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Let's Meet Again In The Spring

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Jonghyun sighed, and set down his delicate - but somehow, still heavy - mirror. He’d been intently watching one of Taemin’s concerts. He’d fallen into a comfortable routine; every day, he paid special attention to one of his members at a time. Tuesdays were for Taemin; he laughed a little at his phonetic pun. He rolled onto his side, and stretched. He lay on the soft pink grass underneath the enormous blue hydrangea bush - in the pearl aqua sky above him, little clouds puffed along their way in the wind. His corner of heaven was designed just as he’d wanted; music played softly all day, the moon was always full and large, and he always had time to write.


Today, though, he had plans.


Jonghyun looked at his watch; he’d be here any minute. Closing his eyes for a moment, he hummed a familiar tune.


Soon though, he was interrupted by the soft footsteps of a pretty, pink haired man. “Yo,” Hide said brightly, one hand in a half-wave. “Miss me?” He sat down next to Jonghyun and ruffled his dyed-white hair.


“Terribly,” Jonghyun teased back. “You’re right on time,” he handed the older man his lyric notebook. “What do you think?”


Hide took the other man’s book, and read through the lyrics, paying attention to the music notes in the margins. He nodded along, approving of the poetry.


“This one’s really beautiful, you know,” he affirmed once he finished reading it twice. He looked Jonghyun in the eye. “Remember when you first... got here?” He broached the subject gently. Jonghyun nodded. “I sang you a song to help you get by.”


Hurry Go Round,” Jonghyun remembered. “One of my favourites,” he smiled a little. “I never thanked you properly for... for taking care of me from the start.” He looked up towards the older man and nestled himself in his embrace.


“I’d been keeping an eye on you for a long time before we finally met,” Hide explained. “I was always so very proud of you." He smiled, and twirled the young man's blonde hair in his fingers. "I always saw so much of myself in you."


“Really?” Jonghyun was surprised by the high praise, and felt warm. "Coming from you, that's... I don't deserve that." He shook his head. 


Hide kissed the young man's forehead. “None of that matters now, Jonghyun,” Hide smiled, stretching his arm and bringing him in closer. "Now, there's just you, and I, and this rather beautiful aqua sky you've made." He turned skyward, admiring it. He saw in Jonghyun's eyes a longing sadness; one he knew all too well; and his heart ached. "You know," he grinned, wanting to make the young man smile. “I loved listening to how my songs sounded in your voice.” He turned Jonghyun, and laced their fingers together. “Would you sing with me, Jonghyun? I like singing together with you.”


Jonghyun smiled upon at his mentor. “Yeah,” he smiled his beautiful toothy grin. “You pick the song this time, though.”


“I think you know which one I want to sing,” Hide squeezed the younger man’s shoulder lovingly, before reaching over for his guitar.


hurry and go round

even if you're shattering

even if you're shredding your petals without bravery

go round, hurry merry-go-round

without waiting for the next moment

even if life is flooding you

I'll see you again in the spring

I'll see you again in the spring...