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it has always been them. yunseong and donghyun. 

everyone knows they are dating, because the starship side keeps spilling tea about them. yunseong this, donghyun that. wonjin said he saw them holding hands under the dining table when they were having dinner together. hyunbin said he saw yunseong slipping love letters that smell like roses into donghyun's locker. jungmo claimed that yunseong once dragged him to the mall to buy some gift for donghyun. hyeongjun admitted that he helped blocking everyone from entering the practice room because the two were kissing inside. minkyu, dongpyo and jinwoo haven't seen anything so far, and they said they are grateful for that. 

but minhee thinks minkyu is just busy with his study and extra activities, jinwoo is not with them often because he is a high school senior at the moment while dongpyo...he just doesn’t care. dongpyo probably saw something, but he decided to keep quiet. 

minhee? he doesn’t really say anything. he is noisy, but not when it comes to the couple. yunseong and donghyun have been his roommates since his first year. so he saw the way yunseong stares at donghyun, he saw how donghyun blushes everytime yunseong initiates skinship first. they look cute together, that was his very first thought when he caught them kissing in the car at the parking lot. 

he felt like dispatch, until he felt like something hit his heart, hard enough to break it into pieces.

that's when he realised, he was in love with them. both of them. 

crazy, minhee knows. but now, the three of them are together, in a relationship, spending every evening cuddling together while watching donghyun's favourite show. minhee don't know how it started, but if it works, why should they stop?

the woollim side is quiet, minding their own business. minhee bets they would realise first, but they won't say anything, for sure. changwook and dongyun are too busy throwing heart eyes to each other, minseo and sungjun are still more-than-best-friends-but-not-boyfriends somehow, hyeop is way too sleep deprived to care about anything, while junho, probably hasn’t reply to the thousands of confessions he received since the very first day of college. junho is too busy for them sometimes.

they are too big for a group, minhee thinks sometimes. but they are comfortable with each other, they never really fight so far, probably because some of them already know each other before they got into the same college. 

minhee knows donghyun because they attend the same academy before. yunseong, jungmo, wonjin and dongyun were childhood best friends. dongpyo went to woollim high school before he transferred to starship high school. 

they got along really easily, they are all very close to each other, that’s probably why nobody notices something with yunseong, minhee and donghyun. especially because it's a well-known fact that minhee is close with both of them. minhee is sure enough, no one has noticed yet.

but dongpyo.


that one very specific day, minhee went to the arcade with dongpyo after his first ever serious fight with yunseong. he never really had time for his boyfriends at that moment, because he was having his exam and he was so stressed. at some point, he forgot to pick up donghyun from his faculty, which leads to the poor boy catching a fever because he had to run under the rain to return back to their dorm. yunseong was furious. and minhee was upset with himself—even more upset when yunseong accidentally raised his voice at him. 

"i'm your best friend, you can tell me if something is bothering you," dongpyo said, as another ball went into the hoop.

"nothing much right now, pyo. the exam is over, what's there to be stressed about?" minhee laughed it off, even though he really wants to cry at that moment. 

"i don't know. i thought keumdong is your best friend?" minhee sighed, before he turns to the shorter one. he knows, dongpyo is jealous—but he really doesn’t want to talk about donghyun.

"let's not talk about him."

the conversation stopped there, as minhee wished.


but then another day came. 

"minhee," minhee was surprised when he saw dongpyo standing outside his class. looks like he was waiting for him. "is keumdong cheating?"

"what?" the taller was taken aback. dongpyo is famous for being straightforward, but minhee doesn’t understand why he say so. "why would you say that?"

"he was texting another guy in the class."

fuck, maybe keumdong was texting him.

"i didn't go through his phone or anything like that but… i was sitting beside him during the class and his phone keeps lighting up because of notifications," dongpyo continues. "two people were texting him. one of them is yunseong hyung, but i don't know about the other one."

"and what makes you think the other one is his secret boyfriend?"

"the contact name, it's 'keumdongie's boyfriend' or something like that."

right. minhee stole donghyun's phone two days ago, and he set yunseong's contact name as 'yunseong hyung' and his as 'keumdongie's boyfriend'. he likes teasing yunseong like that. but at the end of the day, the three of them will still end up cuddling on the youngest's bed before they went to sleep.


"oh indeed," the two start walking together. "i don't want the same thing that happened to seungwoo hyung happens to yunseong hyung."


seungwoo hyung got dumped, the night before his final exam. he saw his boyfriend kissing someone else. they ended it there, and seungwoo hyung somehow got into the dean's list afterwards. inspiring story, that's what dongyun said when he first heard it. 

"keumdong is not that kind of person, pyo," minhee tried to convince him. "he won't cheat on yunseong hyung. he loves him a lot."

"i hope so."

"why did you tell me though?" dongpyo held his bag strap tightly, before sighing.

"i don't know. i thought about you when i saw the contact name," minhee let out an awkward giggles. "i'm serious, kang minhee."

"you know we are close right? in fact, we are all close to each other."

"yeah, close enough that some of us ended up dating each other," dongpyo mumbled, and minhee can hear the jealousy in his tone. minhee giggles again, less awkward this time, before he swings his arm and wrap it around dongpyo's shoulder. 

"you will get a boyfriend too one day, dongpyo."

"not that i'm desperate for one," the latter rolled his eyes. "you are the one who needs a boyfriend."

i have two though.

"guess that person hasn’t come yet," dongpyo looked up, staring at him. minhee just smiles, before patting his head. 

the two walk silently, going to the cafeteria where all of their friends are waiting. they leave seats for the two, between donghyun and hyeongjun. minhee sits beside one of his boyfriend, exchanging smile with each of his friends. dongpyo just sits silently, before taking out his phone.

"you went to pick up minhee?" wonjin asked, curious. 


"sounds like boyfriend things," changwook joked.

”just date each other, it's so obvious at this point," minkyu said, sipping his drink as his eyes went through his notes. 

"hey, let minhee decide his own love life," yunseong quickly stops the conversation, before donghyun change to another topic. minhee just smiles, notice how protective his boyfriends are towards him. 

he stole a glance to dongpyo who was going through his social media. dongpyo isn't oblivious. he is clever—and minhee knows he can't keep the secret forever. yunseong and donghyun don't mind, because minhee is the one who requested this. one day, they have to tell someone too.

but minhee doesn't know what to do once that day comes. unless he knows when it will come.


"so if dongpyo knows—"

"i will kiss you in front of him so he is not confused," donghyun suggested, before he turns to leave a quick peck on minhee's lips.

donghyun is like that. bold when it's just three of them, shy when others are around.

"should i buy you a ring?"

"maybe in the future, hyung," minhee quickly rejects the suggestion from the oldest. yunseong shrugged before he reached for a strand of hair that ended up being there somehow, wrapping it around minhee's ring finger, as if he is measuring his finger. "should we tell him?"

"i don't mind," the two said in unison.

"i will tell him tomorrow then."

"he is your best friend. besides seungwoo hyung is in a polyamory relationship too, he wouldn’t judge you or anything," yunseong assured, hand running on minhee's thigh several times to comfort him, before he stands up. "now who wants ice cream?"

"mint choco for me!" donghyun shouted.

"anything that isn't mint choco," minhee's reply made his boyfriends chuckle at him.

kang minhee is indeed, a mint choco hater.

yunseong walked away, making his way to the kitchen to take the ice cream. minhee and donghyun have their eyes on the television, watching the movie donghyun have been dying to watch, until the younger suddenly pauses it. 

"why did you—"

"tell me honestly, you never really thought of yourself as a thirdwheel—or anything like that, right?" minhee found their finger intertwined suddenly. "or have we ever made you feel like that? have we ever made you feel lonely, or maybe—"

donghyun doesn’t get to finish his words when minhee suddenly pull him close for a hug, placing the younger's head on his shoulder. 

"thank you for asking, but no, keumdong."

donghyun sighed in relief, he thought minhee will start crying. he never really saw the older cry, minhee probably have a heart made of stone that soften when he is with him and yunseong. 

"we love you the most," he whispered, hugging minhee back. minhee smiled. 

it was silent all over the living room, until yunseong joined and mumbled about how he left for approximately 5 minutes and almost missed the hugging session.  


"you don't think me as weird or anything, right dongpyo?" dongpyo shook his head. minhee let out a sigh, relieved. "that's good to know."

"as long as you are happy, i'm happy too," minhee smiled.

"i'm grateful for you."

"me too."

the conversation ended there, because minhee had to run for his next class. dongpyo bids him goodbye after telling him that it's okay to leave him there, since he is going to see someone anyway. 

dongpyo turned around, squinting his eyes as he is trying to find wooseok's small figure that got blocked by seungwoo who is taking an order. it's a rainy evening, it's weird that they don't get many customers who comes to warm up their body by drinking a cup of tea. 

"did you tell him?" dongpyo turned to the owner of the voice. seungyoun.  


"what a shame," seungyoun sighed. "you should tell him before it's too late."

"it's already too late."

"he still doesn’t have a boyfriend—"

"yeah, he doesn’t have a boyfriend," dongpyo paused, sighing. "that's because he—"

the sound of bells ringing made the two of them turn to the door. wonjin entered the cafe, looks like he ran under the rain without any umbrella. wet hair, wet oversized hoodie.

"ham wonjin, seungyoun just swept the floor!" wooseok scolded him. the younger just giggles, mouthing a sorry to seungyoun.

"wait here, i will get you a towel, at least dry your hair. or else you will get sick," seungyoun told, already heading to the counter. wonjin takes a seat in front of dongpyo, trying to catch his breath. 

"what did he say?" 

"he admitted," wonjin sighed. dongpyo chuckled, sipping his hot chocolate. "he is dating yunseong too."

"of course he is! you should have believe me when i told you i saw them kissing in the car!"

"even if i believe you that day, it's not like we can change anything about today," dongpyo replied calmly. “i don’t believe you because i was scared that keumdong might be cheating behind yunseong with minhee.”

"kang minhee is really stupid," wonjin threw his back against the chair. 

"don't say that, he is still our best friend."

"whatever," the older rolled his eyes, letting out a huff. "are you okay though?"

"i'm fine, at least for now." 


"pity dongpyo," seungyoun sighed. "he had crush on minhee for over four years. he gave up so much for minhee."

"i'm still pissed that he gave up the scholarship just to stay by minhee's side," wooseok groaned.

the day minhee happened to have fight with yunseong, was the day dongpyo was supposed to have his interview for a scholarship. but he missed it, because minhee called him, sounding like he is going to cry. of course, he doesn't hesitate to run away from the building and go to minhee, just to comfort him. 

"fate is like that sometimes," seungwoo mumbled. "i hope he will find someone perfect for him."

"he will, hyung. he will."