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Christen enters her apartment, immediately seeing Tobin asleep on the couch, kneeling down to quietly greet the dogs. She gets off her coat and boots, carrying her backpack to her kitchen table and setting it down on a chair. She gives Khaleesi and Morena treats, then sees the food bowls on the counter. She feeds them and then turns her attention to her girlfriend.

It’s been two weeks and Tobin is exhausted. She’s been working out twice a day under the instruction of Garga Caserta, fitness coach to the Thorns for the last twelve days. It’s taken Christen a little bit of patience to adjust to this new schedule but knowing there is an end date in sight helps. She knows Tobin is doing her best to make time with her, sleeping over many nights since her place is closer to the gym.

It’s been an education for both of them. After the first week, Garga saw how focused and serious Tobin was about her commitment to his program and he began to respect her drive. This last week, he incorporated new workouts and even though Tobin knew she was in good shape, she realized very quickly how many muscle groups she hadn’t been using.
Many evenings were spent with Christen massaging her body, most times Tobin being too tired and sore to even make a single sexual comment.

Between her training at the gym and looking at real estate properties and getting PERT off the ground, Tobin’s days are packed. Christen has spent quite a few evenings catching up on her shows with Tobin lying across her lap dead asleep. Usually Tobin would be up and cooking dinner by now, she notes as she crosses her small living room to kneel in front of the couch near Tobin’s head. She must be really tired.

“Babe, wake up,” Christen gently calls, rubbing Tobin’s forearm with her hand, “come on honey,”

Tobin groans and sniffs, shifting her head to bury it into the pillow, yet remains dead to the world. Christen smiles at her, feeling for her. If what she’s doing now is close to the two a day trainings she suffered through in college, she has her sympathy. She stands up, deciding to make dinner and then haul her off the couch. At the counter, she notices Tobin had pulled out the veggies for dinner, already chopped already in a bowl on the counter. She figures she was waiting to get the food going when she came home.

Christen has just started back up at school, enjoying the long winter break and not enjoying the hyper kids she faced today who were bouncing off the walls from pent up energy of being back in school. She’s settled into her this second semester pleased that majority of the district P.E. teachers are on board with PERT and have been using the curriculum. That hadn’t been the case in her other school near LA. She met much resistance when she tried to enforce the teachers to use their existing curriculum. It had been a frustrating ongoing battle for three years.

Working here was a breath of fresh air compared to back then. Almost everyone was engaged with the curriculum, sharing new games they’ve played, interacting with their peers. Their institute days have become filled with non-stop talking, teachers sharing ideas, making handouts and talking about conferences they want to attend. They’ve been working with other teachers to get ideas for grade appropriate learning, using math formulas, maps of the state and country, spelling lessons and social skills. The administration has seen a rise in test scores, although they aren’t publicly willing to admit it’s because of PERT, there is much talk that it’s helped tremendously.

It’s not that there isn’t any stress to her job, but Christen feels that it’s normal, doable work-related stress. Worrying about certain students, making sure she has her lesson plans set, concerned about what the yearly equipment budget will be. She has to admit, when she leaves work, she usually can leave it all there and that’s a wonderful feeling. Especially now. Because now she has the energy to devote herself to supporting Tobin for these next few weeks as she works her ass off to ready for tryouts for the Thorns.

Their friends are getting suspicious. Tobin has missed a few nights of pick up soccer, leaving her to explain why she wasn’t there. Kelley, Heather and Ashlyn are the most persistent in hounding her for answers. At first, she explained she was looking at real estate for the building, but now they’ve narrowed it down to two sites and are just waiting for the zoning commission to reply if they are able to use the space how they want. Just last night, the entire group complained about how they haven’t seen her in almost two weeks. She was going to have to talk her about it tonight.


With dinner finished and plated on the counter, Christen heads to the couch for attempt number two in waking her up. She sits on the edge of the couch, running her hand on Tobin’s side over the blanket.

“Tobin,” she gently calls, “it’s time to wake up. Dinner’s ready,”

Tobin groans, then mumbles into the pillow, shifting from her side to her back, yawning before opening her eyes and blinking sleepily up at Christen. “Hey babe,” she croaks, “how was school?”

Christen smiles and leans down and kisses her softly, “I had a really nice day,” she replies, “come on, dinner is ready.” She pats Tobin’s stomach and then stands.

“Oh,” Tobin moans, slowly sitting up, “babe, I was going to cook,” she says frowning and slowly stands up, “it’s my turn.”

“And I wanted you to sleep,” Christen smiles back at her, “so I chose to cook. It’s okay,” she says pulling out the chair and placing a hand on Tobin’s shoulder to guide her into it, “we’ll get back on a schedule when things settle down. No worries,” she assures her and takes her place next to her at the table. “So, explain your text to me,” she begins, “you said Garga invited you to train with him and a few others tonight?”

Tobin’s face comes to life, her eyes go wide and light up, “Yeah,” she says excitedly, “he wants me to come and do some ball drills and kick it around.”

“Honey, that’s great!” Christen is excited for her, “Did you mention about how you’re nervous about doing training drills?”

Tobin nods as she chews, once she swallows she takes a sip of water. “This chicken is awesome babe,” she comments, “Yeah, I told him about how I haven’t done any organized training like, to prepare for how they’ll be at the tryouts. He told me to not worry,” she nods her head, “he said the Thorns staff break down everything really well and it’s not a big deal. He said we’ll get to some agility drills they do and he’ll ask around about ball drills.”

“That was nice of him,” Christen smiles, having a feeling Tobin has charmed this man with her honesty and work ethic. People just naturally like her, her easy going nature, her quick smile that can cure whatever troubles you and infectious laugh.

“Yeah, so I need to be there by eight and he said they hang out until like nine-thirty.” Tobin informs her, “Do you mind if I crash here tonight?”

“Sweetie, you don’t have to ask,” Christen smiles at her, “do you have clothes for tomorrow morning?”

“Yeah, I packed some extra stuff.” She replies. “This chicken is so good,” she shakes her head, “what did you do to it?”

“I followed that recipe from the blog you sent me,” Christen answers, “it turned out very good.”

“Oh, I’m not doing anything Saturday night and nothing at all on Sunday,” Tobin says, looking up at her, “Garga said to take a little break and take it easy. He’s confident we’ll get there for February.”

Christen is liking Garga more and more she discovers, and she hasn’t even met him. “Well, we should do something low key,” she suggests, “Kelley is having some people over Saturday night, we could go there for a bit. I’ve been interrogated why you haven’t been at soccer. I think you need to tell them.”

Tobin twists her mouth up as she considers, then she sighs deeply, her shoulder slumping, “Yeah, I think you’re right.”

“Tobin,” Christen says nudging her arm, “they’re going to want to help you. You know that.”

Tobin sniffs, nodding her head, “I know, they’re awesome like that,” she says, “I just thought it would be sweet if somehow I made the team and could surprise them.”

“They’re too smart for that, sweetie,” Christen shakes her head, “you need to tell them.”

“You’re right,” Tobin sighs, “I will. I feel kind of bad for ghosting on them lately.”





“Well if it isn’t Tobin Heath out from under her rock!” Kelley calls out loudly as her and Christen are taking their jackets off and tossing them on the pile of coats stacked on a large cardboard box in the hallway.

Tobin grabs the bottle of wine and the carton of fresh apple juice they brought, holding them in each hand and spreading her arms. “In the flesh!”

Kelley approached her and sees the apple juice, looking at her questioningly. “What’s with the juice? You off the sauce? I’ve got a bottle of Jack here for you,”

“Yeah,” Tobin lowers her arms, “I’m not drinking right now,” she says, a surge of nerves twisting her in her belly.

“What’s going on Tobes?” Alex asks with concern, walking towards her and Christen. Tobin glances at Chris, who gives her an encouraging nod.

Kelley gives a half turn back, “Cut the music,” she says, then faces Tobin. “What’s going on?” she asks, her concern evident.

“Uh,” Tobin says, looking around. Everyone is there. Ali and Ash, Allie and Bati, Serv and Alex, Heather and Dave, Emily, lingering by the kitchen with Morgan, Crystal and Lindsey, all of them looking concerned.

“Are you pregnant?” Emily yells from across the room as the others laugh.

Christen reaches for Tobin’s hand and gives her it a squeeze. Tobin nods, “So, well, I’ve kind been busy, see,” she begins, “on a new project.”

“You’re not going to do PERT?” Crystal asks with raised eyebrows and a frown.

“Oh, no, yeah, I’m in for PERT,” Tobin says quickly, “this is something totally different. Just, like, I’ve, I’ve had this dream, see and now, now is my shot to go for it and I don’t want to have any regrets if I don’t.”

Alex slides in next to her, first looking at closely Christen who gives her a small closed mouth smile and then at Tobin, who’s turning red and having trouble looking at any of them.

“What is it?” Alex asks softly, her voice low and raspy, “You can tell us,” she says reassuringly, her hand rubbing Tobin’s upper arm.

Tobin glances at her and nods and then takes a deep breath. She lets it and looks at the floor, “I’mtrainingtogetinshapeandtryoutfortheThorns,” she says quickly in one breath.

It’s so quiet the only noise heard is the noise from the icemaker in Kelley’s kitchen.

“Wait, what?” Alex furrows her forehead.

“You’re gonna try out for the Thorns?” Ashlyn shouts, “Dude! That’s awesome!”

“That’s what you’ve been doing? Training?” Kelley asks, bending down to catch Tobin’s eyes and grinning at her.

“Yeah,” Tobin says quietly.

“That’s fucking amazing!” Allie bellows. “Harry! Why didn’t you say something?”

“Yeah, why’ve you been so hush hush?” Morgan chimes in. All of them are staring at her.

“Well,” Tobin shrugs, scratching at the back of her neck, “it just seems like a pipe dream, and I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it.”

Alex is hugging her from the side, squishing her, “It’s not a pipe dream,” she whispers in her in ear, giving her a tug, “you got it?”

Tobin barely nods before Christen let’s go of her hand and pushes her shoulder towards her friends. They surround her, asking her about what she’s been doing and Tobin is trying to answer them all.

“Guy, guys, guys!” Heather shouts, “Give the girl some room,” she commands, “let’s all get a drink and some food and talk about this,”

Once everyone was settled in the living room, some on the floor and the rest squeezed together on the couch and two chairs, drinks and snacks in hand, Kelley shouts to them to be quiet.

“Okay, now Tobin,” she says, “why didn’t you tell us sooner you were thinking of this? We’d totally help you train, fuck, we’ll stop playing pick up for the month to get you ready.”

Tobin shrugs, taking a sip of her apple juice, “I really didn’t think about seriously until a few weeks ago,” she replies, “it never entered my head until Chris told me to really make sure I was doing what I wanted.” She’s half on Christen’s lap.

“So,” Alex draws out the word, “what about PERT?”

“I’m totally in it,” Tobin confirms, “I might not be able to get out and sell and do as many presentations, but I’ll make sure certain you guys know it like the back of your hand.” She looks around, “If, and I mean a really big IF, I make the team or practice squad, I’ll be around to keep up with stuff and when the season is over, I’ll take on the tradeshows and stuff,” As she’s speaking, she doesn’t see how Christen is smiling proudly behind her.

“We’re going to rock it, Harry,” Allie says firmly, “and you’re going to rock your try out. Now, tell us, how can we help? Shooting drills, passing drills?”

The women organize two nights a week to assist Tobin with her workouts. They’ll use the one night they normally play, and Tobin will rent time for the other night. After they’ve sorted out those details, talk turns to the NWSL and how they think the Thorns will look in the upcoming season.


“That went well,” Tobin smiles over at Christen as she guides her truck back to her home. She squeezes Christen’s hand, “thanks babe,”

Christen smiles at her, “Feel better?”

“I do,” Tobin admits, “you were right.”

“Ah,” Christen sighs, smiling at her, brushing her fingers on her shoulder, “anything else on your mind we can take care of?”

“No,” Tobin chuckles, “I think I have a clean slate,” she says, “my friends know I have money, I’m going to work doing something l love, and I’m training hard to follow my dream,” she says. When the truck is stopped at a red light, Tobin looks over at Christen, “What about you? Are you living the dream?”

The light changes and Tobin focuses on the road, then glances over when Christen hasn’t answered. “Babe?” she questions. Looking over once more to see Christen deep in thought.

“Oh,” Christen shales her head, “right.”

“Hon?” Tobin asks again when there’s no response.

“I think I am,” Christen replies honestly, “I’m happy, the dogs are happy,” she squeezes Tobin’s hand, “you’re happy. I think I’m doing what I should be doing right now.” She looks over at her, giving her a dazzling smile, “I feel like we’re both busy and doing things we love and it’s all exciting and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out.”

Tobin smiles at her, “Me too,” she says as she drives, “I’m so grateful for you babe,” she continues, “I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for you and I’m so, so grateful with how understanding you are about the craziness right now. I love you.”

“I love you, too,” Christen replies, “and it’s easy right now, we have a big picture. And if the big picture changes, whether you make the team or not,” she shrugs, “we just reevaluate and go from there.”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Tobin’s teeth flashes before the looks back to the road.






“Tobin!” Garga calls out, Tobin swiveling to turn and look at him. She’s in the shooting gym, dumping the ball bag out getting ready to take some shots and do some drills. Try outs are a week away and she’s been gearing up for next weekend.

“Sup?” she asks, seeing a few women filter in.

“Come here,” he says, gesturing to her, “I want you to meet some people.”

Tobin almost drops her water bottle as she approaches. Emily Menges, Katherine Reynolds and Christen Fucking Sinclair are looking at her. Keeping her shit together, Tobin approaches them, “Hey,” she greets, “I’m Tobin,” she offers her hand to Emily. They shake and introductions are made, the women all just using their first names.

Tobin turns to Garga, “So,” she says, scratching at the back of her neck, “what’s going on?”

Garga smiles at her, “Thought your workout would be more effective with a few more people. You’ve been kicking my ass too much. You could use more of a challenge.” He heads for the door, “Ladies,” he looks at the three Thorns, “don’t go easy on her,” he smirks and leaves the gym.

Christine smirks at Tobin and gives her a head nod, “Let’s see what you’ve got, rook,”

“Uh,” Tobin mumbles, “listen, I’ve only played up through highschool,” she says nervously, “you’re gonna hafta show me your drills,”

“No problem,” Emily slaps her back as she walk past, “let’s go through the stretching and get rolling,”






“Are you okay?” Christen asks worriedly from the couch when seeing Tobin’s pale face and slightly glassy eyes when she enters through the kitchen door.

“Uh, yeah,” Tobin says distractedly, dropping her bag on a kitchen chair and approaching her, giving her a soft kiss.

“How was your workout?” Christen inquires as she slides her legs off the couch and pats the cushion next to her for Tobin to sit.

“Uh,” Tobin says looking perplexed, “it was surreal,” she leans against her.

“Why’s that?”

“I did drills and shot around with Emily Menges, Kat Reynolds and Christine Sinclair.” Tobin replies, sounding as if she doesn’t believe it herself.

“Woah,” Christen didn’t expect that, “how’d it go?”

A slow smile spreads across her face as she looks at her, “It was pretty amazing!”

Christen launches herself on Tobin, hugging her and kissing her, “Oh, honey! I’m so happy for you!”

Tobin is laughing, “Yeah, they were super cool, and so nice! I told them right away I didn’t know any drills and they were like, that’s cool, we’ll show you. We kicked it around, did some drills and then did some two v two.”

“And?” Christen is nodding at her, “How did it go?”

“I held my own,” Tobin nods proudly, “I didn’t make a fool of myself.”

“Did they take it easy on you?” Christen asks prudently.

Tobin nods, “Yeah, at the beginning,” she says, “but after I nutmegged Emily, that changed.”

Christen’s smile falls into a frown, “What happened after that?”

Tobin side eyes her, “I nutmegged her again and then got Kath too,”

“Aaaahhhh!” Christen yells, flinging herself on Tobin’s lap and kissing her passionately, “Sweetie, I’m so happy for you!”

Tobin kisses her back just as passionately, “Thanks babe,” she says, her hands finding Christen’s ass, “I really needed something like tonight. It showed me I just might have a shot.”

“Did you score?” Christen smiles at her, her eyes taking in how happy she is.

“Oh yeah,” Tobin nods slowly at her, “I scored,”

Christen places her hand on Tobin’s jaw, leaning in to kiss her again, “Wanna score again?”

Tobin wiggles her eyebrows and slides them forward, gripping Christen’s ass and lifting her off the couch and walking to the bedroom. “I’m gonna go for a hattrick,” she says in between kisses.





“So, Tobin,” Christine or Sinc, as she told her to call her says, “how is it that you’re just now trying out for the Thorns?” The two are having coffee after a light workout the day before the try outs. It’s the second to last week of February and Christine has been regularly working out with Tobin this past week. Today they went out for coffee after.

“Well,” Tobin shrugs, taking a deep inhale, then letting it out slowly, “I guess I got caught up in my job, I got it my junior year of high school and loved it, and then the company recently got bought out and my girlfriend encouraged me to really think about what I wanted to do with my life and I wanted to try so thirty years from now I wouldn’t look back and feel regret.”

The Canadian eyes her carefully, thoughtfully. Then she smiles, “Well, I’m glad you’re here now,” she says, “giving it a shot. You’ll rock it, don’t let your nerves get the best of you.”

“Thanks,” Tobin says shyly, “It’s been super cool working out with you and Em and Kath,”

Sinc laughs, “You might think so,” she says, laughing harder when she sees Tobin’s look of horror on her face. “I mean, Em and Kath are pissed that you keep nutmegging them!” she laughs, “It’s hilarious!”

Tobin’s face burns the blush she’s sporting. “It’s all good,” Sinc assures her, “I told them I’ll never tease them unless you make the squad,” she chuckles, “then I’m telling everyone, right after you nutmeg the whole team!”

Tobin smiles, nodding bashfully, “Aw, man,” she says, “I don’t know about that,” she says.

“Just listen to the instructions and play,” Sinc suggests, “just tell yourself it’s a training just like you’ve been doing. Don’t worry about the coaches or anything else. Just play the ball.”

“Thanks,” Tobin smiles, touched that she’s taking time out of her day to spend it over coffee and give her a pep talk. They’ve only trained together a half dozen times and have gotten along pretty well.

Sinc looks at her watch, “I’ve got to go,” she says, taking her phone out and handing it her, “Put yourself in there,” she says, “whatever way it works out let’s hang out sometime, eh?”

Tobin passes her own phone to her and then enters her info. They smile.

“You know, my friends have been so freaked I’ve trained with you,” Tobin confides, “every week at pick up, they’re asking what we did and stuff.”

“You play pick up, too?” Sinc asks, her eyes bright.

“Yeah, over at Underdogs right now, when it gets nice again, we play at Stott.” Tobin replies.

“Let me know when next week,” Sinc nods, “me and a few will come by, get some touches.”

“Sweet, I will,” Tobin grins at her, knowing how her friends will freak out.

Sinc surprises her with a hug, “I’m not wishing you good luck,” she says when she pulls back, looking at her steadily with that fire in her eyes that Tobin has seen on TV watching Thorns matches, “you have it in you, just do your thing.”

Tobin can only nod, then Sinc gives her light punch in the shoulder and leaves with Tobin standing there, frozen on her spot for a moment. She shakes her head and gathers her cup and backpack, letting out a deep sigh as she heads to her truck. Now I know how the players feel when Sinc is talking to them, she thinks, riding on a wave of confidence. I can do this. She stands a little taller as she walks, nodding to herself. I got this. Whatever way it ends, at least I can say I tried.





Christen is so horny it isn’t funny. She’s not exactly horny in that she needs to get off herself. She needs to get Tobin off. She wants her. She needs to please her. She wants tonight to be all about her. It’s the night before her try out for the Thorns. She wants her to know how proud she is of her before she attempts to make the team. That’s why she’s got dinner on the seat next to her, having texted Tobin and telling her she was stopping to pick up pasta for tonight’s meal, knowing it would be the right choice for her.

She kisses Tobin intensely upon greeting her. She’s at Tobin’s place tonight since it’s closer to Providence Park. The dogs are already here, Tobin had stopped to pick them up after her last workout this afternoon. She’s gently pushing Tobin back up against the fridge and feels how she’s trying to hold on to her as she kisses her so forcefully.

She breaks contact, eying her lovingly, stroking the side of her cheek with her fingers. “Hi baby,” she coos, “how was your day?” she asks innocently.

Tobin blinks a few times, “Uh, it was fine,” she replies, cocking her head to the side, “yours?”

“I’ve been thinking about you all day,” Christen purrs, letting her hand slip down and lazily massage Tobin’s ass. It’s so firm from her increased workouts. Tobin’s whole body has changed in the two months she’s dedicated to getting in shape. She’s bulked up a little and has become so much more defined.

She sees how Tobin gets that look in her eyes as her eyelids drop to just over half open, a slight smirk on her face, “Is that so?” she questions, her voice low and slow, coming out like a drawl that sends another spasm of desire through Christen.

Christen grins at her, her eyes never leaving those brown orbs that convey so much emotion. “Dinner first,” she insists, stepping away from Tobin’s grip, “I got you your favorite,” she says, haughtily turning to the counter to unpack the bag.

“Chris,” Tobin says with that low pull in her voice, the one full of desire.

Christen glances over her shoulder, “We should eat while it’s hot,” she says primly, her eyes still alight with fire, burning into Tobin, teasing her with the promise of what’s to come, “will you feed the dogs while I get this ready?”

She turns, but she can see from the corner of her eye how Tobin runs a hand through her hair, flustered and turned on. She hears Tobin shuffling behind her as she empties the bag, knowing Tobin is thinking of how she’ll tease her tonight for her being so obnoxious right now. Little does Tobin know, Christen has plans for her.

Christen is up to something, Tobin thinks to herself as she feels Christen’s fingers, yet again, brushing along her thigh as they sit on the couch eating dinner. She glances over at her, seeing how Christen has this sly look on her face and she thinks she’s pretending to be so engrossed in what’s on the TV. Tobin must be looking at her for too long because she looks over, slightly amused and gives her a small grin.

“What is your schedule for tomorrow, babe” she asks her.

“I’ll probably get up at six-thirty,” Tobin replies, “so I have enough time to digest and stuff.”

“What do you want for breakfast?”

She shrugs, “Maybe just oatmeal and some fruit,”

“What time are you leaving?”

Tobin lowers her near empty plate and turns slightly to her, “So, I figure if I get up at six-thirty, eat, shower and get dressed, I’ll have time to chill and leave at eight.”

Christen nods, “Sounds good,”

“So, guess who I went out with for coffee today,” Tobin grins at her.


“Christine Sinclair,” Tobin shakes her head, “can you believe it?”

“Honey!” Christen exclaims, “What did you talk about?”

“Just stuff,” she says, “she’s super cool, so down to earth,” she shrugs, “we talked about Portland, she wanted to know what I did for a living and then gave me a pep talk,”

“Aw, that’s sweet,” Christen smiles at her.

“Yeah, it was,” Tobin agrees, “she could tell I’m pretty nervous, so…”

“You can only go out there and do your best,” Christen states firmly, “the rest is out of your hands. You do the best you can during the tryout and go from there. Leave it all oout on the pitch.”

“Spouting that wisdom,” Tobin smiles, then nods, “I’m trying to keep that in mind.”

“So, we should go to bed early,” Christen suggests, leaning forward and standing up, holding a hand out to take Tobin’s plate. Tobin keeps her plate and opts to stand up as well,
“I’ll get the dishes,” she comments, leading the way to the kitchen.

They clean up together, then Tobin mumbles something about wanting to look over the drill sheet she received from the Thorns two days ago. She has it memorized, she’s done the drills multiple times, so she feels confident she’ll get through them, yet it feels comforting to check in with it once again.

Christen lets the dogs out and then disappears into the bedroom. After a while she reappears and slides onto the couch, grabbing the remote and flicking around. After a while, Tobin sets the papers down, looking over and Christen smiles at her.

“Let’s go to bed,” she suggests, giving her a head jerk towards the bedroom.

“It’s still kind of early,” Tobin demures, thinking maybe she’ll check her email and see about the closing date on the warehouse or if Alex has emailed her any questions.

“We’re not going to sleep,” Christen states with a sly look as she stands up, holding her hand out. Tobin smiles and stands up, taking her hand and following her to the bedroom. They detour to the kitchen to let the dogs in, wiping off their wet paws and giving them treats. Tobin gives them each a Kong toy to chew on with organic peanut butter in the hole to keep them occupied for a few hours.


“This is all about you,” Christen announces as she closes the door behind them, “I want you to just let go and enjoy,” she says as she steps in front of her. She places her hands on Tobin’s hips and leans in to kiss her. “You need to take these off,” she murmurs, lifting the hem of Tobin’s shirt and helping her out of it. Then off comes the spots bra, the training pants and those boxer briefs that drive her wild. She leads Tobin to the bed, patting the blanket she spread over the comforter for her to sit down. Tobin does so, taking in the lit candles and how the air in the room is infused with a pleasant scent from and incense burner.

“Undress me,” Christen directs as she stands before. Tobin smiles at her, “Sure, babe,” she agrees, placing her hands on her hips and softly pulling at the nylon material of her loose warm ups pants she wears to school. She glides them down her hips, slipping them off one leg at a time as Christen lifts each leg, balancing herself with a hand on Tobin’s shoulder. Tobin lets them fall to the floor, moving her hands up to grip Christen’s ass, squeezing it over her underwear, then sliding her hands underneath and drawing the garment down. Christen leans down and kisses her, then quickly rids herself of her socks and kneels before her.

She looks up at her through her eyelashes, “Take off my shirt and bra,” she says with an alluring smile, full of promise of what’s to come next. Tobin complies, leaning forward to kiss her softly, then trailing kisses down her neck. Christen places her hands on Tobin shoulders as she rises, leaning to thrust her chest in her face. Tobin gets the hint and kneads one of her breasts while taking the other in her mouth, using her tongue to twirl around the already hard nipple.

Christen slowly rises from her knees, extending her hand, “Come on,” she encourages and Tobin willingly takes hold of her hand and follows her to the master bathroom. When she walks in, she sees the shadows of the candle flames dancing on the walls as Christen leads her to the tub full of bubbles. Slowly they get in, Christen first, guiding Tobin in front of her as they sit and recline in the hot water.

Christen gathers Tobin’s hair, swiftly putting it up in a bun so it doesn’t get wet. Then she wraps her arms around her as she leans back, pulling Tobin onto her chest.

“This is so nice, babe,” Tobin murmurs, turning her head and puckering her lips for a kiss. Christen kisses her gently, then pulls her shoulders under the water a little more.

“I just want you to sleep well,” she says quietly, “and be rested for tomorrow,”

“Thanks, babe,” Tobin says heartfully, “I love you so much,”

“I love you too,” Christen replies, “and I am so proud of you for doing this, honey.” She feels how Tobin takes in a deep breath, releasing it slowly and how her body gets a little heavier in her arms as she relaxes.

“Can I ask you something?” Tobin asks, her left hand slowly traveling up and down Christen’s thigh.

“You know you can sweetheart,” Christen smiles, feeling relaxed as well.

“Have you thought about what you’re going to do when your lease is up in August?”

Whatever Christen thought Tobin might ask her, this was not any of the subjects she considered. “I haven’t seriously, yet,” she replies honestly, “the place is okay,”

“I just want to put this out in the universe for you to consider,” Tobin says seriously, and Christen can feel her stomach tightening in anticipation of what’s coming next. “Maybe in the next few months when you get in the mode of thinking about it,” Tobin says, “maybe you would consider moving in here,”

“You’re asking me to move in?” Christen questions, unable to hide the grin on her face.

“I’m asking you to consider it,” Tobin corrects, “I’d love for you to move in,” she says, “but if you don’t think we’re at that point,” she pauses, “I would be okay with it,”

“You’d be okay with it?” Christen questions again, now moving her right hand on Tobin’s belly.

“Yeah,” Tobin shrugs slightly, “I don’t know if this type of thing has a timeline,” she says, then she turns her head, “I don’t know if you have a timeline on this, I’ve never done it before.”

Christen impulsively kisses her, “Babe,” she says, the grin still on her face, “I have to admit,” she says quietly, “I’ve daydreamed of what it would be like to live with you,”

Tobin smiles slowly at her, arching an eyebrow, “Yeah?”

Christen nods, “Yes,” she replies, “and I think,” she leans in and softly kisses her again, “it would be amazing.”

Tobin full on smiles at her, “You do?”

Christen smiles back at her, “I do,” she nods.

“So, you wanna move in here?” Tobin asks, her eyes sparkling at her.

“I really do,” Christen replies, leaning her head in to give her al lingering kiss.

“I love you so much,” Tobin shakes her head, “you’re pretty amazing.”

“I love you too,” Christen replies, “and don’t sell yourself short. You’re amazing yourself.”

Tobin lets out a deep breath and relaxes against Christen’s chest, “It’s going to be so awesome waking up next to you every day.”

“I can’t wait, babe,” Christen says, letting her hand travel up to lightly caress Tobin’s breast, “I really can’t.”