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Jotaro didn't have a huge reaction to his wife revealing her pregnancy. He smiled, pulled her into a hug. She was overjoyed enough for the both of them. It was a flurry of doctor's appointments, careful planning. Jotaro sank into a cycle of bemused contentment; fresh out of college, married and expecting his first child. After a quiet and frank discussion, his wife made a point about keeping the pregnancy a secret until the first trimester was over.

"Just in case... you know.... something happens."

He simply nodded in agreement.

That first trimester was quiet and unproductive in the household until Jotaro got the go ahead to call his mother to tell her the news. After that, it was a whirlwind of colours, names, and gender guesses, most of which Jotaro rolled his eyes, muttered a 'good grief'.

The first time any movement was felt was at 6 months when his wife gave a small sound of surprise and stiffened while they were doing the dishes on a quiet night after dinner. The cup she had in her hands sloshed back into the water with Jotaro mentally calling on Star Platinum to go rummaging through warm soapy water for damage control. Moving her out of reach of the sink and to the kitchen table, sitting her down for her to gather her barrings.

"I felt her." She murmured, wet hands going to her stomach. "The baby, she kicked."

Jotaro felt his shoulders relax, the tension slipped from his body as he slid down in front of her.

"Here, give me your hand." She whispered, nudging his shoulder with a hand and took his hand when he gave it.

Jotaro felt Star Platinum hover to his side, it's hand following his own to the swell at his wife's stomach. He felt the fluttering under the skin and furrowed his brow. There was a sudden brisk movement against his hand that had his wife make a noise of alarm, two more very strong kicks followed suit.


Jotaro glanced over to Star Platinum, who's own face was wide eyed with a toothy grin. He felt a warmth coming from his stand that felt like the afirmation he needed.

"Are you okay?" Jotaro asked, drawing his hand back.

She smiled down at him. "It's normal. Don't worry."

Jotaro swallowed hard and nodded. "So everything is fine?"

Resting a hand on his head, she smoothed his hair back. "Everything is fine... I'm going to go lay down for a bit, think you can finish up in here?"

"Sure can."

The baby, 'their daughter' as his wife had taken to calling the growing human inside her womb, only got stronger and more farce with her kicks. There were some nights while his wife clung to him, sleeping soundly, that he felt a hard movement against him thinking maybe his wife needed something, only to realize that the baby was kicking. Hard.

The final trimester was the worst for it.

Jotaro spent most of one particular night up, hand running over his wife's stomach, feeling two strong kicks early in the morning. His own stomach rolled as he got out of bed, sitting on the edge of the bed for a moment, looking down at the woman who slept by his side. She always fell back a sleep quickly after the baby kicked, murmuring she was fine. He quietly made his way out of the room.

In the office that was slowly making it's way into a full blown nursery for the baby, Jotaro picked up the portable phone on the desk and sank into the rocking chair. He ran his thumb over the numbers, sleep heavy on his eyes as he finally mustered the courage to dial the one person he trusted most with his concerns.

"Jiji!" Jotaro barked, his mind began to fog over with so many questions.

"Jotaro, is everything okay?" There was a rustling in the background, he must of have been in bed.

"I think.... I think the baby is a stand user." Jotaro bit out. "I think she's going to be a stand user."

The static rang loudly in Jotaro's ear followed by uproarious laughter.

"You don't say. That's great news, Jotaro!"

"Is it dangerous, old man? Is it going to break her ribs? Her organs?"

Joseph Joestar laughed loudly. "Jotaro, birthing a baby is the farseted thing from a hazard under normal circumstances."

Jotaro's frown deepened as he sighed.

It took a few moments, but Joseph collected himself. "Jotaro, it usually takes a year or two at the earliest for the Stand to manifest, if that. Polnereff, as you know, was about 4 before Silver Chariot came out. Avdol and Kakyoin...." There was a pause and Joseph cleared his throat. "The Joestar line isn't exactly known for being born stand users, as you know. It may take years, if at all. Listen to me, everything will be fine"

"Sometimes you say that and I don't know if I should believe you."

"When have I steered you wrong."

Jotaro inhaled deeply, cycling through the many comebacks at his disposal, before filing them back into his mind, safe and sound.



Jotaro was late, receiving the call from his mother that his wife had went into labour and things were going fast. His grandparents were in town, so at least his wife wasn't entirely alone with 3 watchful sets of eyes on her. She was finished by the time he got there, checking in with the receptionist and getting directions to the room his family was in.

Nodding to a guard, Jotaro slipped through the swinging doors to the maternity ward. The maternity ward was a bright and welcoming space in stark comparison to other areas of hospitals he had been in. A nurse leaned out of a doorway down the hallway on the left, catching Jotaro's attention and waving him over.

"They're in here." She said softly, smiling widely.

Holly sat in the corner with Joseph, the baby in Holly's arms, his grandmother and wife absent. Jotaro gestured to the empty hospital bed, raising an eyebrow.

"She's in recovery. It was quick, but a little rough."

"Sorry I couldn't be there." Jotaro murmured, treading quietly to Holly. "She's doing well?"

"Jolyne is doing fine." Holly replied. "Would you like to hold your daughter?"

"I think I'm good..."

"Hold your daughter, Jotaro." Joseph prodded Jotaro with hard in the side with three quick painful jabs of his metal hand.

"Guess I'll hold my daughter." Jotaro stated neutrally, pulling back away from Joseph, rubbing his side.

That would leave a bruise in the morning.

In his mind, he felt a surge of anxiety, how did he hold a baby? Sticking his arms straight out in front of him, he wiggled his fingers in a 'come here' motion, preparing himself as his mother looked on scornfully.

"That is NOT how you hold a baby, Jotaro."

Joseph was laughing. "Sit down." He said, through fits of laughter clapping a hand on Jotaro's shoulder and pushing him back to one of the too small chairs the hospital provided. "We don't want you dropping her."

His mother stood slowly, bouncing the baby in her arms gently. She bent down slightly towards Jotaro and again the loud noises in his head began to overwhelm him. It was a very soft 'Ora' that brought him back. Star Platinum was hovering up and over his shoulder, head cocked as it looked Jolyne over.

"Ora!" Star Platinum wanted a closer look, gesturing to her. Awkwardly, Jotaro reached out, this time his arms going into a position that appeased his mother.

"There you go." Holly cooed, leaning in.

Holly's arms and hands lingered a little longer on the baby, before she drew back and patted Jotaro on the shoulder. "See! Not that hard."

Here he was, holding a baby. HIS baby. His jaw clenched and relaxed and then he felt his lips pull up as he chuckled. He felt Star Platinum place a hand over his, the stand bursting with an excited energy that spread to him, easing him into security. He felt the tension ease from his shoulders as he breathed a sigh of relief.

"There's no stand." He said softly, though that was far from the only reason for his euphoric mood.

It did make this whole thing easier to digest, but he felt as if he could manage now in the long run knowing that Jolyne was safe from any potential threats that came with having a stand. For now, at least.

Joseph laughed again. "Well that settles that. I told you not to worry about that and now you see, I was right."

"Jotaro, honey?" His mother's hand went to his shoulder, before sliding down his back and rubbing it. "It's okay!"

He felt the tears spill over then and with Jolyne in his arms, there was no way to wipe them away before either his mother or grandfather noticed. Laughter bubbling up from the pit of his stomach as another tear began it's decent. Everything was okay. More than okay. Holly wrapped an arm around him, resting her head on his shoulder. His grandfather slumped back into the chair to his left leaning in as well. Star Platinum overflowed with excitement, the stands warmth lending him strength.

"Jolyne." Jotaro choked out and then softer again, "Jolyne."