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Gargoyles: Daughter of two worlds

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Snow falls over Manhatten. At the clocktower, the trio are getting ready to go to the movies. 


“Going to the movies, Hudson. Want to come along?” Broadway asked. 


“Thank you, lads, but no,” He replied, “Why go to out in the snow to see something that will be on cable soon enough. Besides, someone had to stay here and guard our home.”


Brooklyn chuckles, “Hudson, we live above a police station. What could happen?”


“You know the old saying, “A gargoyle can no more stop protecting the castle…” 


“Than breathing the air,” The trio and Athena finished. 


As they walked out of the clock tower towards the terrace, Lexington said, “We don’t live in a catle anymore.” Lexington spots Elisa as she walked in, “Bye, Elisa!”


“Bye, Elisa!” Brooklyn said before he flew out into the snowy weather. 


“Do we have time to eat before the show?” Broadway asked before he and Lexington flew out. 


“Whoo! Nasty out there,” Elisa said before asking, “So, how you guys surviving this cold?” 


“Cold does not brother us,” Goliath answered from his spot looking out throught one of the four clocks. 


“Maybe not, but something is,” She replied. 


“Is it not time to go on duty?” Goliath asked, turning away from her. 


“Yeah, I guess it’s time for me and Athena to do the ole Pprotect and Serve’,” Elisa said. 


“Protect?” He asked, turning to Athena and Elisa, “And serve?” 


“The police motto, “Elisa exalpined, “it’s what we live for.”


“Protect whom? And serve how?” Goliath asked as he landed in front of them. 


“The good and honest people of the city, Father,” Athena answered, “We protect and serve them. And we do it for each other. Just like gargoyles.”


“You mean the police,” He surmised, “Your clan, and my daughter’s other clan.”


“Right. Our Clan,” Elisa agreed, “Who will disown me and Athena if we’re late to work.”


“I’ll go with you. Perhaps I can learn something from this,” Goliath offered. 


“Sure,” She allowed, “Why not? My car is big. I’m sure my partner won’t even notice you.”

Athena followed Matt and Elisa in her car while her father followed them from up above. In one of the rougher districts of Manhattan, Elisa, Matt, and Athena parked across the street from a local grocery store.  


“Come on, Matt, what’s up?” Elisa asked. 


“Nothing. I know the guy who owns this place,” He replied, “He’s been robbed three times this month alone. He’s a tough old bird. Born and raised her. He won’t let street sum drive him out. I just wish we could protect him better. Coming?”


“Go ahead. I’ve got some thinking to do,” Elisa replied. 


“I’m gonna stay here and keep her company,” Athena said. 


“What? Afraid your brain will overheat if you come in out of the cold?” Matt walks across the street and goes into the store. 


“Father?” Athena spoke into the com on her jacket collar. Goliath landed on a small rooftop overlooking the grocery store, “Pretty cool, huh? State of the art. We don’t even need to talk loud. This thing picks up everything.” 


“Yes, a most amazing device,” Goliath agreed, “I can hear you perfectly. Why does that man keep his shop open? He could be robbed again. Why does he not leave?


“This is a dying neighborhood, Goliath. The big markets won’t come here. If he closes this store, people will have no place to buy food. That’s more important to him than hiding in his own castle,” Elisa explained. 


“His… community needs him,” He realized. 


“To survive.”


Suddenly, the police radio goes off, “All units. Code 3 to Times Square!”


“Matt!” Elisa called. Matt ran out of the shop and got back in Elisa’s car as Athena got back in her’s before taking off to Times Square.”

Arriving at Times Square, Matt, Elisa, and Athena saw the large mass of cop cars in the area. A bus was currently laying on its side with firemen helping to get people out. At least three fire hydrants were broken, and about five electrical poles were laying on the ground.


“Morgan, what’s happening?” Elisa asked. 


“You got me. Whatever it is, it’s big and it’s mad,” He replied. 


Matt, Elisa, and Athena took cover behind the bus before running out and aiming their guns at the suspect. 


“Police! Freeze!” Matt yelled. 


“You’re under arrest!” Elisa added. 


“Keep your hands where we can see them!” Athena added. 


The suspect then picked up a car and prepared to throw it at them. Matt, Elisa, and Athena fired at it, but their bullets ricocheted. Aa the three ran away, Goliath glided down and tackled the suspect. Matt, Elisa, and Athena dived as the car flew at and nearly missed them. Goliath was then thrown back and hits the bus. 


“Goliath, what is that?” Elisa asked. 


Police lights when there shined on the suspects, showing a living gargoyle mixed with robotics. A gargoyle that Athena had known as an uncle. 


“It is an abomination,” He answered. 


“Rookery brother? You betrayed us!” Uncle aimed a laser at Goliath, Elisa, and Athena before firing at them. Goliath grabbed Athena and Elisa and got them out of the way. Goliath goes to attack the other gargoyle, who fires the laser causing debris to fall. 


“Goliath/Father!” Elisa and Athena cried. 


“Come on! Before they knock the whole building down!” Matt told them as he pulled them back. 


“Yarva Demonicus Etrigan. Change, change the form of man. Free the prince forever damned. Free the might from fleshy mire. Boil the blood in heart of fire. Gone, gone the form of man, Rise the demon Etrigan!” Athena muttered under her breath. A vortex of fire appears in an alley and when the flames cease, Etigran was kneeling with his head down. When he looked up, Athena signaled him to wait.


The gargoyle holds Goliath up above his head, “Now you will pay for destroying me and our clan!”


Broadway throws a hub cap at the gargoyle, cutting his arm and drawing his attention to the trio and Etrigan. Athena quickly casts a glamor on herself before running over to them.


“Put him down, ugly! And I mean now!” Broadway yelled.


Brooklyn throws one, but it misses Uncle. Goliath frees himself and joins the trio, Athena, and Etigran.


“Goliath, what is that thing?” Brooklyn asked. 


“It is one of us… or used to be,” He replied. 


“More traitors! You will pay!” The gargoyle shouted. 


“Why are you attacking us?” Goliath asked as he and the others, Etrigan keeping Athena behind him, approach the gargoyle. 


“You betrayed the clan. Destroyed it!” Uncle replied. 


“We were all betrayed.”


“Too true.”


They all looked up to see Demona fly down to a nearby rooftop with the Red Steel Clan robot and a grey one. 


“You told him these lies,” Goliath growled before roaring, “I lived for my clan!” 


“And they died for you! Smashed to dust by the humans you trusted! We have each created our own clans now, Goliath. You have yours and I have mine,” Demona said. 


“You have no clan. You don’t know the meaning of the word,” He told her. 


Demona was silent for a moment before she said to Uncle, “Destroy them, Coldstone.”


“No, Uncle!” Athena called out as she stepped out from behind Etrigan and toward Coldstone. 


“Daughter,” Demona gasped as she saw Athena. 


“Niece,” Coldstone whispered in a mix of scared, surprise, and relief. 


“Coldstone, bring my daughter to me. Destroy the others and we will survive!” Demona ordered.  


“Survive? Like this!” Coldstone roared at his appearance. 

“Appearances mean nothing. We are the true gargoyles!” She snapped, “They have been corrupted by the humans!”


“Uncle, Demona is lying to you,” Athena walked up and grabbed his hand that was flesh, “I saw what happened that day a thousand years ago. We were not betrayed by the humans we had swore to protect, but by Demona. It’s time you see the truth,” Athena placed her hands on both sides of his head, “ Verum Fulsi! There had been enough death, Uncle.” 


“Goliath, we don’t want this on the 11:00 news,” Elisa alerted them through of the comm. 


“Xanatos, I’m sure you can communicate via your robots. And I doubt you want to see any more destruction done to your city,” Goliath said, “Perhaps we should move to someplace less… fragile.”


“No! We finish this now!” Demona refused, but the Red Steel Clan robot stopped her. 


“An excellent suggestion, Goliath,” Xanatos agreed, “I propose we reconvene at the George Washington bridge.” 


“I’ll be there, Goliath. And I’ll bring help,” Elisa said. 


Demona and the Steel Clan Robots took off, Coldstone following close behind. Athena climbs onto Etrigan’s back before he and the gargoyles climb up a building. When they were high enough, Etrigan placed Athena in his arm and they flew away.

When they arrived at the bridge that was under construction, Demona, the Steel Clan robots, and Coldstone were no where to be seen.


“Hey, looks like we beat’ em here,” Lexington said as he looked around. 


Laser was fired at them, sending them in opposite directions in the snow covered bridge. Etrigan had wrapped his wings around Athena to keep her safe from the blast.  


“Remind me to be fashionably late next time,” Brooklyn groaned. 


Brooklyn goes to fight Demona, Broadway and Lexington each fight a Steel Clan robot, and Goliath was fighting Coldstone. Athena was going to join in and help them, but Etrigan stopped her.


“Etrigan, get out of my way. I need to help them,” Athena told him. 


“There has been many dangers tonight and I will not let you out of my sight. Though I will allow you to fight at some degree, I only ask that you stay with me,” Etrigan insisted. 


“Very well,” She agreed. 


Etrigan and Athena saw Broadway tangled in the bridges’ steel cables and the Red Steel Clan robot was heading right for him. 


“Metallicus!” Athena spoke. Her skin, hair, and clothes transform into metal, “Etrigan, throw me at the Red Steel Clan robot.”


“To hep a friend this villainous might must end,” Etrigan said before he threw Athena at and hitting the Red Steel Clan robot. They crash into the snow on the bridge. Athena jumps off the Red Steel Clan robot and gets into a fighting stance with her sword in hand and Etrigan beside her. The Red Steel Clan robot shakily stands up, pulling at its head and revealing Xanatos. 


“Xanatos,” Athena gasped. 


Suddenly, a loud roar rang out across the bridge. Everyone turned to see both Coldstone and Goliath falling off the bridge. They splashed down into the icy water, much to everyone's horror.


“Father! No!” Athena cried. She ran to the side and tried to go help her father, but Etrigan held her close to him. A moment later, Coldstone burst out of the water holding Goliath. As the two landed on the bridge, Coldstone turned towards the captive gargoyles. He aimed his blaster, shooting the cables binding Brooklyn and Broadway. Etrigan lets go of his hold on Athena and she approaches Goliath. 

"Is he-?" She began.

"He lives," Coldstone assured her and placed Goliath down.

Goliath began to cough up water, slowly regaining his senses as the clan gathered around him. 

"But you're not," Demona swore.

Everyone turned to see her standing before them, aiming a laser at them. 

"Thank you for saving Goliath for me, Coldstone," She snarled, "Now I can destroy him myself."

"I won't allow it!" Coldstone snapped. "You say that destroying my brother is the only way to survive. Is that all there is for us? Mere survival?"

"Isn't that enough?" Demona retorted.

"No." Goliath replied, rising to his feet. "Gargoyles protect. It's our nature. Our purpose. To lose that is to be corrupt, empty... lifeless."

"What do you protect?” Coldstone asked.

"Enough of this!" Demona shouted.

She fired a shot, Coldstone quickly jumped in the way, taking the shot himself. He fell back, sparking with intense electricity. He stumbled some more before falling off the bridge and into the water below.

"NO!" Goliath shouted.

Goliath and Athena dove into the water after Coldstone as Demona leveled another shot. However, this time Xanatos stopped her by blasting the gun from her hands with his arm blaster.

"I told you before I want them alive," He told her. All of a sudden, he was tackled to the ground by Bronx. 

“Don’t move!” Elisa ordered, “It’s over, Xanatos.”

"Not quite." He replied.

Xanatos then hit the thrusters on his suit, sending Bronx flying off of him and into the snow. As he made his getaway, he managed to grab Demona on his way out. As they disappeared, Elisa stowed her gun and looked around.

"It took me a while to lose Matt and get Hudson. What happened to  the monster?” Elisa asked.

"He was not a monster," Goliath replied, dripping wet from the river with Athena,"He was family. And now he’s gone."

Etrigan pulled Athena in to hug her and used his demon body heat to keep her warm. 

“I’m sorry.” 

The gargoyles, Etrigan, Athena, and Elisa all looked at Goliath, who sighed in sadness and grief.

"Let's go home," He declared. They stood atop the bridge and looked out the city from where they stood. 

“Goliath? Lexington began, “When you told Coldstone that gargoyles protect…”


“Like we breathe, boy. You know that,” Hudson added. 


“But what do we protect?” Brooklyn asked. 


“The clocktower.”


“No. That is merely where we sleep. This Island, Manhattan. This is our castle. From this day forward, we protect all who love here. Human and gargoyle alike,” Goliath said. 


“Are you alright? Is there anything you need?” Elisa asked Goliath. 

“Yes. I need a detective,” He replied, “And my daughter.” 

Later on when the sun had risen, a robber made his way into Wilkin's Grocery, a look of abject terror on his face. Recognizing the robber from his attack not too long ago, Mr. Wilkin's sighed and put his hands in the air.

"Not again, " Mr. Wilkins sighed, "Can't you rob somebody else this time?"

The robber approached the counter, sweating and scared. 

"I'm not robbing you, man, " He told him, setting the gun down and pulling a large sack of cash out of his coat. "Do me a favor. Call the cops so I can turn myself in.”

"What? Why?" Mr. Wilkins questioned.

"Because some witch and her seven monster friends just told me to, " The robber answered.

Outside the store, perched on the rooftop across the street, Elisa, Athena, and Jason stood with the statues of the gargoyles watching.

“You know what, guys? This city feels safer already,” Elisa said.