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Please Bully Me, Nagatoro!

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“E-excuse me…” a soft, shy voice asked Hayate, accompanied by a tap on his shoulder so light that it was practically imperceptible. Still, he immediately recognized who it belonged to, and quickly looked up from his work the instant she’d started speaking. As soon as their eyes met, she recoiled slightly, a soft blush spreading upon her cheeks as she pulled her hands back, pressing them tightly against her chest.

“Ah, sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you! I...just got kinda startled, ahaha…” he laughed nervously. Pleased to see her calm down in turn, he let out a relieved sigh.

He’d seen her in the library countless times, always wrapped up in a book or a game, occasionally jotting something down in a notebook she seemed to carry with her at all times. Though he wouldn’t admit it, he’d kinda grown to admire her, loving how happy and peaceful she looked in those moments, as though the world around her had ceased to exist, leaving her alone to enjoy the things she loved.

She was cute and fairly tall for her age, always bundled up in the same loose sweater. A pair of sheer black tights lovingly encased her soft, slightly pudgy thighs, as if she was determined to avoid showing even the slightest hint of skin, hiding away as much of her surprisingly voluptuous figure as she could. She had long, fluffy, unruly, and utterly adorable light brown locks that cutely framed her face, and a thick, large pair of glasses that made her pale green eyes look just a tiny bit bigger, a little more curious and bright, especially when she was allowed to relax on her own with the things that she loved.

“I-it’s fine! I guess we’re both a little jumpy… Still, I-I hope I’m not being a bother. I can leave if you’re too busy to talk…”

“N-no, don’t worry about it! I’m...kinda stuck on some homework, but I don’t mind talking for a while. I don’t get a ton of company, so it’ll be a nice change of pace,” he said, smiling as pleasantly as he could. “Would to sit with me? There’s uhh...well, plenty of free chairs, haha,“ he said, gesturing at the completely empty table around him.

“Oh! O-of course…” she mumbled, hurriedly walking to the seat across from him and sitting down. She placed her bag and a notebook on the floor next to her and fidgeted with her skirt for a few moments as she fought to ensure it hadn’t gotten bunched up anywhere. “It’s nice to meet you, I’m…” She began to trail off, almost too scared to even introduce herself. Her gaze drifted downwards until she ended up staring directly at her generous bust, held comfortably in a soft, slightly-too-big sweater, with sleeves that covered up her palms. After a moment, she shook her head, looked directly into Hayate’s eyes, and stammered out, “M-M-Mari Setouchi!” before blushing again, far brighter this time, and looking back down once more.

Hayate already knew her name. He’d heard the school librarian address her dozens of times at this point, often just to check that, after hours upon hours of sitting alone in the library, she hadn’t simply drifted off. She never did, of course. She seemed far too engrossed in whatever she ended up doing for that. He didn’t tell her any of what he knew, however. He was far too worried that it’d make him seem creepy, so he just smiled softly and said, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, too. I’m Hayate Nagatoro.”

“Ah, y-yeah, I’ve heard the librarian call your name from time to time, it’s…” she cut herself off, heat welling up in her cheeks before she hastily apologized, having just stepped in the same trap that Hayate had so neatly avoided. “I-I’m sorry! That’s kinda creepy, isn’t it? Oh gosh, it’s so weird, I’m sorry I’m so awkward to t-talk to. I should leave, shouldn’t I?” she asked, her fluffy locks bouncing around slightly as she got more and more worked up.

“I-it’s OK! Don’t worry about it, Setouchi. I’ve heard her call your name too, so in a way, we’ve both kinda been introduced to each other, huh? You’re a second year, right? I’m a first year, so I guess that makes you my senpai!”

She seemed to calm down at that, smiling shyly as she nodded.

“C-cool! Well, even if we both knew each other’s names, I’m glad we’re both actually talking to each other now. It feels like we’re the only ones who ever use the library, so we’re sorta like kindred spirits.”

“Ahaha, yeah, it’s nice...N-Nagatoro.” She laughed softly, struggling to get out his last name. “I-I’m sorry it took us so long to s-speak. I’m pretty shy around other people…”

“Ah, yeah, me too, honestly. I...well, it’s a bit embarrassing, but I don’t have any...any friends here at all. The library helps, though. Just lets me sorta...get away from having to worry about that.”

“Y-yeah! It’s nice, right?! All your worries and cares just melting away! Letting you dive right into something you love without anyone judging you for it!” Mari chirped, her eyes lighting up as she leaned in closer to Hayate. Her stammer faded away as she grew more excited, before she caught herself once more, mumbling out a soft, “S-sorry...I got a bit too carried away…”

“Haha, not at all! I’m glad we have that in common. Though right now, I’m a little too caught up on some English homework to do anything fun, ahaha…”

‘Oh! I-I forgot! That’s why I came here, actually. You...really seemed to be struggling with something and it was just kinda sad and...oh gosh, never mind…”

“Haha, I bet I did look sad, huh?” Hayate asked, trying to ease her shyness just a little.

“It’s just…”

“I promise, it’s OK. You can say whatever’s on your mind.”

“W-well play games a lot too, right?”

“Yeah, I do, haha… I got bullied for it a lot back in middle school…”

“B-but you’s not fair, why would anyone tease you for that? Y-you look so happy when you do, it’s nice…” she said warmly, clearly fighting back a blush as hard as she could. “S-so, I thought it seemed so sad, not seeing…”

Hayate, for his part, had no idea how to respond, completely taken aback by the quiet resolve she was showing, entirely to help cheer him up.

“S-so...I’m pretty good at English and if you’d let me, I’d love to help you out…” Mari said, pulling off her glasses and cleaning the lenses with her sweater, determined to find something, anything to take her mind off of her growing embarrassment.

Hayate tried to respond, stammering out a tiny “I-I...well…” before stopping himself, breathing deeply, and trying once more.

“I’d really like that.”


The hours seemed to melt away, the two of them chatting happily, if extremely shyly, for the rest of the afternoon as they slowly made their way through Hayate’s work between fairly long interruptions about what kind of games they both liked, or the books Mari was reading. Mari had almost no trouble with questions that Hayate alone would’ve never been able to answer, brushing aside any compliments he gave her with little excuses like, “I-it’s just because I read a lot of Western books…” or, “I-I’m really awful with a lot of other classes…” though her soft smile showed exactly how pleased she really was. Even if the work was a bit tedious at times, the two found themselves surprisingly upset as the sun began to set, though neither of them were really able to express their desire to spend just a little more time together.

“That...that was really fun, thank you, Ma- er, Setouchi,” he corrected himself, worried that using her first name might be a little too much for her.

“Y-yeah, I’m glad I could help. I had a n-nice time…” she said, her voice growing quieter as she grabbed her bag off the ground, still looking at Hayate and smiling. “B-but I really should get going, I-I live alone, so I need to go make dinner. I’ve had too much junk food lately, ahaha...”

“Yeah, I need to leave, too. I’m the same, actually, haha.”

“O-Oh, hang in there! I’ll...see you on Monday?”

A lump formed in Hayate’s throat. He was so, so happy to have finally found someone he could be friendly with and was so desperate to make this feeling of pure bliss stick around, he wanted to ask her if maybe, just maybe, they could try spend some time together this weekend, or even have dinner together that evening, sure that, in time, they could both happily call each other friends. Despite how strong his urge was, he couldn’t bring himself to say much of anything, simply letting out a nervous, “Y-yeah, sounds good,” and forcing out a smile, before adding, “I’ve gotta pack up some stuff, so I might still be just a little bit.”

“OK!” she smiled, happily. “Thanks again for the n-nice day, Nagatoro. G-goodbye!” She waved, before turning to walk away as Hayate waved back, shutting the library door gently behind her as she left.

“Why didn’t I just...say something?” He sighed, packing away the last of his notes and slinging his bag over his shoulders, taking a couple of minutes to make sure that Mari was gone before walking to the exit. “It’s OK, I’ll just...I’ll try again on Mon-huh?”

He cut himself off, spying a large, white notebook on the ground, right next to where Mari had been sitting. He walked to pick it up, seeing her name neatly written on the cover. He instantly recognized it as the same book she always seemed to carry with her, the one she occasionally wrote in with a warm, happy smile painted on her face.

“I...I’ve gotta get this back to her!” he cried, dashing out of the library, grateful that, at this time, there were almost no other students around. He hoped beyond hope that he could catch up with her, certain that, somehow, the universe was giving him a second chance. He was only met with dismay, though, as he reached the school gates without even a hint of her in sight.

“Dammit! Why’d I have to take so long to leave? I bet she’s gonna be worried sick all weekend without this…” he grumbled. “I’ll...I’ll keep you safe, then,” he added, tucking it under his arm as he started his walk home, wishing things had gone differently.


Hayate lay on his bed, staring up at the ceiling with a blank look on his face. He’d barely been able to eat anything when he’d arrived home, having turned his mood too sour from chiding himself on the way home for him to muster up the enthusiasm to do much of anything beyond heating up some leftovers from the night before. He couldn’t help it; he knew he was being silly, and he knew that Monday really wasn’t that far away, that they’d get to talk again soon, but he just kept turning the day’s events over in his mind, telling himself that it could’ve gone so, so much better if he’d just said a couple of simple words.

Still, a part of him, no matter how much he tried to ignore it, was growing increasingly curious about the book’s contents, his mind drifting back to how warm her smile became when she wrote in it. He knew that looking in it would be wrong, but...what was it that was making her so happy? If he found that out, would that make it easier for him to get closer to her? To find more common ground and really solidify their friendship? He told himself he shouldn’t do it, he knew it was a bad idea, but he just couldn’t hold himself back as he reached over to the desk next to his bed, grabbed the book and just...opened it, his eyes shutting tight as he did, as if it would somehow rid him of all temptation to see what was inside, before finally giving in entirely, looking down at the first page.

He wasn’t sure what he’d expected, but Hayate was surprised nonetheless to be greeted by the sight of a poem, the remarkably elegant, lovely, emotionally honest prose written with messy, clearly rushed handwriting, but something about that almost made it more beautiful to Hayate. It was clearly something she wasn’t able to say out loud, something wonderful and sincere that she’d poured her heart and soul into, and he could picture exactly how she looked when she wrote it. Nervous at first, worried that putting something like that down was something to be ashamed of, before beginning to smile, gently at first, before a warm, happy grin spread across her face, her writing growing faster and faster as she put everything she had into every single word.

Before he knew it, he’d quickly finished reading the poem, hastily turning to the next page, excited to see what else she’d written, expecting to find dozens and dozens of poems spread throughout the book, but instead coming across...what seemed to be the premise for some kind of fantasy novel, with descriptions of characters and locations with corrections and revisions appended to just about every entry.

The next page, too, was different, outlining a series of short stories, followed by ideas for games she’d one day like to make, followed by tiny little notes on the things that made her happy, like the food she’d eaten, or the games she’d played, or, “the way that boy Hayate smiles...” he whispered, a warmth building in his cheeks as he did. Everything in here was so sweet, so gentle, so undeniably Mari, so sincere, and so…

“Dorky,” he said, smiling to himself, before hastily putting the book to the side and clamping his hand over his mouth. He hadn’t meant that, had he? He hadn’t really said something mean about something so tender and earnest, surely?

“N-no, that’s not mean at all, I’m…dorky too, after all,” he told himself, wincing at the label even if it was undeniably true. “So yeah, this is...kinda dorky, just like her! She’s a dork and...and that’s why she’s so damn cute…” he muttered, his warm smile turning into a surprisingly devious smirk. “Everything about her is dorky and adorable. Her cute hair, her glasses, the way she’s always got a book with her. Her plump, squeezable thighs, those huge boo- wait, what the hell? I mean, yeah, she’s...big, but...ah, what’s wrong with me today?!” he cried out, distraught over how easily his thoughts had become so...perverted.

“’s fine, right? I bet...I bet she’d wanna be told alllll about how sexy that stuff is, huh?” he asked, rubbing his eyes as they stung for a brief moment. A mischievous glint entered them as soon as he opened them back up, his irises, once dark, now shining a bright amber so brilliant that they seemed almost golden, surrounded by thicker, fuller lashes.

“Yeah, I bet she would!” he shouted, his nose seeming, inexplicably, to shrink down as he did, narrowing and gaining just a slight, delicate upturn at the tip. “I bet she’d love me telling her how cute her ass is, or how bouncy her chest looks…” Hayate continued, his expression growing sharper, more aggressive by the second, not dulled at all by his cheeks getting just a bit fuller and softer, the slight traces of facial hair he’d once possessed falling away into nothingness. “She’d get so flustered, wouldn’t she? She’d start stammering out every single word she’d say and turn bright red, huh?” His chin receded slightly, the point growing less defined, as it took on a cute, soft curve.

That sharp look only grew increasingly intense as his fantasies ran wild. “Yeah, she definitely would! She’d stare straight at the ground, too nervous to even look at me~! What a hottIE!” he shouted out, his voice cracking as his lips took on a soft pink shade, getting just a touch fuller as his mouth shrank a little. He cleared his throat, not even noticing how...soft it sounded, too excited to let something like that get to him. “And then…” he started, his voice sounding much higher despite dropping it as low as he possibly could, the excitable look in his eyes growing more intense as his brows plucked themselves into much thinner, sharper lines, cocked at a harsh, almost intimidating angle, “I’ll put a hand beneath her chin, lift it just enough so that she’s looking right into my eyes, lean in nice and close to her…” As he continued, his inky black hair straightened itself, losing all traces of its usually unkempt, curly appearance. “...Grab her adorable ass, and then… Oh god, it’ll be so good! Such a good, sweet girl, totally losing herself to the heat of it all!” he shouted out triumphantly, his voice fully shifting into an adorably sexy, girlish register that had become impossible to ignore.

“Huh? D-did I hurt my throat or something?” he asked, his confidence faltering for the briefest moment as he took in every single word, wondering how it had taken him so long to notice just how drastically his voice had changed. “But...that’s not possible, right? It was fine a second ago, but now…”

“Now it sounds amazing!” he shouted out happily. “Super sexy and confident! Oooh, Mari’s gonna go nuts for it, ahahaha!” His laugh seemed to have shifted, too, sounding almost menacing in its giddiness. Still, as much as Hayate would’ve loved to just sit there and test out his new voice, he found himself growing distracted once more, feeling an odd, ticklish sensation at his forehead, followed by the slightest hint of black seeping into his vision. He grabbed at it, surprised to feel a sharp sting at his scalp as he tugged at the soft, silky hair in his hands.

“What the hell? hair’s getting longer?” he asked, practically leaping off of his bed and dashing to a nearby mirror, determined to see exactly what was happening, unable to hide the sheer joy at the reflection that greeted him. “It is! Muuuuch longer, huh? Ohhh, and this face! Nothing like my usual dour self! Ahahaha!” he said, sizing himself up from every angle, taking in each and every change that had occured. He gleefully grabbed at the back of his neck, feeling his rapidly lengthening locks until they’d reached well below his shoulders. They felt incredible, silky and luxurious where they were once coarse and messy, though he knew he could make them even cuter with almost no effort, tucking some of his hair behind his left ear and loving how well it suited his more upbeat, sexy features.

“I’ll clip that back later, make sure this style sticks! That’s definitely not a guy’s face though, is it? Nope, no way in hell! No guy’s ever been this cute~!” he shouted, beaming confidently at his own reflection. “So that’s what’s happening, huh? I’m turning into a hottie? That’s...that’s just perfect! Senpai won’t be able to keep her hands off of me, not that I’d ever wanna keep mine off of her! That body of hers is just waaaaay too much fun~!” she declared, feeling better by the second, not even the slightest bit bothered by her much, much naughtier line of thought. “Ahahahaha! This is incredible! Monday’s gonna be amazing, Hayase!” she declared, a new name for herself simply popping into her head. “But first…” she said, leaning in closer to the mirror and kissing her own reflection, a devious smile spreading across her face as she pulled away, revealing that her canines had gotten much sharper, to the point where they were nearly fangs. “Whatever’s changing me needs to get to work on the rest of me!”

As if on command, an odd, dark spot appeared at the tip of her nose. A healthy, tanned tone spread outwards across her face, completely ridding her of her old pallor. Her skin looked softer and sexier by the second as it continued to spread across her body, all traces of body hair melting away. The dark, sunkissed tone didn’t cover her whole body, though, the tan painting over her body in the shape of what was instantly recognizable as a school swimsuit, but even her normal skin darkened, erasing all traces of her former pastiness. By the time it was finished, she had a wonderfully sexy tan, made all the more enticing by the tanlines.

“Ooh, good start! Still got some work to do, but I can definitely live with this!” Hayase grinned, gently pawing at her face and feeling her much, much softer skin, her fingers slipping slightly as a sudden, tight feeling overcame her body, accompanied by a wave of dizziness as the room seemed to rise up around her. It was as if something was squeezing her for a moment, pushing her down into a smaller, cuter shape. By the time the disorientation faded and she could look into her mirror once more, she had changed even further, her line of sight now almost a foot lower than it once was, while her shoulders had cinched inwards, leaving her with a far smaller, more girlish frame. Her school shirt now looked far, far too big on her as it sagged on her shoulders, reaching lower enough to cover up a large part of her thighs. Her legs, by contrast, seemed almost longer than they used to be, if a fair bit skinnier, her pants having fallen straight down around her ankles. Without a second thought, she pulled off what little of her clothes still hung onto her body, shivering for a moment at the chill of the apartment. She grimaced at what had yet to change, but was delighted by everything that had already occurred. “I just know I’m gonna be a total knockout! Gonna get that cute, precious Senpai all kinds of worked up!” she shouted, her pride swelling by the second.

“Still, right now I just look kinda...scrawny, don’t I? There’s no way that’ll do! So c’mon, let’s get cuter, huh?!” she asked, her tone growing more demanding as her patience faded, before she let out a pleased “Ooh!” as she watched her arms begin to shift and change, looking softer by the second as they got just a hint of girlish roundness. They were still thin, of course, but they had taken on a far more supple, lithe shape, feeling wonderfully smooth and delicate to the touch. A warm, rippling sensation spread through to her hands, her grin growing wider, more excitable as they started to shrink down. She watched as her fingers took on a cute, almost elegant size and shape, tipped with perfectly manicured nails that seemed to coat themselves in a light layer of clear polish that left them looking positively adorable. She held out her hands in front of her, happily admiring how much cuter they were and watching the nails glisten in the light.

Hayase was quickly pulled out of her thoughts, however, by an odd, almost melty feeling in her stomach. Turning her gaze downwards, she watched as her already fairly slim waist began to pinch in, taking on an adorably delicate little curve while her stomach flattened out just a bit more, leaving only the slightest trace of soft fat. Her hips cracked outwards, painlessly widening to a far more girlish shape and giving her a fairly slight, though undeniably sexy, petite figure. She ran her hand across her tummy, loving how tight and smooth it felt, unable to resist laughing at the thought of putting Mari’s hand on it and seeing her reaction, maybe getting her to move lower and lower until… Well, that’d have to wait a while, but as her chest began to tingle, she knew that it’d be just as fun if she pulled Mari’s hand up a little instead, getting her to cup her blossoming chest.

“Oh god, I can just see it now! Watching her get all worked up, letting out all kinds of adorable little embarrassed sounds! Her breathing getting faster and faster as she stumbles over herself to try and deny how turned on she’s getting! Ahahaha! You’re incredible, Senpai!” she shouted out, smirking as she moved her own hands up to her slowly growing chest. She watched as two fairly small, perky breasts gradually began to swell up, her nipples puffing and turning a gentle, soft pink beneath her grasp. “I bet she’d give into those urges after a while, though. Maybe she’d slowly, gently start to give them a little squeeze!” she cried out gleefully, squeezing her own chest giddily. “Oooh, they’re so soft, so supple, so perfect! Sure, they’re not as big as hers, but she’s got more than enough size for both of us! Besides...” Hayase closed her thumb and index finger around her nipple, pinching down on it hard. “Ahhhn~!” She let out a loud, passionate moan, before speaking between hot, heavy breaths, “They’re more than sensitive enough to make up for it!”

Her breathing still ragged with excitement, she giddily grinned as she moved her hands down from her chest, past her soft, smooth tummy, before lovingly cupping her buttcheeks. She squeezed and kneaded them like dough as they swelled up in her palms, and turned around and looked back at the mirror as best as she could to see her butt take on a perfect, sexy little heart shape. Hayase gave it a quick slap and grinned at her reflection.

“Oooh, what a tasty little peach! Maybe Senpai’s dirtier than I think, maybe she’s reeeeally into asses and she’d go nuts over this, too! Start squeezing it tight and never wanting to let go! Ahhh, who am I kidding? She’s such a desperately adorable little dork, I bet she’ll love every inch of me! Only fair, after all! There isn’t a part of her I don’t adore!” she declared, smiling as she turned back to face the mirror, watching her scrawny thighs suddenly begin to fill with a gentle weight, toning themselves and getting just a little rounder, a whole lot softer and more supple. A mere touch sent Hayase’s head racing with thoughts of wrapping them around Mari. She watched happily as her calves, too, began to tone and take on a slimmer, more alluring shape, while her already much smaller feet shrunk even further, her toes getting just a little longer as the nails took on a cuter, girlier shape.

“Perfect! There isn’t a soul I couldn’t walk all over with legs this sexy! But too bad, perverts! I’m saving myself for my dearly beloved Senpai! Only she gets the privilege of kissing her way up these legs! Her soft lips moving right up from my toes, past these gorgeous calves, pressing into my sexy, gorgeous thighs and moving higher and higher until finally…” She felt a little twinge of pleasure in her groin, a mounting warmth that told her exactly what was coming next.

“...She reaches something reeeally incredible!” she grinned, getting over her aversion to what was between her legs as her penis started to tingle, feebly struggling to stay erect while it slowly shrank down, pulling closer to her body. “Hahaha, wow there, guess you’ve got some fight left in ya, huh? Suppose it’s to be expected, though. After all, for as brief as it was, you were a part of me. Buuut, it’s time to move on to better things,” she said, chuckling as a flush entered her cheeks and the warmth she felt flared up.

“That’s it! Just like that!” she cried out, watching in the mirror as a set of lips started to form. “Hahaha, amazing! Ooooh, I bet Senpai will lose all kinds of sleep thinking about this, won’t she? Wondering how tight it is, what color it is, if I touch it or not,” she said, dropping her voice to a low purr as she brought a hand down to her crotch, “and wondering if she can touch it. Bwahahaha! And why wouldn’t she? There isn’t a part of me that isn’t amazing!”

“Huhu, but what about her? I bet she’s even paler down here, no way a bookworm like Senpai gets much sun. Probably kinda chubby too, I bet I could tease her a bunch by squishing her together like this!” she said, before squeezing her lips together and giggling at how tight and slim her own slit looked. “Haaah, I can’t wait! I can just imagine her now... Senpai, the pure, shy maiden, just like in one of her stories, acting all demure and timid while I explore her most intimate places…” she said, dreamily trailing off until she let out an overly dramatic gasp. “Oh! But what if that dorky Senpai of mine doesn’t shave? Ahahahaha, there’s no way she would, right? Oooh, but Senpai, it’s no fair and no fun if I don’t get to see yours too. Maybe I’ll just have to shave it for her? Hahahaha, that would be the best! She’d probably die from embarrassment, looking down at me while I expose every precious inch of her!” she couldn’t stop herself from laughing, soon doubling over and rolling around on the floor as she thought of how the older woman would react. She nearly knocked the mirror over in her fit, quickly rolling to her knees to hold it steady before she collected herself and returned to her feet.

“Now then...” she started, smirking at her own reflection, before walking over to her bed, looking at the notebook she’d been reading through earlier. “We just have to wait until Monday! Then I’ll get my chance with Senpai! No more wavering, I’m taking you straight to that cutie as soon as I can!” she declared, giving the notebook a wet kiss and placing it on her desk.

Letting out a yawn, she decided to get an early night’s rest, all too happy to get to Monday as quickly as possible. She walked to her closet and pulled out a lacy pair of panties, slipping them on without batting an eyelid at her newly feminine wardrobe before getting into bed, not bothering to put anything else on.

“After all,” Hayase licked her lips hungrily, “I just know we’ll get along great!”


Hayase knew that, in the past, she’d have hated getting out of bed on Monday. There few things she hated more than having to trudge along to school and hoping in vain that, this week, maybe someone would actually act like she existed. Today, however, was very, very different, and the moment her alarm rang out, she practically jumped out of bed, grinning happily as she worked through her morning routine. She took a long, pleasant shower before getting dressed up, making sure she looked as good as possible, finding that her mood grew even better the more satisfied she felt. She’d have never attempted something like this in the past, but now she was sure she could get away with wearing as little of her school’s uniform as possible. She slipped on a cute, skimpy bra and panties, a skirt that she folded slightly at the hem to make it as short as she could without showing off anything private, and a plain white blouse, rolling up the sleeves and leaving the top button undone, finishing off the uniform with a pair of school shoes without any socks, making sure that her legs were on full display.

Even though she was dressing light, her outfit didn’t quite seem ready to her. Something almost seemed...lacking, somehow. “Ah, yeah, I remember!” she happily shouted out, opening a box on her desk and pulling out a handful of simple accessories, rooting through them until she’d found exactly what she wanted. She took took a pair of simple silver hairclips and tucked her hair behind her left ear with them. “Looking great! But, if I’m showing you off…” She then grabbed an ear cuff off of her desk, clipping it onto her ear with little fuss. Looking at her reflection, she couldn’t help but smirk confidently, certain that she now looked nothing short of incredible, the light accessories adding to her wonderfully sexy allure in a simple, understated way. “Perfect! No better way to capture that shy nerd’s heart…” she said, dropping her voice to a low, sexy purr as she packed Mari’s notebook into her bag. Hayase couldn’t wait to get to school…

Normally, she’d have walked into class as meekly as possible, making herself as small and insignificant as possible, but now she had a spring in her step, practically skipping all the way to school. As soon as she reached the gate, two girls, who she’d never so much as seen before, seemed to be waiting for her, waving and calling her over, the realization suddenly dawning on Hayase that they were absolutely friends of hers.

“Ooh, someone’s in a good mood,” a tall, busty girl with tired-looking eyes started, smirking at Hayase teasingly. “You that excited about seeing us again? Or maybe…” she leaned closer to Hayase, whispering in her ears, “someone had a little fun this weekend, huh? Found yourself in a love hotel with some hottie?”

“Oh wow, Hayacchi! I always knew you were bold! How was he?” the other, shorter girl, who wore her blonde hair in two short, fluffy twintails asked, her eyes lighting up as she spoke.

“Jealous?” Hayase teased. “You two cooped up all of yesterday while I was out having the time of my life? I even got paid for it!” she continued, her smirk only growing cockier until she couldn’t keep the joke going any longer, bursting into a fit of giggles that the other two quickly joined.

“But for real...did’ja do something like that, Hayacchi?”

“I’m kinda curious too…” the taller girl said, nodding softly. “You just look kinda...bouncy today.”

“Oooh, thanks! I’ve grown a bit, haven’t I? I’m gonna overtake you at this rate!”

“Not unless you’re getting implants,” her friend replied, chuckling softly.

“Nope, not a chance! I’m already the perfect size! But I guess…” She thought for a second, not wanting to tell her friends about Mari. There was no way she was getting her involved with them, but she couldn’t help but slip in a bit of the truth, for no one’s amusement other than her own. “...Well, I did swipe a self-help book from some nerd over the weekend! Maybe those things really do work!”

“Hahaha, as if!”

“What was he even reading it for, anyway? No one’s ever hooked up with a girl because of some dumb book.”

“I know, right! I was practically doing them a favor, knocking it outta their hands!” she laughed, pleased with herself for having caught them in her half-truth.

“Tch.” The taller girl frowned, looking down at her phone. “Gotta get to class. See you at lunch, though?”

“Of course, but I’m gonna be busy after class today. Gotta run some errands, so don’t worry about waiting for me.” Hayase smiled, confident that it’d buy her more than enough alone time with Mari. “It’s gonna take allll day!”


Classes, thankfully, passed by in a blur. Sure, it sucked not getting to see Mari, but the idea that they’d be together in just a few short hours meant that Hayase was never bored, her mind constantly cooking up all kinds of ways she could toy with her. As the last few minutes of her final class ticked away, she could barely sit still. She fought to resist the temptation to run out the second class ended, waiting until she was sure Mari would’ve settled in at the library before dashing off, a giddy smirk painted on her face that only grew with every step she took.

She couldn’t believe her luck as she reached the entrance, peering through a gap in the door and seeing that the librarian wasn’t there at all. She often trusted Mari with the keys to the room whenever she had other matters to attend to, knowing that almost nobody ever came in her besides her, and today just happened to be one of those very special days.

Slowly stepping inside, she just barely suppressed an excited yell when she saw Mari scrambling around trying to find her notebook, checking every inch of the room as thoroughly as she could, adorably muttering, “I-it’s right here, right? It c-can’t be gone, r-right?” under her breath, just loud enough for Hayase to hear it as she slowly tiptoed behind her, doing everything she possibly could to not make a sound. God, she looked like such an adorable, perfect little mess! Hayase just knew today was going to be incredible.

She was so close now, but she resisted the temptation to just flip up her skirt and look at her perfectly round butt as she leaned in closer and closer, getting right up to her ear and cheerfully whispering, “Something wrong, Senpai~?”

“Ah!” Mari bolted upright, turning around to face Hayase before backing up into the shelves behind her, keeping her eyes tightly shut. “S-s-s-sorry! I was just l-looking for a book and, and...and…” She slowly, shyly opened her eyes, her words getting softer as she recognized Hayase’s smirking, confident expression.

“Ooh, someone’s jumpy, huh Senpai~? Looking for a book, yeah? Sounds rough! It wouldn’t happen to be…” She reached into her bag, smirking as she pulled out the plain white notebook, “This, would it?” she asked, holding the book out to her.

“O-Oh gosh! That’s it! H-how did you find it? N-not that I’m complaining of course, I’m just happy you brought it back. Th-thank you so much…” she mumbled, too shy to even look Hayase in the eyes as she reached out to grab the book, her hands meeting nothing but air as Hayase pulled the book back, lifting it high above her head. Mari was taller than her, and could almost definitely grab it back if she tried, but Hayase knew that she was too scared to even think about doing that, and she loved it.

“Y’know, Sen~pai,” Hayase started, lowering the book and flipping it open, grinning as she quickly scanned over all the pages. “I miiiight’ve given this a read this weekend. It’s quite something! So...honest.”

“Th-that’s private, so…”

“Awww, don’t be like that! You don’t wanna share all of this with little ol’ me? You don’t wanna be honest with me?” she teased, putting on a fake pout.

“I...I don’t really like showing that to anyone, a-and we don’t really know each other…”

“Senpai, I’m shocked!” Hayase shouted out, gasping out loudly as possible, even though she couldn’t hide her catlike grin beneath her false look of surprise. “After the oh-so-wonderful day we shared together before the weekend? You helped me out so much, too! What’s a poor girl to do, forsaken by the senpai she so dearly admires?”

“I...but…” Mari started, her confusion mounting as she thought back on last week. “I...I didn’t talk to anyone l-last week...did I?”

“You still don’t remember, Senpai? I was having so much trouble with my English homework, before you heroically stepped in to save the day! Ah, it gets me feeling all fluttery just thinking about it!”

“I...I helped...who?” she asked, a vague memory forming in her mind the more she thought back on things. She...she had helped someone, hadn’t she? And the warm, happy feeling she got just thinking about it… It went well, didn’t it? It was fun, like she’d been spending time with a good friend. That couldn’t be…

“Me! You helped me, Senpai!” Hayase proclaimed, pointing at herself as she grinned ecstatically. “Hayase…” she started, walking up closer to Mari, whispering in her ear once more, “Na. Ga. To. Ro~”

“Nagatoro…” Mari mumbled, backing away slightly. Her head suddenly cleared as she spoke Hayase’s name. She didn’t know why she’d forgotten, but she had been with her, after all. But...she was so intense, and...thinking about their time together just made the fluttery, pleasant feeling in her chest so much stronger. Did she...have some feelings towards this girl? She shook her head, trying to calm herself down as much as possible, unable to rid herself of the bright red blush spreading across her cheeks. “S-sorry I forgot, N-Nagatoro! I hope the work was OK!” she shouted, doing her best to look Hayase in the eyes, which only made her feel far more embarrassed than she already was.

“Awww, that’s OK! I bet you just got so very, very dizzy just thinking about me, didn’t you? So scatterbrained and giddy that you couldn’t help but leave me another surprise, huh? The work was great, of course, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from you. This book though…” She smirked, flipping through to a page she couldn’t wait to show Mari. “What a treat! You couldn’t have given me a better gift!”

“C-can I have that back now?” Mari mumbled, looking down at the ground.

“Of course, Senpai! But y’know, one bit in particular really caught my eye. You put down all these little notes, marking everything that makes you feel so, so good! And do you wanna know what I found?”

“Wh-what’s that…?”

“This one tiiiny little entry here. I’ll read it for you! One of the things you love is, ooh, would you look at that! ‘The way that girl Hayase smiles!’ How sweet!”

“B-but, I-I mean…” she stammered, still looking at the floor.

Hayase put a hand under Mari’s chin, looking the poor girl right in the eyes. She smirked hungrily, Mari certain that she caught a glimpse of what appeared to be fangs, before Hayase purred, “Does this make you happy, Senpai?”

Mari couldn’t think of anything to say. She was so flustered, so taken aback by everything Hayase was doing, and yet...something about her did made her feel so good…

“Ahaha! No need to say a word, your face says it all! This book is incredible, Senpai! So cute, so sweet, so wonderfully dorky!” she said, holding it out for Mari once more, who snatched it back quickly, clutching it tightly against her chest. “Do you wanna know something, Senpai?”

Mari still couldn’t respond, instead just nodding shyly, looking up at Hayase as she spoke.

“I just looooove dorks like you! You get me all kinds of excited, Senpai!” she cried her expression turning more wanting and desperate by the second.

“L-l-love?!” Mari shouted out incredulously, the fluttery feeling in her chest growing so much more intense simply hearing the word leave her lips.

“Uh-huh! You know it! Did I come on too strong? Did I scare ya? Oh, Senpai, how horrible of me! Maybe I should make it up to you! Maybe, just maybe, I should make my feelings more clear, huh?” she asked, getting as close to Mari as she possibly could, wrapping her arms gently around Mari’s waist as her notebook fell to the ground, the poor girl looking more flustered than she ever had before. “Oooh, yeah, that’s it, Senpai! The way you get so worked up, so adorably embarrassed! It’s so, so cute! Seeing you all happy is wonderful, of course, but seeing you melt…” she said, lowering her hand down to Mari’s skirt, gently cupping her round, soft butt, “I just adore it, Senpai!” she said, squeezing down firmly, feeling her soft, squishy flesh yield beneath her grasp.

“Ahn~! N-Nagatoro…”

“Oh my! What a cute little moan! So shy, yet hungry! Don’t you worry about a thing, Senpai! I’ll take good care of you. If you want me to, that is? Would you like that, hmm? To have all sorts of fun with me?”

“I...I…” Mari started to respond, her voice catching in her throat, before nodding shyly.

“Ahahaha! You’re so cute, Senpai! I could play with this perfect, plump ass all day!” she said, giving it a light slap, giggling as Mari let out another moan that she tried her best to stifle. “It’s OK that you’re shy! I think it’s adorable! Too scared to even say how you feel, so you just write it down in a little book you hide away all to yourself! I just love it! But in no time at all, I just know I’ll break you out of that shell! Maybe even enough for that adorable, flustered voice of yours to say it, too!”

“S-s-say wh-what…?” Mari asked, weakly, her voice trailing off as her eyes started darting around, focusing on anything other than the girl who was in front of her.

“You know what it is, Senpai! All those feelings that make you smile like a dork when you think them! I’m not gonna rest until I get you to say them!”

“I...I l-l-lo-” Mari was suddenly cut off by Hayase lunging forward, wrapping her lips around Mari’s lower lip in a passionate kiss. Hayase chuckled against her chin as Mari’s top lip quivered against her face, before finally, timidly lowering itself and returning the kiss.

“Ooh, not so fast, Senpai!” Hayase smirked, pulling away teasingly. “I’m so glad you’re eager, but y’know, I think it would be extra special if you saw the full depth of my feelings first! It’ll be extra nice, getting you so light and fluttery that you’re just about ready to burst, all those wonderful feelings just spilling right out of you!” she cried out, moving behind Mari and reaching a hand down to her soft thighs. They were, as usual, so very lovingly cradled in those adorable sheer black tights, though as Hayase rubbed her hands up and down her legs, she felt the fabric sticking slightly to Mari’s skin, the heat of her excitement getting her surprisingly sweaty.

“Yeah, that’s it, Senpai! I can tell you’re getting allll worked up~! The way you shake and shudder, trying your best to hold back that desire, making these cute thighs jiggle... It’s incredible, Senpai! How’d you get so sexy, hmmm?” she asked, rubbing her legs more vigorously, moving a hand up to the front of her skirt and gently teasing her crotch through her panties and tights, giggling while Mari tried to stifle her moans as she leaned in and kissed her neck. “Lounging around inside all the time’s let you get soooo soft, so pale, so adorable! It’s amazing, Senpai! Your skin’s so smooth and milky, I could just caress you for hours!”

“I-I’m not-” Mari started, before Hayase cut her off almost immediately.

“Nuh-uh-uh! Nope, not hearing you say a word to put yourself down! You’re a hottie, Senpai! I’m never letting you forget that! Ooh, these legs alone are such a treat, but you’ve got so much going on higher up, too!” she said, moving one of her hands up to Mari’s waist, untucking her blouse from her skirt and slowly moving her fingertips across her stomach, giving her neck another gentle kiss as she did.

“See, there isn’t a single little bit of you I don’t love, Senpai. This long, fluffy hair,” she said, pushing her face close to Mari and taking a loud, deep smell of her hair, “that cute, shy voice, those dorky glasses of yours that make you look so innocent and sweet! Not that you aren’t, of course, but you just look so perfect~!” she shouted gleefully, her hand inching closer and closer to Mari’s bust.

“But y’know, it’s not just your appearance, of course! You’re a cutie on the inside, too! The way you get so happy whenever you’re in here alone, playing a game, reading something, or even writing in that wonderful, wonderful book of yours! Ahhh, I can barely keep my eyes off of you, Senpai! I also really, really love the way you hide away this sexy, womanly figure beneath these sweaty tights and this cute sweater! Maybe it does the job with most people, gets them to stop paying you any mind, but not me, Senpai… I know exactly how big and bouncy you really are!” she shouted, wrapping a hand around one of her boobs and squeezing firmly, delighted to feel them cradled in a surprisingly lacy bra. “Oooh, you’re so daring, too! Is this lingerie? At school?”

Mari nodded shyly, unable to say much of anything between heavy, desperate breaths.

“You’re amazing, Senpai! Everything I learn about you makes me love you more and more!”

“N-Naga...Nagatoro…” Mari breathed out, her face flush with desire.

“Hmmm? Something to say, Senpai?” she asked, teasing her as she continued to kiss her neck.


“So?” she smirked, squeezing her soft chest once more, forcing another adorable moan from her lips.

“Ahn~! You’re so...amazing, Nagatoro!” she cried out, turning around and kissing Hayase lovingly. Her arms wrapped around the smaller girl’s back, their breasts roughly smushing against each other, sending little jolts of pleasure rushing through their bodies as Hayase’s tongue slipped into Mari’s mouth. The shy girl following suit barely a second later, completely lost in her intense desire. Hayase was sure now, as she felt Mari’s hand slowly, shyly reach to cradle her butt, that, were they not in a public setting, they could’ve gone so, so much further, but she was sure that, for now at least, both of them were more than satisfied with how the day had turned out.

Eventually, Mari pulled back, wishing she didn’t have to, but feeling increasingly out of breath as the seconds melted away. She wasn’t sure when she’d last felt so...excited, if ever, feeling a shy, goofy little smile slowly spread across her face as a soft pink blush painted itself onto her cheeks. She looked particularly disheveled now, with her unruly hair looking particularly ruffled and wild, her blouse hanging out from her skirt. Not even taking a moment to fix herself up, she wrapped her arms around Nagatoro once more, hugging her as tightly and lovingly as possible, her eyes beginning to well up with tears.

“N-Nagatoro, no...Hayase…” she said, trying her best not to stammer at all. “That was so, so nice. I...I know we haven’t known each other too long, but the other day was really nice too, and and…” she found herself trailing off despite her best efforts, her gaze shifting down to the floor.

“Take your time, Senpai. I won’t bite, y’know. Unless you want me to…” she smirked.

Mari’s face blushed a little brighter at that, but still, she managed to collect herself, looking right into Hayase’s eyes. “I, I love you, Hayase! I love you so so so much it hurts! I keep thinking about how pretty you are, how confident and cool you always seem, and...even the way you smile! I know I’m all shy and probably kinda...kinda creepy, but I’ve...I’ve had a crush on you for so long now, I want you to know that I love you!” she shouted out, tightening her grip on Hayase.

“So passionate! I’ve never seen you get THAT fired up before! It’s amazing, I can’t believe how lucky I am! A confession from my amazing Senpai and I get to see a whole new side of her, too! I love you too, Senpai! So damn much it almost killed me this weekend, thinking about how much I wanted to see you again!” she grinned, utterly ecstatic with how wonderfully everything had worked out.

“I-I’m really glad I left my notebook, ahaha…” she said, smiling and laughing shyly.

“Oh, me too, Senpai! Y’know, I’d always wondered what you were writing down in that thing. I never would have imagined it’d be that incredible!”

“B-but you were just teasing me, right? A-about the book?”

“I mean, I looooved watching you get riled up,, it’s cute, Senpai! It’s just so perfectly you! Yeah, it’s dorky, but is there anything wrong with that?”

“Well, n-nobody ever really speaks to me...they just think I’m creepy.”

“Who cares about them?” Nagatoro asked. “If they can’t see how amazing and sexy and womanly and bouncy and-”

“I, I get it!” Mari cut her off, blushing furiously.

“Ahaha! Sorry Senpai, you’re just too cute not to mess with! But really, it’s their loss if they don’t like you. Besides, I guess it just means we have each other alllll to ourselves, right?”

“B-but you’ve got friends. Those two girls you’re with all the time…”

“Mmm, I do. Who cares? I can spend time with them whenever, but if I wanna spend all day with you, I’ll do it no matter what! Y’know why?”

“W-why’s that?”

“Because you’re my girlfriend, Sen~pai~!”


“Of course! We both love each other, right? Plus, if we’re dating…” she said, reaching a hand down to Mari’s butt, “it means I get to toy with you eeeevery day! Got it?”

Despite how embarrassed she felt, Mari smiled, stammering out a shy, “O-of course. We’re...we’re girlfriends, so th-that’s natural, ahaha…”

Hayase smiled softly, replying, “I’d better not let you down then. But hey, Senpai?”


“You live alone, right?”


Hayase’s gentle smile widened into a confident, hungry smirk. “Wanna change that?”


Hayase stretched out her arms, yawning softly as the first rays of sunlight began to peer in through her bedroom window, laughing softly as the strap on her nightie slipped down her arm, pulling it back over her shoulder.

“G’morning, Senpai!” she said, smiling enthusiastically, only to get no response.

Looking down at her side, she was greeted by the sight of Mari still sleeping softly, a happy smile spread across her face. Her body was cradled in an adorable, silky pink nightgown that Hayase had gifted her when they moved in together. She’d been so, so shy about wearing it at first, but now it had become a regular fixture for her. Hayase still lovingly recalled the night Mari first tried it on, smiling shyly at all the compliments she gave her despite fussing over how much of her legs it showed off and how generously it displayed her cleavage.

“Sleepy, huh? Well…” she muttered under her breath, crawling over her as best as she could without waking her, peering down at her with a teasing smirk. “I know exactly how to wake you up!” she cried out, dropping down onto her and hugging her tightly, lowering a hand down to her thigh and rubbing it lovingly, giggling as she woke up with a start.

“H-Hayase! It’s so early…” she grumbled, still sleepy despite her girlfriend’s giddy start to the day.

“I know, but you’re just so soft and tasty, Senpai~! I just couldn’t wait any longer to get my hands on you! Besides, I needed to get you up!” she cried, nestling her head between Mari’s breasts and squeezing one of her buttcheeks, feeling the soft, supple flesh jiggle in her hand.


“Ooh, yeah, I just had to hear one of those wonderful Senpai moans! Now…” she said, rolling off of the bigger girl and smiling over at her, “I think we’re both ready to get the day going, right Senpai.”

“You can call me M-Mari, you know…”

“I could,’re still my Senpai, even if we’re together. Besides, it just sounds soooo cute, doesn’t it?”

“I...I suppose so…” Mari sighed, smiling softly as she reached over and gave Hayase a gentle little kiss on the lips. “Good morning, Hayase.”

“Morning, Senpai~!”

“S-so, was there anything you wanted to do today?”

“You mean I get to do more than just tease you?!” she asked jokingly, grinning broadly. “Well then, in that case, how about we go beat the hell outta that boss you were stuck on last night, huh? I’ll get some breakfast going, so go grind or whatever we need to do in the meanwhile! And then tonight…”

“Y-yeah?” Mari asked, an expectant smile spreading across her face.

“Let’s go wild,” Hayase purred, licking her lips.

Mari was too excited to say anything in response, simply biting her lip as she shyly nodded.

“Perfect! I can’t wait~!”