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It was a miracle that the rustic and expensive analog clock didn’t crack under the sheer intensity of her gaze. When the minute-hand struck twelve, the clock softly clicked twice, indicating that it was two o’clock. The subtle clicks were like two wooden chopsticks tapping on each other, accompanied by even softer sounds of moving gears.

As demanding as she could be, the CEO understood that she cannot expect everything to go her way. But Lena had no control over her simmering blood that was a second away from turning into a rolling boil, or the anticipation that she had been trying to suppress the entire morning.  She relaxed in her office chair, crossing her legs into a comfortable position as she nibbled mindlessly on her thumbnail – an old habit she thought she had kicked. 

There must be a reason.

And the reason was there, right on the television screen. Supergirl could be seen in the background handling the criminals to the NCPD. She had just stopped three armed robbers midway of their looting spree and was basking in the cheers and applause awarded to her by the growing crowd. 

“This is Caitlin Miller from CatCo Worldwide Media. It is now 2:02 PM and I am reporting live from Keefer Place Plaza.” 

Supergirl’s soured expression could be seen on live TV. Super-speeding into the frame, Kara flashed a megawatt smile at the camera before acknowledging the reporter, “I’m sorry, what time did you say it was?”

“It’s 2:02 PM… now 2:03.” Caitlin cast a look of confusion at the hero.

And in just a split of a second, the fearless protector transformed into a panic-stricken mouse, her gaze darted around the street as if searching for a means of escape.

“While you’re here, Supergirl, we would love to talk to you abo-”

“Oh, I’m really sorry… Caitlin, right? That’s your name? I can hear an old lady calling for help, like right now. I have to go. Bye!” Kara’s voice tapered into nothing as she flew away, leaving poor Caitlin and her crew dumbfounded. 

Chuckling at the entire exchange, Lena muted the television and set the remote controller where she found it. And when she turned around, she could have sworn she saw Supergirl panting. 

“Hi.” Lena said while smiling, not wanting to sound too cold, or angry. 

“I’m sorry.” Kara apologized. She opened her mouth again in attempts to find the words to explain herself, but Lena’s death stare made her feel like her throat was closing up.

“Well, you should be.” Lena cut her off and Kara tensed at the coldness. “You just called me an old lady on live television.”

Thank Rao .

Lena stepped towards the blonde, “Do you need a breather? I can wait.” 

“No! I mean no, it’s okay. I’m okay.” Lips pursed and gaze dipped, Kara flushed a subtle pink when she caught herself sounding too eager. 

"Okay then," Lena pulled her mobile phone from the pocket of her chic, black, blazer. She set the timer to 60 minutes but did not press start. “Can you draw the curtains?” The question was more of a command. 

Kara simply nodded.

“Use your words, Supergirl. It’s been months. You haven’t learned.” Her words cut through the air like an icicle. 

“Yes.” The gallant superhero suddenly seemed so small.

“Yes?” Lena cocked her head to one side, her eyes narrowed as she looked directly into Kara’s eyes. 

“Yes, Miss Luthor.” 

“Good girl.” Lena settled into her office chair while Kara walked the length of the room to ensure not a single ray of sunlight could filter its way through the highly opaque curtains. Full discretion was definitely needed for what was about to happen next. 

When she was done, she positioned herself to face the Luthor, just inches away from her desk. She clasped her hands behind her, feet slightly apart, as if she was a soldier reporting for duty, practiced and disciplined.  


“Yes, Miss Luthor.”

“Good girl.” Lena tapped on her phone, and the timer started to count down. “Strip for me.” 

The instruction, short and precise, took Kara almost three full seconds to register. She shrugged off any hesitation and raised her hands to first remove her cape, which she let fall onto the floor with a loud thud. Her boots came off next, and then the skirt and suit. Her thumbs found the waistband of her underwear and she took a gander at the Luthor, who gave her a slight nod, before pulling it downwards completely. 

Kara could already feel a tinge of arousal as the cool air skimmed across her warm body. But she wasn't done yet. She folded every piece of clothing with precision and stacked them neatly on the white desk, part of Lena's requirements for all of their sessions.

There, practiced and disciplined.

Eighty seconds had passed. Lena didn’t spare a second to blink. Instead, she spent a few more running her eyes up and down, appreciating the hero’s exquisitely built body. She could very well be a goddess forged from gold, or a meteoroid that had, by the slimmest of chances, entered this Earth’s atmosphere, landing here at National City after being carved into perfection by the force of gravity. 

Kara could feel Lena’s gaze lurking, her eyes undressing her for the second time. Not exposing her already bare skin but her soul, her inner thoughts, and all of her feelings. She stood as still as she could under the unwanted attention, afraid that she might earn herself a punishment for the slightest squirm.

Lena could look at this fine specimen, primed and ready for her taking, for the rest of her life. But they were on a clock and senseless staring wasn't the best use of time. She opened the middle drawer of the pedestal next to her, grabbing everything that was needed, before closing it carelessly with her right foot.

“Come here.” Lena demanded as she spun herself sideways on her rolling chair, placing the clanging pieces of metal on her desk. Kara made her way around the desk and turned around when Lena signaled with a twirl of her index finger.

Kara felt Lena pulling one of her wrists, and then a hard, cold piece of metal stung her skin, sending mini shockwaves through her veins. The cuff made a short hissing sound when Lena locked it.

Lena liked the perfect posture. The way Kara's back arched slightly whenever her wrists were bound behind her - like an assiduous ballerina. She could take it up a notch - tying a piece of cloth around her elbows and tightening it until Kara couldn't physically handle it anymore. But of course, that would require a powerless Supergirl. Maybe next time.

With a firm yet careful push on her back, Lena led Kara to the single-seater couch. The undressed woman lowered herself slowly onto the couch, her back straightened and tensed as she felt the cool leather on her hot skin. 

Lena knelt down in front of Kara, and the blonde visibly gasped at the yielding position Lena had put herself in. But her ankles quickly met the same fate as her wrists, each of them bounded to the front legs of the chair she struggled to stay still in.

“Don’t even think about breaking this chair, Supergirl.” Lena warned playfully and Kara blushed. If she had to compensate Lena for all the furniture that she had unwittingly cracked, broken, and crushed, she'd probably end up bankrupt.

And as a businesswoman, Lena naturally had to make economic decisions. Replacing the foundation of some of her furniture, like couches and beds, with the strongest metal known to man – Nth metal - sounded like a viable plan. Also because Jess was already suspicious about the amount of money Lena had spent on ‘redecorating’ her office and apartment. 

Her contractor did raise his suspicions though. When Mr. Gonzales asked the Luthor why exactly she needed indestructible furniture, all she could come up with was a lousy explanation of how much she wanted to preserve them, to which he shrugged off as a blatant lie, but he knew better than to question the CEO.

Kara’s nervousness was apparent in her silence and her stiff posture. Lena stood back up when she was sure that the superhero had no ways of escaping and she strutted sensually around the couch.

Placing her hands on broad shoulders, she pulled them back gingerly. She had to fight an initial resistance, but Kara complied quickly. Lena peered down when Kara finally had her back against the white leather couch.

“Feels good?” Lena applied pressure to where her hands were, massaging the tense muscles beneath her palms.

“Yes, Miss Luthor. Thank you.” Kara breathed. 

Lena smirked at Kara’s disciplined reply. It had always turned her on – how submissive the city’s strongest woman could be. She knew Kara could easily turn the tables; the hero could overpower her with a flick of her pinky and have her bounded in these shackles instead. But she knew Kara wanted this. In fact, Kara loved it.

Lena’s voice lowered to a deeper, sultry one as she bent forward to whisper into Kara’s ear “Why so nervous, Supergirl? It’s not like we haven’t done this before.”

The warm air on Kara’s ear was foreplay on its own. “We’ve never done this in your office, Miss Luthor.” 

Right . The office definitely didn’t seem like the ideal place to hold meetings of such nature. Unfortunately, Lena’s penthouse was undergoing a thorough cleaning due to a minor miscommunication between Jess and Mrs. Montez, leaving Lena with no choice but to improvise. 

“It’s safe here. Okay? Just relax and let me handle the rest.” 

Being the obsessive planner that she was, Lena had made several adjustments for the unexpected but very manageable hiccup. 

The doors were locked and even though Jess had the passcode to open them, she had been instructed clearly to not interrupt Lena for the entire hour, and the walls were already soundproof before the L Corp building was reconstructed. The CEO had also disabled the CCTVs in the office and there was no one in the company with access to override Lena’s controls over the profound monitoring system.

Lena's hands traveled south to cup breasts that fit perfectly in her palms. She massaged them for a while, drawing out quick, shallow breaths from the fidgeting hero. Kara’s sighs of relief ended in a sharp hitch when Lena pinched the hardened nubs.

Lena stopped abruptly and Kara arched her back slightly at the loss of Lena’s teasing. 

“Do you trust me?”

“Always, Miss Luthor.” 

A black cloth appeared out of nowhere, Lena dangled it in front of her before wrapping it around her eyes. Kara wondered if Lena had forgotten about her x-ray vision.

Oh. This is new. 

Her x-ray vision worked almost immediately, a strange reflex that accompanied the vision loss. It looked like static on a television, millions of tiny black dots blocking the sunlight infiltrating the thick fabric.

“Blindfold with hundreds of thousands of lead particles stitched onto the cloth.” Lena flaunted proudly, like she would when presenting any of L Corp’s cutting-edge tech. “How many fingers am I holding up?”

She felt a little stupid holding two fingers in front of Kara.

“Uhm- I can see shadows… But nothing more.”

“Okay. If you can see, that would be cheating, and you will be punished. Do you understand?” Lena warned.

“Yes Miss Luthor, I understand.” Kara bit her bottom lip at the thought of being disciplined.

“Good girl. I’ll make you happy today.” 

“No, Miss Luthor.” Kara murmured as she hung her head low, the masochist in her threatening to make an appearance. “I was late today.” 

“Hmm, so you want to be punished?” There was a tone of pleasant surprise in her voice.

“Yes, Miss Luthor. I- I deserve it.”

“All right then.” Lena returned to the front of the chair. Raising both hands to cup Kara’s face, Lena drew soft circles on her cheeks with her thumbs. She could feel the blonde sinking into her loving caresses and it was a sure sign that Kara was completely relaxed.

Lena steadied herself with her hands on strong, muscular thighs as she lowered herself into a kneeling position on the ground – again, not exactly ‘ dominant’ like, but necessary for the torture she was about to put Kara through – and she could already see a wet patch forming on the material of the couch, just below Kara’s center.

Lena leaned forward suddenly to roughly suck a nipple, catching the blonde by surprise. Kara jerked and moaned loudly at the shock of the initial sensation, the noises coming out of her spurred Lena on and she sucked harder and licked aimlessly on silky skin. She flexed her tongue as she flicked erratically on the stiff bud, sending shockwaves of pleasure straight down to Kara’s core.

Lena ran her hands up and down Kara’s thighs as she switched her attention to the other straining nub. Pure ecstasy infiltrating her skull and Kara’s hips started to move on its own, begging for any sort of attention that Lena would kindly provide. When Lena bit down harshly on her nipple, Kara lurched forward involuntarily, causing Lena to fall backward. Unfortunately, the Luthor was quick to brace herself on the ground behind her.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry, Le- Miss Luthor.” Kara stilled herself, not wanting to make another potentially harmful move. “Did I hurt you?” 

“No, it’s fine Kara. I’m fine.” Lena broke out of character for a while, calling the blonde by her real name instead of her alias. “Next time, I would have to secure your hips as well.” 

Her cheeks burned at the thought of being completely restrained and vulnerable. It sounded so good, so… kinky . And a different kind of arousal coursed through her entire body. The moan that came out of her surprised even herself when she felt a warm, flat tongue stroke against her aching mound. There were no follow-ups to that single stroke and she defiantly raised her core, in hopes of meeting Lena's soft tongue once more. 

“Stay still, or we’ll stop.” Lena loved using this threat, but she knew very well that nothing short of a fire could rob her of the chance at torturing Kara like this.

“I’m sorry, Miss Luthor.”

This time, Lena flexed tongue, running the tip gently back and forth on the hardened bundle of nerves. The high pitched moan that escaped Kara’s throat sounded so dirty . Lena was starting to get distracted. 

“Miss Luthor, please…” Kara begged urgently, using every Kryptonian willpower she had to still herself; it felt impossible to not roll her hips into Lena’s hot, wet mouth. 

“Please what?” Lena teased through muffled words as she continued her torment. 

“Ple- uhmmm, yesss,” Kara threw her head back, “Please m-make me…” 

“Hold it, Supergirl.” Lena straightened herself, leaning forward to remove the blindfold so she could see how dark and desperate those blue eyes had become. She wanted to see the look of Supergirl when she came undone. She needed to see, in flesh and blood, the power she had over the superhero, the way Kara willingly submitted to her; to Lena Luthor. 

Kara breathed deeply in futile attempts to cool herself down as Lena resumed drawing slow and almost painful circles on her now very stiff and swollen nub with the tip of her scalding tongue.

She had to learn how to take mental cold showers, especially for situations like this, where physical release wasn't an option, but a reward. She would fill her mind with totally random, insignificant thoughts like her training schedule at the DEO, what movies she wanted to watch on Friday nights or just things that she’d come across in the day. 

Her mind refocused into how the Atlantic Ocean looked so green today as she steered a little off-course from her usual patrols. The glistening, emerald-colored sea gleamed as the Sun shone directly above it. She always loved emerald… Maybe because they remind her of Lena’s eyes; eyes that were staring at her intently as she was being- 

H oly f-  

“Please, Miss Luthor! I can’t hold it much longer.” Kara was on the edge of combustion.

“Countdown from 10, and I’ll let you.”

“Ten, nine, eight...” Each number was being punctuated by a gasp, a moan, or desperate cries of help. The anticipation was becoming unbearable and Kara thought that she might die , “three, tw-“

“Stop.” Lena withdrew her tongue instantly.

Kara let out a guttural cry, one that echoed the entire room and could have been heard from the other end of the building if not for the soundproof walls.

The timing was perfect. An incessant ringing started to play on Lena’s mobile phone. Just like that, an hour had passed. Lena pressed several buttons on the mini, silver controller. The cuffs all hissed at the same time as they opened up for Kara to free her limbs.

“You’re mean.” Kara pouted as she rubbed her slightly sore wrists.

Lena smirked, “You asked to be punished, didn’t you?” Lena placed a hand on Kara’s shoulder to give it a soft squeeze as the hero brushed past her. “Also, do not finish yourself off later.”

“Hey,” Kara frowned, “now you’re really mean.”

Lena laughed. “Fine, you can. But just so you know, it’d make me really happy if you don't get off till our next one.” 

Shaking her head at the insatiable woman, Kara super sped into her suit and approached the balcony. “See you around, Lena.” She kicked off from the ground, making her way back home, increasingly annoyed that her core was still feeling the heat and she wanted more than anything to relieve herself.

When she landed back home she tore off her cape and straddled the nearest pillow she could get her hands on. She started off slow, but soon the bed was squeaking rhythmically to her rough grinding.

One of the perks of living alone, you can be as loud as you want.

As she approached the peak of her pleasure, something stopped her. At the back of her mind was the thought of getting rewarded by Lena Luthor for being the good girl that she was and how proud she could make her if she stopped herself right now.

No, hell no.

Kara needed to release all the pent up tension or she wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything else for the entire week. It had happened before and she'd suffered terribly. Articles half-written, movies unfinished, Kara simply couldn’t function like a normal person while a harrowing ache sat in between her legs.

So she stopped her movements, switching to a more effective method. Kara threw the pillow across the room and tore her suit halfway down her body. A hand snaked downwards to find a thoroughly soaked underwear, which she pulled aside mindlessly as she started rubbing small, tight circles on that sensitive nub. 

Bzzt bzzt.

Her phone lit up on the nightstand; Kara tried her best to ignore it. 

Bzzt bzzt.

“UGH.” Kara yanked her hand out of the suit, admitting defeat. She rolled over to the nightstand to pick up the source of her annoyance.

Lena Luthor: Slipped my mind I’ll be away on a business trip. Probably a couple of weeks.

Lena Luthor: Let’s meet again on Sunday, 8 PM? My place ;)

Twice in a week. Unprecedented.