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Day #12 - Stabbed

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"I was stabbed, Nicko! STABBED!"

Nick looked at the very serious face on his fiancé, but then couldn't help but laugh.

"This isn't funny! It hurts!"

"Would you like me to kiss it better?"

"You're not taking this seriously enough! You're supposed to love me!" Kelly cried, gesticulating wildly as he flopped onto a chair in the salon, only to grab his left arm with his right when he jarred it too much. "I am wounded!"

"Shall I call the DoD, get them to give you another purple heart?" Nick chuckled, going to make tea.

"Screw you Irish! And screw Emma Grady too! I can't believe she did this to me."

Nick sighed, going back to sit with his partner on the couch. "Babe," he started patiently, trying valiantly not to laugh, "you were the one who suggested we go and work with her."

"Well I take it back! This was the worst idea I've ever had."

"Worse than base jumping the Grand Canyon?"

"THAT WAS FUN. This is…well this is just cruel and unusual punishment. Actually having Diphtheria can't be as painful as this."

Nick gave up entirely trying to keep a straight face. He'd had the shots at the same time as Kelly, and yes the Diphtheria one had hurt like a bitch, but Kelly…who was a medic's overreaction was too funny for words.

"You're dead to me." Kelly said, pulling a blanket up and huddling under it for comfort.

Nick leant over and very carefully kissed the spot on Kelly's arm where he had been 'stabbed'. "I love you too."