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I Want and Will be There for You

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"Hyung?" Minhee called out to the man who had his knees to his chest and was sobbing in the rain, in the park.

"M-Minhee...?" It was his Hyung and when he saw his face, streaked with tears and puffy red eyes didn't ruin his beautiful face.

Minhee held his umbrella out to the older boy, letting himself get wet but then Jungmo got up and gently shook his head. The younger didn't want to leave his Hyung in the rain so he shoved his umbrella into one hand, grabbed the other hand and dragged the shorter man to his apartment.

When they got inside the apartment complex and into the elevator, Jungmo opened his mouth to make sure Minhee wasn't too worried

"Minhee, I'm-"

"No Hyung, you're not. You're going to stay at my apartment and we'll talk about what's wrong".

"I can get... Yunseong to pick me up. '' Before Minhee could question further, they were already on there floor.

When they got into the apartment, the two freshened up, got uber eats, ate dinner at the table in silence and watched TV quietly. While Jungmo went to go to the bathroom, his phone went ding. After what happened before, Minhee got curious and look at his notifications.


YUNSEONG♡: Hey babe

YUNSEONG♡: i jusy got lonely without u so i Donghyun came to keep me company

YUNSEONG♡: i didn't want it 2 happen again

YUNSEONG♡: u know i luv u

YUNSEONG♡: pls come back

YUNSEONG♡: won't happen again I promise

9:56 pm


It didn't take a genius to figure out what happened. Minhee really wanted to demolish Yunseong. That guy is, like, the luckiest man in the world because he managed to get Jungmo and now he's fucking another man.

He has the sweetest smile, the way he laughs is adorable, has eyes that gets you mesmerised at first glance-Jungmo is perfect. He is very endearing, loves to spread positivity, has empathy-Jungmo is perfect. Jungmo is always trying to make himself better but to Minhee, Jungmo is perfect. He is so perfect he was afraid that one day, he was going to give Jungmo a crack but that fear flew out the window after seeing how his Hyung was with someone who clearly isn't prioritising him as much as he was with them.

Minheee quickly turns off the phone when he hears a door opening. He'll tell Jungmo how he already knows after the older boy confesses first. That means, they won't be having a heart to heart conversation tonight.

"Ready for bed?"

"Yeah but I'll wait for you first. This is your apartment. I can still ask Yunseong-", hearing that name makes Minhee want to screech.

"No, it's fine". The younger boy cuts in, "It's already bedtime so it's a hassle to get back even later".

"Minhee, we're not in high school anymore. We now break our non-existent curfews to make sure we'll survive".

"Geez, Hyung why you gotta be so dramatic".

"Shut up, you know it's true".

Once Minhee brushes his teeth, he drags his Hyung to his bed. He makes sure Jungmo won't get up and go back to the couch by wrapping his arms tightly around the other so he wouldn't be able to move.

"Okay! I'll stay here, you big baby!"

"But you love so that's why you're staying right?"

"No but I do love you". 

Minhee let go and put his hands on Jungmo's neck while the other cupped his Dongsaeng's cheeks. His Hyung gave him a gentle smile and Minhee did the same. He was so mesmerised by Jungmo, he was barely accidently responded with,

"I love you too Jungmo". Those words pressed the pause button on the fluff because afterwards, the two simply stared at each other. Unlike before, they looked at one another with awareness they never had during previous times.

Minhee became aware of how Jungmo's hair was slowly losing its redness, how pale he actually was because he was always studying, the little mole near his eye, etc. The other became aware of how his lips still looked as bright without tint, the way his freckles were spread on his face, the older boy taking time to actually look at his Dongsaeng made his cheeks slightly warm. Minhee couldn't take his Hyung's unintentional bedroom eyes any longer and stated,

"This better be my imagination, otherwise you'd be the most beautiful thing I've imagined".

Jungmo was shocked. He never thought he'd hear those words coming from his mouth. That pick up line made his heart beat so hard he couldn't laugh. Before Jungmo could say anything, Minhee flicked the lights off and said,

"Lights out, time for bed, sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite!" The two only feel asleep after midnight.