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Three Jades - intro

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Despite Lan Qiren's strict rule following and reinforcing, (as well as his complaints about Cangse Sanren), he did love children, and he did enjoy her company, which explained his current situation. Lan Qiren had been walking with his nephews when a piercing scream was heard, sobbed words following, "Pl- please stop! I Don-don't have anything." Before anything could be said, his nephew, Lan Huan, had already started heading towards the voice, Lan Zhan following quickly.

Turning into the alleyway, they saw a young boy, cowering from growling dogs who had him surrounded. Lan Qiren quickly snapped at the dogs, chasing them away before turning to the boy, "what is your name?" He asked gently.


"W-wei Ying's nuh-name is Wei Ying!" Despite the terror he had just faced, Wei Ying was grinning, "th-thank you for suh-saving Wei Ying! May Wei Ying kn-know your names?"


"I am Lan Qiren, and these are my nephews Lan Huan and Lan Zhan." Wei Ying beamed at the two, "he-hello! Lan Huan gege and Lan Zhan gege are pretty." Lan Huan laughed,"Wei Ying is pretty too." On the other hand, Lan Zhan nodded, but his lips twitched into a brief smile, shocking Qiren due to the fact the younger of the two hadn't smiled since the death of his mother. "Where are your parents, Wei Ying?"


"Wei Ying's puh-parents are gone. But, but thuh-they are looking at - at me from above!" Qiren smiled sadly, knowing what the other meant, "would you like to come home with us?" Both of his nephews perked up, one less visibly than the other, but still an improvement from his past reactions. "Is... Is Wei Ying allowed?" Lan Zhan spoke up,"Uncle wouldn't ask if not allowed." Wei Ying beamed, before nodding enthusiastically, latching himself onto Lan Zhan as the four began to head back to Cloud Recesses.


Over the next few days, they settled Wei Ying in, teaching him the rules slowly, beginning with the important ones and ending with the rules that only existed out of pettiness (which stayed because they didn't know how to remove it from the wall). Wei Ying was a ball of happiness, a sunshine peaking out amongst the clouds, and despite his struggle with stuttering, and speaking third person, everyone in the clan accepted him easily, thinking of him as a younger brother.


He became extremely close to Lan Huan and Lan Zhan, especially the latter, and he usually could not be found without one or the other. Wei Ying chose the Dizi as his main instrumental although he could play both his 'brother's instruments. (He called them brothers, although he liked Lan Zhan more than a brother. Unknown to him, Lan Zhan felt the same way).


When he was with others outside his clan (and people he wasn't close to), he chose to speak very little like Lan Zhan, to hide his stutter, and so he wouldn't slip up and speak in third person. Wuxian also proudly wore the Lan sect clothes and ribbon, although he still preferred the colors black and red.