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"So, what do you think?" Jungkook asks excitedly.

You click out of I Need U.

"I hate it." Your voice is soft, but it quiets the boys. Jungkook's brow wrinkles.

You leave the room before the tears fall.

A soft knock sounds. "(Y/N)-ah." Jungkook's voice is worried.

"Go away." You say.

"(Y/N), it's my dorm." He mutters.

The door opens and Jungkook moves to the side of the bed, lays down and wraps you up in his arms. 

He strokes your hair gently, his lips against your ear. "So?"

You stare at the wall. "What makes you think I would like to see you getting beat up in the street, even if it is fake?"

An incredulous laugh escapes Jungkook before he can stop it. 

"Stop laughing at me." 

"Don't be angry with me, (Y/N)-ah. You're just so ridiculous!"

You ignore him and angrily shake off his arms.

"(Y/N), you silly, silly girl."

"Leave me alone."

Jungkook starts to kiss behind your ear, his bunny teeth catching on your earlobe.

"Stop..." You whine.

"Do you really want me too?" Jungkook says, his fingers tapping against your hip.

You shake your head when he licks the outer shell of your ear. He laughs smugly and shifts so you're facing him. The laughing look in his eyes is replaced by frigid determination. He kisses you gently, his thumb rubbing against your pelvis. He tugs on your lower lip with his teeth. Small shocks go up your spine and you melt slightly into Jungkook's arms. Why did he always do this? You open your mouth to scold him but he wraps your hair around his hand and tugs your head back. He moves his knee between your legs and pushes gently. 

"Do you really think I can't take care of myself?" His voice is smooth, and dangerously sweet. He pulls harder on your hair.

"N-no, Kookie."

"Hmph." He mutters before kissing you so hard you taste blood. When he finally comes up for air, his eyes are bright again. "You're so funny, (Y/N)-ah."

Your head is clearer now. "Jungkookyoucommitedsuicideinyourvideo." Your voice is shaking. 

"Relax, (Y/N)-ah. It wasn't real." 

You close your eyes and inhale Jungkook's scent. He smells like soap and blackberries. "I don't want to relax. And I don't want to see that video ever again."

"You're being ridiculous, (Y/N)." Jungkook's voice is cold.

"Am I?" You ask acidly.

"Yes." He answers, his voice equally biting.

"Fine." You sit up and swing your legs over the side of the bed. Jungkook is silent as you slip on your shoes. He doesn't say another word, even as you leave his dorm.