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Quick Rundown...

  • One-shots for Female Readers. (18+ NSFW Material)
  • Focuses on 'Smol Readers' between [4'10-5'2]
  • Updates are somewhat sporadic. (I'm in my late 20s. So, I work full-time and have a husband...real life comes first...)
  • To any young readers that are being bad and reading this...I get it. However, please use caution. Real life and fantasy don't mesh. If you have questions, this is a safe place to ask.
  • Which also means Racism, Sexism, Bigotry, Xenophobia, Anti-Semitism, Ableism, or the like won't be tolerated in the comments.  
  • Not all Requests will be possible. Sometimes inspiration doesn't hit or I don't have time. 
  • Underage is the only thing I won't write aside from 'Water Sports'. 
  • Warnings at the top of every chapter for safety. Please read them and use caution. 
  • Feel free to message me. I am easy to talk to. Whether for ideas, just to chat about BNHA, or whatever. 
  • Character Bashing is for kids. I'm too old for that shit. Take it elsewhere. 
  • Please don't copy my work to other sources. Though feel free to be inspired by something and write it in your style!  Also tag me so I can read your awesome work! 
  • Fanart and ASMR  inspiration is fair game. Just give me a shout out....cause I'd love to see/hear it. 
  • This is all Wish-fulfillment Trash!  So don't expect some grandiose plot.  
  • More than one Idea can be selected. (Example - Villain AU + Omegaverse + Fantasy (King) + Dom/Sub)



[Supernatural AU] 

  • Angel
  • Centaur
  • Demon
  • Dragon
  • Fae
  • Faun
  • Ghost
  • Ghoul
  • Giant
  • Incubus
  • Inu
  • Kitsune
  • Merman
  • Neko
  • Nāga
  • Satyr
  • Vampire
  • Werewolf
  • Yōkai


  • Alpha/Beta/Omega
  • Behavioral Traits
  • Bonding / Mating
  • Knotting
  • Packs
  • Scenting

[Pirate AU]

  • Pirate Captain
  • Historical References
  • Military Commander
  • One Piece Crossover 

[Ninja AU]

  • Assassination
  • Historical References 
  • Naruto Crossover

[Futuristic AU]

  • Advanced Tech
  • Cyber Punk Fashion
  • Dystopia  
  • Space Travel 

[Feudal Japan AU]

  • Clan Head
  • Emperor
  • Historical References
  • Shogun
  • Samurai
  • Sellsword/Mercenary

[Fantasy AU]

  • Elves
  • Gnomes
  • Guilds
  • Hobbits
  • King
  • Knights/Warrior
  • Mage/Enchanter
  • Necromancer
  • Orcs
  • Sellswords/Mercenaries
  • Thief/Rogue/Archer

[Villain AU]

  • Allegiance Swap
  • Mafia / Yakuza
  • Traitor 
  • Undercover

[Fairytale AU]

  • Disney
  • Brother's Grimm
  • Fairy Tail Crossover
  • Nursery Rhymes 
  • Urban Legends

[Mythology AU]

  • Gaelic Fables
  • Greek Pantheon 
  • Egyptian Gods
  • Japanese Lore 

[DereDere AU]

  • Dandere
  • Kuudere
  • Oujidere
  • Tsundere
  • Yandere


  • Aphrodisiac Poisoning / Sex Pollen / Lust Quirk
  • Arranged Marriage
  • Body Swap
  • Character Regresses in Age
  • Character Shrinks/Enlarges
  • Memory Loss
  • Police Officer / Fireman / Politician / Musician / Actor / Pilot / Professor
  • Quirk Swap
  • Soulmates (Marks, First Words, Timer, Compass, Red String, etc)

[Writing Prompts]

  • Dialogue 
  • Lyrics
  • Scenario / Imagine
  • Quote 


  • Anal
  • Asphyxiation (Choking)
  • Ass Slapping
  • Biting / Marking
  • Bondage / Restraints
  • Degradation
  • Dirty Talking
  • Dom / Sub (Daddy Dom / Gentle Dom / Bratty Sub / Princess Sub)
  • Dub-Con / Non-Con
  • Exhibitionism
  • Food Play
  • Hair Pulling
  • Height Difference
  • Master / Slave
  • Oral / Face Sitting / Face Fucking
  • Orgasm Denial
  • Overstimulation
  • Pet Play
  • Position Specific
  • Praise
  • Role Play
  • Rough Sex
  • Size Difference
  • Somnophilia
  • Strip Tease
  • Toys
  • Vaginal
  • Voyeurism


  • Aizawa Shota (Eraserhead)
  • Amajiki Tamaki (Suneater)
  • Bakugo Katsuki (Ground Zero)
  • Dabi
  • Hizashi Yamada (Present Mic)
  • Iida Tenya (Ingenium)
  • Kaminari Denki (Chargebolt)
  • Kirishima Enjiro (Red Riot)
  • Midoriya Izuku (Deku)
  • Sasaki Mirai (Sir Nighteye)
  • Sero Hanta (Cellophane)
  • Shigaraki Tomura (Shimura Tenko)
  • Shinso Hitoshi
  • Takami Keigo (Hawks)
  • Todoroki Shoto
  • Togata Mirio (Lemillion)
  • Toyomitsu Taishiro (Fatgum)
  • Yagi Toshinori (All Might)


[Current Chapters:]

  1. Chapter 1 [Ideas and Chapter Guide]
  2. Chapter 2 [Alice in Wonderland] Caterpillar!Aizawa
  3. Chapter 3 [Pirate AU] Captain!Shinsō 
  4. Chapter 4 [Supernatural AU] Naga!Mirio
  5. Chapter 5 [Supernatural AU] Merman!Izuku 

Chapter Text

You weren’t sure how you wound up in the place you currently were, a place that both terrified and amazed you. Blades of grass towered over you, along with flowers and trees that seemed to stretch far above you into a never-ending sky. Your hands bunched together nervously on your over-sized sweater, the thick threading providing minimal comfort from your strange surroundings. A cold breeze pierced through your thin leggings and every step reminded you how uncomfortable you were without shoes.

You made your way along a small dirt path that seemed to flow through the muddled foliage, eerie whispers surrounding you; fading away before any distinct word or phrase could be distinguished. Rapidly a light fog began to roll in, before you realized the fog was actually smoke. It twists and furled around you, it’s sweet yet pungent aroma filling the small clearing you found yourself in. The density of the smoke increased as you made cautious steps forward. The muttering from the foliage ceased as you noticed a large silhouette seated on top of a large spotted mushroom. Once you were close enough your eyes widened.

Sitting atop the mushroom was a huge yellow caterpillar, lounging back as a hookah like contraption sat next to it. It turned its red eyes toward you, rotating its odd head in interest. It’s eyes suddenly glowed, a similar red aura encompassing the entire caterpillar before it shrank down and revealed a man. His eyes were the same piercing red, but aside from that, no other physical traces of the caterpillar’s previous form lingered, except for the single item of clothing he wore; being a pair of yellow hakama style pants. Black hair hung chaotically around him, hitting just past his shoulders, and adding to the light scruff that peppered his strong jawline. His figure was tall and lanky, leaning back against a large blade of grass that crossed over-top the mushroom. He took hits off the hookah like contraption, sending circular clouds at you with an apathetic expression.

“My, my. You have certainly wandered far into my domain; it’s all the flowers seem capable of talking about. Now tell me little one, who are you?” He released another billow of smoke, his tired eyes blinking as he held your gaze.

“I…I don’t know how I got here. I can’t remember.” You felt tears rim your eyes, the fear of being truly lost creeping up your throat and twisting in your gut.

“I don’t believe that is what I asked you.” The man chastised, tossing the pipe down in annoyance before hopping off the mushroom. He jumped high, landing with grace unlike any you had seen before from the intimidating fifteen-foot drop. Leisurely he sauntered over to you, his long legs carrying him quickly despite his pace. He towered over you without even trying, your neck cranking back to look up into the man’s red eyes. They swirled with irritation and intrigue, the red a deep crimson that sent shivers down your spine. “I asked, who are you?”

“I-I’m ______.” You stuttered, blood going cold when he picked you up, pulling a startled scream from you when he leaped back up onto the mushroom. He sat down abruptly pulling your back flush against his bare chest, his chin resting comfortably on top of your head as you sat on his folded legs. You could feel him breathing against you and your heart picked up at the close proximity. You just couldn’t seem to calm down, all your nerves were on edge and the mounting fear felt like it would swallow you whole. The man seemed to notice your internal battle, reaching for something out of your view.

“Have you ever smoked before?” He held an ornate silver mouthpiece that swirled into a point, his long fingers holding it in your view. Without much thought he demonstrated with a draw, holding the smoke in his lungs before exhaling, his body going lax against you. “It might calm your nerves little one, give it try should you be bold enough.”

He offered it to you, no malice laced in his words should you decline. You reached hesitantly for it, a desire to squash the rising panic you felt in your veins regarding your current situation. You were lost in a world that so far made zero sense and you couldn’t even remember how you had gotten there. Maybe easing your anxiety wasn’t such a terrible idea, you reasoned. After all, how could you get home if you were panicking too much to think rationally? With a burst of courage and motivation to calm down, you took the strange man’s offering, bringing the tip to your mouth.

A final pause was all you took before inhaling deeply. The smoke flooded your lungs, warmth spreading through your chest, down your limbs and a soothing tingle that danced along your scalp. When you finally couldn’t inhale anymore, you held the smoke in, just like you watched the man do. Not too much later you exhaled the smoke, adding to the nearly permanent cloud that hung around you. It didn’t come out in a skilled pattern or shape like the man, but he seemed impressed with the size for your inexperience.

For awhile you both sat in silence, passing the mouthpiece back and forth, each taking an array of hits. Time seemed to stretch, and you briefly wondered how long you had been there. Was it only minutes? Hours? Hell, days? You weren’t sure, but you did feel calmer than you ever had before. Warmth encompassed you and your limbs were heavy, void of their usual tension. You had also sunk back into the man’s embrace, enjoying the body heat that wrapped around you like a blanket. Soon, deft fingers drew teasing circles along you hips, the feathery touches not lingering too long in one spot. With every brush of his finger he left a wake of fire behind on your skin, a part of your subconscious frustrated at the fabric that blocked any direct contact.

That thought was immediately diminished within seconds when his hands rose to your waist, easily accessing your skin under the baggy sweater. You inhaled sharply when he started to nibble on your ear, teeth grazing softly across your skin and his breath skimming along your neck when he gave a firmer bite to the junction at your neck. Your head fell back onto his shoulder, eyes pinching shut from the sensations that stirred within you. One hand left your stomach, pulling a mewl from you at the loss of his touch and warmth. His hand grabbed the mouthpiece from you, taking a deep hit before pulling your head back. His lips came forward, hovering just above yours, a silent plea for permission.

You went the rest of the distance, gasping when one of his hands cupped your clothed breast. A rush of smoke filled your mouth, forcing you to draw it into your lungs. The act sent a flurry of heat straight to your lower stomach, only increasing at the man’s groan. It seemed he appreciated the act as he turned you fully to straddle him, pressing you down against a rather large bulge that hid beneath his hakama pants.

“Perhaps you should make me scream your name, so you don’t forget who you are.” He whispered along your jawline; his breath skirting passed your ear. His voice was raspy and lethargic, but the bulge below you betrayed his stoic facade. Your mind swirled the idea around, deciding you could use a little extra relaxation before figuring out how to get home. Without a word you leaned forward, giving calm but passionate kisses. Your lips moved together, his oddly softer than you imagined. His hands wandered to your back, pulling your bra off with shocking strength as the fabric tore away. He pulled the non-salvageable item from beneath your sweater, tossing it to the side without a care.

“Oh God…” You mumbled, as fingers teased your bare breasts, a shock shooting down to your most intimate places at the sudden attention. You rolled your hips, moaning when you managed to get a soft groan out of the man.

“No God is here _____. Call me Shōta.” His lips found your neck only a moment later, kissing and nipping anywhere he could access. Never had you felt so content, your mind drifting from worry, and your surroundings fading into obscurity. You rolled your hips again, wanting to sink deeper into this cocoon of relaxation you found yourself in.

“Please…Shōta…” Your request wasn’t loud or demanding, but soft and breathy. It seemed you didn’t need to say more before another loud rip broke through the silence, ending just as fast as it came. Shreds of your former leggings and underwear went off to the side along with your destroyed bra.

“At this rate the only name you will remember is mine, but I suppose that is an acceptable alternative.” He growled lowly, the timber in his chest reverberating through you. You could feel that itch deep within you worsen by the second and the coil that wound itself tighter into an almost unbearable tension. Shōta worked his pants open, not even bothering to lower them as he gripped your hips and angled you over his length. It was long and thick, the head already leaking precum in anticipation that betrayed his controlled expression. “Ah!” You moaned out, slowly sinking down onto him, your slick easing him into your scorching heat that pulled him in, encasing him in a piece of heaven.

“_____....” His voice grumbled, hips bucking just slightly, urging you down onto him faster. Once his tip was seated firmly against your cervix and you were flush against him, did he abruptly stop. You squirmed at feeling impossibly full and your walls fluttering at the heat his member gave off. Yet he made no move to start thrusting and held your hips firmly, halting any motion before you began.

“Shōta, please…move.” You tried to move again but found too much resistance, although the pulse you felt inside you meant he was holding back too. You eyes felt heavy from the onslaught of pleasure, your cheeks warm as though you had drank too much wine, and you felt your breathing increase in excitement.

“Just let me enjoy you for a moment. I want to appreciate every inch.” He stayed sheathed in you, impossibly hard and pulsing, your walls trembling in desperation and the fiery wake that his lips burned into you made the calm serenity turn into a blur of need and a haze of want. Before your sanity began to wane, he gave a relieving thrust, sending electricity up your back and standing your hairs on end. You rocked against each other in a lazy motion, stealing sloppy kisses and the occasionally hit off the pipe. There was no rush to either of your ministrations, as though you had learned to synchronize with his slower pace and abandoning all concept of time or spatial awareness.

All you focused on was his member grinding into you, hitting the deepest of places that tightened the coil in your belly. His hands buried themselves in your hair, cranking your neck back so he could give attention to your collarbones. You rocked harder into him, feeling the release you had been chasing quickly approach, your movements picking up just enough to ease the tension. Shōta’s mouth dropped open; his red eyes were nearly black with the pupils blown wide open, peering from under his furrowed brows. His hips began to buck up, his limit finally breaking and his own desire taking hold. His hands smoothed down your sides, gripping your hips as you bounced on him, your sweater rustling against his skin and the sound of skin slapping echoing in the clearing.

“Shōta…I’m gonna…” Your voice stuttered, cracking on a few of the syllables. With a final thrust you felt the coil snap within you, blinding white searing across your vision and your heart hammering away in your chest. You greedily sucked in air, twitching in overstimulation as Shōta kept thrusting, his breathing getting heavy before he slammed you down with a moan.

“Shit, _____.” You shuddered when you felt his emission release deep inside you, the exhaustion and relief of your activity bringing forth a wave of exhaustion. Your body sank forward against his, not making a move to disconnect yourselves from one another. He brushed hair from your sweat coated skin, trailing lazy kisses down your hair. “Rest for now little one. Because I am not entirely sure this lesson will stick, you might forget who you are again.” His lips twitched up into a smirk, fingers flexing against your hips again and the unmistakable hardness of his member had yet to diminish.

“Well we can't have that, but first…let me enjoy every inch.” You wiggled against him, enjoying the astounded groan that slipped past his lips. Suddenly the need to go home or know where you were didn’t matter. You just wanted to stay right where you were among the smoky vapor and Shōta’s warm embrace. Like a cocoon you never wanted to leave. It was a calm that completely, consumed you. If only you had heard the quiet cries of the flowers that never seemed to reach your ears, pleading to you.

Run, don’t breathe in the smoke!’

After all, they had all been like you once before. Lost until they found him. Now they would never leave his domain, his garden ever-growing.

Chapter Text

Waves lapped at the hull of the ship, the waterline slowly creeping up the charred wooden boards. The mast creaked and groaned, splintering from the strain before the wood gave way, sending shards of debris across the quarter deck. The main deck and forecastle were burning, sending black plumes of smoke into the night, obscuring many of the stars that guided their path through the seas. The flames light up the deck, illuminating the dead bodies that laid strewn about the bloody planked flooring. You held your hand tight against the cloth that covered your nose and mouth. Squinting as best you could for survivors. 

The attack had come in the dead of night, their enemy hoisting over the rails and slaughtering everyone without mercy. From what you could tell, they weren't pirates which meant they were either the Spaniards, English or French. You didn't honestly care. Just a bunch of assholes fighting for a rich prick on a throne that had never worked a day in their life. You had been on this pirate ship for nearly half a year, somehow managing to play off being a young boy of an ambiguous age. You had a cot under one of the staircases that provided privacy for binding and doing your business away from prying eyes. Many crew members had assumed you faced some type of trauma regarding crowds since you chose to bunk alone, which meant they left you to your own devices; following the Captain's rule of 'Don't Ask". There was a level of respect regarding the unique behavior of the rag and tag group. All were misfits, making it the perfect place to hide or runaway to in hopes of a better life without judgement from the bizarre 'family'. 

The Captain, Shinsō Hitoshi, was an intriguing man. He stood tall and lean, with his wild violet hair sticking out from his black tricorne hat. His eyes were the same alluring violet as his hair, but with a dangerous glint of mischief and a calculating gaze that made even the toughest men take pause. It wasn't uncommon to see dark rings marring the underside of his eyes, a testament to the endless nights he spent over maps and other leads. You just never imagined the attention you would garner would end in such devastation. It sent a fiery anger through your chest, wanting retribution for the fallen. 

"Hello! Anybody?" Your voice was raspy, the heat of the fire licking at your skin until you felt like you were walking on pins and needles. Just as fast as the enemies came, did they leave. The ship was sinking after a well-placed cannonball and they thought they had killed everyone, not realizing that you had woken up behind the stairs mid fight, frozen as your eyes watched in horror through the thinly slatted staircase. Running out would have been foolish as you didn't have a weapon and weren't even trained to use one oversight you would correct should you live. You walked quickly, checking bodies that weren't completely charred. Just before you were ready to abandon ship and make way for the dark mass you saw in the distance, praying that it was an island, did you hear a noise. 

"Agh." It was faint, muffled by the continuously cracking wood, ocean waves and hammering of your pulse in your ears. You ran toward the sound, which seemed to be near the helm. Your eyes widened at the sight. Unmistakable violet hair poked out from under a fallen comrade and an enemy, whose uniform was stained red. Eyes widening when you saw the faintest movement had you scrambling to pull the heavy bodies off your Captain. 

"Captain! I got you Captain!" The bodies hit the deck with a thud, and you scanned your Captain for injuries, only noticing a bizarre cut on his cheek that oozed a purple similar to his hair. Your first instinct was poison, but you couldn't drain it while the ship was still capsizing. You noticed his hat to the side, quickly cinching it onto your belt; knowing its importance to a Captain. You had admittedly begun to fall for the man in question, often almost blowing your cover with the amount of time you spent with him, helping with whatever he needed. It just wasn't easy keeping up the facade at times. Gritting your teeth, you hauled the man as best you could onto your shoulders, struggling with every step at the dead weight. He easily had over a foot in height on you and who knows how many ridiculous pounds of muscle he had earned from his nomadic lifestyle. It was a slow process, step by step, leading him to the edge of the ship. You bit your lip, there were no lifeboats, and you couldn't get onto the railing with you regrettably did the only thing you could; you shoved his ass overboard into the ocean. Without waiting a single second, you jumped in after him, quickly locating his body and kicking with everything you had to break the surface. 

"Fuck...oh god..." You breathed deeply, trying your best to keep your head above the freezing water. You kicked harder than you ever had, keeping the two of you on your back as you did a one-armed backstroke. Praying to every deity you could, in hopes that the mass you saw in the distance was an island, knowing your fate was sealed if it wasn't. Just when you felt like you couldn't swim another minute, did your back connect with the rising sand of a beach. You let out a relieved sob, tears springing into your eyes when you looked out to the sea. The ship had been completely consumed by the dark waves that lapped around your waist. A shiver reminded you that you needed to get you both to safety. You needed shelter, fire, water, and to flush the poison from your Captain's cheek. 

Clenching your teeth once again, you gripped under the man's arms, dragging him comically across the beach as you stumbled toward the underside of a plateau, that had a shallow cave. It also had quite a bit of shrubbery in front, protecting you from enemy eyes should another patrol come through. You laid Shinsō down against the back wall and tiredly dragged yourself up to grab some firewood. Nearly an hour later you returned with items not only for a fire, but some edible fruit you found, and some fresh water you put into your metal canteen, hoping to boil it soon. You hadn't wandered far, but you seemed to be on the coast of mainland, which meant you could eventually walk somewhere.

After fighting with the fire, you finally could enjoy the heat it gave off in the small space, grateful that it condensed the warmth around you. Once that was settled you began removing your clothes, placing them on sticks near the fire to dry. You sat in your underwear and chest bindings, taking weary hands to your Captain to remove his sopping wet clothes as well, until he was left in boxers. Finally, you attended to the cut on his cheek. Thankfully it wasn't deep, but the purple substance still didn't sit right with you. You flushed what you could out, hoping it was nothing lethal, and poured what little rum was left in his flask over it. He flinched in his sleep, a sheen of sweat on his brow and pink tinge to his cheeks. If he had a fever you weren't entirely sure what could be done, but you could no longer fight the exhaustion that had seeped into your bones, pulling your eyes down with a weighted strain. 




You woke up sometime the next day, hearing a groan of pain come from behind you. You sat up quickly, noting that the fire was only embers, causing you to toss two logs in out of habit. The action drew the attention of the person who woke you up, your Captain staring at you with confusion. His hand came up to his forehead, looking around the small cave you were in. 

"Captain!" You screamed in relief, jumping at the man and pulling him into a hug. He blinked rapidly, his face a flurry of emotions as he started connecting a few dots in his head, pulling back to look at you before his eyes widened. 

"Wait...______? But I thought..." His eyes drifted down, earning a squeak from you when you realized you were essentially hugging him in your underwear and that he previously thought you to be a cabin boy. The bobbing of his Adam's apple indicated you very much were nothing of the sort and suddenly he was reevaluating every interaction he had with you. 

"I uhh...yeah." Your cheeks were blazing with heat, pulling back and coughing at the tension. "How are you feeling?" Your voice was timid, softer than he was used to, and your face no longer obscured by a large collar. Sitting back and pulling your knees up to your chest you thought back to the past twelve hours, how everything had changed. Your emotions felt as chaotic as the sea, unable to settle in a singular mood after the stressful events. 

"I feel a bit feverish and sore, but other than that, just pissed the fuck off. Did you see any other survivors?" His eyes narrowed, fists clenching until his knuckles turned white. The first thing you ever learned about Captain Shinsō was that his crew was his family, and the rest of the world be damned. He fought side by side with his men and took each death personally, as though he had failed them. Not a single fallen crewmember had gone without a funeral in their honor and you knew this would be no different.

"No. I looked but...the ship was capsizing. I found you just before I abandoned ship. I could barely carry you let alone another person. I'm sorry Captain..." Tears welled in your eyes, the feeling of failure driving its way into your heart. No one had believed in you like he did, nor given you a chance to prove you were more than a street rat. You felt a gnawing guilt in your stomach at disappointing him.

"______." His voice was soft, his hand landing on your shoulder, eyes peering softly into your own despite his discomfort after moving so abruptly. "Thank you for saving my life. You did what you could and more. None of this is your fault. It was that damn Spanish Commander we have been trying to dodge. I was careless and didn't know he expanded their patrols and territory." He wiped a hand down his face in resignation before he hung his head. 

"It isn't your fault either Captain. The Spaniards killed our comrades, not you or me. We have to live for them." You mumbled out the last part, using his favorite phrase at the ocean burials you often sent comrade's off with. He gave a smile, eyes looking slightly less crestfallen. 

"We have to live for them." He murmured back. Without a word you handed him the previously boiled canteen of water, and the small helping of fruit you found. 

"Here Captain. You need your strength the most since you are the fighter out of us two. I am gonna go clean up before we make a game plan." With a nod he accepted the food and water, letting you escape for a minute to attempt some basic hygiene. You could feel his eyes lingering on your back, sending a shiver through you. You quickly relieved yourself and found a small pond of fresh water, scrubbing yourself as best you could with a scrap of fabric that would be discarded after if not burned for the betterment of humanity. You fought with your knotted hair and thanked the heavens you wrapped it under a bandanna. You had somehow avoided getting a rat's nest from the salty ocean water drying on it overnight. Making your way back to camp you found your Captain had finished a decent amount of fruit and water, bringing a smile to your face. At least you both made it. You could build up another family, and although the people couldn't be replaced, it didn't mean you couldn't forge new bonds. 




You paused when you took in the Captain's form. He was sitting with his back to the stone wall, head hunched over as his chest took in deep breaths. His skin was coated in sweat, and his hands kept clenching and then releasing. You took a cautious step forward before his head snapped up and your eyes widened at the sight of him. The cut on his cheek had small purple veins flaring out from it and your Captain's pupils were blown wide open. His gaze wracked over your body, taking in every curve that usually hid behind your androgynous clothing. 

"______, this cut. S-Something's wrong. I feel like I n-need..." He bit his lip, spreading his legs just enough to give you a view of his tented boxers. "Y-You need to leave. I can't..."

His fingers sank into his hair, fingers turning white at the force of his grip. He tugged the violet strands with a whimper, trying desperately to fold in on himself and avoid gazing at you. Something that sent a scorching heat down his throat and a hunger in his gut that threatened to break any morals he held. You heart ached at the sight; watching a man who not only saved you from the streets, gave you an imperfect family, and became a man you idolized and loved. A man you started to romanticize in your mind and dreams. Here he was, in need of relief from whatever foul poison was on the blade that marred his cheek. 

"Captain." You surprised yourself with how steady your voice was, but the way his head snapped up to yours sent your heart racing. "What do you need? I can help...with whatever it is. I can't...I can't lose you too." 

You weren't lying either. The thought of losing him hurt more than any pain you had felt in life. Even if romance never came to be, no matter how hard you wished for it, you could share one night with the man who saved you. In return you could save him and share the burden he had been dealt. You walked forward, noticing his hesitation and restraint. You placed a shaky hand on the tent in his shorts, giving a soft squeeze that blew out the remainder of his violet eyes until they appeared like two pools of ink. Suddenly you found his mouth slamming onto your own, desperate and aggressive with need. 

"Please ______, I can' won't stop. The heat is unbearable." It seemed your consent had broken whatever dam of ethics he had, slamming your back onto the dirt and straddling your face, his weeping member poised above your lips and his eyes piercing down on you with a predatory stare.  

"I'm here Captain." You weren't sure how you managed to sound alluring and sensual when you felt butterflies swirling in your belly and your nerves spiking from adrenaline. This encounter held more meaning than any other you had before, and you knew your feelings for the Captain would ruin you. 

" me Hitoshi." With that he shoved his cock inside your mouth, groaning so loud it reverberated off the walls. He whispered soft apologies as he slid inch by inch into your mouth, throwing his head back when his tip hit the back of your throat. You let him guide you, knowing that this wasn't the time or place for teasing. 

Relaxing your throat, you tilted your head up, taking him farther than even he allowed himself to go, pulling a sharp gasp from him. Long, dexterous fingers latched onto your locks, pulling you closer after the invitation. He began a rhythm of pulling you back and forth, working your head on his cock as he straddled your small figure. You trailed a hand down to your own heat, feeling the slick that coated your inner thighs. A soft moan escaped you when your finger made contact with your clit, sending a vibration through your throat and earning a sharp tug of shock from your Captain. 

"F-Fuck do that again ______. Take me deeper." You moaned again when you felt one hand leave your hair, only to cover yours over your heat, taking control from you. He wasted no time in drawing out more of your delicious moans that wrapped around his cock like sin incarnate. It wasn't long before you began to buck into his hand, as you took him so far into your throat that your nose pressed flush against his pelvis. You swallowed frequently, relaxing your throat at the thick intrusion. It seemed that action was his undoing as he rutted against your face. 

"I can't...I'm gonna..." His eyes pinch shut, and you felt him still, fingers tightening their hold as he came down your throat. Thick ribbons of emission being swallowed down quickly, avoiding the threat of having your breath cut off. He pulled out of your throat carefully, making sure not to hurt you upon his exit. It wasn't until he was kissing you again that you realized he was still hard, his dick brushing along your thigh while he nibbled his way down your chest. He whispered delicate praises, strong hands lifting your legs up over his shoulders and lining himself up with your entrance. You bit your lip in anticipation. The need for release clawing at your mind and your stomach clenching at the tightened coil that had yet to snap. 

"Please Hitoshi, I need you." You felt silly at asking, despite what you had just done, but it felt too real to vocalize out loud. He gave you the purest smile, not the smirk he got when they found treasure, or the wolfish grin at defeating an enemy; a genuine smile. He placed a kiss on your forehead, nose and lips, before leaning his forehead against your own. 

"I got you ______." You felt your mouth drop open when he slid into the hilt, dropping his head to your shoulder with a moan. "You're so fucking tight and blimey, you're warm."

He wasted no time, knowing you both needed release for different reasons. His thrusts were short and deep, as though he didn't dare leave your heat under fear he couldn't return. He grinded down deliciously hitting your clit with every thrust. Tilting his hips and earning a surprised moan from you that was a cross between a scream and a yelp. You arched your back, eyes rolling at the spot he hit deep inside of you. Noticing your euphoria, he kept the angle, striking it every time and turning you into an undulating mess beneath him. Sweat collected in his hair, creating a limp halo of violet around you as he drove into you for all he was worth. The sound of your skin connecting filled the gaps of moaning, panting and groaning in the otherwise silent cave.

"Shit, sweetheart, not sure I can let you go after this. Consider yourself promoted from cabin boy to you being my woman." His words came out with a bite, finding yourself flipped onto all fours before he drove back into you, his thrusts increasing in speed and intensity. "I'll fight every man on this bloody ocean, because I've found the greatest treasure is right here between your legs little lass." 

"H-Hitoshi...I-I'm going to cu-" You couldn't finish your thought when his hand snaked below you to rub against your sensitive clit. With only a few swirls of his finger you were digging your nails into the dirt floor. Eyes tightening shut as the rush of the coil snapping flooded your veins. A numbness faded down your limbs and distant acknowledgement that you were screaming was all your brain could process. This spurred Hitoshi on, his thrusts becoming less controlled and a drive to find release fueling his pace. 

"Shit, _______. You're perfect." He ran a hand down your back, leaning over you to place a kiss on your shoulder, before he latched down with a searing bite. His hips stilled and a strangled cry in his throat muffled against your skin. Your walls fluttered around his cock as he came inside you, pulsing and giving tentative thrusts until he fell still against you. Finally, you could feel him soften inside you, but he made no move to pull out, only rolling you both softly onto your sides. His hands roamed your body, tracing every curve that was once hidden to him, watching the way the dying fire and minimal sunlight glowed off of your skin. 

"You know I meant what I said..." His deep voice vibrated across your back, "That poison may have had certain affects, but I have always been a man who knows what he wants. When I see what I want..." He trailed his lips down your neck chuckling when you giggled from a ticklish spot. "I fight for it."

"Are you sure? I mean, wouldn't you rather have one of those pretty barmaids the men always fancied?" You looked back when his hands stilled, giving him a teasing smirk and wiggling your brows. 

"Oh treasure, they have not a thing on you. You already had a fun personality when I thought you were a cabin boy, and I respected your adaptive personalty and grit. I didn't realize you were a damn Goddess on top of it. I couldn't think of another person I'd trust by my side on the seas." He pulled you into a kiss, turning you to face him and pulling you on top of him. You slowly felt him harden again, a soft bucking indicating the lingering effects of the poison that still needed your attention. You at least noticed the purple tint on his cheek started to fade. 

"If you'll have me, then I will sail anywhere with you. I'd watch the world burn for you Captain." You whispered in his ear, earning a shiver from the man as he grinned up at you wickedly, licking at his dry lips. He reached over to the pile of clothes that had finally dried, grabbing his hat and slapping it on you. 

"Then get to riding little lass. Because when I'm done fucking you proper, we need to build up a crew and settle a score." His voice spoke of dark promise that sent a rush of pleasure to your core. He slapped your ass with a firm hand and bucked up once to get you moving, an order you didn't ever plan on ignoring. The two of you were a storm in the making and the seas would not be prepared for the fallout you would leave in your wake. 

Chapter Text

You brushed a sweaty lock of hair away from your brow rather ungracefully; swatting at it in fear that it was another monstrous bug, only to sigh in annoyance at your jumpy nerves. You had been traveling through the dense forest for weeks, only taking breaks to camp, hunt, forage, or bathe if you were lucky. It wasn't like you planned on traversing the expansive forest, but you had been left with very little choice. You had lived alone with your father, a man you honestly found to be quite worthless. There was no love between you two and you were grateful that he'd rather pass out drunk, instead of bothering you. 

You kept to yourselves and you had made a silent promise to escape the small village once you had enough money saved under your room floorboard. All that waited for you in that village was either a living as a working girl in the brothel or being the wife of one of the many abusive men that were available. With a snarl at the thought you kicked a rock in anger. As if you would give yourself to someone who treated you like trash. You took your mother's words to heart before she died, when she gave you a locket with an ouroboros carved into it, vowing to find a man who viewed your love as precious. You hoisted your bag up higher on your back, climbing over a few large roots and continuing on. 

Originally you hadn't planned on leaving so abruptly, wanting to take actual transportation with a passing merchant you could bribe, but your father had ruined everything. The fool had drunk the little savings he had and borrowed from the local brothel. What horrified you even more was that he put you as collateral. You heard them arguing on the porch, the waste of human flesh not even trying to argue for more time. You didn't hesitate, grabbing your emergency bag and booking it out the back window. You ran as fast as your feet could carry you, barely noticing that you didn't have time to grab your hidden money or even a pair of shoes. A fleeting thought that you wouldn't make it to your shift tomorrow at the small food stand was all it took to make you take a deep breath. Your life in this village was officially severed and you had to put yourself first. Slapping your cheeks, you forced yourself to focus on escape. 

There was no doubt the men would catch you if you took any of the main roads, so you bit your lip and darted into the forest that no one dared enter. A small shrine sat at the base of the forest that stretched up the mountain just outside the village. The Elders and parents had always warned everyone to never venture into the woods, because you would never return if you did. Convincing yourself it was all a fable; you took your chances and ran to the one place no one would follow. The promise of escaping a future of abuse and servitude fueled your will to survive and continue your trek. 




Now you stood in your battered clothing that hung off of you, the former ivory nightgown you had fled in was torn, muddied, and foul smelling. You had worn it for upwards of three weeks, traveling who knows how far and in some fairly questionable weather. Now you were close to the mountain, nearing the base and hoping to follow along its edge and exit somewhere on the other side where you could find another village. Pushing a few branches aside your eyes widened at the sight before you. You had broken through to a clearing that had a large natural hot spring at the base of the mountain. You peered up, admiring the mountainside that was now in view thanks to the sparseness of the trees. It was a welcome change to see the bright sky filtering down on your skin. 

Snapping yourself out of your shock you took off with a jog toward the water, dipping a sore foot in the to test it out. The groan that slipped from your mouth was carnal and you ripped the disgusting fabric off your body, dropping your bag to the ground without a care, only turning around to grab the bar of soap you had packed. You didn't have much, but this little bar felt like it was worth more than gold in your situation. 

With a heartfelt giggle you jumped into the hot spring, wading out until you were waist deep. You hummed to yourself, dancing slightly as you scrubbed every inch of grime off your skin. The sweet aroma of your favorite soap wafted up, the heat intensifying the lather you built up. Your fingers kneaded into your scalp, enjoying a moment of tranquility. For the first time in your life there was no nagging drunk of a father, no painful reminder your mother was gone, no fear of losing your job at the food stand, no fear of marrying an abusive man, no fear of the brothel forcing you into service like it did with most poor girls, and finally no responsibility weighing you down. 

Surrounded by the serenity of the forest, the warmth of the hot-spring, the smell of a fresh bath, and the birds chirping softly in the distance all pulled the tension out you with every passing second. When your head was thoroughly scrubbed, you ducked down into the water, quickly working the soap out of your locks before resurfacing. You smiled when your hand no longer caught in massive knots and you felt like a pound of oil was removed, making you feel cleaner than you had in weeks. You made your way back to your bag, tossing the soup in and pulling out a jar. You dipped your finger into the charcoal paste you made, scrubbing it along your teeth with your finger as you made your way back to the water. You were not done enjoying yourself and planned to sit in there until you resembled a glorious prune. 

When you felt you cleaned your teeth well enough, you took a swig of water and spit it out, watching the swirl of black disappear and with it the last bit of grime that needing attending to. You looked around, spotting a large rock you could lean against and found the water came up to your collarbones when you got comfy. Deciding to lean your head back, you closed your eyes, seeing no harm in having a nap in a place that wasn't freezing for once. 




A splashing sound woke you up with a start, panicked eyes peering around for the cause. It was more than likely a deer or other such wildlife, but when you saw the edge of the hot-spring ripple, you felt your heart drop. Something had entered the water and you couldn't see what or where it was. You stood up on shaky legs, your nerves going into overdrive and your flight or fight response was kicking in. In all honesty, you weren't a fighter and you immediately went with 'flight', running toward the shore and cursing how the waist high water slowed you down. 

You didn't get very far before a huge serpent like tail broke the water's surface. It was unnaturally large, looking like the width of a tree with its large golden scales. It arched across horizontally, effectively blocking your exit. You screamed, trying to back away from the twisting tail.

"Hey, hey! No need to be scared little mate, I have been waiting for you!" A cheerful voice came from behind you and your whole body went ridged. You slowly turned, shrinking in on yourself out of instinct, and met a pair of dark sapphire blue eyes. They were crinkled in joy and you took in the rest of the person's appearance. He had strong features that appeared nearly too symmetrical to be human, a point that you felt was justified given he had the body of a snake just under the area that his pelvis had a v-shape. Your breath caught in your throat at the way his skin faded into a stunning set of golden scales that matched his blonde hair, making the man stand out like a ray of sunshine. 

"W-Waiting for me?" You weren't sure how you even heard him properly the first time, considering you were staring at him in shock, not even bothering to hide it. Your skin felt warm at seeing the man and you looked down in embarrassment, choking when you realized you were completely nude, and your upper half was completely on display. Quickly bracing your arms over your chest in an attempt to salvage some modesty, you met his stare again. His grin was wide, showing off pearly white teeth with two elongated canines and dimpled cheeks. Suddenly you felt your heart drop, what if he was going to eat you? A hand on your waist brought you out of your downward spiral of thoughts, the thick tail pressing into your back and pushing you forward into the man's chest. 

"Yes! I prayed to Ugajin, for a mate. Then a few weeks ago he answered, saying you passed his shrine with his blessing!" You blinked in confusion before he tapped the small locket around your neck, your hand pulling it up to look at the familiar snake insignia you had never put much thought into. "With this you offered your heart to an eternal bond and were chosen by Ugajin to be paired with a worthy Nāga! I have waited centuries for you..." His voice lowered, his chest rumbling again your own. You peered up at him, your hands pressed against his chest as you absorbed the information. Fear seeped into your bones, had you run from one abusive future to another? All the strength you usually had begun to crumble and you felt tears streak down you cheeks.

"A-Are you going to h-hurt me?" Your voice cracked and the man's face suddenly twisted in horror, pulling you tighter into his hold, his hand rubbing up and down your back. 

"Never in any life, could I ever hurt you. I dreamed about you since I was a hatchling. Dreaming about the amazing mate the Gods would bless me with. I must say..." He lifted your chin with the tip of his tail, "It seems even centuries of dreaming couldn't come close to your perfection."

Your heart hammered. You had never heard a man say such things before, aside from the poems your mother would read to you. His touch, while firm, was caring and warm. You leaned into his embrace, not realizing how touch starved you had become over the years. Always putting distance between yourself and others for survival. But everything about this felt right, even if it should rightfully terrify you. But the longer you stared into his blue eyes and felt his tail coiling behind you, that you felt perhaps your future wasn't as far from home as you originally thought.  An odd sense of belonging thrummed in your heart, and who were you to argue with the knowledge of a God?

"If you're supposed to be my mate...what is your name?" You felt yourself smiling at his toothy grin, his snicker as he nuzzled his nose into your neck was oddly charming. 

"My name is Mirio. I am the keeper of Ugajin-sama's main shrine farther up the mountain. What is your name little mate?" He kissed along your neck, his hold going down to your hips. While you realized this was faster than what you traditionally thought of a relationship in any sense of the concept, you realized your idea of normal vanished when the self-proclaimed Nāga stated you were his mate, as dictated by a God. So maybe normal wasn't the best baseline for measuring events in your life anymore. 

"My name is _______. What does being a...mate entail?" You felt heat rise up to your ears at the question, but by the way he was slowly rutting into you had an idea. A whine was pulled from you when you felt not only one hard length, but a second. The appendages were like a blazing heat against you and you could feel your core start to tighten in response to his ministrations. 

"Oh love, I think you know. I have dreamed of mating you for so long, marking you as mine." He groaned when you subconsciously bucked forward, your breathing picking up at his claim over you. "I want to give you everything."

His lips came down to your own, his tail once again pressing you firmly into him and you could feel the thick muscle flexing against your back. He trailed one hand down to your side, pulling your leg up over his hip, allowing him a deeper grind against your bare core, reminding you were in nothing but your birthday suit in front of Mirio. His other hand followed the curve of your stomach up to your breast, squeezing with a groan against your lips.

"You're so soft _____." He murmured, his lips slowly trailing down your neck. You gasped when his tongue lapped against your collarbones, making his way toward the underside of your ear where his fangs nipped and brushed lightly across your flesh. Sending an array of goosebumps across your skin, your hand gripping his muscular bicep. His muscles flexed all around you, the fingers that were pressed into your skin twitching from his frenzied desire. 

The hand on your chest started to play with the small bud, pinching and twisting it enough that it hardened and sent sparks of pleasure down to the building pressure in your abdomen. Knowing your legs were secure around him of your own volition, he trailed his free hand down to your soaking heat, hissing when his thumb pressed against your pearl. 

"Absolutely divine. Don't mind me love while I slither in..." He gave a cheeky laugh, followed by a guttural moan when he plunged a digit into your waiting heat. Your back arched, head falling back against his awaiting tail that cradled you. He started slow, working you open carefully and wanting to you prepare you appropriately. Your slick coated his hands, spreading along your inner thighs as he added a second and third finger. He flared them out, stretching against your walls, but not quite satisfying the itch you felt deep inside you. 

"M-Mirio...m-more..." You moaned, his teeth sinking just a bit deeper at your plea. His hips were still rutting forward but it seemed his mental fortitude held on just a bit longer in order to put your needs first. 

"I know love, but I need to prep you, so I don't hurt you. It's almost time, I promise. Let me if I can tip the scales in my favor, by getting you where you need to be gorgeous."  With that he curled his fingers, hitting a spot that made you inhale sharply. Your toes curled and your eyes snapped shut, sweat beading on your forehead. 

"Like that...please like that..." You rolled your hips into his hand, earning a few muttered curses. His second hand left your chest and joined it down below, coating it in your slick before pulling back and wrapping around you, his hand drifting to your backside. You shook in surprise when his finger worked at your second hole, slowly easing its way into you. He didn't force it, allowing your muscles to relax and your slick to ease his way. You realized what he was prepping you for and felt your walls clench at the thought. He fingers worked in your core faster, hitting the spot inside you that created an amalgamation toward your impending release. 

"Gods look at you ______. Never has someone looked this sensual, this erotic...and it's all mine." His eyes were blown wide, his gaze drinking you like a fine wine and memorizing every expression and sound you made. He knew, just watching you writhing against his hands like this alone, was proof that the centuries of solitude were worth every agonizing moment. That he would wait through endless lifetimes to hold you like this. So warm, wet, absolutely dripping...and it was all for him. 

"Mirio...MIRIO!" Your voice cracked, its pitch carrying into the sky. Your nails dug into his arms, your teeth latching onto his pectoral muscle as you felt your core gush with your release. Your walls fluttered from aftershocks and you mewled in frustration when the fingers vacated you but gave a breathy moan when two heads positioned themselves at your holes. Your slick guided them easily, sinking inch by agonizing inch into your heat. 

"Fuck, woman." His fang bit into his lip in attempt to silence a growl, sending a small rivulet of blood down his chin. It felt like minutes before he was fully seated in you, both cocks pressed to the hilt and you felt a fullness that you knew would be an addiction. Every passing action solidified your belief that you belonged in Mirio's arms. The years of torment had all led to this. It was all a path to him and that feeling alone filled the void that often resided in your heart. He stayed conjoined, not moving as you adjusted to his girth. He peppered kisses along your face, whispering words of praise. 

"Such a good little mate, taking my cocks so well. You look so beautiful when you're filled with me." He gave a gentle thrust, grin widening at your pleased moan and hips that rolled to meet his. Soon he picked up the pace, rolling into you with fervor. His hands grabbed your ass, pulling you down onto him as your petite figure bounced wildly. His tail twisted and coiled in the water, while he watched himself slide in and out of you. He was enraptured at the way your small body accepted him, a visible bump in your abdomen from his length. The way your walls rubbed against him brought out a light hiss, feeling his own coil tightening. "You will look even more beautiful when you're swelled with my child."

His nose ran along your neck, the pressure in your stomach building to an unbelievable level. You clawed at him, moans turning to wails and your thrusts began to stagger, your ends approaching quickly. Your heart was swelling as you buried your face against his chest, feeling his own heart thumping rapidly. 

"Mirio...Mirio..." You couldn't even find it in you to scream as your orgasm slammed into you. Your face pulling back and body shaking in sharp arch. Your eyes closed as lights danced across your vision and your walls clenched ruthlessly on his thick members, pulling him along with you. He pounded into you hard, eyes raking over you as you cried in euphoria. Seeing his mate in the throes of ecstasy sent him to the edge and he pulled you flush against him, fangs breaking the skin on your neck as he roared through his release. His emission came out in thick heavy spurts, filling you beyond capacity until it dripped out of you into the water. Your breaths were heavy, chests desperately trying to replenish the oxygen you lost.  He ran a soothing tongue over your bite, kissing the area softly and gentle hands rubbing your backside. 

"Like I said, perfection." He whispered, a laugh breaking from his lips at your dazed expression. "Don't tell me you're worn out already little mate. After all, I've waited centuries for you. I have so much more I want memorize." His hands once again began wander, his cocks still seated in you with an impressive hardness, despite the cum that leaked from you. He waded through the water, his long tail living ripples across the hot spring. He turned a corner that led to a hidden cave, carrying your dazed form with him. 

Once your silhouette's disappeared, the clearing became quiet once again. The only sign you had ever been there was your tattered nightgown and bag on the shore. No one would dare come looking for you in the woods and you didn't feel the slightest ounce of sadness at that. You spent your days being thoroughly ravished beneath your Golden God, your mate, your love; Mirio. The Nāga thanked Ugajin every day when he came home to your shared cave, seeing you swollen with his child and your only adornment being the locket that brought you to him. 


Chapter Text

Trees passed your window in a blur, your eyes focused on the road, and your few possessions stacked carefully throughout your SUV. The radio signal from the city had long ago faded to static, leaving you with a few of your old random mix CD's you made back in high school. The nostalgic beats kept you awake during your long road trip and your mind away from the grief you felt. Three months ago, your Grandmother passed away after a long battle with late stage cancer. She was the only biological relative you knew of, leaving a chasm in your heart that ached from losing her. 

Mentally you knew it had been coming, but despite knowing she was free from pain, you still felt the selfish desire for her to still be with you. You missed the smell of her cooking and baking, the way she mispronounced new slang terms, dancing around the kitchen to her childhood idols, the way she hugged you when you needed it the most, the pride she showed when you succeed at a goal, and the unbridled aura of love she gave; never once wavering over the years. Her loss was immense to many, but none so more than you. 

The funeral had been large considering the life your Grandmother lived. She was charismatic and magnetic, in an almost unnatural sense. She drew people in, and many came to show their respects that day and the weeks that followed. Normally you would have been grateful as people tended to also be drawn toward you but being surrounded by the people your Grandmother told you about in so many of her stories was overwhelming. It felt like you were drowning, and the walls were closing in all at once. When your inheritance came, it was like your Grandmother gave you one final gift. A chance to escape and get your head on straight. 

You were a published writer, so you had the luxury to work from anywhere, which was a fantastic perk as a non-mated Omega. Especially since you were one of the rare ones who had a True Mate, making all other Alphas unappealing despite their annoying and insistent behavior. Seeing that familiar address on your inheritance paperwork cemented your idea. Your Grandmother left you two pieces of property and a decent life insurance policy. Most of that went to her funeral and taxes on the properties, but you snatched the keys with a sullen smile, putting your plan into action. You boxed up her main home, not ready to be inside it for long, and found one of your closest friends that you trusted to rent the home long term. With that squared away, you put your frivolous possessions in storage and started on the road trip to your Grandmother's vacation home. 

It was far away from the city, on a small private island off the coast. You opted to only bring the essentials since your car would remain at the marina and you would have to take the designated yacht to the island. You tapped the steering wheel with a smile, remembering when your Grandmother sat you on her lap and let you steer the older model she had at the time. So much of your childhood was spent on the water, feeling the sand between your toes, the smell of the sea-breeze, and collecting shells off the beach. You couldn't imagine ever being away from ocean. 

The marina came into view, most of the yachts missing from their slips as the homeowners had all gone in for the night. The sun was just setting in the distance, orange and red hues painted across the forest behind you. You parked the SUV, sighing heavily before getting out with huff. You grumbled tiredly as you packed your items onto the small yacht, wanting to get to the island as quickly as possible before the sun fully set. Once the tasks were taken care of, you brought the engine to life with the turn of the key, setting off across the dark waves. 

You passed multiple islands that were clustered together, slowly getting sparser and sparser the farther out you got. Finally, you spotted the last island that sat at the far end of the grouping, the place your Grandmother called 'paradise'. It was where her heart always truly was, her sanctuary from the rest of the world. Pulling up to the dock was easy, but you cursed a few times when you had to tie your yacht to the dock, having to mimic the order your Grandma taught you a few times before getting it right. When it was finally secure you began lugging all your belongings onto the dock, slowly carting them to the home. It was a small island, but had enough room for two-bedroom, one-bathroom cottage, a large garden and yard, beach surrounding half the island and a tree line for privacy. 

When you broke through the tree line you smiled at the familiar yet refreshed looking home. Its black metal roof was pristine, and you looked forward to hearing the rain hit it during the autumn nights in a few months. The paint was a crisp white and you were grateful you had the foresight to do renovations, repairs and furnishing before officially moving. The place needed some work, so you bit the bullet and dumped a hefty amount of your savings into it. You stood in front of the main door, pushing your key in slowly and giving the door a firm push. Flicking the light on from memory you felt a warmth overcome you. 

You made sure not to take away the charm your Grandmother had in the home. The floors were old wide plank oak and the rich stain you chose brought out their character once again. The walls were repainted, adorned with photos of your Grandmother and friends who had become your family. The kitchen still had her funky mint colored cabinets, but you swapped out the nineteen-sixties Formica counter tops for a classic white quartz. Overall you kept a craftsman and coastal vibe in the home, keeping your Grandmother's influence while adding a few modern touches. 

You through your bags into your new bedroom, shedding out of your clothes and into your favorite sweatpants and shirt. Making your way back to the kitchen with a TV dinner and pack of tea, you put on a kettle; wanting to warm up with some tea, food and maybe watch a few shows before bed. Making your way to the microwave caused you pause, eyeing a note on the counter. You picked it up with a smile, recognizing the handwriting as your Grandmother's best friend. She was like a sister to your Grandmother, often making her a Great Aunt to you in return as their friendship spanned decades between the Beta and the Omega. Her and her husband Ben helped you a lot in life, whether it was driving you to your college dorm when your Grandmother couldn't, helping you move apartments when you were first published, or doing small house repairs, they were there without hesitation.




I know you are likely reading this on Friday night, but its Wednesday right now. I knew you would be tired from your trip and that you have had a lot on your plate lately. So, I hope you don't mind that I stocked your fridge, pantry, firewood, and also had Ben install that wifi thing you needed. I miss you so much, brilliant girl. Ben and I are starting our trip across Europe. We have six countries to visit in the span of six months! I am sorry we couldn't see you before our flight, but I promise to call when I can! You have a couple months left of summer, so make sure to stock up, because autumn and winter there can be harsh. We love you and will visit when we get back! Remember to eat well and get some rest in between writing sessions. 

PS: This is Ben. I gave you an early birthday present. I hooked up a backup generator, that way you won't get stuck without power this winter. Love you kid. Stay safe out there, I left the shotgun in the closet in case any Alphas give you trouble... 

PPS: Don't forget to save me a copy of your newest novel!!!

Love Sophie and Ben'


Your heart soared and you giggled at their antics. Ben's Alpha persona peeking through with his need to protect kin and Sophie's bubbly Omega personality that held a maternal undertone. They were such good people and you were happy they were finally having the trip they had dreamed of since they met at eighteen. They were True Mates. a rare bond that only ten percent of the world was blessed with. The growling of your stomach brought you from your thoughts, eager to see the food that was so graciously provided to you. You quickly found ingredients for some easy pasta, getting it started while you flitted around the living room. By the end of the hour the cottage smelled like savory pasta, the fireplace was roaring, some scented candles flickered on the mantle and you were lounging on the couch with a smile. 




The next day you found yourself wandering the property, wearing some rolled up jeans, a baggy shirt, and your bare feet walking through the sand as the tide came up to kiss your feet. The seagulls swooped across the water and the waves crashed in a steady rhythm. The water was still decently warm, but you knew that would change drastically in a couple months, when it would be too cold to stand even putting a toe in. You picked up shells and brushed glass that had been eroded to a soft texture from the water. Collecting them had been something you had always done, showing your Grandmother the treasure you found, who would then clean them and place them in a memory box for you. 

You waded out into the water, going until the water licked your knees, ignoring that your jeans were now wet. You spotted a few baby crabs scuttling about and smiled at the starfish that clung to nearby rocks. A large splash caught your attention, pulling your eyes up just in time to see a large dark green fin disappear under the waves. Your eyes widened, wondering what type of fish could have such a large tail fin. It was unlike anything you had seen, making you wish you could have caught a better glimpse. You briefly wondered if Ben would know but knew you couldn't get a hold of him very easily. Maybe you could google it? 

Setting off toward your house with a smile, you trudged your way through the water and up the beach. Not noticing the lingering gaze that followed your every step. A male voice cursed softly, far beyond your hearing and scent range. Emerald green eyes sparkled with curiosity, despite the thrumming heartbeat that threatened to burst from his chest. He just wanted to observe you, but he didn't expect to slip off the rock he was leaning on, it nearly got him caught. Although nearly getting caught terrified him, his curiosity was too intense to back down, especially when the wind carried your scent to him. It was the unmistakable allure of an Omega and he nearly groaned at it. He had never smelt someone so divine, despite his isolation, and his heartbeat erratically at the implications. He sank into the dark water, vowing to come observe you again with a small smile. He had waited so long for you; he could wait a bit more. 




You sat in the small dingy, floating on the water after you just shoved a cage into it. It was the third cage you were releasing for crabbing, hoping to treat yourself some before the fishing season ended. It had nearly been two months since you arrived, and you wanted to stock your freezer as best you could. You made sure it was positioned well, with your tag on it for easy visibility. Going to start the motor and head back to the cottage for a couple hours, you found with increasing agitation that it wouldn't start. You tried everything you could, from cursing at it, pleading with it, and smacking it once for good measure. Alas, you had used up your repertoire of knowledge, read as none, and knew you would have to likely buy a new one since it was pretty ancient. You eyed the shore with disdain, knowing you would have row back, only feeling your heart sink into your stomach when you realized the backup oars weren't on board. 

"Well fuck." You scratched your head. You couldn't stay here. Eventually it would get dark and you didn't plan on freezing your butt off. Tying the dingy to the crab cage, and dropping a small anchor, you jumped overboard and began your loathed swim to shore. You weren't that far away, and the sun showed it wasn't too late into the evening, but it didn't make it any less pleasant. You swam through the chilly water, brows furrowing when a particularly rude waved would come over your head, sending you under briefly before you popped back up with an exaggerated inhale upon surfacing. All was going well until you got to where your feet touched the sand and a harsh pull of undertow sent you under the current and out from the shore. You held your breath, trying to keep yourself from panicking. Your body twisted in the riptide, throwing off your sense of direction and straining your lungs. 

The water finally mellowed on its pull and you looked up where you could faintly see the light, your heart freezing at how far down you appeared. You kicked your legs hard, sweeping your arms broadly, trying to break the surface. Your lungs started to burn, as did your eyes from the harsh saltwater. The light seemed only a few more feet, but your movements were slowing down, limbs becoming heavy and you just couldn't hold your breath anymore. Seconds later your limbs froze mid stroke, falling to your sides as your eyelids became heavy. Just as the water burned down your throat did you see a figure coming out of the dark abyss quickly, heading straight for you. Just before you lost consciousness, you wondered if some shark smelled your dumb ass and came to give you an epic mercy killing. At least death by shark would sound more badass than death by undertow. 




You could feel pressure on your chest, and suddenly the desire to cough hit you like a semi-truck. You coughed out water, sputtering as your eyes opened. You blinked slowly, clearing the blurry image away until a man came into your view. You felt your breath hitch, eyeing his features. He was handsome, with inquisitive green eyes, a galaxy of freckles across his cheeks, and unruly dark green hair that cascaded around him like a halo. Your eyes widened when you realized he was shirtless, your eyes skimming down his fit physique. What caused you to blink rapidly was that six inches below his naval were a blend of scales that ranged from emerald to forest green. 

"Ah...are you umm...okay?" A cautious voice broke you from your stupor, bringing your eyes back up to the shining gems above you. You felt heat burn across your cheeks, the sensation prickling across your skin. You nodded shyly giving a hesitant smile, heart skipping when a smile brighter than the sun split across his face. His cheeks dimpled in relief and his teeth were a bright white. 

"I...did you save me?" You almost face palmed at how stupid of a question that was. Clearly the Adonis fused merman saved your stupid human butt, now he probably assumed you had brain damage from lack of oxygen. Apparently though, he didn't find it to be a dumb question, because he suddenly rubbed the back of his back of his neck sheepishly.  

"Mm. I did..." You wanted to squeal at his bashful tone, "I saw you drowning and I just couldn't leave you there."

"Do you usually ignore humans drowning?" Your head tilted and suddenly he looked down, biting his lip and looking up at you under a curtain of hair. Beads of water fell on you from it, watching each other intently. 

"Yes. It is best...not to be seen." He gave a regretful smile, but he pushed some of your wet hair away from your eyes. 

"You sound like you're talking from experience." You frowned, he sounded so defeated and seeing his face absent of his smile was nearly criminal. 

"Unfortunately. I haven't had the urge to approach a human in a few hundred years after losing my family. I have uhh...seen you around here. You are kind of fun to watch...I guess I got a little attached." He stuttered and pouted, looking nervous at your reaction, but also not being completely truthful. Meanwhile your brain was focusing on random facts. 'He is a few hundred years old? He lost his family? How long has he been watching me? That was the tail I saw! '. You thought in rapid succession. Instead of a smart retort you simply blurted out an unintelligent response.

"Whoa, you look great for your age!" The second the words leave you; you beg God to remove your soul from your body. To have the ground swallow you or the ocean to finish its job. Instead of him hightailing it back into the water, away from you, he let out the most light-hearted laugh you had ever heard. His eyes closed, the corners crinkling and prickling with tears. His mouth burst open in a wide toothy smile and his shoulders shook in joy. Finally, his laughing died down and he looked back at you, tilting his head giving you a grin. 

"Well thank you. I think I look fairly good for being four hundred and thirty-seven." Your jaw slackened at his statement, pulling more addictive laughs from him. You sat up, feeling his hand brace your back in case you were unsteady. You got a better view of his tail, watching the way it glinted in the evening sun. It was longer than you expected, easily being six feet in length on its own without taking his torso into account. "Careful, you will likely be dizzy, so you should take it easy."

"Thanks, sorry for all this. My name is _______, what is the name of my hero if I may ask?" You managed to control your word vomit enough to ask him a legitimate question. He flushed brightly when you called him your hero, boosting your confidence a bit. Now that you were so close to him, his nose only six inches away as he looked down at you, did you smell the tell-tale scent of an Alpha hit you, breaking past the saltwater smell that cloaked him. This was different however from the usual feeling you got from Alphas. Usually they smelled bitter, overpowering, and sent a rush of nausea straight to your gut. But this? This smelled heavenly. It was like your childhood bottled as a cologne. His scent wrapped around you like blanket, making everything around you fade. Was this what Sophie meant when she said she met Ben for the first time? The rare True Mate scent that only a privileged few got to experience. 

"Izuku. My name is Izuku." His hand cupped your cheek and you noticed he inhaled softly, pupils dilating at your scent. "It's so odd finally speaking to you ______." You could hear him stumble just before your name, his tongue threatening to say 'Omega' in a timber that would have likely sent you straight into heat. Instead he pulled back just enough to give a restrained smile, nodding his head at your cottage. 

"You need to go get warm. Come meet me out here tomorrow midday, I would like to get to know you." You could see the knowing gleam in his eye, meaning he smelt you too. You wondered how long he tortured himself with smelling you and not coming forth. You were reluctantly sent back to your home, but even you knew that you wouldn't be able to resist the call as long as he had. 





True to his word, he was there the next day, arriving just a little after twelve, you sat on the beach with your short legs pulled up and your arms wrapped around them. You waded into the water the moment you saw him, ignoring the cold bite as best you could. He drifted toward you, pulling you against him in a tight hold. 

"Can't have you drifting out to sea again," He joked, his chest rumbling against you. His skin felt so warm and you clung to the heat in desperation, for once not caring if you seemed odd. 

"I appreciate it." You fell silent after that, not sure how to bring up the nerve-wracking topic that kept you up all night. Along with googling bizarre searches like 'Supernatural mates', 'Merfolk mating legends', and 'instant brownie in a cup'...because you desperately needed chocolate after almost dying and being saved by your True Mate, your Alpha...who also happened to have a tail and live in the ocean. It was a bit much once you started reflecting. After three crying sessions you had moved past scared to giddy. Who cares that your mate was different? Having a true mate was a rarity you didn't want to miss. Sophie always understood as an Omega who also happened to have a true mate. Other Alphas never smelled appealing because you were only destined for one. Denying the bond was impossible and rejecting it was unheard of. 

"You know why I really saved you." It wasn't a question, more of a statement. The corner of his lip turning up as he stared straight up at the sky, holding your tiny form against him as the waves lapped around you. You buried your face into his chest. 

"I do. We are...True're my, Alpha." You mumbled into his chest, your heart racing through your veins when he let out a low purr at his title being murmured from your lips. 

"Mm. I have waited hundreds of years for you Omega. I never thought you would be hiding on land." He chuckled, pulling back and lifting your chin up. He frowned slightly at your shivering form. "You won't be able to linger much longer in the water."

"That is what confuses me. How can we be True Mates if I can't be in the water with you? And you can't come on land? I don't want to be away from you..." You gripped his waist tighter and noticed the confusion on his face.

"You mean you aren't aware?" His eyebrow rose, shock painting his features. 

"Aware of what?" 

"You're my True Mate, it is well known among Merfolk that only human's that descend from Merfolk can be mated to one. When Merfolk turn one hundred years old, we are given two paths to choose from, a mortal life as a human, or an immortal life as Merfolk. Though technically we can still be killed, we do not pass from old age. Most Merfolk chose to stay as such, but the few Betas would sometimes choose mortality since they wouldn't have very many bond choices otherwise." He chuckled at your perplexed face, a question playing on your features. "This means when we mate, you will simply be given the 'choice' early. Your body will give in to your heart and choose the form fitting for the life your heart desires. I am surprised your Merfolk relative never explained this..."

" that means my Grandma...that secretive old coot! If I ever die, we are having words you hear me woman!" You yelled at the sky, glaring at it for good measure. "So, when we mate...that's it? I become like you and can't return to land?" 

"Yes. That is why it's imperative this is what you want ______. You mean more to me than my entire existence. I won't forc-"

"I accept our bond, so you don't need to worry about that." You huff, leaning your forehead on him. He gave a sigh of relief, rubbing your back, but still continued to speak.

"I just want you to make sure you do what you must before leaping into this. I don't want you to ever have regrets." His voice was genuine, concern laced with every word and he began muttering, his words becoming indecipherable and you giggled at his spaced-out expression.

"Izuku." He kept muttering, talking about your 'affairs', 'family', and 'other human responsibilities'. "Alpha." That seemed to snap him out of his tirade, looking at you once again with a sultry look, hand subconsciously pushing your lower back farther into him.  

"If you keep calling me that I am going to lose my self-control. I want to do this right." He gave you a soft kiss, lips molding to your own, warm and soft with a hint of salt from the ocean on his skin. 

"One week. Give me one week to get my affairs in order. In one week, I'm yours. Forever." You shared one last kiss before you left the frigid water, already making a checklist of what you had to do. 



The week flew by. You contacted your lawyer, filing to have the vacation home gifted to Sophie and Ben. You also had your Grandmother's main home gifted to the friend who was currently renting it. Knowing she would fill the home with love and that her and her daughter would have a safe place to call home permanently. The ocean called to you, and every passing moment away from Izuku felt like torture. You couldn't find joy in the simple things anymore. You hadn't watched a single show or enjoyed a meal since meeting him. Like your normal human activities could no longer cut it. 

You also dug through some of the old boxes of your Grandmother's finding a few journals she had left behind. It took you four hours of reading to find a single confession that removed the last of your worries. The fear you had about leaving behind Sophie and Ben without an explanation, never wanting them to assume to worst. The passage simply stated, 'I finally told Sophie the truth. She will keep my secret, that much I know. But I had to tell her, in case my daughter or her future children ever return to the ocean. I needed her to know they would be okay.'

That line told you everything you needed to know. The relief was immense, and you spent hours poring over your final goodbye letters, most poised like vague suicide notes which left a swirl of guilt in your gut, but you couldn't endanger yourself or Izuku. It was harder than you imagined, saying goodbye when death wasn't what was taking you. The final letter was the only one holding a grain of truth. 


If you're reading this than my Grandmother's prediction finally came true. The ocean calls for me. I finally met my True Mate. It was like everything you said. I had never smelled someone so heavenly. His name is Izuku and he is so genuine, respectful, and endearing. It isn't easy leaving you, but I have to follow my heart. 

I leave to you my Grandma's slice of paradise. She wouldn't want it to go to anyone else and neither would I. I am sorry we couldn't see each other one last time, but just know every time you see the ocean, that I am at peace with the one meant for me. 

I love you Sophie, Ben. 

Love always, 



You placed the pen down, sealing the envelope and placing it on the counter. You looked around the home, eyeing the fast job you did at prepping it for your departure. You turned the utilities off, threw the perishable food away, and placed your belongings in boxes to make it easy for Sophie and Ben. Finally, you indulged one last time in a bubble bath with a glass of wine. When the water finally ran cold you put on a simple nightie, not seeing the point in wearing underwear if you wouldn't even have legs soon. A thought that slowly sounded normal. You wondered if your genetics really did prep you mentally for the change. 

Leaving the cottage for the last time was difficult, hearing the familiar wind chimes on the porch dance in the wind. Your bare feet padded across the grass that slowly turned into sand, the butterflies in your stomach fluttering fast at seeing Izuku in the water waiting. The moon shined down on his skin; his green hair illuminated under its light. His eyes finally met your figure standing on the beach, his jaw dropping and his teeth nibbling on his lip. 

"Izuku." You greeted, trying to hide your wince as the water slowly became frigid from the early autumn temperature. He pulled you in quickly, arms working over you to sooth your cold skin. "Sorry, it's just a bit chilly."

"It's okay _______. After tonight, you won't ever feel cold in the water again." He grinned, nuzzling into your hair. Hands skimming down your sides along your soaking nightgown, the wet fabric leaving little to the imagination. His touch left a wake of fire behind, each touch lighting a feeling deep in your gut that urged you closer to him.

"Alpha, don't tease me." You whined, meeting his gaze one final time before he slammed his lips down on your own. He moved slowly at first, building the pace with gentle nips and a hand woven into your locks. His free hand wandered to your breast, thumbing a nipple through the thin fabric, before he ripped the nightgown apart with exhilarating ease. Your surprised gasp gave him the perfect opening to plunge into your mouth, tongue battling for dominance and easily winning. You felt a bizarre tingling in your neck, it ran from your lungs, up your throat and into your sinuses. You ignored the sensation as it wasn't entirely unpleasant, and you could feel Izuku grinning against your lips. Slowly you felt him lower you into the water, and as it creeped up your skin near your face you panicked, gripping him tighter as you peered up at him.

"It's okay my love. I need you to trust me, it will be okay I promise. I got you." His words were soft as he placed kisses across your face and chest, his body hunched over yours as he lowered you both under the waves. 

"I trust you." The words came out more confident than you thought, instinctively wanting to hold your breath as you both submerged. Izuku continued to kiss you, the tingling sensation now going to your ears and across your limbs. You heard him chuckle unnaturally clear under the water, your eyes snapping open as you looked at his beaming smile. 

"Breathe ______, you will be fine. You might not be fully changed until after, but your body is already altering itself as you accept the bond." You stared at his face, seeing no lie or deceit in his eyes. You also realized that you could see for miles under the dark water, finding yourself much less afraid than before. Following your heart, you inhaled, laughing in shock when you realized you could 'breathe' underwater. Even the temperature was becoming more comfortable by the minute. Izuku chuckled, his lips once again finding your own as you both slowly sank to the ocean floor. The sand cradled you softly, Izuku's arms caging you in against the ground. He rolled his hips into your own, earning a mewl of pleasure when it sent a spark straight to your core. 

"Please, Izuku..." You arched against him, trying desperately to press yourself as close as possible. 

"Shh, I know little Omega. I promise to give you want you need, but I don't want to rush this." While his words spoke of a slow pace, his hands felt needy, touching every inch of you. You gasped when he finally skimmed his hand down your stomach, fingers lightly touching your skin until he reached your core. Even in the water your slick was prominent, coating his fingers as he groaned into your ear. "Is this all for me Omega?" His tone was deeper, the control you had slowly slipping at your blatant need for him. 

"Yes Alpha! Please! I need you!" You bucked up into him, your hips brushing against his scales and a sharp rush of water next to you indicated he exhaled at your action. He looked down at you, his eyes no longer controlled but brimming with hunger and desire. Both of your hair floated around you, the calm of the storm circling you both before suddenly your mouths slammed together in a heated embrace. 

You felt something hard and warm begin to poke your inner thighs and you looked down with a lidded stare, moaning at the way his scales parted to release his cock. A knot was already forming at the base and your toes curled in anticipation. Before you could stare more at the impressive size you felt his lips travel down your body. Gentle kisses mixed with firm nips left marks along your torso, shivers running down your spine that weren't from the cold water any longer, but rather the heat that run through your veins and that pooled in your lower belly. A loud moan ripped from your lips when his mouth closed around your clit, a stream of bubbles leaving your mouth. 

"You're a delicacy ________." He moaned, face pressing into you with fervor. Never had you been with such an enthusiastic partner, his face burying itself into you as far as you could. His tongue lapped at you like a man starved, delving between your lips. Your eyes rolled back with every lick, the coil building tightly, and your fingers lacing in his green tufts of hair. You tugged him impossibly closer, earning a loud groan that vibrated through your clit, sending you teetering on the edge. Your eyes snapped shut at your impending release, teeth clutching your lip, and back arching as your hips rolled into his face in an even tempo. 

"I'm...Izuku, I'm gonna-" You stuttered, the words dying on your tongue and the coil snapping harshly, sending your senses into disarray. He worked you through your orgasm, tongue making long, teasing strokes as the aftershocks fluttered through you. He crawled back up to you, pressing kisses along your face while muttering soft praises. His length pressed against you and you pulled him close, sealing your lips over his as he slowly pushed into your heat. He groaned loudly against your lips, his fingers digging into the sand as he tried to ground himself from slamming into you like an animal. 

"So...tight. All...mine." The Alpha tone finally laced within his words, pulling a moan from you when he finally reached the hilt. You could see his tail twitching, holding back just long enough to adjust to his size before he began to rock into you at a steady pace. Every thrust rubbed you in just the right way, sending a blinding light across your vision and a jolt of electricity up your spine. His thrusts increased in speed, his knot slowly swelling as it created a slight resistance against your lips. His lips peppered your face, an action so gentle and contrasting to the way he slammed into you. Your tiny frame pressed down into the sand, the malleable ground conforming to your shape and your back sliding against it from the power of Izuku's thrusts. 

His scales rubbed along your pelvis, adding a new type of friction that played on the familiar one between your legs. Your arms wound around his shoulder, trying to hang on futilely as your walls fluttered around him, signaling your end approaching. He must have felt it to because he finally pushed his knot in, locking you both together and turning his thrusts into a deep rutting motion. 

"I can't, Omega. You need to come for me ______. Together." His voice was strained, and you imagined if you weren't underwater he would have a sheen of sweat on his forehead. You nodded, not trusting your voice as your throat constricted. The pressure had built up for a second time more rapidly and it felt like this one would do you in. His hand went down to your clit, rubbing small circles over it until the pressure released once more, your body convulsing as your mate's name began spilling from your lips in a scream. He pounded into you, mouth making its way down to your neck before he gave a shout, teeth latching down on your scent gland in a piercing bite. You felt him pulse inside of you, hips rocking a few more times before he stopped. 

His arms grabbed your legs, unwrapping them from his waist, and pulling them so they were straight beneath you, as though you were standing. He stayed seated within you, the fit even tighter at the odd position. You wondered what he was doing until you felt a tingling sensation over you legs, just before sleep took you. 

Izuku peered down and his tiny mate, your bond mark fresh on your neck. But what sent his heart aflutter was the image of your legs slowly fading into the most beautiful tail he had ever seen. The scales complemented you and it wrapped subconsciously around his own. When you awoke, he would make love to you again, and again. Before you both traveled wherever your hearts desired. He was just grateful that the ocean no longer seemed so lonely.