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stray cats and meetings at night

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“It’s a cat.”

And indeed it was. Fighting back the urge to snap back with a sarcastic quip, Bakugou took a step back from the feline. Other than the oh-so-brilliant observation, it didn't seem like a threat. There was no reason to bother it, as long as it didn't bother them in return, things would be okay. Besides, it was just a cat.

Speaking of the cat, it took one glance at the two and went back to furrowing its head around the garbage bag. How cute.

“That’s great.” He was about to push his...friend along the way, when he noticed how Midoriya’s eyes never seemed to stray away from the cat. (Damn. He was referring to Deku as his FRIEND. He really was whipped, or something along those lines.) Besides, it was only a cat, probably a stray one. Nothing to be excited about.

“Hurry up, Deku. We’re not even supposed to be here.” And like always, he was right. It was near midnight, which meant leaving their dormitories was prohibited. If they were caught (again), then the consequences would be-

“Shhhhh!” Midoriya hushed, clamping a hand over his friend’s mouth. “You’re going to scare it!”

‘Ex-fucking-scuse me?’ He shot a glare at Midoriya, whilst shooting down the urge to rip the hand off his mouth. And who said he was going to scare it? Did Deku just assume the worst of him? Even he wasn’t that heartless.

Look, it was late. Despite how often these weekend night outings were, Bakugou cherished any extra second of sleep he could get. Also- his patience was beginning to wane. Pardon him if his attitude was beginning to sour over some random cat.

Sparing another glance to the feline, Bakugou observed how it seemed to be oddly calm around them. Strange. Stray cats typically bolted the first chance they get from unwelcome company. And this one was definitely a stray, getting an affirmative through all the definitions.

His thoughts were only confirmed further with a second scan of the environment. Its fur was mangy and so full of filth that Bakugou couldn’t discern the real color of it. (That shouldn't have been a surprise. The amount of dirt and grime in this alleyway was enough to make his skin crawl. And this cat seemed to have lived here for a long time, considering the makeshift 'nest' near the dumpster was near camouflaged with the ground.)

The tail was drooping downward in an odd position as if it were bent or broken. Hell, he hadn't even mentioned the state of said tail, but it was so discolored from the rest of the cat's body, making it look like it belonged to a different organism. And the paws-

The cat caught his gaze and Bakugou glanced away once again, physically turning away from it and taking another step back. “Let’s go, Deku.” He reminded once again.

“It’s looking at us!” Midoriya whispered in restrained giddiness, taking a moment to hold both hands over his heart. Keeping a focused gaze on the cat, he took a step forward and bent down to its level. “Come here, kitty.”

“Kitty?” Bakugou mouthed, shaking his head in disbelief at his friend's antics. This was unbelievable, even to his standards of putting up with Deku’s shit. They didn’t even have food for god’s sake! What, did this guy expect the cat to just waltz up in front of them without even a peace offering being given?

Almost on cue, the cat hissed at Deku and craned its lower half into the air, never taking its eyes off the now offending Midoriya. It shimmied its backside and exposed its fangs for all the world to see. It was clear that the 'kitty' was going to observe him first before acting, a tactic Bakugou almost appreciated.

“Wait! I’m not going to hurt you!” Midoriya held his hands up in mute surrender, a gesture that was meant to soothe the animal. Instead, the movement scared it.

The cat lunged forward to scratch at his knee before turning tail (literally) and bounding away, running past Bakugou and leaving dust in its trails.

"Dumbass," Bakugou called out, lending an outstretched hand to the bowed highschooler and pulling him up. "I can't believe you flat-out talked to the thing. Honestly, what were you expecting? The cat would magically be attracted to you?"

"Excuse yourself." Midoriya snapped back, albeit with a tiny smirk, signifying that he was only teasing. "And for the record, I was planning to take her-"

" 'Her'?" He echoed, taking the time to glance at the scratch on his friend's exposed knee, which was beginning to bleed. "You're not Snow White, idiot. And the school doesn't allow pets."

Ignoring Dekus claims that he 'wasn't going to take the cat to school, but to the nurse', he began to pull at the boy's collar to drag him away. From prior, similar encounters, Bakugou already knew that if he left this guy unattended, he would inevitably start searching for that cat. "C'mon. You need to wash the blood off. If you're infected by that thing, I'm going to laugh at you."

"And yet you're planning to tend to it, aren't you?" Catching the cocky smirk on his face, Bakugou tugged on his collar roughly, earning a laugh in the process. Damn nerd, growing so damn sly and confident over the years. It was a good look on him, but it was still annoying.

"You didn't deny it!" Midoriya teased, allowing himself to be pulled toward the school. "If you really don't want to do it, I can-"

"Shut up, you ass."

(In the end, they weren't caught by anyone, and the scratch didn't get infected. The movie they watched earlier was good and the graphics were top-notch.)


The second time they encountered the cat (which honestly, what were the chances for that?), they were returning from another midnight rendezvous a week after the first. Thinking about it now, Bakugou realized he never evaluated the logic between these night outings. It would be more reasonable to go out in the day, when more stores were open.

Speaking of which, since when have they developed this routine of meeting each other after hours? From what he can recall, it all started with Deku asking him to accompany him to the newest All Might movie, which he knew he was a big fan of. From there, the routine just...unspokenly evolved.

Taking a spare upward glance at Midoriya (the bastard managed to get an extra growth spurt, stooping him in height. Damn his One for All quirk.), Bakugou questioned what was developing between the two of them. These weekly outings have been going on for...five months now. Sure, they were friends now, but was it normal for friends to meet so often? It was only once a week since their schedules were typically jam-packed with other responsibilities, but it was still rather odd. Two years ago, Deku probably would have wanted anything but to be alone with him. And now what? He was willingly enjoying his company?

What the hell was Deku's angle here? Was this how friendship operated? Kirishima and the others ('The Bakusquad' his mind unhelpfully supplied, being far too influenced by Kaminari's repeated label of the group) met with him a multitude of times on one-on-one terms. But this development with Deku was different. But different how?

Meanwhile, while Bakugou was eyeing Deku, Midoriya was watching the cat. "Hi, kitty." He mumbled, searching the little lady for any signs of apprehension. "You're just a little lady, aren't you?" He cooed, stepping forward with hands of surrender. "I don't bite."

The cat stepped back, nearing the threshold between fleeing and attacking. Its territory and wellbeing were being threatened, so Bakugou couldn't really blame it. (Or her.)

"You're scaring it." Bakugou mocked, a line he remembered from last week.


"Whatever. And stop throwing chicken." And that part was also true. The feline ignored all offerings of food that was tossed at the ground around her. Said ground was disgusting, so Bakugou couldn't blame hee once again. He pulled at the hem of Midoriya's shirt, already predicting a repeat of last time, where the latter would have to be dragged away. "Stop bothering her."

Now watching the blond, who met her gaze and once again turned away and stepped back from the feline, the cat stridded in quick steps toward the boy, alarming both humans present.

They watched in stunned silence as she walked up in front of Bakugou, (ignoring his plea for her stop) (“I swear to all the holy gods in the universe if you take ONE MORE FUCKING STEP-”) and proceeded to nuzzle his leg.

“What the actual fuck," Bakugou swore again, but not daring to move. Any instinct or impulse he had of moving away from the thing dissipated.

"You've been chosen," Midoriya breathed in awe as they watched the cat toy with the shoelaces on the blond's shoes.

Although it was a rather heartfelt, adorable sight (even Bakugou could admit that), he had no idea what the hell he should do. Was this some kind of test? Was the cat testing his patience-to see how long it would take to break him?

He saw cats in the past- but this was a stray one. From what he knew, strays behaved much differently, given by the way this one scratched Deku last week. For all he knew, this cat was either born a stray or forced to become one.

Either way, what should have been his next course of action? Any and all prior movements have scared the feline and rendered her to go into the offense. The only thing Bakugou knew for sure was that the cuffs of his pants were probably dirty now, and the shoelaces weren't going to last long.

For the first time in a long time, Bakugou had no idea what to do.

"We should have left when we had the chance," Shooting a glare at Deku expectantly, he tugged on Deku's shirt once again. "How do I get her to stop?"

"You don't have to be afraid of her. I don't think she feels threatened by you, actually."

"That's not the point," Bakugou whispered fiercely, staring at his friend, trying not to make eye contact with the cat. "And I'm not afraid of her. How do I get her to leave?"

"Try stepping back. Don't kick her."

Like the many times he has done so already, Bakugou turned around and walked away from her, toward the direction of the dorms. Seeing as he wasn't feeling any additional weight on his leg or shoe, he assumed he left the cat back with-

"Kacchan, she's following you."

What the hell.

"Why?!" Bakugou all but snapped as he turned around to find the cat looking up at him. "What do you want? Food? I'm not going to hurt you, but-"


"No, you cannot interrupt me! I-"


Bakugou groaned and looked up to Deku, who was watching them with a weird look on his face. It was different from his fanatic, hero-frenzy since he didn't seem to be mumbling or anything of that sort. A weird, somewhat goofy smile was spread across his cheeks.

(Something stirred in his chest when he saw that smile, but he pushed it down.)

"And what are you looking at?" He growled loudly, gaining his friend's attention.

"Now look who's talking to her." Midoriya teased as he jogged up to him.. "Look, I think we should just walk back to the dorms. If she follows us, we'll bathe her and give her to Koda. He'll know what to do."

Bakugou let out a grunt in begrudging agreement. He didn't know much about Koda, but he was much easier to deal with than the other morons he called classmates.

(The fact that he was becoming tolerable friends with eighteen of those said classmates left him.) (And he didn't even have to mention who the nineteenth classmate was to write him off as not one of them.)

The cat was a nuisance at most, but this wasn't anything he couldn't handle.


"What the hell are you doing in there, you shitty nerd?!"

After ten minutes of hearing loud noises emanate from his bathroom, Bakugou finally had the peace of mind to barge in.

And the sight he was met with explained it all. Bottles of all hygiene supplies littered the floor. Some open ones left multicolored residue in every area of the small bathroom. (How the hell did they get body wash in the sink and shampoo on the ceiling?!) A multitude of items were toppled over, including the shower curtain.

And in the very center of the room was Midoriya, donning a wet t-shirt and a broom in hand.

"I'm trying to get her out of the corner, but she won't budge!" He answered, unaware of how Bakugou's temper was beginning to deteriorate.

Stepping to Deku's side, Bakugou peered to where Midoriya was pointing the broom, to where he could see the cat being prodded with a wooden end of it.

"What the absolute fuck are you doing?!" His temper flared as he slapped the broom out of the taller boy's hands. "You're scaring her, you piece of shit! And you tell me to be gentle, you freaking hypocrite!"

"I don't like doing this too!" Midoriya said in return, momentarily picking the broom up to set it against a wall. "But it's the only way. She hates it whenever I even come near her!"

"So? Did you think that you can just force her to take a bath? That's fucked up." Bakugou grabbed the broom and tossed it out of the bathroom door. After taking a moment to roll up his sleeves, he dragged Midoriya out of his bathroom as well. "Look. I'll take it from here. I want you-" Bakugou shoved a finger into his chest, "to wash and disinfect those scratches on your arms. Don't think I didn't see them."

Midoriya rolled his eyes. "Kacchan, it's fine. Besides, the bath will clean them."

"I will be damned if you use dirty bathwater to disinfect those. You've terrorized the cat enough."

Clicking his tongue, Midoriya dug the animal detergent he got from Koda out of his pocket. The blond accepted it rashly. "Fine. But you better be careful."

"I should be saying that to you, you dumbfuck." Bakugou retorted, eyeing the scratches once again. How in the everloving hell did he get a scratch on his cheek?

"What? Are you mad you won't be able to kiss me better?" Midoriya mocked, jutting his chin out to the smaller boy.

The amount of poise in that statement almost gave Bakugou whiplash. "I...what?" (He almost wanted to say that there was no way to 'better' Midoriya, but that would be implying the current Midoriya was the best one.)

"I guess I'll have to give you one, then." Midoriya continued, wiping his clammy hands on his pants before pecking Bakugou on the cheek before he could chicken out. "It's for the future. Since, y'know- the cat...and...yeah."

"That's not how those work, idiot," Bakugou said, clenching his jaw to stamp down the nerve-wracking jitters boiling in his gut. He looked up to stare at the scratch on Midoriya's cheek once again.

"Oh? Care to show me?" Midoriya smirked as he watched Bakugou bite down on his bottom lip. It was pretty amusing to see the blond so worked up. And was that a blush blooming on-

"Die." Bakugou barked out, before slamming the door between them.

He leaned against said door and waiting until he knew for certain that Midoriya has left his vicinity.

Damn that nerd for growing a spine after all this time. And what was that kiss thing all about? He had zero clue.

Opening his eyes to see his disaster of a bathroom, Bakugou looked down to see the cat had actually moved out of her hiding place but went scurrying back once she noticed him.

"No wonder you're terrified." He spoke aloud, walking slowly towards the cat, trying not to make any sudden, large movement. "I have no idea why you followed me to begin with."

"Meow." The cat responded, earning a huff of amusement from the boy.

"And you're pretty talkative, huh. I thought only kittens and home cats did that." While Bakugou was by no means an animal expert, he knew that cats didn't talk often, only doing so catch someone's attention. That's why kittens mewled so much.

Now looking at the cat closely, he was able to notice the smaller details about her. She was skinny, no use of beating around the bush about that. A few indents of her ribs were visible, and her stomach was digging into itself. She looked so fragile.

Her fur actually did have color behind all that dirt, and it probably would have been a clean white if it wasn't for said dirt He was going to have to research her species and breed in a bit.

Speaking of said fur, it was matted beyond belief. was looking kind of wet. And why was she quivering?

A quick glance at his bathtub showed that it was indeed, filled with water.

"Deku, I'm going to kill you," Bakugou promised under his breath as he got up to drain the bathtub. The guy even made the water ice-cold for god's sakes.

After fiddling with some knobs to make the shower nozzle spray warm water, Bakugou took a spare glance to the cat, realizing that he was rather blank for the next step. Now would have been a good time to display an intense knowledge about animal care, but he frankly had a bare minimum of it. He didn't wake up that morning thinking that he would have to be doing this at one am. Otherwise, he would have been prepared.

He only had two options, to bring the cat to the bath, bring the bath to the cat.

The first option didn't seem to go quite well when Deku was involved, but he really didn't feel like the idea of flooding his bathroom in the middle of the night.

With that being said, Bakugou had to try.

"C'mere." Bakugou mumbled scooting a bit backward so he wouldn't be too close to the cat in case he scared her. Lowering his outstretched hand to the point where the cat would be able to notice it, he waited.

After a handful of minutes, possibly eight, Bakugou felt something nudge his hand. He took a brief look at the cat to see that she was completely out of her corner seemed to be sniffing his hand.

After shaking a few numb limbs, Bakugou rolled up his sleeves once again and sat into a kneeling position. Using slow movements, he picked up the cat, noting how she was as light as a feather, and delicately set her down in the tub.

Thankfully, the cat didn't squirm at all, which was a surprise within itself. As she was placed into the tub, Bakugou got her settled in before running the shower nozzle at a slow, warm temperature.

It was a blessing the cat didn't hate water. She seemed to rather enjoy it, with the way she was leaning into the spray of water and Bakugou's fingers scrubbing out all the grime off her fur.

"Thanks for not being as much as a menace as you could have been," Bakugou said, now focusing on the paws of the cat. He was a first-hand witness to the cat's negative reactions. Via, scratches his friend donned. "Thank god you're not declawed, though."

"Hey Kacchan," Bakugou turned his head to glance at Deku, who appeared leaning against the door frame. "Did you manage to get her out?"

"Get the hell out before she notices you." He warned, turning his attention back to the cat. Before Deku could interrupt him, which Bakugou knew he was going to do, he continued, "Grab me a fur comb and some scissors stat. Her fur is congealed at this point."

"On it."

After Midoriya came back with said supplies, which were obtained from a drowsy Koda, he watched Bakugou from the doorway. At first, he stayed there in case he ever had to intervene between the two but then realized said case was probably never going to happen.

Instead, Midoriya stayed and watched Bakugou talk to the cat, similar to a squabbling parent. Bakugou didn't seem to notice, which explains why he was freely chatting with her, making small promises of feeding her as soon as possible and keeping her clean in the future.

"Shoot me. Do you have ticks? Or are these fleas?" Examining the fur, he noticed some spots of blood. "You better not be anemic, or I swear I will feed you so much iron that you will be like Shitty-Hair."

After a few more snips and washes, Bakugou turned off the water and got up to get some towels when he noticed Deku behind him.

"The hell are you still doing here?" Bakugou scolded, furrowing his eyebrows, "Go to sleep, dipshit. You have an apprentice meeting tomorrow."

"And leave you two alone? Never." Midoriya shoved a load of t-shirts into his arms. "You can use these as towels."


After a few minutes of patting the cat dry, and taking the time to serve her some canned tuna, they were finally done.

Now that she was clean (and smelling much better to boot), she was pretty adorable. Despite being rail-thin, she moved with a sense of elegance and caution, but Midoriya noticed how she dropped her hesitance around Bakugou.

"I think she likes you." He said, noting how the cat leaned into Bakugou's hand after finishing her tuna.

Bakugou waved off his comment. "As if. The cat just hates you."

"I know. But what I said is true." They watched the cat wander around Bakugou's room. "Also, I think we should stop calling her 'the cat'. How about a name? I was thinking-"

"You thought wrong," he cut off, now lying on his bed. "We're not naming her. I don't think the school even allows pets, besides Koda. She's not even ours, let alone yours."

"Oh c'mon, Kacchan." Midoriya joined him on the bed, sitting near his head. "We're not going to get attached to her or anything, much less keep her. This is just for convenience, really."

(Bakugou unknowingly scooted back to have Deku sit near him. Perhaps it was the dim lighting of the room or the close proximity, but this conversation felt oddly...intimate.)

"You gave names to your rock collection. And you had nearly seventy of them." Bakugou reminded, flicking him in the arm. "And cried whenever you lost one."

"Of course you would remember something from ten years ago." Midoriya shook his head and glanced at his friend's face. Said friend was beginning to look tired. How cute. "You always found them for me, though."

"Whatever. I'm exhausted." Letting out a yawn to prove it, Bakugou pushed some hair out of his face. "Go to sleep. And take the cat with you, if you want."

"Nah. She's already asleep." And indeed she was, having nestled near Bakugou's chest. "And we should really name her. I don't like calling her 'the cat'."

"Deku. No."

"Seriously. We-"

"Deku, we are not naming the cat. End of story."

"Fine. Night." Bakugou felt something touch his forehead but brushed it off as nothing.


(The amount of cat hair left in his bathtub was a nightmare to deal with in the morning and they would have to find a litter box for the little demon. Stat.)


"Satsu is what?!"

"Well, that explains why she talks so much." And why Koda was never able to understand her.

"Deaf cats are never quite able to recognize when and where they use their voice, which is why they are so verbal." The veterinarian explained, humming as she watched the blond stroke scratches on the lower vertebrae of Satsu's back. She was purring rather loudly. "This is also why Koda wasn't able to communicate with her, as deaf cats aren't often able to recognize commands unless domesticated and mouthed. Other than her disability, Satsu only requires a few vaccines and she'll be a healthy, deaf cat. Are you planning to declaw her?"

Deku nodded along at her instructions, before shaking his head vigorously at the mention of their cat being declawed.

"God, no," Bakugou said, crossing his arms and bringing Satsu closer him. "If you're going to recommend it to us, I hope you know it's a hard pass."

The veterinarian smiled and took a sip of her coffee. "Good answer. I take it you both have done your research?"

They both nodded. After the first day of hiding the cat in their dorms, Midoriya and Bakugou both automatically did their research. They’ve scoured all animal and pet book sections in a mile radius, as well as questioned any and all pet owners they’ve met.

(Midoriya's searches included 'how to get a cat to like you', while Bakugou questioned 'cat body language' and 'what does it mean when you and your friend own and hide a cat together?'.)

"Excuse me, but what should we do for the ticks? And the diet?" Midoriya asked, polite as ever.

"Comb and wash them out as often as possible. Her diet seems to be fine for a malnourished cat, but I would recommend smaller portions, yet more throughout the day. Her stomach seems to be more distended than plump."

After a few more rounds of question and answer, the two bid farewell to the veterinarian and Midoriya carried Satsu in his duffel bag. It was one of the only ways she willingly interacted with him. Also, it was a brilliant method of keeping her hidden. The only one other than them who knew of her existence was Koda, and he was sworn to silence.

Speaking of which, they were both rather thankful that Koda had a family friend that was happily able to assist them. The costs for a real veterinarian visit would have been far too expensive for both of them.

"I guess this explains why she doesn’t notice us talking to her, or why she isn't afraid of loud noises."

"Yeah, no kidding." Bakugou was surprised he didn't notice sooner. It's been a solid week of hiding her around their rooms 24/7, and they weren't able to notice even that.

"I still can't believe you named our cat Satsu, of all things."

In the end, it was Bakugou who named their cat, and Midoriya couldn't argue against it, especially after discovering the origin of said name. Typical Kacchan.

"What about it? It's fine to me. And you’re the one who told me to stop calling her ‘the cat’. You're just pissy that you didn't get the chance to name her."

“I’m more concerned with how you literally nicknamed our cat ‘murder’.”

Speaking of which, since when have they started calling her 'their cat' or 'our cat'? Perhaps it all started when they brought her to the dorms, but it didn't explain how it all evolved into something more.

Ever since they found Satsu, they underwent the mission of making it certain no one knew she existed. After a quick check, Midoriya discovered pets weren’t allowed on school grounds, unless the use of animalistic accomplices was related to their studies or quirks. It was a miracle none of their classmates noticed their unorthodox leaves during conversations and strange absences. Satsu proved to be a rather quiet creature when unbothered, yet she was the opposite of taciturn when troubled.

And they have yet to come up with a plan for the future, after all the health stuff was over and done with. Returning her where she came from was out of the question, yet Bakugou didn’t want to give her away to some adoption center. Despite knowing little about said centers (a detail which urged him to improve his knowledge in said field), he didn’t trust them.

Perhaps they could ask around and see if anyone would be willing to adopt her? But they would have to choose carefully, to find the right owner and make all decisions certain. Hanging up flyers was also out of the question since that would practically be a gateway for someone they knew discovering their secret pet.

“She’s going to be renamed in the future by her next owners. Her name is temporary.” Bakugou said, jabbing Deku in the arm with an elbow to gain his attention. “So don’t be too concerned over it, you nerd.”

The prodding effect he was implying seemed to have done its toll on the other, as he glanced down at the duffel bag with a forlorn expression. “Right. We’re not her owners,” he mumbled, before picking up his face to make an all too-bright smile at his companion. “This is just temporary.”

Bakugou studied him for a second, before deepening his usual frown. “Wasn’t that the plan? And why do you look so fucking miserable right now?”

Midoriya stopped walking and paused, taking a moment to gnaw on his bottom lip. “I mean…” Midoriya said, handing Bakugou the duffel bag as if that was an answer in itself. “Don’t you like her?

Almost by cue, Satsu's head popped out of the bag and chimed into the conversation. As she wiggled to get out of said bag, Midoriya set it down and, in a rapid speed, lifted her into Bakugou's arms, who was now carrying her like a newborn.

"Asshat," He hissed at him, maneuvering his arms in a way to prevent the Satsu from falling. He huffed as Satsu pawed at his jaw and rubbed her head against his cheek.

Admittedly, the thought has always clawed at the back of his mind, pun not intended. While Satsu was at first a hindrance, it wouldn't have been so bad if she became a permanent fixture in their life. Food and shelter weren't at all an issue- but having time to take care of her was a definite one.

Bakugou recoiled as she began licking his cheek, and once again wondered why they were giving her away.

"See? She adores you." Midoriya added after watching the two for a few seconds, listening to Satsu purr soundly. He took a step forward to scratch at Satsu's back, specifically, the last vertebrae between her back and tail. "You can't tell me you want this to be temporary."

"Deku. We're not allowed." He reminded, looking up at him, unimpressed. "We would have to hide her constantly. And I know that you failed an exam for her this week. Not to mention the dorms-"

"Our classmates will be fine with it!" Midoriya interrupted, stepping closer to shake at Bakugou's shoulders, dropping the empty duffel bag on the street floor. "They're fine with Koda's pets. And they'll all keep it a secret!"

"Do you really think those dumbasses will be able to keep their stupid mouths shut about it?" He sneered, kicking at Midoriya's left shin. "Isn't Four-Eyes a stickler for rules?"

The fact they had to hide her away was an issue in itself, as it distracted them from their other responsibilities. Sure, including their entire class in this pet project would make everything more convenient, but it would only lessen the problem, not fully eliminate it.

"Iida will understand, " Midoriya said, ignoring how Bakugou raised his eyebrow at the claim. "C'mon. Think about it for a sec."

"I am, dipshit." He absently caressed their cat's fur, rubbing it between his fingers and picking out the occasional tick or two. The white hair was soft to the touch. "And hell, Satsu's deaf. We're gonna have to find a way around that. Not to mention teaching her to adapt to everyone-"

"She learned how to use the litter box just fine!"

"This isn't like teaching a cat where to take a shit, Deku!" Bakugou stamped his foot on the ground, nearly crushing the bag. Regardless of the noise, Satsu didn't seem to mind. "This is actual people. And she's a stray!"

"Not anymore!" Using a hand to pick up the blond's chin, he looked him in the eye, allowing Bakugou to note how the pupils were a bit blown out. Now certain he was listening, Midoriya continued, "Kacchan, aren't you tired of meeting at night?"

What the fuck.

"What in the hell are you talking abo-"

"Don't you want to tell everyone about her? About us?"

What the absolute-

Right as he was about to nod, Satsu yowled, finding the experience of being squished to be unpleasant.

Bakugou's breath hitched after realizing their close proximity. Taking a step back, he placed Satsu on the floor, to which she jumped down to gracefully. They both watched the feline stroll back towards the blond, weaving between his legs. Bakugou couldn't complain, especially since she was warm furnace against the incoming winter winds.

(He was almost able to count every freckle on his cheeks. Why the hell was his heart speeding up like this and why did his palms suddenly feel so clammy? He was almost shaking like a leaf in the wind, and he didn't even know if it was because of the cold or not. His face felt warm, and he couldn't bring himself to look Deku in the eye. What the fuck was happening?)

"I really think we can do this." Deku began, kneeling down to her level, earning a hiss. "We've done fine so far."

Yeah, thus far.

"We've only had her for...barely two weeks. This is an actual living creature, not like your damn rock collection." This elected a chuckle from his friend. "And you've heard the lady-"


"We're hardly qualified! We've only scratched the fucking surface! And did you actually forget that we still need to modify her diet and get her vaccinated?"

"I know," Midoriya said, getting up after a few failed scratches. "I don't know what'll happen in the future. I'm pretty sure she's anemic too." He picked up the crushed duffel bag, which Bakugou took as a sign to start walking again. "But I really believe we can do it. C'mon! What's the worst that can happen?"

Many things were the answer. Many things could and can happen. But despite this fact, he took a spare glance to Satsu, who was dutifully following them and he wondered why she has yet to run off at this point. She hasn't attempted to run off at any point during the past few weeks (other than when Deku handled her, but that's beside the point).

When Satsu noticed his glance, she scurried up to him and began to mewl once again. And he imagined a day where he didn't find her sitting on top of his laundry, and didn't hear her mewl in excitement when he appeared. A day where there was no more cat fur to be cleaned by the dozens of lint rollers both he and Midoriya had to invest in.

All attempts to argue left his brain.

"We're not changing the name," Bakugou said, so low that Midoriya would have missed it if he wasn't paying attention. "And we're not telling the others until she's vaccinated. You're lucky she's never bitten you yet."

"Wait...seriously?" He questioned, right as they approached the gateway to their dorms.

"Fuck off." He caught the giddy look in his friend's eyes. "And when she does meet everyone, you better not slack off even more. She's our cat, dipshit."

"Our cat?" They put Satsu in her bag and hiked up to their awaiting friends.

"Our cat. And we're getting more litter boxes."

(Bakugou knew for a fact that more troubles would arise in the future, especially now that their feline-friend was soon going to be interacting with the rest of their classmates. But after a night of Satsu once again curled up in his arms and Deku checking up on them at ass o’clock at night, he knew they would all be worth it.)


"You've been hiding a cat for the past two weeks, and you're only telling me now? I thought we were friends!"

"Speak any louder and I'm retracting that last part."

Kirishima watched in awe as Bakugou scratched the top of Satsu's head. "Quit staring. You look like an idiot."

"I still can't believe it. You own a cat." Taking a moment to examine the room that has been heavily guarded for the past three weeks, Kirishima noted the supply of lint-rollers occupying one of the corners. "I mean, you do seem like a cat person, but-"

"The fuck is that supposed to mean?"

Shitty Hair laughed out loud as if amused by his comment. Stupid moron. "And you've been doing this with Midoriya?"

"Deku's the one who roped me into all this. I'll be damned if I let him run off without doing jack shit."

After a few minutes, and quite a few rounds of questioning, Satsu finally moved out of Bakugou's lap and climbed over to Kirishima, who she inspected in apprehension.

"Nice kitty." Rolling his eyes at his friend's cooing, Bakugou yawned and stretched before lying down on his bed. In an hour or two, Deku was going to come by and ask him for a spar, then say goodnight to both him and Satsu. "Good kitty. Best kitty. Itty-bitty little kitty cat. "

(Really, Bakugou was surprised he lasted that long. Satsu actively despised Deku and yet her she was, lapping at the attention. Even Satsu couldn't resist Kirishima's charm.)

After another round of minutes, Kirishima spoke out of his soft-spoken spiel. "So when are you planning to tell everyone?"

"In a week or two. You better not say crap 'till then."

"Woah there, Blasty." He held his hands up in surrender, which Satsu pawed at. "That's your guys business. Not mine."

This was one of the reasons why Kirishima was one of the more tolerable people he knew. There were times when he was an absolute frickin idiot- but he made up for it by being a friendly, cooperative idiot. Moments such as these where they both said nothing yet coexisted were enjoyable.

"I guess you and Midoriya finally talked things out?"

Bakugou yawned again and felt the dip of his bed flex underneath his friend's weight. "Yeah. Also, she's not fully vaccinated yet. So don't blame me for getting bit."

"That's good progress. Ashido's getting tired of watching you both flirt around each other."

A solid minute passed by before Bakugou was able to understand that sentence to its entirety. He widened his eyes and sat up, no longer tired."Ex-fuckin-scuse me?!"

"Yeah. It really puts into perspective how many things can be solved if you just talked them out." Kirishima continued, smiling at Bakugou, unknowing of the damage he caused. "You don't have to be worried. Everyone in our class is okay with it. And you don't have to say anything if you don't want to, honest."

And what exactly was 'it'?! (Freaking, be more specific, Shit for Brains.) And while Bakugou acknowledged and appreciated the gentle approach, what he needed right now was an explanation, not some heart-to-heart discussion.

To his relief, Kirishima continued. "I was starting to think that you didn't understand, or that you were ignoring him." Stroking the cat, he glanced at his friend and flashed a bright grin. "About time one of you made a move."

"Right." Bakugou echoed, nodding dumbly. "I understand all right." He was going to have a conversation with Deku about this later on. Preferably soon.

"So which one of you guys popped the question? There's this betting pool between the class and I bet against-"

"Get out of my room before I kill you, Shitty Hair."

"Woah! Back with the death threats? I-"

"Grab a lint roller when you get out. You're freaking covered in white fur."

(In the end, Satsu never bit Kirishima. And if she did, well then good riddance.)


"Kacchan! Satsu!" Midoriya beamed as he entered the former's room. "Wh-"

"We need to talk." Bakugou interrupted, cutting into the chase. He set Satsu down on his desk chair and crossed his arms. This was going to be quick and easy. Like pulling off a band-aid.

Pausing to take in the sudden apprehensive look on the blond's face, Midoriya's face contorted into one of worry. "Is...everything okay?" He asked, speaking gently. "What's up?" While he was often ill-equipped, Midoriya would be damned if he ever let Kacchan go unheard.

"Do you wanna know what Shitty Hair told me today?" Bakugou spoke equally as slowly, jutting out his chin.

"Kirishima? What happe-"

"He, and apparently the rest of our class of dumbasses-" Bakugou tutted, "knew we were hiding something."

Now that was anticlimactic, in Midoriya's opinion. But Bakugou continued, "He said something about one of us making a move and that we shouldn't be worried about crap, and how we had to pop a question or something."

Bakugou didn’t seem to notice Midoriya's stunned silence. "Did you catch any of that? I can't believe Shit for Brains actually caught wind of it all. It's almost a given that the teacher knows too."

"Oh my god, Kacchan." Midoriya pinched the bridge between his eyes.

"I know, right? Fucking hell, we should-"

"There's no way you're this stupid." Ignoring Kacchan's bark of protest, Midoriya had to gather the strength within him to not burst into hysterical laughter. And even with that, he had to let out a chortle.

This guy, his childhood friend and enemy, was a dense idiot. Then again, perhaps it was his own fault for not being straightforward and all, but still.

God, they were both so bad with this, weren’t they?

"Kacchan," Midoriya started, putting his hand down and inviting himself to sit on the corner of the former's bed. "They weren't talking about Satsu."

"Then what in the fuck were they?" He didn't like the look Midoriya was wearing. While the newfound smugness was there, it was also mixed with disbelief, making it clear that Bakugou misunderstood something. (An uncommon occurrence.) "And why are you laughing?"

"Holy heck." Midoriya breathed, wanting to laugh again but also hit Bakugou on the side of his head. He looked so cute all confused and angry. And he was angry all the time, but the confusion only heightened it. "Kacchan, I swear, you're going to kill someone once you realize it."

"More like I'm going to kill you." The nerd looked jittery now, which was strange. A second ago he seemed to be fine, but perhaps it was more nervous laughter than anything. "What is it already? Spit it out, shit nerd."

The nerves were finally taking their toll on him, and by the look on Kacchans face, it showed. "They were talking about us. How...we're always together. And stuff."

Midoriya risked a glance up to Bakugou's face, whos eyebrows were furrowed and eyes on Satsu. But it was clear he was listening, as his attention couldn't have been anywhere else. "Kacchan. We're taking care of a cat together."

"So?" He brushed off roughly, squeezing his arms even tighter. "What exactly are you implying?"

The same thing he’s been implying for months now. "We go out once a week every night, alone together. And while this can be excused as strictly platonic behavior, that's not what this is."

"What the absolute fuck, Deku. What are-"

He knew he should have talked these things out with him much sooner. "It means that I've been flirting with you for nearly half a year, and you seem to have never noticed." Midoriya finished, keeping in the stutter that threatened to screw up his words.

Kacchan didn’t seem to notice, a sight that was beginning to look uncommon. He opened his mouth to retaliate, before screwing it back shut in distress. His hands were clenching and unclenching, a habit that Midoriya had long since identified as a nervous little habit that proved unchanging. And the faint tint of pink that was spreading from the blond’s cheeks to his ears was going to always be endearing, to his delight.

“I get it if you don’t reciprocate.” he laughed, getting up to stand close to him, whilst the latter seemed to take a step back. Deku licked his lips and flexed his fingers, a movement that Bakugou also began to notice as a bad habit. “I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Goodnight Satsu.”

He turned to Satsu to deliver a quick nod, before doing the same to Bakugou. “Goodnight, Kacchan.” The smile on his face tightened once their eyes met, another habit that Bakugou noticed a long time ago.

Just as he was about to turn away, Bakugou launched into action, grasping a hand on the back of his shirt to pull him forward and face him once again. “Don’t go making decisions without me, you shit nerd!” He jammed a finger into Deku’s chest. “What made you ever fucking think that anyway?!”

Other than how it took Kacchan almost seven months to get even a hint of his feelings? Quite a bit. But other than that…

“I take it that you like me too?” he said instead, raising his hands in surrender. Despite the risk of an explosion with his name on it, Midoriya couldn’t help the fanatic grin stretching across his face.

“Hah! You wish!” Bakugou scoffed, kicking at Deku’s shin. “And the hell’s with that stupid look on your face? It’s gross.”

“Hey, Kacchan?” Midoriya dropped the smile, his tone suddenly dropping, "Guess what?”

Bakugou frowned, now concerned. He leaned forward to further look at him. "What?”

“I like you.”

Midoriya picked up his grin and began poking blonds cheek. "I like your eyes and hair and your way of caring for-"

"Shut the hell up, you cheesy fuck!" Bakugou tried to clamp a hand above Midoriya's mouth, but he dodged and persisted.

"And I like your mother hen thing you do with everyone and how you cook for us when we ask and when you're excited you grin so wide that you look murderous and-"

"Deku, shut your trap. Please." He groaned, nearing the threshold between exasperated and embarrassed.

Midoriya beamed. "Make me."

With that, Bakugou paused. After a quick moment to gather all his wits, he looked back up to Midoriya. "You do realize how absolutely fucking cliche that sounds, right?"

"Says the person who was so dense that they couldn't…oh my god." The hysterical giggles once again came to an abrupt stop.

And the way Deku widened his eyes would have been comical if it wasn't so distracting. Bakugou almost questioned what was wrong before hearing the familiar loud, scratchy purrs of their cat. A quick glance to the floor confirmed his suspicions. Satsu, in all her white-furred glory, was circling Deku's legs in a way to gain his attention.

"It's about damn time." He huffed, walking over to where Deku previously sat, to which Deku joined him on the bed. After wiping his palms on the comforter, Bakugou patted his lap. The movement alerted Satsu to join them on the bed, and soon she was snuggled between them.

"She finally likes me." Deku breathed, still in astonished glee as he brushed a hand on the underside of her ear. "Oh my god."

"Only took a whole month." Bakugou fought back, before scooping Satsu into his arms to hold her close. "And she liked me first, dipshit. Don't go thinking you're her favorite now.


"That's right. See? Even she agrees with me."

Midoriya looked at Bakugou with that same goofy, weird-looking face he had for so long. Something about the way Kacchan was holding their cat made a weird, heartwarming sensation spread across his chest in a flurry of light. "Can I kiss you?"

Bakugou froze, before looking down at the cat cradled in his arms. Trust Deku to take the noble, chivalrous approach. "Be quick about it."

He smiled at the biting response before leaning forward to rub a thumb over the other's lips. He leaned in close. "As you wish, Kacchan."

The first kiss was short and sweet, with both parties not knowing where to put their hands or when to stop or when to even breathe. Unsurprising, really. Midoriya's hands lingered on Bakugou's chin whilst the latter stroked the cat's lower back.

But really, even though it lasted thirty seconds tops, the excitement spurring inside them was contagious, as Midoriya dropped the other's chin. His fingers pinched the back of Kacchan's neck before scratching a trail to the back of his head, grasping the honey blond strands to tug gently.

And just about when Bakugou was about to wring his arms around Deku's neck to pull him closer, he abruptly pushed him away.

"Shit, hold up." Bakugou gasped, voice hoarse and breathy. It took a moment to open his eyes, which he couldn't recall ever shutting tight. He pushed Midoriya away and ducked his head down once again.

After a few moments, Midoriya finally tore open his eyes and he watched Bakugou cover his mouth with a hand. That also tore him out of his daze. "Are you okay? What's wrong?"

After a couple of seconds of confused silence, a yawn broke it, and Satsu pawed at the sudden opening of Bakugou's mouth, her own noises unknowingly joining the fray. And Midoriya couldn't help but join her.

"Oh my god...Kacchan-"

"Stop freaking laughing!"

"I can't believe you!" Midoriya snorted, covering his mouth. "We finally kiss and you-"

"It's ten-fucking-pm! For fuck's sake- don't you dare freaking forget-"

"Trust me, I'm not gonna let any of us forget about this for the rest of our lives."

Bakugou threw a stray pencil in his direction and laid down in his bed. The day was late, but the atmosphere in the room sure wasn't. But if the yawn proved otherwise, he was officially done for the day. Satsu crawled out of his lap and went to Midoriya's side. "Fuck off. It's late, and I want to sleep. We'll talk about this in the morning.

Midoroya stood up and soon yawned in return, (What could he say? Yawns are contagious.) "All right. Night Kacchan." He dipped a knee into the bed to peck at the corner of his lips. "Night Satsu."

As he left the room, he grabbed a lint roller to take with him. Was Satsu shedding? There was a prominent amount of fur this week. Either way, Bakugou went to sleep that night with Satsu on his chest, wondering what in the hell he got himself into. If he brushed a hand over his lips while wondering, only their cat knew about it.

(After that, every night ended with a goodnight kiss. And if Satsu became included in that little night ritual, it certainly didn't take away from the experience.)

(And if each of their classmates slipped five thousand yen into the awaiting palms of one Todoroki Shouto, that was a story for another day. What they were now tasked with was a higher priority, seeing as how Satsu scratched Ojiros tail after chasing it for hours, and how she almost followed Bakugou to class.)