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I Get Back What I Give

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According to Aizawa, today 1-A had a “special training lesson” today, which meant that either it was going to be very fun and rewarding, or someone was going to come close to dying emotionally.

Normally, it was the second one.

Everyone exited the changerooms in their gym uniforms and approached Aizawa, who was standing next to a very excited looking student.

“Everyone, this is-”

“HI!” the girl interrupts. “You can call me Sana, and I’m helping out in your lesson today!”

“What she said,” Aizawa said tiredly. “She’s a second year GenEd student who has an interesting quirk that I thought could be useful to build up your teamwork.”

“You and you!” Sana suddenly shouts, pointing at Hagakure and Aoyama. “Come up here.”

The two students look to each other before slowly approaching the girl, who excitedly took their hands, leaning in close to whisper. “This won’t hurt a bit.”

Before the two students could say another word, a cloud of smoke came from Sana’s hands as it covered Hagakure and Aoyama. The smoke quickly cleared away, leaving all the spectators in awe.

“Hagakure, is that you?” Ojiro asks.

The class stared at the new face standing before them. Where Hagekure once stood was now a petite, brunette girl with a pixie cut. She had a small and soft face, which was a surprising contrast to the shockingly toned arms she had, which were wrapped around her stomach.

Next to her was a floating uniform and belt, who everyone assumed was Aoyama, judging by the voice that came from it.

“What happened to my arms? Why can’t I see my hands??” he shrieked.

“I switched your quirks!” Sana proudly says. “It’s called Quirk Swap. You’re now invisible, and she now has whatever you had.”

Hagakure clenched her fists in concentration in an attempt to use, Aoyama’s quirk, but instead, she looked like she had to use the bathroom.

“There is a technicality with my quirk,” Sana explains, once Hagakure gives up. “You won’t be able to do everything your classmates can right off the bat. The best way I like to describe it is your quirk being reverted back to when you were four years old.”

Both Bakugou and Midoriya tense up.

“I’ll give you all a minute to speak to Hagakure and Aoyama, but after that, find a partner and come up,” Aizawa said.

Kaminari turned to Midoriya, but before he could open his mouth, Bakugou grabbed the back of Midoriya’s hood and dragged him next to him. “My partner.”

“Roger that. Hey Yaomomo!” As Kaminari walks off, Midoriya turns to him with a panicked expression.

“Will you end up getting my quirk?” Midoriya whispers.

“Look, If I don’t, I’ll say I’m sick and go back to the dorms. If I do, I’ll make you look like an idiot for breaking your bones for months,” Bakugou whispers back.

Midoriya gives him a quick nod as they approach Sana, who held out her hands to them. “Ah, this is so much fun,” she says to herself.

Bakugou didn’t even feel anything as the smoke surrounded the two. It dissipated just as quickly as it had appeared, and if he didn’t know any better, he’d just assume nothing happened.

“You feel any different?” Midoriya asked him.

“No,” he replies. “Try using my quirk.”

“Uh.” Midoriya starts to rub his hands together quickly.

“When the fuck have you ever seen me do that?” Bakugou shouts. “I’m not my dad.”

“I’m not sweaty, okay?” Midoriya yells back. “I’ll do it properly once I- AH!”

A few small explosion, no bigger than some toy poppers, burst out of Midoriya’s palms, startling him and knocking him off his feet.

“Don’t aim at your own face, dumbass,” Bakugou says, dragging Midoriya away. “They’re small, but they still sting.”

“I’ve got it,” Midoriya says. “And you?”

Bakugou closed his eyes, envisioning All Might standing before him that day in Kamino. As he imagined the first strike against All for One, he punched forward with a yell.

Nothing happened.

“You don’t feel any power within you?” Midoriya asks. “No humming under your skin? No electricity flowing through you? No tingling?”

“Say that word again, I dare you,” Bakugou growled. He tried to will One for All to appear, but he continued to feel nothing, even though he tried to push himself so hard he’d break a bone. He just felt… empty. Nothing about him felt whole. It was as if there was a piece of him that disappeared.

“Fuck,” he whispered under his breath. “I’ll say I have a stomach ache and go hide in a bathroom. Text me when we’re swapping back.”

“Alright,” Midoriya replies.

Bakugou swerves out of the way of Tokoyami dripping acid everywhere as he approaches Aizawa. “I’m going to the bathroom,” Bakugou says.

“Before trying out the quirk? I figured you of all people would be excited to use Superpower,” Aizawa says.

“Of course he named it something stupid,” Bakugou thought to himself. “I have a stomach ache.”

Aizawa gestures towards the exit, and Bakugou heads towards one of the bathrooms in the hallway. Making sure that no one else was in there with him, he proceeded to gently, but sternly, slam him head into the wall.

Nothing felt correct right now. He still felt like himself, but something was off. It was like that time Iida and Yaoyorozu shifted all the furniture in Sero’s room one inch to the left as revenge for a prank. Everything looked fine, but everything felt off. As Ashido would put it, his “vibes were wack.”

He doesn’t remember how much time had gone by until he felt his phone buzz. He checks it, expecting Midoriya to tell him to come back, but instead, he gets a message that makes his heart drop.

Dumb Green Shit: Aizawa’s not switching us back

Dumb Green Shit: We’re all stuck like this for two more days



He waited until everyone returned to the dorms before changing and heading back, but not before texting Midoriya some very harsh words about his feelings right now.

The dorms were, to put it simply, chaos.

Ashido, who was no longer pink, was trying to coax Dark Shadow out, Iida was doing his best not to let his frog tongue fall out of his mouth, Todoroki had tape stuck to him, Kouda looked even more like a rock than usual, Sero kept starting fires and putting them out with ice, Shouji had two arms and Jirou had six, Satou was floating in the air, Yaoyorozu had a charger in her mouth and Shinsou just knocked over a vase with his tail.

Surprisingly, the most put together person was Kaminari, who had just finished making a small, acid-resistant tub for Tokoyami to sit in.

“I knew being a science nerd would come in clutch,” Kaminari said, holding a bag of chips. He looked down at his torn up shirt. “My respect for Yaomomo has shot up too.”

“Katsuki!” Kirishima called out, approaching the two. Bakugou looked down at his arms, which were holding Kouda’s bunny closely. “Where were you during the lesson today? I was excited to see you with Midoriya’s quirk.”

“Stomach ache,” Bakugou replies. He watched as Kirishima takes a step back, covering the bunny. “I know, I know. Don’t worry.”

“I’m not contagious!” Bakugou growls, earning a laugh from Kirishima. Looking closely, he could see he no longer had his familiar shark teeth.

“Bakugou’s back?” Exiting from the kitchen was Uraraka, holding a cupcake in each hand with her pinkies out. She let one go to pick up a book off the ground, but was startled to see it fall to the ground. “Sorry! Still not used to a new quirk.”

“Where’s Izuku?” Bakugou asks everyone.

“He’s in the kitchen. Can you help him-” Tsuyu rockets over with her engines and covers Ojiro’s mouth with her hand.

“I’m sure he would appreciate some help with your quirk, kero,” Iida says, embarrassed at the add on.

As he headed over to the kitchen, he took one last look across the room, noticing all the extra equipment that some people were wearing.

Shouji had earplugs in and, interestingly enough, he didn’t have his mask on, and seemed to be a bit shorter, but still just as muscular. On the other end was Jirou, who was wearing one of Shouji’s spare masks and seemed to have grown a few inches. She was waving her arms around in an attempt to control each one, but was unsuccessful.

Hagakure had Aoyama’s belt on, and was chatting to Yaoyorozu, who had an anti-static draped across her shoulders. Sitting with them was Satou, who had gotten down and was wearing oven mitts. Kouda seemed to have joined the oven mitts club as well, as he was wearing a thick pair of them along with a thick coat.

Bakugou had to suppress a smile as he looked to Kaminari, who was stuffing his face with chips. Being a science nerd wasn’t so bad.

What was bad was walking into the kitchen and seeing Midoriya holding his hands away from his face while tiny explosions went off.

“This is getting annoying. Maybe this is the real reason why you were so bitchy as a kid.”

Bakugou simply grabbed the back of Midoriya’s shirt and hauled him to the freezer. He opened the door to it and stuck Midoriya’s hands in it.

“While we wait for you to stop sweating, what are we going to do for tomorrow?” Bakugou asks.

“Can you be fake sick tomorrow?” Midoriya asks.

“I’m not skipping morning classes. I’ll just say lunch brought my stomach ache back and go to the dorms,” Bakugou replies. “I’ll show up for the end of class the following day so we can switch back.”

Before Midoriya could reply, the kitchen door swung open, revealing a pale and worried looking All Might.

He looked over at Bakugou. “What did you break?”

“Nothing, since I can’t use it,” Bakugou grumbles. “Looks like her quirk only works with natural born quirks.”

All Might checks the hallway before fully stepping into the kitchen and closing the door behind him. “Aizawa said you were ill during class today.”

“I hid in the bathroom and I will continue to do that until this stupid lesson is over.”

“It’s not stupid,” Midoriya pouts. All Might looks at his successor with his hands in a freezer and decides to remain silent.

“I’m going upstairs to be fake sick.” Bakugou then turns to All Might. “Call me if he blows himself up or something.”

“Will do,” All Might replies, quietly laughing.

Bakugou headed to his room and flung himself onto his bed. He stared up at the ceiling and stretched one of his arms up, palm upward. It took a moment for him to realize why his normal stress relief wasn’t working, and he angrily put his arm down.

It was only two more days. He’ll live, right?



Classes were slow today, considering almost everyone had the capabilities of a child when it came to their new quirks.

He spent dinner last night telling everyone that he didn’t test out Midoriya’s quirk in case he’d break the dorms, but today was filled with everyone’s excitement over testing it out today.

“I don’t see what the big deal is,” Bakugou says as they walk to the cafeteria.

“You thought his quirk was a big deal for months,” Uraraka shoots back. She ducks out of the way as Bakugou attempts to flick her forehead.

“You’ve really lost a lot of your bark and bite without the explosions,” Todoroki says.

“I’ll hang your head outside the school gates with your damn tape,” Bakugou growls.

It was silent for a moment before Sero speaks up. “You only know that comeback because of that video game I let you play. You’ve lost your edge.”

“We’ve lost our Kacchan!” Kaminari wails.

As everyone continued to talk about that video game with the golden deer or whatever, Bakugou receives a text.

All Might: Go see Recovery Girl when you’re done your lunch. She will give you a note for your stomach ache

Lunch was going smoothly with no talks about quirks, at least until Kirishima, god bless his well intentioned heart, brought it back up.

“Bakugou, are you sure you’re ready to try Midoriya’s quirk?”

Bakugou looked at him with squinted eyes. “What does that mean?”

“I mean, Midoriya had his quirk for how long and still breaks a bone sometimes. You just got it yesterday.” Kirishima pouted. “I don’t want you to hurt yourself.”

Bakugou ignored the warm feeling in his chest and the stares of his friends. “I’ll be fine. If anything, I’ll go slow and just break a finger.”

“But then you can’t flick any of us,” Ashido giggles. She ducks away from Bakugou, unconsciously summoning Dark Shadow.

Dark Shadow, who has taken on the shape of Ashido’s own shadow, growls at Bakugou. Bakugou moves his hand back and glares at his friend. “You won’t have your guard dog for long.”

“Fine by me. It’s weird looking in the mirror and not see any pink.”

Sero turns to look at Tokoyami, who was sitting with Shouji, Jirou, and Yaoyorozu. He watched Jirou as she ducked her head behind Yaoyorozu every time she went to take a bite. “How come Tokoyami isn’t pink?”

“Feathers won’t change colours, but look at his hands.”

As Tokoyami reached for his food, Bakugou and everyone else now noticed the gloves he had on.

“It was hard to notice yesterday in class when he kept his hands under his cloak, but I knew,” Ashido explained.

“All these changes are just so nuts,” Kaminari says. “It’s weird doing double takes after getting so used to everyone for so long.”

“Even the minor changes are startling,” Ashido mentions. “Todoroki with his huge elbows is like some uncanny valley shit.”

As everyone starts to laugh, Bakugou looks over to watch Kirishima. He furrowed his eyebrows, noticing something was off.

He reaches over and grabs Kirishima’s chin, stopping him mid-laugh. “Your teeth aren’t pointy.”

Kirishima gives them a poke as Bakugou lets go. “Yeah, it’s still weird to get used to.”

“Looks weird too.”

Ashido, Sero, and Kaminari exchanged a look. “SO,” Kaminari says. “Class. We should go to it early and be good students.”

Bakugou raised an eyebrow. “Okay? Go ahead of me though. I need to stop by Recovery Girl. I think something I ate brought my stomach ache back.”

“Seriously?” Ashido says with a frown. “I better see you in class.”

Bakugou simply shrugged as they all get up and go their separate ways.

When he walked into Recovery Girl’s office, the hero was already in the room with the slip in her hand.

“You can hide in here or go back to your room,” she tells him. “I’ll tell Aizawa where you are.”

“Just tell him I’m napping in my room,” Bakugou tells her.

She nods and sends him on his way. As he walks to the dorms, he sends Midoriya a quick text message.

Stupid Blonde Bitch: I’m staying in the dorms

Stupid Blonde Bitch: Recovery Girl gave me an absence note for my “stomach ache”

Dumb Green Shit: Okaioervkn

Dumb Green Shit: Sorry

Dumb Green Shit: Explosion

His afternoon in the dorms remained uneventful. In the time it took for everyone to get back, he got a headstart on an English project, dusted all the windows and counters, and baked some desserts for Uraraka and Kaminari.

The front door opened just as he took off Satou’s apron, and he could hear the excited chatter of everyone.

He walked out of the kitchen and into the common room, watching as Yaoyorozu flopped down next to an outlet and shoved a charger into her mouth.

“The fuck happened to you?” he asked her.

“Ow,” was her only reply.

He looked back up to finally notice that everyone seemed to be in a similar mood. Nobody made it as far as the couches as they all flopped down either on the floor or couch completely exhausted.

“Quirk training?” Bakugou asks. 

“Yeah…” Shinsou groans. “Aizawa was kicking Ojiro’s ass in between conversations too.”

“How’s your stomach, Bakugou?” Iida suddenly asks.

“Aching,” Bakugou replies. “I’m going to go nap. There’s brownies in the kitchen but Round Face and Science Freak get priority.”

“Oh my god my nickname changed,” Kaminari whispered. He got up to head to the kitchen, but was delayed by Uraraka body checking him out of the way.

“Bakugou, you better feel better so you can use the quirk tomorrow!” he hears Hagakure yell.

“I don’t control this shit!” Bakugou yells back, entering the elevator.

He shut his eyes as he went up the floors. A part of him wished he really did have a stomach ache. It would probably feel a lot better than whatever emptiness he felt right now.



His study session was interrupted by a knock on the door. He got up to open it, expecting to get mad at whoever interrupted him but instead was surprised to see his teacher standing in front of him.

“How are you feeling?” Aizawa asks.

“Fine. Still aching,” Bakugou replies, avoiding Aizawa’s eyes.

“For someone aching you appear better than I assumed,” Aizawa said, raising his eyebrow. “Do you think you’ll be feeling better by tomorrow?”


Aizawa sighs. “Look, Bakugou. If you’re afraid to use Midoriya’s quirk because of the potential injuries I understand-”

“If I’m what?” Bakugou interrupts, bursting into laughter. “I’m not afraid of a broken finger.” He walks over to his desk to grab the note Recovery Girl gave him and hands it to him.

Aizawa takes it. “I’m sorry. It’s just that it’s unlike you to miss such an important lesson.”

“I’m sick,” Bakugou says. “Nothing more to it.”

Aizawa stares at him a moment before opening one of the pouches on his belt and handing something to Bakugou. Bakugou takes it and notices the familiar logo of some applesauce.

“Eri wanted me to give you it. I heard it’s good to eat with an upset stomach.”

“Thank you, Sensei. Tell Eri thanks as well.”

Aizawa nods and leaves, leaving Bakugou alone once more.



He escapes once more at lunch the next day, and by now his classmates are under the belief that he can’t do any physical activity.

As much as he would like to nap in the infirmary, Recovery Girl puts him to work as he sorts through a new shipment of medicine and supplies. Around twenty minutes before the day ends, he grabs his bag and heads over to gym Gamma.

He walks in just in time for the smoke to clear around Shinsou and Ojiro, and he watched as Shinsou stumbled to regain his balance and Ojiro shout, “I can talk again!”

“Kacchan’s here! We’re next!” Midoriya shouts, grabbing Bakugou and dragging him to Sana.

“Wait, wait, wait,” Aizawa says, stopping Sana from taking their hands. “Bakugou, if you’re feeling up for it, I can have you guys swap tomorrow to give you some extra time to-”

“No!” the duo shouts simultaneously.

“You can just swap us back now. He’s still like super sick,” Midoriya says, nervously.

“What he said,” Bakugou adds, nodding along.

“...Alright,” Aizawa says, allowing Sana to switch them back.

Bakugou could feel the moment his quirk returns, and he could cry in relief as everything within him realigns, making him feel complete again. He takes in a deep breath and clutches his chest before holding one hand up, letting out a few test explosions.

The class ends, and Midoriya watches everyone head into the changerooms and Sana and Aizawa walk off to the exit before turning to Bakugou.

“You look relieved,” Midoriya comments.

“Thank God this is over. That felt awful.”

Bakugou’s eyes widen once he realizes what he says. He doesn’t look at Midoriya, because he doesn’t know if seeing him angry or sad was worse. It was quiet for a moment before Bakugou dares to speak again.


“Awful?” Midoriya asked, completely calm. Bakugou finally turns around and looks at him, and is shocked to see the completely neutral expression on his face.

“Izuku, I-”

Bakugou is cut off once more. “Don’t explain, just answer one question. How else did it make you feel? Be honest.”

Bakugou hesitates before answering. “I felt wrong. At every possible moment I always knew that it was missing. I felt-”

He goes quiet, not daring to finish his sentence, but Midoriya wasn’t having it.

“You felt what?” Midoriya asks, his voice low and shaky.

“Useless,” Bakugou blurts out. “If there was somehow a villain attack here, I don’t know what I would’ve done except get in the way.”

Midoriya steps forward, jabbing a finger into Bakugou’s chest. “Remember that feeling, because that is a fraction of the shit I put up with for years.”

Midoriya begins to start pacing. “You know, the part of me that wasn’t concerned about One for All was actually kind of glad you didn’t get the quirk.” Bakugou stayed quiet as Midoriya continued. “It was some dumb revenge thought I had, but I thought that after all of this, maybe you’d finally get some semblance of what I went through before All Might gave me his quirk.”

“It fucking sucks, but I don’t think I need to tell you that,” Bakugou says. “But I-” He takes a moment to collect his thoughts. “Now I can see you’re a lot stronger than I thought, not just with brute strength.”

A ghost of a smile appeared on Midoriya’s face. “I’m going to go change now. I’ll see you back at the dorms.”

“Actually,” a voice from behind them says. “How about you both come with me and explain what you two mean by ‘All Might’s quirk?’”

Bakugou let out a quiet groan, refusing to turn around. “He only walked her to the exit and didn’t actually leave, did he?” he whispered.

Midoriya winced as he made eye contact with Aizawa, who was standing by one of the rock structures. “Yeah…”



“So when you all told me Midoriya’s quirk manifested before the exams, that was a lie.”

“Technically it wasn’t since that was its first appearance.”



Aizawa sat across from Midoriya, Bakugou, and All Might as he listened to their story in his office, looking more and more tired as they progressed.

“So I pretended to have a stomach ache until this lesson was over,” Bakugou concluded.

“I knew you weren’t actually sick, but I was really banking on you just not wanting to use the quirk,” Aizawa said, looking at Bakugou.

“How’d you guess?”

“You and Midoriya are the worst liars I have ever seen. As for you,” Aizawa says, turning to All Might. “You gave a child an ancient quirk that could ruin his body and didn’t see a problem with that?”

Before All Might could speak, Bakugou interrupted. “What was he supposed to do? Keep holding out on finding a successor that’s not Izuku and let his power disappear when he fights All for One?”

Aizawa gives him a blank stare. “Fine, but you can’t argue that he could’ve worked on his training and teaching skills before deciding on finding a successor.”

“No comment.”

“I knew what I was getting into when I said yes,” Midoriya tells him. “We can’t go back in time and change what happened.”

“But now, the three of us aren’t alone,” All Might adds. He smiles at Aizawa. “If anyone had to discover this secret, I’m so very happy it’s you.”

“What makes me so special?” Aizawa asks.

“You’re one of the most trustworthy people I know, Sensei,” Midoriya says. “Not to mention you’re super smart.”

“You can probably teach him shit All Might hasn’t figured out yet,” Bakugou adds.

“Did everyone have a problem with my teaching and never tell me?” All Might mutters to himself.

“You two, out,” Aizawa says to the students. “I’m going to talk with him more.”

As the duo exit the office, Bakugou nudges Midoriya. “Sorry, by the way. I should’ve watched what I said when I got my quirk back.”

“Apology accepted,” Midoriya replies. “Also, are we actually that bad of liars?”

“You? Utter trash. Me? I have no idea what Aizawa was talking about. I’m great.”

Midoriya laughs the whole way back to the dorms.