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You're so lucky

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Content and a little exhausted Harper left the lecture hall. She had just finished writing her exam and given how well prepared she had been, she was sure it would be an A.

But her happy bubble burst, when Rhen was catching up to talk to her. They knew each other from their introduction course “Understanding politics: ideas and institutions in the modern world”, where they promptly got into an argument over the financiations of the Election campaigns in the US. He could not have been more different than her and while Harper appreciated the mental challenges their debates brought her, Harper couldn’t warm up to Rhen. This was mostly due to the fact, that Rhen was a spoiled brat. And he seemed intent to prove that over and over again. Just like he did with his next statement.

“God, my hand hurts. I don’t think I’ve ever written that much before. You’re so lucky, Harper. I would do everything to trade with you.”

She stopped abruptly in front of him. Her eyes were burning with anger as she turned around.

“I really hope you didn’t mean what you just said-”

Before she was able to say more, Rhen interrupted her.

“I actually meant what I said but I wouldn’t expect you to understand it since you have obviously never taken a test by hand.”

“Oh my God, are you serious? Seems like you are even more privileged and arrogant than I thought.”

“You know nothing about me! Certainly not enough to justify that kind of judgement.” 

“I know enough about you. Thank God, I won’t be around anymore, when you make it in politics. You will make a terrible politician given that not only do you not listen to the opposite side; you don’t even listen to experts. You make no effort to be open to new information. Because CP not only means not having to write exams by hand, but also a lowered life expectation. I’m lucky if I make it to thirty. But sure let’s trade my life of constant pain and uncertainty against yours of wealth with a hand that maybe hurts ten minutes after you wrote for a long time. Do you want to know what happened the last time I took an exam by hand?” She didn’t wait for his answer. “I could hardly walk afterwards, because my hip was blocking.”

Harper could barely stop herself from slapping her hand over her mouth. She hadn’t planned on saying that last bit. But Rhen always riled her up like this. Quickly she added a “I’m sure would have handled that just great” before storming out of the room.

This way she couldn’t see the look of utter regret spreading over Rhen’s face.