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Meet me in the hallway

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Taehyung was, again, waiting for his boyfriend, Park Bogum, to show up at their hiding spot.

And, again, Bogum was late.


They’ve been dating for two years now. Actually, it was their anniversary and Bogum hadn’t gave him any sign that he remembered, which made Taehyung kind of sad – but not surprised.

Bogum never remembered this kind of things anyway.

They met when Taehyung got in college, in his first semester of Photography.

It was as cliché as it could be: The baseball team threw a party to celebrate the fact that they made it to the semifinals.

Bogum was there and Taehyung was there too, the latter against his will.

Taehyung really had to study, but Jimin, his roomate, wanted him to have fun.

“You’ve been here for a whole semester and you’ve never been to a party.” He said.

Taehyung was quickly convinced.


Taehyung was used to being invisible.

In his high school, he was not popular. Far from it, actually. And it was not different in college since he didn’t mingle a lot. All of his friends were Jimin’s friends.

But, at that party, a lot of people noticed him.

And Bogum was one of them.

Taehyung could swear that Bogum, captain of the baseball team, was straight, but, oh God, he was so wrong.

At one moment, he went to an empty room so he could get some air. The living room – he had no idea whose house was this – was crowded and he had fun, but his legs were aching from all the dancing and he needed a break.

As soon as he got inside the empty room, Bogum went after him.

Bogum complimented him and the next thing Taehyung knew, they were kissing.


And they’ve been dating ever since.


The thing was: No one knew about them.

Bogum didn’t want anyone to find out that he’s gay and Taehyung respected that way too much. He would never invalidate someone’s struggle to come out as a gay person to their friends and family.

People can suck sometimes and he understood Bogum’s worries.


But it hurted him nonetheless.

He wished he could talk to Jimin about it, but Bogum made him promise he wouldn’t tell anyone.

And Taehyung would never break a promise.


He also never told any of his friends – not even his best friend who was openly gay - about Taehyung, but, again, he would not argue about it anymore. It was Bogum’s secret, after all.


Taehyung just wished he could be Bogum’s boyfriend anywhere else. They were only boyfriends on empty rooms – his and Bogum’s or any random rooms in parties – and in one specific hallway.


There was a very empty hallway in the back of baseball field. It was a hallway that lead to nothing, so people didn’t really used it.

Bogum and Taehyung made it their meeting spot when they couldn’t be in their rooms.


Taehyung couldn’t lie. He was tired of being a secret. He wanted to be able to hug Bogum in parties and even let people know they were together so he didn’t have to deal with jealousy sometimes.

But he loved Bogum.

And he really tried to make it work.

“I’m just not ready to tell people yet, but I love you. I want to be with you, baby. There will be a time where I’ll show you off as my boyfriend and people will be jealous of me for having the most beautiful man by my side.” Bogum said more than a million times and Taehyung believed every single one of them.


Taehyung was still waiting for his boyfriend to show up, but his legs were getting tired, so he sat on the floor, phone on his hands.

“Meet me in the hallway.” The message said and Taehyung sighed after reading it one more time.


He waited for more three hours and that was enough.

He sent over twenty messages and tried calling his boyfriend, but none of it worked.

He should be mad, but he was worried.


He went to his room and Jimin was there reading some magazine on the floor and as soon as Taehyung got inside, the boy looked up to his roomate.

“Are you ok?” He asked and Tae nodded quickly.

He wasn’t, but he couldn’t tell Jimin about it.


Keeping secrets would eventually kill him, he knew it.


Jimin kept looking at him with curious eyes. The boy was good and, besides being Taehyung’s best friend, they considered themselves soulmates. They always knew when something was off with the other.

“Are you sure?”

“No.” He answered and that made Jimin stand up and go straight to Taehyung’s direction.

“One of these days, I hope you will tell me why sometimes you go out and come back looking like this... I wish you could trust me enough so I could help you.” Taehyung didn’t say anything. He didn’t need to.

And it was not the first time Jimin had said that.

Jimin wrapped his arms around Taehyung and didn’t ask anything else. Taehyung held Jimin back and they stayed like this for a long while.


Taehyung woke up to a text:

Can we meet in 10? My roomate’s going out and we have the place for us...”

It was early in the morning and his roomate was probably going to the gym, Taehyung thought.

He should ignore the text and go back to sleep, but he wanted to talk to Bogum.

He wanted to know if he really forgot about Taehyung yesterday or if something urgent came up...

I’ll be there.” He answered before untangling himself out of Jimin’s arms.



“All I’m hearing is that you forgot about me. Again.” Taehyung stated after hearing Bogum’s lame excuse.

“I didn’t! I just couldn’t leave my friends to see you. How am I supposed to reject a get together? Everyone was there and I couldn’t fake a headache or something... It’s not like I was going to tell them I was going to see you.” Bogum said trying to explain himself, but his words hurted like knives.

“Why can’t you tell them? I get why you don’t want to tell your parents, the coach, the world... But they are your friends. Do you really think they would treat you differently?” Taehyung asked for the first time the question he wanted for so long.

Bogum seemed impatient.

“We’ve been over this. I’m not telling anyone about you. I’m not ready for it. I don’t want to.” The other said coldly and Taehyung felt like crying.

“Happy anniversary.” Taehyung mumbled after the deafning silence took over the room. Bogum, then, shot him a surprised look. “Two years. Yesterday.”

“Shit!” Bogum took a step closer to his boyfriend. “Baby, I’m sorry! I forgot about it! You know how I’m terrible with this kind of things.” He paused. “Shit!” He cursed again. “That’s why you’re so upset this time!” He added and Taehyung nodded.

But it wasn’t the real reason.

Taehyung’s been upset for a while now.

“If you’re tired of me, just let me know and I’ll be out the door-“

“I didn’t buy you anything-“ Bogum started ignoring what Taehyung was saying and the boy looked down.

He wasn’t expecting a gift. He just wanted Bogum with him on their day.

He made plans.

He would meet Bogum at their spot the night before and take him out somewhere outside campus so they could be a couple for only one night.

A real couple.

“I made plans, but... Don’t worry about it.” Taehyung said, a sad smile on his face. “it feels like you don’t even care about me. If you’re tired of me, of us, just say the word and I’m out of here. I mean it.” Taehyung sounded defeated, exhausted even.

“Baby, I’m sorry. I mean it!” Bogum left kisses all over Tae’s face and the boy smiled sadly. “I know I’m the worst boyfriend ever, but I’m trying. I really am!” He stated and Taehyung was staring at his eyes. “I’m gonna do better! We’ll celebrate tonight, huh? After the game, I’ll take care of everything. I promise.”

“You don’t have to-“

“I want to.” He kissed Tae's lips. “Meet me in the hallway at 8pm. I’ll shower and meet you after the game.” He said and kissed Taehyung’s lips once again.

Taehyung pondered the situation for a while, but Bogum seemed to be trying.

He looked like this before and nothing changed, but Taehyung believed him.

He always would believe in him.

“Ok.” He agreed.


“Are we going somewhere?” Jimin asked after arriving and seeing Taehyung looking amazing.

“I have a date.” Taehyung said, simply. He had a smile on his face and he thought it was ok to share this with Jimin.

“Oh.” Jimin looked at him once more. “With the same guy who stood you up last night?”

“I-“ Taehyung started quickly trying to say that no one stood him up last night, but he was interrupted:

“Ok, I’m not asking anything else.” He paused. “It’s not like you’re actually going to open up, so... Have fun!” Jimin said, but Taehyung could see how the other was bothered about it. “I’m going out too. If you need the room, just sent me a text and I’ll stay at Yoongi’s.


Promises weren’t made to be broken, right?

That’s what Taehyung thought, but Bogum, apparently, couldn’t care less about promises.

He was late.


And not answering texts or Tae’s calls.



The boy was sitting on the floor after waiting for one hour, looking at his phone at every chance he got.

The game ended a while ago and the field was almost empty, Taehyung could hear it from the hallway. Bogum should be there already.

He sighed and closed his eyes, leaning his head back.

“I’m so stupid” He said to himself in a low voice.

He wanted to cry, but he refused to shed tears.


He waited for a moment longer, eyes still closed, before he decided to try to call Bogum for the eleventh time this evening.

And with his phone on his ear, he heard a voice.

It was not Bogum.

It was Jeon Jungkook, a guy from the baseball team. He was wearing the uniform, the baseball cap, carrying a black backpack and talking on the phone.

Jungkook was smiling while talking and Taehyung felt like he was intruding something.

That hallway was always empty. To be honest, Taehyung didn’t know people actually knew about that place.

He decided to remain quiet so he wouldn’t bother Jungkook's phone call and texted Bogum again.


He was staring at his phone when he heard:

“He’s not coming.” That caught Taehyung’s attention who looked up quickly. That sudden voice startled him and how the fuck Jeon Jungkook knew he was waiting for someone?


Did he know about Bogum and him?

“Who is not coming?” Tae asked and Jungkook smiled a little.

“Park. He’s not coming.” Jungkook said, finally, and Taehyung froze.

People shouldn’t know about them.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Tae answered quickly and shifted his gaze to his phone again.

Jungkook looked at him for a while, bit his lower lip and decided to speak again:

“I know about you two.” He said almost in a whisper. The hallway was empty and it was not like someone would actually hear them, but Jungkook knew that was a secret. “I think that, besides you two, I’m the only one who actually knows about this place. It’s quiet and I only see my family once a year, so it’s a good place to call them...” Taehyung shrugged.

“You can’t tell anyone.” That’s what he said and Jungkook nodded.

“I won’t.” He paused. “It’s not the first time I see you here all by yourself either...” The boy said. Those words hurted. “Can I...?” He asked motioning to sit by Tae’s side.

Taehyung nodded and adjusted himself. Jungkook now sitting by his side.

“You said he’s not coming...” Taehyung started after a moment of silence and Jungkook stared at him for a while before saying:

“The whole team went to Hoseok’s place. There’s a party – or something like that – and Park was pretty much the person who was inviting everyone.”

Taehyung lowered his head once more and, now, let go of his phone, placing it on the floor.

“Why aren’t you there?” Taehyung asked, not facing Jungkook.

“I needed to make a call,” The boy started and raised his hand to show his phone. “And I was kind of tired, so I was planning to watch some movie and chill...” Tae chuckled a little. Everyone on campus knew how Jungkook was always ready to party, so hearing that he was tired was kind of new.

They remained in silence for a moment more and Jungkook’s eyes were on Taehyung all of the time.

“Are you going to the party?”

“No.” Taehyung answered. “I can’t be there. I’m not friends with anyone from the baseball team and people can’t know I’m dating Bogum, so I can’t be there." He paused. "I don’t have a reason to go there...”

“I can go with you.” Jungkook offered and Tae smiled a little.

“Thank you, Jungkook, but I’m not in the mood for it... To be honest, I don’t want to think about him tonight. Not anymore.” He sounded bitter and Jungkook felt helpless.

He’s seen Taehyung around, always so bubbly and offering to take pictures of random people and saying nice things to all of them.

Taehyung always seemed so nice and so full of life.

Right now, he looked just sad and it broke Jungkook’s heart.

“I should go back to my room...” Tae said, but before he could stand up, Jungkook held his wrist.

“Or... We can grab something to eat and stay here... Talk a little? You look like someone who could use a talk.”

Tae stared at Jungkook’s doe eyes and the boy adjusted his cap a little.

Taehyung would love to talk with someone about his secret relationship, but, right now, he didn’t like the idea.

“I’d like to talk, but... Not about Bogum. I just need a distraction.”

“So here’s the thing: I’m going to grab some snacks and I’ll tell you all about my theory about how I believe there’s people actually living on Mars and the media doesn’t want us to know about it.” That made Tae laugh and Jungkook felt proud of himself. “Would you like that?”

“Yes. I think I’d like that.” Tae answered and Jungkook reached his backpack, now on the floor by his side and grabbed his wallet. “I’m going to leave my things here and I’ll be back shortly with food.” He was now standing up. “Wait here and, please, don’t steal my stuff.” Tae laughed again.

“I’m not going anywhere.” Tae said and Jungkook smiled once more.

Chapter Text

Taehyung and Jungkook talked all night long. The clock marked 6am when Taehyung started to feel sleepy.

“I think we should get going. The sun is probably up again and you’re clearly exhausted.” Jungkook stated gathering all the mess they made, cleaning it.

“I really am tired, aren’t you?” Taehyung asked and Jungkook nodded with a smile. He was no longer wearing the baseball cap and Taehyung was no longer wearing his shiny jacket. They were sitting in front of each other, relaxed and, to be honest, it was one of the best talks Taehyung ever had.

Jungkook was easy to talk to. He was funny and really distracted Taehyung from all of his problems with Bogum.

They talked about photography, food, movies, music, art, dreams...

He wished he could feel this way, relaxed and happy, all the time.

“I liked spending time with you, Taehyung.” Jungkook said and that made the other smile widely. “And about your photos, I’d love to see them someday...”


“Yes.” Jungkook frowned. “If it’s ok with you. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

“It’s not that!” Taehyung quickly interrupted. “It’s just that... Bogum never really cared about the pictures I take and I guess I always thought the whole team was just like him...”

“Clearly, we’re not.” Jungkook adjusted his hair. “Some of us are pretty nice too.” He chuckled. “Some of us would never dare to leave you waiting all by yourself in a cold hallway.”

Taehyung smiled sadly.

“You’re sweet.” The boy mumbled, but Jungkook heard him and they exchanged looks. “Jungkook, I-“ Taehyung started again, but was interrupted by his phone ringing.

It was early in the morning and he knew who was calling him without even looking at the screen.

“I think you should take this.” Jungkook suggested when Taehyung didn’t move to catch his phone from the floor. The boy sighed when he got the phone on his hands.

He was right.

It was Bogum.

He knew it because Bogum’s roomate always went to the gym really early in the morning and the boy always called him at that time.

“I don’t want to talk to you right now.” He said after picking up the call.

Oh. Good morning to you too.” Bogum said and Taehyung rolled his eyes.

“I’m serious.” He emphasized it. Jungkook was trying not to pay attention on Tae’s phone call, but the hallway was empty and he could hear what Bogum was saying on the other end of the line without even trying.

I know you must be upset-“

“Upset?” Taehyung was not upset. “I’m mad!”

Baby, you now how it is... People wanted to celebrate on Hoseok’s house and I couldn’t say no to them. You know that. It would be weird if I didn’t go. I’m the captain!” The boy, again, was trying to explain himself with lame excuses. “I know I didn’t answer your calls or texts and I’m sorry, but that’s not a good reason for you to be this mad-“

Taehyung felt his blood boil.

“I’m not mad just because you didn’t answer your phone or my texts. I’m mad because you left me in the hallway!” He, then, took a deep breath when he saw Jungkook looking at him with worried eyes. “You could’ve told me you were not coming... I was waiting for you.” He paused. “Like I always do...” He whispered the last sentence.

My roomate is out. Come here and we can talk...”

Taehyung was tired of talking.

“I can’t right now. I’m not in my room... I spent the night out and I need to take a shower, change clothes...”

You what?” Bogum asked, impatience on his voice. “Where are you?”

“I met a friend and we hang out... You don’t have to worry, though.” Taehyung completed knowing Bogum was way too jealous for his own good.

You’re not with Jimin.” Bogum stated. “I know that because Jimin was at the party with Yoongi and Hoseok.”

“I’m with Jungkook.” Taehyung said and Jungkook who was still in front of him, now fidgeting his fingers waiting for Taehyung to end the call, looked up with wide eyes.

“Are you crazy?” Jungkook mouthed and Taehyung shook his head.

Jungkook? Since when you and Jungkook are friends?”

“I need to go to my room now. I’ll se you later? Jimin is going to be out all afternoon, so you can go to my room...” Taehyung ignored Bogum’s question.

“Text me and I’ll be there.” Taehyung nodded even though Bogum couldn’t see him. “I miss you, baby. I’ll make it up to you.” Bogum said in a low voice and Taehyung bit his lower lip.

“It’s ok.” He paused. “I miss being with you too. I’ll wait for you.” He added and, then, ended the call right away.

“I can’t believe you told him you were with me!” Jungkook pointed out and Taehyung put his phone inside his pocket.

“I’m sorry. I just... I can’t lie to him.”

“You don’t need to apologize.” Jungkook was smiling. “I was just surprised, that’s all.”

Actually, Jungkook knew that captain would possibly make his life a living hell whenever they were training because everyone knew how Bogum was with people he didn’t like...

Taehyung smiled back taking Jungkook out of his own thoughts and, then, said: “I need to go. I need to sleep a little...”

“Right.” Jungkook stood up fast and quickly helped Taehyung up.

“I’ve had a really good time tonight. Thank you.” Taehyung put his jacket on again. “Give me your phone. I’ll put my number on it and whenever you feel like talking about aliens, I’m down for it.” That made Jungkook laugh loudly and he quickly handed Taehyung his phone.

Taehyung even took a selfie so Jungkook could save it on his phone.

“I’ll see you around, Jungkook.” Taehyung said after a while of awkward silence.

“I’ll see you around.”



Three weeks passed by and things were almost the same.


Turned out Bogum didn’t make Jungkook’s life a living hell during baseball practice because he was aware that Jungkook knew about him and Taehyung being together. Jungkook never talked to him about it, but the boy was sure Bogum was being extra nice to him because he was afraid that Jungkook would say something.

Jungkook would never. It was not his secret, after all.


Taehyung was, again, waiting for Bogum on the hallway.

This time, though, he had company.

Jungkook was with him.


In the beggining, Jungkook would look for Taehyung on the hallway and, of course, the boy was always there after every practice waiting for his boyfriend.

Jungkook started talking briefly to him, but, now, they talked until Bogum showed up or texted Taehyung telling him he would not make it – which Jungkook thought it was the worst because he was literally on the field, he could stop for a minute just to let Taehyung know he won’t have time or something –

Taehyung was comprehensive, though. He couldn’t blame Bogum. They were practicing like crazy to get ready for the important games of the championship. And he didn’t mind waiting as long as Jungkook was with him.

He grew to love Jungkook’s company and he longed for their quick – or long – meetings in the hallway.


Jungkook felt the same way about Taehyung.


--- x ---


“Hey, Tae!” Jungkook called his name and the boy who was holding a cup of coffee turned his head to see who was calling him.

It was not the first time Jungkook talked to him outside the hallway they were used to meet, but everytime Taehyung felt flustered about it.

People always watched Jungkook and whenever he decided to talk to Taehyung, people would watch him too.

“I have something for you!” Jungkook was being loud, not on purpose, but because he was excited. He, then, pull out of his backpack an analog camera. “Here, for you!” He said and Taehyung widened his eyes.

Jimin, who was by his side, was watching that scene with full attention.

“You’re giving me this?” It was an expensive camera, so Taehyung was pretty sure that was a joke.

“Yeah. I have it for ages, but I don’t have any idea of how to use it. I mean... I know how to use it, but I don’t see the world as poetry. I don’t see it with your eyes and I think you should have it-“ Jungkook didn’t even finish his sentence and Taehyung was already wrapping his arms around Jungkook’s waist and holding the boy in front of him in an uncomfortable position.

It was the first time they hugged.

And as soon as Taehyung realized it, he got out of Jungkook’s embrace.

Both of them were blushing violently and Jimin chuckled endeared with the scene that was unfolding in front of his eyes.

“I’m... Thank you!” Taehyung thanked him and held the camera as it was the most precious thing in the world – and indeed it was a pretty awesome camera – “I’ll take a picture of you later...”

“I’m counting on it.” Jungkook smiled. “I have to go.” He pointed to the direction he was heading and took a step closer to Taehyung, so he could say something Jimin wouldn’t hear: “Meet me in the hallway?” Taehyung leaned his head back, so he could look at Jungkook’s eyes.

“Yes. I’ll be there. Text me.” Jungkook smiled even more and left just as fast as he showed up.

Taehyung looked down at the gift he just received and Jimin hit his arm lightly.

“I can’t believe you’re dating Jeon Jungkook and didn’t tell me!” Jimin stated with a smirk on his lips. “He’s your secret boyfriend, isn’t he?”

“What?! No!” Taehyung answered fast. “We’re not dating. He’s my friend... Just a friend, Jiminie..” He paused. “I don’t have a secret boyfriend.” He added and Jimin rolled his eyes before taking a sip of his coffee.

“It’s a shame, you and Jungkook would make a cute couple.”


Taehyung bit his lower lip when he heard it. He agreed with Jimin, but he shouldn’t! He was dating Bogum!

The boy watched Jungkook walking away and remembered: “Meet me in the hallway.”, Jungkook said.


When was that the hallway became their spot? It was supposed to be Taehyung and Bogum’s hiding place, but all Taehyung could do whenever he was there was to hope Jungkook would come around.


What was happening?

Chapter Text

Taehyung saw Jungkook that night and, as promised, he took the camera with him so he could take a picture of him.

And now he had a picture of Jungkook on the board above his bed.

It was not the only picture there. There were pictures of him with Jimin, his family, some of his friends...

Of course, Bogum wasn’t in those pictures. He couldn’t be.


Bogum was busy with college, practice and some other stuff. He barely had any time to see Taehyung.

He understood, though. He was busy with finals too.


Jungkook and him, on the other side, were even closer as weeks passed by and Taehyung enjoyed Jugnkook’s company more than he should.


Jimin was sure they were dating – and probably a lot of people thought it too – which was good. This way, hiding his relationship with Bogum was easier.


Of course, the word spread around and Bogum heard about how Taehyung and Jungkook seemed like a couple whenever they were together and it lead to a lot of arguments between them.

“I don’t like it.”


“You and Jungkook together.”

“He’s my friend-“

“C’mon, baby, he looks at you with heart eyes and even I can see it.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You have a picture of him over your bed, for fuck’s sake!” Bogum sighed, again, impatient.

“It’s not like I can have a picture of you, of us...” Taehyung said, sharp words.


After that, Bogum barely talked about Jungkook.


Taehyung liked Bogum so much, but he was getting tired of their relationship.

He was tired of being a secret.

He didn’t mind it, at first, but they were dating for over two years... Was he ever going to be enough for Bogum?



“I have practice today, maybe we can see each other...”, Jungkook texted him and Taehyung bit his lower lip when he read the message.

“I have some things to do today ☹” He replied.

Can we meet later?”

I don’t know when I’ll be free to hang out...”

I’ll be reading outside my room, out the door, hoping you come around.” Jungkook sent another text.

I miss you.”


Taehyung held his phone a little tighter with a smile on his face while re-reading Jungkook’s texts.

It was pathetic how he was affected by it.

He shouldn’t.

He had Bogum and here he was getting flustered over another man.

“I like him.” Jimin said waking Taehyung from his own mind.


“Jungkook.” Jimin answered. “He’s good to you, isn’t he?” Taehyung bit his lower lip and Jimin rolled his eyes. “Why don’t you trust me?” The boy complained and Taehyung sighed.

“I do.”

“When are you going to tell me what is going on with you?”

He was tired of lying.

“I can’t.” Jimin stared at him for a while longer and lowered his gaze.


Taehyung knew he was hurting Jimin by not talking to him, but he couldn’t.

It was not only his secret.

He kept this secret for years... Why was it so hard to keep doing it now?


Why was Jungkook turning his life upside down?


Neither of them could deny how they felt about each other anymore.

Tae longed for the moment they would meet and he texted Jungkook way more than he did to Bogum.

It was clear, really.


Taehyung tried to bury his feelings for Jungkook because they were wrong, but he couldn’t lie:

He felt his heart race whenever Jungkook was with him.


He didn’t know, but Jungkook felt butterflies in his stomach whenever Taehyung was by his side.



As soon as he went back to the campus that day – after spending almost the whole day taking pictures for a project – he ran to Jungkook’s dorm.

And there he was: Jungkook was reading some book sitting on the couch outside his bedroom, on the dorm halllway.

Taehyung felt his heart getting warmer.

He was so used to waiting for people – Bogum – and to see someone actually waiting for him left him on verge of crying.

“Hey, you!”

“You made it!” Jungkook placed the book by his side after putting a paper inside of it so he would not lost the page he was reading.

“You didn’t need to really wait for me here...”

“I told you I would.”

“Yes, you did.”

They exchanged looks and Jungkook stood up.


Jungkook fell in love for Taehyung on these past weeks and he was so ready to tell him about it.

He was sure Taehyung felt the same...


“I need to take a shower and change... Meet me in the hallway later?” Taehyung asked him after they talked for almost forty minutes. “I know you waited for me, but I really need to change clothes.”

Jungkook wanted to talk a little more, but Taehyung had a whole ass photography equipment on his bag and he probably needed to rest a little after an exhausting day.

“You must be tired... We can talk tomorrow-“

“I’m not tired.” He quickly interrupted. “I just need to take these things to my room and change clothes...” He continued and he didn’t want to sound that needy, but he was.

He started missing Jungkook when they were apart.

Jungkook smiled widely. “Text me and I’ll be there. I kind of need to talk to you about something...”

“What is it?”

“I’ll tell you later.”



They met late at night. Bogum went to sleep and didn’t even want to see Taehyung. He said he was tired and needed to rest. “I’ll call you tomorrow morning...”

Taehyung didn’t even get upset anymore.

And, to be honest, he was way too excited to meet Jungkook, so it’s not like he cared that much.


Jungkook was sitting on the floor, with his phone on hand.

He was wearing the baseball cap and as soon as he saw Taehyung, he smiled.

Taehyung loved his smile.

“I’m glad you came.” Jungkook stated standing up, so he could greet the other.

They hugged.

It was not awkward anymore.

They hugged a lot on the past week.

“I can’t stay the night... I have to be somewhere tomorrow morning...”

“Ok. We’ll hang out a little and, then, I’ll take you to your room.”

“You don’t have to.”

“I want to.”


The clock marked 3am and they were in total silence.

It was not an uncomfortable silence, though.

Taehyung noted how Jungkook seemed anxious, but when he asked about it, the boy said he had a lot on his mind.

“I think I should get going. It’s late.” Taehyung said in a low tone of voice and Jungkook looked at him, wide eyed.

“Stay a little longer.” He paused. “I know I’m being awful, but-“

“You’re not.” He paused. “I told you I have to be up in, I don’t know, three hours? I should get some sleep-”

“Do you love him?” Jungkook asked out of the blue, interrupting Taehyung who closed his mouth and stared right at Jungkook’s eyes.


“Park.” He explained. “Do you love him?”

“We’re together for a long time...”

“That’s not what I asked.” Jungkook’s eyes were shining. “Do you love him?”

“Why are you asking me this?” Taehyung asked him.

He felt bad for feeling whatever it was that he felt for Jungkook since he had a boyfriend. Hearing that question coming out of Jungkook’s mouth was just messing with his head.

He needed to get out of there.

“Don’t go.”

“I think it’s better if I do.”

Jungkook stood up too.

“We don’t talk about it.” He sighed. “But I.... You...” He was rambling. “I like you, Taehyung!” He blurted out and the other just watched Jungkook struggling with his words for a while. “I like you and I wish I was your boyfriend. I think about it all the time.” The boy seemed like he was taking a heavy weight out of his chest.

Taehyung didn’t know what to do.

“You like me too, don’t you?” Jungkook asked and took a step closer to Taehyung. “I can see you like me too. Your eyes... They are always on me.” Taehyung was blushing, but he didn’t dare to stop looking at Jungkook’s eyes.

Jungkook took another step closer.

They were so close.

Taehyung could feel Jungkook’s breath on his face and their lips were almost touching.

Jungkook was so close.

“If I was your boyfriend, I’d show you off whenever I could. This whole campus would know that I’d be dating the most beautiful man-“

Taehyung laughed interrupting Jungkook who smiled.

Taehyung shifted his gaze from Jungkook’s eyes to his lips.

“Can I kiss you?”

Taehyung’s heart was beating faster and he felt warm all over.

Jungkook’s lips was brushing over his own.

“Can I?” Jungkook’s soothing voice asked again and Taehyung nodded.

“You can.” He whispered and in less than a second, they were kissing.


Taehyung felt a lot. His body was thanking him for being this close to Jungkook and his heart was beating fast, like crazy.


Was he dreaming?


They kept sharing sweet kisses, smiling between them until Jungkook decided to use his tongue, licking Taehyung’s lips, asking for permission to deepen their kiss.

Taehyung allowed him.

As soon as they started kissing for real, Taehyung let himself feel.

He melted in their kiss and his hands were on Jungkook’s chest while the other's hands were on Taehyung’s neck.

“I must be dreaming-“ Jungkook whispered between one of their kisses and when he kissed the other again, reality hit Taehyung hard.

“Shit!” Taehyung cursed taking a step back, breaking off the kiss, and opening his eyes just as he realized how wrong all of that was. “We can’t- I can’t. We shouldn’t.” He paused and cleaned his mouth with the back of his hand. “This is wrong, I can’t... Oh my God, what did I just do?”


“I can’t.” He repeated. “I... We... We’ll talk later? Tomorrow?” He was taing steps back. Jungkook asked him to stay while standing still with a hurt expression. “I can’t do this now.” Taehyung completed and turned around, quickly running away from there.

Running away from Jungkook.


Why did it hurt so much to leave Jungkook behind?

Chapter Text

Taehyung didn’t know what to do.

He wandered through campus ignoring Jungkook’s calls, even turning off his phone after the sixth time his phone rang.

What he did was so wrong.

So wrong.

“What did I do?” He mumbled to himself and he finally stopped walking, closing his eyes, feeling the urge to cry.

What was happening?

He felt guilty, but at the same time his body wanted him to run back to Jungkook’s arms.


His mind was a mess.


He felt hot tears streaming down his face and, before he let himself cry, he rushed to his room.

He didn’t mean to wake up Jimin, but that’s what happened as soon as he got inside the room.

He tripped on something on the ground because the room was dark and Jimin was quick to turn on the lights to see what the hell was happening.

“Holy shit! You scared me!” The boy put a hand over his chest and it would make Taehyung laugh if he wasn’t feeling so lost.

Jimin, then, noticed Taehyung’s expression and his wet face.

His heart clenched right away.

“What’s going on? Are you ok?”

“I’m sorry. You can go back to sleep, I didn’t mean to wake you... I’m just clumsy...” Taehyung turned his back to Jimin, taking off his jacket. He didn’t want Jimin to worry about him.

He couldn’t have Jimin worried about him.

It was a secret...

Taehyung was sure he would not stop crying anytime soon, so he started taking deep breaths.

Jimin motioned himself and was, now, behind Taehyung.

“What did he do to you?” Jimin asked, stern voice. He sounded angry.

“What?” Taehyung asked, still not turning to look at Jimin. He didn’t want Jimin to see him crying.

It was pathetic to feel this lost.

“Jungkook.” That made Taehyung freeze on his spot. How did he know? “I know you say you’re not dating, but, c’mon.... We all know you’re a couple. It’s pretty obvious, really.”

That made Taehyung low his head.

Jimin was so confused.

“What happened, Tae?”


Taehyung was so tired of lying.

So tired of hiding.

Jimin deserved the truth.

And he needed Jimin right now.


They remained in silence for a while until Taehyung felt Jimin’s arms wrapping around him. Jimin rested his face on Taehyung’s back.

“You can cry. I’m not going to ask anything...” Jimin said, frustration in his voice.

He was always frustrated when Taehyung didn’t tell him stuff, but he had never seen Taehyung like this.

“I fucked up, Jimin.” Taehyung was crying and not even trying to hide anymore. “I fucked up big time.” He repeated and turned to face Jimin.

Jimin was clearly surprised, but he wanted to help.

“I’m sure you didn’t.” He said, not asking any questions. He sighed. “If this is about Jungkook, I’m sure you’re going to work it out. The guy is head over heels for you, everyone can see it-“

“I’m not dating Jungkook.” Taehyung said and Jimin hold the urge to roll his eyes. When he was about to say that everyone knew they were dating because they were all lovey dovey whenever they saw each other, Tae blurted out: “I’m dating Bogum. Park Bogum.”

It was like taking a huge weight out of his shoulders.

And Jimin widened his eyes as soon as he heard it.


Taehyung tried to dry his face with the back of his hands and said. “Bogum is my boyfriend. We’ve been together for two years now...”

Jimin was sure he was going crazy. “Park Bogum? You’re dating him?” Taehyung nodded. “But... He’s always at parties and...”

“He didn’t want anyone to find out about us... Nobody knows he’s gay...”

Jimin knew that because he was sure Park Bogum was straight.

And he didn’t like Bogum for a second, the stupid guy was always rude to Jimin.

He was about to say Bogum was the worst person ever, but Taehyung started crying again.

“I... I cheated on him.”

Oh, so that’s what this is about, Jimin thought.

“I’ll make a tea for us and you’re going to tell me everything, ok?” Jimin suggested and Taehyung nodded.

He really needed to talk to someone about this... And he was going to meet Bogum in a few hours.

How was he supposed to face his boyfriend?


--- x ---


The sun was rising and Jimin and Taehyung were still talking.

“I’m sorry I kept that from you.” The younger apologized and Jimin smiled.

“It’s ok. I understand now why you did it.” Jimin, then, added: “But I don’t like him and hearing all about your relationship... I’m worried. He doesn’t seem very...” Jimin was trying to be careful with his words. “I don’t know.”

Taehyung knew what he meant.

He knew how his boyfriend never had time for him and he never seem to care about what Taehyung did or thought. He never seemed interested in anything Taehyung cared about.

Unlike Jungkook, who would give the world to Taehyung if he asked to.

Jungkook always seemed interested to hear what Taehyung had to say.

And Taehyung was not used to it.

His time with Bogum was always rushed, hiding...

Jungkook always had time for him even though he was busy too.


Taehyung was tired and the taste of Jungkook’s sweet kiss was still lingering on his lips.


“I’m going to tell Bogum about the kiss.” He stated. “He has the right to know.”

Jimin nodded.

“I agree, but I think you should stay true to yourself.” He paused. “What are you feeling? What is you heart saying to you?”

Taehyung sighed and pondered that question.

He was confused and feeling guilty.

But he was mostly thinking about Jungkook.

“I fell for Jungkook, hyung.”

Jimin smiled.

He was waiting for Taheyung to admit it.

“So... What are you going to do?”

“I have no idea.”


---- x ----

Taehyung was putting some make up on so he could hide his puffy eyebags when he received a text from Bogum.

He turned on his phone a few minutes ago knowing Bogum would text him about the time he should go to his room.

He did see eight lost calls from Jungkook, but he couldn’t deal with that right now.


“I can’t see you this morning. See you later?”


Taehyung sighed, tired.

He should get some sleep now that he wouldn’t meet Bogum.


“Of course. I want to tell you something. Text me, ok?”


Taehyung couldn’t shake the feeling that Bogum didn’t even ask about his project. He went out to photograph yesterday and his boyfriend knew about it, but, again, he didn’t show any interest.


Taehyung was tired.

He went to sleep.


And he dreamed about Jungkook kissing him.


---- x ----


Jungkook texted him all day, asking if he was ok, if they could talk.

Taehyung tried to avoid it, but Jimin was right when he said he should talk to Jungkook just as much as he needed to talk to Bogum.


Taehyung needed to stay true to himself. To what he was feeling.

And the truth was that he was already missing Jungkook.

The truth was that he wanted to kiss Jungkook again.


The truth was that he was ready to let Bogum go if it meant Jungkook would stay.


He was in love with Jungkook. He could see it now.




The clock marked almost 6pm when Taehyung finally texted him back.

“Meet me in the hallway?”


Taehyung knew Jungkook was at practice because Bogum was there too.


He didn’t wait for a reply because the boy probably wouldn’t look at his phone in the next hour, but he decided to head to the hallway, hoping Jungkook would come around.


--- x ---


“I thought you were ignoring me.”

“I’ll be there.”

“We do need to talk.”


Jungkook answered him with three texts as soon as Taehyung assumed the baseball practice ended.

He could feel his heart beating fast now that he knew Jungkook would be there in a few minutes.

He felt excited, nervous, guilty...


He waited for more ten minutes and that’s when he heard that someone was coming.


It was not who he was expecting, though.

Bogum showed up and smiled widely.


Ok, that couldn’t be happening.

Where was Jungkook?


He felt his heartbeat race for all the wrong reasons.

“I was hoping to find you here.” He said and Taehyung didn’t even know what to say.

It’s been ages since Bogum looked for him on that hallway just because he felt like it. He always asked if Taehyung was there.

It’s been a while since it was no longer his hiding spot with Bogum.

That hallway was, now, his safe place with Jungkook.


Not right at this moment, though.


“I was about to text you. My roomate will be out tonight, we have-“

“I.. I... “ Taehyung started rambling interrupting his boyfriend’s words and Bogum frowned.

“You look tense.” He stated and pulled Taehyung closer by his waist.

Taehyung wanted to get out of his grip. It felt wrong for way too many reasons.


It felt wrong because Taehyung cheated on him.

It felt wrong because he wanted Jungkook to hold him like this, not Bogum.


“Come here...” Bogum whispered and crashed his lips against Taehyung’s, kissing him.

Taehyung didn’t break off the kiss right away.

And he regretted not stopping it when he heard: “Shit, sorry. I didn’t know you guys were here.”  

It was Jungkook’s voice.

Taaehyung heard his heart crashing in pieces.


Bogum was the one to pull Taehyung away as soon as he heard something, probably worried it was someone who didn’t know about them.

He seemed relieved when he saw Jungkook.

“Jungkook,” Taehyung called his name and they exchange a meaningful look. Jungkook was hurt and Taehyung could see it.

“I didn’t mean to interrupt, I just... I just wanted to make a call.” He lied. “You guys can continue whatever it was that you were doing.” He said, coldly.

“Jungkook, wait!” Tae called him, but he didn’t come back.

“Baby, you can talk to him later...” Bogum started and, to be honest, Taehyung wanted to run in Jungkook’s direction so he didn’t even heard what his boyfriend was saying. “Baby?” Bogum called him when he noticed Taehyung wasn’t paying any attention to him.

Taehyung closed his eyes for a moment and turned to look at Bogum’s eyes.

He couldn’t do it any longer, so he blurted out: “Jungkook and I... We kissed.”

He saw the exact moment Bogum really understood what Taehyung said and his boyfriend took a step back, frowning.

“He what?” Bogum was clearly losing his patience. “He kissed you?” He asked, not really waiting for an answer. “I’m going to kill him!”

“He didn’t kiss me.” Taehyung paused. “We kissed. I wanted it too.” Taehyung admited it and the look Bogum gave him was like he couldn’t recognize Taehyung.

“You didn’t...” Bogum was searching for any hint of a lie on Taehyung’s eyes.

He found none.

“I did.” Taehyung was looking at Bogum’s eyes. He didn’t look hurt or sad. He looked angry, frustrated, but that was it. “I’m sorry. I hate cheating and you know it, but... “ He gather all the courage he had to complete: “I’m in love with him, Bogum.”

Bogum took another step back.

And he let out a dry laugh.

“Don’t talk to me ever again.” It was all that he said before turning his back to Taehyung and leaving.

Taehyung felt bad because what he did was wrong, but he also felt relieved.

Bogum was a big part of his life, but he didn’t feel like his boyfriend anymore.

It needed to end.

Taehyung knew Bogum could have two different reactions: get way too angry over it or turn his back like he did.

To be honest, Taehyung thanked all the Gods out there for him to just walk away.

He wouldn’t know how to deal with a really angry Bogum.


---- x ----


It’s been a week and Jungkook was nowhere to be seen.

Taehyung looked for him everywhere: at baseball practice, his room, the library, the hallway...

One day he even waited for Jungkook because he knew that on Wednesdays and Fridays he usually called his family... And the hallway was his place to do it.


He never showed up again.


Taehyung wasn’t stupid, he knew Jungkook was avoiding him, but he needed to talk to him so badly.




Jungkook has no idea that Bogum and Taehyung broke up, especially because no one in that school even knew they were together in the first place.

He, of course, noticed how Bogum was being an asshole to him, but he thought it was because Tae told him about their shared kiss.


He wouldn’t be the one to ask.


Yoongi said that he should try to talk to Taehyung and he usually listened to what his hyung had to say, but not right now.


Not about this.



---- x ----


Two weeks passed by and Taehyung was miserable.


Jungkook was also miserable.



Jimin was tired of seeing his best friend crying and staring at his phone waiting for a text or a call.

It hurted to see him like this.

“I’m going to talk to him for you-“

“No!” Taehyung pleaded. “I don’t want anyone to go there and corner him. I just... I miss him.”

“I know.”



--- x ---



Where are you?

We need to talk, Kook.

I’ve been looking for you, but it seems like you’re avoiding me.

You’re avoiding me.

I miss you.

I miss us.

Those was the last messages Taehyung sent him.

Jungkook never answered any of them, even though he read all of it.


Chapter Text

Taehyung was losing all of his hope.

Jungkook was ignoring him since he saw him and Bogum kissing in the hallway.

Jimin offered to talk to Yoongi, so he would talk to Jungkook, but Taehyung refused it. He didn’t want to force the other to talk to him.


Jungkook was in his room trying to forget all about the past weeks with Taehyung, but it was hard.

So hard.

He fell in love with Taehyung and he was sure the other fell in love for him too.

It was clear, really.

But his heart broke when Taehyung ran away from him after their shared kiss.

And it broke for the second time when he rushed to meet Taehyung on their spot and found Bogum with him.


Now that he had time to think, he really didn’t know what he was expecting.

He knew since day one that Taehyung had a boyfriend – who was a stupid man for hiding Taehyung and pretend he didn’t even existed –


That hallway, their spot, was never theirs.

It was Bogum and Taehyung’s.

Jungkook just showed up one day and kept coming back – more often than Bogum himself -, but it was never his place.


That’s what he thought, at least.



For Taehyung anywhere with Jungkook could be “their spot”.

And Taehyung missed him.


--- x ---

“Ok.” Jimin started out of the blue startling Taehyung. “I like Jungkook, I really do, but this is getting ridiculous. He can’t ignore you forever.”

“Actually, he can. And that’s exactly what he’s doing.” Jimin rolled his eyes.

“I’m making my last move.” Taehyung said, holding a piece of paper. “He didn’t even read my texts anymore. I’m going to leave at his door or somewhere I know he’s going to see...” He sighed. “That’s going to be my last shot.”

Jimin thought about talking to Jungkook about Taehyung, but his best friend made it very clear that he didn’t want that.

Jimin respected what Taehyung wanted, of course.



He had a note on his hands and headed, focused, to Jungkook’s room.

As soon as he got there, he knocked on the door  because he knew that if he called Jungkook’s name, he would never open it.

He knocked two more times and Jungkook opened the door.


He looked at Taehyung for exactly 3 seconds before closing the door on Taehyung’s face.

“Kook-ah, talk to me. Please!”

Taehyung heard noises inside the room, but no response.

“I... I’m trying. I really am, but you have to li-“ Taehyung was interrupted when he heard loud music coming from inside the room.

He passed the paper through under Jungkook's door and waited. 


No response.


He sighed and took his phone to text Jungkook one last time:

“I want to talk to you. Really. Meet me in the hallway? I’ll be on the floor, maybe we can work it out.

I left a voicemail for you earlier, so if you don’t feel like showing up, please, listen to it. It’s all I have to say to you.

I miss you so much.”

He sent the texts and, then, looked at the closed door one last time, before sending another message to Jungkook:

“I broke up with him...”


Jungkook was in his room ignoring the texts Taehyung sent him, but after two hours pretending he didn’t care, his curiosity took the best of him.

He read those texts a thousand times and considered playing the message on his voicemail.


Taehyung broke his heart.


Jungkook broke his own heart.

All those sleepless night beside Taehyung talking and laughing... He fell in love with Taehyung fast.

And when he saw Taehyung kissing Bogum after their shared kiss, he was reminded that Taehyung was never his.


“I miss you so much.”

“I broke up with him...”


He read those messages again.


--- x ---


Taehyung was sitting in that hallway for what felt an eternity.

He was sure Jungkook wouldn’t show up. The boy was two hours late. It was obvious that he was ignoring Taehyung and not wanting anything to do with him.

He hurt Jungkook and he knew it.

He hurted him when he ran away after that kiss.

He hurted him when Bogum kissed him and Jungkook caught them.

He hurted him when he let Jungkook fall in love even though he had a boyfriend.


He couldn’t blame Jungkook for not showing up.


He also didn’t feel like going back to his room where Jimin would be ready to ask a million questions.

Somehow that hallway became his safe place.

He didn’t mind staying there for a few more hours.


---- x ----


“Thank God! You’re still here!” Jungkook pointed out loudly startling Taehyung who had his eyes closed and was enjoying the silence in that hallway.

For a moment there, Taehyung was sure he was dreaming.

Jungkook was wearing his uniform and looking crazy good. He was also a little breathless, which meant he ran.

Taehyung was surprised, but smiled when he noticed that was almost the same way they met.

Taehyung sitting down on the hallway, waiting, and Jungkook showing up to talk to him.

This time was different because Jungkook was the one he was waiting for.

“Kook-ah.” Taehyung called his name to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.


“You’re making me crazy!” the younger stated and took big steps so he could get closer to Taehyung – who was already standing up. – “First you run away after our kiss, claiming it was a mistake and, then, you pull me close again. I’m so confused, Tae.”

“I like you.” Taehyung said loud and clear and Jungkook felt his heart almost burst. “Did you hear it?”

Jungkook frowned.

“The message on your voicemail?” Taehyung explained.

The boy shook his head, denying it.

“I thought about listening to it, but I spent way too much time thinking if I should come here to meet you...”

Taehyung nodded, understanding.

“Why don’t you tell me? I mean, what’s in the message?”

“It was a long message,” Tae chuckled. “I guess I was a little emotional, so I probably teared up somewhere between it.” Jungkook chuckled too. “Pretty much, I said I missed you and I wished I could make things right. For us.” He paused, still looking at Jungkook’s eyes. “I’m sorry I ran away and I’m sorry you saw... You saw Bogum and I together.” He sighed. “I broke up with Bogum right after you left. It didn’t feel right-“

“You broke up with him because you felt guilty about our kiss?” Jungkook interrupted him and he bit his lower lip before saying:

“I broke up with him because I’m in love with you, Jeon Jungkook.” Jungkook widened his eyes.

He knew Taehyung had feelings for him, but hearing it out loud it was completely different.

“I broke up with him because I wasn’t thinking about him anymore. I caught myself thinking about you... I still do.” Taehyung paused and he was blushing a little.

Jungkook found it adorable.

“I broke up with him because that kiss, our kiss, was the best kiss I’ve had in years.” He was smiling. “I broke up with him because I caught myself thinking what it would be like being your boyfriend... And I liked that idea.”  He paused.  “I missed you. I really missed you, Kook-ah.” He took a step closer. “You saw me, Kook. You made me feel special. You made me feel loved...”


“I want us to try.” Taehyung was serious. “I want to make you feel as special as you make me feel.” He added with a smile. “I want to spend time with you again.” He blushed one more time. “I want to kiss you whenever we feel like it...” Taehyung put both of his hands on Jungkook’s biceps, caressing it.

Jungkook remained in silence, still sinking down all that Taehyung said.

“Well, that’s it. That’s what I had to say to you. That’s why I asked you to come here. I’m sorry I don’t have anything else to say, but I’m glad you’re here and... If you want us to be just friends, I’ll understand. I miss you, so if-”

Jungkook was smiling watching Taehyung stumble on his own words.

Again, he found it adorable.

He, then, caught Taehyung’s lips with his own and kissed him, stopping the older from talking. “You talk too much.” The younger stated with his mouth brushing over Taehyung’s.

“I do.” Taehyung answered and Jungkook laughed.

“I missed you too.”

Taehyung had his boxy smile on display and Jungkook felt like everything on the world could be fixed if Taehyung kept smiling like that.

The younger placed both of his hands around Taehyung’s neck and played with strains of hair before kissing Taehyung again.

Jungkook placed quick kisses on the other’s lips, but he felt Taehyung licking his mouth wanting to deepen that kiss.

Jungkook gladly let him.

He felt a rush on his veins when reality hit him.

Taehyung and him were kissing.

And, this time, nothing would stop them.

Taehyung was willing to be his and Jungkook’s heart already belonged to Taehyung.

Taehyung break the kiss, not pulling away his face, and asked:

“Thank you for coming here.” The elder said with eyes closed and Jungkook kissed his lips again.

“I’ll always be around.” He paused. “I’ll be around as long as you want me to.”

“Forever, please.”


---- x ----


Taehyung was watching a baseball game, cheering for the team and, of course, Jungkook.

It’s been two months since they decided to be together at that hallway.

It’s been two months since Taehyung admited to himself he was head over heels for Jungkook.

He fell for Jungkook and it didn’t even felt like falling.


He was still getting used of having a boyfriend out in the open.

He was so used to trying to hide his relationship with Bogum that, now, dating Jungkook and being kissed and held in front of everybody was always a little weird.

A good weird, though.


Jungkook was always showing his affection towards Taehyung and even hung out with Jimin sometimes.

Yoongi was also there with them most of the times and Jungkook wondered when both boys would realize they were perfect for each other.

“It’s cute, isn’t it?” He once asked Taehyung. He didn’t even have to explain because Taehyung – and everyone with eyes – could see what Jungkook saw in them.


Taehyung was trying to pay attention to the game, but his eyes were stucked on Jungkook, so he didn’t really knew what was happening.


He understood when the time was over and the crowd went crazy.

They won.

It was the last game and they won.


Taehyung felt proud and happy for being there, watching the game instead of hiding in the hallway.

He was happy he could watch Jungkook and his team mates jumping around.

He was happy he could be a part of that.

Jimin was by his side screaming “Min Yoongi” with a sign on his hands making him laugh. He, then, shifted his gaze to look at Jungkook again and he was surprised to see the boy running in his direction.

Jungkook ran fast with a big bunny smile on his face, jumped through the stairs and reached Taehyung in seconds.

The boy was fast.

“What are you-“ He was going to ask, but Jungkook shutted him up by crashing their lips together.

Jungkook kissed him in front of everyone.

He’s never been kissed in front of so many people.

Jungkook was smiling between their kiss and when he pulled away, Taehyung was blushing and hid his face in the crook of Jungkook’s neck when he heard people cheering them and yelling things like “Way to go, Jungkook!” “Kiss him like you mean it!”

“Tae, I-“ He paused and Taehyung looked up to Jungkook’s eyes. “Meet me in the hallway? In, I don’t know, twenty minutes?”

Taehyung frowned a little.

They haven’t been in that hallway for weeks.

“Please?” Jungkook asked with a smile and kissed him again. Taehyung nodded.

“Of course, I’ll be there. “


Jimin was watching them and right after Jungkook went back to the field, the boy chuckled when he saw Taehyung with a silly smile on his face. “Remind me to thank Jungkook later.”

“Huh?” Taehyung looked at him, confused, but still smiling.

“I have to thank him for making you this happy.”

Taehyung smiled even more.

“I really am happy.”


---- x ----


Taehyung went to the hallway to meet Jungkook.

He had mixed feelings about being there alone, waiting, when hearing people outside, still celebrating the victory.

That hallway always reminded him about how he had to hide and things just got different after he met Jungkook there.

He smiled when he remembered the day he met Jungkook and all those sleepless nights they spent there.

They became friends there.

Taehyung fell for him there.

Jungkook kissed him for the first time there.

He took one of his hands to his mouth, fingers brushing over his lower lip when he remembered how he felt when they shared their first kiss.


“Tae!” Jungkook called him and he turned to see his boyfriend running, again, in his direction.


“I’m sorry I’m a little late-“

“It’s nothing.” Taehyung said. “This place... It’s our space, our safe place... I was remembering how I felt lonely whenever I was here waiting, hearing people outside...” He paused. “You changed it. You came just like a tornado and this place is no longer a place I despise or feel lonely at. I... I have many memories with you here.” Taehyung got closer to his boyfriend and placed his hands on Jungkook’s shoulders. “I met you here, our first kiss was here... You made me believe in aliens here...” That made Jungkook laugh out loud. “But I... I don’t get it. Why are we here?”

“I love you.” Jungkook blurted out, simply.

Taehyung blinked twice. He thought he heard it wrong.

“I’m sorry? What did you say?”

“I love you.” Jungkook repeated and Taehyung was, now, smiling. “This is exactly why we’re here. This place... It feels right to say that I love you for the first time here.”


“You don’t have to say it back, Tae.” He rushed to say and Taehyung didn’t even got a chance to continue. “I just wanted to do it here. Our spot.

Taehyung smiled and nodded, not saying a single word before taking Jungkook by the hand and walking out of there.


“You’ll see.”

They got out of that empty hallway and were now holding hands, walking past some people until Taehyung stopped on a random place.

“I love you too.” He said just as easy as Jungkook had.

It was easy to say because it was true.

He did love Jungkook.

“And I wanted to do it here. Our spot.” Jungkook frowned, confused. Taehyung wrapped his arms around Jungkook’s neck and placed a little kiss on his lips. “Anywhere with you can be our safe place, our spot.” He explained and Jungkook smiled too. “I like it here. I like it there.” He paused again. “In that hallway, out of that hallway. I like being able to be with you wherever we want to.” He kissed Jungkook again. “I love you, Kook.”

“No more meetings in the hallway?”

“I’ll meet you anywhere.”