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Sweetest Devotion

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Alex looked out at the beach whilst the sun beamed down on her face, burying her toes down in the sand when hugging her knees close to her chest. She always liked the beach, the sound of waves that crashed down and lapped over each other. 


But what made this visit to the beach even more special to her was seeing her seven month old German Shepherd puppy chasing a ball that her wife had just thrown for her. Maggie standing there waiting for Gertrude to return with her arms folded under her bikini top, allowing her toned abdomen to be shown for Alex to stare at through her sunglasses. The black bikini matching the black swim shorts she was wearing. There was something about Maggie and her tomboyish nature that made Alex’s stomach flutter. 


After their very large bump in the road that was their break up, they have been back on track for just over a year now. Fifteen months to be exact as Alex was very much counting everyday that she had with Maggie from now on, never wanting to take any of it for granted. They had been back together for fifteen months. Had their dog for seven and been married for six. Alex never believed in the perfect life until Maggie came along, and now she can keep believing in that perfect life. 


Gertrude ran back over to Maggie, dropping the ball in front of her. They had trained her so well she could be a show dog at this point, they took being the parent of a dog very much in their stride. By now she could sit, lie down and roll over on command. They even had her barking a please for her food which Alex was very proud of herself in achieving. But playing fetch was Maggie’s bag. She had experience with German Shepherd’s before on the police force, a hidden past of hers being she trained them for a period of time, she knew how to have the kind of tone that dogs follow orders to and then got excited when receiving praise. 


When she came back over and dropped the ball in front of her feet, Maggie grinned and crouched down in front of her, grabbing hold of her big fluffed head and shook it with so much enthusiasm it worn Alex down just watching but still filled her with so much happiness, hearing Maggie praised her with the “Good  girl” and a kiss on her forehead. 


Maggie looked over to Alex and the small smile on Alex’s face widened immediately. Maggie flashed a smile back to her and then picked up the ball but this time she tossed it over to Alex’s direction. Alex held her arms out, calling out for Gertrude and calling over to her, the dog scooped the ball up in her mouth and made her way over to Alex, which Maggie also started doing. 


The dog came bounding over to her, with the tennis ball in her mouth. Alex rubbed her hand against Gertrude’s head as the pup dropped herself down and lay beside Alex, spitting the ball from her mouth and had her tongue sticking out from the now sheer exhaustion from both the hot day and the exercise. 


Maggie raised her brows to her. “Y’know I’m beginning to think you’re glued to this spot” 


Alex remained lay on the sand, propping herself up on her elbows “The view is nice?” 


“Right” Maggie indulged, lowering herself down on Alex’s body. Looking down at it whilst she did so and admiring Alex in her navy high waisted bikini. Her hands pressed down on either side when her body pressed down against Alex’s, Maggie’s legs now resting between hers. Propping herself now up on her elbows as she kept her face level to Alex’s to take a look at her. 


Her hand reached up, pressing her finger down on the frame of Alex’s sunglasses and sliding them down her nose to get a look into Alex’s sweet earthly brown eyes. Maggie smirked to her, then proceeding to take the glasses off and set them to the side on the sand “There you are” 


Alex pressed her forehead against Maggie’s before Maggie leaned in further and kissed her hard. Maggie’s fingertips gently brushed against Alex’s forearms, curling against her skin in a back and forth caress. Maggie soon buried her head into Alex’s neck, pressing her lips against her skin before mumbling “I don’t want to go home tonight” 


Alex rested her head onto the top of hers, kissing her sweetly, leaning her head back when Maggie looked back to her “Can’t we just pretend that we broke down or something?” 


After the brief distraction of Gertrude make a whine as if agreeing to Maggie’s point, she pushed the hair behind Maggie’s ear when proclaiming “We have been away for ten days already” 


“It’s our honeymoon I’m pretty sure we can take as long as we want”


They had been married for six months but never got the chance to have the honeymoon right away, work got in the way so much it got pushed back by half the year. So Alex decided it could be the honeymoon mixed with a pre year anniversary trip. Which has never been a think but Alex was making it a thing. 


It was pretty perfect too, no big plans they just drove south, rented out a quaint dog-friendly beach-house for ten days and just spent it together as their own little family. Within the year of them being together they actually managed to get some recipes down and Alex was now a rather over average cook, so there was no take out. Plus cooking together had become fun, it was always a little messy but that made it all the better. 


Alex put her finger under Maggie’s chin. “Well I finally feel validated that you prefer ten days on the beach with me rather than shooting something” her hand ran to the back of Maggie’s neck, stroking her thumb against her skin “We’ll have to just enjoy these last few hours. I’m going to enjoy these last few hours with you in this outfit . If that’s what we can call it” 


Maggie’s eyes glanced down to Alex’s body, humming with a bob of her head “You’re not the only one” she lifted her head back to her “Can’t wait to see what you’ll plan for us in another six months” 


“I can tell you what I have planned for us when we get home” 


She watched as her wife cocked a brow and a still wicked smirk still on her face, a sense of excitement gleaming in her eyes. She pressed up against her hands when moving them now beside Alex’s head, lowering herself back down to wrap her arms around Alex’s neck. One of Alex’s wrapped around Maggie’s lower back, gripping her waist with her other going around to press her hand just under the side of her chest. Their lips coming back into contact, Alex’s mouth opening for Maggie’s tongue to come in and brush against hers. 


Maggie went to slowly drag her lips away until Alex hummed in refusal and leaned forward to catch onto her mouth against, reeling her back in with the kiss, keeping her arms securely around her neck. 


It soon wasn’t just Maggie’s tongue that was in play with her as clearly Gertrude was feeling neglected and decided to copy what one of her mother’s was doing to the other and put her tongue to Alex’s cheek, causing the pair of them to pull apart, Maggie falling down from Alex’s body and resting at her side with both of them coming into a fit of giggles went the puppy made her way over further. 


Maggie rubbing behind her ear. “I’m sorry-did you feel left out?” 


Alex leaned forward at the same time as Maggie, both of them pressing a peck on the top of Gertrude’s head, this time Maggie was unable to escape the dog’s tongue locking her face. Maggie jerked back and groaned with some amusement “ Oh!- Gert” 


She patted her face down with the beach towel beside her, ridding her face of the dog slobber that came along with the kisses. Alex sat up, kissing the dry side of Maggie’s cheek when reaching into her bag and getting out the disposable camera. 


They made it a rule of theirs to leave their phones in the house when they come to the beach, one main reason being they don’t want to be tempted to answer any texts or calls they might get regarding work. Everything was left in the capable hands of Kara and J’onn who they trusted more than anyone. Plus another reason being they both liked disposable cameras, they liked the look that came with them, not everyone likes the crystal clear filter that iphones give. The other reason being they liked going and getting the film processed. 


Alex snapped a shot of Maggie just in time as her wife was looking at her with her dimples well and truly shown with her smile and a scrunch in her nose. Perhaps her favourite photo of this entire vacation yet. They spent a little more time where they were, enjoying their last day on the beach, playing with the dog more and taking more photos with the disposable cameras. After two more hours just resting with each other, they made their way back to the beach house. 


Maggie packed up Getrude’s bed in the car as well as her leash, rope and ball whilst Alex finished up the packing of their things. Along the way of doing so, her phone starting ringing, to see that it was Kara calling as usual. She hadn’t really spoken to her sister or just about anyone whilst she had been here, so Kara knowing they were taking off soon to come home she tried calling her again. 


Alex reached for the phone before Maggie came out of nowhere and snatched the phone from the table, holding out her arm as much as she can to get the phone as far away from Alex as possible, Alex slapped her hands back down on her thighs when gaping at her wife. “Mags. Seriously? Just-” 


“Two hours. Forty minutes” Maggie raises her brows to her. 




“Ten minutes until we leave here and two hours thirty in the car back home. I get you all to myself for just one hundred and sixty more minutes” 


Alex frowns to her “Okay well know you’re just being dramatic” she reaches forward again for the one, Maggie taking a quick step away and making an ‘ah, ah ah’ when now being on the other side of Alex with her arm still extended and her brows going back up “Am I? Really? Cause you know as soon as we get home we’re not going to be left alone by Kara, J’onn, to DEO-did I mention and empathise Kara ?” 




Baby ” Maggie’s tone dropped. To which Alex bit her lip, because she knew exactly what Maggie was doing, she was putting on that voice that got Alex to do absolutely anything Maggie wanted with no questions asked. Throw in the pet name and she was already putty. Maggie slowly lowered her arm, sliding the phone into her jean pocket and took a step closer to her, her hands meeting Alex’s waist and pulling her close, keeping her tone low and whispered “Let me have you to myself for one hundred and fifty eight more minutes” 


A smirk finally came to Alex’s lips, shaking her head at her with a breathless laugh in disbelief “You’re…” her eyes glanced to Maggie’s lips before rolling her eyes and not even bothering to complete her sentence, she just leaned forward and kissed her sweetly. 


Maggie indulged the gentle, light hearted make out conducted by Alex but still caught her when she felt Alex’s hand rest over her back pocket where the phone was, with her eyes still closed, she mumbled against her wife’s lips “Don’t even try it woman” she gripped to Alex’s waist and pushed it from behind her back and returned it to her side, kissing her softly and muttering once more “We’ve sparred many times don’t think I can’t take you” 


Alex lost in the kiss for a second more and then pulled back before asking more frantically “But what if it’s an emergency!” 


“Then Kara would’ve flew here herself instead of calling” Maggie briefly cupped Alex’s cheeks and pressed a more firm kiss against her lips, adding a small ‘mwah’ when pulling away and dropped her hands, swatting Alex’s back side when turning “We need to get moving, next people are going to be here in twenty” 


Alex knocked her head back for a moment but ultimately didn’t fight her on it, instead she just fought the urge on checking in with Kara and just about anyone else. She would have to put off her role as director just for one more night. 


They got their bags in the car, the dog in the car and were ready to go. Before Maggie had the chance to go round to the passenger seat, Alex grabbed hold of her - putting her hand to the back of her neck and to give her one last heartfelt kiss in their honeymoon destination. As Maggie made clear, she’s just getting her full two hours thirty left alone. 


Maggie opened the back door where Gertrude sat and hooked the harness they had on her chest to the seatbelt they bought. Whilst she was still the wild energetic puppy that she was, they made her wear a seatbelt. Maggie rubbed the back of Gertrude’s ears, shutting the door and getting back in the front. 


Alex looked to her after glancing to the dog. “Ready?”


Maggie reached over, locking her fingers in the back of Alex’s hair, massaging the back of Alex’s scalp “Yeah” she continued to do so for several more seconds whilst Alex turned on the engine and started the road trip back home. 


Her hand only moved down and entwined with Alex’s, like the perfect fit it always was. 



After stopping off for burgers and shakes and letting the dog get some air, they finally made it home by eight forty five. Dragging their bags inside the house that they most likely wouldn’t get round to unpacking until next week after swinging back into work. 


Maggie opened the french doors of their house to the backyard, pushing them wide open which the dog ran straight through and into the yard. 


“I give it fifteen minutes until your sister is knocking on our door” she turned on her heel to see Alex rolling her eyes when making her way to the hall to go upstairs to get changed. Maggie wandered to the kitchen of the open planned ground floor and turned on the coffee machine, the drive was long they were both in dire need of coffee, especially Alex - Maggie knew how exhausted Alex was right now. 


Alex game back down in her hoodie and sweats, making her way right over to Maggie and wrapped her arms around her waist, burying her face into the crook of Maggie’s neck for a simple kiss against her skin and then pulled back to grab the cups from the cabinet. “Go get changed, babe. Let’s get slouchy” 


Maggie hummed. “Like we haven’t been doing that for the past ten days” 


“May as well finish our holiday doing what we’ve done best”


“If we were doing that we’d be in bed not the couch” Maggie quipped in a light whisper, Alex smirking when still keeping her eyes off her and merely swatted Maggie’s side as she walked away and headed upstairs “Okay, be down in five”


Alex finished off the coffee for them both, walking over to the couch and setting Maggie’s down on the coffee table in front and her own at the small table beside the couch. She takes out her phone and sends a quick message to Kara. 


Message to Kara [7:52PM]: Hey. We just made it back home. 

Sorry didn’t answer before my phone was taken captive :)

Maggie came back down, now changed, she made her way over to the couch and sunk down to her wife. Her usual resting spot being her head on Alex’s lap whilst she had Alex’s fingers run through her hair. A reasoning for Alex moving the cups in different places. 


“What’re we watching?” 


Alex’s response was delayed for a moment as Gertrude ran back in the house and leaped onto the sofa, lying over Maggie’s legs. God forbid they were to watch something without her. “We were away when the new season of Chicago MED dropped” 


Maggie patted Alex’s thigh, leaning forward and taking her cup of coffee “Decided” she took a sip and putting it back down before resting her head back down in Alex’s lap and had the feel of her fingers going back through her hair. Alex gave it twenty minutes tops before Maggie drifted to sleep. 


Alex’s phone buzzed. 

Kara [7:58PM]: Welcome home!!! I can’t wait to see you

the pictures looked amazing!! X 

She put the phone back down, she would call her later. Alex glanced down to Maggie who had her eyes fixated on the screen. Alex loved just looking at her, sometimes just to remind herself how breathtaking she actually. Her hand reached down from her hair and delicately ran the back of her fingertips down Maggie’s cheek, but Maggie was still so focused on the show to even swoon over it, plus it became such a familiar feeling since Alex did it nearly every night. “Honestly to this day I don’t know why you wanted to become a Doctor” 


Alex’s hand slipped from her cheek and back to rest on Maggie’s shoulder when her eyes flickered back to the screen when watching the Doctors on screen crack the patients chest. Maggie winced and frowned at the sight, extending her arm out to it “You wanted to do that for a living? Look at all that blood”


There was a silence, Alex taking in the words. “You’re a homicide detective” 


Maggie shifted to lie on her back, looking up to Alex when her fingers went back through the front of Maggie’s head as the Homicide Detective went onto explain her case “But the bodies are already dead, the blood doesn’t squirt out in your face like it is doing for that guy” she glances to the screen again and then back to Alex “I respect Doctors a lot but they’re weird” 


“So because I wanted to be one I’m weird?” 


“You’re just a nerd” Maggie reached up and took Alex’s hand out of her hair, entwining their fingers and resting them down on her stomach when keeping her eyes on her. Alex raising a brow “Oh yeah?” 


“Yeah but you’re mine I’ve accepted it” 


“You’ve accepted it” Alex chuckled. 


Maggie raised her brows with an amused grin still lingering “Yes. I’ve accepted that my amazing, funny, hot and beautiful wife is also: a giant nerd” 


“With all those combinations it’s something I can live with”


“Me too” Maggie simpered, her free hand reaching up to Maggie’s cheek when Alex leaned down and pressed her lips against hers. Alex’s lips moved to Maggie’s cheek once her head turned to the screen after the enlightening kiss, she sat back and they continued to watch the episode. 


Ten minutes later, and there was a knock on the door. Maggie rolled her eyes when lifting her head from Alex’s lap “Ten bucks says it’s Kara” 


“Bold of you to assume she’d knock” Alex’s hand slid down Maggie’s back as she stood and walked from the living room over to the front door. 


Maggie pulled back the front door and had a very different result than what she was expecting. It wasn’t Alex’s sister that was standing in the doorway. It was hers. 




El . Elena Sawyer. Maggie’s kid sister by five years, a sister that she hasn’t seen in well over ten years. When Alex heard the name come from her wife’s lips, her head snapped over to see her stood there. 


“Hi Maggie” 


Alex stood from the couch, making her way round to lean against the spine of the couch to get a better look at the woman who effectively was her sister in law. She looked similar to Maggie in only one way really, her eyes being the main factor. Her hair was darker to being black and much longer. Skin a little darker. 


Elena glanced over Maggie’s shoulder to Alex who stood in the back. “You’re living with a girlfriend now?” 


“I’m living with my wife” Maggie lightly clarified, causing Elena’s eyes to snap back to her and blutter out a laugh “Wow-well congratulations I guess I missed that party” 


“I haven’t seen you in twelve years, Elena-how did you even get this address?” 


“I knew you worked at the police department so when I told them my older sister forgot to give me her new address they helped me out” she smiled tightly “I left out the twelve year part” 


Maggie hummed stiffly and nodded, running out of patience as to what exactly was going on, she strummed her fingers against the door frame and shrugged “What’s going on, El? Why are you here? Mom and dad disowned you too?” 


Elena scoffed a gentle laugh but before she could even say anything, another noise came into play, the cry of a baby. Maggie’s face dropping for a moment and then leaning herself forward when Elena groaned and moved to the side, bending down and taking out the crying child from the car seat they were strapped in. 


Maggie briefly looked over her shoulder to Alex who still remained stood by the couch with her hand on Gertrude to keep her from being alert by the door and run over. Maggie shrugs to her and then turns her head back when Elena now stood in front of her holding the baby boy in her hands. He had smooth olive skin, short curly dark brown hair and eyes as sweet as the lightest chocolate. 


“This is Leo” 


“Leo” Maggie nodded when looking back at the boy with what seems like the most squishable cheeks in the world “My nephew I presume” 


“He’s ten months old” Elena held the baby out in her arms “Here hold him” 


Not having a say in the matter, Maggie took Leo in her arms and just looked at him for a second or two when he took his hand to her hand and had a grip of it, curling it around his tiny fist. Maggie looked to her sister “You came all the way here to introduce me to your son?”


“No” Elena withdrew a small breath “I came all the way here to say goodbye to my son”


Maggie’s brows pinched before her face completely fell once the penny dropped a second after. “What?” 


Elena frowned to her and shook her head “I can’t” 


“You can’t-” her sister took a step back before going to turn “ Elena ” 


Elena turned and started to walk down the steps, Maggie held onto him still tight when taking a small step “Elena you can’t leave him here…” she desperately turns to Alex who now walked close in complete shock, Maggie scoffed in disbelief quickly held out Leo, putting him in Alex’s arms “Take him” 


Alex took hold of him just as he was about to become distressed from behind shifted to person to person and had to focus on keeping him calm when her wife ran out the door after her sister. 


She looked down to the child who’s big eyes latched onto hers, Alex wasn’t even knowing if her mouth was closed or not which it in fact wasn’t her jaw was still completely dropped. 

A baby was in her arms. A baby that already had the same light eyes of Maggie’s, a baby that you could tell was genetically related to her wife from the striking similarities that it was freaking her out. This was certainly not how she thought tonight would be going.

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Alex put her hand to the back of his head when the ten month hold began to quietly cry, gently shushing him down whilst the dog looked with caution. Gently shushing him and bobbing him up and down, she wasn’t even sure if that was what you were meant to with a baby she was just going off what she had seen in movies and tv shows. 


Maggie ran down the drive after her sister who made her way towards a car that had rap music blaring out of it “Elena! What the hell are you doing you can’t just leave your son”


“He’s not my son” Elena snapped, turning to her sister “I mean I never wanted him. I kept him for this long, I tried. He was a mistake and I don't want him ” 


“And I do?” Maggie chided, not meaning to sound as harsh as it came out but she couldn’t help it. She didn’t want this kid. “If you wanted to give him up so badly why not go through child care?”


“The system? Are you crazy-you’re a cop you know what hell that is. I found you cause I know you’ll take care of him, I trust you” 


“You haven’t seen me in twelve years how the hell do you know what I’m like?” 


“Look at where you’re living! The address you sent to Papa on the letter seemed fancy enough” Elena motioned her hand to the nice, quiet and borderline suburban area “You’re more than capable” 


“You can’t dump your baby on me!” 


Te lo ruego , Margarita!” 


“You’re begging me? Are you kidding me? Why aren’t you leaving him with Mami and Papa?” 


The driver waiting for Elena pushed his hand against the wheel for the horn to ring out, Elena glanced over her shoulder and then back to Maggie “I gotta go” 


“You gotta go-you’re abandoning your child!”


“I’m not cut out to be a mother but you were always great with kids. You can look after him better than I can I believe that! I need my life back. You'll get him a good place to live” Elena turned again and made her way back to the car, getting in it before Maggie could grab her by the arm or anything. 


Maggie stood by the car door, hitting her knuckle against the window before then going to open the door which was now locked, she yanked on the handle once more “Get out of the car”


Elena glanced to her briefly before muttering something to the driver which caused the engine to rev even more, Maggie banged on the glass and yanked on the handle once again “Elena! Get out of the car!” 


Her palm hit the glass once more before the car drove off well over the natural speeding limit that they were practically gone as soon as they took off. Maggie stepped out on the road with her eyes just fixated on the end of the street where the car disappeared into the night. Now registering the sound of the baby’s cries, she looked over and sees Alex stood in the doorway whilst gently rocking Leo to try and get him to stop. 




Maggie remains where she was, her hands gripping to the back of her neck when looking up to the dark sky. Hearing Alex once again “Sweetie. Please come inside, we need to figure this out” 


“What the hell are we going to do?” Maggie finally spoke, turning back to Alex with her hands back down to her sides. Then hearing Gertrude bark again at the sound of Maggie’s voice and ran past Alex to outside “No-Gert!”


There wasn’t anything to worry about since Gertrude never ran away, only ever to Alex or Maggie, who she went to right now. Maggie crouched down and just spent a moment holding onto her dog as the only sense of reality that she felt like she had. 


Gertrude nuzzled her head against Maggie’s forehead, sensing that there was something clearly off. Maggie cleared her throat and just stood up, nudging her hand against the pup’s head and muttered a “C’mon” command to her as she walked back to the house with Gertrude following. 


Maggie grabbed the car seat and brought it in the house before shutting the door hard behind her, Alex still standing and still rocking the baby who had now quieted down, almost as silent as the two women were being right now. Maggie stared at Leo, shaking her head "What the hell is she thinking?"


"How did she even find us?"


Maggie dragged her palm from her forehead down her face "I sent my parents-well my dad a letter a few months back. I know I said I didn't need him but I knew he didn't believe in our marriage so I sent a postcard. I guess I wanted to rub it in his face that he was wrong. As like my last thing to say to him"


Alex stared at her "Why didn't you tell me?"


"I did it out of impluse and honestly I forgot it even happened since I never got anything back" Maggie dropped another breath and looked back to the baby “What are we going to do?” 


“Right now, tonight there isn’t much we can do” Alex looked down to the baby. 




Alex looked back to her wife “Maggie be reasonable. It’s late. This baby has just come from god knows where and has been past from one pillar to post already” 


Maggie pressed her lips together. “I can’t believe my sister comes back after twelve years of silence and drops a bomb on me-oh excuse me not a bomb, a baby”


“Let’s just take a beat here, babe” Alex spoke as soothingly as possible. But Maggie was so wrapped up in disbelief “We come home from our honeymoon. Put on Chicago MED and end up with a baby in our home somehow” 


“Pass me the car seat” Alex held out her hand, Maggie just exhaling a small breath and walked over to her, putting the handle in Alex’s palm. Alex took it and placed it on the sofa before placing Leo in it and even clipped it up to avoid the risk of any crawling whilst her back was turned, if he could crawl, she wasn’t quite sure what ten month olds can and cannot do. 


Alex turned to Maggie and held her hands up “Okay. Let’s just take a moment” 


Take a moment ? Alex there’s a ten month old on our goddamn couch”


 “I know and this is a lot but like I said we’re not going to get anywhere with it tonight” 


Maggie took a small step and scoffed with the roll of her eyes “God is this a dream come true for you? Getting the wife and the baby” 


“Oh don’t start that, Mags” Alex sighs. Maggie kept her eyes on her for a few seconds more before sighing herself and shook her head to snap her out of it “I’m sorry-babe I am I just…”


“I know” Alex reached over and placed her hand to Maggie’s cheek, then pulling her closer and cupping both cheeks “Tomorrow we will call social services and see what they can do. But for now let’s just give this baby somewhere to rest for the night, by the look at that car your sister was in he hasn’t had a quiet night” 


Maggie looked over to Leo who had his beady eyes looking around the room, after all, he was her flesh and blood she couldn’t turf him out. She wasn’t his mother. Maggie withdrew a sharp breath and nodded “Okay”




“Yeah okay. All he has to sleep in though is that damn car seat we can’t exactly put him in a bed without the risk of him falling” 


Alex shrugged “There’s Gertrude’s bed?”


“You’re kidding” 


“Better idea?” 


They both looked at the dog’s bed and Maggie then had to be honest, it wasn’t actually that bad of an idea. It was soft enough and filled enough of fluff but it wasn’t too high at all, it even had rim around it which would prevent risk from him landing on the floor, it would be safe to sleep on, probably more suitable than a car seat. Alex turned back to her “We take the bed upstairs, put a blanket over it so he doesn’t get covered in any hair and we keep him next to our bed just in case”


Maggie ran her fingers through her hair and shrugged when dropping the hand back down to her side “Fine”


“I should go to the open all night market right? Diapers or something”


“I can’t believe this is happening” 


“Do you want to go?” 


“You were almost adopting a kid well over a year ago so maybe you should go, you know better than me” she didn’t mean for her tone to be dry and she certainly wasn’t annoyed in anyway with Alex for thinking rationally because even though it was for the night they did need to get some things for this baby. 


Maggie wasn’t heartless, she actually really liked kids and was good with them. So when one was put in her care, she was going to take care of them. Especially when said child was of a relation to hers in the first place. She walked to the back of the couch and looked down to Leo, who was in his seat and looking up at her. Alex came up behind her and held her arms from behind, pressing her lips against the back of Maggie’s head “I won’t be long, okay?” 


“Yeah” Maggie whispered, her eyes just fixated on this child that was now practically dumped in their lap. 


Alex looked to Maggie when she reached the door and had no idea what to say, what words to give her for ressurance because she was just as stunned by all of this as Maggie was. She had let go of the child dream and was quite happy with it, but she was also quite relieved that Leo was landed here, better here than some fire station or whatever other cliche dumping spot she wouldn’t be surprised in Maggie’s reckless sister would’ve took. At least him being left here they could get him to social services the right way after a safe nights sleep. 



Alex drove all the way to the supermarket with her mind running completely wild, half the time just feeling like she couldn’t breathe from just the sheer shock and even panic. She deemed it pretty acceptable to have some panic inside of her right now. 


She wanted to call Kara but then again she felt like that would lead to Kara coming round and being just as dumbstruck by all of this than Alex and Maggie already were, she would call her tomorrow. Right now she and Maggie had to handle this on their own tonight. 


But the knowledge that there was a baby right now in their house was so incredibly daunting that she felt as if she was in some kind of fantasy land. She had given up the idea of having children well over a year ago when she and Maggie reconnected to got back together, and it wasn’t done out of spite or with any resentment she was more than prepared and even happy to do it as long as she had Maggie back because she knew breaking up with her was a big mistake. 


And although she had made that decision and never looked back or even reflected on it with any kind of regret, she still would want kids if Maggie would have ever changed her mind, which she knew she would never. But knowing that there was a baby in her house right now was going to be harder for her than it would be for Maggie, it was like dangling a bone in front of a dog to then pull it away.  


All the way to the supermarket she had to drill it into her head. This was not permanent. This was not permanent. When she walked to the baby section and picked up the diapers. This is a temporary situation. She grabbed the baby milk formula and continued to tell herself just how not real this all was. 


Alex didn’t even make a shopping run like this when she almost actually had a baby, she never really got the chance to do any of it since one minute she was having a baby and just a couple of hours later she wasn’t having one at all. So this part of the process didn’t happen, she was just as much in the dark as Maggie except maybe she had 5% more knowledge on what to get. She paid for the diapers and the formula and was soon back in her car, almost giving her no time to even breathe much less stop and really think about what was happening. 


She knew that she couldn’t stop to think about it either, she knew that she couldn’t just sit in her car and ponder about it all - Maggie would already be staring at the clock on the wall and counting down every second that she was gone given the store was only a ten minute drive. So she made her way back to the house as quickly as she possibly could whilst also being responsible to not get pulled over. 


Alex got out the car with the bag in her hand, opening the door back open and walking back into silence, seeing Maggie just sat on the couch looking at the child almost studying him. Maybe she was wondering why anyone would dump this beautiful baby boy like her sister just did, Alex saw how Maggie slowly went to reach forward to touch his hand, leg or some part of him to try and bring him any comfort, but Alex shutting the door behind her made Maggie aware of her presence. 


“Hey” she breathed. “Got everything?” 


“Well all we’d really need was diapers and milk formula so, yeah we’re good” Alex placed the bag down on the kitchen counter, tossing her keys into the bowl beside the door as she walked over “He alright?” 


“Yeah” Maggie looked back to him “He hasn’t cried since Elena dumped him off so I think he’s tired” 


Alex leaned down and loosely wrapped her arms around Maggie’s body from behind, pressing her lips against her cheek before leaning her head to hers “Are you alright?” 


“I’m just-I still can’t believe that this has just happened” 


“You’re not alone there” Alex kissed the top of her head and stood back up straight. Maggie gripped onto her hand before Alex had chance to walk away, curling her fingers to entwine with hers. Alex sunk back down to embracing her from behind “We’re gonna be fine” 


“I’m worried about you” Maggie admitted in a mutter, turning her head to Alex who was barely an inch away, glancing from her eyes to her lips before adding in a whisper, “You’re the one who wanted a baby this is like putting crack in front of an addict” 


A small amused smirk lingered on her lips when she teased back “I don’t think you’re supposed to compare babies to crack”


“Alex” Maggie sighed, closing her eyes when Alex took her giggling lips to her forehead for a gentle kiss. Alex put her hand to Maggie’s cheek when looking back to her, glancing to the baby that was still perfectly quiet in his car seat with just small gurgling noises slipping from his fair lips, she took in a breath and spoke in all seriousness. “Okay yes I get it. But honestly I will be fine I have you, that’s all I need so please don’t get worried” 




“I swear no baby crazy Alex she is gone she’s buried” 


Maggie tangled her fingers in the back of Alex’s hair when chucking as Alex added in another whisper before leaning forward for a kiss “Only you” her lips came to hers “That’s all I want” 


She kissed her once again with a pleased hum coming from the back of Maggie’s throat, smiling to her when Alex pulled back up. A frustrated breath then came from Maggie, frustrated because she really had plans to take Alex to bed after finishing the Chicago MED and really make the ending of the honeymoon go out on a high. But god knows that was ruined. 


Maggie then too stood up and unclipped Leo from the car seat, she didn’t really think it was fair that he had to be strapped into that thing, now that he was under supervision she found it okay to put him on the couch so long as she stayed beside him. This was her flesh and blood, and it was clear to see that too. Already he had the Sawyer dimples, though she wasn’t entirely sure where the curly hair came from, maybe the birth father. 


“Do-” Maggie looked over to Alex who stood by the counter in the kitchen “Do we give him a bottle or something?”


“Probably should, god knows the last time your sister gave him one” 


They were amateurs at best when it came to what a baby should or should not have before sleeping, amateurs might be giving them too much credit in fact, so much so that Maggie debated on googling it. Alex read the instructions of the formula and managed to successfully make a bottle that she also bought from the store.


He was pretty quiet, very much so in fact. Coming from Elena it was half expected from Maggie that he would be kicking and screaming for hours on end cause god knows that’s what she was like when they were kids.  They leaned on each other and resisted falling asleep themselves whilst he finished the bottle and when he did, that’s when they decided it would be best for them all to go to bed. It would be best for them to get up as early as possible to get to child services and see what can be done about this whole mess. 


Maggie grabbed the diapers and the dog bed with Gertrude stared at being taken away with big brown what the fuck puppy dog eyes whilst Alex took hold of Leo and they all went upstairs, once again she had to remind herself that this was not real. Maggie opened their bedroom door and tossed the dog bed on the floor, having to push the literal dog away from it to which she knew was confusing but this whole night was confusing for Gertrude was no one special here.


She then had to take Gertrude out the room because there was something that told her it wasn’t best to put a playful heavy puppy in the same room as a tiny human. So she took her into the spare bedroom with the compromise with her that instead of her bed or sleeping on their bed with them, she got this one. And it worked.  Maggie walked back into the room to see Alex staring down at the child, stroking his cheek with the back of her hand. It was Alex she felt bad for more than anything, she meant it with what she said before-and granted the metaphor she used wasn’t exactly the best choice but the point still stood. It was cruel to give this whole let’s play mommy thing to her for tonight to then give him up the very next day, Maggie was having a tough time with it too, she would be giving away her nephew and part of her family that wasn’t going to be easy, but she knew it would be harder on Alex. 


“Well” Maggie started to grab Alex’s attention which made her turn and get up, sitting on the bed “This is a picture” 


“Yeah” Alex breathed, pressing her hands down onto her knees, Maggie’s eyes went back down to her nephew “You wrapped him up like a burrito” 


“I um-yeah well when I almost adopted that baby the other year I may have looked up some things like sleeping arrangements and loads of sites said that wrapping the baby up over night is a good thing, not too tight though cause swaddling is like for newborns”


“You did do your research” Maggie sat beside her on the bed, pressing one hand down on the mattress and then other hand over her wife’s when she heard Alex shrug and mumble “Well yeah at the time it was something I really wanted to be prepared for” 


Maggie looked to her, tilted her head “Alex…”


“Oh no we’re not doing this again” 


“I just-”


“Shut up” Alex whispered heavily, putting her hands to the back of Maggie’s neck and pulling her close, pressing their lips firmly together as they both lay back on the mattress. Alex pulled her lips away and looked back into Maggie’s eyes whilst keeping her hands firmly where they were “I love you. More than any dreams I may have had in the past we have been over this, the fact that there is a baby on our floor is not going to change anything. The mistake I made is something I will never do again trust me on this, Maggie” 


“I do trust you” Maggie rubs Alex’s side before gripping onto her waist, pressing her lips together “I couldn’t have married you if I didn’t” 


“I love our life, babe” she leans forward and quickly kisses her nose before they both sat back up. Maggie pressed her forehead against Alex’s shoulder, shutting her eyes when letting out a breath, then kissing against her bare skin when lifting her head back up. “Me too. We just need to get it back on track”


Maggie stood back up and went to go to the bathroom before getting changed, Alex’s eyes falling back onto the now sleeping baby, wishing so much this was a different scenario than what it was. 



Alex woke up and didn’t just have her eyes open to see Maggie’s face, but also Leo’s as he lay in between them in the bed. She certainly didn’t remember getting up in the middle of the night and bringing him in here, so either Leo was a super baby and could climb on the bed or -


“I brought him up” Maggie muttered with her eyes still closed, sensing Alex’s eyes on her. She didn’t have to open her eyes to know that Alex was awake right now she just knew, Alex’s breathing is different when she sleeps. “He got twitchy it seems in the middle of the night and it also seems he can pull himself up so imagine my surprise when I woke up in the middle of the night all groggy and slightly forgetting the situation we were in to see a baby popping his head up” 


“Quite the surprise” 


Quite the surprise , yes” Maggie rubbed her lips together and eventually opened her eyes to see the baby sound asleep between them, a very surreal image. Her eyes flashed up into Alex’s “My cousin used to do the same. When I lived with my aunt, she was two and used to always try and climb on the bed so I’m kinda used to this in a sense” 


Alex just nods, her eyes flickering down to the sleeping ten month old “Good instincts”


Maggie keeps her vision on her wife for a few seconds longer before letting out a heavy breath through her nose and resting on her back, looking up to the ceiling for a moment. Then feeling Leo wriggle and had his tiny fist hit and rested against her arm. She glances to him and back to Alex. “We should get up” 


“Yeah” Alex leaned forward and kissed Maggie’s temple before sitting up in bed. “I’ll go get his clothes and stuff, we should head out right after we eat” she smiles tightly before getting out of bed, she goes and gets the clothes he arrived in which was just a plain white t-shirt that had a small stain on it at the bottom and grey sweats. 


Maggie got herself out of bed and gently picked him up from the bed. “Shit” 




Maggie turned her head and raised her brows and Alex got it. Literal shit . Alex held her hands up “If anything you’re more experienced in changing diapers you lived with a toddler” 


“I never changed a diaper-are you kidding? You wanted a kid didn’t you youtube this too?” 


Alex frowned to her but Maggie just shook her head and held him out to her “Here. Call it payback” 


Alex took Leo in her arms with a huff at the sudden contact, holding onto him and stared at her when Maggie stepped back “Payback for what?”


“For dumping me” she walks out the room to the bathroom.


“That was two years ago!” 


“Maybe I’m still annoyed about it!” Maggie calls back with the shutting of the bathroom door just ending the conversation, Alex rolled her eyes and looked to the child again “She’s going to be laughing in there y’know” (she was). 


Maggie returned back after a few minutes of hearing Alex dry heave and saw Leo now in his clothes with a fresh diaper, the other one now tied up in a plastic bag ready to be thrown out into the trash. She smiled at her with complete smugness “Yeah. You left me for that ” 


“Stop” Alex dramatically cried with Maggie then pulling her close and pressed her lips against her neck. The teasing for the break up was always a blissful past time to Maggie, she knew that Alex knew she wasn’t saying out of real spite. If anything she was grateful it was something she could look back on now and have it to make fun of Alex, beats the endless nights of crying she did during their time apart. 


Maggie hummed a smile at her, putting her hand to her cheek stroking her thumb against her skin “But you’re pretty and I love you so most is forgiven” 




The brunette just shot another smirk and swatted Alex’s backside, raising her brows to her and then whistling for the dog to get downstairs for breakfast. Leaving Alex to carry the baby and the plastic bag down the stairs. 


Alex threw the plastic bag out in the trash after putting Leo back in the car seat whilst Maggie got some breakfast appropriate enough for a child Leo’s age which was essentially just slightly mushy banana.


“I can’t believe I have to call in work and ask J’onn to be me again” 


“It’ll just be for the morning we’ll be back in work this afternoon after fixing this whole thing-you’re not going to tell him where we’re going, right?” 


“No I figured that was something better explained after y’know?” 


“Yeah I’m calling in for the afternoon too” Maggie motions her hand to Leo in his car seat as she puts her jacket on “Let’s go then” 


Alex notices how Maggie doesn’t get Leo herself, she can’t help but think if there was something Maggie was afraid of, like getting attached to him in some way would be more likely because he was part of her family. Making it harder to just hand him over. 


So Alex got hold of him with Maggie opening the front door and walking right out to the car, a big part of her just marching herself through all of this so it could be over soon before she even had to think.


Chapter Text

The drive to the child service unit felt longer than usual, it was only round the block from the NCDP but this time round it felt long, perhaps it was that they were less chatty. Usually the car rides between them were filled with conversation and laughter, Maggie always threading her fingers in the back of Alex’s hair when being either driver or passenger. 


But on this car ride all Maggie could do was look at her nephew through the rear view mirror as he sat peacefully in his car seat, his big brown eyes looking out the window as they drove through the town. Fascinated by everything that he saw, taking it all in and imprinting on every surrounding. Maggie looked back forward “I feel like a shitty person” 


Alex glanced to her before looking back forward as she turned a corner “Why?”


“Just-” Maggie pressed her palm against her forehead “I don’t want a kid but he’s still family and I feel shitty just dumping him like Elena dumped him on us” 


“Okay well your sister dumped him on you-who was practically a stranger to her, for no good reason and purely so she can go do whatever the hell she wanted to do but you-better yet us. We are doing this for him to have a real family unit, and he is so cute he’ll be snatched up in no time” 


A giggle slipped from Maggie’s mouth when looking back to Alex as she rested her head against the back of the seat, Alex stealing another gentle glance to her when saying sweetly “So don’t call yourself shitty, you aren’t being shitty you are being compassionate”


Maggie tugged another smile and leaned forward for a moment, brushing her head against Alex’s arm “You keep me sane” 


Alex changed the gear stick with a smirk lingering as Maggie sat back up. “Glad to be of service” she parks up in the first spot she sees and turns the engine, glancing to Leo who was now looking at the two of them in bewilderment, she looks to Maggie “Okay, let’s go”


She pushed her door open and allowed herself to let out a deep breath when her back was turned to Maggie, allowing herself to just give herself a minute to brace herself for handing over this child whilst Maggie couldn’t see, she didn’t want to worry her or make her feel any worse than she clearly already did by seeing how hard this was on Alex’s part. 


Alex opened the car door and gave Leo a smile to comfort and reassure him as much as possible that everything was alright. His hand landed itself over hers when she unbuckled his belt causing Alex her best to fight back any tears that were forming. She forced another smile to him and lifted him out of the car still tucked safely in his seat. 


She turns to Maggie who’s eyes fell right on him for a moment, looking at him as he sucked on his thumb staring right at her before breaking out into a smile just a second after with a completely endearing squealing laugh. He was cute she couldn’t deny that, and he did tug on her heart strings. Maggie pressed her lips into a small smile back at him and then looked up to Alex, tilting her head to her “You okay?” 




“Want me to hold him?” Maggie holds out her arm with her palm out flat. 


Alex glanced down to him “No, it’s okay, I’ve got him” 


Maggie closes her hand up when dropping her arm back down to her side and breathes out a simple “Okay” when she turns and the pair make their way into the office, she might not have took the car seat but she did take hold of Alex’s hand when they came beside each other. 


They walked into the child service office, Maggie felt like it would help for her to show her badge to get a direct link to a social worker which by luck it actually did. The social worker who’s name was Natalie, let them into her office. “Nice to meet you both” 


Alex and Maggie smiled to her tightly and awkwardly, Alex set Leo down in his seat on the chair at the side of the office and then joined Maggie in the seat beside her in front of the desk. Natalie linked her fingers and placed it down on the table “So, I gather you are looking at putting this child into the adoption system” 


Maggie let out a sharp breath and glanced over to Leo. “He is my nephew, my sister came after god knows how many years and just left him” 


“And she gives no plans to return?” 


“No” Maggie shook her head, taking her eyes back to Natalie “She said she didn’t want him and she wanted to leave. I haven’t seen her in twelve  years she came and left him with me cause she knows we won’t see each other again” 


Alex reached over and took hold of Maggie’s hand. “And we thought this was the best cause of action” 


The social worker pressed her lips together and nodded “I mean, yes in the best sense it will be. But it’s my job to make you aware that Leo will have to put into a home until we are able to line up a foster family for him” 


“How long would that take?” Maggie asks, her voice feeling like it was going dry. Natalie shrugs her shoulders “Honestly? I couldn’t tell you, the foster care system has been the highest it’s ever been, there’s a lot of babies, children and teens that are looking for homes. Most of the time at this point it's the luck of the draw” 


She then held her hands up to the couple in front of her. “I don’t mean for that to sound by any means negative, bringing him here was the right thing and the homes for the children are well maintained and he will be taken good care of. Are you sure of your decision?” 


 Alex takes another look at him, whilst Maggie answers right away. “Yes” 


She presses her lips together and looked back forward “Yes”


“Okay” Natalie reaches over to her phone and calls for someone to come to the office, where they would move Leo to a temporary centre before he was processed and put into a home. It was all happening so quick, neither of them really had the chance to go through it all. 


They talked some more, they were talked through everything that would happen and were asked to sign some forms cause even though they weren’t the parents of this young boy, they were the ones who had him last in their care. 


Both of them tried to bury the knowledge they had in the back of their head about how over crowded the system was, around 500,000 at least in the country. It was overflowing with children but what else could they do? They weren’t prepared to take care of a child, Maggie still didn’t want to. She debated last night her calling her parents to talk to them about it, but then she wondered if they even knew about it all, maybe Elena was estranged from them too they had no problem in cutting people out of their lives. And there was no doubt Leo was a bastard, who knows how her parents would react to that, he’d be better off with a family that wants him rather than her two middle aged parents who had no interest. 


This was still the best option. She lost track at how long they were in the room for before another social worker knocked on the door and walked into the office, announcing that they were here to take Leo as if not obvious enough. Alex and Maggie rose from their seats and nodded heavily, Alex not being able to shift her face that was completely dropped and hurt, the small aching in her chest from the doubt she had in the back of her mind that they were doing the right thing. 


Maggie had an unsettled feeling stir in her stomach too when looking at him, after all, as she had thought so many times since last night, this was her flesh and blood that she was handing over. That’s where she and her sister differed, she actually had a conscience in doing this despite her doing it was the right way. 


Alex muttered a small goodbye to him, stroking his arm for a moment with her finger as Maggie just stared at him not really knowing what to say, Alex was always better with kids than she was, when Ruby was around, Alex always had this great way with her. Maggie was good with them like an average person, it wasn’t exactly like she ever had a baby stop crying just by being in her arms. 


The social worker took Leo and began to walk towards the door, when Leo’s eyes went back and forth looking at Alex and Maggie before they landed on just Maggie and he started letting out a cry, stretching his arms out, spreading his tiny fingers as if to try and reach her further despite their distance. And Maggie’s heart broke in a different way than it ever had before. 


“Wait” were the words to come from Alex’s mouth that made Maggie pull herself out of her mind and attention on the crying baby, turning to her wife and see Alex hold her arm out and letting out a breath, hesitant on saying anything else for a moment when letting out a sharp breath, her eyes escaping from Leo and up to the social worker that had him before looking back over to Natalie “What if-what if we take him temporarily?” 


Natalie pinched her brows to her “What?” 


“Yeah-” Maggie laughed stiffly “ What ?” 


Alex looked to Maggie, momentarily being stuck for words as she wanted to find the best words that she possibly could without completely freaking Maggie out or making her think that Alex was seeing this as a way to get a child. “Look-I still have my foster licence, okay. What if we take him while you line up a family?” 


Another stiff laugh came from Maggie, taking hold of Alex’s hand and looked to the two other women in the room “Can we just have a minute?” 


She pulled Alex out of the office and to a more secluded part of the hallway, holding her hands up when collecting her words together “What the hell are you doing? Say all that without even consulting-” 


“Okay, I’m sorry, sweetie I am but is it so wrong what I’m saying?”


“Don’t do that Alex, don’t act like this past night alone hasn’t been painful for you in bringing him here”


Alex opened her mouth to speak but once again words got jammed in her mouth before shutting again and letting out a breath through her nose, she shook her head and looked back to her wife “And don’t act like you feel okay or even comfortable in leaving him here” 


“Yeah it sucks but do you really think taking him in is a good idea? Alex I think you underestimate how hard it would be”


“If you were single and this happened to you, what would you do? Would you keep hold of him, your nephew, until you found him a home?”


Maggie ran her fingers through her hair when resting her back against the wall and shrugged when dropping her hand down “Probably, sure” she looked back into Alex’s eyes when her voice suddenly went softer “But Alex I’m not single, I am very much married to you. I don’t want to keep bringing up our break-up cause god knows we’re past it but you left me for a child that was hypothetical, well that one in there is very real you’re gonna have to understand how that makes me nervous. Cause I can’t compete with that” 


Alex cupped Maggie’s cheeks, looking deep into her now glazed eyes. “You don’t have to compete with anything, I choose you always, I want you forever. That mistake I made two years ago is one I will never make again I know what I want and it will always be you. Hypothetical or not I am never going to leave you again I promise, I am just trying to give that boy a better shot” 


Maggie pressed her lips together as she had the words sink in. “But what if it takes months for them to line up a family for him? What if it takes up to a year” 


“And what if it doesn’t? What if it takes just a few weeks? Maggie there are so many what ifs and the primary concern I have is what if he grows up and out of the system to be on his own cause it happens. You heard what she said in there, the system is overflowing with children of all ages. We can make sure he gets the family he deserves if we keep him under our care instead of a home that has to deal with dozens of others”


Alex was raising so many points that Maggie was actually coming irritated by how much sense she was making, she withdrew a small breath when Alex slid her hands down Maggie’s arms and rested them at her wrists when light heartedly shrugging with her comment to lighten the mood. “Besides say we do have him for bout a year that he gets to know us, you always said we’d be the fun Aunts. We can be that kids fun Aunts who looked after him for a little while” 


“You mean if you or even me, if we do get a little attached there is still a way for us to keep in contact” 


“Fun Aunts” Alex nodded with complete confidence that Maggie gently snorted in a genuinely amused tone and nodded back to her “Okay, Danvers” 


Okay, Danvers like we’re doing this?” 


“We’re doing this, we’ll look after him. You’re right it wasn’t settling right with me and I think I would have just been thinking about it all the time, like you said to me before he is my nephew, he’s biologically my family and that means something deeper than him just being a baby that was handed over to us” 


Alex kept hold of Maggie’s hands when she leaned forward for a sweet brief kiss before reassuring. “We’re doing a good thing here, Mags” 


“Yeah I know, they’ll go for it right?” 


“I don’t see why they wouldn’t but let’s find out” Alex kept her hand holding onto Maggie’s as they returned back into the office. Maggie looking to the two women and then Leo for a brief moment “Alex is right. We want to take care of him while you look for a family-will that even be possible?”


The two women in front of them look to each other, Natalie looked back to them both and let out a long shrug “I mean it’s not something you have everyday but technically because I see on record that Mrs Danvers does have a foster licence, and with you, Mrs Danvers" she then looked to Maggie "With you beign a direct blood relative it’s not ethically or even legally wrong. You would be fostering him as just a temporary situation instead of looking forward to adopting so yes it’s possible, but are you sure you want to take this on?” 


Maggie feels Alex squeeze her hand as a silent ask to have her look to her which she did, seeing the look on Alex’s eyes that was also a silent message to say if you want to back out, just say . But Maggie meant it when she said that she felt every single thing Alex said outside, their literal jobs were to take care and protect people, this is by no means any different they would just be provided a warm bed and food for him. Maggie looked back over “Yes we do” 


The other social worker smiled tightly and politely, walking over to them and handing over Leo.  Alex takes the car seat back with Leo looking up to them in a much calmer state, a smile whipping across his face that sent butterflies rumbling around Alex’s stomach, her attention being pulled away from him when hearing Natalie say “Alex, your licence will be expiring in a matter of thirty days but don’t worry about it I will put through your renewal today so there’ll be no issues, hopefully we will have a family lined up for Leo before twelve months” 


“Okay, thank you” 


“Well I have your contact details all down and your address so I guess all there is to say is good luck and I will be in touch as soon as I hear something” 


Alex and Maggie just nod and thanked her again for her time in unison before walking out the office with the baby still in their company. Not quite how they thought it was going to go. 


Kara got back to the DEO after finishing the simplistic task of stopping several cars from going over the collapsed bridge on the highway above the river, thankfully no one was hurt apart from the odd sprained or broken wrists. 


Kara walked over to J’onn who right now still looked like Alex. At least, she figured it was J’onn. “Everything is good, what’ve you got?” 


Alex turns around and smiles breathlessly, shrugging her shoulders and gently lifting up the car seat with Leo in it. “A child” 


Kara snorted for a moment but then looked down and saw the ten month old for herself, it took her a second or two before it clicked and her head snapped back to Alex, grabbing her sister by the hand “ Alex ?” 




Kara’s eyes flickered back “Baby?”


“Yeah” Alex breathed. Kara shook her head in still disbelief, closing her eyes for a second, looking back to Alex when now realising the bag on her shoulder that seemed to be packed of baby equipment. “Where was this honeymoon?”


Alex rolled her eyes and shook her head, motioning her hand for Kara to follow her as she walked through the DEO with the odd Agent glancing to her for a moment to then swiftly looking away before Alex caught them. 


She led her younger sister into her office on the second floor, Alex put the car seat down in the chair before unclipping the belt and lifting him out, muttering as she did so “He’s been in there for a while”


Kara watched - more like gaped when witnessing her sister lift Leo out of the seat and held onto him securely, turning to Kara. “So this is Leo” 


The baby loving nature in Kara couldn’t resist but gush over him for a moment when coming close with a wide grin and wiggling her fingers against his stomach, speaking in a high pitched baby-like voice “Hi Leo! You’re adorable” she kept her eyes and expression on him when saying to Alex “Where did he come from?” she looks up to Alex and dropping the baby voice “Is he an alien?” 


“No, he’s not an alien. He is very much human” 


Kara stood back up straight and folded her arms when putting her attention solely back to Alex as she listened to her continue. “He’s Maggie’s nephew”


“Maggie has a sister?”


“Estranged, like every other family member” 


“So you guys are reconnecting sitting-”


“No fostering” Alex blurted, catching Kara even more by surprise than before. Alex ran her tongue along her lips and sighed before shrugging whilst still holding Leo close who had completely rested himself fully against Alex’s body like fitting a puzzle perfectly. “Last night when Maggie and I got home, her sister, Elena came by and literally dumped him on us-Maggie hasn’t even seen her sister in like twelve years they’re practically strangers. She came and left him with us saying how she didn’t want him and that she wanted her life back” 


“Oh my god...and Maggie-” 


“Really still doesn’t want to be a mom so it’s not ideal for us to be in this situation. So we decided that we would hand him over to social services  and we went but…”




“But the information we were given about how overgrown the system is right now, it didn’t sit well with either of us just putting him in there. Cause who knows how long it would’ve taken for him to find a family. He’s Maggie’s nephew I knew it didn’t make her feel exactly comfortable just passing him over. So we talked and we agreed with the social worker to foster him under my licence until they have a family lined up and then that way he’s got our home until he finds his forever home” 


There was a silence for a moment as Kara just stared her stunned and said in a dropped voice “You guys literally are freaking amazing”


Alex squinted to her “Jealous?”


Kara pressed her lips together and scrunched her nose “A little” she then dropped her jokes and spoke in all seriousness “But Alex, I get wanting to do right by this little guy but what about you. I know you gave up on having a baby but you’d still want one if one...came right in front of you” 


Alex glanced back down to Leo who had his head tucked under her jaw, resting against her chest. She wasn’t going to pretend like this would be easy. “I know it’s going to be hard for me when a family wants him. But I’ll feel better knowing it’s the right thing, and Maggie and I are still accepting that we aren’t his foster parents, we are his Aunts who are temporarily looking after him”


Kara raised a brow, Alex rolling her eyes “Okay maybe it sounds naive but I’m serious. Nothing is going to break me apart from Maggie again, maybe I’ll be sad and mopey for a few weeks afterwards but I will get over it cause I will still have her”


The sisterly worry on Kara’s face then sunk into a fond smile, letting out another shrug and speaking admirably “You’re strong, Alex”


“Please” Alex whispered, resting her cheek down onto the top of Leo’s cheek “It doesn’t exactly hurt”


A giggle escaped Kara’s lips when looking back to Leo “He actually kinda looks like Maggie”


“Right?” Alex breathlessly gleamed “Should see him when he laughs it dimple central” 


“Stop. You’re gonna make me adopt him”


There was another silence, Alex shrugged before briefly sticking out her bottom lip “That would work”


“Stop it” 


The pair both snorted a small laugh, Kara then asking when stroking Leo’s arm “Maggie back at work?”


“Yeah. Pretty sure she needs an excuse to use the shooting range” Alex continued to stroke Leo’s back “Shes completely fine with what we’re doing it’s just, a lot for her y’know-it is for both of us but her especially”


“Yeah I get that”


“So will you come with me to pick up some baby stuff?”


And that was it. Kara’s eyes lit up like a Christmas tree, inhaling a squeal from the back of her throat before beaming “Can I?”


“Yeah. Maggie is taking baby steps with all of this” 


“No pun intended”


“It was a little intended” Alex looked around for a moment to the outside of the base “I can’t leave for a couple more hours so who can I trust to watch this baby?”


Kara shrugged. “Brainy?” 


Alex scoffed when turning back to her “He can hardly handle people much less a child” 


“Okay well I have time right now” Kara shrugged again, holding out her arms and wriggling her stretched fingers, completely ready to take hold of Leo. Alex’s lips parted for a moment, looking to Leo and then back at her sister “Kara no I can’t what if you get called-if we get called” 


“Then y’know who’s a great babysitter and has a lot of time on his hands, especially now that you’re back?” Kara rhetorically questioned in one quick ramble, raising her brows. Alex’s thoughtful expression then settled, yes, J’onn he was a good choice if she could trust him to look after Gertrude well who was much more of a handful then she could trust her to take care of him. 


But for now maybe Kara could be able to handle a child. Alex’s temporary child. She tried to get rid of the protective instincts that she suddenly began to feel, but then tried to justify that foster parents also are protective so it was allowed. Technically. 


Alex cleared her throat and looked to Leo as he lifted his head from resting on her chest and looked at his surroundings again with his beady eyes, she walked over to her sister and passed him over into Kara’s arms, making extra sure that Kara had him. 

“Okay I got him” Kara assured with her hand pressed against Leo’s back “Now go Direct for a little while, we’re good. Then shopping” 


“Right” Alex looks to Leo’s smiling face once more and nods as a way to tell herself and give herself some kind of motivation to actually leave the room, it wasn’t that she didn’t trust Kara. They both had the same level of experience when handling a baby which was zero so she was in no need to have any kind of high horse or doubt because she had been doing this thing for not even twenty four hours and hey, he still had all functioning limbs.


So she left them alone in the room and headed down through the DEO to fixate herself back in the Director role after what feels like a lifetime of being away from. 



Maggie got home later than she initially anticipated, a disturbance broke through just ten minutes before she was about to clock off and then couldn’t leave. She made it back to the house at seven rather than the expected time at five. 


Alex text her and told her she would be home late too, but her late was six thirty. Maggie pushed open the door to immediately have Gertrude jump up to her, nearly as tall as her when on her hind legs, god knows what’ll happen when she actually stops growing by the end of the year. Maggie rubs behind her ears just as she likes “Hi sweet girl” she pressed her lips against her forehead before pushing her down, dusting down the odd malted hairs that were now on the bottom of her blue tucked in shirt. 


Her eyes go up and over to Alex who made her way over to her, with a smile lingering on her face as soon as she saw her walk through the door “Hey you”


“Hi” Maggie breathed, embrace the small sweet kiss that Alex gave her. She then looked around and saw some of the new furniture they had in their home to fit their new situation. Leo was sitting up right, bouncing up on down in a new playpen cot in the corner of the living room. 


She also noticed when stepping into the living rooms itself, the high chair at the end of the kitchen counter where they eat their meals. There were two bags at the side by the stairs that seemed to be filled with clothes. Two milk bottles but beside their mugs. The house suddenly became very baby friendly, like in the blink of an eye they were suddenly here, somewhere they never thought they would be. 


“I know” Alex’s voice brought her back, settling her down to earth as she looked back to her wife, Alex shrugged again “It’s a lot. I didn’t even think we’d need this much-they gave me a 

checklist, Maggie”


“No way” Maggie laughed breathlessly, passing Alex and walking over to the centre of the living room with her wife following her behind “Seriously, those baby department stores are actually frightening”


“Did you get everything on the list?” 


“If I did that we’d have to get a second mortgage on the house” Alex shook her head and continued after Maggie’s giggle “No, just the essentials. Y’know some bottles, more clothes- oh and James came by to help take the cot and dresser upstairs in the spare room”


“And I take it Kara went with you” the brunette proceeds to assume as she roots through the bag and pulls out a onesie of which was blue and had the classic yellow and red krypton symbol that is known all around the world. Maggie raised her brows, holding it flat on her chest. Alex just nodded “Yeah well it’s technically a Superman onesie but uh Kara said it doesn’t have to be gender specific” 


Maggie merely hummed with Alex taking a step closer to her, tugging gently on the baby outfit “Might even fit you” 


The Detective then dropped it from her chest and swatted Alex’s backside before dropping it down in the bag, noticing a few age appropriate toys in there too. Maggie looked back over to Alex, and as soon as their eyes were latched Alex knew what she was thinking. The holy shit feeling that they have actually took in a child, Alex stuck her thumbs up and gently bounced her hands when whispering the reminder “Fun Aunts” 


Maggie broke out into a much more relaxed smile, pulling Alex close and wrapped her arms tight around her waist as she pulled her in for a deeper kiss than the one she had before. Alex’s fingers ran through Maggie’s locks before skimming down her spine which she knew gave Maggie tingles. They were going to have to set ground rules now that there was a child in the house such as leaving turn on moves to the bedroom. 


“Hey” Alex broke the kiss for a moment, then kissed her again before pulling back “So what if we try and see if we can get him to sleep and then eat some dinner?”


“Late night dinners” Maggie hummed “We haven’t done that in a while”


“I know it’ll be like the first moments of our relationship” Alex teased dryly as her hands gripped onto the back of Maggie’s jeans. Maggie indulging for a moment before dropping a deadpanned comeback “Except now with a ten month old” 


“Don’t forget Gert” Alex smirked, kissing her quickly again with Maggie letting out a more stiff hum and turned her head to the hound when Alex left her to get Leo out of the playpen. Who could ever forget that beautiful mutt. 


They all went upstairs, Maggie turned to Alex when coming to their bedroom door “You okay putting him down?” 


“Yeah babe, go change” 


“Alright” Maggie whispered, taking her eyes to Leo and tucking her finger under his chin for a moment of which made him gurgle with amusement “Night buddy” 


“He’ll enjoy tonights sleep better when actually being in his own bed” Alex started taking him down the hall when Maggie heard her wife say in a quieter voice that didn’t mask the change in her tone to being much more baby friendly “Won’t you? Yes you will”


Fine. That is pretty adorable. Maggie let her thoughts wander more about how great Alex actually was at just about everything as she entered the bedroom and unbuttoned her shirt. She takes off her jeans and grabs her sweat pants, grabbing the trusty hello sunshine short and putting it on. She puts her hair up, walking back out of the bedroom to see Alex very quietly shutting Leo’s bedroom door. 


Maggie waited at the top of the stairs as Alex crept down the hallway in her bed socks, trying her best to avoid that one squeaking floorboard. Maggie wiggled her fingers to her and took her by the hand when Alex came close enough. “Nicely done” 


“What? The putting to sleep or the sneaking?” 




They went downstairs and Alex took out the stir fry packet from the cabinet and quickly fried it in the wok that Maggie got out and set on the stove ready for her. Maggie sat at the kitchen counter and watched as Alex cooked the food, Maggie rested her temple against her hand. “So it was okay today with him?” 


“Yeah it was good” 


“And how did Kara take it?” 


Alex swayed her head sweetly back and forth, shrugging her shoulders when moving the noodles around in the wok with all the chicken and vegetables “She was surprised to say the least but when I told her everything” she simmered down the stove and turned back to Maggie with a smile “She said we’re amazing” 


“Well, that is true”


“Yes” Alex leaned down on the food counter, growing closer to Maggie “You are” 


Their lips came together as Alex’s tongue brushed up against Maggie’s which gained a pleased hum to slip from the brunette. Maggie then reached her arm forward and gripped onto Alex’s sweater, pulling her close as she turned in her seat with her back now pressed against the counter as Alex stood between her legs. Alex’s hands holding Maggie’s face. 


Alex’s lips left her wife’s lips for a moment as she pressed them against her cheek and jaw before welcoming her lips with the sweet return. Maggie registered the alarm that went off behind them and hummed before pulling away slightly and for a moment “Food is done” 


“Let it burn” Alex muttered, pressing into a deep kiss, hearing Maggie giggle against her lips and gently swatted her side “I want my food, woman” 


Maggie then felt Alex’s lips curl against hers before she felt her pull away, opening her eyes to looking right into Alex as her wife whispered “Yes ma’am” after one last tender kiss, Alex moved back and went over to the food, turning off the stove before dishing out the plates whilst Maggie poured their glass of wine each.


Alex placed the bowl down in front of Maggie as Maggie pushed the wine over to Alex as she sat down. “Thanks, love” 


“And thank you. I’m starving” Maggie stick her fork into the bowl and wasted no time in starting to eat her food. 


They had their dinner and worked together in washing up before slumbering down on the couch where they were joined by Gertrude as per usual. Maggie sunk against Alex’s body, having Alex’s arm draped around her. Kissing the top of her head as she ran her fingers through her locks, with her mouth still close to Maggie’s head she muttered “So we never finished that Chicago MED episode?”


Maggie snorted when nuzzling her head into Alex’s shoulder “God I wonder why not” 


Alex kissed her head once again, her fingertips then going down to her arm and sweetly stroking her bare skin “Should I put it on?”


“Yes” Maggie shuffled herself to sit up a little more whilst also leaning herself against Alex, still being in her hold as they resumed on the episode. 


Five minutes into the continuation, five minutes and they heard Leo’s cries coming through the baby monitor that Alex also picked up when shopping. Maggie dropped her forehead down onto Alex’s shoulder as they both let out small cries of their own. 


“We are never going to finish this episode” Maggie whispers under her breath with her forehead still pressed against Alex’s slightly chuckling shoulder. Alex wiped her eyes and nodded “Okay I’ll go” 


“No you put him down I can do it” Maggie tapped Alex’s leg as she tossed the throw off her legs, falling over a sleeping Getrude’s body. At least someone in this house was having a relaxing time, she made her way upstairs to find someway in putting Leo back to sleep. 

It was going to be a long night. No, actually, it was going to a long several nights.

Chapter Text

The first few nights, Alex and Maggie didn’t get as much sleep as they preferred. Leo wasn’t a screaming mess like you hear about a lot of nightmare babies, he just woke up twice a night maximum. It just took him awhile to get settled in a new environment, that’s what Alex got after she googled ‘foster babies in new homes’ and was pleasantly surprised by how much information there actually was. Several articles being bookmarked. 


A month passed and they were still trying to get a handle on this whole foster parent thing, from changing diapers to remembering that they couldn’t leave the house without him. It was taking a lot of getting used to, plus the nerves were still lingering in Maggie’s stomach out of worry that Alex was going to get attached to Leo. It was worrying her that she was getting attached to Leo. 


He was sweet and did all these baby things that were actually adorable, as far as baby’s go he was pretty damn charming. Maggie would say it was in the family but actually looking at her family proved her very much wrong. 


They started coping with work pretty well, there were some times where Alex was able to bring him into work with her for him to stay in her office with her whilst she had a more stable day. On the days where neither her or Maggie could take care of him they left him at daycare as their last option. Something that also took Leo sometime in getting used to but he adapted to routine well enough. 


Alex was called out after a disturbance was put on their radar in National park. There were more Children of Liberty gang members that had been spotted reeking havoc out on the public, hunting down as many alien species as they could to infiltrate violence on. Their original leader may have been taken down but that hasn’t stopped some members from carrying on what they set out to do which was wipe out the alien race from the city. 


A lot of them were thugs, strong, former prison thugs and there were so many of them that it was harder to get a handle on it than Alex originally thought, getting pushed back a few times. She heard the police sirens get closer before coming to a complete halt. Maggie got out of the car, with her bulletproof vest and police windbreaker on. Her gun out and making her way over to Alex. “Danvers” 


Danvers . Didn’t think they’d call you out for this” 


“We couldn’t exactly ignore something like this” Maggie glanced to her wife “I thought you locked all these bastards up did you do anything whilst I was gone?”


“You know what they said-cut off one head” her brows briefly raised to her. The two of them moved and worked together, it was always best whenever they worked together. Together they were every criminal’s worst nightmare. 


They got most of them, not all but most. Maggie pushed two of them in the cop car she came into, shutting the door and turned back to Alex. “Do you think they have a new leader?”


“There’s been no indication, we think they’ve all gone rogue” Alex shrugged “You want a ride? Back to the DEO?”


A small smile settled down on Maggie’s lips “You just want me straddling you on your cruiser” 


“And you don’t?” Alex cocked a brow whilst the two of them were already walking and growing closer to the bike, Maggie just slipped out a chuckle with her elbow gently hitting against Alex’s arm. Maggie got on the bike behind Alex and was soon enough passed over the helmet from her wife “For your pretty head” 


Maggie rolled her eyes, taking it from her “And what would protect yours?”


“Just put the damn thing on” she turned back forward and turned on the ignition “Leo okay when you dropped him off?” 


“Yeah he’s getting better at the whole leaving him there thing-you’re okay getting him today right? I just gotta finish some paperwork up”


Alex hummed “Yeah I got it” she revved up the engine when hearing Maggie gently tease “We got this parenting thing down pretty well huh?” 


 “Careful throwing around the parenting word” she shot right back. “Some will start thinking you’re getting attached” 


All she got was a swat on the waist before she let the whole thing drop and started their ride back to the DEO. She knew she could tease Maggie in small doses. But luckily for her small doses were just as fun. 


They made their way back into the DEO, and put themselves fully into their work. Working together was the only sense of former reality that they knew of right now. Maggie and everyone else convened around the main base to look at the footage that was already on social media with the riot. 


“They’re working together” Maggie stated, then shrugging her shoulders with her arms folded “Whether they have a new leader is something we seriously need to crack down on these guys” 


“You take one and we’ll take the other” Alex suggested, leaning against the counter and turning her body to her wife who still kept her vision forward for a few seconds, gently biting her lip as she thought about it “Yeah?” she looked to Alex “You’d really transfer custody over to me?” 


“I trust you” Alex soothed “You know if I had it my way you’d be working here with me every second of the day” 


Maggie rolled her eyes with a gentle smirk when having Alex then round up “ But you’re happy with your Detective work and so , Detective. Take a perp and make him sing. I trust you” 


Maggie looked back to Alex and tried not to smirk at her too much as she put her hand over her wife’s for a brief moment when squeezing it and slipping it back down her side “Well alright” 


“I’ll even let you pick” 


“Oh it’s like Christmas down here today” Maggie teased breathlessly which gained a small cackled laugh come from Alex’s lips as she stood back up straight “I’ll be right back” her hand slipped away from Maggie’s back as she disappeared for a few moments.


During her absence, Maggie looked over to see a very regular face come into her vision “Hey, Dreamer”


“Nia. You know my name is Nia right-cause it is” 


Maggie softened a polite expression “Yeah I do, just y’know when you’re dressed as your alter super ego that’s the name I tend to go with, it’s the same with Kara”


“Right” Nia breathed “Right I’m just new to the whole thing”


Maggie merely nodded with a small hum when looking down to the tablet in front of her, looking through more social media platforms to try and see anything else that they could look into, seeing Nia strummed her fingernails against the counter as if she was building up to speak, she just let her take her moment. Nia pressed her lips together and then burst out “I saw what you did at the riot today, it was awesome”


Maggie smiled to her tightly “Just doing my job” 


“Yeah and you’re awesome at it. You’re an awesome cop and you and Director Danvers I mean talk about a power couple, right? You guys must know the power you like radiate ” 


A snort came from Maggie’s nose. Nia was their newly elected hype girl, since they had never had one before it certainly was something to get used to. Alex warned Maggie a while ago that Nia had this kind of girl crush on Maggie, oozing with every need to impress her. It was like a Winn 2.0 situation. “Thanks, Nia” 


“You’re welcome” Nia buzzed with some slightly nervous bouncing “It’s also really impressive how you manage to look like that after coming back from a conflict” 


Maggie’s smirk and ego only grew as she swiped off the social media from the tablet and looked back to the complimenting hero “You don’t do so bad yourself”


“Really? Wow thanks” 


Alex came back over with some files in her hand, placing them in front of Maggie as she stretched her arm over from standing behind her wife. Nia smiled brightly “Hey, Director Danvers”


“Are you filling my wife’s ego again, Dreamer?” she looked over to Nia and raised her brows “Cause that’s my job” 


Nia gulped heavily leading Maggie to wave her hand in dismissal with the scrunchy of her nose as she whispered “She’s kidding” 


A nervous laugh escaped Nia’s mouth as she just nodded and then pointed to any part of the DEO “Well I’m gonna find Brainy and check things out with him” the young woman then skipped away, Maggie rolling her eyes as she turned to Alex “Stop scaring away my groupie” 


“Files. Go interrogate” Alex pushed the files closer with an amused expression still lingering on her face “I’ll see you after work”


“Yeah” Maggie whispered sweetly, taking the files into her hands with her eyes remaining on Alex “Give them hell”


“You too. Keep me updated” 




Maggie leaned forward for a hot second to press a brief kiss on Alex’s cheek, flashing her wink before turning on her heel and headed out the building to take one of their arrests and putting them in her own hold to interrogate, maybe today wasn’t going to be so dull after all. 

Alex was finishing up feeding Leo in his high chair when Maggie walked through the door, getting jumped on by Gertrude as usual for her greeting. Maggie dropped her bag down to the side when hanging her coat up and walked straight through the living room to the kitchen. 


Knocking the walls down to having them conjoined was still one of the best ideas they had, Maggie leaned against the arch frame for a moment, looking over to Alex who was with Leo at the dining table to the right hand side of the kitchen. “Hey babe” 


Alex snapped out of her concentration of scooping up the bits of food from around Leo’s mouth with the soft spoon and looked over to her, breaking out to an instant smile “Hi you. How’d it go on your part?”


Maggie rolled her eyes with a small huff, pushing herself up from the arch and walking over “It didn’t really, tight lipped. You?” 


“Same. We’re gonna have to push harder” 


“Get creative” Maggie wriggled her brows, letting out another breath “Anyway, we agreed no shop talk at home” she ran her fingers through Alex’s hair before bending down and kissing her wife sweetly. Then looking to Leo, who had the same bubbly smiling face, gently poking his cheek as she walked past “Hey little dude” 


He mumbled something like he was trying to say hello of some sort but really just came out as a small huff, they figured he was at that age where he would be trying to talk by now. Maggie opened up the cabinet and took out a bottle of wine, raising it to Alex with a raised brow and got an eager nod back for a glass. Maggie grabbed two glasses and poured out the red wine. “So I was thinking about what you said this morning actually, about Leo” 


“The birthday thing?” 


Maggie nodded as she slid over the glass to the other side of the counter where Alex took hold now stood in front of her, Maggie shrugged when folding her arm under the other that was holding the wine “I think you’re right. It isn’t fair just ignoring a birthday” 


Alex raised the point of Leo’s birthday, since Elena told them he was ten months when she left him with them, was going to be next month and wondered what they should do since they don’t know the exact date that he was born, all they knew is that next month he would be a year old by some point. Alex held her glass close to her chest as she glanced over to the eleven month old still in his highchair “We don’t have to do anything crazy, it’s not like he’d remember just get him something and i don’t know, have Kara and everyone over I’m not sure how we should play this” 


“Look we can’t avoid him getting to know Kara and just about every other member of our little family situation. We still have no idea how long he’s going to be with us so, yeah let’s have people round for food and stuff. Like you said this morning whilst he is in our care it’s the least we can do to make sure he feels as cared for here as he will do in his next and final home. Plus we could use the excuse to drink” 


A smile grew on Alex’s lips when nodding and then taking a sip of her drink before another thought came into her head, speaking it out as she made her way round to the other side of the counter “How will we decide on a date for it?”


Maggie shrugged as Alex walked round to her “I don’t know put a calendar in front of him and have whatever he slaps his hand on”


Alex rolled her eyes with a smirk when opening the fridge to take out the steaks she bought for the two of them “I’m serious”


“So am I, it’s his birthday” Maggie cocked a brow to Alex when having their eyes locking together “He can choose”


Alex stared at her whilst considering Maggie’s point and said nothing as she grabbed the calendar that they had on the wall and got up the month of September and tested it out right now, she walked over to Leo and quickly wiped his pasta sauce covered hands before holding the calendar up in front of him. 


“I’ll be impressed if he picks out a day that dead on turns out to be his real birthday” 


“I guess we’ll never know” she held the month out flat to him “Leo. It’s all you” 


“Oh yeah he’s really going to understand that” Maggie snorted when taking a sip of her wine when looking away and heard the action of Leo slapping his hand on a date, so apparently he did understand it. 


“Okay. This guy is having a birthday on the twelfth” 


“Twelfth it is” 


Alex got back up and put the calendar back on it’s hanger, being more than surprised when just seconds later Maggie went over and wrote in LEO’S B-DAY on the date as selected, not even she had thought to do that. Maggie pushed the cap back on the sharpie when feeling Alex’s eyes on her. “What?” 


“Nothing” she didn’t feel it best to bring up the tingling feeling that she got in her stomach seeing Maggie do something like that, almost motherly. But they weren’t playing mothers to this child, that was on both their agreement. They were looking out for him, as Maggie said, just trying to make him feel cared for whilst he was in their care. 


“Okay” Maggie lifted up the packet of two steaks, holding them up to her chest before pressing them forward against Alex’s stomach “Are you going to be the wife I trained you to be and cook me a nice steak?”


“Wow” Alex breathed as she took the packet into her hand, hearing Maggie snort from her own self amusement. “Cop spouse comes home after a long day to a wife and a baby expected dinner ready and cooked, this house really is becoming a cliche” 


She wrapped her arm around Maggie’s back and pulled her close for the moment to take to kiss her firmly, Maggie’s hand gripping onto Alex’s elbow to keep her close, also gripping onto the waistline of her jeans at the back. Maggie pulls back for a moment and smiles to her “Have I mentioned how pretty you look today?” 


“Babe, I’m already making you a steak you don’t have to butter me up” 


Maggie hummed a sweet and mischievous laugh and whispered as she leaned forward for another kiss “I’ll save that for later then” 

Alex grinned to her and put her hand to Maggie’s cheek to pull her in for one more –– harder kiss, then swatting Maggie’s side to move her out of the way when she well and truly began to take over the kitchen. 


The whole Alex actually becoming a well rounded cook was not only a surprise to everyone but also something Maggie never knew she would be aroused by, but was everytime. It took her many many tries but now she can actually cook a good meal without having to risk calling the fire department. As Maggie made her way to the front of the counter, Leo banged his hands down on his tray with a whine ripping from him, clearly bored from being in his chair and wanting an out. 


Alex watched Maggie get up from her chair and lift him out from his highchair, asking him where he wanted to go and had the little one stretch his arm out in the direction of the living room. “Alex, I’m gonna take him in there for a little bit okay call me when it’s ready” 


“Wow” Alex muttered again “Really is nineteen fifty in here” 


“Shut up” Maggie laughed breathlessly as she turned towards the living room “This is all you wanted from me two years ago” 


Alex was pretty sure there was never going to be a time where Maggie wasn’t going to bring that up to tease her with. 

Maggie loaded up the dishwasher as her way of saying thank you for dinner after they ate, when she walked back into the living, her eyes went over to Leo in his playpen and saw him spread out on it completely knocked out. 


“I’ll take him upstairs” Maggie muttered, rolling her sweater sleeves up and making a b-line to him before Alex even had time to question what she was meaning when her eyes were still on the tv, she saw Maggie lean in the playpen and gently take the child out. 


She held him so delicately, so gently and protectively it made Alex’s heart completely sink and warm up all at once. The way Leo’s head slumped into the crook of Maggie’s neck, as if it was always supposed to fit there. And don’t think Alex didn’t notice how Maggie’s head couldn’t help but sweetly rest against his, because she didn’t think Maggie herself noticed she did that. “Won’t be long” 


“It’s fine, babe. Thanks” Alex was usually the one to put Leo to bed, so this was a rarity within itself, and Alex couldn’t help but feel like this was Maggie warming up to the role of a foster parent. Perhaps a parent overall would be wishful thinking. Maybe this whole scenario she was thinking was wishful thinking, she wasn’t expecting or even really hoping that Maggie would turn around and suggest they kept him, but no one could blame her for having that small fantasy in the back of her head. No one could blame her for having that dream still lingering. 


Alex just ran her fingers through Gertrudes back as the toddler pup spread herself out across Alex’s lap to get a better angle to be scratched. Alex looked back to the television, telling herself to shake off the thought.


Maggie’s palm lightly rubbed against Leo’s back to keep him sound and somber when she grew closer to the bedroom, slowly and sneakily opening the door just so to prevent him from waking at all. She had been a cop since she was twenty two years old and yet this had her sweating more than most cases she had dealt with. Keeping a sleeping baby asleep was harder than it sounded. 


Thankfully she was successful. Maggie pushed the door open and thanked the interior decorator goddess that was downstairs that they put carpet in these rooms instead of hardwood floors, much easier to be quiet. She came to his crib, shifting her hold of him to securely rest his back against her forearm when her hand still cradled his head, holding onto his side with the other. Her eyes closing as she silently prayed over and over again as she lowered him down “Please don’t wake up. Please don’t wake up”


And to her absolute luck, Leo was placed down in his crib without making a single stir. Maggie opened her eyes and stared down at her achievement in complete amazement. Her hand reaching down and her finger gently stroking against the back of his knuckle, not even knowing why she felt the need to do it. Still not taking any chances as she carefully crept out of the room and shutting the door so silently that only when it was completely shut did she tucked her fists to her chest only to shoot them up in the air in still complete and utter silence, having her celebratory moment last for a second and then tiptoed a run back down the hallway to the stairs. 


Maggie quickly made her way down the stairs and wasted no time in going to the living room. Thankfully Gertrude now being out of the way by heading to her bed back in the kitchen lounge area. Before Alex even had the chance to ask if Leo got down okay, Maggie practically pounced on her, pressing her body hard down against her wife’s, gripping hard onto her waist as their legs became entangled. 


Their noses pressed together as the kiss grew deeper, hotter and wetter. Alex’s lips parting for Maggie's tongue to gain entrance into her mouth, dominating as soon as she brushed against Alex. Maggie’s hips slowly and harshly beginning to roll against Alex’s which caused a moan to slip from the Director’s lips and pour into Maggie’s straight away as they daren’t to pull away. 


Alex felt Maggie’s fingertips fumble by the waistline of the sweatpants as she wedged her hand between their bodies, their eyes locked to each other as a smirk grew on Maggie’s face, skimming her lips against Alex’s whilst catching her tongue against the bottom of Alex’s lip before whispering “I’ve been needing this ever since I walked through the door tonight” 


Alex bit her curled lip when glancing to Maggie’s lips and leaned forward ever so slightly when a whisper of her own came out with her teasing “Do what exactly?” 


Maggie hummed mischievously “I’ll show, not tell” she leaned forward and planted her lips to Alex’s neck, gently nipping her skin and running her tongue against it, hearing Alex let out a flustered deep breath at the weakness she had for it. 


A different kind of breath came from her mouth when Maggie’s fingers finally made their way under her sweatpants, leading Maggie’s other hand to go over her mouth for a moment to stop her moans from waking not only the child upstairs, but the entire street. 


Afterwards they both lay on the couch wrapped up in each other, Maggie holding Alex from behind with her face still nuzzled in her neck, kissing her more gently this time, filled with tenderness. Alex hummed sweetly as her hands gripped onto Maggie’s arms. “Have I said I love you today?”


“Yes. Just five minutes ago, as well as my name and a few other words several times”


“Stop” Alex laughed breathlessly, feeling Maggie’s giggles project against her skin. Alex turned to face her and said more gently “I love you” 


“I love you too” Maggie ran her hand up and down Alex’s back as the redhead leaned forward and pressed a tender kiss against Maggie’s bare chest thanks to her tank top. Maggie’s fingers running through the back of her hair “Thank god we decided to foster a heavy sleeper” 


Alex snorted gently against her chest before looking back up to her “I don’t think either of us would’ve pulled out from that”  her fingertip traced along Maggie’s bottom lip “You always take me somewhere else” she leaned forward and pressed a firmly passionate kiss on Maggie’s lips for a few sweet seconds. 


“You’re not so bad yourself” Maggie mumbled with a smile still lingering on her lips. 


It was still in the back of Alex’s mind to raise the question to Maggie on how exactly she was feeling about the whole fostering thing, if she recognised this clear connection that she had to Leo. Alex watched as Maggie’s eyes began to slowly grow deeper, closing for a few seconds, Alex bit her lip and finally whispered in a quiet voice “Mags”


With her eyes still closed, Maggie hummed and rubbed Alex’s back again “Yeah, baby?”


And just within that split second she decided not to say anything. Cause if she did, Maggie would just get it in her head that Alex was building this into something she really wasn’t. It was just the curious part of her brain, she didn’t want Maggie to start worrying that this could bring up another baby situation, because it isn’t . But she was not as naive as she used to be to know that Maggie would start to worry. So instead she kissed her cheek and whispered “Let’s go upstairs, let’s go to bed” 


Maggie took in a tired breath through her nose when looking back to her wife with a sleepy smile on her face “Good idea. You’re full of them” 


Alex pulled herself up from lying on the bed and got on her feet before Maggie’s hands slapped into hers and she helped her up. Alex kept hold of Maggie’s forearms when they both stood and faced each other, both leaning in for another kiss. Maggie keeping her grip onto her arms. Humming sweetly against her lips to then pulling away and smiling to her wife before teasing “You’re so good at that.” 


“We just had sex and kissing is the thing you comment on me being good at” 


“I think I was expressive enough before over your other talents, stop trying to have it all and get that ass upstairs” Maggie swatted Alex’s backside for an added bonus to her sentence as she turned and then laughed when pressing her hand back against it “It’s a good one”


Alex slapped Maggie’s hand away in the state of her giggles as the two women went upstairs and remembered to be quiet with the sleeping baby now just down the hall. With the dog following them into the bedroom and jumping up on the bed ready to sleep. 


Alex and Maggie slid under the sheets and continued the spooning they had going on downstairs and finally drifted off to sleep in each others arms. It was safe to say that everyone living in this house was getting a good nights sleep tonight.

Chapter Text

“You’re throwing him a birthday party?” 


The excited squealed tone from Kara cut through Alex like a knife, it was this over excitement that she really did not need for it. They didn’t want it to be seen as some big deal, they had been sitting on the idea for two weeks since talking about it that night. “We’re not throwing a party we’re having you guys round for dinner and just bought Leo a cake. We both just felt bad about ignoring the fact that he turns one at some point this month”


“That’s sweet. And Maggie was on board with the whole thing?” 


Alex rolled her eyes as they walked into her office at the DEO “You and the others make it sound like she can’t bear to be in the same room as kids-she likes kids, this was even her idea” 


Kara’s brows shit up “Wow really?”


“You just did it again”


“No no no it’s just...well-I don’t know I guess I just thought it would be more your idea” Kara let out a long shrug “Anyway you got it, I’ll tell the others- oooh am I buying presents? Please say I can buy him a present!”


Alex leaned against the back of her desk chair with a nod as she looked down to her phone “You can buy him a present” 


She saw the text she had recieved from Maggie fifteen minutes ago. 


Maggie [12:19PM]: Hi babe. I’m heading to that toy joy store or whatever it’s called, on my lunch break...promise I’ll get something both decent and actually age appropriate for him x 


Alex hummed a small laugh, glancing to Kara “Maggie’s going to get him something from us now” she scratched her temple “No doubt I’m gonna be having floods of photos of different toys for opinions” 


“You guys are cute” Kara smiled, gushing rather as she stepped forward, holding her hands out to Alex when taking a step forward “Y’know you take Leo in and you’re trying to give him the most stable home you can give him, have you heard anything from social services yet?”


“No nothing” Alex scratched the back of her neck.


“And it’ll be like two months soon, right?” 


“By the end of this month yeah” 


“Well” Kara shrugged “You guys are doing a great job”


Alex shot up a tight yet completely genuine smile to her sister before dropping down in her chair, letting out a deep breath when running her fingers through her hair. Kara walked further towards her “You okay?”


“Just tired” Alex laughed with exhaustion “We’re busting our asses”


“But like I said you’re doing great” her sister beamed to her, then scrunching her nose up at her “Plus, kinda worth it right?”


Alex rested her head on the back of the chair as she pondered on it for a moment, looking to the photo she had of Maggie on her desk “Yeah it is. Maggie is really taking it in her stride” 


“Forget the social-you’ve heard nothing from her sister?”


Alex blew a displeased raspberry with a shake of her head “No. I’m pretty sure we never will” she looked back over to Kara “I mean Maggie didn’t even have any contact numbers for her before all this much less when she landed Leo in our laps” 


“God I just don’t get how someone could do that” Kara folded her arms “I mean-I know my parents did it but that was to save my life, she just did it-”


“Because she felt like she needed to save her own” Alex raised her brows “Having a boyfriend and living some kind of wild life was more important than her own kid” her hands tucked behind her head “He’s better off where he is anyway” 


Kara tilted her head to her “You mean…”


“I mean he’s better off staying with us than being dumped in some group home so I guess if she was gonna abandon him she did it with some consideration” Alex rested her head in her hand, strumming her fingernails along the desk before shrugging her shoulders. 


Kara kept a dumbfounded smile on her face “I wanna be like you when I grow up”


“Shut up” Alex laughed breathlessly with a small snort as she sat back up “Go and fly around. Get some kittens down from a tree”


“That’s firefighters don’t insult me” 


“Firefighters are superheroes in their own right- go ” 


Alex’s smirk settled when Kara and her giggles skipped out of her office and gave her some peace of mind. For now.


Leo’s chosen birthday came up rather quickly, quicker than either of them expected. The ten days since telling Kara about the little get together they had mentioned. It was nice out, and to J’onn’s insistence, he came round and fired up the barbecue for them to have all the burgers, hot dogs and chicken thighs they desired.


Ever since he figured out how to actual barbecue that was it, he wanted to do one at any given chance he got. Half the reason they even bought a barbecue was because he took on some kind of role of being the king of it when their house became the place for all the gatherings they decided to have a spacious step up from Kara’s apartment that was, though Kara still hosted game night. She would always host game night, that she would fight to the death on. 


Everyone brought something when they arrived. Kara brought the burgers. Lena brought some wine. The very excited Nia brought a cake nearly the size as Leo himself, it had an elephant on it as well as his name and the number one. Alex and Maggie insisted that she didn’t need to go that much effort but Nia just really really wanted to. Brainy didn’t know what a baby’s party entails so after researching he just came with a teddy bear. 


James showed up with Kelly, also with booze. It seemed a one year olds birthday gathering was just a good excuse to just drink. Things with Kelly weren’t awkward, she and Alex dated for barely even a month before Maggie came swarming back into her life and things between them ended since it was strikingly obvious that Alex and Maggie were still desperately in love with each other. They were all friends now, which was the best way to be. 


Everyone convened themselves in the backyard, Leo in the safe hands of Kara. She completely and utterly adored him, gushed over him whenever she saw him. So much so that you’d think out of the Danvers sisters that it was Kara who always wanted kids not Alex. Alex was certain to play down her broodiness though.


The last person to show up was Eliza, in the two months that they had took him in, Eliza had never actually met Leo and always expressed how much she wanted to even after Alex told her time and time again what the situation was, her mother didn’t care, she was a mother herself. Mother’s loved babies no matter how old her children now are. So she finally found this as her chance.  


Alex opened the door to her mother, smiling brightly as usual when seeing her “Hey, mom” she leaned forward and kissed Eliza’s cheek before stepping to the side and had her walk in. As soon as she entered the welcoming committee also known as Gertrude, came bouncing in and skidded across the hardwood floors of the hall and crashed into Eliza’s legs before going to jump up. Alex pulled her back and gave Eliza a real embrace. “Glad you made it”


“Of course, I can’t wait to meet him” before Alex could even say anything, Eliza nodded when stepping further into the house “And I know it’s a temporary situation don’t worry I won’t scare Maggie”


Both their eyes went to the back yard when they came to the kitchen and saw Maggie talking to Kara who was holding Leo, seeing the birthday boy reach out and grip onto Maggie’s sleeve and tugged on it as a plea for her to take him in his arms. Maggie glanced to him in the midst of her conversation and gently smiled as she reached over and took him out of Kara’s arms which she complied with, Maggie held him closely as his head rested on her shoulder and settled with her rubbing his back. 


Alex’s heart skipping so many beats at the sight that she almost didn’t hear her mother mutter with the surprise to the sight “Although it doesn’t seem that she’s exactly hating it” she felt Eliza turn to her, Alex just shrugged “She doesn’t”


Her eyes remained on the two of them, her head tilting for a moment when she added “He always just fits into her like that” she still felt Eliza’s gaze when looking back to her mother and cleared her throat to shake off the subject, putting her hand onto Eliza’s back and showing her through to the back.


Alex walked out to the backyard, making a b-line for Maggie and Leo as Eliza firstly went over to Kara. Alex tickled Leo’s back “Someone we want you to meet”


Maggie smiled to her gently, not helping when she leaned forward and kissed her cheek. Alex looked to her “What was that for?”


“You’re my wife that’s reason enough” Maggie whispered, leaning forward once again to press another kiss, this time on her lips. People looking over to them for a second and all thinking the same thing, all thinking how much of a family they look. But they all knew to keep that to themselves, no one needs to complicate things further by saying it. They were all aware of the situation. 


Leo was passed into Alex’s arms as Eliza came over, giving Maggie the chance to greet and hug her properly. “Hi Eliza. You look great” 


Eliza gave her daughter in law a tight squeeze whilst not being able to resist looking over to her actual daughter and seeing how much she was gushing over the little boy that she was holding onto her as she made him giggle, tickling his sides with Leo putting his tiny palm over her mouth which she then pretended to nibble on. She was a natural, and from what Eliza saw before she dared to say that both of them were. 


She pulled back from Maggie, who turned to witness as Eliza grew closer to Alex and Leo with her hands pressed together and held against her chest as the was already besotted with the baby in her daughter's arms. “He’s just adorable isn’t he”


“That’s the only reason I agreed to this arrangement” Maggie deadpanned, looking to Alex and raising her brows. “Good looks”


Alex hummed, still patting Leo’s back and called as Maggie walked her way and over to the table, “He looks like his Aunt!”


All she received back was stiff laughter from her wife. But Eliza got another good look at him “He actually does” 


“I know” Alex looked to Leo, tickling her finger against his chubby cheek when mumbling “Both completely gorgeous” 


Eliza looked at Alex tenderly, then placing her hand on her daughter’s arm as gentle as her tone when speaking “Alex, my sweet”


Alex turned her head back to her after lingering on Leo, seeing Eliza tilt her head and ask quietly “Are you absolutely sure you are okay with all of this? This looking after a child until a new family is found?”


“Yes, mom” 


“It just seems like-”


“Putting drugs in front of an addict” Alex cocked a brow “Yeah Maggie already used that metaphor at the very beginning. Listen-mom thank you for looking out for me but I know what I’m doing. And I know that nothing will make me make the mistake of choosing something over her ever again, and I know how hard this will be-”


“Honey it might well crush you” 


“It would crush me if I had to do this and not have Maggie. But I have her, and we will always have a life together and that is all I want and need” her eyes flickered back to Leo. “Even though letting this little guy will be a punch to the gut” she looked to her mother for more reassurance “Maggie is always going to be enough”


“Okay” Eliza soothed, squeezing down on her arm “I trust your judgement”  


Alex smiled to her tightly and looked over to Maggie who stood by the table they had set up to have all the food on it. Nia coming over to her rather quickly once Maggie got close to the cake that she had brought in for this little get together “Is the cake okay?”


Maggie glanced to her when realising her presence and chuckled when flickering her eyes to the cake for a moment “Yeah, Nia. The cake is great-thank you” 


“Cause I wasn’t sure which flavour y’know? What he’d actually like” 


Another small chuckle came from Maggie’s voice as she looked back up to the young superhero “Nia he’s one. Pretty sure he’s eating anything and everything at this stage” she grazed her hand down the back of Nia’s arma when passing her to return back over to Alex. 


Leo was now well and truly in Eliza’s arms as she had been itching to get a hold of him as soon as she came into the house. Maggie set the plate down on the table beside her wife “Stacked up enough for both of us” 


Alex hummed sweetly “You’re cute” she reached forward, taking the bottle of beer out of Maggie’s hand and taking a drink of it herself, leaving the Detective slightly stunned with her hand fell out “I didn’t mean that ” 


Another muffled laugh came from Alex’s lips, pinching Maggie’s cheeks with her single hand to pull her forward and press an apologetic and completely forgiving kiss again her lips, which Maggie of course indulged as soon as the feeling that rushed through her body came to her senses like it does everytime Alex kissed her. 


She pulled back with a smug smirk on her face when looking back to Maggie, knowing well and truly she could have as many as Maggie’s beers as she damn well pleased since Maggie would always let it slide after something as simple as a kiss, Maggie rolled her eyes and pushed Alex’s face by pressing her fingertips against her jaw “Get out of here” 


With the smirk still on her face, Alex just took one of the cut burgers and planted it in her mouth.


They finished up the food, lit the cake and watched as Leo stuffed his face with the slightly larger slice that Alex snuck for him. This whole thing was without a doubt that most family orientated thing they had done to date when it came to fostering Leo, but they really wouldn’t change it for anything. Because what they did was right by Leo, they were morally obligated to make sure he had a good day.


Even if he won’t remember it in a few years to come, or remember them for that matter. Shortly after eating his cake, Leo ended up in a nicely tucked food coma which led to Alex taking him upstairs and putting him down to bed. 


Returning downstairs to the living room where everyone was sat round with a drink in their hand, talking and quietly laughing to prevent them from waking up the sleeping child just as he went to sleep. But once Leo was out he was usually just out. 


Alex set herself down on the couch by Maggie and was immediately passed a glass of red wine. Her body rested against her wife’s body, feeling Maggie’s lips press against her temple. Her arm holding securely around her body, Alex looking up into her eyes when Maggie casually asked if she was okay, Alex’s face just settled sweetly as she merely hummed to her, gracing her forehead against Maggie’s cheek before they both dove back into the conversation with their friends and family. 


It had been one of the best days that they had in awhile, and one of the only days where their entire family had actually gotten together to meet Leo. No one really saw him since he was always either in daycare whilst Alex and Maggie worked or just at the house with them, Kara was the one to see him the most out of all of them and even that wasn’t as much as both Alex and Maggie knew she’d want. 


Alex only got a few minutes of rest before Kara was in the kitchen and yelling to them that she couldn’t find the bottle opener. Maggie made the statement that Alex had to go get it for her because Alex was the sister here. Alex threw herself up from the coach and headed over to help her sister. “You’re a goddamn superhero and you can’t use your x-ray vision to find our bottle opener?”


“First of all you have so much stuff in your cabinets it’ll be like a less fun Where’s Waldo and second of all I don’t want to find anything private” 


Alex stared at her with her brows deeply creased when putting her wine down and opening the drawer “ Private ? What the hell-you know what I don’t even want to know what you’re thinking of” she takes out the bottle opener and lands it in Kara’s palm with every attempt to shrug off that horrifying suggestion. 


Kara just giggled and opened up the bottle of beer, looking over and seeing the hand painting the Leo had done at daycare over on the table. It was just his tiny palms printed onto the paper with apparently his choice of red paint. “Masterpiece like that you should go on the fridge” 


Alex glanced over to what she was referring to and scoffed a small laugh herself “If he could reach I think he already would’ve done it by now. I’m making a box” 


“A box?”


“Yeah box of stuff that belongs to him. Y’know all the stuff he does at daycare. The finger paintings and the pacifiers just his things”




Alex looked back to her sister. “To give to the family that decide to have him” 


Oh ” Kara breathed “I thought you meant for you” 


“No. No I don’t need a box to remember stuff” 


Kara kept her eyes on Alex, who has her eyes on Maggie, taking a sip of her wine. Kara smiled with another innocent shrug when looking back to the painting “Anyone is going to be lucky to have him” 


Alex’s attention went back to Kara, withdrawing the glass from her lips and settling it back down “Yeah” a small giggle then came from her lips when shrugging “God I’d have him forever if I could”


Kara stopped for a moment and grew ever so slightly worried that Alex was in fact being set up for heartbreak when it came down to them giving Leo up to his chosen family. Alex kept saying she was okay with it but it was comments like that –– even in jest, that made Kara wonder if she was being honest with herself as well as everyone else.  But she didn’t know anything, she just smiled sweetly with a small smile and the two of them walked back over and joined everyone else.


People didn’t stay too late. As well as having work in the morning, everyone could tell how much Alex and Maggie just wanted some downtime. So after one more drink since Alex put Leo to bed, everyone was on their way. Eliza was staying with Kara to then drive home in the morning. 


The two of them being the last to go, Eliza squeezed her arm around her eldest extra tight as she then whispered in her ear whilst Maggie said her goodbyes to Kara. “I am proud of what you’re doing for that little boy” 


“Yeah?” Alex mumbled with her head still resting on her mother’s shoulder, looking up to the starry sky “You don’t think I’m playing with fire? Or being ridiculous” 


Eliza took in a breath and pulled back to look to Alex, cupping her cheek “I think you’re a very strong woman. Who is doing a very noble thing. Nothing about that is ridiculous. You know it’s going to be hard but you and Maggie are stronger together than ever before” she pressed her lips against her forehead “You’re finally the person who you’ve always wanted to be and I’m so proud to be here to see it, helping people and in a happy loving marriage”


“Okay” Alex whispered “You better get out of here before you make me cry” 


Eliza chuckled gently and kissed Alex again quickly on her cheek before turning around to Maggie and saying goodnight to her as the Danver’s sisters shared a goodnight embrace. 


Alex and Maggie remained on their porch until Eliza and Kara were out of vision when driving down the road, Maggie leaned her body hard into Alex’s –– having her wife’s arms wrap around her to hold her up with the Detective sighing “I’m exhausted”


Alex grumbled a laugh, placing a kiss on Maggie’s delicate forehead. “Come on” she pulled Maggie back towards their door by her waist. They pulled apart with Maggie walking ahead back into the house. Gertrude already had the right idea by being upstairs most likely tucked away in her bed. Alex shut the door behind her “You want a drink?”


“No” Maggie whined, turning to Alex on her heel and heavily leaning forward, gripping her hands to pull her close “I just want bed. With you in it” 


Alex smirked softly, her voice turning to a faint and loving whisper “You got it” she leaned forward and pressed a kiss to Maggie’s lips. “Let’s go to bed” 


Their fingers remained entwined as Maggie led her wife up the stairs, not letting go until they reached their bedroom and got changed. Maggie flung back the comforter and practically leaped into bed, letting out the most satisfied groan as the comfort soaked up her entire body when wrapping her arms tightly around her pillow. Her eyes falling shut within a second of resting her body. Another sweet hum came from her mouth before mumbling. “Get the lights, baby”


Alex flicked the switch when walking to the laundry basket, hearing Maggie add in a still sleepy mumble. “And close the window. Heard there’s meant to be some rain tonight” 


“Of course, my love” Alex teased in an overly soft voice as she shut the window, keeping the tone with it turning slightly British “Would you care for anything else? Would you like the house moving a little bit to the left, or?”


The completely adorable giggle came from her wife, causing Maggie’s entire body to wiggle up and down in the process, lying her hand out flat on Alex’s side of the bed “No just you next to me will be perfectly fine” 


Alex raised her brows for a moment with a smug smirk appearing on her lips. That she would happily comply with. Alex sunk into the bed and pulled the comforter over them both, Maggie wasting no time in wriggling up to Alex and throwing her hand over her stomach “That’s better” 


“You are so needy” Alex ran her fingers through Maggie’s hair “And completely adorable” 


“You’re just as needy don’t throw stones in glass houses” Maggie mumbled, giving a quick kiss on Alex’s shoulder before resting her head back down against it. “But I love you” 


Alex’s back sunk further into the bed with her arms wrapping around Maggie’s body, her head resting down against the top of Maggie’s, her eyes too falling shut “I love you too” 






Considering they had never thrown a child’s birthday bash in their entire lives. They would mark this one down as a success.

Chapter Text

Kara had what Alex said on her brain the entire evening right until waking up. Maybe she was overthinking the whole thing, but then what if she was underthinking it by thinking she was overthinking it. Everything was so confusing. She was just worried about Alex, worried that Alex was feeling things that she is deciding to keep inside. 


Plus Kara loved Alex and Maggie so much she doesn’t want anything to come between them again, she didn't want history to repeat itself. Alex hiding her feelings until things came to blows and there was no going back. She knew that things were different and that they were stronger than ever but they had never had something like this come round in their laps again. 


Maggie was pissed last time when Alex told Kara things without confiding in her, she was pissed at being kept in the dark and Alex wasn’t even doing it on purpose she was hiding her possible feelings not only from Maggie but from herself. 


Why did she have to comment on that goddamn hand print painting. Why didn’t she just uses her x-ray vision to find that damn bottle opener then she would be perfectly clueless to this entire thing. She thought about it all the way into the DEO. Seeing her sister already suited up and fast at work. 


Alex locked onto Kara and made her way over. “Hey”


“Hi. Busy morning?” 


“No not really-Maggie is dropping by soon after leaving Leo at daycare, we’ve got things to talk about” 


“What things?” Kara quickly asked in hopes that things would be the whole getting feelings off their chest thing. But Alex shrugged rather simply when stating “We need to cross wires on the whole rogue Child of Liberty thing. Those two we took into custody the other month never talked and we didn’t have enough evidence to hold them to the riot so they were released”




“We have to work with the police department more than ever on this so she’s coming over so we can talk. We don’t talk about work at home-well we try not to”


“Right yeah I remember, you need me for anything with it?” 


Alex’s hand rested gently down on her sister’s arm “If we do we will call you right away” she smiled to Kara without a care in the world, clearly nothing about the other night was bothering her. She walked away and carried on walking around the place like the Director she was. 


It wasn’t long afterwards that Maggie showed up, seeing Kara before seeing anyone else and calling her name when walking through the front doors, flashing her fully dimpled smile that was always left no wonder as to why Alex swooned so much every time she saw Maggie since the day she met her. 


“Hi Maggie”


“Hey, is she in her office?” 


“Always is” Kara smiled tightly. Maggie letting out a breathless laugh when growing closer to the stairs. “She hardly leaves that thing after getting it” 


Alex becoming Director was very beneficial to her when she made the first of business being that she got her own office space. Maggie knocked on the door when walking in “It’s only me” 


“You don’t ever have to knock” 


“Is that the work perk I get as your wife? Walking in anywhere I want” Maggie shut the door behind her, walking further into the office and cocking her brow “I knew there was a reason I married you” 


Alex wriggled her brows with a smirk, Maggie made her way round to her and put her hand at the top of Alex’s chair as she leaned down and pressed a quick kiss against her wife’s lips. “Hi” 


“Hi” Alex embraced another kiss before a hum slipped from her lips with a gentle push pressing down against Maggie’s arm. “ Shop talk


Maggie let out a stiff groan and stood up straight with Alex too then standing up and the two of them dropped any personal conversation between the two of them and spent a long fifteen minutes sitting at the corner table and went through everything they needed to discuss about these attacks throughout the city. Once they get down to the real business they did work well together, more than well. 


Meanwhile Kara was still walking around the place wondering just how much she should keep her mouth shut, she should speak to Alex first and try talking to her about it sister to sister. That was the best option. 


She went upstairs to check up on any details but saw that they were clearly taking a break from shop talk when seeing Alex sat back in her chair behind her desk but with Maggie sitting on her lap, both of them soon bursting out into hysterics after Alex mumbled something to her. They always looked so happy together, even more so ever since getting back together. Was it really Kara’s place to say anything that could mess that up?


But she was also worried that Alex is bottling things up again for it all to come to blows. She makes it her job to put Maggie first but this could come back to bite the both of them. Kara turned on her heel when seeing Maggie get off Alex’s lap to stand and leaned down to kiss her. 


Kara began to slowly walk back down the walkway to avoid being seen and clearly caught in spying. She heard the office door open and then heard Maggie once again call her name as she caught up “Hey I was just grabbing your gorgeous sister a coffee you want anything?” 


Damn it. Maggie was in a really good mood. Kara tried smiling convincingly when turning down the offer. “No thanks, I’m good” 


“You okay?”


So evidently Kara needed to work on her acting skills, she glanced to Maggie and tried again “Yeah I’m fine”


“Of all your powers you are one shitty liar, Kara” Maggie gripped onto Kara’s arm and stopped them both in their treks as Kara turned to her. Maggie dropped her hand with a shrug “What is it? You can talk to me” 


“It’s Alex” Kara blurted. Her eyes widening at herself from the realisation that she said that allowed. “No it isn’t. I gotta go-”


Maggie gripped onto her arm again, this time a little harder as she tried to prevent Kara from walking away as much as possible. Kara knew that she could technically carry on walking from her strength alone but when Maggie was pissed the fear of her overpowered any other of her skills. 


“You don’t need to go anywhere. What about Alex?” 


“It’s nothing, really” 


“It has to be something if it’s got you acting this cagey” 


“There’s no cage-”


Kara ” Maggie shut her eyes for a second to then keeping Kara at a stern look “If something is going on tell me right now. I know she’s your sister and you guys have that whole little Danvers sisterhood crap but she’s my wife and the most important thing to me so just please. Please ” 


Kara sighed but gave in, keeping her voice soft to make the information not seem as abrupt “Okay look nothing is going on it’s just-the other night at your place for Leo’s birthday she said something that she tried to play off as if she was kidding but...I don’t know if she was deep down”


Maggie inhaled deeply, the feeling already riding up her body on what was said. “Well?”


Another sigh slipped from the Kryptonian “She said she could keep Leo forever-but Maggie she did say it in a joking context I might just be looking into it too deep...but we know she can bury feelings at times”


“Times as in when it comes to kids” Maggie pressed her palm against her forehead “Why hasn’t she said anything to me?” 


“Cause I think that she’s keeping it from herself. I don’t think she realises there might be truth to what she jokes about” 


Maggie stared at Kara and dropped her hand back down to hold out flat in front of her sister in law, her voice turning slightly more stern yet shaken at the same time “The last time she kept this stuff bottled up she ended it with me” 


“Maggie she would never do that again she knows how big of a mistake that was”


A nod came from Maggie but not out of belief “Or she’s thinking of giving up kids was the big mistake now” 


“Maggie, no” 


“What am I supposed to think, Kara?” Maggie snapped in a choke. Her eyes filling up with her voice becoming so strained it was turning into a whisper “She is everything, she is my life. Her having these thoughts in any capacity terrifies the hell out of me” 


Maggie shut herself up and bowed her head, pinching the bridge of her nose as she took a breath, holding her hand up when lifting her head “You know what? Just tell Alex i got a call back to the precinct. I need some air...don’t tell her you told me, okay? Let me talk to her completely from scratch with it all when she gets home” 


Kara nodded and turned as Maggie passed her “Maggie I’m sorry I didn’t mean to-”


“Don’t apologise, Kara” Maggie looked to her once more “Because she sure as hell wasn’t going to tell me” 


The Detective shrugged her shoulders with a tight smile for a second as if to say try and tell me I’m wrong before she turned again and walked away with Kara not calling her back, leaving the sister to go into the office and tell Alex the excuse for Maggie not coming back. 


Kara knew that Alex thought it sounded off, but she respected Maggie enough to respect her wishes in letting her handle all of this by herself.


Alex could tell as soon as she walked in the house, seeing the looking on Maggie’s face from walking into the living room, that something was definitely wrong. All the thoughts she had of her being pissed by the way she stormed out the DEO was right. 


At first she said nothing, she went over to Leo who was now playing peacefully on his play mat in the corner of the living room. Gently scuffing the top of his head and eventually walked back to her wife in still silence. Alex set herself down on the coffee table, facing her. “What’s wrong? Why did you bail back at the DEO?”


“I got called back to the prescient”


“Maggie” Alex kept her voice soft, Maggie remained quiet until Alex went to reach over to hold her arm, Maggie sat back out of her reach and finally asked the burning question that had been brewing in her mind ever since Kara spoke to her “Did you tell Kara that you wanted to keep Leo?”


Alex straightened her posture “No?”


“Because according to her you said something at the birthday thing we had for him”


Alex sighed, pressing her fingertips against her forehead “I was kidding”


Maggie shrugged “What did you say then?”


“I don’t know, babe-I was drinking”


Again Maggie just shrugged “Then how do you know you were kidding?”


There was a small silence before Alex squinted to her and couldn’t help but get on the defensive “Sorry. Am I talking to my wife right now or Detective Sawyer ?”


Another pause built up between the two of them, just a few seconds before Maggie dropped her head and gripped to the back of her head “I can’t go through this again”


“We’re not going through anything again”


“No?” Maggie lifted her head and looked back up to her “Going to Kara about your feelings before telling me, again ? Like last time with the kid thing. Only this time it’s a lot more frustrating because we’re married now, you are my wife and you’re still being coy over your feelings”


Alex’s palms pressed together, keeping her voice soft. “Sweetie. Kara has taken this out of context”


“Maybe” Maggie nodded only right before cocking her head ever so slightly to the side “But I still don’t buy you wouldn’t have even joked about something like that unless you didn’t feel it”


“I don’t” 

“You’re all I need, guess you gotta let me know if you feel the same way”


“I do”

Maggie took a breath “Stop lying to me” she bit her lip “You've done that enough in the past when it comes to this topic”


Alex’s lips parted to speak but struggled on what to even say. Maggie scoffed under her breath and got up to her feet, walking over to the kitchen behind them. Alex glanced to the innocently clueless infant to the side of the room, still sweetly playing with his toys.


Alex got me up and walked over to the kitchen, seeing Maggie stand by the end of the counter and pour herself a glass of scotch, now she really was in trouble. There was silence, zero speaking and zero eye contact coming from her wife. Alex’s lips pressed together when raising her brows. “Are you really going to the whole drinking silent treatment thing?”


Still not looking at her, Maggie waved her hand in dismissal whilst bringing the glass to her lips “You’re pissing me off”


I’m pissing you off?” her brows went up further with Maggie humming stiffly during the sipping of the scotch, for Alex to scoff “I’ve barely said anything” 


“And that’s half the problem” Maggie finally looked to her, putting the glass down harshly “ Speak , Alex. Seriously—I can’t believe this fight has come back around after two years”


“It hasn’t! Maggie this is ridiculous”


“Well forgive me for not feeling too secure over this since the last time we were in this position it didn’t end well, you can’t blame me for this going on in my head now so please just put all the cards on the table. If you had the chance to keep him for good, would you?”


Alex bit her lip, scared of what to say, but nowhere as scared as Maggie was in finding out what the answer was. But Alex knew she had to answer and she had to answer honestly “Yes—but I know we’re not and I am okay with it, babe. That’s my honest answer completely” 


But all Maggie heard was the ‘yes’ and found it hard to take on any other part of Alex’s sentence, her words came out breathlessly with disbelief “Jesus” an annoyed smile grew to her lips when her eyes closed for a second. Taking another sip of her scotch and putting it down even more firmly that it was a surprise she didn’t crack it as her words came out more firmly with her eyes still away “How the hell-


She paused when turning to Alex and now looked at her dead in the eyes “Did you manage to get me in this position, not once but twice . I knew something like this would happen. I knew you would start thinking this but I couldn’t say no to what we decided because he’s my nephew and I have an obligation. But you always wanted this, you always wanted this from me. The wife, the baby”


Usually when Maggie said something like the end of that sentence it was done in jest and teasing, but there was no flirtatious or innocent banter here. Alex took a breath took a breath “Wow can we please not go there?”


“It’s true though right?”


Alex ran her fingers through the side of her hair and shrugged “Fine. In a perfect world yes I would have it all . But my world is you and that is completely enough. You are enough and are all I need and I’m sorry in our past I made you feel differently but it’s all true. I love you so much” she took a breath and couldn’t help but say the other thing on her mind despite telling herself to leave it alone “But I do think you’re downplaying the connection and bond you feel with him”


“Excuse me?”


Alex nods once again “I do, Maggie, I think you don’t want to admit to any of it. Cause I know you and I think it’s crossed your mind too”


Maggie scoffed, looking away “Unbelievable”


“I think it scares you that you might want him”


“I didn’t want any of this!” Maggie burst, turning back to her “I was happy with just you”


“And I was happy with just you! Believe it or not I didn’t want to be put in this situation either because I knew how hard it would be on the both of us. But this is the hand we’ve been dealt with, Mags and we just have to go with it there’s no running away from it. All we can do is be honest with our feelings and stop fighting them like I know deep down you are”


Another annoyed laugh came out in a grumble from Maggie “That is rich coming from you given how this whole argument started” 


“You wanted me to talk and now I am-“


“I want some space how about that?”


Alex stared at her, raising her brows slightly “Space?”


“Yeah. Space”


Alex bit her lip and put her hands up when going to back away, back over to the door through the living room “Fine, you want space I’ll give you space. I’ll be at-“


“Kara’s. Yeah I know” Maggie pressed her fingers against her lips with a harsh and firm rub, then hearing Alex say “Do you want space from him too?”


Maggie looked over to see Alex motioning to Leo, to which she just rolled her eyes “I’m not an asshole, Alex. He’s settled it’s fine”


Alex nods more out of spite and passes another grumbled cause comment “Just me you can’t stand to be around”


Maggie closed her eyes when hearing the front door shut hard, she then just grabbed her glass and finished off the rest of the scotch.


Kara pulled back her door and had the first words to come out of her mouth with her hand held up being “I’m sorry” 


A scoff and the roll of Alex’s eyes came as a reply when she walked right past her sister and stated when reaching the kitchen and holding her arms out “You could’ve at least warned me, Kara” 


“I would have but Maggie asked me not to cause she wanted to speak to you about it from complete scratch without you having time to make something up I guess”


“Make something up? She was trying to catch me off guard she’s…” Alex ran her fingers through her hair with an annoyed smile across her face when opening the cabinet for a drink when hearing Kara say “Alex you know she isn’t like that. This is Maggie and I know you’ve been fighting but you love her”


“Yes I do, I love her but I’m also mad at her just like she is with me right now” Alex looked to her sister when taking the bottle of wine down to the counter and could practically read her mind as if it were a power of her own. “You think she has a right to be”


“I mean. I don’t know the things that were said but I get why she’s frustrated with it all, Alex she’s gonna think history is repeating itself-”


“It’s not! I wasn’t being serious when I said that to you” Alex insisted once again, putting the bottle back down on the counter after pouring her glass, Kara tilting her head to her with a small shrug when walking over to the counter “But you did mean part of it, right?” 


Alex bit her lip with a sharp breath coming from the back of her throat “That’s…” a small frustrated groan then slipped out when she just took a sip of her wine and shook her head but gave back no verbal answer. Kara then said softly “Alex, you love Leo” 


“Yeah” Alex whispered, her eyes still down on the wine for a moment when mumbling “But I love Maggie more” she looked over to Kara “I said to you once that I love her so much that it hurts, remember that?”


“I remember”


“Except it ended with me concluding that I was going to choose motherhood over her but I’m not doing that this time-I can’t and I tried telling her that but right now she’s just…”


“She’s gone on the defensive” 


“Yeah” Alex breathed when dragging her glass off the counter and walked closer to Kara’s couch when hearing her sister add “Because she’s scared” 


Alex stood and faced her for a moment with Kara shrugging and laying out rather simply “From losing you. She’s terrified” 


“But she won’t-”


“I know that and even Maggie knows that but right now she’s just locking herself up so that y’know she feels guarded” 


“You know my wife better than me now?” Alex sat back down and let out a sigh with her eyes closed “I’m sorry, Kara I don’t mean to...” 


“I know you don’t” Kara walked over and sat beside her, “You’re just upset and frustrated and I get it” 


Alex sunk further down into the couch with her palm resting flat down on her forehead, her eyes closing again in a long blink as she let out another deep breath through her nose, feeling Kara’s hand pat her arm. “Look I am sorry I didn’t speak to you about it, it’s just Maggie saw right through me when I tried to play it off”


“Yeah you’re a shitty liar”


“She said the same thing”


Alex hummed. “That’s why I love her”


“How did it end? The fight? How come you’ve ended up here?” 


“Because she told me wanted space from me and I gave it to her...spitefully” she glanced to her sister and looked centre forward when taking the glass to her lips “Here I am” 


“Okay, come on. Tell me everything that happened”  


Alex rested her head down on the back of the couch with her eyes landing on her sister, waiting a few seconds before she opened her mouth.


Alex had been gone for just over an hour and already Maggie wanted to call her, to call her and ask her to come home. To tell her that she loved her and was just angry before, that she would listen and they could talk through it all. But no, she didn’t do any of that because she felt like she still needed space to wrap her head around the whole thing. Space might be good right now. 


Gertrude lay by the front door, waiting for Alex’s return. Which Maggie felt on a spiritual level, she walked over and crouched down beside her for a second as she rubbed behind her ears “She’ll be home soon” she glanced over to the door “I hope”


She prayed that Alex didn’t decide to spend the night at Kara’s. If it got too late at night then she will be calling her, because she wanted her here. Maggie stood back up straight and walked down the steps into the living room. And as soon as she was in Leo’s sights he pulled himself up on his playpen and stretched right out for her, crying out for her attention. 


Maggie let out a small short breath through her nose and ultimately gave in, reaching down and taking Leo out, carrying him over to the couch and sitting down her legs crossed, keeping her hands on his side as she sat him on her lap facing her. “I’m sorry you had to see that before” 


Leo just mumbled some kind of noise, still not mastering any words yet. Besides Maggie doubts he even knows the extent of her sentences right now anyway, she was talking to him like he was an adult. He just patted his hands on her arms as she continued to talk as if to get it off her chest “But it isn’t your fault, okay? I like you being here”


He hummed again sweetly, innocently and completely cluelessly. Maggie smiled lightly and rubbed his dimpled cheek with her finger “Don’t worry, me and your-” she quickly stopped herself. Not quite knowing what she was even going to say but found the way that sentence was going to be completely unexpected, she cleared her throat and put herself straight before her brain even had the chance to say something else “Me and Alex are going to work things out”


Maggie bowed her head whilst still keeping a hold onto the infant “I’m having a heart to heart with a twelve month old” she looked back up to Leo with him gurgling some more non word noises and scrunched her nose up at him when nodding “Okay”


She took Leo off her lap and scooted him into the corner of the couch. “You can stay up here just...stay there . I don’t want you falling off” Maggie settled her back down in the other corner of the couch, spreading her legs across the couch and in front of the child as added insurance that he wouldn’t roll off. 


But she didn’t have to worry about that because a minute or so after she was settled and continued watching the episode of Brooklyn 99 that she had been watching for the past hour to distract herself from the events of tonight, when Leo suddenly began to crawl up her legs and spread himself out against her, his little pudgy stomach lying down against hers when resting his head on her chest and spreading his arms down her sides. 


She felt frozen for a moment, completely taken by surprise as Leo nuzzled his head against her for a few seconds longer for some more comfort as he let out a satisfied hum after slapping his little chops together with a yawn. The fact that this infant felt settled within a second of his chosen move of lying on Maggie’s stomach, made her completely frozen in shock. Her entire stomach fluttered –– she never thought of someone that would be seen as a comfort to a child. That’s why she told Alex she never saw herself as being a mom because she never thought something like this would be happening in her life. Yet here she was. 


Leo always cried out for her, always wanted to be held by her and it’s always something that Maggie tried to look past. She tried to glance over the feeling over overwhelming pride that she has felt from time to time when he did something as simple as clap his hands or stand himself up when holding onto furniture. She tried to play off her stressing over making sure he had the best birthday as just being a good person, a good Aunt. Aunt . Nothing else.


Her hand fell down on his back when Maggie gradually sunk into the position she was now in and softly began to stroke his back, looking down to him now more than looking at the episode. She couldn’t help but think about what Alex said before about her ignoring the bond she felt with him. Maybe she was, and then all sorts of thoughts came flooding in about how she was going to feel when he was taken away, something they decided to be done on their own accord. 


She cradled the back of his head and stroked her thumb across his dark brown curled locks and turned her head back to the screen. Feeling a kind of comfort that she never thought she would feel tonight of all nights. 


The aching for Alex come home began to hurt less ever so slightly with Leo now resting with her.


It was four hours by the time that Alex had decided to come home after saying she wasn’t going to stay with Kara despite her sister offering several times that she could stay if she wanted. But Alex didn’t want to stay with Kara, she never even wanted to leave her house in the first place, she very much wants to be at home with Maggie. 


She just wanted to come home and fix this entire mess. It was pushing nine o’clock by the time she opened the front door and was finally home, she was cautious when both opening and closing the door since she figured that Maggie would have put Leo down to bed by now. 


Alex bent down to the floor and hushed Gertrude sweetly as the pup slid across the hardwood floors and landed to Alex’s feet, licking her neck and cheek whilst Alex tickled behind her ears, indulging her for a few more seconds before she looked over through the living room and saw Maggie by the archway of the kitchen, leaning against it with a cup of coffee in her hand “I was getting worried you weren’t going to come home” 


“Of course I was going to come home” Alex slowly stood up, tucking her hands into her back pockets “I was worried you wouldn’t want me to” 


Maggie tilted her head to her. “No matter how bad the fights are please always know I want you to come home” a frown then fell down to her face “Come here” 


Alex wasted no time and made her way over, meeting Maggie halfway as the Detective put her cup down on the side and ran into the embrace with her wife. Her first words slipping out with a cry of a whisper “I’m sorry” 


“I’m sorry too” Alex pressed her lips against Maggie’s neck “I swear I’ll always come home” 


Maggie gripped onto her for a tighter moment before they both moved over to the couch, facing each other with their legs crossed and hands still holding together. Alex’s lips pressed down to each other “I’m so sorry for not telling you that I had been feeling some things towards this situation, but Maggie please believe me i wasn’t hiding anything from you it’s because I didn’t even realise they were there and when I say that you come above anything to me, with no regrets attached. If I lost you again I would die”


“Don’t talk like that” Maggie quivered with her eyes fixed on their hands, looking up to Alex when she squeezed them to catch her attention when continuing her point “But that’s how it would feel. It was like I lived two years without a heart when we were broken up”


“I feel that” Maggie sighed “But I do believe you. I do. It’s just this whole thing is resurfacing old wounds and...insecurities” 


“I know” Alex continued to stroke the back of Maggie’s hand. Maggie took in a shaken breath as her voice came out more in a cry “The thought of something coming between us again feels like a knife in my chest because I love you-I love you so much. I have never been so happy in my life than when I’m with you and you are the best thing to come into my life, Alex. That’s why I snapped because I was scared we were back in that place”


“We’re not” 


“No we’re not because…” Maggie glanced down to their hands “Because you were right about me ignoring this bond that I have with Leo” when looking up she saw the shift in Alex’s expression to complete surprise but still in content listening. 


Maggie shrugged “Tonight when it was just me and him it gave me time to think. I got him out of his playpen and after I sat him down on the couch he crawled on me and lay on my chest, fell asleep. And Alex I felt like my heart got cracked wide open...I wanted to hold him all night and I just thought about all the times he’s made me laugh and made me happy and just...warm inside...and then I thought how we’d go back to being completely without him if we stayed with this plan”


Alex swallowed thickly “If?”


“I just-” Maggie took one hand away and ran her fingers through her hair “You know I’ve said about how I never saw myself as being a mom –– and I tried to not think as one now but with everything I’ve felt whilst Leo has been here...being able to sooth him and put him to sleep so easily like I did tonight. That is what a parent does, what a parent is” 


Alex wanted to agree with her whole chest because she did but she still didn’t want to jump to the wrong conclusion, though it was becoming clear that what she thought was the truth. “Maggie, what are you saying?”


“I’m saying I can’t imagine anyone else being as good of parents to him than us. I can’t imagine anyone knowing his likes and dislikes as well as you or can put him to sleep as well as I can. I don’t think anyone else is going to have this bond that we have with him, it can’t be remade”


Maggie pressed her lips together in a small pause “I’m wondering what you would think if we called child services and tell them that he’s found his forever home here” 


Alex’s eyes filled up so much that tears already ran down her cheeks when a breathless smile came to her with her throat being completely caught. “Are you serious?”


“I am as serious about this as I was that night I came to your apartment and told you I wanted you” Maggie reached up and rested her palm against her wife’s cheek “I never saw our lives going this way...but then again you lived twenty eight years thinking you were straight” 


Alex laughed breathless with her tears still down her cheeks, pushing Maggie’s hand away which fell down onto Alex’s when adding in a still soft voice as her smiled settled. “My point is things change” 


Alex nodded with a small shrug of her own. “People come into our lives and change what we think we know” 


A small agreeing hum came from the back of Maggie’s throat when holding back tightly to Alex’s hands “And after all this time I want to be a parent, I never thought I would say that I do. So long as I am his parent...and I’m a parent with you”


It felt weird coming off her tongue, that word in that context. But as well as it feeling weird it also felt right. In this situation right here, right now. It felt right. 


Alex bit her lip and softly raised her brows when she deadpanned. “I don’t know how to tell you this but I don’t want kids” 


“Shut up” Maggie amusingly choked as she pushed Alex’s shoulder before Alex just leaned forward and kissed her hard and filled with nothing but love and passion. Maggie’s hands gripped her waist whilst Alex cupped her cheeks when leaning up on her knees. Alex pulled her lips away but kept her hands where they were when she leaned back and looked to her “We’re doing this?”


“I think so” Maggie professed, her hand resting down gently on Alex’s wrist. Alex bit her lip once again and raised her brows when asking in another small cry “You’re sure?”


“I wouldn’t be telling you all of this if I wasn’t. Trust me, babe. I’m sure” she pressed her lips against her wrist and looked back to her. “We can do this. If you want” 


“Yes” Alex whispered breathlessly, kissing her hard once again before crying out with their foreheads pressed together “I love you so much, Maggie Danvers”


“I love you too, Alex Danvers” Maggie leaned back forward and enclosed the conversation with another sealing kiss. 


If anyone would have told them that their life would come back round to a full circle and ended up with them having a child, they would have said they were crazy. And yet here they were, and there was no other feelings around them other and happiness, love and sheer excitement.

Chapter Text

Leo’s first Halloween with Alex and Maggie was coming up in a matter of days, it had been three weeks since they had come to the decision of wanting to be Leo’s full time parents, they called child services right away and after a few meetings, they were officially placed down as Leo’s foster parents with the search for a family being pulled to a complete stop. 


He was now in their care full time and that was how it was going to be for good. He was theirs. Well he will officially be there once they get on the lines of adoption which was another conversation for them to have. 


But right now, they had a problem on their hands. “I wish Winn was here” Alex threw her head back when sitting back down against the couch “He knew how to make costumes” 


“The majority of it is practically done you just need to sow on a patch-”


No ” Alex raised her brows to her “You’ve got the holster and gun”


“Which we literally just need to paint” Maggie ran her fingers through Alex’s hair as she stood over her “You remember how to paint, right? Something you’re able to do since being about...five?” 


Alex looked up to her and reached up, taking her hand from her own hair by not letting go of it “You’re making fun of me” 


“Yeah, I am” Maggie chuckled gently and shrugged before she leaned down and muttered before pressing her lips against Alex’s “But it’s sweet”


Alex’s hands fell on the back of Maggie’s neck to pull her lips closer to hers, Maggie letting out an amused breath through her nose as Alex pulled her down onto her lap. Their tongues brushing together before holding a hard kiss, small hums leaving both their mouths as they projected onto each others. Maggie’s hand resting on Alex’s jaw with her fingertips pressed to her neck, her hips pressing down hard onto her wife’s. 


Until the cry came from the baby monitor as Leo stirred from his bedroom. Maggie pulled her head back and let out a small sigh when screwing her eyes shut with Alex pressed her lips against Maggie’s neck in several hard pecks before patting Maggie’s side. “I’ll go” 


“No you have some arts and crafts to work on” Maggie smirked, pressing another hard kiss against Alex’s lips and humming when pulling back and sliding back off Alex’s lap and slapping down on the side of her thigh “I’ve distracted you long enough” 


Alex grabbed the little costume she had been putting together for Leo and swatted it against Maggie’s backside as the Detective went on her way out of the living room and went up the stairs. 


Maggie reached Leo’s room and pushed open his door to see him crying in his crib. Her voice going immediately soft “What is wrong, buddy?” 


She wasted no time in leaning down and taking him out to have his head resting on her shoulder, gently bobbing him up and down and patting his back as she quietly shushed him down. “Are you hungry, you want food?”


But in the midst of his cries Leo shook his head assertively and rested his head back on her shoulder. No he wasn’t in the need of food or needed his diaper changing which she could immediately tell just by holding him. No, clearly he was just lonely. They were just thankful that he wasn’t always like this, just the odd night and usually before they got to bed. 


Maggie continued to pat his back and bob him up and down “C’mon Leo. Please don’t cry” she gently leaned her head back and quoted in a mutter “ Mama needs a mimosa ” she lowered her head back down as she leaned Leo back to look at her, still speaking incredibly soft “Hey, hey, hey. Leo-look at me”


She wasn’t sure how much Leo actually got of that but he did in fact lock his eyes into hers and soon his cries lowered when looking back at the warm expression that was written across Maggie’s face. His cries just turning into sniffles that then quietened to nothing all together, his little hands reached forward, touching her cheeks when a small mumble slipped from his mouth “Mama” 


Maggie got completely frozen for a moment and just stared at him, seeing how he just his eyes on his hands that were close to her mouth. Mama . Did he just say that because she made that small joke? But then again why would he call it her if he didn’t know what it meant? He just called her mama. Maggie was a mama . She pulled back to earth when seeing how soon he became tired, his eyes slowly starting to drop. Still rather stunned Maggie cradled his head once again when placing a delicate kiss against his forehead with her fingers in his curls when holding him close as she lowered him back down into his crib. Pushing forward his Chase the Dog stuffed toy from Paw Patrol which he begged for when they went shopping the other week because it resembled Gertrude. 


His arms wrapped around the plush when nuzzling his face into it, clearly satisfied now that he had a cuddle from Maggie who was still completely taken aback. She stroked his back for a few more seconds before she stood back up straight and quietly turned back to the door, flicking the light back off when noticing the joyous tears that were now in her eyes. She pressed her lips together from her smile when walking down the hall and returning downstairs.


She made her way down the stairs, hearing Alex’s hisses and small curses at her no doubt pricking her thumb with her needle while stitching the patch on his costume. When Maggie made her way round to the living room, still rather stunned by the whole scenario, Alex looked over to her whilst still sucking the palm of her thumb. “He okay?”


 Maggie said nothing when sinking down beside Alex which then caused her to sit up when momentarily getting worried, her hand going to Maggie’s knee “Are you okay? Babe?” 


Their eyes met and a grin grew slowly to Maggie face as she shrugged and whispered in a still breathless manner “He…he called me mama” 


Alex’s brows flew up as her eyes widened, sitting up even more, her things falling down the side of her when gripping onto her wife’s hand “Seriously?” 


Maggie just nods frantically with an undertone of an ‘uh-huh’ which then led to Alex letting out a disbelieved laugh “Oh my god! That’s amazing-and you’re not freaking out” 


“I’m not freaking out” Maggie echoed with a light voice, then letting out a small shrug “I never knew really what I would feel if I ever heard him say it but as soon as he did” a smile grew again as another shrug came when saying in a joyous overwhelmed blurt “I feel whole”


She never thought she would ever hear Maggie talk like this about children or just motherhood in general, neither of them were expecting or wanting of a child, they were both so happy with each other. But no one could blame Alex for being so insanely happy that she got to have this dream that she used to fantasise about. 


Alex reached forward and took hold of Maggie’s cheek when leaning to her and kissing her sweetly for it to soon deepen into a more passionate and exhilarated one. They turned into quick pecks before Alex wrapped her arms around her wife and pulled her close for an embrace. Maggie squeezing back on her even tighter, her nose scrunching up from the smile being so wide, wagering that this smile would be lasting through the night. 

Kara opened the door with a wide grin to her face and looked down to Leo as soon as she set her sights on him. The thirteen month old was still a little wobbly in his walking that the majority of the time either Alex and Maggie had him in his buggy which was now to the side, by the door. But when he was standing in front of this door, he held on his own two little feet, one hand each in Alex and Maggie’s when standing between them.


He looked utterly adorable. His hair was slicked back around one ear and down across the other as done perfectly by Maggie. Kara almost died over him being in his little black army boots “He looks so cute!” her grin lasted a little longer before looking up to the two of them and asking whilst a smile was still on her face “What is he meant to be?” 


Maggie’s lips gaped open “What is he-” she turned him slightly to show the DEO iron patch on his arm and pointed to it “He’s Alex ” 


Alex held her hand out plan to add onto the silent duh, see . Kara looked down to him again and then she got it. Now she saw it. “Oh- hh ” 


“Yeah what we’re we gonna dress him up as, superman?” Maggie scoffed with amusement, stepping into the apartment as she picked him up and carried him in “No offense Kara but you are your cousin are a walking cliche out there” 


“Well some offense taken but okay” Kara then saw as Alex’s other hand had old of the reveal of a leash that Gertrude was ultimately on the end of. And she was wearing a supergirl bandana around her neck to which Kara raised her brow over to Maggie who then just shrugged “Yeah, she's you. He needed his sidekick” 


Alex snorted when Kara’s smug face dropped once again, swatting her sides before unleashing the dog “I don’t know what to tell you, she’s my groupie” 


Kara let it all just go as Maggie set Leo down on the couch and handed him his bottle and walked back over to Alex who handed her a wine as soon as she turned whilst Kara asked “So how was his first halloween?” 


“Well he can’t eat any of the candy so…” Alex held up the bag “For us it was great”


Kara’s mouth dropped ever so slightly. “You did not”


“No! Jesus” Maggie shrilled “Like we would prostitute our kid like that”


Alex raised her brows and mumbled when looking into the bag “It did cross our minds” she looked back up to her sister “But no we had a bowl of stuff out whilst we were at our place in case anyone came this is just the left overs” 


“To answer your question he did have fun going round the neighbourhoods and seeing all the costumes and stuff he was a little entranced by the whole thing”


Kara looked over to him and frowned “He really can’t have any of the candy?” 


“We got him chocolate pudding we aren’t monsters, Kara” Alex stated whilst then pulling the pudding cup out from the bag “He just can’t have hard or chewy sweet stuff yet” she made her way over to the couch, bending down in front of Leo who slapped his hands together when seeing the dessert in front of him.


Maggie turned back to her sister in law. “Nia and Lena are coming, right?” 


“Yeah like anytime now-I can’t believe you and Alex are now the moms of the group” 


“Believe me Kara, no one is more stunned about all of this than us” Maggie took her glass of red to her lips. Kara then coming very close to her when putting her hand on her arm and whispering “Alex told me that he called you mom, that’s amazing” 


“Yeah it’s a little crazy” Maggie mumbled with her eyes fondly setting on Alex feeding Leo, making all kinds of funny faces to try and keep Leo’s encouragement to eat every bit of the pudding. Maggie turned back to Kara “I should actually thank you for telling me what you told me that day. If Alex and I hadn’t of had that fight then I don’t think I would’ve seen sense” 


“Well” Kara fixed her glasses before smiling tightly at the sudden unexpected compliment “You’re welcome?” 


Maggie returned the same mirrored smile and looked back to Alex before Gertrude came and sat in front of her feet, she looked down to the pup when holding her glass to her chest “For the tenth time, no” 


Gertrude let out what came across as an annoying whine and moved away from Maggie’s feet, returning back to sitting beside Leo as some nanny or guard dog, either one of the two. Maggie looked back to a confused Kara and simplified it “She thinks one of us is going to break and give her something sweet-so don’t break cause she will go after you” 


It was only a few minutes afterwards that the door went and Kara walked over to open it to Lena and Nia both stood there together. Both with the beaming smiles on their faces, Maggie clocked the wine that was in Lena’s hands more than anything. Nia came crashing in like a bashful teenager as she grinned to Maggie “Hey, Maggie! Happy Halloween”


Maggie lightly scoffed with amusement, she wasn’t quite sure Halloween was something you wished for another as you did with Christmas, but Nia, as usual was nervous “Happy Halloween” 


Nia looked over to Leo who was now stood up as Alex sat crossed legged on the floor, helping him keep his balance. Nia’s jaw dropped “Oh. My. God” 


Kara blurted a small laugh with the roll of her eyes “I know, at first I didn’t get it either”


“He’s Alex!” her eyes then flashed over to Gertrude and pointed over to her “And Kara, she’s you ” 


Kara’s face dropped as Maggie and Alex just looked to her with a smirk on their faces. Kara’s eye flickered back between them before she rolled her eyes and went to the cabinet “Whatever” 


Nia grinned to Maggie “It’s amazing ” 


Maggie raised her brows with a nod “Thanks, Nia. It was all Alex to be honest I can’t take any of the credit” she looked back over to Alex as she leaned down against the counter, losing herself in a small amount of awe with watching Alex as Leo stumbled over to her and dropped into her arms, seeing how she wrapped her arms tightly around him and pressed a kiss against the top of his head. 


There has never been a doubt in her mind or any second thoughts, especially not when seeing happy scenes like that. Alex got up eventually and made her way over to Maggie as Nia and Lena made their way over to Leo and to make a fuss about him, which was nothing out of the ordinary. 

Maggie leaned against the kitchen counter and held out a bottle of beer for Alex, which caused a pleased groan to slip from Alex’s lips when she reached out and took it “Thank you” 


“I think his first Halloween with us has been a success” 


“I’ve taken so many pictures that it will haunt him for the rest of his life” 


“How much of a parent did you feel like saying that?” Maggie teased with a sound smile resting on her lips as Alex let out another breathless groan “Like you wouldn’t believe” 


Maggie ran her fingers through Alex’s hair, curling behind her ear –– resting her hand on the back of Alex’s neck as she delicately stroked her skin. “You’re cute” 


Alex softly raised her brows “Yeah?”


Maggie just hummed with her hand running down to Alex’s, entwining their fingers “I’ve always thought so” her nose crinkled in a small laugh when Alex wiggled her brows to her again and grew closer to her, reaching her hand up to Maggie’s jaw and pulled her in for a sweet kiss. 


The Detective then pulled back slightly after a few seconds and looked Alex in her eyes “Don’t start that” 


Alex gently bit down on her lip, glancing back to Maggie’s before she looked back up to her earthly eyes “Why?”


“Because I want you…” a smirk grew more ever so slightly on Maggie’s lips “So this isn’t helping?” 


“No” Maggie whispered “Absolutely not” 


Alex leaned back on the counter, her elbow pressing down against the bar with her eyes still locked up onto Maggie’s. Maggie shook her head in a bow as she snorted out a small laugh with her smile growing across her face, Alex leaning forward –– eyes still lingering on the brunette as she gently rested her cheek against Maggie’s arm. Alex’s eyes closed with a still smile, pressing her lips against Maggie’s arm in a tender kiss before she teased with her eyes still closed “Am I allowed to kiss you there?” 


“Shut up” Maggie laughed breathlessly, running her fingers through the back of Alex’s hair again when she bent down and kissed the crown of her wife’s head, her nose brushing against her dark red hair, Alex looked back up to her whilst still leaning down against the counter. 


The pair were seen giving each other complete love eyes from the three women on the other side of the apartment. Nia sighed fondly when watching the smiles on both of their faces with them snuggling closely together in the kitchen “They are so cute together” she looked between Lena beside her to Kara who was on the floor with Leo “Like so cute what the- ef


“Nice save” Lena mumbled, then stroking the back of Leo’s head. Nia glanced back to them “Like seriously I didn’t know them before the whole break up thing but ever since they got back together I couldn’t imagine them breaking up” 


“It was stupid” Lena said once again in a mumble “I never told her I thought that but I did” 


“We all did” Kara whispered, her head then turning when hearing Alex laugh and grip onto Maggie’s hand as she went to walk away “Baby I was kidding-” she pulled the laughing brunette back, wrapping her arms around her waist as she now stood up straight, Alex shaking her head with her eyes closed when leaning in for a briefly sweet kiss. 


An idea then sunk into Kara’s head, an idea that she was fairly certain they were both going to love her for. She skipped over to the overly happy couple whilst they talked, Alex’s arms still around Maggie’s waist –– pulling apart as soon as they saw the blonde approach them “Hey so I’ve been thinking-”


Before she could say anything else, Maggie held up her finger for her to wait as she took Alex’s bottle of beer from her hand when easing out of her embrace, resting her own glass of wine down as well as the possible. “Sorry. Taking caution. Go ahead”


“Very funny” Kara deadpanned, ignoring the smirk of her sisters face and just carried on with her offer “It occurred to me watching you guys being all over each other over here like two teenagers that you guys need a night off from being mom’s and have some time alone” 


Maggie nodded stiffly as she ran her hand up to Alex’s that was draped over her shoulder. “Thanks for the insight, Kara” 


So ” Kara marched on in her sentence “How about I take him off your hands for a night? Tomorrow or something? Give you guys a date night”


As Alex went to politely turn down the offer, she heard Maggie give an absolute and enthusiastic yes . Alex looked to her and dropped her arms down from Maggie’s shoulder “Maggie-“


“Oh come on” Maggie whispered to her “One night, Alex. She’s not gonna kill him”


“Well that builds me up with confidence she can barely take care of a hamster”


Kara raised her hand “Okay I’m still here and that hamster thing was literally over a decade ago-nothing will go wrong I have powers!”


“Babysitting powers?” Alex challenged with Maggie then taking hold of her wine and letting out a small amused scoff in knowing the actual seriousness to that question. Kara frowned to her “I can handle Leo”


Both of them snorted with sheer amusement with a mutter came from Maggie as she took her wine to her lips “We make it look easy”


“I thought you were on board with this!”


“I am” she looked to Alex and gave her a light nudge “One night won’t hurt” 


“Won’t it?” 


“Alex” Maggie outspoke softly “We need this, babe” they did and Alex knew that, Maggie was right once again and that was the problem. They loved being parents and loved every second they spent with Leo but they also were in a lot of need for down time. A date night once a week, pending how Kara would be, could be the answer. 


Alex looked back to Kara “What if something happens in the city and supergirl is needed?”


“Then I will have Nia or J’onn to handle it whilst you guys come get him”


“But what if-”


“There are so many what ifs that we will be here till tomorrow night” Kara deadpanned that led to Alex’s sigh and Maggie’s amused smirk when putting her hand on Alex’s back “We accept”




Then out of the blue, Maggie pulled Alex close by her waist and cupped her hand around her wife’s ear, whispering so softly that Kara couldn’t hear but she could see by the way her older sister’s face flushed that she didn’t want to hear because whatever Maggie was saying, it was clearly intimate and dirty. And by the way Alex’s fingers curled into Maggie’s plaid shirt at her waist clearly she was liking whatever Maggie was saying. 


Maggie pulled back and kept her eye contact intensely locked onto Alex’s, Alex glanced to her wife’s lips for a moment and then turned back to Kara “So well drop him off at five?” 


Her eyes went back to Maggie who didn’t have to say anything for Alex to snap her head back “Four. Is four good?”


Before Kara could even agree to the time, Alex took her flustered self back over to their son. Kara’s lips parted in still shock at the rush of all that when her eyes followed Alex, then looking back to a very smug Maggie who rested her elbows down on the counter with her glass of red wine settled back in her palms. Kara’s brows pinched to her “How did you even do that?”


There was a silence between the two of them as Maggie just stared at her before asking plainly “Do you really want to know-” 


“No” Kara shot back up straight “No-I do not okay point made” she shuddered and excused herself to the bathroom whilst Maggie just remained there to smugly sip her wine.

Alex packed the overnight bag whilst Maggie folded up the pop up playpen that he would sleep in and put it in their car before getting Leo himself and strapping him into his car seat. Alex reluctantly took the bag outside and placed it in the back, beside the infant –– giving his cheek a small stroke with the back of her finger before pulling back out from the car and getting into the passenger seat. 


Within just a minute of Maggie driving, Alex looked at Leo through the rearview mirror and sighed “I still don’t know about this”


“Will you stop?”


“I know” Alex sputtered “I’m like my mom about me when I was little and it’s terrifying but I can’t help it-I mean god love Kara but…”


“I think it’s adorable that you have every confidence in her to protect the world but not to look after a baby”


“That’s different”


“Why?” Maggie chuckled.


“Because this is our baby” a small smile cracked on her lips when feeling Maggie slid her hand in hers when answering back in a breathless laugh “Even more reason why she is going to take extra care of him because she knows I will cover myself in kryptonite and I will kick her ass” 


Alex sighed with exhaustion and rested her head into her own hand –– she then turned her head back to her wife “The fact that you came out with that so quickly makes me think you’ve imagined that before”


There was a brief silence. “Once or twice” 


Alex snorted when glancing to the smirk that curved on Maggie’s lips; soon becoming in complete awe of her. In awe of her complete beauty. Alex always said Maggie had the kind of beauty that was just downright unfair, matching that with the way she had the dry and dark humour that she quipped every now and then to make Alex laughed. She was a dream. Alex reached over and tucked Maggie’s hair behind her ear before skimming the back of her finger down her cheek “I am looking forward to it being just us though”


Maggie came to a stop at the traffic lights which allowed her to look at Alex in the eye “Yeah?”


“Yeah. Being alone with you is the only driving force into letting our son out of our hands for the night. Your conditions were convincing”


Maggie kept her eyes lingering onto her for a few seconds more, glancing down to Alex’s lips to then clear her throat as she faced forward with the lights changing for her to continue driving “If anyone even dares to commit a big crime tonight to make us leave I’ll kill them”


Another small snort escaped Alex’s lips as she leaned forward to press a quick kiss on Maggie’s shoulder. 


Ten more minutes and they arrived at Kara’s apartment building. Alex carried up the playpen whilst Maggie balanced Leo on her hip and his overnight duffel bag on her shoulder. They didn’t even have to knock, Kara opened the door before Alex’s knuckle could even touch the wood. “Hi! I’m so glad you guys are going this! I really wanted to do this for you” 


She then looked to Leo with her nose scrunching up as she poked his stomach when her voice shifted into one more high pitched one “And spend time with this little guy” 


Alex wasted no time whatsoever in walking into the apartment and setting up the playpen in the proper way since she was taking no chances leaving it to Kara “Okay. Kara-”


Maggie leaned forward to her sister in law to mutter “Here we go” she walked past Kara and into the apartment with Leo in her arms as Kara started to get her lecture by Alex who now moved onto unloading the bag. 


Firstly holding up his paw patrol stuffed toy “He can’t sleep without this so y’know-”


“Make sure he does” Maggie deadpanned. Alex glared at her which Maggie just shrugged at, this was all quite explanatory. Ignoring her, Alex looked back to Kara “He usually gets sleepy at eight-don’t give him his pacifier unless he gets antsy and he likes to be tucked in extra tight with his blanket” 


Kara nodded “And does he like his food at a certain temperature?” 


Maggie quietly hummed an amused breath. Okay, that was pretty funny and even though Alex knew she was being sarcastic –– she considered the answer as if it were serious “Actually-”


“Alex” Kara laughed breathlessly with her eyes closing for just a brief second “We are going to be fine” 


“I know! I just-”


“Okay look I know you have mom brain on right now” 


Maggie made her way over to the playpen and gently placed Leo down inside it as Kara added “Turn off your mom brains and find something else to get turned on” 


It went silent for a few seconds as Maggie just stayed exactly still when the words sunk in on how that sounded. The couple just stared at the krypton who soon screwed her eyes shut and blurted out “I know how that sounded please let’s forget I said that”


“Too late” Maggie grumbled with a chuckle to follow after, tucking her hands into her back jean pockets as she stood beside Alex and gave her a sweet nudge “We better go. Otherwise he’ll make a scene if we hang around too long and then leave” 


Knowing Maggie was, as usual, right –– Alex walked over to Leo and bent down to press a kiss on the top of his head “Goodnight baby boy, we’ll see you tomorrow” she kissed him again “I love you” 


Once she stood it was then Maggie who gave him a kiss and ran her fingers through his curly locks “Be good, yes? I love you” 


Alex looked back to her sister and motioned her hand to the thirteen month old whilst the other hand pointed to Kara “If you need anything you call us okay? Anything happens call us do not hesitate” 


Maggie kept her hand pressed against Alex’s back for a small push to start walking through the apartment. Alex keeping her finger pointed to her sister as she grew closer and raised her brows “I mean it”


Kara took hold of the finger and gave it a small wiggle when mocking back “I know”


Maggie kept on leading her wife to the door “Come on, Alex. Let’s go find something to turn us on” 


“Stop” Kara groaned with self cringe, Alex glanced to Leo again and breathed “Okay” she looked back to Kara as she went to turn once the door was open “Please take care of my child”


“Go” Kara rolled her eyes. Alex did as she was finally told and started walking down the hall. Maggie however hung back for a few seconds and leaned her hand against the door frame “Thanks again, Kara”


“Oh don’t mention it”


Maggie hummed; taking in a small breath when her voice then went dangerously quiet “Alex has the whole babbling over protective mom thing going on but everything she’s said is true and if you don’t call us if anything happens and I get here tomorrow and he so much has a bump on his head that you didn’t tell us about you will get a very nasty bump on your head, clear?” 


Considering that a bump to the head was a weak threat to say the least for Kara, Maggie sure as hell knew how to make it sound scary. So much so that all she could do was nod. Maggie gave one back and looked over her hero’s shoulder one more time to her shoulder “He’s gonna start rocking that thing to fall out soon” 

Kara’s head whipped round as Maggie put her hand on the doorknob and said as she began to close the door “Get to it, Supergirl