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I've Got You

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Castiel’s glasses fell to the ground as he was shoved into a locker. He whimpered at the sharp pain that shot through his back, lighting up his muscles and spreading until it felt like his skin was on fire. “Aw, look at that, gay boy does speak.” Alistair glared at him, eyes filled with pure hatred as a slow grin formed on his face. Cas looked away, tears stung at his eyes and blurred his vision.

Last year some guy in homeroom had been convinced that Cas had been staring at him and spread a rumor that Cas was gay. While that statement was the truth, he wasn’t ready to come out. To this day, he still hasn’t confirmed the rumor. The thing that pissed him off the most though, was the fact that Cas hadn’t been staring at the douche. He was just spaced out.

But Castiel was used to being bullied. A traumatic childhood ended with him being mute long before he was adopted by Chuck and Anna. That has always made him an easy target. And it didn’t help that he was a huge nerd, glasses and all.

Other people just kept away from him because he was different, which automatically made him weird to everyone else. It was only the second day of Junior year and the physical assault has already started.

The bell rang, signaling that lunch was over. They finally let him down, only so they didn’t get caught, leaving him there in both his physical and emotional pain.

Castiel slowly slid down to the floor, eyes still watery. He roughly wiped them away with the back of his hand, chest tightening as he felt the throbbing bruise on his back. He picked his glasses off the floor, wiping them off before putting them back on his face. He knew as soon as Gabriel -his adopted brother- found out, he’d be pissed.

Even though Gabe wasn’t his biological brother, he still treated Cas as if he was. The thing he loved the most, though, was the fact that they didn’t care that he was mute. That they never tried to change him. They loved him the way he was, even learning and teaching him sign language so they could communicate better.

Castiel stood up, quickly making his way to the library. Cas was practically a genius, so his teachers let him sit in the library to do his classwork. The only day he was required to attend class was on the first day of school. Of course, he was always welcome if he had any questions.

He was so smart that he ended up skipping two grades, making him a fifteen-year-old junior. Anna has offered time and time again to let him graduate since he was smart enough. Or at least homeschool him. But Castiel always refused. The reason he always said no was because of a certain green-eyed, freckled-faced, bow-legged teenager who was also a junior.

Dean Winchester, the quarterback, the stupidly handsome seventeen year old he has had a crush on since the eighth grade.

Dean has never bullied him or listen to the rumors that were spread. But at the same time, Castiel was convinced that Dean didn’t even know that he existed outside of the rumors. Cas went to every single football game, hiding from everyone and just focusing on Dean as he led the team to victory.

After he cautiously walked into the library, breathing in the familiarity of the books, he had to resist the urge to not walk right back out. There, behind the checkout desk, stood Dean Winchester, smiling at Cas, face brighter than the sun.


Dean was currently stacking books onto the shelves, glancing over at Castiel every few seconds. The boy seemed to be working on his classes, taking off his glasses and rubbing his eyes ever time he changed subjects.

Dean spent the last three years working hard to get his most important credits out of the way as soon as possible. He now took all online classes in the library, also working as the library aid. His inspiration for this may or may not have been a certain blue-eyed boy.

Dean knew that Cas did all of his classwork in the library, and he has since freshman year. Dea may be the popular quarterback, but Cas made Dean nervous. Every time he was near the boy, his heart rate picked up and he stuttered over his words like a thirteen-year-old asking out a girl -or boy- for the first time. Castiel was the only person Dean has ever been scared to talk to.

Dean, of course, knew about all the rumors spread about Cas. The most well-known one was that Castiel was ay. Dean could only hope that it was true. Crushing on a straight guy was always heartbreaking. But even if it is or is not true, Dean is pretty pissed at people for starting the rumors in the first place. It wouldn’t take a genius to look at Cas and notice they bother him.

The rumor that pissed him off the most, though, was that Cas was faking being a mute. Dean has known the boy since the eighth grade after he skipped sixth and seventh grade, joining Dean’s algebra and English class. All of these years later, Dean has never seen or heard Cas speak.

Dean always fantasized about what Cas’ voice sounded like, but he would still be happy with Cas even if he never got to hear him speak.

Dean has liked Castiel ever since freshman year, and his feelings have only grown since then.

He was pulled out of his thoughts when he noticed Castiel put his head down onto the table. Dean took a deep breath, calming his nerves. He abandoned the cart full of books in favor of walking over to Cas, taking the seat across from him.

“Hey.” He said, beaming at Cas.



Castiel startled when he heard the chair across from him move.

Confused as to who would sit by him, he looked up, breath hitching when he saw that it was Dean Winchester occupating the previously empty chair.

When he said hi, Castiel thought he was going to combust right there in the library.

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Soon after that first encounter, Dean and Cas were becoming great friends, talking every day. Well, Dean talked, Cas would usually write.


Dean was secretly learning sign language for Cas, waiting to tell him about it until he was fluent. They’ve only been friends for about a month, but Dean could already tell Cas was the best friend he’s ever had. The blue-eyed nerd had a dry sense of humor, and Dean found himself cracking up every time Cas made a joke. 


But with this newfound happiness came pain. Castiel was absolutely adorable, especially in the morning with his tired eyes and cute yawns. Dean found it increasingly hard to keep his hands to himself. Even Cas was gay, there was no way in hell he would return Dean’s feelings. Life just didn’t work that way.


They were currently sitting at their regular table in the library, Dean laughing loudly, even though it was supposed to be a quiet zone. Cas was sitting there, looking proud since he was the one who caused the whole body laughter.


The day Dean first greeted him and acknowledged his existence, Cas was a little afraid to respond, worried that Dean was just there to mock him. But Dean was persistently sweet and patient, soon putting Cas’ fears to rest.


Dean finally calmed down, wiping tears from his eyes, which Cas thought was an over-exaggeration, but cute nonetheless.


 “So… my football game is tonight… you planning to come?” Cas, for the life of him, could not fathom why Dean appeared to be so nervous when he asked about Cas coming to the game. Of course, he’d go. But why did Dean seem to think that he wouldn’t?


But as nervous as he looked -and sounded- his candy apple green eyes betrayed him, looking bright and eager as Dean patiently waited for a response.


‘Of course, Dean. I always come to your games.’ Dean was blushing when he read the writing on the notebook page, and if he noticed Castiel was too, he didn’t say anything.


And when Dean pointed Cas with a beam that could challenge the brightness of the sun? Well, Cas thought he was going to go blind just looking at it. 


The conversation soon drifted away from the game and more towards trivial things that didn’t mean anything, but at the same time meant everything. And too soon for Castiel’s liking, the bell rang, signaling the end of school, and most disappointedly, the end of their conversation.


When Cas got home, Gabriel immediately took notice of the dopey smile Cas still had on his face and started pestering the poor child. 


‘You were talking to Dean again, weren’t you?’ He signed, face suggestive when he fingerspelled Dean’s name. Cas rolled his eyes, thankful that sign language was easy to ignore as he started to walk away with a little huff. But no matter how hard he tried to pretend that he was annoyed, he couldn’t help the little smile at Gabriel’s laughter and the sound of Anna’s voice telling Gabe to leave his little brother alone from inside the kitchen.




Castiel could feel a pounding in his head from the screams of his peers. But Dean was more than worth it, so Cas ignored it as best he could, deciding to just focus on his new friend. Usually, when Cas attended the football games, he’d fantasize about Dean sweaty and pumped full of adrenaline from winning, grabbing Cas like his property -that kink was a whole can of worms he wasn’t ready to open yet- and kissing him, completely dominating his mouth.


Of course, he knew that would never actually happen in the real world, but it was nice to imagine. Dean was amazing and perfect and Cas? He was just… Cas.


But, again, it soothed him to pretend like it will happen eventually. 




Dean fucking beamed when he scored the winning touchdown, even though he was gross and sweaty in his uniform. Endorphins pumped through him, wiping away any and all pain and exhaustion. He felt great, riding out his body’s natural high as dopamine rushed through his veins, neurotransmitters firing like crazy.


He turned to face the crowd, almost not registering the loud cheering as he scanned all the faces, looking for a specific blue eyed teen. He almost gave up, high fading a little, until he noticed a familiar figure standing next to the bleachers in a way that he was obscured from view from everyone else. 


Cas was clapping with a smile and Dean felt a warmth surge through him at the proud look on Cas’ face. Even from the distance, Dean could see his expression perfectly. 




After the game was officially over and he had showered and changed as quickly as possible, Dean went to find Castiel, hoping he didn’t already leave.


He found the boy in the same spot from earlier, except now it didn’t seem like he was hiding. When Cas noticed Dean approaching, he held out his phone, grin placed high and big on his face. Typed in the memos was ‘Congratulations, Dean. You did great. I’m proud of you.’ Dean’s face flushed as Cas’ grin only grew. Somehow that little message meant more to Dean than winning the game. 


His mouth began moving before his brain caught up. “What do you think about spending the weekend at my place?” 


Well, at least now they were both blushing.




After getting over his initial shock, Cas texted his mom about spending the weekend with the Winchesters. Anna ultimately said yes, obviously happy Castiel had a friend he could spend time with. As sad as it was, that was rare.


In what seemed like a heartbeat, they were in Dean’s impala, driving down the smooth roads. Cas found the rumble of the engine soothing. It even started to quell down his inner turmoils.


He learned that Dean’s family did indeed come, they just didn’t stay to wait for him to change. He preferred to take his baby -Cas smiled when he heard Dean’s fond nickname of the car- anyway, and Sam -Cas loved the proud tone in Dean’s voice whenever he talked about his brother- always said that Dean was ‘as slow as a girl’. Cas wasn’t sure he knew what that meant. 




“This is it.” Dean smiled, though his eyes hid some of his insecurities. Cas may not have picked up on it, but Dean wanted his approval. 


Cas got out, and Dean almost cried because Cas was so gentle when he closed Baby’s door. 


Holy shit. I think I met my soulmate.


Cas took in the nice house with a little smile. It was a stereotypical, white picket fence, suburban house. It was two stories with a basement, four bedrooms, and a really nice backyard. Cas’ favorite part was the flower beds. They must attract a lot of bees. 


“Welcome to my humble abode.” He teased, mocking what he called ‘chick flick’ movies. Cas wasn’t certain what movies that consisted of.


He rolled his eyes, smiling as he playfully shoved the star quarterback. 


It was at that moment a woman with blonde hair opened the door, a fond smile on her face.


“Dean, you’re not going to keep him outside all night, are you?” She asked, smile growing, full of adoration and love for her son. Dean could tell where Dean got his gorgeous smile from. When he noticed the elder teens blush and sweaty hands, he idly wondered if this was a good idea.





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The weekend wasn’t as bad as Cas had originally thought it would be. It was quite enjoyable. Mary and John were very nice while Sam was funny and entertaining. Dean was adorable as always.


But on Friday night there was some awkwardness. Cas had asked to borrow some night clothes from Dean. The older boy almost looked like he was going to refuse, but in the end, he agreed. When Castiel was changed, he almost suffocated from the smell of pure Dean. Speaking of Dean, when the teen caught sight of Cas wearing his clothes, Cas could have sworn he saw a flash of hunger go through those gorgeous green eyes. But it was gone just as fast as it came, so Castiel convinced himself that it was just his imagination. 


Dean then, very shyly, offered his bed to Cas. Those green eyes were refusing to meet Cas’ blue ones, and Cas was pretty sure Dean was blushing as he rubbed the back of his neck nervously. Castiel agreed, just as shy, and climbed under the covers. Dean decided to sleep on floor at the foot of the bed. 


Sleeping in Dean’s bed was torture. Sweet, sweet torture. 


The rest of the weekend, though, was filled with movies, games, and laughter. And maybe some stolen glances on Cas’ part.


But now the laughter was over, pain taking its place.


Cas was currently being pinned against the brick walls outside the school by Alistair and his ‘followers’, as they liked to be called.


“My boy Metatron here tells me that he caught you staring at him in the locker room.” Alistair looked disgusted, exactly how Cas felt at that. But, he was still already starting to tear up. Lisa was sure to already be spreading rumors like a wildfire. Oh god… what if Dean heard? What if he believed it and stopped talking to him?    


The thought sent a dull ache through his chest and he felt like sobbing. 


Alistair smiled darkly, obviously pleased with how much he was hurting Cas. His smile widened as he turned to Metatron, acting as if Cas wasn’t even there as they discussed. “You’re the victim of this disgusting perv, how do you wanna deal with it?”


Metatron seemed to consider before grinning. Without a verbal response, he inched closer to Azazel who was now holding Cas up, taking Alistair’s previous place. Still not saying anything, he punched Cas in the gut. He groaned at the sharp pain shooting through his abdomen and tried to double over, but Alistair moved forward, helping Azazel keep him upright. 


The physical assault continued until the bell rang, signaling the start of school. Cas was roughly dropped to the ground, making the pain worse. 


When he finally limped his way into the library, his eye had turned purple, his bottom lip was swollen and busted open, caked in dried blood, nose broken and bloody, cheek cut, also covered in blood, and his entire torso was bruised, ribs swollen. 


Dean dropped the books in his hands, running over to the bloody and broken teen. “Are you okay?” He asked, eyes wide and filled with worry. Cas shook his head -he was barely even able to with the pain fogging his brain-, tears falling freely now. He hated burdening Dean with his problems. 


“Okay, it’s okay.” He promised, tenderly stroking his unhurt cheek. “Do you want me to take you home?”


Cas almost said yes, because all he wanted was to go home, but then he thought of the fact that he would not only be burdening Dean today, he’d also be burdening his family. So, instead of agreeing like he desperately wanted to, he shook his head no. 


Dean seemed to at least partially understand and didn’t try to pressure him into going home. Cas thought that would be it, that Dean would leave him alone until said teen spoke again. “Okay, buddy, come on.” 


Most of the time being mute was harder than it seemed when trying to communicate with people that weren’t his family. Either people didn’t want to waste time waiting for Cas to write, or if that option wasn’t available, nobody could understand what he was trying to say by pointing, using gestures, and trying various facial expressions. But when he was with Dean, communication was the easiest. He was always patient and could read his facial expressions as if he was a book. The latter was what was helpful at the moment. 


“I’m taking you to my place to clean you up.” He whispered, clearly able to read Cas’ confusion easily. 


Dean was pretty damn good at patching people up because Sam was always getting his ass kicked in soccer, though his injuries were never this bad. Usually a few cuts and bruises, the oddball bloody nose here and there.


“And then afterwards you can tell me how much of a badass you were when this happened. I bet you sent all the douches to the hospital.” 


Dean’s words had the intended effect because when he looked down, Cas had a small smile on his face. 


Even distracted, Cas didn’t think being alone with Dean was a very good idea. 


Somebody shoot me now, he silently prayed. 




The house seemed different with nobody else home. It seemed lifeless.


Dean didn’t seem to notice how tense Cas was, and if did, he probably just chalked it up to Cas being in pain.


Dean led Cas into his bedroom’s en-suite bathroom, and Cas briefly wondered if the bathroom was part of the original floor plan. Dean had told him that his father was a carpenter who also specialized in home repairs.


“Sit on the toilet seat,” Dean instructed gently, and even if Cas wanted to disobey the order, he wouldn’t be able to with how sweet Dean was being. 


Cas flinched back when Dean touched a wet cloth to his cheek, wincing a little. Dean quickly apologised before cupping Cas’ jaw, doing it again, more gentle this time. 


Dean made the process as quick and painless as possible before carrying a drowsy Cas bridal style to his bed, tucking him in and everything. 


Dean made the boy take a couple of painkillers before letting him go to sleep. 




Dean couldn’t help himself as he sat in the chair that was by his bed, watching over the Cas as he slept peacefully. A stark contrast to how Cas had looked when Dean first saw him. 


He felt guilt pool in the pit of his stomach for letting this happen to the boy, and he swore on his own life that he’d never let anyone hurt Cas ever again. And if someone did, he’d cut off their dick -or mutilate their vagina if it was a woman- and let the sorry fucker slowly bleed out to death, gradually adding more wounds as the hours ticked by. 




When Cas came to again, his head was pounding, and his torso was throbbing. 


Looking around the first thing he noticed was a sleeping Dean hunched over in a chair next to the bed, and a glass of water with some painkillers on the nightstand. He idly wondered what it would be like to have Dean asleep next to him in the same bed, limbs intertwined, bodies naked after some languid morning sex. The morning sun filtered through the window, laying it’s warm, golden finger on Dean, illuminating his beautiful freckles, eyes bright with happiness as he smiled intimately at Cas. 


He was pulled back into the depths of sleep before he could dwell on the thought for too long, though.