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A Plot Idea for Another's Fanfic That's Stuck In My Head

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Chat is restless, goes out for a run in full fluffy form
Mari insists she get a chance to explore her powers, promises to be safe and stay close to town
But she wanders a little too far, perhaps near the castle
It begins to resemble the dream Chat and Mari ‘shared’
Only different, not quite a chase so much as a curious follow
She shows fear upon seeing him, and he is wary and on edge
Yet she promises him no harm despite him being the dangerous one
He makes note of how her feathers do not bother his nose
He asks her name, finding her familiar, and realizing she may be a hunter
She asks his name back
He counters, saying names have power
She retorts that he asked first, and if he won’t share an equal trade, then he gets nothing
Touche, he says, though says his name is worth more than hers
Simply because he is fae and she is human, she asks
No, because he has power and she does not
She scoffs and says she could probably defeat him easily
Is that a challenge?
She pauses, no, its not
Another pause
She asks him which name he wants, he is surprised and asks her what she means
She tells him she has two names, one real, and one guise, he may pick one in exchange for his
He scoffs again, again stating the exchange is unfair
She agrees, says she will answer one question as well, as long as it is not for the other name
He thinks, and agrees, he is a curious cat after all, as she can likely tell
He says he will tell her half his name for each half of her end of the bargain
She agrees, and says she will answer his question first, then her name
He asks why so
She find a complete name in exchange for a full name is more fair
He shrugs, either way he will get both, and thinks of his question
He asks her what she is and why she is here
She laughs and says that’s two questions
He ignores how he likes her laugh, reminding himself she may be enemy
He says its two sides of the same questioning coin
She laughs again, and concedes, saying she is a Champion here to protect the Prince
The Prince?
Yes, the Prince
She’s nervous, tells him his question was good, since it now puts her and the Prince at risk
He asks her to explain, she laughs again, so many questions and no name
He huffs and stares, she stares back stubbornly, until she sighs and answers
She says that though he is not attacking her, he may still be her enemy
And she is giving herself away for a name she wouldn't even know how to use
She shouldn’t be here, she is wary again, this is dangerous and stupid
He feels urged to keep her calm, reassure her
He says he is no danger to the Prince, though he knows of the dangers she thinks of
She considers asking, but shakes her head, saying she would, but doubted he would answer
He feels almost mockingly offended by her distrust, and says that so long as she answers…
So shall he
She asks him, then, to give the promised half of his name, since his questions keep coming
He grins, and says it is Chat, deciding against a lie
She pauses, and laughs, saying whoever named him only described him
What an odd way to name, she bet she could guess his name in one try
He barks a laugh, though slightly offended for his Lady
He challenges her to guess the other half of his name, then
Noir, she retorts
He bristles and grows still
Her eyes go wide as she realizes she was right
He takes a wary step away and she holds her hands out, worried
Don't go, she pleas, she can still give the name he wants
He pauses, and settles, though on edge, she was smart and should be careful
He wants her real name, as he too had a fake one, and a true name for a true name is only fair
She is glad to see him stay, laughing lightly, saying oh, now he wishes to be fair?
He glares and she holds up her hands again, giving in
Marinette Dupain-Cheng
He bristles again, yet does not move away again
Why is the name familiar, someone the Prince knows?
So, she says, any more questions?
They are fair game now
He shrugs, still thinking, debating to ask the mirror, so she asks her own
Why are the fae after the Prince
He stares, thinking, should he answer?
An idea comes to mind, to tell the truth, if not all, from the perspective of Underhill
Underhill is withering
She looks shocked, asking what he means
He grins, glad to see he can puck at her heart strings
The human’s use of iron in the land is harming it
The Prince is a means to an end
She narrows her eyes and glares, if they harm him, Underhill will do more than wither
He is taken aback, staying silent
Though his hackles are raised as he finds her threat feels as though it holds weight
Why does she care for the Prince, anyways
Her turn to be silent
He looked her over, taking a shot in the dark, she cares for him, doesn't she?
Her turn to bristle, saying yes, she does, not that her remembers her, more quietly
He decides to consult his mirror later, this may be helpful to know his new enemy to avoid
She then asks why the fae took the Prince and gave him back
He says he doesn't know
A pause, then she asks how they took him
His turn to pause, again, he doesn't know
He considers the mirror again, maybe it was time he knew how the Prince came to die
After all, he reasons, if he knew something the hunters did not, it could be an advantage
He could use it to twist the truth and further the illusion that the Prince is still alive
She realizes he isn't quite paying attention, nor does he have many answers
She sighs and walks past, absently reaching out a hand and brushing it against his head
To let him know she was walking away, not because she wanted to feel his fur, of course not
He hisses and bares his fangs
She jumps away in surprise, apologizing, she wasn’t thinking
He wants to retort, ‘obviously’, but does not
She backs away, saying it is late, and she no longer has time for what she came for anyways
The way her pet felt bothered him, it felt like his Lady’s, and he wanted more
After a few paces, he follows her, keeping stride alongside
He wanted more pets, he missed them dearly
There was nothing wrong with getting pets from another, right?
He could indulge, it wasn’t a break in loyalty, just an itch being scratched
Besides, once he was Lord, he could demand pets from anyone he chose fit
Might as well get a head start
Coming right up against her side on all fours, he pushes his head under her hand
She falters, continues walking, her hand still in his fur, watching him
He looks back, bumping into her again, and she gives in
She’s taken aback by how soft he is, and tries not to dwell on how she enjoys petting the enemy
He tries not to dwell in it too, living in the moment
Maybe next time he will let the servant wash his hair in the bath, as long as they are respectful
Or not, he should stay picky, every cat has a right to be picky after all, so he will only consider it
As they get closer to the end of the threes, she stops and steps away
She tells him they both should go, it is dangerous to be seen at all
He gives a pout, she turns away quickly to not be swayed by kitten eyes
She has already given in to this fluffy fae too much, too many risks
Next time, she says, she will pet him more
He is content with that answer, she does not seem dangerous
Even her feathers are safe for him
She realizes seeing him again would be an even greater risk
Yet if she plays it right, learning things from him would be advantageous
She will consult Alya about the risks and rewards it may bring to consult with a willing enemy
After all, no doubt a friendly fae would provide more than a forcefully imprisoned one
With a final glance at each other, they head their separate ways
Chat disappears in seconds like a shadow
Plagg asks him where he had gone, and Chat says he will tell him later
He considers the mirror, deciding the morn would be a better time, for now, rest
Mari returns to the inn, letting Alya rest, to tell her of the encounter in the morn
This was but a calm before a storm.