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Jungkook whimpered softly when he felt his mother gently remove his warm blanket, forcing him to feel the cold morning air.

"Jungkook, baby you need to get up." his mother spoke softly when she felt the sleepy bunny press himself against her.

"Don’t wanna." he whined, trying to make any excuse to not get up that day.

"I know baby, but if you don’t, you know they'll come searching for you and momma doesn't want that for you."

Her voice was gentle as she tried to pry him out of bed.

It was the day of the annual mating selection.

Every hybrid over the age of eighteen must attend, failure to do so will result in the government coming to knock on your door.

This year, Jungkook had just turned of age to attend, so he was terrified to say the least.

Ever since he was a child, the prosperous idea of having a mate and carrying a litter always fascinated him.

Being a hybrid, he was always taught how to be a good little bunny and do basic household chores for his future family.

He was always taught to stay close to his mother, and to stay quiet in front of others.

Especially those with a higher rank than him.

The prime species like wolves, lions, and tigers.

They were at the top of the food chain, and they usually got to decide who they mated with, and no one could tell them otherwise.

That’s the thought that terrified Jungkook.

Going to the ball and falling under the eyes of a much older male who overpowered him, forcing him to carry his children.

The bunny was a fragile little thing, soft baby skin and wide doe eyes.

He had big floppy ears that bounced gently whenever he walked fast or ran.

He grew up close with his other siblings and always followed his momma everywhere.

"Come on baby, let's get you ready." she smiled softly as she gently ran her hands over his ears.

Jungkook whined but nonetheless ran to the restroom to shower, using his apple scented shampoo to wash his hair.

His mother already had his outfit ready for him when he got out, gently handing him a small bag.

"What’s this?" Jungkook gently took the bag, eyeing his mother with huge innocent eyes.

"In case you find a mate today." she gushed, trying to make her baby less nervous and more excited for new beginnings.

Jungkook blushed furiously when he saw the pretty pink lace panties inside the bag, knowing what she was referring to.

Usually when you find a mate, you complete the process the same night.

It consists of both sex and placing a mating mark on the submissive one's neck.

A sign that shows that both mates are taken and mated to each other.

In any case where Jungkook didn't find a mate, then there was always a next year, and the year after that until he found a suitor.

"Momma!" Jungkook gasped before running to the bathroom with his clothes in hand.

He could hear her soft laughter as he closed the door and hesitantly changed into his outfit.

He blushed as he stared at his butt in the mirror, squealing softly before pulling on some jeans.

He made sure to put on the tiniest bit of rose perfume, smiling to himself.

He was starting to loosen up a bit, getting a little bit excited to see if he would find someone.

He rarely ever went out without his mother so this was all new to him, knowing that he would have to go live with a stranger and be his mate.

"Oh my gosh! Baby you look so pretty!" his mother gushed as he stepped out of the bathroom, standing shyly.

"Are you ready to go?" she asked him softly.

Jungkook quickly nodded his head, biting his lip nervously as his mother lead them out the door.

He tried to calm his nerves on the way there, eyes wide as he chewed on his fingers like a child.

"we're here." his mother spoke as Jungkook hesitantly opened the door, watching in fascination as hundreds of people littered around the huge hall.

He shyly walked past people, following close with his mother.

The rules were simple.

Usually, the carriers were separated from the primal species, the ones who had more power.

When the time would come, the announcer would ask all the carriers to line up shoulder to shoulder in rows.

They would then allow the alphas and stronger male hybrids to go around and look for potential mates.

If they found one, then they would take them out of the line, signifying that they had been chosen.

And that was that they were fated.

They barely had any say in the matter, and Jungkook could only hope he gotten chosen by a nice male, or not chosen at all for that matter.

In the rare case that two males chose the same mate, they would do some sort of challenge to see who would be more fit and deemed worthy of the carrier.

They seemed to have arrived at the perfect time as the announcer soon began to speak,

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our annual mating selection where your fate could be set! Now, if i could have all of the carriers please line up shoulder to shoulder over to my right!" the man spoke happily.

"Go baby." Jungkook’s mother gently pushed him forward, making him look back at her with a panicked look on his face.

"Momma I’m scared." he spoke, clinging onto her.

"You’re okay sweetheart, now be a good little bunny and line up." she smiled encouragingly.

He gulped harshly as he looked around, doe eyes wide and full of fear.

Jungkook slowly started walking towards the other people who were already starting to line up.

He looked around with huge doe eyes, shyly standing beside a pretty kitten hybrid who smiled at him.

He shyly smiled back, his teeth front teeth peeking out.

He was much smaller than a lot of other hybrids lined up, some looked quite older than him.

"Okay now if I can have all the alphas and higher ranked hybrids make their way over as well.... Okay very well, let the mating begin! Remember, if you find your mate, please exit to my left."

Jungkook’s heartbeat quickened when he noticed huge bulky alpha males start to walk down rows of carriers.

He tried to keep his head down as he crossed his fingers in hopes that no one would stand before him.

He was shaking slightly when he saw shoes walk past him, sighing in relief when he heard them stop more far down the row.

He could hear the girl hybrid gasping lightly when the male chose her, seeing them leave the room from his peripheral vision.

After about ten minutes of nothing, he grew bored, now with the impression that he was safe and would not be chosen.

He hummed lightly as the nervous feeling he had a while ago left, now just waiting for the time to end so that he could leave with his momma.

But then he heard gasps and he couldn't help himself when he looked up curiously.

There was a male entering the room, a handsome one at that.

He had dark brown hair and thick brows; lips formed in a straight line as he proceeded to approach the group.

The tiger ears on the top of his head were hard to miss as whispers filled Jungkook’s ears, and the unmistakable sounds of girls giggling.

It was clear who was the most desired male in the room.

His aura screamed dominance as he took long strides, making Jungkook grow nervous when he began to walk down the rows.

His breathing picked up when he noticed the male turn down his row, making him let out the tiniest whimper.

But he knew every high ranked male heard it, considering the high spike in pheromones in the room.

He wanted to curl up into a ball and disappear in that moment, cheeks flushed as he clenched his thighs together.

His footsteps were loud as he grew closer, Jungkook’s eyes finding his shoes more interesting.

And then they finally stop,

In front of him.

Jungkook shut his eyes tightly, his baby brain thinking that he could get out of a situation if he refused to acknowledge it.

"Look at me." he heard him speak, voice deeper than he had expected.

Jungkook shakily looked up, wide doe eyes staring at the beautiful man before him.

His gaze was enticing, and he smelled delicious, like all of Jungkook’s favorite scents mixed together.

And then he was suddenly being grabbed by the arm firmly, yet gently.

"What is your name?" he asked again, voice leaving no room for argument.

He could see the people around them beginning to stare as he found himself unable to speak.

"Are you able to speak?" he asked again, brows furrowed.

It wasn't that he was being rude or anything, it was pretty common for bunny hybrids to not speak.

Either selective mutism or deafness was common amongst bunnies, something about them being small and fragile animals.

He meekly nodded at last, grey bunny ears flopping lightly.

"J-Jungkook." he whispered softly, feeling the grip on his arm tightly slightly.

"How old are you?" he asked immediately after.

"Eighteen." Jungkook spoke, eyes not meeting his.

The tiger was silent for a second before he grew closer, making Jungkook instinctively try to pull away.

"Stay still." he murmured as he ran his nose along his neck, inhaling his scent.

Jungkook was frozen in place, a tiny whimper threatening to escape.

"Who did you come with?" he asked, confusing Jungkook with his question.

"M-My momma." he spoke softly, making the tiger eye him with a glint in his eyes.

"Would you like to say goodbye to her before we go?"

And that's when Jungkook knew that he was mated for life.

His lips parted slightly as he stared up at the tiger before quickly nodding his head like a child.

The male waited for Jungkook’s legs to shakily start moving away from the line and towards his mother who was nearly in tears.

He could feel the male's presence close behind him, making him walk faster to his mother.

"Momma!" Jungkook exclaimed as he hugged her tightly, feeling her arms around him.

"Oh my baby." she whispered as she pressed a kiss to his hair.

She could see the tiger male standing not far behind them, watching the interaction with sharp eyes.

"You're all grown up." she spoke as tears filled her eyes.

Jungkook couldn't help the little sob that left his lips as he hugged his mother one last time.

"I love you so much baby, remember to be a good little bunny for your mate, okay?"

Jungkook pouted as he quickly nodded, feeling strong arms going around his small waist and gently pulling him back.

He looked at his mother sadly as he began to walk away to his new life, watching her smile at him reassuringly through tears.

He silently followed the male out to his car, where he sat for the next hour in silence.

The male didn't speak to him as he drove, soft music playing through the radio.

The bunny grew tired as he stared out the window, eyes droopy as he leaned against the glass.

When the car finally came to a stop they were in front of a huge house, bigger than any Jungkook had ever seen.

He gasped loudly as the tiger got out of the car to open the door for him.

He quickly stepped out with childlike wonder as the tiger led him to the house.

"This is your new home. My name is Taehyung." he spoke as he opened the door, making Jungkook’s lips part slightly.

Taehyung let him explore around a little bit before he began to walk up the stairs, making the bunny quickly follow behind to not get lost.

They walked down a long hallway before Taehyung finally opened a door.

"This is our room." he said, making way for Jungkook to step in.

The bunny nervously stepped into the huge bedroom, jumping slightly when he heard Taehyung close the door behind them.

He knew what was about to happen.

He could smell the spike in the tiger's scent and his loud breathing from right behind him.

He knew the tiger could hear his erratic heartbeat and his labored breathing.

The tiger slowly turned him around to face him, eyes unwavering as they stared down at him.

"You're still a virgin?" he asked, already knowing the answer by the way the bunny's small frame trembled.

"Yes." he squeaked out, bottom lip quivering when the tiger slowly leaned in closer.

"Have you been kissed before?" he spoke huskily, eyes darting between his lips and his eyes.

Jungkook gulped harshly before shaking his head, suddenly feeling a hand wrapped around his waist.

And then he was kissing him, rough lips pressed against his.

It was like heaven.

A whine left Jungkook’s lips as taehyung pressed him flush against his chest.

Jungkook willingly parted his lips, allowing Taehyung’s tongue to enter his mouth.

The little bunny was over the moon, tummy swirling with butterflies as Taehyung kissed him.

His lips were red and swollen by the time taehyung pulled away, breathing labored.

He watched with red cheeks as taehyung began to unbutton his shirt and unbuckle his belt.

Jungkook stood silently as he waited for him to finish, not knowing exactly what to do.

He shyly stared at Taehyung's bare chest as the male grew closer until he was pressing their foreheads together.

And then he was gently petting his bunny ears, the most sensitive part of him.

Jungkook shut his eyes as he hummed softly, leaning in closer.

He continued to do so for a little longer before he felt hands trying to remove his shirt, making him voluntarily lift his arms.

Next were his pants, the revelation of what was underneath making a low growl come up the tiger's throat.

Jungkook flushed when he was left in his pink lace panties, thick pale thighs on display for the male to see.

He was gently pushed back onto the bed, the tiger quickly hovering above him.

Jungkook was pressed into the mattress as Taehyung kissed him hard before planting open mouth kisses down his neck and collarbones until he reached his nipples.

He gently pinched and twisted them, drawing small squeaks from Jungkook.

And then he was kissing his tummy, gently prepping kisses down to the lace of his panties.

Jungkook sighed softly when Taehyung nuzzled his face into the center of his tummy, staying there for a few seconds.

Because both knew that after this, he would be carrying his cubs.

And then Taehyung was suddenly on his knees and prying his legs apart.

Jungkook obediently spread them open, feeling the tiger begin to pull down his panties down his legs.

He began to slightly bite on his fingers nervously, eyes cautiously watching Taehyung's every move.

Jungkook whined and covered his face when Taehyung stared down at his little pussy, a soft shade of pink and smooth to the touch.

Taehyung leaned over again to kiss him, making Jungkook realize what he was trying to prepare him for.

"Please g-go slow." he stuttered over his words, doe eyes staring at the tiger with a look of fear.

The tiger stared at him before his eyes softened at his words and he kissed him slowly.

Jungkook whimpered into the kiss when he felt a finger gently slip inside of him, making him tightly grip onto Taehyung's shoulders.

He arched his back when he felt taehyung begin to pump the finger in and out of him.

The tiger pulled away from the kiss, softly kissing Jungkook’s cheek as the bunny scrunched his face up at the foreign feeling.

When Taehyung added a second finger, Jungkook let out the tiniest moan, feeling his long fingers deep inside of him.

At last, he removed them all together, making Jungkook inhale shakily.

And then Taehyung was leaning back slightly and removing his underwear.

Jungkook blinked quickly as he looked down to see the male's member in full display.

He gasped lightly at the sight of it, extremely hard and thick in size.

He was huge to say the least, taehyung gripping it tightly as he held one of Jungkook’s thighs tightly.

He slowly began to lead the head of his cock against Jungkook’s cunt, teasingly running it up and down his pussy lips.

Jungkook jolted at the feeling, a loud whine leaving his lips.

He could hear Taehyung hissing at the feeling of warmth and wetness against his cock.

He slowly began to press into him as he leaned over to hover above him, hand on his cock to push himself inside.

Jungkook's whimpered loudly as the male's cock slowly sank into him, closing his eyes shut as the pain suddenly hit him.

Tears fell down the sides of his temple as Taehyung finished thrusting in, staying still to let him adjust to the stretch.

Jungkook had a tight grip on Taehyung's shoulders, feeling the tiger bury his face into his neck.

"Such a good bunny." Taehyung huskily spoke by his ear, making Jungkook sniff lightly.

"H-Hurts." he cried softly, feeling the male's member practically in his tummy.

"I know. You're okay." he murmured as he wiped his tears away.

Jungkook was shaking when Taehyung slowly pulled out and proceeded to thrust back in.

He repeated it over and over again gently, jaw tightening and veins popping.

"Taking me so well baby." Taehyung breathed, making Jungkook’s stomach fill with butterflies at the praise and the cute pet name.

He couldn't help himself when he moaned softly, clenching around the thick member once he began to feel pleasure.

The tiger growled in his throat as pressed into him, cock hitting his sweet spot.

He arched his back, and he ran his nails down Taehyung's back, body slightly bouncing with every thrust.

"O-Oh!" he cried out when Taehyung slammed into him faster, eyes closed shut and lips quivering.

"Are you ready for me? Hm?" Taehyung growled out as he quickened his pace, watching the cute bunny.

"Y-Yes! W-Wanna be your mate!" Jungkook babbled as pleasure consumed him.

"Fuck." Taehyung cursed when he felt his release coming, watching as Jungkook exposed his neck.

He could feel his sharp teeth elongating as he gently kissed the area he would be biting into.

He didn't waste any time before marking the baby bunny, listening to his poor yelps of pain.

His teeth sank into his soft skin at the same time he came inside of him.

Jungkook moaned weakly as he panted, feeling the tiger’s sharp teeth biting into him.

After a few more seconds he finally released his neck, licking the wound gently when he heard Jungkook wincing.

He slowly slipped out of him soon after, watching as Jungkook scrunched up his nose in pain.

Taehyung couldn't help but look down to see his member smeared with his own release and a small hint of blood.

He looked at the bunny's small little pussy onto to see his own release spilling out.

His poor little pussy lips were red and swollen, thighs trembling like crazy.

Taehyung slowly got up to grab a warm cloth, quickly turning back when he heard Jungkook call out to him,

"P-Please d-don't leave me!"

He could hear the hurt in his voice at the thought of his mate leaving right after taking his virginity.

"I’ll be right back bun." Taehyung murmured as he leaned down to press a warm kiss to his temple.

The bunny pouted as he watched the tiger disappear for a few seconds before returning.

He gently began to clean the cum dripping down his legs before slowly fingering him again to push his cum further in.

Jungkook just sighed softly as his tired eyes closed shut, allowing his mate to take care of him.

Once he was satisfied, Taehyung slipped into bed with him, gently bringing the sleepy bunny into his arms and falling asleep with his mate against his chest.


The next morning Jungkook was awakened by the feeling of Taehyung's lips on his bare shoulder.

He sleepily rubbed his eyes as he turned around to face his mate, loud yawn leaving his lips.

"W-What are you doing?" Jungkook’s big doe eyes stared at the tiger, voice clouded with sleep.

"Kissing you." the tiger murmured, before planting a big kiss on his lips.

After a few more sweet kisses Taehyung gently scooped the bunny up in his arms, taking him to the warm bath.

The bunny sighed in content when the warm water hit his body, shoulders instantly relaxing against his mate.

He was sitting between the tiger’s legs, back pressed against his chest.

Taehyung began to gently clean him with a soft cloth, hands running over his arms and legs, taking extra time on his thick thighs.

He hesitated when he went over his tummy, fingers dropping the cloth and instead focused on caressing the soft skin.

Jungkook slowly smiled, bunny teeth peeking out adorably as he slightly turned around to see Taehyung's face.

"D-Do you think we'll have bunnies?" he asked hopefully, making Taehyung quickly kiss his cheek.

"I don't think so baby. The tiger gene is too strong." he murmured, voice sounding almost apologetic.

Jungkook let out a small noise of disappointment in his throat, eyes sad because he had really been hoping to have bunnies.

"I’m sorry love, I know." Taehyung sighed as he hugged him from behind, resting his chin on his shoulder.

"B-But Kookie wanted bunnies!" he spoke childishly, bottom lip quivering.

"You can have tiger cubs, okay? Pretty cubs like you." Taehyung soothed, making the bunny suddenly stop his moping.

"C-Cubs?" he asked softly before a tiny giggle left his lips.

"I’m going to carry a litter!" he spoke happily, bunny ears flopping around.

Taehyung smiled as he shook his head, happy that the bunny was happy with carrying his babies.

After a little longer he drained the water and they finally got dressed in comfortable clothes.

Jungkook wore one of Taehyung's t-shirts, and some sweatpants that he had to roll up a few times for them to fit decently.

He limped and whimpered the second Taehyung allowed him to walk on his own, doe eyes staring back at him until the male carried him again.

"How old is TaeTae?" he asked as they sat in the living room, watching a random cartoon that Jungkook insisted they watch.

"Twenty-four." he replied, fingers gently rubbing his ears.

Jungkook hummed lightly, nose pressed against Taehyung's jawline.

"Why hadn't you found a mate yet?" Jungkook asked softly, curious eyes staring up at the male.

The tiger must have gone every year to the mating selection, the question was why hadn't he settled for someone already?

Taehyung stayed quiet for a few seconds before a breathy laugh left his lips, "I guess because they weren't you."

Jungkook blushed instantly, bunny teeth peeking out as he slightly hit Taehyung's chest.

"Everyone was looking at you when you walked in." Jungkook recalled, doe eyes staring at him in awe.

Taehyung shook his head and sighed before a small smirk rose onto his lips.

"Is that why you were whimpering like a little baby?" he mused as he pushed Jungkook onto his lap, forcing the boy to straddle him.

Jungkook shrieked lightly before shyly trying to bury his face into Taehyung's chest.

"I’m not a baby!" he pouted.

"You're right, you're not a baby. You're my baby." Taehyung teased as he began to attack Jungkook’s face with kisses.

The bunny cried out before giggles erupted from his lips, tummy filled with butterflies.


Jungkook whimpered shakily when Taehyung slammed into him from behind.

The poor bunny was on his hands and knees on the bed as the tiger pounded into him roughly.

The sounds of his thick ass hitting Taehyung's pelvic bone was loud as the flesh jiggled with every thrust.

The tiger was grunting loudly as he fucked the poor bunny into oblivion, warm pussy clenching around him so good.

Large hands gripped firmly onto Jungkook’s bunny ears, making him tilt his head back.

Jungkook was a whimpering crying mess when Taehyung roughly smacked his ass with one hand, the other pulling on his big floppy ears.

He could feel the tiger’s cock so deep inside of him, thick head pressed against his most sensitive spot.

The poor bunny was being fucked so hard that he went a little dumb.

"Momma!" he cried like a child, small frame shaking violently as a sob left his lips.

His knees gave out, making him fall face first into the mattress.

Taehyung immediately stopped his movements and pulled out before turning the bunny around.

The bunny's eyes were tear stained and his cheeks were flushed.

Taehyung could see the way his bottom lip was bitten, and it quivered violently.

"T-Too much. C-can't-" he stuttered between tears, hands shakily gripping onto the tiger.

"I know I’m sorry bunny. I’m sorry." he whispered apologetically, thumbs gently wiping his tears away.

The bunny sniffled as he grabbed at his own ears, wincing lightly.

Taehyung's heart almost broke at the sight, feeling so guilty about hurting his own mate.

Perhaps that was the reason not a lot of hybrids chose bunnies to mate with.

Sure, they were beautiful and small and just overall cute.

But they were also very sensitive and delicate. They bruised too easily and always wanted their mother with them.

They were too childish and needed to be held most of the time.

That's why most of the time male bunnies just mate with female bunnies, knowing that there is less of a chance that the female will be hurt in the process of mating.

The bunny was choking on his cries as he stared up at the tiger, desperately trying to rub his tears away.

"Sh you're okay sweetheart. Such a good little bunny for me." Taehyung soothed as he kissed his forehead.

"M-My bunny parts h-hurt." he cried, pointing down to his most-likely sore cunt.

"I’m sorry love, I didn't mean to hurt you."

After what felt like forever Jungkook was now more mentally stable, no longer crying for his mother.

Taehyung sighed as he continued to draw circles on the bunny's back, afraid that if he stopped, he would start crying again.

He should have known that he should be gentler with the bunny but lust had taken over.

He began to gently put on the baby's panties, petting his little puffy tail in the process.

The tired bunny fell asleep soon after that.


It wasn't until a few days later that Jungkook met Taehyung's mother.

She had come to visit from abroad, claiming that wanted to meet Taehyung's mate.

As soon as Jungkook heard the doorbell ring, he made a beeline towards their bedroom where taehyung was still sleeping.

The bunny had almost slipped on his socks a few times as he jumped on top of the tiger in only a big t-shirt and some black panties.

"TaeTae!" he whimpered, violently shaking the tiger.

The tiger immediately woke up, eyes darting around the room for any possible danger.

Once they landed on the bunny on top of him, he visibly relaxed.

"T-There's someone at the door!" he spoke in a hushed whisper, eyes filled with fear.

"Sh it's okay bunny. I’ll go look." he soothed as he kissed his lips gently before getting up.

As it turned out it was just his mother who hugged and kissed her son upon spotting him.

"Well, where is he?" she asked as she looked around the house.

But the bunny was hiding behind his mate, big floppy ears peeking over his shoulder.

He was gripping tightly onto the back of his shirt, thighs shaking in fear.

Taehyung sighed before moving to the side, gently pushing Jungkook forward.

Jungkook whimpered lightly as he stood within view, ears cast down as he felt eyes on him.

"A bunny." Taehyung's mother spoke, tone unrecognizable.

Jungkook's grey ears were lightly brushing against his cheeks, making him look even more adorable.

Jungkook slowly looked up to see the woman staring at him, tiger ears perched on top of her head.

It was clear that both of Taehyung's parents were tiger hybrids, no wonder the male seemed stronger than others.

He was purebred.

But that only frightened him even more, knowing that the woman was a tiger species who could easily try to hurt him.

Jungkook could feel Taehyung tense beside him at his mother's words, the bunny didn't know what to do.

"How dare you!" his mother accused, a shocked gasp leaving her lips at the sight of the bunny standing shyly.

Taehyung felt a growl rising from his lips at his own mother’s words before she continued.

"Oh, you poor little baby! You must have been in so much pain because of my stupid son!" she spoke as she pulled the bunny into a warm him, making him let out a small yelp.

She kissed both of his cheeks once she pulled away, eyes narrowing at her own son.

"You ruthless savage!" she accused, making the tiger roll his eyes.

"Calm down mother." Taehyung sighed.

Jungkook was silently watching them with wide doe eyes, not used to their mother-son bond when his momma treated him like a baby.

"Oh, poor bunny. Have you been taking any vitamins at all? You're one of the smallest bunnies I’ve ever seen! You need to be strong and healthy to carry all of those cubs for three months!"

Taehyung's mother babbled on as she gently rubbed the bunny's tummy.

"Mother what are you talking about?" Taehyung asked slowly.

"Well, he's clearly pregnant." she spoke as if everyone in the room was stupid to the fact.

Taehyung froze as Jungkook’s eyes widened, both mates staring at the lady as if she had gone mad.

"What?" Jungkook asked softly, eyes shining at the possibility.

"Oh, you don't know! Baby your instincts tell me you're already carrying possibly a litter." she spoke gently.

"How?" Taehyung spoke, still shocked at the news.

"He had his hands over his stomach when I was approaching him. What a cute little momma you'll be." she cooed.

Jungkook looked over at Taehyung to see him already staring at him, admiration in his eyes.

"Well, have you all eaten breakfast yet?" she called as she made her way to the kitchen, not waiting for an answer before starting to make food.

Meanwhile Taehyung walked over to hug his mate slowly, brain still trying to process that the bunny was carrying little babies.

Jungkook pressed his face into the tiger’s chest, arms around his waist.

Taehyung gently massaged the nape of his neck before pressing a kiss into his hair.

"Are you feeling okay?" he murmured.

"Mhm." Jungkook nodded his head quickly, giggling softly when Taehyung lightly patted his bottom.

Soon after breakfast Taehyung's mother talked about to the boys about the next few steps into the pregnancy.

They decided to keep it all a surprise and a bit old fashioned if Taehyung was being honest.

They agreed to no ultrasounds, which removed the knowledge of how many cubs he would have and the genders.

He would give birth at home in the company of his mate, much like every single hybrid did.

They wanted everything to be a surprise.

The next few weeks went by in a blink of an eye, Jungkook’s tummy swelling extremely quickly.

The pregnancy was only a mere three months for the sole reason of litters.

Carrying them for any longer would not result well for the mother-to-be.

The small bunny had developed an insatiable craving for carrots, munching on the sticks at every chance he got.

Taehyung thought he looked so cute whenever he ate, bunny teeth nibbling on the vegetable while his other hand rested on his tummy.

Taehyung's heart always melted at the sight of his bump, fingers caressing it every chance he got.

He couldn't help but imagine the amount of cubs that would be running around in just a few more weeks.

But his thoughts were cut short by the doorbell ringing.

Almost immediately he heard little pitter-patter as Jungkook waddled over from the kitchen, carrot stick in hand.

"Baby don't run. Be careful." Taehyung frowned lightly before ruffling his hair.

Jungkook nodded quickly, doe eyes staring at the door in fear as he clutched the carrot tightly in his hand.

When the tiger walked over to open the door, Jungkook stayed by the living room.

"Yo, Taehyung! What’s up!" he heard a loud voice speak.

And then multiple voices all trying to talk at the same time.

"Long time no see!"

"Are you gonna hug me or what?"

"So like can we come in?"

"Is he here?"

And then silence, before Jungkook heard footsteps getting closer, making him slowly walk backwards.

His little legs were shaking as he stood frozen in place, watching as five other males besides his own mate stepped into the room.

"Hi, it's so nice to meet you!" one of them said as they stepped closer to probably hug the bunny.

"Jimin slow down, bad puppy." another one said, quickly grabbing the touchy boy's arm much to Jungkook’s relief.

"But Yoongi I was just-"

"Hi, I’m Namjoon, and this is my mate Seokjin, and that's Jimin, Yoongi, and Hoseok. We're Taehyung's friends." the lion hybrid spoke with a warm smile, watching as Jungkook placed his hand over his stomach protectively.

"H-Hi." the bunny stuttered as he looked at Taehyung, desperate for help.

Taehyung smiled encouragingly as he walked over to his side, hearing Jimin coo when the tiger kissed his temple.

"So do you know how many cubs you're having?" Seokjin asked.

"N-No, it's a secret." Jungkook shook his head, large ears flopping.

"Can I touch your belly?" Jimin asked slowly, waiting for approval.

Jungkook bit his lip as he looked up at the tiger, mentally asking if it was okay for them to touch.

When the tiger gave a small nod, the bunny quickly nodded his head, a small smile on his lips because he realized they meant no harm.

Jimin let out a small squeal before gently placing his hand on the bunny's swollen stomach.

Jungkook looked at Jimin who was already staring at him with a warm smile before trying to hand him the already bitten carrot in his hand.

"Oh, no thank you. You better eat that so you can help your babies grow." Jimin declined the sweet offer politely, trying his hardest not to pinch his cheeks.

Jungkook's big doe eyes stared at him in awe before quickly nodding and munching on the carrot stick once again.


Taehyung couldn't help it.

He couldn't help himself when the bunny smelled so sweet and felt so nice against his body.

He couldn't help himself when he began to slowly rub boy's cute little pussy through his panties.

The bunny gasped softly as he sat still, lips parted, and eyes screwed shut.

The tiger took that as a good sign to pull his underwear aside and push his finger in.

He groaned when he felt how the little bunny clenched around his finger, warmth enveloping him.

He pressed an open-mouthed kiss to his mate mark, drawing a small mewl from Jungkook.

He gently pumped his finger in and out for a while, the cute bunny had a hand over his swollen tummy.

It was only when Taehyung removed his finger and pressed his cock against his pussy lips that the bunny panicked.

"No, no, no!" he cried softly, scared that the tiger would thrust into him roughly like the last time.

He was scared mostly for his cubs, fearful of the idea of them accidentally getting hurt in the process.

Taehyung sighed softly as he brought the bunny into his lap, pregnant belly between them.

"I’m not going to hurt you baby." he murmured as he held the bunny's soft hips.

The bunny softly rubbed his eyes with a fist, pout on his lips.

"B-But TaeTae g-goes too fast." he whispered, cheeks flushed and doe eyes wide.

And that's how the bunny ended up riding the tiger at his own pace, thick thighs trembling every time he bounced up and down.

His pretty grey bunny ears flopped around every time he sank down on the huge cock, loud whines leaving his lips.

Taehyung groaned at the feeling of being inside of him, watching with lust filled eyes as the bunny cried and threw his head back.

His pretty pink nipples jiggled lightly as he rode his cock seeing as he was beginning to lactate.

The bunny was more than ready to provide for his young.

They had just noticed it a few days ago, the bunny gasping when he saw a trail of milk going down his chest.

"F-Feels good." the bunny moaned as he held onto the tiger’s shoulders, slowly picking himself up and dropping down.

"There you go bunny. That's it baby." Taehyung hissed when Jungkook rolled his hips, lewd noises filling the room.

Taehyung pressed his lips to the bunny's chest, lapping up any spilled milk that fell from his nipples.

He growled lowly, one hand placed on his bunny's tummy.

"Fuck." Taehyung cursed as he came inside the boy, making the bunny tiredly stop moving, and rest his head on his shoulder.

Jungkook was breathing heavily as he bit his lip, feeling the tigers thick cum shoot inside of him.

It was warm and it made his insides feel so full.

After a while he slowly pulled himself up and Taehyung's cock slipped out, a wet noise filling the room as loads of cum fell with it.

The bunny whimpered as he laid on his side, giving Taehyung a good view of his own cum spilling out of his little pussy.

Taehyung couldn't help the boost in his ego, quickly leaning over to press a kiss to his lips.

" 'm sleepy." the bunny whined.

"Okay then baby. Go to sleep, did so good."


The next few weeks went by quicker than ever, the tiger and his friends helping fix the nursery for the cubs to come.

They weren't sure how many to expect so they over-prepared with the cribs.

As for the room design, they went for a jungle theme considering they were tigers and that would help them feel more at home.

Overall, it turned out fantastic and both mates were happy with the outcome.

So, when the time came that Jungkook began to surround himself with Taehyung's favorite sweaters and t-shirts, everyone was no longer panicking.

Taehyung would just watch as the bunny busied himself with fixing the wonderfully smelling clothes and sniffing them every so often with a smile on his face.

Jungkook's stomach was so big and round, beautiful stretch marks littered all over his sides and his ass.

But he was so beautiful to look at, eyes shining and skin glowing.

His cheeks were rounder due to the swelling but it just added to his beauty.

He would giggle childishly whenever he asked the tiger to bring him something to eat, too lazy to get out of bed.

But it wasn't all that magnificent all the time.

He would cry a lot because his back would hurt and the babies would kick a little too often, a little too hard.

He would wake up in the middle of the night to throw up and he couldn't walk a lot with his feet hurting so badly.

Jimin would sometimes go over with Hoseok to keep the bunny company whenever taehyung had to go out.

They could see the bunny's bloodshot eyes whenever it had been a rough night, hugging him gently and trying to cheer him up.


It was a Friday night when the bunny first felt contractions.

He had tried to push them aside and focus on making himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich while taehyung showered.

He could hear the water running as he winced and pressed a hand to his belly, trying to take deep breaths.

After a few seconds the feeling went away and he continued doing his thing, hearing the water being turned off making him sigh in relief.

He heard the bathroom door open and feet walking his way when he felt it.

Hot water dripping down his thighs as he stood in shock, a loud gasp leaving his lips.

"Jungkook?" he heard Taehyung's voice before he appeared from down the hall, hair still wet.

The bunny cried out when he felt another contraction, making the tiger rush to his side.

He could see the puddle of water on the floor and in a flash, he was leading them to the bedroom.

"Okay, okay. Come on sweetheart, it's time." Taehyung tried to speak calmly because he knew that if he panicked, Jungkook would panic as well and that was the last thing he needed.

The bunny was panting and crying in pain because the contractions were stronger and more frequently.

But the second Taehyung places him in between his little nest, he began to feel so much better.

His mate's scent was strong in the bedroom as Taehyung ran around to get supplies for the delivery.

His mother had been over a few times to train him on how to assist his mate, making the process so much easier.

"Okay baby, let me take these off for you." Taehyung breathed as he helped remove his panties.

The bunny was crying softly, sniffing one of Taehyung's t-shirts as the contractions continued but dully.

When the first one came, Taehyung was frozen in shock before helping his bunny deliver their first cub, little cries filling the room.

Taehyung was nearly in tears when he held his cub before wiping him down and laying him beside his momma.

Jungkook slowly reached out to caress his little cheek, eyes filled with love.

The second one came about thirty minutes later, Jungkook wincing lightly as Taehyung helped pull him out.

He gently placed him besides the first one, making Jungkook gently kiss his cheek.

"Come on baby, you can do it. Such a good mommy." Taehyung encouraged, Jungkook’s chest rising and falling quickly.

The third cub came about ten minutes later, a beautiful little girl in Taehyung's arms.

She was a loud crier as Jungkook eyed her with tears running down his cheeks.

He could feel the pressure and pain slowly leaving his body, making him realize that there was most likely only one more baby left to deliver.

"I’m tired." Jungkook whimpered softly.

"I know sweet. Come on you can do it." Taehyung soothed.

Jungkook tiredly pushed until he felt another little one leave his body, eyes closing shut.

Taehyung was quiet as he wiped the last one down before placing him besides Jungkook.

Jungkook slowly opened his eyes when he felt his last baby beside him, wide doe eyes staring at his littlest little baby.

"Oh Tae, it's a bunny." he breathed, watching as the little bunny whimpered and cried softly.

He looked so small and fragile beside his other brothers and his sister.

The only bunny amongst his other tiger cubs.

Taehyung helped clean Jungkook up so that the new mother could feed his little ones.

"Maybe the little one first?" Taehyung asked softly, watching as Jungkook stared at him expectantly.

"Can I?" the bunny asked again, slowly reaching out for his baby.

It was clear that Jungkook was cautious about picking up the baby bunny, fearful that the new father might take it as an offense to his cubs.

He didn't want taehyung to think that he was favoring his own kind.

"of course, bun." Taehyung nodded, watching as Jungkook smiled down at the whimpering baby in his arms.

He slowly guided his lips to his nipple, cooing softly when the bunny's lips automatically latched onto his breast.

Jungkook was sniffling lightly as the baby fed from him, small noises filling the room as he sucked on the milk.

Taehyung leaned over to press a kiss to Jungkook’s forehead, hands gently petting his bunny ears.

"I-I can feed another one." Jungkook spoke, making Taehyung eye the bunny was a proud smile on his face.

He slowly nodded before gently handing him a cub and helping the little one latch onto his other nipple.

After a while the bunny fell asleep, lips parted slightly.

Taehyung slowly took his little baby from Jungkook's arms and laid him down to rest.

He slowly handed Jungkook another cub to feed until all four of their newborns were full and well fed.

Jungkook was barely holding onto consciousness before taehyung told him it was okay to sleep, and their babies were safe.

All in all, the delivery was a huge success.


Taehyung's friends were the first to visit Jungkook after giving birth, being mindful of the new momma's overprotectiveness.

Hoseok made sure to hold one of the cubs within Jungkook’s eyesight, aware of his round doe eyes on him.

Jimin was all smiles as he held the little girl tiger, cooing at her and making conversation with Jungkook.

Namjoon held onto the third cub with Seokjin hovering over his shoulder, making silly faces at the hybrid.

But Taehyung was the only one Jungkook trusted with his bunny, his tiny fragile grey haired baby.

Everyone had gasped at the sight of him, hearts melting when they saw him sleeping his life away.

They had yet to name them, too focused on caring for them properly.

At first Jungkook had been afraid to let the bunny sleep with his siblings, always keeping an eye on them.

But after seeing how one of the cubs nuzzled into the bunny's ears and whined softly, he knew the little baby would be okay.

Taehyung gently bounced the bunny in his arms as Jungkook talked with Jimin.

The little one had surely come as a surprise, a rare case for bunnies who weren't mated to their own kind.

But he was more than happy to have another bunny under his care, feeling more than a little overprotective.


"Tae look!" Jungkook giggled when he blew a raspberry on one of the cubs' tummies, listening to his little squeals and giggles.

Taehyung couldn't help the smile that etched across his face at the sight, gently pushing Jungkook down on the bed and doing the same to him.

The bunny squirmed and giggled loudly as Taehyung blew on his tummy, face flushed.

"Stop!" he squeaked out.

Taehyung smiled as he came up to kiss his lips sweetly, making the bunny blush prettily and let out a whine.

They shared a few more kisses before the sounds of cries pulled them apart, both mates going to pick up their fussy babies.

Jungkook was so proud of himself for breastfeeding his little cubs, proudly watching as they grew chubbier and healthy with his care.

But that didn't mean there wasn't nights when one of the cubs didn't want to latch on and Jungkook would just sit there crying alongside his child.

His breasts would hurt, and he was tired all the time, not to mention he quickly realized how fast they went through diapers.

Being a parent was hard.


It wasn't until the cubs began to crawl that Taehyung contacted Jungkook’s mother and invited her over to visit.

Jungkook had cried at the sight of her, quickly throwing himself into her arms and becoming a child all over again.

"Momma!" he cried softly, inhaling her sweet scent, and instantly feeling at home.

"Oh bunny! I’ve missed you so much." she spoke, hugging him tightly.

After a few minutes of hugging, his mother slowly let him go.

"Now, Taehyung tells me you've had your own litter?" she spoke, gently petting Jungkook’s hair.

The bunny quickly nodded, leading his mother towards the nursery where the cubs were sleeping.

He slowly opened the door and walked over to the large crib where the babies were all sleeping.

"Oh, my goodness. Baby, they're so beautiful." she gasped, eyes filled with tears as she stared at her grandchildren.

Jungkook stood bashfully, back pressed against Taehyung's chest who immediately wrapped his arms around the boy's waist.

"And you have a bunny of your own. Oh Jungkook, i know how much you've always dreamed of one." she breathed, slowly leaning down to inspect them further.

"Thank you." Jungkook said once his mother had left later on that evening, knowing the tiger did it for him.

Most of the time once carriers are mated, they don't see their families, bound to be by their mate's side forever and their new family.


"Tae?" Jungkook asked softly as he stepped into their bedroom, harshly biting his lip.

The tiger slowly looked up with a sigh, trying his hardest to not say anything.

"I’m sorry." the bunny sniffled, doe eyes sad as he played with his hands.

Taehyung ran his hands down his face, only making the bunny feel worse.

The cubs had been playing in their nursery when one of them accidentally kicked the bunny, causing him to burst into tears.

"Hey! No." he scolded the tiger hybrid, who stared up at his momma with tears in his eyes.

Immediately Jungkook had gone for the bunny, picking him up and trying to calm him down.

Taehyung had watched the scene with cautious eyes, watching as the tiger cub burst into tears as well from being scolded by his momma.

"Jungkook." Taehyung had warned him, growing upset with his mate's behavior.

"He hit him." the bunny spoke as he held the baby bunny in his arms.

And then Taehyung was frowning as he picked up the crying cub and left for their bedroom.

He didn't want to fight with Jungkook on the subject, wanting to wait until the babies were asleep to talk about it.

And now here was Jungkook, coming in to apologize to him.

"Baby it was an accident." Taehyung spoke as Jungkook sniffled and nodded his head.

"I-I know i just get so scared b-because he's so little and-"

"Jungkook they're all little. They're all babies. Just because they're tigers doesn't mean they are dangerous and a threat to their own siblings."

Jungkook could see the little cub playing by himself on their bed, eyes softening at the sight of him giggling by himself.

His eyes watered and his bottom lip quivered because he knew what he did was wrong, and he shouldn't be so hard on his own babies.

"I know... I'm sorry. I-I love all our babies Tae! I do-" Jungkook sniffled, making Taehyung gently bring him into his arms because he knew how much the bunny was hurting as well.

He felt like he wasn't giving the cubs enough attention, but it was just that the bunny was so needy and cried all the time.

"Sh baby I know, you don't have to tell me that." he soothed as he rubbed his mate's back.

"I love t-them so much b-because they're mine and yours. I love to look at them and remind myself that we created them."

Jungkook slowly walked over to his cub who finally noticed him and whimpered softly.

The bunny frowned upon realizing his own cub was afraid of him, which hurt his heart.

And then Taehyung's words rang true. It didn't matter if they were tigers, they were still babies who were afraid of their momma.

"I’m sorry baby." Jungkook whispered as he gently picked up the cub in his arms, cute tail curling around himself.

The cub was whimpering as Jungkook held him close, pressing a soft kiss to his hair.

Jungkook hadn't noticed when Taehyung left the room and returned with their small little bunny.

Jungkook smiled softly when Taehyung held him out, watching as the little bunny kicked and fussed around once he saw his brother.

Jungkook set the cub down on their bed and watched as the bunny quickly crawled over to the cub and nuzzled into his back.

The cub was whining, eyes pleading adorably for Jungkook to help him but the bunny just giggled, feeling strong arms going around his waist.

Perhaps the bunny wasn't as defenseless as he assumed.


"Owie! Hurts!" Jungkook cried when one of the cubs bit on his nipple hard.

But he couldn't find it in himself to get angry, not when the little tiger was staring up at him with wide innocent eyes.

"don't be like your daddy. He's a meany." Jungkook huffed when he recalled how Taehyung had been playing around and accidentally bit his nipple too hard.

The bunny had cried from the pain, making Taehyung feel awful because he knew his teeth were sharp and strong.

The cub's long lashes blinked up at him sleepily, cute noises leaving his lips as he sucked on the pink nipple.

"I heard my name." Taehyung teaser as he walked into the room, cuddly bunny in his arms.

As it turned out the bunny was attached to his daddy, nuzzling into him adorably every chance he got.

Jungkook had been fascinated at the sight, not recalling a time when he would ever think to do such a thing with a hybrid of his species.

"He keeps biting me now." Jungkook pouted as the tiger's eyes slowly closed but his lips continued latched onto him.

Taehyung gently took the cub into his arms before handing the hungry bunny to Jungkook.

"Hi baby." Jungkook gently touched his nose with the tip of his index finger, watching as the bunny smiled and blinked rapidly.

"Are you hungry?" the bunny spoke as he positioned the baby at his nipple.

The bunny was having a bit of trouble latching on, making Jungkook frown a bit.

Jungkook gently took his own nipple and pressed it to the baby's lips, smiling in relief when he immediately started sucking.

"There you go." Jungkook giggled as he brushed the boy’s bunny ears out of his face.

They were the same color as his, making his heart swell.


As the cubs grew older Jungkook couldn't help but cry as one by one they stopped feeding from him.

They grew chubbier, with little rolls of fat and Jungkook knew he had done all he could.

His stomach never went back to how it was before all the cubs but Taehyung loved it.

He loved reminding his bunny how pretty he was.

He loved to worship his mate in bed and make love to him.

He loved to kiss him gently and whisper to him how good of a mother he was to their babies.

The first time one of the cubs called him "Momma" he cried all day long.

Taehyung had just gotten home from work, and he immediately went to assist his mate.

The bunny had cried as he told him, making Taehyung smile and shake his head.

When the cubs were old enough to go to school, Jungkook was panicking.

Taehyung had to hold him back as they watched the cubs walk into their classroom, looking adorable with their backpacks.

"Take care of your brother." Jungkook had repeated a dozen times on the way there, eyes nervously watching his baby bunny play with a toy in his hands.

"Yes momma." they spoke in unison.

Jungkook's nervousness quickly when away once they got home to an empty house.

Taehyung practically tackled him down to their bed, growling in his throat as he kissed him roughly.

"Finally, we have the house to ourselves." Taehyung murmured, pressing open mouthed kisses to his mate mark.

The bunny moaned as he turned his head to the side, giving the tiger more access to him.

"Come on baby. Scream my name bunny." the tiger growled as he flipped the bunny onto his tummy and removed his panties.

He didn't wait before thrusting into him, listening to the bunny's whine and the tremble in his thighs.

He was on his hands and knees as Taehyung fucked into him, ass jiggling with every snap of his hips.

"T-Tae!" he cried as he held onto the sheets, tears down his face and cheeks flushed.

The tiger only went faster, thick cock pressing so deliciously inside of him.

He was babbling and shaking by the time the tiger came, curling up into his lap.

He was still inside of the bunny as he kissed all over his face softly.

"Hey, I love you." Taehyung murmured as he kissed his lips.

Jungkook's heart soared like the first time he heard Taehyung say those words to him.

They had gone to a pretty flower field and had a picnic, Jimin had so kindly offered to take care of the cubs.

Taehyung had gently brushed a strand of hair out of his eyes before placing a pretty flower in his hair.

It was so magically as he said those three words to him, eyes shining with unshed tears.

The bunny had tears down his cheeks as he giggled softly, sniffling as he launched himself into the tiger’s arms.

He wouldn't stop repeating it the rest of the day, giggling to himself as he swung their hands back and forth.

Jimin had stared at the bunny with cautious eyes as Taehyung explained what had happened, making the boy congratulate him.

And if Jungkook became pregnant after that, no one was surprised.

The bunny was still very much young and fertile, more than capable of carrying a few more cubs.

Taehyung had twirled him around when he found out, eyes shining with pride as he kissed his mate.

He ended up delivering two babies, one cub and another bunny.

He loved them with all his heart, eyes shining when he introduced his other cubs to the newborns.

They all stared hesitantly when taehyung ushered them forward to take a peek, their eyes wide and curious.

"Can I carry him momma?" one of the cubs asked as they stared at the newborn bunny in his mother's arms.

And this time Jungkook smiled before nodding his head, "Go sit down next to your daddy so I can put him on your lap."

The cub eagerly ran and waited for his little brother to be placed in his arms, little legs in front of him.

He could feel his other little bunny hugging his leg, making him look down at the baby's wide doe eyes.

"Bunny?" he asked, blinking up at him.

The boy rarely said a word other than to call for his momma and occasionally share a giggle with his siblings.

He was a shy little thing, always craving for the warmth of his mother and father provided.

He reminded Jungkook of himself growing up, feeling so dependent of his momma to teach him everything about life.

Not to mention the bunny was the only carrier, besides his little sister, in the first litter.

He had so much to learn.

"Yeah, he's a bunny too." Jungkook spoke softly as he picked up his baby, he was still his baby.

He looked up at his mate, his strong tiger mate who was carrying his newest cub with a smile on his face.

He stared longingly until Taehyung finally noticed him staring, eyes dark and calculating before they softened.

They always softened when he looked at him.

Always so gentle and comforting when he needed it the most.

And so, he smiled, big bunny teeth peeking out as his eyes scrunched up and his ears flopped around.

Because he was so happy.

So grateful that he had found a mate like Taehyung to love and cherish him.

He could still remember how scared he was of the tiger hybrid, not understanding how he could be afraid of a big cat.

A big goofy cat because that's all he really was.

He could see the admiration and pride in Taehyung's eyes whenever he looked at him and he bathed in the praise he received from him.

He was his little bunny and taehyung was his strong tiger.

His warm, fluffy tiger who made him feel so safe in his arms.

And most importantly, he felt like home.