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She was bored, laying on her bed. Scrolling over the RFA app was entertaining so far. But not all the time was somebody online. She glanced up to the red haired man tapping on his laptop. Since the hacker started to attack, he’s been working non-stop. He didn’t even sleep. She knew it was for her own security but she felt neglected. The quirky and cheerful persona that was 707… she didn’t believe it was all a façade. She knew that deep down it was a part of Luciel’s personality, it didn’t matter all the times he tried to shoot it down. She was not going to give up, they had connected during the days they were texting each other and she was sure he felt it too. There was no way to fake the worrisome look he had when he entered Rika’s apartment to save her from the hacker even if after that all he had was conflict in his mind and the resolution of not pursueing any sort of personal relationship with her. He was angry at himself and regreted every choice that lead to that moment. He repeated he was dangerous but she didn’t think so, at least, not with her. Because, how can he be dangerous to her and at the same time protect her? He was self-sacrificing himself, he thought he was not worthy and he was trying his best to make it clear that he didn’t want to have anything to do with her.

Pity that she had other plans.

She offered him to sleep in the same bed teasingly and he played it as a joke. He was cold as ice to her but as time passed by, his determination bended and he stopped pushing her away. He started to think he wanted her to remember him even if he was to disappear. And the warm rush he felt as he was repairing Meowy and she confessed he was the only one who she said those kind of things… now that was dangerous.

She decided to stop her boredom as she flipped on the bed and stood up. She stretched paying attention to Luciel. He didn’t move an inch, tipping fast as a bunch of console commands rolled through the screen. That was her queue. She walked towards the temperature control of the room next to the bathroom, turned it up 10 degrees fast and went inside the bathroom. Once she came back, she sneaked a glance to the little screen that confirmed her changes. After a little, he started sweating and mumbling something under his breath. He rolled up his sleeves not to avail. She bit her bottom lip trying to supress a smile. Since she was in her summer pyjama, she had advantage. In less than 5 minutes, he took off the hoodie and turned his head to look at her. She was busying herself chatting in the messenger. He turned to the laptop again and sighed aloud as he stood up.

-What did you do this time? – He blamed her.

-Hmm? – she raised her head up from her mobile to see him going to decrease the temperature.

She seized the opportunity to put on his hoodie. She zipped it up midway, leaving her cleavage visible. It was oversized for her and it slipped off her shoulders. She brought her hands covered in his sleeves up her face. It smelled like him.

-What are you doing? – He crossed his arms over his chest.

-Nothing. – she shrugged.

-Yeah. Well, take it off.

-What? – she feigned innocence.

-You heard me. Take. It. Off. – He said as he came closer to her.

-Make me. – she dared as she put more distance between them.

He raised his arm to grab her by the sleeves but she avoided it dodging him in the last moment. She chuckled.

-Almost… - She said as she dodged him a second time.

He groaned.

-It’s not time for kid’s jokes. – he grunted as she slipped between his fingers.

She jumped into the bed to distance herself.

-Oh, but this is not a kid’s joke. – she confessed from up above.

He tackled her, she jumped out of the bed but it was too late. He caught her by the waist and pulled her down.

-Damn it.

She tossed and turned trying to free herself from his grip as he tried to have a better hold of her and prevent her escape. She tried to wiggle her way out as he pinned her hands over her head with one of his hands while the other slipped in her front to unzip the hoodie. She crashed on the bed to avoid it and his hand gripped her breast instead of the zip. His breath hitched.

-Hey! Stop moving! – he squeaked.

-Nop. Never. – she laughed at his reaction.

After a lot of effort, he finally managed to unzip it. She flipped to face him and he gasped. Her tank top slided during their tug war dangerously down and the parts that his clothe didn’t cover was glistening in sweat.

-But I want it… -she said breathy as she pouted and his brain short-circuited. - It’s comfy.

Right. The hoodie. He remembered to himself as his mind went to the gutter for a second.

-I don’t like people wearing my stuff.

She moved trying to avoid him taking it off when she noticed a hardness against her lower abdomen and looked teasingly to where their bodies connected as she bit her lips.

-Seems to me that you like it though. -she said with a smirk.

His face turned all red as he stood up at lightspeed and run to lock himself in the bathroom. She knocked at the door as she wondered if she had broken him.

-… you can have it… - his voice was muffled.

She smiled. Looks like this living together thing was going to be fun from then onwards.