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"This is ridiculous! How can you not know what you were doing?" I yelled frantically to my sister who's obviously drunk and lumpy on the couch, "and where the hell is Lena?!"

A loud sound of someone falling off the stairs is what I heard and saw the other hard-headed CEO of the company we own, lying face down on the floor. God, help me.

"I'm okay. I'm good. No bones were broken, I'm alive...and I'm drunk"

I threw my hands in the air and exhaled an exasperated sigh. This is gonna be a long night.

"Sure you are" I assisted Lena to let her sit on the couch, too, with Kara who seemed to be in her dreamland already.

As much as I want to throw them out of this house, I can't. I just wanna thank the gods for giving me such patience and maternal instincts to protect these two remaining idiots in my life.

"Sleep you two because you are gonna be in so much trouble tomorrow"

I gathered my things and called Nia to see the extent of the damage these two have caused in the bar they went to.

"Miss Danvers, they fought with an actress at the bar and she's willing to press charges with video evidence from the people inside," Nia said as we got into the car, I looked at her and smiled, "Should I do something, Miss Danvers?"

"Yes. Nia, I told you to just call me Alex"

"Yes, Miss Da---Alex. So, what are we gonna do?"

"We're going to go to the bar. See if we can control the damage those two idiots have done. I mean, what were they thinking?"


Nia is my secretary but she's a friend and I don't want her thinking that I'm the boss of her. She works for the company, not for me.

As I was scrolling through my e-mails, I saw an unknown e-mail address. I opened it and saw that it was a video.

'I am an actress. I will sue you. This seat was reserved for me and my friends' the girl with long wavy hair shouted to Kara and Lena who were not impressed by the action. It was dim and I can't see her face, the camera was facing the two idiots.

'There's nothing written here. I talked to the manager, so---' Lena was interrupted because the girl went hysterical, throwing her things to Kara where Lena dodged it and it went back to her face, 'Oh, my god'

'Nooooo! My face. You are so gonna pay for this!'

'We didn't do anything wrong' Kara defended but the girl was angry, I can see from the way her body moves.

'You know what?'

'What?' the two questioned and the girl got angrier

'I can buy you, your friends and this bar!' the girl was about to lunge on both of them but Kara swayed her leg that tripped the girl.

Jesus Christ! These two are in so much trouble. The video ended and I am so glad that they didn't pick up any more fight because the girl would have broken all of her bones, but Nia said it was an actress, a scratch on her face may have caused a fortune if she really is a good actress.

"Nia, do you know the name of the girl? What's the update?"

"Miss Danvers, I'm sorry but the actress left five minutes ago. I didn't get her name. Should I call James?"

"No. It's okay. We'll do it tomorrow. Let's go back"


"Do you have any idea of what you've done last night?" I asked the two dumbasses on the couch while giving them coffee, "You two are in so much trouble"

"It was self-defense, Alex"

"A self-defense is not tripping the woman when she walks past you"

"Shit. This is not coffee!" Lena argued but her cup is already empty, "I did the self-defense, Kara did the offense--Ouch!"

"It was self-defense, Lena. Back me up here, will you?"

They were arguing on who did what and who didn't but they were both wrong. The actress's lawyer called Nia earlier to talk about the charges and if these two didn't show up, the company's gonna be in so much distress.

The actress is doing a press con and she wants the two to appear and apologize for the bar incident. No one's backing down. Although SuperCorp is a well-known company, no one really knows who owns it. It's a top-secret that's waiting to be unraveled at the press con.

"Fine. Get your asses up and meet me at the press con. We'll make a public apology"

"What press con?!"


"Alex, Eliza called. She needs you to go to Midvale, Lilian wanted to see me and Lena"

"What? Why?" Kara shrugged and I looked at Nia for confirmation, she nodded and wrote something on her notes, "How about the press con?"

"Alex, we can't reveal our identity because of that petty incident. Let them know some blonde, brave girl scared the hell out of that actress"

Kara's right. Revealing ourselves to the media would only result in more damage. Our identities were safely hidden, employees have the code and the rules. I sighed and looked at Kara.

"Yeah. You're right. Well, Nia?"

"Yes, Miss Danvers? I mean, Alex. What can I do?"

"Ask James to accompany you at the press con and send me some updates. Kara, you and Lena better explain yourselves to Lilian and...did Mom told you why she needs to see me?"

"No idea"

I wonder what mom is up to. I waved goodbye to both of them and went to the car. Mom's usually not like this. If she wants to see us, she'll call and we'll pick her up, but this time she needs to see me. I wonder what she needs me to do. Wanting to see me is one but the needing the Alex Danvers is a whole new story.


"Alexandra, you're here," Mom said as soon she saw me, she hugged me and pinched my cheek, the usual things that she does, "I needed help with this one"

"Mom, you're writing again. The doctors advised you not to do exhausting works, right? What are you writing?"

Besides the fact that my mom's a doctor and has 6 Ph.D.'s, she's also into writing. Stuff generally not science but mysteries and solving crimes, she likes action movies and the most embarrassing story she told us was she auditioned for a role of stuntwoman when she was working on her first Ph.D. The company didn't hire her because she was overqualified and they didn't want to ruin her study.

She was sad about it but she gets on with life and she was friends with them. They let her be on set to see the stunts and she does her input for free.

"A new one. I'm still working on it. I need you to find me this location and describe it to me"

"But Mom---"

"Would you rather let me do this or you?"

"I hate when you do that," I said and looked at the pictures of the location she's asking me to. I sighed and sent the details to my e-mail, "You should've just called me, Mom"

She doesn't answer, I looked behind me and she's not there. I turned off the laptop and searched for her but I can't find her.

"Mom?" I called, I walked upstairs but she's not there, "Mom!" I was panicking, Mom's not in good shape. She's sick and she's alone because she prefers to be alone. We wanted her to go to us at National City but she doesn't want to. She was waiting for my Dad who barely comes home.

I ran downstairs and started calling her again until she answered.

"Alex, I'm outside!"

I went outside and saw that she was talking to another woman, probably the same height as mine. I walked toward them and hugged my mom.

"You scared me," I said and teared up, she wiped my tears and shush me, "Don't do that again"

"Aww, Alex. I'm sorry. I'm okay" I fixed myself and looked at the other woman, "Hi, I'm Alex Danvers. Eliza's my mom, and you are?" I offered my hand and she took it nicely.

"Samantha, you can call me Sam"

"Nice to meet you, Sam"

"You too, Alex. I heard so much about you from Dr. Danvers"

Mom cleared her throat and I furrowed my brows, I realized I haven't let go of Sam's hand. I apologized and she just smiled at me, I smiled too and looked at my mom for some explanation.

"Why don't we go inside and talk?"


"So, you're saying that Sam's gonna be the lead role of your story?!"

"Yes, Alex that's why she's here and I wanted you to meet to take her to the location and help her" I was confused if she's already an actress, why does she need my help?, "She's new, Alex. This is her first" oh. I was about to answer when my phone rings. I excuse myself and answered the call.

Nia calling...
A: Hey
N: Alex, we got a problem
A: Okay, relax. Tell me all about it
N: The actress bailed on the press con but her lawyer will be pressing charges if Kara and Lena wouldn't show up for the next 48 hours and make a public apology. Alex, this is a big star we're talking about. She's on the set of her upcoming movie. I'm sending you the location right now
A: Thanks, Nia. You can go home. I'll get back to you

I ended the call and mentally punched the two idiots. This is going to be bad. I wonder what Lilian told them and what did they tell Lilian. I went back and explained everything to my mom and apologized for the emergency.

I gave my number to Sam and she gave me hers so I can call her when I'd be doing my job for my mom.


24th St., 10th Avenue, National City

"Excuse me, do you know Elise Serene?" I asked the man who was still dreaming, bet he hadn't had enough sleep today. He pointed out toward someone who was kicking the heck out of two guys. "Thanks, go back to sleep"

I walked to where he pointed out and was stopped by the cameraman who seemed to be sleepy, too. How many takes does this scene have?

"Hello, sorry. I'm looking for Elise Serene" he boredly pointed to the same girl and I nodded, "Can I go there now?"



So, I waited for half an hour and waited for Elise Serene, Nia asked me to go to. She was an actress and I don't know why I went here. I wanted the issue to be done. The girl was great, she's got great skills, her hair, her face, her moves, not the height, tho.

She's good at what she does, what bothers me if she has those skills, why didn't she pick up a fight between Kara and Lena and ended up being hysterical and pressing charges against them? I don't understand actors' lives sometimes.

"Cut!" the director, I assumed called and praised someone I couldn't see but Elise Serene was suddenly out of the crowd and was walking toward where I was. Wow, this girl looks hot. Oh, my God. Why did I say that?

She's dripping with sweat and her tank top, her short and her props around her make her looked incredibly terrifying but beautiful. She looked so tough, so smart and, so beautiful I just couldn't keep my eyes on her.

"Your mom ever told you it's rude to stare at other people?"

"I'm sorry. I'm Alex and I want you to come with me" I said authoritatively but she just smirked and raised her left brow at me, she tilted her head and smiled that caught me off guard.

"Excuse me?" her dimples, her cute dimples were distracting me, "Maybe you've mistaken me for someone"

"No. I want you to come with me. Please, I just wanna talk. I mean, it's business"

She shook her head but she followed me to my car. I don't know what's happening but I looked at her and she's opened her palm and asking me for my keys.

"No. This is my car. Get in"

She obliged and I drove to where Nia and James were waiting. The woman was quiet, maybe exhausted from her stunts. She didn't ask questions and I didn't, too.

As soon as we get to the destination, Nia and James were exchanging glances as I introduced them to the woman.

"Nia, James, this is her. We can talk inside"

"Keys," the woman said and I gave my keys, "Next time, you ask for someone's name before taking them somewhere. Get in" she said and I got in the passenger's sear and Nia and James were shocked, too but I told them it's fine and I'll update them.

The woman drove so fast that I was holding onto my seat and feeling like I'm in a rollercoaster ride. I think my words were stuck in my throat and I haven't breathed normally.

We stopped by and I almost hit my head in front but she caught me.

"Thanks" she went out of the car and I did, too. She threw my keys at me and I remembered the place, it was where I went and took her with me without even knowing her name. This is the set of the movie.

"You can find her inside. Thanks for the ride, Alex. I'll see you around" she waved goodbye and I can see the sadness in her eyes.

"Hey, wait" I walked toward her, "I'm sorry. I really am"

"It's okay. You should really start asking questions first, you know?" I laughed softly and felt embarrassed.

"So, what's your name?"

"I'm Maggie. Maggie Sawyer, I'm the stuntwoman, not the actor. You can find her inside"

"Well, you should be proud of that" I was about to say more when she was called by the two guys I saw she was working with a while ago.

"I'll see you around, Danvers"

"Yeah. See you, Maggs"