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I told you to bring a jacket

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‘Haiji? Is that you?’

Kakeru watched Prince’s consternation with a mix of amusement and lack of understanding. With his mouth wide opened, Prince stared at Haiji like he was the devil himself. The scary laugh that crawled up Haiji’s throat didn’t make it any better. Quite the contrary was the case. The fourth-year student who usually wore a green housecoat was now wearing a tight black tailcoat with a crimson tie. Which suited him pretty well and accentuated his muscular body Kakeru had to admit, feeling his cheeks slightly getting warmer than usual as if he just finished running. The black and red coloured coat with the banded collar made Haiji look like he just stepped out of a coffin. And his normally tousled brown hair was now gelled and made him completely look like a vampire. Hell, he even wore coloured contact lenses!

‘Ah, Prince!’ Haiji greeted and gave him a big smile which made Kakeru sigh deeply. Damn, that man didn’t leave out anything – his smile exposed a pair of fangs. ‘I see you dressed up as a butterfly! I like the wings.’

Prince’s face expression changed to doubt now and he just stared at Haiji who lost interest in Prince as soon as he spotted Kakeru who was only standing a few steps behind the peachy orange haired man. With narrowed eyes he said to Kakeru, ‘You’re not serious, are you?’

Shrugging, Kakeru looked away, embarrassed and not knowing what to say.

It was Halloween this evening and the Aotake members had came up with the idea to celebrate the event with a costume party.

Haiji unmistakably dressed up as a vampire. Prince was wearing an old white sheet he had stretched over two wooden poles on his back to make it look like butterfly wings. The other members had been creative, too. And Kakeru also tried his best and dressed up in the most creative way he could think of.

‘Does this not count as costume?’ he asked quietly, still avoiding Haiji’s look which made clear he was not happy about Kakeru’s choice.

‘Even Nira’s costume is more creative,’ Haiji said dryly.

‘Wait … you dressed up the dog?’ Now Kakeru had to look up because he couldn’t believe Haiji really did that. But the other one just raised an eyebrow as if he didn’t think one second about not dressing the dog, too.

Prince’s hemming made Kakeru sigh again as he said, ‘I have to agree with Haiji. Your costume is pretty low.’

‘It’s the only one I could think of,’ Kakeru mumbled, kneading his neck in embarrassment. This party had been a stupid idea, but he was the only one who didn’t want to celebrate and the others convinced him to join.

‘But I’m ready for the party!’ he said persuasively to justify himself and crossed his arms then in front of his chest.

‘No, you’re not,’ Haiji replied, laid his hand on his forehead and shook his head. Then he stretched his back, took a steps towards Kakeru and grabbed his bare arm. ‘You can’t dress up as a runner for Halloween if you’re one every day, Kakeru.’

The addressed one felt the blood rushing quickly into his cheeks and he didn’t know what to say. So he let the good-looking vampire drag him up the stairs into room number 101, closed the door, let go of Kakeru and opened his closet. Then he looked at its content with narrowed eyes as if he had to think intensively about what to choose.

Kakeru still stood in the middle of the room, not knowing what to say or what to do. He was wearing his black runner uniform and thought it would be a good costume for himself. But clearly Haiji didn’t share this opinion.

Suddenly Haiji turned around, examining every inch of Kakeru’s body from bottom to top. The younger one’s already pretty warm cheeks were getting hotter and he thought his head would explode of embarrassment and heat every second.

‘S-Stop looking at me,’ he muttered and quickly looked down to the wooden floor. Why did Haiji look at him like he was the next victim he would suck its blood out?!

‘Can’t I look at a beautiful and handsome young man who is standing in my room, only wearing short pants and a sleeveless top?’ Haiji’s voice was soft and Kakeru heard him stepping towards him. When he felt a warm hand on his chin, he looked up directly into Haiji’s golden eyes.

‘I-I’m not … don’t …’ Kakeru interrupted himself, not knowing how to continue because Haiji clearly flirted with him and it didn’t feel bad at all. He had already noticed that he liked the older one a little bit more than he might should, but surely would never admit that to anyone.

‘Kakeru, look at me.’

Pressing the back of his hand against his lips, Kakeru felt tingles running down his neck and had to look away again. That fucking voice. It got him every time, and especially when Haiji said his name with this special undertone that sounded like he was going to pull Kakeru against the first available wall and kiss him like there was no tomorrow.

And where did that thought came from now?! Damn, he definitely had a big crush on Haiji who looked goddamn sexy as a vampire. Maybe that Halloween party hadn’t been a stupid idea at all.

‘I said, look at me.’ Haiji’s demanding words made Kakeru finally look him in the eyes. Surprised by how close they were, he inhaled sharply and took a step back, but felt Haiji’s other hand on his lower back, a little over his butt, pushing him closer.

‘I watched you run in this outfit many times now, Kakeru,’ Haiji said quietly and Kakeru felt his warm breath on his lips. Only a few inches remained between their nose tips, making Kakeru feeling unwell and excited at the same time. ‘And because you’re always faster than me, I had the pleasure to look at your wonderful shaped ass a lot of times already.’

Feeling thunderstruck, Kakeru forgot to breathe. Oh dear God, Haiji Kiyose was definitely flirting with him right now and he also had the feeling he was going to kiss him any second. What should he do?!

But Haiji already made the decision for him by stepping back and letting go of Kakeru’s body.

‘Well, and because of that I thought you should definitely bring a jacket! You cannot wear this outfit at the end of October and risk catching a cold!’

And before Kakeru knew what was going on, Haiji had wrapped his coat around him and pressed them tightly against each other.

‘Ha-Haiji-san …’ was all that came out of Kakeru’s mouth.

The warm golden eyes of Haiji were all he could see for a moment, but the excited sparkle in there was so quickly gone again Kakeru thought he’d only imagined it.

‘Sadly I cannot keep you warm all evening like that, so take this.’

The sudden change of voice from sexy to excited irritated Kakeru, but he still wasn’t able to move when Haiji put a black witch hat on his head and laid a thin black coat around his neck.

‘Now you finally look like you’re ready for the party. Let’s go!’

Haiji started to whistle happily when he passed Kakeru by and opened the door to go downstairs. The now as a witch dressed young man still stood there, not knowing what to think about what just happened. Did he get the whole situation wrong? Or what the hell did just happen?!

When he joined the other team members too, everyone was having a good time. Yuki, King and Niko were playing a drinking game and laughed loudly while the twins and Musa were eating something Kakeru didn’t take a closer look at because of its unnatural looking glowing green colour.

‘Oh, there comes our witch!’ Haiji yelled when Kakeru entered the room. ‘I improved his costume a bit.’

‘Now you look like you could bewitch us all!’ Prince was clearly trying not to let his voice sound shaky, but he failed, and Kakeru couldn’t help laughing a little about his chicken-hearted senpai.

When Kakeru stopped next to Haiji, the other one leaned over quickly and mumbled into his ear, ‘You definitely bewitched me.’

That made Kakeru blush hard and he had to cough. So he definitely not interpreted the earlier situation wrong.

‘Wanna continue where we left off upstairs after the party?’ Haiji grinned at him and Kakeru couldn’t help but sigh. That man definitely knew what he wanted. The question was if Kakeru would give him what he desired.

But when Haiji walked towards Shindou who was trying to stop Prince from starting to read a manga, Kakeru’s look slided down Haiji’s back to a certain body part he now examined closer for the first time.

Yes, he definitely would give that vampire ass a chance.