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All Tied Up and Nowhere to Go

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“Stop. That’s going to be all for today.” 

Denki looked over at Aizawa. “What? No, I can definitely get the upper hand again,” he said tugging at the mess of tape wrapped around his legs as he dangled from the ceiling.  

“I doubt it,” Aizawa was already gathering up his stuff, “and I don’t have time to watch you make a fool of yourself for another hour.”

Denki sighed letting his torso drop, arms dropping down to dangle above his head. Or was it below from this angle? Either way his fingers couldn’t even reach the floor. 

Sero was in the corner of the room smirking at his victory. No, not smirking. Sero was too nice of a guy to gloat about something like this. He just seemed genuinely happy to have beaten Denki at this particular challenge. But the win made sense. After all Denki’s greatest weakness was nonconductive weapons. If he couldn’t fry it, he had no way of dealing with it.  

“Oh yeah, make sure you leave this room as clean as you found it,” Aizawa said, turning in the doorway, “or else you’re both getting zeroes on the assignment.  I'll know if you don't because you're the last ones booked for today.”

“You’re not even going to help get me down?” Denki snapped, kicking his tape covered legs around uselessly. 

“In the real world, heroes have to account for any property damage or captured villains after a fight is finished. This is good hands-on experience,” Aizawa stated in dry manner that conveyed just how little he believed what he was saying. Their professor didn’t wait for any more questions, quickly slamming the door shut behind him. 

“It’s not a big deal,” Sero said walking over to where Denki was hanging, “I’m used to having to clean up after myself. That’s the disadvantage of a creation quirk. Let me just help you out of there.”

“I can do it myself,” Denki snapped pulling himself up again. He grabbed at the tape wrapped around his waist doing his best to tear it apart. 

“I wouldn’t do that,” Sero grabbed Denki’s hands, “that’s the part that’s holding most of your weight. Take it off and you’ll probably end up cutting off circulation to your feet.”

“Are you serious?” 

“Yeah, I had to learn how to tape people up properly so as not to hurt them,” Sero said grinning widely, “it’s harder than it looks.”

“Where’d you get all your info?” Denki asked, dropping back down again. He crossed his arms across his chest in an attempt to look dignified as blood rushed to his head. 

Sero laughed nervously. “You know, um, normal places.” He quickly started unraveling the tape wrapped around Denki’s calves. 

Denki sighed staring absently at the thighs in front of his face. There were worse positions to be in, he supposed. A couple inches higher and his face would have been right in Sero’s crotch. Not that that would necessarily be a bad thing. 

The amount of electricity he’d expended in training and the blood rushing to his head was making him feel woozy and unfocused. It took several long moments for the nervousness of Sero’s response to actually processed in his brain. 

“Wait, are you doing hero research on BDSM forums?”

Sero froze, hand resting on Denki’s thigh. “Technically,” he said slowly, “it’s only the B part of that acronym.”

“Oh that’s so cool,” Denki muttered. The blood rush was definitely getting to him. “I wish I could watch porn and call it research.”

Sero laughed nervously. “Hey, it’s actually a very cool skill to develop.”

Denki was barely paying attention because Sero’s hands were getting farther up his thighs. There was nothing untoward about it, he had to press down on the cloth right next to where the tape was stuck to pull it off. Still... 

Denki wasn’t sure if he wanted the hands to go higher or if he was dreading the prospect of Sero getting a little too close to his crotch. Sure he could insist it was just adrenaline getting him to half-chub, but when they’d just been talking about porn, it was less believable. 

“Every time I try and look up how to safely shock people I get a bunch of results for electrostim porn.” Denki regretted it as soon as he said it, but it was too late to go back. 

Sero’s hands stilled for a moment, one hand pressing slightly into the muscle of Denki’s thigh. “Oh, is that so? I wouldn’t know.”

“Right, of course not.” Denki was starting to feel incredibly restless. He wanted to be able to move around again, but there was something distinctly pleasant about behind helpless like this.

“It just I can’t help but think how easy it’d be to take advantage of me in a situation like this.” Another stupid comment poured out of his mouth. He regretted it slightly less than the last one, because it was true. 

“Don’t worry,” Sero said brightly, “I’d never do something like that.”

Denki sighed loudly, his better judgement felt like it was leaking out of his brain, never to return. “What if someone asked you to?”

“I mean, I guess I could.”

God, he was so stupid, Denki thought.  He wasn’t even sure whether he meant himself or Sero. Both, if he was being honest.

Denki squirmed against the tape. “Wow, it sure would be something if someone asked for that.”

Sero stopped taking a step back and Denki cursed himself for even suggesting the idea.  Then Sero knelt down to be face to face with him.  “Are you… asking?”

“Maybe,” Denki said, examining Sero’s face as well as he could when it was upside down.  He looked amused and not disgusted, that was a good start. 

Sero laughed.  “Give me a second.”

Denki somehow managed to not say anything stupid as Sero stood.  He could hear the sound of Sero producing more tape.  Sero grabbed Denki’s arms, pulling him up.  Tape wrapped around Denki’s wrists, holding him up as Sero used more tape to support his back.  Without all the blood in his head, Denki started to wonder if this was a good idea.  Maybe he’d been too hasty to bring it up, he didn’t have much experience with bondage.   

“You’re putting a lot of effort into this.”

“Yeah, well you were starting to look like a tomato so I figured leaving you upside down wasn’t the answer,” Sero explained, “Plus, I like the practice.”

He finished up whatever he was doing and stood back to admire his handiwork.  “I think I did a pretty good job,” Sero said, “Are you able to move at all?”

Denki tried moving himself.  Strength had never been his strong suit and he could somewhat pull his torso up, but his arms weren’t strong enough to stay in that position.  His legs were free, but with nothing to push off of, they just dangled uselessly.  The helplessness made him panic for a moment, made him wish he’d just let Sero free him without saying anything. But then again, it was kinda hot, and Sero was looking at him with a devious smile. 

“Nope,” Denki said, laughing at the whole situation, “It would be such a pity if someone were to take advantage of this situation.”

Sero nodded, moving around Denki slowly, hand running over his helpless body.  “That would be unfortunate.”

He stood by Denki’s head, one hand running idly across Denki’s chest as the other tugged at his hair.  “You look pretty good from this angle,” Sero said, as his hand found Denki’s nipple, playing with it through the fabric of his suit, “but I think you’d look even better with something in your mouth.”

Denki nodded twitching under the touches.  “Oh no, that would be terrible,” he said, as sarcastically as he could manage.  He was practically salivating as Sero’s hands moved to undo the front of his suit and pulled out his cock. 

Denki was no stranger to the sucking dick, but he’d never done it from this angle before.  And he’d never done it without being able to use his own hands to guide it into his mouth.  He just had to let his head hang back as Sero teased his lips with the tip, keeping it just out of reach of Denki’s tongue. 

“Are you ready?” Sero said, playing with Denki’s nipple again. 

“Definitely,” Denki said pushing back against his restraints to just try and get it into his mouth.  He’d already waited enough getting into this position he didn’t want to be teased all day. 

Sero seemed to sense his desperation because he thrust into Denki’s mouth suddenly.  Denki closed his eyes as Sero’s cock in and out of his mouth in slow, shallow thrusts.  He did his best to tease with his lips and tongue like he usually did, but it was harder when he couldn’t control the speed. 

Sero pulled out, hands running down Denki’s neck and tugging at his hair.  “Enjoying yourself?”

“You don’t have to be worried about going farther in,” Denki said. His mind was starting to become fuzzy like when he was overusing his quirk.  “I can definitely take all of you.”

Sero looked doubtful, as he guided Denki’s mouth to his cock again.  He started thrusting again, still moving slowly, but each one was a little deeper.  Denki knew it was cation, but it felt a lot like teasing.  He was so close to the cock hitting the back of his throat.  He wanted it so badly, but there was nothing he could do to speed up the process. 

He whined, wrapping his lips around Sero and sucking in, trying to get him to move faster.  He heard Sero swear as he jerked his hips into Denki’s mouth.  It was exactly what Denki wanted and he moaned.  Sero took the hint and start thrusting into his mouth with reckless abandon.  It was almost too much for Denki to handle as he couldn’t even pause for breath.  Especially when Sero’s free hand started wandering down his chest, reaching all the way down to his waist where Denki’s cock was straining against his pants. Denki moaned in approval. 

Sero continued thrusting as he palmed Denki’s cock.  There was nothing Denki could do except keep his mouth open and twitch weakly against the hand grabbing at him.  The rest of the world faded away as he let himself relax into letting Sero take control. 

He was vaguely aware that Sero’s breath was getting rougher and his movements rougher, but he couldn’t be bothered to think too much of it.  His cock was straining painfully in his pants but he couldn’t do anything about it other than rock his hips against nothing. 

He was so focused on his own cock that he wasn’t prepared when Sero came down his throat.  He coughed as hot liquid filled his mouth even as Sero pulled out. 

“Are you okay?”

Denki coughed, nodding enthusiastically.  “I’m fine, just touch me.”

Sero grinned moving around Denki’s tied form to get a better angle to pull undo Denki’s belt.  He unbuttoned Denki’s pants grabbing onto his throbbing cock without hesitation.  His hands were confident and firm as he stroked.    

Denki moaned, head hanging down. He could feel semen sliding down his chin, but he couldn’t do anything to wipe it off as his cock twitched in Sero’s hands.  He jumped at warm wet lips wrapped around his cock.  His hips jerked against air as Sero slowly pulled him into his mouth. 

Denki moaned weakly straining against the tape as he felt himself cumming.  Sero mouth stayed on his cock throughout his orgasm, swallowing effortlessly.  Denki went limp, gasping weakly as Sero squeezed his thigh reassuringly. 

“You good?”

Denki laughed, raising his head awkwardly to look at him.  “Yeah, pretty good.”

“Excellent,” Sero responded, tucking Denki’s cock back into his pants, “because we still need to clean up all this tape.”

Denki grumbled weakly. “Fine, just... just give me a minute.”