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Prodigy Detective Kim Namjoon can figure out any mystery case that comes his way but can’t for the life of him figure out why his gorgeous neighbor doesn’t want to give him even the time of day the few times when Namjoon has gotten the courage to try to talk to him on their front yards or the convenience store down the street on the weekends.   

On his defense, Serial killer Jeon Jeongguk doesn’t know what to do about his famous detective neighbor trying to ask him out, like: why is life doing this to him? what the fuck? What if he sees a blood spot that Jeongguk has missed (not that he does, he’s very careful), or a severed head on his freezer? Or catches poor Jeonggukkie mid chopping? He isn’t going to prison in this life as long as he can help it.


Their paths do cross, even with Jeongguk trying not to, one freaking Monday morning.


It all starts with forensic pathologist Jeon Jeongguk (27) getting a job offer the week before with the district police department, that he takes it of course, not even thinking once that Kim Namjoon might work in that same precinct, because what are the odds? The place is forty-five minutes away from their neighborhood that Jeongguk doesn’t particularly find inconvenient since it gives him privacy for his personal life – personal activities and the job is perfect to give him inside about what do the police have on him –if they have any for that matter. He hasn’t seen in any newspaper his work been related to one single person.

It follows with recently promoted Chief detective Kim Namjoon (33) double checking that is in fact his neighbor Jeongguk walking inside the police department towards the morgue. He immediately goes to check an update on the staff after too but he’s interrupted by Detective brothers Kim Seokjin (34) and Kim Taehyung (28) who bring something new. Something bothersome if their faces are telling.

“I think it has to do with Jung Hoseok”

Namjoon groans, leaving his computer aside. What a way to start the week, with the smug son of a bitch that keeps outsmarting him.

“I have good news though” Taehyung smiles.

“Really?” Namjoon doesn’t have too much hope right now.

“Yep. You see. I was at this club last night getting close with some guy in a private booth”

“I’m right here, baby brother” Seokjin rolls his eyes at his brother’s antics.

“So we were making out when I start hearing some punks talking in the hallway since our door was slightly ajar and what do I hear”

“What?” Ask both in unison.

“One of them was worried about the boss’s spouse been mad at them for fucking with something of his” Taehyung leans back on his chair, “But what would I care about that? I started to ignore them when one word caught my interest again: J-Hope” he smiles at Namjoon, “So of course I ditched the big dick guy and went after them”

“That was very reckless of you” Seokjin murmurs.

“Anyway, in the parking lot I see several sleek black cars arriving and no other than freaking J-Hope aka Jung Hoseok getting off one with this gorgeous prince-like guy at his hand. The club is apparently his, however not on paper at least.”

“He’s married?” Namjoon tries to think of any fact that could have given that away, any paper trail in the investigation against the gangster.

“And isn’t Seoul small, my dear friends? Because I’m 100% sure that the cute thing treated my wounds last month after the rail in Gangnam. You know, Seoul Hospital. I did some digging and his single name is Park Jimin, pediatric doctor. The most I could find was that he got a restriction order against this guy 7 years ago which it might be a little relevant since the dude has been missing since the same night Jimin made an emergency call to the police because his ex-boyfriend was outside his house. According to the report the police found nothing when went there besides a calm Jimin saying the guy left before they arrived.”

Namjoon stays silent while Seokjin laughs, “You got treated by a pediatric doctor, of course.”


It could be something, Namjoon thinks.

“We have to figure out since when he is with Hoseok.”

“Already on it!” Taehyung says before leaving to his desk.





Doctor Park Jimin (28) is indeed Jung Hoseok’s husband, he is also Jeon Jeongguk’s closest (maybe only) friend. That’s why that same Monday morning by midday Jeongguk calls him freaking out about the fact his detective neighbor is apparently his boss in this new job he got.

“Calm down, Gguk” Jimin sighs pulling his lunch aside, “I know who he is. Hoseok says he’s not as smart as he likes to think and as the people think.”

“He came down to the morgue to check on me!” Jeongguk can’t help but overthink a bit much about the simplest things.

“You’re new there and you’re his neighbor, of course he would.”

“I don’t like it. I might resign. I’ll be jobless Jimin.”

“Your inner you is never jobless with Hoseok, right?”

“…Is that some kind of joke?”

“Anyway Kookie darling, I’m glad you called because Hoseok needs of your services”

“Stop calling me like that when you want me to sly someone”

“It’s your signature”

“It was a mistake from my younger version. I’m better now.” From his first hit, he let his bag of vanilla cookies at the house of his prey. He was sixteen and hungry.

Of course Jimin is familiar with Jeongguk’s secrets, after all they are best friends since diapers and there’s also that little fact about Jeongguk been the one that saved him seven years ago when he only was a cute nineteen years old but with already a list of bodies on his back. Jeongguk helped him in getting rid of his old abusive psychotic ex-boyfriend that horrific night when Jimin thought he was finally going to die at his hands. Those are memories Jimin doesn’t want to remember, only the fact that besides Hoseok, Jeongguk is the other person Jimin will do anything for as well.

“Come to dinner so you two can talk”


“And Gguk…” Jeongguk hums, “Good luck with your new job”

“Yeah, thanks” He needs it.





Criminal Lord Jung Hoseok (34) known to be one of the greatest criminals of modern days and Kim Namjoon’s swore enemy. He is one of those that the police know is guilty but can’t prove a thing against him. Jeongguk certainly does a few favors for him witch include homicide too. Hoseok pays well and helps him if he needs it too. Hoseok appreciates the fact that if it wasn’t for Jeongguk he would have never met Jimin.

“Come in” he calls after hearing the knocks on his office’s door in one of his legal business –no matter what people say, everyone needs a shark loan.

Min Yoongi aka SUGA (29) awesome hacker on Hoseok’s payroll, comes with interesting news.

“Tell me”

“There’s this dude in the police department where Jeongguk is working now that’s investigating Jimin.”

“Is that so?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll handle that.”

“Good” That’s why Hoseok appreciates Yoongi a lot; he knows he can count on him for anything and the little shit loves to be twenty steps ahead of their enemies always.

“There’s another thing too” Hoseok leans forward, elbows bent on the glass desk, “Someone got into Jeongguk’s house security system this morning.” Hoseok frowns, that’s interesting. Yoongi yaws, bringing his tablet up. “I think the person is trying to harass him” Hoseok groans, they are all familiar with that behavior. “I put the system up again but hacked first into the computer of this person, he still thinks the system is down” he reads his notes, “Park Hoobeon, ironically works in the company that installed Jeongguk’s security system” Yoongi frowns, “I told that brat I should have been the one to do it for him. Anyway, this Hoobeon guy is a pervert, has lots of porn and dubious material in his computer. I could link some to rape and missing cases from the police, he’s not as good as he thinks he is. The police are just dumb, that’s why he hasn’t gotten caught yet.”

The police tend to catch them after the deed is done or not catching then at all. Hoseok sighs, “So he’s a rapist?”

“Yes. And he thinks Jeongguk is going to be his next victim.”

Hoseok breaks out into laugh, “Poor stupid has another thing coming. Let Gguk know either way.”

“Already did”

“Anything else?”

“Kim Namjoon”         

Hoseok groans again, rolling his eyes leaning back on his chair. “What about the nerd?”

“I hack on his personal computer from time to time and I think he might be interested in Jeongguk.”

Hoseok raises a brow, “I have heard that from Jimin too”

“You could turn this in your favor?”

“…I could” Kookie would freak out, though.





Jeongguk gets an alert of someone trying to break into his house after three in the afternoon, he knows the person got chased by the alarms and he was already contacted by the company and the police –the officer came to the morgue. It’s all good for him but it will not be for this Park Hoobeon. Yoongi already let him know the guy tried to hack again, Jeongguk could deal with this fellow tonight after the dinner at Hoseok’s but Yoongi says the guy is targeting someone else too and has let Jeongguk for later.

He’ll see.

His shift ends at 6pm and he is ready to go after five burned botched bodies from a hideous traffic accident and a family murder-suicide. He didn’t think he would have this much on his first day.

When he’s ready to leave he bumps on his way out against no other than Kim Namjoon, obviously the bane of his existence.

“Oh, hey! Leaving already?”

Jeongguk takes a deep breath, “Yes. Contrary of what anyone would think after so many corpses I’m super hungry so…”

“You could come with us, Seokjin and Tae” Namjoon looks nervous, “We’re going to this nice barbeque place not too far”

Will he ever give up? Jeongguk wonders, “My friend Jimin already invited me to dinner at his house. Don’t really have much time.” He could totally eat with them and later at Hoseok’s but…

“Oh” Namjoon’s face literally falls, his eyes downcast and Jeongguk feels…something

“Eh, what about tomorrow?” Namjoon looks up, “Invite me lunch? I didn’t have it today, just a sandwich and it was bad” the fuck is he doing?

Namjoon literally shines. Jeongguk cringes internally. What the fuck? What the fuck?


“Yeah, see you then” he waves and leaves the detective behind.

Namjoon watches him until he’s out of sight. This is finally his chance, just when he was about to give up.





“I did two stupid things” Jeongguk says over his salad, “I gave up dinner at a barbeque place to come eat vegetarian here. Do you know how much a love meat?” the most he had was chicken with his pasta, and although all delicious, he still misses the taste.

“Considering the amount of burned meat you had today, one would think this is a nice thing“ Yoongi states.

Jimin chuckles, “You sent us pictures during the whole day that I do not want to recall right now”

Hoseok takes a sip of his wine. “What’s the other?”

Jeongguk hesitates, “I…. I think I might have a lunch date with Kim Namjoon tomorrow?”

Jimin chokes on his lettuce, Yoongi burst into laugh and Hoseok is quite…fascinated with the change of events. “Is that so?”

“I’m not proud, ok? He just– he just looked like I killed his puppy or something and it was totally out of pity.”

“Tell yourself that if it makes you sleep well” Yoongi comments, knowing the amount of time Jeongguk has went through news online starring the prodigy detective.

Hoseok tells him later about the job he has for him and hazily encourages his interaction with Namjoon since it could benefit both.  Jeongguk agrees, he might unconsciously already give Namjoon the benefit of doubt – he is curious of where that could go. Not a bad place, he hopes.





Namjoon is trilled the next day, checking the clock every five minutes. He didn’t saw Jeongguk’s car that morning through the gate’s bars in his house but he knows the brunet is already down at the morgue. Their schedules differ a little. 

At noon, to Namjoon’s utter surprise is Jeongguk the one that comes to him saying how hungry he is and to please hurry. They go to the barbeque place at Jeongguk’s request. Who is Namjoon to deny his beautiful over a year crush?

At the restaurant Namjoon can’t help noticing a guy that’s alone at a table in the back and is not so subtly watching Jeongguk. Namjoon doesn’t give it much thought until they are both back at the station at front talking and laughing because Kim Namjoon hasn’t lost his touch and Jeongguk seems to like him in some degree and that same guy is observing them from his car parked a block away until he notices Namjoon and quickly leaves.

Namjoon will see into that later, right now Jeongguk seems shy and is asking him about his car. “My car?”

“Yes. You work with me and you live across the street and mine is broken, had to uber here this morning. It was expensive.” Jeongguk is going to take all the advantage he can out of this thing between them he is not sure yet. For now he needs transportation while he sends his car to repair.

He also needs to call Yoongi because Park Hoobeon is fucking following him and he is almost sure Namjoon noticed.

“I can drive you. No problem.”

“Thank you. I hope I’m not troubling you in any way.”

“At all.” And no matter how much Namjoon wants to spend time with Jeongguk to get to know him better, they should get back inside soon. He says as much.



Yoongi agrees to pick him up later and take him to where this Hoobeon lives and deal with it already and for good which apparently is not only in Jeongguk’s favor since the guy is a predator. Jeongguk is far from a hero going around killing bad guys; it just happens that sometimes the bad guys cross his way and rubs him wrong somehow. He’ll never murder a kind person or little kids but he will kill to satisfy himself.


Namjoon waits for him next to his car going through some mails on his phone, “Hey!” Jeongguk waves coming next to him.

The detective pockets his phone, “You know my mother brought me some really good kimchi, I was thinking of making something for dinner. You wanna join?”

Jeongguk hesitates for about three seconds, “Sure” Does Namjoon know his weakness is food?

It’s a forty-five minutes’ drive, Jeongguk figures out they should probably talk to not make it awkward.

And Namjoon is a talker once you give him the chance, he apologizes for it several times and Jeongguk thinks is kinda cute.

The drive is not awkward, Namjoon asks as much as he thinks he is allowed at this point and Jeongguk doesn’t seem bothered thought he’s a little vague with some aspects of his personal life, he does mention a few friends, his parents and brother out of the country, some things he likes besides food and sectioning dead bodies.


If Namjoon only knew that when Jeongguk said his best friends are Jimin, Yoongi and Hobi he was referring to Park Jimin, new person of interest in connection to a criminal lord, Min Yoongi aka SUGA a world class and must wanted hacker and Jung damned Hoseok aka Namjoon’s nightmare, he would probably have never reveled so much of himself and invited him inside his home. He would have never probably….but the police are puzzled by those three subjects that they know nothing about still, just a doctor with a common name, one of the best hackers only know by SUGA and a Criminal Lord with no background that can’t be charge of anything.


Jeongguk showers, relaxes for a bit on his comfy couch and around nine goes to Namjoon’s.

Namjoon isn’t the best when it comes to cooking skills but he presents decent plates that Jeongguk is happy to eat. He also subtly offers a couple glasses of wine and is happy to accompany a slightly tipsy Jeongguk back to his house later because he is a gentleman and Jeongguk in his mind already deserves the best.

After midnight Jeongguk is roughly woken up by Yoongi, who after watching his condition tells him they better leave it for another night. Jeongguk refuses but ends up complying because he doesn’t want to make any mistakes. Yoongi stays the night curled up with him on the big bed and leaves at morning before Namjoon comes to pick him up after breakfast.





Jeongguk is always careful with what he does, except for eating; he eats as much as he can and compensates with gym every weekend. He is always careful because he is used to plan first to avoid been caught like an idiot, he is not an idiot. There are only two times he hasn’t had the time to plan ahead: the night Jimin was panicking afraid for his life and this particularly Thursday afternoon one week after the hangouts at Namjoon’s started. He has left work for home early due stomach ache for having eating too many candies the night before watching a movie with the detective.

Park fucking Hoobeon was waiting for him inside his front yard, Yoongi has texted him the guy tried to hack his security system again and was probably planning something else but Jeongguk hasn’t checked on his messages due his sick body.

That’s why he know has a bloody carpet in his living room with Hoobeon’s body lying and still bleeding out from the cut in his neck Jeongguk did with one of the hunting knives he keeps under the coffee table.

Jeongguk looks down at his work. He almost beheaded the bastard. The neck partially cut from left to right. He chuckles; the dumb thing thought he could have a chance against Jeongguk only because he let him drag him inside with his gun pointed at his back. Of course Jeongguk wouldn’t like for any of his neighbors passing by to see what was going on. Things escalated when the guy asked him to undress and suck him off and Jeongguk couldn’t help but to break into hysterical laugh before subdued him and going for the kill.

Jeongguk could totally get this sorted out, he just needed to wrap the body and put it away while cleaning methodically and–


The doorbell rings.


Normally Jeongguk wouldn’t freak out for it, but as soon as he sees on the small screen next to the door who is… He certainly freaks the fuck out.

Namjoon waits with what looks like takeout and medicine outside.

Jeongguk panics for the very first time because at least the first time he did it without planning he had Jimin by his side to help him, right now he is alone and he probably has blood all over that he hasn’t notice yet.


Namjoon rings the doorbell again.





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For all what the police says about the terrible Crime Lord J-Hope, Jung Hoseok looks like the nicest guy on earth sitting behind his desk when Jimin arrives at the building, the office getup is another major plot twist of the façade, vibrant and sparkling colors splashing the walls, little dolls, colorful paints decorating the space.

Hoseok happily kisses Jimin softly, once the doctor approaches him. On Jimin’s free days from the Hospital he prefers devote them to be with his husband, of course.

“You didn’t wake me up” the blond complains, finding no better seat than Hoseok’s lap.

“Couldn’t. You looked too cute.”

“I’m anything but cute, darling” Jimin leans back, Hoseok’s chest always comfortable.

“You are always cute to me”

Jimin hums. “Do you need help?”

“With what?”

“Anything. I’m sure you have lots of things pilling up, know how busy you and Yoongi have been lately and how much it stresses you.” And Hoseok can’t just simply give the task of handling his personal money to someone else. Trust is a complicate matter in their world.

“You hurt me, baby. I’m a responsible business man.”

Jimin hums again, sitting straighter and taking the desktop’s mouse, “You and Yoongi need a break from time to time. The month is ending. I’ll handle the numbers and income, you can just watch me if you want.”

Hoseok laughs, pleased and a little turned on. “I’ll tell Yoongi”

“Tell him he’ll go blind if he doesn’t shut his laptop once in a while, too. One day with no technology won’t kill him.”

“I’m sure he’ll debate that.”

There’s a small smile gracing Jimin’s lips. “Did you know Kookie plans on bedding Kim Namjoon soon? He said he got a peek at how big his dick is. Now I’m curious.”

“You’re such a gossip, baby” he pinches Jimin’s side, “And I’m not interest in knowing anything about Namjoon’s dick, neither you. So excuse you.”

“Don’t worry. Your dick is the only one I’m into.”

Yoongi crosses the office’s door in the exact moment to hear that last sentence. “Oh my god. If you’re going to do it here again, tell me to leave and lock the fucking door.”

“You’re the only one that comes in without knocking so…”

“Jimin says you should take a break”

“Yeah, when I’m dead, thanks”

Jimin sighs not taking his eyes away from the screen, “As your personal physician, I strongly recommend rest after a long period of working non-stop which should be common sense, really.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes grinning a tiny bit and sitting across them. He brings up on the desk a bag full of pastries and croissants, kid’s orange juice boxes on his other hand. “Breakfast?”

Jimin is the first one to indulge, eyes sparkling before taking a bite, “Hey Yoongi, did you know Kookie plans on bedding Kim Namjoon soon? He said he got a peek at how big his dick is. Now I’m curious.”





Namjoon relaxes once Jeongguk tells him to please wait for a bit since he was in the bathroom and a squeak of “I’m naked!” Namjoon flushes at the last statement feeling a little out of place having never done this kind of things for someone else but he hasn’t felt this way for anyone so… he sighs, he might be on his way to fall in love here. The romantic guy in him thrives.

Jeongguk practically dashes to his shower throwing the clothes along the knife on the sink, he scrubs himself with body gel as fast as he can and leaves the bathroom with water still running down his body with only a towel, he forgoes underwear just grabbing his pajama that was still on top of his bed.

He takes his phone, his keys, putting some shoes on to finally open the door for Namjoon.


“Can we go to your place?” he pretends really well he isn’t out of breath.

Namjoon buys it. “Huh?”

Jeongguk pouts, looking at the soup, “Is that for me? It smells nice”

“Yes, I mean– Sure”

Jeongguk leans on him because he feels tired and his stomach isn’t better, also because he wants to distract him and get him as far away from his house as possible even if it is across the street.

Once in Namjoon’s couch, the detective goes to the kitchen to bring him water to take a pill for the ache. Jeongguk immediately texts in the group chat he has with Hoseok, Yoongi and Jimin that he needs cleaning in his house because fucking Hoobeon appeared unannounced and that his dirty clothes are in the sink. In the meantime, he is going to stay at Namjoon’s for him to not notice anything and he also points out how he still feels bad due his stomach bug.

Hoseok, to his luck, replays quickly that he’ll deal with it along a bunch of emojis which finally brings relief to Jeongguk’s troubled mind.


Jeongguk can perfectly see that Namjoon is pretty much partial to him, he doesn’t get why but at least Namjoon isn’t a crazy psychotic stalker –which comes a little hypocrite from his part since he’s quiet the character himself. He is good looking too, which is why it isn’t exactly a sacrifice for him to straddle Namjoon’s lap once he ate the soup and his stomach has calmed down.

Namjoon tenses, looking like a deer caught in red lights for a moment but then he tentatively drops his hands to Jeongguk’s waist.

“Chief detective, tell me. Did you left work early just to bring me chicken soup and medicine?”

Namjoon nods slowly, he’s always been a passionate. “Guilty”

Jeongguk giggles, “That’s bad.” He leans forward, closer to Namjoon’s face, his mouth. “Thank you”

Namjoon cuts short the remaining distance and finally kisses him. He thinks he’s allowed. Jeongguk hums in approval.

Namjoon is a really good kisser, fervent but delicate, with a little nip here and there. Jeongguk just hopes that if they get to the sex part, Namjoon would suck on his tongue while fucking him harder.

“Take me to your bed” Jeongguk finally says after some heated minutes.

Namjoon kisses his cheek, “We don’t have to” Jeongguk arches a brow, “Ok”

It’s rather hot for Jeongguk when in the next second Namjoon effortlessly picks him up with a grip on his thighs to do as he wants, with all that display he can see he’s an alpha indeed.

And to make sure, he needs to ask. “Namjoon”

“Yes?” he replays once they’re inside his bedroom, Namjoon sits again with him over his lap still.

“I’m one of those who like to get fucked hard while being called pretty names. So, I want you to fuck me hard while you call me pretty”


Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Namjoon doesn’t even realize he’s nodding until they get back to the kissing. Kisses are good, kisses with Jeongguk are really, really good. Namjoon has been dreaming with this since he first saw his neighbor over a year ago moving in.

“Jeon– Jeongguk” the younger whines in acknowledgement. “Can…can I request something too?”

And this has Jeongguk pulling away, curiosity picked up. Who would think someone as Namjoon would be into some kinky shit in the bed. “I’m all ears”


And Jeongguk feels eager…


But then he starts doubting a little, as soon as Namjoon has him all tied up, on his knees over the bed and at the mercy of those brown deep eyes. This is the most helpless he has ever felt in forever considering his under the radar activities where he is always the hunter, the predator. Right now he’s Namjoon’s prey.

“Beautiful…” Namjoon murmurs observing his detailed work, he has started with something simple, a box tie, not wanting to push Jeongguk too much, obviously his first time.

The red rope is soft but firm on his skin, around his neck, his pectoral, enveloping his torso, both arms trapped at his sides and bent behind his back. More red lines around his hips, circling his thighs and highlighting his already leaking cunt. Namjoon considered for a moment a ball gag but maybe another time.

“You look really beautiful right now”

The younger licks his lips, “Not enough to get your dick in me, obviously”

Namjoon chuckles, “We’ll get there” he gets behind Jeongguk, hands coming up his sides, caressing slowly until they get on his nipples. “How does it feel?” he whispers in his ear, biting gently on his earlobe.

Jeongguk considers, feeling Namjoon’s body heat behind. His upper body is tied up; he’s almost completely defenseless, but the touch of the rope against his skin feels…not bad, not exceptionally good. It’s just new. “Weird”

Namjoon sucks the skin on his neck, one hand going down his abdomen, Jeongguk shivers when the fingers ghosts over his cunt. Namjoon pulls his head back, enough to kiss him in the mouth at the same time his fingers go inside.

“Like this, baby” his fingers are cruel, caressing his insides, going in and out, playing slowly with his clit.

But that isn’t what Jeongguk asked him to, so Namjoon bends him forward, getting him on his knees with his face pressed against the mattress, ass up. “All what your greedy cunt really wants is your alpha’s cock, right?”

“Yes, please. Just hurry–”

Namjoon thrusts into him, no hesitation. Sweet tasty warm envelops him. Jeongguk yells, pleased.

Namjoon takes a firm hold of his knotted arms to get a nice rhythm. Long time since he was this intimate with someone. He gets his dick deeper each time, the omega under him taking him good.

Jeongguk thinks for a moment he really didn’t realize how big the alpha is that one time a few days ago he got a glimpse on the station’s bathroom but oh how good it does feels, Namjoon is giving him just what he asked him for and more because he’s starting to get this whole thing about being tied. Was shibari or something like that, Namjoon called it?

Namjoon manhandles him onto his side, dick pulling out to be immediately rammed back in. “How does it feel?” he asks again, not stopping.

Jeongguk is positively drooling a little bit over the soft bedsheets, “…g– good”


Fucking amazing, really.

Jeongguk doesn’t notice the moment Namjoon releases the knots, only when his arms are finally free and Namjoon gets him on his back in a more comfortable way, spreading his legs. The alpha must enjoy the view of his dick going in him like that.  Their sweaty bodies burning with pleasure.

The omega in Jeongguk reaches his orgasm with a particular well aimed hard push and the same merciless fingers playing with his most intimate places.

Namjoon gets his satisfaction first at being able to make his little omega a mess in his arms. Of course he gets to cum too, buried deep and catching those plum soft lips in his owns.


Later, Namjoon whisper to him –almost asleep– to stay the night. Jeongguk didn’t have the strength to even nod, just cuddling more at his side to do as much.





The next morning, Jeongguk comes back to a house that has a new black carpet in the living room –that at least matches the curtains– and it does look meticulously clean. There’s a little note attached at the new coffee table that reads: Did your cleaning with LUV! He’ll trust Hoseok on this one.

He lies down on the couch feeling particularly sore, but the good kind of sore, licks his lips thinking in the soft red marks across his body. How helpless and good he felt on Namjoon’s hands. It might have been the first one but he thinks they should fuck more often, even with all that shibari stuff. As long as he gets Namjoon’s cock, he can get all the kinky he wants.

He really wants to laze around some more but he’s already late for work, so with all the energy he doesn’t have in his body right now, he gets up to get ready.


And when Jeongguk imagined often he hasn’t meant that very same day hours later on Namjoon’s office but life happens and he isn’t complaining at all – just gripping the desk hard as Namjoon fucks him from behind. No ropes to hold him down, just Namjoon’s voice, his words.

Everyone is outside busy, minding their own business although Taehyung has started wondering what is taking Namjoon and the new coroner so much.

Inside, Jeongguk is suppressing his moans as much as he can but Namjoon is pounding his pussy so hard telling him how good he is being right now. How sexy. How good his cunt is squeezing him.

By the time Taehyung can’t hold his curiosity any longer and opens the office door Jeongguk is luckily with his clothes back in place and Namjoon can at least hide his open zipper behind his desk but their disheveling appearances can’t be disguised. Hot pink on their cheeks, pheromones reeking the place.

Taehyung recommends open the windows.


That afternoon Namjoon takes a well-deserved vanilla latte from the coffee shop down the street along Seokjin. He notices that Seokjin wants to tell him something but refrains himself from it –maybe not just yet.

Seokjin, on his part, opts to talk about something important too. “So you and the new coroner christened your office?”

“Why is Taehyung like this?”

“Please. We are brothers. And in case you haven’t notice so far, he can’t keep anything to himself.” Seokjin finishes his drink. “And–” he smiles at Namjoon’s mortification. “Of course I have noticed how you have been giving Jeongguk more attention lately and let’s be honest. You have ditched us several times to go out with him. I dare you to deny it.”

Namjoon finally smiles with a shrug. “I, beyond doubt, found someone, I guess”

“You guess or are you sure?”

“Almost sure”

“Well, good luck then”

Seokjin just hopes the little boyfriend don’t distract Namjoon too much from his job, much less these days when they might have finally some leverage over Jung.





Jimin is taking a break down at the Hospital cafeteria, smiling at his phone while he’s texting his husband letting him know what kind of lingerie he is going to be wearing tonight when he gets disrupted. He looks up to see the two men that have approached him, one coughing to get noticed, their whole demeanors screaming police.

Oh, what a way to get his afternoon ruined. “Yes?”

“Are you Park Jimin?”

“Who is asking?”

“Sorry” the tallest one apologizes, “We are detectives Kim Seokjin and my partner Yoo Jonghyung”

Jimin purses his lips, “And what can I do for you, detectives?”

“We would like to speak with you privately”

“We’re fine here. What is this about?”

“Detective Yoo investigates old cases that never got to be closed at their time” Seokjin starts, “We would like to hear from you what you know about the disappearance of Im Hyunsik.”

The name reverberates something inside Jimin, his grip on his phone tightening. He hasn’t heard the name of his ex-boyfriend in so long. He wanted it to stay that way. “I don’t know anything about that person anymore.”

“We have records of a phone call that you made to the emergency service the night we concluded he disappeared. It was about him been outside your house trying to break in. People don’t forget something like that easily, right?”

Jimin gets off his seat, takes a couple steps to throw what’s left of his cappuccino in the trashcan nearby, the men follow. “Yes. He was outside my house despite the restraining order trying to break in, to do who knows what.” He turns to the detectives, a dry smile marring his face. “He left when I told him the police was coming. Never heard of him again.”


“And that’s it. Anything else?”

Seokjin licks his lips, he isn’t completely sure if the correct move right now is to let it open about who are they actually trying to get but he figures that some form of pressure on Jung would stress him somehow, maybe leading to a slip-up.

“Yes. Are you married, Mr. Park?”

“Wouldn’t you know? You’re the detective. Do you have any specific question?”

“In our departments the name of your spouse has been brought up in several open investigations.”

Jimin takes a deep breath. “And?”

Detective Yoo isn’t as patient as Seokjin. “And we would like for you to come to the station to talk a bit more about Jung Hoseok. If your husband has nothing to hide then that wouldn’t be of any trouble. And of course, there’s has to be more that you can tell us about Im Hyunsik.” He smiles at the end.

“I have to get back to work now, if you excuse me. And please, do not contact me ever again unless you have an order with you.”

“Mr. Park–” Seokjin begins.

“It’s Jung now.” He gets into an elevator.

Jimin finds his emergency encrypted phone at the bottom of his bag. He only sends a message to Hoseok one hour later, unsure if the police are tailing on him somehow with his regular phone. Hoseok calls him immediately.





After the call with Jimin, Jung Hoseok is positively seething. And here he had assumed that after all that has happened the police would be more cautious, would know better. He finds himself in a predicament then. He has two choices. He either gets rid of the cops bothering his spouse, and maybe with that the rest will know not to get their noses where they shouldn’t. Or he lets Yoongi do his thing online because everyone has secrets they don’t want to share, which he can use to keep them calm and quiet.

“They work with Jeongguk” Yoongi comments, “Jeongguk already got me into their computer system but maybe he could also dig what are they trying to aim to?”

“He hasn’t mentioned anything?”

Yoongi rolls his eyes, “Besides the fact that Kim Namjoon has a big dick and many kinks. No.”

Hoseok tsk, furrowing his brow. “Not the biggest…”

“Please” Yoongi begs, “I’ll tell Gguk”

“Ok, but–”


“If any of them try to come at me throughout Jimin, I will not hesitate. I don’t care if I would have to eradicate the entire police force of the fucking city.” The whole metropolis is his either way.

It sounds delusional but Yoongi doesn’t doubt him.





Jeongguk gnaws on his lower lip, eyes set on the three detectives reunited around the table discussing. He sighs deeply before walking towards them.


“Hello, Jeonggukkie!” Taehyung greets with a salute.

“Hey ba–” Namjoon catches himself before spilling the pet name. “Hey!”

Seokjin notices of course, “Anything to report, Doctor?”

“Yes. No traces on the body of the man brought this morning from…the club, I think? Cause of dead, single shot in the head, the bullet was too damaged, gave it to the CSI anyway.” The bullet was actually intact in the guy’s brain, is now resting in Jeongguk’s right pocket.

Seokjin groans, “The guy was supposedly a rival of Jung from this new gang that is trying to settle at south. My informant said they would get a reunion there.”

Taehyung pats his brother on the back. “I know it’s the last thing you want to hear but the only one that can run that kind of business here is Jung, so this gang you’re talking about, unless they are here to be his new lackeys, I don’t think they will be getting anywhere. The whole city belongs to him.”

Namjoon scoffs, “I think he believes the whole country, but a man can dream, right?”

Jeongguk looks away from them, thinking of how Hoseok has the major on his payroll too. The only reason they keep investigating about him is to keep the appearances of good morality, he guesses… ah, if only Hoseok could listen– hmmm, he probably could.

“Focus on investigating more about Park Jimin, Tae” Seokjin requests. “I think we can give it a shot with him. Send detective Yoo what you have. We might have another shot with the Im Hyunsik case too”


“I’ll go then” Jeongguk nods in Namjoon’s direction with a forced smile. That last name mentioned bringing distasteful memoirs.


So, things to report:

  1. Jeongguk has Hoseok’s bullet safe.
  2. Yoongi needs to interfere with Tae.
  3. Apparently Kim Seokjin has an informant on Hoseok.
  4. They’re trying to dig about that specific bastard.

Oh, and 5. Jeongguk needs to put some mics on their workplace.








Chapter Text

Jeongguk with a charming smile has roamed the important reunion spots of the precinct and has set mics all over the place where he saw fit, now is up to Yoongi and the little team he has at his orders to continue from there. He also has heard that Taehyung found out his work computer had been hacked which is an step back for Yoongi whom at the last minute managed to made sure the blond didn’t suspect any further –to Jeongguk is indubitable now that Yoongi is seeing this as a competition, his ultimate target going to be keep the young detective in the dark.

Seokjin’s little snitch has been found too. The detective made a call to her from the coffee room and used the girl’s alias. That same night Hoseok made sure she told Seokjin some specific things to lead him away before he sliced her throat. Jeongguk did her autopsy two days later and made sure she remained unknown, almost completely burned body, half of it was already dust when the firefighters found her, crushed skull, cut fingers and teeth missing. It wasn’t hard.

The only unfinished item on the list for now is detective Yoo and the case of the missing Im Hyunsik. And detective Yoo is nothing but a man on a mission. Focused and determined. Still, Jeongguk didn’t have to use the mics or hacking skills to find out what the man had, Namjoon just recklessly told him after a couple orgasms one night at his house.

They knew that he went missing that rainy night when Jimin called the emergency number to report him been outside his house trying to break in. They knew the last time someone saw him was at Jimin’s door, one of his neighbors from across the street saw him kicking the door but then a SUV was parked in front and she couldn’t see well if the guy got in or not. Or who was the person driving. The old woman only saw that something was thrown in the backseat some time later; she couldn’t distinguish if it was big or small, couldn’t heard because of the rain, the vehicle left. Jimin’s door was closed until a couple minutes later the police arrived. So their focus is on finding the SUV. The woman only remembered vaguely the plaque not been from the city.

Yeah, good luck with that –Jeongguk snickers thinking about it. He remembers stealing the SUV from a guy in a gas station, was actually heading somewhere else when he got a call from a very frantic Jimin. Remembers knocking Hyunsik’s head against the door frame when he came from behind, remembers Jimin opening the door once he realized he was outside, eyes wide, tears streaming down his tinted cheeks, trembling all over but with the biggest knife of his kitchen gripped between his hands. Jeongguk didn’t regret in the least about what he did that night to keep his best friend safe. What they both did to him was rather gaudy thanks to Jimin’s boiled anger, but the guy deserved every minute of intense pain and for his remains to be thrown and forgotten.

They met Jung Hoseok three months later.





Jeon Jeongguk hasn’t felt nervous in the slightest since a long time ago, on his rookie years a little, after he met Hoseok never again. But right now, after he has walked on Namjoon talking with Seokjin, Taehyung, Yoo and this new guy Byun Hanyeol about the station probably been compromised and about new insight on Park Jimin, Hoseok and a mysterious side profile of two men going out of one of Jung’s known buildings that Jeongguk can recognize as himself and Yoongi… Right now Jeongguk feels a tiny bit uneasy.

Jeongguk didn’t know they have surveillance in several of Hoseok’s places. He didn’t know they have the resources to do something like this since the major has insisted it was a waste leading nowhere due to previous fails. These men across him seem…confident. 

“Oh, Doctor Jeon” Namjoon calls, “Do you have the reports on the two bodies found on the docks?”

Jeongguk does, he was actually present in the scene two nights before, when Hoseok beat one of them for info and let Jeongguk do the killing. “The cause of dead on both was obviously the bullets between their eyes. Both 9mm.” Jeongguk got the gun he used a week before from the police storage when he was accompanying Taehyung around with some victim’s belongings.

“Oh, good!” to the room enters Hyeyin, one of the CSI, “You are all here.” She smiles at Jeongguk, “I ran the bullets as soon as I got them from you Doc, and to my surprise it actually matched with a previous offence and here comes the tricky part. According to our records, the gun has been confiscated at the scene. It supposed to be in our storage. I just came from there and it’s missing.”

“See, Kim?” Hanyeol calls, “I think you have someone on this Jung bastard’s payroll working in here.”

“Everyone working in here has been put to a rigorous background check”

“I’ll say it again. Jung has this SUGA guy working for him. It would be easy for them to manufacture something like that and made you believed and–” he points at the low quality pictures –thank god, Jeongguk sighs– “One of them is SUGA and the other” the men smiles smug, “It’s a contract killer that has been active for at least 6 years.”


Jeongguk feels a little shock. 


“How do you know?” Namjoon inquiries, brows furrowed.

The detective looks around, “I’m not sure right now if I can speak freely”

Namjoon closes the door. “It’s just us, and I personally known them all. If something of what you’re saying leaks then we have our candidates here.”

“Fine. My department has been working on this for about five years now, under the radar of course and with our own resources since we don’t think we can trust anyone just that easy. We have informants too. Some of them are working directly with Jung and are climbing on the hierarchy. One of them updated us about a guy that they possibly believe is the hacker known as SUGA who is apparently all the time around Jung. The have given us info about Park Jimin but said he is not that important since he’s never around Jung’s shady businesses. They have mentioned this assassin too; several times saying they heard Jung spoke about how good he is and how much he owns him. They’re trying right now to tag him somehow, there’s the possibility that if we catch him, he’ll rat Jung out for a deal.”

Jeongguk takes a seat on the couch, he needs it. He still listens carefully, has to keep the appearances and to know exactly what they know.

“One of them was present two nights ago when Jung was at the docks with this killer and other two from their little mob. Those guys were stupid enough to try to steal from him and sell info to some Chinese gang.”

Jeongguk is making a mental list of the things Hoseok, Yoongi, Jimin and he himself have to do as soon as he gets out of that office.

“They couldn’t get a good look at this killer since he was wearing a black mask covering all but his eyes at the moment, but did report to me that they heard Park Jimin once calling him cookie and that they hang out all the time.”

Jeongguk needs to have this guy on his hands as soon as possible.

“He says they probably known each other since years ago and our assumptions are that this person helped Park Jimin to get rid of Im Hyunsik when the guy was after him. His disappearance was too magical to be a coincidence.”

It’s Jeongguk’s turn to be seething on the inside yet he feels the word doesn’t manage to embroil all the rage that’s fueling his veins as the man keeps talking.

And oh boy, he has more.

“We have other leads but we’ll keep those veiled for now. What you need to do right at this moment Kim is to investigate everyone here again. I brought with me my best technician to help yours to keep things as clear as possible in case the individual or individuals around try to meddle. I would also like to speak freely with the staff too.”

Namjoon nods at his request and swiftly commands everyone in the room, when it comes to Jeongguk he waits for the people to leave completely before it’s just the two of them, he locks the door again.

“He probably is going to speak with you as soon as he can since your one of our new additions. Don’t be nervous. He is a good detective, met him at the academy.” He smiles, caressing Jeongguk’s cheek leaning down to kiss him softly. “Do you have anything pending at the morgue?” Jeongguk shakes his head. He does have pending things to take care of however. “Just get back there, wait for him and then you can go home if nothing else pops up.”

“K!” he gets on his feet, kisses Namjoon a little longer that he should because, who knows?



Jeongguk eyes around the whole place while walking to the stairs instead of the elevator. Detective Byun Hanyeol follows him short after.

Once in the morgue Jeongguk gets into scrubs, gloves, and a face mask pulled down for the meantime. He sits beside the cold empty table, phone on his hand. Detective Byun comes in.

“Hello doctor Jeon. I hope I’m not interrupting anything.” Jeongguk waves him off, getting on his feet.

“There’s a chair over there” he points out and while the detective goes to sit, Jeongguk locks the automatic door.

“I’m sorry if I’m too forward but you look quite familiar”

“Must be confusing me. It happens.”

“Well. I saw that you stayed back with detective Namjoon” he asks once sat, unaware of Jeongguk’s last move. “How well do you know each other?”

Jeongguk walks slowly towards him, “We have a relationship. You’re the detective, wouldn’t you know that already?”

The man shrugs, “I saw some body language, wasn’t sure.”

Jeongguk stands across him, hands behind his back, “From me or him?”

“Him. You’re quite hard to read.”

“You just met me.”

“Well, we are going to know each other better while the investigation progress”

“Well” This guy has managed to piss Jeongguk off so much in the span on an hour, “Why not speed things up a bit? Cause Hobi is quiet the impatient guy.”

“What do you–” Jeongguk sticks the needle in his neck before the man can react.


Detective Byun regains consciousness short 20 minutes later, naked an unable to move a limb on the cold autopsy table of Doctor Jeon Jeongguk.

“You, detective, are about to be labeled as unknown and tagged to go to the university labs for educational purposes. You will help students to learn.” Jeongguk chirps with a smile. “Don’t worry, since you have been the one that has gotten closer I’ll tell you a thing or two….hmmm make it two.”

Jeongguk starts with the process of draining the body of blood. “I am an assassin and I do it because I simply enjoy it.” He smiles down at the men, horrified expression on his face. “I do work with Jung Hoseok but you got something wrong in your whole investigation.” He hops on the table, sitting beside him, “Park Jimin is quiet the character you see. Life was fucking with him too much so he went from been the innocent lamb to be the deadly wolf. And Hoseok makes sure no one knows what Jimin does for him but those informants of yours are going to find out very soon” Jeongguk sees how the man is blinking slowly, almost half his blood drained already. “I am a killer, I enjoy botching people up and Jimin, he is a tease, but a tease of pain. He knows how to keep them alive longer…” licking his lips, he continues, “He’s really good at been the kid’s doctor but fuck he gets super territorial when it comes to Hoseok, his alpha. It’s in our genes.” He walks away with the last sentence.

The pathologist picks up one of his surgical saw coming back to the table and aiming to his victim’s neck. The body under shivers impotent to express the true horror that its feeling. Jeongguk cuts his aorta first out of pity. It takes him less than an hour to get rid of the head in the medical waste and tag the body to send to one of the universities that gets them from the police. He also makes sure to not leave any belonging of his there on his way out.

With cold precision Jeongguk smiles his way thru the precinct making sure the mics are all intact and in no danger to get exposed. He checks on Namjoon’s office looking for him but finds no one. He catches the names of the new technician working with Tae and the other detective that came with Byun.

His phone keeps beeping with beyond angry texts from Hoseok and Yoongi. By the time he comes to his own car on the parking lot Yoongi already has one of the informants but the little thing apparently knows nothing about the other or others. Maybe Jeongguk should have kept Byun alive for Jimin to get that info out of him.

Yoongi calls him before he starts the engine. “What?”

“Apparently Kim Seokjin has been talking with this Byun guy since months ago”

“How? Namjoon didn’t know?”

“I’m going through some encrypted shit in their computers, got a few confirmed calls between them. I think he might know who the others infiltrated are? Shit! I have never seen Hoseok so angry before. Not even those two times when your boyfriend almost caught him.”

“What should I do?”

“Hoseok hasn’t said a thing to anyone here for the rats to not get suspicious but he trusts no one right now. Had me pinpoint everyone’s location”

Jeongguk looks back to the station, “Should I get Seokjin then?”

“Hoseok would like for you to bring everyone in that place to their dismiss but you can start with him and with fucking Kim Taehyung. Who the fucks is the guy helping him?”

“About that…” Jeongguk gives him the names.

“Bring Seokjin. I will allure Taehyung and hopefully he’ll send the others after me but in case your boyfriend gets in the way–”

“You guys are my family. Family comes first.” Jeongguk gnaws on his lips, stomach uneasy.

“….Or you could call Namjoon and keep him away” Yoongi says nonchalantly.

“Or that…” Jeongguk hangs up.


He goes back to the precinct, finds Kim Seokjin in the coffee room with some donuts and asks for his help with a flat tire –the first that came to his mind.

Seokjin arches a brow, “You don’t know how to change it?”

“I do. Can’ find Namjoon and the thing is that you know omegas can’t really lift too much weigh because of our reproductive organs and–”

“Oh my god. Ok, I’ll help you.” He leaves the donuts behind. “Namjoon is probably in the rooftop, he goes there when he needs to think things clearly.”


Jeongguk is aware some staffs members are seeing him going outside with Seokjin but those are details with no major importance as of now.

The night is his ally when he opens the trunk of the car to let Seokjin pull the spare pneumatic out, Seokjin lets it easy when he goes head first to see better and Jeongguk knocks him cold with a blow in the head courtesy of the metal lid. He casually throws him inside as well. No one around watching.

Seokjin doesn’t wake up when he arrives at Hoseok’s, leaving him there with a cold feeling nagging his mind. He comes back to his own house to call Namjoon. It’s a little hard to convince him to take a few hours of the most important case in his career but finally he agrees to go with him to calm his head.


Namjoon leaves the station just three minutes away of Taehyung calling whoever was around to head to a possible location of SUGA. Detective Yoo and Byun’s partner go.


Taehyung starts calling Seokjin with no answer.

“Hey Bora!”

The women stops his hurried steps, “Yes, darling?”

“Have you seen my brother?”

“No. asks in the front desk. Ewon there sees everyone.”

Taehyung does as told, the officer Ewon greets him. “Yes, saw him with Doctor Jeon heading for the parking lot”

In the parking lot Taehyung finds nothing, this time he calls Jeongguk.


“Jeongguk? Taehyung here. Is my brother with you? Someone told me you guys were together and he isn’t picking up my calls”

“He got a tip from an informant, I think. Didn’t really tell me, just left after helping me.”

“What? Oh, yeah. He–”

“He what?”

“He has been working with Byun since a few months ago, wanted to help Namjoon. I guess it has to do with that. Did you saw Byun too? No one has seen him since a couple hours ago.”

“Talked to me a little, I left and he stayed at the morgue making a phone call.” Luck on Jeongguk’s side, they don’t have cameras in that area.

“Ah well…this is chaos right now. Not even Namjoon is here. What the fuck?”

“He’s with me”

“Can’t you guys keep it your pants? This is turning into a situation. I’m sensing chaos in our short future.”

“Nope. We have to release stress to work with more calmed minds that way are less chances of missing something”

“Yeah, right. Talk to you later.”


Next thing Taehyung knows, chaos is taking the form of Jung Hoseok’s wrath at been underestimated.


In the next hour, before midnight, Detective Yoo and Detective Lee, Byun’s partner, both are presumed dead in an explosion at the docks. Detective Byun can’t be found. Detective Kim Seokjin can’t be found. Chief Detective Namjoon can’t be reached.

Taehyung also gets a message on his computer screens…


And that message can only be from SUGA.

The technician by his side also starts getting messages from unknown numbers with private pictures of his pregnant girlfriend, family and friends, which are enough for the guy to drop everything and take his leave –Taehyung can’t blame him.

This just became too much in such a short period of time for everyone to handle. The messages continue.







The screen turns black before a picture appears.

It’s Seokjin.

Taehyung can’t even scream just lets the tears run down his cheeks, color drained from his face.


His phone vibrates on his pocket, unknown coming call. He answers.

“Now, you’re going to stay very still and everything else will fall back into place”


The clock strikes midnight.


At 12:30 am Namjoon picks up his phone from Jeongguk’s night table –where he doesn’t remember leaving it– when he gets coordinates from an unknown number and a wink emoji at the bottom.

Just like that one time Jung Hoseok wished him a good night after a failed attempt on catching him. 

He doesn’t wake up Jeongguk and leaves, puts the coordinates on his GPS and follows. Jeongguk stays wide awake on his bed knowing where Namjoon is probably heading to.

Namjoon arrives to an abandoned building, only homeless and junkies around. He enters the building, eerily silent, takes the stares, the place isn’t particularly wide but there’s lots of debris and trash. He quickly scans each floor but when he gets to the top he knows that’s the right place.

There’s a little note with his name at the stair’s door.

The walls of what used to be apartments are in ruins, there’s dust in the air along with the distinct smell of blood. He navigates through rubbles and when he approaches a corner, he knows it’s there. 

He finds Detective Kim Seokjin, his friend, Taehyung’s brother, tied up in a high medical bed. There’s blood everywhere where pieces of him are missing. Namjoon thinks for a second he has found his friend’s tortured dead body but looking closely he realizes there’s still a chance. 




For the next several days the news channels report the tragic deaths of police officers on their regular duty, bodies of people with their identities not confirmed but nothing much. They report nothing about Jung Hoseok known Criminal Lord by the police, expert in weapon’s trade, drugs, contraband, contract kills, etc. or any of his associates.



Chapter Text


If people are surrounded by a foul environment they will most likely end up been rotten as well –or not at all. Life is just the way it is.

We are who we are supposed to be or we turn into we are supposed to be, or what we think we should be. Anything is possible.

The only true is that in the end we all have the free will to do as we please, been this act slowly connived in our heads or as sudden as a random sniff.

Inside our minds we have the power to do with our bodies as we want, we think what we want, we wish what we really want with no one to judge.

We all have the full capacity to be ourselves, what we actually do though is an entirely different thing.




When he is ten years old, Jeongguk’s mother tells him he needs to be a good omega for his future mate. Little Jeongguk argues that he does not need one because he has seen aunty Moon been alone since forever and that she is happy and that she has lots of money –that’s why she always gives him the best gifts and candies that he shares with Jiminie– and that he will be a cool doctor like her. His mother tells him that’s stupid and that she will die dry and alone. Jeongguk gets mad at her for talking like that.

At eleven, Jeongguk gets back from his aunt’s house after spending the summer there one week before going back to school while his brother is at their grandparent’s. He is happy with his new toys and his aunt’s promise to help him get into a good university if he keeps his good grades which shouldn’t be difficult since he’s really smart already for his age.

Two days later his mother unsympathetically of his young innocent self tells him his aunt has died. Jeongguk cries a lot after that. It doesn’t help to ease his pain the times he overhears his mother telling his dad why his sister is to blame for her own demise because she was alone in that big house with no alpha around to protect her. Jeongguk’s mother has always been a closed minded person raised by closed minded people that engraved in her head that omegas are helpless beings in need of someone else to take care of them, something that the current society didn’t see with all their equality rights and bullshit. Jeongguk hates her more and more.

At twelve, Jeongguk finally learns his dear aunt was murdered and that the main suspect the police have was her next door neighbor, Lee Joonsung, a middle aged man, divorced and with a cranky humor that Jeongguk remembered because if little Jeongguk got too close to his property in his bike he would scare him off with harsh words every time, his aunty always defending him, ridiculing the man with just a few chosen words. He hears a few months later that since the police had nothing of major impact against him they put the case aside but said they will continue pursuing when new evidence appears.  

At fourteen, Jeongguk realizes the police force is bullshit since his aunt’s case has not been solved regardless of three other cases happening close to her house that apparently had the same M.O. The name of the same neighbor came up but no one seemed to be paying enough attention. Jimin has been supporting of him every time Jeongguk feels like he could be doing something, that maybe he should had stayed the rest of that last week and his aunt might still be alive –Jimin would say at this that he was just a small kid.

Nonetheless, Jeongguk carelessly and boldly goes to the door of that man to look him in the face and ask him if he really did it and to his own surprise and shock the disgusting man gets cocky enough to tell him he enjoyed her screams when he was stabbing her all over after raping her, he slam close the door at a very stunned young boy.

Jeongguk says nothing when he comes back home, can’t say much during the next days. He knows his mother won’t care either way.

At fifteen, during many alone nights locked in his room Jeongguk thinks that if that stupid piece of shit that killed his aunt could get away with her murder and many more then was is really difficult? To take a life? He spends many days and nights pondering the same. He spends many days searching in the internet the methods the police use to investigate and process crime scenes. Jimin pretends he doesn’t notice his alarming change. Jeongguk doesn’t pay too much attention either to his friend’s recently quieter demeanor.

At sixteen, Jeongguk dares to takes his first victim and finally gets the retaliation he was looking for. He planned it meticulously but still many things went wrong, he even left at his victim’s house the package of cookies he was eating while waiting for the man to return, with some luck no one will notice it. And three months after the event no one has approached him or his family for info or to point out fingers. Sometimes he thinks about telling Jimin but doesn’t dare just yet.

And Jeongguk really thought that would be it. Yet at eighteen, when he finds himself smashing someone’s head against a concrete wall with blood dripping everywhere, Jeongguk understand there’s a new need in him to feel that rush in his veins, adrenaline pumping, like the one he felt chopping Lee Joonsung.

On forward, he doesn’t become particularly picky with his victims, he isn’t a hero either but never dares to admit to himself he might unconsciously overlook the fact that most of victims are what society might consider bad.

At nineteen, he kills Jimin’s psychotic boyfriend and tells him everything. Jimin seems to understand him, even saying that there are many people out there that do not deserve to be breathing either because of their stupidity or actions.

Things change a little when they meet Jung Hoseok later.




Park Jimin is a cute little boy that his mother dotes on and loves a lot. His father is the same, finding his biggest pride is his boy. And Jimin is happy with both of them. He has friends but he likes to be around Jeongguk the most. And his life is perfect; everything is good until that one day his father’s younger brother comes home unannounced when they are out and naïve fifteen years old Jimin lets him in.

Jimin never tells anyone what happens that night, just washes himself thoroughly, hides with long sweaters the bruises in his wrists and pretends everything is okay in front of his loving parents. His young uncle never comes back to the house but Jimin stills can hear his dad talking about his brother sometimes and how well he is doing. Jimin can never hate his dad but a dark place inside him is rotting out of pure hate towards his uncle.

Be that as it may, Jimin continues the art of pretending.

When Jimin agrees to be Im Hyunsik’s boyfriend is was because he absurdly thought the alpha would keep him safe, like Jeongguk’s mother always said and liked to lecture Jimin as well, unlike Jeongguk, Jimin would listen sometimes and foolish of him for believing it. Just for a moment of course, the image of the perfect caring boyfriend shatters rather quickly and Hyunsik has the opportunity to show his true hideous self.

Fortunately for Park Jimin he still has Jeon Jeongguk as his best friend, the kind of genuine friend that will literally help you in hiding a body, although Jeongguk did more than that but at the end it is Jimin the one that kills Im Hyunsik, after finally letting his real emotions out maiming his new ex-boyfriend’s body until the rage calms down inside of him.  

Jimin knows then that Jeongguk is right and his old fashioned mother was just crazy. There are no differences between secondary genders. Everyone is capable of whatever they propose to do.

It isn’t much later, just a few months, when Jimin starts to look for his uncle and when he finally finds him, he makes sure the bastard suffers as much before death comes for him.

He meets Jung Hoseok that exact night.




Jung Hoseok has to admit he has a little help raising in power, a punk all his life before turning himself into the biggest name the police couldn’t touch and that positively terrify them in their sleep. But the help he gets comes in the form of his potential enemies and obstacles been underneath his cleverness. Of course in this line of work trust is always a sensitive topic, a weird trait he can’t find just in anyone, at least until he finally and gratefully meets just the right people.

Min Yoongi is a small cute wary man that at the same time could spit fire through his mouth while plotting your downfall in the same breath and boy is he deft with a computer. Hoseok just coincidentally bumped into him when Yoongi was rushing away from a shopping center with the police searching the place because of a tiny mistake of his young seventeen years old self he bows to never do again. Hoseok was just starting to gain nice angles but he could gladly help Yoongi a bit that day giving him a ride and then offering him a job after finding out the hacker was in that shopping mall intercepting signals and stealing lots and lots of money just because he could and because he wanted to make a big name for himself as well.

They click just fine, so it is Hoseok and SUGA after that.

Yoongi is just as control freak as Hoseok which helps them in making the business grown.

Hoseok meets Park Jimin years later a rainy day when the blond is walking under the rain at midnight, a black bag in one of his hands. Jung Hoseok would never offer a ride to just anyone but last time he did he gained a friend and associated in Yoongi, so he takes the shot. And he might have been thinking with his dick when he saw Jimin up close honestly.

Park Jimin is a gorgeous guy full of surprises. Like the bloody knives he is carrying in the bag that night after killing his uncle. He tells Hoseok as much, everything actually, over a few drinks after a warm shower in the gangster’s house.

Hoseok isn’t aware but that night Jimin is ready to kill him too if he threatens him somehow because Park Jimin refuses to be weak ever again.

They click just fine as well, so Hoseok thinks he might have found himself another person worthy of his trust and is even more excited when Jimin introduces him to Jeon Jeongguk right after.

But things does not stay friendly between then, it doesn’t take too much time for Hoseok’s inner nature, his secondary alpha gender to identify Jimin as his in every way. Jimin is on the same page satisfactorily.

And everything is perfect for a while till he meets his match in detective Kim Namjoon and Hoseok still likes to think everything is still perfect, because no matter what Namjoon tries Hoseok will win at the end. He has Yoongi, he has Jeongguk and more importantly he has Jimin. He has reached a level where the police and the law just can’t with him, where he’s the ultimate player controlling all.

He once heard however, that arrogance would lead him nowhere.

And that’s a thought that haunts him most nights.




Min Yoongi has been a shy and weak boy all his young life, nicknamed bunny by his mother until he grew up and he had his mouth to pretend he is no tiny baby. So he learns to pretend really well he is no puny. Still, his mother just goes from bunny to kitty, to his disgrace when in public. He loves her anyway.

But life teaches Min Yoongi many things, including the pain of losing his mother before being of age, which leads him to search for means to survive on his own since the country’s legal system is totally a no-no for him.

When Hoseok comes to his life Yoongi believes that is it, he finally has found the place where he belongs after been left alone. He continues to develop along him, then along Jimin and Jeongguk. They create a family.

And Yoongi is happy too. He enjoys been behind his computer screen controlling everything. He enjoys the power he gets from himself and the one that Hoseok gives him.

He is happy with his life except the times when he catches Hoseok and Jimin, or when Jeongguk can’t keep it to himself and spills everything about things with Kim Namjoon and for a few seconds Yoongi thinks about how could that be for himself one day. How would it feel?

But Min Yoongi does not need a mate. His mother raised him on her own after the bastard that got her knocked up just left. So finding someone else to be with isn’t in Yoongi’s life list of to-do.


Until the very same Hoseok, sends him to that damn coffee place to find certain individual for Yoongi to keep an eye on.

Within Yoongi’s mind never crossed the thought he would meet someone like the Jimin to Hoseok or apparently the Namjoon to Jeongguk….but then destiny brings him to stand right in front of Kim Seokjin and wow, he is suddenly back to his shy bunny self.


∞∞ ∞ ∞∞


After the events happening in the police station and all over the city, Jeongguk for the very first time willfully rejects Hoseok’s incoming call.

For the very first time willfully rejects Jimin’s incoming call.

For the very first time willfully rejects Yoongi’s incoming call.

Jeongguk does not care to read their messages either but rushes to answer Namjoon when his personal ringtone and photo appear, telling him he is going to be done soon and for Namjoon to wait for him just a couple more minutes.

Picking up his coat and bag, he makes sure everything in the house is set before going outside. Namjoon’s waiting for him already inside his vehicle.

Jeongguk gets in, placing his things in the backseat. Namjoon wait for him to buckle his belt before he presses the gas, he keeps a steady and under the limit speed whatsoever despite the circumstances and his growing worry. Eyes set on the road until Jeongguk by his side speaks.

Although, just a tiny whisper he almost misses.

“What?” he slows down stopping at a red light.

Jeongguk shakes his head, “Nothing”

Namjoon reaches for his hand with his own, “You have nothing to apologize for”

“I–” Fuck, Jeongguk slipped there. Is he suddenly gaining morals? “I could have–”

Namjoon shakes his head, unbuckling his seatbelt to reach for Jeongguk and hug him, kiss him softly. He can’t help himself in spite of the situation from taking a look at his omega, his beautiful omega. “You’re perfect…”


And Jeongguk likes this. He likes being in Namjoon’s arms, be enveloped in his scent and warm. He likes how things are between them, the life he has now and right there, with Namjoon hugging him under the streetlights already turned green. Jeongguk promises to himself that no one and nothing are going to take this from him. He’ll be dammed if he lets Kim Namjoon slip through his fingers just because.


Jeon Jeongguk has new goals in his life as of now, and poor the bastard that dares to get in between him and his desires –not even half dead Seokjin or his own criminal family.





Chapter Text


Jeongguk has something with Namjoon that he has never wished for, has never searched for, but now that he knows about it, now that he has experienced it, he wants it, wants it all. He wants to keep savoring the moments spend along Namjoon. And what Jeongguk wants, he’ll do whatever to get. His mind is set on it.

So Jeongguk stays by Namjoon and Taehyung’s side during the entire time it takes Seokjin to get well enough to be discharged from the Hospital. His wounds still needing time to heal properly.

Pediatric Doctor Park Jimin limits himself from stepping foot in the floor where they have him. Jeongguk wonders sometimes how Jimin’s mind works. Because he can giggle and smile to little kids, pat their little heads with the same hands he uses to cut someone up. How cold is he really? Because Jeongguk is sure Jimin does love Hoseok, Yoongi and himself. But how? How can he be such a good actor and pretend he hasn’t done so much terrible things? Jeongguk is far from a saint but there are things not even him dares to do and he is sure Jimin is familiar with.

Jeongguk is trying his luck here too. He has managed to stay alone with Seokjin during his first’s conscious hours and explained to him that they both were ambushed at the parking lot, leaving Jeongguk unconscious on the asphalt until Namjoon found him, Seokjin kidnapped only for his knowledge.

Seokjin doesn’t remember much either, or pretends not too. Who knows? Jeongguk is aware of Jimin’s methods but has heard from Hoseok that the detective was blindfolded the entire time so he saw neither Jimin nor Hoseok. Only heard one of Hoseok’s partners voice since he was the only one he hadn’t met.

Kim Seokjin hasn’t given a statement about his kidnap, or who he thought were his aggressors –no one pressured him either, like if everyone already knew that would lead nowhere or to more dead bodies.

Jung Hoseok has really made an impression.

Right now, Taehyung is taking care of the paper work with Namjoon helping, so Jeongguk is alone again with Seokjin. The brunet’s eyes rank over the taller’s body while he sits with the nurse’s help.

Seokjin’s worst wounds have to be his missing hand, because the doctors couldn’t save what was left, and the places where Jimin skinned him precisely, that have now been covered with new skin. The bruises would disappear. The broken bones where his limbs were bent can heal on their own. The cut over the brow of his right eye can be an enchanting scar –Jeongguk supposes that the line between Seokjin telling Hoseok everything or not was drawn there.


Later that afternoon, after Namjoon drops Taehyung and Seokjin at their apartment, he takes Jeongguk to his own house –he has already suggested moving in together soon as things between them progress.


They sit next to each other on the couch with warm cups of hot chocolate. Jeongguk can see that Namjoon wants to speak so he waits for him.

“I think is rather obvious to say that I’m in love with you since some time ago”

Jeongguk lifts his legs over Namjoon’s lap, Namjoon extends one arm over the couch for Jeongguk to rest his head in. Jeongguk smiles, “And I know I don’t say things like this ever but– I guess I’m in love with you too”

“You guess?”

“Fine. I know.” He takes a sip while Namjoon places his cup on the small table.

Namjoon hums, “That’s why this is hard for me so I’ll just say it and please just– just wait for me to finish.”

Jeongguk tilts his head intrigued, “…Ok”

“I… I’m supposed to be this sort of whiz and everyone expects me to have the right answers always. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.” he isn’t looking at Jeongguk. “I’ve got in my mail all the information that detective Byun gathered, didn’t check on it until a week after everything happened. I analyzed it, I crossed it with the one I had, with what Taehyung got… I ran in my head all possible scenarios, all the things that happened during those days, all the details that to some might not be of relevance.”

Jeongguk is starting to feel he’s not going to like where this monologue is going. He places his own mug down too.

“Byun’s department dropped the investigation against Jung Hoseok. The official statement is that beside the fact they shouldn’t have been doing it in the first place, they got nothing and that there are criminals out there that can be in fact caught.” He sighs, “My own boss told me too. To drop it at least until something significant, something major comes up.”

“Did something come up?”

Namjoon shakes his head, “Not really just– I just realized a bunch of things that were right at my face and I choose not to see them because I was too enraptured by you.”

Jeongguk smiles not feeling happy at all. “…What?”

“It came to me the other day when I was speaking with Seokjin and he briefly said he was at least happy that they didn’t take you too when he was kidnapped for Jung.” He looks at Jeongguk this time, nothing on his expression that gives away what he is feeling or thinking.  

And Jeongguk knows he just ran out of luck.

“He said he’s not going to try to come at them with his case since they are probably just going to finish the job with him or kill Taehyung to hurt him for real, and he’s never going to live if something happens to his brother because of him, so that’s that. Taehyung didn’t hear, doesn’t really want to talk about it either. Just wants to forget and leave everything behind. He even told me he would quit if I make him look into anything related to Jung or SUGA again.” Namjoon lifts his hand slowly to caress his cheek, eyes glancing over the younger’s features, “Byun had more pictures of you and SUGA” He says with decisiveness, “They were low quality always taken at night and from afar. I guess for their safety” he whispers the last, “I have actually seen pictures of SUGA before, right? On your phone. I identified your profiles. I recognized you because the other day you and he went to the same drycleaner shop, I picked you up. That morning you told me you would be there with your friend Yoongi. That’s his name, right?”

Of course Jeongguk has showed him some pictures of him and Yoongi on his phone, the few he has on storage besides his and Joon’s, because why not, Jeongguk didn’t wanted to look like some sort of weirdo with no friends. Jesus fucking Chr– Jeongguk’s face must be showing this time everything he’s actually feeling.

“Ssshhh” Namjoon shakes his head, thinking briefly how gorgeous Jeongguk’s big eyes are when fully honest. “Just answer me this. Is your friend Hobi, Jung Hoseok?” Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Jeongguk finds himself nodding slowly to the questions, “And this friend of yours Jimin, is his husband, right?” he nods again. “Good. I figure it all out then.”


Who would have imagined Jeon Jeongguk would end up confessing?

And so, so easily. Just like damn detective Byun said.


“Have you ever killed someone that hasn’t done anything to deserve such a fate?” Jeongguk blinks, “No. Wait– Don’t answer that. What I need for you to do is to assure me they are not going to torment Seokjin and Taehyung anymore.”

It takes Jeongguk a few seconds to blink and catch his voice again. “…They won’t.”

“Good” Namjoon smiles at him gentle and calm before kissing him softly. “Don’t forget my mother is coming over this weekend. She’s going to stay for your birthday too.”


“Ssshhh” he kisses him again before getting on his feet, “We don’t speak of this ever again and if you love me you’ll do as I’m asking you and stay here, with me.”


For the next weeks Jeongguk keeps rejecting Hoseok, Jimin and Yoongi’s incoming calls and messages. And just like Namjoon asked him to, they don’t talk about the subject again. Namjoon gives him a new phone to leave the other specifically for those three only.




In a warm afternoon of late November, Kim Namjoon asks Jeon Jeongguk (28) to marry him two weeks later with the family ring his mother conveyed for him, just a day after his birthday number 34. Jeongguk says yes. Namjoon mentions the possibility of a family in the future, Jeongguk says he has never given it a thought, honestly never imagined he would end up with a mate, but he is certainly open to the option.

Jeon Jeongguk also has dedicated a lot less hours at what used to be his main bloody hobby some time back, which gains some questions from his alleged best friend Jimin but nothing he cannot handle once he decided to start replying them again to avoid suspicious, he explains he didn’t want Namjoon to get ideas of him since he was been extra careful with everything so they should keep the contact minimum. They believe him. They don’t have reasons not to.

So Jeongguk keeps up with the lie, elegantly he starts to detach himself from them and their activities alleging he literally lives with the enemy. He tries to stay neutral but knows he can just shut them out of the blue. So he approaches Namjoon with the doubt of what to do. Namjoon seems pleased, Jeongguk thinks, that he looks for his help. After it, Jeongguk starts giving them the information they sometimes asks only after Namjoon tells him what to say exactly. Namjoon is indeed smart enough in pretending to give them the right information when it’s not, without leaving Jeongguk exposed in any way.

Namjoon decides to change locations, going to another police headquarters that is not as close as Hoseok’s. He is granted his request easily from the senior’s officers in command. Taehyung goes with him and when Seokjin is ready he says he’ll go too. Jeongguk gets his reassignment a few weeks later.

Hoseok’s business keeps running but not as smoothly as before, he doesn’t suspect Jeongguk though. Detective Namjoon sometimes comes after him, eliminating only a few of his small businesses or arresting his low profile managers, his runners, sellers, whores. Hoseok can’t help but think he is not as determinate as before but still Namjoon seems to be stepping on his toes sometimes only to let him go under any technicality or stupidity. What he doesn’t know is that Namjoon on his part is content to be able to crush Hoseok’s pawns for now, it does not bring his empire down but it slows it, he’ll save the best for when the time is right.


Namjoon does not asks Jeongguk to help him in catching Hoseok and Jeongguk doesn’t bring up the subject either.




It’s late December when Namjoon and Jeongguk bond their lives officially. Against Jeongguk’s better judgment Min Yoongi attends the ceremony, oblivious of course of Namjoon knowing his true identity. He even dares to flirt with a wary Seokjin apparently having met him before, to their utter surprise. Jeongguk is the only one that sees the subtle anger in Namjoon’s face at that.

With that fact aside, the reception is flawless. Jeongguk is a little afraid that Hoseok dares to show up, since the older joked about it to him on the phone the day before. But to his relief all the crime lord do is to send him via text his congrats.

On their wedding night at the fancy Hotel the reception was at, Namjoon goes down on him once he has him tied to the headboard with his own ripped dress shirt. He fucks him slow but with enough strength to have him whimpering and bruising good. Tells him how the only perfect thing around is Jeongguk with him. Jeongguk whimpers in satisfaction.

Hoseok does show in the wedding but in the form of a present. Namjoon receives a nice large quantity of money as a wedding gift from no other than Jung Hoseok as signed, who sends him a little note with congratulations for tying the knot as well and to not forget about him ‘there will always be time to play the cat and the mouse’.

Jeongguk’s first thought have been that Namjoon would sent the money back or give it to a charity or something kind to annoy Hoseok. Namjoon however, takes the opportunity to ask for his earned vacation time and takes him for the next four weeks to Europe and some islands Jeongguk couldn’t even pronounce the name of which is totally awesome and well received on his part.




During their time abroad, Jeongguk learns through messages that Yoongi has kept a steady contact with Kim Seokjin after the ceremony which is unsettling in so many levels. Jeongguk doesn’t get what is Yoongi after here.

He asks Namjoon about Seokjin too, a little afraid of what reaction could he get but the older just tells him the detective is doing ok, he has finished his therapies and has told him as of lately that he finally feels good again, even with the loss of his hand, he’s even beginning the process to start using a myoelectric hand prostheses, courtesy of his new lovely friend Min Yoongi who apparently works in some government’s technology department.

Jeongguk gulps at the news, Yoongi didn’t mention any of that.

Namjoon sighs, “If he dares to hurt Seokjin I–”

Jeongguk is quick to shake his head in denial, “He won’t. He won’t. I’ll–”

Namjoon hushes him, a finger over his lips. “No baby, you won’t but I will.”

Jeongguk feels guilty, he says to Namjoon as much.

Namjoon only tells him that that is exactly what differences him from Jung and the others and to let it behind already. What’s done can’t be changed.

Maybe a killer like him can move on, with Namjoon’s help at least.

And Namjoon wants him to keep up with the today and future, their future. Jeongguk wants it too. He can’t change his past, he knows where he comes from but that won’t determinate where he is going to.  




A year later Namjoon earns a promotion and a public thanks from the governor for his fine job at disintegrating a gang that was starting to rise. In his speech he thanks his team and everyone supporting him.

Jung Hoseok texts him right after the event asking for the thanks he deserves too, for helping him with some leads since the punks were related to some of Hoseok’s enemies abroad so a problem for him as well.

Namjoon honors him with a replay this one and only time.

You’ll see your end at my hands one day too





Jeongguk has leisurely but surely distanced himself from the people he once considered his only family. A criminal family, to be more accurate really. He is not Hoseok’s first choice anymore when he needs to put someone to rest for good, but he is still under the impression Jeongguk does it on his own.

However, the doctor has found his time invested in Namjoon and their growing relationship. He learns that he can actually befriend people without having to pretend be someone else –of course his very dark and very secret past has to stay that way, for freedom purposes. Jeongguk laughs every time he thinks of it that way.

The present is all what matters now. He uses this as his new motto in secret.




Min Yoongi has an agenda, Jeongguk thinks at first. He has been chary about the hacker’s actions when it comes to Seokjin. But it has been over a year and Yoongi is still around.

So Jeongguk ends up confronting him about it, disguised it as just for the sake of been aware in case Namjoon figures out something since he’s been more protective of his friends now, after all that had happened.

Yoongi denies the blatant accusations, but then succumbs and tells him about how Hoseok wanted for him to check if it was a mistake had let Seokjin alive. Yoongi swears he told Hoseok it was not. Yoongi also admits he might as well have development a soft spot for the big guy but swears is out of pity. Jeongguk doesn’t believe the last.

“And no Jeongguk. I’m not been fake here. I mean, I am surely leaving aside who I really am but he doesn’t have to know that. Namjoon doesn’t know who you really are.”

Jeongguk remains calm, and is quick to turn the comment against him, “Why are you comparing my situation with yours? Do you like the guy or something?” he arches a brow.

And to this, the great Min Yoongi turns the darkest shade of pink, spluttering even. That’s Jeongguk’s answer.

Jeongguk promises Namjoon that at least this way Seokjin might be out of danger.




It takes time for sure, and five whole years later Jeongguk finally realizes he feels completely and absolutely happy, a rush in his veins no murder could replicate. A kind of delight he never could have even dreamed of.

Next to Namjoon he has won a family of his own, new friends, has seen new things, has explored the world, he has come to realize there’s nothing he would want that isn’t what he has right now.

It’s scary the fact that if he thinks it through, he has left behind what he used to be, a soulless killer working and hanging out with monsters, it’s scary to think that right now there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do to keep it as it is. Even when Jimin or Yoongi pester him about not paying them attention any longer or Hoseok having to asks someone else to do the job for him. Jeongguk has bigger and better priorities, they seem to understand sometimes, and others Jeongguk has just stopped given it a shit about.


On his part, Namjoon has almost everything he had wished for. A family, a great job, a nice big house, a great car, a good bank account balance. The only thing still missing is that little detail that bothers him from time to time about that bastard that has slipped from his fingers too many times. Jung Hoseok has been outsmarting him in the past way too many times and that would certainly hurt the pride of any man but now, he has something that he didn’t have before. Now, Namjoon knows Jung Hoseok will not have a way out or a backup plan.


When Kim Namjoon started his work at the police station with his title of Detective, he had a goal in mind. He wanted to be the best, just like anyone else. He will succeed though, not like everyone else.


“Baby” Namjoon back hugs Jeongguk in the kitchen, the brunet finishing with the dishes after the tiresome dinner with their hyperactive four year old twins.


“I need you”

“You always need me”

Namjoon smiles, hugging him tighter, kissing his neck before whispering in his ear, “I need you to help me to bring Jung Hoseok down.”


Oh, boy…




Chapter Text


I need you to help me in bringing Jung Hoseok down…


It takes Jeongguk three whole days to come back to Namjoon with an answer. The detective is in his home office finishing with some e-mails when the brunet takes a seat across him. His expression serious, his eyes narrowing at Namjoon, but not in any way upset by him. At least yet.

“Look, the easiest way to do this is if you let me just kill Hoseok and Jimin since I assume you aren’t interested in getting rid of your best friend’s significant other.” Since Yoongi has been married to Seokjin for the past three years. “And like that, we can close the chapter for once and for all.” Or so he thinks, he hopes.  

Namjoon closes his laptop, leaning back in his chair. “That would be too easy, baby.”

Of course, Jeongguk rolls his eyes in annoyance. 

Kim Namjoon wants blood, but he doesn’t want to finish it that quickly for them. He wants sweet retribution. “And no, I’m not interested in killing Yoongi since he will play a role in what I have planned. I guess he has showed me he does care for Seokjin. Besides I do need someone with his skills since Taehyung has decided to stay in Paris for who knows how long.”

His plan is actually already in motion since some time now but that isn’t relevant for Jeongguk yet, and is better that Taehyung isn’t present either.

Jeongguk crosses his arms, “Well, if we’re going to do something it has to be fast Namjoon because we have kids to worry about and even after all that we have went through I am in no way putting pass Hoseok to try to hurt them. And don’t make me start with Jimin. I don’t even like when he gets too close to my babies every time I have to pretend.”

To this, Namjoon calls him to come closer. Jeongguk is now very upset but goes to him anyway, standing in front of him when Namjoon turns his chair.

“We do it at my way and you don’t have to worry about that. I’m quite the smart guy, baby. You keep forgetting.”

“Even when I have to help you work the washing machine? Should I remind you that one time your stupidity almost got us–”

Namjoon smiles quickly pulling him forward by the hand, “I have everything under control.” Jeongguk falls to his knees between his legs.

Namjoon kisses his cheek tenderly then as an afterthought, “The twins are asleep, right?”

“It was a battle I won, why?”

“We could– I mean, you could…” and he wiggles his brows and Jeongguk is still puzzled until he points at his crotch.

Oh. “I could be minding my own pending work things too”

“Please!” Namjoon tries, holding him down when he tries to get up.

Jeongguk decides to treat him this time since his husband has proven to be beyond annoying when horny.


Everything will happen exactly like Namjoon wants it to be, Jeongguk shouldn’t fret about it. And Jung Hoseok is not going to see it coming.


∞∞ ∞ ∞∞


Jeongguk interactions with Hoseok and Jimin have reduced over the years because he is honestly busy with work and two handfuls of energetic babies that he adores more than Namjoon (which he points out every time he can and to which Namjoon only laughs telling him he understands the favoritism) but also because, obviously, he has to be on Namjoon’s side, to put it simple.

Against his principles and morals Namjoon accepted Jeongguk’s past and loves him either way. Of course Jeongguk had quitted that life style out of Namjoon’s request and his own will to be more than that. His ultimate recompense came in the form of his two beautiful babies, Chiwon and Myungjun. 

Over the years he has learned so many things and found himself doing so many others that he couldn’t have possibly imagined he would ever be part of. He has unconsciously made his mother proud too one December when his parents came to visit from where they are settled now in Rome unexpectedly. If not for Namjoon, Jeongguk would not have opened the door for them. They were both thrilled once they found out he was married to a prestigious Commissioner General and with two gorgeous kids.

Jeongguk complained a lot to Namjoon and a little to Jimin.

Jeongguk, just like Yoongi, is still in contact with both Hoseok and Jimin since there is no way they can’t drop their act unless they want those two to be plotting something against them. Jeongguk has had the thought way too many time of just be over with it by killing them but Namjoon has been there to stop him even without knowing his intentions.

But now, apparently Namjoon’s sweet and perfect plan to bring Hoseok down has gone into motion and Jeongguk can finally breathe from the estranged friendship he has to keep for appearances purposes. Because now that he has the chance to see it from a different point of view, he can see in Jimin and Hoseok what Namjoon has always said they are and that Jeongguk is not, despite his past.

If you hang out with monster you will be acting like them, you will become like them. Jeongguk had an option though, and he took it. He took his out and he isn’t planning on going back.


“Jeongguk!” Jimin calls obviously annoyed that the brunet is not paying him attention.

Jeongguk ignores him again in favor to see what Chiwon and Myungjun are up to in the little playground the coffee shop offers. He has to run, leaving Jimin talking by himself, when Chiwon bites the arm of a kid trying to take his little Tata plushy from him. Myungjun is next to his brother in a second pushing the kid to the ground.

Jeongguk spends the next ten minutes apologizing for the commotion but pointing out how the bitten kid wanted to take aggressively and without permission his kid’s toy and so his baby was just defending himself. On one side he’s a little embarrassed but on the other he’s proud that his kids can defend themselves and are there for each other.

When he comes back to the table, Jimin has already finishes his mocha.

“Parenthood really changed you.”

“I suppose.”

“How about your night activities? Or the targets Hoseok gave you last month?”

“Excuse me?” there’s a lady on the table next to them checking her phone.

“Have you even killed someone recently?” Jimin arches an eyebrow.

The woman doesn’t seem to have heard thankfully, “This is not exactly the place to talk about that”

“Well, we only gather in such places after you have gotten together with Namjoon and got the little kids” the last word ending in a poorly disguised hiss. “Are you still you?”

“What kind of question is that?”

“That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Since when do you talk like that? Does the detective have rubbed himself figuratively on you as well?”

Myungjun comes to the table to give him his toy car before going back to play and Jeongguk notices the look on Jimin’s face towards his boy. Their gathering ends there.

“I have to leave” he gets on his feet.

“Why?” Jimin questions obviously bothered, “You went soft Kookie. I thought even married you would still be you that you would be helpful with the police but I see that things have changed. This is literally the third time I see you this year and we’re in august.”

“Well, I am busy. Not all of us have millionaire husbands and have the choice to drop our jobs out of boredom.” Although Namjoon has suggested it once in favor of their kids, but understood fully when he refused.

“And you have children.”

For someone who used to be a pediatric doctor Jeongguk doesn’t think Jimin likes kids at all. How the hell did he do it for all those years is beyond him but Jimin should definitely get a fucking award for been such a perfect actor during that time.

And he can’t really take it anymore, “Do not mention them. They have nothing to do with this. Whatever it is. I don’t really get what’s your deal now? What–” 

“Does Namjoon know who you really are?”

“What’s with all this questioning out of the sudden?”

“It’s not, you really had us doubt of your loyalty these past years Jeongguk”

Jeongguk chuckles humorlessly, “You’re talking like–”

“I’m talking on behalf of Hoseok. He has been giving you the benefit of doubt but you know we can’t really allow that.”

“If Hoseok wants to tell me something he can do it himself.” Maybe Jeongguk would lose it and break his neck or something. Problem resolved.

“And what? You’d bring your little–”

“You mention them again or look in their direction and I swear I’ll–”

Jimin gets on his feet too. “I see.” he says coldly before turning around taking his leave.

Jeongguk stays there a little longer and buys the twins another slice of cake.



That night after dinner, Jeongguk tells Namjoon he thinks Jimin already knows he’s bullshitting them. They might suspect Yoongi now. Namjoon kisses him goodnight and once more assures him everything will be all right.


∞∞ ∞ ∞∞


Jeongguk is putting the clothes in the washing machine that Namjoon once again failed the night before when he hears noises coming from the kitchen above the laundry room. He knows is not the twins because they are playing in their bedroom where he left them and they always do as he says. He lets the machine off and climbs the stairs listening carefully.

When he checks the kitchen there’s no one but when he quickly goes through the living room he has a clear view of a stranger dressed in black going for the staircase, the only thought that comes to his mind after that it’s that his babies are up there.

Almost like he is in autopilot, Jeongguk approaches the man from behind who realizes he is there a second too late to give Jeongguk the advantage.

When there’s a gun aimed at his face Jeongguk knows the guy means business, he tackles him swiftly the gun falling a few feet away from them where they hit the ground, Jeongguk tries to simply choke the bastard but the intruder is quite strong. Jeongguk has taken down bigger guys though.

In their wrestling several things are knocked to the ground which means they are causing commotion. The guy manages to hit Jeongguk in the face and when he gets on his feet to retaliate he sees two little bodies watching the scene from the floor above, eyes as big as his own looking absolutely frightened.

“Go to your room!” Jeongguk orders just as the guy launches at him. Jeongguk falls.

He hears a “mommy!” and hopes they have listened.

“This is a message from Jung Hoseok”

Of course, Jeongguk thinks as the guy tries to choke him now. A message for Namjoon, perhaps? Bad for this fucker though, that Jeongguk’s right hand is just a couple inches away from the silver gun.

Hoseok should know better than to send an amateur after him. So why?

Just when he feels like passing out he grabs the gun and blows the guy’s brains off in a second that seems like an eternity. The gunshot resonates through the quiet house while the blood spills around where the dead body falls.

Once he catches his breath and hearing he stands going to the kitchen first to clean any traces of blood on him and to leave the gun out of reach, he covers the body with a towel rushing then to the kid’s bedroom.

When he gets there the door is locked which is good, his babies are smart.

“It’s me!”

A few seconds later the door is opened, Jeongguk kneels down to hug his little Chiwon that has tears staining his puffy pink cheeks, looking up he finds Myungjun with his phone in his ear getting out of their hiding place under the bed, tearing up as well. The toddler runs to hug him too.

“Mommy, that was so scary!”

“Mommy, are you okay?”

When Jeongguk picks up the phone, Namjoon is yelling saying he is on his way. The brunet sighs, hugging his babies tighter.

“We are okay”


With this, Jeongguk knows for sure he is no longer on good terms with those who used to be his closest friends. Jimin told Hoseok, Hoseok took measures. That’s how their world works; you are only valuable until you are not. 


Later that night, after the police take the body and process the scene as quickly as they can per Namjoon’s request, he finally lies down behind Jeongguk on the bed, draping one arm around his waist, their kids sleeping in the center, refusing to leave their side after the events of the afternoon.

“Don’t worry.” Namjoon whispers.

Jeongguk open his eyes, “You think?”

“Everything is falling into place.”

“Was it part of your magnificent plan getting a contract killer in our house coming at us?”

Namjoon had the little hope for Hoseok to respect at least their home and children, now he has no more restrains respect to what comes next for him. That day Jung Hoseok could have taken everything from him if not for Jeongguk been who he is.

If someone asked Namjoon now, he would say Jung Hoseok deserves everything that he’ll definitely get. Sooner than later.

“No. but I did consider” Before Jeongguk can turn around to probably push him out of the bed, he continues. “But I knew you would be here to protect our kids, I knew you could protect yourself just fine.”

Jeongguk settles down again, “I don’t know if I should feel flattered or just stay mad at you.”

“Please don’t get mad at me. It will be over soon, trust me.”

Jeongguk has been trusting in Namjoon since a long time now.


∞∞ ∞ ∞∞


Like a castle of sand presented with water, Namjoon watches how slowly but surely Hoseok’s empire crumbles to the ground. And it’s beautiful.

It was definitely worth the wait.

Jeongguk gives him some names of important people he got rid of for Hoseok a reason or other and points out major locations for Hoseok’s deals and storage, he gives him a few things too to link them to him.

Yoongi willingly gives him everything else with Seokjin by his side, if there is tension between them Namjoon doesn’t comment on it. He later learns Seokjin couldn’t even stay mad at the younger more than a day so Yoongi is lucky he felt in love before knowing the true.

Namjoon moves smoothly after that with all his strong connections and with people of his absolute trust, still he decides his best course is to go with the governor who is coincidentally looking to get a second round in the power and what better way to get it that to be in the headline of the major catch the police force has had in the last decade.


A Wednesday morning everything sets off to the final run Namjoon hopes for.

High officers of different departments in the police and public system are taken off their duties due possible and confirmed connections with Jung Hoseok just like foreign associates are deported back to their countries, small and big establishments are raid and people are arrested.

Hoseok’s deals meet their downfall.

Hoseok’s clubs and other properties are taken under investigation just like his others barely legal business quarters where he spent the most time. All his records and data end up in the police hand’s too.

And by midday Hoseok’s several bank accounts in and out of the country get their balances reverted to cero.

Hoseok only realizes in the late afternoon when Jimin comes back home, the only place the police have not come to, saying he couldn’t paid something with one of his credit cards and that his account is in ceros. Not much later when his partners fail to report him back and one dares to call him directly from prison is that Hoseok realizes what is really happening.

Jimin tells him everything will be okay, even if he doesn’t look like he believes it much.


Of course that with the last strike at his assets, Hoseok will send Jimin to Yoongi because who else could be skilled and brave enough to manage something like that. Who else would have motives? Maybe not Yoongi himself but Hoseok knows now he is probably under the influence of Namjoon and Seokjin.

Who but the little bunny playing housewife for the cripple detective?  Hoseok thinks bitterly.   

On his part, Kim Namjoon is counting exactly on that train of thought from him.


∞∞ ∞ ∞∞


Yoongi and Seokjin have a routine hard to change every morning on workdays. Seokjin is the one leaving first always. Yoongi either stays home all day or spends the day after 9 or 10 in the technology lab he works in.

Today, Kim Seokjin left their house at 7:45 like usual.

Park Jimin, inside his sleek black car, waits a couple minutes before coming to knock on the door.

When Yoongi opens the door a minute later for a few short seconds he thinks in a lot of things but not in Jimin going straight at him.


This day in particular though, Namjoon has anticipated several scenarios so Kim Seokjin, ten minutes into his drive, turns back and heads home.


Yoongi is fighting to get Jimin’s hands off his neck before he gets him unconscious and starts using all those tools Yoongi is aware are in the red bag Jimin has let fall on the side. Unable to do it, Yoongi luckily blows him on the side of the face which momentarily push Jimin off balance enough for him to try to get away,

Jimin, however, catches him by the ankle making him fall getting the upper hand again and sitting down on his back to hold him still.

“You think you can escape from me, Yoongi baby” With a tight grip on his hair he hauls his face up. He licks the side of his neck visible, “I’m going to show you today Yoongi-ah what I made that filthy detective plaything of yours feel when I got my hands on him.”

“You are a fucking monster, Jimin!”

“You and Jeongguk knew that already! You knew who we all are! You just couldn’t keep up, I guess”

“No because unlike you, we are no fucking psychos”

“Jeongguk has blood of his hands just as much as you and me, darling.”

“And we are better now”

“Really?” he chuckles.

“Yes. We are better than you.” Yoongi trashes under him “Get off me! Get off me!”

Jimin doesn’t get deterred, “Scream all you want. You help that piece of shit to take everything from Hoseok so now I’m gonna kill you oh so slowly” he grabs one of his wrists ready to break it, “And then I’m going to wait for Seokjin to come back to your dirty corpse scattered all over the place”


“Yes. I will finish the job with him too and then is going to be Kookie’s turn.” He pulls his hair harder, “I’m going to make him watch how I slay those little babies he doesn’t shut up about. Maybe that way he’ll be back to us again.”

“You sick monster! No! No!”

“You’re lucky you haven’t gotten knocked up by him.” Yoongi keeps screaming, Jimin just laughs sinisterly, “What can you do, little bunny?”

“I’ll kill you!”

“No. you won’t.” Jimin coos amused.


“But I will.”


To say Park Jimin is taken by surprise is an understatement. He flinches looking back right before he is pushed off Yoongi with more strength than necessary. His body colliding with the wall, hitting his head first.

He falls on his hands and knees but before he can get up Seokjin is pushing him on his back settling himself over him.

And that was it.

Jimin doesn’t get surprised when Seokjin manages to break his left arm leaving it useless at his side. He screams but he isn’t surprised, he is pretty much in pain too.

Pain is such a sweet thing.

“Fuck… Wanted revenge detective?”

“See it as you wish” Seokjin is holding his right arm with his own. Jimin feels the cold touch on his cheek from the artificial one before it trails down to his neck.

Yoongi is still on the ground, just watching the scene evolve. He watches as Seokjin crushes Jimin’s neck unhurriedly with the same prosthetic hand he helped attach for the first time all those years ago. He stays glued to the ground, does nothing can’t move at all.

And then there’s a final crack, a small one but to his ears it could have been easily magnified with ten thousands speakers.

The silent comes next.

Yoongi looks into Jimin’s lifeless eyes and thinks they look exactly the same as they looked always. Empty.

“Ouch” the detective gets away from the body, getting on his feet. He checks on his hand, “I… I think I will need some repairs.”

He almost falls to the ground when he turns around, his legs failing him but Yoongi’s arms are right there to help him.

Seokjin tilts his head with his real hand, “My beautiful omega there for me” he whispers pleased leaning down to kiss him.


∞∞ ∞ ∞∞


Hoseok doesn’t get the chance to check on Jimin and his whereabouts when a whole team of masked police officers enter his main house pointing their guns at him taking him into their custody.

Suddenly Jung Hoseok has no one to talk to, no one to ask for help.

He has no one.

The police are neutral in their treatment against him, he is offered a lawyer and none of the five in his payroll pick up their phones, the detective keeping him company tells him that the news is out. That the prosecutor was delivered so many evidence against him that no lawyer would lose their time much less ones that can be linked to illegal businesses like his.

He has no one.

At the end, he does accept the lawyer provided by the system just because.

Hoseok’s mind is clouded with so many thoughts at once about everything.

Is this really the end for him?

Where is Jimin? Why hasn’t he come already? Did he abandon him? Did he betray him too?

Is this really the end?

That person he met all those years ago was right when they told him that arrogance would lead him nowhere. His overconfidence has been apparently used against him by no other than Kim Namjoon.

“I guess you’re a prodigy after all…”


He has a hearing by the next day where the charges against him are said, he proclaims himself innocent sure. His trial date will be set soon apparently but they don’t tell him yet.

He finds out two days later by his young and totally inexperienced lawyer that it will be the next week. Monday 14th, 9am.

“That’s fast” the only comment he offers.

Hoseok still doesn’t hear anything from Jimin. He can’t find the will to sleep with that in mind.


∞∞ ∞ ∞∞


Jeongguk wonders why Hoseok hasn’t tried to drag him in as well, after his arrest. He spends the next few days unable to sleep with that thought haunting his mind along Jimin.


∞∞ ∞ ∞∞


Namjoon has the pleasure of seeing Crime Lord Jung Hoseok get his verdict of life sentence once he has been charged guilty after all the evidence against him he got from Yoongi and Jeongguk. Just five days into the trial.

It would usually take a longer time to get him into a courthouse but Namjoon has managed to persuade several people into rushing it, the governor has helped too. It would all be good for their images and careers. They have all the evidence while Jung Hoseok has nothing to go against them. No allies, no money, no plan B.

Namjoon guesses that maybe the great J-Hope didn’t thought about it, too immersed in the idea that there was no one above him.

He played the game and he lost.

Namjoon finds guilty pleasure in seeing him looking around every time for a familiar face that doesn’t come and that will never. 

Before he is escorted out of the courthouse Namjoon walks up to him, having realized that they haven’t really met face to face until then.

Hoseok narrows his eyes at him. “Hey Namjoon”

Namjoon takes a deep breath. “Hoseok”

Hoseok laughs humorlessly “Check mate”

Namjoon nods, “Check mate indeed”


∞∞ ∞ ∞∞


Jeongguk hums, leaving the children at the table to finish their homework to have the weekend free.

“How did you know everything was going to happen that way?”

Namjoon thinks back at all the conversations he had with Yoongi, slowly but surely planting little doubts against Hoseok and Jimin and seeds of hope and future for what he and Seokjin started building.

He thinks back at the night at one of his favorite local pub where he met with Seokjin and told him absolutely everything and to please just wait because Namjoon would make sure he got Park Jimin between his hands, natural and artificial.

“Told you I had everything planned”

Jeongguk hums again, looking disinterested.



Namjoon doesn’t think there’s another way to say it that just saying it, so he goes for it.

“Jimin is dead.”

He waits calmly to see Jeongguk’s reaction, though he doesn’t really know what to expect. Jeongguk has always been the hardest to read.

“He is…” the brunet whispers softly.

Jeongguk shouldn’t feel surprised, should not be feeling anything but relief. He honestly saw it coming but at a point in his life he sympathized with the monsters and became a monster himself and it was fool of him to think that was something that could be easily changed.


That night, after Namjoon falls into deep sleep thanks to the pills Jeongguk put in his meal, Jeongguk leaves their bed, kisses their kids and goes out.

He doesn’t comeback until sunrise before Namjoon wakes. 


By midday Jeongguk mutes the TV when in the news appear the murders of a couple of newlyweds in their new house. The reporter says it was the most gruesome murder that the police have seen in years. What she fails to say is that the murderer left a message on the bedroom wall typed with the victims’ blood.


If we are all monster is it okay to hurt each other?


Jeongguk smiles at his babies while they enjoy their lunch, takes them to a park near their house for a couple hours, gives them some well-deserved candies, bathes them at puts them to bed for a nap.

He calls Yoongi for the details of what Seokjin did to Jimin once he is alone. Yoongi is reluctant for a few minutes but agrees. Before hanging up Jeongguk nonchalantly voices to him that if Jimin had a catalyst in his life to end up as he was, it was probably Jeongguk himself the night he showed him a way to get rid of his problems and frustrations by killing them.


∞∞ ∞ ∞∞


Three days into his sentence Hoseok gets his first and last visit.

“Did you come to see I was really here? Paying for what I did?”

“I’m here to tell you why you haven’t seen Park Jimin” Seokjin says through the phone. A glass wall separating them. Seokjin lifts his metal fingers and an officer inside comes to him handing him a small envelop.

“What? He betrayed me too?” Hoseok opens it and lets the contents fall and right there on the little white counter in front of him is Jimin’s wedding ring.

“No. He was pretty loyal to you.”

And to these two things, Hoseok tenses. Narrowing his eyes at the ‘was’.

When he finally looks up from the ring, Seokjin upholds the eye contact.

“I came here to tell you how I crushed his neck between these robotic fingers you gave me and then let his body out in the wild to rot, like the piece of garbage he was. Let’s be honest, he deserved so much worst, but I’m not that petty.” He smiles wryly before hanging up and taking his leave.  


That night, with Jimin’s ring on his pinky and back into his solitary prison cell, Jung Hoseok cuts his own neck with a small pocket knife he got from one of the inmates earlier. Jimin is his last thought.





Chapter Text



It’s rainy outside, a week after Jeongguk is informed by Namjoon that Hoseok was found dead, when Jeongguk finally comes back home after been out almost all day.

Namjoon is with their twins watching TV in the living room.

“Where were you?” when Namjoon has woken up that morning Jeongguk was already gone.

Jeongguk looks away from them, “At a funeral with Yoongi.”

The kids run to hug and kiss Jeongguk before going back to watch their movie. Namjoon follows him to their second lounge room where Jeongguk picks up a bottle of their strongest liquor uncapping it and taking a sip right from it.

“Whose?” Namjoon asks curious because he would remember a close friend or relative dying.

Jeongguk takes another swallow, trying to calm his speeding heart.

“Jung Hoseok and Park Jimin” He doesn’t look at Namjoon. “It was a little hard to get their bodies but I have my ways.” His voice cracks at the end.

Namjoon doesn’t dare to even breathe after that and Jeongguk doesn’t tell him he paid the funeral house a ridiculous amount to be the only one to handle their bodies. Doesn’t comment either on the beautiful mausoleum he made built for them both.

“I don’t get it” Jeongguk continues. “I think they tried to kill me” that assassin they sent was just stupid, Hoseok knew better than that. “They tried to hurt us” and the tears just flow down from his eyes, just like when he was across their caskets when they were been put in the ground. “They–”

Yoongi cried too, so it’s not really something messed up in him only.

Jeongguk spent several years of his life next to them, next to Jimin. They helped each other. They took care of each other’s backs. And even if their end has been as bitter as it was. Jeongguk still feels like a part of him is hurting.

Namjoon ends up next to him, hugging him and letting him cry for as much as he feels and wants.

This is where that chapter of their lives really ends.