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No no no no no no no no no.

Please don't kill me.

Please spare my life.

He begged frantically.

He started shaking, dropping more of the toxic liquid. 

Too many people. 

He slowly curled up into a ball.

or at least as close as one could be when they were a brutish pile of tentacles attached to a humanoid figure.

The urge to run off to an area the chalice had messed with did not come.

He was so strong before this. 

Now he trembled like a leaf, soon to be ripped off the tree by the wind.


They were going to take his life.

No? no they weren't.

He could think.

he could


He was a sailor. 

He loved his boat more than he loved his wife.


That wasn't him.

He once swore that it wasn't him at least.

But It kinda was him.

He was a bit of an ass


It took many months, And the Apocalypse but now he felt better. more alive. Thank you nameless sorcerer.