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WereKaiju Rising

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Long ago, ancient colossal beasts known as Titans or Kaijus ruled the world. Thriving off the world’s natural radiation, they grew into legends in many cultures before going into varying states of hibernation. As humanity grew and the world change, several of these ancient giants awakened from their slumbers and returned to common knowledge.


First, there was the incident involving the creatures known as Mutos who tried to reproduce, but were stopped by one of the world’s most legendary monsters, Godzilla. Godzilla ended the two invasive monstrosities before disappearing once more.


Years later came the true rising of the Titans, when the extraterrestrial invader known as Ghidora was freed and nearly brought an end to the world until the combined efforts of humans and Godzilla brought an end to evil draconic monster. With his victory, Godzilla was dubbed as the true King of the Monsters. Years have passed since that epic battle, and other than a few scuffles between the Titans, peace had seemingly returned to earth, but it was not meant to last.


Thanks to the radiation caused by the titans, many beings ascended in terms of power, becoming into villainous characters that thrived on causing mayhem and destruction. To combat this, many superpowered heroes rose to the level to fight off against these villains. As for the Titans, they seem to have returned into their own hiding places and have left the humans to their own chaos.


However, even if they are gone, the influence of these Kaiju still remains, even in ways that no one on earth is aware of...until now.




In the rural city of Bayville, there are many interesting people that make this place their home. However, this place also has a secret- it is a home for mutants.


Unknown to most of the earth’s populace, there is a race of humans that have a special gene that gives them unique powers. These people are secretly referred to as Mutants. Bayville was special because it was where the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters, a place where young mutants are secretly trained to control and master their powers, resides. 


Leaving the institute in a bright red sports car were two mutants, the only students at the moment of the facility- Scott Summers and Jean Grey .


“So Jean, how are your new classes?” asked Scott. He was a tall, lean young man with brown hair. He wore a special set of sunglasses that helped keep his powers in check. 


“Pretty good, got some honor ones. And you?” Jean replied. She was a lovely young woman with long fiery red hair. She was admiring the beauty of the seaside coast of their city.


The two teens were the first mutant students of the Xavier Institute, each with their own unique abilities. Scott could fire powerful optic lasers while Jean was a telepath with the ability to use telekinesis. The two of them had just started school at Bayville High and seemed to be getting along fine thanks to their benefactor Charles Xavier.


They rode on Scott’s car along the road that was right next to the coast, enjoying the sight of the beach and sea. They were enjoying their time together, which they knew would not last long since it was only a matter of time until new students soon joined them, which they were okay with.


Jean’s wandering eyes suddenly focused on a flock of Seagulls that were all congregating on a part of the beach. “Huh, what are those seagulls all going about?” she asked. As they got closer, she could see something large at the center of the cluster of seagulls. It wasn’t until they were a few feet that Jean fully realized what it was. “It’s a person?! Scott! Stop the Car!”




“J-Jean! Wh-What-”


“No time! There’s a person there!” Jean yelled as she hopped out of the stopped car and used her powers to telepathically raise sand and shoot it at the seagulls. She didn’t hurt the birds, but did manage to scare them into flying away, leaving the figure alone. Once they were gone and Scott joined her, they got a good look at the figure lying on the sand unconscious. 


It was a young man looking to be their age about 5ft 10in with tan skin, a muscular body structure with broad pecs, thick biceps, hard abs, and strong legs. He also had a head of short shaggy black hair. His only article of clothing was a set of torn blue shorts. He looked to be physically alright, but completely knocked out.


“Is he okay?” Scott asked as he kneeled down and tried to move the young man on his back.


Jean tried to use her powers to reach into his mind, but was unable to to read anything. “I can’t reach him. He must be really out of it. What do we do Scott?”


“Not sure,” Scott said after checking his pulse. “His pulse is good, and he looks like he’s breathing, but seems like he’s been through a lot. Maybe we should take him to the institute?”


“Let me call the Professor to be sure,” Jean said as she brought out her phone. She pushed the number and called Xavier. She told him of the situation, and Xavier decided to let them bring the mysterious young man to the institute. “Okay then, let’s get him to the car,” she said before using her telekinesis to lift the young man. “Phew...he’s pretty heavy surprisingly.”


Carefully, she set the young man in the back seat of Scott’s car before the two of them began to drive back to the institute. As the two teens talked about their finding, the young man cracked his eye, showing his golden iris. He made a small smirk, silently snickering at what the two teens were bringing back to their home.


~The Institute~


After getting back to the institute, The two teens lifted the seemingly unconscious stranger into the building where they met both Prof. Charles Xavier and his fellow teacher Ororo Munroe . Xavier was a bald man in a specialized wheelchair while Ororo was a lovely african woman with beautiful white hair.


They took the mysterious young man into the infirmary and set him on a berth. Once he was down, Xavier tried to look into his mind.


“Anything Charles?” Ororo asked with concern.


Xavier scrunched his eyes before letting out a sigh. “Unfortunately I’m not getting anything,” he said with defeat. “It’s strange, it’s as if he has some sort of mental block on his mind that’s preventing me from reaching him.”


“Maybe he’s a mutant like us?” Jean asked, getting a nod from Scott.


“Perhaps,” Xavier said. “It’s best to wait for him to awaken and perhaps he can tell us more. Unfortunately, Ororo and I need to leave to gather some more supplies. We’re expecting a new mutant in a few days to arrive. And unfortunately, Logan will not be able to return for some time”


“And I promised a friend I would help her with her homework,” Jean said. With that, everyone turned to Scott.


Scott grinned with pride. “No worries Professor, I’ll keep an eye on him. I’ll call you if he wakes up and try to see if he remembers anything,” he said with determination.


“Thank you Scott, it is greatly appreciated,” Xavier replied with a smile. With the watcher selected, Xavier and Ororo left the infirmary.


Jean got up to leave, but stopped as she turned to Scott. “You sure you’ll be alright?” she asked.


“I’ll be fine Jean,” Scott assured. “What could happen?”


“Well, if you need anything, don’t hesitate to call,” Jean assured. “I won’t be gone too long.”


“See ya Jean,” Scott said goodbye as the redhead left. He let out a contented sigh as she walked away. He ‘secretly’ had a crush on her since they first met, but never acted on it. It only became worse when she suddenly started dating one of the jocks of Bayville, but he kept his feelings at bay. 


With the three others gone, Scott decided to look through some books in the infirmary. Unknown to him, the figure was not as unconscious as everyone had thought. He waited, using his surprisingly advanced senses to listen and smell. He waited until he was certain that no one besides him and Scott were left in the room. Once he was certain, he stirred.


“Hmm…” he grunted, surprising Scott. His eyes fluttered, open, revealing his golden irises. “ head,” he groaned as he slowly sat up on the chair.


“W-Whoa, easy there friend,” Scott said as he went over to the young man. “Are you okay?”


“I...I think so,” the young man said. He looked to Scott, giving him a confused look. “Uh...who are you? And where am I?”


Scott smiled, trying his best to be friendly. “My name’s Scott,” he said. “And this is Professor Xavier’s Institute for Gifted Youngster. A friend of mine and I brought you here when we found you unconscious on the beach. Do you know what’s that about?”


The young man looked utterly confused and shook his head. “N-No, I don’t remember that, or even what happened. I’m...I’m having a hard time remembering anything. Wait, I do remember my name, it’s Malik .” 


“Well Malik, don’t you worry,” Scott said, putting his hand on Malik’s shoulder. “Once the Professor Comes back, I’m sure he’ll do everything he can to help you. And so will the others and me.”


Malik offered a small smile. “Thank you Scott,” he said.


Scott smiled back before getting to his feet. As he turned away to go get his phone, Malik’s eyes gained a blue glow around them as he bared a set of surprisingly sharp teeth. Scott found his phone on the far-off counter and went to grab it. He began setting the numbers, completely unaware of a dark shadow forming behind him. Just as he was about to hit “Call”-




“GAH!” Scott cried out as he felt a set of sharp fangs bite down on his neck. He quickly pulled away, dropping his phone, and turned to see Malik standing where he once was, licking his sharp teeth. “M-Malik! W-What the hell was that?!”


“That my little Scott,” Malik said, his voice becoming more huskier. “Was the start of something new~” Malik grunted as his body began to flex and twitch. Before Scott’s very eyes, Malik’s entire body grew and changed. 


Malik grew until he was now 16ft tall with a tan chest and abdomen. The sides of his face, pointed ears, the back of the neck, back, arms, hands, legs and feet became covered in thick dark grey scales. His muscles became larger and thicker, his pecs becoming huge, his biceps turning into boulders, and his legs becoming tree-trunks. Several long maple-leaf-shaped spikes stuck out of his back. A 10-foot long tail sprouted over scaly ass. His hands and feet each grew silver claws. His eyes gained slitted pupils and his teeth remained sharp with long fangs. His pants ripped from the growth, letting his 24in long cock with giant watermelon-sized balls bounce free.


Scott fell onto his ass as he stared at Malik’s titanic body, easily over twice his size and he looked a true monster. If he weren’t staring up in fear, he’d be blushing hard at the titanic dick only a few feet away from him. “W-What the hell are you?!” Scott cried out.


“Me?” Malik said with a toothy smirk. “Why, I’m a WereKaiju~”




“Yep, and guess what Scott?” He leaned down, getting close to Scott’s face. “ are you~”


Before Scott could even question, he felt a searing pain course through his entire body. “GAAAH!” he screamed as he felt his entire body shift and change painfully, changing into something new.


“You see little Scott, a long time ago, I was just your ordinary human orphan,” Malik spoke as he watched Scott’s body change. “I lived on the streets, struggling to survive and live. That all changed when Godzilla came to Boston. I was left behind as he fought the Mutos, and I ended up getting caught in the middle of their fight. I ended up getting fatally wounded and trapped under some rocks in a pool of Godzilla’s blood. For all intents and purposes, I should have died as I lived, cold and alone. Sadly, I died...but I LIVED!”


“Godilla’s blood combined with mine, changing me, remaking me. My human self died, and I was reborn as a WereKaiju! A human infused with the blood of titans!” Malik declared with pride as his eyes glowed blue.


“W-WereK-Kaiju?” Scott grunted as he tried to get through the painful changes.


“Yes, a WereKaiju,” Malik replied. “After what happened in Boston, I went into hiding. I knew the Government would either hunt me down or use me as a science project if they find me. Luckily, the Titans are excellent at remaining hidden if they want to. So I spent years training, working to perfect my new kaiju-like abilities. Then came the day the Titans all rose. I was effected by Ghidora’s call, but was able to resist and remain hidden until Godzilla defeated him. When Godzilla took over, I realized there was more to the titans then I thought, and possibly more to WereKaijus like me. So I spent the next few years going around the world, studying the different Titans and learning all I could about them. Some acknowledge me and even let me stay with them, including the King himself.”


“G...Godzilla?” grunted Scott, his transformation still going.


“Yes, I met the King of Monsters, Godzilla,” Malik said, a small somberness in his eyes. “He was intrigued by me, did not attack me. He let me swim with him and rest in his secret caverns deep within the ocean. However, I could sense a feeling of loneliness within him, a sense that wished there were others of his species still alive. He’s possibly the absolute last of his kind. I tried to comfort him, but he insisted to keep going. So I left, and as time passed, the same loneliness that went through him came upon me. I was all alone in the world in a form humanity would not necessarily accept. Eventually I tried to make contact with some humans that were seemingly interested in the titans, but they attacked me, calling me a freak of nature, and by accident...I bit them.”


Malik growled in anger. “It was then I learned that my bite could turn humans into WereKaijus like me. They transformed, and to my surprise, they were overcome with a large sensation of lust. It seemed my loneliness for companionship made it so my venom makes those I turn insanely horny. Sadly they were able to fight it off and attacked me, trying to kill me. So...I ended them. It was then I knew that humans would never accept me, but then I had a thought.” 


He smirked as he looked down at Scott, his transformation almost done. “If I couldn’t fit in a world with humans, then I’ll just have to make a world of WereKaijus like me.”


“H-Huh?” Scott muttered, his mind becoming clouded as the transformation was starting to end.


“The world originally belonged to the Titans,” Malik spiked as he looked down at Scott. “Humans took over and eventually they returned. Now, they’re in hiding again, and a new age of humanity has begun. I’ve decided to make my claim on this world, to bring a new age of WereKaijus into the world to help re-establish the dominance of the titans and to appease my years of loneliness. I will slowly be turning many others into WereKaijus and we will eventually claim the world for our kind. And you, my dear Scott, are the first in a new age of monsters~ ” Malik grinned devilishly as he stared down at Scott’s transformed body. His clothes had ripped apart, leaving the male mutant completely naked.


Scott was now 14ft tall with pale skin. He gained a far more muscle, became swollen with large bouncy pectorals and a fat tight ass. He grew a set of ruby crystals on his shoulders, his knees, the back of his hands, and along his back. His fingertips and toes become ruby claws. He grew a 5ft long thick fleshy tail adorned with the ruby crystals. His eyes have turned crimson and his ears pointed. Between his legs was a 17in long cock with pineapple sized balls. He somehow managed to keep his sunglasses on.


“Haaa...Haaa…” Scott panted as the pain that coursed through him disappeared, replaced with an intense heat that filled his entire being. His dick was rock hard and leaking pre.


“Well, aren’t you a handsome one,” Malik said as he kneeled down to before Scott’s face. “You can feel it can’t you Scott? You can feel the heat filling you, the desire to mate wracking your body. You need release, you need to breed. You feel it, don’t you?” Malik grinned as he stared down at Scott’s panting face.


“M...Mate?” Scott repeated, and the word repeated in his mind. His brain was clouded by new feelings and sensations, his old self struggling to reach out and stop it. But as Malik’s words filled his mind, those thoughts of resistance slowly began to slip away, disappearing into the haze his mind was.


“Yes, you are now MY Mate Scott,” Malik said smirking as he watched the lust in Scott’s eyes grow. “And as my Mate, it’s your job to make me feel good, and in return I’ll make you feel good. So…” He rose up, dangling his mastodon dick before Scott. “Go ahead Scott, you know you want to~”


Even with Scott’s lust-hazed mind, he was able to focus on the titanic phallus before him. But instead of disgust or fear, he felt an intense longing for the giant meat stick. Slowly, he moved forward, his mouth just barely opening as he got closer. He pressed his lips against the side of the shaft. 


Like a switch, Scott’s mind suddenly was filled with thoughts of desire and want for Malik’s massive meat. Like a hungry beast, he began to lap the thick meat with his tongue, licking it all over in his spit. ‘ I...It taste so good! M-Malik’s dick! S-So good! ’ his horny mind screamed while his own dick bounced in excitement and his hole winked between his cheeks.


“That’s a good little WereKaiju Slut~” Malik smirked as Scott hungrily licked about his dick. He wasn’t worried of Scott resisting, as the only time anyone had resisted the power of his bite on their mind was due to his lack of experience with that power. He knew now how his bite worked and how to remain dominant over his betas. He was the Alpha, the one in charge, and he would not rest till he had many under his claws like Scott.”


Scott hungrily licked the thick meat, lathering it up in his saliva all over as it hardened to full arousal. The titanic cock dribbled globs of pre that Scott began to lick up. The rich taste of Malik’s pre infected Scott’s mind, making his thirsty body even more desperate for his new Alpha. Scott pressed his mouth to head of Malik’s dick, sucking against the slit and drinking down the pre with gusto.


“Aaah~” Malik groaned softly as Scott sucked on the fat head of his dick. The reptilian WereKaiju grumbled in excitement at the ruby-eyed male’s enthusiasm. However, it wasn’t enough for him. “You’re doing good Scott, but I think you could do better~ ” he hissed the last bit. Malik reached forward and took a firm hold of Scott’s head. “Now...why don’t you get down to business! ” Without warning or hesitation, Malik forced Scott’s head down his dick, making the brunette mutant’s jaw stretch wider and his eyes go wide as his Alpha forced the thick giant dick down his throat.


IT’S SO BIG! IT’S SO BIG!!! ” Scott’s mind screamed as he could do nothing to stop Malik from forcing the gigantic cock down his throat. If he were in his original form, there would be no way he’d survive such a giant dick being forced down his throat. It was only thanks to his new WereKaiju physiology that he was able to take the entire length without the risk of injury. Even so, one could easily how wide Malik’s cock was stretching the brunette’s throat. Scott’s head was pulled down until he was at the base of Malik’s cock.


“Fuuuuck~” moaned out Malik with lust as he felt Scott’s velvety throat wrapped around his meat. He revelled in the sensation and knew now there was definitely no way in hell he could give this up. With a firm hold on Scott’s head, Malik pulled out and thrust back in, slamming his titanic member back into Scott’s gullet. The Alpha WereKaiju started slamming hard and fast into his new Beta’s mouth, driving every inch without pause or care into him. His pre was pumped directly into Scott’s stomach as the scaly being practically broke his throat. “Damn Scott! Your throat is so tight and good~ Perfect for a Beta~”


“HMMM! HMMM!” Scott tried to scream, no success from the enormous dick being shoved down his mouth and throat. His mind was lost to Malik’s hardcore fucking, driging the massive member down his stretched-out throat. Scott’s own dick had become hard from the harsh fucking, the sensation of being dominated by his Alpha overwhelming him. His dick leaked pre onto the floor as it bounced about.


Malik groaned as he continued to skull-fuck Scott’s head without remorse or slowing down. Not wanting to be selfish, he moved his tail under his legs and beneath Scott. His tail moved up and curled around Scott’s leaking rod. Once he had a tight grip, Malik began jerk down on Scott’s needy dick, pumping it with his tough scaly tail. This got several loud moans from Scott around his dick. It didn’t take long before Scott’s cum shot out of his dick, splattering on the floor beneath him.


Malik smirked at the amount of jizz his new Beta had squirted out. “Not bad Scotty. You could be a fine breeder if you let out that much cum. Maybe I’ll let you breed one of your future Harem-Siblings, but for now, I think its time I give you your reward for being such a good Beta-Slut~” Malik intensified his actions, thrusting his dick into Scott’s throat while pumping his head down on the shaft in perfect sync. Scott moaned and screamed around his dick, his eyes rolling back as his Alpha used him as such while he continued to pump his dick with his tail. “ GROOOAAAAAH! ” Malik roared as he slammed Scott’s head down to his base before unloading his spunk directly into the brunette mutant’s stomach.


Scott could feel Malik’s hot thick seed flood into him like a broken firehose, blasting into his stomach and filling it. He could feel the massive amount of spunk fill his belly, making it grow and feel heavy. Even with his stomach expanding, not all of the spunk could be contained and surged back up, coming out of Scott’s mouth and nose. He would have been shot right off Malik’s dick from the sheer force of the cum, but Malik’s claws kept him firm at the base of his dick, giving Scott no choice but to take in as much of the WereKaiju cum as he could.


Malik’s release lasted a total of five minutes, and the WereKaiju Alpha panted after finishing his release. ‘ D-Damn...that was the biggest load I’ve ever let out. Must be because I have a true mate this time, ’ he thought silently before looking over Scott. He smirked. “Damn Scott, I’m impressed. You took my cum like a true Beta.”


Scott gave no coherent reply, not that he could as he felt like his brain was flooded with cum. His bloated stomach had grown out, making him look like he was nine months pregnant with triplets. Any of Malik’s cum that escaped his mouth and nose dripped onto the floor, adding to the puddle of cum that he himself had made from Malik jerking off his dick with his tail. His eyes were rolled up, but one could still see the glaze in them.


“Heh, good slut,” Malik said as he released Scott’s head and slowly pulled his dick out of his mouth. The head left Scott’s lips with a loud *POP!* and a decent amount of Malik’s spunk escaped Scott’s mouth before he slumped face first into the puddle of cum. Malik smirked at Scott’s dazed like form, with his head in a puddle of cum and his ass in the air. See the fat WereKaiju ass, Malik licked his lips before walking around Scott.


As Malik walked around him, Scott’s mind was an utter mess. He could hardly think, and the only words he could fathom were “Malik, Master, Cock, Cum, Alpha, and More”. Any semblance of his former self that would have resisted had been all but destroyed, leaving only this submissive Beta.




A sharp slap to his ass made Scott jerk in response. He looked back and saw and saw Malik right behind his rear, his titanic cock, still hard and now resting atop his ass. Malik had lifted Scott’s new tail, exposing the tight hole between the plump asscheeks.


“Well Scotty, you’ve done well with servicing your Alpha,” Malik said with a predatory smirk. “I guess it’s time I give you your reward for being so good and taking so much of my cum~” Malik pulled off his dick off Scott’s ass and lined it up with small entrance. Malik pushed in, driving his large cockhead past the ring of muscle, forcing it to stretch out.


“A-AAAAH!” Scott screamed as he felt the massive dick force its way inside him. The scream was not of pain, but of pleasure, the sensation of his Alpha’s large phallus being shoved up his Beta boypussy overwhelming him. “M-Maaalllliiiiiik~” Scott moaned out loudly, a silly pleasured grin forming on his face and he felt the large cock be shoved up his arse.


“Wow, you’re surprisingly easy to slide in, but still so tight Scott, I like~” Malik purred as he slid his dick all the way into Scott’s heavenly hole. However, Malik was not the most patient WereKaiju when it came to pleasure. With a devious grin, he gripped onto Scott’s ass and plunged the rest of his dick in without hesitation.


“HNG!” Scott grunted as he felt Malik’s cock suddenly slam into him, pushing his insides and making a visible bulge under his bloated belly from how far he stretched him. He could feel Malik’s massive balls pressed against his own while his tail rested against Malik’s body. Scott was given no real chance to adjust as once Malik was fully sheathed inside him, he pulled out and slammed back in, repeating the process at a quickly fastening pace. Scott moaned out happily as he felt his ass get plowed by his Alpha’s might shlong.


“That’s it my little Beta-Slut,” Malik growled as he pounded away into Scott’s arse. “This is your life now. This is your purpose. You live only to serve me, be it in battle or in bed. You live to take my cock down your throat or ass-pussy, to beg for me to fill and breed you like the submissive slut that you are.” He reached forward, grabbed Scott by his swollen pecs and pulled him up, pressing him against his own muscular form.


“A-AH!” Scott gasped as he was pulled out, even with Malik still driving his dick deep into his arse. The cum in his stomach sloshed about, making his stomach bounce as Malik fucked him relentlessly. He bit his lips as Malik’s clawed fingers squeezed his swollen chest, gripping and groping them, pulling them and letting them bounce about. He pinched the hardened nubs and pulled on them, getting more gasps and moans.


“Such rich-fat tits,” Malik growled huskily into Scott’s ear. “I wonder, if I breed you, will you start to leak milk?” He grinned as he kept on slamming into Scott’s hole. “I’d be you’d love it. Our little WereKaiju babies latching onto your nipples and suckling down milk. Though I’d bet you’d love me filling you with many little babies wouldn’t you?”


“Haaa-Haaa!” Scott could only cry out as Malik plundered his arse and pecs. His mind was lost to the intense sensations of his sensitive areas being assaulted without remorse. His leaking dick was bouncing about, letting out a steady leak of pre onto the cum-stained floor while his balls were smacked by Malik’s with each thrust. His senses were overwhelmed and he could not contain himself. “HAAAAAAA!” he squealed as his dick sprayed out cum into the air, landing on the floor and adding to the collection that was already spilled.


“Aaaah~” Malik growled in pleasure as Scott’s hole tightened as he came. “You’re loving this Scott. You’ve enjoyed my treat, I’m glad. Now, be a good little Beta...and BEG me to cum inside you. To fill you and breed you with my cum.” He slammed down harder, adding force to each pound into Scott’s boypussy.


“M-Malik!” Scott screamed, his mind utterly broken and submissive to his new master, his Alpha . “P-Please Malik! Fill me! Breed me with your cum! I-I want it! I want it inside me!” As he screamed these words, any thought of his old self was gone. He knew his what his life was now. It was to serve and live as Malik’s Beta, to be his and his alone.


Malik’s mouth spread out to a sharp-toothed grin of utter dominant satisfaction. “Good answer slut. Now...I WILL BREED YOU! ” Malik’s thrusts became even harder than before, filling the room with the echoing sounds of flesh smashing against each other as Malik utterly destroyed Scott’s ass.


“M-MALIK!” Scott screamed in pleasured elation as he felt his Alpha pound fast and hard into his ass. The fast and rough humping made Scott’s shades fall off his face, revealing his ruby-colored irises. No uncontrollable set of optic beams shot out of them, a perk of becoming a WereKaiju, but Scott did not care, his mind was lost to his Alpha’s dick striking his insides with force. His irises and the crystals around his body began to give out a soft red glow as Malik kept on slamming into him. 


GROOOOAAAAAAH!!! ” Malik roared, his eyes and spikes glowed a vibrant blue as with one final slam he unleashed an eruption of cum into Scott’s ass, far larger than his previous one.


Malik’s seed flooded into Scott’s ass, like the Hoover Dam breaking apart, surging into Scott’s already bloated stomach. The sensation of the massive blast cum being forced into him made Scott lose control and cum again. His stomach expanded from the massive volume of potent WereKaiju seed that was pumped into him. It felt like Malik would never stop cumming, not that Scott cared. In fact he wanted for Malik to never stop cumming, to stop breeding him. He wanted his Alpha’s cum and would happily take it all.


Ten minutes passed before Malik stopped filling Scott with seed. The reptilian WereKaiju let out a sigh before releasing Scott’s body. The red-eyed mutant slumped forward, sliding off of Malik’s cock and landing on the puddle of cum with a small splash, a fucked-stupid expression on his face. 


Malik smirked as he stared down at Scott’s fucked over body. His stomach was so large and full of his seed, he looked like he had an entire litter of WereKaiju babies inside him, which he was certain was a possibility. While he had no proof of it, Malik had a strong feeling that WereKaiju males were able to get bred like females by their Alphas. He considered it an instinctual thing, but he would need to check on it for certain when he had the chance.




The sound of a phone caught Malik’s ear. He turned and saw Scott’s cellphone vibrating and went to check it. He turned it on and saw a text from Jean.


Hey Scott. I’ll be at my friend’s house for a few hours. I’ll text you when I’m on my way. Let me know if you need any help with our mystery friend. TTYL


Malik smirked at the text. “Well Scott, looks like we have a few hours before your little friend comes home. Should be enough time to plan out how to initiate her into the pack. But first~” He kneeled down and groped Scott’s ass. “How about another round or five?”


~Several Hours Later~


“Ah,” Jean said as she entered the Institute main building through the front doors. “Sheesh that took longer than I had intended. Hope Scott wasn’t too bored without me.”


It had been several hours since she had texted Scott about being at her friend's house. In that time she got no response from him telling her if the mysterious boy had awoken. She did receive a call from Professor Xavier, telling her that he and Ororo would not be returning to the mansion until far later in the night. He had supposedly contacted Scott and was told there were no changes and that everything seemed okay. 


It was nearing sunset when Jean had gotten back, and once she got into the building she quickly went to her room, dropped off her stuff, and began searching for Scott.


“Scott? Are you in here?” she called out loudly as she walked in the main area of the mansion. She passed by the kitchen and living area and found no sign of him. “Hmm, he must still be in the infirmary with that mystery boy.”


Jean headed down towards the infirmary, as she did she couldn’t help herself and tried to use her telepathic abilities to reach Scott. However, to her surprise, she was unable to reach him, something that never happened before. It didn’t take her long to reach the infirmary, and there Jean spotted the backside of a normal looking fully clothed Scott.


“Scott? Are you okay!” She asked with genuine concern.


“Hmm?” Scott hummed before turning around. “Oh, hey Jean, welcome back.”




Jean gasped as Scott turned around. She was shocked not because he looked any different, but because he wasn’t wearing his special sunglasses. Not only that, she could see his eyes for the first time in her life. Really see them. The white scleras, the ruby irises, the black pupils. She could see Scott’s eyes, and that left her breathless.


“S-Scott!” She managed to speak. “Y-Your eyes! T-they’re not-I-um-I,” Jean was honestly at a loss for words.


“Not going out of control and destroying everything in sight?” Scott said with a grin. “I know, isn't it amazing? I finally can control my powers Jean. I don’t have to worry about losing control and needing those shades.”


“B-B-But how?” Jean asked, truly and utterly stunned. She was of course happy for Scott, knowing that his powers made normal life a bit trickier. But what could have made it so that he could control his formerly uncontrollable powers.


“It’s all thanks to our new friend, Malik,” Scott said simply. 


Jean have Scott a confused look, completely Mossi the devious grin he sported. “Malik? Who’s Malik?” Behind her? A large dark form appeared.




“AAAH!” Jean screamed as a set of sharp fangs bit her neck. She pulled away and looked behind her to see Malik in his human form with only a pair of shorts on, licking his teeth as he grinned at Jean. “Y-You! Y-You’re the boys we found on the beach!”


“I know, thanks for that by the way,” Malik said, still sporting be his Cheshire smile as he stared at her. “Honestly, I could never have turned Scott if you hadn’t spotted me and brought me here.”


“T-Turned?” Jean asked as a tingle started from the bite. She turned to Scott who smiled before scrunching his face and his entire body suddenly started to grow. His clothes ripped apart and red crystals sprouted all over his body. He stood up, exposing his entire naked WereKaiju form before Jean, who was utterly speechless. “S-Scott? W-What happened to you?”


“I’ve evolved Jean,” Scott said with a toothy smile. “I’ve become something much more than just a mutant Jean. I’m a WereKaiju now.”


“W-WereKaiju?” Jean repeated before the sound of rippin he caught her ear. She turned and saw Malik transform into his towering Godzilla-like form. She gasped as Malik looked down at her with a smile.


“Oh yes Jean, and now it’s your turn~” he purred. Before Jean could question or retaliate, her body was racked with pain as her own transformation commenced.


Her body bent and cracked as she went through her transformation, soft screams escaping her mouth as she did so. As she transformed, it wasn’t just her new WereKaiju power surging through her. An ancient force, one lost to time was awakening. It sparked alive and instead of rejecting the transformation, merged with it. The two powers mixed together, fusing into Jean as her entire body changed once and forever. Scott and Malik marveled at her transformation until it was finished and Jean was left panting.


“Haaa…Haaa…” Jean gasped as Malik and Scott looked over her new body. Like with them, her clothes had been torn apart by the expansions.


She was now 12ft tall with peach skin. She now had a lean curvaceous with a voluptuous ass and strong thick legs. From her back sprouted a set of fiery crimson feathered wings. She has a long crimson feathered tail and several feathers sticking out of her hair that now reaches her mid-back. Her nails become sharper and her eyes turn golden and her ears are also pointed. Her chest had expanded into a set of J-cup breasts with red nipples.  


“My-My~” Malik said as he licked his lips at the fiery beauty before him. “You turned out quite nicely Jean. Why, you almost look like a true phoenix.”


“Jean, you look amazing,” Scott said in awe at Jean’s naked beauty. Almost instantly his dick bounced to full hardness, right before Jean’s face.


Jean’s eyes locked with Scott’s dick, and she felt a very strange urge come over her. Her nipples became stiff and her pussy began to leak juices as a heated excitement began to fill her.


“Heh, she’s already getting excited,” Malik said with a smirk as he stared at Jean’s leaky snatch. He took notice of how intently she was staring at Scott’s dick and chuckled. “Why Jean, if you want Scott’s cock, then don’t just stand there. Go ahead and taste it~”


Like an obedient pet, Jean leaned forward, opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue before claiming his cock-head in her mouth. She tasted Scott’s pre, and her body shivered at the salty-sweet taste. She moved her mouth around the cock, suckling and licking it all over, much to Scott’s excitement.


“F-Fuuuck~ Jean~” Scott purred happily as his crush sucked and licked his dick all over. His crystal-spiked tail was wiggling about in excitement while his crystals all gave off short quick flashes. 


Malik couldn’t help but chuckle at how these two were getting excited. Taking note of Jean’s leaky pussy, he kneeled down and took a firm hold of Jean’s plump butt, moving her feathered tail over his shoulder. He spread the cheeks apart and leaned his head in. He stuck out his long thick black tongue and began to lick Jean’s moist cunt. 


Jean’s wings shot out at the sudden sensation of Malik’s tongue at her pussy. She could feel it warm wetness moving all over her folds, teasing them before pushing past and into her. She could feel the black muscle move about inside her, teasing her insides while Malik tasted her warm wet canal. She was moaning loudly as she sucked on Scott’s member.


“F-Fuck!” Scott growled from Jean’s moans and sucks on his shaft. It was a dream come true for Scott. As she sucked on the head of his dick, Scott got excited and like Malik had done before to him, Scott grabbed Jean’s head and forced her down his shaft, pushing the hard dick into her throat. “Hmm! Her throat~ It feels so good~”


Jean’s eyes went wide as Scott plunged his dick into her gullet. She could feel it stretching her throat, but felt no pain and instead her body shivered even more in excitement. Scott pounded away into her gullet, slamming her face down until her nose touched his skin and his balls smacked her jaw. Her nipples hardened and began to leak out small droplets of white milk that Malik could detect by scent.


“Hmm, leaking milk Jeany?” Malik teased as he stopped licking the inside of her snatch. “You must be getting really excited if you’re already starting to lactate. Well, I guess now’s a good a time as any.” He rose up, standing at full height and hefted his massive dick atop her bum. “Time for me to truly claim you.” Malik lined up his cock towards Jean’s slick pink pussy before pushing the head into it. 


“HMM!” Jean gasped around Scott’s dick as she felt the larger phallus push its way into her. Her transformation into a WereKaiju had torn her hymen, and she felt no pain as the massive cock pushed its way in. Instead, all she felt was the stretching of her womanhood and his dick pushing itself into her womb. She could practically feel it stretch out her stomach from the sheer size. Once he was buried fully within her, he pulled out and slammed back in with greater force. Malik proceeded to pound away into Jean’s tight snatch, driving her already lust-clouded mind into a deeper frenzy. 


“Aaaah! J-Jeeeaaannn~” Scott moaned in excitement. Jean’s moans around his dick as he fucked her mouth aroused the ruby-eyed mutant more and more with each thrust. His own swollen pecs bounced with each thrust and his nipples became stiff. He was thrusting faster and fast, pumping his member down his crush’s throat without restraints. He could feel his climax coming closer and closer. He wanted to release it all for her.


“Hmm~ You’re so nice and tight Jean~” Malik growled huskily as he slammed down hard into Jean’s cunt. “Heh, heck you’re even tighter than Scotty’s little boy-pussy. Or maybe you’re just really excited to finally be bred.” As he said this, Malik squeezed Jean’s plump rear, bouncing the fleshy globes in his hands. He could smell the milk leaking from her tits onto the the floor, making him lick his lips. “And that milk, it smells so sweet~ Can’t wait to taste it~” As he contiued the fuck the feathered redhead, he noticed her wings and tail twitching about, and saw that several items around them were floating. He smirked, knowing that it was her enhanced powers that were making everything float. “You’re loving this aren’t you? You’re loving the fact that you are being spitroasted by two hung WereKaiju males.” As he said this, he amplified the force of his thrusts.


Jean’s mind was lost to the pleasure she was feeling all over her body. Even so, she was able to understand what Malik was saying.


Yes, she was loving this. She was loving how her mouth was fucked relentlessly by Scott. She was loving how hard Malik was fucking her formerly virgin pussy. She loved how the two cocks were slamming into her, making her entire body go numb. She was loving the insane pleasure that coursed through her very being. Any thoughts of her old self that would have resisted and fought back were long gone. Like a phoenix, Jean had been reborn, in a way that made her feel greater than ever before.


All the sensations became too much, and the fiery feathered girl orgasmed.


“Aaaah~” Scott moaned, beginning to lose some steam in his thrusts. Even so, he was not relenting as he fucked Jean’s throat. He could feel her shivering and moans around his dick as she orgasms, the scent of her juices squirting out and her milk spraying onto the ground was messing with his nerves thanks to his enhanced smell. He couldn’t contain it any longer. “Aaah! I’m cumming!” he howled before blasting his seed down Jean’s throat. The redhead felt Scott’s seed surge down her throat and into her stomach. Some of it came back and she was able to taste it. Her heart pounded and her mind fluttered from the taste of Scott’s cum, making her squirm in pleasure. She couldn’t even pay attention to her slowly expanding stomach that filled up with seed.


“Heh, we’ll need to work on your stamina Scotty,” Malik teased as he watched Scott pump his baby batter down Jean’s mouth. Her moans and orgasms made her pussy clench around Malik’s cock, which only entired the WereKaiju Alpha to fuck the fiery feathered girl even harder. She pounded away, driving each inch of his mighty meat into her. His heavy balls slapped against her legs while he squeezed her ass with his clawed hands. The Alpha’s might was slamming deeply into Jean’s cunt, making her body shiver and spasm until finally he could no longer hold back. “ ROOOOAAAAAAH!!! ” Malik roared as he unleashed his load into Jean.


“HMMMMMM!” Jean moaned loudly around Scott’s dick as she felt Malik’s seed surge into her like a flash flood. Hot white spunk gushed into her womb and made her belly grow further from what Scott had pumped into her stomach. All the objects she was mentally levitating with her mind fell back down as she rode out her pleasure, her mind completely submitting to this new way of life. She was now the Beta to this WereKaiju Alpha Stud, and she fucking loved it. She wanted to keep taking his cum until she got bred with his WereKaiju babies. This was her life, and she was happy.


Malik growled as his release came to an end, and he smirked down at his first two claims. Scott had pulled out his dick out of Jean’s mouth, plopping onto his ass and panting. Jean had slumped off Malik’s dick, landing on her chest and face with her arse still in the air. Cum leaked out of her stretched out cunt, pooling with the milk that escaped her breasts.


“Hope you two aren’t too tired,” Malik said with a predatory grin. “Because we have so much more fun to have~”


~Several Hours Later~


“I see,” Xavier spoke as he sat in front of the fire place. “Well, I am sorry to hear that Malik.”


“Thank you Professor Xavier,” said Malik as he sat before the professor, looking as his normal human self with Scott and Jean at his sides and Ororo at Xavier’s side. While he had a soft smile on his face, mentally, Malik was smirking.


After claiming Jean and fucking his two new Betas for a few more hours, he told the two his plans for the institute and the future, which the two were all in. After cleaning up the infirmary, they called Xavier, letting him know that Malik was awake. Xavier and Ororo returned to the institute to find Malik conversing with a normal-looking Scott and Jean, the two of which quickly learned how to easily shift between their human and WereKaiju forms. Scott also sported his sunglasses as to avoid suspicion.


Once settled, Malik spun a story about how he developed strange powers and when he accidentally used them, he was chased out of his town. He hid on a ship until a storm knocked him off and he washed up in the sea. Xavier had no choice but to believe him because to his surprise he was unable to read Malik’s mind for some reason. As for his supposed power, Malik revealed his blue atomic breath which he claimed he had trouble controlling. Xavier figured that Malik must have been a mutant, which excited him to have another one to join his institute.


“Well Malik,” Xavier spoke. “If you do not have any problems with it, I welcome you to stay with us. We can help you get a handle on your powers.”


“I appreciate that Professor. Thank you,” Malik said with a nod. 


Xavier nodded in return. “Well, it’s been a long day I’m sure. Why don’t you bunk with Scott for tonight and tomorrow we can get some supplies for you.”


“Thank you Professor, well have a good night,” Malik said as he got up. Scott and Jean bid the professor goodnight before walking away. As they did, Malik looked back to see Xavier turn to Ororo. Thanks to his enhanced hearing, he was able to listen to their conversation.


“Are you certain about this Charles?” Ororo asked in concern. “I know you wish to help any mutant you can, but is it wise to just trust thing young man?”


“We must give him the benefit of the doubt Ororo,” Xavier said. “His words seemed genuine, and we can’t just send him out when he has nothing, and then there’s that amazing power of his. It is our best option to help him adjust. Other than being unable to see into his mind, there isn’t any reason to be concerned.”


“If you believe so Charles,” Ororo relented, unable to shake a sense of uncertainty that filled her.


Malik smirked deviously as the two elder mutants went silent. Before they left the main room, Malik took one last look at Ororo, admiring her nice body, and already making plans for his next claim.

Chapter Text

Out on the open road on a far off location, a lone person rides on a motorcycle. They wore a heavy coat, black gloves, loose jeans, black boots, and a black helmet as they rode on the harley. They rode along the empty road, enjoying the peace of the lack of other drives going around the mountain path.


They stopped next to a small ledge that looked out into the mountains. The figure turned off the bike and turned to look at the rising sun. They let out a muffled sigh of contentedness as they watched the sun poke out past the mountains.




“Hmm?” the figure grunted before removing their helmet. They revealed a feminine face with a mane of pointed black hair, a pair of amber eyes, and a small set of scars over her nose and the said of her chin. Figure pulled out a phone from their pocket before answering. “Hello?” they asked with a feminine voice.


Hello old friend, good to hear you, ” spoke the voice of Charles Xavier. “ How are you Logan?


The now revealed Logan unzipper her jacket, revealing her clothed womanly chest which bounced free. She set it down onto her bike, letting her firm rear stretch her jeans. “I’m doing good Chuck, I’m actually on my way back to the Institute. Should be there in a couple of days.”


Good to hear my dear friend. We’ll definitely appreciate your help in teaching our new incoming students, ” Xavier said through the phone. “ Well, other than just to check on you, I’m calling to let you know of a surprise addition.


“Oh?” Logan said with a raised eyebrow.


Yes, a young man named Malik was found washed up on the beach a few days ago near Bayville. Jean and Scott found him and brought him to the institute, ” Xavier explained. “ He was unconscious for several hours before awakening just before Ororo and I returned from our errands. He says he was from a coastal town until his mutant powers activated and he was chased out. He got on a ship but a storm knocked him overboard where he struggled to swim until falling unconscious and washing ashore.


“And is he telling the truth?” Logan asked.


...I am not certain, ” Xavier said, surprising Logan. “ For some unknown reason, I am unable to look into his mind. It’s almost like there’s a mental block that is preventing me from entering. However, he does seem to be genuine and Scott and Jean seem to have taken a definite shine to him. Until I am able to deduce why I can’t see into his mind, I’m going to give him a chance.


“Alright Chuck, if you’re sure,” Logan said, not 100 percent sure of the situation. “Just be careful Chuck. Don’t let your guard down.”


I’ll be sure to keep my eyes and senses about me old friend, ” Xavier replied. “ Shouldn’t be too worried though. I have Ororo keeping an eye on him today while Jean and Scott are at school and I go off on some small business. She can certainly handle one young man.


“Huh, yeah you’re probably right Chuck,” Logan chuckled. “Well, I’ll see ya back at the institute.” Xavier said his goodbyes and both hung up. Logan hopped back onto her motorcycle and rode away, wondering what kind of person this ‘Malik’ was.


~Institute Greenhouse~


“Wow Ms. Muroe, this place is quite impressive,” Malik said as Ororo led him to the attic of the Xavier Institute, which had been renovated into a greenhouse.


“Thank you Malik,” Ororo replied. “And you can call me Ororo or Storm, it does not bother me. After Charles recruited me, I asked to turn this empty attic into a greenhouse. We had to install a few windows, just so that I would not feel claustrophobic.”


“Interesting,” Malik replied. “Where is the Professor? I didn’t see him this morning during breakfast.”


“He had to go off to do some errands,” Ororo replied. “He’s gone off to meet a charge that has been...difficult for some time. He does his best to help them, but does not feel it is good to have the rest of us go, as to not overwhelm them.”


“Wow, sorry to hear that,” Malik said, though he was actually not sorry about hearing this. ‘ Sounds like another potential candidate for the pack. I’ll need to look into it later. ’ he thought before speaking, “So he’s off there while Jean and Scott are at Bayville High?”


“That is correct,” Ororo replied. “In fact, the Professor has already started making forms for you so that you can attend the school as well.” She started to use her powers to create a small rain-cloud to water the plants. 


“You sure that’s a good idea with my powers?” Malik asked, blowing out a small puff of blue smoke to prove his points. “I mean, normal humans don’t seem to be all that accepting of powers.”


“Perhaps, but as long as you keep your powers under control you should be fine,” Ororo said with a motherly look. “That is what this institute is for, to help those who need it.”


“Thank you Ororo, I appreciate it,” Malik said with an honest smile. Having lived his life as an orphan, Malik did enjoy the motherly nature that Ororo seemed to exude. It made his desire to claim her even stronger. 


“Think nothing of it Malik,” Ororo said with a smile as she turned away from him. She began to water the plants, humming lightly as she did so. However, as she watered, she did not see Malik’s golden eyes glow blue before he bared his sharp teeth. “Now Malik, since the plants are finished, why don’t we go and see more of the institute?”


“Actually, I had something else in mind~”




“GAH!” Ororo screamed as she felt Malik’s sharp teeth bite down on her shoulder. Instinctually, she pulled away and sent a powerful blast of wind at Malik, actually sending him flying away from her. He landed a fair distance away from her and on his stomach. “Malik! What is the meaning of this?!” She roared in fury, clutching her shoulder which surprisingly did not bleed.


“Heh,” Malik said as he rose up. “Sorry Ororo, but I couldn’t help myself.” He opened his eyes, and Ororo flinched as she saw his pupils become slits and he gave her a sharp-toothed grin. “You were just so damn sexy~ I couldn’t contain myself. Besides, not every day I find someone who would make a fitting WereKaiju Alpha.”


“W-WereKaiju what?” Ororo stuttered, utterly confused by Malik’s words. She had no time to question further before a surge of pain shot through her. “AH!” she cried before falling to the floor. “Ugh!...W-What’s h-happening?!” she exclaimed she felt like her body was on fire.


“I do apologize for the deception Ororo, but it was a necessary evil,” Malik said as he rose up to his feet. He smirked as he watched her writhe. “But trust me, the results will be oh so amazing.” Before Ororo’s very eyes, Malik shifted into his WereKaiju form. Ororo could only gape as she stared at the towering form of the Prince of Monsters. “So… what do you think?” He asked as he flexed his boulder-like biceps.


But Storm could not speak, she could barely even think. All she could feel and focus on were the changes her body was going through. Her body began to grow and morph, parts of her form changing into something different. Her clothes could not handle the strain, so her expanding mocha skin bursted through the seems. She gasped as the heat coursed through her body, reaching her mind and making it change and warp along with her physical form. This continued on for several minutes, all the while Malik watched.


“My-my~” Malik hummed while licking his teeth as Ororo’s transformation began to settle and end. “You’re turning quite the vixen aren’t you my dear Ororo? A veritable Fox-Goddess of the Storm~” His eyes gleamed as he looked down at Ororo’s transformed state.


Ororo had grown to an impressive 15ft tall with glowing mocha skin. She had become a towering goddess of beauty with a thicc bodacious body. Her hair now reached her huge plump ass. She had grown a set of black fox ears and a 7ft long black and white fox tail that swayed side to side. Small storm clouds formed and circled her wrists and ankles, and small bolts of blue electricity sparked from two spines that had grown out on her shoulders. Her forearms had gained a set of tough black scales covering the backsides, the same on her shins and calves. Her eyes were shining a bright white while her teeth became sharp and pearly. Her chest had swollen into a bountiful set of M-cup breasts with silver nipples that were already beginning to lactate.


“Haaa…Haaa…” Ororo panted, gasping as her body settled. Her new fox ears twitched while her tail swished side to side. He heaving bosom rose and fell with each breath, tricklets of white creamy milk escaping the silver nubs with each gasp. Between her legs, her glistening womanhood was nice and moist, letting out a surprising amount of need and heat.


“So impressive~” Malik said as he kneeled down next to the panting Ororo. “You are truly magnificent Ororo. So large, and so powerful~ I can feel the strength of your power from these little sparks.” he reached down, letting some of the small blue electric sparks grace his clawed digits. “So amazing~ I made the right choice in making you an Alpha like me. You are too strong to be a mere Omega or Beta! You are an Alpha! You are one of my Queens!”


...his Queen? ’ Ororo’s mind played over and over. There was something so...invigorating about being called that. She had been called many things in her past- a Mutant, a Goddess, a Witch, and many more. But a Queen? A queen to this young man? No...this young Titan. This WereKaiju Alpha that she could now feel exude with power. It was...intoxicating. It was making her feel things she had never sensed before. It was making her body wrack with a powerful need… 


A need for a fellow Alpha… 


A need for Malik .


“Yes my King,” Ororo suddenly spoke, actually surprising Malik by the proclamation. She smiled at him, her eyes glistening with desire and warmth. “I am yours my King, and yours alone. Please, take me and make me truly your Queen. Make me feel like a true Goddess of the Storm~!”


Malik was honestly taken aback. Previously, those he bit would go into a lustful haze and would not truly submit until he fully claimed them. While Scott and Jean were his first claims at the institute, he had actually claimed a number of mates prior to coming here. He had sent them off to find other packmates while he handled the institute alone. But even then, none of them had reacted so quickly after being bit. Could it be that his powers were getting stronger with each bite?


“Please my King,” Ororo continued, her eyes glistening with desire. “Please take me. Make me your Queen. Make me yours~”


Malik’s surprised look quickly turned into a predatory grin of delight. “Well, if you so desire it, allow me to appease you my Queen!” he proclaimed before lunging forward and claiming Ororo’s lips with his own. 


The Goddess of Storms moaned into the kiss, feeling the power from Malik from that alone. His thick black tongue quickly snaked into her mouth, playfully tangling with Ororo’s. His clawed hands caressed her body, feeling the mocha-skinned woman all over and gripping her curves. His gentle yet fierce touch excited Ororo, making her twitch and buck into him, grinding her needy body into his muscular frame. Malik’s claws came to a halt at Ororo’s massive breasts, squeezing the titanic mounds of flesh between his fingers Her large silver nipples twitched and already began to leak sweet white milk from their tips. His tail went beneath him and started to rub against moistening cunt. These actions made Ororo’s senses go wild with desire.


Malik suddenly pulled away from Ororo, a thick trail of saliva connecting their gasping lips. Malik’ licked his lips with his black tongue, savoring the taste of Ororo’s succulent ones. “Such an amazing woman you are Ororo,” Malik purred huskily as he squeezed Ororo’s boobs between his claws, getting a cute gasp from the white-haired beauty. Malik grinned as he lowered himself and took one of the leaking silver nubs into his mouth, sucking the surprisingly sweet milk into it. ‘ Mmm~ Delicious~


“A-Aaaah~ M-Maaaiiik~” Ororo moaned lustfully as her king sucked on her breast, drinking up her milk like a newborn child. He switched between one and the other, suckling the womanly nectar from each one. He then took both tits into his mouth, sucking them both and getting double the amount of milk. The dark-skinned vixen quivered as she felt her swollen mammaries be sucked of their natural nutrients. While this happened, Malik’s tail grinded against Ororo’s wet pussy, teasing the womanly folds with the rough scales. The tip would rub against the clit, exciting the woman to point where she wasn’t sure she could take anymore. “A-Aaaah~ M-Malik p-please! I-I n-need y-you inside m-me! Please!”


Malik released Ororo’s tits from his mouth with a loud * POP!* before licking his lips of any remaining milk. “Well, what my queen wants, she gets~”  He said huskily.


Malik pulled back his tail, a good portion of the end covered in Ororo’s juices. He then leaned down and lined up the head of his cock which had been leaking a good amount of pre. He pressed the head against her womanhood before slowly pushing in. Ororo gasped at the size of her new lover’s cock, far larger than any she had taken before in past failed relationships. She felt it slowly push deeper inside her, stretching her canal farther than anything she could imagine.


Malik grinned at the gasps and moans that escaped his new fellow Alpha. Once he was halfway inside her, Malik gripped her arms before slamming the rest of his length inside her quickly.


“GYYYAAAH!” Ororo squealed as she felt her mate sheath his mighty meat deep inside her. Her eyes were seeing stars as she felt him bury himself so deep she could feel the head of his cock all the way inside her womb. “MY LOVE~ I FEEL YOU! I FEEL YOU INSIDE ME!”


Her screams of pleasure excited Malik, making his eyes and spikes glow slightly. He wasted no time in starting to truly fuck her hard. With devastating force slammed his member in and out of Ororo’s snatch, driving the storm-bringer’s nerves mad with ecstasy. Each thrust made her bountiful bosom bounce and more milk sprayed out of them. Her eyes were twitching like mad, her tail was swinging under her in excitement, and her spines were letting off several small sparks of electricity. All these new sensations were making her mind go blank and her body go wild.


“My Love! It’s too much! I can’t take it!” Ororo squealed like a schoolgirl as Malik pounded away, practically imprinting the shape and size of his cock inside Ororo. “OOOAAAH~!” she cried out as her first orgasm coursed through her, her body bucking and spasming beneath Malik’s muscular form.


“You are so beautiful my queen~” Malik said hungrily as he looked down at Ororo, feeling her climax on his cock as he kept on fucking her without pause. “You truly do make a magnificent Alpha to stand at my side. Do you promise to always be with me, to help me rule over all our fellow WereKaiju Betas and Omegas along with any other Alpha females that join us? Do you promise?!” His thrusts were quickly becoming faster and more ragged as he kept on pumping his shaft into Ororo’s tight cunt.


“I-I promise my love!” Ororo screamed as she reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck. “I promise to always stand by your side! We will bring a new age of WereKaijus to live amongst us! I want to be with you every step of the way! I’m yours, now and forever!”


Malik’s heart pounded in his chest, Ororo’s words reaching him and making him smile widely. “Perfect my love. Now, let me truly claim you as mine! I am going to breed you!” Malik slammed down even harder, power-fucking her pussy into practical mush. The sound of flesh smacking together and liquid squelching echoed through the attic, only drowned out by the moans of the two WereKaiju Alphas.


“AH! MY LOVE! AAAH~!” Ororo was screaming loudly as her new mate absolutely destroyed any remaining doubt or insecurity along with her womanhood. She wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist, refusing to let him go until he released his seed inside her. Her fox tail had coiled around Malik’s scaly one, keeping them intertwined as they mated like a breeding pair of animals in a zoo.


Malik released conscious thought and simply focused on making Ororo his, letting his natural Titan instincts take over. His spines continued glow and even began to release small sparks of blue electricity the more excited he got. He knew he was close to his release, and knew he wanted to give his all to his new queen, the first of many he knew would come. While he would be the only Alpha Male, he planned to hopefully find several Alpha Females that would help keep his line strong along with his Betas and any Omegas he claimed in the future. 


Ororo was moaning and gasping with each of Malik’s near hip-breaking thrusts. His powerful pounding of her pussy was driving her mind to the brink of sanity and she wasn’t sure if she’d be able to survive such mind-blowing pleasure. Her breasts which were pressed under Malik’s own muscular chest continued to release milk, covering both their torso in the sweet substance. 


Eventually, the hardcore sex between the two Alphas was starting to become ragged and messy. Malik was panting as he felt himself come closer and closer to his brink. Refusing to let up until the end, Malik gave everything he had to ensure that Ororo would climax before him once more.


The dark-skinned mutant was gasping out, crying out her mate’s name over and over. “AAAH! MALIK! MY LOVE! AAH! YES! MALIK!” she repeated as she saw stars and her eyes were beginning to glow a bright white. She moaned loudly as she climaxed for the second time that day, her pussy gripping down on Malik’s shaft.


Feeling Ororo’s orgasm and tightening cunt, Malik felt the last of his self control leave him. “ GROOOAAAH!!! ” Swinging his head up, Malik released a roar that was followed by a large blast of blue atomic energy that shot out the window shattering it and into the air as he unleashed his spunk into his lover’s womb. Malik’s massive load flowed into Ororo like an avalanche down a mountain, surging into her womb and filling it up to the brim and beyond. The white-haired woman moaned out Malik’s name as she felt his thick baby batter blast into her, making her womb and stomach expand from the sheer volume of hyper-fertile spunk.


When Malik’s climax came to its end, the male WereKaiju slumped onto his lover’s body, the glow in his eyes and spikes receding. He panted heavily as he rested against his lover who was lost in a daze of pure bliss. Ororo’s arms, legs and tail went slack, allowing Malik to easily pull out his dick from her cum-drenched cunt and slump to her side. Ororo’s bloated stomach bounced free from the pressure for Malik’s body, jiggling as the cum inside sloshed about.


The two WereKaiju breathed heavily as they came down from their climatic highs. They looked into each other’s eyes, and smiled warmly. “My Queen~” Malik said softly as he cupped Ororo’s face.


“My King~” Ororo purred as she took his hand in his. The two leaned in and kissed each other once more.


After that… they proceeded to fuck each other’s brains out for many more hours.


~Several Hours Later~


Sunset had descended onto Bayville, just as Xavier returned back to his institute after a rather trying session with a particular charge he had been trying to help for several years now.


“Haaa...Magnus, how could you do this to your own daughter,” he sighed to himself as he entered the building. “ Everyone, I’ve returned ,” he called out telepathically, but to his confusion, he sensed no one. “Strange?” he moved into the main area. “Is anyone here?”


“Oh we’re here Professor. Welcome back,” Scott’s voice called from the side. 


Xavier turned to look to the hall he heard Scott’s voice. He spotted his figure coming from the shadows, but something was wrong. It was...different. As Scott stepped into the light, Xavier’s eyes went wide in shock.


“Hey Professor, missed us?” Scott said as he spoke to the Professor, standing before the telepath in his full WereKaiju form. His crystals and eyes were glowing dangerously while his tail swung about. He wore a set of tight shorts that held the bulge of his limp member tight while he showed off his sharp teeth. “So, how were your errands?” he said, grinning darkly at the stupefied man.


“S-Scott?” Xavier managed to mutter. “H-How? W-What’s happened to you?” he was honestly practically speechless. Seeing Scott without his special glasses and not being on the receiving end of a beam of destruction was one thing, but this...this new body? He didn’t know how it could be possible.


“Something wonderful Professor~” Jean’s voice called from the opposite hall.


He turned, and like Scott he could see Jean’s form in the shadows, but it was different. As soon as she stepped into the light, he gasped at her beautiful yet terrifying WereKaiju form. Her new wings flapped slightly while her feathers let out small flames. Her eyes glimmered with a flame that Xavier had not seen before, and wasn’t sure he could trust. She wore a red bikini top and bottom that barely held her expanded assets.


“We’ve all become more that we could have ever dreamed to have become~” Jean continues, caressing her own body while her wings and tails sparked small flames.


“J-Jean…” Xavier gasped in shock. To think that this would happen to both of his charges. How could Ororo let this happen. Wait- “Storm? Storm where are you?! Where is she?”


“Right here Professor,” Ororo’s voice spoke from above. He looked up and saw her descend down to the top of the central staircase, also in her own WereKaiju form. Her shoulder spines sparked small bolts of electricity while her long fox tail swayed side to side. Her eyes now held and electric energy in them Xavier had never seen. She wore a white bikini top and bottom similar to Jean, barely holding back her massive beauty. “Welcome back Charles.” she said, grinning her own menacing smile.


“W-What is going on here?” Xavier exclaimed in horror as he stared at the three transformed mutants, wondering how this could have come to be. 


“The start of a new age, Professor Xavier,” came the voice of Malik as he stepped out from behind Ororo in his human appearance, however his eyes were glowing and his teeth were sharp as he smiled menacingly at the professor.


“M-Malik?” Xavier spoke as he looked at the grinning teen. That smile told him all that he needed to know. “Y-You’re behind this?”


“Hey give the man a prize!” Malik said sarcastically with a chuckle. “Yes Charles, I’m the one that helped these three reach true strength in their powers. I mean look at them, don’t they look amazing?!”


“How did you do this to them?” Xavier growled, despising himself for allowing this young man to ruse his way into turning his fellow mutants into these monstrous forms.


“Heh, pretty simple really,” Malik replied with a shrug. “I told them I would show them some of my powers, and they told me they’d bite .” Malik said flashing his teeth. He saw Xavier did not understand and was trying to look into his mind. Malik rolled his eyes before speaking, “Yeah, that’s not going to work on me Big X. WereKaijus like me are immune to telepathic invasions from outside sources unless we allow it from fellow pack-mates.”


Xavier was shocked to hear this, but paused when he recalled one strange word. “WereKaiju?” he repeated.


Malik grinned once more before changing forms. Xavier gasped as he stared at the towering form of the Alpha Male WereKaiju. “Impressive, aren’t I?”


Xavier could only stare in utter shock at the towering form of Malik. He still did not understand what was going on entirely, but knew that he could not face Malik himself. “ Ororo! Scott! Jean! Please Listen! You must fight whatever control Malik has over you! Fight it-ACH! ” Xavier tried to speak telepathically before feeling a powerful reeling pain in his head. “W-What?”


“Now what did I just say Professor?” Malik said as he stepped down the stairs. “WereKaijus are immune to telepathic messages and attacks unless we allow them or they’re from another WereKaiju.” The trio of mutant WereKaijus giggled at Xavier’s futile actions.


Xavier clenched his teeth as he swore at Malik. “You will not succeed Malik. I will find a way to break them free of your control.”


“Might have a problem with that since this isn’t mind control,” Malik replied. “They’ve just be introduced to a new primal way of thinking. And trust me, the effects are pretty much permanent.”


“No matter,” Xavier continued. “I will find a way to save them and return them to normal. And you will pay for what you’ve done.”


Malik stared at Xavier silently, glaring at his with his glowing eyes. However, a snicker escaped his lips before he burst out in a full-blown belly laugh. Xavier’s bravado quickly left him as he watched Malik laugh, unaware of what he had just started.


( BGM: Oogie Boogie Song - Hocus Pocus Villain Spectacular )

Malik Singing
Scott, Jean & Ororo Singing
Xavier Speaking/Singing


Malik’s laughter came to an end as he quickly moved to in front of Xavier and stalked around him.


You're jokin', you're jokin'

I can't believe my eyes

You're jokin' me, you gotta be

No way you could even try!

It’s blind, It’s stupid,

I don't know which is worse

I might just pop a scale now

If I don't die laughing first


Malik stalked around Xavier, laughing at him while the professor glared at him. Xavier was normally reserved, but this young man was quickly getting on his nerves. Malik quickly turned around and pointed a clawed finger at Xavier.


Listen here Xavier

There's trouble close at hand

You'd better pay attention now

'Cause I'm the WereKaiju Man

And if you aren't shakin'

Then there's something very wrong

'Cause this may be the last time now

That you hear the WereKaiju song, ohhh


To Xavier’s shock, Scott, Jean and Ororo all surrounded him along with Malik. Scott’s crystals were glowing violently, small sparks of flame fluttered about Jean’s wings, and Ororo’s spines let out small electric charges. They joined Malik in the singing.






Ohhh, he's the WereKaiju Man


Xavier tried to move away from the surrounding WereKaijus, but Malik stopped him from moving by putting his clawed foot on top of Xavier’s specialized wheelchair.


Now I’ve been feelin' antsy

About what exactly to do

Something fitting to deal with

A trouble maker like you

Oh! I know the one thing

That would work out so nice~

A long and deep little nap, for a decade or thrice



Oh, yeah




Oh, yeah, I'm (he's) the WereKaiju Man


Xavier’s eyes widened in true fear as Malik spoke about his plans for him. He knew that he had to get away and find some kind of help. He tried to move, but Malik’s strength kep him in place.


Release me now

Or you must face the dire consequences

There must be a better solution

So please, come to your senses


Malik stared at Xavier, looking at the defiant expression the professor had before bursting into laughter.


You're jokin', you're jokin'

I can't believe my ears

Would someone shut this fella up

I'm drownin' in my tears

It's funny, I'm laughing

You really are too much

And now, with your permission

I'm going to do my stuff


Malik got right into Xavier’s face, once more making the professor feel true fear as he stared into the the sharp-toothed grin.


What are you going to do?

I'm gonna do the best I can


Malik released his hold on Xavier’s chair before using his tail to push Xavier away from this. Xavier was hostled from the push, but wasted no time in trying to wheel away from the WereKaijus to a safe place. Malik waited for a few minutes after Xavier disappeared from sight before signaling his packmates to go after him. The three of them nodded before going different ways after him. 


Xavier panted as he wheeled himself away, trying to get to the Danger Room, which was hopefully the safest place for him to hide in. As he raced towards safety, he could hear movement coming from behind him. He had a hunch that Malik sent the three turned mutants after him. He had to avoid them if he had any hope of helping them.


“GRAH!” Scott growled as he leapt over Xavier and landed on all four before him. His eyes and crystals glowed before firing small beames from each crystal in different directions, striking the walls and objects. Xavier gasped at this new power, but when he saw Scott’s eyes glowing just as violently, he turned about and went down a different hallway. To think that Scott would attack him like this, and not only that, with such power. He moved through the halls, trying desperately to lose Scott’s attacks.


“KYYA!” cried the voice of Jean as Xavier suddenly found himself surrounded by flames. Jean came down before Xavier with eyes, hair, wings and tail ablaze. Xavier tried to reach into Jean’s mind, but he forced him out with tremendous force that sent him reeling back. Xavier realized that Jean’s telepathic powers far exceeded his, and he had to get away. He turned around, going into a different hall just in time to avoid Jean send a torrent of flame at him. Xavier’s head ached from the force of Jean telepathic retaliation, never having felt such power or pain.


“HORA!” Ororo’s voice boomed, making Xavier stop just in front of her, having not noticed he was heading towards her. The spines on her shoulders spark dangerously while her eyes were glowing dangerously. She raised her hand, summoning several bolts of lightning around her hand before aiming them at Xavier. She fired them like spears, each striking the ground around Xavier. Seeing this power, Xavier turned around and into another hallway. His mind was in such a frazzle he did not realize until it was too late that he had been herded back into the main area of the mansion where he saw Malik standing at the bottom with a smirk. He was about to turn, only to see another bolt of lightning heading right towards him.




“GAH!” Xavier yelled out as he was sent flying out of his chair by the bolt that exploded right under him. He flew through the air and fell head first towards Malik. Before he could even brace himself, Malik caught Xavier’s foot with his tail. He held Xavier like a rag doll smirking at the professor panted heavily. Once he was able to catch his breath, he glared at Malik.


Release me fast or you will have to

Answer for this heinous act


Malik simply laughed as he was once more surrounded by his fellow WereKaijus. He grinned darkly at Xavier.


Oh, brother, you're something

You put me in a spin

You aren't comprehending

The position that you're in

It's hopeless, you're finished

You haven't got a prayer

'Cause I'm the Alpha WereKaiju

And you ain't going nowhere~


( BGM: End )


“Oh Jean,” Malik spoke to the red-headed mutant. “Time to put dear Xavier for his nap.” His eyes then glowed dangerously at the professor. “A Permanent One.” Jean nodded before glaring and focusing her telepathic powers.


“GAH!” Xavier cried in pain as he felt Jean’s mind assault him. With the last of his strength, Xavier sent one final telepathic message to his only hope at salvation. “ LOGAN! HELP!


And then darkness.


~The Next Morning~


The front gates of the Xavier institute were closed, a usual sight.


What was not a usual sight was a Motorcycle riding towards them and breaking them down before skidding to a stop before the front doors of the institute.


The rider removed their helmet, revealing it to be Logan. “I’m coming Charles, just hold on,” she growled as she rushed into institute, unveiling her Adamantium Claws. She had received Xavier’s call for help, but had no idea what it was for. She knew that Xavier would not do so if he didn’t really need her, so she rushed as fast as she could. She burst into the main room, shocked by how it was in shambles. “Shit. Charles! Storm! Where are you?!”


“L...Logan?” a familiar voice caught her ears. She turned and saw Scott sprawled on the staircase, his clothes torn apart. He had his shades on.


“Scott!” she cried out before rushing to his side. “Shit kid. What did this to you?”


“I-It came during the night. C-Caught us off-guard…” Scott muttered. “I-I c-couldn’t do anything to stop it. I-I’m sorry.”


“Hey don’t worry yourself Stretch,” Logan said softly. “You did what you could. Where’s Storm and Jeany?”


“T-They got knocked out first,” Scott replied. “I-I was able to get them to safety before trying to take on that thing myself. It...It’s too strong Logan. It took the Professor.”


“Where?” she growled. She was ready to tear whatever took the Professor to shreds.


“T-The Danger Room,” he said. Logan nodded before running off towards the Danger Room. As she disappeared from sight, Scott grinned maliciously. If Logan had taken a closer, she would have noticed that Scott was actually completely unharmed, only his clothes were torn. “ She’s on her way Malik. ” Scott called his Alpha thanks to a telepathic link Jean had made between the pack.




Logan ran rapidly towards the Danger Room, rushing as fast as her legs would allow. It didn’t take her long to reach the room, once she passed through the main doors and entered, she spotted a towering figure standing at the center. She brandished her claws, ready to strike down this mysterious intruder.


“Ah, Ms. Logan I presume?” spoke the figure, which was none other than Malik in his WereKaiju form. He smirked at her, grinning his sharp teeth.


“Yeah, and who are you bub? Where’s Charles?” she growled angrily as she stalked around the reptilian man.


“Oh I’m sure you’ve heard of me, my name is Malik,” the WereKaiju replied, shocking Logan. She snarled angrily, mentally cursing Xavier for trusting this stranger. “As for Xavier? Well, he’s taking a bit of a nap. Don’t worry, it’s not a dirt nap. I don’t need him least not yet.”


“YOU BASTARD!” She growled as she charged at Malik. He simply smirked as he stood still. She swiped her claws directly at his face.


* THUD!*


“GAH!” Logan gasped as she felt a powerful blow to her stomach that sent her flying. She landed with a heavy thud, and growled in pain. As she got up, she saw that it was Malik’s thick scaly tail that slugged her in the gut.


“Pretty quick aren’t ya,” Malik teased. “Well, if you want to dance~” His pupils turned into slits, he flashed his claws, and shot a wide sharp-toothed grin. “ ThEn I’m HaPpY tO oBlIgE~! his voice went into a distorted tone, sound like a mix of man and beast.


Grrr! Fucking Asshole!” Logan growled before charging again. Malik met her dead on, moving shockingly fast despite his towering size. She swiped her claws at him, but he managed to grab her fist and swung her over his shoulder. She managed to flip herself back onto her feet and came back for another swipe. Malik turned around and raised his arm, shockingly stopping Logan’s blades dead on. Logan was left breathless. “W-What?”


“Heh, Kaiju scales, gotta love’em,” Malik said teasingly. 


Before Logan had a chance to respond, she felt another strike to the stomach, this time by Malik’s fist. She was sent flying into the air and crashed into the floor. She held her stomach, gasping for air.


“Huh, have to admit I’m surprised,” Malik said with his hands on his hips as he stared at Logan clutching her stomach. “Any normal human would have had their bones crack and may have outright died from a punch of that strength. Heh, guess that Adamantium skeleton and Healing mutant power come in useful.”


“Grrr! I WILL END YOU!” Logan growled as she got back up, swiping her claws at Malik once more. Malik merely smirked as he proceeded to dodge or block Logan’s rampant slashes. When her swipes did not work, she tried to kick the WereKaiju in the gut or face, but Malik would counter with grabbing her with his tail and flinging her away. “You Bastard,” she growled after being tossed for the fifth time. “Tell me where Xavier is now! And what the hell do you get from attacking us?!”


“What do I get?” Malik said with a fake shocked tone. “Well nothing much. I get a place to stay and call my own, and a place where me and my pack can live in peace as we slowly grow our ranks.” He smirked.


Logan growled at Malik, but paused when a particular phrase registered. “...your pack?”




“YAAAAAAAAAH!” Logan screamed as her entire body was lit up with electricity, shocking her nerves. The electrocution did not last long, but before she could even fall to her knees, she felt a swift kick to her stomach. “GACH!” she was sent sprawling onto her back, grasping her stomach. She scrunched her eyes to try and see her attacker, but gasped in shock. “S-Storm?”


“Hello Logan, lovely to see you back,” Ororo spoke as she stood proud in her WereKaiju form. She flipped her hair, letting her fox ears twitch about and her fox tail to sway back and forth. “Hope my new form isn’t too much of a shock to you~” she teased while electricity danced around her fingers.


Before Logan could even answer, a pair of talons came down and dug into her shoulders, piercing the skin. “GYAH!” she cried out in pain before being lifted into the air. She clenched her eyes, struggling under the grip of the sharp claws until she looked at the owner of them “J-Jean?!”


“Hey Ms. Logan,” Jean teased, also in her WereKaiju form as she flew around the Danger Room with Logan in her talons. “What do you think of my new look? Pretty hot , right?” to emphasize her point, her eyes were lit with fire, staring down at the shocked woman. “Well, this has been fun, but now it’s Scott’s turn to play with you~”. She released her talons, letting Logan fall from their height.


“FUCK!” Logan screamed as she fell towards the floor of the Danger Room. She braced herself for impact. The crash never came as she suddenly stopped a few inches from the floor. “She blinked in confusion before realizing she was held upside down by her leg. “H-Huh?” She looked at the one holding her up, and gaped as she saw them. “S-Scott?”


“Hey there Logan,” Scott said with a wide smirked as he held her up in his WereKaiju form, his eyes exposed and glowing softly. “Sorry for the tricks, but Malik needed you to come here so we didn’t damage any more of the institute.”


Logan growled. “YOU FUCKING TRAITOR!” She yelled as she swiped her claws at him, which he blocked with the ruby crystal growing on the back of his hand.




“GAH!” Logan cried out in pain as she reeled her arm back. She looked at her claws and was shocked that they had not only not hurt Scott at all, but the impact with the ruby spike had caused them to crack! Her Adamantium claws had been fucking cracked! How was this possible?! What the hell happened to her fellow mutants to make them this strong?


She didn’t get to voice confusion before she was quickly raised up. Scott held Logan by her wrists and used his tail to hold onto her ankles. She struggled under his grip, but was not able to get out of Scott’s shockingly strong grip. She stopped struggling to see Malik standing before them with Jean and Ororo to his sides.


“Well you certainly fought well Logan, not many can tangle with one much less four WereKaijus,” Malik said with a smirk. “But you’ve lost, so its time to claim my prize.” Malik brandished his claws and smirked before swiping them at Logan who scrunched her eyes.






Logan was surprised by the lack of pain, and when she opened her eyes she gaped as she saw Malik had only slashed her clothes. Now, her nice firm breasts were exposed for everyone to see. “W-What the hell is this?!” she screamed with her face turning red.


Malik chuckled. “You didn’t think I actually wanted to kill you did you?” he said with a teasing smile. “No, what I have planned is far more fun. You see Logan, WereKaijus have a pack mentality. We have Alphas like myself and Ororo who submit to no one, and Betas like Scott and Jean who submit only to their Alphas. But there’s also another position, Omegas~. Those that submit to all others, Betas and Alphas. And you my dear,” Malik liked his lips predatorily. “Look like a perfect Omega~” Without warning, he took a firm hold of her breasts, digging his claws into the firm flesh.


“F-Fuck!” she growled as Malik played with her breasts. She had always tried to ignore her womanly desires and simply focused on fighting, but this beast was able to make her unable to fight and was feeling her up in aways she had not experienced in a long time. “EEP!” she yelped when she felt Malik’s tail cupping and squeezing her ass. “S-Stop t-that y-you-AH!” 


“Stop what~?” Malik teased as he gently pinched Logan’s nipples, pulling on the pink nubs and letting the breasts bounce with each tug. Each tug made her gasp and grunt, combine with the squeezing of her toned behind was making Logan feel things she knew she shouldn’t be feeling right now. “So ripe. You are gonna make a perfect Omega~” Malik leaned in, bearing his sharp teeth towards Logan’s neck.




“AH!” Logan cried out as she was bitten by the WereKaiju. The wound quickly healed up, and Scott released her from his grip, letting her land on her hands and feet. She panted heavily, trying to catch her breath as a searing heat surged through her. “W-What the fuck did you do to me?” 


Malik simply grinned. “What I said I’d do...make you my Omega~”


“GAH!” Logan screamed as her body felt like it was on fire and it began to change. She felt her bones and flesh morph and change, and the same fire burned into her mind. If she was able to think, she’d wonder why her healing factor was not working and preventing the turning. The thing was, it was working. But rather stop the changes, it mixed with Logan’s healing and accelerated the transformation, making it faster and more effective on her mind and body. Before long, her transformation was completely, and Malik grinned at the results.


Logan was now a 13ft tall woman with dull tan skin. She’d become a muscular woman with a strong figure but still retains her curvy feminine features. Her arms, legs and back had become covered in soft downy black fur and had a long black wolf tail decorated with yellow stripes. Along her back and tail she had several long silver metallic spines she could launch at will. Her eyes became golden with slits and her retractable claws can become curved at will. Her bosom had swelled into a lovely pair of K-cup breasts with black nipples and her ass had grown to match it. Her clothes had been ripped apart from the growth, leaving her entirely naked and panting.


“Heh, such a lovely specimen,” Malik said as he kneeled down before the panting Logan. Her eyes were glazed and her tongue hung out like that of a dog. “A perfect little Omega, aren’t you? Who do you belong to my cute little slut?”


Logan’s eyes were glazed with lust, and her mind was swirling with new thoughts and concepts. Deep within it she could feel her old personality trying to fight the new mindset that slowly overtook it. Before long, any resistance she had was all but gone. Now, all she could think of was her new master, her Alpha. “Y-Yours,” she gasped out. “I-I’m yours.”


Malik smirked predatorily. “Good pet,” he purred. He stood up before ripping off his boxers, letting his fat limp cock drop and slap against Logan’s face. “Now, get to work~”


Instinctually and without hesitation, Logan opened her mouth and started to kiss and lick Malik’s massive shlong. Thanks to her enhanced smell, the scent of Malik’s heavy musk filled her nostrils. The thick masculine scent made her mind swirl with lust-dazed thoughts. It became even stronger when her face met with Malik’s jizz-filled balls. She could practically feel the strength of the large nuts on her face. It made her nipples twitch and her pussy shuddered with excitement. She began to move back up the length of Malik’s rod, slobbering it all over like a dog on its favorite bone. She slowly made her way to the head that she sucked on softly, taking in Malik’s pre and savoring the taste.


Malik however had enough of the foreplay and was impatient. “That’s enough of the easy stuff,” he growled before grabbing onto Logan’s head. “Time for the real fun~ ” Without giving so much as a warning, Malik slammed Logan down his cock to the base with a single powerful thrust.


HRK! ” Logan gagged with wide eyes as she felt Malik’s shaft be speared down her throat without pause. She could feel it stretching her gullet and reach deep into her. She wasn’t given a chance to adjust to its size before Malik pulled out halfway and slammed back down. Logan could do nothing to resist against Malik’s rapid thrusts and slamming down of her skull as he power-fucked her throat without any reservations.


“Ah yes! This feels glorious!” Malik roared happily as he skull-fucked the feral woman furiously. Each thrust down he could feel her warm wet throat be forced to expand to accomodate his cock. His hefty balls slammed against her neck with each slam. Her swollen breasts were pressed and squished between his thighs, keeping her body in place. The sounds of the hardcore deepthroating reverberated through the Danger Room, that combined with Logan’s gagging.


“Ah! My love you are so rough~” Ororo moaned softly as she watched her mate absolutely destroyed Logan’s throat. She was sitting against the wall with Scott and Jean each suckling on her lactating breasts. The two teen WereKaiju were happily drinking down Ororo’s motherly milk. At the same time Ororo’s hands were down at their crotches, with her right hand pumping Scott’s swollen dick and her left hand fingering Jean’s wet pussy.




The sounds of Logan’s face colliding with Malik’s stomach echoed in the room, not that she could even register the sounds. Her mind had pretty much turned into mush with the way Malik used her mouth and throat like a fleshy cock-sleeve. His crotch was covered in her spit and sweat, and tears escaped the corners of her eyes. Even as she was used, Logan’s mind and body was shaking with pleasure. The sensation of being used by her Alpha this way made her nerves go wild. Her pussy was sputtering juices from the overloading ecstasy she felt. 


“FUCK!” Malik roared as he kept on slamming his dick down Logan’s throat. His spines were glowing slightly as his hips went at rapid speeds, smacking against Logan’s face with each thrust. His tail slammed against the steel floor in excitement, but it was still overshadowed by the sounds of flesh against flesh from Malik’s ravenous skull-fucking. The primal male was so happy to go wild on his first Omega in Bayville. He knew that there would be many Omegas to come especially with Jean and Scott as his Betas. He could hardly wait for the many future Betas and Omegas he would claim for his pack. But for now, his focus was solely on the current bitch in heat that he was power-plowing the throat of. Malik’s speed never seemed to relent, and WereKaiju Alpha kept on pumping and slamming his throat into Logan’s throat until finally reaching his breaking point. “ GROOOAAAAH!!!


Logan’s eyes went wide as a sudden blast of cum filled her stomach, throat and mouth seemingly all at once. Malik’s seed quickly flooded her belly, making it bloat up and surge up her throat into her mouth, making her cheeks bulge out. It was so much that some managed to come out her mouth and ears. Her eyes rolled up into her head as all she could do was stay there and let her Alpha fill her stomach, mouth and gullet with his hot, thick, WereKaiju seed.


Once he was done, Malik pulled his sloppy wet dick out of Logan’s mouth, letting a good amount of cum to flow out onto the floor. With nothing holding her up, Logan unceremoniously slumped onto the floor with her face in the puddle of cum and her ass up in the air. As she laid in the puddle of cum, her eyes were still rolled up and a fucked-stupid smile graced her face while her tongue hung out. 


Malik panted for a bit before looking at Logan’s prone form. He smirked as he stalked around the slightly twitching form of the Omega WereKaiju. “Such a lovely body, I bet you’ve had to fight off quite the number of suitors before meeting me, not that you minded a bet. I bet you got off from taking down any man that asked you out. But how does it feel now? How does it feel to be used by a male?” He leaned over and grinned widely at the ahegao expression on her face. “Seems like you really enjoyed it you little slut!” 




Malik delivered a harsh spank to Logan’s exposed ass, making the plump flesh jiggle from the impact. Logan moaned slightly to the smack, showing she was still conscious. Malik smirked widely as he proceeded to squeeze the fat asscheeks. “Such a lovely ass. This ass probably turned quite the number of heads before you sliced them off. I think I should claim this ass now.”


Malik grabbed hold of Logan’s ass, moving the thick furry tail of out the way and exposing her tight asshole. He lined up his still rock-hard cock which was nice and slick from Logan’s throat and his own seed. He lined it up with Logan’s winking hole before pushing past the ring of muscle without a second of hesitation.


“HAH!” Logan screamed as a bolt of pain-mixed-pleasure shot through her by the sudden intrusion and stretching of Malik’s cock inside her asshole. While she was by no means a virgin in the normal sense, she had never taken anything inside her asshole before as far as she could remember. The sudden sensation woke her from her fucked stupor and caused her to gasp as the thick rod rammed its way down to the base. She tried to move, but are arms and legs were to tired to even twitch. She felt Malik’s mighty meat slam down to the base, his heavy balls which still felt full slapping against her dripping wet cunt. Logan knew she would not be able to fight against him, not that she wanted to.


“My-My Logan, your fat ass feels absolutely divine~” Malik purred happily as he felt the tight canal grip his dick like a vice. He raised his left hand and delivered another loud slap to Logan’s ass, making her cry out from the sting. Malik grinned at the jiggle of the plumo flesh and the red mark from the slap. “Let’s see how much we can make this ass really bounce~!” Taking a firm hold of Logan’s hips, Malik pulled out and slammed his fat dick back inside Logan’s hole, his hips smacking against the thick flesh of Logan’s behind.


“AH! FUCK! GAH! NGAH!” Logan screamed as Malik proceeded to mercilessly fuck her rear without any signs of slowing down. The feral woman moaned out like a bitch in heat as her arse was plowed by the fat Alpha cock. Malik’s hips with slam against her ass while his balls spanked her pussy. The primal pounding that she was recieving, combined with the returning sensations of her earlier skull-fucking made the mutant woman lose her control and orgasmed onto the floor. “M-MALIK!” She screamed as she climaxed.


“YES! SCREAM MY NAME SLUT! SCREAM THE NAME OF YOUR NEW MASTER!” Malik roared out in a dominating tone, his eyes wide with primal desire as he wrecked her ass. As he got more into it, he started using one hand to slap Logan’s asscheek while the other held onto her waist, making sure to keep her slamming down onto his thrusts. He would switch hands after every few slaps, making Logan’s fat ass turn bright red from the slaps.


While Malik was pounding away at Logan, His three prior packmates were intertwined in their own little sexual escapade. 


Ororo moaned as she sat upon Scott’s face, the young Beta male hungrily eating her out while Jean rode upon his cock. Seeing their Alpha fuck the normally domineering Logan into submission had turned them all on to the point they could no longer hold back. The red haired telepath had quickly mounted her longtime crush, riding his dick like a bucking bronco while the white-haired vixen grinded her cunt down onto his face. For his part Scott was in pure bliss in having the two females a top him. He knew he’d never get to experience such pleasures were it not for Malik, and he was so grateful to have been brought into this world of pleasure. Same could be said for the two ladies. Jean knew she would never be able to feel this free without Malik’s power, and was so happy she could be free to express even her deepest desires. Ororo was so happy to have gained such a bond with her students and find a mate that she could truly cherish, along with releasing all her pent up frustrations in such a pleasurable manner. The three mutants turned WereKaiju would happily embrace this new life of sex of power and welcome all that their Alpha would claim in the future.


“AAAH! MALIK! FUCK! AAAH!” Logan squealed like a schoolgirl as Malik pounded her with seemingly endless stamina. He had stopped spanking her ass, which was now bright red and practically raw from the sharp slaps. The stinging pain mixed with the pleasure of his massive meat piledriving inside her, turning her ass into his own personal playground. Her face once more laid in the pool of cum on the floor, and she was left into nothing more than a squealing moaning mess.


“YES! Scream my name slut! Scream the name of your master!” Malik roared in pure predatorial bliss as he fucked Logan into her new submissive role. “From now on, you are my Omega! The plaything of me and my fellow Alphas and Betas. You live to serve your fellow packmates as much as they please! You. Are. MINE!


“YES!” Logan screamed, her mind breaking completely to her Alpha’s words and hardcoure fucking. “I AM YOURS! ALL YOURS! FUCK ME! PLEASE! USE ME! AAAAAAH~!” Logan climaxed for the second time, her juices spraying down onto the floor and Malik’s balls.


“With Pleasure~” Malik said with a sharp-toothed grinned as he kept on plowing the fat feral ass. His speed and power increased as he got closer to his release. “ GROOOAAAH!!! Malik roared before his dick erupted like a geyser of splooge. Logan moaned loudly as she felt her ass be overflowed by Malik’s thick Alpha seed. The river of spunk flooded inside her, pumping into her stomach and adding to the collection that was already inside her, making her stomach bloat even further. The overload of pleasure made the raven-haired woman scream and orgasm again, her entire body spasming as she did so.


When his ejaculation end, Malik pulled out his dick from the abused hole with a loud wet plop. The gaping ass leaked out cum that pooled between her legs. Malik smirked before delivering another smack to Logan’s ass, getting a small gasp out of the mind-broken Omega who laid with a face of pure fucked-bliss and a large bloated stomach full of Alpha cum. “Such a lovely face for an Omega~” Malik purred happily. 


He then looked over to his other lovers, seeing they had changed positions. Now Ororo was taking Scott’s dick doggy-style as she ate out Jean’s pussy. He licked his lips as he got ideas on how to join them. And now with Logan, he had fully claimed the Institute for himself.


“Not a bad start, huh Xavier?” Malik said with a malicious grin as he turned to a nearby wall. The wall opened up, revealing a comatose Xavier trapped inside a glass bubble, completely unconscious and unable to escape his slumbering prison. Malik simply chuckled at the over-optimistic fool, knowing that this was the beginning of a new age.


“Now, I suppose we can have a few more romps before our first new arrivals show~” Malik said as he walked over to join his mates, dragging Logan by her tail to join in.


The age of the WereKaiju had truly begun, and nothing would stop Malik.

Chapter Text

Bayville High was abuzz with energy this night as the home football team was playing against the away team, and winning. The crowd was cheering with pride while the Cheerleaders showed off and helped pump the crowd up. However, what really seemed to pump everyone up were the two newbies to the cheer squad.


“Yeah! Let’s go!” cried out Jean and Scott as they cheered alongside the other Cheerleaders, however they didn’t look as they normally did, nor were they in their WereKaiju forms. Instead, they were sporting a new human form that hid their WereKaiju traits, but still made them very obvious eye candy.


They stood about as tall as they normally did, but their bodies were far sexier and lewder. Jean’s chest and rear were large and jiggly, bouncing about freely despite the tight small cheerleader outfit, which caught the eyes of male and female alike. Her tight underwear hugged her pussy, giving her a perfect cameltoe and she wore no bra so her nipples were very visible through the tight top. As for Scott, he was no longer just a lanky teen. He had some impressive muscles that made the girls swoon and some of the boys jealous. Added to that were the fat bouncy pecs and equally plump ass that bounced about enticing anyone daring to look. To make it odder, Scott was wearing the female Cheerleader outfit which showed off far more skin and did nothing to hide his impressive bulge.


Now under normal circumstances, such a sudden change in body and attitude would confuse and possibly scare some if not many of the people around. However, thanks to her enhanced telepathic abilities, Jean was able to warp the minds of everyone, making them think this was how the two of them always looked and acted, and that anything they did was okay. Just another perk to their lives thanks to Malik.


Speaking of the Alpha WereKaiju, he was standing by the stands, smirking as he watched his two Betas cheer and bounce about. 


Thanks to Jean and Ororo, he was able to get enrolled into Bayville High. He didn’t really come to “be in school,'' he didn’t really care about academics. He wasn’t an idiot, and he did study a good amount in his years prior to coming to Bayville, but his focus was more so on scouting the school to see if there were any potential candidates for his pack. It wasn’t only mutants he planned to turn into WereKaijus, he would go after anyone he desired to grow the numbers of his kind. Luckily, he managed to set it up that he could come and go to the school as he pleased with no consequences.


His eyes scanned the mass of teens and few adults around. He licked his lips at what he found, liking many of the young virile potential mates he saw. It also helped that many of them were attracted to him as well, which would make claiming them a lot easier.


Malik’s roaming eyes took a pause when he noticed a hand reaching under stands, picking out of the pockets of some of the students. “Hmm, curious,” Malik hummed as he decided to check it out. Before he did, he noticed three of the football players seeming to have noticed as well and had gone under before him. Definitely intrigued now, Malik headed under the bleachers to see what was going on.


Once he was down under the bleachers, he spotted the trio of jocks all pinning a small gangly young man that Malik recognized.


“C-Come on guys. C-Can’t we talk about this?” muttered nervously the sickly-skinned boy know to Bayville High as Todd Tolansky . He wasn’t very well liked amongst the other teens of the school, and it wasn’t just because of his interesting odor.


He was lifted into the air by the leader of the jocks, Duncan Matthews . “You’ve been causing a bit too much trouble, and I think it’s time to squash ya,” he growled as he prepared to hit the smaller boy. Malik decided it was time to step in.


“Don’t you have anything better to do than pick on others Mattews?” he spoke, garnering the attention of the jocks and Todd. “Like your game?”


“Back off Ojirag, this has nothing to do with you!” Duncan growled, using the last name Malik had given himself. He often laughed to himself how no one seemed to realize his name was just Gojira, Godzilla’s Japanese name, but with the first letter put at the end. Sometimes the best way to hide is the simplest.


“Oh come on Duncan, you’re not still mad about Jeanie, are ya?” Malik teased mischievously. Before Malik came along, Jean was dating the head jock, but after she was claimed by him she promptly dumped the blonde’s ass and proclaimed her adoration for Malik before the entire school. It wasn’t made any easier as she exposed all of Duncan’s flaws, making most of the female population take an immediate dislike to him for a while. Malik decided to add salt to the wound when he revealed that he and Jean had an open relationship with Scott, another thing he had Jean make everyone be okay with, except for Duncan who had remained jealous and scornful of the bulkier black-haired male.


“You bastard!” Duncan growled as he dropped Todd and charged at Malik. He threw a fist at Malik’s face, but when it hit, Malik didn’t even move. Duncan’s eyes went wide as he realized he had suddenly fucked up.




Before he could even blink, Malik pimp slapped Duncan across the face, sending him flying into the dirt with his face on the ground and his ass in the air.


Hmm, not a bad ass~ ’ Malik thought naughtily before turning to Duncan’s friends who looked at him in fear. “Now get out of here you idiots. Unless you want to join your little friend, and if you squeal, I will beat your sorry asses.” Duncan’s fellow jocks ran away, leaving behind their ‘leader’.


“Uh…” Todd spoke from behind Malik, making him turn to the brunette boy. “T-Thanks I guess man. No one’s...No one’s ever stood up for me before. I...thanks man.”


Malik raised an eyebrow before chuckling. “Heh, not a problem Todd. Trust me, I know what it’s like to be bullied and attacked,” he said honestly, remembering his past prior to being reborn as a WereKaiju.


“You? Sorry dude that’s a little hard to believe,” Todd said. “I mean, you got the hottest girl and guy hanging off your arms nearly all the time, and you turn heads wherever you go.”

“True, but I wasn’t always like that,” Malik replied. “It took a lot of special circumstances that led to me changing my life to what it is now. Speaking of lives, you may be able to extend your own if you stop pickpocketing. I won’t always be there to save your cute ass from Duncan and his cronies.”


C-C-Cute?!’ Todd’s mind replaid, a bright red blush gracing his pale skin. He shook his head before speaking. “I-I’ll keep that in mind.”


Malik chuckled at Todd’s flustered face. Despite what most people got from a first impression of Todd, Malik could see deeper than that. Where people saw a disgusting sickly looking unhygienic teen, Malik could see a young lonely teen that was kicked around by life and nearly everyone just because of how he looked. He could tell that Todd was a mutant, being able to detect the scent of mutants from humans thanks to his heightened senses, and he knew he would want to take the boy into his pack.


“Well Todd, I’ll talk to you later,” Malik said as he grabbed the dazed Duncan up by his shirt. “Right now, I got a bitch to educate.” he walked away, dragging Duncan into the school.


Todd gulped. “Yikes. Hate to see what he does to him.” he said before leaping away kinda like a frog.


Malik dragged Duncan into the entrance of the boys locker room. No one was inside, as everyone was either outside playing or cheering. He lifted and dropped Duncan onto one of the benches. He raised his hand and delivered a sharp smack to Duncan’s ass, waking him from his daze.


“OW!” Duncan yelped. He looked around before meeting his gaze with Malik. “You! What the hell are you-”


“Shut the fuck up Bitch ,” Malik said, growling at the end, which actually made Duncan freeze. “You don’t get to try and act all high and mighty. You are not something important, you are just a little bitch that thinks he’s all that because he plays football. Grah! Seriously, why are so many humans so stupid?!”


“Hey! Take that back you-”




Duncan tried to get up to face Malik, only to get pimp-slapped into the lockers. Malik slammed his hands on either sides of Duncan’s head, making the jock sweat in fear.


“Now listen here you little punk,” Malik growled. “I do not have the patience to deal with idiots like you. In fact, I have a different way to deal with your kind.” Malik’s teeth grew sharp, and before Duncan could even blink, Malik sunk his teeth into Duncan’s neck.




“GAAAH!” Duncan screamed in pain from the bite. When Malik released him, he fell to the floor, his legs going slack. “W-What the fuck man?!” Duncan screamed as he nursed his sore neck.


Malik licked his lips. “Originally I wanted to wait before I started turning anyone at this school into WereKaijus, but you quickly pushed me. Now, it’s time for you to be put in your place.”


“M-My place?” Duncan said, fear beginning to creep in before a burning sensation course through him.


“Yes, your place as my Omega Bitch,” Malik said, grinning as Duncan’s transformation began.


Duncan gasped and panted as the burning sensation filled his body, making changes to him as he changed into a WereKaiju. His body began to expand within the restrictive football uniform, making his clothes rip apart and his padding pop off. His body continued to grow and change, all the while his mind was warping and changing, turning into the submissive personality that Malik knew he truly had. Once the changes ended, Duncan panted heavily. Malik grinned at the changes to Duncan’s body.


He was now 14ft 5in tall with tan peach skin. His body became large and muscular with large swollen bouncy pecs with large dark nipples that were already lactating, broad arms and thick childbearing hips and a huge plump ass. He had a long 4ft long reptilian tail sticking out above his ass, a set of black claws on his hands and feet, and gold scales on his shoulders, forearms and shins. He had a set of gold canine ears where his human ones were before, yellow fur coming down his back, and the end of his tail was covered in yellow fur. Lastly his eyes became green with slits, his tongue was thick and forked, and his teeth became sharp. His dick however had only grown into a 5inch long cock with honeydew-sized balls.


Malik was a little surprised to see such a muscle-bound male end up with such a small penis, at least by WereKaiju standards. But at the same time, Duncan was an Omega, and Omegas were built for being bred, and Duncan looked like he was certainly made to be bred like the bitch that he was.


“H-Hot...s-so h-hot…” Duncan moaned, gasping as his body still felt like it was on fire. He needed something to ease his heat, to make it stop burning so much.


Malik chuckled. “Such a lovely slut you make Duncan,” Malik said as he grabbed the blonde’s panting face. “These fat slutty tits.” He squeezed Duncan’s pec, making the nub shoot out milk. “This massive ass made for fucking.” He slapped Duncan’s ass, making it jiggle and bounce. “These big swollen balls.” He kicked Duncan’s plump balls, making them bounce and him gasp in pain. “And this small useless clit of a cock.” he squeezed Duncan’s dick in his hands, making the blonde gasp out. “This sad little thing could never satisfy woman, much less a WereKaiju woman. You would need a real cock, like mine.”


Malik undid his pants, and allowed his dick to grow to its full massive WereKaiju size before Duncan’s wide eyes. Malik could control which parts of him became WereKaiju sized at will. He would prefer to go full WereKaiju, but the locker room did not offer enough space for two WereKaijus at once, so this would have to do.


“See this, this is a real Cock ,” Malik said with a malicious grin on his face.


“S-So...B-Big…” Duncan gasped as he stared wide-eyed at Malik’s massive member. It was so big and thick, the heavy scent of Malik’s musk filled his nostrils. A desire suddenly bloomed inside him, a desire for Malik’s huge dick. He wanted Malik’s cock. He needed it. He reached for it, but Malik pulled away.


“What do you think you’re doing slut?” Malik said before stomping his foot down onto Duncan’s head, forcing him to the floor. “Do you think I’ll just let you suck my cock? No, you want this? You’re going to have to beg.” A prime evil grin formed on his face. “Beg like the cock-hungry bitch that you are~” His eyes were glowing a dangerous blue, as if piercing into Duncan’s soul.


Duncan gulped, uncertain for a moment what to do. However, the smell and sight of Malik’s cock dangling above his head made the primal need inside him overwhelm any rational thought. “P-Please…” he muttered. “P-Please let me s-suck your dick. P-Please…”


Master ,” Malik said with narrowed eyes. “I am your Master now, your Alpha, your King or Prince. Call me by one of those titles, and then maybe I’ll let you suck it.”


Duncan nodded. “P-Please Master...Please let me suck your dick I...I need it!” Duncan proclaimed, his  eyes wide with desire. “I...I need it! I need your dick! Please Master, Please!”


Malik smirk turned into a wide grin as he removed his foot from Duncan’s head. “Good bitch,” Malik said with a chuckle. He dangled his massive cock before Duncan’s wide hungry eyes. “Well, get to sucking slut.”


Duncan gulped before opening his mouth. He took the head of Malik’s cock into his mouth, sucking on it. The taste of Malik’s pre hit him like a freight train, making his eyes go wide and his primal desire for his Alpha’s cock grew stronger. He pushed himself down onto the fat cock, forcing himself to take more and more of the big boner down his mouth and into his throat.


Malik however had the same idea. With a predatory smile, he grabbed Duncan’s skull and slammed the jock down his rod, forcing his dick into the blonde’s throat and his mouth down to the base of his shaft. The blonde gagged in surprise at the sudden shoving of alpha meat down his throat, but was given no chance to adjust before Malik started pumping his dick in and out of Duncan’s mouth and throat while forcing the blonde’s head up and down the shaft in tandem.


The sound of Duncan’s mouth being forced down Malik’s cock reverberated in the locker room, echoing loudly all through the room. They were accompanied by Malik’s groans of pleasure as he skull-fucked the blonde. Had there been anyone near enough, they would hear the sounds of rampant oral sex and be intrigued to look inside. But any sounds were drowned out by the cheering for the game outside. Not that it mattered, Malik would know if someone entered the locker room instantly thanks to his heightened senses, but honestly if someone did appear, they’d either being a smear on the wall, or another one in his pack.


“Fuck Duncan, it’s like you were made to suck cock,” Malik purred excitedly as he kept on pumping the blonde’s mouth up and down his shaft. The blonde in question had quickly stopped the gagging noises and instead was now making moans of pleasure as his new Alpha used his throat-pussy mercilessly. The confident cocky jock was gone, now he was nothing more than a submissive toy for his master to use. He moaned around his master’s rod, letting his throat and mouth be used without restraint. The WereKaiju in human skin slammed his massive rod down Duncan’s gullet, pounding away before letting out a guttural roar of power and releasing his thick heavy seed right into the blonde’s stomach. “Grooooaaaaaah~!”


Duncan felt Malik’s heavy seed blast down his throat and into his belly, filling it up and forcing it to expand. As his belly bloated with hot WereKaiju cum, his eyes rolled up and his mind felt like it was breaking apart, leaving the blonde jock a moaning slutty mess. His body shivered before his little dicklet shot out its own pathetic seed.


“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Pitiful,” Malik said, although he was smirking as he did so. He heard Duncan cum, and when he did he looked under to see the pathetic little splotch of white jizz hidden under the hefty stomach full of Alpha spunk. “Look at that, you actually came from swallowing cum from a real cock. How cute to see that you can cum from your little clit.” Malik pulled out his member from Duncan’s mouth, a loud sloppy pop as the head came out. Drool and cum leaked out of the blonde’s gaping mouth while Malik simply smirked. “Well, like all little bitches, it’s time for you to feel what a true cock feels like in that slutty pussy of yours.”


Malik grabbed Duncan by his hair and lifted him off his hands before dragging him to the bench and flopping him over it so that his ass was elevated. He delivered a harsh smack to the jock’s fat ass, making it bounce like two uncontrollable globes of gelatin. Smirking, He spread the fat cheeks apart and lined up his still rock-hard-rod to the tiny tight hole and rammed through it like a steel battering ram through a wooden wall.


“HNG!” Duncan grunted as he felt his first ever cock shove itself up his formerly virgin ass. It was a strange sensation, one that would make his old self scream and cry out in indignation. But the new Duncan? A smile formed around his face as nothing but pleasure coursed through him from being penetrated and stretched by a real cock. Not only a cock, but his Alpha’s cock. The blonde let out a long pleasure moan as he felt his Alpha’s rod ram itself to the base, stretching his insides and making the cum in his stomach slosh around from the sudden movement. “M..Master~ P-Please fuck me! P-Please fuck this slutty bitch with your amazing cock!”


These words made Malik’s smirk grew wider. He raised his hand and delivered another harsh spank to Duncan’s plump posterior. “HAHAHA! You fucking slut! Look at you! The high and mighty Duncan Mattews begging to be fucked like a common whore! This is amazing! I made the right choice in turning you.” Malik’s smile then became predatory. “I am going to fucking DESTROY your ass.” Gripping tightly onto Duncan’s waist, he pulled out his dick until only the head of his cock remained before slamming down to the base again. This started the hardcore plowing of Duncan’s ass as Malik thrusted in and out of the tight entrance, smacking his hips against the blonde’s arse.


Duncan was gasping, moaning and crying out as his Alpha plundered his fat butt. The blonde’s entire body was moving back and forth in tandem as Malik thrust in and out of him. The sounds of Malik’s hips smacking against the plump blonde ass filled the locker room, only overshadowed by Duncan’s own cries for his master. Each time Malik thrust in, his massive balls swung forward and smashed against Duncan’s own big ones, which caused them to smush his tiny little clit. Along with that, Duncan’s swollen pecs rubbed against the hard floor, his nipples leaking out his newfound milk onto the floor. 


As he plowed Duncan’s slutty tight hole, Malik’s mind raced. He didn’t plan on claiming any normal humans yet, at least not until he got more mutants in the Institute, but it seemed that claiming the other students of Bayville High was going to be easier if most of the students turned out like Duncan. The idea of turning the rest of the student body into his slutty sexy WereKaiju sluts made the son of Godzilla grin with predatory glee. He would have fun claiming this school, and perhaps even the entire city.


“Master! Ah! Master!” Duncan moaned loudly as Malik’s thrusts seemed to get harder and faster by the second. “Master! I-I can’t! I’m c-cumming!” Dunca’s little dicklet had been smacked so much by his own balls that he could not contain himself and came onto the bench.


“Such a pathetic little slut you are Duncan,” Malik said grinning a sharp-toothed smile. “Cumming with that little thing, and from getting fucked so hard and having your it flattened by your own balls. Heh. You can’t really call yourself a man can you? You know what you are? A BITCH . A fat-titted, big-ass, tiny-clitted, cock-hungry, masochistic BITCH .” With each proclamation, Malik slammed his mighty cock into Duncan’s ass and delivered smack after smack to the blonde’s bouncy butt.


The blonde only gasped and moaned at each thrust and strike to his arse, making Malik’s statements think even deeper. “Y-Yes! I’m a Bitch! I’m a Slut! I’m an Omega! I’m yours to use Master! I live to serve you and your amazing cock!” the blonde cried out, his eyes wide with tiny anime hearts in them. The former jerk jock Duncan was gone for good, now only the slutty Omega Duncan remained. 


“Good Bitch,” Malik said, still smirking. “Now, I think it’s time you get your reward~” With that, Malik once more intensified his thrusts, slamming his full length at a breakneck pace into the blonde’s ass. Dunca was moaning and screaming Malik’s name, proclaiming his now eternal desire to serve him and love for his cock. Malik’s balls smashed harder against Duncan’s making the blonde’s balls utterly squish his tiny dicklet even more. Duncan lost control once more and squirted again onto the bench, this time a little more than the previous times. Even so, this did not stop Malike as he kept his word and utterly destroyed the blonde’s ass. He kept on hammering his dick deep into the tight hole before he felt his cock pulse and twitch. 




With a mighty roar, Malik unleashed a massive load of spunk, larger than his previous one, right into Duncan’s ass. The searing seed surged into the blonde, blasting its way into his stomach and joining with the previous load. The blonde jock squealed like a greased pig as he was flooded with Alpha cum. He could feel his stomach getting fuller and larger with each splash of thick WereKaiju cum that filled him. His tits sprayed milk, and his dicklet shot out one last sad squirt of Omega jizz onto the underside of his inflating stomach.


Malik let out a heavy pant once his release came to its end. The raven-haired WereKaiju pulled out his now limp member out of the destroyed ass. Duncan’s cheeks were bright red from the spanking and smacks from Malik’s hands and hips, as were his balls. His hole was gaping and a little bit of Malik’s cum began to leak out. Malik’s cock flopped between his legs, covered in sticky juices from Duncan’s mouth and ass. Malik looked around and saw that Duncan looked like he was heavily pregnant with potentially septuplets. The blonde’s eyes were rolled up, his mouth was gaping, and he looked like his brain had completely stopped working.


“Damn Malik,” a familiar voice called from the side. Malik turned his head and saw Jean and Scott walking up to him and Duncan. Scott whistled at Duncan. “You really went to town this time.”


“Heh,” Malik chuckled softly. “Yeah, I guess I did. He got on my nerves, so I decided to just bite him and get it over with. Not complaining though. He makes an amazing Omega.”


“Not surprised,” Jean said. “Duncan’s always tried to act tough, even when we were dating. Nice to see someone finally put him in his place.”


“Well thank you Jeanie,” Malik said as he stretched before checking his phone. “Oooh, I need to get going. Ororo should be here any minute to pick me up so we can get the new recruits. Think you two can handle cleaning him up and help him figure out how to turn back to his normal look.”


“Not a problem Mal, you go ahead,” Scott replied with a nod. “Though, would it be okay if we played with him a bit first?”


Malik simply laughed. “Go nuts,” he said before giving both teens a deep kiss. 


As he left the locker room, the two Betas turned to the mind-numbed Omega with their own predatory grins.


Malik exited the building, and saw that the game had just ended. He kept his ears opened and didn’t hear anyone mention Duncan, guessing that Jean had used her psychic abilities to keep everyone from wondering where the blonde jock was.




Malik outside towards the parking lot and saw a familiar black car pull up. The window lowered, revealing Ororo inside. Malik nodded and walked towards it. Malik entered the car and it drove off.


“Hello my love,” Ororo spoke to Malik with a smile before kissing his cheek. “How was the game?”


“Boring to say the least,” Malik said with a roll of his eyes. “Though I will say that Jean and Scott are turning quite the number of heads with their new uniforms~”


Ororo giggled at the image of Scott and Jean cheering with their new human forms. Like them, she had obtained a new human form that would turn many heads. Her breasts and ass were nice and huge, not as big as in her WereKaiju form, but definitely leagues above her old set. Even with these new proportions she had no trouble doing things she could do before.


“And it seems we got a new Omega in the pack,” Malik said, surprising the white-haired beauty. “Duncan Matthews got a bit too on my nerves tonight, so I decided to turn him. Jean seems to have taken care of anyone wondering what happened to him, and now she and Scott are taking care of him.”


“Oh, well that’s good,” Ororo replied. “I have heard that this Duncan has been a bit of an annoyance. Though, are you certain it is wise to claim a normal human now?”


“If it were anyone else, maybe,” Malik replied. “But Duncan’s a completely loyal Omega now, no question about it. Besides, it’s only one at the moment. Now that the Institute is ours, we can take our time rising our ranks. Mutants, Humans, whatever. As long as we don’t claim too many too fast, we will be fine. And even if someone does find out well,” Malik’s eyes glowed bright blue. “They won’t live long enough to tell anyone else.”


“Too true my love,” Ororo replied, her own eyes glowing. One thing that change among the mutants was that now they had no qualms about killing. They wouldn’t spill innocent blood, that was something even Malik respected and abided by. But those that dared stand in their way or endangered the pack? Well, they would be met with great resistance and aggression.


Malik’s eyes stopped glowing and he let out a sigh before changing the subject. “So, are our new arrivals on their way?” Malik said with a sneaky smile. 


“Yes, they should arrive early in the morning, before sunrise,” Ororo replied, knowing full well what Malik meant. Prior his takeover of the Institute, Xavier had already recruited a new set of students to train, a set of mutants that had a difficult life in their old homes. After claiming his mates, Malik researched all of Xavier’s information and got to know about these new students, and made plans on how to induct them into the pack.


“Perfect,” Malik said as they entered the gates of the institute. They got out of the car and walked into the building. “Well then, since Logan is out and the others are at the game, that leaves plenty of time for you and me to have some fun~ ” he pulled Ororo into a kiss, one she happily accepted as they walked into the institute and shut the curtains. The sounds of pleasured moans and powerful roars were heard deep within.


~The Next Morning~


“Ah, what a great shower~” Jean said as she dried her hair from the moisture. 


“Yeah, I’ll say,” Scott said as he did the same next to her. 


The two were in the nude in the bathroom of the institute. Since becoming WereKaijus, worrying about each other’s privacy seemed like a waste, so the two teens would actively have showers with each other, unless Malik, Ororo, or Logan joined one of them instead. The shower could only handle two of them, and in their new human forms at most. Malik promised to get a bigger one built that could handle many of them in their full WereKaiju forms.


“So did Malik say what he wanted to meet us for?” Scott said as he put on his clothes.


“He and Ororo went to the train station early this morning to pick up some new students, remember?” Jean replied as she did the same. Their clothes were still the same, only their bodies were hugged tightly and a lot of skin was shown. “Either way, we better get down to the meeting hall and say hello.” Scott nodded. They quickly grabbed their backpacks and headed down to the small living area of the institute.


There they saw Malik speaking to a couple people in cloaks. Malik heard them enter and turned his head before smiling at them. “Ah. Scott and Jean, good morning.


“Morning Malik,” Scott greeted with a wave and Jean did the same. The two cloaked beings hid behind Malik in slight fear.


“Don’t worry you two, they won’t hurt you,” Malik said kindly. “Guys, I’d like you to meet Kurt and Kyra Wagner . They’ll be joining us from here from now on.”


“Nice to meet ya,” Scott said offering his hand. 


Kurt was hesitant, but Malik pushed him onward. Slowly, a blue three-fingered hand came out came out and shook it. “H-Hello,” a nervous voice spoke. Jean turned to Kyra, and while she was covered, she could see a blue jaw through the shadows.


“I was just telling Kurt and Kyra about this place, and how we’ve set it up to welcome anyone with special abilities, abilities that the people don’t always understand,” Malik explained. He turned back to the cloaked pair. “Scott here can shoot high-powered beams from his eyes, and Jean is a telepath that can read minds and lift things with telekinesis.”


“Cool,” Kyra said, removing her hood. She had a cute blue face with green eyes, long dark blue hair that had a pair of large bangs, and thick blue lips. Kurt did the same, looking pretty much the same as Kyra but with slightly shorter hair and smaller lips.


“What about you two? Got any special talents besides those cute faces?” Jean teased.


Suddenly, a flash of light and a puff of smoke was left where Kurt and Kyra once stood. A few seconds after they appeared again on the other side of the room. “Maybe,” Kurt chuckled.


“We can also do this,” Kyra said as she hopped onto the wall and stuck there and even crawled about.


“Wow, those are some pretty sweet gifts,” Scott said with a smile.


“Agreed,” Malik replied. “Ororo and I will be helping them get settled. We can talk more later tonight. Now you two best get going. Oh, and be sure to talk to Duncan about coming over tonight. We’ll need to discuss about his moving into the mansion,” Malik said.


“Right, see ya Mal,” Jean said blowing him a kiss. She and Scott waved at the Wagner twins who waved back. As they left, the Wagners could not stop staring at the sexy teens.


“Dang,” Kurt said, blushing slightly. “Is everyone here super-attractive?”


“Heh, you have no idea,” Malik chuckled. Ororo walked in, joining them. “Alright then. How about we show you guys your rooms?” The two blue teens nodded, following the two Alphas who showed them around the building before coming to their respective rooms.


“Whoa,” Kyra said in awe at the large room that was full of stuff for her to enjoy. “This room is mine?! So cool!”


“Heh, had a hunch you’d like it,” Malik chuckled. “Though I should let you know that we do expect a lot more additions in the future, so we may need to double up in certain rooms when they come, at least until the reconstruction happens.”


“Reconstruction?” Kurt asked after checking his room with Ororo behind him.


“Trust me Kurt, I got big plans for this place,” Malik said with a light chuckle. “Anyways, I’m glad you two are enjoying it here. You two deserve to be happy.”


“Happy? Have you looked at us?” Kyra countered. “We scare people. They throw rocks at us and forced us to hide.”


“Yeah, the only people who never shunned us were our parents,” Kurt agreed.


“Well you don’t have to worry about that here,” Malik said. “And trust me, you aren’t the only ones with looks that be considered ‘odd’.” The twins gave him a confused look. Malik then shifted before them, turning into full WereKaiju form, shocking the blue pair. His clothes stretched with him, made of a more elastic material.


“W-Whoa!” Kyra gasped as she and Kurt looked up at Malik’s towering form. “You’re huge?! Is this part of your mutant powers?”


“Sort of,” Malik replied, confusing them. He smirked, as he saw Ororo come up behind them completely unnoticed. “You see, technically I’m not a mutant to begin with. I’m actually something much more. And now you two will see just how much more.”






“GAH!” The blue twins screamed as they were each quickly bit on their shoulders. They jerked away, looking to see it was Ororo who bit them with her own set of sharp teeth. “W-What the heck! Why did you b-bite us-AAAAH!” Kurt cried out as his body racked with new sensations.


“K-Kurt! NYAAAH!” Kyra called out to her twin before she felt the same. The two collapsed onto the ground as the effects of Ororo’s bite began to affect them.


“Nicely done Ororo,” Malik said with a smirk to his white-haired vixen.


Ororo shifted into her own WereKaiju form and grinned. “Thank you my love. I must say, there is a certain thrill about turning unsuspecting ones and giving them each a quick bite.” Malik chuckled at this. Like him, and WereKaiju he had turned could turn others into WereKaijus as well with a bite. However, while he could decide which ranking the ones he bites turn into, all others could only turn them into the ranks beneath them. Since Ororo was an Alpha, she had made Kurt and Kyra into Betas.


The two blue teens moaned and gasped as their bodies changed, growing under their cloaks. The cloaks and the clothes they wore under ripped apart from their growing changing forms. Their minds swirled with new thoughts and feelings as the WereKaiju bite worked its magic. When the changes came to an end, two twins were left panting.


Kurt now stood at 10ft 6in tall with light tan skin. While his face, chest, abdomen, crotch and ass were now hairless, his back, arms, legs, neck and the sides of his face remained covered in short blue fur. He got a lean muscular figure, not as bulky as Scott’s but still well formed, and a cute bubble butt. He grew a set of small blue devil wings jutting out of his back, a set of two 3-foot long blue horns sticking out his wild black hair. His hands and feet each had three digits, and above his butt he had a twin set of devil tails. His eyes are now a golden color and he now had a set of sharp fangs. His dick had grown to 16inches long with volleyball-sized nuts.


Kyra now stood at 10ft 6in tall with pink skin. Her face, chest, abdomen, crotch and ass were now hairless with bare skin while her back, arms, legs, neck and the sides of her face remained covered in blue fur. She got a shapely figure with a large plump butt larger than her twin’s. She had a set of small blue devil wings jutting out of her back, a set of two 3-foot long blue horns sticking out her wild black hair. Her hands and feet each had three digits, and above her butt she has a twin set of devil tails. Her eyes are now a golden color and she has a set of fangs. Her chest had grown into a set of G-cup breasts with dark-blue nipples.


“Oh? Looks like we have a pair of demons joining our ranks,” Malik chuckled as he stalked around the two gasping twins. “Not a bad set I must say.”


“Indeed,” Ororo said, licking her lips. She quickly took notice of the aroused states of the two demonic-looking teens. “I think we should take care of these needy little cubs~”


“Agreed,” Malik replied licking his lips. “I’ll take Kyra, you can play with Kurt.” Ororo nodded with a seductive smile. They each grabbed their intended targets and lifted them into each other’s rooms which were across from each other.


Ororo took Kurt onto his bed and ploppled him on the mattress. “Haa...Haa..” Kurt panted with need as his dick twitched and leaked pre. 


“Such a cute little incubus~” Ororo cooed as she caressed Kurt’s face. She moved her hands to Kurt’s swollen dick. Nowhere near as big as her king or even Scott, but it was definitely impressive for his age. She licked her lips as she gripped it with her hand, making Kurt bucked his hips in her grip. “Such a nice reaction. You’re going to be a lot of fun~”


Malik placed Kyra onto her own bed, letting her pant with need. “Hyaa...Hyaa…” she panted similarly to her twin. Her snatch was quivering and leaking juices with need.


“Quite a lovely specimen you’ve turned into,” Malik said as he licked his lips. He leaned his head between her pussy lips and gave them some licks, tasting her juices. Kyra bucked as he licked her, her body feeling like it was on fire from how sensitive it felt. Malik chuckled at the reaction with a predatory gleam. “Brace yourself little succubus, because I’m going to rock your world~”


Back with Ororo, she stood proud above Kurt with her wet snatch hovering just above Kurt’s raging boner. With a seductive smirk she lowered herself down, easily taking the hardened shaft into her tight pussy with ease.


“F-Fuck!” Kurt cried out as he felt Ororo’s tight snach wrap around his aching cock, practically squeezing it as it went inside her. His dick twitched and pulsed inside her, making Ororo coo at his virile spirit.


“So energetic~ You will certainly fit in here~” Ororo said as she bit her lips from Kurt’s strong dick inside her. She leaned forward and covered his face with her massive tits. The young man gasped for air beneath the mocha-skinned mounds, but Ororo could feel his dick twitch and his hips buck when the large breasts came down on him, telling her that he was certainly enjoying this. 


Smirking at this, the white-haired vixen raised her hips and started riding down hard on Kurt’s cock, slamming her pussy down to the base of the hardened shaft. Each thrust she could feel Kurt’s moans of pleasure beneath her breasts. He started bucking his hips in tandem, but Ororo was still in control. The little blue beta could do nothing as his foxy Alpha rode him and broke him in. 


With Malik and Kyra, the WereKaiju Alpha currently had his massive length lined up with Kyra’s cute little pussy as she laid on the bed. The girl was gripping the bed in anticipation of what was about to come, even though her mind was still a hazy lustful mess.


“Brace yourself my little one~” Malik teased with a chuckle before gripping Kyra’s hips. He grabbed the sides of her hips before slowly pressing the head of his shaft into her snatch. Once the head was in, he grinned before slamming his cock all the way to the base inside her.


“GYACH!” Kyra gasped as she felt Malik’s entire length shove itself inside her tight cunt. His massive shaft stretched her formerly virgin pussy beyond what she thought was possible. The thick Alpha meat pushed through right into her womb, spearing it with tremendous force and already starting to fill it with pre.


“So nice and tight~” Malik growled with a pleasured sharp-toothed smile. The Alpha male held his dick inside of Kyra’s tight entrance, letting her adjust a bit to its size. Normally he preferred to just wreck them fast and hard, but he decided to be a bit sweeter to the devilishly cute girl. Once her panting began to soften, he smirked and pulled his meaty rod out of her entrance until only the head remained and then thrust back in. 


The female Wagner squealed as she felt the thick shaft slam into her. Malik didn’t give her a chance to adjust again as he just kept on pulling out and thrusting his massive member in and out of her, driving the large length into her formerly virgin cunt and piledriving her womb. She could feel her stomach stretch out with each thrust, not that she really paid attention. Her mind was lost to the sensation of pleasurable bolts coursing through her with each of Malik’s bed-breaking thrusts. Her mind was in the same state of lustful ecstasy as her brother.


Both twins quickly became lost to the pleasure that their new Alphas were giving them. Their bodies bucked and spasmed while they moaned and cried out in lust. 


Kurt was bucking his hips into Ororo’s snatch as she rode him, slamming her big butt and his hips while smothering his face with her massive breasts. His twin demon tails curled instinctively around Ororo’s fox tail, and he managed to latch his mouth around her lactating nipples. The little demon boy sucked on the vixen’s massive breasts, drinking her delicious milk that seemed to only make him hornier as she fucked him.


On the opposite side, Kyra was moaning loudly as Malik pounded her pussy with paralyzing power. Each thrust into her pussy rocked her to her very core. Her new enlarged breasts bounced with each thrust, along with her big booty getty spanked by his large cum-filled balls. Her twin tails coiled around Malik’s larger one and her pussy squirt juices onto Malik’s waist. Her tongue hung out of her gaping grinning mouth while her eyes rolled up, and her mind was pretty much nothing but a lust-filled mush.


The two Alphas were loving the feel of these two virile twins that seemed to exude youthful energy with their moans and reactions. 


Ororo was loving the feel of Kurt’s dick inside her. Nowhere near as big as Malik or Scott, but she could still feel it stretch her tight pussy. There was also the sensation of the teenage mutant boy sucking hard on her milky breasts. She loved the feel of others sucking on her breasts and drinking her sweet milk. It made her motherly instincts go into overdrive, letting the young man suck and drink as much as he liked while she rode his young healthy hard-on. She could feel his cock twitch and pulse inside her, feeling it was almost ready to release.


For his part, Malik was loving the tight feel of Kyra’s small pussy. She was easily just as tight if not tighter than Ororo and Jean due to her smaller size, and Malik was enjoying it to the fullest. Each of his thrusts rocked the bed and slammed his length into her womanhood down to the base. The way her breasts bounced with each thrust was almost hypnotic and her moaning pleasured face was a delightful sight for him. He knew he had made the right choice coming here, for he could hardly wait for all the cute sexy little mutants that he would soon call his mates to come. For now though, he simply wrecked the sexy little succubus that was screaming his name.


It wasn’t long before the twins both squealed their Alpha’s names and came. Kurt’s seed shot into Ororo’s tight pussy, flowing into her womb, pumping it with hot thick WereKaiju-Mutant spunk. Kyra’s pussy clenched tightly around Malik’s dick, squeezing it as she squirted juices onto his abdomen.


“Ah~ So virile, so good little incubus~” Ororo moaned as she felt Kurt’s seed flow into her. While nowhere near as much as Malik had pumped into her before, it was still a nice large amount only possible thanks to his new WereKaiju blood. She could feel it fill her womb, making her shiver before climaxing atop him. Her snatch vice gripped his dick, squeezing it for all the spunk he had to give. Kurt groaned loudly as Ororo’s pussy practically milked his cock while orgasming herself. Her tits blasted milk harder into his mouth, filling his belly with the sweet liquid.


“Oh yes! That’s it my little succubus! Cum for me!” Malik roared as he pounded away into Kyra’s orgasming pussy. The tightening of her snatch did nothing to impeded his hardcore slamming as he went faster and harder with each thrust. With a final roar of power, he buried himself to the base of his cock and unleashed an eruption of cum directly into her womb. Kyra let out a soundless scream of pleasure as she felt Malik’s massive load blast into her, quickly filling her baby box and forcing it to expand. Her stomach quickly bloated, taking nearly every drop of Malik’s massive load into her without pause. Kyra’s eyes rolled up as she felt herself get bred by her Alpha.


With their orgasms complete, the two Alpha’s pulled off their respective Betas. Ororo’s snatch oozed out some of Kurt’s jizz onto his half-limp dick while Malik pulled his own still hard member out of Kyra’s cumpumped cunt. The two teens had a lust-bliss glazed look on their faces, gasping and moaning slightly from the experience.


“They handled it very well for their first time,” Ororo said with pride in her voice. She felt her stomach which had a slight bulge from Kurt’s cum. “They will get along very well here.”


“Definitely,” Malik said with a grin, glad to have gotten two new Betas. He knew that more mates would come soon. “Now, how about Round 2~”


~Several Hours Later~


“Ooh...what a day,” Malik said as he took a dip in a large underground hot spring that resided deep under the mansion. He had dug it along with Scott and Logan some time after he claimed them. It was a great find and he often came down to ease his body when he had some time. As he relaxed nakedly in the steaming water.


After claiming the two Wagner twins as part of his pack with Ororo and having fun with them for a few hours, he got an alert from Cerebro. Cerebro was a special device that could detect mutant powers when in use. However, the problem was that only experienced telepaths could use it otherwise it would overwhelm the minds of those who use it. Malik attempted to use it before, but even with his resistance to telepathic attacks he got a major headache from using Cerebro. The only one that could use it effectively at the moment was Jean, but Malik could use the manual computer controls to get a general idea of where the mutant powers were coming from. 


To his surprise the alert came from Bayville High, and just shortly after he got a call from Scott telling him that he had been approached by Todd who was showcasing some mutant abilities. Malik already knew that Todd was a mutant, which he was able to tell by his scent. Scott told Malik that Todd had invited himself to the institute, which got Malik curious. He had made plans to induct Todd into pack, but that was until he got into Xavier’s files and discovered something interesting.


Todd was currently under the charge of another mutant, the principal of the school Raven Darkholme otherwise known as Mystique . Malik had checked Mystique’s file before and knew she was a formidable mutant with her shapeshifting abilities. She was currently working under a much stronger mutant that Malik knew he would need to face in the future, but for now only Mystique was his concern. She was a capable individual considering she was currently masquerading as the principal of Bayville High. If he tried to get Todd into his pack, he knew that Mystique may pick up quickly, so it probably for the best that he hold off for now until he had a proper plan on how to catch Mystique off guard.


So instead, Malik decided to use Todd’s coming as a test. When night rolled in, Todd had snuck onto the Institute grounds, to which he was met by Ororo unleashing a small storm to force him inside. There he encountered Kurt and Kyra who teleported circles around him before taking him to the Danger Room. Scott and Jean soon joined them and they went through the battle scenario before Malik stepped in. He showcased some of his natural strength and his atomic breath before Todd attempted to make his way out. He was met by Logan on his way out, giving Jean a chance to wipe Todd’s memories of the events in the mansion before he hopped away.


Malik smirked at the events of the last few days. He had claimed another Omega and two more Betas. He knew that now that he would be recruiting more mutants and chances are Mystique would be doing the same things would definitely get interesting for him and his pack. He wasn’t too worried though, for he had faith in his pack and their abilities that would only grow with time.


“Hello love~” Ororo’s voice called, snapping Malik out of his thoughts. He opened his eyes and saw his entire pack standing at the edge of the hot spring, fully naked and in their WereKaiju forms like him. Ororo was at the front with Logan and Scott on each side of her. Next to Logan were Kurty and Kyra looking excited over the spring, and next to Scott were Jean and Duncan, the latter looking somewhat nervous. Malik smirked at the sight of his blonde Omega. He knew he would be in the process of “convincing” Duncan’s family into letting him stay at the institute.


“Hello all, came to join me?” Malik said with a chuckle as he lightly splashed the water with his tail.


“We have,” Logan replied, “But that’s not the only reason we came down.” At this, Malik gave a curious look.


“We received this letter today,” Ororo said, holding up a white envelope. “It’s addressed to you.”


Malik raised an eyebrow in confusion. Getting out of the pool, and letting his pack ogle his wet naked body, he walked over to them and took the letter. True to Ororo’s words it was addressed to him, which was confusing to him. Using his claws he tore the envelope open and pulled out the letter. He quickly read the contents of the letter, and as he did, a large sharp=toothed smile formed on his face. This was noticed by the rest of the pack.


“Something good Mal?” Scott asked.


“Oh, something very good Scott,” Malik said as he folded the letter up. “Everyone, we’ll be spending the next few days preparing for we have company coming.”


At this, everyone blinked in confusion. “Company? As in...more of us?” she gestured to the group.


Malik smirked and nodded. “You didn’t think you were the first ones I ever turned into WereKaijus did you~?” He said in a husky voice. “I spent years testing my powers and after I discovered my ability to turn others, I started making my pack of WereKaijus. I left them a while back once I got scent of this place. It’s been some time, and now that the Institute is mine, they’ve decided to come and rejoin us.”


“Wait, so does that mean a whole bunch of other WereKaijus are coming here?” Kurt asked excitedly, which was matched by Kyra.


“Yep~” Malik chuckled. “We’ll need to work on prepping the institute for their arrival, but first, I think we should celebrate.” The rest of the pack cheered before going into the spring to have fun and celebrate.


Malik groaned as Kurt and Kyra sucked on his pecs while Jean sucked down on his rod. Logan and Ororo were making out while fondling each other’s breasts, and Scott was busy forcing Duncan to deepthroat his cock. As they all had fun, Malik couldn’t help but feel excited that his old pack was finally coming to the institute.


What a time to be a WereKaiju.

Chapter Text

The rising sun shone brightly over the water at the coast of Bayville. Very few beings would be awake at this hour to be able to enjoy the sight of the beautiful scenery.


Malik had a soft smile as he stared at the rising sun and felt it’s warm ray touch his scaly skin. He had come out early because today was a special day. Today was the day that the rest of his pack would arrive. The mates he claimed prior to coming to the institute would arrive and join him and his new mates. 


“You’re up early,” a voice spoke behind. Malik turned and saw Logan walking up to him with a cup of coffee in her hand. She wore a black nightgown as she approached her Alpha. She stood next to him watching the sun rise. “So, today’s the day?”


Malik chuckled. “Yep, today’s the day the rest of the pack arrives. They’ll be joining us here at the institute, and with their help we’ll be able to make some more progress here,” he replied. “Are the others getting ready?”


“Yep, though it might take some longer than others,” Logan replied to which Malik gave her a look of confusion. “The elves are having some fun with the bitch.”


Malik chuckled at this. Logan had a habit of calling the younger packmates nicknames. She called Scott “Stretch” because he was taller than her, Jean he started calling “Tweety” due to her phoenix transformation, Kurt and Kyra were dubbed the “Elves” because of their pointed ears, and Duncan who has since moved into the institute was nicknamed “Bitch” since he was pretty much the most submissive of the entire group.


“Heh, well that’s fine,” Malik replied. “Just let them and everyone else know to be down in the Cave Dock in an hour. Our guests should be arriving here by then.”


“Sure thing Boss,” Logan replied, using her nickname for Malik. Before she left she placed a kiss on his cheek before walking off. Malik watched as she walked away, shaking her nice plump ass as she stepped away.


Malik smirked before turning back to the rising sun. “Soon my mates,” he spoke softly. “Soon we’ll be together again, and then we’ll be able to really stake our claim on this world.”


~One Hour Later~


In the recently built secret Cave Dock that met the ocean, Malik’s pack awaited the arrival of their new additions. They were all in their normal-looking forms at the moment wearing standard clothes.


“So Malik,” Scott spoke as he stood next to his Alpha. “How are your old packmates gonna arrive here? Can they all swim?”


“Most of them can Scott, but they’re not swimming their way here,” Malik replied. “Before I left them, we had attained a ship to live on for when we travelled across the ocean. They should be bringing it in.”


“Really?” Kurt said in excitement. “So we’re going to have our own boat? Can I drive it?”


“Maybe later Kurt,” Malik chuckled. “But yes, we’re going to have a boat for whenever we need it. Once it’s in we’ll start modifying as best we can, though we won’t be able to do too much. We do not have a mate that is technically advanced, so once we do attain one we’ll really get some nice tech.”


“Cool,” Kyra said, beating her brother to the punch.


“I think I see something,” Ororo called out as she pointed out. The group all turned and saw a shadow forming on the horizon. As it came closer, the image became clearer and they could tell it was a large black boat sailing towards them.


“Wow, that’s a big boat,” Jean said in awe.


“Hey, go big or go home,” Malik chuckled, his smile large and wide upon recognizing the ship. Despite its size it was moving quickly, and after about 20 minutes of waiting, it was coming in close to the Cave Dock. Once close enough, Malik could see the forms of his older packmates on board.


“MAL!” a familiar voice called from the edge of the ship. Malik smirked as he stared at the figure and waved at them. It was a cute girl with brown hair and turquoise eyes. She wore a pink hat and shirt, blue pants, and a set of glasses.


“Meg!” Malik exclaimed back as he waved at her. “Bring the ship in! We have it set up for it.”


“Will do!” the girl replied before rushing to alert the others.


Malik and his group watched as the ship entered the cave and docked inside. Once it was in the anchor was dropped and the sides of the ship were tied down by the boys. Once the ship was settled, a large bridge came down from the boat to the dock, and quickly enough, 13 human-looking WereKaijus came down all around Malik, all exclaiming how happy they were to see him and how much they missed him.


“It’s great to see you all too. I’m so happy you’re all here,” Malik said to his old packmates before turning to the group of his new packmates. “Alright before we get any further, I think it’s time for introductions. Scott, how about you guys start. Go in order of turning and state your name and position.”


“Alright Malik,” Scott replied before stepping up. “My name is Scott Summers, Beta. I was the first mutant of the institute that Malik turned, and I am honored to get to meet you all.”


Jean followed next, “Hello everyone, I’m Jean Grey. I’m also a Beta and was the second to get claimed by Malik. I can’t wait to get to know all of you.”


Ororo then spoke, “It is good to meet all of you. I am Ororo Munroe, and I am an Alpha like our King. I was the third to be claimed and will protect you all alongside Malik honorably.”


Logan shrugged before talking, “The name’s Logan, and I’m an Omega. Fourth on the list, and just don’t annoy me and we’ll get along. I may be an Omega, but I can still whoop your asses.” The gruff woman brandished her adamantium claws to add to her point.


Duncan stepped up next, “I’m Duncan Mattews, and I’m an Omega too. I was next to get claimed, but I’m also the first normal human Malik got here in Bayville. Like Logan I’m tough and-AH!”


“Oh please, you’re as tough as a blade of grass,” Logan said as she squeezed Duncan’s balls, making everyone laugh. “Bitch here is the most submissive, so don’t be afraid to mess with him whenever you want.” This got some gleams in the eyes of Malik’s old packmates.


“Hi I’m Kurt Wagner, and this is my twin sister Kyra. We’re both Betas,” Kurt said as he gestured to himself and his sister.


“We’re the most recent claims of Malik, and while we may be young, we're more than ready to help Malik raise the power of WereKaiju kind,” Kyra added. The others all nodded, which made Malik’s old packmates smile, happy to know Malik’s new packmates were very loyal.


“As you can see I’ve gotten quite the set in our time apart,” Malik spoke to his old pack. “I’m sure you will all get along, but now I think it’s your turn to introduce yourselves. Same set up as before if you don’t mind.”


“Of course Mal,” spoke the same girl that Malik spoke to on the ship. She turned to the group and smiled. “Hello everyone, my name is Meg Griffin and I’m a Beta. I’m the first person Malik ever turned into a WereKaiju and I can’t tell you how much happier I’ve been since I met him. He took me away from my horrible parents, and has shown me more than I could ever hope for. I look forward to becoming friends with you, and having some fun~ ” The lustful look Meg had in her eyes made all of the new packmates, even Ororo, shiver.


A tall muscled boy with brown hair and eyes and had scars on his body chuckled. He wore a simple white tank top and red short shorts. “Hello, I am Baki Hanma , also a Beta. I was claimed after Meg by Malik. I trust Malik with my life, as he’s helped me get stronger and showed me new ways to get stronger. I look forward to training with all of you.”


The next to speak was a blonde girl with blonde hair and black eyes. She wore a pink and white dress. “I am Mandy Grimm , Omega. I was claimed by Malik and am the first Omega. Despite my position, Malik is the only one I will willingly submit to. If you wish to make me submit, you must prove it.” Everyone got an odd feeling from Mandy, but the Beta Mutants and Ororo all got the desire to make this girl bend over and scream their names.


The next one was a muscled young man with black hair, gold eyes, and a burn scar over his left eye. He wore red and gold robes. “Hey there, I am Zuko Agni , and I am an Alpha. I was claimed after Mandy, and promised to stand alongside all of you and help you reach the high of your power and defend you all to the death. Malik helped me through my rough times, and showed me there is more to me then what others say. I’m not a mutant, but I did have special abilities outside of the normal human before Malik claimed me. I am what you call a Bender for I have the power to manipulate and am even able to generate fire.” The others were curious about this ‘bending’, but kept quiet.


A boy with tan skin and blue hair and eyes stepped up and waved. He had a black hoodie and blue jeans. “Hi guys. I’m Flash Sentry , and I’m an Omega like Mandy. I got added after Zuko and so far I’ve been loving every second of it. I can’t wait to see what you guys can do and I hope we can all get along well.” The others all nodded back to Flash’s words.


Next was a girl with grey skin, dark violet hair, purple eyes, and a red diamond on her forehead. She was covered in a long blue hood. “Hello, I am Rachel Roth but I also go by Raven, and I am a Beta. I am not fully human, I am actually a hybrid of a human and demon. I hope we can be friends.” The others were surprised to hear this. They knew mutants and humans were real, but demons? 


“The world is a lot bigger and weirder than you would think,” Malik said simply with a small smirk.


Returning back to the older mates, the next to speak was a young latin teen with brown hair and eyes and a mark on his right cheek. He wore a red hoodie and brown pants. “Hi everyone, I’m Marco Diaz and like Flash I’m an Omega. I was claimed after Flash and Raven. I may be an Omega, but I’m not afraid to fight when needed. I’m always ready for action and adventure.”


Stepping up now was a lovely young woman with flowing platinum blonde hair and blue eyes. She wore white and blue robes. “Hello everyone, I am Elsa Arendelle and like Zuko I am an Alpha. Also, like Raven I am not fully human. I am part spirit due to my family’s legacy. I hope we can all get along well and treat each other like family.” The others all smiled at Elsa, already willing to accept her like the did Raven.


Next was a young man with blonde hair and green eyes. He wore a white open shirt, a black shirt underneath, and a set of jeans. “Hi everybody, I’m Adrien Agreste and I’m a Beta. I joined up after Elsa, and I can honestly say I could not ask for a better life. I used to live under my jackass of a dad and never really got to be free until Malik came. I can’t wait to have fun and be free with all of you.”


The next person to speak was a lovely woman with long red hair and green eyes. She wore a long red dress and purple gloves. “Hello darlings, I am Jessica Rabbit and I am an Omega. I joined after Adrien and I take pride in being a WereKaiju Omega. Just because we are the more submissive does not mean we are any less strong, or that we are loved any less.” The other omegas all nodded, as did the rest of the group.


Next up was a young man with brown hair and grey eyes. He wore a red shirt and grey pants. “Hi there, I’m Nate Adams and I’m an Omega too. I came along after Jessica, and before Malik made me a WereKaiju I was considered just ‘average’ by everyone, even my own friends and family. Being a WereKaiju and part of this family helps me feel unique and special, so let’s make our future members feel just as special.” The other all smiled at Nate, happy to see becoming a WereKaiju inspired him so.


Following Nate was an adult man with black hair and brown eyes. He wore a blue shirt and brown pants. “Hello, I am Jackie Chan and I am an Omega as well. I was formerly an archeologist before I encountered Malik, as well as a participant for an organization called Section 13. I prefer to avoid fights if I can, but I will defend this pack with every beat in my heart.”


Next to Jackie was the last of Jackie’s old mates, and the youngest of the group. She had black hair and brown eyes and wore an orange hoodie and jeans. “Hiya! My name’s Jade Chan , and I’m an Omega like Jackie, and I’m a tough one. And before you ask, yes Jackie and I are related. Before meeting Malik though, Jackie and I thought we were uncle and niece, but thanks to Malik we found out that Jackie’s actually my biological dad! I promise to kick the butts of anyone who dares attack our pack!” Everyone stared in confusion at what Jade said about her relationship with her apparent not-uncle/actual-father.


“Trust me, we’re still figuring out the how and why,” Malik replied, to which the others simply shrugged to. “Well, now that we all know each other, I think it’s time we show the pack the institute.”


“Hey Mal,” Jade spoke, grabbing his leg. “Can we change out of these little forms. I want to go back to my normal WereKaiju skin. I’m tired of hiding in this form.” Malik looked to the others and saw they were all the same. Before he left he told them to remain in their normal human forms as to avoid detection.


“I don’t see why not, we’re all family here,” Malik said patting her head. With that, all of the pack changed into their WereKaiju forms. 


His mates of Bayville all shifted into their forms, which did not tear through their clothes surprisingly. Malik found that Xavier had special material made to create stretchable and durable fabric to use as the battlesuits of the X-Men. Malik decided to use that for all their clothes since they changed forms so often. Malik smiled with pride at their forms as they showed off. 


He then turned to his old packmates, feeling a sense of nostalgia as he saw them shift into their WereKaiju forms before him for the first time in a long time. Since they didn’t have the special stretchy clothes, their current clothes ripped apart leaving them naked.


Meg grew to 11 feet 5 inches tall. Her peach skin remained the same over most of her body, but her forearms, legs and back became covered in tough leathery brown grey scales. Her butt grew nice and large and above it sprouted a 6 foot long brown lizard tail. Her fingers and toes gained sharp black claws and her ears became pointed. Small black spikes grow out along her arms, legs, back and tail with a diamond-shaped spike growing out the tip. Her hair became slightly longer, her pupils turned into slits, and her teeth became sharp. Her body grew into a voluptuous form that could make normal girls jealous with a rocking set I-cup breasts with perky pink nipples.


Baki grew to 15 feet tall. The skin around his eyes, ears, arms and legs became black, and a second set of arms grew out beneath his first, looking just as muscular. His forearms became thicker and his feet shifted into elephant-like feet. A set of two long horns sprouted out of his forehead and his ears became rigid. All his muscles swelled up becoming large and bulging with large pecs and steely abs, and his toned ass got big and bulbous. His hair became wilder and he grew a set of sharp canines. Between his legs hung his now 18inch long veiny thick dick and a set of bowling ball-sized nuts.


Mandy grew to 11 feet tall. Her arms, legs and back became a dull grey and her ears turned sharp. A set of long bony spikes shot out of her back and a long bony tail sprouted out from above her butt. Grey armored rings grew around her wrists and ankles, and bony spikes grew from her elbows. Her sclera became black and a set of white white ram horns grew out of her head. Her tongue became forked and from the edges of her mouth escaped wisps of black smoke. Her body became incredibly sexy with a set of G-cup breasts with dull grey nipples, and her ass became huge and jiggly. 


Zuko grew to 15 feet tall. While his face, neck, pecs, abs, crotch and ass all remained as light skin, his arms, legs, back and the sides of his face became covered in tough red scales. He grew a 7ft long red reptilian tail that ends with a black arrow-shaped spike. Along his back and tail he grew several short black spikes. His hands and feet each gained sharp silver claws and he had two long black horns coming out of his head. He retained his scar, but his eyes were brighter and had slits in them. His entire body was very muscular and his large pecs gained the ability to lactate. His hair was slightly longer and his teeth turned sharp. Between his legs was his now 20 inch long cock with pumpkin-sized balls.


Flash grew to 13 feet 4 inches tall. His ears turned into horse ears and a long blue horse tail sprouted above his butt. On his back formed a pair of large orange-feathered wings. His legs turned into a pair of horse legs with black hooves on the bottom. A set of lightning-bolt shaped blades shot out on his forearms. Flash’s body gained plenty of more muscle but remained lean and his skin took a more orange tone. On each of his thighs he gained an emblem of a blue shield with a lightning bolt across it. Between his legs was a 17 inch long equine cock with handball-sized nuts.


Rachel grew to 13 feet tall. Her eyes became blood red and her fingers and toes turned into sharp claws. A pair of large black raven wings shot out from her back and a long black-flame tail grew out from above her ass. Black flames swirled around her arms and legs, and a set of black horns replaced her ears. Her red forehead gem grew into a short crimson horn and her teeth grew sharp. Her grey-skinned body gained an attractive hourglass shape with a colossal sized ass, wide child-bearing hips, thick thighs, and a pair of grey J-cup breasts with dark grey nipples that sported a set of black piercings.


Marco grew to 12 feet and 3 inches tall. His ears become pointed a set of black devil horns grew out of his head. A pair of black devil wings grew out of his back and a long purple tentacle-like tail sprouted over his butt. Red markings course across his arms and a set of small spikes grew around his wrists and ankles. His hair got a bit wilder and his a pair of moon-shaped marks appeared under his cheeks. His body gained a lean form but had a more pear like shape with thick thighs and a fat ass that would clearly clap. Between his legs was a 16 inch long tan dick and a pair of handball-sized balls.


Elsa grew to 15 feet tall. From her back grew out a pair of large white snow-owl wings, and she grew a set of snow-leopard ears and tail. Her forearms became covered in soft fur as did her legs and each sported a set of black claws. From each of her shoulders and at the center of her chest grew out a set of icy crystal spikes which exuded cold air, and around her hands formed wisps of icy energy. Like Ororo she had the body of a goddess with a magnificent figure which included a large plump ass and a set of K-cup Breasts each with ice blue nipples that could release cooling milk.


Adrien grew to 12 feet 8 inches tall. His ears turned into a pair of black cat ears and his eyes turned into green cat eyes. He grew a long black-furred cat tail. His forearms and legs became covered in black skin and he gained a set of silver retractable claws on each digit. Along his back formed a set of black stripes that covered near his front. His legs rejointed themselves, taking a more feline-hind-leg shape. His hair became a bit wilder and his teeth turned sharp. Exuding from his shoulder and hips was dark energy that looked dangerous but safe. He gained a lean-muscled body that was still very athletic. Between his legs was a 16 inch long cock and a set of full volleyball-sized balls.


Jessica grew to 15 feet tall. Her ears became white rabbit ears and her pupils turned into slits. Her forearms became thick and covered in golden striped fur that ended with clawed fingers. Her legs did the same, taking the same shape as Adrien’s with claws on her pawed feet. Above her ass came out a long golden striped feline tail with a red heart-shaped fin at the end. Her lips became thicker, her teeth turned sharp, and her hair grew longer. She easily had the most massive proportions of all the females with a massive heart-shaped ass and a set of O-cup breasts each with heart-shaped nipples.


Nate grew to 9 feet tall. His ears turned into a pair of red cat ears and a white wisp of spectra energy formed at the top of his head. He grew a set of twin red cat tails each with wispy blue flames burning at each end. His arms and legs turned red with white rings around his wrists and ankles. Spectral wisps came off from his wrists and ankles, and a glowing blue orb formed at the center of his chest. His body took a lean youthful shape with a soft set of abs, swelling pecs, and a heart-shaped bubble butt. Between his legs was a 13 inch long cock with a red head and a set of softball-sized nuts. 


Jackie grew to 16 feet tall. From his head formed a pair of long bronze ram horns and his eyes gained a crimson red glow. His shoulders and back became covered in tough golden armor. His forearms became massive and covered in tough leathery maroon skin with large clawed hands. His legs became covered in the same tough skin with large tree-trunk like feet. He grew a long tough maroon ankylosaurus tail with a large club and down his back to the end were several sharp bronze spikes. His body swelled up, becoming large and muscular with him having a huge set of bouncy pecs. He had a 21 inch long cock with a pair of water polo-sized balls.


Last but not least was Jade who grew to 8 feet 10 inches tall. The skin of around her eyes, arms and legs became a dull blue while a red aura formed around her eyes. She grew out a long blue reptilian tail and sprouted a set of black dragon wings. Blue spines shot out between the wings and Jade's hands and feet each formed a set of claws where her fingers and toes were. Her body changed into an attractive form with a pear-like shape that included a large plump bubble butt and strong legs while her chest grew to a set of E-cup breasts with dark blue nipples. She may have been the smallest, but she was still proud of her larger than normal bust size.


“Wow, you guys are hot,” said Kyra as she stared at Malik’s older packmates. 


Meg giggled. “Same to you guys. I think we’re all gonna get along just fine~” she said as she wiggled her chest.


Malik chuckled. “Well, not that we’re all in more comfortable forms, how about a tour?” he said, to which everyone agreed.




While the institute was welcoming their large expansion, far on the other side of the city was a large lone house that stood with only two occupants inside. One was Todd Tolansky who was watching TV calmly in the living room. The other was the blue shapeshifting mutant Mystique who was sitting at her desk in her room.


The red haired femme fatale was looking at documents of potential… “additions” to her current group to counter Xavier’s X-men, which she dubbed the Brotherhood. She paused when she saw some paper clips beginning to float about. She knew what this meant and was easily on guard. “Hello... Magneto ,” she said as she turned around, facing her boss, Erik Magnus the master of magnetism and one of the most dangerous mutants alive.


“Hello Mystique,” the white haired man said as he entered Mystique’s room through the balcony. “I take you’ve been reviewing the documents I sent you?”


“Of course,” she replied. “I’ve already started setting up dates where I can go to see these new candidates. Hopefully they’ll be more hygienic than Toad.” Erik simply stared at her. “I assume you have another task for me?”


“Perceptive as always,” Magneto replied as he pulled out a folder with several files inside before handing it to Mystique.


The blue woman took it and looked at the information inside. “More mutants for me to recruit?” she asked.


“Not exactly,” Magneto replied, which confused Mystique. “Many of those young men and women I do not believe to be mutants, but rather have special abilities of other natures instead of having the X-Gene. I want you to reach out to them and bring them into the brotherhood to assist in our goals.”


Mystique raised an eyebrow as she stared at Magneto. “Really Magneto? You wish to bring non-mutants into our fight? That is surprising to say the least. Why the sudden interest?”


“A number of different reasons,” he replied before turning to the moon. “However, the main one has to do with that new student of yours. Malik I believe his name was?” Mystique’s eyes widened, confirming that she did know about the young man. “I’ve been able to view him from afar, and from what I’ve seen he does not seem like a major threat, but looks can be deceiving. Besides, call it a simple gut-instinct if you must, but something doesn't feel right about him. He does not feel like he’s a mutant, or even a normal human.”


Mystique would not dismiss Magneto’s warnings. She herself felt something off about the mysterious young man that seemed to now lead the X-men. From what Toad told her he did have powers, but whether they were mutants in nature she wasn’t entirely sure. She would have to see them for herself to be sure.


“There is also the fact that they accepted that normal human into the institute, Duncan Matthews I believe is his name,” Magneto continued. “As far as I understand it, that young man never showed any signs of mutant abilities, correct?” He gave her a calculating stare.


“Y-Yes,” Mystique replied nervously. “I swear Magneto, I looked over every student file and have checked every student to see if they even showed a hint of mutant ability, and the only one I found was Todd. I would never keep any information about any other mutants from you.”


“I know you would not Mystique, and that’s what concerns me,” Magneto said, confusing her. “Why would Charles ever allow a normal human enter and stay at his institute which he was so adamant about solely for mutants. In fact, if what your reports lately have been true, there has been little activity from Charles himself. Something is not adding it, and we need to find out.”


Mystique knew better than to question Magneto’s concerns. Usually they were pretty spot on and she had a hunch he was right in this case. “So what do you want me to do?” she asked.


Magneto turned back to Mystique. “As I said, go over those files on both mutant and non-mutant teens. Recruit them into the brotherhood so we can expand our forces. We need to be ready for whatever is happening at Xavier’s institute. Meanwhile I'll continue working on the main project while also seeing if I can discover the secret to these changes in Xavier’s institute. If you find anything yourself, report it to me immediately.”


“Of course,” Mystique replied. And with that, Magneto left, flying out of the brotherhood and out of sight. Once he was gone, Mystique looked at the new files once more. “Well this is an interesting turn of events. Looks like the Brotherhood may be getting bigger.”


And so the blue woman began plotting how to induct these new candidates into the Brotherhood.


~Several Hours Later~


As the sun began to set, the institute was alive with the arrival of Malik’s old packmates.


Throughout the entire day, Malik and the mutants showed the rest of the pack the institute they would all be living in. Since Malik’s arrival there have been a few changes to the main facilities but nothing substantial since they didn’t have the necessary manpower for it. There were more changes underground, but those were just new rooms for different purposes, many that lacked furniture or other amenities. Now that the rest of the pack was here, they could really start getting more progress done.


“So what do you guys think?” Malik said as he stood before his old pack mates in the living area of the institute. His new mates had offered to go out and get food for a feast for them all, which everyone agreed to. They were all still in their WereKaiju forms and naked. Malik had shed his clothes and was currently sitting in a chair with Meg in his lap.


“Gotta admit Big M, this place is Mond-Coolio,” Jade said as she relaxed on the couch between Jackie and Jessica. “Though it could use a few more fun bits. Maybe we can add a roller coaster?”


“Jade, this is an institute, not an amusement park,” Jackie said with a sigh.


“Maybe Jackie dear, but there’s no harm in her suggesting the idea,” Jessica replied. “After all, this will be our home for however long we decide to stay. Might as well make it enjoyable for us.”


“Jessica is right,” Malik replied. “Though a roller coaster may be a bit much for now, we will be staying here for as long as we want and can change it to how we desire. Tomorrow I plan to set up a suggestion list for everyone to list ideas for things we can do to better or change the institute and after some deliberation we’ll decide on the changes that will need to be made immediately, and then work from there. Sounds good?”


“Sounds perfect to me Malik,” Zuko said as he sat next to Elsa, Adrien and Flash. “That Danger Room you showed off was really impressive, though I do believe we may need to make it bigger and more durable to support our variety of abilities.”


“I don’t know Zuko, it seemed pretty solid to me,” Adrien said. “I mean, it was designed to withstand mutant abilities, and a lot of the powers the new guys had were strong before Malik got to them according to him.”


“Very true Adrien, but do recall all our abilities were enhanced upon becoming WereKaiju,” Elsa stated, petting Adrien behind his cat ears which got him to purr. “It never hurts to have some extra safety precautions. We may be WereKaijus, but even we are not invincible.”


“Kinda hard to say that when you’ve seen Malik swallow an entire nuclear warhead,” Flash said, which got everyone to chuckle. “But do we really need to worry about anything here? I mean this place seems pretty chill from what the new guys have said.”


“While Bayville is a very peaceful city, it is not without its dangers,” Malik said surely. “Even though humans are fairly easy going, we cannot get easy with them. All it takes is for a single sight and our cover will be exposed. While it's true that we can handle nearly anything humanity can throw at us, that’s only what we know from history and events that have already happened. Humans are always looking for new ways to destroy each other and others. It would only be a matter of time before they find a way to kill us if we let our guard down. Besides...there is one sure-fire way they can end us. The thing that nearly took out my father.” A snarl formed on Malik’s face. “The Oxygen-Destroyer.”


At the sound of those words, all the WereKaijus snarled in anger. They all knew how close Malik was to Godzilla, seeing him as his adopted father. They also knew of how close the King of the Monsters was to perishing at the hands of the human invention known as the Oxygen-Destroyer. That device nearly ended his life and in turn could have ended the entire planet when Ghidorah was around. Luckily, Godzilla survived, but that could have been the end of many if not everyone had the Oxygen-Destroyer succeeded.


“Okay, point made. We’ll be careful Mal,” said Mandy as she sat with Baki, Nate, Marco and Raven. “Are there any other dangers we need to be careful of?”


“Besides that, not really,” Malik replied. “We do need to be wary of a mutant named Mystique. According to Xavier’s files, she’s a shapeshifting mutant under the command of a stronger mutant dubbed Magneto. Magneto has power over all magnetic forces, so he could be tricky. As for Mystique, while her shapeshifting is interesting, it has its limits. She’s currently masquerading as the principal of local highschool that the mutant teens and Duncan go to.”


“Does she know about you or us?” Baki asked, crossing his muscular arms. “Will we need to dispose of her?”


“Unlikely,” Malik replied. “As I said, her abilities are limited. Even if she changes form, her scent is the same regardless so she won’t be able to hide from us unless she messes with our sense of smell, and even then it will be tricky for her to hide from some of us thanks to our extra abilities. She is clever however, so don’t take her as easy prey. She is as slippery as any snake in the grass.”


“Well she sounds like a real pleasure to have in class,” Nate said with a roll of his eyes. “Speaking of, will we all be going to school now?”


Malik shook his head. “No, mostly because it is unnecessary since we’ll be working on more important things, but also because a sudden influx of students may tip off Mystique and Magneto of our sudden doubling in group size.”


“Well that’s a relief,” Marco said with a sigh. “Honestly, after all the fun and adventures we’ve had since joining up, going to school feels like it would be boring as hell.” He then got a smack in the back of the head from Raven. “Ow!”


“Not like your empty head would be of any help,” she teased before turning to Malik. “Is there anything else we should be concerned about Malik?”


Malik shook his head. “No, that’s everything. As long as we keep our cover and keep an eye out on Mystique, we should be fine for the time being. For now, we simply should focus on raising our rank and rebuilding this place into a proper home for WereKaijus.”


“That’s great to hear Mal,” Meg said as she snuggled against Malik’s chest. A sultry smile then formed on her face. “Hey, you know since the others are out, and we haven’t gotten to play with you for so long, I think you owe us plenty of fun-snuggles~” She giggled as she pressed her ample chest against his muscled chest.


Malik smirked as he felt Meg try to get him into the mood. He looked around and saw the others were also getting around and anxious for some fun. He chuckled before speaking, “You know what? Sure. It has been far too long. Let’s get Wild~ ” he growled the last word huskily.


The others all cheered in excitement and joined together in their first pack-mating in a long time.


Malik slammed his lips against Meg’s, pressing her luscious body against his muscular one. His cock got hard beneath her, strong enough to lift her bloated ass with ease. His hands grabbed the plump posterior with strong force, spreading the cheeks apart to expose the tight hole. Without a second of hesitation, the massive meat was slammed into Meg’s asshole, stretching the tight entrance as he drove inside. Meg moaned in pleasure as she felt Malik shove his cock into her asshole while her pussy covered his abdomen in her juices. She long missed her love’s mighty meat and was happy she could feel it fuck her once more. Their tails reached each other and coiled together as they fucked.


Jade moaned as she straddled her father’s face, grinding her pussy into Jackie’s mouth as he used his surprisingly thick and rough tongue to lick her wet cunt. As she did this, Jade’s tail went to Jackie’s massive pics and she played with his nipples, poking and prodding them. Jackie’s large hangs grabbed and squeezed his daughter’s plump behind, making her moan out excitedly. Jessica was on her knees, using her titanic breasts to pump Jackie’s ranging manhood while he was preoccupied with his daughter’s pussy. She squeezed the thick meat between her bosom, already leaking plenty of pre and her breasts were already leaking delicious milk. She used the heart-shaped fin at the end of her tail to gently slap Jackie’s balls, making them bounce and the muscular man squirmed under colossal tits. She opened her mouth and easily took the head of Jackie’s cock, sucking down on it with ease as she gave him an amazing tit-job.


Flash was on all fours, gasping as his equine cock was milked by Zuko. The draconic male pumped the horse dick and smirked as Flash’s feathered wings were as stiff as his dick. Zuko stopped pumping and raised up, revealing his massive raging cock. He spread Flash’s buttcheeks before slamming into Flash’s hole, making the blue-haired boy scream in pleasure. Zuko wasted no time in mercilessly fucking the Omega’s tight hole, pounding with severe force as an Alpha shouled. He grabbed Flash by his wings, using them to pull Flash in and pound him even harder. Flash’s dick bounced about with each through, splattering pre onto his own abs and the floor.


Adrien was on the floor mewling in pleasure as he suckled on Elsa’s large milk-making mound. The ice-powered woman smiled warmly as Adrien drank down her milk from her right breast. She used her hands to play with Adrien’s sensitive nipples and his rock-hard rod. She couldn’t help but giggle as the boy shivered under her touch, as she was using her icy powers to play with him. Her cold finger played and pinched with his nipples while her other hand gripped and pumped his shaft. When she felt the pressure build, she would send a small chill through the phallus, making Adrien gasp as any chance of orgasm was denied. Her tail also wrapped around Adrien’s and she held onto it tight as it squirmed about.


Raven was on her back as she felt the both Marco and Nate shover their cocks into her pussy and mouth respectively. Despite being the smallest of the boys (except for Duncan of course), Nate’s cock was still able to stretch the violet-haired girls throat well. His hands were pressing down on Raven’s big breasts, squeezing the grey mounds beneath him. Marco’s bigger cock plunged into her pussy, stretching and filling her with plenty of pre. The two boys moaned at the tight vice-like grip of Raven’s throat and snatch before they started thrusting in and out of her with a wild pace. The hybrid girl however was the one in charge and decided to remind them by conjuring a set of four large black phantom cocks with her magical powers. Two went into each of the boys moaning mouths, silencing their cries and pounding away at their gullets. The other two spectral cocks rammed themselves into their asses, striking their prostates with powerful force. The two boys moaned around the magic dicks that were fucking their throats. Raven made it worse by summoning several disembodied black hands that went around and caressed their bodies. Their tails were pulled and caressed, their ears were pinched and prodded, Marco’s wings were pulled and fingered, and their balls were groped and squeezed. The two Omega boys were lost to the pleasure of their Beta mistress.


Mandy was currently off the floor as she was lifted by her the underside of her knees by Baki who had her pinned against his muscled body. His beastly prick was rammed into her wet cunt and she could do nothing to resist as Baki started bouncing her up and down his cock. The blonde girl could only groan and gasp as pounded into her. While Baki’s lower arms held her up, his upper arms reached over and grabbed her breasts. He squeezed the pearly skinned mounds, bouncing them about in his strong grip. He pinched the nipples and pulled on them, making Mandy’s breasts stretch out and jiggle under his control. As he fucked and groped her, Baki nibbled on her neck, adding to the pleasure that coursed through her body without mercy. The grim girl was complete under his thumb.


The horny WereKaijus fucked each other rampantly before several of them came. The first one to cum was Jade, covering her father’s face with her juices. Then came Nate and Marco who pumped Raven with their jizz while the black magic cocks that Raven used to fuck them also came, filling them with black splooge. Flash came next, followed by Jackie and then Adrien, each one covering either the floor, themselves, or Jessica in cum. Mandy came next followed immediately by Baki who pumped her like a high-grade water balloon with spunk. Raven and Meg came at the same time, their juices squirting out wildly. Zuko was next to orgasm, pumping his hot thick jizz into Flash. Malik was the last to cum, filling Meg’s ass with a massive load. Elsa and Jessica did not cum this round.


Once nearly all of them came, the pack quickly changed partners before getting into it more.


Malik was sitting against the wall of the room while Marco and Mandy hungrily licked his wet hard rod. The two Omegas slobbered the massive meat, tasting Meg’s ass-juices that slicked the veiny shaft. As they licked him, Malik smacked their asses which wiggled before him. He slapped them each, smirking as they jiggled from his actions. He then proceeded to play with their espective sexes- fingering Mandy’s wet cum-filled cunt and squeezing Marco’s hard dick. The two Omegas squirmed under their Alpha’s pleasuring as they savored the taste of his member.


Meg and Raven had come together, scissoring each other with their wet cunts grinding against one another. As they did, Meg used her tail to fuck Raven’s asshole while Raven used her dark magic to summon a black cock that went into Meg’s ass. The two girls grinded against one another, moaning as they did and trying hard to make the other one cum first. As they did, Raven also used her magic to make magic hands that pleasured their breasts in tandem.


Zuko and Elsa came together while Nate and Jade did the same. Elsa and Jade were each on all fours while Zuko and Nate pushed their cocks into them respectively. The girls moaned loudly as they felt the boys’ hard cock bury themselves into their sexes before starting to fuck them. The Alpha pair radiated with power as Zuko pounded his heated rod with massive force into Elsa’s cool to the touch cunt. Being Alphas, they had often played with each other and made sure to keep the others in line while Malik was away. His draconic cock slammed into her chilly pussy, They could feel each other’s element grinding against one another, making their bodies act on instinct as they fucked like primal beasts.


As for Nate and Jade, being the youngest of the WereKaijus the two were the quickest to get lost to the pleasures of lust. Nate slammed his hips against Jade’s plump butt, thrusting his youthful dick into her wet snatch. The two of them fucked like over-aroused rabbits, each moaning as they banged each other. As the two pairs fucked, Jade and Elsa faced each other, each moaning from the horny boys pounding their pussies. They looked into each other’s eyes before leaning in and kissing each other. Their lips mashed together and their tongues tangled as they moaned from their respective males’ thrusts. 


Jessica found herself in the middle of a heated fivesome with the four remaining boys. Baki was laying down beneath her, slamming his colossal cock into her tight pussy. Adrien had leapt onto her shoulders and forced his own dick into her mouth, pounding her oral hole with intense excitement and arousal. Flash and Jackie stood before Jessica’s bountiful breasts and pushed their hard cocks against the leaking nipples. They pushed harder and harder until access was achieved and they started fucking her breasts. Jessica moaned loudly as she was fucked through four different holes at once. Baki’s big cock slammed into her womb, striking and stretching her insides with paralyzing force as he held her down with all four arms. Adrien was thrusting his dick rapidly into her mouth, stretching her throat without any cares as he mewled in pleasure. Flash and Jackie groaned and gasped as they each fucked one of Jessica’s breasts, revelling in how tight they were, almost matching that of her pussy and mouth.


The pack fucked each other rampantly until they each reached their orgasms. Jessica was the first one to cum since she was fucked through four different holes. Jade and Nate followed after, climaxing together before slumping onto each other. Mandy and Marco soon come after them, covering Malik’s hands in their juices as they do so. Meg and Raven orgasmed together, squirting out their juices against one another. Adrien came next, followed by Flash and Jackie and then Baki. All four males filled Jessica’s holes with their splooge, which in turn caused her to go through a second climax shortly after her first. Zuko, Elsa and Malik were the last to cum. Zuko filled Elsa’s cool pussy with his hot seed, which actually caused steam to come out. Malik’s cock shot off like a geyser, shooting off a fountain of cum that covered Marco and Mandy in his seed. 


Once they all came, they changed partners again.


Malik grabbed Zuko and pinned the fellow Alpha Male to the floor. Malik squeezed Zuko’s ass before spreading the cheeks apart and thrusting his horny cock into the tight hot hole. Zuko groaned out as his master claimed his hole again after so long. Malik slammed hard and fast into Zuko’s hole, driving deep and stretching the hole with ease. His clawed hands reached under Zuko’s waist and grabbed the fire drake’s cock. Zuko groaned out as his Master pumped his dick and fucked his ass mercilessly. As he was pushed down, his pecs were forced to release his own man-milk from his nipples, squirting onto the floor.


Meg was squealing happily as she was double-fucked by Marco and Flash, riding their dick in unison as they each fucked a hole. Marco was driving his dick up Meg’s ass while Flash fucked her pussy. The brunette girl revelled as she slammed her hips down, forcing the two meaty dicks inside her. Her breasts bounced about in rhythm with her thrusts and her tongue hung out showing her blissful expression. The brunette and bluenette boy groaned as Meg’s tight holes, squeezing their milked dicks like a vacuum. Their balls were pressed against one another and smushed each time Meg slammed her hips down. Marco’s hips were spanked by her plump ass cheeks while she gripped Flash’s hips with her hands.


Jessica was on all fours before feeling an ice-cold phallic object be rammed up her cunt. Elsa was behind her with a large strap-on cock made of pure ice. The platinum blonde slammed her frozen phallus into the redhead’s pussy, sending a chilling sensation through her insides. Elsa grabbed hold of Jessica’s hair, using it as a leash as she plowed the redhead with all her might. Her strap-on had a second end that was thrust into her own cunt, making her feel just as much pleasure as she fucked Jessica’s pussy. Jessica’s hefty breasts swung back and forth with each thrust, splattering plenty of milk onto the floor as she moaned loudly.


Jackie was pinned against the wall as both Adrien and Raven were sucking on his swollen pecs. As they did so they used their plump butts to squish Jackie’s leaking cock between them. The black-haired man groaned and gasped as his man-tits were sucked by the two hungry Betas and their massive asses rubbed against his big dick. To make things worse (or better), Adrien was using his tail to squeeze the head of Jackie’s dick, keeping it from releasing prematurely, while Raven used her dark powers to create black clawed hands that fondled and squeezed Jackie’s balls. She also summoned more hands to pleasure her own pussy and breasts as well as Adrien’s dick and chest.


Baki was using his four arms to lift Jade into the air and spear his rock-hard-rod right into her mouth, pushing right into her throat. His upper arms held her ankles while his lower grabbed her wrists. Jade’s eyes rolled up as she could feel Baki’s big boner practically break her throat and make her neck bulge. The muscular grappler thrust his dick in and out of Jade’s throat with bruising force. As he did so, Baki leaned in before licking and sucking on Jade’s young cunt. The raven-haired girl could only let out muffled moans of pleasure as she felt Baki’s expert tongue lap her pussy lips before thrusting past them. The younger Omega was bounced on Baki’s shaft, leaving her at the mercy of swole Beta.


Mandy had Nate pinned to the ground with her ass covering his face as she licked and tit-fucked his cock. The dominating omega used massive ass to practically flatten Nate’s head, her pussy something his mouth and the scent of her asshole filling his nostrils. As she pressed down on Nate’s face, Mandy used her tits to pump Nate’s dick while sucking on the head of his dick. His young cock twitched and pulsed under her, but she did not let him move, using her larger size to keep the smaller boy pinned down as she utterly dominated him.


The first to cum was Nate, his spunk filling Mandy’s mouth and adding to the collection of cum in her stomach as he spasmed beneath her. Jessica followed next, letting out a long moan as her body shivered while she came around the ice member. Following her was Jackie, who blasted off his spunk like a geyser onto Adrien and Raven’s back. Jade was next, her juices squirting out onto Baki’s face. Marco and Flash came at the same time, filling Meg’s holes with their seed which led to her cumming right after them. Elsa followed shortly after, cumming before collapsing on top of Jessica. Raven and Adrien came next, each one moaning as they did and squeezing Jackie’s cumming cock between their asses as they climaxed. The next to cum was Baki as he slammed Jade to the base of his cock before erupting. Her bloated belly bulged even more so as she was pumped with large amounts of manly milk, which also caused her to cum again immediately. That last to orgasm were Malik and Zuko with the latter going first. The fire drake moaned loudly as he released his spunk on the floor and his ass tightening around Malik’s shaft. The Godzilla-like young man roared before releasing another flood of cum into the scarred male, making his stomach expand from the massive volume of cum.


When Malik’s release ended, he pulled out of Zuko’s ass and sat on the floor panting. “Haaa...great Titans above I’ve missed this,” he said with a smile.


“We’re Back!”


Malik turned his head and saw his new packmates entering the room with bags and boxes full of food. They stared in surprise at the scene before them, to which Malik simply smiled. “Welcome back guys, got the food?”


Ororo giggled. “Yes we did, and I take it you all had fun while we were away?” she asked with a knowing smile.


Malik laughed. “Hey, I haven’t seen them in a long time. You know the old saying- 'absence makes the heart grow fonder’,” he said.


“And the cock harder in your case,” Jean said with a giggle, pointing at Malik’s still-hard rod, more than ready to continue.”


Malik simply laughed. “Well, what are you all waiting for? Put the food down and join us! We have a lot of bonding to do!”


Smiling, Malik’s newer mates all set the food in the dining area before shifting into their WereKaiju forms and joining in on the fuckfest. They spent the entire night fucking like a horde of primal beasts lost in the lust and love that came with their connection as WereKaijus. They did take breaks to rest, clean up and eat during the fun before getting right back into it.  They would not stop until the sun rose the next day where they all slept in a massive pile of bodies with Malik in the middle. As he slumbered, Malik had a large smile on his face, happy that his family had grown far larger and the future for his kind seemed very bright.