forward closer. His expression and body language were all conspiratorial.

“Okay, okay. Sorry Min. So, you got dicked down this weekend?”

Jimin let out a quiet bubble of laughter and pushed him away.

“You shouldn’t be able to say that with a straight face, and it’s none of your business.”

“Oh come on! You have to give me something. You haven’t told us anything about him at all. I’m dying of curiosity.”

“Fine. I spent the weekend at his place.”


“And that’s all you need to know.”

Jackson groaned and made a motion like he wanted to strangle him, which made Jimin laugh again. Before he could start again however, their attention was called back up to the front by their professor.

All throughout class Jackson continued to ask questions, particularly when Jimin was busy, as if he thought he could trick answers out of him.

“How old is he?”

“Does he go here?”

“Do I know him?”

“How did you meet?”

“Are you going to introduce him to us?”

The barrage of questions went on and on until Jimin finally lost his temper.

“Jackson! Will you focus on the crepes we are making? I will tell you about my boyfriend later.” Jimin finally snapped at him.

“Boyfriend? ...WAIT… BOYFRIEND? Are you guys official now?”

Jimin hadn’t actually meant to say that. It had just come out, but he remembered Jungkook’s advice that they should just act like they were dating, at least to the wider world. And gods knew that the last thing Jimin wanted was someone knowing he was a sugar baby. That was a secret he was taking to his grave. No one would ever ever ever know about that, not even Taehyung, and he didn’t usually keep anything from his best friend.

“Yes, we are official now.”

Jackson squealed and put his hands over his mouth as he bounced on the spot. One thing about the Alpha was that he was a sucker for a good love story. Mark had told Jimin that Jackson cried at the end of every romance movie and got really emotional about couples and love. Honestly the reaction made Jimin soften somewhat toward the annoying Alpha and he smiled despite himself and let out a sigh.

“We can talk about it next class with Mark, okay? Now can we focus up on the current task before we fail this class?”

Jackson hopped to work now that he knew he’d be getting more information soon and his Omega would be a part of it, so he was happy. Jackson was whipping up the cream filling and chopping fruit while Jimin worked on the batter and cooking up the paper-thin crepes to perfection. They actually worked really well together, not needing much communication to keep the flow going in the kitchen. They stepped around each other and traded places with ease and before class was over, they had a plate of perfectly made crepes garnished to perfection and dusted with powdered sugar.

Professor Heechul came around before the end of class and took a bite of each group’s creations and as he got to them he smiled and gave them two thumbs up that had Jimin and Jackson bumping shoulders and smiling, pleased at their performance and hoping for a good grade. They left class together and made their way toward their second lesson of the day, where Mark was waiting for them in their usual seats. Jimin looked around as they entered the class, but didn’t see Daniel, who also had this period with them. He sat with his friends and before he could even greet Mark, the Omega’s eyes were on his neck.

“Oh my god… Jimin IS THAT A HICK-” Mark started and Jimin slapped a hand over his mouth, just as he had done to his boyfriend.

“Seriously, can you two just chill for like, one second?” Jimin asked exasperated.

Mark opened his mouth and pressed his tongue to Jimin’s palm, which had him pulling his hand back with a grimace.

“Ew! You two are so fucking made for each other! You’re both nasty.” Jimin wiped his hand on Mark’s sweater.

“Speaking of nasty… why are you limping so bad, Minnie?” Mark asked in a sing-song voice, looking too pleased with himself.

“I… had alot of exercise and I’m just a little sore.”

Jackson mimed holding invisible hips and spanking as he wiggled in his seat.

“Yeah, exercising your boyfriend’s dick.”

Jimin levelled him with an imperious stare and didn’t deign to make any response.

“Oh, so are you guys official now?” Mark asked.

“Yes, we are.”

“Wow, I’m happy for you Minnie. Are we going to get to meet him at any point?”

“Maybe? He’s got a busy schedule, so I can’t promise anything.”

“So how did you two meet?” Mark asked and Jackson giggled like a schoolboy, leaning around to look at Jimin.

Jimin wasn’t exactly sure what to say, so he decided that he should mix both he and Jungkook’s stories together, that way neither of them would be caught in a lie if their friends ever ended up meeting on accident.

“Well, I was at a coffee shop and I was looking for a job there, but they had already filled it. I guess Jungkook overheard and decided to help me out and offered me the job as his housekeeper. We um… ended up in bed together and it seemed like that was it… but then we spent the weekend together and now we’re dating.”

“Oh… that’s a very odd way to meet. But as long as you’re happy, we’re happy.”

“I’m happy with the way things are going between us for now.”

“Well, if he does anything inappropriate, let me know and I’ll kick his ass for you.” Jackson said, offering Jimin a fistbump.

Jimin laughed and bumped his knuckles with Jackson.

“Will do.”

Their attention was called to the front as class started and they had to lay off the chit-chat, which was all the better in Jimin’s eyes, because he really didn’t want to talk about his “relationship” with Jungkook. The more he talked, the more likely he would probably be to reveal too much. He wasn’t ashamed of his desires, but at the same time, he wasn’t exactly looking to broadcast them to the world at large. He’d prefer to keep those things between himself and Jungkook. Because being bound in heels and lingerie and fucked within an inch of his life was an amazing, beautiful and perfect thing… but still a private one.

As they got up to leave class, Jimin’s mind was already across town where Jungkook was waiting for him to go pick up the key to his apartment, but he was pulled back to the present as Mark looked at him.

“Are those new clothes? Cause I don’t think I’ve seen you wear those things before.”

Jimin’s mind whirled and he gripped onto a lie. He really needed to stop lying so much.

“My Appa got a raise at work recently and my Eomma went shopping and sent me a bunch of clothes. I guess it was kind of an early Christmas gift. She worries about me getting sick and she knows how I am with the cold.”

“Oh, that was really nice of her. You wanna come with us for lunch?”

“No, I have to go run an errand. You guys go on. I’ll see you for afternoon classes.”

“Alright, see you.” Mark said.

“Later, Min.” Jackson added with a wave before turning to his Omega. “So… we could go eat… or we could go to my car and-”

“No Jackson, you are not eating my ass for lunch.”


“If there’s time.”

Jimin couldn’t help but laugh at Jackson’s hyena laugh of joy. He walked quickly outside, putting his hat and scarf back on as he jogged down the salted pavements to the street and hailed a cab to take him to Jungkook’s office. He gave the driver the address and pulled out his phone to text Jungkook that he was coming.

Jimin: I’m headed your way

Jungkook: Ok

Chapter Text

Jimin was nervous in the backseat, worried about being seen by Jungkook’s employees. He vaguely wondered what the Alpha was like at work. Was he the same Jungkook that he was when they were alone? Somehow Jimin didn’t think so. He imagined that Jungkook was probably a stern boss, maybe a little standoffish. Jimin knew he took his work seriously and the Alpha was extremely good at what he did. He thought he might like to see that side of him. Jungkook was a naturally dominant Alpha, and he assumed that that extended into all parts of his life, including his workplace. Jungkook liked control, however he thought that he was likely not softened by his employees like he was with Jimin. Dominating Jimin sexually gave Jungkook pleasure, that pleasure would be void in the workplace.

He handed over the cash for the cab as they pulled up outside of the Cypher Tech building and hopped out. However, as he was headed down the sidewalk to the building his attention was caught by an older Alpha who was sitting on the curb, crying. He wasn’t sobbing, but Jimin could smell the scent of rain from him, and as he looked closer he saw that his face was wet with tears. He approached him slowly and reached down, gently touching his shoulder to get his attention.

“Sir? Are you okay?”

The Alpha looked up at him with some surprise, and there was something about his face that made Jimin fond of him. The Omega crouched down and pulled his backpack around to the front, rummaging around until he found his little package of tissues and offered it to the stranger.

“Do you need me to call someone for you?” Jimin asked kindly as the Alpha took the little package from his hand.

“No, no. I’m fine.” The stranger patted Jimin’s hand gently. “You’re a kind young man.”

“Can I ask… why are you crying?”

“Ah…” He wiped his eyes. “Family troubles, you know… my son works there in that building. We’ve been estranged for some time now and I come here about once a month, trying to build up the nerve to go in and talk to him. But how can I face him when everything that happened was my fault?”

Jimin felt bad for the Alpha. He looked so sad and defeated. But Jimin had a sense that for the elder, these trips were not solely about reconnecting with his estranged son, or else he would have already contacted him. He felt sorry that he was hurting and wished there was something he could do, but the family problems of strangers were way beyond his scope of expertise. Though, he thought he could at least offer some sympathy and advice.

“Oh… Well, you know… maybe he’s going through the same thing. Maybe he’s too scared to approach you because he thinks he’ll be rejected too. You’re his only Appa, and that’s a special thing but, well… do you want to know what I think?”

“Of course. I'll take any advice I can get at this point.”

The Alpha gave a watery little laugh and Jimin gave him a soft smile. It was clear that he loved his son, but it was also clear that this method was not working. Jimin patted him on the back gently and spoke his next words as kindly as he could, looking into the dark eyes of the stranger on the curb.

“I think you aren’t coming here for him. You’re coming here to punish yourself because you blame yourself for whatever happened between you.”

The Alpha sighed and hung his head in defeat at the words.

“I think you’re right.”

Jimin continued the gentle patting of his back and ran his hand up and down softly.

“Go home. Think about what you want to say, and write him a letter. I don’t think anyone would want their parent suffering over them. If I thought something about me was causing my Eomma or Appa pain, I would feel horrible.”

“You’re very wise for such a young Omega. What’s your name young man?”

“I’m Jimin, what’s your name?”

“I’m Jongsoo. It’s nice to meet you.”

“You as well. Let me hail a cab for you.”

“Alright.” Jongsoo said with a sigh.

Jimin stood and waved down a cab before reaching down to help Jongsoo up from the ground. The older Alpha patted his hand again and gave him a smile that seemed somehow familiar to him, but Jimin couldn’t place where he’d seen it. Maybe he’d served him in the cafe before? He disregarded it and helped him into the cab.

“I’m gonna think on what you said, young man. You’re a kind boy. I hope my son finds an Omega like you to care for him.”

Jimin just gave him a smile and a nod and waved as the cab pulled away before heading inside, letting the encounter blow away like leaves on the breeze as he refocused on the prospect before him.

The lobby was different during the day. There was a security guard near the door and a receptionist behind the big desk. His eyes were drawn toward the big fancy light fixtures that looked a little like shards of glass hanging over him. He honestly hated things like that, they made him nervous. Probably he’d watched one too many Final Destination movies. He laughed at himself as he made his way to the desk where the receptionist was sitting, typing on her computer. Jimin stopped in front of her and she looked up at him with a polite smile.

“Hi… I’m here to see Jeon Jungkook.”

Can I get your name?”

“Park Jimin.”

His words seemed to spark something in her, because she was suddenly looking at him with alot more interest, but she kept her manner professional.

“Yes, Mr. Jeon said to be expecting you.” She reached into a drawer of her desk and pulled out a visitor badge and handed it over. “Please clip that to the front of your shirt, and let me take your picture.” She pulled out her cell phone which Jimin thought was odd.

“Why do you need my picture?”

“For security, in case there is an emergency, then the authorities will know who they are looking for.”

That made enough sense to Jimin, so he looked at her and let her snap his picture.

"You are free to go up to his office. He said you know the way.”

“Yes, thank you.”

Jimin clipped the badge to the front of his coat and headed toward the bank of elevators, hitting the button to call one and stepping in as one dinged and the sleek silver doors slid open. As he turned around he could see the receptionist furiously typing on her phone and had a sudden thought that if she had to take his picture for security, she would likely not do it on her personal phone. He pushed the button for the top floor and felt his stomach dip as the elevator zoomed upward. It stopped several times to pick up people on various floors, and several of them seemed to freeze for a single moment as they saw him before giving him a nod and a smile.

Had the receptionist sent his picture out to the other employees? Jimin couldn’t help but wonder, but then he realized that he was completely covered in Jungkook’s scent. He shouldn’t accuse anyone of anything when it was so clear that he was with Jungkook just based on the powerful coffee and dark chocolate scent that was wafting off him in waves. He felt his cheeks pink as he realized that the Alpha’s scent was so powerful because he’d cum on him, and he knew the scent would last for days and days. Jimin just kept his breaths even and his head high. There was nothing wrong with what he and Jungkook had done. They were consenting adults.

The doors slid open on the top floor and Jimin stepped out behind several of the others in the little box, and as he emerged he saw Jungkook standing there in his business suit, looking incredibly handsome and powerful, and next to him was another Alpha, shorter than him, but just as elegant in his classy three-piece suit and perfectly styled hair. Jimin pulled off his hat and scarf, ruffling his blond hair back with one hand as he stepped forward toward his pretend boyfriend, giving him a somewhat nervous smile. He was surprised when Jungkook stepped forward and wrapped a gentle hand around the back of his neck and pulled him into a chaste kiss, but Jungkook’s touch still had heat flooding down his body.

“Hey, Baby.” Jungkook said as he pulled back and looked down at him.


For a few moments, they just looked at each other until there was the sound of a throat being cleared behind him, and Jungkook turned to see his business partner looking at them with raised brows. Jungkook just smirked and swiveled, to present Jimin to his friend.

“Jimin, this is Min Yoongi, my business partner and friend. Yoongi, this is Park Jimin, my boyfriend.”

Yoongi reached forward and offered his hand. Jimin reached out and grasped it, shaking his hand.

“Hi, Jimin. It’s nice to meet you. I wish I could say I’ve heard good things, but this one has been a veritable Fort Knox about you two.”

“Oh… it’s nice to meet you as well.”

Jimin felt a blush rise in his cheeks as he realized this was the very Alpha who had been in Jungkook’s office while he’d been sucking him off under his desk.

“I have to say, you’re not what I expected.” Jimin’s heart stuttered and he felt the smile on his face waver, but Yoongi went on. “You’re much cuter than I thought you’d be. I was half expecting someone as stern and taciturn as Kook.”

Jimin giggled involuntarily and pressed a hand over his mouth.

“Okay, well if that’s all.” Jungkook interrupted, giving his friend a disapproving look. “We’ll head off to my office then.”

Jimin glanced around and saw a number of heads peeking out of offices and cubicles, observing their interaction. He looked up at Jungkook who seemingly wasn’t paying them any attention, all his focus on Jimin. Before the Alpha could pull him off toward his office, Yoongi pulled out his phone and turned to Jimin.

“Could I get your number, you know in case of emergencies?”

“Sure! It’s XXX-XXX-XXXX.” Jimin answered and Yoongi typed it in rapidly.

“Thanks. Well it was nice meeting you Jimin.”

“You too.”

Jungkook gave his best friend a look that said he wasn’t amused by his antics and that they were going to talk about this as soon as Jimin was gone. Yoongi just winked and waggled his phone with a superior smirk. Jungkook just rolled his eyes and slid a hand around Jimin’s waist, settling on his lower back and pushing gently to guide him toward his office. He could feel the smugness radiating off Yoongi as he guided Jimin away, down the halls. Jungkook’s gaze softened when he looked at Jimin, but as his eyes turned toward the nosy employees who were standing at doorways to watch them pass, he morphed back into the hawkish and drawn expression, which sent them scurrying back into their office like scared mice.

Jungkook pulled Jimin along toward his office and the Omega did everything in his power not to limp, yet he could feel the unevenness of his gait and the tense pull of the muscles and tendons of his hips and back. as he walked beside Jungkook down the hall and into his familiar office. Jimin’s eyes scanned over the shelves with their copious amounts of awards that he’d perused last time he was here. Jungkook closed the door behind them as they went into his office and as soon as the door was closed, he used the hand on Jimin’s lower back to pull him against his body for a much more thorough kiss. Jimin gasped as he was pressed up against the warm, strong body of the Alpha. Jungkook used the opportunity to slide his tongue into Jimin’s mouth and the Omega whimpered at the feel of the slick tongue and the taste of the Alpha as he plundered his mouth, his small hands gripping into Jungkook’s strong biceps. Jungkook broke the liplock and gently bit his bottom lip, tugging gently as he pulled back.

“How are you, Baby? Did you sleep well?” Jungkook asked, pushing Jimin’s hair back from his face as he looked down at him.

Jungkook was so fond of his little sugar baby as he looked down at him in his new coat and jeans without holes and his warm boots, He was so adorable and his blond hair was messy and ruffled. The Alpha wanted to pull him onto his lap and let him stay there for the rest of the day while he worked. Jimin’s vanilla scent was mixed with his own strongly and Jungkook did feel a sense of satisfaction at that, but he pushed that to the side to focus on the moment at hand.

“Yeah, I slept okay. How about you?”

“Same.” Jungkook answered and turned Jimin’s face up to him so he could look at him. “You’re pretty today, sweetheart. But I can tell by the way you were walking that you’re in pain.”

Jimin felt satisfaction at being called pretty, and bit his lip as he stared up into Jungkook’s face.

“I’m fine. I just need a warm bath and a good night’s sleep. I’ll be prettymuch back to normal tomorrow, I’m sure.”

“If you say so.” Jungkook pulled out his keys from his pocket and got one of his house keys off and handed it to Jimin. “Alright, I know you don’t have long because you’ve got to get back for class, but here’s the key to my place. Make yourself at home and use whatever you want. You can sleep there if you want to. I don’t think I’ll be back home before late, so that’s up to you. And I talked to the manager, the reception shouldn’t give you any more trouble.”

Jimin looked up at Jungkook and gave him a brilliant smile, and the Alpha couldn’t resist running a thumb over the dark hickey that marred the pale flesh of his neck. His little vanilla boy was so pretty and innocent in moments like these, that it was hard to believe that he was the same person who he’d taken to bed and pulled orgasm after orgasm out of, and at that moment a mental snapshot sliced through him of Jimin, bent over his desk in his heels and lingerie as he’d milked him like a baby cow and had him sobbing with a mix of pain and pleasure.

“I probably won’t sleep at your place. It’s pretty far from campus and I don’t have a car, so I’d be trying to get through the subway and bus at the busiest time. So, I’ll see you on Tuesday, okay?”

“Why don’t you let me take you this weekend to buy a car?” Jungkook offered and Jimin rolled his eyes.

“Jungkook, I can’t afford a car right now. But I’m fine.”

“Not for you to buy a car. Let me buy a car for you.”

Jimin let out that little quack of laughter and looked up at him already shaking his head as more giggles bubbled up from inside him.

“No way! If I park a brand new car in my neighborhood, it will be stripped down to bones by the time I came out in the morning.”

Jungkook looked at him, suddenly dead serious.

“Is your neighborhood that unsafe?”

“It’s not that bad, but a fancy new car would be quite a target for people looking to make a quick dollar, and… a car is so much money. You’ve spent a fortune on me. I really can’t accept anything else or I’m gonna die of shame.”

Jungkook let out a low chuckle and Jimin felt his cheeks flame as the Alpha got ‘that’ look in his eye. The one that had Jimin’s abdomen clenching up and his lips parting to draw in deeper breaths. One of the Alpha’s hands reached up and gripped his jaw in that perfect show of control, the pads of his pointer finger and thumb digging lightly into the little pressure point on Jimin’s jaw, making the Omega whimper and let out a soft moan of pain as he felt himself naturally open to Jungkook’s domination. He leaned down and kissed him hard and fierce, the pressure enough to make Jimin’s lips twinge and throb and as Jungkook pulled back he let his lids open slowly and looked up at him, suddenly needful.

“I’m gonna buy you a car at some point, little one. So you should just accept it. I’ll even give you a chance to earn it this weekend. How’s that sound?”

“E-earn it how?” Jimin asked, voice breathy and trembling.

Jungkook leaned down and pressed his lips against Jimin’s ear to growl the next words right against it.

“I’ll bind you up so pretty with all those fancy leather cuffs we bought and put a collar on you and play with you and fuck you until I’m satisfied… Who knows? It might just last all day. We bought so many toys and gadgets this weekend that we never got a chance to use.”

Jimin felt himself getting wet and let out a little whine in his throat as Jungkook tilted his face upward and bit gently at his earlobe, tugging at the little silver hoop in his ear before pulling away. He looked up at the Alpha and felt his sore thighs trembling, wanting to give out and fall to his knees and take Jungkook’s cock down his throat. Something of what he was feeling must have shown on his face because Jungkook gave him a smirk.

“If I told you to get on your knees right now and suck me off, you’d do it wouldn’t you, Baby?”

Jimin let out a short involuntary purring plea as he looked up into Jungkook’s dark eyes and swayed forward toward him.

“Yes, Daddy.”

Jungkook slid one hand around the back of Jimin’s neck and up, to palm the back of his head.

“Such a good boy… but we don’t have time today, and I think you’re too sore for such wonderful things. Let’s postpone this until you’re feeling a bit better, huh?”

Jimin wanted to be petulant and bratty and whine that Jungkook had started it and now he was wet and half-hard, but he just looked down and nodded. He was a good boy, and good boys were patient.


“You can use my bathroom to clean yourself up before you go.”


Jimin felt embarrassment flame up inside him as he realized that Jungkook could smell his slick, but he knew he shouldn’t be embarrassed. This was Jungkook, his Daddy. The Alpha had seen parts of Jimin that he’d never shown anyone else, but he was still shy as he cleaned himself up quickly and washed his hands before emerging from the bathroom to find Jungkook at his desk, sitting in his chair. As he spotted Jimin he scooted back and crooked a finger at him to come closer. Jimin had no thought of disobeying his summons and he walked over to stand in front of him.

“It’s a shame you have to go so soon, pretty boy. But we’ll go to dinner tomorrow, and if you’re feeling better then afterward we can go back to my place, how does that sound?”

Jimin nodded, then remembered Jungkook always telling him to use his words.

“That’s perfect.”

Jungkook’s mouth quirked and he reached up to pull Jimin down with a hand on the lapels of his coat into a soft kiss.

“Alright, Baby. I’ll walk you to the elevator.”


Jungkook stood and took Jimin’s smaller hand in his as they left his office, making the Omega’s cheeks pink with heat, so he looked for something to distract himself other than the curious eyes peeking at them from every direction.

“Have you eaten?” Jimin asked, looking up at Jungkook.

“No, sweetheart. I probably won’t eat until after work.”

“Jungkook! That’s not healthy! You need to eat!” Jimin’s voice was reprimanding and stern.

The Alpha just laughed, and they both missed out on the glances that were exchanged between shocked employees as the tiny, soft Omega scolded their terrifying boss.

“Did you eat?” Jungkook asked.

“No. But that’s not the point. I had to come over here during my lunch hour and I had crepes a few hours ago.”

“Alright, alright. I’ll order some lunch.” Jungkook conceded. “But you need to eat something too, even if you’re late to class. Do you want to take my car back with you? I can take a cab after work and you can leave it at my place.”

Jimin pushed him and laughed. “I’m not taking your car! Because knowing you, you’ll somehow trick my into keeping it.”

Jungkook laughed, but couldn’t say Jimin was entirely wrong about that. He probably would have done exactly that.

“You’re starting to see past my tricks. Alright, well at least let me give you some money for a cab.”

“Jungkook…” Jimin tried to protest, but he cut in before he could stop, pulling out his wallet and taking all the cash inside, putting it in Jimin’s hand.

“It’s my fault you’re going back and forth all over Seoul. At least let me pay for the cab, alright?”

Jimin wanted to argue, but was very aware of all the eyes on them. So he curled his hand around the money and shoved it into his pocket.

“Alright, thank you. But, I have to go.” Jimin said, and pressed the down button on the panel.

Jungkook took the hat and scarf that were draped over Jimin’s arm and put them on him, bundling him up before pressing a kiss to his lips and one to the tip of his nose which made Jimin giggle and look up at him with his pretty crescent eye smile.

“Okay, Baby. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Jimin stepped onto the elevator and waved as the doors closed, Jungkook smiled and gave a two finger wave as the doors slid shut and he turned around to see many wide eyes peering out from doorways and cubicles. Now that Jimin was gone, he was back to business. His expression morphed from the soft, indulgent expression he’d been wearing while looking at his little vanilla baby and back into the drawn, hawkish expression that he usually wore at work.

“If no one has any work to do, I can send you home for a few days without pay.” He snapped as he stepped forward back toward his office and everyone withdrew into their offices like startled turtles escaping into their shells. “That’s what I thought.” He mumbled under his breath.

Yoongi was already in his office when he arrived and his friend/business partner was looking smug as he sat cross-legged in his usual seat. Jungkook walked around his desk and sat in his chair, leaning back and eyeing the redhead.

“Go ahead. I know I won’t have any peace until you get out whatever you have to say.”

Yoongi chuckled lowly and folded his hands in his lap as he looked at Jungkook with an expression of satisfaction and superiority.

“I had no idea that was your type. He’s very different from your exes. But I mean… come on. He showed up and you… melted. He looked at you with those big grey eyes and you MELTED. I didn’t even know you could DO that.”

“Did you expect me to treat him like one of my employees?” Jungkook asked, feeling an odd twinge when he realized that, technically Jimin was his employee.

“I mean, I’ve seen you with your past boyfriends and girlfriends, and you never reacted like that with them. But, seriously Kook, the poor thing was limping, and don’t even get me started on the fucking enormous hickey on his neck. You could have at least gone a little easy on him.”

Jungkook wanted to laugh. Yoongi had no idea. Jimin might be sore and limping, but the Omega had begged him for more, he’d wanted everything that Jungkook gave him and had taken it like the desperate little sex kitten that he was. His pretty boy was a perfect little treat. So vanilla in appearance so filthy in secret.

“He’ll be fine, I’m entirely certain.”

“What was he doing here anyway?”

“I was giving him a key to my place. His water heater is broken and he needs a place to shower.”

“Aww, poor thing. He really is adorable. I thought he would be pretty, because I know you have good taste, but he’s absolutely the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. You guys do actually look pretty good together though. I can’t wait to see how he gets along with all your Omega suitors at the Seoul Arts Gala. They are bound to take notice of him since he’s with you. You think he’ll be able to shrug off the barbs and affronts?”

Jungkook thought about Jimin’s sassy side that he’d glimpsed a few times and smirked. His little one would be fine. Jungkook was actually kind of looking forward to it. He’d put money on the fact that Jimin was going to outshine everyone else at the party without even trying. It was going to prove entertaining at least. And if anyone dared to try and mess with him, Jungkook had no reservations about telling them to fuck off.

“Again, he’ll be fine.”

Chapter Text

Jimin caught a cab outside the Cypher Tech building and headed back to campus. He checked the time and saw he still had a few extra minutes, so he stopped at the campus cafe and grabbed a small lunch of a sandwich and a bottle of water. He took a picture of the food and texted it to Jungkook.

Jimin: [Pic attached]
Jimin: Okay. I’m eating lunch. So you better eat something too. :((

Jimin ate his lunch quickly and had to jog to his next class, but as he reached the door, he heard his phone ding in his pocket and pulled it out. He opened it to see a picture of Jungkook’s desk with a little takeout container and a bottle of water.

Jungkook: [Pic attached]
Jungkook: Okay, pretty boy. I’m eating lunch

Jimin smiled down at his phone and giggled as he typed his response.

Jimin: Good. I’m going into class so I’ll ttyl

Jungkook: Ok

Jimin slid his phone back into his pocket and walked into the class, still smiling. He didn’t see Daniel the entire day, even though they shared two classes on Mondays and he wondered if the Alpha was sick, or possibly avoiding him. Either scenario was likely. If he’d gotten that drunk, he might still be ill, and if he felt ashamed of his behavior, then Jimin thought that was good. Daniel shouldn’t have called him, especially since he’d told him he was with his boyfriend. But after his class, he texted him just in case. Because they still had their project to work on after class tomorrow.

Jimin: Hey, I noticed you weren’t here today. Are you sick?

Jimin started toward his last class and as he took his seat next to Jackson, his phone received a response.

Daniel: Sorry I was just a little sick today

Jimin: Are you going to be here tomorrow do you think? Or should I reschedule the kitchen timeslot?

Daniel: I’m sure I’ll be there

Jimin: Ok

Before Jimin could slip the phone back in his pocket, he received another message.

Daniel: Thanks for checking on me though

Jimin sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. Goddammit. Was there no way to turn him down that he would understand? Jimin thought he was probably going to have to be extremely direct, and possibly a little mean to get Daniel to get the hint. The thing was, that Daniel wasn’t a bad person, and Jimin felt bad about breaking his heart, but that pity and sympathy was starting to run extremely thin. He’d been too kind to him after their breakup and maybe that was a little his fault, but he’d just wanted a peaceful resolution.

“What’s up?” Jackson asked from the seat next to him.

“Just… Daniel.”

“Oh. He’s still not getting the hint?”

“It’s not even a hint at this point. I don’t know what else I can do short of just telling him straight to his face that I don’t want to be around him. I was trying to avoid that, but I think that I may just have to be blunt with him.”

“I’m thinking that’s the case. He’s a nice dude, but he’s a little slow on the uptake, you know?”

“That’s the understatement of the century.”

Jimin rubbed his temples and Jackson patted his back sympathetically.

“Sorry, Jimin. I know that’s gotta be stressful for you. But maybe you should just be honest with him and let the chips fall where they may.”

“Yeah, you’re right. I’ll wait until this project is over and then I’ll sit him down and give him a real talk. It’s what he needs.”

Jackson patted his back and then they both focused up toward the front of the room as the teacher started to speak. Jimin felt a resolve deep inside him to speak to the Alpha as soon as the project was done. He wasn’t going to deal with this anymore, and Daniel would just have to live with it. If Daniel was as good of a guy as everyone thought, he’d accept Jimin’s refusal and move on. At least, that was his hope.

Jimin’s mind was occupied all through his last classes and as he left campus at 5:00 he was tired of thinking about it, so he turned his thoughts toward his evening plans. He needed to go to the grocery store to buy the things that he and Daniel would need for their project, then go to Jungkook’s place for a bath before catching a cab home. Jimin considered taking a cab across the city, but he’d already be paying that fee once, and he was fine taking the bus and train. So Jimin caught the bus to the nearest train station and made his way across Seoul during the crush of the rush hour. There was a little grocery not too far from Jungkook’s apartment building that sold the things that Jimin would need, so he stopped there to buy the supplies.

As he was collecting the few things he would need, he looked around the store for a moment before turning and exchanging his hand basket for a larger cart. He knew that Jungkook probably wouldn’t eat dinner, or if he did then it would likely be takeout. He’d seen enough of his kitchen to know that he didn’t cook, and even if he did, he wasn’t likely to do it on a night when he’d stayed at work so late. Jimin thought for a moment and started to gather the ingredients for a simple vegetable stew that was perfect for cold winter days. He got all the ingredients for the stew and for he and Daniel’s project tomorrow, stopping and picking up some little rolls from the bakery before heading for the checkout.

He’d been intending to walk the six blocks to Jungkook’s apartment, but he was tired and sore and the bags were heavy, so he hailed another cab. He settled in the back and gave the driver the address for Jungkook’s apartment building, handing him an extra five dollars and wishing him a merry christmas as he got out of the cab and hobbled his way into the lobby of the building. The receptionist was familiar, it was the same one who had kicked him out and for a brief moment he worried that he’d be barred entry again, but the receptionist actually came around the desk and bowed to him.

“Sir, my apologies for expelling you from the building the other night. I’m sorry for my behavior.”

Jimin felt confused, but then he remembered Jungkook saying he’d talked to them. He must have been very harsh to elicit this kind of response. Jimin just gave her a kind smile.

“It’s okay. You were just doing your job.”

She stood up looking relieved.

“Thank you sir, for understanding.”

Jimin wanted to laugh at being called ‘sir’. It was just like at the restaurant, it felt so odd to be addressed that way. He didn’t feel old or mature enough to warrant the title. But he just nodded and indicated toward the elevators.

“No problem. I’m gonna head up.”

“Yes sir, please feel free to call us if you need anything.”

Jimin walked to the elevators and called one, stepping in when the nearest one opened right away. He stepped in and hit the button for the top floor, and got into Jungkook’s place with the key he’d given him. He kicked off his boots and set his bags down to take off his winterwear and hang it up in the entryway. It was odd to be in the Alpha’s apartment without him. The place was silent, empty and dark. It kind of creeped him out, so Jimin turned on every light as he entered, assuming Jungkook could handle a slight increase in his electricity bill. He set his shopping bags out on the counter in the kitchen and rolled up his sleeves to get to work on cooking.

He washed the vegetables before pulling out a large pot and the cutting board and a knife, quickly preparing the ingredients before drizzling the pan with olive oil and starting to saute the onions to bring out their flavor. He hummed quietly to himself as he moved around the kitchen, adding vegetables and seasonings to the pot little by little before adding water and stock. He brought it back to a boil and stirred it, occasionally taking a spoonful and sipping, to taste before adding this or that ingredient, until he was satisfied with the flavor and turned off the burner.

He made himself a bowl and took one of the little rolls he’d bought, sitting at the counter and eating in the silent apartment. He finished quickly and washed his bowl and spoon along with all the other dishes and wiped everything down. He left the pot on the stove to cool somewhat, not wanting to put piping hot soup into the fridge. He’d seen someone shatter the glass of the shelves like that once.

He headed toward the bedroom, turning on more lights as he went, until he was sure almost every light in the apartment was on. But sue him, he was scared of the dark, and even if he’d been there before, he wasn’t totally secure in his surroundings. When he got to the bathroom, he started up the water in the tub, and tested it to find the right temperature. He made it hot, wanting the water to soothe his aching muscles and put in the stopper before pulling off his clothes and dropping them into a little pile on the floor. Though he knew he had permission to be there, he had to admit there was something sort of taboo and clandestine about being naked in Jungkook’s apartment without him.

He stepped into the bath and moaned at the feel of the hot water enveloping his foot and calf and as he lowered himself into the water he sighed at the sensation of the heat soaking into him, leaching away all the cold from his body and soaking deep into his bones and muscles and easing the tension and pain of his legs and and hips. The warmth soothed him and he felt like he practically melted into the water as all his muscles seemed to unwind and loosen from the tight knots they’d been in since first thing that morning when he’d had to take his freezing shower.

He heard his phone vibrate from the place that he’d left it on the edge of the tub as the little ding echoed around the quiet bathroom. He reached for the little towel on the edge of the tub and dried his hands before grabbing his phone to see that Jungkook had texted him. He smiled as he opened it and saw the message.

Jungkook: You in the bath pretty boy?

Jimin smiled and opened his camera app, clicking a picture of his naked legs in the water and sending it to Jungkook. The ease of his muscles in the hot water had him feeling playful, along with the somewhat saucy feeling of being naked in Jungkook’s apartment all alone. He sent the picture.

Jimin: [Pic attached]
Jimin: Yes Daddy

Jimin waited to see how Jungkook would react to his bold move.

Jungkook: Oh fuck sweetheart. I wish I was there

Jimin was feeling much more relaxed and like himself, and if the Alpha had been there, he would have actually liked him to fuck him. He was sure he could take it after soaking in the bath. But maybe it would be best to wait until tomorrow. That fact didn’t stop his playful mood however, and he did like the sexy teasing.

Jimin: I wish you were here too

Jungkook: Oh yeah? What would you want me to do if I was there?

Jimin bit his lip as he felt a stirring in his cock and typed his response.

Jimin: I want you to fuck my throat Daddy

Jungkook: God I want that too Baby. But I have to go. I’ve got an interview.

Jimin pouted and sulked for a few moments as his fun was cut short. He wanted to keep texting with the Alpha and teasing him. It made him feel sort of giddy and and naughty to text dirty things to the Alpha while he was at work, but he was good and he didn’t want Jungkook to be angry, so he just huffed and replied.

Jimin: Okay Daddy ttyl

Jungkook: Bye Baby

Jimin soaked in the tub for a little longer until his stiffness was completely erased and his sore muscles eased. He washed his hair and body before getting out and drying off. He wrapped himself up in a towel and went to Jungkook’s closet, looking through the drawers until he found the one full of lingerie and panties. He grabbed a pair of soft sky blue ones with little yellow flowers printed all over and dropped the towel to pull them on. He took a pair of fleece-lined black leggings from the same drawer and looked through the shirts in the drawer and grabbed a thin white tee that was just to the proper side of being see-through and pulled that on too, he put on a pair of socks and turned toward Jungkook’s side of the closet. He eyed the collection of thick, soft hoodies and sweaters and bit his lip as he reached forward and took a thick sky blue one made of fleece and pulled it on, pushing up the sleeves so he could use his hands properly.

He retrieved his clothes from the bathroom and didn’t notice as he accidentally dropped his soft pink panties, leaving them in the middle of the bathroom floor. He balled up his dirty clothes and shoved them into his backpack, grabbing a notebook and pen before returning to the kitchen and putting the lid on the pot with the soup in it. He slid it into the refrigerator and took the things he’d bought at the store for his project. Jimin took the notepad and wrote out a little message for Jungkook to leave on the counter.


I know you had a hard day at work, and will be hungry when you get home. I made dinner for you as a thanks for letting me use your bath. Just put it on the stove and heat it up.

See you tomorrow,


Jimin tore the sheet from his notebook and left it on the counter, taking his pen and notebook back and slipping them into his backpack. He walked through the apartment, turning off lights as he went before he grabbed his bag, slipped on his hat, scarf, coat (with some difficulty getting it over the sweater) and shoes and left, locking the door behind him. He caught a taxi outside and rested his head back against the seat as he was driven across Seoul for the fourth time that day. He paid the cabbie and jogged up the sidewalk toward his building, taking the steps two at a time.

He unlocked his apartment and immediately turned on the heater to start warming the space and put all his things away. His hair was still damp, and as he took off his hat, he shook out the half-dry waves and pushed them out of his face. undressing down to his panties and then pulling Jungkook’s hoodie back on before going into the bathroom to brush his teeth before curling up in his nest to rest for the night. He grabbed his phone and sent a text to Jungkook.

Jimin: Made it home. I left you a surprise. Check the kitchen counter when you get home

He waited a few moments, but didn’t see any response, so he plugged his phone in and was just about to turn off his lamp when the little device dinged and buzzed. Jimin snatched it up off the nightstand quickly and looked at it to see a reply from Jungkook.

Jungkook: A surprise? What is it?

Jimin: If I tell you it’s not a surprise

Jungkook: True enough. Where are you? In your nest?

Jimin: Yes. Are you still at work?

Jungkook: Yes, but I’m about to leave. Why don’t you send me a picture of you in your little nest, Baby. I bet you’re pretty right now.

Jimin giggled and felt himself blush, but did as requested, lifting up his cell phone and taking several shots, then scrolling through them and picking his favorite. He chose one where his pink cheeks were especially evident, his messy blond hair spilled over the pillow and his lips slightly pouting as he was enveloped in Jungkook’s oversized hoodie. He sent it.

Jimin: [Pic attached]

Jungkook: Oh fuck. Look how soft and pretty you look sweetheart. Do you feel better after your bath?

Jimin: So much better. I probably won’t even be limping by the end of tomorrow.

Jungkook: That’s good. I’m glad you’re feeling better little one. I know you have to sleep, so I’ll let you go and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Jimin didn’t want to get off the phone, but he knew Jungkook was right. Plus, he wanted to be nice and rested for the next night, because he wanted nothing more than Jungkook’s hands on him again.

Jimin: Goodnight Daddy

Jungkook: Goodnight Baby

Jimin plugged his phone back in and rolled over in his bed, falling asleep with a smile on his face as he looked forward to the next night, forgetting for the moment that he had to get through Daniel to get to the other side.


Jungkook’s afternoon passed quickly in a blur of paperwork, phone calls and emails. Before he knew it, it was 5:00 and people all over the office were leaving until it was only Yoongi and Jungkook left. The pair of them continued to work in their separate offices, and around 7:00 he decided to check on Jimin, who should be at his place by now. He pulled out his cell and texted the Omega.

Jungkook: You in the bath pretty boy?

He didn’t receive an immediate response, but after a few moments his phone beeped a notification and he picked it up and unlocked it.

Jimin: [Pic attached]
Jimin: Yes Daddy

He had to suppress a moan at the delicious pale thighs shimmering delicately in the water of his bathtub. Jimin’s skin was so pretty and smooth, he wanted to disappear between those legs and eat him out until he was crying from overstimulation. But he was stuck here, waiting on an interview. But if this went well, he would have alot more time to spend pulling orgasm after orgasm out of his pretty boy.

Jungkook: Oh fuck sweetheart. I wish I was there

Jimin: I wish you were here too

Gods, he was already hard, and shouldn’t be encouraging this, but he couldn’t stop himself. Jimin just made him so ravenous for his succulent body that he lost all semblance of control with him.

Jungkook: Oh yeah? What would you want me to do if I was there?

Jimin: I want you to fuck my throat Daddy

Jungkook had to bite his lip from groaning out loud, but as he heard footsteps, his arousal flagged. Real life was intruding again on his fantasies about his pretty, vanilla baby. He sighed as he typed back.

Jungkook: God I want that too Baby. But I have to go. I’ve got an interview.

He almost expected a bratty or petulant response, and he could picture the pout on Jimin’s full lips, but he shouldn’t have underestimated his good boy. Gods he really deserved something spectacular for being such a little treat.

Jimin: Okay Daddy ttyl

Jungkook: Bye Baby

It was 7:15 when Yoongi appeared in his office, the time for Kim Namjoon to arrive drawing near. They called the elevator and stepped inside to head down and wait in the lobby. As the box began to move downward, Yoongi glanced over with a serious look.”

“So, here we go. You really think this might be our guy?”

“I’m really hoping so. If anyone has the track record to prove it, it’s him.”

“True enough.”

They headed down and just as they were exiting the elevator Jungkook’s phone started to ring. He pulled it out and saw an unfamiliar number which he assumed was Namjoon. He answered as he glanced to the door to see a tall Alpha standing there. He couldn’t make out the details in the dark, but he assumed it was Namjoon.

“This is Jeon Jungkook.”

“Good evening, this is Kim Namjoon.”

“I see you’re here. Let me come let you in.”

Jungkook hung up the phone and walked over to the doors, unlocking them and letting them slide open to admit his interviewee. Kim Namjoon was tall, even taller than he was, broad shouldered and immaculately dressed. His presence was regal and commanding. He carried himself like a man used to being respected and listened to. Jungkook had to admit on a purely first impression basis, he seemed like a good leader. He closed and locked the doors and turned to see Namjoon and Yoongi introducing themselves and shaking hands. Jungkook offered his own hand and it was gripped in a strong, steady hold and shaken.

“Kim Namjoon, nice to meet you.”

“Jeon Jungkook, you as well. Let’s head up to my office before we get started, shall we?”

The trio took the elevator up and walked through the empty halls to Jungkook’s office. Jungkook sat behind his desk, Yoongi in his usual seat and Namjoon took the third seat, next to Yoongi.

“So, let’s skip past the niceties. We’ve all been doing this long enough to get down to business, I think.” Jungkook started, leaning forward and resting his elbows on his desk, his fingertips steepling as he looked over them at Namjoon.

“I agree.” Namjoon said, meeting Jungkook’s intense gaze without flinching.

Yoongi gave a silent nod.

“What I’m looking for is someone to take over my duties as CEO. Yoongi here, as I’m sure you are aware is our CFO and the co-owner of the company along with myself. I am wanting to start focusing more on research and development of new products again.”

“I see. Well, my experience and knowledge in that regard should be more than adequate for the task.”

“Yes, I’ve heard much about that. But I’m interested in the cause of your sudden interest in other companies? You’ve been with Gaon Tech for a few years now, why are you looking to leave?”

“Well, as you know Gaon is run by a board of directors. They have been making it increasingly hard for me as of late to do my job. I came on board when they were in a steep decline and was able to guide them back onto the straight and narrow by cutting costs and restructuring, but now that things are out of the downturn, they think that they know what is best and refuse to let me do what needs to be done.”

“So, you helped them avoid the cliff and now they want back in the driver’s seat, is that it?” Yoongi asked, legs crossed and looking completely at ease.

“Exactly that.”

“Well, if you came here, you would still have to answer to both Yoongi and I.” Jungkook added.

“Yes, but you are the co-owners. You have a personal stake in the business running well, and I doubt your pride would bar you from admitting that I have made good choices as long as they are in the best interest of the company. I don’t want supreme rule, but I do want to be able to do my job without being constantly undermined.”

Jungkook could respect that. He could only imagine how frustrating his job would be if he were constantly answering to a board of directors about all his decisions. Jungkook shared a look with Yoongi that said they both were on the same page. Kim Namjoon was a solid candidate, but more needed to be proven. So Jungkook decided to throw him a hypothetical.

“So let’s say that you were having problems with your manufacturing plant. They want to decrease the quality of your materials, but you know that is not in the best interest of the company…”

The interview went on for some time as they discussed different methods and how to deal with different situations, and Namjoon more than proved himself to be competent. No matter what Yoongi and Jungkook threw at him, he had good answers and even when he didn’t have knowledge of the exact company situation he still had good insights and asked the right questions. Jungkook and Yoongi had to admit that they were thoroughly impressed by him.

The interview lasted well over an hour and by the time that they called it complete, Jungkook and Yoongi were both set on having this Alpha at their company. Jungkook stood and offered his hand to Namjoon, who took his first, then Yoongi’s shaking.

“Well, I can say that I’m impressed. We’ll get together an offer and be in contact in a few days.” Jungkook said.

“Sounds great. I’m looking forward to it. Honestly, the company you two have built is really something, and it will be great to be a part of it.”

Jungkook and Yoongi saw him out and as soon as he walked away, Yoongi turned to Jungkook with a look of relief at finally having pessimism go unrewarded.

“So, we’re in agreement right?” Yoongi asked.

“Oh yeah, that guy is coming to work for us one hundred percent. I’ll get with HR tomorrow to get an offer set up and set over to him ASAP.”

“Looks like you might actually be getting back on track to what you wanted to do… but I have to ask. What prompted this change? I’ve been trying to get you to do this for years. Why are you suddenly open to it?”

Jungkook rubbed the back of his neck. The real answer was Jimin. When he’d seen how passionate the Omega was about his dream, it had reminded him of himself back in college when he’d been so full of hope and dreams for the future, certain that he would make a big impact on the future of technology. But before he could even start, Yoongi let out a snort of laughter and cut in.

“Oh, of course. It’s Jimin.”

“Well, it might have a little bit to do with him. But the point stands that you were right. R&D is my home and I want to get back there.”

“And you wouldn’t mind a little extra time away from the office, to give a little attention to your boyfriend.”

Jungkook didn’t dignify that with a response, even if it was true. He did in fact want more time to spend between Jimin’s perfect, creamy thighs. But that wasn’t really any of Yoongi’s business. When he didn’t respond, Yoongi just rolled his eyes.

“Okay, I’ll leave you alone for now. I’m tired and starving, so I’m going home. Please tell me you’re not staying here all night again.”

“I’m not. I’m leaving too.” Jungkook said.


Yoongi patted him on the back and they walked toward the elevators to go up and get their things from their offices. As the elevator started to ascend Jungkook’s phone dinged with a new message and he pulled it out to see it was from Jimin. He knew he was smiling like an idiot because Yoongi laughed and let out a little snort.

Jimin: Made it home. I left you a surprise. Check the kitchen counter when you get home

“The boyfriend, of course.” And as the doors opened and Yoongi walked out toward his office he jerked one hand out to the side and made a whip sound.

“I’m not whipped.” Jungkook defended as he walked out of the elevator looking down at his phone and typing his reply.

Yoongi just laughed and Jungkook turned his attention back to his phone.

Jungkook: A surprise? What is it?

Jimin: If I tell you it’s not a surprise

Jungkook: True enough. Where are you? In your nest?

He pictured Jimin in his little nest with its bedsheet canopy and assortment of pillows and blankets and couldn’t help the smile on his face as he wondered if he was warm enough, if he had enough blankets to battle the chill away from his little, cold-natured body.

Jimin: Yes. Are you still at work?

Jungkook: Yes, but I’m about to leave. Why don’t you send me a picture of you in your little nest, Baby. I bet you’re pretty right now.

Jimin: [Pic attached]

Jungkook groaned at the image of Jimin in the low light of what he assumed was a bedside lamp. He was wearing a hoodie that Jungkook was certain was one of his own. He felt strangely giddy about Jimin using his closet as his own and stealing his sweaters. That was the third one that he’d taken already, and Jungkook didn’t care in the least. He’d buy a million sweaters, just so Jimin could steal them, if that made him happy. Jimin was small and soft and lovely in the picture, his cheeks pink and his full lips in a slight pout. Jungkook wished that he was in his bed, waiting at his apartment so he could go home and slip into bed to pull the smaller body against him to sleep.

Jungkook: Oh fuck. Look how soft and pretty you look sweetheart. Do you feel better after your bath?

Jimin: So much better. I probably won’t even be limping by the end of tomorrow.

That made Jungkook relax a little bit. He didn’t want Jimin to be in pain from sex with him. Though he knew it was mostly the cold water locking up his muscles that had made him so sore, but he still felt bad. He promised himself that he’d massage his lower back, ass and thighs tomorrow night, especially if they ended up having sex.

Jungkook: That’s good. I’m glad you’re feeling better little one. I know you have to sleep, so I’ll let you go and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Jimin: Goodnight Daddy

Jungkook: Goodnight Baby

Jungkook looked up from his phone to see Yoongi standing down the hallway from where Jungkook had paused to text Jimin. As soon as he made eye contact with his friend, the other Alpha repeated his little gesture and whip sound. Okay, maybe he was whipped. But that didn’t mean he had to admit it. Jungkook got his coat and rode down to the garage with Yoongi, parting ways with a wave, he headed home.

He could tell that Jimin had been in his apartment the moment he walked in. He could faintly smell Jimin’s scent, but more than that was the scent of excellent food that filled the space and had his empty stomach growling. The Alpha toed off his shoes and walked into the living room, flipping on lights. His eyes fell to the place where Jimin’s little nest had been and he frowned when he realized that his cleaning staff had cleared it away. He immediately went to the kitchen to find a note on the counter from Jimin.


I know you had a hard day at work, and will be hungry when you get home. I made dinner for you as a thanks for letting me use your bath. Just put it on the stove and heat it up.

See you tomorrow,


Jungkook smiled at the neat, even handwriting on the paper and set it back down on the counter. He felt so soft for Jimin in that moment that he couldn’t help but chuckle. His little one was so sweet. He realized that the Omega had bought all the ingredients for this, brought them here and cooked, just for him. This was not part of their arrangement, Jimin had no obligation toward him outside of that. Honestly, Jungkook didn’t think Jimin had any obligation toward him at all. If the Omega wanted to stop having sex with him, he wouldn’t be angry. He would never ask him to return anything that he’d bought him. He hadn’t been lying when he told Jimin that he enjoyed spending money on him. Jimin more than deserved the things Jungkook had given him, and the money he’d paid him.

Honestly he was going to increase his allowance when it came time to pay him again. Fifteen thousand was nowhere near what Jimin deserved. His mind replayed their weekend together, the way that the Omega had reacted to him, submitted to him. How he’d let Jungkook fuck him in the shower, even when he was so sensitive and tender. Jimin was truly one of a kind, beautiful, priceless and perfect.

He turned and walked to the fridge to find a pot with a lid on it sitting in the otherwise empty space of his refrigerator. He pulled it out and set it on the stove. It wasn’t ice cold, as it hadn’t been in the fridge for long, but it was cool. He lit the burner and grabbed the stirring spoon from the dish rack, he stirred the soup and the amazing smell burst fresh from the pot as it was heated up.

He ate at the counter, still in his work clothes. His apartment was silent and it felt almost sterile. It was surprising how much the presence of Jimin had lightened up the space. Jungkook was the type who wanted order in all things, but all the little messes of the weekend had made his apartment feel much more like a home. The nest in the living room floor, the piles of clothes on the sofa, the constantly full hamper as they cycled through sheets and blankets, the dishes in the drying rack. Without them, it was too cold. Maybe, he was too cold.

He left the dishes in the sink for his housekeepers to deal with and headed off to his bedroom, turning off the lights in the kitchen and living room as he went. As he got closer to his bedroom Jimin’s scent got stronger. and in the doorway of the bathroom was like walking into a wall of vanilla scent. As he flipped on the lights in the bathroom, his eyes instantly found the one thing that didn’t match with the all white and grey space. There on the floor a few feet inside was a pair of pink cotton panties, rumpled and clearly dropped accidentally they were a colorful spot among the colorless space.

He leaned down and picked them up. The fabric was cool from the tiles, but Jungkook remembered well what cotton panties felt like when they were still warm from the heat of Jimin’s body as he slid them down his legs. Jungkook’s fist tightened around the wisp of pink fabric in his hand as he felt his need for Jimin rise in him again. Without thought he brought the slip of fabric up to his nose and moaned at the scent of his little vanilla baby. He loved Jimin’s scent. Sweet, but light and soft. It wasn’t cloying or overly strong and he adored the fact that the Omega didn’t wear perfume. He’d had an ex who liked to find perfumes to amplify his scent, but it had always given Jungkook a headache from the strength of it.

His cock was instantly hard as he breathed in Jimin’s scent and arousal slammed into him. Fuck, he was so whipped for that Omega. He briefly considered jerking off, but he knew there would be no relief in it. His body didn’t want his hand, it wanted the warm silken, heat of Jimin’s hole fluttering and clenching around him as he pounded into him until he was a crying, whining mess. He groaned as he leaned back against the wall and let his eyes slide open, dropping his arm back to his side. It had been only a little over a day since he’d had Jimin that last time in his little makeshift nest, and yet his body was reacting like he hadn’t seen him in weeks.

He pushed up from the wall and sighed as he dropped Jimin’s panties into the hamper, and quickly undressed, doing the same with his clothes. He knew he needed some kind of physical exertion, or he’d never get to sleep. He was keyed up. So he went to his closet and threw on a pair of workout shorts and tennis shoes. He moved through the exercise routine that he’d been following for the last few years and worked out for a little over an hour until he was tired and breathing hard, covered in sweat. He showered quickly and got in bed.

Even though the sheets had been changed, he could swear that some of Jimin’s scent lingered. Perhaps the pillows themselves had started to absorb it, regardless, it was relaxing. Before he fell asleep, he grabbed his phone and sent Jimin a text.

Jungkook: Thanks for dinner Baby. It was amazing. I want you to do something tomorrow. Wear pink panties for me.

Chapter Text

Jungkook woke up to his phone going crazy on his nightstand as he received emails and messages. He looked at the times and realized it was 10 minutes before his usual alarm. He opened his email and blinked groggily at the screen. Link after link was being sent to him and he tapped one and was directed to an online article that had his teeth grinding in frustration. It was too early to be this pissed off.


He was out of bed, dressed and ready within 10 minutes, tying his tie as he headed for the door, stopping only to slide on his shoes and coat before dashing out of the apartment. He had Yoongi on the phone, playing through the stereo as he drove to the office.

“Those motherfuckers!” Yoongi was growling into the phone as he too was speeding toward their building.

“I knew we should have gotten rid of them ages ago. But I had no idea they were stealing from us! Someone in the accounting department is getting fired, either they were complicit, or they are completely incompetent at their job! I’ll be spending my morning figuring out which.”

Jungkook and Yoongi arrived at almost the same time. Yoongi looked as angry as he felt, and as they rode up the elevator together they fumed about the situation. They had no idea yet, exactly how much OTR had gotten away with, but it was probably a hefty sum. They had apparently been sending in invoices with alot of extra charges that had no real life correlation. considering the amount of work that they did for them, Jungkook thought that they’d likely gotten away with millions. The brothers who ran it had scampered off to a non-extradition country to live large with their ill-gotten gains.

Jungkook was so furious that he wanted to break something. If he ever got his hands on those incompetent, lazy bastards, he was going to kill them. Jungkook and Yoongi parted the sea of employees as they marched through the office. A strong aura of ‘do not fuck with us if you want to remain employed’ as radiating off of them. They were ensconced in Jungkook’s office in moments, and paging down to the head of the accounting department.

“Mr. Jeon, wha-”

“Get to my office, now.”

He hung up and sighed deeply, massaging his temples. Just then his phone dinged with another two messages in quick succession. Expecting more bad news, he felt a little relief that it was Jimin. He opened the message and had to squeeze his eyes shut for a moment to collect himself. He was on the edge.

Jimin: Sure! I’ll wear pink for you Daddy. Are these okay?
Jimin: [Pic attached]

Jungkook opened his eyes and looked down at the messages again. He re-read the text then let his eyes linger on the picture below. It was a picture of Jimin from about ribs to mid-thighs. He could see one small hand against his abdomen, just under his little belly button. He was wearing lacy pink panties that were slightly see through, encasing his small, currently soft cock. He remembered picking them out at the lingerie store and he was pretty certain that it was a thong.

Even though the image was sexual in nature, something about it calmed him. Jimin, being his good boy soothed some inner part of his mind, and though he was still angry, it allowed him to reign in some of his explosiveness. He took a deep breath and blew it out before replying.

Jungkook: Those are perfect Baby. I’ve got alot going on at work today. Shit just hit the fan so I might not be available most of the day

Jimin: I hope everything is okay. I know I can’t really help with this stuff but call if you need anything

Jungkook felt himself soften slightly at the sweet words. Jimin really was a little treasure.

Jungkook: Thanks, sweetheart. See you this evening

Jimin: :))

Jungkook scrolled up to take one last look at the picture before blanking his screen and setting it aside. He was still angry and he still was going to fire someone for this, but some of his fire was banked now and he felt like he could get proper breaths. They weren’t going bankrupt or anything. The company would continue to run, except now they had no manufacturing plant to keep up with orders. They had enough stock to continue to supply their vendors for about 3 to 5 months depending and past that they would need more. Which meant that they were going to have to step up the timeline on getting the Busan facility up to scratch.

“We need to get Kim Namjoon in here as soon as possible. Because I’m going to have to be running point on alot of the preparations for the new manufacturing plant and I’m going to need someone to run things up here. I think you’ll end up probably working with him more than I do on getting him ready. Sorry to foist that off on you.”

“If we can’t produce products to sell, then we’re fucked. I get it. Don’t worry, I’ll get Kim up to scratch. Though I don’t think it’s gonna be that hard. He’s smart and he has experience.”

They spent a few moments agreeing on a wage offer and Jungkook had just sent the email to HR to make the offer to Namjoon when there was a knock on his door and he called for them to enter. It was the head of accounting, Lee Minjun.

“Have a seat.” Jungkook said with cold professionalism.

Yoongi was sitting in his chair and for once wasn’t lounging back with his legs crossed, he was straight backed and deadly serious.

“I’m assuming you have heard about OTR Manufacturing?” Yoong asked, looking at the accountant who was sweating profusely.

“I-I did hear. It was all over the news this morning. That’s horrible.”

Jungkook could sense weakness. Something was wrong. His scent was becoming distressed. Maybe it was just the fear of losing his job, but Jungkook didn’t think so. Something more was going on, and he was damned sure going to find out what.

“How much did they pay you to screw up our books and make it look like they weren’t ripping us off?” Jungkook asked, his tone even and emotionless.

“W-what? I would never! I’ve worked here for years. I would never do that!”

“Either you helped them to rip us off or you’re so incompetent at your job that you didn’t notice all the extra charges on their invoices. Which one is it?”

“I… I… I didn’t know what else to do! They made the offer sound so good, but they disappeared with all the money and never even paid me! I’ll tell the cops everything! I didn’t do anything wrong… really! I just looked the other way. I didn’t steal from you. Please, I need this job.”

Jungkook curled his lip as he paged security.

“Send guards up here to collect Lee Minjun and hold him until the cops arrive.” Jungkook spoke into the receiver then hung up after he got his confirmation and looked at his former employee. “You are so far past the possibility of keeping your job. You broke the law. You aided in a theft, and though I don’t know the entire total yet, I’m certain it’s enough to be a felony charge.”

“Oh god… my mate is going to kill me. What have I done?”

“It’s a little late for that now, I think.” Yoongi said with an icy demeanor.

The male looked like he was about to stand and run, but Jungkook met his eyes with a cold stare.

“I wouldn’t suggest moving your ass from that seat unless you want to make a much more unseemly scene than this is already bound to be.”

The threat was clear in his voice. If he dared to move from his seat then he would sorely regret it. They waited as the guilty accountant quietly cried into his hands. Jungkook and Yoongi both watched out the window, feeling no sympathy for the thief. Security came and took him into custody and while Yoongi explained the situation, Jungkook started to call the police. Security had already escorted out the guilty party by the time that Jungkook managed to get in touch with the detective in charge of the case and officers were dispatched to pick up the guilty party, and he and Yoongi now had a 2:00 PM interview with the lead detective on the case.

Jungkook couldn’t get any work done for the rest of the day. He went back and forth between frustrated and angry, but every once in a while he would look through his phone at the pictures that Jimin had sent him. The one from his nest last night was probably his favorite, because it was the most characteristic of them. Jimin was so pretty and soft in his little nest, wearing Jungkook’s sweater. It made him long for the evening to come. Not for the dinner, but afterwards when he could take Jimin home and get him back in his bed again. He wished that he could just cancel the dinner, but he didn’t want anyone getting the impression that they were too harshly affected by the scandal with OTR. So he was forced to keep it. Especially considering how much of a chatterbox his vendor was.

The interview with the investigator was informative. They discovered that the brothers had not actually escaped the country to the knowledge of the police, and if they were caught it was possible that they might get back, at least a portion of what had been stolen. Jungkook had been combing through the books with a fine tooth comb. He hadn’t gotten to everything, with his distracted mind, and so many invoices to comb through, but if he extrapolated by what he’d already found, he’d guess that they had stolen somewhere between five million to ten million dollars from them. Their accomplice had doctored the books to make it look like those were legitimate purchases, and though Jungkook went through their monthly and yearly expenditures, he didn’t get down into individual invoices and cost codes. His supervision was more about profit margins.

By the time it was time to go pick up Jimin, he was tired and frustrated and probably in need of a release from the tension that was holding his muscles so stiff in place that he felt like a robot. As he pulled up outside the campus kitchens where Jimin had told him to pick him up, he felt something ease inside him at the sight of the Omega. Jimin was lovely in his navy wool coat and cream colored scarf and hat. Jungkook got out of the car and walked around to the passenger side to wait for Jimin to come to him. He wanted to hold him in his arms for a few moments and let the vanilla scent of his pretty boy soothe the black hole of stress in his abdomen.

Jimin smiled as their eyes met and the Omega waved. Jungkook wanted to coo at the thick cream-colored mittens on his small hands that matched his hat and scarf. But he saw the Omega’s face fall as his attention was called by an Alpha who followed him out of the building. Jungkook eyed the stranger. He was young, handsome and tall. He had a friendly face and Jungkook was reminded irresistibly of a golden retriever. He saw the pinched look on Jimin’s face as he looked at him and spoke to him, though he couldn’t hear what they were saying from his distance, he realized. This was Daniel. Jimin’s ex. The one who had called during their weekend and stressed Jimin out so badly. He felt dislike curl in his gut immediately, but decided that he wasn’t petty enough to posture for some youngling who had already been rejected by Jimin. But he felt his spine go ramrod stiff as the Alpha smiled at Jimin and wrapped his arms around him, hugging him tight to his body and lifting Jimin off the ground a few inches. Though what made his irritation snap was that Jimin didn’t push him away or try to escape his hold. The Omega patted his back in an awkward way before he was set back on his feet.

Oh hell no.


Jimin woke up to find a message on his phone, sent last night. He must have slept through the sound of the alert. He blinked at his phone screen as he read the message and felt a warm flush overtake his body.

Jungkook: Thanks for dinner Baby. It was amazing. I want you to do something tomorrow. Wear pink panties for me.

Jimin could definitely do that, and the idea of wearing something Jungkook told him to had his cheeks warming and pleasure blooming in his belly. He jumped out of bed and went to the bathroom to start getting ready. As he moved, he was much less sore than yesterday. His muscles had just a little ache in them at first, but the more he moved, the looser his muscles felt as he warmed them up.

He wanted to look especially pretty today, since he’d be going out to a business dinner with Jungkook and he assumed that afterward they would go back to the Alpha’s apartment. He could already imagine what Jungkook would do with him once they were alone and it had him excited as he went to his closet and started to shift through the drawer of panties and lingerie that Jungkook had bought for him. He found a few different options, but he knew instantly which ones he wanted to wear as he saw the lacy pink thong.

As he stepped into the lace panties he shivered at the feel of them sliding up his legs. The lace was cool to the touch and whisper soft and he felt pretty once they were on, cradling his soft cock. He looked in the mirror, front and back and bit his lip at how pretty he was. He hoped that Jungkook would like them, and as he thought that, he got an idea that made him feel naughty.

Jimin grabbed his phone and opened the camera, turning toward the light coming from the window, he took a few pictures of his lower body in his panties before he scrolled through and picked one. It was obscene and also pretty. His soft cock was visible through the lace, and his skin looked smooth and soft. He bit his lip as he sent Jungkook a text, quickly followed by the picture he’d chosen.

Jimin: Sure! I’ll wear pink for you Daddy. Are these okay?
Jimin: [Pic attached]

He waited a few moments with bated breath for a response, and he received it with a little swish noise. He read the little text greedily, wanting to see what Jungkook thought of his panties, but frowned as he read the text.

Jungkook: Those are perfect Baby. I’ve got alot going on at work today. Shit just hit the fan so I might not be available most of the day

Jimin wondered what had happened. He knew that Jungkook took work extremely seriously, and that he was the co-owner of his company. He didn’t know anything about running a technology company, but he wished there was something he could do. Maybe he could at least help the Alpha to relieve some of his stress later on.

Jimin: I hope everything is okay. I know I can’t really help with this stuff but call if you need anything

Jungkook: Thanks, sweetheart. See you this evening

Jimin: :))

Jimin set his phone aside and let his mind wander over what could be wrong with Jungkook. The Alpha was never so short with him. He usually liked to shower Jimin in compliments and praises even via text. Some sixth sense told Jimin that Jungkook was really stressed. It made him long to do something to help him relax. He wished he could take all his stress off of his shoulders, even for a little while. Maybe he could give him another massage? He decided to think on it and focused on getting dressed.

He selected his outfit with care, wanting to look his best for his dinner date. He picked a pair of fitted navy pants and a white button up. They were both from the higher-end stores that Jungkook had taken him to. He rolled the sleeves on the shirt to his elbows, and briefly considered a tie, but thought that was too formal. He added a brown belt and boots. They were not as warm as the fur-lined ones he’d been wearing the day before, but they were stylish and he wanted to look like he belonged with Jungkook.

He looked at himself in the mirror and thought he looked very nice. His hair was shiny and swept back, his makeup was subtle but a little more than what he might normally wear to school. His hickey was still a huge dark bruise on his neck, and he briefly considered covering it with concealer, because he wasn’t sure if the Alpha would want his business associates to see, but he ultimately decided against doing that. He didn’t want Jungkook to think he’d been hiding it from Daniel and get the wrong idea about them. And even more than that, he didn’t want Daniel to think he’d dressed up for him. The hickey was a clear sign of possession and it should serve as a ‘back off’.

Jimin took out a navy blue wool coat that hugged his body just the right way and hung to his mid-thigh, flaring out slightly and topped it all off with a matching set of soft cream-colored, chunky knit scarf, gloves and mittens. He observed himself and decided that the hat and mittens made him more cute than sexy, but it was cold outside and he didn’t want to give them up, so he let himself be satisfied and gathered his things to head to school.

As soon as he walked into his first class, he immediately saw Daniel. The Alpha waved at him with a sheepish look and Jimin just gave him a small nod before going to sit with Jackson at their usual table. He greeted his friend as he started pulling off all his layers and sat down.

“Well, damn Minnie! Who are you trying to impress?” Jackson said with a low whistle.

Jimin just rolled his eyes and leaned on his elbow on the table in front of him.

“Well, I hate to tell you this… but it’s Mark. He and I are lovers now.”

Jackson reacted just how Jimin expected. The Alpha spluttered and looked at Jimin with the most offended look that he could imagine.

“Don’t even JOKE about that! You stay away from my man, Park Jimin or I swear to god!”

Jimin burst out laughing and covered his mouth as he looked at Jackson who was getting red in the cheeks and looking heated.

“Calm down, Jackson. I don’t think I’m really his type.” Jimin said and Jackson relaxed. “If you must know, I have a date this evening.”

Suddenly the Alpha’s mood completely shifted and he was once more giddy and giggling as he leaned conspiratorially toward Jimin with a huge grin.

“With your new boyfriend?”


“Where is he taking you that’s so fancy?” The Alpha asked, eyeing Jimin’s attire.

“It’s a business dinner, he needed a date.”

“A business dinner… wait. How old is your boyfriend?”

“He’s 29.”

Jackson gasped and looked at Jimin with wide eyes, mouth hanging open as if this was the most scandalous thing he’d ever heard.

“YOU’RE DATING A GRANDPA!” Jackson screeched.

Jimin reached over and slapped the back of his head, his eyes flicking to Daniel who was looking at them with raised eyebrows.

“He’s 29, not 59. Now if you don’t shut the fuck up, I’m going to talk to Mark and you’ll be lucky if he lets you park your car in the parking lot to sleep in it.” Jimin hissed, glaring at Jackson.

“Ow! You’re so mean. I can’t wait until I meet your boyfriend, I’m gonna become his bestie just so I can turn him against you.”

“Good luck with that.”

Jackson was rubbing the back of his head and pouting at Jimin. But what concerned the Omega more was the tittering whispers from all around them and the shuffling as several people pulled out their phones and started to type quickly before class started. Jimin had a really bad feeling about it, but there wasn’t much he could do. It wouldn’t be the first time that the Omegas who all crushed on Daniel spread rumors about him. After they had broken up, there was a rumor going around that Jimin had been cheating on him, which was laughable because he’d only ever had sex once at that time and it sure as hell wasn’t with Daniel.

Daniel had been the one who had quashed those rumors when they got around to him, but some people still believed them and thought Jimin had somehow tricked the Alpha into defending him. It was all ridiculous. That was one of the reasons that he had a hard time hurting Daniel. He really was a kind Alpha, and a good guy. He’d defended Jimin when he didn’t have to, when he was still suffering the pain of their breakup. Jimin just turned his attention back to the front of the class and tried to ignore the fact that there was probably the worst game of ‘telephone’ going on all across campus as facts were warped and morphed into something he was sure would be nowhere near the truth and completely horrible. Jimin pushed those thoughts aside as class started and he tried to focus on schoolwork.

As he was walking to his next class, he was waylaid by a small group of Omegas. He honestly didn’t remember any of their names, but they were some of the usual crowd who liked to bother him about his relationship (or lack thereof) with Daniel. He didn’t get what their damned problem was. When he and Daniel had been dating they had all said that they were a bad couple, and after they broke up, they still wanted to involve themselves in Jimin’s life. Perhaps they too were able to tell that Daniel wasn’t over him. Because the Alpha wasn’t exactly secreting that fact away in the recesses of his diary. He wore his heart on his sleeve and it was clear to anyone who bothered to notice that he still carried a torch for Jimin.

“So, is it true?” One of them asked Jimin, smacking her lips and giving him a superior stare.

“Is what true?” Jimin asked in the same bitchy tone that the one who’d spoken to him used, holding his head high in his best cold bitch mode.

“That you’re some old man’s sugar baby.” Another one of them asked and they all collapsed into giggles and they all started in throwing in little tidbits.

“I heard he’s a grandpa.”

“I heard that he pays you to suck his dick after classes every day.”

“Oh my god, how gross.”

“You’re fucking an old man. That’s so disgusting.”

“Can he still knot? Or does he have to take viagra to fuck you?”

Jimin felt the burn of tears behind his eyes as more and more horrible things were said, but he refused to cry in front of these assholes. He wouldn’t show them any weakness. He was above this. He hadn’t done anything wrong. He forced his breaths to remain even and ground his teeth against the need to cry. Jackson next to him was letting out a low growl of warning to the group as he got angry on his behalf.

“Why don’t you shut the fuck up? You don’t know anything. Just because you want to hop on Daniel’s knot doesn’t give you the right to attack Jimin!” Jackson said, moving as if to step forward, but Jimin stopped him with a hand on his chest.

“It’s fine, Jackson.” Jimin said, glancing at his friend before turning his attention back to his little crowd and addressing them. “My love life, and more specifically, my sex life, are none of your fucking concern. Stay out of my business and we won’t have any problems.”

Just as Jimin turned to leave, one of them called out to him one last parting shot.

“We’re not going to let you string Daniel along like this!”

Jimin felt the fire snap in his veins. HIM? String Daniel along? As if. That Alpha was stringing himself along. He’d attached his hopeless dreams to Jimin and left the Omega to deal with the burden of his feelings without any recourse for him to make the Alpha let go short of cruelty. What the hell was he supposed to do? He turned and glanced back at them with a look of pure loathing as a soft growl made its way through his teeth.

“You know nothing about me and Daniel. Why don’t you get a life and realize he doesn’t want you?”

“I know that you’re a gold digging slut who’s sleeping with some piece of shi-”

The Omega who had spoken didn’t get to finish their sentence as it was interrupted by a hard slap from Jimin, right across his face. He’d had enough. They had talked bad about him for the last time, and they had best to keep Jungkook out of their mouths. Jimin stepped up and got right in their face, until they were close enough they could have almost kissed.

“Say that one more time and I’ll fucking kick your ass.” Jimin snarled.

The Omega felt Jackson pulling him back by the shoulders and distantly heard his voice.

“Minnie, calm down. Let’s just go. They’re not worth it.”

He allowed himself to be pulled away, but he maintained eye contact with the one who’d insulted Jungkook until he lost it as Jackson pulled him around a corner. The Alpha pushed him up against the wall and looked down at him with wide eyes as he gripped Jimin’s shoulders and shook him slightly.

“Jimin! What were you thinking? Fighting on campus? You could get kicked out.”

The Omega shrugged his shoulders roughly to get the restraining hands off of him as he looked up at Jackson, still angry. The palm of his hand was hot and stinging from where he’d slapped the other Omega and his breaths were coming hard and fast. He was stressed out and tired of this whole affair. He wished he’d never gone out with Daniel at all. All at once his anger turned to tears. He wasn’t sad persay, but he was TIRED. Tired of dealing with stupid jealous assholes who coveted something that Jimin didn’t even want, something he would have willingly given away.

“What did I ever do to them? Why can’t they just leave me alone?” Jimin sobbed and hid in his hands for a few moments.

Jackson sighed and reached forward, pulling Jimin into a hug and letting the Omega cry against his shoulder for a few moments until Jimin pulled back and dabbed at his face, hoping he hadn’t ruined his makeup. He sniffled and let out a long harsh breath and blinked rapidly to suppress the rest of his tears and dispel the ones in his eyes before he finally looked back up at his friend.

“Ugh… sorry Jackson. I shouldn’t put this on you.”

The Alpha reached forward and gave Jimin’s shoulder a squeeze and soft shake.

“That’s what friends are for.”

Jimin stopped in the bathroom and checked his appearance to find that his makeup had held up well. He guessed you got what you paid for and Jungkook had taken him to a good makeup store. As he thought of Jungkook, he felt himself relax slightly as his breaths evened out. He wished that Jungkook was there at that moment and he could throw himself into the Alpha’s arms and let him take control again, like he had after Jimin had been upset about Daniel’s messages. He wished that he could just be Jungkook’s little one and let the Alpha make all the hard choices. He didn’t care what Jungkook did to him, even if it was painful or humiliating, he’d know it was for the best. His Daddy always knew what was best.

He had his cell phone out of his pocket and was about to call the Alpha when he realized what he was doing. He’d started to slip into subspace as he’d thought about Jungkook, but he couldn’t do that now. Not here. So he shook himself and took some deep breaths. He looked at himself and in his mind replayed Jungkook’s words from the past Saturday to himself over and over until he was more relaxed and calm.

“Okay, pretty boy. I need you to focus for just a little longer on being Park Jimin. Once we get home then you can let go, okay?”

He was Park Jimin. Park. Jimin. He focused on that. He needed to be himself a little longer. Jungkook was going to pick him up at 5:00, and he’d told him that their dinner wasn’t until 7:30 so they had two and a half hours before then. He was sure that Jungkook would help him, would take charge and let Jimin free himself for just a little while. Jimin took one last deep breath, fixed his hair, straightened his spine and walked out of the bathroom and on to his other classes. Throughout the day, Jimin heard little tittering whispers following him wherever he went, and each one was like a tiny papercut. Not a devastating wound on it’s own, but compounding them all, it was death by a thousand cuts, each one sharp and painful. He just held his head high and walked on, though in his mind, he was playing that few seconds over and over on repeat.

“Okay, pretty boy. I need you to focus for just a little longer on being Park Jimin. Once we get home then you can let go, okay?”

By the time he got done with his last class and it was time to head over to the kitchens, Jimin felt like he was too wrung out, too sensitive to deal with this. He didn’t have the strength to deal with Daniel, but he just put on his same old mask of friendly indifference and walked into the kitchen. The Alpha was already there, wearing an apron and setting out ingredients. He smiled when Jimin walked in and gave a quick wave as he set down a bag of flour next to the other things he’d gathered. Jimin took off his backpack and retrieved the ingredients that he’d bought the previous evening and added them to the pile before taking off his coat and things to sit with his backpack and grabbing an apron. As he turned around he watched as Daniel’s smile faltered as his eyes found the dark hickey on his neck and stared at it for a few moments before he seemed to be able to shake himself free of his trance and slapped a much less genuine smile on his face that looked fake and forced.

“Hey, Jimin. How are you doing today?” Daniel asked, looking somewhat down. Jimin was certain if he were a dog, his tail would be tucked between his legs.

“Fine, Daniel. And you?”

“I’m great.”

Thankfully they were too busy working throughout the time they had scheduled that chit-chat was kept to a bare minimum. They simultaneously created three different versions of their pastry, each with subtle changes and differences. The end results were very telling, and it was easy to pick which, crust, filling and frosting was best. Once they had established a final recipe Jimin wrote it down in his notebook of recipes and copied one for Daniel. He checked the time on his phone to see it was almost 5:00 and Jungkook would arrive soon, but that was perfect because they were done, just in time. Jimin pulled off his apron and tossed it into the hamper for dirty cloths and aprons before dusting a bit of flour off his sleeve and going to wash his hands in the sink. From a few feet behind him, he heard Daniel’s voice, quiet and hesitant.

“I was going to tell you… you look really pretty today.”

Jimin snatched a few paper towels to dry his hands on before tossing them into the trashcan and turned to see Daniel rubbing the back of his neck shyly.

“Thanks, I have a date after this. Actually, my boyfriend should be here to pick me up, so I’ve gotta go. I’ll email you what I have on the essay so far, yeah? We can work on it in class. I think we’re ahead of the curve on this one. Most of the other pairs aren’t so far along as we are, Mark told me.”

“Okay… I guess I’ll see you later then.” Daniel said, giving that kicked puppy look again.


Jimin went and threw on his hat, coat, scarf and mittens and grabbed his backpack, slinging it onto his shoulders as he headed out the door. He walked down the hallway and out the main door and saw Jungkook there, waiting outside his car for him. As soon as he saw the Alpha he immediately felt his grip on Park Jimin start to slip and he fell instantly into his subspace. He’d had a hard day and he wanted his Daddy to take over for him right away. He smiled and waved at Jungkook before he heard the door behind him open and Daniel’s voice call his name.

“Hey, Jimin.”

He turned and tried to keep himself together with very little success.


Daniel had that sheepish look again.

“I just wanted to say… sorry about calling you this weekend. I was hoping that we could just let bygones be bygones and move past it.”

Jimin’s eyes glanced over to Jungkook, where he wanted to be and he just agreed to get this over with. His body felt like a magnet was pulling him toward the Alpha.

“Yeah, sure. No problem.” Jimin said quickly with a wave of his hand.

“Thanks, Jimin. You’re the best.”

Before he knew what was happening, he was being embraced in a strong grip and lifted off the ground for a few seconds before he could stop it. Again, his mind was too distracted by the prospect of getting to Jungkook for him to really think about what he was doing. He patted Daniel’s back awkwardly with his arms pinned down to the elbow. He was set down and released. The whole situation was bringing back his earlier stress and he wanted Jungkook.

He didn’t want to talk to Daniel anymore. He didn’t want him to touch him again. He turned without another word and walked toward Jungkook. A few steps in his direction and he met the Alpha’s dark eyes and felt a hot surge of panic slam into his chest as another mental clip of Jungkook played in his head.

“I don’t want him touching you. I know you have to work with him, and you have to see him outside of school and I get that. Your education is important to you. But don’t let him touch you. Do you understand?”

Oh no… he’d been bad. He’d broken the rules. Jungkook’s eyes were dark and dangerous as Jimin approached and as soon as he was within reach, the Alpha wrapped a hand around the back of his neck and pulled him into a hard kiss. His fingers dug into Jimin’s nape and his kiss was unforgiving as he forced Jimin’s lips open with his tongue and plundered his mouth. Jimin whined into the kiss and Jungkook pulled back and slid his lips around to Jimin’s ear.

“Get in the car. Now.”

Chapter Text

Jimin did as he was told at once, without hesitation. Jungkook opened the door and Jimin got in, buckled his seatbelt and looked straight ahead out of the windshield. The Omega watched as Jungkook walked around the car and got into the driver’s side. Jimin already had tears streaming down his face by the time that Jungkook got in and he was trying to be strong and sit still and be quiet. He wanted to be a good boy. He hadn’t wanted Daniel to hug him. He’d just wanted to get to Jungkook. He’d had a hard day and he just wanted his Daddy to praise him and pet his hair and tell him he was pretty and soft and perfect. His chest was heaving as he tried hard to keep his cries inside. His face was hot and his mouth felt sticky as he tried to bite his lips to be quiet.

Jungkook was tired and frustrated and possessive. Seeing Jimin get held against the other Alpha’s body had woken that dominant part of him that wanted to possess and control Jimin. His mind recalled telling his little baby not to let his ex touch him, and yet he’d allowed himself to be hugged, lifted off the ground without any protest or resistance. He’d had a long, hard day and now he was filled with the prospect of something that had his heart racing in his chest. Punishment. He was doing his best not to be angry, but he knew himself well enough to know that he was angry somewhere deep down. He could feel it in himself, but he still reached to turn on Jimin’s seat warmer and cranked the heater up that extra few degrees like he usually did for him when he got in his car. He glanced over to see that Jimin was crying, sobbing silently and he felt a little bad for him. But he had to learn this lesson. He needed to be a good boy if he wanted to be rewarded

"Jungkook?" Jimin asked, softly. His voice was watery and thick with tears.

"Don't call me that right now." Jungkook’s voice wasn't mean or shouting, but it was stern.


"You know you messed up, don't you, Baby?"

"Y-yes... but I didn't mean to. He just hugged me! I didn't want it."

Jimin made a soft crying sound and Jungkook felt a little sorry for him. He knew Jimin was a good boy, he wasn't the type to tease him purposely by touching or flirting with other Alphas, but he'd still broken the rules.

"We'll talk about it when we get home."

The rest of the car ride was awkward, and Jimin didn't know what to do or say, so he stayed quiet. He tried to rein in his tears and take deep breaths, but he was raw like an exposed nerve. He’d had a long, hard day and all he wanted was his Daddy to take control and make him feel better. He was already so dependent on the Alpha to bring him back down to that calm, cool headspace where everything was quiet and all that mattered were his commands, his touch, his praises. Jimin knew he was going to be punished, but that’s not what bothered him. He’d known what he was in for with Jungkook, and part of him was incredibly aroused by the prospect. What bothered him was that Daniel was the one who caused this. He wanted his first punishment to be for something he had control over.

The ride up the elevator again made Jimin want to cry, because Jungkook didn’t push him up against the wall and kiss him, or pull him into his arms to feel his body against him. The atmosphere was tense and electric, buzzing with the intensity of the connection between them. Jungkook’s control and Jimin’s submission were clear in their body language. Jungkook’s back was straight, jaw set, one hand in the pocket of his slacks. Jimin’s face was turned down, thin arms wrapped around his middle and shoulders hunched.

When the elevator stopped, Jungkook reached over and wrapped a hand around the back of Jimin’s neck, slipping under his scarf to guide him out into the hallway and to his door. Inside the apartment, Jungkook shrugged off his own coat quickly before turning to Jimin and removing the Omega’s hat, scarf, mittens and coat to hang on the hooks in the entryway and they both kicked off their shoes. He wrapped that commanding hand back around Jimin’s nape, and led him further into the apartment, to the living room. Only then did Jungkook finally look at him. Speak to him.

"Do you know what you did wrong?" The Alpha asked, eyes dark and intent.

"I let Daniel hug me."


“I didn’t push him away.”

Jimin whimpered softly, fresh tears rolling down his cheeks and further ruining his already destroyed makeup. Jungkook moved forward and cupped his jaw in his hand, turning his face up to look down into his eyes. Jimin looked up at the Alpha and something in him seemed to relax. Even if he received a punishment, he was still there with Jungkook. The Alpha still wanted him.

"That's right. So... the question is, what do I do with such a bad boy?"

Jimin felt goosebumps tighten his skin at the words and he let out a soft whimper of sadness. He wasn’t a bad boy. He was good. He wanted the Alpha to tell him he was a good boy and touch him with gentle hands and speak to him in soft praises.

"Daddy... I'm sorry. I really didn't mean to..." Jimin apologized quietly.

"How long would you say that hug lasted?" Jungkook asked, looking into his eyes.

Jimin’s mind whirled for a few moments and he tried to come up with an answer. He would listen and be good.

"Um... maybe five seconds?"

"Then you're getting five spankings. You're going to count them out loud and you're going to say 'I'm sorry' each time. Do you understand?"

Jimin’s body flooded instantly with arousal and humiliation simultaneously. His hole clenched as wetness started to gather between his legs and his cock started to harden in the confines of his clothing, his nipples peaked and went taut and tender. His embarrassment forced him to try at least a little resistance.

"B-but Daddy..."

"Are you talking back to me now?"

"No Daddy... I-I understand."

"Bedroom. Now. take off your clothes and lay them on the foot of the bed. Keep your panties on. Then bend over the the side of it and wait for me."

Jimin had fresh, hot tears in his eyes as he followed the instructions to the letter, and it was a perfect kind of humiliation because he was already hard and wet, even though he was crying. He wanted Jungkook and he hoped that his Daddy would take care of him after his punishment, because he really hadn’t wanted Daniel to hug him. He hadn't seen it coming. He stood by the bed and undressed with shaking hands, folding his clothes neatly and stacking them on the foot of the bed. Just in his panties, he bent over the edge of the bed and waited, his small hands gripping into the comforter as he shivered both from cold and anticipation.

After he watched Jimin disappear into the bedroom, Jungkook took a few minutes to calm himself down. The Alpha leaned against the couch and closed his eyes, probing his own thoughts and feelings. He wanted to make sure he was doing this for the right reasons. He wasn’t some asshole who took his bad day out on his lover just because he could. He took a few deep, even breaths and finally opened his eyes, feeling much calmer. He was certain. He didn't actually want to hurt Jimin. He just wanted to punish him. Jungkook’s blood was still running hot and intense, but now from arousal. He wanted to spank Jimin, had done since he’d met him that first time and saw his round, lush ass and he was certain that the Omega wanted it too.

Jimin was exactly where he told him to be and that pleased him. His little vanilla baby was still so pliant and good. He knew that he hadn't disobeyed on purpose. Jimin was bent over the bed, his clothes on the end in a neat stack, and he discovered that he was right, the panties were a thong, pink and lacy. The Omega’s perfect ass was on display, his tiny hands bunched in the dark comforter. His skin glowed against the slate-colored cotton and he was still so beautiful. He could smell Jimin’s slick faintly, and he felt his own cock throb at the knowledge that Jimin was aroused by this too. But when he brushed his hand over Jimin's ass cheek, the Omega jumped and whimpered, which made him feel a little unsure. He didn't want him to be scared.

"It's okay, Baby. You know I don't want to hurt you, right? I don't want you to be afraid of me." Jungkook said quietly, running his hand up over the silken, pale skin of Jimin’s back. “You don’t have to do this. If you want to go home, I’ll take you home. No questions asked. Okay, little one?”

"I'm not afraid of you, Daddy." Jimin replied, and he truly wasn’t, he was just tense. He knew that Jungkook wouldn’t really hurt him, and he wanted this, even if he was going to give Daniel a piece of his mind for causing it. But the idea of leaving now was a terrible ache in his gut. “I don’t want to go home. I want to stay with you.”

The Omega’s words were sure, and that soothed Jungkook. The last thing he wanted was to make Jimin scared of him. Even if Jimin was still sniffling and had tears in his eyes, he wasn’t afraid. Jungkook smoothed his hand over Jimin’s back a few more times before spoke.

"I'm doing this for your own good. You know that right?"

"Yes, Daddy."

“If it’s too much, tell me to stop and I will stop. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

Jungkook unbuckled his belt, and Jimin could hear the soft sound of metal clicking. It made a shiver roll up his spine as he heard the leather being pulled from the Alpha's belt loops and more sounds as he assumed it was being folded in half and gripped in his hand.

The Alpha adjusted his grip, the belt was already folded in half, but he folded the part he held up a few extra inches to make it less whip-like and give him control over the strip of leather. He wasn’t going to hit with full strength, nowhere near. He was calm and in control now, Jimin’s perfect submission made it easy for him to control his earlier irritation and stress. This was where he thrived, with his little vanilla baby. He brushed the belt across his ass, letting Jimin feel it so he’d know what to expect and wouldn’t be too afraid.

"Do you remember what to do?"

"Yes, Daddy."

Jungkook brought the belt down across his cheeks and Jimin gasped at the shock of pain, the skin of his ass burned and stung and he felt his thigh muscles flutter and dance. More tears immediately gathered in his eyes and his hands gripped harder into the bedspread, but he was a good boy and remembered what he had to do, even if he was overwhelmed by the entire scene.

"O-one. I'm sorry." Jimin hiccuped out in a little sob.

Jungkook delivered the next two in quick succession, and the Alpha watched as Jimin’s whole body seemed to react to the pain, his legs twitching and his back curling upward, but he didn’t move out of position. He just cried out and sobbed into the blanket under him.

"Two. I'm sorry... Three. I'm sorry."

Then again. The pale skin of his ass was red, small welts raised where the belt had made contact. Jungkook wasn’t using full-armed swings, he was hitting just enough to sting and leave a lasting redness and tenderness there.

"Four. I'm sorry."

Jimin was sobbing and shaking, his little body heaving with desperate cries, but he was still being good, so Jungkook pulled the last spanking a little bit more so as not to hurt him too badly. It smacked easier than the others, but Jimin still cried out before stuttering out his final response.

"F-f-five. I'm s-sorry. Daddy."

Jungkook instantly dropped the belt and stepped up behind the Omega who was crying into the bedspread and shaking like a leaf. He whimpered when Jungkook slid his hands up his sides to guide him to stand. The Alpha turned and sat on the bed and pulled Jimin into his lap to straddle him. The Omega instantly hid himself in the crook of his neck as he continued to sob, his tears scalding against the skin of Jungkook’s neck. He wrapped his arms around the heaving little body in his lap and held him as he started to speak to him softly, rocking him back and forth like a fussy baby.

“It’s okay, Baby. You’re okay. You did such a good job. You were such a good boy for me. It’s over now, just relax. You’re still my good boy. Still my pretty boy.”

Jimin calmed in degrees. His sobs turned to little hiccups and then quieted as his shaking lessened to a gentle tremble. Jungkook just held him and ran his hands over the Omega’s soft, skin, soothing him and letting him relax in his hold as he pressed soft kisses against the side of his face, neck and shoulder. He spoke his gentle, relaxing words against the velvet skin under his lips until Jimin was finally able to move back again and sit up in his lap.

The Omega was a mess. His hair was sweaty and sticking up in every direction, his makeup was smudged and tracked down his cheeks from tears, his lips red and swollen. Jungkook pressed a kiss to his mouth and smoothed his hair back, giving him a soft smile.

“Are you okay, sweetheart?”

Jimin sniffed and nodded, reaching up to wipe at the tears on his face. During the comforting, both of their arousal had flagged somewhat, but seeing Jimin like this had Jungkook’s cock hardening again in the confines of his trousers. He leaned forward and kissed the Omega in his lap, just soft brushes of lips at first until he could slide his tongue into the Omega’s mouth. Jimin met his passion with equal fervor and when he slid his hands down to grip the globes of Jimin’s ass to pull him in closer against his hard cock, the Omega released a soft whimper, followed by a throaty moan, as if the pain were pleasure. Such a perfect little baby.

For Jimin, the punishment had strangely been exactly what he’d needed. His day had been one stress after another, all compounding until he was strung out and in need of a release, both emotional and sexual. He’d gotten the emotional release he needed through the pain of the spanking and the subsequent crying as Jungkook had held him in his arms and soothed him, reassuring him and comforting him through his tears. Now he needed the sexual release to go along with it, he needed Jungkook to cum in him, to use his body for his pleasure and reign over him with immaculate control.

As he started to mouth his way down Jimin’s neck, Jungkook’s eyes flicked to the little clock on the nightstand and he saw that it was already 5:50. They had just over an hour before they needed to leave. The restaurant was near his apartment, but Jimin would need to shower and get ready all over again and he was probably going to need to wash up himself. A quickie it was, then. Because there was no way he wasn’t getting inside Jimin. They both needed this.

“We’re gonna have to make this a quick one. Okay, pretty boy?”

Jimin wasn’t entirely sure what he was agreeing to. He was completely lost in the moment as he nodded and hummed an ascent while Jungkook began sucking on his neck, darkening the hickey afresh. The feel of the Alpha’s hot mouth against the tender spot had Jimin’s whole body burning up with desperate lust. He needed Jungkook to fuck him, to make him feel so good that the pain of the spanking, the awful mess of his day would all go away until he was nothing but pleasure and need and deep sexual longing.

“Fuck me… oh god, please fuck me, Daddy.” Jimin begged as the Alpha started to gently massage his abused asscheeks.

Jungkook used one hand to pull the strap of Jimin’s thong to the side and slid one finger inside his wet, clenching hole. The Omega immediately moaned and his little hands gripped into Jungkook’s shoulders. The Alpha could feel the slick running down over his hand and onto his slacks where Jimin was straddling him, but he disregarded it. He had a plethora of suits and what was important in that moment was preparing his pretty boy for his cock. He stretched Jimin as thoroughly as he had time for, perhaps moving a little faster than he normally would, since he liked to draw out Jimin’s pleasure, but the Omega wasn’t complaining. He was shifting back against the fingers opening him up and whimpering. When he pulled them free Jimin released a soft noise, just a little ‘ah’ of surprise as he trembled in Jungkook’s lap.

Jungkook wrapped his hands under Jimin’s thighs and stood, turning them around and laying Jimin back on the bed. He slid his hands up the Omega’s body, over his hips and waist as he leaned down to press a kiss to his ravaged lips, gently biting the lower one and sucking it into his mouth to nibble for a moment before releasing it. He stood back up straight and reached for the button of his slacks, popping it open and pulling down his zipper. He pushed his slacks and underwear down just far enough to free his cock, and the moment it was visible, Jimin whimpered.

“You want my cock, Baby?” Jungkook asked, palming himself and giving a few slow strokes to tease the Omega.

“Yes.” Jimin’s answer was just a whisper, his eyes still locked on the Alpha’s erect member, licking his lips and opening just slightly as if in invitation.

“I don’t have time to play much now, pretty boy. But when we get home from dinner, how about I fuck your throat again? Would you like that?”

“Yes, Daddy… I’d love that.”

“Good boy.” Jungkook watched the effect those two words had on Jimin, his pupils dilated wider and his breath hitched. Only at that moment did he realize how much it had affected him for Jungkook to call him a bad boy and how important it was to the Omega that he thought he was good. “Roll over, Baby. Hands and knees.”

Jimin did as he was told, scooting back further onto the bed and rolling over, lifting up to his hands and knees. He was still wearing his panties, though they were pushed to the side, the strap of the thong pressing an indent into one round cheek. Jungkook got up onto the bed behind Jimin, wrapping his hands around the Omegas hips as he positioned himself on his knees and released one hip to guide his cock toward the wet, aching hole that was begging to be stretched around him. He wished he had time to play with his pretty boy, to make him beg for his cock, but they were both in need of the release and so he just lined himself up and pushed inside slowly.

Jimin’s body accepted him like it was made to take him, he fit inside him like a snug, perfect glove of wet, throbbing heat. The Omega under him moaned as he was penetrated, his back arching as if trying to present himself as best he could. When he bottomed out, they were both already breathing hard. He gripped Jimin’s hips with shaking hands, already so close to knotting him. He could feel Jimin’s body trembling under him too and knew he was in a similar state, his arms were already quivering as if struggling to hold up his own slight weight as his entrance clenched and fluttered around the intrusion of his cock.

“Oh… Baby, you’re so tight still. Gods, how are you always so tight?”

“Daddy… you’re so big… ah… please… please fuck me. I need it.”

Jungkook pulled out and pushed back in smoothly, neither soft, nor hard, but somewhere between. He set a steady pace of push and pull, fucking into the moist inferno that felt like it was sucking him back in on every inward thrust, hungry and desperate to be filled. He let his head tilt back as he lost himself to the pleasure of Jimin’s soft, compliant body.

Jimin was in heaven as Jungkook thrust into him at a steady, even pace, each time pushing against that sensitive bundle of nerves deep inside him that had him ready to orgasm. He was sure that if he even brushed his cock that he’d cum on the spot, but he couldn’t move his hands. His arms were so close to giving out that he knew if he lifted one hand the other arm would collapse, and he didn’t have permission to touch himself. It didn’t matter. His Daddy was gripping his hips with his big, warm hands and fucking him with his perfect cock. He could hear Jungkook’s moans of pleasure, and wished he could see his face. He wanted to know what expression went along with the beautiful sounds. Jimin himself couldn’t hold in his own noises either, each time the tip of the Alpha’s cock hit his prostate he moaned as a steady, high-pitched whine slowly built in his throat.

The pace didn’t last, they were both too desperate, and as Jungkook started to move faster, he pulled Jimin back against him, making his red, ravaged ass, slap against the Alpha’s hips with each thrust, jiggling and bouncing with each impact. Jungkook could tell it was hurting him, but he could also tell that Jimin liked it, because his moans got louder and higher pitched and his arms finally gave out. He collapsed, his chest pressing against the bed, his ass still up. The change of angle made Jimin bite the bedspread to muffle his scream as the Alpha’s cock battered against his prostate with more force, hitting it dead on.

“Uh-uh, sweetheart. I want to hear your sounds… Scream for me pretty boy. I wanna hear it.” Jungkook panted.

The Alpha had sweat running down his forehead, his whole body flushed with heat as he honed in on his orgasm, ready to explode. He saw Jimin release the bedspread from his mouth and his lips fell open, letting his sounds fall freely from his slack mouth. His little vanilla boy was magnificent under him, face red, body shimmering with sweat and trembling as he was was taken, hard and fast, with deep, penetrating strokes. Jungkook’s knot started to swell and he caught on the Omega’s rim each time he pounded ruthlessly into his quivering slickness.

“Cum for me, Baby… Cum on my cock while I knot you… unh… fuck…”

Jungkook’s hand gave a harsh squeeze to the tender, reddened flesh of his ass, and that was all it took for Jimin to burst apart. His cock kicked and jerked, where it was held against his body in the confines of his lace panties, the tip peeking out the top. His cum splattered up his belly and down onto the comforter underneath him. His vision went dark and little lights popped in and out as he felt Jungkook’s knot form as he was still clenching and fluttering from his orgasm, his entrance squeezing and massaging against Jungkook’s knot as it was pushed inside him with a final stroke and the Alpha’s cock burst with shot after shot of searingly hot cum, filling him up with his warm, creamy release and locking them together.

Jungkook’s hands released Jimin’s hips as he fell forward and caught himself on his arms with one hand on either side of the Omega’s shoulders. The Alpha felt like all his stress had just been drained out of his cock. Jimin really was magic, and Jungkook was going to find a way to show him how pretty and special he was. He wanted to see him dripping in expensive jewels and laid up in lavish silk sheets. It was what someone so perfect deserved. He secretly thought Jimin would look amazing in rubies, or emeralds, or maybe sapphires… hell he’d look good in anything. Jungkook promised himself that he’d find out. He wanted to see Jimin in nothing but a obnoxiously expensive glittering necklace and earrings, panties and heels.

Jungkook wrapped one arm up under Jimin’s chest and turned them over, supporting the Omega’s full weight as he rolled onto his back and Jimin’s lax body rested against his chest, still locked together with him by his swollen knot. Jimin’s head lolled against his shoulder and his legs fell open, all the tension seemed to be gone from him too and Jungkook was glad. He ran his hands up and down Jimin’s sides, stroking and soothing him as the Omega started up a soft, quiet purr. Jungkook let himself join in with a deeper one as he turned his face and pressed kisses against Jimin’s temple, which was the only thing he could reach in their position. He spoke words of praise and adoration against the sweaty skin and hair under his mouth.

“Good boy… pretty boy. My perfect Jimin. My sweet little Minnie. You’re alright now. Daddy’s here and I’m gonna take care of you. Everything’s fine now, little one. You took your punishment so well. And you took my knot like a good boy.”

As Jungkook’s knot started to release and his cock softened inside the sheath of Jimin’s body, the Omega whimpered quietly.

“D-don’t pull out… I don’t wanna be empty. Wanna be full. Wanna be full of your cum, Daddy.”

The Alpha’s softening cock started to stir again at the words as feverish arousal pulled at him again, but he stopped it in its tracks. If they started up with that again, they weren’t leaving the apartment for the rest of the night. He just pressed another kiss to Jimin’s temple and whispered quietly to him in a calm, reassuring tone.

“How about I get you a plug, Baby? I’ll put a plug in you and you can keep all my cum inside while we go to dinner.”

“Yes. Yes, put a plug in me.”

“Okay, but you have to be Park Jimin while we’re at dinner. Do you think you can do that? Do you think you can be you while you’re all full?”

“I can. I can do it.”

Jimin was sure he could do it. He could act naturally. He was certain, in fact that what he needed in order to function properly was to be full of Jungkook’s cum. It would be a physical sensation of reassurance. That was exactly what he needed. All day he’d been struggling against his subspace, but now he could already feel himself surfacing as Jungkook slid out of him gently and helped to shift him over to lay on his back. Jimin closed his thighs and clenched his hole, not wanting any of the Alphas seed to escape him while Jungkook fetched a plug.

When Jungkook returned he had a clear glass plug of medium size in his hand that was more squat than others he’d seen. He set it on the bed next to Jimin’s hip and the Omega allowed him to part his legs with his large, gentle hands. The Alpha grabbed the plug and pressed it against his hole. It slid inside him and settled there comfortably. It was apparent as soon as it was inside him, why it was short and squat. It was just holding the Alpha’s cum inside him, but it wasn’t large or long enough to press against his prostate. Jimin sighed as calm assurance washed over him and he felt himself relax, finally able to pull himself free from his submissive headspace and think more clearly.

“What time is it?” Jimin asked.

“Just past six thirty. We need to get up, shower and get ready to go.” Jungkook said, running his hands over Jimin’s unabashedly exposed skin, he loved that the Omega wasn’t shy about his nudity with him, even outside of sex. “Are you gonna be alright, sweetheart?”

“Yeah. I’m good. Let’s get up and get ready.”

Chapter Text

Jungkook had to admit that watching Jimin put himself back together after falling so deeply into his submissive mode was probably one of the most fascinating things he’d ever witnessed. He had seen it a few times by then and each time it was like watching a fire bank itself to a little glimmering coal. The Alpha knew that all it would take to rekindle that fire was a little fuel and Jimin would be back in his soft, pliant place where Jungkook liked him best. The Alpha banked his own desire, shelving it for later. He was still frustrated about the entire situation at work and he knew that what he needed was a long, hard night of fucking followed by sleep and he knew that Jimin would be good for him. Even if Jungkook wanted to fuck him back to the point of limping again he’d let him. The Omega would take what he was given and if Jungkook had more to give, he would take it. He only wished the Omega would accept his gifts and money as easily as he did the offerings of his body, because Jungkook wanted to spoil him rotten.

They showered quickly and got ready for dinner, Jimin blow drying his hair and reapplying his makeup from the little bag he’d thankfully slipped into his backpack in case he needed a touchup. Jungkook took a longer time than was probably necessary to rub lotion into Jimin’s tender asscheeks to soothe the welts from the belt and ease the pain. They were ready just in time, and Jungkook was surprised how stable Jimin seemed after falling into his subspace, and while still wearing the plug that was holding his cum inside him, but he could see that Jimin was clear-headed and rational. Jungkook had to admit that he loved the idea of Jimin going out to their dinner while still full of his cum, plugged and pretty. He couldn’t wait to get back to his place so he could give him even more, until he was so full he was aching with it. But at the moment, they had to go.

As the Alpha looked at his sugar baby, he had to admit that when he was really dolled up, Jimin looked like royalty. Some exotic, wild prince, waiting to be claimed and ravished, and Jungkook was starving for him. The Alpha helped him into his coat and other winter gear before leading the way out of the apartment. As they got into the elevator, Jungkook hit the button for the garage and crowded Jimin up against the wall to press soft kisses over his lips, almost as if in apology for not doing it on the way up, like he usually did. The Alpha was definitely in the mood to pamper his pretty boy and take care of him. The punishment that he’d meted out on Jimin had been hard for him to do, but he could sense that, somehow the Omega had needed that release as well. There was something… something he couldn’t put his finger on, but he knew something was going on with Jimin and he thought he’d figure it out later, or his little one would come to him when he was ready to tell him.

Jungkook drove with one hand on the steering wheel so the other could massage Jimin’s muscular thigh, strong fingers gently digging into the muscle in a calm and reassuring way that had Jimin’s eyes falling shut and his head resting back against the seat. Jungkook had turned up the seat warmer and heater for him again and everything was back to normal. He’d received his punishment, he’d been good and now he was being rewarded with Jungkook’s attention again. Jimin opened his eyes and looked over to Jungkook and asked a question that he knew would probably come up.

“How exactly do we tell people we met?”

The Alpha pondered that for a moment and flicked a glance to Jimin.

“Well, what have you told your friends about us?” Jungkook asked.

“I told them that you saw me at the coffee shop trying to get a job there, and you told me you were looking for a housekeeper. I started to work for you, and things just went from there.”

“That’s as good a story as any, I suppose. We can just go with that.”

Jimin worried his lip with his teeth for a moment before finally spilling out the question that had been bothering him, the thing that he worried about when he thought of people seeing them together.

“Aren’t you worried what people will think when they see you with me?” Jimin asked quietly, unsure of himself.

“In what way? I don’t understand what you mean.” Jungkook replied, frowning slightly.

“What I mean is, that I’m a culinary student. I’m not from a wealthy family. I don’t have any great connections or qualifications. I’m not really… worthy of you. Doesn’t that bother you?”

Jungkook’s frown deepened. He didn’t like the way Jimin was talking about himself. There was nothing wrong with him. In fact, Jungkook thought that he honestly deserved more than he got from life. Jimin should have the finest of everything because he was worth it. He was so pretty, so kind and yet fierce. There were so many different facets to him, each one just as stunning as the last. Jimin truly didn’t see himself the way that Jungkook did, and in that moment he realized that Jimin thought that Jungkook was ‘above’ him in some social hierarchy. That was complete nonsense. Their origins were very nearly the same. Jungkook wasn’t from some wealthy family with a legacy and tons of money. His father had owned an auto body shop and his mother was a school teacher. They were far from rich, and Jimin didn’t need money to be valuable. The Alpha parked them outside the restaurant where they were meeting his vendor and turned to Jimin, taking his chin between his fingers and tilting his face up to meet his eyes.

“You are a priceless jewel. I don’t care about your family history or your net worth. No one who sees me by your side would question for a second why you are there. You’re so beautiful. You are the most stunning Omega I’ve ever seen, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. More than that, you’re smart, sexy and strong. You don’t have to be anything but you.”

Jimin didn’t know what to say. He had no idea that Jungkook thought all of that about him. He’d been worried about appearing with him out in public, afraid that those “social vampires” that Jungkook had joked about on their first date would pounce on him. He’d seen enough dramas to know that they would dissect his appearance, his family, his history, all with grace and finesse and oh-so-sad twists of their lips as they sipped at their champagne and adjusted their expensive, designer dresses. But as he looked up into Jungkook’s eyes, he saw truth there. The Alpha really didn’t think that he was any better than him, and he really believed the things he was saying. It bolstered Jimin with confidence that Jungkook thought that highly of him and he beamed a huge smile as he looked at the Alpha and gave a small nod.

“Okay. I’ll just be me.”

Jungkook pressed one last soft kiss to his lips and drew back.

“Alright then. Brace up. It’s gonna be a long one, and this guy is a chatterbox.”

Jimin giggled and gave a mock salute.

“Yes sir.”

Something about that had a shot of warmth coalescing in his belly as Jungkook looked at the pretty Omega, but he just pulled back and got out of the car and walked around to help Jimin out as well before they made their way inside.

The restaurant was another very high-end one that Jimin had wanted to visit for a long time. He was honestly more excited about the food than the actual dinner or the company they would be keeping. He was ready for excellent food, expertly prepared and paired perfectly with a complimentary wine flavor. As soon as they walked in, the smell of italian food hit Jimin’s nose and he inhaled deeply. The place smelled amazing, and even though it was a higher end restaurant, it still had that homey, old-world vibe that made it seem much more welcoming than some others that went for the modern and austere decor. They made their way to the podium that was manned by the maitre d.

“How may I help you sirs?” The man said, inclining his head respectfully.

“There should be a reservation under the name, Lee Minwoo.”

He checked his list and nodded.

“Yes sir, the rest of your party has already arrived. Please, let me take your coats and I’ll show you to the parlor.”

Jungkook unbuttoned his coat and allowed the maitre d to take it from his shoulders, but when he turned to assist Jimin, Jungkook cut him off, removing Jimin’s layers himself and handing them to the employee who stepped back and nodded respectfully at the Alpha’s show of possession. The coats were handed off to another employee and the pair were led through the restaurant and into one of the private parlors in the back. Inside was a male Alpha and his female Omega mate. The Alpha stood instantly as they walked through the door and offered his hand to Jungkook to shake with a huge smile.

“Jungkook! Good to see you! You remember my mate, Yubin.” He indicated to the female Omega next to him.

“Of course. This is my boyfriend, Park Jimin.” Jungkook said, releasing his handshake and using that arm to wrap around Jimin’s shoulders and bring him to his side before he looked down at his date. “Jimin, this is Lee Minwoo, he’s one of Cypher Tech’s vendors.”

Jimin shook hands with the Alpha, then his mate. He smiled at them both and as he shook Yubin’s hand she gave him a brilliant smile.

“Jungkook has done very well for himself. It’s nice to meet you. I hope we can be friends. It will be nice to have someone to talk to at all those big events that we have to attend every year.”

“Thank you. I would like that very much.”

They all sat and Jimin discovered that Jungkook wasn’t wrong about the Alpha they were meeting. He was a chatterbox. He showered questions on them and listened to their answers before going off on this or that tangent and coming back around again. Jimin felt like he knew more about the Alpha than one should be able to learn before the appetizers were even gone, but Jimin sipped at his excellent wine and smiled, answering questions and occasionally responding with a short anecdote of his own. Minwoo was very interested in Jimin’s training to become a chef, and he insisted that the Omega order for the group, a suggestion that his mate immediately agreed with. Jimin was pleased and ordered their food and accompanying wine. He’d chosen a few of their most well-known items for their dinners, and a sweet red wine that would accompany them all very well.

Jungkook had been right. Jimin was fabulous. He was quick and smart and beautiful, and he could tell that Minwoo and his mate were both already wowed by him. Jimin was just that kind of Omega. You couldn’t help but be pulled in by his charm and charisma. More than once Jimin’s words had everyone laughing. Jungkook had been doing these business dinners for years, and had it down to an art, but Jimin made him look like a complete amateur as he wove slowly a little nest of mutual comfort and interest. As much as he liked watching the Omega work, Jungkook wished that the dinner would end, because he was desperate to get the Omega back to his place, but their host insisted on dessert and coffee before they parted with amity and mutual compliments.

Minwoo somehow dragged out another fifteen minutes of conversation outside the restaurant, and it was only as they were about to part that the issue that Jungkook had been dealing with throughout the day came up. Jungkook wondered if the other Alpha had planned it that way, or if he simply hadn’t thought about it until that very moment, but Jungkook knew that their ability to provide products to sell would inevitably affect their vendors.

“So, I meant to ask about OTR Manufacturing. Isn’t that your manufacturer?” Minwoo asked.

“Ah, yes they were. We were already in the process of switching to another manufacturer and we have stock enough to continue to provide all our current forecasts for the upcoming months until the other plant is online. Don’t worry, as far as your side is concerned there will be no interruption in the flow of products. We’re working hard to ensure that all our vendors and customers get what they were promised.”

There was no mistaking the relief on his face as he smiled and reached to shake Jungkook’s hand one last time.

“That’s great to hear. Sorry you have to deal with that. It’s a travesty that they ruined the legacy that their Appa built for them. Well, if any issues come up, please give me a call.”

“Absolutely. I will. You two have a good evening.”

Next Minwoo turned to Jimin and shook his hand in both of his larger ones as he smiled at the Omega.

“It was wonderful to meet you Jimin. I can’t wait until you open your restaurant. We’ll be your first patrons! The meals you picked were exquisite. You’ve got excellent taste. I look forward to meeting you again, hopefully we can all get together for another dinner before long.”

“It was wonderful meeting you both.” Jimin said as he switched from shaking Minwoo’s hand to Yubin’s. “I’m so touched that you’ll want to come to my restaurant. I’ll be sure to invite you, though I think we are still a few years away from that!” Jimin said with a laugh that was echoed by the other two.

Jungkook wrapped an arm around Jimin and they finally turned away and headed toward the Alpha’s car. Jungkook opened his door for him like a gentleman before walking around to the driver’s side and getting in. He looked over at Jimin, and it was like watching him deflate as he relaxed against the seat let out a long breath before looking over at Jungkook with a small smile.

“How did I do?”

Jungkook reached across the console to cup Jimin’s soft cheek in his hand and the Omega instantly pushed against his palm, purring and nuzzling at him softly as his eyes slid closed and his breaths seemed to slow and even. Jungkook realized that Jimin needed the physical affection at the moment. He was still a little raw from their earlier encounter. It had been the first time that Jungkook had punished him, and he’d taken it well. He hadn’t stopped him or tried to get away. He’d remained in his position and taken his spankings like a good boy. He deserved to be rewarded now for being so good, and also for being amazing at dinner.

“You were brilliant. But how are you feeling? Are you okay? Be honest with me. How do you feel? I know we didn’t have much time after your punishment to focus on us, and I’m sorry about that.”

“I’m okay. I just… had a really, really, really bad day. But now I just want you to take me back to your place and… take over for a while. Would that be okay?”

Jimin looked over at him with pink cheeks and slightly glassy eyes. Jungkook wondered what had happened to make his day so bad. He ran his thumb back and forth over his cheek gently, watching him soften into the warmth of his hand.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Jungkook asked and Jimin just closed his eyes and shook his head. “Okay, then. Let’s get home, pretty boy and I’ll take over for a while. Everything is fine. You can let go now. We’re alone.”

Jungkook felt a hot tear meet his thumb where it was stroking Jimin’s cheek and he felt murderous against whoever had made him cry. He wanted to know what had happened, but he also didn’t want to push when Jimin was so raw and emotional. He realized that if Jimin had that bad of a day, it was possible that he slipped into subspace when he saw him, and when Daniel had hugged him he was probably just trying to end the interaction. He’d probably just been trying to get to him faster.

“I didn’t know your day was so bad, little one.”

Jimin’s eyes slid open and his lashes were wet and tangled, but he smiled at Jungkook and placed one of his own small hands over the Alpha’s against his cheek and shook his head.

“It’s better now that I’m with you. You make me feel safe.”

Jungkook leaned over and kissed him softly on his lips, he stroked down his face and neck one more time and bumped their noses together affectionately.

“You’re still my good boy, right?” Jungkook asked softly.

Jimin let out a watery little laugh and smiled.

“Yes, Daddy.”

Jungkook sat back into his seat and Jimin did too. The Alpha looked over at his little vanilla boy and smiled at his beauty, with his pink cheeks and wet lashes he was small and soft. He gave him a little smile and put on his seatbelt, and Jimin did the same. The ride back to his apartment was quiet, but he held Jimin’s small hand in his as he drove with the other and soon they were pulling into his parking space and getting out, heading for the elevator. As soon as they were inside and the doors closed, Jungkook moved.

Jimin was strangely giddy as the Alpha pushed him up against the wall of the elevator and claimed his mouth. He vaguely wondered how many times they would do this before they were caught by someone or other, but pushed those thoughts aside as Jungkook slid his tongue into his mouth and wrapped one hand around his lower back and one behind his head to hold him against his larger, warm body. Jimin whimpered into his mouth as he was kissed with perfect dominance and control. His entire body went lax and pliant, melting against the Alpha’s bigger one for a few moments until the doors slid open with a ‘ding’ and they had arrived on their floor.

Once they were inside Jungkook’s apartment the Alpha first removed Jimin’s winterwear before pulling off his own and hung everything on the hooks in the entryway. He knelt down and helped Jimin out of his boots then kicked off his own shoes before pulling the Omega farther into the dark apartment, all the way to the bedroom. He turned on a lamp instead of the overhead lights, to keep it a bit more diffuse. He looked down at Jimin and he could see that he was feeling vulnerable and needy. His pupils were wider than usual, his cheeks flushed and his small body trembling slightly.

“Okay, pretty boy. Are you ready?”

“Yes.” Jimin seemed to say the word with his whole body, something in him eased and he swayed forward toward Jungkook.

“You were so good for me, sweetheart. Is there anything you want me to do to you? You deserve a reward. Tell me what you want.”

Jimin’s eyes slid closed and his small hands came up to softly grip the front of Jungkook’s dress shirt. He swayed forward, farther into Jungkook’s space and his words were just a whisper, soft and quiet.

“Just… use me. Do whatever you want. I don’t wanna think. I just wanna feel.”

Jungkook’s breath caught in his lungs and he felt his cock twitch in the confines of his slacks. Good god, Jimin really was so perfect for him. This control was exactly what he needed, and his control over him was exactly what Jimin needed. It seemed that they really were perfectly balanced in that way, their desires and needs were so in tune with each other. Jimin’s need to yield and submit, Jungkook’s need to dominate and possess. A perfect symbiosis. He reached up and gripped Jimin’s jaw in his hand, not hard enough to hurt, just enough to guide his movements. He tilted his face up and pressed a hard kiss to his lips.

“Good boy.”