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Tale As Old As Time

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Magic was by no means a new thing in their world. Sure, there weren’t too many witches or sorcerers just galvanting about, but there were enough that magic was a standard thing to be tested for in youth. It was important to identify a magically inclined person early on so the proper training could be implemented.

Even still, seeing Jimin and Yoongi perform rather complicated magic with a mere wave of their hand would never seem completely normal. 

Seokjin had known them since he was a child, and had never quite gotten used to their blasé attitudes in regards to their craft. It wasn’t like they couldn’t be that way, their magic was far older than most of the spells they used so it was little wonder that they could perform so easily.

“Yoonie get your tribble out of my work space,” Jimin’s familiar light voice sounded with thin annoyance. 

“Why are you griping to me? You don’t even need your work area for this kind of thing. You’re just being petty.”

Seokjin smiled to himself as he recognized the first dregs of imminent bickering.

Yoongi and Jimin were... old to say the least. No one really knew how old but their ease with magic and familiarity with one another spoke volumes. Not to mention the way they could seemingly hold an entire conversation without once speaking. They had obviously been at each other’s side for a long time. And with their familiarity came what he had affectionately come to call their ‘old couple bickering’. It was as though they were the same as his grandparents yet their bond transcended through, what might potentially be, centuries of time together.

Jimin sent a glare to his lover who was reading a large tome. “He gets fur on everything ! And then when I actually have to use the space, I have to take the time to clean it up before I can do anything!”

Yoongi sent him a bored glance. “I figured experience would dictate that you’d clean it up before use anyways…”

“I do! But I don’t enjoy having to take the extra steps to get rid of his ridiculous fur!”

Seokjin chuckled lowly from his position on one of the various sofas, normally used for waiting clients, while the two witches worked on whatever was needed of them. In many ways watching their odd method of communication was similar to watching some kind of television drama. Except in their case, neither Yoongi nor Jimin realized how comedic their interactions came off as.

“Also - I think this is a double ended complaint, because Raven is no better. She leaves fur on my things too but you never see me getting on your ass about it.”

Jimin pouted. “That’s because you aren’t petty about things like that and I am!”

Yoongi nodded sagely, “And therein lies the root of the problem.”

You proposed to me , remember,” the other declared, “you knew what you were getting into.”

“I did, which is why I know you’re not genuinely upset right now, you’re just kicking a fuss because you feel like it,” Yoongi said as he turned a page.

Seokjin laughed, smiling unapologetically when Jimin tossed a playful glare at him. “Things always go the same way, Jimin-hyung.”

“You know, if I wanted two people to give me sass, I’d just duplicate Yoongi.”

The mint haired witch appeared mildly offended by that. “Bold of you to assume you could even duplicate me, Minnie, I am one of a kind.”

Jimin rolled his eyes, “Tell that to the perfectly replicated dog I spell casted for that couple who were fighting over ownership.”

“Now you’re comparing me to a dog? Feeling the love here.”

Seokjin felt fond watching them. It had scared him somewhat as a child to see them go back and forth as they were, but it had quickly become familiar territory as he came to know them better. 

He tilted his head in question, “I know I’ve had to have asked this before, but have you two always bickered like this?”



Jimin threw a look at Yoongi for his negative reply.

The other witch raised a brow, “It didn’t get bad until that one trip to Europe.”

Jimin outright gawked at the accusation, “Excuse you, things just came to a bit of a head then because you were being so damn indecisive about everything.”

Yoongi set down his time with rising exasperation. “You melted my cauldron, how is that ‘a bit of a head’?”

“I could’ve set your hair on fire with that attitude.”

Seokjin shook his head and settled back on the couch to watch. He had to wonder at what point the bickering between the two had become his ideal method of communication between significant others.

The front door opened, a nervous looking person stepping through.

Jimin perked up and set down whatever he was handling to approach the client happily. “Hello! Were you the one that phoned in earlier for a possible reading?”

“Oh y-yes that was me, my name is Kihyun.”

“Excellent, if you take a seat somewhere, I’ll come get you once I have my stuff set up for things,” Jimin chirped.

Kihyun settled onto the couch across from Seokjin and sent a curious look to him. “Are you a customer too..?”

He smiled kindly, “No, just a visiting friend. Don’t mind me.”

The customer jumped at the sound of a tome thudding to the floor in another room. “W-What was that?”

Jimin cast a nonchalant glance towards the doorway connecting the two rooms but shrugged. “It’s just my Raven making a mess for me.”

“Oh okay.” The man fiddled his thumbs for a moment. Though he gaped when moments later a black cat emerged from the room with its tail up and waggling slightly. “Is your raven a shapeshifting familiar??”

Jimin paused and then laughed, easily tilting slightly so his partner in crime could leap up onto his shoulder. “No no, her name is Raven. I’m sorry, I forget that just calling her that might insinuate a bird.”

Kihyun grinned, “So wait, you’re a witch and you have black cat as your familiar? You’re proving stereotypes correct!”

Yoongi sent his beloved a smirk, “You hear that Jimin? You’re proving yourself to be a basic bitch.”

Jimin bristled and sent him a glower. “Well I’m still not entirely convinced you didn’t steal Yeontan from someone else, you swamp goblin!”

From his cushion beneath Yoongi’s work station, Yeontan huffed.

Seokjin shook his head with amusement plastered all over his face.

Clearly irked, Jimin cleared his throat and focused back on the customer. “My stuff is set up whenever you’re ready for the reading.”

Kihyun shot up almost immediately.

Yoongi rose from his seat and bent down to place a kiss on his head. “Jin-ah and I will be just outside.”

Jimin smiled prettily and it was almost as if the tiny spat had never occurred in the first place. “Thank you Yoongi.”

Seokjin rose with a small huff, “What manual labor am I being dragged into this time?”

The mint haired witch looked scandalized. “How dare you call my plants manual labor. Get out there and apologize to them, kid.”

When they were eventually let back in, Seokjin said loving farewells and promised to bring others to visit the next day. On his way out, their dongsaeng told Jimin to find a different color to wear. Jimin waved his hand with a delicate flourish, no doubt instigating a spell meant to be annoying, and began cleaning up his workspace.

Yoongi paused and studied his husband carefully. The brilliant orange of his hair paired with the black clothing was definitely a statement piece. “You look like the living embodiment of Halloween with those colors.”

Jimin scoffed and continued gathering up his tarot cards. “It’s better than having a UFO on my head.” He didn’t have a personal problem with the hat, but he definitely had his head knocked by that very brim when kissing. 

“It’s a nice hat ,” Yoongi defended, “and Francesa sent it to me. Or don’t you remember with that failing memory of yours?”

Francesca was a pretty old witch too, based out of Italy. They had met her while touring Europe at one point in their long lives and made quick friends with her.

He leveled the other with an unimpressed gaze. “You are literally five decades older than me, you’ll be dust by tomorrow.”

“Oh sure, okay.” Yoongi drawled indignantly. “But I stopped aging by 25 thank you very much.”

Jimin smirked, “It was old enough for you to start shrinking, you grandpa.”

Yoongi returned the expression easily. “You’re just mad because you never grew past the height of a common gnome.”








It wasn’t entirely uncommon for Jimin and Yoongi to find their shop almost entirely occupied with their apprentices and friends.

Yoongi had long since taken on Seokjin and Namjoon as his underlings. He taught them the essentials of magic, but also challenged them with more advanced topics that he knew would benefit them as they developed their powers.

Jimin meanwhile had taken in Hoseok, Taehyung and, most recently, Jungkook. The trio all at once was..well a lot to handle sometimes but Jimin liked to think he did it with poise. The three of them had boundless energy at times and the different styles to their magic added to the controlled chaos of the situation.

They had both ended up seeing the young apprentices as their adopted children without really meaning to. It just seemed to have been a logical progression to their bond.

That particular day found Seokjin, Namjoon and Hoseok in their midst, all of them messing with various spells and tomes. It had been a dreary day which meant their activities were confined to the interior of the shop because neither Jimin nor Yoongi were willing to risk their priceless materials to the elements.

Though, of them all, Jimin knew he was struggling the most with keeping his concentration. His mind was consumed with the court case his youngest dongsaeng was engaged in. He had requested all of them stay away until things were finished and his sentencing finalized. It hadn’t stopped Taehyung from going.

So he had pawned Hoseok off to Yoongi for the day so he could distractedly brew potions while he awaited news from Taehyung.

The wait was agonizing.

Then he noticed a movement out front. He kept his eyes on it and hurriedly finished his current brew when he recognized the figure stumbling towards the entrance. There was a horrible sinking feeling in his gut.

Jimin shot up from his seat as soon as Taehyung entered the shop. His face screwed up with concern, “Taehyungie, what’s wrong??”

From his work station, Yoongi paused and regarded the situation with a keen eye.

The other was obviously bothered by something. His face showed evidence of previously shed tears, and his tightly knit brow spoke of concern and careful consideration. “Jungkookie just g-got his sentencing from the Magistrate…”

Jungkook was almost an adult, and was studying carefully to find his own way into the magical arts. He hadn’t grown up in a household that bore the same gift as he, so he had a lot of catching up to do in a short span of time. Jimin and Yoongi had already known of his talents and immediately leapt on board to help the young mage-in-training.

Jimin frowned. “They accused him of mimicry, didn’t they? What punishment has been decided?”

Taehyung’s bottom lip wobbled dangerously.

The emotional reaction didn’t go unnoticed by any of them.

Namjoon and Seokjin clutched at each other’s hands anxiously.

Yoongi stood from his work station and approached carefully. “Taehyung?” was his soft inquiry.

“T-They’re going to strip him of his magic…” he breathed softly.

The lights of the shop flickered dangerously before going out momentarily. The entire temperature of the room shifted into something chilly and eerie.

The others flinched at the sudden change and looked around in bewilderment.

“Jimin…” Yoongi called cautiously.

Jimin’s fists has clenched tightly, his expression set in an eerie calm. “They’re going to strip his magic for mimicry ?”

Taehyung let loose a quiet sob as he nodded.

“They-...” Namjoon swallowed, “they can’t really do that can they?”

“I’m going to that goddamn hearing.”

“Jimin-hyung-“ Seokjin tried.

“No!” He spun on heel and faced them all. “No, I am not going to let such a petty thing end so drastically. When Yoongi and I agreed to let the Magistrate handle things like this, we left a clause that said if we ever felt the need to step in that we could do so.”

Yoongi huffed a small sigh, “That is true. In all technicality, the Magistrate must adhere to any decision we might make on any given matter.”

“B-But how do you guys have that kind of power??” Hobi asked in bewilderment.

Jimin smiled grimly, “Because we created the Magistrate. We are far older than any of the magical society laws and order in this part of the world.” He slid on a jacket with a flourish, preparing himself for the one man storm he was about to lead.

Yoongi rounded his workbench and put placating hands on his lover’s shoulders. “Can you do this without losing your cool or do you need me?”

The slightly smaller one heaved a long and shaky breath and put his hands over his beloved’s. “I’ll be okay Yoonie, but I have to do this for our Jungkookie.”

He smiled thinly in return. “I know you do. Go be the hero for our boy.”

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The Magistrate headquarters was, in Jimin's humble opinion, a hideous building. It had been built with the intent to look large and imposing. Instead it seemed to give up a starkness that was usually seen in hospitals. He had always hated it, even since it had been erected.

The security of the building spared him but a glance. Jimin knew it must be his hair giving his identity away to them. There were not many witches or wizards with colored hair. Such a thing only happened to those with powerful magic, and usually the color was dull or faint, nowhere near as bright and vivid was he and Yoongi's hair.

Luckily it didn't take much searching for him to find the courtroom that he knew must be in session with his beloved dongsaeng.

A low burning fire ignited in his gut. He refused to allow them to take the boy's magic for something so stupid as mimicry. It was positively criminal of them to even consider.

As he entered, the room fell quiet. He stood just inside the doors he had flung open and cast a cautious glance across the entirety of the room.


He peeked up at the voice, and found Jungkook looking at his tearfully. Jimin barreled his way to his dongsaeng's side and embraced him tightly. "It's okay Jungkookie, hyung is here now. I'm not letting them do anything to you."

Jungkook huddled into his hold and let out a few choked sobs.

"You there! Keep away from the defendant!"

Jimin turned to the offending man and shot him a fearsome glare. "Watch your tongue, child, or I'll have it in a jar and use it for something better."

The man, apparently the plaintiff's representative, spluttered in response. A few horrified gasps sounded from the watching crowd.

At the head of the room, there sat four esteemed members of the Magistrate, all of whom looked quite appalled by his words. One of them raised a gavel and slammed it down to garner focus to whatever he might say.

"Silence! Newcomer, identify yourself to the members of this court and jury at once!"

Jimin huffed at the demand, but did an eccentric half curtsy. "Greetings all, I am known as Min Jimin, but you may refer to me as Citrine."

The members of Magistrate visibly stiffened.

"Is that title supposed to hold some sort of power here?"

He offered a sneer to the plaintiff, the bastard who had been responsible for the whole mess. "To those who actually matter, yes, it holds power."

"Citrine, what has brought you before us this day?" One judge asked in a much more polite tone that previous.

Jimin gave a final comforting pat and encouraging murmur to Jungkook before stepping away and facing the panel more directly. "It was brought to my attention that one of my apprentices was being unfairly punished for a crime so petty that I almost didn't believe what I was hearing."

"To the contrary, mimicry can be quite the grievous crime. We are using this happenstance to serve a further point that such behavior will not be tolerated. Choi Minhyuk was correct to approach us with such a case."

The orange haired witch clenched his jaw to keep himself from making anymore of a scene. The air around him shuddered in kind. At least he had a name for the petty bastard that had gotten Jungkook wrongfully accused. "If your intent is to dish out punishment to those guilty of magical mimicry, you may as well sentence every witch and wizard within this room."

Minhyuk and many in the observing crowd raised from their seats and called out their grievances with such a claim.

The gavel sounded to regain order within the court.

"Who is this Citrine to so boldly make a declaration such as this?!" someone from the jury demanded.

Before Jimin could even explain, one of the Magistrate stood with a stern expression.

"This witch before us is one that deserves every ounce of respect and honor that can be given from all in this room. The Magistrate will heed any decision made by this man or the one known as Peridot."

"But why?! He is but a nameless witch! Who is he truly?!"

Jimin waved his hand and cast a quick spell of amplification over the gavel before having it slam itself down onto the bench.

Everyone present flinched at the sound.

"I am a treasured member of the community for many reasons, as is my partner Peridot. We warrant the cooperation of the Magistrate because we are the ones who created it in the first place." His sharp eyes landed on the jury member who had spoken up before. "You ask who I am - and the answer lies on every written magical scroll any of you have ever used for I am the one who wrote out the spells you all use so brazenly."

The room was deathly still around him.

Jimin met the disbelieving gaze of Minhyuk and mentally calmed himself from acting too out of turn. "All magic is mimicry of the one who founded it. And I am one of the two who founded everything you know."

"T-That's impossible! Our basis of magic originated ages ago, you'd have to be-"

He smiled coyly, "Oh kid, you learn not to talk about age around Peridot and I. It has become irrelevant to us."

At his words, the entire courtroom was silenced.

One of the Magistrate members rose to address the room. "We all know the effect powerful magic has on a given person. Peer upon this witch's vibrant head of hair and have your answer to his skills. Citrine and Peridot have long been known to us of the Magistrate. They developed our organization's very existence long before any of us were of this earth."

Jimin turned back to the panel and raised a somewhat skeptical brow.

"The inclinations are clear, but we would ask your official ruling on the matter, Citrine."

He straightened. "It would be my demand that Jeon Jungkook is released from this court and given an official apology from the plaintiff."

There came an uproar from the observing crowd.

With a scowl, he cast a silencing spell over them that would last long enough for him to finish. "I would also request that the accusation of mimicry be removed from any and all lists that depict it as a crime. If I am made to interrupt a case like this again at any time, Peridot and I will be taking action to correct that."

Jimin strode over and coaxed Jungkook to a stand with a tender arm wrapped around him. He paused and glared at the man - the absolute trash pile - that had started it all. With barely even a wave of his finger, the stack of papers on the desk flew into the air and folded themselves into vicious looking paper airplanes and turned inward to their target.

"You keep away from my kid unless it's to offer your court ordered apology, or there will be a far worse fate for you."

Jimin allowed him a moment to realize what was about to befall him, before letting loose the built up magic and pelting the man with literal hundreds of pointy paper airplanes. It wasn't damaging, but he had no doubt some of them might feel like stings from pollinating insects.

With Jungkook tucked tightly against him, Jimin let himself breathe in relief at long last as they left the ugly building behind. 







Jimin had lost track of how long he had been curled up on the biggest sofa in the couch with Jungkook wrapped around him.

His empathic side had not missed the twisting discomfort and lingering stress from the courtroom fiasco. So he had immediately hunkered down and comforted his distraught apprentice in hope of preventing what seemed to be a building anxiety attack. Jimin felt mildly bad about having all but ignored everyone else present, but his focus then was on his youngest.

Yoongi had gotten a read on them both as soon as they had entered earlier, and sagged with relief shortly after. So Jimin was content that his lover understood loosely what had happened and had probably told the others.

Jungkook had fallen asleep at some point, calmed by the pleasant hum of their magic sensing each other. Plus, both Raven and Yeontan had hopped up and plastered themselves against the young mage in their own brand of comfort.

Jimin was glad to see him more content.

His reminiscing of the day's events was interrupted by a cool hand on his cheek. He tilted his head back to meet familiar warm brown eyes.

"I got a call from the Magistrate," Yoongi murmured, "apparently someone kicked up enough of a fuss that they're politely requesting an audience with us to make sure no hard feelings have arisen from the misjudgements involved."

Jimin offered a cheeky smile, not at all sorry for the way he handled things. "Guess we'll have to appease their request eventually. I am not against letting them sweat it out first though."

His lover rolled his eyes fondly and planted a kiss on his forehead. "Well, I can't say they haven't earned that."

"Did the kids head home while I was staring off into space?"

Yoongi shook his head. "No, they're just hunkered in our library. They seemingly have all intentions of sticking around until Jungkookie is awake and ready to see them."

Jimin huffed a laugh at that. He was glad their apprentices had already cemented themselves on the idea that family, found or otherwise, was important enough to wait for. He brushed an instinctive hand through his dongsaeng's thick hair. A part of him was well aware that letting the youngest sleep much longer would not be beneficial to whatever sleeping schedule he might have, but he couldn't find it in himself to wake him from such a peaceful slumber.

"You think we'll have a full house for dinner, then?"

Yoongi nodded, "I don't think anyone has it in mind to leave until Jungkook is completely settled."

Using a careful spell of levitation, Jimin snuck out from under the youngest and replaced his former position with nearby pillows. With a quick wave of his hand, Jungkook was lowered gently onto the pillows and remained sound asleep with Yeontan and Raven.

"We can wake him once we have dinner ready then," Jimin murmured decisively.

Yoongi hip checked him as he moved off towards the kitchen. "Fine. But you're not actually doing any cooking this time."

"Bold of you to presume you can keep me from doing so."

"I would like to avoid any further casualties to my cookware, thank you."

From his spot on the comfortable couch, Jungkook smiled at the sound of their familiar bantering.






"I'm not gonna say I called it, but I definitely saw this coming," Yoongi declared, looking forlornly at his ruined cooking pot.

Jimin bristled at his tone. "It's not my fault that you decided to have our stove be run by magic! We have very different energies in that regard, and it always blows up in my face!"

His lover ran a hand down his face, "Don't you think I realize that? We both know that cooking is an acquired skill that you have never figured out. So I should be doing the cooking!"

"This is an equal opportunity household, blockhead, I should get to cook too."

Yoongi gestured to the cooking pot that had somehow transformed into a vat of molten metal under Jimin's care. "I know we are, Minnie, but this is exactly why we decided long ago that I would handle the cooking while you handled brewing."

Jimin pouted, crossing his arms over his middle.

With a heavy glance skyward, Yoongi murmured a spell to momentarily freeze time over the stove. He turned and maneuvered his hands to hold his beloved's. "Look, you are half of my soul," he said softly, "so that means that our united being was split into two. Which thus means that I have some skills you don't have, and you have some skills I do not."

Jimin begrudgingly returned pressure on their interlocked hands.

"I have never been particularly good at potion brewing, and I never will be. Because that ability and skill set was obviously given to you. Alternatively, you have never been particularly good at cooking or the fire magic I use to keep the stove working as I need it to."

It wasn't often that he had to gently point out the differences between them, but he had immediately noticed the telling edge in Jimin's voice that alerted him to the fact that he needed to approach things differently than he usually would. Yoongi was never really sure where the sudden bouts of insecurity and annoyance stemmed from, but he also didn't care to know. He knew how to help abate such things and that was all that really mattered.

He reached up and cupped Jimin's slightly rounded cheek and gazed at him tenderly. "I know I don't need to tell you, of all people, how wonderful these slight differences are. If we were the same in a magical sense, then I fear we wouldn't be each other's halves. Which, I certainly have no plans to entertain such a happenstance because having you in my life and being the other part of your soul has been the greatest gift the universe has given me."

Jimin softened at his words, arms dropping to tuck around his middle. The emotion and tears in his eyes spoke volumes of how he felt. "I-I know," he stuttered. "I'm sorry I get silly about it sometimes…"

Yoongi offered him a gummy smile, "It's alright, jagi, it helps keep our long lives interesting."

He laughed wryly in response, wiping quickly at his eyes. "Still, you never asked to deal with an insecure partner."

The mint haired witch shrugged. "Maybe not, but it is my privilege to comfort and reassure you whenever you feel this way. I love you to the ends of universal existence, Min, that will never change."

Jimin flushed shyly and pushed forward into his arms.

Yoongi chuckled warmly and rocked them from side to side, one of his hands reaching up to run through the bright orange locks he had come to love so dearly.

"Hey hyungs we were-.. Oh!"

They turned slightly to find the boys standing there with curious smiles on their faces.

"'You were' what?" Jimin called inquisitively, though made no move to detach himself from Yoongi.

Namjoon rubbed sheepishly at the back of his head. "We were wondering how Kookie is."

"Sleeping last I checked," Yoongi reported, "though we should wake him soon so he doesn't entirely spoil sleep for later."

"I got it," Taehyung declared, immediately moving off to the main part of the shop.

Seokjin raised a brow at the two colorfully haired witches. "Sooo, should we leave? Seems like we were interrupting some kind of romantic canoodling."

Jimin scowled and pulled back slightly. "You honestly think we would do that when there are children present?!"

A mischievous grin grew on Hoseok's face, "Well you two have been around long enough that you've probably figured out how to do things without anyone knowing~!"

Yoongi huffed fondly and kissed Jimin's forehead before moving off to the stove. He knew what came next.

"And how is it any of your business if we have?" Jimin gazed at them sternly, looking very much like a scolding parent.

Seokjin had the decency to look scandalized. "Oh god, please don't recount your sexcapades. As my honorary witch parents, I do not need to know that about you two."

A flush warmed Jimin's cheeks as he cast one his spells of annoyance - as Taehyung and Jungkook has dubbed them.

Seokjin jolted slightly and peered over his shoulder expectantly. Though his expression quickly turned sour. "Hyung! What did I do?! Why the phantom pokes?"

Jimin's attention shifted to Hobi, who appeared much more meek than he had previously.

"H-Hyung I didn't-.. I-It was all Seokjin-hyung!"

"You say that like it's going to spare you," Jimin commented skeptically. "It's not." He waved his hand, and then back hugged his husband.

Hoseok shrieked and ducked, waving at his ears. "Ewww no! Bugs, go away!"

Namjoon looked on in amused curiosity, always fascinated whenever Jimin used on of his annoyance spells.

Jimin had developed and refined them over the ages to fit what people found annoying. His phantom poking spell was merely an effect that lasted approximately five minutes, and carried the sensation of someone poking the person randomly. His phantom bug spell was shorter in length, usually only lasted a couple of minutes, and carried the sensation of insects buzzing around the person's ears. He had a whole plethora of them, and ended up using most of them on his rowdy dongsaengs. Though, Namjoon was never victim to them unless he requested one be cast on him so that he could analyze it.

"Jungkookie's awake!"

They all turned to find Taehyung hanging off a sleepy looking Jungkook.

Jimin's heart warmed at the sight. He clicked his tongue lightly, and lowered himself slightly to offer an arm out to his familiar.

Raven meowed in the squeaky way she always did, and leaped up onto his arm with ease.

He reached up to stroke her ebony fur lovingly. "Thank you for watching over the baby, Ravie."

She purred and nuzzled into his hand, muzzle curling just slightly upwards to make it look as though she were smiling. It made her elongated canines poke out further than usual, and Jimin was endeared by the sight.

"Tannie," Yoongi called, "can you regulate the stove while I step away for a moment?"

Yeontan yipped an assumed affirmative and perched nearby.

Yoongi took the chance to step away and engulf Jungkook in an embrace. "You had me worried kid, but Minnie and I will always be here to look out for you."

Jungkook smiled shyly upon returning the hug. "Thanks, hyung."

Jimin walked over and flicked the youngest's forehead. "Next time let us know what's going on so I can yell at whoever I need to before it reaches such an advanced point!"

"Translation: I'm glad you're okay you little shit head, I was in the throes of parental panic." Yoongi tossed his lover a cheeky grin.

He huffed and snapped his fingers.

Yoongi, Jungkook and Taehyung all cried out indignantly as a cloud of glitter burst over them.

"MINNIE! I have to cook dinner!"

"Sounds like a personal problem, Pixie Min," he sassed back.

Yoongi glowered. "You know how I feel about this damn stuff."

Jimin shrugged with a smirk on his lips. "Do I know it turns you into a grumpy cave troll? Yeah I guess I know that."

The older witch waved a spell at him, "Then accept this in return, turnip head."

Jimin gasped and touched his hair. "You did not just cast a temporary dyeing spell on my beautiful hair!"

Yoongi shook glitter out of his own hair with a displeased scowl. "A small price to pay while mine is going to look like fairy vomit for the next week."

"You can just wear your stupid UFO hat to hide the sparkles! What am I supposed to do with turnip colored hair?!"

"Embrace it, because you're stuck with it for the next month."

The room fell silent, safe for amused giggles from Jungkook.

Jimin gaped at his lover. "When did you become such an evil little leprechaun?"

"The moment you decided to dump glitter on me!"

"Like you can't just extract it with a measly little side spell.."

"I hate glitter and you know it."

"Cave troll."

"Pixie's bitch."

"Uncultured swine!"

"Blasphemous traitor!"

"Wait wait wait," Seokjin called, "what exactly is so bad about pixies?"

Yoongi and Jimin both spluttered and faced the oldest of their adopted kids.

"Oh let me just tell you!" Yoongi declared, hands flying up into the air.

Jungkook smiled and ruffled Yeontan's fur. Having two ancient witches for magical parents certainly kept his life entertaining.