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2 Dick Dan

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It was no big deal, really. So he'd walked in on Ross peeing. So what? He should have locked the damned door so it's not like it was Dan's fault that he walked in and it was no big deal anyway it's just a thing that happened. He'd just act like it was no big deal and so would Ross. And there was noone else in the office to annoy them about it.
Dan stated at the closed door again from the safety of the beanbag.
Ok so maybe it was a bit of a deal. But not the walking in. It was what Ross was doing. Well peeing not a big deal but it is when you're peeing with two dicks at the same time.
Not that it was any of Dan's business. Not really.
Not until he saw Ross's face. So red. Somewhere between ashamed and terrified. Dan was sure he looked the same. He tried to look normal. Not that it was working, but he tried and that's what mattered.
"So... Uhhh..." Dan began carefully.
"Sorry. I thought the door was locked. It's not big deal, right?" Ross said as casually as he could. Dan could feel his heart breaking.
"Yeah but uh..." He struggled to find the right words, instead indicating Ross's general crotch region. He could tell that this was a great move, as Ross immediately became more embarrassed.
"You saw that? Oh. Well, yeah. It's weird. It's natural, just rare. I'm fine with it but could you uh.... Not tell anyone? It'd be weird if everyone knew."
"Look, Ross, I'm not -"
"I know they wouldn't be major assholes about it but it's still private stuff"
"Ross I- "
"Please just keep it on the DL ok?"
"Fucking..." Dan unzipped and reached into his pants.
Ross covered his eyes. "Dude don't d club on me. I don't need to see yours just cause you saw mine"
"Ross, look at me"
Slowly, very slowly, Ross looked at Dan's crotch. He gasped when he saw them. Dan's two dicks. He stared without speaking for so long that Dan started to regret whipping them out.
"You're... The same as me? One goes up and one goes down?"
"I guess we're not the same then. Mine goes one left and one right"
Ross nodded, still not taking how eyes off Dan's dicks. "Can you like... Extend it?"
"Yeah." Dan smiled "And I can pick stuff up with it!"
They shared a look. Their eyes locking. It was Ross that broke the silence.
"Wouldn't it be funny?"
"If we like.... picked each others dicks up."
It was Dan's turn to stare now. The air was heavy, like this moment was the most intensely important and fragile thing he would ever experience.
"Yeah. Yeah that'd be... We could do that."
The moment was broken by their removal of pants, both electing to keep their shirts on. When they regrouped they both seemed to be waiting for the other to move. After a bit more admiration, Ross looked shyly away.
It was Dan that broke the silence. "So" he said in the most normal voice he could manage. "How did you imagine us doing this?"
Ross shrugged. "Dunno. Maybe just... Both lower down and grab each other?"
"We'd need to be closer..." Dan started. They were normal conversation distance apart but Ross changed that quick, standing close enough to be almost rubbing his chest against Dan's. He breathed in sharply.
"D-do you wanna go down first?" Ross asked
"You go down first. I'm bigger. It'll be easier for me to pick you up."
Ross concerntrated and, slowly, relaxed enough to let his dicks drop down to the floor. He looked up at Dan, voice breathy. "Now you go down on me"
A laugh burst out of Dan and took all the tension of the moment away. Ross was laughing too, blushing like he'd only just realised what he'd said. Dan gathered his composure and descended his dicks. They touched. He watched Ross' blush get deeper.
They were both half hard, Dan noticed. It was fine. It was easier to pick things up with a semi that it was without one. He thought, ignoring the implications of being turned on during this. He shuffled to adjust his position, took a shakey breath, and went for it.
It worked. He picked up Ross' dicks with his dicks. He pulled himself back up, and so did Ross. Then they were just there. Touching dicks. Mission accomplished.
"This actually feels really good." Said Ross. "It's dumb but it feel like. Nice. Emotionally nice too"
"Like we've finally found someone we feel normal with?"
"Yeah." Ross gave out a little moan, and before they knew it their hands were all over each other, touching and rubbing and kissing until they both came.

"Well, that was weird as fuck." Said Ross after they finished.
"Totally" Dan agreed. "Can we do it again sometime?"
Ross laughed. "I guess that makes us the 2d club."
"God let's not tell Arin. He'll never stop trying to join"