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No Context :3c

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Izuku laughed as he fell
Threw his head back and,
Yelled into the winds,
Arms spread wide,
Teeth bared to the world.

He found that there was a bitter triumph
in crashing when you should be

As well as soaring when you should be crashing

The blistering heat scorched his skin
Ran bleeding trails down his back
Blood thick and sweet like honey
Cascading down his face and back

Whispers and Memories floated like prayers
past his scarred hands
close enough to snatch back

Death breathed with burning kisses
against his shoulders
As he fell in the evening sky

The sun painted everything
in shades of gold

As he closed his eyes
He quietly laughed to himself

There is a certain beauty
in setting the world on fire
and watching it all burn
from the center of the flames