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Jeongguk was a virgin.

Well, mostly.

He had spent the second half of his high school career trying to get to at least third base with a select few members of the girl's tennis team. His success rate varied from a few make out sessions, to one very rushed hand job in the back seat of his car; her grip to tight to get the job done. He ended up dropping her off at her home, after a very long and silent drive, before heading home himself. Jeongguk then spent the rest of the evening playing a game on his phone, ignoring his half hard dick.

Frustrating didn't even begin to cover it.

Shortly after the hand job incident, while cleaning out a neighbor’s garage, he found a heavy box that had the word adult written across the top. Curiosity got the better of him and Jeongguk got down on his knees to dig through the box. He dove in, ignoring the faint mildew smell so he could pick out the issues with the hottest women on the cover. Jeongguk was a man on a mission, he had hit the jackpot. Only he hadn’t. The first magazine he picked up was titled Men and had a shirtless man with too many muscles on the cover. Without thinking he picked it up and flipped to a random page.

Gay stuff was funny, right? At least he could get a laugh out of the situation even if he lost out on a summer’s worth of masturbation material.

It wasn’t funny.

Jeongguk’s eyes focused on the picture. There were two men, one was standing with his hand holding his cock to press it up against the mouth of the second man who was kneeling. The kneeling man had his hands behind his back and his erection was hard against his stomach. It looked neglected. Jeongguk licked his lips and felt his own body reacting. He could feel the heat in his cheeks as he rushed to push that magazine and three others into his backpack before he slid the box back into the far corner of the garage.

Later, Jeongguk flipped back to the same page in the magazine that his body had reacted to earlier. His hand gripped his cock with just the right amount of pressure and soon his slow pace turned frantic. He came on his sheets and realized as he pressed them into the washer that he should start thinking about guys more than girls.

Beyond getting rid of his title of mostly virgin Jeongguk wanted to shed the lonely feeling that crept over him most nights. He had never felt what it was like to have someone to text throughout the day, to make him smile about nothing, or to just be there for him. Jeongguk guessed the girls in school had tried, but then again, he didn't really want to make cute inside jokes with someone who thought squeezing his cock as hard as possible was a good hand job technique.

That lonely feeling had become more and more glaring as Jeongguk watched his two best friends fall in love over the past year. It was slow then sudden; he'd see them post about going to movies or trying new restaurants without him. Then they started sharing jokes and looks that he could never hope to understand. Soon after that they took him out to dinner to break the news that they were officially dating. Jeongguk couldn't help the jealousy that bubbled up in his chest when they interacted. That kind of intimacy just seemed so out of reach.

“Earth to Jeongguk!” Jimin yelled and snapped his fingers before pointing out the window, “look.”

Jeongguk's eyes obediently looked over. He watched as a brunette man put down a box in his next-door neighbor's yard. The house had been empty for nearly a year and now it looked like someone was finally moving in.

“New neighbors!” Taehyung sat up from where his head was laid across Jimin's lap.

“The moving guys are hot.” Jimin added and looked at Taehyung with a little smile.

That was it, that's what he was missing. He had no idea what words were behind that small smile. “I don't think those are the movers.” Jeongguk squinted.

“You should go introduce yourself and offer to help.” Taehyung punctuated the statement with a large fake yawn.

“Do you guys want to leave?”

“I have a late shift at work tonight.” Jimin shrugged.

“Plus, it’s nice to offer help.” Taehyung added with a smile.

“Yeah. I can introduce myself.” Jeongguk hated the idea. It wasn't that he didn't like strangers, it was the thinly veiled excuse to leave that got under his skin. All they had to do was say they wanted time alone. He could take it even if it did make his heart ache. It wasn’t like they knew how lonely he was anyway.

They all hugged goodbye at the door, and Jeongguk looked over at the blue house next to his. Brown boxes were dotted all over the yard with bigger pieces of furniture mixed in. He nodded to himself and started to walk across his lawn, it wasn’t like he had anything else to do.

“Hello.” Jeongguk waved his arm as he maneuvered around a few larger boxes.

The darker haired man he had seen before looked over at him, “come to offer help neighbor boy?”

“What?” He blinked and looked the man over. He was classically handsome, and if Jeongguk had seen him anywhere in the city he would have guessed that he was a model. “I um... I.”

“Jin don't intimidate the neighbor kid.”

Jeongguk wanted to argue that fact. He wasn't a kid he had been taking care of himself for the last two years and was going to university once the summer was over. “I'm not.” His face scrunched up, the second man was just as attractive as the first, and his newly found gay feelings were making his brain short circuit a little.

“Right.” The blonde smiled brightly, and his dimples were not missed. “I'm Kim Namjoon, that's Kim Seokjin. We're your new neighbors.”

They had to be cousins.

“Nice to meet you. I'm Jeon Jeongguk.” He bowed a little, suddenly embarrassed for no reason. He felt ridiculous.

“Did you come over here to help?” The one he now knew as Seokjin asked with a serious face.

“Yeah I guess I can help.” Jeongguk shrugged.

Taehyung would be so proud of him.

“Don't mind Jin, he's a bit of a bitch right now from the move.” Namjoon whispered with a devilish look that made Jeongguk smile.

“I can hear you Namjoon.” Seokjin pointed at him then huffed as he picked up a box that had books written across it.

“Oh,” Jeongguk took the few steps to meet him, and grabbed the bottom of the box. “You should have split up all your heavy stuff.”

“My hero.” Seokjin deadpanned and looked back to frown at Namjoon. Even though he was obviously angry it was an endearing gesture, and Jeongguk couldn't help but find it cute.

Soon Jeongguk found himself and Namjoon doing the bulk of the lifting. Seokjin had quickly given up but kept himself busy unpacking random boxes in the kitchen. It was only when they were lugging the mattress up the stairs that Jeongguk realized that they were only bringing items to one bedroom. He was starting to suspect that his first assumption of them being related wasn't right.

“It's done.” Namjoon said as he dropped a box in the living room.

Seokjin nodded from the kitchen, “dinner?”

Namjoon looked over at Jeongguk. “Are you hungry?”

“Yeah.” Jeongguk nodded, “if you don't mind.”

“Here.” Seokjin handed a bottle of beer to Namjoon and then looked at Jeongguk closely. “Are you old enough to drink?”

“Not legally.” He flushed. It was embarrassing. They were clearly older, and out in the world doing things like buying houses, and here he was just some kid.

“Good enough for me.” Seokjin flashed him a smile and held out the bottle.

Shocked settled in him, but he was happy to grab the beer. “Thanks.”

“Should we get to know each other?” Namjoon suggested looking back. “Have you ever been in the house before Jeongguk?”

“No,” he shook his head and took a sip. “The lady that lived here used to make me cry when my parents tried to have me visit. Her face was scary. I never made it through the door.”

He was surprised by the tight staccato laugh from Seokjin, “scary?”

“She looked like she was melting. Her face was all bones and skin.” He offered with a nonchalant movement of his hand.

“That seems kind of rude.” Namjoon said but his lips turned up into a slight dimpled smile while Seokjin continued to laugh.

Jeongguk shrugged, “I couldn't help it.” He looked at Seokjin carefully.

“So, Jeon Jeongguk. What do you do?” Seokjin’s smile dropped a little bit.

“What?” Jeongguk frowned.

“Other than cry at old ladies, or have you outgrown that?” Seokjin asked his smile getting larger again.

“Mostly.” Jeongguk smiled back at him, “I’m a student. I start university in the city soon. Right now I work at a gym.”

“Of course, you do.” Seokjin cracked a smile. “What are you going to study? Namjoon is going to start his graduate program.”

“I'm not sure yet.” Jeongguk sighed deeply. His heart tugged him towards the arts, but he wasn’t sure there was a career there. “I think I'll decide once I start going to classes.”

Namjoon moved to stand closer to him. “It's a big choice. What do your parents want you to do?”

“Make ridiculous amounts of money.” He laughed slightly and got a grin from both of the other men. “What do you do hyung?” Jeongguk asked Seokjin.

“I own the Knit Wit boutique in the city. It's clothing.”

Jeongguk’s face lit up, “I know that store! My two best friends drag me in there all the time.” He laughed lightly. “They live like three blocks away.” He took a sip of his drink to stop himself from saying anything else.

“Ask for me next time. I'll give them a discount. I'm always there.”

“I will.” Jeongguk nodded even though he knew he never saw Seokjin before even though he had been dragged into the store dozens of times.

It stayed casual after that. Namjoon served them drinks while they stood and ate delivery pizza as Jeongguk talked about the neighborhood. It was easy in a way he didn't know meeting new people could be.

That night it didn’t surprise him when his thoughts drifted to Namjoon's tan skin, and thick thighs. It shocked him even less when Seokjin came into the fantasy. In his mind Seokjin kissed down his body before he wrapped his plush lips around Jeongguk’s cock while Namjoon watched with lust filled eyes. Jeongguk came hard and stumbled into the shower to clean up.

His new neighbors were going to be a problem.


“Your neighbor is not the owner.” Jimin was all confidence as they walked down the street.

“He is! You'll see.” Jeongguk whined back at him.

Naturally, Jimin had immediately demanded a visit to Knit Wits when he found out about the discount. Jeongguk hadn’t seen much of his neighbors since their moving day and hoped the eldest would keep his word. He really didn’t want to listen to Jimin whine about it for the rest of his life if it didn’t happen.

“You said he lives with that other guy, right?” Taehyung's question was quiet.

“Yeah. I think they're related or roommates, they might be together. I didn't ask.”

Jimin laughed a little, “he works in fashion of course they're together.”

“That's a terrible stereotype, and he owns a business he’s not just in fashion.” Jeongguk frowned deeply. He hated when people were put into boxes. He would have easily been placed into the typical dumb jock box if it wasn't for his love of art, and even then, people still tried.

“Oh, you know what he meant. They bought a house together. Established couples buy houses together. It's a thing.” Taehyung saved Jimin.

They did that now; one was always there to cover for the other.

“Right.” Jeongguk mumbled as they walked up to the store. A large purple and white sign proudly displayed the name.

Jimin wasted no time pulling the door open. A little bell rung, and a very bored looking girl smiled from behind the register. His heart sped up. What was he doing? They had been here so many times and never seen Seokjin before. He would remember seeing someone that looked that good. All they had ever seen was a series of bored college aged girls who were clearly unhappy that this was the job they were stuck with. There was no reason to think he'd see his neighbor, and he was starting to feel like he didn't have the nerve to ask for him either.


“Seokjin.” He said it so weakly that he wasn't sure if anyone would actually hear it.

“Hi!” A solid hand came down on his shoulder, and he was greeted with a large smile when he finally made eye contact. “Long time no see.”

“How’s?” He stopped and breathed, “how's unpacking?”

“Joon's got it all done already. He's messy, but weirdly efficient.” Seokjin kept smiling at him, “so these are the friends?”

“Yeah.” He looked down and then over to them, “Park Jimin and Kim Taehyung. They love your store.”

“I got my belt here.” Jimin announced proudly, thrusting his hips out a little.

Jeongguk rolled his eyes while Seokjin spoke, “if you want anything, I'll give you half off. Full retail only not the sale stuff. I still have to make money.”

Jimin was gone the second the older man was done talking, but Taehyung hung back long enough to give a quick thank you.

“You didn't have to actually give them a discount.” Jeongguk commented out of politeness.

“I said I would.”

“You did.” Jeongguk didn't move away from Seokjin, and they silently watched the other two as they loudly went across the store picking up various items to show to each other.

“You're pretty quiet Jeongguk.”

“They're just really loud.” He countered with a small smile. “I don't mind just observing.”

“You like to watch.” Seokjin's eyebrows went up comically.

“Yes, that's exactly it.” He made a face as the older man laughed.

“Are your friends a couple?”

“A couple of idiots.” He countered as a reflex.

Obviously they were a couple. People who weren't romantically involved wouldn't be huddled up trying to figure out a fair way split custody of a shirt.

“Quiet but funny.”

“What?” He looked over and blushed slightly. Seokjin was standing close and smelled like something sweet that he couldn't name.

“You're funny in a quiet way. Namjoon is funny in a louder, trips over his own feet kind of a way.”

Jeongguk opened and closed his mouth a few times, “I don't think I can be compared to him.”

“You both have great thighs.” Seokjin offered with a straight face while Jeongguk's mouth dropped a little.

Was he being flirted with?

“Gukkie come look at this!”

“Gukkie?” He could tell Seokjin was holding back a laugh.

“Don't start.” Jeongguk pointed at him before walking off to where his friends were now fighting over a pair of shoes.

It took a while, but Seokjin finally disappeared back into his office, and Jimin grabbed onto Jeongguk's arm, “he's so hot.”

“He's hot?” It was bad acting, and he knew it.

“Is the other one that hot?”

Jeongguk thought of Namjoon's long legs, “I don't know. Guys are, I don't even know.” He hadn't been completely honest with them about his sexuality. It was still new, and he was trying to understand it. The last thing he needed was Jimin deciding to throw a party to celebrate him liking dicks.

“Seokjin should be modeling these cloths not selling them.” Jimin beamed, “you have two hot gay men living next door, and you didn't text me all the details after you helped them unpack?”

Taehyung frowned at Jimin and slapped at his arm.

“I don't know what they are. They never even stood next to each other. It's none of my business.” He did know, only one bed came off of the truck.

“I'm getting these.” Taehyung announced as he held up a jacked and collared shirt. It was an obvious attempt to change the topic.

“So, I can get this!” Jimin held up the shirt they had been fighting over previously, “you can still borrow it Tae.”

There was a soft look between them, and Jeongguk idly wondered what he was missing out on. Not just their obvious affection for each other but having someone to look at that way. He had never had someone to share little looks with. He was starting to realize that his two-year long quest to get his dick touched wasn't the right course of action. It had proven to be less than successful, and he didn't have any connections to show for it.

He shook his head a little and sighed.

“Nothing for you?” Seokjin was there again out of nowhere, smiling.

“Not in the budget.” Jeongguk shrugged the gym didn't really give him much disposable income.

“Here.” Seokjin pushed a bag at him. “It's for pain and suffering while helping us unpack.”

“No, hyung. I don't need, it's okay. You fed me.” He refused to take the bag and crossed his arms.

“Oh, come on. It's payment. You're lucky you didn't break anything, Namjoon is a hurricane. I was going to bring it over to you anyway and introduce myself to your parents.”

“Good luck with that.” Taehyung laughed, “they live across the country. We had the best parties the last two years.” He high fived Jimin then turned back around to pay for his cloths.

“We won't have anymore, I'm not loud. Plus, they have their own apartment for parties now.” Jeongguk panicked and grabbed the bag from Seokjin.

“Oh. That's a unique situation.” Seokjin's face softened.


The last thing he needed was one half of his new masturbation inspiration feeling bad for him, “my dad got a new job, they didn't want me to switch schools, so I have the house.” He hoped it sounded mature, he hoped he sounded dashingly independent, he hoped none of his insecurities leaked through. His parents had left him alone the first chance they got. It wasn't like he missed the silent dinners, but it was nice when he could still pretend that they all cared about each other.

“Gukkie we're going to miss the movie.” Jimin shifted from foot to foot as he pointed at his watch.

“Enjoy.” Seokjin waved them off. “Next time you pay full price!”

That night Jeongguk sat at his kitchen table looking at the bag. He hadn't opened it despite the constant pestering from his friends. They wanted to see what Seokjin had picked out for him, and he wanted to lock it away in a closet. It felt big, and that made him feel unbelievably silly. He wasn't used to gifts. It was simple, Seokjin owned a clothing store it made sense that the payment for helping would be something from that store. People loved it when neighborhood kids helped them with their projects. That's what he was, just some kid.

Jeongguk jumped when the doorbell rang.


“Jin sent me to invite you for dinner.”

The frown was instant. This was what he was worried about, pity. “That's okay I have some chicken here that I can cook. Tell him I said thank you though.”

“There's already cooked chicken over there.” He nodded to his house. “You can make yours tomorrow. Jin is an amazing cook.” Namjoon reached out and tugged on his sleeve a little.

It was so earnest that he instantly wanted to give in. He couldn't, it defeated the strong independent, I touch myself while thinking about you sucking my dick vibe he was trying to give off. “Maybe another time?”

“Listen. One time I skipped meeting him for lunch so I could study. He came to my apartment and literally dragged me out. He's crazy, and I'm sure he's not above doing that to you.” Namjoon flashed him the biggest smile.

There was no way that Seokjin didn't tell him that he had been living alone, but he appreciated that it wasn't being mentioned, “fine.”

“Is that the jacket?” Namjoon stepped into his house. “I helped pick it out. Try it on for me?” He picked up the bag, and the handle immediately broke dumping a leather jacking out onto the floor. “Ugh...”

“It's okay.” Jeongguk picked up the gift and hid his face. It was obviously too much, this was why he wanted to lock the bag away forever. “Here.” He slipped it on and held his arms out.

“It doesn't go with the sweatpants, but it looks good.”

Jeongguk shrugged the jacket off and could have sworn that Namjoon gave him a once over when he thought he wasn't looking.

“Come on.” Namjoon tugged at his arm again, and they left through his still open front door.

Moments after entering their house Jeongguk became painfully aware that his maybe they're not gay together theory was completely full of shit. Their house was decorated warmly, and pictures dotted most of the free surfaces, some were of family but there was a staggering amount of the two of them in increasingly intimate poses.

“That's when we went to Mexico!” Namjoon pointed to the picture he was looking at. “It was so cool We were drunk for most of it, but we hiked in the jungle a few times it was really pretty. There were these tiny little tree frogs that were so cute.” He popped a piece of carrot in his mouth and Jeongguk suppressed his urge to run as Namjoon started crunching in his ear.

It wasn't the noise; he was just too close.

“This one is my favorite.” Namjoon leaned over to grab a picture causing his chest to press against Jeongguk's back. “We were camping.”

“There is no way the two of you went camping.” He replied out of reflex and was instantly embarrassed for himself.

“We did!” Namjoon pointed enthusiastically. “See there's the tent behind us.”

“Joonie likes nature.” Seokjin offered as an explanation from the kitchen.

“I know you're cooking me dinner, and got me a cool jacket, but there is no way you slept on the ground.” Jeongguk finished with a tight laugh.

“There was some bargaining.” Seokjin's eyes lit up, and he exchanged a look with Namjoon who just smiled before stealing another carrot.

That was the kind of intimacy Jeongguk saw between Jimin and Taehyung, he didn't understand it. “It smells so good hyung when will it be done?”

“Now.” Seokjin said with a smile as he took a dish out of the oven.

“You really didn't need to feed me.” He said it but didn't mean it as they sat down. Whatever was in that dish smelled amazing.

“Do you cook for yourself?” Seokjin asked while serving them.

“Yeah, but it's a pain in the ass.” Jeongguk shrugged. “I should cook more.”

“Jin likes to cook.” Namjoon offered. “I'm sure he wouldn't mind cooking for you sometimes. I can't cook anything.”

“He tried to strain pasta with his fingers once. Just put them into boiling water like it wasn't going to hurt. So smart, but so dumb.” Jeongguk watched as Seokjin touched Namjoon's cheek with the back of his hand, and a fond smile on his face.

“Just because there's a compliment doesn't mean it's not also an insult.” Namjoon smiled back at Seokjin.

A dull ache settled in the top of Jeongguk’s chest at the base of his throat. Obviously, it was just heartburn from the spices in the food.

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The garage had become a kind of retreat for him since his parents moved out. Over the course of a few months he had diligently turned the space into a proper art studio. Shelves of supplies lined the back wall while the sides were slowly covered in completed paintings. Some had made their way into the house, but most were hung up and nearly forgotten.

Jeongguk currently had the garage door open with soft music playing so he didn't anger any of his neighbors. His high school art teacher had emailed him with a request for a commissioned piece and he was more than happy to paint something that would end up mattering to someone.


“Yeah?” He jumped happy that his hands were nowhere near the canvas.

“I tried the front door, but you didn't answer.”

When he turned, he found Namjoon standing in the middle of the doorway backlit by the sun, “sorry.” He gestured, “I can't hear the doorbell or knocking when I'm in here.”

“You paint?”

All he could do was shrug. Obviously he painted. The space was full of things he had painted.

“These are amazing.” Namjoon stood in front of a piece that Jeongguk had completed less than twenty-four hours after discovering that he was more into guys than girls. Two figures, obviously male, were blurred in strokes of color. One was leaning back as the other kissed his chest. “What are you working on?” Namjoon turned and his eyes got big. “The flowers look like they're wilting and blooming at the same time.”

Jeongguk shrugged again, “my old art teacher wanted a floral for her dining room.” He moved his hand as he spoke. The whole situation had become embarrassing; he didn't share his art with other people.

“Do you do a lot of commissions? Have you had an exhibit? This is all so good.” Namjoon bounced back to look at more of the completed work.

“No. I guess in school we did an exhibit, and I got a write up online and in the paper. It's just a hobby though.” He cringed, he wanted to take the words back. Art was something he loved, and his parents were the ones that called it a hobby.

“I'm serious these are really good.” Namjoon hadn't looked away from the paintings yet.

“Did you need something?” Jeongguk gave him a few moments of silence before speaking.

“Right.” Namjoon turned around with a smile, “my equipment just came in. It's so late, but it's here and I wondered if you'd help me bring it upstairs. You're doing your thing though so it's okay. I can wait for Jin.”

“I can help.” Jeongguk nodded. “I just need to take a shower. I was going to take a break soon anyway.” It was a lie, but Namjoon could have asked him to hide a dead body and he would have dropped everything and helped with a smile.


It occurred to him in the shower that he had no idea what the equipment was. Naturally, his mind started to wander. It seemed a little far out of the realm of possibility, but he envisioned himself carrying up a group of nondescript boxes full of various sex toys only to have Namjoon instruct him to hand over each item, one by one, before hanging it on the wall. Maybe Namjoon would tell Jeongguk how he was planning to use each one on Seokjin.

His hand moved down his body and gripped his cock. Jeongguk wasted no time building a steady rhythm, as he kept adding onto the fantasy. Seokjin bent over, and Namjoon narrating exactly how bad the other man had been while he slapped his ass with his bare hand. Then it was him splayed over Namjoon's lap with Seokjin holding his cock up to his lips. Jeongguk opened his mouth eagerly and moaned as he came.

Jeongguk threw on jeans and a tee shirt before he ran next door, knocking with still damp hair. He knew his shower went suspiciously long.

“Oh.” Namjoon breathed out as he opened the door and looked at Jeongguk. “That was a long shower.”

“Sorry,” he blushed and ducked his head. “What's your equipment?” Jeongguk shook his head and eyed the heavy looking boxes in the middle of the living room.

“It's for recording.”

Jeongguk tested the weight of a box by pushing it. He wasn't completely oblivious to the fact that Namjoon was still watching him closely, “you have a podcast?”

“No.” Namjoon let out a laugh. “I rap.”

“You rap?” Jeongguk turned around to look at the other man. “You do not rap.”

“I do.” Namjoon laughed, “for fun, but I get paid for shows sometimes too.”

“This is a lot of stuff for a hobby.” He frowned looking around, it all looked so heavy.

“You have a lot of art supplies for it to be a hobby.” Namjoon countered and Jeongguk found himself blushing again.

Despite the weight of the items it was easy enough to move them up to the second bedroom. If he hadn't already known they were a couple, it would have been confirmed. Their bedroom door was firmly shut, and the only other room on the second floor was now taken over by recording equipment.

When they were done, Namjoon sat him on the couch and handed him a glass that was clearly some kind of mixed drink.

“We should stop giving you alcohol.”

“Tae and Jimin get it for me. The house is fully stocked. You're not corrupting me or anything.” Jeongguk shrugged. He was trying desperately to feel comfortable enough to be sitting on a couch with Namjoon like they were equals.

“While we were moving the equipment, I was thinking. You should go to school for business and then open your own gallery.”

“Because that's so easy.” He had thought about it, in depth. By the time he could open his own gallery he'd already have his fancy business degree, and his parents couldn't be mad at him. Well, they could be mad, but it wouldn't matter. He'd be done with school, and on his own completely.

“If it's what you want to do it could be that easy.”

Jeongguk honestly wanted to unpack that statement, and he had a weird tug to talk to Namjoon about the things he wanted in the future. He didn't get the opportunity though. Seokjin walked through the door with a loud yell to announce that he was home. It didn't take long for his eyes to fall on Jeongguk.

“Are you here seducing my boyfriend Gukkie?”

“I, what?” He flushed deep red, “no.”

“I wasn't really worried.” Seokjin countered with a smile. “Don't be embarrassed.”

“Jin! You have to see what Jeongguk can do!” Namjoon jumped off the couch nearly knocking his drink over. “Can we show him?”

“I guess. Yeah.” He had left the garage door open anyway.

“What are we showing me?” Seokjin asked as Namjoon grabbed his arm and pulled him out of the house.

Jeongguk followed a few steps behind them. He didn't like people seeing his art and wasn't convinced that Seokjin would be as excited about it as Namjoon was. By the time he got to his own garage Namjoon was pointing around animatedly. It was nice to have someone be so enthusiastic about his paintings even if it made him uncomfortable.

“So, you were actually seducing Namjoon?” Seokjin turned to look back at him. “He loves art.”

“No.” Jeongguk mumbled and looked at the ground.

“I came over because my equipment fucking finally came, and he's out here painting this.” Namjoon gestured wildly at the flower painting. “Jin they look in bloom and like they're wilting. At the same time. It's insanely good. Then there's walls of just amazing stuff!”

Jeongguk looked up and made eye contact with Seokjin before he looked back down.

“Namjoon, I'm asking this in a way that means don't burn down my kitchen, but can you go turn the oven on so it can preheat for me? Three fifty?”


Jeongguk was standing, still not looking at anything but the ground as Namjoon walked away towards his own home. It wasn't long till he felt Seokjin standing in front of him. A few moments passed, and two fingers gently lifted his chin up so they could make eye contact.

It felt intimate, and he took a step back but kept his head up.

“You okay? He gets excited sometimes. I made a shirt for a class once, and it was like the world ended. He still wears it. I think it might be falling apart though.” Seokjin laughed a little.

It felt tense.

“I'm fine. I just don't show people this. My parents don't...” Jeongguk trailed off and tried his best to keep eye contact. “It's nice that he likes them.”

“They are really good Jeongguk.” Seokjin replied firmly.

He exhaled a breath he didn't know he was holding, “thank you.”

“When you're done with this, I'd love you to paint something for the store. Can I commission that? Something like that, but bigger?” Seokjin gestured to the painting of the two men that Namjoon had also stopped at. They liked the same piece, naturally it was his coming to terms with his sexuality painting.

“I can do that.” He nodded.

“It's okay to have a passion for something that your parents don't want you too.” Seokjin put a hand flat on his chest and Jeongguk leaned into it. “You can be a success, and like what you do.”

No one had ever said that to him before. Money was success, and the work that made money wasn't enjoyable. “I'm trying to figure it all out.”

“Good.” Seokjin let his hand drop down Jeongguk's chest before he took a step back. “Should we go make sure Namjoon didn't burn the house down?”

“He's kind of a mess.” Jeongguk managed to laugh. “He nearly dropped this huge box on my foot.”

Just like that they were back to easy. He was grateful for Namjoon's excitement, and Seokjin's quiet help.


Two days later Jeongguk was trying to enjoy a day off when there was a loud knock on his door for the third time that morning. He was just trying to beat the final boss in a video game, and the first two interruptions that morning had been people that were dead set on sharing the gospel of our lord and savior with him.

He wasn't even remotely interested.

“What?” He slammed his door open.


Fuck. It was Namjoon. “Hi.”

Jeongguk watched as Namjoon's eyes traveled down from his face to the waist band of his sweatpants, he suddenly felt completely naked and regretted answering the door shirtless.


“It's fine.” Jeongguk mumbled as he crossed his arms over his chest, suddenly feeling very shy.

“So, you don't just work at the gym?” Namjoon's hand went out as if he was going to touch him but stopped when it got halfway between their bodies.

“What?” Jeongguk looked down and fought the urge to run back into his house. “I get a free membership, and I do some personal training for tips even though I'm not supposed to. The clients like me.”

“I'm sure they do. Your hard work shows.”

Panic rose in his chest. “I thought you were here to talk to me about God.” It wasn't the smoothest transition ever.

“I can try.” Namjoon shrugged, Jeongguk was all too aware that the other man hadn't looked up at his face yet.

“Please don't.” Jeongguk moved out of the doorway and grabbed his shirt that was thrown over the back of the couch. “Come in.” He pulled his shirt on, and felt mildly better about the situation he was in.


Jeongguk noticed the worn leather messenger bag that Namjoon was carrying, “do you need help moving more stuff?”

“No. I was just wondering what you were doing today.”

“No work today.” He shrugged. “I'm not starting Seokjin's commission till tomorrow, so nothing. Video games I guess.”

“Do you mind if I hang out?”

“No, I ugh... no?”

Namjoon smiled at him, “you can say no. It's just boring and quiet without Jin at home, you know?”

Jeongguk didn't know. He had no idea what it was like to hate the silence caused by someone he loved not being there, “yeah that's fine.”

Namjoon stopped short on his walk to the couch to stand in front of a painting of a girl on a cliff by the ocean, “is this yours too?”


“I love that it has texture.”

He swallowed and watched as Namjoon reached out to touch the painting, “it was a school project.”

“Why are you so embarrassed?”

Seokjin must have talked to him, “I haven't really been encouraged. My parents,” he waved his arm rather than finish the statement.

“Left you alone to take care of yourself.”

His eyes got wide. That was not the reply he was expecting, and he didn't anticipate the angry tone either. “Yeah. They did. I think I'm doing a good job though.”


“With Jimin and Taehyung.” They were always there for him, before they were there for each other more. It wasn't that they were totally boxing him out, sometimes he just felt bad for tagging along now that they were together. Jeongguk knew they'd still drop everything for him if he needed it.

“I'm glad you have them.”

“Me too.” Jeongguk smiled.

“Do you talk to your parents often?”

“No.” He shook his head. They communicated in sporadic text messages and most were about the house. Only a few had been about his exam scores, they never asked how he was doing.

“When was the last time you saw them?”

It hit him hard that he didn't know, “I'm not sure. I've only seen them twice since they left. Maybe a year and a half?”

“Do you spend holidays with your friends?” Namjoon was frowning, but his eyes were angry.

Jeongguk felt raw, “they go home, I've been, alone.” He gestured with his hand and shrugged. “It's not so bad. I cook what I want and watch TV. It's just a nice day off work and school.”

“Your teachers didn't care?”

“My grades were always good. I don't think they cared.” No one had ever cared that he was alone. He didn’t tell anyone how he cried every night for the first two months.

“I'm sorry that was all very invasive.” Namjoon waved his hand in the air, “I'm just having a hard time understanding why they left you.”

“Me too,” Jeongguk admitted quietly.

Thankfully Namjoon changed the topic, “let's not be so serious anymore, okay?” Namjoon smiled, “so video games?”

“Yeah.” Jeongguk breathed out, relieved.

The game system was already up and paused.

“Don't worry about sound or anything. Just pretend I'm not here.” Namjoon sat carefully with his legs propped up on the ottoman and his laptop across his thighs. “Noise is good. It's weird, but it helps.”

“Right.” How was he supposed to pretend the other man wasn't there? Namjoon was one of the most attractive people that he's ever seen.

Jeongguk groaned when Namjoon pulled out a pair of glasses and put them on.

“Is everything okay?” Namjoon looked over at him.

“Yeah. Just do your thing.”

It was awkward for a while, and then it was easy. Namjoon was quiet beyond the steady typing and ignored every little yell that Jeongguk made at the screen. An hour went by before either had said a word.

“Hey pause it. Listen to this.” Namjoon leaned over and grabbed his thigh.

Jeongguk looked down at the hand and hit pause. It wasn't a good place to stop, but he had never noticed how long Namjoon's fingers were before, “okay.”

“So, Camus wrote this essay on the myth of Sisyphus.”

He nodded, and honestly had no idea what the hell Namjoon was talking about.

“He's the one that rolls the rock up the hill for it to fall back down forever because he defied the Gods. Anyway, the essay is about how Sisyphus has a weird sense of peace as he walks back down the hill to get the rock before he starts to roll it back up. That he finds his purpose in this absurd task that has no end. The quotes in this are ridiculous like, 'he is, as much through his passions as through his torture.'”

Namjoon was so animated that Jeongguk couldn't help but smile even if he didn't really get it, “like his passions make him feel the same as when he's tortured?”

“Yeah that's one way to look at it.” Namjoon smiled so brightly that his whole face scrunched up, “this quote though it's so good! 'There is no sun without shadow, and it is essential to know the night.' It's so simple and here is Camus just putting it down on paper like it's nothing.”

“You have to see the bad things to see the good and vice versa?” He didn't really like school, but for some reason this conversation wasn't all that bad. Honestly, if any of his teachers or tutors had looked like Namjoon he would have been a lot more into what he was learning.

“Yeah!” Namjoon nodded, “It's so simple.”

That made him think, “I don't think I see the sun a lot.”

“Two sides of the same coin.” Namjoon squeezed his thigh. “Sometimes you really have to look for the good things, but they're there.”

If Namjoon was single Jeongguk would have tried to kiss him in that moment but Namjoon wasn’t single, wasn’t his, and was very obviously too good for him anyway.

“Sorry. You can keep going.” Namjoon gestured at the TV. “Jin pretends to listen too.” Namjoon laughed a little. “He listens like you did, but I think he just likes seeing me excited.”

Jeongguk was very sure that Seokjin loved to see Namjoon excited, just not over literature. “It's okay. I don't mind.”

It took three more hours for their next major interruption to come in the form of a knock on the door. Jeongguk groaned and paused to answer it. He had no idea what time it was and honestly was just enjoying having someone else around for once. Namjoon had only stopped him a few times to share some quotes but had made himself more than comfortable curled up on the other side of the couch with a book, once he abandoned his laptop on the ottoman.

“Are you sure you're not trying to seduce Namjoon away from me?”

Jeongguk's mouth opened and closed a few times. There was Seokjin looking like he was up to no good, “no! I wouldn't, never, no.”

“I was just working on some stuff over here. The house is too quiet without you.” Namjoon was suddenly behind him and reached around his body to squeeze Seokjin's arm.

“Well, I started dinner already.” Seokjin grumbled, “I found some good mackerel at the market Jeongguk suggested.”

“Glad to help.” He felt the loss of Namjoon's body against his as the other man turned to pack his laptop up.

“You coming?” Seokjin looked at Jeongguk closely. “You did suggest the market.”

“You're feeding me too often.” Jeongguk grumbled. “I'm getting spoiled.”

“We like having you around.” Namjoon added as he walked over. “Jin always makes too much anyway.”

“I can cook for myself.”

“On the nights I don't cook for you.” Seokjin added. “Come on.” It sounded nonnegotiable as the couple started to walk away.

Dinner was more comfortable than it had ever been with his family. Jeongguk pretended to listen to the woes of the fashion industry, and then Namjoon went over a few of the quotes that he had fallen in love with as he read. They talked about how his commission piece was coming along and made every attempt to include him. Jeongguk wondered if he was finally getting the family experience. Only it couldn't be family. He didn't have one pure thought about either man. He guessed it was what a real relationship felt like, comfortable with an underlying lust.

By the time he got home Jeongguk couldn't stop wondering about what they saw in him. There was really no reason that they should be including him in their lives. He was just some dumb kid who was counting down the days till university started.

That night he thought about himself and Seokjin coming all over Namjoon's glasses while he touched himself.

Chapter Text



His gym bag fell to the ground when he looked over to see Namjoon waving his arms wildly to get his attention. Jeongguk had just worked an early shift from hell and desperately needed a nap.

He really didn't have the energy for a hard-on.

“I have a show tonight. I just got added this morning.” Namjoon yelled as he crossed their yards. “You should come and bring your friends.”

“That sounds like fun.” Jeongguk swayed a little and yawned.

“It should be. My friends are preforming too. You can meet them.” Namjoon sounded over excited.

“All rap?” Jeongguk shut his eyes and reached down blindly for his gym bag. Normally he'd do anything to get Namjoon's attention, but right now all he wanted was his bed.

Namjoon reached out and grabbed his hips to push him against the car, “are you okay?” It obviously wasn't meant to be sexy by the concerned look on the other man's face. Still, Jeongguk was now pushed up against his car with Namjoon's hands holding him in place.

“My fucking shift started at four a.m. I got like three hours of sleep. I never work that early, but I wanted some extra hours. The morning people are the worst.” Jeongguk yawned again. “They're so needy, and think they know everything. This one guy nearly killed someone he was supposed to be spotting because he was looking at some girl’s ass. Then this old guy was walking around with two of the squirt bottles we leave out for people to sanitize the equipment. I had to yell at him because my manager didn’t have the balls to.” He was rambling.

“You're okay though?”

“I’m fine.” Jeongguk opened his eyes and realized that Namjoon was still holding onto him but leaning in closer. Effectively boxing him in, against the car. “What time is the show?”

“First act is at nine.”

“We'll go.” Jeongguk nodded with a small smile. “Just need a nap first.”

Namjoon looked so hopeful, “you promise?”

“Yeah. I won't miss it.” He meant it.

“Do you need help?”

“With what?” The lack of sleep was making him feel a little slower than usual.

Namjoon squeezed his hip, “getting to bed.”

Jeongguk laughed, “did you want to get me in bed hyung?”

“What?” Namjoon let him go.

“It was a joke.” Jeongguk was too tired for this. He didn't even know what he was saying anymore. “I'm not sick or hurt, just tired. I can make it up the stairs.”

“Right. Okay.”

“I'll see you tonight.”

“Jin will be there.” Namjoon offered as he backed up a little more. “You should watch with him. He can bring you backstage after.”

“I'll find him.”

Jeongguk had never wanted to get rid of Namjoon so much before. Now he had to text his friends and take care of his half hard dick before he could sleep. Namjoon couldn't go around pushing him into cars without making his imagination run wild.


“I don't even like rap.” Jimin whined as they waited in line to get into the club.

Taehyung leaned over and whispered something in his ear that got a short giggle as a reply.

Jeongguk turned away. They had been doing nothing but sharing private jokes and moments since dinner. The two were completely wrapped up in each other, and practically ignoring him. He had hardly seen them the last few weeks, and now they only had eyes for each other. It wasn’t all their fault though, Jeongguk had been unexpectedly occupied by his neighbors. Namjoon and Seokjin made him laugh and feel comfortable in a way he didn't know he could.

They’d eventually go away, so he needed to cling to the feeling while they were still there.

“We're supporting Gukkie's neighbor boyfriends.” Taehyung nodded.

“They're my friends too.” Jeongguk countered. They really did need more friends outside of each other.

“Maybe I'll like rap tonight.” Jimin added, trying his best to be supportive.

“I'm going to be too hot in this the second we get inside.” Jeongguk frowned. He was wearing the leather jacket that his neighbors had gifted him.

“You are hot in it.” Taehyung smiled while Jimin frowned.

“Thanks.” The compliment caught him off guard. “I have no idea why they gave me this. I just moved a few things.”

“You helped them.” Taehyung shrugged, “Seokjin owns the store, I’m sure it was nothing. They've got great taste though.”

“I guess.” Jeongguk could admit that he looked good, but he didn't want to. He wasn't comfortable with ego; he was just awkward. Jeongguk constantly wished he wasn't, but the second he opened his mouth most of his allure went away. Then again no one cared that he was weird when he was kissing them.

“Finally.” Jimin huffed as the line started to move.

“Stop being a brat.” Taehyung slapped his shoulder.

“It’s your fault.” Jimin crossed his arms.

Jeongguk rolled his eyes and let himself get swept towards the entrance by the crowd. Somehow, he got into the club without the telltale x on his hand that marked he was too young to drink. He also managed to lose his friends in the crowd only to find them making out in a corner halfway through the first act. The upbeat rap contrasted his mood as he made his way to the bar. If they were stupid enough to let him drink, he was going to drink. Jeongguk ordered two shots and a whiskey neat, it felt like the adult choice.

He threw back both shots before he started to look for Seokjin. By the middle of the second act he had given up. There was no Seokjin, and he had caught Jimin pulling Taehyung towards the bathrooms. Jeongguk completely gave up and made his way back to the bar. With a frown he repeated his order.

Naturally, he was alone.

The second act seemed to mirror his mood. Every song was a little darker with more grit. He took one of the shots and grabbed the second as a man he had never seen before moved to stand in front of him.


Jeongguk blinked, “hi.”

“Are you into...” the stranger waved his hand over his body.

“Sure.” Jeongguk took his second shot and nodded.

The stranger wasted no time and pressed Jeongguk’s body back against the bar. It reminded him of the position Namjoon had him in earlier in the day. He flushed and turned to grab his drink.

“You are so hot.” It was said directly into his ear as the stranger pressed their hips together.

A man had never called him hot before, “you think so?”

“Yeah.” It was breathed out against his neck.


Jeongguk grabbed onto one of the man's hip with his free hand to keep their bodies pressed together. The stranger’s lips started to kiss their way down his neck as the second act left the stage. Everyone got a little quieter, and he could hear the man humming against his collarbone. Instinctively Jeongguk leaned his head to the side and shut his eyes to him better access. Fuck it. This could be the night where he finally got to hook up with another man. Picking up a random guy up at a bar couldn’t be that bad, plenty of people did it.

When Jeongguk finally opened his eyes, they locked with Seokjin's.

His neighbor didn't speak, but his face looked critical. Why would Seokjin care about what he was doing? Did he care, or was he just being judgmental? As a test Jeongguk let out a low moan and arched his body against the strangers. The man took it as a sign to go further and pressed Jeongguk back against the bar before he leaned in trying to bring their lips together.

“That's enough of that.” Seokjin tugged the guy away from Jeongguk.

“Who the fuck are you?”

Seokjin thought for a second, “his date.”

“Some date.” The guy replied. “He was over here alone. Looking so good.”

Jeongguk blushed.

“I shouldn't have been late.” Seokjin grabbed onto Jeongguk's arm and pulled him away from the bar, and the stranger.

“Hyung.” Jeongguk grumbled once they were closer to the stage. He really did want to get the whole hooking up with his first man thing out of the way.

“Have you been drinking Jeongguk? How did you not get carded?” Seokjin sounded annoyed.

“No idea, and of course I was drinking.” He shrugged and held up his glass, “when does Namjoon go on?”

“I knew he was your favorite! Here I am in front of you, and you're asking for Joon. Remember I feed you, he just hangs out,” Seokjin smiled slightly. “He goes on soon. Did your friends not make it?”

“I think they're fucking in the bathroom right now.” He shrugged trying to sound cool about it.

“They're what?”

“Fucking.” He could have been hooking up in the bathroom too if it wasn't for Seokjin, “they were going to the bathroom after making out for the whole first set. I think it's safe to assume what they're doing.”

“I'm sorry I was late.” Seokjin touched his shoulder, “you shouldn't have been left alone.”

“I don’t need a chaperone hyung.” Jeongguk frowned at him, “plus I made a friend.” Jeongguk smiled and looked back towards the bar.

“That was not a friend. That was a guy that just wanted to hook up with you.” Seokjin's annoyed look came back.

“So?” Jeongguk shrugged and sipped his drink. He desperately hoped he looked cool.

“What do you mean so?” Seokjin's expression took a turn from annoyed to angry, “you don't know who he is, or if he has a disease. What if he tried to go further than you wanted?”

Jeongguk bit his lip and looked down, “it was just a kiss.”

“You didn't actually kiss him.”

How long had Seokjin been watching him? “Don't be upset.” Jeongguk frowned. “Look I wore the jacket.”

“I noticed.” Seokjin nodded at him. “It looks as good as I thought it would.”

“Tae said I looked hot.” His eyes flickered up.

“You do.”

Jeongguk want to close the gap between them. He wanted Seokjin to push him against the bar like the stranger had. “Thank you.”

A man came on stage, interrupting their conversation, to introduce Namjoon as RM.

The beat started, and like a dream come true Seokjin wrapped an arm around Jeongguk from behind and pulled him back till their bodies were flush against each other. Jeongguk clutched his drink tightly and tried not to focus on where his ass was pressing into Seokjin’s crotch. It was a compromising position and if he hadn't been drinking, he would have felt guilty. Namjoon didn't deserve to walk out on stage to see his boyfriend holding the neighbor kid intimately. Jeongguk tried to move away as the lights changed, but Seokjin held him firmly in place.

Seokjin apparently had no issue with playing the role of Jeongguk's date.

“Get ready Gukkie.” Seokjin whispered into his ear.

There was no way.

Namjoon came out on stage instantly commanding the attention of everyone. Weird, clumsy, nerdy Namjoon was in front of him in tight ripped jeans, and a baggy white tee shirt with his platinum hair styled back away from his face. He exuded a confidence that Jeongguk had never seen. Till now he'd only been wide smiles, and serious looks while he explained the different topics he was studying over dinner.

“He's good right?” Seokjin asked after the first song, his lips ghosting over Jeongguk's ear.

Jeongguk nodded, suddenly reminded of how close he was to the other man, how their bodies fit together.

Somewhere towards the end of the set his drink was finished and Namjoon had spotted them in the crowd. Their eyes locked as Namjoon, RM, licked his lips before biting the bottom one. By the time it was over Jeongguk just wanted to go home and touch himself till his dick was raw.

“Come on.”

Seokjin tugged on his belt loop, and soon they were in a small backstage area. Namjoon was toweling the sweat off his face and arms, “Gukkie you made it!”

There was normal Namjoon, all big smiles and dimples hugging him, and moving his head around his body to give Seokjin a kiss that lingered. That was new. They had never kissed around him before. “I promised I'd be here.”

“This is Jeongguk?” Suddenly he was being pulled away from his neighbors and hugged tightly by a stranger. He wanted to go back to being pressed between them, it was too close to the things the thought about while he was alone.

“That's Jung Hoseok. He's a hugger.” Namjoon offered.

“Wait. Hold on.” Jeongguk shook his head a little. “What the hell was that? You're like this huge nerd then this.” He gestured up and down getting a laugh from everyone but Namjoon.

“I can see why you guys like this kid so much.” Jeongguk looked over and eyed the man that had gone on stage second.

“Min Yoongi.” Seokjin offered as an introduction between laughs.

“I didn't mean it in a bad way.” Jeongguk could feel his face heating up.

“Are you drunk?” Namjoon frowned a little bit.

Jeongguk shrugged, “kind of?”

“Jin you got him drunk? At a bar, where he's not old enough to drink?”

“He was already drunk with some guy attached to his neck when I found him.” Seokjin held his hands up. “I'm not here corrupting anyone.”

“Wait what?” Namjoon’s eyes went wide. “A guy was what?”

“Kissing his neck.” Seokjin repeated.

It felt like it was important to them that a man was kissing him, and he needed to get that thought out of his head. “It's not a big deal.”

Namjoon shook his head a few times, “did you even know him?”

“No.” Jeongguk shrugged.

“You let him make out with a stranger?” Namjoon looked at Seokjin.

“Found him with a stranger and stopped it.” Seokjin corrected.

Jeongguk looked over to where Yoongi and Hoseok were standing together trying not to laugh at the couple. They were clearly just as used to Seokjin and Namjoon bickering as he was. Only they had never yelled at each other about him drinking before, and they had let him drink plenty of times. It must have been about the guy. Why would they care about the guy?

“Seokjin hyung didn’t do anything wrong.” Jeongguk stated plainly, “I drank on my own. He pulled me away from the hot guy and held me. I couldn't go get anything else to drink or go find the guy. I didn't want to anyway.”

“See he's fine.” It sounded like Seokjin was back to laughing, but Jeongguk didn't register anything beyond Seokjin wrapping an arm around his waist.

“Do you feel sick?” Namjoon widened his eyes.

“Nope.” Jeongguk shook his head. He didn't feel sick, but yes, he did feel slightly dizzy. And yes, he wanted to be pressed between Namjoon and Seokjin as they kissed.

“Let’s get you home.”

“No! I'll go find Tae and Jimin.” He squirmed away from Seokjin and was easily caught by a smiling Hoseok.

“Maybe looking around a crowded venue for them isn't a great idea.” Hoseok offered with a bright smile.

“I guess,” Jeongguk looked over to where Seokjin was grabbing Namjoon's bag. They were talking to each other softly.

“Namjoon and Jin would love to take you home.” Yoongi commented.

Jeongguk wasn't sober enough to think about that statement, but he knew he was missing something.

“They'll think I'm dead.”

“Just text them.” Seokjin shook his head with a smile.

“So smart.” Jeongguk slurred his words slightly.

Maybe he was drunk.

“Yeah, time to go home.” Namjoon nodded.

Seokjin lead them both out the back door into the cooler air.

“I knew you'd look hot in that jacket.” Namjoon said as they climbed into the back of the car.

Jeongguk let himself snuggle into Namjoon’s side as Seokjin drove them home. He dozed off only waking back up when the car stopped. Namjoon pulled him out of the car and walked him across their lawns to his own door.


“Yeah?” He flopped down on the couch, perched on his elbows so he could look at Namjoon’s silhouette in his doorway.

“You deserve more than a random club hook up.”

“It was just practice hyung. I wasn't even thinking about him.” It was a little to close to the truth.

Namjoon stood quiet at the door, “who were you thinking about?”

You. Seokjin.

Jeongguk breathed out, “hyung. I...”

“Don't answer that.” Namjoon cut him off, “just drink some water and sleep.”

“I will.”

After the door shut Jeongguk laid down and shut his eyes. There was a nagging at the back of his mind that kept him from falling asleep. Had he managed to make a total fool of himself? Why did his neighbors seem so upset that he was letting a man kiss him? And why hadn't either of his friends texted him back? Were they okay? It was too much for his drunk brain to process. Jeongguk pulled his body off the couch and dragged it to the kitchen for a glass of water. As he drank, he mustered up the energy to make it up the stairs.

Right now, he just needed sleep.

When he got to the stop step, Jeongguk noticed a light coming in from what used to be his parent's room. He knew the light was coming from his neighbor's house and couldn't help the curiosity that sunk into his brain. Why was their light on?


Jeongguk could just barely make out their bodies through the thin white curtains that hung over the window. It had never occurred to him that his parent's room looked over his neighbor's bedroom. He felt brave and stupid at the same time as he moved closer. This was not something he should be watching. Namjoon was shirtless and Seokjin was on his knees looking up while his fingers diligently pulled Namjoon's tight jeans down over his thick thighs.

Jeongguk inhaled sharply and dropped down to his own knees.

This was an intimate moment that he was intruding on. Still, he watched closely as Seokjin's hand closed around Namjoon's cock stroking it a few times before he wrapped his lips around the tip. Jeongguk knew he'd look good with his lips stretched around Namjoon. His eyes were fixed on the pair as Seokjin bobbed his head and twisted his wrist.

Soon Seokjin slowed his movements and pulled back off Namjoon’s cock. His breathing was heavy, and his mouth was open. Jeongguk opened his own mouth and let out a low moan when Namjoon reached down and let his thumb drag across Seokjin’s bottom lip before pressing the finger into his boyfriend’s mouth.

It was too much.

Jeongguk wanted to be there with them on his knees, helping. He licked his lips and pushed his jeans down as Namjoon pulled Seokjin up into a kiss. His hand closed around his own cock when Namjoon started to pull off Seokjin's shirt.

It was better than any porn he had seen on the internet, or his magazines.

Jeongguk moved his hand slowly down his chest and over his own cock before letting his fingertips travel back past his balls, and brush over his hole as he watched Namjoon push Seokjin back on the bed. He expected Namjoon to crawl over Seokjin and press him down against the mattress, but he settled between Seokjin’s thighs. They were making eye contact, and Jeongguk could see them speaking to each other as Namjoon's hand started to work between Seokjin's legs. There was no doubt in Jeongguk’s mind that Namjoon was slowly working Seokjin open.

Jeongguk brought his hand to his mouth and sucked on two of his fingers. He let out a moan around them.

Seokjin's fists were tight balls clinging to the blankets on either side of him, it had to feel good. Jeongguk took his spit slick finger back to its previous spot and gently rubbed over his hole again. He closed his eyes and pictured Namjoon's long fingers sinking into him as he pressed up. Jeongguk was sure that the moan he breathed out was loud enough that they could hear him if they were listening.

He opened his eyes again. Jeongguk didn't know when it happened but Namjoon was now fully inside of Seokjin fucking him slowly while they kissed. Jeongguk groaned in frustration has he struggled to keep his fingers moving at the same pace as Namjoon's hips. The other man was slowly speeding up, and it was obvious that Seokjin was starting to come undone.

So was he.

Jeongguk gripped his cock with his free hand and worked it in erratic movements. It felt good, but he didn't come till he shut his eyes and imaged that it was Seokjin's hand around him, and Namjoon fucking him.

Jeongguk fell backwards and caught his breath. Part of him wanted him to sit back up and watch them finish, but another part felt like that was crossing a line. With a sigh he stood up and made his way to his room.

Things were starting to get out of hand.

Chapter Text

“You're drawing again?”

Jeongguk followed Jimin's eyes to his kitchen table where two different sketch pads were spread out with an assortment of copic markers. “Yeah. Seokjin hyung commissioned me to paint something for his store.” Jeongguk answered coyly, hoping Jimin wouldn’t get up to look at exactly what he was working on. A few of the sketches resembled his neighbors a little too closely.

“Hot neighbor?” Jimin asked to clarify.

“Yeah, hot neighbor.” Jeongguk frowned.

“His boyfriend was pretty sexy when he was rapping.” Taehyung commented absently.

“I guess.” Jeongguk shrugged. There was no debating how sexy Namjoon was when he was rapping. “I don’t get it though, Namjoon is just like this giant nerd person. He comes over here and reads or does research for school, but school hasn't even started yet.”

That got Taehyung’s full attention, “he comes over?”

“When I'm not at work.” Jeongguk shrugged. “Then Seokjin comes home and we eat dinner.”

“Wait what?” Jimin looked up at him surprised, and then shared one of those secret looks with Taehyung.

It hadn't crossed Jeongguk’s mind that what they were doing was weird, “yeah, is it not normal?” He looked down.

“You're like their adult child. Are you their practice baby?” Jimin laughed.

“I'm not their baby.” Jeongguk frowned thinking of how Seokjin held him close in the club, and the way Namjoon held his hips against the car. “We only hang out because Tae has a big mouth and said I lived alone. I think they feel bad for me.”

“Maybe.” Taehyung nodded.

It wasn't what Jeongguk wanted to hear. He wanted some crazy idea that they were interested in him, even if it wasn't real. Sometimes lies felt good, “it's not a big deal that we hang out a lot.”

“You're getting really close to them.” Taehyung looked concerned.

“Don't worry I'm not replacing you guys.” Jeongguk forced himself to grin.

Jimin opened his mouth to answer but was interrupted by a knock on the door. Jeongguk wasn't surprised to see Namjoon standing there in thick black glasses when he opened it up.

“Your friends are here. Hi.” Namjoon leaned in and waved. “We're grilling tonight with Yoongi and Hoseok if you want to come over. They can come too, there will be plenty of food.” He pointed at Jimin and Taehyung.

“We'll bring dessert!” Jimin offered excitedly.

“Sounds good.” Namjoon waved at them again. Then his full attention was on Jeongguk. “Are you okay?” He leaned down a little and got in Jeongguk's face. “We haven’t seen you all week.”

“Fine. Busy. I never caught up on sleep from the other night.” He was looking for any excuse that Namjoon would believe.

“Oh.” Namjoon stepped back obviously deflated, “we’ve missed having you around.”

“Yeah.” Jeongguk nodded and gave a quick, fake smile. “Well, I’ll see you later I guess.”

Jeongguk closed the door and took a deep breath. Everything had felt a off since the night of the show. He was still having a hard time accepting that he had violated their privacy. Getting off to a fantasy was one thing, openly watching them and fingering himself till he came was another.

“He's got a teacher please punish me vibe going on.” Jimin announced proudly cutting through Jeongguk’s inner tension.

Jeongguk choked on nothing which made his friends burst out laughing.


Their friends got along. It felt important, it felt like Jeongguk passed a test he didn’t know he had agreed to take.

It made Jeongguk happy even though he was off to the side observing, not participating. It felt like a couple’s night, and he wasn’t part of a couple. He watched so many looks and touches between the men that his heart ached. Jeongguk wasn't sure if there would ever be a time where he wasn't on the outside.

“Gukkie's a great dancer.”

“I'm what?” He looked up and blinked a few times to focus his eyes.

“A great dancer.” Jimin stated again. “Hoseok invited us to his dance studio. It's by the school.”

Us. He frowned, us was Jimin and Taehyung. It didn't involve him, his invite had to have been an afterthought, “oh yeah. Maybe I'll go.”

Jimin made a face at him but went back to excitedly talking about dance. It didn’t take long for Taehyung to convince Hoseok to teach him a routine, and soon the two were standing up stretching. Taehyung followed the steps as closely as he could while everyone else alternated yelling insults and encouragement. Jeongguk clutched the bottle of water that he was holding tight enough that it crinkled. He had no idea why he couldn't just be normal, why he couldn't enjoy the evening like everyone else.

“They talk about you a lot.”

Jeongguk nearly jumped out of his skin. Yoongi was suddenly beside him, “who?”

“Jin and Joon.”

“Oh.” He wanted to be that casual with them, to use the nicknames they so obviously went by.

“They care about you a lot.”

Why was this conversation even happening? “Yup. I'm the little brother they never had.” He forced a smile. “Maybe a trial kid for them. Who knows?” He tried to joke.

“They don’t talk about you like that.” Yoongi sipped his drink, “your friends are together right? They make a cute couple.”

“Yeah.” Jeongguk waved his hand and looked up to see Jimin and Taehyung clinging to each other as they laughed. “They are. Everyone is in a relationship but me. Isn’t it great? I’m going to the bathroom.” He grumbled and stood heading towards the house. Sometimes he was allowed to act his age.

“You okay?” It was the second time he had been asked that today, only this time it was coming from Seokjin. Jeongguk could hear their friends laughing outside as they all continued with the impromptu dance lesson.

“I'm fine. Great really. My best friends are fucking, you and Namjoon are together, and even your friends are together. Which is so fucking obvious even though no one said anything. I'm here in some kind of seventh wheel hell because I can’t find anyone who’s into me beyond that creep at a bar and some girls I didn’t really want to be with anyway. I guess I’m just wondering what the fuck is wrong with me.”

“Gukkie there's nothing wrong with you.”

“I just feel,” He didn't want to cry, but here he was in the middle of his neighbor's living room choking back tears. “Alone, a lot of the time. My parents left me, my friends are pulling away, and when I go to school you and Namjoon will go away too.”

“Jeongguk we're not going anywhere.” Seokjin pulled him into a tight hug.

“What's going on?” It was Namjoon.

Seokjin answered, “he's feeling lonely.”

“I knew you weren't okay.”

Namjoon moved and hugged him from behind while his front was still pressed against Seokjin's chest. In that moment Jeongguk wanted to tell them everything. How he fantasized about them, how he invaded their privacy, how he looked forward to their quiet days together.

All he could do was sob.

It was embarrassing. He hadn't ugly cried since he was ten and a girl, he wanted to kiss threw dirt in his face while his eyes were closed, lips puckered, waiting. The feelings of utter devastation and being left behind were the same, and they dug a hole in his chest.

“Do you want us to take you home?”

“I'm not your kid.” He said low and soft while he tried his best to stop the tears. “You don't have to keep taking care of me.”

“I'm not babying you. When Joon is upset we go to a quiet place to work it out.” Seokjin moved away from him, but Namjoon's arms were still wrapped around his body.

“We're not the same.”

“I think of you the same way I think of him. I just want to help you feel better.”

“Jin. Not now.” Namjoon's words had an edge to them and Jeongguk couldn't blame him. Right now, he was a mess, and no one should have to be compared to him.

“You're right.” Seokjin sighed. “Gukkie we're not leaving you. I don't know them well, but I can tell that Taehyung and Jimin aren't going to leave you either.”

“People leave me.”

“Your parents left you.” Namjoon turned him around so they were facing each other. “Honestly, I hate thinking about what they did to you. But that doesn't mean you're going to be alone forever, or that everyone is going to leave.”

“Nothing needs to change. You can just study with Joon before dinner not paint or play video games.” Seokjin added.

The tears came harder. Jeongguk wiped at his eyes with the heels of his hands like a small child. Why were they being so nice to him? He wanted to ask, really wanted to ask, but didn't trust himself to talk anymore.

“Namjoon, go,” He saw Seokjin nod towards outside.

Hoseok's laugh echoed into the house when Namjoon opened the door. Jeongguk didn't have the time to wonder what was going on because Seokjin was leading him upstairs. It was surreal and not even close to the way he had imagined being led into their bedroom. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be, it wasn’t what he fantasized about.

“Just till you feel better.” Seokjin’s voice was quiet, “I promise I’m not babying you.”


Jeongguk looked around and went to settle on a chair in the corner, but Seokjin caught him by the hips and pushed him towards the bed. “Just lay down, it's okay.”

It was intimate. No one had ever just been there for him when he was upset. Then again, he didn't normally talk about his feelings. No, he buried them deep enough that he could ignore them.

“Jeongguk?” Namjoon’s voice was soft as he closed the door behind him, “we’re here.”

Jeongguk closed his eyes, he couldn't handle it. This wasn’t the way he wanted either of them to see him, this wasn't the way he wanted to be in their bed.

He cried harder.

Awhile later Jeongguk’s tears had finally stopped, and he inhaled deeply. His head was in Namjoon's lap the other man's hands in his hair, and Seokjin’s head was on his chest their fingers intertwined.

“Sometimes you just need to get it out.” Namjoon said in a quiet voice.

“Yeah.” Jeongguk nodded. His head was pounding, all he wanted was sleep.

“You can always talk to us.” Seokjin mumbled against his shirt.

Jeongguk sighed, “I think there’s something wrong with me.”

“There’s not.” Namjoon answered quickly.

There was something wrong with him. Something deep and fundamental that made people push him away. As much as they were trying to help him now, they’d go too. After all, they were just his neighbors. Neighbors were temporary, and Jeongguk couldn’t stay in that house forever.

“There is.” Jeongguk squeezed his eyes shut, “no one ever wants to stay. It has to be me.”

“Oh Gukkie.” Namjoon’s voice was soft, “I promise that people won’t always leave you. Sometimes people come and go, but lots stay. We’re going to stay.”

It was a pretty lie.

“I think I’m supposed to be alone. Some people just are. Not everyone is meant to have someone. You know?” He stopped. They didn’t know.

“Jeongguk I’m not going to tell you that your feelings are wrong, but someday you’ll see that how you’re feeling right now isn’t the only way you can feel, and I think you’ll be very thankful.”

It was an answer that only Namjoon could give. Jeongguk was valid, but he was still wrong. Of course. Jeongguk leaned up to get out of the bed and Seokjin pressed him back down with a hand to his chest.

“Can I ask you a question?” Seokjin ventured as he lifted his head up a little.

“Sure.” Jeongguk nodded.

“Is that why you tried to hook up with the guy at the bar? You didn’t want to be alone?” Seokjin asked carefully. “I didn't, we didn't know you liked men. We thought you didn’t even want to date you never have anyone over.” Seokjin squeezed his hand. “We didn’t know you felt so alone, not really.”

Jeongguk’s head hurt too much to think about his answer. “I didn't know I liked men.” His voice was weak.

“That guy was how you figured it out?” Seokjin sounded shocked and Namjoon reached out to hit his shoulder.

“No.” Jeongguk laughed then winced as his head started to pound harder. “I found some gay porn magazines and realized that I wasn't feeling much when I was hooking up with girls because I wasn't as into them as I was the guys.”

“That makes sense.” Seokjin squeezed his hand. “I had an earth-shattering realization in the locker room at swim practice, and then a very inconvenient erection.”

Jeongguk laughed more even though it hurt.

“Namjoon just likes brains which means I'm not just a pretty face.” Seokjin added. “So progressive, our Joon.”


Jeongguk opened his eyes in time to see Seokjin touch Namjoon's face with a smile. He loved being able to witness their tender moments even if they left him feeling on the outside.

“So, the guy?” Namjoon asked. “I wasn't there.”

“I don't know.” Jeongguk shrugged. “He was interested so I went with it. People don’t normally want me I'm awkward.”

Namjoon inhaled, “you thought why not just go for it?”

“Yeah.” He turned his face burying it in Namjoon's thigh. “I just wanted to know what it would be like.” His voice was muffled but audible.

“What, what would be like?” Namjoon's voice was soft.

Jeongguk sighed, “for someone to want me like that. He called me sexy.”

“Are you a virgin Gukkie?” Seokjin asked the question softly, and it almost sounded like he didn't want to.

“Kind of.” He turned his head back before he wiggled out from under Seokjin and sat up. He couldn't get too comfortable with them; his place wasn't in their bed.

“Elaborate.” It was a plain command from Seokjin who did not look happy to be moved.

“I've never.” Jeongguk was glad he was already red from crying and not pure embarrassment. “I've hooked up with girls, just hand stuff. I've never done anything with a guy beyond the bar guy.”

“Hand stuff.” Seokjin grinned, “hand stuff is the best.”

“Jin.” Namjoon sounded scandalized and Jeongguk noticed he was also turning a little red.

Seokjin looked offended. “You’re the one with hands like that.”

“They are nice hands hyung.” Jeongguk reached out and let his fingertips run over Namjoon’s knuckles.

When Jeongguk looked up at Namjoon he was giving Seokjin a look that could only be described as desperate. Jeongguk wasn’t completely sure what the look meant, but he knew it wasn’t good and that it was his fault. He took his hand back with his eyes still locked onto Namjoon’s face.

“Jeongguk do you know you like men, or is it a I just want to try situation?” Namjoon asked.

“I don't think about girls when I'm...” He looked down.

“Touching yourself.” Seokjin added. His eyes looked dark, but there was only one small lamp on in the room. It could have just been an illusion.

“Yeah, I don't think about girls, or do things girls would normally do to me.” He trailed off. Jeongguk wanted to tell them that he only thought about them but didn't have the words to do it properly. They were both just looking at him expectantly.

“Jesus Jeongguk.” Seokjin moved a little closer to him.

“I saw you two once.” If he couldn't tell them how he felt, he could at least tell them what he did.

“Saw us doing what?” There was no denying how red Namjoon was.

“I think he means each other.” Seokjin answered with a smile.

“After the show. I didn't know I could see in here from my parent’s room, and you had a light on, and I was drunk.” Jeongguk’s eyes found the floor as he spoke.

“You watched us have sex?” Namjoon asked softly.

“Yeah. I'm so sorry. I know it's like this huge invasion of privacy.” Jeongguk waved his hands around a little. “I was drunk, and I wasn’t really thinking. Plus, you guys...” Jeongguk stopped himself there.

“You guys what?” Seokjin reached out his hand and gently grabbed Jeongguk’s jaw so he could turn his head till they were making eye contact.

Jeongguk swallowed hard and let his eyes trail over to Namjoon. The mood had shifted, and he wasn’t sure what to do.

“You’re, it was.” Jeongguk breathed again, “you know.”

“I don’t know.”

“Jin.” Namjoon warned.

Seokjin shook his head and dropped his hand. “I told Joon that you could see in.”

“I am so sorry.” Jeongguk frowned. He wanted to start crying all over again.

“We’re not mad.” Seokjin looked at Namjoon who just shrugged. “You were drinking. It's a little embarrassing but it's done.”

“Thank you for being honest.” Namjoon added.

Jeongguk leaned forward to hug Seokjin.

“It's okay to just be you around us. We're very fond of you Gukkie.” Namjoon said as his hand moved to Jeongguk's back.

Fond. Jeongguk smiled. “I think I should head home now.” He shifted away from Seokjin and stood awkwardly by the edge of the bed.

“You can just...” Seokjin started, and Namjoon grabbed his arm.

“I'll walk you out.” Namjoon offered and moved off the bed.

What could he just? And why did he feel so bad leaving?

Chapter Text

Jeongguk breathed out and smiled. Jimin was being over the top making both him and Taehyung laugh till they nearly cried. It was nice to get time with his friends where they weren't acting like too much of a couple. It reminded him of the time before they both figured out that they loved each other.

“I missed this.”

“Missed what?” Taehyung smiled back at him.

“Hanging out.”

“We hang out all the time.” Taehyung shook his head at him.

“You guys are normally all, like a couple. All I do is hang out with couples.” Jeongguk mumbled the last part. His time spent with his neighbors was starting to get out of control. He wasn't even jerking off to them nightly anymore. I

“What?” Jimin's face sobered and turned concerned.

“Just like you guys are here.” Jeongguk held two of his fingers together, “and I'm here.” He held up one finger on his other hand. “We used to be all together.”

“Is that why you were upset at the cookout?” Taehyung ventured softly.

Jeongguk blinked over at them. They were cuddled together on his couch and he was curled up on an overstuffed chair off to the side, “kind of. It was just me, and three couples. I was feeling like shit about myself. Like what's wrong with me? All I can get is some guy to kiss my neck at a club.”

“A guy did what to you?” Jimin's voice nearly cracked out of shock.

He still hadn’t come out to them. Only Namjoon and Seokjin knew. “I like men. I figured it out around the time school ended. The girl thing wasn't working out, and they're pretty, but guys are like,” he smiled. “Yeah.”

“Did Jeongguk just officially come out?” Taehyung looked at Jimin with a smile.

“He did!” Jimin beamed, “do you want a cake or something? Are we getting a rainbow cake?”

“No.” Jeongguk laughed. “It's not a big deal.”

“It’s a huge deal.” Jimin threw his hands up. “A huge fucking deal one that needs a celebration.”

“This is why I didn’t tell you.” Jeongguk pointed at him, “don’t get me a cake, please.”

“Wait! You made out with a guy at the club?” Taehyung asked with big hand movements. “I can't keep up.”

“No. He had me pressed against the bar and was kissing my neck. Seokjin showed up and pulled me away from him.” Jeongguk shrugged. “I just wanted to kiss a guy and get it over with.”

“Hot neighbor pulled you away from the stranger?” Taehyung repeated.

“Yeah then we watched Namjoon’s set. I was really drunk.”

“How were you drunk?” Jimin yelled. “We left you for five seconds and you were getting drunk and trying to hook up with someone?”

“No.” Jeongguk frowned. “You two huddled together, and they missed carding me. Then the two of you disappeared to make out in some corner before doing whatever you did in that disgusting bathroom. You were gone for over an hour, so I had some drinks. I tried to find Seokjin like Namjoon told me too, but I couldn’t so I had more to drink and that's when the random guy showed up. You two just left me. That's what I'm talking about when I say I’m on the outside.”

“Oh. Gukkie I'm sorry.”

It didn’t take long for Jimin to launch at him and settle in his lap and Taehyung wasn’t far behind. Jeongguk couldn't help but smile and hug back. They couldn't know what was going on if he didn't tell them. Somehow, the three of them ended up in a big pile on the chair laughing at nothing till Jimin fell off onto the floor and then they laughed harder.

“What happened when we were grilling? Did the hot neighbors charm you into accepting yourself the other night? We felt bad for staying to eat when you three just disappeared.” Taehyung wrapped his arms around Jeongguk's neck, and left Jimin alone on the floor to look up at them.

“No.” He shook his head. They didn't need to know what happened. “It just all hit at once. Sometimes I feel really lonely. Everyone was having so much fun and I don't know. I guess I couldn't take it.”

“Seokjin practically ran after you. He told Namjoon to stay outside, but he didn’t.” Jimin offered. “They must really care about you.”

“They do care, they helped.” Jeongguk held Taehyung loosely as he answered Jimin.

“You spend a lot of time with them.” Taehyung commented absently.

“Well they're right there.” Jeongguk shrugged. “It makes sense. And I'm still working on that commission piece for Seokjin.”

“Do you think that if both the hot neighbors were into you that you'd do that?” Jimin asked carefully.

“I'd have sex with them in a second.” Jeongguk answered without even thinking about it.

“No.” Jimin shook his head. “Like,” he looked at Taehyung for help.

“Dating them. Would you date both of them if they were into it?”

Jeongguk shook his head. “That stuff isn't a real thing that happens. You're reading too much erotica. I'd hook up with them though. That would be great.”

“You deserve more than a hook up.” Jimin frowned deeply.

Jeongguk was tired of people telling him that. All he wanted was someone to touch him and make him feel wanted.

“Maybe,” Taehyung offered with a smile, “you get two people to love you after dealing with not enough love for so long.”

“You guys love me.” Jeongguk stated, he didn't really like where the conversation was going and honestly just wanted to hear them say it.

“Of course we do!” Taehyung laughed, and snuggled closer.

“Good.” Jeongguk nodded.

“How is it already late?” Jimin grumbled. “We have to head home I have an early shift tomorrow.”

“Yeah it's cool.” Jeongguk shrugged. “Next time I'll come visit you guys.”

“Hey, we'll be better about not making you feel like a third wheel. We didn't know you felt that way.” Jimin looked at him seriously.

“Because leaving me to dry hump in a club was a great move.” Jeongguk said it with a laugh. They had talked, it was done now.

“Yeah, well, sometimes you're just horny.” Jimin stood up as Taehyung untangled from Jeongguk.

“I know, you’ve seen my neighbors.” Jeongguk grinned. It felt nice to joke about whatever was going on.

“You finally admit they’re hot!” Jimin beamed.

Jeongguk rolled his eyes, “they’re not just hot guys.”

“Gukkie’s got a crush,” Taehyung teased as he opened the door.

“You two can leave now.” Jeongguk was still smiling.

Jeongguk watched from the door as they drove away and looked over at his neighbor's house. It wasn't very late, but late enough that he should have thought twice before walking across the lawn. Still, the living room lights were on, so he couldn’t have been interrupting anything to important. He just wasn't ready to be alone yet. Jeongguk’s hand came up and knocked on the door, it was an unusually long amount of time before the door pulled open.

His mouth dropped open. There was Namjoon, shirtless, flushed, his hair a mess with wide eyes. Jeongguk's looked away, panicked, into the house and he swore he caught the quickest glimpse of Seokjin's bare thigh moving out of his line of vision.

“Oh my god I'm sorry.” He closed his eyes to avoid seeing something he wasn’t supposed to, he had already spied on them once, that was enough.

“Is everything okay? Aren't your friends over? Did something happen?” Namjoon rambled out.

“They just left, and your lights were on.” Jeongguk knew better than to stop by that late.

“Hi Gukkie.” Seokjin came up behind Namjoon and threw an arm over his bare shoulders. “Come in.”

“No. I mean.” Jeongguk waved his hands as he finally opened his eyes back up. “I didn't mean to interrupt.” He couldn't help it when his eyes started to travel down to the bugle in Namjoon’s sweatpants.

Jeongguk was fucked.

“We can pause.” Seokjin reached past Namjoon and pulled him into the house.

They weren't even trying to hide it. Maybe coming clean about watching them wasn’t the right thing to do.

“Jin had a bad day, he's a little tipsy.” Namjoon explained while he thankfully pulled a shirt on.

“Your hair.” Jeongguk laughed and reached up to try and fix Namjoon’s hair for him. “Seriously though, I can go. I just wasn’t ready to sleep yet. It's okay. I get it. You guys look like you were busy.” Jeongguk could go home and take care of himself. This time the image of a shirtless, tousled, and hard Namjoon would be running through his head. It wouldn't be that bad.

“You guys are cute together.” Seokjin flopped back on the couch. “Sit.” He slapped the cushion next to him.

Jeongguk still felt like he should leave but couldn't resist Seokjin's request. He was cute with Namjoon.

“We were thinking.”

“Jin maybe not tonight.” Namjoon cautioned and Jeongguk looked between them.

“Joon should be your first kiss.” Seokjin finished.

Namjoon stopped mid sit.

“I've kissed people hyung.” He was too offended to think about the weirdness of the situation.

Seokjin rolled his eyes, “he should be your first gay kiss.”

“You're skipping ninety percent of what we talked about.” Namjoon said in a low voice.

What had they talked about? Jeongguk was so tired of feeling on the outside all the time.

“Joonie you'd be the best first kiss.” Seokjin nodded at him. “I won't push after this I promise.”

Namjoon visibly gave up and sat on the opposite side of the couch from Jeongguk with Seokjin in the middle. He threw his legs up on the ottoman and took a deep breath. “Jeongguk do you want your first kiss?” Namjoon asked.

“Again, it's not my first kiss.” Jeongguk mumbled. He wasn't a child he had kissed plenty of people they just all happened to be girls. “I'm a great kisser.”

“So that’s a yes?” Seokjin looked delighted.

“Why not?” Jeongguk stood up. Seokjin was horny from being cock blocked and Jeongguk wasn’t above being used to get them back into the mood. He had been fantasizing about this for months, it wasn’t going to hurt anything.

Jeongguk stood slowly and moved to straddle Namjoon's thighs before he settled on the man’s lap. There was a hardness pressing into his ass, and Namjoon didn't seem all that embarrassed about it.

“Well that was unexpected.” Namjoon smiled, his dimples on full display, and Jeongguk felt oddly pleased.

“That's a visual.” Seokjin was looking over them over eagerly. “Okay I’m ready.” He brought one of his hands down to rest on Jeongguk’s thigh.

“This is ridiculous.” Jeongguk laughed trying to cut through his nerves.

“You don’t have to.” Namjoon mumbled.

“No. I want to. Trust me I really want to.” Jeongguk smiled and leaned in a little.

“Then do it.” Seokjin encouraged him.

Kissing Namjoon was easy. It wasn't like he hadn't thought about it dozens of times before. Though it was far more than the quick peck he was expecting to get. In seconds Namjoon had a fist full of his hair and was pulling lightly while his other hand gripped Jeongguk’s hip tightly. It was a kiss laced with want and aggression. He couldn't help but moan and let Namjoon do whatever he wanted. Their tongues tangled, and he felt Seokjin's hand squeeze his thigh, hard.

“I think Jin is feeling left out.” Namjoon gently pushed Jeongguk’s face to the side. “Only if you want to though.”

Jeongguk nodded his eyes now focused on Seokjin's plush lips. He couldn't say he hadn't thought about this over and over again either. It was all he thought about lately, him between Seokjin and Namjoon.

The kiss with Seokjin was different. It was needy, and sloppy from the alcohol. He loved it just as much as the last one. Seokjin wrapped an arm around him, and gently started to tug him off Namjoon's lap.

“Jin.” It all stopped at the sound of Namjoon's voice. “Jeongguk trust me we'd both love to keep going, but right now we should stop. It's not you. It's that Jin's been drinking. We should all be sober for something like this.”

“Buzzkill.” Seokjin laughed in a soft way Jeongguk didn't know he could. Then Seokjin was pulling him into his lap anyway. “Stay like this though Gukkie. I've thought about this so much.” It was obvious that Seokjin thought he was whispering.

Jeongguk looked at Namjoon with guilty panic. Seokjin was not supposed to be saying things like that to him.

“It's okay Jeongguk.” Namjoon smiled slightly.

How was this okay? He had just kissed both of them, and now Seokjin was nuzzling into his neck. “I think I'm missing something.”

“It's not a conversation we wanted to have with any alcohol involved.” Namjoon shrugged. His eyes were eagerly looking over their bodies.

“He's so snuggly.” Jeongguk smiled, and finally allowed himself to snuggle back.

“Yeah, that's Jin after he's had a few drinks, a few more and he gets grabby.” Namjoon laughed.

“I like it.” Jeongguk whispered wanting to say it out loud but still not wanting to admit it.

Namjoon rolled his eyes, “yeah Jin's just the greatest guy ever.”

“You are too.” Jeongguk smiled at Namjoon, as Seokjin's hands started to move over his back. “Thank you for being my first gay kiss.” He laughed a little.

“Joon wanted to.” Seokjin laughed. “He told me so.”

Jeongguk’s eyes went wide and he looked at Namjoon.

“We should keep him Joon.” Seokjin squeezed him closer, and Jeongguk was sure he felt a kiss on his neck. What did Seokjin mean keep him?

“I know.” Namjoon reached out to touch Seokjin's head.

“Sleep here with us Gukkie.”

“How much did he drink Namjoon?” Jeongguk was doing everything he could to not panic. He had no idea what was going on. Namjoon wanted to kiss him and drunk Seokjin wanted to keep him.

“You should never feel alone.” Seokjin squeezed him tighter.

“Enough to not have a censor.” Namjoon shrugged. “This really isn't how we wanted to talk about our feelings.”

“What feelings?” Jeongguk’s heart clenched.

“Well we’ve been talking about you a lot lately,” Namjoon started to explain when his phone started to ring. “It's Yoongi, I should answer. I'll be right back.”

The second Namjoon was gone Seokjin put his hands on Jeongguk's face to guide him into another kiss. The only part that didn't feel right was that Namjoon wasn't in the room with them. The soft brush of their tongues together made Jeongguk moan and wiggle his hips. He happily melted into it and was looking forward to whatever Namjoon was about to talk to him about. If it ended with more kissing, he was completely okay with it. Jeongguk could have them like this, something was better than nothing.

“Yoongi's going to be,” Namjoon’s words died, “fuck.”

Seokjin pulled away from Jeongguk and looked over at Namjoon, “please don't say Yoongi is coming here.”

“He's already on his way.” Namjoon cringed.

“I should go.” Jeongguk bounced up, he didn't try to hide his erection, and knew both men saw it.

“I'm going with him.” Seokjin laughed and stood up. “You can help Yoongi.”

“No.” Namjoon shook his head. “You are staying here.”

“Fine.” Seokjin crossed his arms and sat back down.

“We'll talk Jeongguk, okay? I promise.” Namjoon nodded.

It was awkward.

Jeongguk wanted to kiss Namjoon again but didn't know if he could. Fuck it. He might not ever get another chance. Jeongguk leaned forward and up the tiniest bit pressing their lips together. Namjoon moaned and opened his mouth slightly. This was it. This was what Jeongguk wanted. Namjoon's tongue ran over his lower lip, before he bit down gently and pulled back.

“I want to get used to seeing that.”

“Jin.” Namjoon, for all his confidence embarrassed easily. He buried his face behind his hands for a moment before composing himself. “Jeongguk asking you to leave is not what we want to do.”

“I get it. Friend emergency. Before Jimin and Tae were dating, Jimin went on a shitty date and camped in my house for a week just crying. I had to cancel so much stuff.” Jeongguk tried a laugh, it was strained. He was so turned on.

“Well talk soon.”


Talking was the last thing he wanted to do.


Jeongguk had been losing his mind for the last three days. The day after what he was mentally referring to as The Incident, he finished Seokjin's painting and mustered up every ounce of confidence he had to bring it over. No one was home, he tried again on day two, and again on day three. Now he was in panic walking around the city aimlessly.

Kissing him couldn't have been that catastrophically bad. Maybe it caused a fight the next morning even though everyone had seemed fine that night. The last thing Jeongguk wanted was to break them up, but he also really wanted to keep kissing them. Namjoon had said they wanted to keep going, that it wasn't him. Was that a lie? Was there actually something wrong with him?

Coffee was the last thing he needed with how shot his nerves were, but a familiar coffee shop was where his muscle memory took him. Jeongguk ordered the largest, sweetest latte he could before scanning the shop. Yoongi! It took three comically large steps for him to get to the table the other man was sitting at. Maybe Yoongi knew what happened.

“Um... hi.”


“Yeah can I sit?”

“If you really want to.”

It didn't sound like a yes, but he sat anyway. “Is everything okay with you?”

“Yeah.” Yoongi frowned then realized what he was asking about and laughed. “I just needed a place to crash. I was being bitchy and Hobi doesn't put up with it. It sounded like you had an interesting night though.”

They told him. Jeongguk opened his mouth to talk but someone else started speaking, “you found Jeongguk!”

“He found me.” Yoongi pointed.

“I haven't been lost.” Jeongguk grumbled.

Hoseok snuck a quick kiss to Yoongi's cheek, “Jin and Namjoon are done with inventory they're going to meet us at the studio so we can leave for dinner from there.”

“Inventory?” Jeongguk said slowly.

“They've been living at the store, literally. There's an air mattress in Jin's office. I don't know how they managed to not to pop it.” Hoseok made a popping noise with his mouth and a hand gesture to go with it.

“You haven't seen them since the other night, have you?” Yoongi asked Jeongguk.

“No.” Jeongguk mumbled and got a laugh as a reply.

“Neither of them texted you?”

“I don't think they have my number. They're just next door. We never...” He trailed off, he felt ridiculous. Who didn't exchange numbers?

“The three of you are a mess.” Yoongi gestured with his hand, “go to the dance class and see them.”

“Can I?” He looked at Hoseok.

“Sure! Your friends brag about your skills all the time, and your dressed for it. I can give you a free lesson.”

Jeongguk looked down, sweats and a white tee shirt. The look screamed I didn't shower this morning, or last night, “okay.”

“We should go then.” Hoseok stood up. “The teacher can't be late.”

“They all kissed.” Yoongi added even though Hoseok never asked. “Jin was kind of drunk, Namjoon was very sober.” He laughed.

“Finally,” Hoseok hooked his arm through Yoongi's, and they lead the way to the dance studio.

Jeongguk wasn't sure if he liked how plainly it was stated, or how comfortable they seemed to be with the idea of it. Those kisses had been a big deal for him. It seemed childish, but they had changed him. Now he knew that yes, he liked guys way more than girls, and that he very specifically liked his neighbors. Jeongguk also knew he'd do anything in his power to repeat what happened or go further. Even if he got attached, even if they broke him into pieces when they eventually left, he still wanted more.


He looked up just in time to see Jimin crashing into him. Taehyung wasn't there, and that almost made it easier. They were trying to include him now, but right now the less couples he was faced with the better. “Hi.”

“You came! Everyone is going to be so impressed with you! You should come over for dinner after.”

“I can do that.” He smiled as Jimin grabbed for his phone.

“I'll tell Tae to get extra of everything. I think he wanted Chinese.”

Jeongguk’s stomach growled. He had gotten oddly reliant on Seokjin feeding him and his kitchen was seriously lacking anything with real nutritional value.

“I guess you agree.” Jimin bent down and patted his stomach.

“Okay.” Hoseok yelled and clapped his hands together. “Let’s stretch to get started.”

The whole class was fun.

All the anxieties Jeongguk had been carrying for the past few days felt like they were chipped off him bit by bit. Hoseok turned out to be a strict teacher that had no issues pushing the students that learned the steps too quickly. By the end Jimin and himself were off to the side together trying harder choreography while the other class members practiced what Hoseok had taught them.

The end came too soon for Jeongguk, and he leaned over, hands on his knees while he breathed heavily. His shirt was soaked with sweat and clung to his body uncomfortably.

“Here.” Jimin threw a clean shirt at his face. It bounced off his nose then fell to the ground.

Jeongguk didn't think twice about taking his shirt off and used it to wipe off extra sweat before bending to get the clean shirt Jimin had tossed at him. He looked up after bending down and his eyes landed on Namjoon, who's hand was tightly gripping Seokjin's arm. They were both looking at him in a way that made him feel brave.

“I'll meet you outside. I need to...” he nodded at his neighbors.

“Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, I'll tell you about it at your house.”

“Sure.” Jimin looked confused but walked out anyway.

“I finished the painting.” Jeongguk walked over to the two men feeling more in control than he had any right to. “I tried to drop it off a few times, but you guys weren't home. Hoseok said something about inventory.”

“You didn't tell him?” Seokjin slapped Namjoon's arm.

“I thought you did!” Namjoon rubbed his arm. “We didn't mean to disappear after, we,” he sighed. “After the other night. We still need to talk though.”

Right now, Jeongguk didn't mind if they felt bad. They deserved to, something had happened between all of them and then they just disappeared. “I'll be home tomorrow if you want to get the painting. I have plans tonight.” He said it like Namjoon had never even spoken.

Jeongguk turned to leave and was stopped when Seokjin grabbed his arm, “we're both going to be home tomorrow. Bring the painting over?”

That wasn't what he expected, “sure.”

“I need you to say yes, not sure.”

“Yes,” Jeongguk pulled his arm back and left the building. He couldn't unpack the look in Seokjin's eyes right now.

Jimin was quiet as they walked the few blocks back to the apartment he shared with Taehyung. Jeongguk was always thankful for his friend’s ability to read his moods. Right now, he was angry and didn’t want to talk. Neither of his neighbors could even remember to tell him that they were going to disappear. Obviously, it wasn't as big of a deal to them as it was to him. Maybe they were just the kind of couple that brought other people into their sex lives. They just collected people, and then dropped them. Jeongguk guessed he could be collected, he just wanted some honesty about it.

“Jeongguk!” Taehyung ran and hugged him. “Do you need pants? You're still sweaty.”

“Yeah.” He nodded. “I could use a shower.”

“We can shower together.” Jimin wiggled his eyebrows.

“I don’t think so.” Jeongguk laughed and ran for the bathroom to get there first. When he was rinsing the soap out of his hair the door opened and closed leaving him with a small pile of cloths that he hoped belonged to Taehyung.

“It looked like Namjoon was holding him back from just attacking Gukkie.”

Jeongguk shook his head as he walked back to the main part of the apartment, “no he wasn't. And don't talk about me.”

“He was.” Jimin nodded. “You're out there stripping in the middle of the studio, and they're in the corner looking, hungry.”

“Okay first of all I wasn't the only one that took my shirt off.” Jeongguk grumbled, “you did too. And second of all no they weren't.”

“Hot neighbors want our Gukkie.” Jimin grinned as he walked towards the bathroom.

Jeongguk’s stomach grumbled as the smell of the Chinese food hit him. “Do we have to wait for him?”

“Yes. He'll be quick, don’t worry.” Taehyung laughed. “Did something happen with them though? I've seen them look at you before but not like what Jimin just said.”

“Kind of.” Jeongguk answered. “Wait. They looked at me?”

“They did.” Taehyung grabbed some plates. “What happened?”

“I'm so sick of them being a central part of my life all of a sudden.” Jeongguk answered trying to avoid the real question. “I feel like all I do is talk about or think about them.”

Jimin bounced back in without warning making Jeongguk jump. “So, did something happen between you guys?”

“I just asked that.” Taehyung frowned a little.

“We kissed.” Jeongguk mumbled and busied himself by opening the takeaway containers.

Taehyung grabbed his arm, “you kissed Seokjin, or Namjoon?”


“You what?” Jimin yelled his eyes wide. “When?”

“When guys left the other night, their light was on, so I went over to hang out. I obviously interrupted them having sex. Seokjin was kind of drunk, Namjoon wasn't but they asked if I wanted Namjoon to be my first kiss and I just kind of went with it.”

“Are you sure you didn't fall asleep watching a porn and just dreamed it? I swear I watched something like that the other day.” Taehyung laughed lightly.

“I'm sure. Then Yoongi called with some emergency, and I had to leave. Namjoon said we needed to talk, and he wanted to keep going, but then they just disappeared for days because neither thought to tell me they were doing inventory at Seokjin's store. I'm just kind of pissed.” He shrugged. It felt good to say it all out loud.

“That's stupid and thoughtless.” Taehyung commented.

“I know. I knew they were going to be at the class, but how do they have the right to act careful and hurt?” Jeongguk grimaced. “I could just hook up with them, that's fine. If they want to have some conversation about boundaries to preserve their relationship or whatever they just need to get to it already.”

“Do you really think they just want to hook up? I didn't get that vibe from them.” Taehyung said carefully.

Taehyung wasn't the kind of friend that gave Jeongguk comfort through white lies. If he said it, then he thought it was a possibility. Jeongguk didn't dare to hope, he had no idea how that would even work.

“What else could they want?” He sighed. “I'm just, not on their level at all. They're adults.”

Jimin had the nerve to laugh. “Guk you've been taking care of yourself for years, you pay your own bills, get amazing grades, and still manage to have time to be with friends. I think that counts as being an adult. Plus, you have your art, and dancing if you'd keep coming to lessons. You have plenty to give to an adult relationship.” He air quoted adult relationship.

“If I knew you liked guys I would have went after you not Jimin.” Taehyung managed to say with a straight face.

“Take that back.” Jimin sounded indignant and Jeongguk just smiled.

“No really.” Taehyung grinned more. “I only started hanging out with you two because I thought Jeongguk was hot.”

“Tae.” Jimin whined.

“If sixteen-year-old me knew he could have had a shot with you he'd explode. You're more of a catch than you think.” Taehyung added

Jimin pouted. “You love me the most though. Right?”

For some reason Jeongguk’s heart didn't ache like it used to as he watched Jimin tackle Taehyung giving him kisses as they fell to the floor.

Chapter Text

Panicked, Jeongguk rolled out of bed and ran for the shower. It was already late afternoon, and he cursed Jimin for keeping him late as he washed his hair. Normally getting home when the sun was coming up wasn’t an issue, but he didn’t normally have a big talk with his neighbors looming over him. Jeongguk had no idea what time they were expecting him and knew it had to be hours later than they were expecting. Yes, he wanted to make them sweat, but he also didn’t want to be an asshole.

With towel dried hair he grabbed Seokjin’s finished painting and made his way across their yards. Jeongguk was mentally ready for whatever was about to happen. Sex with them would be fun, and if they were going to let him down that would be okay too. It would hurt, but he would figure it out. At the end of the day Jeongguk knew that he could just be thankful that they helped him figure out a part of himself.

He knocked on the door loudly and held the painting up over his face.

“Jeongguk.” Namjoon pulled the door open quickly.

“Hi.” He walked in and set the painting down gently. “That smells amazing hyung.” Jeongguk walked past Namjoon and went right for the kitchen.

“It better.” Seokjin frowned at the pot in front of him. “It's ramen. I started it yesterday, it's a giant pain in the ass to make. It takes days to cook.” He stopped complaining and hugged Jeongguk.

That was new, but not exactly unwelcome.

“So, I...” Jeongguk started.

“Let’s eat first.” Namjoon interrupted him.

There were three bowls already out, and Seokjin busied himself garnishing the noodles, “this is so you'll stop eating that instant crap Gukkie.”

Did Seokjin spend hours cooking just for him?

“I overslept. I should have been here earlier. I was out late last night.” Jeongguk commented feeling guilty.

“Here.” Seokjin shoved a steaming bowl at him.

“Thank you hyung.” Jeongguk happily shuffled past Namjoon to sit at the table. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay.” Seokjin set a bowl down in front of Namjoon before he sat down at the head of the table. “Did you have fun last night?”

Jeongguk nodded and there was an awkward silence. Did they want to know what he was doing? “I was with Jimin and Tae, it was the first time in a long time that I didn't feel like a third wheel with them.” He paused and no one else filled the silence. He couldn’t remember it ever being this weird between them. “How was dinner with your friends?”

“It was good. We talked about you.” Namjoon was sitting rigid in his chair, picking at his food.

“Namjoon, you better eat.” Jeongguk nodded to his bowl, “I think hyung worked hard on this.” He was struggling to make it feel normal.

“I slaved away for days.” Seokjin smiled but not as brightly as Jeongguk was used to.

They were quiet after that. It wasn’t one of the comfortable silences that they had shared countless times either. The idea of whatever talk was about to happen hung down around them. Jeongguk couldn't remember seeing either of his neighbors so on edge.

“Thank you Jin.” Namjoon stood when they were all done and collected the bowls. He squeezed Jeongguk’s shoulder and kissed the top of Seokjin’s head on his way by each of them.

“That was almost better than instant hyung.” Jeongguk commented with a smirk. Maybe teasing would help.

“Joonie.” Seokjin yelled into the kitchen, “I don't like him as much as I said I did.”

What? When had he told Namjoon that he liked him?

“Your painting.” Jeongguk shuffled to where he set the painting down and brought it into the dining room.

“You wrapped it.”

“I did.”

“Like an asshole.”

“Of course.” Jeongguk smiled at Seokjin and looked down at his handy work. The painting was covered in old Christmas paper and far too many layers of tape.

It took Seokjin an excessive amount of time to open the package. Jeongguk watched with a smile as Namjoon tried to hold back from laughing as Seokjin yelled out frustrated little noises. When it was finally unwrapped Jeongguk shut his eyes. It wasn't exactly what Seokjin had asked for, but he went with his gut instinct. It was an abstract of two men holding hands, all a different blend of colors, one blonde and one with dark brown almost black hair.

“This is amazing.” Seokjin touched it lightly. “Is it supposed to be me and Namjoon?”

Jeongguk opened his eyes, “I think so.”

“Should we talk now?” Namjoon cut in, his eyes locked on the painting.

Jeongguk sighed and headed into the living room. This was it. He was either not going to be a virgin soon, or they were about to kick him out of their lives. Seokjin sat on the couch next to him, and Namjoon settled in the chair that was off to the side. Jeongguk felt like he was about to be scolded but was determined to remain optimistic. Seokjin told Namjoon that he liked him. It couldn't be that bad.

“We've talked about you a lot the past few weeks.” Namjoon started.


“We're both obviously attracted to you.” Namjoon continued in a soft tone.

“You looked so sexy dancing.” Seokjin interrupted, “your body...” he trailed off.

Jeongguk blushed.

“Point made.” Namjoon smiled.

This was good, he was finally going to get laid. They were just going to set out terms, so he didn't ruin their relationship. He could do this.

“We're attracted to you, but.”

Buts were bad.

“We like spending time with you too. Studying with you, and then bringing you home to eat dinner has been really good. It's felt right. We both realized it early on. It was hard to talk about though.”

“What was?”

Seokjin rolled his eyes dramatically, “we're both romantically interested in you. I’ve never seen Namjoon miss the point so badly before.”

“I'm just not being blunt about it.” Namjoon countered. “But yeah, we're both interested in you.”

What Taehyung had said about two people loving him crossed Jeongguk’s mind. There was no way this was happening.

Namjoon shifted in his chair, “It was hard, because we didn't even know if you were interested in men for so long. Then the thing with the guy in the club happened.”

“I wanted to kill him.” Seokjin commented, “I was so jealous.”

Jeongguk’s mouth dropped slightly, they weren’t concerned about his virtue. They were jealous.

“We shouldn’t have, but we talked about how attractive we thought you were anyway. It was easy to talk about the hot neighbor.” Namjoon paused.

“What?” Jeongguk laughed which made Namjoon frown. “Sorry just, Jimin and Tae, call you guys the hot neighbors. I'm not the hot one, that’s you guys.”

“It’s you.” Seokjin said seriously.

“Anyway,” Namjoon looked mildly annoyed and Jeongguk smiled at him. “One day I realized it was just weird without you around the same way it’s weird when Jin’s at work. My whole day is ruined when you work nights and can’t come to dinner. That’s when I knew how I felt went beyond just being attracted to you.”

Jeongguk swallowed hard. This wasn't what he had mentally prepared himself for. This wasn't something that happened in real life. No one actually got the guy, or in his case guys.

Namjoon started to talk again. “It was really hard to tell Seokjin that I had feelings for you. He just agreed though. We talked about our feelings for you a lot to make sure it wouldn’t hurt what we have. The night we kissed you was when we decided to just go for it. It wasn’t supposed to happen like that though.” Namjoon stopped and sighed.

“I knew he liked you,” Seokjin picked up. “I thought it was some crush. I knew I was attracted to you, so why wouldn't Joon be? I thought it was cute. I teased him, and would comment on how good you look. Then, I don’t know, one day I realized everything was just better with you around. A few days after that was when Namjoon confessed to me. We talk a lot Guk, we’re very open with each other.”

Jeongguk nodded. He didn’t trust himself to talk. They both had feelings for him.

“We.” Namjoon swallowed and ran his hand through his hair, “we really would like to be with you.”

“What?” Jeongguk blinked.

“We want to date you.” Seokjin clarified.

“Date me?” Jeongguk said slowly and he felt so stupid. He thought his best case was getting laid. No one had ever wanted him before never mind two people who already had each other.

“Yes. Doing what we do all the time anyway, but also adding in physical things.” Seokjin nodded.

“Physical things.” Jeongguk smiled a little bit.

“Sex.” Seokjin crossed his arms.

Jeongguk looked down and then between Namjoon and Seokjin, “how does something like that even work?”

“We need to talk about things a lot. Like Jin and I already have been, but with you too.” Namjoon shrugged, “we don't want you to feel like an add on. You're not a toy we want to play with. We both like you so much.”

“Okay.” Jeongguk nodded.

Seokjin laughed. “That's it? Okay?”


They didn't know that he thought about them all the time, or the fantasies. They just knew he watched them fuck once and wouldn't say no to kissing them. “I came over here thinking you guys were going to offer me a few threesomes, and just wanted to set up boundaries.”

“Jeongguk we don't want to hurt you so if you're not serious about being with us it’s okay. We can just do the physical stuff.” Namjoon said with a frown. “And I don't know, manage our feelings for you.”

“It has to be both of us though.” Seokjin added. “You can’t just have Namjoon.”

“I don’t just want Namjoon.” Jeongguk frowned. This could be it. This could get rid of the clenching feeling in his chest. It wasn't typical, but he couldn't imagine wanting two people more, “I want all of it with both of you. You’ve both been there for me and helped so much. No one has ever just wanted me.” He smiled. “We can do this. It'll be fun.”

“Fun?” Namjoon laughed.

“Yeah. Relationships should be fun right?” Jeongguk shrugged. “I’ve never done it though so I could be wrong here.”

“Namjoon isn’t fun though.” Seokjin moved across the couch till they were touching and kissed Jeongguk softly.

His stomach flipped. It was a sweet, I'm kissing you because I can and want to kiss. “Oh?”

“He’s decided no sex for now.” Seokjin frowned. “So, it’s less fun.”

“It makes sense. People date for a while then they have sex.” Namjoon mumbled watching them, “it's not really fair if we're over here doing whatever without Jeongguk if we're all supposed to be together.”

“He'll never last.” Seokjin grinned against Jeongguk’s neck. “He wants you so bad.”

“And we won't move faster than you want.” Namjoon added clearly ignoring Seokjin which made Jeongguk smile. “We know you don’t have that much experience.”

“No, I'm good, any speed is fine.” Jeongguk waved his hands around. He wondered if he was going to have to tell them about all his attempted fumbles in school.

“How did you manage to never have sex?” Seokjin shook his head. One of his hands was on Jeongguk’s arm and the other was on his thigh.

“I'm awkward.” Which he was, he was just sitting there stiffly as a hot man touched him.

“Have you met Namjoon?” Seokjin beamed at Jeongguk. “My two awkward guys.” He looked over at Namjoon and then kissed Jeongguk again, this time with a little more force.

“I'm not awkward. I rap, on a stage. I have fans. You have no fans.” Namjoon said back in a sassy tone that Jeongguk wasn't used to.

“I have fans, I have tons of online reviews.”

“Those are for your store hyung.” Jeongguk interjected as he finally gave up and leaned into Seokjin’s body.

Seokjin made a hurt noise, “I'm over here giving you affection, and you still side with your favorite.”

“I don’t have a favorite.” He answered firmly, “and I’ve seen no evidence of Namjoon having fans either.” Jeongguk pointed out.

“I have tons of fans. Some people come to all of my shows.” Namjoon's voice started to go up as he yelled about his fans.

“Please Joon, show us all your fans.” Seokjin kept laughing.

They kept bantering, and Jeongguk sunk down further into the side of Seokjin's body. He watched them closely with an amused little smile, and wide eyes. Over the course of an hour he went from hoping to not be a virgin anymore to the other men wanting him to be a major part of their lives. Jeongguk’s eyes looked around at all the pictures maybe he'd be in them someday.


“I thought I'd be jealous,” Seokjin said not moving from the doorway, “I mean I knew I'd eventually come home to this.” He gestured to where Jeongguk was happily perched in Namjoon's lap, both of them with kiss swollen lips and tousled hair.

“Jin.” Namjoon breathed out, it was obvious that he was nervous.

“I just feel really...” Seokjin smiled, “fond.”

Jeongguk reached his arm out and made a grabbing motion at the other man, “come here.”

“But who will feed you two?”

“Who will help Namjoon kiss me?”

“You're a greedy boy Jeongguk.” Seokjin walked towards the couch and kissed him deeply before he pulled away, “feel free to keep going.”

“You said Namjoon was supposed to be the uptight one!” Jeongguk called after him.

“Me?” Namjoon sounded indignant.

“Yeah.” Jeongguk nodded but kissed him. “A prude.” He kissed him again.

“You're a brat.” Namjoon mumbled with a smile.

All he could do was nod. It had been three weeks, of togetherness. Three weeks that he spent working up the courage to kiss either man when he wanted to, and three weeks to get used to being touched by them without feeling guilty. Jeongguk would be going back to school the next week along with Namjoon, and Seokjin had promised to keep them fed and on track with their studies. It was alarmingly domestic, and Jeongguk loved it.

It had also been three weeks of avoiding his friends because he didn't know what to tell them. Jeongguk had jumped headfirst into dating a couple, and even though Taehyung and Jimin seemed to support the idea reality tended to be different from real life. Jeongguk couldn't take either of them giving some concerned speech about him getting hurt. He knew what he was doing.

Then again they hadn't defined anything. They had just been focused on learning what it was like to be together. It wasn't typical, and he didn't know how to go about telling people that he wasn't single.



“Are you and Seokjin my boyfriends?”

“Jin!” Namjoon called and smiled at Jeongguk. He waited for Seokjin to pop his head around the corner, “Jeongguk wants to know if we're his boyfriends.”

Seokjin furrowed his eyebrows, “for the last few weeks.” He walked into the living room. “Is everything okay?”

“How do we,” Jeongguk frowned and moved off Namjoon to stand, “like tell people? Who don't we tell?”

“We tell the people we care about that will understand.” Namjoon answered.

“Like Jimin and Taehyung.” Seokjin added.

Jeongguk frowned a little, “do you guys just say you got a Jeongguk?”

“We say we fell in love with someone else and expanded our relationship.” Namjoon shrugged. “Sometimes it'll be hard.”

“But you have us to support you when it's hard.” Seokjin smiled and wrapped his arms around Jeongguk from behind “you're lucky.”

“I know.” Jeongguk answered without thinking about it.

“Finally, he admits something nice.” Seokjin laughed and let go of Jeongguk so he could kiss Namjoon. “I'll join you two after I get dinner started.”

“I'm going to cook for you two someday.” Jeongguk beamed.

“We don't want packets of noodles Guk.” Seokjin teased as he started to walk away.

“I cooked before you came around.” Jeongguk yelled back at him then looked at Namjoon. “I'm going to cook for you guys.” He nodded one more time and settled back down on Namjoon’s lap.

Namjoon shifted under him, and Jeongguk was reminded that it had also been three weeks of frustration. Taking it slow felt slower than a glacial pace, but he made sure to take every opportunity he could to push Namjoon as far as possible.

“You're hard.” Jeongguk leaned in with a smile.

“I am.”

Jeongguk rolled his hips, “let me touch you.”

“Mhmm,” Namjoon hummed with a small smile before he flipped Jeongguk, so he was on his back, and Namjoon was over him. “What are you going to do?”

“Touch.” Jeongguk blushed and wrapped his legs around Namjoon's waist. “Show me how?”

In the three weeks, Jeongguk had also caught onto the fact that Namjoon really loved showing him how to do things. Jeongguk had no issue with exploiting the kink and found himself frequently asking Namjoon how to preform various sexual tasks. Sometimes his asking worked, sometimes it didn't. This time it seemed to be working.

“I think you know how to touch a cock Guk. You have one.”

“Show me anyway.” He arched his hips up. “Maybe I'm not good at it.”

Namjoon growled lightly and Jeongguk's cock twitched, still untouched. He felt his sweatpants being pulled down to his thighs and then his boxers. They hadn't gone this far before. Neither man had seen him naked and now here he was cock out, with Namjoon's long fingers wrapped around it.

“You look so good.”

“Hyung.” Jeongguk arched up suddenly needy.

Namjoon ignored him and undid the zipper on his own pants before fumbling to tug them down with one hand. Jeongguk's eyes went wide, and his hands went out not willing to have the moment stopped or ruined. He needed to keep Namjoon’s hand on him. So, Jeongguk awkwardly tugged Namjoon’s jeans down before he took a deep breath and looked at the skin that he had just revealed.

“Joon.” Jeongguk breathed out. Namjoon’s erection was trapped in his briefs, and a wet spot had formed just above the head. He fumbled nervously as he pulled down the fabric.

“Eager?” Namjoon was smiling at him.

All Jeongguk could do was lick his lips. He dragged his eyes away from Namjoon’s cock and looked back towards the kitchen, and then at Namjoon’s face, “Jin hyung.”

Namjoon smiled and touched his cheek, “he'll be here soon.”

“Okay. Touch me?”

His answer was a needy kiss as Namjoon lined their hips up and let their cocks drag against each other. Jeongguk let out a desperate moan and bucked up grinding into the spot between Namjoon's hip and stomach.

“Let me.” Namjoon said into his ear and sat back up again. “I'm going to make you feel so good baby.”


Long fingers wrapped around both of their erections and started to move slowly. Jeongguk squeezed his eyes closed and moaned loudly. There was no way he was going to last any amount of time if he watched Namjoon do this.

“I leave for five minutes.” Jeongguk opened his eyes to see Seokjin standing next to him. “I told you he wouldn’t last.”

“Yeah.” Jeongguk nodded and reached his hands out for Seokjin’s waist. He had no idea what he was doing, but he wanted to see the other man. He had seen all of Namjoon, and now he was desperate to see Seokjin. His hands dropped down when Namjoon twisted his wrist slightly before he stopped the motions completely.

“You two look amazing together.” Jin leaned in and kissed Namjoon before moving down to kiss Jeongguk. “You look so sexy laid out for him.”

“Hyung.” His hands went up, shaking, as he tried to get the button on Seokjin’s pants undone. They really needed to start wearing sweatpants more often.

Namjoon started to work their cocks together again, and Jeongguk had to give up. Instead he just looked up at Seokjin hoping his needy look would send the right message.

“Okay.” Seokjin nodded and pulled his jeans and briefs down in one motion.

Jeongguk moaned and arched against Namjoon’s movements, his eyes squeezing shut. Soft skin rubbed over his open lips, and without thinking Jeongguk opened his mouth for Seokjin’s cock. He had no idea what he was doing, and the angle was less than desirable, but fuck he wanted it.

“Jeongguk.” Seokjin moaned out. One hand holding his cock and the other in Jeongguk’s hair.

He tried his best, swirling his tongue around the head of Seokjin’s cock but he knew he couldn’t get the right level of suction, and he could tell that Seokjin was holding back from just fucking his mouth. Namjoon’s hand was still working them, and he really hoped they found all the noises he was making hot.

“I’m.” Jeongguk turned his head and breathed as deeply as he could, “close.”

“Watch.” Seokjin spoke softly, but he moved away from Jeongguk’s head.


Jeongguk let himself watch Namjoon’s long fingers, he let himself focus on the feel of Namjoon’s cock against his own, and he let his eyes travel between the faces of both his partners. Namjoon was obviously close, and Seokjin looked desperate. Naturally Jeongguk came first, completely unexpected and half on Namjoon’s hand, half on his own chest. Namjoon exploded next covering more of his chest with come.

“Seokjin.” Jeongguk whispered. “Please.” His hand reached out and grabbed Seokjin’s thigh, he was to wasted to help, but the other man didn’t need it. Soon Seokjin was coming across Jeongguk's stomach.

It was quiet after that. Jeongguk let his eyes close and hummed happily as Seokjin kissed him slowly. He felt Namjoon move off the couch, and then Seokjin move away from him.

“Go shower.” There was a light slap to his thigh. “You’re covered in come.”

Jeongguk’s eyes looked down and he just smiled, “yeah.” He wanted to be kissing them more, not showering.

“Dinner will be done when you get out.” Seokjin added to his shower command.

“Fine.” Jeongguk pouted but carefully got off the couch and made his way to the shower.

Did he fuck it up? The water sprayed down on his back. He wasn’t good at sex, he wasn’t experienced, he was just eager. They had so much more time to learn each other’s bodies, and he was there giving subpar blow jobs and laying down passively. That was as far as they had ever gone, and now he never wanted to leave the shower.

But he did, and he pulled his cloths back on before heading down the stairs slowly. Namjoon and Seokjin were bickering about something which he could only tell by how loudly the former was speaking.

They seemed fine.

“There he is.” Namjoon smiled at him.

“You cracked him!” Seokjin grinned.

Jeongguk felt mildly better as they sat down.

“You’re going to see Jimin and Taehyung, tonight right?”

“Yeah.” He nodded and ate his food quietly. He didn’t miss the look that the two older men exchanged.

“That was very good Jeongguk.” Namjoon looked at him seriously, “it was so hot.”

He sighed, they already knew him too well, “I have no idea what I’m doing.”

“We know that.” Seokjin shrugged, “and yet you still made me come.”

“You were touching yourself.” Jeongguk pointed out.

“Watching you two.” Seokjin smiled. “You didn’t disappoint.”

“At all.” Namjoon added quickly.

“Are you two going to have sex when I’m not here now?” Jeongguk wasn’t sure if he wanted the answer because he knew what it was.

“Yes.” Namjoon nodded. “Just like you’ll be with just me or just Seokjin sometimes.”

Okay that wasn’t that bad.

“You need to teach me how to give a good blow job.”

Namjoon dropped his fork, and Seokjin groaned.

“What?” Jeongguk tried his best to look innocent.

“We all just had sex, now we’re eating a nice dinner and not getting worked up again.” Seokjin looked at him seriously.

Jeongguk grinned, he had no idea what he was doing but he had figured out how to be a tease. “I liked that you both came on me.”

“A nice dinner Jeongguk.” Seokjin repeated his serious expression now exasperated.

“I could kneel down and you both could take turns showing me what you like. Then both come on my face.”

Now Namjoon’s face was turning red and Seokjin took a long sip of his water.

“You are a brat. When are you going to see your friends?” Seokjin still looked annoyed.

“After our nice dinner.” Jeongguk grinned.

“We can do that though.” Namjoon interjected. “You on your knees with us taking turns.” He nodded.

“Oh come on! We’re eating.” Seokjin’s volume went up, but he still didn’t sound angry.

Jeongguk was quiet for a few moments, “I think if you guys do anything without me that I’ll want to know.”

Seokjin sighed, “we’ll tell you.”

“If you feel left out you need to say something.” Namjoon added. “Then we’ll figure it out from there.”

“I don’t think I will.” Jeongguk shrugged.

“Now can we eat without talking about our dicks?”

“Fine hyung.”

Namjoon laughed, and Seokjin rolled his eyes.

Chapter Text

“There he is!”

Jeongguk looked up as Taehyung threw the door open.

“You’re late.”

Which he was. Seokjin had him pushed against the door for longer than planned, and now he was left wondering what they were doing to each other without him there, “sorry I got a little distracted.”

“We have ice cream.” Jimin popped his head around the corner.

“Did you lose track of time painting or something?” Taehyung questioned with a wide look.

It was like he already knew, “no. I was eating with Namjoon, and Seokjin.”

“How are the hot neighbors?” Jimin questioned as they walked into the kitchen.

Jeongguk thought of Namjoon’s body pressed into his, “good.” Seokjin’s cock against his lips, “really good.”

“We haven’t seen you a lot the last few weeks. Is everything okay?” Jimin pushed a bowl of chocolate ice cream at him.

“Yeah.” Jeongguk mumbled and started to load the bowl up with the toppings his friends laid out for him. He had no idea why this was so hard to talk about. Would they judge him for being with more than one person? Were they going to laugh at him and say he was naïve to think they wanted to stay with him long term?

“Very convincing Gukkie.” Taehyung poked at him.

“I’ve been spending a lot of time with my neighbors.” Jeongguk shrugged, “and painting.” Which he was. When he wasn’t trying to navigate his new relationship, he was painting.

Jimin sat on the couch, “you always do that.” Taehyung snuggled up to Jimin instantly, and for the first time he could remember Jeongguk didn’t feel a stab of loneliness in his chest.

“We um,” Jeongguk shoved a spoonful of ice cream in his mouth. “We’re dating.” He said it with his mouth full.

“What?” Taehyung leaned forward, “you’re dating who?”

“Hot neighbors?” Jimin’s voice went up to a yell, “you’re dating your hot neighbors?”

“Yeah.” Jeongguk couldn’t look up and was turning a little red. The only thing he could do was shove more ice cream into his mouth.

“Not just having sex with them, you’re dating. They’re your boyfriends?”

There it was. “Yup.”

Taehyung moved to sit on the loveseat with him, “this is a good thing, right? Why did you just close off?”

“You’re not going to tell me this is stupid, or that it won’t work?”

“No. We’re going to support you. Do you think it’s stupid and not going to work?” Taehyung was rubbing circles on his back.

“I like them so much.”

“Then we’re happy for you.” Taehyung squeezed him into a tight hug.

“Namjoon has a giant dick, right?” Jimin grinned around his spoon.

“Jimin.” Taehyung looked over at him.

“What? He looks like he has a giant dick.” Jimin shrugged.

Jeongguk shrugged, “they’re both.” He frowned and gave a thumbs up. He didn’t really know. They all seemed about the same, Namjoon just a little thicker.

“Let’s just watch the movie and not bother Jeongguk about his sex life.”

“I will eventually be bothering Jeongguk about his sex life.” Jimin grumbled.

Jeongguk laughed and settled into the couch making sure to wrap his arms around Taehyung so he couldn’t move.

“This is good Gukkie, you can start healing now.” Taehyung added like it was going to be a simple thing for him to start doing.


“Realize you’re not going to always be lonely and move on from those feelings.”

Jeongguk looked to Jimin who was beaming in Taehyung’s direction. Every so often his friend came out with random bits of sagely wisdom.

Right now, all Jeongguk wanted to do was heal. He wanted to grow past all those feelings.

Jeongguk ended up falling asleep before the movie was over and woke up slightly sore with a blanket thrown over him. There were light noises around him, and he opened one eye. Jimin was shuffling around the kitchen clearly trying to make as little noise as possible, and Taehyung was moving around him being just as careful.


“Gukkie are your men going to be missing you?” Jimin wiggled his eyebrows.

“No.” He grumbled. “Namjoon is getting ready for school stuff, and Seokjin is at work.”

“Then what are you doing today?” Taehyung asked as he gathered his things.

“Painting.” Jeongguk stood up. “I’ll get out of here.”

“We talked about it more, we are really happy for you Jeongguk.” Taehyung hugged him.

“Really happy.” Jimin echoed.

Jeongguk breathed out. That went better than he had expected. They didn’t seem to care, at all. They were just happy for him. It went like Namjoon said it would, easy and understanding. Then he passed out snuggled up to Taehyung like nothing in his life had ever changed.

Both Jimin and Taehyung hugged him tightly before he left and started the drive home. His days had been boring the past week with both Namjoon and Seokjin working, but he was already looking forward to seeing just how flustered he could make them over dinner. Jeongguk was already ready for more than some fumbling on the couch.

When Jeongguk rounded the corner to pull onto his street his eyes focused on a black car sitting in his driveway. His stomach dropped. His parents were there. They weren’t supposed to be there, they were supposed to be across the country letting him live his own life. He was supposed to be healing, Taehyung said he could start now.

After Jeongguk pulled into the driveway he sat for a few minutes and collected himself. There was no way that this was going to go well. His eyes drifted over to the house next door trying to find signs of life. No one was home, he couldn’t escape there. After taking a little longer to steel himself Jeongguk got up and walked through the front door.

“Where have you been? What did you do to my garage? We couldn't park in there.” His father’s voice came out sharply.

“I was at my friend’s house, and the garage is some commission work I’ve been doing.” Jeongguk swallowed. “For some extra money before school starts next week.”

“You're selling all of that?” His father wasn’t even looking at him as he spoke.

“I could.” Jeongguk wilted.

“We're here to look at the condition of the house. We've decided to sell it now that you're going to be at university. You need to clear out the garage so we can show it. No one wants to see it how it is now.”

Jeongguk looked down and forced himself to nod. Where was he going to go? They hadn't considered the fact that he wouldn’t apply for housing because he thought he'd still have the house. The house that was next to Seokjin and Namjoon.

“You look well fed.” His mother commented and Jeongguk wasn't sure if she meant it as an insult or not.

“The neighbor cooks me dinner sometimes.” He answered out of reflex.

“Don't impose on people Jeongguk.” That was his father.

“I'm not imposing.” He thought of the way they kissed him and smiled, “one of them, Kim Namjoon is going to be starting his graduate work, and he promised to help me with my studies if I need it.”

“What's his wife's name? We'll go introduce ourselves even though we're selling.” His mother smiled at his father. “It's the polite thing to do.” They only cared about appearances.

“He doesn't have a wife. He lives with Kim Seokjin who owns a clothing store in the city.”

“Two men? I hope no one gets the wrong idea about them.” His mother laughed. “That's a strange arrangement.”

The hairs on Jeongguk’s neck bristled. He was part of that strange arrangement.

“How are your friends?” She always liked to pretend to be a good mother when they were around.

“In love and studying dance and photography.”

“Oh, I'm glad you ended up so practical Jeongguk.” She flashed him a smile, “do I know the girls they are dating? Anyone from your class?”

“They're in love with each other.” Jeongguk said it even though he knew they'd react badly.

The room was quiet, and he looked up quickly to see his father staring at him.

“You're associating with a lot of homosexual men Jeongguk. I don't want that for my son. Get some new friends in school, a different tutor, and a girlfriend that can make you dinner.” His father said flatly and nodded like it was a done deal.

Another silence fell over the room.

“It looks like you took good care of the house.” His father threw a hand on his shoulder. “Once you clear the trash out of the garage, it'll sell for more than it's worth.”

There was a knock on the door.

Jeongguk stopped breathing. He didn’t want them to see him like this. His eyes followed as his father opened the door.

“Hello. I'm Kim Namjoon this is Kim Seokjin. We couldn't help but notice the two of you here and wanted to bring over a gift.” He held out a bottle of wine.

“No.” His father kept the door open but didn't take the bottle. “Stop associating with my son. He doesn't need to be corrupted by people like you. He can get a better tutor, and a girl to cook for him.”

Jeongguk’s eyes flicked up in time to see Namjoon hold his hand out to stop the door from shutting in his face. Namjoon let himself into the house like he had so many times before only this time a very fake smile was plastered across his face. Seokjin stood next to him with a worried look on his face.

Jeongguk felt like he was going to throw up.

“What do you mean by that?” Namjoon said in a tense tone.

Jeongguk's father crossed his arms. “You know what that means.”

“Namjoon.” Seokjin grabbed his arm.

Jeongguk wanted to cry but refused. He had gotten the things he wanted. He had two people to help fill all the holes in his heart. Now his parents were trying to end it. They didn't even know what was really going on between them, but they were still trying to stomp it out.

“Don't.” Jeongguk didn't even know who he was saying it to, everything had escalated so quickly.

“Jeongguk. Go start throwing things away in the garage.” His father said with an edge to his voice. “I’ll take care of this.”

“Throw away his paintings?” Namjoon shook Seokjin off and took the few steps to get to Jeongguk. “You don't have to throw them away.”

Now he was crying, silently, but the tears were there.

“Jeongguk.” Namjoon touched his arm. “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. Ever.” He stressed the last word.

“He's my son, and he'll do what I say. Now, I think you should go before I call the police.”

“That won’t be necessary.” Seokjin pulled Namjoon out the door without closing it.

They left him. Jeongguk knew they'd go away someday he just didn’t expect it so soon.

“Good. They're gone.” His father shook his head. “You need to stop seeing them immediately. They’re not good people.”

“They’re…” Jeongguk didn’t even know what he wanted to say. They were everything to him now.

His mother's small hand landed on his back, “Honey maybe you should start to clean the paintings out.”

“Jeongguk.” Seokjin was in the house again. “You can leave with us. We'll go see Jimin and Taehyung.”

“Why would he do that?”

He heard his mother ask the question as he reached out to grab Seokjin's hand. “Okay.” Jeongguk nodded and took the first step out of the house on his own before he let Seokjin support him the rest of the way.

“Gukkie. Jin is going to take you to your friend’s apartment in your car okay?” Namjoon was careful not to touch him too much. “We love you so much. Don't forget that.”

He looked up and opened his mouth. Jeongguk couldn't stop his body from launching forward and squeezing Namjoon into a tight hug.

They loved him.

“Joon don't be stupid.” Seokjin pulled Jeongguk back. “I'm not bailing you out of jail.”

“I'll be good.” Namjoon nodded and it was obvious that Seokjin didn't believe it.

“Can we go?” Jeongguk breathed in raggedly.

“Yeah. I texted Jimin.” Seokjin nodded.

They were in the car before he could say anything. Everything had been so fast. Jeongguk had felt like he had been destroyed, and then there was Seokjin and Namjoon ready to build him back up before he could break into too many pieces.

“You weren’t home.”

“Joon was, we saw them pull in late last night. He called me when you got home.” Seokjin reached over to grab his arm. “I wasn’t even at work yet.”


“It’s going to be okay. I promise.”

Jeongguk wasn’t sure how Seokjin was going to make everything be okay, but he had faith. Right now, he just felt numb.

It wasn’t long till he was back inside Jimin and Taehyung’s apartment both already home and waiting for him.


He didn’t cry till Jimin’s arms closed around him, and Jimin stayed wrapped around him while Seokjin explained what happened to Taehyung. He wasn’t sure what was being said, right now the only thing he knew was that Namjoon and Seokjin were there for him. They were there when his parents were trying to come in and take over his life. Jeongguk finally had people who put him first.

For the next few hours Jimin and Taehyung took turns cuddling Jeongguk in an attempt to distract him. He didn’t miss the way Seokjin checked his phone constantly and stepped away to call Namjoon several times. Jeongguk didn't remember when he fell asleep, or when he had been taken to the bedroom, but he did remember waking up to Taehyung wrapped around him snoring. He slipped out of his friend’s grasp and quietly made his way into the living room. His eyes landed on Jimin and Seokjin talking to each other in quiet tones. He watched them as they talked till, he saw the door crack open. Namjoon walked in carrying a large box.

“Hi.” Namjoon smiled at him and set the box down with a few others.

“Is it morning?”

“It's nighttime.” Jimin commented. “How do you feel?”

“Okay? I think.” Jeongguk shrugged. His parents hadn’t been a part of his life for such a long time. He was more concerned with where he was going to live, and where Namjoon had been.

“Did Taehyung drool on you?” Seokjin was standing next to him smiling. He was always the one to make Jeongguk feel more comfortable.

“Did he?” Jeongguk looked over his own body and touched his face trying to check for any crusty residue. Then he looked up at Namjoon again and noticed an angry red line going down his lip and that it was swollen. “Namjoon?”

“It's not a big deal.” Namjoon shrugged nonchalantly.

Both Jimin and Seokjin laughed.

“Did my dad do that?” Jeongguk moved towards Namjoon and touched his lip carefully with is fingertips.

“He did.” Namjoon nodded.

“Did you hit him back?” There was no doubt in his mind that his father had thrown the first punch.

Namjoon shook his head and moved a little closer to rest their foreheads together, “I didn't. Jin told me not to get arrested. I got what I could out of the house it isn’t everything.”

“Got what you could?” Jeongguk kissed Namjoon lightly and then pulled away with a blush. Jimin was still there watching them.

“I managed to get everything out of your room, but not all the paintings because your parents came back.”

“You what?” Jeongguk’s eyes went wide and he looked from Namjoon over to Seokjin for an explanation.

“Namjoon let himself into your house with the spare key you gave us to get your stuff, and he got hit and threatened with the cops again before he could completely clear out the garage.” Seokjin stated.

“It’s all in the spare room.” Jimin nodded, “which is your room now.”

Jeongguk’s mouth dropped a little. They didn't even know that his parents were selling the house.

“You should stay here even if it’s just until they leave again.” Namjoon looked so worried.

“They're selling it.” Jeongguk said flatly.

“You're not living at school though. Where did they think you were going to go?” Jimin frowned then shrugged, “we'll just figure out what your part of the rent is, no student discount.”

“New roommate.” Taehyung showed up out of nowhere and threw his arms around Jeongguk’s middle from behind and hugged him. “It'll be good. You’ll be closer to school.”

“Yeah but.” Jeongguk looked around and forced himself not to pout, he wasn’t going to be near Namjoon and Seokjin anymore. “I'm not listening to you two have sex all the time.”

“I'll gag him.” Taehyung let go of Jeongguk and slapped his back before he wandered away into the kitchen.

“You need to stay here for a while, and not come over.” Namjoon said softly. “Just till they're gone.”

“Namjoon.” Jeongguk frowned more. He had no idea how long it would take them to leave. “That could take months.”

“I don’t think it’s safe for Jeongguk,” Namjoon turned and looked at Jeongguk, “you to go near them.”

“But months Joon.” Seokjin repeated with big eyes.

“This is not fair.” Namjoon pointed between the two of them. “This is going in the rules. No ganging up on me.”

“So, you guys have rules?” Taehyung commented as he came out of the kitchen.

“Months of that.” Jeongguk grumbled ignoring his friend. “And they don't ever leave. They have no lives.” He pointed between Jimin and Taehyung who weren’t even pretending like they weren’t watching them.

“We'll all be fine.” Namjoon nodded and crossed his arms.

“Yeah yeah.” Seokjin waved off Namjoon. “You're good Gukkie?”

“My parents haven't been a part of or accepting of my life for a long time.” Jeongguk reminded the other man.

“That doesn’t mean you’re okay though.”

He shrugged, “I can paint more.”

“You can.” Namjoon nodded, “I’ll make space in my studio for you.”

“Okay.” Jeongguk nodded a few times. “You should go do your reading, or sleep. I bet you need sleep.”

Seokjin kissed Jeongguk and then Namjoon, “I’m lucky to have you two selfless brats.”

Jeongguk flushed and avoided looking back at his friends, who he knew were watching them closely. “Thank you.” He turned from Seokjin to Namjoon, “you didn’t have to get anything.”

“You're worth it.” Namjoon leaned in and gave him a slow lingering kiss which made Taehyung choke on whatever piece of food he was currently chewing.

“We’ll stay the night if you want.” Seokjin said staying close.

“No. Go sleep. I just slept all day.” Jeongguk shrugged. “I have these two to keep me entertained.”

“Okay.” Seokjin nodded.

Jeongguk wanted to tell him that he loved them, but the words died when he remembered they were being watched. He didn’t even know if Namjoon realized what he had said.

“We’ll talk early tomorrow. We can hang out at the store, or on campus. Namjoon has an office now.” Seokjin offered.

“We’re not having,” Namjoon looked over to Taehyung and Jimin, “not in my office.”

“Mine is bigger anyway.” Seokjin winked.

“Okay.” Jeongguk kissed them both and pushed them towards the door. It hurt, but he knew they’d be there for him tomorrow.

“So.” Jimin raised his eyebrows. “Are we, your new roommates, now needing to worry about you bringing two men around?”

“Shut up.” Jeongguk rolled his eyes.

It went quiet.

“Are you really okay?” Taehyung ventured.

“I think so. I just wanted my parents to stay gone. They showed up, got homophobic and my dad kept telling me to clean the trash out of the garage.”

“Seokjin told us.” Taehyung nodded.

“It’s not trash.” Jeongguk shook his head. “I spent so long doing whatever they wanted, then they left. Did they really expect me to keep following what they said?”

“I like the new self-assured Jeongguk.” Jimin nodded.

“He’s got great boyfriends.” Taehyung added with a nod.

“They’re alright.” Jeongguk said with a small smile that grew without him trying.

Chapter Text

Jeongguk rushed across the campus. The first thing he learned in university was that the business school was about a half hour from the philosophy buildings, and that was only if he ran. Right now, he was ridiculously, stupidly late. There was only an hour between Namjoon’s office hours and the time he had to set aside to do his own work where Jeongguk could bother him. Most of the time it turned into a tutoring session, but if he was really luck Seokjin would be there with Namjoon waiting for him. Still, like a stick in the mud, Namjoon refused to fool around in his office which drastically cut down on Jeongguk’s alone time with his boyfriends.

His parents had frustratingly decided to stay in the house while they were selling it. It was without a doubt their way of waiting Jeongguk out. It didn’t work, he stayed away. Completely cutting them out of his life was easy, they had already been gone, and Jeongguk had already been taking care of himself. His mother only tried to call for three days, and then gave up. Still, they refused to leave the house and Namjoon refused to acknowledge their existence so Jeongguk was stuck with no idea what was going on.

It wasn’t easy to have his routine ripped apart, and the adjustment to not being near his boyfriends whenever he wanted was hard, but they made it work. Jeongguk let them take him out on dates and was starting to enjoy being spoiled. Both men, wine and dined him before they dropped him off on his doorstep, leaving him with little kisses. It was like they took a giant step backward. Neither had said ‘I love you’ again, and Jeongguk was stuck with it on the tip of his tongue every time he talked to either of them. He swallowed it all down not really sure where they stood now that there was no drama, no tension.

Frustratingly Jimin and Taehyung almost never left the apartment. They also left him feeling oddly self-conscious every time he managed to convince Namjoon and Seokjin to come in. Apparently Seokjin was loud, and Jeongguk could only take his friends moaning his name the next morning for so long. That left him with his tablet and facetime most nights. Not that he was all that upset. Jeongguk got to watch his boyfriends together several times a week while he touched himself. He’d rather have been touching them, but it worked.

It was just frustrating. The whole start to the relationship had been frustrating beyond belief but still worth it. Jeongguk wasn’t about to give up the best thing that’s ever happened to him just because he only got his dick sucked a total of four times since the incident with his parents. Double the boyfriends should mean double the blowjobs.

“I’m late.” Jeongguk breathed out as he let himself into the small office that the university had assigned to Namjoon.

“You are.” Namjoon kissed him.

Jeongguk squirmed and moved them to press Namjoon against the wall. He smiled before he leaned in and let their lips meet. A small moan escaped Namjoon’s throat before he shook his head no.

“Come on Joon.” Jeongguk pouted and didn’t back away.

“It’s work.” Namjoon smiled and grabbed his hips. “We can’t at work. Even Seokjin decided work was a bad idea remember?”

“Because his sales associate walked in without knocking. You have a lock.” Jeongguk leaned and rested his forehead on Namjoon’s shoulder. “I’m so horny hyung.” He said it softly.

“Oh?” Namjoon’s hands squeezed at his hips.

“You have no fucking idea.” Jeongguk laughed a little. “It’s been three weeks since either of you touched me.”

Namjoon pushed at him a little, “it has not. It’s been a week at the very most.”

“It feels like three months.” Jeongguk groaned.

“You just want us for the sex.” Namjoon was all smiles.

There it was, that I love you that sat on the tip of his tongue, “hyung no.”

“I know Gukkie it was a bad joke.” Namjoon touched his face and gave him a soft kiss. “Jin is cooking us dinner tonight.”

“Really?” Jeongguk scrunched his face up. “Jimin is writing this huge paper I don’t think he wants us all there. How did Seokjin talk him into that?”

“Our home not yours.” Namjoon smiled.

Jeongguk’s eyes went wide, “the house sold?”

“A very nice elderly couple moved in yesterday.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Jeongguk hit his chest but let his hand rest there.

“Because it’s Friday, and we wanted to surprise you.” Namjoon kissed him again.

“I’m staying all weekend.” Jeongguk announced.

“Are you?” One of Namjoon’s eyebrows went up.

“And next weekend.” Jeongguk nodded more. “Maybe all the weekends after that, and also school breaks.”

“I’m going to have to clear out space for you. There’s no way Jin will.” Namjoon laughed lightly, “Now, come on, we don’t want to be late for dinner.”

The ride was quick. Jeongguk easily drove the familiar path to the street he grew up on and didn’t even look at his old home as he pulled into his former neighbors, current boyfriends, driveway. Giddy didn’t even begin to explain how he felt. They could be alone again and start a new routine. He was finally getting his time to heal and start over.

“You’re late.” Seokjin was by the door when they walked in. “Dinner’s getting col…”

Jeongguk launched at him not letting Seokjin finish his sentence. It wasn’t hard to silence the other man with a kiss; it was something Jeongguk had learned very early on in their relationship. Seokjin melted when he was touched.

“What got into you?” Seokjin smiled.

“I’m just really fucking happy.” Jeongguk went back to kissing him.

“Also, horny.” Namjoon added.

Seokjin broke the kiss, “dinner.”

“Don’t care.” Jeongguk mumbled against Seokjin’s mouth, his hands now working up under the baggy shirt that the other man was wearing.

“You’re acting like we’ve neglected you.” Namjoon chuckled from somewhere behind them.

It was true, frustrated was far from neglected. There had been plenty of rushed fumblings in his apartment even if he did get teased for them.

“We can take our time and be loud.” Jeongguk commented with his mouth against Seokjin’s neck.

“Are you saying you’re loud Gukkie?”

“I’m saying you are.” Jeongguk punctuated the statement by biting on the spot where Seokjin’s neck curved into his shoulders. He had seen Namjoon do it so many times and it always got a loud moan as a response, and this time wasn’t any different.

“Okay.” Seokjin took a step back and pointed up the stairs.

“I won!” Jeongguk grinned and gave Namjoon a quick kiss before he climbed the staircase two steps at a time.

Jeongguk got to their doorway and paused before he walked in. He remembered last time they had invited him into their bedroom. It was the worst he had felt in a long time, and now Jeongguk was standing there ready to finally be with his boyfriends fully.

“You can go in Gukkie.” One of Namjoon’s hand pushed on his shoulder.

“Just thinking about the last time I was in here.” Jeongguk took a step in and then stopped to look back at the other two men.

“This will be better. I get to touch you how I want to this time.” Seokjin pulled him close and kissed him.

“Wait. I was having a break down and you wanted to touch my dick?” Jeongguk laughed a little.

“Yes, you little shit,” Seokjin pushed him back.

Jeongguk bounced onto the bed and pulled his shirt off. He wasn’t about to waste any time, “that’s a weird kink.”

“Crying is a very valid kink.” Namjoon cut in.

“Oh?” Jeongguk’s eyes went wide.

“Our virgin Gukkie hasn’t been touched or fucked till it’s all too much and he’s babbling with tears in his eyes, completely over stimulated.” Namjoon said to Seokjin as the latter settled on the bed.

Well, now Jeongguk was hard. “Maybe we can do something about me being a virgin tonight?”

“Is that what you want?” Namjoon was still standing by the bed and looked imposing.

“Yeah.” Jeongguk nodded.


Jeongguk took a deep breath. He thought of how he watched Namjoon fuck Seokjin on the screen of his ipad, and didn’t know which position he’d rather be in. “I want to be in the middle.”

Seokjin laughed a little, “my first time wasn’t that good.”

“Mine either.” Namjoon shrugged.

“Show me how to fuck Jin?” Jeongguk wasn’t about to let the mood in the room change. “Then fuck me.”

Namjoon swallowed hard.

“Please Namjoon.” Jeongguk made his eyes big. He hadn’t used this trick on Namjoon in months. Yes, they were moving at a painfully slow pace, but he had to ask for things less now. “I want to feel both of you, but I want to make sure Jin hyung feels so good.”

“Guk.” Seokjin’s hand ran up his abs as his lips kissed Jeongguk’s neck.

“Yeah.” Namjoon nodded. “We can do that.”

They kissed each other as they stripped. Each article of clothing landed haphazardly around the room. When they settled Seokjin was on his back with Jeongguk between his legs one hand slowly jerking his cock. Namjoon was behind Jeongguk with his chest against the younger man’s back. He had a vague idea of how everything was going to go until Namjoon pressed the bottle of lube into Jeongguk’s hand.

“You’ve seen me do this.” Namjoon mumbled against his neck.

“Yeah.” Jeongguk nodded and flipped the cap of the lube open. He was nervous. This wasn’t rushed, this wasn’t quick, there were no excuses if he fucked it up.

“It’s just me Guk. It’s okay.” Seokjin grabbed his wrist, “really.”

Of course, they could tell that he was nervous.

“And we’re going to make him feel so good.” Namjoon added in a low voice.

“I’m good.” Jeongguk nodded and poured some of the lube onto his hand before he reached out to Seokjin’s cock.

“You’re going to tease him?” Namjoon laughed and pressed closer so he could reach around Jeongguk’s body.

“No.” Jeongguk twisted his wrist as he worked Seokjin’s cock. It got a loud gasp as a response. “Maybe.”

Namjoon leaned to the side more and wrapped his hand around Jeongguk’s. At first, he was confused, but realized that Namjoon was guiding his hand lower over Seokjin’s balls. Jeongguk breathed in and let one of his slick fingers trace over Seokjin’s hole. The moan he got in response gave him the courage to press further in.

“He can take two.” Namjoon stated. “Our Jin isn’t that pure.”

“Please,” Seokjin moaned out.

Jeongguk nodded to himself and pulled his finger back before he pushed back in with two. He pumped his fingers and locked his eyes onto where Namjoon’s hand was now lazily working up and down on Seokjin’s cock. The man was moaning, but Jeongguk knew he wasn’t hitting the spots Namjoon could. All he wanted was to make Seokjin feel as good as he could.

“Joon.” Jeongguk looked over at him. “Help.”

“With what baby? You’re doing so good.” Namjoon kissed him deeply. “Isn’t he Jin?”

Seokjin sucked in a breath and nodded.

“But.” Jeongguk frowned, “he’s louder with you.”

Namjoon smiled, “okay Gukkie.” He kissed Jeongguk again.

That’s when Jeongguk felt two fingers press under his firmly till Seokjin opened up to them with a loud moan.

“Fuck. It’s so much.” Seokjin turned his head to the side and squeezed his eyes shut.

“It’s good though?” Namjoon asked.

Seokjin nodded frantically. “Yes.”

“Good.” Namjoon looked at Jeongguk. “You have to curl your fingers and press up a little.”

Jeongguk felt Namjoon push his fingers up. They were both inside Seokjin, and he couldn’t help but wonder if they’d both be able to fuck him someday. His thoughts were broken by a loud yell, and Seokjin grabbing two fistfuls of the blankets on the bed. Jeongguk smiled and continued to work Seokjin’s body with Namjoon’s help, till the other man pulled his hand back.

“He’s ready for you baby.” Namjoon mumbled and moved so he was fully behind Jeongguk again.

With a shaky hand Jeongguk grabbed his own cock and lined it up with Seokjin’s hole. Namjoon’s hands were on his hips, and he was thankful for the guidance. Jeongguk let Namjoon lead him and pushed in slowly. He stopped when Namjoon squeezed him tightly and took in the sight of Seokjin under him. His pretty mouth was open, and his eyes were squeezed shut. One of Seokjin’s hands still grabbed the comforter, but the other had a firm grip on Jeongguk’s thigh. He let his eyes trail over Seokjin’s still hard cock to where his own disappeared into his boyfriend’s body. Jeongguk was absolutely in love, but he swallowed the words. It wasn’t the right time.

“You’re beautiful.” Jeongguk mumbled out. “So, fucking beautiful hyung.”

“He is.” Namjoon agreed and pulled Jeongguk’s hips back before he pushed them forward. “Start slow with him, tease, and soon he’ll be fucking himself on you.”

Jeongguk groaned and shut his eyes so he missed the flush that crept across Seokjin’s chest and face. He knew Namjoon was into dirty talk, he had the text messages to prove it, but hearing his voice utter the words had Jeongguk on edge.

“Baby I’m going to get you ready to take me now.” Namjoon’s hands left his hips, and Jeongguk nodded. “You can stay still if it’s too much. I know how good he feels.”

“Oh,” Jeongguk breathed out.

Namjoon wasted no time pressing a finger into him and Jeongguk inhaled a sharp breath. It was so much better than when he did it himself, and they had both seen him finger himself over the tiny screen of their tablet.

“Gukkie breathe.” Seokjin mumbled before he reached up and pulled Jeongguk down for a kiss.

Honestly, he had thought about this a lot over the past several months. Before he had them and after, all Jeongguk wanted was to be pressed between Seokjin and Namjoon. Now here he was deep inside Seokjin with Namjoon slowly working him open. He moaned open mouthed into Seokjin’s breaking their kiss.

“I’ve wanted this, so long.” It’s mumbled out. Suddenly Jeongguk was desperate to let them know how much he had thought about this. “So long.”

“We know.” Seokjin started kissing his cheeks, and Jeongguk didn’t miss the soft rock of his hips either. It forced him that much deeper into his boyfriend. “Joon. I think he’s ready.”

“Please.” Jeongguk hissed out. “Please, please fuck me.”

He could hear Namjoon breathe in and saw the smile creep across Seokjin’s mouth. Then Namjoon was pushing into him excruciatingly slow. It wasn’t enough. With a whine Jeongguk pushed back. The action had Seokjin gripping his arms and Namjoon moaning. It was a level of power he wasn’t used to or expecting in this position. Jeongguk shifted slightly, and started rocking his hips effectively fucking Seokjin, and himself at the same time.

“Gukkie.” Seokjin breathed out. “Joon.”

Namjoon’s hand came down and grabbed at Seokjin’s leg, “our Gukkie feels so good.”

“He’s,” Seokjin looked from Namjoon to Jeongguk, “you’re so hot. I can’t believe we’re…”

That was enough to spur him on to move faster. Jeongguk had no idea how long he was going to last, but he was determined to make Seokjin come before him. He picked up the pace and groaned, Jeongguk was on edge and moved to balance on one arm so he could stroke Seokjin’s cock with the other.

“Fuck.” Seokjin arched up against him.

Jeongguk thrusted forward, hard, and buried himself inside of Seokjin. Namjoon followed after him and held Jeongguk’s hips tightly. It only took a few more twists of his wrist for Seokjin to come, making a mess of his stomach and chest. Then Namjoon took over. He pulled Jeongguk back by the hips till his hard cock slipped out of Seokjin and then pushed him down so Jeongguk’s head was on Seokjin’s chest and his cock rubbed against his boyfriend’s stomach with every thrust from Namjoon.

Seokjin’s arms wrapped around him, as Namjoon continued to thrust at harder, less coordinated pace. Somewhere in the back of his mind Jeongguk knew, from watching them so many times, that when Namjoon got frantic it meant he was close. Jeongguk let go, and cried into Seokjin’s chest as he came, and Namjoon gripped his hips even harder as his own orgasm hit.

Namjoon pushed Jeongguk over onto his back before he left the bedroom.

There was a few moments of quiet till Seokjin spoke, “you good Gukkie?”

“I love you.” Jeongguk blurted out no longer able to keep it in.

Seokjin let his fingers run through Jeongguk’s hair as, “oh baby.”

He didn’t say it back. Jeongguk sat up quickly in a panic, “I’m sorry. I just. I’m sorry.”

“Whoa, what did I miss?” Namjoon asked as he came back into the room holding a damp towel. He dropped it on Seokjin’s chest and grabbed Jeongguk by the shoulders. “What’s wrong.”

“I shouldn’t have said that.” Jeongguk’s eyes got wide and he looked over at Seokjin, completely ignoring Namjoon.

“Jeongguk I love you too.” Seokjin sat up with him. “A lot.”

“Oh, okay.” He really needed to stop jumping to conclusions. “I don’t know why I panicked.”

“You didn’t let me finish talking.” Seokjin laughed lightly. “It’s a big thing to say. It’s okay. I love you.”

“I missed the soft part?” Namjoon looked between the two of them and frowned.

“I love you Namjoon.” Jeongguk leaned forward and hugged him.

Namjoon hugged him tightly, “I love you too Jeongguk, and Seokjin.”

“We’re all in love.” Jeongguk nodded.

“We are.” Seokjin laughed lightly.

“Hyung?” Jeongguk looked over at Seokjin and snuggled into his side now that Namjoon had let him go.

“Yeah?” It was mumbled as Seokjin started to wipe the come off of his chest and stomach.

“What did you cook for dinner?”

With a groan Seokjin flopped back down onto the bed, “how are you thinking about food?”

“How are you not?” Jeongguk countered and bounced up to stand. “That was a workout.”

“You should come back and cuddle with us.” Namjoon snuggled up to Seokjin and held one arm out as an invitation to Jeongguk.

“Love.” Jeongguk smiled brightly at them and grabbed for a pair of sweatpants that weren’t his. “That’s so great.”

Seokjin opened and closed his mouth before he looked at Namjoon and smiled, “it is great.”

Jeongguk bounced to the door and looked back at them.

“At least shower.” Namjoon frowned, “if you’re not going to let me clean you up.” He gestured at the towel. “I came in you, it has to be…” Namjoon trailed off.

“It is, I don’t hate it. Plus, it keeps me ready for round two later.” Jeongguk wiggled his butt and bounced down to the kitchen.

Jeongguk didn’t miss the exasperated groan from Seokjin, but he did miss the smile his two boyfriends shared. When he got to the kitchen he started to warm up the food that Seokjin had made for them earlier and let himself smile brightly as he settled into the bone-deep comfort of finally feeling loved.