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Love Bites and Silver Tongues

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All around performer.

Kiro was a man of many talents.

One skill that he has perfected over time was the use of his tongue.

He needed it for obvious reasons, but the things he did with it sent chills all throughout your body. Like when it slipped passed your lips and danced against your tongue during heated kisses. Or when it slid against your pussy in teasing strokes and flicked your clit whenever it made contact. You were practically putty in his hands.

This time was no different.

“Kiro, I can’t..I..hah…ngh!” You breathed out as nothing but moans threaten to leave you. You were a mess and he was loving every minute of it. You writhed against his tongue, trying to move your hips upward to meet his skilled strokes but his firm grip on your hips made it difficult.

You felt a stir in the pit of your stomach as a warmth started to form between your legs.

You were so close.

Kiro moved away from his “work” to gaze at your flushed body as you panted heavily through swollen lips. You felt the frustration rise within you at the loss of contact and let out a small whine.

Kiro chuckled as he left small kisses along your inner right thigh.

He was doing this on purpose. Teasing you until you couldn’t hold out anymore and just when you think he’s done, he’ll dive back in like starving mad man.

In a way, he was starving. Starving for your touch and the sweet sound of his name passing through your lips in a way that can only be heard by him. He wanted to consume you.

This was what happened every time he went on tour. Weeks sometimes even a month of not seeing each other made it hard for him to contain himself. All of that pent up energy after a show combined with missing you like crazy was torture.

Phone sex and desperate hands could only do so much.

You looked down at him through half-lidded eyes, ready to give the man an earful for leaving you wanting more, when you felt Kiro bite down on your inner thigh. It wasn’t hard enough to hurt, but you did let out a surprised squeal at the sudden feeling. You glared down at your boyfriend, who had a sinful smirk playing across his lips that were still coated in your juices.

“Sometimes I think you’re really trying to eat me.” You say as you watched him pepper the bitten spot with kisses. Kisses that you knew weren’t going to fix the tingling sensation against your pussy once your thighs were pressed together.

You could already see yourself in desperate need of Kiro every time your thighs brushed against one another, the memory of this moment etched onto your skin. This was something to make sure you never forgot about the man that could bring you to your knees with just his lips alone.

As if you ever could forget.

“Its your own fault for being so delicious.” He laughed and teasingly nibbled on your other thigh.

You giggled and squeezed his head between your thighs watching as he smiled at you through squished cheeks. There was a faint look of innocence in Kiro’s face as he looked at you. Just as you were about to comment on how adorable he looked, he bit you again forcing you to release him as another squeal escaped you.

“Suffocating between your legs is definitely how I want to go.” Kiro crawled his way up your body leaving wet kisses along the way. Once he makes it up to your slightly parted lips Kiro leans down for a quick kiss. He reluctantly pulled away, his lips barley touching yours.

“However, I have three weeks of absence to make up for.” Without giving you a chance to respond he slides his tongue into your mouth thus restarting your heated make-out session from earlier. You could taste yourself faintly on his lips and you weren’t sure if it was because of your lust filled desires, but you could see why Kiro found you so addicting. The taste of you on his tongue was intoxicating.

You felt his hand slowly move down your stomach making its way between your legs. You gasped against his lips as you felt his fingers start to draw light circles slowly around your clit.

Tonight was definitely going to be a long one.