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For Me

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     Ye Xiu looked at the man on the other side of the mirror. The man had exhausted eyes. Maybe the exhaustion that he was seeing was just a cover up for his expressionless eyes. Nevertheless, it didn’t matter.


     Ye Xiu wanted to console him a little, get to know him a little more. Make him know that he was doing great. That he could do everything and anything he wanted to. Nevertheless, it didn’t matter. 


     Ye Xiu sat crossed-legged in front of the man and started telling him a story. “This is the dream I got when I was younger. When I went to sleep on my birthday alone again, I saw you too. I still don’t know you.” Maybe this story was to say that even though he didn’t know the person he still remembered him. Nevertheless, it didn’t matter.


     Maybe he didn’t want to see the weak figure, so he turned his face away. When he turned his face away he still saw that weak figure though. Nevertheless, it didn’t matter.


     “Uhm… I want to know you,” Ye Xiu started talking again. He didn’t know which Ye Xiu talked, or why there were several Ye Xius around him. Nevertheless, it didn’t matter.


     Ye Xiu sighed. It was really awkward talking to someone that couldn’t hear you. He was trapped in the mirror, which he guesses is a mirror. He looked up again only to see the man’s face about to cry. There wasn’t any ugly and scrunched face, it was just the man’s eyes started to mist. He tried to wipe them away. Nevertheless, it didn’t matter.


      He could tell that the man was doing great so far but something just struck the man. Something that told him it’s all useless. He told the man he was doing great again. Nevertheless, it didn’t matter. 


     “You’re pretty perfect you know. It’s great that you haven’t collapsed from exhaustion. Rest more,” Ye Xiu said gently. Nevertheless, it didn’t matter. 


     After three more hours of consolidation, Ye Xiu gave up. The man had been sitting in front of the mirror for three hours. Not saying a word or even shifting. Maybe this is a dream to tell him to love himself more?


      “Okay, I’ll love you now, I mean love me now.” Ye Xiu said. He closed his eyes. He might have heard an ‘okay’ from the man. He might have known who the person was. He might have already known why he was there. Nevertheless, it was all fine now.